Wanted – New TV Show Ideas

One of the fun things at HDNet is listening to or reading pitch ideas for new shows. One of the most irritating and time wasting jobs at HDNet is listening to or reading pitch ideas for new shows.

99pct of the time the idea is a derivative of something that is already being done, or something so obvious its an insult that they are pitching it. I dont need to be pitched another cooking, poker, pimp my whatever, American Idol knockoff, nor do I want to hear another “compete for a Mavs roster spot” or “business plan competition idea”.

What I would like to read are original show ideas. So post them if you got them.

If they have anything to with sports or a deck of cards, i don’t want to read them and they will be deleted.

If its obvious you don’t know anything about HDNet or have never seen our networks , it will be deleted. All of which is a subtle guide that doing your homework about HDNet will help you. Being a regular viewer, as I know many of you are, will help you even more.

I would love to be able to come back and write a post about how we are developing, or have picked up a show based on a comment posted to the blog. Somebody give me a reason !


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  1. a competition show, basic idea is to recognize different unknown sounds like typing on a keyboard…etc. difficult and mixed sounds could be used in advanced level.

    Comment by soma -

  2. Hi,
    Just thinking today of an idea for a show. Take it where you want. Picture New Zealand, a guy laid off work, barely making ends meet. Flimsy character, girlfriend dumps him and takes his prize possession with her – his 64 inch T.V. set. He goes into a hissy fit but can’t do anything about it. Not being able to live without his T.V. he picks a small one up at a pawn shop that the owner does not care for, takes it home, plugs it in and turns it on. It’s the news and they are discussing the tragic death of a race car driver in the states. He thinks nothing of it and after a few beers falls asleep on the couch. Next day goes job hunting and while waiting to place his resume at one of the many bar/diners he catches the news. Breaking news. “This just in. Famous race car driver dies seconds before winning the race.” He gets a feeling of deja vu. Thinks nothing of it. In the following days he begins to realize that whatever he watches the news on his T.V. set seems to repeat itself the next day on somebody else’s set. All of it pertains to the U.S. (Since New Zealand is almost a day ahead of New York it feels as if they are always in the future). He thinks he is going crazy until he watches the same scenario of 9/11 but this time in Chicago. He races to his neighbor and switches the set on but there is no news of an attack. He runs back home and starts placing calls to the U.S. to get someone to listen to him. You can fill in the rest.

    Comment by Christina -

  3. Regarding a new TV show- I have a GREAT idea but I’d want to not tell the world in an blog comment. How may I email you confidentialy?

    Comment by Michele Duval -

  4. take an ordinary working class person and train them to be a professional without going to college, and send them to a new job and see if they can make it. Doctor up the resume …get the idea????

    Comment by Sherrie Cooks -

  5. we need a show about studs. Studs are female lesbians that dress like men. Have a setting for about 6 studs (me), 6 men and have them to do manly type of activities and see who will win being the TOP STUD. Have a list of contests lined up from landscaping, mechanical fixing…etc and the winner will get whatever the producers come up with. Have some contests where we let a group of pretty women decide which group wins..example:barbecue,landscaping,basketball game, or any unisex activity on the agenda.All contestants have to live in the same house and get to know and understand each others lifestyle; with occassional surprises such as visiting strip clubs,having a fund raiser or whatever, pool tournament and be creative about what activities are chosen with the producers coming up with fun and exciting activities.

    Comment by Sherrie Cooks -

  6. i think that maybe have someone with a long time rival, new boyfriend versus ex-boyfriend, or any known rivalries amongst celebrities, family, competitors,etc to train for a week or two, have an organized boxing match/(some type of contest). Have each person workout with a professional trainer of whatever sport is decided, to sign a contract before each fight saying that the beef will be over after fight is over, and of course to sign a contract saying the producers etc…are not liable for any damage to participates, and maybe even have loser donate money to the winners favorite charity.

    Comment by Sherrie Cooks -

  7. i think someone should create a show where an undercover person is set up in an unusual or awkward situation,like maybe fix up a resume and send them to apply for a job or maybe even just have them stranded on a busy downtown area and see if and who will help, hire, date or whatever the decoy or person. The person may be put there by a celebrity or someone to see just what kind of person they really are!…and maybe call it “DECOY!” or “GOTCHA”.

    Comment by Sherrie Cooks -

  8. Oh yeah, one more thing. It’s not about the making money, it’s about living life passionately, knowing what is really important, following your dream and never, ever giving up no matter what life throws at you.

    Comment by Pamela Moore -

  9. Rags to riches story. We need something uplifting to lift our spirits these days!
    Milltown brat grows up to be an award winning artist despite loads of obstacles. There’s enough stuff in this guy’s life to write a book or make a full length movie. People actually ask him when they see him to tell them another story. He’s full of them.
    As a child he had no boundary’s which allowed him to get into all sorts of trouble, not just at home but with the law and he was only 8. He traveled through the sewers lighting off firecrackers and locked the younger neighborhood kid in a barrel with just enough red oil paint to cover him from head to toe after rolling him down a steep incline. After a troubling youth, battling alcohol, drug addiction, depression and the local police, he met his soul mate who he decided he wanted to change his life for. After struggling for years to beat his addictions he was finally “sober”. He had been to the place he can only describe as hell and came out a better person on the other side. He married his soul mate. They had 2 children and life was good.
    As a young adult he realized he knew he had something that a lot of people don’t have, a passion for living. He was lost for a time but through all his struggles he was one of the lucky ones who “got it”. He knew that life was about living and living passionately and he was passionate about art. He won his first art award in the 2nd grade, ironically enough it was a poster for the local police department for a “Don’t do Drugs” campaign.
    He started attending the local community college but in the little state of RI there wasn’t much to offer at the community college. He was growing more anxious about leaving his 3rd shift job working in a warehouse in a chemical plant. He wanted to live his dream of being an artist and wanted something better for his young family.
    In hopes for a better life for his children than he had he moved his bride and 2 young children from the small, dirty milltown dubbed as “Hopeless” to the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. There was a plan for his life. He was able to secure one of 40 spots open at the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida where he obtained his BFA majoring in computer animation. He found out later that there were over 1000 applications. He felt very lucky indeed.
    There’s years of triumphs and failures yet he learns from every one and has a story to tell that many can and do learn from. He was robbed, abused by bosses who took credit for his work and didn’t pay him and rejected by many for the same work he later won awards for and sold for over $100,000.
    After struggling as a starving artist his day has come. Years have passed. He has a successful career selling his bronze sculptures for hundreds of thousands of dollars to famous rock stars and actors all over the world. He designs beautiful bronze fountains for the largest casinos in Las Vegas and some of the most exclusive resorts in the world. His dream has come true.

    Comment by Pamela Moore -

  10. A lot of people are into Classic Muscle cars especialy the 50 Y.O.+ group who grew up in the muscle car era, so why not have a panel of these people answering questions about particular cars/parts/history, including which cars were used in cult car movies.This could be used in conjunction with classic car advertisements as this is a BIG industry. Maybe photos taken of body panels/shift levers/dashboards etc.. & they have to guess what car they are from. This is sure to attract a large audience of classic car enthusiasts, also give the classic car sales/restorers a chance to advertise. The panel, which would comprise of say of 25 people answer the questions & each week the person with the lowest score gets eliminated giving 25 shows. The winner receives a classic car at the end of the shows.

    I would like to be involved in this if this idea takes off & could be turned into a TV show, I am sure this would get viewers tuned in & is a money spinner as there are a lot of companys out there dealing in classic cars. I British & I know in the U.K. there are a lot of American muscle car enthusiasts there hence it could also be aired in the U.K., Holland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium are also “into” the classic American muscle car scene.

    Comment by Jez Joyce -

  11. I have a Fried,female 26yrs old. She has been merried in the past and has one child. She is the type of girl who cant settle down. Amazingly she was merried 4yrs, I believe. Any way, she dates around leaves her child with her parents every weekend so she can go out. She has met a guy who she is currently living with and states she really likes him. This poor guy takes care of her son and really likes her,seems to really take a liking to her child.My point is that she lives with this guy really likes him but see’s nothing wrong with going out with any guy and sleeping with them whenever she pleases. She is basically living a double life and is fine with it. She states theres nothing wrong with it, and does it because she can do it. Im suggesting a reallity show based on her life.

    Comment by Carmen Diaz -

  12. My name is Matt Robertson, I’m 16 years old, bisexual and I’m kinda depressed about my life. Your probably wondering why I’m sending you this message, well I want to show the world my life, a reality show like Laguna Beach or The Hills. There’s so much drama in my life that it would be great and a a bunch of teens will be able to connect with my drama. Now your probably wondering what my so-called drama is, well I’ll list it out.

    * I’m bisexual and I haven’t told my parents about it because they won’t accept it. I’ve told some of my friends and I act it so bad that my school thinks I’m gay. But I’m just bisexual.
    * Everyone in my school knows my name and thinks they know everything about me, they pick on me, laugh at me, anything! Just today, two boys spit on me when I was minding my own business and walking home.
    * I’m shy and quite around almost everyone because of people picking on me. I’m only loud when I’m with my friends. So I don’t have that many friends.
    * I get jealous real easy and most of my friends always have to be greater than other people so it gets pretty complicated there.
    * My best friend is Minda Wilkins, of course she’s a girl and since we always hang out and stuff, people started a rumor that we were going out and we tell them no but people still think we are and some people even say that we fucked. But anyways, we have so much fun together and we go on little adventures riding our bikes around and getting lost. But were a little stuck up together.
    * My other friend, David Montgomery, is a stuck-up, brat! He always wants to be better than anyone else and he’s so annoying! I flinch real easy so he always sneaks up behind me and scares me like every minute! He used to be my best friend but now it’s Minda, so he and Minda hate each other and I’m in the middle.
    * My other friends include Ginger Skellie: My cousin and Emily Smith: The new girl whose awesome!
    * My enemy is Brandi Saunders and Tim Phillips. Brandi used to be my friend but she’s to bitchy and negative for me. But David is best friends with her. Tim just hates me and I don’t care because I hate him!
    * My love life is a square. It starts with me and goes to my crush Zack Graham (who we used to flirt but then I found out we weren’t flirting, he was just starring out the door) and my lover Jesse Owens. And then it goes straight across to my other lover Stephanie Hamilton.
    * I think that Jesse Owens likes me because he always like flirts with me a little bit, well at least that’s what Minda says. I want to tell him that I like him but I’m to shy and stuff. So we just flirt and stuff.

    Well that’s all the drama in my life. See why I think it’ll make a great show for teens and stuff, especially gay and bi teens!

    To contact me
    Call or text me at 1-518-258-4470

    Thank you,
    Matt Robertson

    Comment by matt -

  13. the lie detecter pic random people out of croud and put them on lie detecter on stage and ask them all kinds of em barasing questions get at me producers i want 2000 dollars for this idea $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$the lie detecter$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Comment by brandon krueger -

  14. I’m going to be traveling around the world I have my own money and i want to film everyday. I’m a blond hair blue eye 22 year old who stands 6’4″, I can’t hold a job in the US and i bounce around everwhere in the country already. So now i’m picking everything i have up and traveling the world to see whats out there. I don’t have a time limit and plan on staying as long as i can. So the show idea i have is just your basic 22 year old kid experincing the world as it really is. Doing different things getting lost staying outside when theiir is nowhere, meeting people, falling in love, getting in trouble, everything that makes a good show. I have a a couple cameras already all i need is someone to come with me to film.. You like the idea let me know..Thank you, Alex

    Comment by Alex Smith -

  15. OBITS

    Tony Nouzo: Female TV blogger in LA working at a middle-sized news company. She’s hanging by a thread at her job and it’s time for her 6 month review. During the meeting with her boss, he gives her a month to shape up. He notes as an aside that the only spikes in traffic to her articles are when she writes celeb obits, for which she has a flair. He offhandedly remarks “Too bad we can’t kill Abe Vigoda.” He gives her a month to get better at her job. That’s when she gets the idea to start knocking off celebrities for the spike on her blog traffic.

    LAPD Det. Arty Wylo: Celebrity cop with a month to go until retirement after 30 years. But he doesn’t need the money since he’s published some very successful books and screenplays, loosely drawn from his career, and which have won him both an Emmy and an Oscar. He just loves “the job” and would, if he could, stay on the force until the day he dies.

    The last several years have made him a first rate dead case file cracker. His last case was covered sensationally in the media and nearly resulted in his being killed on the job. That makes him more famous than ever.

    First Season Arc: Mylo, confined to his desk by his C.O. for his own safety, takes to the internet to pursue his hunch that a blogger is killing off celebrities just to boost web traffic.

    WYLO hunts NOUZO down and in the last episode he is granted the first ever Honorary Lifetime Detective status, allowing him to chase the bad guys until he draws his last breath (which hopefully will not happen until well after a 100 episode syndication deal is signed and notarized)

    Although the Focus in the first season seems to be on the blogger, by the end we realize that the real story is Detective Wylo. Anticipation for his next case builds to a fever pitch between Seasons 1 & 2. All concerned become richer than our wildest dreams, etc…

    Comment by Tom Rose -

  16. I have an idea for a tv show. I have been looking for somewhere to say this but there seems to be nowhere to submit this.I think there should be a talent show using You Tube. It could be like America’s got Talent.

    Comment by Scott Craig -

  17. Fact Finders- A group of three (hot) guys and two (sexy) ladies who search out real unsolved mysteries


    Celebrity Deaths-How they lived and died.

    This show will cover the myths lies and rumors surrounding Celebrity lives up until they death, presenting Facts disputing fictional tales of what people my have herd.


    Who is Barrack Obama?

    This episode will cover his life and all that lead up to him becoming the president of the United States.


    Are there truly ghost among us

    This episode will go to the most rumored to be hunted places and conduct research.


    Unbelievable human abilities

    This episode will cover some of the most incredible things humans can do.


    Super humans

    This episode will cover the rich and wealthiest, the smartest, the most talented and the greatest minds of our time.


    The greatest places on earth with the wired-est customs

    This episode will test the strain of human fiber by indulging in some of the strangest things a human can encounter. Yet be amused by the most breath taking sites earth can provide.


    Will the earth end in 2012

    This episode will do the research on what is rumored to be the end of all life.

    How old are humans (what is the oldest human fossil ever found.

    This episode will go on a hunt to find the oldest human being to have ever lived.


    What are drugs?

    This show will cover what drugs are made up of and the before and after effects of drugs in your body. This episode puts the viewer in the first person so they can see, feel, taste, and touch what each drugs feels life when under the influence. This show will also give a clear indication why drugs are bad for you by giving examples of its deadly effects.


    What is life like out side the boundaries of America

    This episode will let Americans see just what other countries think of us. How we are really viewed by other people of the world. What they say about our customs and our people. What we will learn my surprise us.
    ©®P™03-09-2009 at 7:45 AM H.T

    Hason Taylor
    For more information on Fact Finders
    Please Contact me! This show has 120 episodes


    Comment by Hason Jamal -

  18. I would like to see a Saturday-Night-Live skit showing a bleeped version of the movie ‘Notoroious’.

    Comment by Pencil Nose -

  19. I have discovered a way to locate comet explosion sites that make tunguska look like a childs pop toy with almost 100 percent accuracy. But almost all of them are in some of the last unexplored, and most remote, places on earth. Satelite images reveal them to be without exeption some of the most beautiful, surreal, and strangest landscapes on earth. I can show very sound and compelling evidence for the cause of the Holocene mass extinctions at the end of the last ice age. And some of the worst comet impact disasters of the past million years. Like Tunguska, they were all above ground blasts so no craters. but that doesn’t mean there was no damage. These were worse than any deep impact cratering event by an order of magnitude. And the damage was worse than biblical.
    These locations beg endless questions. And just collecting rock samples to do the science they cry out for and deserve would be a daunting logistics challenge.
    But going to them to get those samples would also be the strange places travel adventure of a lifetime. And the scientific expedition of the century. I believe the public would love to go along. Perhaps taking a film crew would be a way to make it happen.

    Comment by Dennis Cox, Fresno, Ca. -

  20. Our freetime is our most valuable…
    We are producing a new series PowerSport TV. We’ve just launched a new website. The show covers model reviews, how to installs, product’s, etc If you would like to talk about some ways we can work together please give a call or email? Powersports enthusiasts unite!

    Comment by Michael Seymour -

  21. I suppose this message is a bit late to the show but if you’re still interested in ideas I’d like to suggest one.

    The Twilight Saga is a very popular series of books, the movie made quite a bit of money and the next in the series are expected to do well also.

    I’d suggest a scripted family drama based on the books. There are millions of rabid Twilight fans out there that would love to get a look in depth at the characters in the story outside of the books.

    I’d suggest that it stay between the first and third books, keeping the main characters in high school to appeal to the teens but keeping story lines involving the adult characters. The Twilight Saga has many fans of all ages.

    We aren’t all 15 year old fan girls.

    Kathie, Ohio

    Comment by Kathie -

  22. How about a travel show with the show being based on ocean front villas being built in a 3rd world location, PANAMA. In this economy! We have ocean front villas in an exotic location being built and the ideas are endless..have guest travel there.. show us building them over a few shows..show the before and after of how this is done. Then show a family on vacaiton there..

    Love to show you more..www.panamavacationsonline.com


    Comment by Joe -

  23. PS to my last message….. my idea has nothing to do with sport or card games etc. It can be studio based and while it has been described as an advanced format i do no regard it as set in stone…i.e., i believe there should always be room to tweek any creative idea……so who is interested in following up ?

    Thomas, Dublin, Ireland

    Comment by Tomas Brady -

  24. Few people with a strong belief in their TV show concept will leave the concept open to the public domain.

    I have an quiz show idea that has been worked up as a detailed script with imagined players plus specialized questions and answers.

    It is an edgy comedy show format and I have shown it to Irish producers, but the Irish broadcasters are not currently in the market for a quiz in the 2009 Commissioning Round. I have been told it has international franchise potential and I am looking for a contact who will take it forward internationally

    Tomas – Dublin, Ireland

    Comment by Tomas Brady -

  25. Since space travel is getting more and more advanced it would be cool to have some young and upcoming guys/girls technichians from around the globe work on a spaceship.
    There are more than enough geniusses in this time period that can actualy build sopmething better/evenly good as NASA.
    Ofcourse the testing of a spaceship is dangerous but they can replace the test pilot by a robot.
    Since there are more than enough people interested in space travel …there must be some millionaire somewhere that can finance the expensive stuff.

    How to make a decent tv show outta this…I dont know,I realy want to read some of your ideas.

    (excuse for the bad englisch)
    greets from roy
    the netherlands

    Comment by royler23 -

  26. I have an idea for a show called the Adventurer, where an incredibly handsome and funny host who is probably 50 years old, that is me, takes a celebrity on a different adventure each week, like say I go white water rafting with Heather Locklear one week and the next week climb mount hood with Brad Pitt, each week the audience gets to see a different celebrity doing an adventure and living a real life experience, everybody is going to love getting to know the stars without a script, anything and everything will happen.

    Comment by Mark O'Dell -

  27. Here is what I think – film festivals are what Indie filmmakers use to gain a leg in the OLD HOLLYWOOD –
    problem is – the politics – lot’s of behind the scene negotiating positioning for the top tier festivals –
    and that(s) fine – the festivals need to make money and garner press – so they lean towards Indies
    with big names and/or directors with big names.

    SO be it.

    It’s business – yet/so the “new” Indie filmmaker – the GARAGE FILMMAKER – does not have a platform.

    Yes – the net provides some avenues – as does youtube – IFC and Sundance Channel are not in
    competition with this concept- they cater towards high profile Indies -lol – My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    was backed by Tom Hanks wife lol – that’s power – that ain’t Garage Indie – that ain’t Bob
    and Sarah working in Tulsa Oklahoma to film a movie – which may be great and fun and exciting to watch
    – but sadly we’ll never know – nowhere to see it.

    The avenues above – the net and youtube and Myspace- us – the 100(s) of 1000(s)
    in the Indie/Garage Movie Making World – we know the above is not cutting it – ala your BLOG
    about the net being dead – the net – it’s so wide and disorganized –
    I’m speaking of sites that promotes GARAGE INDIES – those movies made by filmmakers for
    budgets under say 50 grand. And believe me – I’ve screened 1,000(s) – some are downright good –
    they just don’t have a viable outlet..

    Brings me to you – you want an instant fan-base – 1,000(s) upon 1,000(s) tuning in:

    a show previewing top level cutting edge GARAGE INDIE FILMS –

    ….just hit up myspace and see how many people are cranking out movies – with nowhere to
    showcase it.

    Not only would you have a huge audience – not only would you be changing people lives by giving them
    a route to be seen and further their artistic lives/visions – it would put your channel on the map instantly
    with a large – very large core cult fan-base.

    The tie-ins/sponsors/ads – open wide and far – the RED camera – FInal Cut Pro – Various HD Cameras –
    Best Buy – on and on.

    The list goes on and on.

    Every single Indie Filmmaker would flock to the channel with the right campaign – if nothing else to see what can
    can made for under 50 grand. Maybe have the director always have a 10 minutes segment after the movie
    talking about HOW they did it and how the put it together.

    Indie/Garage Filmmakers need a champion here – the festivals are failing them – they are not keeping up
    with the times – the changing look of movies – the – made outside of Hollywood movies – the not
    backed by a studio and/or not having the right connection in hollywood movie –

    That HUGE world is needing someone to step in – but it would take someone of your power to grant that
    access – grant that audience – the tech has been
    granted to Indie Filmmakers – Final Cut and HD cameras and Mac(s) can be afforded now –

    what we don’t have – is a platform.

    Friday night Indie/Garage Movie premiers – contests – plenty of content – all there… all needing a platform –
    And the best thing – it can make money – AND – help creative people express ideas.

    My best

    Oklahoma Ward

    Comment by Oklahoma Ward -

  28. Now my brain is running with ideas. What about pitting one city agains each other in a Reality show about helping those in need. We challenge cities and towns across the US to see who can create a volunteering network within their comminuty to help solve, crime, hunger, etc. Maybe start with two small towns, and give them thre to six months to improve their towns. The winner wins a certain amount of money for their community. What I believe to be the worst thing ever is the lack of volunteers, I believe only because no one knows what to volunteer for or how to volunteer. I think it would be amazing to see what towns do to improve their communities, watching towns succeed would help other towns learn how to succeed. We can actually solve major issues, like gang violence, hunger, the homeless, drunk driving and racial tensions. I think Reality Shows need to teach people how to move forward and make a difference.


    Comment by Visitor -

  29. Ok,

    I have been watching Reality Television since it began. I am a huge fan, mostly because they are train qrecks. But we are all tired of seeing young rich kids get Sweet Sixteen partys that cost more than what the average person makes in a lifetime. So how about this Mr. Cuban, you want a great idea with purpose. What about a Reality Show about the not so rich in the United States. Why not show what life is like for those called “The Working Poor” Ever heard of them? Well considering our economic state, you might be hearing a lot more about it. Listen, as the economy starts to spiral downward, the last thing we want to see is rich bratty kids get everything they ever want given to them. Let’s see how a teen struggles with everyday life here in the United States of America. Why can we give to poor countries when we have a clear amount of poor people worling everyday to feed their children. NO MORE MTV’s Real Life, how about ABC’s or NBC’S Reality on the Working Poor in United States. Show people in the world today, if they think they have it bad, others have it worse. Show people who had everything and lost it all in today’s economic crisis that some people who never had it still try everyday to get it. It would be a kind of pass it forward” experience for everyone watching. So mr. Cuban, here is your challenge back, you asked for a great idea, there it is, what are you going to do next?


    Comment by Visitor -

  30. I still am amazed as to the bad TV shows that are making the air today. Everytime Yahoo names the newest shows I can call which ones wont make it past a season. Why hasn’t anyone remade the TV Show “V”, it was such a great idea! I was so disappointed when it went off the air. With the all the new tech devices eating mice wont look like eating a gummy worm. So come on, who do I have to talk to to get this rolling. Its all everyone is talking about these days. Aliens visiting earth, aliens already living here on earth. Please someone who understands what shows will make it, try this one.


    Comment by Visitor -

  31. you should make a tv show about me and my friend. Just follow us around school and record our conversations that we have- because theyre SUPER interesting!! any show about a couple of teenagers going through high school would be interesting. how they do it is interesting, follow 4 friends- 2 on the high road at school and 2 on the fail trail and make them collide, changing their worlds forever. (maybe this would be a better movie….) anyways- public school would be WAY BETTER because everything else is about the ‘secret lives the ‘perfect’ private school children lead’ so yah- its about time someone made something about the struggles between freshman and senior year at a poor/ not so poor high school. (any san francisco bay area public school is classic example)

    Comment by Hannah -

  32. I love Jeopardy! as many people do. The questions (or I should say
    “answers”) are quite difficult, and often are at college-level. A
    great spin-off show, that I would call “Esoterica!” (or something
    like that), would be a show that has only esoteric subjects such as,
    Science, Math, Pysics, Electronics, Chemistry, Zoology, Biology, etc.
    There would be NO questions/answers concerning movies, history, famous
    people, actors and their roles, or any of those sorts of general-
    knowledge subjects.

    Comment by Mike -

  33. We would like to work with HD Net as we add contect to our All-Mafia Web TV site.

    Online Game, Social Site, and now WEB TV hot spot, MafiaMob has raised some eyebrows in the new media world.

    Watch us grow from a popular Mob game to the hot spot on the web for Mafia Web Shows.

    “Whack Everybody!”

    Comment by Don Dino -

  34. bringing to light how soap operas copy each others storys,and films such as james bond and anything steven segals or arnies films have such predictable beginings middle and endings,,,and why scotty could never get enough power to hes engines that was allways about to blow,,but never did,and you allways fell sorry for the poor guy who nobody knew,,when he was picked to go on away missions with kirk,spock,and mccoy,,or picard,riker,and worf.
    A one off show,playing several clips of film,with the same predictable outcome.

    Comment by paul hines -

  35. I have been living abroad in the tourism business for 18 years. I think a reality show based on expats living in other countrys would be more than intersting. Just my experience, includes, kiddknappings, extortions, battles with Casino mafias, Meetings with Daniel Ortega and Tomas Borge, The leaders of the Sandanistas, bribing judges and police on a daily basis – instead of pulling out your drivers liscence when you get pulled over, you pull out five dollars, smuggling rum into the jail for a friend. These types of things happen on a daily basis in latin american countries. Showing Americans living abroad and dealing with these situations would make for great television. The problem is that no one would believe it’s not scripted. Nicaragua – the Corn Island and Granada are good for daily unbelievable expat entertainment.
    Thanks Skip

    Comment by Skip Glass -

  36. I would like to submit the following suggestion:
    Russ Richardson, Medical Cadaver. Russ Richardson is a crime solving medd
    medical cadaver, who was a bumbling, fumbling idiot in his previous
    life. The reason he is a medical cadaver is that his family didn’t
    have the money to give him a proper funeral. His body was donated to
    the state university.

    Comment by dmblevens -


    Comment by Jessica -

  38. “Modela Da Moda” Fashion Models INC.

    Wants to welcome you, and invite you to help our company product a fund-raising event that represents a strong stand for community involvement. “Launch To The Planet Of High Fashion” will include the best fashion Philadelphia has to offer. Our event is runway fashion show in which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to X-Tra Miles Developmental Basketball League, which was founded by Miles Mack who was killed at his basketball tournament September 11, 2008. This event will be a highly publicized event; being that Miles was such a wonderful individual many popular Philadelphia designers will be showcasing their Fall Collections. RETRO CHIC, NICOLE RAE STYER, QUINN DESIGNS, DON A TION, J BEAZ A. N. T.Q., and STEPHANIE LYNN are a few but promising clothing lines that bring the must haves for this season to the runway scene. We’re looking for the best of the fashion and beauty industry to play a integral role in helping ”Modela Da Moda” create one of the biggest fashion benefits the city of brotherly love has ever witnessed. We are looking for product donations for our guest, as well as monetary sponsorship to put towards the donation to X-Tra Miles Developmental Basketball League and for planning the event. In exchange for your company’s generosity we will include your company in all aspects of advertising for “Launch To The Planet Of High Fashion”. This would include, but is not limited to, having your company’s logo listed in our email blast, flyer’s, web page, My Space page, print ads, and radio announcements. Your company is also welcome to advertise during “Launch To The Planet Of High Fashion”, by showcasing a banner or flag with company logo, sending catalogs for distribution, or to showcase your Fall line during our show.

    Please contact us for more information, and to discuss any options that you could provide for this special event. We thank you deeply for your time and consideration, and look forward to hearing from you soon. We would love for you to be a part of this event, Please contact us as soon as possible at, M.D.M.INC@hotmail.com or (267) 918-7648 Michelle & Desta Wilmore

    Casting Call October 12, 2008 2pm-6pm
    We’re looking for Male and Female Models, Hairstylist; Make up artist, Media, Photographers and Vendors. This event will be very professional and we want High Fashion looks. If you’re interested in lending a hand or performing a service please contact us as soon as possible. We will be holding an open call for Models (Models please bring high heel shoes, no wedges) October 12th 2008 2pm-6pm at Semaj International Salon at 901 N Fallon Street Philadelphia PA (cross street 48th Westminister street). Please contact Michelle (267) 918-7648 or M.D.M.INC@hotmail.com and please if you have pictures of your work e-mail them to us

    Comment by M.D.M.INC -

  39. We’re doing a documentary/reality program, in which
    we’re following starving rap artist around the Dallas/
    Ft Worth area; they’re all one- hit- song away from
    blowing up and making it Big! We will show you how these
    artist are funding their studio- time; following 5 to
    6 of them and their producers to the studio and showcases. Many of their
    friends say they should give it up and get a real job.
    However, these young and old rappers are keeping “The
    Dream”- Alive. “This is their story”.
    We ask what is the attraction? What are these Rappers up against in this
    music industry? Should they follow their Dreams or
    give up? We’ll find out in this intelligent viewpoint
    documentary/reality program.
    At the end of the documentary/reality program, these
    artists will have their big shot at making it BIG.
    We’re bring in people from the music industry
    (including The D.O.C.) to come evaluate their
    talents. Maybe, we can get a label to offer them a recording
    You might ask, “What makes this project so unique or timely”?
    The viewpoint/direction of this documentary/reality program is different from any
    other. We’re not looking at the glory of the music
    industry, we’re focusing on the real struggle these
    aspiring artists are facing everyday. And we’ll also
    look at the limited options these rappers are facing
    in their urban communities. There are millions of
    kids in the inter city dreaming of becoming the next BIG
    TIME RAPPER. We’ll explore this “American Idol” craze that is now
    sweeping across America.

    P.S. We’re getting alot of responds on this project
    including HBO Films(Greg Rhem), and Showoff Entertainment interest
    and we wanted to see if you would have
    any interest in jointing us on this project. This
    could be another outlet for you to educate many young aspiring
    artists. We’re not just trying to put out a program/DVD,
    we’re trying to educate all these rappers and producers who need some
    kind of guidance.

    We have some interest, we just ready need your help to pull this project off.

    What do you think about this project?
    Please let me know…

    Thank you for your time,

    Kermit Evans
    Film Producer
    Pure Image Productions

    Comment by Kermit Evans -

  40. a new religion each show

    Comment by HP -

  41. I think a great show idea for VH1 would involve Mr Boston from I love Money and I love New York. You could get 15-20 girls looking for love. A good title would be “Boston Charm.” That guy is halarious and the show would be very entertaining.

    Comment by Ben Doll -

  42. With broadcast quality HD equipment now available to the average American, how about a show teaching people how to get the most out of their own HD productions? I mean, the only thing that\’s standing between the guy down the block with a Sony HDR-FX1 and Robert Rodriquez with a Cine Alta is knowledge … OK, talent and skill too, but my point is that the tools are in the hands of the people but the hands of the people are clumsy. We can help fix that. A show like this could explore everything from Indie filmmaking to shooting little Darla\’s piano recital. It might even produce some compelling programming! We\’d explore every aspect of digital photography, sound recording, story telling and editing. Now if I were producing this show I would try to get a guy like Peter May who wrote \”The Essential Digital Video Handbook.\” He\’s got tons of experience, he\’s personable, a good writer, got a great sense of humor and I hear he\’s a very nice guy. I think he\’s scheduled to be released any day now.

    Comment by Peter May -

  43. A different spin on a dating show;
    I was layed-over at newark airport(flying from Pittsburgh) and I thought what a neat idea if instead of hundreds of people being miserable and aloof towards each other during a layover, maybe we could bring together strangers in the time they had during their wait.I saw a few cuties while I waited in line.Hardly anyone talks when there are delays or long check-in lines.You may have to screen people prior to giving them their boarding passes.(married people would not work)
    This will take some editing and you could just bring together strangers from different parts of the country and world and set them up;or itwould be cool if you only told one of the two participants that is was a match making show and you see what kind of reaction the person who knows nothing gives.
    Have one person just approach the other with small talk and see what happens. In a nut-shell have it take place in an airport .they have until one of their flights takesoff to make a connection.They must also decide before boarding their planes if they want to pursue an actual date and make a love connection.It would be spontaneous for people who live their lives spontaneously.You have to think quick and make a choice quicker.

    Mark we love you here in the burgh ,rother!!!!!!!!

    Comment by brian rotondo -



    Created by
    Roberto Rizzo
    Trade mark & Copyrighted

    The Beauty of the Show is to give people a chance to fulfill their dreams even if its just for a moment

    A one-hour Television Show.

    Everybody has some REGRETS. Life as we all know has a habit of throwing a curve ball.

    For many, these dreams remain unfulfilled.

    This series will give 6 individuals the opportunity to live their unfulfilled dreams
    as we follow their journey to bring their fantasies to fruition.

    Age Range: Men and Women 25 yrs old and up

    How will this happen? Pre-cast participants will be interviewed about their regrets.
    What path or choices did they make that changed their lives?
    What would they do if they had the chance to do it over again?
    We will search for the most compelling stories
    and follow the training process of reaching their goal.

    We will help them to fulfill their dreams while going behind the scenes to expose who these individuals really are.
    Why were they given this opportunity? Who does not often think, What if?
    We are giving them a second chance to see if their life would significantly change if their dream became reality.
    Short Vignettes 3minutes – nterviewing people on the street about their
    REGRETS This program will fulfill their dreams by living without REGRETS

    Comment by Roberto Rizzo -

  45. I\’m Maxx, I\’m 26 and I am a manager at New Orleans\’ hottest gay dance club. Oz. It Has been nominated Best Dance club many years in a row by Out and Playboy Magazine. Unfortunately, after Katrina like everything else down here, rocked Oz\’s foundation. The roof was blown off and had to close for a long long repair. While the club across the street (our rival) was in perfect condition. So after the months of construction, Oz finally re opens. But this time it was different. The Pub was trying to shut us down. So they could ultimately buy Oz out. The general manager of the Pub always tries to pull out all the stops in order to dominate the gay scene in new orleans. It doesnt matter if its lies, or the truth. He tries everything. And I will fight tooth and nail to have this club on its feet like it was before Katrina. I feel like the cameras capturing the gay and new orleans spirit threw Mardi Gras, Southern Decadance, Halloween, New Years… Every holiday is trippled in New Orleans. And I feel like what I have contributed and what this club contributes is worthy of just a lil attention. Please Help Us!

    Comment by Maxx -

  46. First I apologize for pitching a poker show. I am a poker player and I have discussed my idea with many fellow poker players. We all agree that it would be very interesting to see 10 of the worlds top players take 10 amatures under their wing and train them to be a top cash or tourney player. You always hear about people like Mimi Tran being taught by Berry Greenstein and now she is one of the top high stakes female players. I feel my game is pretty good but what would it be like to play like a pro? You could take five of the top females and five of the top males. Give them each a certain time period to train and develop their skills. Then they each get 5k to play cash games or tournaments. Each week the person with the least amount of profit will be eliminated. They could play for a cash prize and a entry to the WSOP Main Event. I hope that if this idea is taken, I will see some return for my idea. Thank you for listening! We all agree that this would be more interesting than I Bet You!

    Comment by jason wilson -

  47. Hello Mr. Cuban,

    I have created a new show that will bring HDNET to the forecast, as the network to deal with. I have Dish Network at home, and my favorite channel is HDNET because your \”looks the best\” and has a \”different creative programming from the norm\”, that\’s why I am watching you channels.

    The show I created is an complete original idea, it is a game show, with Antonio Fargas (A.K.A Huggy Bear).

    I have already shot the Premise of it with Antonio Fargas, The Premise was shot in 720p & 24 frames in HD and would love for you to see it.

    I will guarantee you will love it, and it will blow your competition away.

    Please email me back and I can send you a H264 file for your viewing

    Thank You, Gumbo


    Comment by GUMBO -

  48. i want to create a thriller show. have known and unknown actors, everyoneone dies. a very bloody death, and to which all suffer a great substantial amount. i\’d take television to a new level in which it\’s never quite seen. perhaps a movie like house of 1,000 corpses , but without the wait for thrills n\’ kills. ideas on torture and how to direcct it never leave my mind. fuck the directors from that \”from the fags from the lot show\” I have good ideas to share. and a story to make it. Hollywood needs it. A good Horror film I mean! contact me for rights and or production. slitherers@hotmail.com/

    Comment by Shane Morgan -

  49. My idea is a reality based travelogue showcasing the personalities and exploits of five Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts, who are also long time friends, that explore the great state of Texas and some of the interesting characters who call Texas home, i.e. Willie Nelson, Jesse James….
    The viewer would be enticed into viewing the program for the characters and their relationships as well as for the fascinating journeys–much in the same way viewers are drawn to watch the characters on Orange County Choppers and the development of their motorcycle creations.
    I have several ideas for characters and adventurous storylines.
    This is not a \”Wild Hogs\” type of program, it is strictly reality based with very colorful and interesting characters.
    (If you are not interested, could you perhaps put me in touch with someone who might be?)

    Comment by Edward Wirtz -

  50. how do u submit your idea and how would it work

    Comment by tj -

  51. TOP FOOZ –

    8 college kids plan, organize, and compete in a competitive foosball tournament. the real show would be about the kids, of course. we need more shows about college kids.

    Comment by greg warshaw -

  52. Wow I had a lot of fun reading the comments.
    I have no suggestions for you and I\’m pretty sure it\’s too late.
    My fav well I only read 100 post no time to read 1050 post.
    IS the one mentioning how things works from the cow to productions etc..
    I\’ve always wonder the same thing, why pasteurized cheese is required in America and not every country requires this.

    Comment by Maggie -

  53. The story about how a young girl becomes suddenly famous. Suddenly she is thrown in to a world of drugs, cameras and gossip. The story might begin on her life previous to the cameras and shows the process of how she got to the place she is. How there was people she left behind and how now a days she can suddenly see her face on magazines. First auditions, nailing the role, leaving home behind… Its somethin than normal people might be interested on watching.

    Comment by Sofia -

  54. Hi,
    Well I know you`re looking for new ideas for new shows, so well man , I got one. (I hope, it doesn`t make you laughing or maybe I do)
    I`m gonna begin: I`m writter you know (a kind of short-film writter), well, I love short-films, and I was writting six little storys that I called them: (CARS/autos, the series), they were six differents storys about six differents guys (this is a very short synopsis)
    This first six storys are relationed with the \”matters\” everybody of we live when we`re learning to drive a car, I mean, when we were young and how hard it was to get your drive`s lisence, your first \”time\” on a car, when you got your first job and it`s driving a kind of vehicle (like school bus, and etc), or when you recives your first driver`s class from your granny (mmm, a very sexy granny).
    It is a kind of photografy and it talks about the friendship, love , sex and all this things we live (we do) on our friends, the cars.
    Two men (Mark, Joey),four girls(Sarah, Anne, Maggie and Liza) (and a sexy granny of course Sherly), living on a differents states (Dallas, Los Angeles, Colorado, Phoenix), that the only thing they have in comun, thier love for cars.

    Comment by Alberto Rodmont -

  55. also you could make a show where the first episode shows an event. and each episode after that shows how it affected this persons life or that persons life. each episode would focus on one or two people.

    or you could have a show where you have the event, then show how it would have gone differently if this or that had happened.

    Comment by Will -

  56. you should make a reality show that showcases a farmer and his family, and the work it takes to run a farm. This would be very interesting.

    Comment by Will -

  57. My show would be one introducing single mom\’s to the RV lifestyle. I am a single mom of two teenagers and we love rv\’ing together. Many single mom\’s seem to think that rv\’ing is only for guys. My show would dispel that myth.

    Comment by Paula Cooper -

  58. I was wondering if it\’s appropriate to pitch an idea for a TV show like … Buffy the Vampire slayer. Is it? Because I have one

    Comment by Kevin -

  59. MC: I work with TV, therefore, I never watch it. But last night, I sat for whole hour commercial free on FX and watched Glenn Close with a fantastic cast in Damage! Absolute Winner! If there were more shows like this one on TV, I would give it more than an hour a week. Great Show! Kudos FX, you have a new fan….mc

    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  60. Hi Mark,
    Can you please send me an e-mail telling me how to get a meeting with you? I have a great show idea and therefore I do not want to post it for all to see. What are the terms? Thanks for the opportunity.

    Comment by i have an idea -

  61. My idea is called , \”How Gay are You\”? The audience would vote as to if the person featured is gay or not based on a series of questions and cameras following them around. Participants would be chosen from callers that know a person in their life that may be simply a metro-sexual or in denial.

    Comment by Stan Cassio -

  62. Court shows are generally popular (such as People\’s Court and a few Judge _Name_ shows) and so are realty shows that involve public participation. All of the current/past court shows have a judge decide.

    The proposed show could have the judge\’s opinion, but have the public actually decide the outcome via phoned in votes (there could be a small charge for the votes for more revenue).

    Instead of limiting the show to small claims (like the others), it could involve larger claims with bigger stakes (more interesting). Choosing juicy cases would make it interesting and each show would therefore have a different story, and empowering the public would boost its popularity because people want to make justice happen. The winner could be awarded their claim up to a certain amount paid by the show.

    Let me know if you like it. My current legal dispute is what inspired this idea and it is twisty enough (unfortunately) that it could be the case for the pilot show. 🙂

    Comment by Burned -

  63. The show I\’m thinking of would be Biloxi Blues which would chronical survivor stories from Hurricane Katrina. This would be non fiction and based on actual stories from August 29, 2005.

    Comment by Cathy Jourdan -

  64. I know this is hardly an original idea, but why not bring back those great kids game shows that were on Nickelodeon in the late 80s/early 90s? Stuff like Double Dare, Finders Keepers, Fun House (which wasn\’t on Nickelodeon) Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, etc….you can even adapt them for adults. or how about an American Gladiators-esque show? In this era of extreme sports, I think we\’re due for a renaissance of events like \”breakthrough and conquer\” and \”atlasphere\”. Plus, think of how great the Sundae Slide would look in HD…I can see it now.

    Comment by Matt -


    Comment by steve -

  66. Title: \”So, you want to be on the USA Olympic [Basketball] Team?\”

    Series: Starts with your favorite TV mush of trials where the (non-pro) contestents are pared down by skill, attitude, charisma, heart, nationalism, height, willingness/ability of contributing to the team, positional/team need, etc.

    Series: Continues as the athletes learn to become a team (practice, team building exercises, etc) and deal with random acts of life drama (somewhat tied to decisions made in series one, however need to keep focus on actually competing and having an expectation to bring home a gold. This will just write itself and the producers need to find the dramatic, intriging, compelling, cinderella stories that will no doubt exist.

    Series: Climaxes with the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games as everyone tunes in to actually watch the Games unfold live.

    Enjoy proceeds from USA Olympic Team paraphanalia as the nation is taken by storm. Sell Olympic ad time during show. Sponsor Olympic Jersey with HDNet and DirectTV logos. Etc.

    Comment by Kevin -

  67. Mark,

    Hi, my name is Rick Steel, and I am an American living and working in the Philippines. I was just online and was thinking of some things and I thought of this idea, and tobe completely honest, I thought of Mark Cuban who could help this all work. I worked for one of the many big Call Centers here in the Philippines, but I now broker deals/programs for U.S. clients. I like the phrase work hard play hard. I am in the lime light of what Outsourcing for U.S clients as well as the night life and daily activities here in this country. Every month there is something new with new events, both personal and business (local and internationally). For example, in the personal, I recently hung out with Jerry \”The Man\” Stackhouse and the Dallas cheerleaders. Also, the Christina Aguillera concert. In business, the U.S. Embassordor was here at Dell walking through the Dell Call Center. The night life seem here is so great with the most beautiful women. I mean the life of outsourcing of a single 31 year old male from Miami, Florida reality show would be awesome as no one has done this to this day. As we know, Outsourcing is a huge controversial subject in the U.S. because they say we are giving less jobs to the U.S. Americans. I say that we the U.S. are helping other countries develope more jobs and helping U.S. companies improve their business\’s with larger profit margins because of low labor cost here. In turn, this only helps the U.S. economy. As for some of the jobs lost which are a high % of people that drop out, do drugs, or whatever, I feel this only helps them get an education or work harder to get a better job, and stop doing drugs.

    This will catch so many viewers attention as people not only will be glued to the television to see what is happening next in what exactly happens when a client outsources their labor to another country, and how does a 3rd world country become so Americanized. i.e. in the business world, night life, business ideas, etc. Americans will want to know who is answering their customer service calls, they need to know!! \”The life of outsourcing and the life of an American living in a 3rd world country so Americanized\” What happens everyday? What happens with relationships between an American and Filipino? Why are there over 500k foreigners now living in the U.S. Why are so many actors, professional poker players (No limit Texas Hold Em as well as other countries have taken off, I play weekly in these tournaments), women and men music artist, WWE, business men, single Americans (like myself), foreign models, even basketball players from NBA/WNBA, and many more come to this country, BUT WHY?. Last year was cool as Dennis Rodman was here and we partied together. Pictures were cool. What did he do? Well, I keep the candid. Be in the life of an American that participates in all these real life events. Not to mention, I am pretty well know here as I have been here for 5 years, and wow have I gone through some crazy things since then, and what will happen moving forward. What a real life story to be involved in in which all the things I am involved in here have to do with so many conversations at the water dispenser the next day. Why not talk about it now at the water bottle dispenser and have them ask each other things like, \”wow look at the night life there and the beautiful women, wow they talk and act just like my American friends\”, wow look at the Call Centers there as they are so professional with college graduates and beautiful and well organized Call Centers\”, \”wow look how many foreigners live here or visit here\”, wow look at the road trips Americans get to go on because there so close from the Philippines\”, wow they have Philippine Idol, Philippines Big Brother, Deal or no Deal, etc. wow look at the cost of a sweedish massage there and look how hard they work, it cost $ 6 US ( 1.5 hours)as it cost over $100 in the states, wow they have all the U.S restaurants and stores there, wow they have people that pump your gas for you\”, wow they you can order McDonald\’s and they come right to your house\”, wow look at the differece between a Filipino and American girl on how they treat a man, Wow it is liek N.Y there, I can keep on with the WOWS. Mark you are my kind of person which I was probaly the only Miami Heat fan that didn\’t hate you, lol. I respect you as a person and the ideas you come up with. I feel I am you in the some way, but just do not have the people around me to make things go through. I am not worried about oh do I get copyrights to this project or what I am going to make for the idea and the person the reality show is about? No not at all. Why you say, because you are a true person. How do I know? I\’ll admit, at first I didn\’t know about you and probaly didn\’t like you just because of what others say about you. When I saw you speak at the Dirk press announcement about him and how he deserves the award was amazing, or when people mention how you support them charity event in the off season (Ex. Josh Howard), or just the little things you do that people are not aware of. I even love how you speak your mind, no matter what the consequence. Boy I have been there, but I know the point and message to get across is so more important. I have lost my job because of that, but hey you have to live life to the fullest and not hide anything. I help out with charity here and the local churches. It\’s great as when you take homeless kids to McDonald\’s here it\’s like there at Disney World for the first time. Your ideas have been so successful as I hope you feel this idea is a great one. Let me tell thanks for the cherrleaders at all NBA games, you are solely repsonsible for that. Oh, and the idea of another league like the NFL. There are so many players as you know that do not make it or hey look how many players this will bring internationally. This will help countries even start there own leagues so they can make that league and have a chance to a dream in the NFL. There is so much to say, but to be honest I do not even know if you will ever read this, but I hope and pray you do. You can call me at 011-63-917-885-7425 or e-mail at ricksteel21@yahoo.com. I know this can be great idea and tell the U.S. more about the world, Call Center business, etc. as well as being in a real life of an American that would keep them tuned in to their televisions with different story lines. Hey buddy, I only wish you the best with all your new ideas and your team the Dallas Mavericks. Hope to hear from you or one of your represenatives, but from you directly would be an honor and priveledge.

    Rick Steel

    Comment by Rick Steel -

  68. The World Famous Original Toughman Contest Elimination Boxing Contest. Was on FX for 3 years and debut on Fox Sports Net last Wednesday, reairs Thursday night at 9 pm on Fox Sports, The Best Damn Toughman…. watch it, tell me what you think…. local men battling toe to toe in the most action packed entertainment experience allowed by law!!

    Comment by Steve Coppler -

  69. lots of reality shows are based on people who have lots and lots of money, i think to do a reality show based on a 21 yr old girl and her friends in a neighborhood which is considered a \”ghetto\” think of maui fever switched TOTALLY around…instead of blonds get brunetts, instead of rich, get poor…and so on..
    and the cameras would follow her friends and herself through her every day activities, parties….it would basically just make people feel like they dont have to be rich to enjoy life, and they dont have to have everything in the world to be happy.
    i would watch it…

    Comment by Grace -

  70. A show depicting a camera crew and host completing the world\’s greatest journeys. Examples of great journeys to be covered may include, Allied troops from Normandy to Berlin in WWII, the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Each season of the show would cover one journey. It would be incredible to see the places of history how they are today in HD. Some of the places along the way may look exactly as they did when the journey first took place. I think there is much to be discovered, for example i have read reports of French farmers still finding shell casings from WWII while plowing their fields.

    Comment by Rob Burkholder -

  71. in this so confused world of today, i tend to keep all of my ideas to myself…….but now for some reason i have ran across your web site in taking an unconditional tour of the internet this evening.

    yes i do have a folder full of new TV show ideas. With your permission i would like to bring the scripts to you, at my own expense. So that you may further view them.

    An appointment time with the person in charge of this area, would greatly be appreciated. Since i don\’t want to be having my ideas all over the internet. Please help me carve out a time in your earliest convience.

    Are you interested in taking a look at some fabulous show scripts?

    Then feel free to call me at: 510 693-4515
    or email me with appointment times for our personal scheduling, upon which we will meet.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon

    Comment by Patricia Breedlove -

  72. I am starting law school in August and thought it would be a good show idea to show first year law studens. I am married with a 4 month old son. We moved to OK just for school so not only are we getting to know the city, we are starting a new adventure with me in law school.

    Comment by Kelly Pruden -

  73. I have 30 days til Im famous…on the table with a an international network….American Idol meets the Tony Soprano. Simply brilliant, outside the TV network game. The projected income stream revenue has no precent…. Have a great Sunday..

    Mark: Hi, we met at PM last year…I walked away thinking what a regular guy…good thing…forget the cubs, I\’ll sell you Joe DiMaggio!


    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  74. I also have 1 good idea, and everyone ive talked to agrees that it would be good to air. I also dont want to offer it up for free, so what is the status on the Development rights of the idea?

    Comment by Roei -

  75. I would like to see someone, you or whomever else, start a Good News Network. GNN. GNT. Whatever you want to call it. Just a news channel that focuses on the positive stories and not the bleak outlook or the bickering, talking-head politicos and pundits. There are good, positive, fun and newsworthy stories to be found in all aspects of our culture: sports, general news, human interest, weather, law, health, science, technology, business, local – you get the point. I\’m not talking about fireman rescuing a kitten from a tree or senior citizens making crafts, I\’m talking about informative news done with a positive, fun and enlightening spin.

    I think it would be a welcome and refreshing change to the lame, stale and grim news machine that bombards us every day. You could do this is a non-cheesy, professional, informative and fun manner that would be compelling and rarely, if ever, short of content.

    People need hope and good news too. I know I would watch.

    Comment by Carter -

  76. \”The Siskel/Siegel Report\”
    \”The Gene and Joel Revue\”

    A pair of movie critics (from Heaven or Skokie or wherever)who give movie reviews BEFORE the films are even made!!!

    Comment by Tom Martin -

  77. \” I would suggest to beat Mark Burnett to the punch with a political reality show.\”
    I have the perfect format for a political reality show, but I\’m not going to share it here for free. Interested? E-mail me with some secuirty in mind.

    Comment by brotherdave -

  78. How about a show about the struggles and demands of the DJ(Disc Jockey)business

    Comment by John -

  79. \”Pick-up\” or \”Schoolyard\”

    3 on 3 basketball, 4 games single eight minute periods. Winners
    play a 10 minute final or a variation of the same.

    Teams are themed, like Battle of Network Stars from the 70\’s.

    Not just Athletes, can be average Joes, or under 5\’8\” vs over 6\’6\”, with a handicap accessed where needed. (6\’6 players have to wear one sneaker etc.)Men women on same team , lots of variations.

    Can be themed up WWE or American Gladiator. Or conversely can be stripped down on hot asphalt. Multi camera, slow mo etc.
    Beautiful stuff.


    Comment by Brian Flynn -

  80. hey, i have a great idea, current to our favour viewing shows but a twist that has been coming for a long time, it will interest most of the public and will create some well need q.a. to the general public and those in question.

    but here\’s the bottom line i would want to be involved and payed well, this will be a hit and i,m not rich, so if you can help make this happen then you will benefit too.

    Comment by alexander green. -

  81. My idea… some sort of \”reality\” type mystery show. Big Brother meets Clue (like the boardgame/movie). Real people get put in a house with actors, no-one knows who\’s who, not even the audience. They then try to figure out who the \”killer\” is. What\’ya think Mark?

    Just wanted to say I love Get Out! with Lindsey Clubine… Very nice…..

    Comment by Brent Griffith -

  82. Two Words: American Gladiators. Please make this happen in High Def.

    First sponsor: Balco.

    Comment by James -

  83. Hey Adam

    I have been writing show pitches for years now and as long as you have them registered you can post them on bathroom walls if you want. You cant sell what people cant see. What good are a bunch of ideas stuffed in a shoebox kept under your bed?

    Comment by Randy -

  84. ideas are thick on the ground here, but only a fool would share them publicly. if you are genuinely interested in ideas feel free to write me. otherwise, i think you are a welcome dose of cojones in a world gone PC mad.

    keep up the good work…:)

    Comment by Adam S. Adams -

  85. Who Is Fabrizio?

    Find out here…

    Fabrizio Breinza is not your typical tall, dark and handsome Italian hunk. A successful male model and celebrity doorman for some of the hottest nightspots in Miami and New York, Fabrizio Breinza is the definitive contradiction in terms. Combining dashing good looks and an over the top cinematic sense of style with and odd and an very random thought process, no matter the situation, Fabrizio never ceases to entertain.

    Comment by Buster Cox -

  86. Okay it\’s \”Shark week\” on discovery lets make it \”crock week\” on the cooking channel where every day for a week they give us recipes for the crock pot !

    Intro with the Jaws music and . . .du du du du du du du du \”yeah , it\’s shark week \” then cut to clip of crocodiles eating frenzy . . .\”but this week on the food network we\’re having \’Crock week\’ tune in every day for delicious and easy recipes for the crock pot\”

    I think it would be a real hit for the food channel!!!

    Comment by Sarah Baradell -

  87. Behind the scenes of your favorite movie or TV show.
    Everyone is obsessed with celebrity, this is nothing new.
    Everyone loves bloopers and out-takes.
    How about a show that takes us (in HD) behind the scenes.
    This is not a reality show … yet a hybrid of reality and script.
    You could poll viewers to see what TV show or movie they would like to take a peek at. Find the most popular ones. Use HDnet\’s power and influence to get accurate information and turn that into an hour long show. I like the idea of each show being a comedy … however it can take on several different forms depending on the movie or show.

    Comment by Gary -

  88. I made some powerpoints which I made which are just like cartoons… They\’re quite cool! It\’s Called Angry Yellow Man and I\’ve made the powerpoints below in that order

    Angry Yellow Man
    Angry Yellow Man 2
    Angry Yellow Man 3
    Angry Yellow Man in Die or not to Die

    And I\’m working in Angry Yellow Man the 4th right now.

    If you want any further information e-mail me.

    NOTES: I live in Scotland and I\’m 12 years old.

    Comment by Kalvin Wood -

  89. TV quiz show based on the Red state/Blue state split in U.S.
    Team from Red states faces team from Blue states in answering
    general questions. Players not only score points for their
    team but for themselves. At end of show lowest scorer on each
    team is kicked off. Next show replacement players run onto set
    as football music is heard. Red & Blue cheerleaders cheer on
    new players. This show is ideal for now due to heated 2008
    election. It also starts with 100 million in free publicity.

    Comment by lou samuel -

  90. Mark –
    Here is a concept that I believe could fit with HDNet. Recreate classic research studies and find interesting current ones and have a host take you through the process from concept to conclusion by talking to the researchers and participants during and after the experiment. For example: Recreate Stanley Milgrams classic 6 degrees of separation study in which he had 160 people in Omaha, NE, get a package to a man who worked as a stock broker in Boston, MA, and lived just outside the city. Most got the package there after only going through 5 or 6 people. And 50% came through only 3 people in the final step. It would be interesting to see if things have changed with our more connected society. It would be interesting to hear from the people (the Connectors) that package was delivered through most often, etc. If Stanley Milgram is still alive it would be interesting to hear from him. Studies like this are ripe with interesting concepts.

    Also, there is a man in Oregon who has studied married couples for so long that he claims to be able to say whether or not a couple will stay married with over 90% accuracy after only hearing them talk briefly. It took him years to collect and analyze the data to reach this level of accuracy but he now understands some very specific ways that communication works and does not work in marriage. It could be fascinating to hear his relevant points and listen to a few couples conversations and what he thinks of their interactions.

    The host would be critical as scientists types are not always the best on-camera personalities. But with the right host, the scientists quirkiness could be an asset. I think the success of books like Freakanomics, The Tipping Point, and The Black Swan show that there is an audience out there with an appetite for highly educated content packaged in an entertaining format. Scientists arent the only ones that find experiments thought provoking.

    I hope you find this concept interesting. It combines two of favorite things research studies and documentaries.
    BTW I read you just had hip surgery. I hope your recovery is going well. My father recently had Birmingham resurfacing. It is no walk in the park. But what a difference. Good luck to you.

    Comment by Carri C. -

  91. Football like never before…

    TITLE: Coach
    GENRE: Reality TV Game Show
    CIRCA: Present Day
    LOCALE: Stadiums Around The USA
    REGISTERED: WGA 1212470

    8 Teams, 8 Coaches, and 200 million people calling the plays. This is how football is supposed to be played.

    8 semi-pro football teams, 8 amateur coaches selected at the start of the season by a random draw, and a nation wide viewing audience calling the plays. Coach combines sports, TV programming, and the Internet in a way that has never been done before. If you think football was fun yesterday, wait until tomorrow

    What We Envision In This 2 Hour Weekly Program:
    We want to take 8 Semi pro football teams (all coached by amateur coaches and our viewing audience) and have them play each other in a 7 game regular season. All of the teams will then move into a 3-game playoff where a champion will be crowned. Each team will represent a section of the United States (East, West, Mid-West, South East, North East, South West, North West, and the Plains States). This is how it works: Each semi-pro football team will start the season with a web page listing a roster along with their teams strengths (option offense, pro-set, etc). Once the roster page has been posted the general public will be allowed to register as at home coaches to represent one team and only one team for the entire season. All games will be played on the same night with a regional viewing audience so viewers are going to want to register as at home coaches for the team that represents their part of the country. 2 weeks before the season starts we will have a random drawing from each of the teams registered at home coaches list and that person will be the sideline coach for the season. The sideline coach can be anyone (house wife, grandfather, etc) and will be paid one hundred thousand dollars for the season (with a chance to win more the deeper his/her team advances in the playoffs) and will accompany the team to each game. On game day the registered at home coaches will log onto their teams web-site (or simply watch it on TV if they will be using their cell phones to vote on the plays in place of the Internet) and have the ability to choose everything from heads/tails during the coin toss to which plays they think their team should run on any given down. The play calling will work like this: Every down a list of 3 plays will be displayed (on the web-site and at the bottom of the TV screen) for the offense and defense to choose from. The registered at home coaches will then vote on the play that they want their team to run by hitting keys 1-3 on their keyboard or by text messaging their vote in via cell phone. At the end of the 60-second time frame the play that collected the most votes will be delivered to the sideline coach on the field via a radio headset and he/she will give the play to their team on the field. The games will be played with the same rules as regular football, except there will be 85 seconds between plays instead of 25 seconds (that will allow the registered at home coaches 60 seconds to vote on each play and 25 seconds for the sideline coach to deliver the play to the team on the field). During each game the sideline coach has the ability to override 6 plays (3 plays per half) picked by the registered at home coaches if he or she so chooses. At the end of each game there will be a random drawing from the pool of registered at home coaches that represented the winning team by participating in the play calling that night and that person will win fifty thousand dollars (so it pays to coach from home). At the end of each season there will be a drawing from each teams registered at home coaches that participated in their teams play calling during the season and the winner will be next years official sideline coach for that team. The great thing about this game is that anyone can enjoy the experience of coaching from home, with a chance of actually being paid one hundred thousand dollars (or more) to be their teams head coach standing on the sideline during the next season.

    Who Will Be Watching:
    With the growing interest world wide for football and fantasy football this should generate a great deal of interest from all ages and genders. All sports fans, anyone with a competitive side, and anyone that wants to win a lot of money will enjoy this program.

    Comment by Randy Stines -

  92. how about the mark cuban reality show, just follow you around all week. i\’m sure it would be interesting to watch. better than all of the other reality shows…

    Comment by gary -

  93. \”News Cycle\”

    -send a news crew to cover the news crews and how they gather news — from Lohen\’s birthday with papparrazzi on the beach – to Nascar coverage – to tragedies unfolding. Turn the cameras on the cameras. Cover a wide ranging scope of news events so the crew is not blackballed – get press conferences with the Donald, to trade show appearances by Murdoch — turn the cameras on the cameras — show the technology, the crazy schedules, the food they eat, how they gather the news, and cut it in with expert viewpoints on how newsgathering is changing and how reality TV effects the news. \”News Cycle\”. Get a well known news person – like a Bill Maher – some cynical to give it an edge.

    Comment by Michael -

  94. HI Mr. Cuban,
    I have a show concept –to travel all over the world and visit health clubs and how they get in shape in other countries. If you want to do this on a very low budget then a webcam set up can be part of each show. The opening dialog is scripted with a particular theme for example:Japanese/comody/tecknique/inspiration-.Then,(I have an extensive backround in the fitness/education and on camera experience)as the host would check in on a fitness class in Japan,then off to the kitchen healthy Japanese cooking segment,interveiw celebrity comment/concept/application then last segment ends with motivation and the next healthy trip destination–maybe Italy or …… I own a health club-so I have a set–I am articulate/knowledgeable–(allows for smart banter-not an actress reading lines)have been featured in the New York Times/Shape/Prevention/The today show for my fitness expertise -I could go on but,I must leave the surprise details out-so it is not complately OUT THERE!-HAPPY HEALTHY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Lisa Avellino -

  95. Hi marc,
    RAGS TO RICHES AND THE UNDERDOG—-My show idea is a cross between a reality show and an entertainment show–there is and has never been such a show. My story is simple-I am an educated/one time millionaire/father that lost everything-money/wife/family and became homeless. I have been homeless for 5 years living in the streets. I had a television show in new york for 10 years in the 80\’s-I can sing (a cross between tom Jones/steven tyler/rod stewart/-rock with incrediable vocal range-that sticks and gets in your emotional core. I sing at kareoke clubs and on the beach in South Beach FL.What might amaze you is that when I sing people ask me for my autograph and say even though you are not a star it may be worth $ someday. It reminds me of the earlier days in the industry. My show idea takes place in the streets of Miami and anywhere in the nation it takes a homeless person back to reality -it is the most extreme life makeover imaginable.And,who better to host a former tv host/entertainer/homeless dude–me. This would be relatively lo budget to produce. Obviously I am willing to work for close to nothing as I am singing for a bare minimum of life wages. I have not formally pitched this idea and even putting it out there on your blog is uncomfortable,but,I realize noone can play me–not an actor or a real person. I don\’t know how many people can survive in the street on a campig trip let alone living homeless for 5 years–1825 days and counting. On a side note-I am a big fan of yours. I have a lot of respect for your success and how you knew when it was time to get out and buy a team and then do it your way. I guarentee ratings through the roof,the pr news will be shocked and the public-you know the success of ROCKY and all the underdog rags to riches stories. I have all my financials to prove this story is true/footage/a reel from my previous life and the now homeless life. Thank you for your consideration.

    Comment by billy -

  96. World\’s Fair —

    do an entire series on the various World\’s Fairs and whether or not the innovations were adopted by the world then or later — wrap it into a period piece to really explain what was going on at the time – you could probably do a few seasons of shows.

    Comment by Michael K -

  97. I have a show idea. It\’s a travel channel documentary series in which the host would go to different countries to explore local religious customs. In this highly politicized religous climate we\’re in, it would be nice to have a show that tried to shed a little understanding of religions because most people simply do not know anything about any religion other than their own and that leads to a great deal of complication.

    Comment by Henry Earle -

  98. I have an idea for a show, I think it will be real contraversial and everyone will relate, especially women. Most women aren\’t with the guy they wanted, but instead they are with the guy they settled for regardless of the reason. I have a show that will definitely test relationships. It\’s temptation island meets the bachelor, or the any other dating show. This show will definitely relate to both men and women, but probably more woman than men. I don\’t want to give up my idea for free but would love to share it with any network that wpould hear me out. The name of the show is \”Now and Then\”. If you are interested in hearing my idea, email me back at the email provided. Again, I want to to be recognized for my idea and I definitely know that this show will get ratings.

    Keenan J. Moore

    Comment by keenan moore -

  99. This is an interesting way to pitch a show but for people with real ideas, its not practical. I have developed three original T.V. show ideas. Producer Mark Jacobs (Jackass, Viva La Bam, Anchor Woman (Fox), etc.) has expressed great interested one, however he is so busy with current projects that we have been unable to shoot the pilot.

    Few people bring original ideas to any area of business these days. So consumed in the traditional way of thinking, business needs someone like me who thinks outside the box.

    Contact me!

    Comment by Jerry R. Reynolds -

  100. I have pitched before but not in such a public way (in face-to-face meetings)
    I do not see where you might answer some of the questions posted particularly those that ask how protected we are if we post the pitch in such a public setting.
    Mine is copyrightten and was registered with writer\’s guild but I am still reluctant to open the idea(s) to all.
    If you or someone does respond to these questions please asvise.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Carol -

  101. Mark,

    I have a great idea for a gardening show. The utilization of high def in the gardening world is needed. Please email for more details. This would draw a whole new audience to the HD channel

    Comment by Shane -




    Comment by MIKE -

  103. Greetings,
    It captured my attention for what you\’ve posted, it was very nice and informative for those who\’s also in this kind of field or in the field of entertainment .keep up the good work and more power on behalf of Friday the 13th DVD @ TVaddicts.tv

    Comment by Mara Cruz -

  104. Thanks Mr. Cuban for a great channel, here are some shows to make it more fun.

    1. Though it\’s borrowing a little from home improvement shows, a show that visits viewers, who write in or are volunteered by friends, and corrects their high definition viewing experience like a holmes on homes but for home theather.

    2. A great anime series or two. They\’re cheap, you can get the rights pretty easily and we all know cartoon network is not going high def anytime soon. Plus, there are a ton of japanese and other foreign animes with adult themes, and huge fan bases, ready to be showcased on your channel.

    3. A show on video games. It\’s a great market segment, everyone who has a hd tv has a PS3, Xbox 360 or some game system attached to it. I would love to host and collect a well earned check, but I would also give the show a bit of credibility by teaming with a RESPECTED game magazine like GAMEInformer.

    4. A seasonal show that takes Art Mann\’s concept a little more serious in terms of destinations and intent. A show about going to the most exclusive, \”trendy\”, hotest night spots around the world or just U.S. and Canada. Where Art\’s show is more about the outrages, with the popularity of Ms. P. Hilton and such, most Americans, though the hate to admit it, would love to see where these ladies and crew hang-out and party. Not only that, the people who watch your channel generally have a pretty decent income, so a world travel show based on clubbing would be pretty cool. Also, since you would be showcasing their venue to Millions of American with global travel plans, you would have easy all access granted filming. They want Johnny Utah claiming the virtues of their club even if there is no chance in hell that they would ever let him in the place. E has been doing this for years, but no one has really done it in 1080i High Definition.

    5. A real estate show to showcase homes either for sell or celebrity homes. Like racing and sports, High def would showcase beautiful homes amazingly.

    6. Lastly, Beach watch. A show I would almost host for free. Get two people, me and very beautiful young lady, let\’s have her be a guest host from the region/beach area we\’ll be shooting. Simple, an update and timely view of the best beaches in the world in a cool, fast format with tips on travel, local restaurants and clubs.

    Comment by Preston G -

  105. A show about the life of aa upcoming super star in LA. Comedy/drama. Shows Dilana\’s daily life as well as singing gigs around LA.

    Dilana was runner up on the tv show Rock Star Supernova. She has since then opened for Aerosmith and Santana. For more information,

    Comment by Miki San -

  106. Aloha,

    I sent a description of this about 400 entries ago, but thought the video pitch might do better. I\’d love to hear from you if you liked it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvyFWb-ZGN8 It was filmed in HD and there is an HD file available.


    Comment by Michael Hege\' -

  107. Hi Mark,
    here is my idea for an HDNet show: a cooking show hosted by someone (me) who does not know how to cook! Each episode, I go to a restaurant and learn to cook dishes from the chef(s). Then I return to my humble, bachelor apartment, and try to recreate the dishes for my semi-celeb guest (Mr. T, Nicky Hilton, David Spade). You can see a pilot at this address:


    Here is why this would work well on HDNet: it would fit in well between Rick Steves\’ Europe and Smart Travels Europe. Also, you need a cooking show on HDNet to show people how great cooking can be in HD! Well… to be fair, they might be seeing how wild the exploding souffle will look in HD, as opposed to how delicious it will look… but hey, that\’s showbiz!

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Comment by Chad -

  108. maybe a sci-fi based on our space race in our near future, something that adds our global warming problem with an outcome that gets people thinking. the worlds water supplies are close to running out, oil is just a memory and 75%of the world population is dead or living underground for protection and a new global organization has been put together for the survival and continuation of the human race. deep space exploration to find livable planets(not like stargate, no aliens). or a blade runner style tv series

    Comment by jarrod -

  109. Mark,

    I\’d love to see a show that divulges into the lives of young investors on Wall Street. You could follow the lives of recent college grads and/or college interns who are working in New York. Viewers could follow some of their trading strategies and really see what goes on behind the scenes at Wall Street. This would not be any sort of reality show, but more so a glimpse into the live of young business persons in New York.

    Comment by Leif Edgar -

  110. Alright, this is probably at or at least near the 1000th comment, so you HAVE to read it:

    Get hooked up with justin.tv, and you wear the camera, and that is the whole show. Online. Done. Thank me later.

    p.s. I also have an awesome idea for a new way to market online gambling that spreads virally. I don\’t want to post it here. Email me at zkinion@gmail.com

    Good luck.

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  111. 999

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  112. 998

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  113. 997

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  114. 996

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  115. 995

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  116. 995

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  117. 994

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  118. 992

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  119. 989

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  120. 988

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  121. 988

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  122. 983…

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  123. how about a documentary on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites :


    Comment by Neil Baleva -

  124. how about a show documenting teams scaling the highest peaks in the world :


    or a show displaying the 7 wonders of the world :


    these are shows that I would love to watch, or shows expressly for adventure travel.

    Comment by Neil Baleva -

  125. My idea will be impossible to get the rights for, but I did a few episodes for Public Access TV that I never actually followed up on. It\’s called \”Elvis Cooks For Waldo\”.

    Elvis isn\’t actually dead, he\’s become an alcoholic hermit living as househusband for Waldo. Every day Waldo comes home from work (hiding from kids is a great job) absolutely zonked out and Elvis has dinner waiting for him. The show is part cooking show (Elvis explains how to make his dish) and part absurd entertainment sitcom (think of the personality clash between Waldo and a drunk Elvis).

    And, of course, I\’ve never seen HDTV but I can bet you\’ve never been pitched this show before. Now, if you can get the rights to Elvis and Waldo for this concept, I\’ll give it to you for a Best Boy credit and tickets to a Mavs/Warriors game.

    Comment by Edward -

  126. i think you should get mother that didnt get to finish school & do what the want to raise a family. and help them dream come turn age 24&up help finish school, start college classes start weight lose program ,client , a makeover , dental makeover ect

    Comment by monica -

  127. WE all want to know about it but are to afraid to tell anyone of the same kind What is it?.dateing outside your race it should be a show from people all over the world that have dreams of dateing a specific race but are afraid because of what others might think family tradition or there afraid even same gender it should be a show on that and at the end of the show whoever is feeling each other will what get together but if not dump them and move on i mean you can put a twist on that everyone loves to see stuff like that cuz for 1 its interesting and everyone takes intrest because its diffrent.thanks,crystle

    Comment by crystle mcdonald -

  128. To whomever it may concern-

    Some of my favorite nights are when I watch TIVO\’s episodes of Sunrise Earth with the sound all the way down. In its place, I play some type of Celtic or Ambient Music and just lie down and relax and soak up the ambience (this is normally on a 103\” HD projector). Coincidentally, I have drunken roommates who bring everyone over, and after about five minutes the room is silent for hours while soaking up this spectacle. Very few of the songs have lyrics, and even so, they somehow or other just go with the atmosphere.

    Music and video are all in the way that they are viewed. Pairing some up together might change the way someone views music. Different music labels would probably offer good amounts of money to HDnet just for the producers to sit and listen to their ambient artists and hope that it gets paired with a waterfall scene.

    A straight up drone zone, it may be just what people need.

    Comment by Jonathan Af -

  129. The League of Assassins

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. In response to the growing actions of terrorists, NATO sanctions the use of assassins by world governments. However, not everyone has the same definition of terrorist.

    Each week follows five highly trained(yet highly unstable) assassins as they try to assassinate targets designated by their respective governments, deal with the consequences of their decisions, and/or battle each other.

    The catch of the show is, however, that the targets will not be fictional characters. These assassins will track down and kill real political/religious figures (portrayed by actors of course). Sometimes viewers will be able to go online and guess who the next victim will be. Scoreboards and winners will be revealed on the next show. Viewers can gain assassin points to buy items on the HDNet website.

    Comment by Adam Oravec -

  130. \”Call Time\”
    Lindsey Dowell
    copyright 2005, Lindsey Dowell. All rights reserved

    This is a coming of age story about a young man named Jonas who has recently moved to Brooklyn from Milwaukee to pursue a career as a fashion photographer. Jonas will Narrate through the camera and talk directly to the audience.

    Jonas has attended a small art school somewhere back home and has assisted some photographers in the Milwaukee area. He is convinced that assisting wedding photographers or even working in the Target studio from time to time will not help him achieve his goal of one day being a famous fashion photographer and enjoying all the luxuries that he thinks come with that.

    This young and naive, yet good natured young man will be finding out the true meaning of fashion photography and all the not so luxurious things that go along with it.

    Jonas is first introduced while trying to land a job in the photography studio world of New York City. He has been chewed up and spit out over and over and he finally gets a call back from a studio manager who is desperately trying to fill the #1 assistant positions for photographer Jock McLean.

    Jock McLean is a 40 something has-been photographer who is notorious in the inner-circles of the fashion industry. Jock speaks in a very broken Gaelic accent and is usually drunk and obnoxious. Most people cannot understand what he is saying because of his thick accent yet they nod as if they do just to keep the peace. Jock is on the down side of his career and is now working for mainstream catalogs such as JC Penney, Sears, K-mart etc.

    Jonas accepts the job and is thrown into a world which most people barely get to see; the behind the scenes look into the retail fashion world.

    Jonas is immediately introduced to a world of characters including a super queeny, cowboy hat wearing hair and makeup artist named Beaufort. A neurotic, chain smoking, model wannabe wardrobe stylist named Genevieve. A pompous, snobby producer, a steady stream of gorgeous models and their issues and of course the crazy, drunk, fight loving photographer.

    With this surreal, behind the scenes look at the fashion industry, Jonas will grow and mature in order to find his way through this new found life.

    Comment by Lindsey Dowell -

  131. Pick up the series The Black Donnellys, which NBC did not give a chance. It was a quality series with a good storyline that was replace by another stupid reality show

    Comment by Kurt Zuback -

  132. Years ago I signed for \”Sell your idea to Hollywood\” a website asking people for movie ideas, claiming to have the interests of the subscribers in mind should anything go into development.
    Let us hope your intentions are honorable.
    I would like to see something about music, where you use the clarity of HD to show a fluid, 1 hour, continuous shot musical experience. Start in the dressing room, follow the band onto stage, let them perform a few tracks, then follow them out the back door to a restaurant where an interviewer fills the rest of the time with some really good questions.
    I\’ve got more where that came from.

    Comment by Mike Cohen -


    I don\’t blame you for attempting to avoid pitch sessions. As you said, 99% of all pitches are a waste of time.

    But, pitch sessions aren\’t the problem with the entertainment industry. It is merely one of many symptoms regarding our culture\’s declining ability to tell stories well. The way to fix pitch sessions requires a revamping of your development process. This is going to sound radical, because no studio or network is run this way…but you are used to questioning the status quo. The method in which projects are developed should be questioned just as much as the methods in which projects are distributed.

    1.) Fire anyone in development who is an MBA, attorney or accountant and replace them with college graduates with degrees in literature or non-college graduates who can demonstrate an expertise in storytelling. Storytelling is damn hard work…telling a story well is as difficult as building a successful business or performing surgery. Your development people are your gate keepers and they need to be saturated in the best storytelling from all cultures from all ages. Have they read Aeschylus and Sophocles? Have they read Shakespeare and Molire? Have they read Sir Gawain & The Green Knight in Middle English? Have they read Twain and Dumas? These same people need to have a deep passion for the art of visual storytelling. They should be able to speak with intelligence and passion about EVERY ERA of film. Make them prove to you they\’ve seen Buster Keaton movies as well as Chaplin…and they should be able to speak with intelligence about why they prefer one over the other. How many movies from AFI\’s Top 100 have they seen? The answer should be ALL of them. With a staff that is deeply literate in all forms of storytelling your on your way to success.

    2.) Foster a development (and corporate) culture in which storytelling structure and society\’s deep need for storytelling is understood. Everyone, including you, should be reading Joseph Campbell. Your business, first and foremost, is that of high-tech dramaturgy. Don\’t take that word lightly…there is a reason Gotthold Ephraim Lessing is credited with the invention of this role.

    3.) Disregard Hollywood\’s stupid and insipid formulas for storytelling. Even the concepts they get right have been watered down to the point they aren\’t worth repeating. (As an example, characters DO NOT NEED to be liked by the audience…but they do need to be compelling. If you\’ve ever heard someone speak about \”likeability\” point out to the fool who said it that The Shield, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Schindler\’s List, In The Heat Of The Night and an endless list of other tv shows and movies have protagonists who are anything but likeable and yet we can\’t help but watch them.) I could list what I think the real \”rules\” of storytelling are…but the article would be too long and the important point is that you have to KNOW them, not simply be able to repeat them. Anyone can memorize cheap aphorisms like \”Show Don\’t Tell\” but if they don\’t actually know what they\’re talking about their value to your company is the same as a parrot.

    4.) Revise the business model of visual storytelling (let\’s stop calling it film, or TV or any other soon-to-be anachronistic term) to emphasize the long tail, not the initial release. If you make great movies they will ALWAYS make a profit. The Shawshank Redemption is a great example. It bombed in the box office, despite critical praise and Oscar nominations. It was discovered later and slowly found its way into our culture as a classic…and a moneymaker (because all great art eventually is.) The longevity of a studio has always been its library of titles. Some companies, like Pixar, understand this principle so well that every project they\’ve ever done is a financial success. They prove that a company should emphasize a small slate of productions and take the time to make those projects as perfect as possible.

    5.) Better yet, stop treating development as a hunt for the perfect freelancer. Embrace the old studio concept of the story department and begin development internally. The cost of maintaining a stable of 5 writers per year is less expensive than purchasing 1 screenplay. Force the writers to critique each other\’s work. Treat each script as if it must be the voice of a single writer or writer-team (because there is nothing worse than a script thats been written by committee, Casablanca withstanding…and if you need proof of this go watch The Flintstones movies or the average sitcom, which demonstrate the fallacy of writing-by-committee.)

    6.) Genres exist for a reason (there is no such thing as an original story) so don\’t focus on the illusion of originality and instead focus on an obsession with craftsmanship. A pitch tells you NOTHING of substance. It hints at a project\’s potential…nothing more. Visual Storytelling, like all fields, is about execution. The pitch isn\’t the important part. Why does modern Hollywood obsess about The Pitch? It gives non-storytelling executives the illusion that they can control the process and therefore ensure a successful future for their company. However, it has proven to be a dangerous illusion. Don\’t perpetuate it. You and your staff need to understand the nuanced choices expert writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, art directors, sound designers and editors make in order to create an accomplished movie. This is where your power lies…this is the ONLY way to have true control over your company\’s destiny.

    7.) Create a company culture that seeks out criticism. Make it a company requirement that for any writer, director or actor who works on your projects to submit a 1-2 page self-critique of their work at the end of production…and allow the rest of the staff to also critique the work and submit a compilation to the artist. This isn\’t a new concept. Selznik and Thalberg had similar practices. Did it piss off the insecure? You bet. But, it also made sure artists couldn\’t run from the truth and it made them better for it. And if the criticism isn\’t accurate it only strengthens one\’s resolve!

    Don\’t waste your time with this thread. Instead, apply your willingness to question the status quo and apply your intelligence to reinventing the development process FROM SCRATCH.

    Comment by Justin Evans -

  134. I\’m partial to conspiracy theory shows related to UFO\’s and government coverups. I think you could do a show that would be related to real-life events, for example the bass player from Iron Butterfly who went on to help develop the ICBM and who vanished from an airport never to be seen again, or people that have died under mysterious circumstances related major events in modern times.

    Comment by TV Reviews -

  135. How about a show about people who help other\’s get their dream jobs? Everyone knows someone who knows someone else. It could be in music, acting, writing for a newspaper. Whatever that dream may be.

    Comment by John -

  136. I\’d like to see a reality show or real show that depicted expatriate culture in youth hostels and other places where American\’s congregate in 3rd world countries. I\’ve stayed in a lot of youth hostels and I always found fascinating the people and cultural blend between youth hostels, Americans, and whatever country I might be in.

    Comment by David Petersen -

  137. Everyone is familiar with the game solitaire. My concept stays true to the game with a couple of variations. The variations include:
    a reshuffle at any time once you start (must buy)
    bonus if you are greedy and try for consecutive wins
    a wildcard play if you make 3 or more movements on 1 play (can hold for later use)
    can ask for a new deal only at the start (if you do not like the way the cards come out)

    Comment by Phillip Jamerson -

  138. MR.CUBAN,


    Comment by RAUL LAYGO -

  139. This concept initiates with an open request for amateur actors to produce video skit material to be posted to a site such as YouTube. The productions will compete for slection by judges panel and the winners receive compensated use of their material in television programming. Each program episode would be a assemblage of winning submissions.

    Solicitation for Episode One:

    Produce a two person comedy dialog which takes place in the back seat of a New York city taxicab. Content is unrestricted but must stay within the boundaries of prime time acceptance. Props are to be minimal and the content piece must run no longer than three minutes from entry into the taxicab to exit from the cab. Actors may speak to the cab driver (who will be edited in through production) but driver reaction or response should not be significant to your content. The actors should be seated as close together as practical.

    Solicitation for Episode Two:

    Produce a two or three person comedy dialog which takes place on the seating bench in front of the monkey house at a municipal zoo. Content is unrestricted but must stay within the boundaries of prime time acceptance. Props are to be minimal and the content piece must run no longer than three minutes from time of arriving at the bench to leaving the bench. Actors may include dialog towards passing individuals but passerby reactions or responses should not be significant to your content. Props are to be minimal and all actors should remain within an area the approximate size of a municipal park bench until exiting the scene.

    Once episode material is selected by a panel of judges, professional editing can marry the ameteur content with professionally provided props, scenery and actors as needed to provide material worthy of air time.

    What we will accomplish is a successful blend between Internet video and commercial television, with Jane Doe and John Q. Average getting opportunity to be a star.

    That\’s television entertainment in a way never before attempted.

    …I\’ve got a million of \’em…

    Comment by Gary E. Sattler -

  140. Mr. Cuban,

    My pitch addresses two of your comments, the new football league, and new show ideas. I have developed a new game of football entitled, Capture Football. It is the fastest game on turf. I wanted to design a game that plays in an almost opposite manner to a traditional football game. Traditional football is designed as a more defensive game. Capture Football is designed to showcase offenses as well as defenses. My game is about long runs and passes, fast players, and non stop action. It is a well designed game that features all the necessary checks and balances. Did you know that in the NFL last year there were 2037 kick offs and only 9 returned for a touchdown. We can do better than that. My game will attract the fastest players in the country because it gives them room to showcase their talent. Please check out my web site for a description of Capture Football. Thank you.

    Jon Digman

    Comment by Jon Digman -

  141. My idea for a show is too create a competition show where you look for someone competent to run for president. You can split the hope fulls into 2 groups( 1 Republican 1 Democrat), take the best individual from each team and get the winners a staff and starting campaign contribution.The only restrictions being you have to be legally allowed to run for president and you couldn\’t have held an elected post. Have the two teams compete by making them complete relevant tasks (speech writing, money raising,kissing babies) judged by celebrity in each respective field (Jon Stewart/bill o\’rilley/Dan rather for PR ect ect ect.) For a ratings stunt you can get famous pundits to coach( Anne colter/Micheal Moore or Bill Clinton/1st Bush). For a second season you can create a reality show around the winners fighting for votes in the primaries.

    Comment by Ryan -

  142. New show = easy.

    Ten episodes of David Hanson BUILDING a SECOND Mark Cuban.

    The resulting \”robot\” (I can\’t think of a better word, but \”robot\” isn\’t very indicative of the result) would stand-in for the original Mark in the outside chance the commissioner or an official threw him out of a game…

    Hanson is in Dallas and has already built Einstein and P. K. Dick. Load it up with the total inventory of Mark\’s facial expressions, wit, humor, energy.

    Comment by Chuck McCoy -

  143. To Richard from \”not America\” who suggested a show where a couple of psychics look at cold cases. So Americans have a lack of worldview but somehow you\’re the enlightened one because you think psychics are real?

    Um. . .dude, here\’s a quarter and a map. Run yourself down to the corner Clue Store and get yourself something pretty.

    The Velvet Mariachi did like your other idea, though. Ay ceviche!

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  144. HDNet is a great venue to show landscapes and natural scenes BUT what about showing these landmarks close-up from a passenger plane like a 747 as if it were landing. Can that be done with the proper clearance from the FAA? What a thrill ride that would be. Flying only a few hundred feet about the Grand Canyon, mountain ranges or other natural landmarks.

    Comment by Tony -

  145. Greetings,
    It captured my attention for what you\’ve posted, it was very nice and informative for those who\’s also in this kind of field or in the field of entertainment .keep up the good work and more power on behalf of Darkwing Dark DVD @ TVaddicts.tv

    Comment by Mara Cruz -

  146. A show about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) a hard hitting weekly TV drama about federal agents who defend the American borders and investigate illegal immigration in the U.S. It would reveal the myriad of stories, both supportive of the ICE department and critical, as well as supportive and critical of immigrant struggles.

    Comment by FAT films LLC -

  147. I think you should consider working with a website like Robin Hood Fund http://www.robinhoodfund.com/ Take the stories that are posted on the site and build them into a show. You could also use the site to determine who will get rewarded. The show could be used for determining winners or telling stories about people who win on the site.

    The nice part is that if you partner with or buy them out, then you have a nice Web 2.0 website already built to work with your show.

    You can do what you do best: TV shows and they can do what they do best: websites.

    Comment by John Lynn -

  148. Playoff Eye for the German Guy lol
    joking Mark

    How bout a show about high school students going into colleges or college students going into university.

    OR a show that deals that test celebrities/sports stars/ radio personalities improv comedy skills by putting them into an imaginary scenario on a stage or something.

    Comment by Ray Nguyen -

  149. Mark, please work on getting a second season done of The Black Donnellys. You already have the idea right in your lap, please watch the series and keep it alive on HD NET,Your channel is awesome. Mark keep this show alive, its the best show on TV

    Comment by peter -

  150. Hey Mark,

    The timing of your post is perfect.

    Heres a brief synopsis of HISTORY RISING, a TV series we have been developing for approximately a year and a half. (We have just begun pitching the show, and have always felt it would be a great fit for HDNet.)

    Perhaps the best way to summarize this series (without giving too much away) is to quote Yo-Yo Ma\’s response after he reviewed a rough cut of one segment of an episode earlier this year:

    \”HISTORY RISING is quite beautiful and moving. The series, itself, sounds like a fascinating series and one with great potential to awaken a more interconnected global perspective. There is no better way to cultivate trust than to understand the development of history and to explore established traditions and cultural offerings. As we begin to see our similarities, our preconceived notions are replaced with trust and respect.

    I wish you great success as you develop and disseminate this series.\”

    Yo-Yo Ma, Jan 8, 2007

    After 1,001 films and documentaries about nature, it\’s time to take a look at what Mankind has accomplished around the world.

    We want to incorporate HD still and video photography to put on display Man\’s greatest achievements and cultural offerings throughout the world. Subject matter will include (but not be limited to) skyscrapers, bridges, ancient ruins, works of art, technologies, and cultural phenomena from around the globe. Viewers of HISTORY RISING will appreciate the enormity of what has already taken place and wonder at the promise of tomorrow\’s developments.

    HISTORY RISING will not be a \”talking head\” documentary series. Each episode will unfold as a virtual mini-symphony of sound, music and imagery, with minimal narration. High Definition television please meet your full potential.

    We have self-funded the effort thus far. We own and have protected all the content. In-depth research packets have already been compiled for the 13 episodes of Season 1. At this time, we are in search of underwriting and an established co-producer to help take HISTORY RISING to the next level.

    The theme music has already been written and recorded, and we have created a (standard definition) DVD Trailer that is on par with Planet Earth.

    We would like to send you a copy of our trailer and accompanying pitch for review. If you\’re interested, it would be ideal to meet with you and/or your programming head(s) to discuss furthering this relationship.

    Glad you made this post. It would indeed be cool to say this whole thing got started with a blog response.


    Jeremy J. Dodd

    Comment by Jeremy Dodd -

  151. To be honest, I have never seen your station, as I don\’t live in America. I\’ve read some of the posts here, and well, they are boring. A travel show that shows foreigners going to parts of America? Come on people. I grew up in the tourist industry in my country, and something i noticed was the lack of world view, world understanding that American\’s had, no offense. So if you wanted to do a travel show, I would suggest one that shows Americans the world outside of your country. Weekly coverage of the troops in iraq, to me that is just wrong, war is not entertainment, and to cover it like it is, is just plain wrong to me.

    In my country we have a great program where they bring forth a cold murder case, and have two psychics go over it, not giving them any information about the case, simply giving them a photo of the victim, and seeing what the psychics come up with.

    Could always do a show where you personally travel around the world interacting with, learning and living with the native people of countries.

    Comment by Richard -

  152. How about a series of basketball games where the stars do not get preferrential treatment and tne refs call the game equally for all players.

    Comment by Joe -

    AUTHOR: Randy Stines and Dean McCool
    GENRE: Reality TV Series
    CIRCA: Present Day
    LOCALE: California
    SUBMITTED BY: Randy Stines
    REGISTERED: WGA East / West #1041716

    Who out there in TV land can honestly say that they have never dreamed of acting or writing in Hollywood? Well, here\’s your chance. America\’s show will be a weekly, 60-minute interactive program that allows the viewing audience the chance to not only cast, write and guide the show, but also possibly even star in the show.

    The program will be 1 hour in length but divided into two 30-minute back-to-back portions. The first 30-minute segment will feature the writers, directors, producers, and actors working on the script that the viewing audience voted on from the previous week and the second 30-minute segment will be the finished product (the actual show). The show will air weekly and each show will end with the introduction of 3 possible scenes that can be included in the next weeks show. The scene receiving the most votes will be added to the script the following week and will most likely change the direction of the program for the entire season (i.e. someone may die, get married, get pregnant and have to decide whether to keep the child, give the child up for adoption, or have an abortion). The viewing audience will have the opportunity to change the direction of the show whenever they like simply by voting on the scene of their choice, thus making the show a living and changing object that will never grow old.

    The series will begin with 60-minute shows that will feature the selection of the writer and script. The viewers will be introduced to 10 writers. The writers will then describe to the viewers each of their show scripts and convince the audience that their script is the best of the 10. The viewers will vote on the writers and their scripts and the winner will be the writer (and script) that will be used to start the season. The winning script will dictate the direction of the first seasons show. The winning writer will be invited to assemble a staff of writers and write all of the shows for the entire season.

    The series will then move along to the casting phase and remain with the 60-minute time frame.
    We will have an open casting call where a panel of 3 judges will cut the number of auditioning contestants down to 10 performers per show character, meaning that if we have 5 main characters in the show we will have a total 50 auditions for the viewing audience to chose from. We will then let those selected actors screen test (on national TV) for character parts on the show. The viewers will then vote on which actor will receive the part for each character needed. This process will be run much like the first shows of American Idol where we will show a variety of auditions and choose the final actors who will then audition in front of America for a chance to fill the main character spots. America may have a hand in finding the next Big Star.

    After the writers, script and cast are in place the program will continue to flow through a 60-minute time slot.

    The first actual show will follow a standard 60-minute format (much like Law & Order or Desperate Housewives). After the first initial show we will be splitting the program into 2 – 30 minute segments (to air back to back) that are described in the following paragraphs.

    The first 30 minutes of every show will be focused on the writers trying to work out the script by plugging in America\’s scene selection from the week before and trying to make it work. We will capture the ups and downs that the writers experience throughout the week as they try to create a show out of the winning scene and story line. We envision the writers second-guessing the audience selection and wishing they could go with another idea, only to realize that they must stick with America\’s choice (and somehow make it work). We will also show out takes from the filming (actor\’s reactions to the writing, filming bloopers, etc) during the previous week and how the cast reacts to America\’s choice of scripts.

    The second 30 minutes of every show will consist of the finished product (the actual show).
    Again, the show will end with the audience being given 3 scene selections and story lines to vote on (with the scene receiving the highest amount of votes being used in the next weeks show). No one will know until the following week how America voted and which scene will be used in the upcoming show until the show airs on TV. At the end of each show the viewing audience will be given 2 hours to vote by phone or the internet (much like the vote on American Idol) on which scene and direction they want to see the show heading the following week. Then the writers and cast will be given the results and will be tasked with adding in the elected scene and changing the direction of the show. We will have cameras in with the writers and cast, so that the viewers will see all of the problems that the writers and cast face with trying to work America\’s selected scene into the story line.

    Here Is A Great Catch:
    Each time a viewer casts a vote for his/her favorite scene for the next week\’s show they will automatically be registered into a contest database. At the end of the season finale we will draw 10 names from the database and those people will win a spot in next years final audition on national TV and may be voted in to appear on the next season of America\’s Show. Not only can America help write a show, they can also star in it.

    What We Envision:
    We see the new season of America\’s Show unfolding from the start much like the auditions that kick off each new season of American Idol. We will have writers and actors from amateurs to professionals trying to secure a spot on America\’s Show through auditions (live and on air). The viewing audience will have the opportunity to share in the highs and lows that each participant will experience as our judges work with the voting audience to complete the cast and crew of America\’s Show. Once the cast and crew are in place the real fun begins. We can envision the writers having a hard time working on the story line that our viewing audience has put in place for next weeks show. The longer the writers work on the script the less time the actors will have to rehearse, which will most likely cause turmoil between the writing team, cast, and crew. The loss of rehearsal time will also cause problems with the taping of the show (which we would like to see done in front of a live studio audience only several hours before the show airs). All of these problems and pressure situations will also be caught on tape and shown during the first 30 minutes of the next weeks show. As the season unfolds we expect interest to grow from the general public as they watch the show and prepare to try to be next years writers and actors for America\’s Show. The season finale will be a 2 hour special that will wrap up all of the lose ends and bring the series to an end. At the conclusion of this show we will go live to the drawing that will place 10 voting audience members into the next season final screen test audition on live TV for their chance to STAR on America\’s Show.

    Who Will Be Watching:
    This subject matter creates audience interest much like \”American Idol\” by letting the viewers participate in the shows process and even be on the show itself. The show also crosses all boundaries such as race, religion, socio-economic and gender. This program will combine three large media groups; television, telephone, and Internet.

    Commercial Potential:
    With the combination of Television, Telephone, and Internet audiences and the wide spectrum of viewers, we see the commercial potential as limitless.

    Comment by Randy Stines -

  154. Yeah, right. Show ideas. I\’d have more luck describing TexMex to William Shakespeare over a bowl of porridge.

    Now for something radically different: Character, not personality. Substance, not situation.

    Revealing of inner human nature, not inflation of yet another stereotype.

    Insight more like Andy Griffith than Hallmark. A show so retro, it is new and fresh.

    My candidate: Michael Martin Murphey. Who he is (*not* the personality), what he does. Tag along on an endless road trip, see the majesty of America from Bass Hall to a campfire in the Rockies. And spiced with real local folks and local events everywhere. Juxtapose the unexpected – New York City and Winterset, Iowa (where Murphey headlines John Wayne\’s 100th birthday May 26).

    You could do worse, like some lame remake of \”Dallas.\” Only the oil bizness is gone to Saudi Arabia. Texas has nothing left if cowboys like Murphey don\’t pull through.

    Hey, maybe I\’m out of touch. Am I the only one who would appreciate some programming without a pc social agenda? Or a show that might introduce an idea into the kid\’s and grandkid\’s minds that I would welcome at the Sunday dinner table?

    I may be in full blown backlash, or maybe we might stumble upon a real pent up demand for fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

    This thing is already packaged. See the calendar on Michael Martin Murphey\’s website. Oh, if HDNet will push to the front of line and get a RED HD camera, I\’d love to go along for the ride and produce this show!

    Comment by Danny Grizzle -

  155. This is actually something I\’ve given some thought to, and it may be appropriate given your position in marrying TV with interactive web entertainment. I\’ll quit wasting time and get down to it.
    1. Potential contestants (bands, actors, comedians, filmmakers, etc) register online through a website. They get a profile page which includes an analysis by an agent in their field as well as samples, etc. Once their page is placed online it goes through an IPO phase.
    2. Viewers register online and receive a set amount of \”stock.\” They surf the acts on the site and may choose how to invest their stock. Their stocks would be refreshed every quarter, etc. Stocks would be limited to maintain interest and the viewers perception of profitability, (For example, I own 10% of Band X.) Stock could also be used as an ad promotion–5 shares under a coke bottle cap.
    3. A set percentage of advertising dollars are put into a pool. Contestants perform on the show and are judged via online (or some other form of interactive) voting.
    4. A panel of unbiased judges determines who will participate in each show, or showdown rather. Previous potential contestants are kept on the site…viewers keep their investment in these acts, and they may invest additionally in the next cycle (as if there were another offering.)
    5. Winners on the show split prize money with themselves and their shareholders. Another cycle begins ad infinitum (hopefully!).

    It may sound like too much at first, but I think people enjoy having a stake in those that become famous. The numbers could be adjusted (number of potential contestants listed on site, number of outstanding shares, etc) to make the venture either very profitable or of novelty value. That\’s the barebones of it…email me if you like it or you\’d like to curse me for wasting your time!

    Comment by Nick -

  156. How about a talk show with Paris Hilton, Rosie O\’Donnell,and a couple of others to go against the View?

    Comment by Rahul Sood -

  157. Hi Mark. Love your channel, but something that seems to be missing is kids\’programming. I have 2 kids, and I would love to see some quality kids\’ shows in HD.

    I have always said that if I had the means and the opportunity to produce one TV show, it would be a children\’s series based on the \”Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators\” book series. I loved these books as a kid, and simply devoured every one. I always found them to be smarter and more accessible than the Hardy Boys or other kid detective stories. They are out of print now, so I can\’t imagine that the TV rights would be too tough to obtain. With Nancy Drew poised to hit the big screen, the timing would seem to be right.

    I can just imagine in my head some of the locations in these books brought to life in HD. Each book would lend itself almost perfectly to a one hour format. Hope you like the idea and thanks for your time.

    Mark B

    Comment by Mark Brown -

  158. My idea for a show is to essentially take the lunacy of a reality show and script it so that it is actually funny, like Arrested Development as opposed to depressing, like most reality shows.
    I would frame it as a \”behind the scenes\” look at the reality show with \”office\”/\”spinal tap\” like interviews of not only the contestants but the crew as well. Each season of the show could be a mock-different show (season 1 could be mock Bachelor, Season 2 mock survivor, season 3 mock Inferno, etc.)The lead character would be a more cynical/slightly more intelligent than the rest crew memeber who had dome multiple reality show in the past.
    Basically this show would give the audience a chance to mock reality shows, while at the same time enjoying what they do like about reality shows (Ridiculous contests and drunken arguing) while a sarcastic/witty person put it all into perspective like Jason Batemen in Arrested Development does for that show. The jokes would have to be fast, self referential and good writing would be absolutely necessary.

    Comment by Jason -

  159. I have two ideas for TV shows. I do not have the first clue about how to get them \”pitched.\” They are really original and I came up with them this morning.

    Comment by dee marquez -

  160. The show\’s name is \”The Buzz on Fuzz\”. Think 60 Minutes meets Mythbusters meets Iron Chef meets NOVA meets Penn and Teller\’s BS neets Crossfire. The show\’s stars would be a main host/moderator and a regular panel of flamboyant subject experts who engage all-comers of equal educational or industry standing to debates on FUZZY issues of the day. Each show would hilite one or two debates with possible topics such as Global Warming, Religion, Immigration, Gas Price Gouging, 911/JFK or other Conspiracies–basically, any topic under the sun! Each debate would be preceded by a short film that sets the scene and the battle and which provides introductory imagery, and the debaters themselves would be encouraged to provide a few short evidenciary film clips in mid-debate to punctuate their arguments. One of the interesting aspects to the debate would be that each side is allowed to employ a professional googler who stands near their debating partner with his/her PC (on a secondary podium) and provides real-time, ONLINE fact-checking for the benefit of their partner. Each debater can thus raise objections to the so-called points of fact made by his/her opponent. If the show is live, then the viewers would also be allowed to send in objections to the show real-time via a chat room that is monitored by the show\’s producers during live broadcast, or alternatively, the post-debate or final segment can include a few observations from the host or viewer comments from past shows. If the show isn\’t live, then the producers can edit the pre-recorded debate and the show\’s host can provide objective commentary and film on an as needed basis for entertainment/educational purposes. Highly relevant debating topics (such as Global Warming) can be repeated often by focusing in on a different issue of contention on each show. Online and phone voting could also be integrated into the show.

    Comment by Lauren Heintz -

  161. please let me know if I share a top notch new idea for an incredible show and you agree, how would I be protected/compensated for such …Please write back and let me know thank\’s …….

    Comment by charles montalbano -

  162. Pick up a new tech show.

    The Lab With Leo


    It\’s an hour tech show hosted by former TechTV personality Leo Laporte. This would be a great fit for a great network.

    Comment by Shane -

  163. as a follow up, sorry i clicked on something and i thought i lost the transmit, anyway that\’s the gameshow, guess what that dot is as it slowly enlarges to a recognizable image, and win 10K or even 1MM. more to it next time.

    Comment by raul laygo -

  164. how about 15 minutes of a blank screen followed up by commercials after which another 15 minutes of blank screen but this time with a single dot placed strategically somewhere followed by another set of commercials and the next 15 minutes is anyone\’s guess, and as Bugs bunny would say: that\’s all HD folks. Thank you, Mr. Cuban.

    P.S. Any news of my pitch to you a month ago or so.

    Comment by raul laygo -

  165. Mark,

    I was standing in line at a local Dallas sno-cone shop recently. There was a couple in line just before my wife and I. The man (heavy-set and somewhat of a slob)and his wife (short, petite and clearly of Asian descent) were about to order as I hear from her \”What is Sno-Cone?\” And thus begins my idea for a new sitcom…
    My idear, would be about a man (very much like him) and his \”mail-order\” bride. He spends his days teaching her (from his perspective) about our country. Can you imagine the comedy as she tries, not only to learn, but to communicate what she learns, back to her family in Asia.
    Clearly, there is more to develop with this new comedy, \”What Is Sno Cone?\” Please email if interested…JK / MFFL

    Comment by Jason K. -

    GENRE: Reality TV Series
    CIRCA: Present Day
    REGISTERED: WGA East / West

    Take 10 average people and tell them that they will be competing against each other for a cash prize on a reality TV show. Then make them think they are trapped in an isolated, harsh environment. Put them through what they believe may be life or death situations and you have a really wild show called \”The Colony\”. The Colony will be A weekly, 60-minute reality program that will bring two teams of 5 individuals (10 total) together under one roof in what they think is a team competition, but in reality is just one big sociology experiment that shows how people really react when faced with tough decisions (some maybe even life or death).

    We are going to find 10 average people who want to compete for cash in a team environment on a reality TV show. We are going to tell these contestants that they will be living in a harsh, remote indoor location somewhere near the artic pole for a 30-day period. They will be told that they are not permitted to exit the facility because the conditions outside are so harsh it may be fatal to try to leave on your own (when in reality the dome lab will be sitting on a TV production lot). I would like to see a dome structure built where tourist from the outside can look in and see the contestants on the inside, but the contestants cannot see out. The lab structure will have cameras and microphones that will cover virtually the entire living space inside. The contestants will think they are competing against the other team for cash prizes, when in reality we will be challenging all of them with pre determined disasters during the contest that will place each and every one of them on a physical and emotional roller coaster.

    The program will be 1 hour in length. The show will start with the introduction of the 10 contestants (2 teams of 5). The contestants will be blindfolded and transported by plane to a secrete location. Once they arrive at their destination they will be brought into a structure that has been specially built for this show (although they will think it is an old scientific outpost) and this will be their new home for the next 30 days. At this point they will have their blindfolds removed and they will be given instructions on the rules of the game and given a tour of their new living quarters. The living quarters will look very much like an abandon scientific field laboratory. During this tour the constants will be told about the extreme environment that exists right outside their door and they will be warned for their own safety not to go outside. The building will have no windows (that the contestants can see out of), but it will have cameras/monitors that they can watch to see what the weather is like outside their structure. These cameras will actually be showing the contestants pictures from some extreme outpost location somewhere in the Antarctic. Once the contestants are all moved in the camera crew and host will leave (to fly back home) and from that point on all contact will be via audio and visual equipment. The teams will be given tasks that they have to perform and the group that finishes first will win $50,000 to be split evenly between the winning team. Each time a team wins a task they will be paid $50,000. The premise of the game will be to win as many task as you can in the 30 day period, because the more task you win, the more money your team wins But remember, the game is not going to be the story. What we do to them while they are playing the game is what the show will really be about. Several days into the contest we will inform the players that because of bad weather we will not be able to reach them for a certain period of time (they are on their own). We will still have audio and visual contact with them; we just will not have physical contact with them. We will then start to simulate emergencies like food and water shortages, loss of air pressure and oxygen, etc. These simulated emergencies will give us a look into how humans react to pressure situations while at the same time knowing that the world is watching them. We can foresee a planned emergency along the lines of a power generator failing and the lab rapidly losing heat. As our experts are talking the teams through the repairs (that\’s right, the teams are now working together to survive) they are instructed that to survive they may have to quickly put on the warm suits that have been placed in the lab incase of an emergency just like this one. Let\’s see how they react when they discover that there is only 9 warm suits to be used by the 10 contestants. At the conclusion of the show the doors will open and the contestants will exit into the TV production lot where they will be greeted by family and friends. Each contestant will then be given $100,000 dollars (for taking part in our little experiment).

    Here Is A Great Catch:
    Fans will be able to visit the site in person and watch through 1-way windows or on cameras as the show is actually playing out. The contestants living inside (who will believe that they are stuck in some harsh, remote area of the world) will never know that tourists are observing them in the warm sun just on the other side of the wall there standing by.

    Comment by Randy Stines -

  167. Take old shows from the past, happy days, leave it to beaver, A-Team, etc. and modify them to reflect the current period (2000\’s) — shows are already written, just need to be updated to reflect current time — can hire different actors for each episode.

    Comment by Dan -

  168. Are you interested in online gaming ideas?

    Comment by BC -

  169. A show that brings in a panel of regular people from all walks of life to talk about current events that matter. It could be called; \”Power to The People\” or \”We, The People\” and would be most interesting and controversial if aired live.

    Comment by The Junk Market -

  170. A reality show called: \”The Agency\” about the inner workings of Hollywood\’s biggest behind the scenes and not so behind the scenes players.

    Comment by The Junk Market -

  171. a feel good show about completely changing the life of a homeless person. Show them begging on the street corner and then approach them, you and I. Rent them an apartment, buy them clothes, get them a hair cut and a job. Help them get back on their feet again. Feel good shows have a history of high ratings-For ex Little people big world-its about the challenges of being vertically challenged-completely diff from this idea but still a feel good show. This show would also boost your pr too.

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  172. a show about people living in the sewers. A show about conmen and how they cheat people. A show about the corruptness of Mexican police, especially towards US citizens. A show about the men who sneak illegal immigrants into the US–thats a good one. A show about the illegal trade of wild animals from the Amazon. A show about the Columbia cocaine trade or Afghanistan opium trade. A show about the daily life of a US president–maybe wait till Bush is out, no offense. A show about David Beckhams life. A show about the daily life of a prostitute.
    A show about the loved ones left behind by deceased soldiers in Iraq-that could help strengthen US opinion about the war in Iraq and the need to pull out. A show about the life of a homeless person-that should be interesting and just think, you wouldn\’t have to pay them very much. A show about the possible treatments, cures and current research on AIDS. A show about genocide taking place in some part of the world. A show about Angelina Jolies charity work. A show about the smuggling of people from China/Korea to the US. A show about life in an insane asylum. A show about abortion. A show about the possibility of making a Jurassic Park and bringing the dinosaurs back to life through DNA.

    Any of these could be actual shows or reality shows.

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  173. a comedy show making fun of David Letterman, Jay Leno, and other celebrities.

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  174. A show about repo men whose job it is to steal cars.

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  175. A show about what you do on a daily basis.

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  176. A show about how you made broadcast.com so profitable

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  177. Reality show about what it takes to get through dental school. Funny, I start in a month and a half.

    Comment by Steven Hinckley -

  178. TITLE: Expedition
    GENRE: Reality/Documentary TV Series
    CIRCA: Present Day
    LOCALE: World Wide
    REGISTERED: WGA East / West 1128510

    Expedition: a journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose, sending or setting fourth into the unknown. The unknown, all of us are fascinated with it, but very few of us will actually ever get the chance to explore it. We want to give every viewer in the world an opportunity to come along with us live as we explore the strangest and most fascinating phenomenon\’s know (or unknown) to mankind. During this weekly interactive program we will be exploring unexplainable events that are occurring world wide (e.g. hauntings, sightings, ufo\’s, strange animals such as the Yeti, etc.) in conjunction with an interactive web site providing 24/7 video and audio access to the site and event we are exploring. This is the first TV program that will actually last 1 hour per week on TV, and 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the internet (the show never ends) and it is happening live right in front of their own eyes.

    The program will consist of a team that visits the sites of recurring unexplainable events, such as a famous haunting. The site will be visited during the program and the history of the unexplained event(s) will be outlined to the viewers. This will include interviewing witnesses and scientists with knowledge in fields that relate to that specific event. Any existing evidence such as audiotapes or videotapes, still pictures, eyewitness accounts, etc that deal with the event(s) will be presented to the viewing audience. The viewing audience (at least the ones brave enough to sit alone at their computers in the dark of the night) will then be invited to participate in our expedition by logging on the web site (24/7) after the show has aired and accessing the video and audio equipment that has been installed at the site. They will be instructed to contact us through the web site with any unusual occurrences that they may see or hear. We will then accumulate that evidence and present it on the following week\’s show with an explanation for what might have been the cause.
    The evidence from the past, as well as new evidence discovered throughout the past week by the viewing audience will be presented to our on-site scientists for live evaluation and discussion that may or may not lead to the explanation of the event. As you can see everyone has the chance to go with us on our expedition into the unknown, and it\’s live.

    What I Envision:
    Everyone loves a good story about the unknown, but how many of us actually get to do something like this, go on the adventure of a lifetime. What this show offers is a chance for every viewer to actually participate in an exploration of the unknown. Picture if you will a show that outlines the details of a very famous haunting. During the show the viewers are filled with the terrifying facts as actual eyewitness tell them the story behind the haunting. The viewers will then be presented with the physical evidence such as video/audio recordings, still photos, etc. After the entire case has been presented to the viewing audience we will introduce the audience to the audio and visual equipment that were put in place at the haunted site and the viewers are given instruction on how to log onto the shows website and access that equipment. The equipment will consist of 2 to 3 cameras and a microphone and it will be very easy for the viewing audience to use. All they need to do is log onto the shows web site. The camera views will be stationed on the right hand side of the page. They can watch the live camera views around the clock and if they see something strange. they just need to click a tab that will be attached to each camera view (it\’s that simple). We will also have an audio tab that they can click on to hear a live audio feed from the site being investigated. At the weekly shows ends the website goes live with 24/7 audio and visual coverage. The viewers can just log on, watch and listen. If they see any unusual events they can simply click a tab that will send our site the time and date. We will have experts check the logs for any unusual amount of hits and compare them to the video and audiotapes that we have recorded. We can also go live through the Internet site anytime during the day or night to investigate any recurring anomalies that may be taking place. An example would be many internet viewers are reporting that 3 days in a row at 2:37am on camera number 1 bright lights are seen at a particular haunted site that we investigating. We would advertise an impromptu show that can be seen on the Internet at 2:37am the next morning. That show would consist of our experts visiting the site at the exact time our viewers have been recording the unusual events. That is what makes this show so unique, everything is in real time just as if the entire audience is right there at the site with us.

    Who Will Be Watching:
    This subject matter creates worldwide interest and crosses all boundaries such as race, religion, socio-economic and gender. The program will appeal to two large media groups; television and Internet. This is basically a live show that lasts one hour a week on television and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet. We envision interest perpetuated by an Internet bulletin board used by our viewers to discuss their ideas and beliefs of what they are witnessing live on our web cams. The television series will be a stand-alone show that will answer all questions for the viewers who choose not to participate on the Internet. Those who choose to participate on the Internet are given the opportunity to experience the chance of lifetime: Going on an expedition into the unknown.

    Commercial Potential:
    With the combination of Television and Internet audiences and the wide spectrum of viewers, we see the commercial potential as limitless.

    Comment by Randy Stines -

  179. TITLE: Catch Me If You Can
    GENRE: Reality TV Game Show
    CIRCA: Present Day
    REGISTERED: WGA West 1200385

    You are a contestant on a reality game show. You are placed in a city for 7 days and your job is to stay on the run (inside that city) while 5 teams of bounty hunters search for you day and night. The longer you stay one the run the more money you make. The faster they catch you the more money they make. How long can you last? How long can you hide? How long can you run?

    Catch Me If You Can is a reality game show that thrust everyday people against seasoned bounty hunters in a mad dash for financial freedom. We will take a contestant and place them in a city such as New York or Chicago. They will be kept in a defined area (20 blocks) for 7 days. They are only allowed to stay in their hotel room for 8 hours a night; the rest of their time must be spent outside, on the move. The longer they stay on the run the more money they make. Every day of freedom will earn the contestant $25,000. If they can stay free the entire 7 days they will receive a $75,000 bonus and their total winnings will be $250,000. If one of the bounty hunter teams catches the contestant before the 7 days expire they will receive the remainder of the winnings. Example: if a contestant were to be caught on the 3rd day they would walk away with 2 days of prize money ($50,000) and the bounty hunter team that made the catch would receive 5 days of prize money ($125,000). Its really a simple game, stay free-get rich.

    What We Envision:
    Every kid has played tag, or cops and robbers. This game follows the same simple format as that, except there is a lot of money at stake. We will be taking a contestant and placing them in a city (lets say Chicago). The contestant will be given a different task to do every day that will ensure that he/she is out and moving around the city. Those tasks will get progressively harder throughout the week and put the contestant more at risk of being caught. Meanwhile the 5 teams of bounty hunters will be given a packet containing information about the contestant (picture and background information such as where they like to stay, what they like to eat, how they spend their down time, etc) and the general area in the city where the contestant will be living for the week. The bounty hunters must get close enough to the contestants to actually tag them for the game to end. The hunters can work day and night around the clock and use any means necessary (posters, stakeouts, working with other bounty hunter teams, etc) in their quest to track down the contestant. We can see contestants cutting off all their hair to change their appearance, or maybe even living as a street person for the week to try to avoid being captured by the bounty hunters. Remember we are talking about a lot of money here so if you think Dog the Bounty Hunter is action packed, you aint seen nothing yet.

    Who Will Be Watching:
    This subject matter encompasses action and drama together in a fast paced program. The show crosses all boundaries such as race, religion, socio-economic and gender.

    Commercial Potential:
    Based on the success of such shows as Dog the Bounty Hunter and reality games such as The Amazing Race we see a great amount of commercial potential.

    Comment by Randy Stines -

  180. OK, I have an idea for a couple of reality shows. I must warn you, if you are easily offended, you don\’t want to read any further, as these ideas are a bit edgy, and contain mature themes.

    My first idea is called \”The Deadliest Prey\”.

    You get a group of people on an island. Each person is given only a knife and a box of matches to survive, and each is outfitted with a radio collar, so the audience can help Mark Cuban track them by sending text messages with their Amp Mobile Phone.

    If anyone survives, they are granted immunity from the \”Challenge\”. The rest are chopped up into little bits, thrown into a stew pot, and then consumed by Cuban and his evil henchmen.

    My second idea is called \”Mondo Analingus: Baltimore\”.

    You get a group of people in a house in Baltimore. They take turns licking Mark Cuban\’s ass. Creativity is encouraged, but the object is to really get in there and eat his ass, plunging their tongues in as deep as they can. The one who gets their tongue the furthest up Mark Cuban\’s ass is granted immunity from the \”Challenge\”, which is (yeah, you guessed it) more analingus. The loser of the \”Challenge\” must perform more analingus on Mark Cuban before being gang raped by the entire Mavericks team. They are then left completely naked on the streets of Newark, New Jersey.

    At the end of the season, the final survivor is the \”centerpiece\” of a massive circle jerk performed by the Dallas Mavericks, after which he or she does some snowballing with Mark Cuban.

    Comment by marcos -

  181. How about this for a television show: \”GET OUT OF DEBT FREE!\” in which contestants have to either compete or convince a panel / public that thay should win the prize of having all of their debt paid off.

    Comment by Paul -

  182. How about a cross-country reality series developed around the premise of your movie \’One Last Thing.\’ The premise is to get young adults with a limited lifespan and limited resources and give them their one last thing. It may be finding their father who ran off years ago, seeing the Grand Canyon, going to Vegas, snorkling in the Caymans, etc. Many of the disabled young adults that I know have never even been to a beach. Each prospect would need a group of friends/family to go along and a really cool \’thing\’ that they want to do. The show\’s staff, and the person\’s family and friends work to make their big thing happen. It could be edited down to an hour long show that airs weekly, or could follow one person on their trip for several weeks. It would deal with the subjects of life, death, love, etc. My apologies if this is a repeat of an earlier idea, I didn\’t have time to read all of the entries.

    Comment by David -

  183. I know this is an old thread, but I got to thinking:

    I would find it extremely amusing and entertaining if there was a HD show that traveled around the country to experience the nightlife of DJs. DJs don\’t have it as glamorous as TV seems to portray the job to be; it\’s all about customer service with folks that are either extremely drunk, or completely wasted. I don\’t think that people understand the crap that bartenders, DJs and waitstaff have to go through to make folks inebriated folks happy on a weekly basis!

    A number of the folks I work/spin with have all said we should write a book or do a documentary, because the stories that come from the job every week are so ridiculous and incredible, that its amazing that a show wasn\’t already in existence.

    Well, thats my big idea :P. I have another about following folks around the country as they tour known and little-known gems of america on motorcycles, as thats a hobby of mine, and the smallest towns sometimes have the biggest surprises.

    Comment by Bahumut -

  184. For those of you who asked if you could email your ideas privately, was there any response?

    Comment by Chris O -


    …cause its funny.

    Comment by BRIEN STELZER -

  186. How about a show that makes fun of current commercials? I\’m watching the current informercial for Procede. I\’m thinking about a dialogue that goes something like this – \”I\’m Guiseppe Pastafagioli. I don\’t own the company. I don\’t know anything about it. I just know that they pay me a LOTTA money to get you to try it!\”

    I\’m sure there a great parody to be done on the caveman commercials.

    Comment by Al Yu -

  187. You could consider picking up a show that a network is considering dropping. This past fall, I became addicted to one of the most original, intelligently, well-written shows that I have seen on tv since the X-Files. It is called the Black Donnelly\’s. I have now watched every episode available on the NBC website & still can find no good reason for having not renewed it. Mind numbing, politically correct tv and the same reality tv regurgitated out with a new name seems to be the only originality available for network tv. I for one am sick of it. I do not subscribe to cable nor do I have access to satelite as I live in apartment. However, because such intelligence shouldn\’t be missed nor overlooked, I would be willing to pay for the privelage of watching the Black Donnelly\’s again if it were say to be picked up by HD or a cable network. It\’s time to take a stand for intelligent tv, down with the sappy melodramas with typical storylines and everything tied up neatly in the end that have seem to have taken over. Life isn\’t neat, give me some excitement. Long live the Black Donnelly\’s!

    Comment by Jennifer Newcomer -

  188. Mark,

    As a former Dallasite now teaching at Boise State, I see that students are FASCINATED by these aspects of almost any topic: (1) process and (2) connections. Based on what I know about the brain and learners, the ideas below would pique most people\’s interest:

    1. For a visually sweeping television series:
    Profiling sculptors who work with massive steel pieces–like Richard Serra whose retrospective is currently exhibited at MoMA (NY)–would be stunning on HDNet.

    Easily, the series would contain panoramas: the finest steel workers forging Serra\’s vision; riggers hoisting multi-million dollar pieces of art up NY buildings and into galleries. Serra gives amazing sound bites. (Check out his recent interviews.) Viewing other steel sculptors at work would be fascinating, as well.

    2. Connections series
    People absolutely ENJOY discovering connections–between causes/effects, topics, histories, etc. I agree with the previous suggestion to produce a modern rendition of the old British/PBS show \”Connections\”!!! The concept is brilliant.

    I know this, and it sounds like you and your team know it, too: everyone\’s brain wants to learn something new. Feel free to contact me if you would like more fresh ideas that I could share with you all.


    Comment by Jill -

  189. How about we do a tv show with an actor stalking the paparazzi either with a written script or we find some real life paparazzi and stalk them and take pictures of them in personal situations and do a complete background check on them and write stories about them. It might be kind of fun like watching the tv show cheaters and I am sure all of hollywood support us quietly and help us locate the paparazzi we should feature.


    Comment by ralph -

  190. All you people are so worried about giving up your \”great ideas\”.
    If your idea was so great, maybe it should have been carried out already.
    If you\’re so worried about it being stolen, then go get it copyrighted before you expose it to the public.
    Everyone has ideas but most never put them into fruition, then they have the audacity to bitch and complain when someone else realizes their \”idea\”.

    Comment by Ed -

  191. Mark

    Now that you have sifted through the hundreds of ideas, here\’s the one you\’re going to want to make.

    KEEP DREAMING is my 1/2 scripted comedy-drama about cater-waiters. Unlike some of the other posts, I\’m going to tell you what you want to hear. I can make each episode using HD, and make them very cheaply using newer and unknown actors. It will have a real life, 9-5, documentary feel, like THE OFFICE. Even if people aren\’t in this particular line of work, everyone in the world can relate to being stuck in a job while waiting for their dreams to come true.

    Like all successful TV shows, these cater-waiters form a family. Hell, we spend our days, nights, every weekend and every major holiday together (holidays are double pay days). We\’ve spent our twenties together and now we\’re onto our thirties. We see our older friends trying to hang in there as newer workers and fresher faces come on board every week with the same hopes and dreams we all had and are still trying to make happen.

    And finally, like EVERY successful TV show, this is based on a singular vision. Everything from SEINFELD to CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM to FREAKS AND GEEKS has been either critically successful or popular because the guy who created it was allowed to hold onto to his vision.

    I have done over 2100 events in over 16 years in this line of work. These are my stories based on so much of what I\’ve witnessed and experienced. I already have 15 episodes written and dozens more that beg to be written and shot. Again, VERY CHEAPLY, on HD. Remember, it\’s always the stories that count. And no one else can tell these stories like I can.

    Let me create HDNet\’s first SIGNATURE scripted show. I have never seen the milieu of this world depicted on any TV series, so it\’s SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND ORIGINAL. And with the wealth and breadth of material I have, it can run for YEARS.

    P.S. I\’m more of a TV guy than a sports guy, but I watched every episode of THE BENEFACTOR. Honest.

    Comment by Greg Phelan -

  192. i have a new reality show that would be like no other, your probly thinking great another one, but hey it\’s what people want to see now on t.v. … never give up your ideas .. but the show top chef is one of the best reality shows to come along since survivior (in my opinion) mine is a spin off between the too but with a totally different theme… some flare can u figure it out …. where is a producer when u need one.. come on cuban pitch my idea for a home run

    Comment by daniel figone -

  193. ok. Lets give you our good ideas that we are storing up in our minds so we can show them to you and the rest of the free world for free…ummmm not a good suggestion. I do have an idea. A great idea but I dont want you or the next person to read it and sell it to HBO is Cinemax. Your reading all these post thinking \”wow there are no ideas out there\” but yes there are. Great Ideas. Awesome ideas but we dont know how to tell em. But dont take our word for it. Hell were just THE AUDIENCE… I think its great that you started this blog and I read quite abit of it. Im an Art Director by trade and I have seen so many times these ideas get stolen which makes the creatives..\”The Audience\” afraid to share the ideas with people. Mark be a good guy and show some class and give us the chance with some confidentiality agreements and some trust and then we the audience can make your hdnet a succecss. I can assure you the creatives are great people and just want some trust. Wanna hear my idea? please contact me at jkgeary@mac.com.

    Comment by stretch -

  194. looking for writer and producer to tell true story of young lady that started internet revolution @ gov…what evryone knows now as common knowledge wasn\’t so in 2002 when bush was popular and untouchable. her theories all came thru, based on her own facts, background in poli sci, and so much more. one person, not a party, was the sole seed of this new knowlegable world. her original intent wasn\’t to point fingers but to teach others what she learned and in hopes people would ask questions of the 5 men so well know today, but not at the time she began a one women revolution, than later all jumped in…true and have missing e-mail content along with numerous other facts…

    Comment by lee normandin, florida -

  195. I have a really cool idea for a show. This idea would not only pump money into the education system, it would make for great tv. How about a teacher reality show? Or a student reality show? The show would focus on one or more teachers/students and give the world a new look at education. I work at a KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) charter school in San Antonio… and I would love to see a reality show that goes into the lives of teachers and students.

    Your sponsors would have to donate a certain percent to the school to be on the show. I think the world needs to see what teachers deal with daily.

    Email me your honest opinion. I can take it.


    Comment by Tomas -

  196. show name: Ex or the Next

    synopsis: Ex boy/girl friend competes with subjects current boy/girlfriend for romantic getaway by answering most questions about subject correctly. Example of questions: favorite sexual position, number of partners, favorite city, who\’s better in bed current or ex. A lie detector machine could be implemented to determine the authenticity that colluding was not done and answers are answered honestly. Other things to do include: celebrity ex or the next (Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro).

    Mark, you gotta love this idea. EMAIL ME! You are absolutely the best owner in the NBA regardless if you pick this show idea.

    Comment by Marshall Park -

  197. One of the compelling parts of reality television is the way it can focus on an individual and make them a star – I\’m not talking about the Apprentice or Idol – referring to how Throwdown with Bobby Flay shows the local cooking stars and how their passion for their craft imbues their whole life… and this gives you insight and interest in their character. I\’d like to hear everyday stories about individuals Best and Worst Day – complete with walkthrough\’s of the places where this happened. With compelling backstories and locations as a backdrop, you\’d get a good use of HD and some TV that people could respond to.

    Comment by Brian Harniman -

  198. my show consist of 3 main charaters. a well know set of elite agents for a very top secret agency split up. 2 of which join another agency but one desites to leave the good and form a elite set of criminal that are unstopable even the 2 good elites cant stop him for years intil a master plan is set in play to take him down.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  199. Hey Mark,

    I actually have several ORIGINAL show ideas and I was hoping I could share them with you in person. But I will give you (and your readers) some clues.

    1. The VIEWERS will decide the teams, the tasks, the rewards, \”the twists and turns\”, etc each week. Can\’t the producers be a bit more creative?

    2. The Contestants will always have at least 3 different approaches to solving the \”task\” due to their educational backgrounds resulting in conflicts.

    3. The show will be entertaining but educational as well. It won\’t teach you how to sing, dance, make money, invent, etc. Instead it will cover topics and answer questions people care about the most (It\’s not money, It\’s____!!).

    I have to be honest and say I don\’t have HDNet. So you can delete this or let me know if you want to know more.


    Comment by Michael -

  200. Dear Mark:

    I see this post has 914 comments. Have you seen anything of interest yet?

    Comment by Steve Kayser -

  201. \”The Black Donellys\” NBC has their head so far up their asses. This show is a hit, but they didn\’t give it long enought to even build a strong following. This was their replacement to NYPD Blue, but they dropped the ball big time. You pick this show up Mark and you own the new Irish Sopranos. Please make it happen

    Comment by Kurtis -

  202. Duplicate EdTV, if not on the network channel, then online. I can\’t believe with the ever-increasing bandwidth available someone has yet to do this. Drive revenue through product placement. BTW, Do you actually read all of these posts?

    Comment by Jason Mueller -

  203. I have plenty of ideas for programming, and formatting, etc.

    My question is: that due to the lack of proprietary control in a public blog such as this — is a fella really going to get any credit/comp for such ideas — or just end up like Bruce Lee — a man of action and innovation — watching David Carradine fake slo-mo kicks?

    Comment by Ken -

  204. New Ideas 4 Earth at…


    Follow a small family or 1 / 2 people creating, building, moving into, liveing, traveling, working in out of an Earth Ball Home

    contact… Roger @ 603 569 1799

    Comment by Roger Drowne EC -

  205. What happen to the coverage of MMA. I realize the WEC was purchased by Zuffa, but it was great to see such an up and coming sport pickep up on HD. I was disappointed to see the WEC on VS last Sunday.

    That leads to my next idea!! HDnet used to have coverage of ladies in bikinis, awsome for the Male 18-35 demographic!! What about a reality comp for a contract with Playboy???


    Comment by B -

  206. Picture a Sit Com about late 20 somethings that are trying to make it but haven\’t. They are college educated, have money but not enough for this day in age which means they can\’t afford to buy a house on there own. It takes place in a California town. Possibly San Diego, LA, or San Francisco. There are 4 main characters that are friends and 2 live toghether and the other 2 live on their own. One character starts out the show in the process of getting married and is a real estate agent. One character is an already divorced salesman. One character just got cheated on by his girlfiend and is bitter and works as a PA. The last character is the ladies man that doesn\’t ever want to get married and works as a loan processsor. They like sports and love to party. They use drugs recreationaly, drink a lot, and a few characters may have a side business. The show is actually real life with characters that aren\’t real. They talk politics or sports about things that are current. They make fun of celebrities. I could go on but I am sure you get the jist.

    Now I know the HD element isn\’t there but the only way to get people to pay for an extra channel is to provide programming they can\’t live with out. Since people can get HD programming on other channels, no one is going to care about HDNET unless it gets creative. The better the original programming becomes the more press HDNET will get.

    Comment by Joe McMackin -

  207. An Aaron Sorkin-ish teenage series that centers around a senior class president election. The cast would include a veteran female student who comes from a long line of successful class presidents, an active student who has helped rebuild many of the dying clubs but has little experience in student government, a hero who saved and lead other students away during an attempted school shooting, and perhaps a former student government leader who lost in a suppossed \”rigged\” election will throw his hat back in.

    Each week the show would focus on a teen topic however it would not be shown in the 7th Heaven manner. Recreational Underage Drinking, Prayer in School, Manditory Uniform, Cliques Wars, etc would be addressed and given equal views from the cannidates.

    After each episode, the official website could cast a vblog / forum that discusses the views of the audience on the topics.

    At the season finale, the audience would vote for the \”winner\” and the finale episode would give the official conclusion.

    For entertainment purposes, each \”cannidate\” would be exposed of dirt from their past – sometimes on-line and sometimes within an episode (IE: The Brainy female student\’s college boyfriend cheated on her with a sophmore however she\’s staying with him because he can help win her votes).

    Comment by Sean Hackett -

  208. a very simple show about putting ideas for new shows from the people who thought of them to the vote. that way a show would get a eady made audience who already voted for them before they are made. its that simple

    Comment by anthony rice -

  209. A Sorkin-ish teen oriented series that focused on an HIgh School Student Election where the audience could vote on their choice to be senior president.

    You could have one cannidate be a witty straight A student who comes from a long line of class presidents in her family, a passionate kid who has worked on supporting various student clubs but has very little school politics experience, a hero who helped rescue students from a school crisis, and who knows…perhaps a former loser might throw his hat back in the ring.

    Teen topics that aren\’t boring such as Underage Drinking, Cell Phone usage, Mandatory Uniform, Prayer in Schools could be addressed. And afterwards there could be vblogs with real students views and opinions on the subject featured.

    For entertainment purposes the show could also dwelve into the \”dirt\” that high school students would use against each other. Perhaps the young brainy girl\’s boyfriend cheated on her with a freshman and she stands by him because she knows that he\’ll help her bring in the votes she needs.

    Comment by Sean Hackett -

  210. I am just curious, why are people asking about developmental rights. Isn\’t getting to watch a TV show YOU WANT great in itself? This is a tribulation to how greedy we are nowadays. Heck what do I know though, I am a university student in Canada who some weeks barely has enough money for food. Personally, thank you Mr. Cuban for letting the viewer have a say in what they want to see. Take Jericho for example, finally, CBS (I think) is finally considering bringing this show back due to the demand by the clients, in the form of sending nuts. Either way, this man is ahead of the market curve and is offering an oppurtunity that we could not make happen normally, and our thanks? Pestering him with the semantics of who will get the money. I am sure he isn\’t planning to steal your share.

    Comment by Jeremy Rutledge -

  211. hi Mark,
    I really hope you read this.
    My name is Jeremiah, i\’m 24 and have been developing concepts for tv and film for some years now and just recently started bringing some of them to fruition on my local cable access station in rockland maine. My budget is about $5 a show and i\’m working out of my basement. anyways, here\’s a game show that i plan on starting up this summer. It\’s called \’10 Letter Showdown\’ and is really wonderful because it\’s both an educational and truly interactive game which anyone can play at home in real time in much the same way that one can play \’Wheel of Fortune\’ or \’Jeopardy\’ at home. It\’s for this reason that I think it would fit in nicely on HDNet and open the floodgates for more original, educational programming.

    here\’s the format for the show

    \’10 Letter Showdown\’

    30 minute show
    2 contestants

    1. Quicksolve (to start the game and after the first commercial)- 10 letters of a 10 letter word fall into place randomly. Contestant who guesses the word first gets 2 points (Quicksolve is meant to get the game rolling fast; it;s not the heart of the game)
    2. contestant introductions
    3. Puzzle Round (of which there will be three after each Quicksolve)- 10 Letters of a 10 letter word are placed side by side in a random order. As soon as the contestants (and those at home) see the letters the clock starts and runs for 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds the bell will ding and the contestants will have to reveal the word they came up with, whether it be the correct 10 letter word, another 10 letter word or a word using as many of the letters as possible. For correct 10 letter words contestants will receive 15 points (10 + 5 bonus) and if they spell a word with less than 10 letters they will receive the number of points for the number of letters used.
    4. Puzzle Round
    5. Puzzle Round
    6. Half Game (played at the middle and end of game) the same format as the \’Puzzle Round\’ but contestants receive 2 minutes to spell as many words as they can of varrying lengths (can only use the same root once). Contestants receive points for all of the words the spell (10 unique words using 65 letter = +65 points)
    7. commercial
    8. Quicksolve
    9. Puzzle Round
    10. Puzzle Round
    11. Puzzle Round
    12. Final Game (same as half game)

    The player with the most points wins. simple as that.

    \’MOC GAME\’

    Players A and B

    1. A answers Quicksolve correctly: A-10, b-0
    2. A comes up with a 9 letter word, B comes up with an 8: A-19, B-8
    3. A comes up with a 7 letter word, B comes up with an 8: A-26, B-16
    4. A comes up with a 7 letter word, B comes up with a 10 letter word: A-34, B-31
    5. A comes up with 8 words totalling 61 letters, B comes up with 10 words totalling 66 letters: A-95, B-97
    6. A answers Quicksolve correctly: A-105, B-97
    7. A comes up with a 9 letter word, B comes up with a 9 letter word: A-114, B-106
    8. A comes up with an 8 letter word, B comes up with a 9 letter word: A-122, B-115
    9. A comes up with an 8 letter word, B comes up with a 7 letter word: A-130, B-122
    10. A comes up with 6 words totalling 44 letters, B comes up with 9 words totalling 54 letters
    Final: A-174, B-176
    B wins specific cash amount ($10K, etc)

    I see this as a daily show and there are over 20,000 distinct 10 letter words, so it could go on for some yrs.

    I don\’t know if this is what you\’re looking for, but if nothing else I hope it shows my creativity and gives a sense of how well thought out and planned all of my projects are.
    There\’s many many more where this came from: tv and movie scripts for comedies and dramas, reality shows concepts, games shows, inventions and so much more. If you want original content for HDNet I can help.


    oh, and please don\’t steal my idea. you seem very trustworthy. I hope you are.

    Comment by Jeremiah Pasternak -

  212. you should make a show called BuildHD. the show would focus on average people who use weight training to build their bodies. the show would differ from other fitness shows because its main objective would not be centered around weight-loss but weight training. the contestants would not have to become hulking bodybuilders but it would be nice to see if their bodies become muscular. I would love to watch this show because it\’s really difficult to get a really good training regiment without spending a crap-load of money on a personal trainer. BuildHD.

    Comment by J.W. -

  213. Mark,

    My TV show would be called Game Show Live. Via HD Net, people can actually participate at home in the game show and win prizes, money, etc… The draw to this is that anyone and everyone would be able to enter.

    For example, you could have worldwide Jeopardy! tournaments. Ask 10 questions, everyone can answer within an alotted time. Obviously millions of people would get it correct, but then you could further continue from there. You could slowly narrow it down till you get a winner. You would not have to be limited to Jeopardy! either. Hundreds of different game shows could be created, all with active participation from a home audience.

    The draw of these reality shows is that we can relate to these somewhat ordinary people. With Game Show Live you are in the show and have a chance to win. Imagine the traffic a show like this could generate when everyone has a stake

    Comment by Michael -

  214. take notes from funny or die (mainly \”The Landlord\” with Will Ferrell) and get shows that focus on the writing. Also if you watched any of the MTV movie show spoofs there were a couple that \’looked\’ great but the one that ultimatly won was because of its writting.

    Comment by Mark D. -

  215. I would like to see a show where families who want to go \”green\” are educated and given a number of options to do so. I want to see how it affects their lives, if they feel better about themselves and if they can sort of pass along their new information to friends and help them make some better choices as well.

    Comment by Nicole -

  216. Mark

    I have both HDNet and HDMOV on my digital tier. I love the music (The Derek Trucks concert was awesome)I\’m a 50 something viewer with some time on my hands (had a stroke). Please don\’t fill the schedule with garbage, plenty of that on competing networks.The Discovery series, the nature stuff, Dan Rather , Matt Pinfield.

    I guess my point is, thought provoking TV is rare but you have succeeded (sp?)countering this trend. Keep the Donald Trump/Paris Hilton/Anna Nicole flagitious stuff off of your network.

    I enjoy the current lineup! Keep up the good work

    Comment by Frank -

  217. I propose a show I have pitched to public radio, as well.
    I think it is an idea that is flexible no matter the platform.
    I also think your network might be more amenable to more
    diverse voices than public broadcasting.

    The premise of the show is that current programs advocate
    the extreme right or the extreme left. No one is willing to meet in the middle or compromise. What is absent from today\’s
    discourse is The Voice of Reason.

    My show name is \”Valarie Edwards, The New Voice of Reason.\”

    Please take a moment to check out the link at the public radio talent quest and read some of the comments on my piece. I think you will find most people are hungry for learned discourse. There is much production expense … a studio and a couple of microphones.

    I would appreciate hearing what you and others think.

    Comment by Valarie Edwards -

  218. I propose a show I have pitched for public radio, as well. However, I think you network might be more amenable to more diverse voices than public broadcasting. The premise of the show is that current programs advocate the extreme right or the extreme left. No one is willing to meet in the middle or compromise. What is absent from today\’s discourse is The Voice of Reason. My name is Valarie Edwards, The New Voice of Reason. Please take a moment to check out the link at the public radio talent quest and read some of the comments on my piece. I think you will find most people are hungry for learned discourse. There is much production expense … a studio and a couple of microphones. I would appreciate hearing what you and others think.

    Comment by Valarie Edwards -

  219. I have this idea for a talk show that I am pitching to NPR as part of their national talent quest. It is titled, Valarie Edwards, the New Voice of Reason! Read the comments posted at the website and I think you will agree, that the need for such a show is timely.

    Comment by Valarie Edwards -

  220. Yes I have a reality show and a TV or Movie idea, but I don\’t
    want to offer them up for free. Will I have development rights for them?

    Comment by Roosevelt Williams -

  221. Yes I have a reality show and a TV or Movie idea, but I don\’t want to offer them up for free. Will I have development rights for them?

    Comment by Roosevelt Williams -

  222. Has anyone had a response to new ideas for a tv show and how to submit a treatment?

    Thanks, R

    Comment by Renee Murry -

  223. Surveillance TV. aggregate footage sent in from all 7 elevens, security cams etc… showing people doing interesting stuff, like stealing / shoplifting… fighting, Sex (not explicit) falling down whatever dumb or interesting things people do. cheap production, constant new footage

    Bust the nose pickers: Public service show to clean up our highways. Videotape drivers picking nose while sitting in car. eyes and license plate obscured. Editing could make if very funny, gross and engrossing at the same time. Just a 5 minute spot once a day. Humiliate and spread the fear of being caught on camera, therefore behaviour will stop for fear of being caught on camera

    Comment by tom summit -

  224. Here is a pitch for a talk show I think you\’ll find interesting. It\’s called Valarie Edwards, The New Voice of Reason. Originally developed for radio, I think it would make an excellent addition to your station\’s line-up. Would be interested to hear from you and comments from the public as well. Thanks for listening!

    Comment by Valarie Edwards -

  225. Startup—simply follow people launching startups to see what works and what fails. Look at markets besides software.
    Season—Follow a pro team for a season in 1 show like ESPN used to do for amateurs. In this case, shot with HD. Cover practices, players and games. Example: Jimmy Beardmore, coach of MLL team in Colorado.
    Ad-Venture Capital—Follow the money men and how they woo entrepreneurs. Focus on specific VC players in Sand Hill to NYC to TaiPei.

    Comment by kip -

  226. Mark, Thanks for the time.
    A documentary series with points of view from the alternitive health industry. The benefits of raw foods, and other healing techniques ect. Products NOT approved by the fda, and positve effects. My idea is that the show would cut through the politics, and go straight to the facts of nutrition information. (Although these days, facts seem to be labeled libereal LOL) the people are starting to wake up in this country to what they are putting in thier bodies, and why, as a country, we are as sick as we have ever been. I believe this would help people to understand facts, and really be able to help give people a new perspecitve on how to PREVENT disease , rather than be attached to the \”western medicine solves all\” belief.

    Comment by Mark Collins -

  227. Just read an article in Forbesabout the Salvation Army. They do tremendous work. How about a show following what they do, every day. Similar to Extreme Makeover Home edition, but this is more genuine and impactful. It wouldn\’t be about which sponsors dontated some building supplies just to get redirect their advertising budgets. See how specific volunteers help others. Rescue missions, soup kitchens, thrift shops, etc. See how real charitable giving helps others.

    Comment by Jim -

  228. How about a sexy, cool talk show that doubles as a catalyst for other HDNet programming?

    With Maury testing everybody\’s DNA and Tyra targeting teenagers, there is a gap of programming for women 18-49. These women are stay at home moms and others who are sitting at home looking for someone that they can relate to, someone down to earth, fun, entertaining and informed.

    Why not go after them and capture the rest?

    I suggest a hip, fast paced talk show with a beautiful, educated articulate host (me)who actually enjoys and can talk about sex (I mean really, who wants to talk about sex with Sue Johannson?), sports(go Yankees!),kids(or brats – your choice of word),men (can\’t live with them but somebody has to do the yard work), politics (blah,blah,blah) and relate to people from celebrities to bums on the street equally.

    With a mix of guests that includes mainstream and underground artists, activists, short funny soundbites (think PSA) of advice for living and interviews on topics that everyday folks actually would be interested in, the show would be a slamdunk (no pun intended).

    Following in the steps of the other big dogs, you use the show as a catalyst for other HDNet programming. Granted, Pirates of the Carribean 3 did not need the help but GMA\’s constant promotion of the movie the week prior certainly was a boon! As are the interviews with other Disney stars and musical guests a la Hillary Duff (who knew that she could sing?).

    Musical guests, actors, athletes, hosts can be interviewed and highlighted on the show. With crosspromotions and contests used to boost viewership and following.

    So – this is my idea Mr. Cuban. What do you think?

    Comment by Rayna -

  229. Produce the ORIGINAL Grimms Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson stories. These can be pretty brutal, and offer some excellent opportunities for HD content.
    Have guest directors/actors.

    Comment by Smandy -

  230. I was wondering why not have a show that brings back retired cops and detectives to solve cold cases? kinda a combination of Cold Case and CSI for the geriatric set. I saw this exists in real life in the Last AARP magazine I read

    Comment by robert moore -

  231. I think you should have a series of Superheroes versus supernatural Texas Holdem tournaments.

    It should all be set in exotic locations and all of the dealers and table attendants should be big-breasted blonds in bikinis.

    Because it\’s HD, you should also supply a picture-in-a-picture of the current hockey and arena football games, alternating with hard-hitting investigative journalism by retired journalists.

    That would be awesome.

    Comment by David Atkins -

  232. How about a show about people trying to get a show? Obviously with 880 comments on your post you have a built-in audience already.


    Comment by Tom Molitor -

  233. The world needs more hugs.

    I propose \”The Hug Show\”. Contestants travel to various locations and hug as many strangers as possible. The winner is the one who racks up the most hugs.

    Implications: Should the contestants be indistinct (all white females, for example) so as not to let stereotypical assumptions affect make the game unfair? Should the \’strangers\’ be complete strangers (more shocking), or be volunteers beforehand (could solve the stereotype problem)?

    Comment by Tyler Legrand -

  234. What about a half hour gripe session with Mark Cuban? Instead of calling out people on your blog like the trump, call them out on your show, and give them a chance to call in and fight back. I\’d watch Mark lay into the Don all day. I swear to god if I have to hear donald trump give the same business advice that he\’s been giving for the past 20 years \” do what you love \” blah blah, why don\’t you get another divorce.

    Comment by Vaughan -

  235. Hi Mark,
    I\’ve always wanted to know what people do when they strike gold/riches. The shows on TV right now all cover the \”how\’s your latest project coming along\” crap (esp..the late night shows). I just want to know, \” hey Mark, what was your first big purchase, who are you\”…you know, real stuff. Something to make me feel, \” yah, thats what I\’ll do with my first mil\”. We the people/consumers are on to that fake promo stuff.

    When I\’m up late at night, which is every night, give me a show that makes me dream about what to do when I get there. Get me some real people who aren\’t trying to showcase their next new \’something\’. I\’ll watch the ad\’s for the rest of that stuff.


    Comment by Michael -

  236. I have ideas

    Comment by scott carre -

  237. 1. \”Second chance Invention\” give people a second chance at putting their invention out their to the public. The pre screening for the invention show on a certain station in not fair and the star judges never get to see some of the inventions that can change lives. The show should be called \”You make it Happen!\”

    Comment by Charlton -

  238. A show called Millionaire Mentor where aspiring entrepreneurs and start ups would submit their business idea and a panel would choose one and choose a Millionaire Mentor to team them up with. The Mentor would work with them over the course of a week or a month or whatever is feassable and help them with the \”how to\” take the biz to the next level.

    No one hands them money, the Mentor teaches them how to fish, how to network, how to JV, how to raise capital, so they really learn the skills.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig


    Comment by GoalGuru.com -

  239. I watched the 2006 3/11 Day concert the other night on HDNet and it was amazing.

    One thing I\’d love to see would be a documentary say of Rage Against The Machine\’s comeback or any other band when they are creating a new album.

    I\’d also like to see a series that travels around and profiles hardcore, underground, and powerlifting gyms from around the US.

    Comment by James -

  240. wholesome family primetime no sexual implications shows

    1. the new ed sullivan show
    national acts appealing mc

    2. variety shows dean martin, steve & edie, captain & tenille

    3. new gong show

    Comment by arthur couts jr -

  241. Mark

    Is it crazy to compete with Toyota, Ford, or GM?? I think not. This reality show will revolutionize the automobile industry. I am starting my own car company and bringing in two teams of designers and engineers. Both teams will compete in designing the next future car that will go into production. The car must meet the needs of most Americans and produce zero emissions.


    Comment by John Maymon -

  242. How about bringing back the American Gladiators? It is a little different than traditional sports and there is a lot of variety that could be done within that format.

    Comment by K Lowe -

  243. Well I do like the idea about Euporean Soccer in HD, and I think it would be a good idea to get MLS rights…b/c it looks like the sport is moving in the right direction.

    My idea is National High School Football game of the week. It works well in Western PA>

    Comment by rizzosports -

  244. 2 ideas for you:

    1. What\’s the one subject reality tv hasn\’t touched yet cause the\’re too scared?? Mental retardation. That\’s why my first idea is a reality tv show like \”The Real World\”(which started it all) but with mentally handicapped people. I know what your thinking \”That\’s f**ked up\” but if done properly you will get a huge audience consisting of two types of people: 1. People who have friends/family who are mentally handicapped and can relate to the struggles of their lives. 2. People who are amused by them.. If I had the money I\’d be doing my 8th season of this show right now.

    2. I don\’t care what anyone says, not all conflicts can be solved with talking. Sometimes you have to fight. Do it with gloves on in a ring and you have conflict resolution and a hit tv show. Once again you apeal to two types of people: 1. Guys will watch it cause it\’s an all out brawl consisting of two people who absolutely hate each other.(man vs. man, woman vs. woman, or even man vs. woman) 2. Girls will watch it if you do a little 10 minute story before the fight with all the \”he said, she said\” gossip that started the conflict (ex. guy cheats on girl with her best friend now the girls want to settle it in the ring)..

    I don\’t know if any of these ideas are the type of show your looking for but I have more so let me know

    Comment by Keith -

  245. Akeelah and the Bee the TV show, or something along those lines, talk about obviouse….

    Comment by Brian -

  246. MC – any int in REALLY COOL JOBS? How about a HIP HOP Cooking Show – here\’s a SAMPLE: http://www.bonaficial.com/chef-chardon.htm. Jason, Joanna, Gretchen and the crew all know me here in NYC.

    as you can he and his rapper friends: RED MAN, CAPONE, NORIAGA, Jermaine Hopkins, etc all have ties to other black talent. Their community is very tight knit and willing to help one another

    I was thinking of:

    other BBall players

    NFL – guys like Warren Sapp

    Other Rappers Like:

    JLO, etc, etc

    30 min TV/Cable Show with regular Posse in a typical hood kitchen that can\’t afford all of the conveniences that other cooking shows have. DJ spinning original tunes during show.
    Utensils are used as rhythmic instruments. A hot hip hot hotty Sous Chef. possibilites are vast for hip hop culture food, music, wardrobe, etc.

    mark e – mehrenkranz@optonline.net

    Comment by Mark Ehrenkranz -

  247. \”Pimp my health insurance\”

    Find a number of working poor who are financially devastated by medical costs and/or inadequate insurance coverage, have them tell their story in some heart-wrenching way, and find a way to publicize the story and/or pay off the bills. It\’ll resonate with Americans these days, thats for sure.

    – Mike

    Comment by Mike -

  248. Why dont you create a comic. When you see it, the last thing you will think is a cartoon. endless plots. heroes and villans could be \”super\” or not. huge audiences. why let disney and dreamworks have all the fun? i propose a comic about a kid with a successful father, family. as he grows older he realizes hes attracted to the criminal world and keeps his crimes a secret from everyone, especially family. a reverse superhero, a super criminal!!! or you could have him be a man from the jump.

    Comment by Jan B. Kuha -

  249. How about the show entitled:
    \”I posted my intellectual property on a studio\’s blog for the whole world to see without being submitted by an agent or manager and I shouldn\’t be surprised when the EXACT same show is announced 4 months later by another writer and producer!\”

    Comment by Jason B -

  250. Have a show about the homeless. Pick one(or many) homeless person(people) and give them say $5000 (or more) and see if they can turn their life around. Follow them throughout the season to give the viewers an insight on what goes on in their world.

    Comment by Albert Juarez -

  251. I\’ve always been interested in peoples personal lives. Famous peoples personal lives. For example…I\’m in Pappadeaux\’s the other week having lunch and in comes Josh Howard to pick up his to go order. Things like that just interest me. I can\’t help but wonder if he is going home to eat, did he just come from practice? What did he order, etc etc

    Take you for example Mark. You are a perfect example Now the middle class person is thinking \”I bet mark wakes up every morning and says to himself…\”Do I want to fly out to the Caymans today, or just sit at home on the couch.

    I bet Marks wife doesn\’t nag him.

    I bet Mark doesn\’t change diapers.

    I bet Mark doesn\’t have to stop and get gas

    I bet Mark doesn\’t sit down and pay bills and wonder \”how the hell did I spend that much this month on my credit card\”.

    Things like that just flat out interest people. Or heck, they interest me anyway.

    Now the truth is probably way off base….
    Yes, marks wife nags him (who\’s wife doesn\’t)
    Yes, mark has to change a diaper from time to time
    Yes, Mark pays bills just like the rest of us.

    There is a reason people are drawn to reality tv. People are just flat interested in other people.

    Every week it could be a different person… Just going through thier lives on a daily basis. People want to know what \”a day int he life\” consists of\”.

    One week you, one week Dirk, one week Tom Cruise….whoever.

    Maybe not the most original show out there, but fascinating nonetheless.

    Comment by chris rench -

  252. Hey Mark,

    Here\’s your REASON !!! ReacTV (www.reactv.com) is being developed by another Maverick (Frank Maggio) so you two would hit it off well.

    ReacTV is the convergence of the Internet and Television. My first question to you would be:

    How many people watched \”Who wants to be a Millionaire\” to see somebody else win a Million bucks?

    20+ Million…

    Well, how many would watch/play if THEY could be the one to win the MILLION !!!

    ReacTV is the Game Show where anyone on the web, who is playing, and watching at home could win that Million Bucks. Because, as well, it is simulcast to various Cable Operators, etc. throughout the Country. You could probably even figure out a way to play it on Cell phones, etc.

    So…. with the right technology, that is out there, and the hutzpah of yourself and Frank we could have the single most watched show in Internet/Television/Cell Phone History!

    Act fast before we take off without you !!!!!

    Comment by Presto G. -

  253. ok u want a show idea this is a winner , (nothing says excess like excess ) the show would involve giving away one million dollars to the the contestant that can spend a million dollars the fastest , all this in hypothetical dollars and one that wins gets awarded the million dollar prize . contestants would visit stores they liked pick out what they liked giving the stores exposure which they would die for . The show would have ten episodes each with an elimination and 100k spend limit for each contestant …………….this show screams winner let me know what u think MARK

    Comment by george aka big game james in las vegas -

  254. be mark cuban for a day, sit with the real mark cuban, and see how he lives for a week, travel with him, go to mavs games, talk with him about want to do with his money, have 16 people and they fight to win a one year to work with mark, let me know what you think, daniel

    Comment by daniel -

  255. The show would be called \”Open Letter\”.

    It would be about 2 friends that live on opposite sides of the country and are fed up with technology.

    To combat this, they decide to communicate with each only via the postal service.

    This could work as a reality-based show as well.

    Comment by Jim -

  256. Hi Mark,
    How about a reality show that\’ll NEVER run out of ideas AND will take advantage of the beauty of HD? My idea is for a reality show named \’Fantasy\’, loosely based on \’Fantasy Island\’ from years ago.

    Each episode, two guests are flown to a tropical location and meet the show\’s host after submitting a video requesting their ideal fantasy to be fulfilled (PG rated only, people!). The host greets the guests, the fantasy is discussed, and the host sends each guest out to fulfill their fantasy. Some fantasies will work out, others won\’t. But the journey will be riveting.

    The possibilities are endless. Whereas other shows limit the show to one narrow genre(singers on AI, home makeovers on other shows, etc), \’Fantasy\’ will appeal to men, women, and children. As long as people have dreams to live out, the show will have an audience. And the show would allow the creativity and imagery only HD could capture.

    I\’m telling you, this show would be a monster hit!!!

    Comment by Shaun Baland -

  257. You need a brand show like the Sopranos…. what I\’d suggest is \”Placid Place\” set in the mid-70\’s in suburban Austin… Cast of 4 boys aged 13-15 in coming of age drama built around the introduction of marijuana, booze and sex into their lives… lots of humor, but many poignent moments….

    HDNet can afford to be bold and non-PC… I\’ve got a treatment for this and you\’ve got my email address…. Let me know if you\’re interested… I\’m not a dopey Hollywood writer, I\’m older than 40 and I currently run a successful business…. But this is a helluva story and I\’d be willing to take the time to help your network develop it

    Comment by William -

  258. Mr. Cuban,

    I\’m not a TV guy – unless it\’s sports. GO JAZZ! I know you and I both share the same opinion of Steve Javie.

    Anyways, I\’m not interested in getting anything out of it but find a way to make \”REALITY\” shows s a little bit more REALISTIC. The way people get into these shows amazing & incredible…Look how many are out there…But what the hell is so REALISTIC about the reality shows? You need to find something that really hits home – that is so realistic that average people can relate.

    For example, Show me a group of smokers on an island with a carton of cigarettes – What lengths would they go to to have a cigarette? What would they do to be rewarded a pack of smokes? Or start them out with a carton and see how they ration them up and what they do when the smokes are all gone.

    I guarentee people would tune into that! Not to mention it would be a great way to show kids the TRUTH about TOBACCO!

    But something like that is reality…You\’re the only one I know with a pair between your legs big enough to put something like that out there…

    If you do it and you make a ton of money – all I ask is that you buy me a front row seat to a couple Pearl jam concerts – and if you can get me backstage for 10 minutes would be cool.

    P.S. – If you ever need screenprinting, embroidery, or promotional advertising materials – I\’m your guy!

    Comment by Brody Candilora -

  259. Now and When

    Every generation gets screwed. Usually in a myriad of ways, from politics to technology, medicine to sexuality, entertainment to employment, and so on. What slob growing up 50 years ago or more wouldnt want what we have now? What will people 50 years from now have that we wish we could? The future makes suckers of us all.

    Enter Eventual, a town that, for whatever reason government project, corporate experiment, billionaires wet dream now takes up space on the map. Just dont try to visit. Self-contained and barred against the outside world, the inhabitants of Eventual dedicate themselves to living the future now.

    What does the future hold? Polyamory? The end of religion? 3D-TV? The day when a man with a meaningless, mind-numbing job being replaced by a machine is hailed as a step forward?

    No, this isnt science fiction not in the usual generic sense. Its a family/friends drama/comedy focused on the Calendar family, a contemporary polyamorous family unit dedicated to making Eventuals carefully reasoned (if not always accurate!) projection of the future a reality now.

    When people tune in to a show featuring a woman with two husbands and a wife, theyll know right away theyre looking at something different. Yet the Calendars are people, too, with relationship issues, friends, family, and everything else. They just have a lot of time on their hands, seeing as how machines somewhere are doing their old jobs for them. How do they fill their time? How do they interact with each other? The possibilities are endless, for both comedy and drama.

    (I\’ve left a lot of wiggle room in this description to account for budget constraints, different views of the future, and so on. The show could be as big or as small as desired.)

    Comment by Brian Martin -

  260. Me and Some of my friends have a drama filled life. We have recently been talking about it and have come to notice that our life is far worse then some Laguna Beach or O.C. If you thought those were filled with enough emotion, Drama, or excitment; then you have never been to Portage Michigan. Within our group of friends we have a load of off and on romances, major fights, parties, arguments, ins and outs and much, much more. This show could be the highlight of the years to come. Believe me, if people like drama, comedy, and romance as much as everyone says they do, then you can enjoy this show!

    Comment by Shawna -

  261. How to get out of the woods.

    -How to become a mentor to the children in our society
    -GOOD success stories of kids who were destitute, got saved by a mentor, and are now thriving
    -How to keep our kids in school and not settle for below average education
    -How to be a good parent (I mean, it should be common sense, but it\’s not for some reason)
    -Basically how to care for our young.

    I don\’t think this is a program for the impoverished only. Rich folks who don\’t know what to do with their $$ can learn from this. Building schools/skill learning centers for our kids and also adults in the USA is a worthwhile cause.

    Good luck with your new show ideas!!!

    Comment by Bri -

  262. Comedy show that BRACKETS another show e.g. Arrested Development.

    The first half hour (say 6:30 pm) is either scripted sketch comedy or comedy chat amongst friends. If you bracketed a movie, that movie could be a topic of conversation. During this time and the first half hour of the show that is being bracketed, viewers submit ideas for improvisational comedy or vote on ideas for improvisational comedy for the second half hour bracket that comes after the show being bracketed.

    Comedy 6:30 pm
    Scheduled Programming 7:00 pm
    Improv 8:00 pm

    HD shows off the facial expressions, the exagerate body movements, etc. of improvisational comedy. A bracket show builds interest and maintains viewer levels.]

    Comment by Dave Sorenson -


    Comment by Tammy Raulerson -


    Comment by TAMMY RAULERSON -

  265. hey, throwing this post out there, it be great to see a show on tv that gets the audience involved. a show about a man or women going through their regular life, but the viewers decide what will happen next. much like this blog. the audience signs in and says what they want to happen next. there is no set script. but the writers of the show take the best blog and then get creative to make it work. start is off with a man who just lost his job or someone traveling the world.

    good luck either way

    Comment by Matthew -

  266. 1. Love connection for people over 60. A dating show sponsored by Match.Com with the host being Judge Judy.

    2. Comedy about a guy/girl that is in search of their dream job and never finds it. Highlights all the bad experiences and sterotypes of different lines of work.

    3. Comedy about a super hero at the end of their career – slowly loses their powers causing them have to adjust to normal life.

    4. You make the choice comedy – people get to vote at the end of the episode what they want to happen – they pick the outcome based on viewer votes.

    Comment by Julius -

  267. Firefighterts are an American Icon, heros, brave, fearless defenders of those in need, and we are when the bell goes off.

    But there is a lot of down time between alarms, and in those breaks from the action Firefighters are humans and subject to all those daily activities in life the rest of the world is. One of the biggest outlets for us to pass the time is the use of humor.

    I know Denis Leary already has the show RESCUE ME on FX and it\’s a great show, but it is an hour long and although funny it deals with a lot of drama as well. I suggest a different type of show.

    HOSERS: A funny irreverent look at the under belly of America\’s heros the Firefighter. If you remmember what Barney Miller did for the Police then you have an idea of what Hosers will do for the fire service. We Firefighters have a standard saying in the fire house \”We get paid for having this much fun\” and it\’s true. The average person can\’t even imagine the crazy things we see day in and day out, let alone what we have to say about them in the privacy of the firetruck.

    My name is Tim Casey and I have been a professional Firefighter for more than 20 years, I also have been a stand-up comic, and am an award winning screenwriter. I have a finished script for HOSERS if you\’d like to see it. My e-mail is tocnkat1@netzero.com.

    Comment by Tim Casey -

  268. Title: Dormstormers

    Genre: Reality/ Room Makeover Series

    Logline: Two unsuspecting college students are ambushed by a design team and presented w/ the challenge of making over the dorm room of a student they\’ve never met.

    Comment by Thyme -

  269. As a prime member of the target market (23 and male)and avid TV fan who is tired of most current network shows I have come to appreciate many of the qualities of unique HDnet content. HDnet provides content that is perfect for young males who tend to have a smilar frame of mind. (Good looking girls, Comedy, Travel, Sports, music) Using these themes I have number of show ideas:

    1.Take the basic premise of Almost Famous (young music critic/writer) and set it to contemporay music where the lead follows a band and story ensues. \”Entourage\” like in its approach with a fictional cast interacting with real bands.

    pros: free promotion for bands involved, easy access to numerous storlines from historical antics of bands on the road, unique plot for contemporary television.

    cons: Language and explicit content limiting its rating.

    I have other ideas but that was my favorite

    Comment by Frank B. -

  270. please add this to my previous comment,consider filmimg the widows on site.

    Comment by joe anne jackson -

  271. I am a widow that lost my husband july 13th of 2003
    we had just opended a business that we had worked on for three years. I know that there are a lot of other widows in my same situation that are lonely and struggling but also taking care of business the best we can. I feel that there is an audience for a series, or a show that would help us to connect with a new love. I am faced with the fact that most men in my city are intimitated by the fact that I am a business owner. They do not understand that we still need love and support outside of work. My cirumstance maybe different in the way that I lost my husband. I would rather discuss than to write it for others to view, but it is vital to the events that surround my position today. I am asking you to please give this idea serious consideration , I know that it would change my life as well as others. Thank you Joe anne Jackson

    Comment by joe anne jackson -

  272. I would like to see a show about the Schools and how they are avoiding drugs and alchol problems with students.
    Kids are coming out of the schools with no leadership skills, as the schools are only focused on the acedmic scores and not the child itself.
    I had two children with learning disabilities in the school and they both graduated because I was a bitch and stayed after the school. No one cares about the future of these kids and what they will become. They party all year and then at the last minute the schools get the students passing grades…even though they were barely passing. TEXAS is the worst. I think making it a big show would make these schools answer for some of the mistakes that are made today along with making parents take responsibility for what they to have taught ther child or children

    Comment by Stacy -

  273. Mr. Cuban,

    Have you considered broadcasting a program showcasing the cerebral abilities of Americas high school students?

    This weekend, 160 teams converged on Chicago to compete in the annual NAQT High School National Championship Tournament. Teams of four answered questions on a variety of subjects — including math, science, history, literature, geography, current events, popular culture and general knowledge.

    This tournament, along with similar events, is popular among students, many of whom discuss results, theory and the like on various message boards. But why not a similar tournament on television?

    Four-person teams perhaps one from each state and Washington, D.C., as well as 13 wild card teams face off in several rounds of academic competition. When all is said and done, the members of the winning team, receive full ride college scholarships. Unlike most current high school tournaments, the power of HD would permit a lush collection of audio and video questions to dazzle and challenge the competitors.

    Todays television is full of young people who are obnoxious, sex-obsessed, dopey or a combination of all three. Why not showcase the good of todays children with a show of this caliber?

    Comment by James D. -

  274. Hello Mark,

    Here is some imput;

    I enjoy your blog but the comments in oldest to newest is a bit annoying.

    All the best.

    Comment by Pete -

  275. HD POV – Half hour show with HD cameras strapped to the heads of pro skateboarders, Basketball Players, Football Players, Strippers, Crane Operators, Subway Car Drivers, skiers, surfers, etc. with voice over of person wearing HD head cam explaining what was going through their mind and exactly what you are seeing and should be looking for.

    Comment by Jeff Frese -

  276. I have a very dear friend, we been buds for about 15 years ( i am a little older thean she is) and she is currently in Iraq.

    She has been interviewed by FT star tekegram, channel 5 and 11.

    She is an army social worker. She is 33 like 5 foot 2, blonde and cute and the pictures she sent me of her training with and holding this huge rifle were both comical and heartbreaking at the same time! But she was required to complete the training.

    The stories she shares, the soldier after soldier she has to talk through.. death of a friend, cheating spouse, angry spouse (angry at the war with no one else to take it out on), These kids getting called up for the third time, missing thier new born children grow, the hatred they feel for the war…

    melissa\’s struggles to get the army to allow her to hold drug and alchohol counseling at the base because \”drugs and alcohol are illegal on the base maam, so how could they be abused?\”

    it would be eye opening and impactful if HDnet could follow her and see how young these soldiers really are, that they are in fact very young adults with life impacting issues that we as a society will be dealing with for years,.. all to make a political statement they do not understand and address financial issues they will never feel the impact of.

    I know it is a downer, ill try another idea later. But this girl, at this time, in this world is making a difference that will impact a whole generation of americans..

    Comment by Tony Johnson -



    Comment by BOB DOROHOVICH -

  278. Program Idea:

    \”It Ain\’t So!\”

    Pasternak takes on a plethora of experts from a variety of fields from investing gurus to losing weight to city planning on a one to one basis. Demonstrates that the expert game is all about \”Bullshit Baffles Brains\”- that all these \”experts\” are in fact – CLUELESS. Pasternak even allows \”experts\” to \”tag team\” – five against one.

    Pasternak\’s like Buckley only smarter :). Audience decides who wins at end.

    Comment by Harry Pasternak -

  279. Program Idea #1

    Since the Boomers are retiring – they will have to down size home because of poor savings habits.

    Series on how to design, engineer, and self contract/build your own BEAUTIFUL modest mansion. A modest mansion that will cut housing costs by 50% and energy costs by 80%. AND reduce medical health care each costs! What!!

    70% of all illness directly due to CODE APPROVED building products used in houses!!

    Talent? Me!! Been \”teaching\” the upper 10 income earners for the last 24 years on how to do the above. Am I any good? Well they paid $4000 to spend 9 days with me.

    70% of all North Americans dream of building their own home – big market!!

    Comment by Harry Pasternak -

  280. My ideas for TV shows:

    1) A show called \”Lineage\” that traces my Indian, African, and Irish ancestry. Future shows will trace the ancestry of others.

    2) An urban flavored movie review show called \”Off the Chain\” with an \”OWL\” rating system where \”O\” is for \”Off the Chain\”, \”W\”, \”Wait for video\”, \”L\”, for \”Lord please forgive anyone invloved in making this movie\”

    3) \”Amazing Americans\” – A show about ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things but have received very little notoriety.



    Comment by Ric -

  281. Mark –
    I worked for you for roughly 8 years. I started at AudioNet in 1997 in the BC Room. I got to travel the world with Y!Broadcast. Great times – thank you for the opportunity. Here are two ideas that I\’ve registered with The Writer\’s Guild of America, West:

    1. \”Last Place\”
    Logline: A fictional comedy show shot vrit style following the trials and errors of a 32 year old mans failed attempts to be cast in actual reality television shows.

    2. \”The Big Hunt\”
    Logline: A reality-based television show whereby one contestant (A) has to hunt or track down another contestant (B) in a major metropolitan city within a given timeframe using minimal clues and resources.


    Comment by Carter Voekel -

  282. Your invited to check out my family. I\’m kind of hard to describe. My mother is a Jehovah\’s Witness, my father a Hell\’s Angel, my wife a long lost Ramone. My Daughter is cute as hell and my son REALLY needs some help!

    My whole family is still at the \”rags\” part of the \”rags to riches\” story line – but that just isn\’t gonna last long – 1 more month tops.

    I cuss more than Ozzy – so that could be a down side – My best friends are a liberal Canadian and a Tex Republican.

    I live in a weekly hotel, because I\’ve sank everything I am, heart, soul, and paperwork into the idea that I have the coolest new off-road toy online, but then again – how often does the maid clean your place – and do you get to do business at the pool?

    Out of the box is where life starts – risk and noise make me THE 20th century dad. Supposing the film doesn\’t get me arrested, and take my kids away. No – I\’m not doing illegal – but grey is today\’s black.

    It doesn\’t take any hunting to find people who love my product. The guy from Nickleback said on TV he buys every one he can find. NBA and NFL starts hate my waiting list – movie stars cuss me over it too.

    I\’m not gonna be poor for to much longer – and you aren\’t part of the equation. You want HD? I\’m building my machine for the Baja 1000 in November now – Dakar is next. Rock Music, Off-Road Power sports in flight, bad attitude, I don\’t know what more to offer you.

    Well… nice chatting with you….
    Talk with you later.


    P.S. Here\’s a link to my site if your interested…. http://www.s2spowersports.com

    Comment by Dayve Jacobus -

  283. Buy an island, ship people there and have them start a society – with the understanding they can\’t leave. Recolonize, starting their lives over. There is no prize, no celebrity.

    Comment by Fletch -

  284. Mark- this isnt my idea for a show, but rather a plea to continue someone elses brilliant idea for a show that nbc failed to give proper advertisement and growth time to called \”the black donnellys\” If you google \”the black donnellys\” you will see the great uproar after the early cancelation and you will also see that you will already have a fan base before the first episode ever airs. What a great way to draw people to hdnet. If you havent had an opertunity to see this show, I would encourage you to do so. Its definately worthy of at least looking into.

    Comment by chris -

  285. Hi,

    I have some great ideas for Online – TV Reality Shows and Contests.

    Please help me to contact the right person so that I can discuss my ideas for new projects.

    Comment by Zhanna -

  286. Hi Mark,

    I definitely think picking up Jericho and Drive would be two great additions.

    I think it would also go well among your viewers to continue The Agency, Jake 2.0 and especially Odyssey 5.

    If you could at least finish out the story lines!!!

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Comment by glenn -

  287. Mark,
    My idea is to do a mockumentary based on a highly successful motivational speaker/author who does the exact opposite of what he teaches. Even though the guy preaches about family values and the virtues of marriage, he cheats on the wife—and the girlfriends. He sends his kids to boarding school because he doesn\’t have time for them. He claims that exercise and good nutrition are two of the things that keep him competing at peak performance, but he is a chain smoker and drinker who is also addicted to plastic surgery. I have LOTS of backstory! The guys would love it because the guru gets away with much more than anyone should be allowed and the women will love it because every women loves a \”bad boy\”.

    Comment by Grainuaille -

  288. I\’m tired or maybe the correct word is bored of \”reality tv\” and all it\’s various incarnations, there\’s much better programming being done on youtube and the web than many of the network channels. So…here goes

    This idea isn\’t new, but it deserves a try.

    A good old fashioned sit-comedy in the vein of the movie High Fidelity (more so than, say, Empire Records) with the sensibility of The Office. A music store can be the setting. There should probably be a store manager or owner, that the underlings always undermine. Add in equal doses of music and comedy, life lessons, and irony for good measure. You can cross-promote new bands with old classic cuts and hide the shameless promoting into the background props, the set, and the music playing on the stores speaker system. It would help if the staff at the music store is diverse and features someone to represent all the requisite musical stereotypes, but it\’s not essential, it\’s just for the humor. I\’m think mix in a few 30 something, 20 something, and high-school teenage workers just to shake things up, musically and provide enough writing material so that the show has room to grow.

    Like I said, not new, or necessarily original, but there\’s plenty of potential for it to be funny and witty if done right.

    Comment by Eric -

  289. I would like a reality based show targeted to those who are working toward achieving a dream.

    I have some great ideas that have come from books I\’ve read and personal experiences.

    If you would like to hear more you can email me at rrailis1@hotmail.com and I will provide some detailed writings I have.

    Comment by Rob -

  290. While HDNet is primarily known for it\’s incredible imagery, I don\’t believe that is the only focus of the network. We need a show that will have multiple forums – a news desk, news from the street and internet participation. The focus of this show is the growing need to really embark on making a difference: socially, politcally and globally. The toughtest questions like can we get people to stop using the \”n\”, \”b\” and \”h\” words? Have a panel discussion with relevant players who debate these types of current topics. Then take it to the street, deal with the everyday individual. Find out if they think there is a need for change, if so, would they be willing to change? What do they think it will take for others to make a change? All along, internet participants would offer up their perspectives too. Then to close the show, bring in a few of your street participants, let me them go at it with the \”relevant\” guest speakers. Then ask one and all to give their final conclusion to the issues represented on the show. The results of the previous show could be used and the opener of the next show and then easily transitions into the topic for the current show. This show would be a one hour episode. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

    Comment by Suzi -

  291. Life on board a naval carrier for 8 months. More drama then the real world with less sexual content.

    Comment by B. Morales -

  292. Thanks, Mark, for your creativity & for seeking ours!
    I dabble in cartooning. And there are multitudes who love their comic strips for the fun & their political toons for the fight! I\’d love to see a show that brings toons & toonists to life! (Would royalties kill this?) I see hot HD stills, pro narration, cheap production & mounds of content! Interviews? Meet Bill Waterson(Calvin), Scott Adams(Dilbert), (Cathy)Guisewite, John Hart(B.C.), Bill Stayskal(Tampa Trib), Trudeau(Doonebury)! For the newstoon segments: keep it fair. Righties & lefties going at it! Maybe amateurs get a shot? Maybe it evolves into animation! (move over, YOUTube!) Toon Wars? Dueling Toons? The American Toonist? Toon In? Who knows? Could get very fiesty…& fun. I\’ll just stay tooned.

    Comment by David Eden -

  293. I think you shouls pick up the prematurely cancelled Black Donnelly\’s from NBC. This was the greatest show on tv.

    Comment by bob -

  294. How about a show that shows the lives of people we have taken for granted? People who have influenced lives without the notoriety and fame. From the nurse in Corsicana who gets doctors to donate time to publlic clinics, to the man who taught the first seven astronauts public speaking. I heard of the man who geneticly engeneers plants to feed millions of people in the world but nobody knows his name. From present to past there are people who have influenced how we live our lives, but they go unnoticed by the masses. How about a show that will educate and recognize the people who make other lives better.

    Comment by bob kerley -

  295. Title:
    The Ongoing Adventures of the Beneficial Travel Society

    Project Description:This is Extreme Home Makeover meets Habitat for Humanity. It\’s Survivor with a purpose, Real World with better scenery and a social conscience. It\’s a TV series for \”doers,\” for people with brains, heart and a sense of their place on the planet. In a poor Peruvian town below Machu Picu I met a very proud villager who insisted we come see the home he\’d built for his family. It was a small wood and block structure that cost a mere $750. $750 for shelter, pride and a better future! That gave me an idea. Why not gather a team of \”adventurer vacationers,\” choose reasonable public projects in fantastic faraway places and roll video on the whole thing – from planning right through the hanging of the commemorative plaque at the farewell ceremony. We see every obstacle overcome, every life-changing moment as our teams tackle each unique mission. We could build one-room schoolhouses, sink village wells or construct footbridges. Then between shifts learn, laugh and have fun. It\’s TV for the general good!

    Potential Partners
    This idea suggests many partnership opportunities. With enough support from our best NFP, educational and corporate citizens, this idea could quickly become self sustaining.
    I\’d like to have the advice of an architectural school (the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee is experienced at designing low cost, third world housing projects that make use of indiginous materials). Having the commitment of a building supply chain like Home Depot or Lowes would be an obvious advantage. John Deere could supply us small tractors, Honda could offer generators, Sears would love to see Craftsman tools on a feel-ggod project like this. An airline partner would be appropriate. The amazing not-for-profit Heifer International could help the family sustain itself by offering farm animals and food. Sister Cities International could help extend our good work forward by establishing an ongoing connection to American donors. The possibilities for partnering and cross promotion are endless!

    Comment by Peter May -

  296. Hi Mark- I would like to suggest a documentary on how our country pays the poor. One way is allowing them to give plasma for money.I have seen people who donate plasma for saving lives. I have seen people who work in catastrophe areas. BMS for one. They come to town, hurricane, whatever, and they hire nothing but laborers. There are many methods that America uses to support the poor, but is it just a quicker way to make them die?
    There are many advantages for the Governement if someone unpriviledged dies. You know, no more assistance by Uncle Sam. I have never received any Gov\’t handouts, but I would like to document people, I have met that do. I would like to document a few families pertaining to this. I want to exploit these methods by the United States of America. What we as a country, do to entice the poor to do, for money.
    We all realize that education is the key to advancing in this dog eat dog world, or just some nice connections. I have research material, and people would find that interesting what America\’s poverty does for the almighty dollar. I have been in thin wallet shoes, thick wallet shoes, and even no wallet shoes.I do think a documentary on this topic would not be so bad. Take care, and go Mavs.

    Comment by Michael Moore -

  297. Hi Mark- I would like to suggest a documentary on how our country pays the poor. One way is allowing them to give plasma for money.I have seen people who donate plasma for saving lives. I have seen people who work in catastrophe areas. BMS for one. They come to town, hurricane, whatever, and they hire nothing but laborers. There are many methods that America uses to support the poor, but is it just a quicker way to make them die?
    There are many advantages for the Governement if someone unpriviledged dies. You know, no more assistance by Uncle Sam. I have never received any Gov\’t handouts, but I would like to document people, I have met that do. I would like to document a few families pertaining to this. I want to exploit these methods by the United States of America. What we as a country, do to entice the poor to do, for money.
    We all realize that education is the key to advancing in this dog eat dog world, or just some nice connections. I have research material, and people would find that interesting what America\’s poverty does for the almighty dollar. I have been in thin wallet shoes, thick wallet shoes, and even no wallet shoes.I do think a documentary on this topic would not be so bad. Take care, and go Mavs.

    Comment by Michael Moore -

  298. Reality-show film-making competition. With the democratisation of film-making being a feature of life right now this could have legs. Now just as technically feasible as other telly competitions like singing, songwriting, dancing or home-improvement.

    Comment by John Calder -

  299. How about a show that is already being produced and is looking for a US channel to show it. \”The Lab with Leo\” is a show about tech and tech news. It has been a hit in Canada and Austrailia, the only places it is shown. It is filmed in HD and would make a great addition to the HDNet lineup.

    Comment by John Boline -

  300. genre: science fiction reality drama
    name: alienTV
    like: big brother meets the Truman show on planet vulcan

    What would happen if seti@home finds a tv signal from a alien planet and we suddenly had a whole planets worth of tv to watch from a alien society. Would our society change? And what would happen to this new race that we found after there tv signals left their solar system?


    Comment by Josh Aldrich -

  301. I have a great idea for a reality show that would definitely draw in the under 30 crowd.

    I work for an investment group that has holdings within a number of companies. However, their (2) primary focuses are an oil & gas service company in West Texas and a candy manufacturer in Fort Worth. Both companies are very progressive and forward moving multi-million dollar operations. However, the uniqueness of them is that the President;s of these companies are both under 30-years old. These companies are well known throughout their industries and launching new products that are going to revolutionize organic candies and the automation field in the oil & gas industry. My counterpart and I are very good friends as well. It is often that we have multi-million dollar meetings, vital employee concerns and issues, an other stresses of the day while calling each other about it throughout the day often singing the new rap songs of the year or cutting up in ways that people our age are looked at. However, I think that we are a little more crazy.

    The idea seems great. We have a tremendous amount of pressure and over 120 employees between both of us. Talk about \”under pressure.\”

    Let me know what you think.

    Comment by Thomas -

  302. I\’d like to see inside some of America\’s hottest clubs each weekend..the whole thing….who\’s trying to get in…who\’s getting in…what the bartenders are saying about the crowd…what the kitchen staff is plotting after work…why people are there and what they are there for…who they are leaving with and where they are going…..an up close look at a night out for those who are staying in..

    on the one in a billion chance you\’re interested…send me a waiver to sign…and send any $ to my favorite charity….Feed the Children (hey, a plug!)

    be good,

    Frank D.

    Comment by Frank D -

  303. 1. The Wagon
    Follow a bunch of recovering alcoholics around with cameras and tempt them to \’fall off the wagon\’. AA meetings, family get-togethers, etc.

    2. Homeless Apprentice/Idol
    Homeless people competing to win a job/singing gig. Easy concept and tons of talent to be found.

    Comment by Jayson Manship -

  304. Hi Marc,

    looking at the Celtics I think you could just arrange for Bill Simmons to be the GM for a year. Like a reality show. you never know he might become succesfull in something other than criticizing.


    Comment by Robert Mayer -

  305. Sleeper Cell – It\’s a modern Hogan\’s Heroes. A sleeper cell in LA is living the high life using funding from radicals in the middle east. The funders are the Colonel Klinks of the show and the sleeper cell is Hogan. It\’s a comedy.

    Comment by Jeff Frese -


    Comment by MACK -

  307. How about picking up select Cancelled Shows from the other networks

    Black Donnelly\’s, Drive, Firefly

    Comment by mike phillips -

  308. I was about to write a television idea I\’ve had for years but what I want to know is if my idea becomes a big hit what do I get out of it. And no I\’m not talking about the satisfaction of knowing that it is my idea. I\’m talking in terms of money 🙂

    Comment by Me -

  309. Hello Mark,
    Any thoughts about the \”live\” online tv coverage from people casting from around the world.

    Either my eyes missed it or did not get posted but can\’t find the posted idea.

    I was complaining about the lack of and biased coverage of the 2008 Election and the Chicago News media that wouldn\’t get some balls to make an incumbent Mayor speak for his record and debate the other candidates. Life in America…you get to choose from the things others have pre-chosen for you. The internet is the most powerful way to make something count and people to be able to be counted.

    PizzaNews, \”Never frozen and always deliver fresh to you live online…\”

    Comment by Pete -

  310. Tattoo You! Follow the rock stars of the tatoo world as the travel around the globe doing guest stints at tattoo parlors in Europe, China, Japan, etc. on clients who have been waiting for over 2 years on a waiting list.

    Comment by Jeff Frese -

  311. Behind The Velvet Ropes – An in depth look at the hottest clubs in the world and tips on how to get in.

    Comment by Jeff Frese -

  312. How It\’s Made – A version that doesn\’t suck. Get into the real industrial design detail. Use 3d modeling to explain how a machine can make 1000 paper clips per minute. Devote more than 10 minutes to each segment. I saw one episode where they showed how a helicopter was made in a 10 minute segment. Needless to say it was a waste of ten minutes, I learned nothing.

    Comment by Jeff Frese -

  313. Cooking Party – Each week 1 in a group of 8 must throw a themed cooking party for the others. None of the 8 are professional chefs. They are busy New Yorkers in finance and the arts who have to find recipes on the web and entertain in small overpriced NYC apartments.

    Comment by Jeff Frese -

  314. A pre-revolutionary war drama that would explore the diffent people that came to colonize America and how they were affected by events leading up to the Revolution. I would make the characters real, unlike the glorified versions we see in books and try to show the true reality of what it was like to organize a rebellion against an Imperial Power. The characters could be those that were described in recent Revolutionary War and Pre-war research and reveal the reality of the lives of America\’s first immigrants and pioneers. Characters could be leaders of the rebellion, Indians like the local tribes (Leni Lenape, Delaware, etc.) indentured servants, landowners, political figures, religious refugees, loyalists, farmers and the women who made an impact as well. If the show has a more modern feel (e.g. believable, realistic and gritty) an audience may be drawn to the lives of people willing to risk everything for their beliefs.

    Comment by Gina Loverdi -

  315. Pleas pick up the Black Donnellys for a second season. It\’s a great show that deserves a second chance!

    Comment by Clint Wheeler -

  316. There are two good shows out there one being Firefly (cancelled after one season) and Battlestar Galactica (On the fourth and last season). These shows are tremendous and must be brought back to life, or continued. In high-def these would be amazing. I know that you wanted something new, but these shows have a good following. These two programs were either too expensive or just didn\’t click at the time it was shown. If you watched the first three seasons of BSG or the only season that Firefly had you would see what I am talking about. Joss Whedon (Firefly) is an amazing writer and anything he creates could become a hit. I know that you already carry shows like Enterprise and Joan of Arcadia, shows that have already ended, but what I want to see are new episodes of my favorite show that didn\’t make it on FOX or any other of the mediocre broadcast networks. The best thing that FOX did want bring back one of their formally cancelled shows (family guy) and now they are going to bring Futurama back from the dead after it becomes a hit in the DVD sales. There are many great shows that just came out at the worng time, use them to your advantage.
    Thank for reading my ramblings.

    Comment by Anthony Bocardo (Plano, TX) -

  317. Dear Mark

    I do not claim to have any great \”new\”ideas for HDnet programming, however, the CBS network has just cancelled a quality show that lost in the ratings opposite American Idol.

    That show is Jericho, a quality show with characters the viewer could invest in, telling a well written story about humans dealing with the unthinkable, portrayed by talented actors who cared about their characters and the story.

    This is an opportunity for HDnet to add a quality drama, at a time that tv in general is lackin them.

    Your attention and consideration is appreciated.

    Alan Besterman

    Comment by Alan Besterman -

  318. X-Pat

    Show focusing on the individual stories of expatriates and the country of their choice. I was dumbfounded not too long ago when a friend with a successful fabrication / car design (he was on TLC\’s Full Metal Challenge) — sold all of his possessions and moved to Thailand. First he taught English, then trained as a kickboxer. It wasn\’t so much the oddity of his choices of career, but the stories of his experiences.

    The picture on his blog, his face covered in white chalk for an all night ceremony in Bangkok, or the picture of the large fishes kept in a large urn filled with water that was used to clean the water for the shower. Those were just snapshots — a full-on story of expats, their old lives, their new country through their eyes, and the reasons why they chose to live there, but don\’t give up their unique identity by giving up citizenship would be so much more than Jeremy Piven\’s Sunday stroll through India.

    Comment by Georgianna -

  319. A mesmerizing news program can be created out of the inexpensive global news feed from around the world. Witty, trippy, poignant. An idiosyncratic story of life on earth on a single day.

    Not just cataclysms and elections, but smaller moments that capture a slowly spinning planet. An evocative show that works as both journalism and art.

    I remember short interludes on the excellent NBC News Overnight with Linda Ellerby when shots of earth from space were displayed. These images immediately put a new perspective on whatever news story might have preceded it. That feeling of immersion.

    America can be a myopic culture that sometimes forgets the rest of the world has their own particular struggles and triumphs, petty and profound. This show can bring a continual shifting of perspective. At times, it can be a straight up extract from, say, the surreal lead story of a Tunisian newscast. At other times, we might witness a line of old women in Moscow selling cans of corn or old shoes. Here just the sound of the scene will suffice no news voice over perhaps were not sure exactly what were seeing.

    Subtle music might help enhance the flow of story to story, culture to culture, day to night.

    And we need a bit of the absurd, the comic. Otherwise, well all go insane.

    A strong show along these lines can be made with a modest budget; it just requires a few inventive minds attracted by the creative challenge of presenting world news in alternative and engrossing ways.

    Comment by Bob -

  320. Hey Mark.

    Before I begin with the pitch, I know you like wiffle ball enough to know you have played in wiffleball in your house, so you must be passionate about it. Check my field out at http://www.grayamericanballpark.com.

    On to the show concepts!

    CHUNKENDALES. Reality. 60m. Who wants to see the Biggest Loser in SD when you can watch chunks competing for the calendar in glorious high definition! Sixteen men will compete in various competitions for the ultimate goal of getting the cover of the Chunkendales calendar. The top twelve get into the calendar, but only one man will get the cover. Over the weeks of competition we will see the men achieve their goals, struggle through competitions and become new people. (http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=grecian)

    THE OVERNIGHTS. Single Camera Comedy. 30min. It\’s focused around a couple thirty something, anti-corporate slackers who work the overnight shift at network affiliate television station. They guys feud with the morning news crew, hang out with the cute, nerdy chick in the graphics department, train newbies and interns, and ride their shift supevisor Glenn, a corporate shill who thinks he will be promoted to a dayshift, management position.

    FRIDAY NIGHT FU. MST3K but with martial arts movies. Dave, our movie host, works at movie rental store. To learn the ways of the fu, he is trained by Professor Fu (a puppet), who teaches Dave lessons using martial arts movies. Each show would teach Dave a moral, which is the same moral learned from the movie. Dave also has guests who stop by to visit. There is a company that has remastered a bunch of martial arts movies for distribution in HD.

    THE BIG QUEST. Reality. 60m. I would consider this The Amazing Race but with brains! Teams travel the good ole USA in vans plastered with logos featuring The Big Quest and HDNet, solving clues and puzzles leading to their next destination, all monitored by the Gamemasters at Game Control. There are so many places in our country to visit. Let\’s showcase them and their adventure in HD. (This would also work well as a weekly kids show. The teens wouldn\’t be traveling the country.)

    Hockey is good in HD. So are babes in bikinis. But nothing is better than cornhole. If you\’re looking for something to play, watch or maybe have an interest in producing in HD, check this out.

    KING OF CORNHOLE. 30min. (http://www.kingofcornhole.com) It\’s the newest craze hitting the nation. We\’re partnered up with American Cornhole (http://www.americancornhole.com), who does business with Carnival Cruise Lines and the Cincinnati Bengals. Maybe you can start playing cornhole in your house too?

    Since you\’ve released a movie while also in the theaters, is their an interest in movies as well? I have a few movie ideas as well (ex: Chunkendales could work either way).

    I have a finished script about the video game industry. A producer at Lionsgate said it was a cool concept and good script, but it just wasn\’t their cup of tea. Maybe it would be yours.

    Thanks for your time.


    Comment by Matt -

  321. I\’ll record certain shows and fast forward them just to get to the the Amen. Before and Afters are addicting, but forget the filler. Just lots of before and after scenarios.

    Comment by Todd -

  322. More delicious morsels from the tasty bakery that is The Velvet Mariachi\’s Cauldron of Creation!

    1. The Velvet Mariachi\’s Machinimation Hour – You don\’t need a studio, a camera or even actors to make compelling television anymore. Using game engines like Unreal Tournament, you can create fantastical and compelling programming. In this show, The Velvet Mariachi is recreated as a talking avatar traveling to distant worlds, fighting crime, righting wrongs and bringing mariachi ballads to the dark nether regions of the universe.

    2. Floaters – Launched into the cosmos in search of a solution to their home worlds woes, our heroes have a short window of time before being sucked back into their vessel for redirection to the next planet. The mission was designed to maximize the amount of information that might be returned and do so in the shortest amount of time. The immediate effect of this policy is to compress all efforts into a sprint of activity to rapidly assess likely technological advances that might help back home. Once a course is chosen, no obstacle can hold them back. Even if, like Spartans at Thermopylae or Gurkhas at Gallipoli, their heroic efforts end in death. Each week sees our heroes dropped into another alien environment, fighting against a ticking clock. . .and whatever enemies they make along the way. What would stop YOU if the fate of your world hung in the balance?

    3. Proof! Every week, a team of special effects wizards takes on a mythical topic (crashed UFOs, alien abductions, ghosts, stigmata, Bigfoot, etc.) and creates what many would consider definitive \”proof\” using state of the art video and image manipulation. This show would highlight how easy it is to skew someone\’s perception into believing the impossible or unlikely.

    4. Hyper Art! Paint is personal. Canvas delicate. Art is boring. But what happens when you allow artists to expand their tools to include drills, cars, explosives and fire? For example, two planes have high-speed HD cameras strapped to their wings. Each flies at the other at top speed. At the last possible moment before collision, both pilots eject just as the wing of one plane shears the other in half. The recovered video and stills are then shown on HDNET and sold to galleries and collectors. In another episode, high yield explosives are added to paint-filled balloons suspended over canvas. Timed explosions release the paint and result in a Pollack-like creation. In still another episode, a radiation suit protects an artist as she creates a sculpture using radioactive materials. The resulting piece can only be viewed using cameras while the object is locked inside a nuclear containment vault. Now that\’s ART!

    5. Evolution – Everyone who takes on a new hobby or interest goes through an evolution from noob to 1337. Some people will stay in the shallow end of the pool, while others will eventually dive into the deep end. This show follows the natural evolution from beginner to extreme user. For example, many PC flying enthusiasts are happy to \”fly\” a plane in a simulated environment for an hour or two. After a while, he/she might graduate to adding control pedals and a yoke for more realism. The next evolutionary step might be add multiple screens. Still later, this aviator/aviatrix might purchase control panels and build an enclosed cockpit. The evolution is complete when the modder adds a DIY cockpit, accurate down to the last dial, and sets it on a homemade gimbal for full flight immersion. People will be interested both in looking at how extreme some people go in the pursuit of their interest while others will look forward to the next step they might take.

    6. Race to the Moon! The Ansari X Prize promised $10 million dollars to the first company that took a private citizen into space. This time, we\’re going to the moon! A $50 million prize is awarded to a team who can launch and land something (ANYTHING) on the moon. Simple.

    7. Fan Film! This series takes a famous show or movie franchise and resurrects it on behalf of the fans. Producers will guide the effort as a community of fans vote on the best series to take on as well as the story, actors, locations, etc. The Prisoner might see a new episode shot on location in Portmeirion. Or Classic Trek might see a \”lost episode\” bringing back look-alikes to play the beloved actors. The show would license the material from the original owners and allow them to cross promote. The final episode of the season would be the final product.

    8. Japan Insider! Everyone loooooves Japan. Can\’t get enough of it. This show takes on the speed tribes and presents a different aspect of Japanese culture every week. A visit to Akihabara one week and a trip on the bullet train another. The show would be hosted by an emo 20-something Japanese man or woman.

    9. Do-Gooder! A random person is anonymously given a credit card with a $50,000 limit. They must spend it all within the next 24 hours on anyone but themselves or their family (otherwise, the balance in the account resets to zero). Hidden cameras follow the person to see how they spend the money. Interviews follow up with the people who receive the largesse, as well as with the \”do-gooder.\” What would YOU do with $50,000?

    10. Busted! The City of Los Angeles has a Board of Supervisors who get to play with millions of tax dollars while adding one more level of bureaucracy to an already top-heavy organizational chart. Time to investigate! Hire real-life PIs to look into the supervisors. How do they spend their money? Who are they beholden to? What goes on behind closed doors? The little guy used to have the media to protect it from the robber barons and their political wenches. But clearly big media has been co-opted. This show would send in a well-financed team of investigators to ask the questions intrepid reporters used to ask. Using any legal means available, the investigators would unearth what they can about the people, corporations and organizations that affect our lives in more ways than we knew possible.

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  323. This is my pitch for a new interesting show idea:

    Politics is the one game that is discussed most by the public and yet not heard through the media venues from the publics point of view.

    I think that a debate show, possibly pitting colleges against each other debating current civic and political issues with the public voting via the net or phone for the best presentation is something that could create quite a following.

    It would give the \”American People\” the opportunity to express their opinion to politicians and media types who seem to have not a clue as to what the people want.

    It would even possibly cause some in policy making positions to think about what the people really want. This would not need necessarily to be devoted to politics only. It could also address sports issues, foreign affairs, global warming and so many more.

    This would also be a avenue for students to pursue a career in any of these fields.

    Just think what might happen if the American people had a way to tell The President whether they approve of the war in Iraq or not.

    If you give this some serious thought I\’m sure you can see the possibilities here.

    Thats my idea.

    Thanks much

    Malinda Mobley

    Comment by Malinda Mobley -

  324. A show about \”HOW TO FORM A CHARITY\”… or franchise an existing one in your area. Isn\’t it nice to think there would be enough people interested to actually make a difference?

    Comment by Mari -

  325. Mr. Cuban: I have one more idea- perhaps my strongest:

    Teenage Boys in a small town hijack a supply truck loaded with Viagra and terrorize the women in \”EVERWOOD!\”

    [NOTE] -the name may have to be changed as there was a show called \”Everwood\” on prime time television and aired on the WB network. The name was not in all caps and did not contain an exclamation point. Let\’s look into this.

    Comment by Michael Capozzola -

  326. Here\’s my idea, Mr. Cuban:

    \”Door #2\”

    The show is called \”Door #2\”

    -Aspiring Mark Burnett types, pitch their Reality Show ideas to a Network Executive in Burbank:

    The viewing audience votes online to \’green-light\’ the pitch OR flush the contestants down a three-story poreclain toilet…

    Comment by Michael Capozzola -

  327. Ay, Dios Mio! Ryan (comment #786) es correcto! The Velvet Mariachi doesn\’t know what he was thinking! He put his best ideas into the world and now anyone can take them and turn them into a million dollar industry! Ay, mama, what is a mariachi to do?! Oh, Ryan, curse you and your superior intellect. How did The Velvet Mariachi not see the vehicle of his own demise until you came along and pointed it out to him? It simply did not cross his mind that others might be reading, Ryan! Like everyone else, The Velvet Mariachi assumed his ideas would be kept in strictest confidence! Oh, woe is he!

    Everyone, quick, please forget every idea The Velvet Mariachi posted (#567, #568, #569, #570, #739 and #766).

    Whew, dodged a bullet there, Ryan! Thanks!

    And now that Ryan has so helpfully explained that putting things on the interweb can be read by anyone with a connection (gasp and horrors!), here are some other suggestions Ryan has which you should be aware of (but obviously need Ryan\’s keen gray matter to point out to you):

    1. Throwing a car into reverse while going forward at 50 MPH may void your warranty.

    2. Beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, never fear.

    3. Keeping your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times really is a good idea.

    4. Electricity + Hot Tub = End of 70\’s Style Tub Orgies

    5. Never, ever respond to an email from \”Tha sucurity derpartent at ebAy.com.\”

    6. TV Wrestling is fake.

    7. In The Crying Game, the chick is a dude!

    8. Mr. Obango Kulansani was never on the Nigerian Federal Contract Review Panel and you are not likely to receive $500,000,000 for \”ONLY SMALL TIME AND EFFORT OF YOURS.\”

    9. You HAVE NOT already won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

    10. Duke Nukem! Forever CANNOT POSSIBLY be good enough to justify the amount of time it took to make it.

    Thanks, Ryan. You are a true American Hero!

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  328. Youre an idiot if you post any uncopyrighted or otherwise protected intellectual property for so many different reasons.

    Comment by Ryan -

  329. Dear Mr. Cuban:

    Your new show is… a single-camera political sit-com. Why this show? Because the political system is ripe for the skewering and growing more so everyday. Sure, there are now shows such as Lil\’ Bush, but the system as a whole deserves such irreverence. After all, some of the stories coming out of Washington are stranger than fiction.

    Why HDNet? Because to do such a show justice, to take it beyond the run of the mill sit-com to the extremes necessary for true hilarity, this show needs to be on a network that stems from the same independent spirit that fuels Truly Indie and that utilizes day-and-date releasing.

    I\’ve already written the pilot–think Scrubs meets The West Wing with the flavor of Arrested Development.

    Best wishes and good luck,

    Nate Barlow


    Comment by Nate Barlow -

  330. Mr. Cuban,

    A friend and I have come up with what we feel is a great concept for a dramatic television series. It\’s in the vein of shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica or Heroes, but with an…interesting…twist. I realize this isn\’t at all the type of programming on your network, aside from Smallville, Enterprise and a few other reruns. That said, I think it would give your network a chance of varying your programming and perhaps adding a sci-fi/horror theme. If you have any interest, please email me and I will gladly send you our synopsis, Pilot script (written in Sophocles), a series bible and a rough outline of where we see the first season going. If nothing else, I admire the opportunity you are giving people.

    Thank You,
    Mark A. Mayhugh, Jr.

    Comment by Mark Mayhugh, Jr. -

  331. Pick up The Black Donnelly\’s.

    I know many die-hard Black Donnelly\’s fans who aren\’t currently subscribed to HDNet, but no doubt would sign up to see more of that show.

    Comment by Rally -

  332. Thank you for your time.

    Best wishes,

    Comment by MAD -

  333. Hey Mark,
    Saw you over at Dan Tana\’s the night after the Mav\’s well, you know.

    My idea for a show is called \”The Breakup Crew\”.

    If you\’ve ever been in a relationship then most likely you\’ve been through at least one break up. It\’s an inevitable part of the whole boy meets girl (or boy, I do live in Los Angeles) boy and girl get together, boy and girl live happily ever after until they annoy the hell out of each other and someone breaks up with the other.

    The Breakup Crew is a group of comedians that reenacts and (heightens) the different phases of a relationship (which is captured from interviews of the exes ala the Rick James sketch from The Chappelle Show) from meet until the explosive break up.

    Comment by Marquis Alexander -

  334. You should also make this into a mini-series, a made for TV movie, or even a big budget production…


    Comment by MAD -

  335. Of course, I would be a head writer of the show, and creative consultant… 🙂

    If you can give $20 million dollars in support to promote a bunk, diversionary film like \’Loose Change\’, you should seriously consider my ideas.

    Comment by MAD -

  336. A group of teens and 20 somethings, who run an independent political/conspiracy based website, start getting into trouble as they become more and more popular on the net. They realize that they are actually starting to \”predict\” the news, writing it weeks, days or even hours before it happens. One of the members in particular (the \”leader\” of the group), begins to question if he is actually psychic, or if the \”news\” is stealing his ideas to shape reality.

    Needless to say, a series of mysterious and suspicious events happen, and all involved with the website begin questioning their sanity as they become one of the biggest sources of \”alternative\” news on the Internet. They also begin to receive \”threats\” from unknown sources, late night calls, knocks on the door, mysterious packages in the mail that come in the form of complex and elaborate puzzles and clues. There are certain organizations that are AGAINST the website, and another secretive organization which is trying to HELP the website uncover a massive plot that involves the very fate of the world. They are trying, through puzzles, to reveal the fact that a MAJOR EVENT, possibly a HOAX, is being staged, which will change the entire course of history…

    X-Files meets Da Vinci Code, meets Heroes, meets The Matrix, with a \”Reality TV\” feel, and a constant unfolding of plot twists, and \”conspiracy\” pop-culture references. There would be a REAL WEBSITE (the website from the show), where the characters on the show would update their blogs, release news articles, etc, etc, giving it a more reality feel. There would be a website/TV show tie-in, this would help stir promotion and publicity for the program as well.

    The website would deal in REAL NEWS, as well as conspiracy based topips, and FAKE NEWS that is happening in the \”alternate reality\” of the characters on the show…

    ALL CONSPIRACIES would be fair game. From 911 and rigged elections, to UFO\’s, Bigfoot and everything in between…

    =Title of the show:=
    The Relative Truth


    =Slogan of the show:=

    \”Truth is relative, reality a perspective.\”

    \”What happens when the conspiracy starts watching you?\”

    \”Tomorrow\’s Truth, Today.\”

    The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.
    Ayn Rand

    Comment by MAD -

  337. How about you pick up the Black Donnelly\’s from NBC? It\’s a great show! I\’m also a big fan of invasion but that seems to be long gone.

    Thanks for reading.

    Comment by Alain Rodolosi -

  338. Have your HD crew follow 3 persons individually assigned to the West, Midwest and East Coast as they travel with on their HD motorcycle on the backroads of America. visiting and learning about the small towns, people and what makes them unique.

    Staying off the main roads with each region picking the top 5 towns at the end of the season in which they could live or retire. Would cater to the baby boomers and provide to them ideas for their travels, retirement etc…

    Comment by Scott -

  339. Well i got a idea for a reality tv show about being homeless i dont want to tell you all my idea\’s but if you would listen i could talk over the phone or by email so email me back and i beleive you will love my idea and jump on with this before i sell it to another company also we would be able to help people all over the country at the same time

    Comment by Lester L. Laughman jr -

  340. NBC has cut \” The Black Donnellys \” from it\’s lineup. No wonder NBC\’s Ratings are in the dumpster.

    YOU should pick up The Black Donnellys & run it on your network. There is already a huge fan base, NBC only knows how to count as high as many fingers & toes they can find in the room. Lets just look at the shows that have already worked, but a bad network like NBC has dropped.

    Comment by Eric -

  341. My idea for a TV show would be a survivor based show with the referees of the NBA every man for himself. including David Stern. the winner becomes the new commisioner of the NBA

    Comment by Scott Gideon -

  342. Hi Mr. Cuban,
    HD is the only way to go, we shoot everything in HD or Film. We pitched this idea to one of the Major Networks a few years ago, and they passed on it…Thats why I think its a good idea.
    Its the Super Bowl, fourth quarter, the game is tied with :38 seconds on the clock. Over a billion fans are on the edge of their seats. Its fourth down. The quarterback throws a pass to the wide receiver flying down the sidelines. He catches it at the 20 yard line, dances down the line to the 10… the 5… he scores! The crowd goes crazy!… Wait! The Referee hasnt signaled a touchdown… Hes talking with his other officials… Did the wide receiver step out of bounds at the ten yard line or did he score!? The entire game has come to a complete stop. And the eyes of the world are now focused on this one man in black and white. This is the man who must now make the call which will decide the most important game in the world.

    Who is this man? The NFL Referee. Why would a man choose a part-time profession where he has more responsibility riding on his decisions than the president of a third world country? Where he is constantly running for his life, so as not to be crushed by a frenzy of 300 pound agile, mobile and hostile athletes? Why would a man want to put himself in a situation where eighty-thousand screaming fans and millions more on HDNet would love to ring his neck or at lease pour their beers on him. Why would a man want to do this job? Its not for the money. He is the lowest paid and most under appreciated man on the field. And its certainly not for the Thanks or for the Glory.

    We will examine this special breed of men, on this reality based television series, No Thanks, No Glory. Over the course of the NFL season we will follow a handful of NFL Referees from pre-season NFL Referee school though the Super Bowl. We will follow them in their everyday lives and contrast that with how they prepare for and work the big games. We will travel with them, get to know these guys, their backgrounds, families, hobbies and interests. Included will be interviews with coaches, players and announcers, and how the Referees decisions have affected them and the outcome of the games.

    How is it that these gray-haired Referees can run up an down the football field every single play for nearly four hours in the blazing sun or frozen Arctic, while the multimillion dollar wide receiver comes in for three plays and then must be carried off the field for oxygen, Gatorade and a full-body massage? We can find out, in the new HDNet series, No Thanks, No Glory.

    We could continue the series during Baseball, Basketball, Soccer etc.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Mark Witzen

    Comment by Mark Witzen -

  343. Mark (The Esteemed Mr. Cuban),

    Ok, here\’s a quickie project that keeps popping up in my head.

    A revamp of the MST3K concept, only it\’s good movies (or not)

    There is an online component, where the movie to be watched can be voted on online in the first 4 minutes of the show (to provide a \”live\” component to the show (feels more immediate, like you\’re there with them).

    Format: Intro,, commercial break, then vote tally, (you already have the movies queued & ready). Then its off and running, the comedian(s) are down in the corner talking away (oh and they can control the volume, or the replay (a la Tivo) so they can slow it down to see Han shoot first or whatever comes to mind. Also, there will be a small stage in front and maybe a batch of props. They are funny people by trade, and will do whatever comes to mind (Note to Mark: No Gallagher,, Ever.)

    Possible names:\”A movie with friends\”, \”I saw that with,,\” \”My cut\” (instead of directors),, \” Funny cut\”, \”New Cut\” (I\’d say fresh cut, but that\’s far too boring.)

    Who doesn\’t want to watch Schindler\’s List with Robin Williams, or Ace Ventura with Gore Vidal,,, wait,, those are horrible examples! A good example, Grand Prix with Paul Neumann, and Mario Andretti commentating (preselected movie) or a small group of comedians (no more than three)for the live voting shows.

    Baseketball with Seth Green and Harlan Williams?

    Lisa Lampanelli and Jeremy Rush watching Monty Python\’s Holy Grail.

    So yes, lots of possibilities, a flexible format as well, (probably two shows, one for more serious/technical movies, the other for comedies (intentional and otherwise,,, Underworld, I\’m looking at you!))
    I hope you like it!


    Comment by Fred -

  344. How about a show called \”Brushes with greatness in HD\” that follows around normal people who work behind the scenes in amazing jobs that the public isn\’t used to seeing. Infinite variety is possible. For instance, one week, follow around a guy who works in a NASCAR pit; show what they do on a typical day, do backgrounds on how they got to where they are and then show their \”brush with greatness\” when they interact with a driver. The next week, find someone who works on a movie set or production or the person who runs the jumbotron at a big stadium. In short, do profiles on people who operate in obscurity but have brushes with greatness with the very high profile results their relativley obsure role plays.

    Bringing this to viewers in HD clarity would be something unique and could serve as an inspiration.

    Comment by Ralph -

  345. I apologize in advance because this isn\’t a completely new idea; it\’s done for the English Premier League, but a vast majority of Americans are not familiar with it, and those few that have seen it are avid watchers to to the passion and humor of the supporter/announcers.

    Comment by mirc -

  346. This isn\’t about developing a show, but rather picking up a show.

    Most people that watch HD TV love tech things. Leo Laporte, who has a HUGE following is now doing his tech TV show in HD and is looking for a US provider. Many tech and Leo fans would love to see his new show \”The Lab with Leo Laporte\” in HD and I believe it would be great fit on HDNet.

    Thank you for your time.

    Comment by Chad Clementson -

  347. thanks for the suggestions 🙂

    Comment by Rya Tabirleri -

  348. Another bag of donuts from The Velvet Mariachi! Now that the Geico caveman has his own show, here are the top ten commercials ready for their series makeover:

    10. Head On, The Series! What would life be like with chronic pain?! What if one product could take it all away?! Would you buy it? What if the commercials were really annoying? Would you still buy it? Follow Piper, Manuel and Yevgeny as they try to get rid of their chronic pain while maintaining their sanity.

    9. Ronald McDonald, Private Eye! Hard partying and excessive drugs land the former pitchman in detox. He loses his job, his trophy wife and his savings. Untouchable to his former colleagues, he sets out on a new career, as a private investigator. After catching the wildly popular Mayor McCheese stealing from underprivileged children, the Red-Headed Wonder gains a whole new set of enemies. He also uncovers an underground following of children ready to forgive that unfortunate incident in Montreal and provide critical intel and support when he needs it. Back on his game and hot on the trail of the nefarious Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald struggles to stay on the wagon, out of jail and. . .alive!

    8. What\’s In Your Wallet? Faux reality show where random people on the street are accosted by ren-faire rejects who try to determine the persons background, social status and financial makeup based on what they find in the victims wallet. No prizes for the unlucky abductees, just the chance of sweet, sweet liberty when the episode is over. Notable cameos by Jerry Seinfeld, David Spade and that No guy.

    7. Staples Easy Button: The Series! In the hilarious vein of Alf, a mysterious piece of technology from another planet lands on Earth in the humble home of a struggling everyman played by Treat Williams. The Easy Button can make your worst problem go away. But be careful how you ask the all-too-literal device. Sometimes, the solution can be worse than the problem. John Leguizamo brings his amazing character range to the role of the button.

    6. Jack in the Box: Eat S***t & Die! Not since Nip/Tuck has a series ridden the razor\’s edge so aggressively. Diners at a popular fast-food eatery are dying in grisly fashion after consuming the #3 Combo with upsized fries. Hasty autopsies reveal the victims did not fall ill from bad spinach but were, in fact, murdered. An obese police man, a beautiful fast food take-out window employee and the five time National Spatula Award Winner must team up to uncover the serial killer and hideously deformed former fast food manager dubbed The Jack in the Box!

    5. The Aflac Duck: Nature Gone Wild! Taking its cues from the famous Wildebeest attacked at lunchtime by a Lion video, this series takes us to the deepest, darkest corners of the Los Angeles County Park System. Watch as little children are almost dragged to their deaths by these seemingly harmless creatures. Be in the duck blind as hunks of raw meat are set out to catch a glimpse of the Aflac Duck, an almost mythical animal, spoken of in hushes tones by park administrators and terrorized park visitors.

    4. GoDaddy and Hooters: Bringing the Boobies! Would people really pay for overpriced and unreliable domain registration service? Does anyone really enjoy undercooked and ill-flavored buffalo wings? Who cares?! Just sit back and watch gorgeous, well-endowed women vie for the Boob of the Year award.

    3. Carls Jr. Extreme! Think of it as The Iron Chef gets his a$$ kicked by Carls Jr.! Whole cows, ripe tomato orchards, bushels of wheat and buckets of mayo are the weapons of choice in this battle to create the worlds largest, crunchiest, drippiest two-handed mandible mangler youve ever seen. Extra points are given to the competing chefs for surliness and smoldering twenty-something angst.

    2. Six Flags Guy: Rumpshaka! Down on his luck, Old Bald Guy With Glasses (OBGWG) finds himself flat broke with nothing but the gleam in his eye to sustain him. Unwilling to give up on life, OBGWG refuses to move into the Retirement Village paid for by his snot-nosed children. A chance encounter with a hip-hop diva (played by Lil Kim) reawakens this hoofer\’s heart. Determined to show his children that old doesnt mean dead, OBGWG starts competing in local street dance competitions. Proving that everything old is new again, OBGWG infuses his hip-hop moves with some Lindy Hop, waltz and cha-cha. Will this street phenom last or is he just livin on borrowed time? If you want to know what starts when You Got Served ends, this is the series for you. Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, creators of Geritol.

    1. Mac vs. PC: Get Ready to Gruuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmble! A battle for the ages! PC vs. Mac! Old skool vs. new skool! Form vs. function! But how did this relationship start? This series rewinds the clock and takes you back to the early days. Mac has just broken up with his wife. Despondent, he goes to kill himself but is saved by his friend PC. With nowhere else to go, Mac is urged by PC to move in with him, at least for a while. The only problem is that Mac is neat, tidy, and neurotic. PC is slovenly and casual. Will their forced friendship lead to animosity. . .or hilarity? This series, taken from the wildly popular Mac commercials, is a warmhearted reminder that sometimes opposites attract. The cast is rounded out by Macs Uncle Linux, whose been there, done that attitude drives everyone insane, and BSD, the paranoid, tightly wound neighbor who never opens his door.

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  349. A comedy about a young woman obsessed with owning everything that is advertised geared towards her demographic. Obsessed with every latest trend be it political, cultural, food and nutrition, health and even job related trends. Other main characters would be the boy friend, forever trying to find that perfect gift only to discover she already has it. Her family oblivious to the trouble her obsessions are causing. The doctors that are trying to cure her of her obsessions, but fearful of the lost revenue. And the sales people that have figured her out and trap her into yet more useless stuff. How can she ever have a normal life when every ad on the tv, radio or elevator can trigger the next trip to the mall or specialty store.

    Comment by Bradley Evans -

  350. With a market greater than that of the movie industry, a HD version showcasing the HD video gaming and the related game developers and game writers would be well received by the HiTech Audience that make up a good portion of the HD Net customers.

    Comment by Tom Pipes -

  351. Mark, you\’ve got to pick up The Black Donnellys! NBC has made a terrible mistake and has canceled the finest show on television. The Black Donnellys actually made me look forward to Mondays. It was only given like 6 episodes on the air, and then the remaining 7 only were shown online. Not even \”Friends\” found it\’s audience in only 6 episodes. And \”Friends\” didn\’t have the handicap of having 2 hours of the mind-numbing \”Deal or No Deal\” for a lead-in. If The Black Donnellys had been given a chance to find it\’s audience, the industry would be talking about how brilliant NBC was to have found the next \”Sopranos\”.

    I know you\’re a visionary. I encourage you to go to iTunes and download the series. I believe as a visionary you will be eager to capitalize on NBC\’s horrible miscalculation.


    Comment by Christopher Edwards -

  352. Hi Mark!

    Would love your feedback or level of int:

    The show WILL LOAD SLOWLY – SO CLICK ON AND WAIT AND BE PATIENT – IT WILL OPEN even though it may say \”DONE\” – #1) WATCH AT: http://www.avantinteractive.com/dankatz/ does not contain the interactive elements.

    (you may have to adjust the frame size).


    You can ALSO view the #1) version at ftp://ftp.rugamedia.com/RCJ by saving \”RCJpilot_01.wmv\”.

    *We used Windows Media Encoder instead of the Quicktime H.264 (mp4 encoder) because it rendered better quality sound and video. Unfortunately, our server does not stream WMV files, so you have to right click and save the file to your computer /desktop.

    Once its saved on your desktop you can open it with Windows Media Player WMP or the viewer of your choice . The improved quality is worth it.

    #2) the more \”skater\” version: http://www.avantinteractive.com/rcj/ WITH INTERACTIVE FUNCTIONALITY SAMPLES – BE SURE TO ROLL MOUSE AROUND AND CLICK TO SEE

    any interest? We can do a great job for you. One that will generate ad revenue via the http://www.avantinteractive.com technology. It also is a great tool to retain viewer attention span via – answer the following story point questions about the video and gain points or get a free promo item, enter to win, etc

    We know they may be a tad long, but we can offer a shorter version with option to see more.


    Mark Ehrenkranz
    Series Producer
    NY Film Critics Series
    3 Minute TV Really Cool Jobs
    973 644 4640
    DIRECT – Cell 615 504-0765

    HOSTED BY: Peter Travers (CNN/Rolling Stone Magazine),) Marshall Fine (STAR Magazine), David Edelstein (New York Magazine /NPRs Fresh Air/ CBS Sunday Mornings), Godfrey Cheshire (The Independent), Charley Taylor (Star Ledger, National Society of Film Critics), Laura Blum (comingsoon.net), Stephen Whitey (Star Ledger) and others.

    3 Minute TV, Inc. Advertising and Programming

    The youth of today, as always, are concerned with what to do with their lives as adults. Intense competition in sports, school and other outside interests have resulted in an ever earlier awareness of college and career. This can be an overwhelmingly stressful path if upcoming kids feel that they are limited in their scope of what they can do with their future occupational and financial lives. Todays culture of personalized entertainment has bred a more creative individual. This project will offer compelling content to inspire and uplift young adults and will clearly demonstrate that if they continue to do positive things, that there is hope in striving for a work life and a world of options that are certain to bring them great satisfaction.

    REALLY COOL JOBS is an episodic show geared toward 14-35 year olds that will entertain, educate and inform young people about a virtually unknown world of immensely creative and productive jobs that are available to them if they work hard and stay focused. This will create interest and excitement toward achieving their objectives rather than dead end career paths. The Project will not only entertain and inform, but will also offer practical, applicable ways to realistically achieve these goals. Kids need to be reminded thats its cool to be involved and have something going on besides their social life.

    An ongoing show will feature 3-5 minute stylishly produced profiles of the worlds coolest jobs and employees, (preferably young); featuring tie-in product placement of the products and the companies that are developing and marketing the merchandise that is being created. These are highly skilled, young, professionals who spend most of their working and non-working lives dreaming up creative new products and ways to challenge themselves in their jobs.

    Rather than conventional, overt, product placement, companies and their merchandise will be portrayed as natural, contextual elements in each story and episode. In order to gain the trust of young, savvy, viewers that this is not just another infomercial or advertorial ploy for merchandise or branding; the individual job and employees will be featured first with the product and company tactfully presented as a strategic framework for the program.

    Each episode will be shot on location throughout the country and will be HOSTED by one of two, new, very hot, smart and attractive, young comedians (early twenties), one male and one female.


    Comment by Mark Ehrenkranz -

  353. Hi Mark,

    We are rabbits that appear on the cover of Salon.com every week. The New York Times TV critic Virgina Heffernan calls us \”Twisted and Sublime\”. We are interested in hosting a 1/2 hour comedic show. We believe that if one\’s show is truly funny and interesting, with a little support, people will beat a pathway to your door. This is what\’s missing on TV and it really doesn\’t have to cost much money either. HD has Arrested Development and we seem to appeal to a similar demographic so maybe there would be a fit.

    So far, we have only done short films that star us – two rabbits named Buns and Chou Chou. We modeled these after SNL, particularly Mr. Bill of the 70\’s. We have focused on satirizing TV and the moving image in general. Short films like these would be one part of the show.

    For a second show element, we will interview celebrities. Too many of them are doing fat shows and weird sleepover shows to get back into the public eye. We will showcase some of them in a quirky and fun environment- chatting with us. Not only do they keep their image in the public eye, but they get extra points for being hip with the web crowd (Of course, they will have to talk with rabbits). We already have some TV folks who are ready to join this fun and will be showcasing it shortly.
    Here\’s an example of the concept using one of our web video friends:

    After having done a funny short film and chatted with a celebrity, we will chat with our human correspondent, who does man on the street interviews. You have seen man on the street interviews you say? Not like this. Just extend the logic of Rabbit Bites and you can rest assured these will not be normal. They will be insightful satire, which focuses on things that just don\’t get talked about enough, like baby boomers.

    Lastly, The Rabbit Bites Players, humans all, would round out the comedy with something different each week. These we would develop once we had a show and therefor a pool of applicants to choose from.

    We\’ve heard VC\’s say that what separates success from failure in startup is the people. The successful entrepreneur never gives up. You\’d get that too.

    Comment by Buns and Chou Chou -

  354. This weekly half hour show is called Deep Solo. Every week it would follow a different extreme tech solo deep sea diver as they dive to stunningly beautiful, impossibly crushing, and potentially deadly depths and explore undersea sites and wrecks. Along the way, viewers get a taste of the local sites, geography, people, and culture. This can only be done right in HD and only HDNet can do this right.

    Comment by Marshall Karp -

  355. How about a program that focuses on artwork, from conception to sale. Could be that at the start of a season you give six to ten artists of different styles the same conception and follow them as the prepare their work, and see how each interprets the same idea. Then at the end you hold some sort of auction. There\’s a few different ways you could spin this, but no matter what it would be a good way to show off high definition television. And maybe money that comes in from the artwork could go to a good charity. Like me.

    Comment by Dan -

  356. I love behind the scenes shows. So I would love to see kind of a \”how they do it\” show for electronics. Not like the stuff Discovery does. But actually show maybe, how a tv station, hd tv, radio station, cell phones, etc actually work or are developed. I think that in HD would be awsome. It would be a great way to travel around the world too.

    Comment by Blake J -

  357. Mark, I don\’t watch HDnet, it\’s not available up here…but don\’t write me off just yet! I actually don\’t have cable at the moment…it kills me, but if you go to my website and read my bio, you\’ll understand why.

    The future of serial drama will be tightly wound, single season series…no gaps or hiatus\’…reliable schedule and slick writing. Think \”lost\” or \”prison break\” season one…

    1. Slick and pretty caper series…one season, one giant heist…think Oceans 11 but more edge…

    2. Anytown USA…suburbia…every house exactly alike, same car in the driveway…same kids, same golden retreiver, same husband, same wife…yawn…the season opens with a mysterious delivery left at the door…the box gives no clues as to it\’s contents…it was clearly sent from the Middle East…but delivered to the wrong address…the entire season takes place in condensed time frame of a single weekend. The time between when the box was discovered and when the box can be picked up by the courier and sent to it\’s proper recipient. The family soon dissolves into hysteria…paranoid delusions about what may or may not be in the box…what should be done with it…should they open it or not…the conflict stops being about the box itself and opens a whole new world of prejudices, missed opportunities, suspicions, lies, regrets and paranoid fantasies…family members form alliances against other family members – then betray them….it builds with increasing hysteria to captivity, torture and murder to a final murder suicide…They never discover what was actually in the box…it was never a threat to begin with. I\’d call it Pandora\’s Box or simply Pandora.

    It\’s supposed to be the novel I\’m writing after the one I\’m working on now \”The Book of Larry – You gave me your sins, now give me your votes..\” political satire…cover and synopsis also on my website.

    Of course, if you want my ideas…I expect to be a Producer. I went to film school…

    I can come up with new ideas all day long. I do it for a living right now. Have a challenge? Need a creative solution, approach or idea? I\’m the girl.

    Comment by Jules Carlysle -

  358. Pick up Jericho that CBS just cancelled if possible. That would be an amazing add!

    Comment by Craig Smidt -

  359. Hi Mark
    We actually have a show up and running on the My Tv (formerly UPN) affiliate WNYA in Albany NY.
    The Glenn Slingerland Situation is a 30 min talk/music format but with a twist. In addition to the studio segments in our broadcast alley, we feature new music but with our own Situation Stars (mostly women in black ages 18-50) in the footage… where everything is a little offbeat
    and laid back, to accompany the music – unlike music videos. Think of us as your broadcast pals who stop by each week with new music and mysterious on screen fun. We\’re currently programmed to be the show to wind down the weekend with Sunday Nights at 11. In fact our slogan is \”The Weekend\’s Not Over Til We Say So.\”
    We\’re looking to expand to other markets. Perhaps we would provide a nice broadcast fit with some of the HD Net Sunday Night music shows.

    Comment by Glenn Slingerland -

  360. \”The National Park Service: Celebrating 100 Years\”

    Background Facts: 1. 2016 the NPS will celebrate its centennial, 2. childhood obesity is a national epidemic, 3. global warming and other enviro related ideas have reached mainstream acceptance

    The Pitch: Create a newsmagazine style program on the national park system\’s approximately 400 sites across the country targeting the pre-teen/teen audience which would have a blend of science, health/fitness, history elements which would be co-hosted by 2 kids. There would be online and offline components as well.

    Such a unique program has relevance a variety of levels and could maintain interest w/fresh material for the next 9 years leading up to the NPS Centennial celebration in 2016.

    Sponsorship could be achieved by working in concert with the the NPS and the President\’s Centennial Challenge. Equally important, HDTV could receive alot of positive pr (near term and long term) through launching such a series.

    What do you think, Mark? It\’s a possible slam dunk viewing experience with great scenery in addition to the informational/teaching elements. You\’ve got my email, I\’ll just wait for your reply and then can offer you an even more detailed production plan.

    Comment by Craig Shibley -

  361. I think I have a great TV show idea:

    Based in a communist, sunny country, AKA Cuba.
    What happens when someone calls in sick in a communist country?

    I don\’t know. But i figure there\’s a guy (Juan) that is a professional job subber-inner. So every morning he\’s called into Fidels office (like George Costanza into George Steinbrenner\’s office on Sienfeld), and is instructed on what job he\’s filling in for on the specific day.

    It\’s funny because he actually never has any of the skills needed to do the job.Kinda like the classic I Love Lucy episode when Lucy is crushing grapes in a show that\’s plausable.

    Cleaning Lady, Bartender, Cook, Tourist Entertainer, Hotel Concierge, …the list goes on and on.

    I have more idea\’s for some of the shows. Email Me Mark!

    Comment by Kyle -

  362. Take advantage of CBS\’ blunder and pick up Jericho. It already has a great cast, plot, and writers…..not to mention a pretty loyal fanbase.

    Comment by Nester White -

  363. Give 5-6 different homeless people $20K each, follow them around with a camera for 1/2 a year or so. See who gets their lives back together and who is destined to be poor no matter what you give them.

    Comment by michael -

  364. I\’ve had an idea for a show based on my life. 🙂

    I grew up in Texas, graduated from university there, took a job with a software company there and for the next four years led a fairly predictable life.

    Then, after a chance meeting with the CEO of our parent company, I was transferred to Singapore to open the Asian office. In truth, I asked the CEO if I could be his \”man\” in Asia only because I was chasing a girl there. She dumped me within 6 months of moving to Asia and left me in the dumps.

    I took my mind of her by pouring myself into work. It wasn\’t long until my life was a jet-set adventure. I traveled to exotic cities representing a large company, learned about new cultures, took crazy vacations with people from all nationalities and many super hoties, earned double the money of my peers back home while not being taxed as much, met interesting characters and learned about life.

    When I\’d return to the USA for a conference or Christmas, I had a hard time fitting back in again because my friends were talking about the latest football game, whereas I wanted to talk about scuba diving off remote islands with foreign royalty or other adventures that my friends & family simply could not relate to.

    I travelled all over Asia, in Europe, down to South America, hit the big US towns and up to Montreal. Not a day went by when I\’d see something and think \”now there\’s something you don\’t see back home\”.

    In Rio, things got a little too out-of-hand. There were politicians, Playboy bunnies, media execs and of course dancers at a mansion my friend rented. I knew times were changing when he left to join a Buddist retreat in the Thai montains and my girlfriend cried over the excess in my life.

    Comment by Expat Ride -

  365. I told my kids that I thought a great trip would be to drive a car from the Arctic Circle to the tip of Chile. They thought that would be a cool trip. Just dreaming, I looked it up on the internet, and found that the route is called the Pan-American Highway. And while the route isn\’t official, everyone noted that there is a 54 mile stretch called the Darien Gap which is virtually impassable in a vehicle.

    Well, we\’re all big Discovery Channel fans in our house, and when we watch all of our favorite shows like \”Deadliest Catch,\” \”Dirty Jobs,\” \”Monster Garage\” (no longer on the air), \”SurvivorMan,\” \”Man vs. Wild,\” etc. It made me think about this idea which I submitted to Discovery Channel via their website:


    A new show idea: Crossing the Darien Gap (DG). The DG is 54 miles of treacherous jungle in the middle of the Pan American Highway, just south of Panama to Columbia. I understand that only a handful of four-wheeled vehicles ever crossed the DG. I think a great show would have the collaborative efforts of Mike Rowe, Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, and someone else who could design/build a vehicle and go along on the trip to fix vehicle as necessary. Add a McGyver-type personality/engineer/problem-solver, film the whole trip and it will make a great show. I understand that such a crossing will take some 180-200 river crossings. It would be an amazing show, and everyone, I ever mentioned it to would love to see it.

    Respectfully submitted,
    –ron nargi
    State College, PA
    (775) 521-3519

    Comment by Ron Nargi -

  366. Music… not a making the band or american idol kinda of gig, but a show that focuses on the srtuggle. For example I have severl finds that playmusic, write produce what you can think of but they are not stars. My friend Rob for example is an awesome singer/song writer that just got internship with Sony in LA. Then I have a friend Byron that dediced to quit school for his love of music and spend s countless hours in the studio with shad making beats and writing new rhymes. Then theres keif he has been signed and dropped from countless labels but has awesome talent but everyone wants to link with a group when he awesome on his own. So why not do a show on people trying their hardest in to get in the business. Follow them to the studio, watch get thqat aah moment will playing PS3, see them cry when the song is first heard on the radio. I am 21 year old girl who loves music and I know america cause does too. So why not do a show that shows people going through joy and agony on their own no real manager like diddy but their best friend booking them for open mic night. Seeing reall people do waht they love would an awesome show. THANKS

    Comment by tasha s. robinson -

  367. Mark,

    I\’d pick up the Black Donnellys, it\’s an amazing show, it might not pull \”American Idol\” ratings but you\’ll already have a built-in loyal fan base who has been fighting to get the show back on the air. I think the show would be a worthy investment and I think you\’d really profit from DVD sales as well.

    Comment by Collin Brown -

  368. mark just listen to me what audiece are you going for.

    If its old people do a show which is a competition of architects and the winner get a house they designed built for them.

    Other idea is simple, a show which is called quest to be playboy\’s next covergirl. It would give HDNET attention.

    Another idea is true highschool life
    -get a behind the camera view on modern day high school

    Other is a battle of the billionaire of some sort.

    Just send me an email, sbiss75@yahoo.com, Mark you know you could use a younger folk to help you out.

    Comment by scott bissinger -

  369. Mr. Cuban:

    Maybe it\’s time to apply \’Ol-fashioned\’ solutions to modern problems in: \”Little Halfway House on the Prairie\”
    Recovering addicts work through their demons under the watchful eye of a benevolent homesteader and his quaint family.
    I made art for you: http://www.pbase.com/doctang/image/79245574


    Michael Capozzola
    San Francisco, CA

    Comment by Michael Capozzola -

  370. I used to work with Matt Fitzgerald in Chicago, so he will confirm who I am. I presently run an event marketing firm in Milwaukee, and work extensively in the entertainment industry. So, I believe I have a good handle on what works and how to put all the moving parts together.

    I have a couple of good show ideas, but one in particular I think has a ton of immediate potential. It is a traveling politcal comedy show in the vein of The Daily Show, but gets much of its humor from ordinary folks around the country. It has both a television and an internet component, and would be ideal for a corporate sponsorship as well. I have shopped it a little in NYC, and had some interest from VH1 and MTV, but just haven\’t had the time to pursue it. I would love to put it in front of you, but don\’t want the whole world to see it quite yet. I have the entire concept on two pages. Can I send it to you?



    Comment by John Roush -

  371. I would love to see a show about \”Dream Interpretation.\” When I go to sleep, I rarely ever remember my dreams from the night before, but lately I\’ve been having dreams that I have no idea what they mean! Most people have had the dream when they are falling or dreaming in a dream, but what does it all mean??

    Re-enacting someone\’s dream and then re-enacting what the dream means would be pretty cool to watch in HD!

    I\’ve also wondered what blind people see in their dreams when they sleep. What does their beach look like if they\’ve ever been on a beach, what does their view of a park look like, basically………what does the world look like to them!

    Basically the show would be telling the story from a dreamer\’s point of view and getting an explanation from a interpreter\’s point of view! I think viewer\’s would tune in to see if they can relate to any of the dreams and get an explanation to what the dream meant!

    Comment by Telisha M. -

  372. Celebrities dating regular guys or girls…

    Comment by Raul -

  373. It\’s not a new idea, but my favorite show was NHL 2 Night and hockey is the best sport for HD. How about a nightly half hour NHL recap show? As a hockey fan, I pay for NHL Center Ice but don\’t get those games in HD, so I pay $5 a month for HD Net to get the games in HD. Toss in a couple of ex-players who are opionated (think Brett Hull) and you\’ve got hockey fans hooked.

    Comment by john -

  374. More from The Velvet Mariachi!

    10. Mechanoids! Human competitors construct giant \”battle suits\” and try to best their opponents in various competitions (capture the flag, destruction, speed, etc). It\’s like live-action Transformers for the battle-bot crowd!

    9. I\’m Your Biggest Fan! – Famous people talk about the books, movies, actors, politicians, etc that they are fans of. Finale is always the celebrity meeting with or visiting the object of his/her affection.

    8. The Water Cooler – Semi-serious weekly highlighting what happened on the most popular shows the previous week. For example, talking heads in a news-nightly format might summarize Lost, Heroes and 24 (among others), telling us what happened, who died, what mysteries were revealed or answered and how it ties into the previous week and the series as a whole. This is NOT Entertainment Tonight, it\’s a show meant for the fans and others trying to catch up on a series.

    7. Consumer Reports, The Series! Products are reviewed in various categories, head to head competitions are held, product recalls are discussed and recommendations are made.

    6. Transhuman – Series follows different branches of the anti-aging, transhumanism, calorie-restriction, cryogenics, etc movements. The science and science fiction are discussed. Interviews include current adherents and skeptics.

    5. Make Magazine, The Series! Cool DIY projects are made, reviewed and enjoyed by a cadre of tinkerers covering everything from Automotive and Home Improvement to Gardening and Fashion.

    4. Faith – A supernatural battle rages in the heavens. Suddenly, a bruised and battered body falls from the sky and lands in modern-day Los Angeles. A kind and beautiful activist for the homeless finds the man, barely alive after his plunge. As she nurses him back to health and tries to uncover his identity, the man displays strange abilities. Guided by her efforts, the man begins a quest to help others in hopes they can help him uncover his identity. But a horrible series of murders and a mysterious entity trail him wherever he goes. Will faith save him?

    3. I dunno, something with boobies?

    2. Cliff\’s Notes, the Series! – Documentary summarizes one book per episode using footage from key locations and interviews with fans, experts and the author. For example, the Da Vinci Code would include footage from the Louvre, commentary by biblical scholars and an interview with Dan Brown.

    1. Article VIII – Unknown to all but a secret cabal within the United States government, the framers of the U.S. Constitution drafted and then hid from public view a mysterious constitutional codicil known as Article VIII. This addendum created a fourth branch of government known as the Doomsday Branch. Though never included in any public copies of the Constitution, the cryptic Article VIII did make it into several Parallels, alternate signed versions of the Constitution. Thus commissioned, the Doomsday Branch has operated since 1787 in total obscurity, its mission, budget and power all kept from public scrutiny. Until now. Lost meets X-Files meets The Prisoner.

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  375. What I would like is a tour every week into one of the many exhibitions across the country, the ones I can\’t get to or the ones I can\’t afford. They are really getting popular to go to, and it\’s nice in person but on tv and in HD would be just like seeing it live, without the cost to travel. Maybe you could get some celebrity that was from that state to narrate the program.
    In PA this month there is one about aliens that my 16 year old is going to love but alot of us working class people don\’t have the money and I\’m sure there are alot of kids that miss it.
    The schools don\’t really do the things like they used to, as far as feild trips any more, and that\’s why it would be so nice to see that sort of program on TV. Marilyn exhibit is in Ohio,King Tut was in Phila, the list goes on and on…Educational, Interesting to all ages. Let me know because I will watch…
    They are really getting more and more popular….it would fit your station perfectly………..

    Comment by Cathy Mione -

  376. I would like to see a show based on these sites – http://www.springwise.com and http://www.trendwatching.com. I can\’t wait to get their newsletter updates. Its the only one that I stop everything to read.

    From the site:
    What is Springwise?

    Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation. Ferociously tracking more than 400 global offline and online business resources, as well as taking to the streets of world cities, digital cameras at hand.

    To ensure true glocal coverage, the central office is in close contact with more than 8,000 Springspotters in over 70 countries worldwide. The full colour, monthly Springwise (and related trendwatching.com) newsletters, to which you can subscribe for free, get sent to more than 210,000 business professionals in more than 120 countries.

    Comment by Mike Wylie -

  377. You should create a show where we showcase the research going on around creating a \”green\” society. MIT has recently launched an Energy Initiative [http://web.mit.edu/mitei/]. I would be very interested in seeing what the brightest minds of our country are researching for the future of our world. The show would drive awareness of what we are currently doing to our planet as well as what we are doing to move into the future.

    Comment by tyson -

  378. Mr. Cuban,

    Thank you for your interest in new show ideas for your HDNet programming.

    I believe I have THE shows for you!

    Dave Graveline, also my father, is host of Into Tomorrow which — as you may recall — is a national radio program covering the very latest in ALL consumer electronics and technology. We have recently been working on some short TV pieces that we have been posting on the web and calling ITTV or (\”Into Tomorrow TV\”). Those short pieces highlight a particular product that is of great interest to our national audience, those wanting the latest & greatest in technology.

    We also do a weekly Feature with Chris Graveline, my brother, titled This Week in Tech History. Chris highlights a couple of awesome technology events and products throughout history that were introduced around the same date years ago.

    There are no other shows out there currently like ours and if you were interested, youd be the first to produce such shows. Into Tomorrow would be an awesome addition to your excellent HDNet programming, not to mention we would be promoting HDNet on an on-going basis to our world-wide radio audience while being featured on it 😉

    We also have a small TV Studio here in Miami (associated with our radio operations) including a ChromaKey set, etc., where we could produce a weekly show and/or short Features … whatever you might prefer.

    Please take a moment and visit our web site http://www.graveline.com where you will be able to click on our ITTV section to see some of the videos we have done as well as become a bit more familiar with Into Tomorrow..

    \”Into Tomorrow\” — now celebrating our 12th SEASON — is a 3-hour network radio program (as well as 60 second daily features), currently airing on over 100 stations around the country as well as on XM Satellite Radio coast-to-coast. \”Into Tomorrow\” broadcasts are also available via the Internet and Podcasts, among other sources; and, heard around the world on the Armed Forces Networks!

    We highlight the way technology is changing our lives! From Gadgets & Gizmos to Home Theater, Digital Photography, Car Audio, Security & Navigation, High Tech Recreation, HDTV, Technology On-The-Go and everything else that people are talking about and spending their money on!

    Please let me know if you are interested in working further Into Tomorrow and I will put you in contact with the boss a.k.a. dad 😉

    Thank you for your time and good luck with all the submissions,
    Beth Gatrell

    Comment by Beth Gatrell -

  379. \’Morality\’:

    A courtroom drama where morally ambiguous cases are tried. Example: Father kills his daughter\’s rapist. Should he be punished, and if so, to what extent?

    The key is, 2 endings for every episode are filmed. Viewers get to live vote in between each week. Show starts with last weeks ending and first 2 acts of current week follow. Both endings are online/ dvd for more viewers (and buyers).

    Viewers watch for not only quality of show, and to see what ending was chosen (and if their voice was heard), but because of their power and the moral questions… EVERY viewer will have an opinion about every case.

    Ratings bonanza…

    Comment by M -

  380. Mark, I propose a travelogue in HD, but taken from the point of 4 different residents of each city. No hosts, no narrator, just the narration by the different individuals as they each reveal what their city/town/country means to them. It\’d be interesting for people to see how four people from different socioeconomic backgrounds view the same place, and how different (or similar) four different views of the same place can be.

    For example, you could have crews follow 4 people in my home city (DC) and pick, say 1 political person who works on capitol hill, one teacher working in Anacostia or one of the other neighborhoods that has not felt the effects of the rejuvinated DC economy, one from upscale NorthWest DC and one from a college student at GW, AU, Georgetown, or one of the other academic institutions in the city. I think it would be possible to engross an audience in the individual stories created by the people as well as the composite story of the city created by four individual viewpoints.

    HD would provide for some interesting visual opportunities, such as dividing the screen into four separate quadrants while the \”tour guides\” express their differing viewpoints about the same locale.

    Indeed, done properly, the show would be not just entertaining, but might shine light on the social divide that still segregates our country and become a tool to increase understanding within communities.

    Comment by Derek -

  381. The LAB – with Leo Laporte. In HD production in Vancouver now. Needs a US outlet. Contact Leo!!! Would be perfect for HDNet!

    Comment by The Axman -

  382. Title:Who is coming to Dinner?

    Premise: You often hear the question who would you invite to a dinner party if you could invite anyone living or dead? One average person each episode is given the opportunity to plan and host their ultimate fantasy dinner party. They would select their ultimate guests (politicians, musicians, actors, sports stars,etc) who in turn would invite someone they have always wanted to meet or was an influence on them.

    The show would follow the person making the decision who their ultimate party guests would be, follow the ultimate guests in their choices of who to invite, then choosing the perfect location for the party, and then choosing a celebrity chef from a pool who will sign up to do the show, and finally show the party.

    There are numerous angles this show could cover and would draw a diverse group of viewers.

    Comment by wally arcola -

  383. How about helping IU become the first college program with full HD home game coverage?

    Comment by Kris -


    An alternate history drama – something very controversial to engage audiences and REALLY drive discussion. For example: What if the American slaves hadn\’t been freed in 1865? Start with politicking between Lincoln and Lee and whoever, and end the first episode with Amendment 13 (or whichever it was) being x\’d out – followed by several seasons of alternate history between then and now (WWII with slave battalions?), culminating in modern-day ethnic rebellion in an alternate USA.

    The show would promote itself – imagine the media reaction. Of course it would need to written respectfully – no small challenge given the sensitive subject matter.

    That\’s just one (rough) idea – the goal of the show would be to drive interest, involvement, and discussion around one or more core issues in history by suggesting how else it could have gone.

    What if France had kept Hitler outside the Maginot line and the US spend the latter half of the 20th century in an isolationist state?

    Comment by downlow -

  385. Looks like you don\’t have anything animated on HDNet. Would you be interested in a 3D animated series? I might have a couple of good ideas if so. They don\’t involve sports or cards.

    Comment by Jason -

  386. As a TV producer I see a lot of opportunity. HD and your demographic would be great for original action serials and sci-fi serials. Mark, I have seen you on Donny Deutsch and you are so controversial you should have your own talk show. They are easy to produce and get a lot of bang for your buck.

    The numbers for Adult Swim for men 18-35 are amazing. So how about competing with them.

    Online/On TV video game tournaments(Madden, Tiger Woods Golf, etc)

    Bring back American Gladiators.

    Comment by Brant Collins -

  387. What about a game show that travels from city to city,and contestants play a game based on movie,t.v. sports triva with a chance to win one hunderd thousand dollars.

    Comment by A .F. B. -

  388. The whole point of having a network that broadcasts entirely in HD is to have content that really shows off the benefits of HD as a platform. Moreover, for a show to be truly successful, it has to be compelling enough to have people come in week after week after week, engaging enough that everyone keeps watching, and accessible enough so that someone can just jump right in and start watching.

    Here\’s my pitch: a private detective with a questionable past takes on a series of seemingly unrelated cases but soon realizes that he\’s stumbled into a vast government conspiracy. Now get this: the timeframe is ten years from the present, set in an America that has suffered multiple terrorist attacks and has become so overly paranoid that it\’s basically become a police state. It\’s like Dick Tracy-meets-The X-Files-meets-Blade Runner.

    Given the setting and the characters, this would meet all three criteria for a hit show. Because each episode is it\’s own mystery, you can watch them all individually, and as part of the series. The conspiracy aspect of it makes it compelling such that you want to come back week after week. And because of both aspects, it would inevitably inspire discussion and spread through word of mouth.

    Also, there would be explosions. Lots of them. And everybody knows that nothing looks better in HD than explosions, except maybe football.

    Comment by Adam Licht -

  389. Bring back The Black Donnely\’s

    Comment by jason johnson -

  390. Pick up The Black Donnellys. It is a great show. Anyone I have talked to who has seen the show loves it. NBC just didn\’t give it a fair chance.

    Comment by Kenny -

  391. A cross between Kuralt\’s \’On The Road\’ and Studs Terkel–a look at ordinary Americans doing significant things–our real heroes.

    Comment by DudeAsInCool -

  392. Hi Mark,

    Love the blog, unfortunately I am not able to get HDnet yet. A reality show loosely based on Stephen king\’s (as richard Bachman) The Long Walk.

    Any one can participate. Pick a starting point and everyone sets off on a Walk. Could be a sonsorship bonanza. Since it will last less than 24 hours, It could be a cool \”all weekend\” thing. Check in at any time over the net, watch specific times on HDNet. Each person could be hooked up with a tracking mechanism to view on the web. Basically, the person that walks the furthest, wins like a million bucks or something.

    The story that inspired the idea is a great short story. Part of the \”The Bachman Books\”


    Comment by Rob -

  393. How about you talk to Larry H Miller the owner of the Jazz about making some shows. He has a local Tv Station here in Utah. and it would be awsome too see you working with the Utah Version of You.
    Like maybe do a reality show with him.

    Comment by Randy Hawkins -

  394. Ok you want ideas 🙂 here is one.

    The Second Chance TV Network!
    With the recent cancellations of Jericho, Veronica Mars and other shows that got one, two or maybe 3 seasons. Or shows like Firefly who a lot of people would like to see come back. You pick up these shows that have a decent fan base and you air those shows.

    On the surface it might sound a little wacked out..but a few things you have to consider… If you can get the rights the show is already in motion so your start up costs should be lower and going in you should know your fixed cost per show. In addition to that all of the new shows have been bought by overseas companys to show on thier network.. in the case of Jericho I saw that there are many.. These other overseas networks now have bought into a show that is one season? I bet in most cases you could sell them on the idea of purchaseing a second or third season.

    Along with that you have quite a bit of internet tie in as shows now adays have a web presence and in the terms of Jericho it is quite a large one.

    Last but not least I\’m sure the people who come in to watch one show might get hooked on the others as well knowing they were in the same boat. For example if you produced Firefly I would watch.. I didn\’t catch it till reruns and got hooked on it but there was really little to watch and I would like to see more.

    So think about Second Chance Network! There are a lot of reasons it could work and work well.

    Check the wiki @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jericho_tv and look at who bought it to show overseas.. I count at least 20 networks.

    Comment by James Dickens -

  395. A news program directed, primarily, at black people but with an emphasis critical thinking and it\’s application in the real world.

    Hosted by me, of course: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/res/332125741.html

    Comment by Louis Troy Dixon -

  396. I hate reality shows. All are overdone and overacted. The fact that a camera is there effects they way people respond. Candid Camera was the original reality. Unfortunately, \”Punked\” has killed that as well.

    My idea is a based around my experiences with my 2 year old and 4 year old. They amaze me how excited they get over small things, like a box. A jewelery box, about to be put in the trash, can be a treasure chest. How they play, their questions and their frustration when they are trying to communicate an idea.

    Each episode we wake-up as the same typical child boy or girl. Then we slip in to their imagination. Everything becomes larger than life. Colors are brighter. A baseball stadium once again is bigger than anywhere and the grass is greener than we have ever seen. As the child plays in a Sword Fight we were the clink of iron against iron. Gun make real noises. the tree house is miles from the house and miles from the ground.

    Similar things have been done but often to the dumbing down of the kids. Nothing has beed done to the extent, clarity and with the special effects a HDNET production could do.

    Comment by Rick -

  397. The Black Donnelly\’s is an excellent show that you should pick up now that NBC has canceled it from their network. It has a large fan base and you would not go wrong in giving it at least one more season. I know several people that would watch.

    Comment by M F -

  398. Instead of creating a new show you could pick up a great show that the idiot execs at NBC dropped, The Black Donnellys. It has a strong fan base already and with your marketing (NBC didnt help the show along at all) it could blow up.

    Comment by tony -

  399. My idea is a very simple documentary type series. The show would take people that do different types of Jobs around the world and cover their activities for a day or week or however long it takes to show their lifestyle and routine. It seems that everyone in the world would always enjoy knowing how the rest of the world lives and this would give an inside look. It could cover labor workers to CEOs to athletes. With a small focus on their back story and how they get to the places they are in life. The cost of producing a show like this should be minimal as all you need to find for each field of work is a willing participant and/or organization. This continually can be an interesting show to watch due to the fact that people at the bottom levels of income gain ispriration from others stories. It would be half discovery channel type learning with a reality style documentary. I would imagine that the title of each show would display that weeks subject matter. Ex: The Working World, I am…. (subject)

    Comment by Brett Urquhart -

  400. Introducing TAB-TV on HDNet, tabloid news on television. For the first time, tabloid supermarket journalism is presented in a television format with the high-production values it deserves. Whether investigating Anna Nicole Smith is alive sightings in Central America or alien baby sightings in New Mexico, TAB-TV\’s intrepid reporters are on the scene, finally giving the public what it truly craves: the lowest common denominator.


    Comment by Douglas Bachelis -

  401. WHo needs a new show. Just buy Jericho from CBS and run with taht

    Comment by Jesse -

  402. Three words… The Black Donnellys

    If not you should create a comedy about a bunch of strangers sharing a dorm room or a bunch of stoners hanging out workin at seven eleven. You could always re-start the greatest show ever undeclared.

    Comment by Brian W -

  403. Pass it On!

    Some dreams come true, some of the greedy are exposed and America gets to make the call.

    Each week contestants make their plea for a potion of the season\’s $1m prize pool to use for their project/dream. If America feels their plea is valid and their chosen potion reasonable, they receive their funding and we watch the progress in future shows. If America feels them to be greedy , they get nothing.

    Winners \”pass on\” the rest of the pool for the next show.

    There are two hosts, the Advocate and the Accuser. These two make their points for and against the contestants during the show. The vote happens after the show via email, internet, text and phone to be announced on the next show.

    We get a weekly biography of Americana, peoples dreams, their need. A small documentary each week.

    I might want to rebuild my family store destroyed in Katrina, I ask for $98,000 and get it.
    I might want to cut a demo record and ask for $750,000, I get voted down.

    Comment by craig kauffman -

  404. Video Games are Big. Thousands of people play games each day. So the question is, with such an enthusiastic group, how does one translate that enthusiasm for gaming to tv viewing?
    Most video games have strong storylines. Take those storylines and create a short movie. Viewers will see the story from beginning to end, with video game play moving the story forward. No live actors..let the video game itself tell the story. There are a number of video games that fall into this category that can be produced this way, and more are being created, so you can have a stable of video short movies to air.
    You can take all video game platforms including the PC (like Second Life, Wow, etc). It would be very differant then what\’s currently on tv, and I think very interesting to watch.

    Comment by John Gomez -

  405. \”What do you do?\”
    The show follows an individual as they go through their work. This would be a great insight into different careers – everyone is unique.

    Comment by han kim -

  406. Game film for youth. One of the most informative things a young athelete can learn from is game film. At younger levels (under age 16), there is little access to game film. Jaws does a great job breaking down NFL film on ESPN. Why not have a show, in HD, that breaks down film in various sports – soccer, football, basketball, etc? This would be a teaching program. Learn about positioning, technique and set plays. Learn how to adjust to what the other team is doing – as shown during the course of a real MLS, NBA or NFL game. Have narration with laser pointers. I guarantee that every coach would have his players watch it. Should be cheap to produce and I would think that most sports leagues would like the additional exposure, especially to younger players.

    Comment by Jim -

  407. Hi Mark,

    First off, sports needs more owners like you.

    1. Weekly show about sailboat racing here in the U.S. Sailing in HD looks great and there are regattas each week that can be shot and covered. There are also many offshore races on both the east and west coast that could be filmed. Disney is coming out with a movie about the 2007 Transpac Race to Hawaii.

    2. Weekly tailgating show featuring tailgates from different venues. Run during the NFL season.

    Frank Conway

    Comment by Frank Conway -

  408. Extreme Exclusivity


    A satirical look into how advertising drives industry and manipulates the consumers it speaks to, but in the end it is the advertising industry and Hollywood who end up being manipulated.

    Throughout the plot, the deal team uses this concept (perceived reality) to manipulate the very industry they have succeeded in by securing advertisers dollars for product placement in a movie they have sold to Hollywood. The movie they are making is itself about the advertising industry, a biography of sorts of their own deals (product placements in short-lived, nationally covered news highlights of extreme scenes i.e., car chase w/ Dominos sign on top, bank robbed by man in Jack-in-the-box head, sponsored base jumper, etc.); culminating with the concept of Lunar Exclusivity, wherein a corporation can have the exclusive rights to display their logo on the moon via a hologram. The mission (rocket launch, etc.) is financed via corporate sponsorship. However, in the end, the deal team has even manipulated the advertisers perception of reality. While the dollars are indeed used for product placement in the movie, the deal team has secured rights to obtain all assets which are offset by the secured advertising dollars. They are able to actually launch a satellite that will display a hologram on the moon at no cost to them. While being the sole owners of this platform, they in turn offer up real-life Lunar Exclusivity to a corporate giant and go down in history as having pulled off the ultimate advertising deal.

    MITCH BANKS (VO)The 4th law of the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is the Law of Perception. We analyze a situation to make sure that truth is on our side. But it is an illusion. There is no objective reality. There are no real facts. All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of the customer or prospectyour mind. The perception is the reality; everything else is just an illusion. My name is Mitch BanksAdvertising is my job, Sales is my life. My ultimate goal? To manipulate your perception of what is your perceived reality.

    Series lends itself to:
    – High-quality / extreme visual effects (HD)
    – User generated ideas (re: extreme scene ideas)
    – The pulling back of the curtain of 2 of the most powerful and influential industries in America

    *treatment registered and available upon request (originally a movie idea, but could be morphed into a short series)

    Comment by jeff -

  409. Land of OpportuniTV centers on a boyfriend and girlfriend who work together at a TV network as co-producers of media properties that popularize the network\’s ever-expanding portfolio of online markets. These markets provide people with new/improved ways to develop, demonstrate, monetize and source expertise.

    In the process of doing their jobs, the boyfriend and girlfriend routinely interact with actresses and actors who want to make a favorable impression.

    Romantic comedy ensues, in a \’The West Wing meets Entourage\’ kind of setting.

    The beat sheet for the pilot, with jokes, is available upon request.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Comment by Frank Ruscica -

  410. A HD show that highlights \”America\’s Toughest Sheriff,\” Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Arizona) and his inmates. Sheriff Arpaio instituted \”Tent City,\” an extension of Maricopa County Jail that solves the problem of prison overcrowding by forcing inmates to live outside in tents (in over 100 degree heat); the \”Chain Gang\”, a program where men/woman/and juvenile inmates provide free labor 6 days a week in black and white striped uniforms; and the \”Pink Program\”, where all underwear, socks, bedsheets, and all fabrics were to be died pink because of the color\’s lack of \”macho-ness\” and its calming effects.

    This proposed program would show inmates having to do hard time, hard labor, but getting rehabilitated at a significantly lower cost than any other county in the US, and it would be eye opening to many people who think that prison systems just don\’t work. For more info on Sheriff Joe, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Arpaio

    Comment by Matt Baron -

  411. As the co-creator and co-founder of Air America Radio, I think it\’s time for progressive talk to move from radio to television, and have some specific talent and show ideas that are compelling, original and have a built in audience of at least 50% of American consumers. We have had formal meetings with CNN and MSNBC. Both organizations love the talent and the ideas, but are too afraid of the \”liberal\” label to proceed.

    Make no mistake: we tapped an ENORMOUS disenfranchised audience, and even though the right wing political/media establishment said there was no audience, the wellspring of goodwill from the millions who reached out to us told us something very different. It is distressing that the kind of momentum, funding and business savvy that Rupert Murdoch and other conservative investors bring to their side of the spectrum was unavailable to AAR. Many sympathetic high net-worth individuals shunned the for-profit model. In our rush to get on the air, we accepted money from the only people who stepped up. To put it simply (and to respect the terms of a legal release), they were flawed. Ultimately we were undercapitalized and were never able to take advantage of the remarkably public and positive early response.

    There is a slate of appealing new programming just waiting for a production home. It is interesting, funny and sponsor-friendly content that lives at the intersection of politics and entertainment.

    HDNet was bold and indepent enough to give Dan Rather a home. Maybe there\’s a Hi-Def home for us, too. Would love to discuss specifics.

    Jon Sinton

    Comment by Jon Sinton -

  412. Mark –
    Think generational. Children\’s programming – an entire network of it. Make it part of a standard cable/satellite/fiber package, not premium. Give a kid HD and they\’ll settle for nothing less all their life. With adults you\’re dealing with conversion, and many will limp along using HD/SD converters until their old TVs die – think of the entire generation of baby boomers who\’ll never buy or watch HD, forget them. With kids HD just is, or will be, come 2009. Once broadcasters must deliver HD signals, do you think \”Dora the Explorer\” or Sesame Street (who has a huge archive of programming that\’ll never really be HD) will go the extra mile? The disposable income/influence on spending these kids have is massive. Give them HD, give them love, & they\’ll be loyal (and they\’ll get convergence waaay before their parents do)

    I also have an idea for a video camera system that would change sports viewing forever, but we can discuss that later.


    Comment by Kevin Cronin -

  413. Byline

    Byline is a new and unique idea, one that exploits and embraces HDTV and the Internet.

    Byline is a travel/adventure show aimed at young adults (21- to 35-year olds). It follows a journalist on assignment to conquer an incredible journey. Filmed in a documentary-style format, viewers follow our writers as they trek across Patagonia; bike the Tour de France route; summit Mount Hood; compete in their first triathlon, etc. all activities/adventures viewers can experience themselves. Some assignments are easier than others; some the journalists may never achieve. Thats the drama and appeal will they/can they make it. And could I.

    Seen through the lens of a documentary-style camera (and additional cameras attached to the journalist/journalists equipment), Byline presents the journalists adventure from assignment to finished story. Some journalists write as they go, via note pad or blog. Some use the cameras audio track as their notebook. Some wont write at all until they return. Regardless, the story will unfold in front of the viewers eyes: be it wonderful or tragic.

    In order to capture a young adult audience, Byline will feature the latest music, incorporate multiple screens, present breathtaking images (which makes HDNet ideal) and present peer-to-peer journalists. These journalists will range in color, ability and talent, and be real people our viewers can identify with. Byline will not be staged, scripted or advertorial. It will be true and transparent.

    Revenue streams go beyond traditional advertising. Product placement is key. Whether its the shoes our journalists are wearing, the bike theyre riding, the water theyre drinking, or the PDA theyre using to upload their blog, its paid placement. Well work with music companies, travel agencies (websites), and everyone whos interested in a piece of the multi-billion dollar tourism industry.

    Then theres Byline.HD.net, the digital magazine version of Byline, where the journalist posts their story. Byline.HD.net provides readers a unique format watching video clips of the adventure (same video as aired on HDTV) interspersed with the journalist reading their finished story. Its the future of digital magazines providing a multimedia, interactive experience so readers become immersed in the story.

    Comment by Darryl Roberts -

  414. Love HDNet

    Most travel shows seem to all be the same. Places the average person cannot afford to go to, and can\’t take a family with them.

    A show that would focus on practical family vacations hosted by families with children and their journey to places everyday people can go. HD would bring out the beauty of so many places, and the whole family would be drawn into the experience. Another great twist if viewers could vote as to where to send the show for it\’s next eposide. By the way my family of 5 would be a great host for the show..

    Comment by Shayne Walters -

  415. Hi, Mark.

    Here\’s another idea for HDNet: \”Special Features\”

    It\’s a show filled with the kinds of special features that come on many DVDs. I see it as a mix of existing special features (submitted by any movie looking to promote their DVD) and original features that reveal the \”making-of\” or background of anything we want.

    Whether we produce original features or not, \”Special Features\” is a new way to package these materials — much like your movie previews show.

    First Thoughts for Original Features:

    How Disneyland creates a ride.
    How a wax museum creates a wax figure.
    How a hot dog is made.

    First Thoughts for Original Features that are Movie Related:
    Movie costume designers.
    Animal wranglers.
    Studio tours.

    Hope you like. Thanks for reading.

    — Brian

    Comment by Brian Gross -

  416. What do \”All About Eve\”, \”It Happened One Night\”, \”High Noon\” and \”Rear Window\” have in common? They all started as short stories. for 40 years, short stories were a major source of successful and acclaimed movies. Unfortunately, the magazines that published \”commercial\” fiction are all gone. But NextStopHollywood.org has just completed a two-year search for short stories that ought to be movies. More than 600 short stories were submitted; 60 reviewers helped evaluate them; and 15 chosen. terrific stories with plots and characters you love or love to hate.

    Comment by Steve Cohen -

  417. One of the most popular educational shows on tv in the past was Magic School Bus. They took feld trips in unique ways to educate the students. It would be fun to do the series in \”real life\” and utilize HD to show the brilliance of the subject matter.

    Comment by Xytrex -

  418. What would you do to get out of debt? Would you force your girlfriend into prostitution? Would you crash your fathers car and collect the insurance money?

    Welcome to Debt Relief, the animated reality show where insolvent young urbanites face off to have their student loans forgiven and get back on track to the creative professions they love.

    Debt Relief is a macabre, ironic and hilariously dystopian take on the world of universal insolvency, The Running Man meets The Truman Show. Contestants are mocked for their idiocy in seeking out goals of creativity and passion and for the series of downturns that landed them here in the first place.

    And then depending on how far theyre willing to stretch the limits theyre offered a shot at redemption.

    Since its a dog eat dog world out there, the field of contestants is narrowed down through an initial physical challenge: for example, a no-holds barred boxing match between applicants of equal size and weight (or maybe not, since life is rarely this fair).

    But heres the hook: whoever wins the match can sit back and relax, watching as his roughed-up opponent faces a nearly impossible task that relates back to his lifes work.

    The winner of the physical challenge is treated like a king, while the loser is assigned a near impossible task that invitesno, demandsinglorious failure and, possibly, physical injury and even death.

    An out of work supermodel must lose half her body weight and survive for 3 days!

    A failed journalist is helicoptered into Afghanistan, where he embarks on a mission to find Osama Bin Laden.

    A flummoxed pastry chef must make a desert that pleases a barbaric Middle Ages warlord otherwise, hell be sent to the gallows or, possibly, disemboweled.

    The obvious cruelty of Debt Relief works because its reoccurring joke limns the American culture of debt and suggests that its not so much peoples mistakes that get them into trouble, but rather the post-Capitalist miasma of freelancing and education expenses. Americas way of ensconcing its young in money problems has a kind of ruthless Darwinian logic that could stand a little satirizing.

    Comment by Jesse S. -

    Duration: 30 minutes

    The purpose of BIG GUYS, BIG MOVIES is to provide the home/studio viewing audience(s) with an exciting, upbeat, fun, and all-around entertaining program geared towards current and past films.

    Our vision of BIG GUYS, BIG MOVIES (BGBM) has 2 hosts (preferably 2 Large Men), such as ourselves, interacting with the audience(s) about a specific film or films within a 30 minute broadcast time frame. This show would be a weekly show.

    THE SET: The BIG GUYS, BIG MOVIES set should mirror a current middle-class American living room; it can be filmed in front of a live studio audience or not (this could be negotiable).

    We see BIG GUYS, BIG MOVIES airing Friday or Saturday, late nights. Our target audience is anyone who enjoys movies. The show would be clean, but edgy (no hard insults or profanity). BGBM will have its own hip and unique style, per the chemistry of the 2 hosts.

    IDEAS: Ideas for BIG GUYS, BIG MOVIES are:

    -Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda segment
    – Scene Reenactment(s)
    – Call Ins
    -The Garbage Rating
    – and more!!

    For further details regarding our idea, please contact Mariano or Zammone via e-mail at:


    Thank You

    Comment by Mariano & Zammone -

  420. I think a show about Firefighters as a crew at a busy firehouse would be interesting and entertaining. Part reality and part scripted it could be an opportunity to witness the every day heroics and antics that are the part of being a fireman. There is not much more drama than seeing a building ablaze and the professionalism that ensues when these men ands women do a job that is as dangerous as rewarding!

    Comment by Matt Widowski -

  421. Mark,

    Title: Taunting God
    Format: 5 Night Mini-Series

    I thought of this a few years back and drafted it out but I am not in this industry. It\’s a story of a common man whose family is killed in an drunk driving accident. The driver gets off due to a technicality. The protaginist has nightmares about the family being sent to hell and it torments him. He is met by a person on the street who helps bring his anger to the surface and convinces him to kill the driver to get justice. After that, the friend reveals he is in fact the devil and tells him that the world is going downhill and if he (the devil) takes over he can give the family back and stop their suffering. The only catch is he must defeat the archangels on earth to win the territory.

    This simple man starts a campaign of evil and terror in a bid to force God and his soliders out onto the battlefield and eventually they do…

    The story has some great twists and angles. I think it needs to be visually stunning to make it effective and the story would play better on TV becuase it would take more than 2hrs to do it right. I have some visual images in my head (fire/brimstone/angels,etc..) that would make it a perfect HD flick.

    I can guarantee its unique and there isn\’t a movie like it ever.

    Comment by Johnpaul Ragusa -

  422. A few ideas:

    The Lunch Table — Over lunch three people at various stages in their careers discuss their industry. The novice, mid-career and success can talk about what really goes on inside an industry. As an example, three singers talk over the music industry. In many cases, the success will be teaching the novice, but that\’s not necessarily the case. In this example, the mid career person could have seen more and have better stories. There will be some tensions. Why did they make it when I didn\’t? There will be comraderie. But most of all the viewer will get educated on an industry from the insiders.
    Ths Stoop — Place five people on a stoop and let them talk about their local legends. The basketball player who was supposed to be an NBA all-star who washed out too soon. The singer who had more talent than the local person who made it. The \”panel\” will have stories of their experiences seeing the person. There would be video clips and interviews with that week\’s subject. We\’ve all had these conversations about the person who should have, but never did. Some of the re-telling will be true, parts will be exaggerated.
    Pursuing the Flag — Document the experiences of two drivers (one African American) as they make the climb up the ranks to NASCAR. They have to get their initial sponsors, maintain jobs and relationships, all while learning the sport. Making it is hard enough. Does the African American have a harder time securing things in a sport that has two drivers of color on its major circuit? It\’s a look at their setbacks and wins. Neither could make, both or one.

    Comment by Jerome James -

  423. Hey there Mark:

    What a great idea! I could hardly believe my eyes when I read your post… wow… a CEO with an original idea (and who\’s clairvoyant enough to see that there\’s nothing but a sea of crap on the TV these days)…. KUDOS!

    I don\’t know if my little web show would suit your need for originality, check out http://www.myspace.com/anterockstar. It\’s formatted for the web right now, and we\’re going ahead, development dollars or no, but it might be worth your time to look. I\’m entertaining, captivating, and although I can\’t claim TOTAL originality (we\’re taking Rockstar and turning it on its ass), hey, who knows, you might just be looking at a diamond in the rough there.

    And hey, if you don\’t wanna put me up on the toob, well, maybe you\’ll watch, and I\’ll have gained a fan.

    Thanks for your time, and really, kudos on the original thinking, you might just shake some moths loose over at the networks… and that\’s good for entertainers and audiences alike… everywhere.


    Comment by Tamara Morahan -

  424. If something similar has alreay been posted, please accept my apologies – I didn\’t read through all of them (there\’s so many). Now to the idea:

    \”The Smoker\”

    Comedy/Drama (Dramedy?): Follows the life a person who smokes. It isn\’t easy being a smoker anymore. This will show the realities of being a smoker in a non-smoking world – the cost in both money and general health, the impossibility of quitting smoking, generally being ostracized, the neurosis of feeling like you\’re a burden on your non-smoking friends, the feeling that you can\’t even consider going out with a man who doesn\’t smoke, etc. It will be both funny and sad. Someone like Jennifer Anniston would be good for the lead. Set in a very picturesque non-smoking city, of course! Please contact me if you\’d like more input/ideas. Thank you.

    Comment by Sheila -

  425. Why percieve that the American TV viewer is an idiot? Just because they have been served multi-hours of mindless shows that are the equivalent of black or red, even or odds in roulette? Just because Intelligent scripted programs have not pulled the high viewership that vile and sophmoric pabulum is not a reason to \”talk down\” to the viewing audience.

    Bring quality short stories that can be shot at reasonable budgets. A \”Playhouse 90\” for the modern era. Use unknown or known authors and either ensamble a cast or use unknown actors and develop the network\’s own stars.

    Comment by Frank -

  426. So there\’s a courier who comes to our office twice daily and he loves taking action. This guy bets on everything. He is always moving in with different girls and getting in trouble with the law, yet he still manages to maintain his job. His rants touch on how to court women, shaking down his own clients, living in and out of his work truck and even learning the contents of a package without opening it. My rhetoric truly doesn\’t do him justice and a colleague and I already plan to approach nearby RISD students to develop a 5-10 min daily webisode called \”A Man, A Van & A Plan.\” Every two years in my life I meet one person who is truly a character and unlike any one else I\’ll ever meet. This is that guy….

    Comment by Joe Lurie -

  427. Ultimate Frisbee is no longer for hippies (well maybe Aussies)… although people assume it is. This sport has only been scratched upon in the US, however, there are so many elements to the game that could take it to a professional level.

    Because it is a new game, there are so many avenue\’s for midlevel advertisers, not your traditional advertisers. With HD providing incredible digital graphics, and ultimate being a fast game involving dives, and amazing throws you are bound to create a level of viral hype.

    The strategy is incredible, and with announcers that map out the strategy similar to Madden it is sure to create a huge following. Something to consider…

    Thanks for Mav\’s.


    Comment by Russell Wagner -

  428. Hey Mark,
    How about picking up the rights to The Black Donnellys? NBC canceled it after only 4 show on the air supposedly due to poor ratings. Considering two of the weeks it was against the NCAA College Basketball tournament, I wouldn\’t put much behind those figures. It\’s the only show I would ever watch online on a little 12\” screen because it is that good and worth watching. It has a pretty large and rabid fan base who are pushing the show to all their friends. If you announced that it was being picked up, I bet the ratings would be through the roof.

    Comment by Jeff Gunness -

  429. Here is a thought for a reality TV show. I have always wondered how diffrent artist will sing a song if they were
    giving the same beat. The title of the reality show should be SAME BEAT, DIFFRENT SONG. A hot producer (or any producer) makes a beat and two diffrent artist come up with the lyrics and flow for the beat.The artist could be either well known (i personally prefer established artist) but up coming artist should also be involved. I also suggest that a percentage of the sales of both songs (weather by the winner or runner up) be giving to charity. Cameras could follow the artist during the creative process and this should be added to the show before the final song is performed live. The winner will be voted by text messages sent to the show. I think this idea is great because it is original. Artist would not mind being on the show because it would help boast their profile.Also, most artist already have a fan base and thus combining both artist fan base would definately provide decent ratings. Rappers should go at it agaisnt Rappers, pop stars agaisnt pop stars, R n N stars agaisnt … i think you get the idea.I thought of pitching the show as a kind of AI (American Idol) show, were five or six artist are giving the same beat at the same time and are gradually reduced to two final contestants (actually this is not a bad idea) with each round having diffrent beats (this could work with artist that are not well known or those looking for a comeback) but I reasoned that well known artist will be much too busy and thus the should only be brought in for special shows to face each other in a one off. Another problem might be the intergrity of the show and by that I mean how does the audience know that artist are not being aided in the creative process.This could be solved by putting them up in a house with no phones but equipped with a recording studio until they are done. A time limit of 7 days could be set for the completion of the song.Spice could be added to the show by forcing famous artist to collaborate with any artist of their choice.

    Comment by Orduen Shambe -

  430. THE BLACK DONNELLYS SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by casey keefe -

  431. The Ultimate Hip Hop Battle

    The world of Hip Hop is all about ego and who is the best on the mic. Well, who is the best? How about a contest that settles things once and for all. Take the top 64 Hip Hop artists around and let them freestyle battle on the mic. (Image a bracket like the NCAA Tournament). Imagine L.L. Cool J vs. 50 Cent; or Jay-Z vs. Eminem; Snoop Dogg vs. Ice Cube; or Ludacris vs. ???? The potential match ups are endless and the drama behind the scenes as each artist prepares to go to battle. Each rapper would get three chances to bless the mic. 50% of the scores would be from a panel of three judges (i.e. Russell Simmons, Chuck D, a noted Hip Hop writer) and the other 50% would come from the viewers live either via cellphones, internet, or telephone votes.

    As the brackets wind down from 64 to 32 to 16 to 8 to 4 to 2 tension would not build towards bragging rights, but to the ultimate grand prize — One million dollars? Five million dollars? A stake in the Mavs? 🙂 What can you give some people who are already millionaires? Maybe the final four and finals are held in a venure like Madison Square Garden.

    Having the big names would bring in the audience, but maybe a few wild cards are added to the mix in the form of an up and coming rapper. or what if an \”old school\” rapper (i.e. Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, M.C. Hammer) came out of \”retirement\” to give it one last shot.

    With the proper game plan, \”The Ultimate Hip Hop Battle\” could be entertaining, informative, and generate a lot of viewers with true fans of Hip Hop and maybe even bring some new fans to the table. And, once and for all the competition will decide who really rocks the mic!

    Comment by Darryl Wharton-Rigby -

  432. If I had a request for a new television series it would simply be to see a series focusing on natural or manmade desasters(Examples might include Valcano, asteroids, floods, exc…). A series, not real t.v. , using special effects. I am familuar with your programing and hope this is still doable. The cast could be made up of Sientist, fema, reporers, weathermen, the President,exc… . I\’ve pitched the idea to my family and friends and they all had senerio ideas and said they would watch every episode. Each desaster could last a week or just a day, keeping the watcher up to date and eager to watch. Depth could be added through the relationships between the characters without descouraging the new viewers from watching. A tidal wave ripping through new york and through the hill side (Deep Impact), or an unstopable tornado tearing through Kansas (Twister) is a must see ! Who wouldn\’t be talking about it? If \”Global warming\” was a factor for these desasters as well (cirtin eppisodes), wouldn\’t that send a hell of a message? Please forgive any spelling errors, Phillip Hilligoss.

    Comment by Phillip Hilligoss Jr. -

  433. 1) Television is in need of a political drama about Capitol Hill staff, a la The West Wing. I think that a show that blended reality (following real staff and current issues) with fictionalized drama would be fantastic. I\’ve no idea how this would look or how it would work, but I\’m confident in the ability of the professionals to figure that out.

    2) I\’ve read that HDNet is considering airing NBC\’s The Black Donnellys. I think that is a wonderful idea. With the passing of The Sopranos, the Donnellys needs to be aired in its entirity and to have someone seriously consider giving it a second season. While there have been mob shows (and movies) before, the youth of the cast gave it an inherent instability, volatility, and drama lacking in most of its models.

    Comment by Katie Bennett -

  434. \”The Infidels\” is a story about 4 guys working for a law firm in downtown tax-credit friendly city. They think about sex about as often as you do. Think \”Mind Of The Married Man\” meets \”Six Feet Under\”. Most scenes happen in their imaginary world with all of their twisted idiosyncracies bubbling to the top.

    While we\’re at it:

    \”Blackout\” is a MOW about one man\’s struggle to take care of his family during an unexpected and prolonged collapse of the nation\’s electrical grid.


    Comment by Jason Chesworth -

  435. A show filming the path or journey from negative net worth or zero to a billion dollar plus net worth, using Mark Cuban as just a mentor(NOT AN INVESTOR)and using my own investors and cash. Also, using hard core investing and business ideas that I have. Ha Ha is it possible that there is someone out there with a billion dollar idea(youtube), But just needs a mentor? Is it possible to create a billionaire in a reasonable time? I think so. Im thinking outside the box and yes money does grow on trees!haha!!! The biz idea I have came from something I had trouble with recently… A NEED THAT I NEEDED FILLED… I have not done a whole lot of research but i do know there is nothing like it when i google it… The only reason I am writing in here is because you are a self made millinaire and billionaire and from viewing you on jim cramer\’s mad money and donny deutshe, I think you have a great mind and not to mention outside the box.

    Thanks for your time in reading…

    Comment by Matrillionaire -

  436. Mark, We need an American Idolesque Presidential political show that runs every year where candidates debate each other on a specific topic each week and compete in talent and physical competitions as well as get exposes on their home life and pasts.

    If you can pull this show off, you\’ll not only drive viewership to HDNET, you\’ll make history my friend.

    PS: All the jackasses on here who are talking about distribution rights and wanting their cut are total fools whose posts should be deleted. Every successful person knows you get more in life from what you give away than what you hoard for yourself.

    Comment by Joshua Minton -

  437. …………….The Black Donnelly\’s……………………….. Great show and endless potential. think sopronos starting out. this could be a great show if given the opportunity. it was on NBC but was cancelled after only a few weeks. it just needs a chance to grow. give the show a chance if you get the opportunity. thank you!

    Comment by chris robinson -

  438. InterStellar OverDrive

    InterStellar OverDrive takes place in either an alternate universe or a hyper-real dream where they still make Studebakers and Studebaker makes a damn fine flying saucer. The series will give viewers a lot to empathize with an ensemble cast and many characters trying to do well, often despite themselves and nearly all of them trying to get a head in this galaxy.

    While some promising (and influential) space series have space yuppies spreading political correctness, nearly everybody in the InterStellar OverDrive Universe is out to make a buck or their planetary equivalent. This opens up a lot of comedic and dramatic possibilities as various people work at self-serving or cross-purposes. Nobody gets preached to or set right and only occasionally learn lessons when things go seriously wrong.

    Earth and Leiania, a similar world in the Tau Ceti system, are considered to be a bit backwards, out in the Milky Ways boondocks, not being in either fashionable, cosmopolitan arm. The Tau Cetians are considered to be more promising and the Earthlings being a collective weaker stepsister.

    The main characters have been in development for a while and they can pretty much write their own dialog.

    Flexia Bast is a full-blooded unmastered warrior from Leiania. She is taking business courses in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a tall, very powerfully built, strong, silent type but can be naturally friendly when approached. Her estranged mother is the most successful entrepreneur on the home world and her father is reputed to be most formidable warrior of his generation. She is probably the break out character of this series.

    Wayne Kolbe is still a very athletic ex-jock who is uncomfortable at being a planet-hopping corporate suit for Big Bill, but he works hard to excel to make up for not cracking the pros. He will impulsively do heroic acts and then realize that hes in deep later. Note on his pompadour: this character design predates Johnny Bravo by nearly a decade and a half.

    Wilfred Big Bill P. Feird is a billionaire based in Omaha since he got his start there as a mere Studebaker dealer. Hes still a pushy, hard sell, fly by the set of his pants businessman. Think of a George Babbit archetype on a caffeine buzz.

    Winifred Winnie Feird is the oldest Big Bills two daughters, both adults. Winnie is a bit tomboyish, fairly zaftig, and a little too extraverted. She feels that the universe is but a stage, so why not chew the scenery, steal scenes, and be a wsieguy. Shes one corner of the triangle with Wayne and Didi.

    Didi Feird is Wilfreds other daughter, a pretty crew-cut sweater girl. Shes otherwise a bit quiet and shy and deferential. Sometimes, she will come up with the odd insight. Other times, she can too readily be a spear-carrier or victim for Winnies antics.

    Ulviox Elvis 10G-Q5 is a little green techno-geek with a playfully obnoxious personality. He has an IQ over a 1000 but can be puerile enough that it takes a while to intuit that. He apparently knows about all the technological and pop-culture trivia in the Galaxy. He is sometimes paired with Wayne on romps.

    V.U. Meter is the angry deadpan leader of the Psubatomic Byrdbath, a critical darling of a forgotten Noise Band from the 80s that never was commercially successful or even popular in his hometown. He is a friend with Flexia and she sings and plays bass in the latest incarnation of his band.

    Montue Bast is Flexias loving, grand old man of a father. He is reputable to the most formidable Leian warriors of his generation, and continues to be the Emperors favorite and a kindly family man and naturally very friendly.

    Leonina Bast is Flexias estranged mother and the most successful and least liked entrepreneur on the Tau Ceti home world. She is an analytical strategy wonk and has never forgiven the universe, and wants a serious chunk out of its hide, for giving her four extra toes and fingers, and over double the normal IQ than normal.

    Pursia Bast is Flexias much younger grown sister and mommies little sycophant. She can do calculus in her head, parrot many facts and still know not what any of it means.

    Of course, the series sprawls across the galaxy with a lot of races of aliens. Heres a starter set.

    The Leians are almost like a parallel Earth, with the main gimmick is that their humans evolved from Pantherus instead of Pan. Their society is a bit more orderly, cleaner, and intuitive than ours. Internal combustion never took hold there, they still hold on to a lot of legacy steam power, and are years ahead of us in communications, computers, fabrication, and fuel-cells.

    The Inols are very non-human aliens that dominate the Western Arm of the Milky Way. They have business plans for Earth, almost always with us getting the short end. They came in four corporate races: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black. The Cyan, Yellow, and Black groups are the bumbling, CYA, Peter-principled corporate bureaucrats of the universe. The Magenta group can catch one unaware by their slick competency and effectiveness.

    The Hampions are an over-bearing empire that dominates the overly industrialized Eastern Arm of the Milky Way with their State Capitalism. They like pollution and boat-anchor-engineered big things with a lot of gears and chips. They think theyre wonderful to deal with, but everyone else in the galaxy thinks differently.

    The Claireans are the Hampions closest allies, despite being a little smarter and fastidious and a lot more orientated towards precision. They can also be maddeningly anal retentive, and a few other quirks, having been descended from a slave class that killed off a decadent and slovenly ruling cast.

    The Cses a political satellite of the Hampion Empire that is closest to Earth. Two moons in the system, Cseworld and Junkworld are populated by what looks like cyclopean elfmimi.

    Elgium are a race of little green geeks. They have some of the galaxys most advanced technology and most backwards social skills.

    The 1101 are a race of non-aligned robots inhabiting their worlds 000E through 01BD in the star systems 0000 through 000A. These beings never lie nor do anything deliberately wrong or self-serving and are always cooperative. This makes them hard and awkward to figure out and deal with.

    Just send the various characters and races bouncing off each other like Brownian motion and you have an endlessly entertaining series.

    Artwork available on request.

    Comment by doug holverson -

  439. Captain Saucer plays like 70s Hanna-Barbera big chin style space hero corrupted by Russ Meyer. A back handed mock-heroic homage to those old Saturday Morning cartoons. The main appeal of the show is that it mainly aims for snort milk out of your nose humor. No episodes will deadened by promoting any real morals. The viewer will have perverse empathy with most characters being lovably ineffectual in their self-centeredness and self-servingness. With the exception of Wingding, a potential breakout character that the viewers will sympathize with her being naturally nice and kind and suffering the consequences for that. Captain Saucer is a science fiction parody that requires no deeper understanding of science fiction beyond the overly familiar gimmes of flying saucers, aliens, monsters, and zap guns.

    The Captain Saucer franchise is set in the sprawling, prosperous, and cosmopolitan space-port of Soldier, Iowa (the hard water capital of the world!) in some undefined cartoon future the looks a lot like the Jetsons. (How else could a proper cartoon future look like?) When alien baddies come to Earth inflict the badness that they do so badly, they usually seek out Soldier, Iowa (the golden buckle on the Corn Belt!).

    Nevil Maskelyn was a Phys Ed instructor who was recruited as the current Captain Saucer. His reasons for taking the job are that he wants to fly through space, punch out people, and boink space girls. Even the blue and green ones! Hes just smart enough to know hes a muscle-head and slides through life on a maximum of luck and minimum of effort.

    Bertha Athena Cassiopeia Iris Calypso Lumina Venus Nova Delta Estes is Captain Saucers assistant who thinks shes a lot more intelligent and competent than she really is. She can also insult people in two languages. She also hates being the center of attention just because she is, in her words, a scorching hot babe! She also really hates not being the center of attention when other females are.

    Wingding is the shy, bookish maid of the Captain Saucer agency. She will often pull Nevils and Berthas cookies out of the fire. At eight foot two, 970 pounds, and nearly indestructible, shes considered to be puny and frail for a Snood from the planet Snoo.

    John Harrison is the officious dweeb that runs the Captain Saucer franchise. He was once the original Captain Saucer. Now he polishes the Captain Saucer public image, by working up baked press releases.

    Horten Nurflugel is the franchises obnoxious brat techno-geek that keeps the equipment running and invents gismos of his own.

    SM-10 is the agencys mainly useless robot. It randomly beeps, plays 45s, and gets destroyed in every episode. Jeff Jeff salvages the only two remaining usable parts and fixes SM-10 by merely replacing the other 47596387 parts.

    Twinkles is a semi-friendly parody of a certain movie alien. Hes been Jeff Jeffs bestest little pet since he ate his way out of my best friend!

    Of course the Captain Saucer universe has some amusing and interesting villains. Here is the roster so far:

    Emperor Laminar is the barely half awake and barely half bright teenage evil emperor of the Lamia Empire. He has millions of conscripted minions who look like Roman Legionnaires with aviator goggles, jodhpurs, and boots.

    Sophia Hagia and the Boyoids are the self-proclaimed Kids from Nix Olympia, whoooa ooooh! A out going and bouncy Sophia and her Devo-oid Martian spear-carriers come here to pilfer Earths greatest and highest culture achievement: New Wave oldies.

    Pretty Princess Purri and the Neko Meanis (their Is are all dotted with kitty hearts) are a cute ribbons and bows clich of cat-girls in a rip on Girl Anime. They are also ruthless yakuza from space. Purri is the ringleader, Sweeti is her sycophant, and Calli is just kind of there. Dainti is the muscle of the group, being able to shred boxy mobsters or pound Wingding through a brick wall without trying.

    The Puzziez are a more thuggish and punkish rival mob to the Neko Meanis.

    Emperor Turbulent is a male drama queen needy for all the approval in the universe. The random torture will increase until the amount of affection that I receive increases. He has a burly police state in bowlers and many minions to sacrifice to get it.

    Captain Signal and Noise are homage to Captain Skyhook and Static with the design reference shifted from Ed Bennedict over to Iwao Takamoto. Signal is a reluctant space villain while Noise, his pushy minion, manipulates him into about any sort of trouble. Noise also answers the question: Its an extra severe duty synthetic lubricant specially formulated with unique solvents that neither breakdown nor boil off in the extreme temperatures and hard vacuum of outer space.

    Hyperbot: Uranium Cumulus Flyflyboy 404++ is technically a space hero, albeit one imported from Japan. Unfortunately Flyflyboy became a space hero because he likes to blow up things and hes totally whacked out with the power of piloting the big ugly Uranium Cumulus 404++ Hyperbot which has the firepower to blow up most anything.

    Captain Saucer is differentiates itself from all the self-aware and self-referential Skiffy parodies is that it is a bit old schoolish in not being isnt self-aware and self-referential. The romps are played totally straight faced with whatever is happening to the characters solidly being their reality. All in-jokes, meta-jokes, and pop culture references will be matter of fact played as throw away gags without any self-awareness or self-congratulation. Without the self-aware irony, this makes the dissonance even more comedic, to give the effect of watching an actual lost cartoon gone wrong. The series has no real nudity, any sex is implied and off screen, and all the vocabulary is TV-Y13/G-rated (the worst word used is boobs) so when things are often pushed off-color or the G-rated words are arranged to imply non-G-rated things its all the more strikingly funny. Cartoon slapstick can and will happen in the Captain Saucer universe, it has an edge because the characters can get hurt and, potentially killed, and they are dumb enough to bring it upon themselves.

    Artwork available on request.

    Comment by doug holverson -

  440. 1 \”Cyclopses\”

    Cyclopses is the working title for a proposed animated variety and variety show that cuts directly to animated fun and more animated fun and gets rid of deadwood of boring variety show things like hosts, guest stars, and musical guests. This show has nothing really to do with Cyclopes, outside of the occasional alien or monster walking through. Cyclopses will be a show that the viewers can consistently turn to for the joys of splitting a kidney. This show will have black out-and sketch comedy, be a clearinghouse of one-offs and random ideas, maybe a little experimentation, homages and parodies of classic animated cartoons, and will some short series with lots of spin-off potential.

    The black out-and sketch comedy will be freed away from real people with real physics amp it up into something that utilizes into cartoon slapstick and hyperbole. Somewhat in feeling vaguely similar to the loosey-goosey freewheeling Pythons or Summer Replacement Variety shows of the 70s, although, Cyclopses will not necessary derivative of either of these. And of course, this will be as great as a former kids rose-colored nostalgic memories of Summer Variety Replacement shows, instead of as lame as they probably were.

    The homage to the classics will be like the example of The Pastiche Parables which is not a cheep knock off of Jay Ward but an attempt to match the wittiness and style of the originals. Three are already scripted with The Dumpy Little Princess who stalks her Prince Charming, John Henry Gets Spiked or The Hammer and Fickle, and The Car That Cried Alarm. More are in progress

    A classic cartoons parody would be like Pugnacious Pussies which is patterned after early 50s Warners and MGM cartoons. This certain romp is played so straight faced that when it veers into off-color territory, such as one feline female flushing another down the toilet in the mens room, it will bring laughter of theyre not suppose to be doing that! surprise.

    The short series with spin-off potential could be Captain Saucer, a Saturday morning cartoon parody; Fanboy and Scapegoat, a gallows humored update on a Bullwinkle style romp; and InterStellar OverDrive, a stylish space series.

    By the way, Cyclopses is not the correct plural of Cyclops. The irregular plural of Cyclopes is correct. Cyclopses is just a deliberately incorrect plural that I thought was funky which I came up with in high school back in the 70s. I created the one-eyed smiley to go with the title at the time, too. Actually, this proposal is a revival of an animated variety show that I came up with in late junior and toyed with and pipe-dreamed about all through high school and a little while after. The hypothetical variety show was called The Holverson Magneto and Spark Plug Company and Cyclopses was the name of a proposed theatrical spin-off. A personal in-joke explained.

    Comment by doug holverson -

  441. Hi Mr Cuban,

    First of all I have a great deal of respect for a man who can turn the Mavericks into a winning franchise.

    I\’d first like to suggest a model similar to the BBC. They\’re notorious for canceling shows after a few seasons. They\’re even derided by some for this practice. But it ensures quality programming. Story and character arcs that have a clear beginning and end. Ricky Gervais\’s The Office for example. Across the pond we abuse and cancel quality programming like \”Freaks and Geeks,\” \”Futurama,\” and \”Arrested Development\” because they aren\’t immediate ratings smashes. We also turned the once great \”The Simpsons\” into a seemingly immortal revenue monster that just refuses to die even though they should have bowed out gracefully about ten years ago. Like Jerry Seinfeld had the sense to do.

    I don\’t think that HD Net will have the tendency to rape artistic entertainment in the way that the networks do.

    The single camera \”dramedy\” is a concept that needs to be embraced. And the laugh track needs to die like most of its laughers did long ago. I could probably come up with such a show about a life situation that I can relate to as an unemployed Bachelor of Fine Arts in the field of Sculpture.

    \”Planet Art\” up there from Mr. Rob sounds like a great idea. Maybe it could be expanded to a regular series that could educate the American public about the fascinating history of visual art. Western. Eastern. African. Tribal. That\’s four seasons right there.

    Thanks man. Keep yelling at those dumb zebras.

    Comment by Chris -

  442. I really want someone to pick up the Black Donnellys for a second season. It\’s got a huge fanbase already, so I\’m sure it wouldn\’t do too badly.

    Comment by Christine -

  443. \”Careers\”

    Spend a week coming up with a season\’s worth of jobs to focus on. Track someone in each of those professions (willing to be on TV) for a [insert time here]. HD, which really does make the TV experience *feel* real, would enable the immersion in these people\’s jobs.

    Beyond the fact that we live in a voyeur society, people in general are interested in people and how others\’ earn their living.

    Comment by Will -

  444. HDNet should definately pick up The Black Donnellys from NBC. It\’s written by Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco. It also has some the best young talent in television. This is a great show and has an extremlely dedicated fan base. This show deserves another chance! Please look into it. Thanks for considering the publics input!

    Comment by Todd -

  445. I heard that you were picking up The Black Donnellys. If so, thank you so much! It\’s a great show! You won\’t be disappointed. If not, you need to. lol Please let us fans know what you are doing with it. Thanks!

    Comment by Nikki Allen -

  446. We have talked a few times regarding HDNet and we are already in production of a great show with strong character back stories. We are near a deal with Dish Network and if it takes off we would love to entertain filming the second season in HD. The budget just doesnt allow for it this go round.
    Take a look at the official site…New one will launch next week. http://www.unjusttv.com or http://www.myspace.com/unjusttv

    Our newly formed company Hollyzona Productions I will deal with exclusive HD productions. Launching Jan. 1.

    Chris Cox

    Comment by Chris Cox -

  447. Why not pick up one of the best new shows to come out that NBC dumped? The Black Donnelly\’s. Fan base is huge. Good, edgy, original stuff. Bobby Moresco and Paul Haggis. Enough said.

    Comment by Teri -

  448. Inside a Dictarorship

    You send a 1-3 man team of x-military into the most hostile regions of the world with a minimal amount of supplies; and money. Their goal is to escape and report on what life is really like in Iran, Africa or wherever….

    Would be pretty cool if it were legal. Might be easier in Africa than Iran.
    Not sure if it realistic to upload this high def content via satellite etc.

    Comment by Mara -

  449. Choose your own adventure. At each commerical break people need to call in/vote online as to where the next segment will go. About an hour long show with three or four voting areas. Best to set it in a historical era where the fictional characters can interact with real life figures possibly if the audience votes for them to go in that direction.

    Comment by Charles -

  450. Aloha,

    I\’d love for you to be able to say that you ended up doing a show from a viewers post too. The nice thing about this show is that it would be as much fun for the crew to make as it would be for us.

    Love to hear from you,


    Living the life you imagined

    By: Michael Hege and Victoria Spanier

    Basic Premise:

    Mid 50s couple from Kansas decide that they are living a life of terminal normality, and have been for the last 20 years and decide to do something about it. They move to Hawaii with their 11 year old son, buy a 50 foot Trawler and prepare to sail around the world never having done anything like it before. Show begins as they are learning to drive the boat, finding out how much there is to maintaining and fitting a boat for this type of an enterprise with a good dose of learning as they go. The first episodes involve a number of learning experiences such as drydock, expenses, living onboard, marina life and inner island passages/adventures to prepare for the 3,200 mile passage to the French Polynesian Islands via the Marquesa Islands.


    There is something inside of everyone that yearns for the sea and the adventure of its calling. Michael and Victoria are the personification of a couple who have been married nearly 30 years who find themselves wondering what the next 30 years have in store for them. Perhaps a little uncharacteristically, they decide to live the life they imagined. Parents of a 27 year old daughter who is an attorney in San Francisco and recently married herself and an 11 year old son who is just beginning to enter his adolescence, they are steeped in commonality and placed into a most unusual adventure.

    A little bit of a travel show, a little bit of comedy, a lot of the human condition and the constant potential for adventure and danger. Such is the nature of ocean passages. The hope is that it would show the viewers how anything is possible in their own lives. It would also give people an opportunity to actually sail to places they had only heard of and to experience first hand being vulnerable to the unknowns of the ocean, storms, mechanical breakdowns and a long list of unknowns that can only be discovered on an adventure like this.

    There would be ports of call only imagined, land adventures, sea adventures, relationship adventures and the reality that tomorrow would be unknown until it happened.

    Michael and Vicky and John would each hopefully develop their own group of simpaticos as they each protected their own priorities and self interests. John would be home schooled which by and of itself should provide a few entertaining moments.

    Time frame:

    The boat is procured and Michael, Vicky and John are in place in Ko Olina, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The coming summer (2007) would be a perfect time from a weather point of view to explore the local islands and to make the preparations for the passage. Two weeks for the passage to the Marquesas and another 7 to 10 days to pass from there to the French Polynesian islands. Depending upon the general consensus, there would be an amazing amount to explore in the Polynesians with the next stop Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and on and on depending upon the adventure. My guess is that it could easily go for as long as there was interest. Its a big world!

    Let me know if youd like to discuss the possibilities. I thought it might be an interesting concept.


    Michael Hege & Victoria Spanier

    Comment by Michael Hege -

  451. A big demographic out there that is under appreciated is MMORPG players. (Which I am not BTW, but I see this type of thing happening).

    Imagine a show with two levels, one is the actors problems in real life, dealing with relationships and jobs, trying to get by the dull, methodical days in the every-office or fast food joint. And then going online into a VR-style fantasy game. The relationships and friendships made online and an unending ability to create storylines for the players, and the lure of the power a virtual world enables in those with no power in the real world.

    Now write the conflict of when reality and virtual-reality clash. Does one guys girlfriend get upset because he mutters his game-girlfriends name in his sleep? Or does he sneak off to be with her (hey maybe its not even a her in real life). What happens when jobs and play are scheduled at the same time? What happens when VR is so much better than the world that real life becomes secondary? Work is just to pay for the game where they really want to live?

    Episodes can feature one of two worlds or both, with the VR setting nothing is off limits and the show can take multiple directions of quests and conflict… the other side is in real life problems and how the actors deal with them.

    Shot in HD with nice VR special effects and its something I would watch.

    Comment by Kenn Burgess -

  452. there is too much crap on TV already. Do something non-TV-like an unscripted travel show, where someone goes to a foreign city(preferably some developing country like a small town in Indonesia) w/ no prior preparation and have to find a way to sustain a living. The more raw the better. May be have the person tape and edit and produce it all him/herself.

    Comment by Eric -

  453. First of all, this is pretty cool of you. I can\’t think of anyone in your position who would ask for show ideas in a blog. Props for that. My idea for a show: A sketch comedy show (there doesn\’t seem to be a single good one on tv) It won\’t rely on lame celebrity impressions and parodies but more original stuff. The likelyhood of you responding to this is minimal but this is a pretty cool thing you\’re doing

    Comment by Sam Kossack -

  454. another idea for a movie is to track the life of kids who idolize you and make a competition for them. Okay so your last attempt at an apprentice failed, but this is like 18-20 year old survivor male and female. The winner gets like a hundred grand and also has the opportunity to become you apprentice. What do you say about it Mark?

    My other idea is to do like a Laguna Beach kind of show but inside either one of New Yorks elite private schools or some other north eastern private school. It would be very quality and i could help you out cuz i have some connections.

    Email me at sbiss75@yahoo.com

    Thanks Mark, look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Comment by scott bissinger -

  455. Through My Eyes


    A reality TV show based upon exposing people (preferably well a known people) to passions of other culturally different people.


    This show would take a person of one culture, be it someone who identifies themselves as urban or country , someone that describes themselves as proper or casual – any cultural personality and expose them for one week to a passion of a person of a different cultural personality.

    For example, taking a well know hip hop mogul and putting him with a country music star for a week. The country musician could take the mogul down to their ranch. Expose them to their way of life. Introduce him to everything that makes him love country music.

    So that at the start of the show, you could show the hip hop mogul at a country music concert, not enjoying himself at all, then progressing through the week to where at the end, that same urban personality is somewhat identifying with the music, and enjoying it to an extent.

    The exact opposite could be done as well, taking the country personality and exposing them to one week with the hip hop mogul.

    Another example could be taking a wealthy business executive, who only spends his free time golfing or at posh lounges and putting him with a stock car racer (or anyone involved with racing) and exposing him to a week of the life of a race car driver. So just as the previous scenario, you would start the show with the subject turned off by whatever specific passion and end the show with a new appreciation.

    The show, again, will focus on passions of different cultural identities of Americans, not just cultures in specific. With that, the show ideas would never run dry, and in the same token, would help contribute to many Americans starting to appreciate the differences in American culture.

    Naturally this would appeal to every age group over 12, and every culture and gender.

    HD would only increase the experience, as just about any and every location could be imaginable with different show scenarios.

    Take any passion, be it fishing, NASCAR, music, art, sailing, motorcycle riding, dancing, and on and on.. and you will find many people who dont understand it and find it stupid. Yet, those same people can be convinced otherwise, if they were to see it through the eyes of someone who has that passion.

    Comment by Mark Huey -

  456. \”Purgatory\”
    It all takes place when a person dies. They are hanging out in Purgatory and there are reps from Heaven and Hell debating on the final destination of inbound souls. But it\’s for everybody – Christians, Bhuddist, Muslims, etc.
    After the \”court case\” the judge gives certain cases one more chance to \”sway the vote\” and give the person a chance to come back to earth to seal the deal – do they make it to the elevator going Up or Down?
    Side note- make Pauly Shore the elevator operator….

    This comedy would be hilarious. If you don\’t make it, I\’m going to grab a hand-cam and do it myself. (No I won\’t, I was just trying to put some heat on you……)

    Comment by Roger King -

  457. A hybrid reality/travel/extreme adventure show called \”Why Not?\”

    Basically you set up a website were people submit their dreams or ideas. The site is social ala Digg and each week you take the \”dream\” with the highest vote/most popular and go film the shut up or put up moment.

    Basically you give them the ability to live their dream and see if they can make it happen given a slight \”push\” be it training, money or just confidence.

    The anguish of people who even with support can\’t make it happen would make for compelling television. You would get the ups and downs of adventure/risk taking.

    Hell me making the damn show could be the first episode.

    Comment by ryan libson -

  458. panel programs that only allow one person at a time to speak…anyone inturrupting must leave. We\’re all waiting for the \”end of the world\”….how about a panel of clergy of every faith…ask them how their God would improve the earth if reigning. I suggest they speak about possibilities of all the gods getting together to agree on their reign, they draw straws and winner rules for a century….after they all get a shot at making humans humane, pick a winner and stick with him…if they can talk without interrupting…would make an interesting show.

    Comment by Kathleen Schofield -

  459. I already did…see frst one I did. K. Schofield

    Comment by Kathleen Schofield -

  460. sports; nothing looks better in hd. get the ncaa lacrosse finals for instance.

    Comment by earle -

  461. Q: where on your corporate site is the submission form for new show concepts? …what is the required workup, what documentation, research, format for storyboarding, et al, are you expecting?

    Q: what is the baseline revenue sharing and who gets to compute it?

    thanks in advance


    Comment by HowardNYC -

  462. sorry… The link to my article is:

    Comment by John Vaccaro -

  463. Mark;
    Please pick up the existing show ReGenesis. Its produced in Canada and is a combination of CSI, Andromeda Strain, and more.

    The show is in its third season and has an excellent cast, crew, directors and writers. You can find the web site at http://regenesistv.com. I wrote pretty detailed article entitled The Finest SciFi TV You\’ve Never Seen/a>

    Comment by John Vaccaro -

  464. A single-camera comedy series:

    JESSE\’S TOY BOXWhen his uncle dies of a heart attack, New York slacker Ronnie Fish inherits his Christian bookstore in Levy, Florida. With no options left in the big city, Ronnie convinces his best friend Anna Gordon to move with him down south where they decide to convert Jesus\’s Joy Box into Jesse\’s Toy Box–Levy, Florida\’s first (and only) sex toys shop. But opposition to Jesse\’s quickly runs rampant in the Bible Belt town–especially when local legend Baptist youth minister Donny Simpson takes some innovative actions against it.

    Sex toys shops are so full of wild colors and zillions of items that–filmed in normal definition–all the items blur together and the true insanity of a Times Square-like is impossible to fully realize. With high-def, though, the series could be shot the way I\’d like it to be shot.

    I have already written the first four episodes and would like to have my manager send them to you.

    A. Goldfarb (c) 2007

    Comment by Aaron Goldfarb -

  465. try to pick up The Black Donnellys.
    NBC was insane to take that show off the air.
    go on the internet and see how many people want that show back on the air

    Comment by aaron -

  466. \”Cover Me\”

    It\’s a live musical performance program where the artists play covers from the bands that have helped or are helping inspire them on their own musical journey. 2 to 3 songs each then on to the next performer. Maybe we let them do one orignal with their two covers.

    Guests could be high exposure mainstream groups, emerging artists, and unknown artists that happen to have a killer cover or two. The great potential here aside from the promotion of the existing musical works, is the ability to help launch new and emerging talent onto the scene.

    When I was growing up I remember seeing some of the hottest bands before they broke out on shows like \”In Concert\” and \”Rock Concert\”. It would be great to be able to give that experience to a new generation!


    Comment by Dale Jones -

  467. we are currently developing numerous original internet tv and podcasts shows that have broadcast versions as well. They range from fashion to interioir design to comedy and education. check us out http://www.foryourimagination.com and let me know where i can send you information on our shows. thanks!

    Comment by paul kontonis -

  468. Not a new show but a new idea for an existing show:

    24… but backwards. Similar to the movie Memento, I think the producers should have a season where the entire day works in reverse. The clock could even be counting backwards.

    I think the storylines have gotten quite stale this past season – and it would generate all sorts of new excitement.

    Comment by Mike -

  469. Here\’s a reality competition that would work on HDNet or as an online experience:

    Title: Virtual Monopoly
    Genre: Reality Competition
    Length: One Hour Format

    Ambitious entrepreneurs battle for a real cash prize in virtual game that mirrors real-world events.

    The game is played in a \”Virtual United States\”. Four teams are allotted one million dollars in virtual capital to transact business and \”trade\” in the stock market. Assets on the virtual platform react and respond to real world events, news, price changes and daily occurrences. After six weeks, the team with the highest net worth wins a real one million dollar cash award.

    Comment by Greg Cooper -

  470. How about a show based off John Hodgman\’s \”Areas of My Expertise\” book. It would be a BBC/PBS educational show except full John\’s stranger than truth revelations. The special about the history of Hobos in America would get a lot of buzz.

    Plus you\’d be able to put series out on DVD – not to mention iTunes. It\’s a show that will make its own gravy.

    You would know Hodgman from the Daily Show or his Apple ads.

    Comment by Joe Corey -

  471. just an added note to my comment: these shorts don\’t have to add up to a 30 minute show, they could be between shows. Something creative between programs that breaks up the usual 30min/1hr programmming.

    Comment by Pravin -

  472. Mark,

    I think for too long the work of contemporary artists are confined to the big cities and gallery spaces within those cities. Public artwork on the whole here in the US is few and far between. I doubt many people know about Vito Acconci, Tony Oursler, Anish Kapoor, Shirin Neshat, Teresita Fernandez et al. and yet these artists are regarded to be the best of their class, affecting the direction of design, thought, commercials etc. Why not give them 5- 10 minutes to produce a show/piece. HD means you experience art in all it\’s glory (or as close as possible without being ther). What\’s more, some of these artists have or continue to use video as their primary medium giving them the authority over the camera and the moving images. I think people would love to original creations being crafted in short form.

    Comment by Pravin -

  473. Something I feel HDNet\’s music lineup is missing is HD music videos. A daily (Monday-Friday) or weekly HD Video Countdown show would be excellent. I know MHD already does this, but HDNet could put it\’s own spin on it.

    Comment by TJ -

  474. In my line of work, I have the privilege (and sometimes pain) of dealing with some of the quirkiest and strangest yet extremely intelligent people. These people don\’t live in the mental ward and aren\’t confined to padded rooms. They live normal lives but for some sliver of time they experienced life differently and they share their different perspective with you because of that experience. It seems everyone wants to be like the people that get lucky and become fabulously wealthy, but not many think about normal everyday people and what unique experiences those people may have experienced.

    Interesting people that you might want to learn more about are sometimes the people sitting in their cars next to you on the freeway, the people standing on the platform next to you at a train station, or the person sitting in the seat next to you on the plane. How would you even know that that person had a unique story to tell? Highlighting these individual\’s out takes in HD would let the viewers experience these people and their everyday stories just as if they were present in the den or the living room just as if you were learning first hand about these people and their experiences. Wouldn\’t you have liked to have a few hours on High Def of a grandmother talking about her trip to the West Coast in covered wagons in the late 1800\’s, the things she saw, the things she did, the things she noticed, and the people she knew? The only way now to know these stories is with books or roughly taped video or audio interviews.

    Unlike stories about technology or stories about learning to cook or to fly, these stories would be about the people you would have liked to met and had a conversation with but you didn\’t get a chance since you learned about a slice of their lives that morning in the obituary section of the local paper. You happened to glance at that section one day and notice some familiar feature about that person. Maybe it was a familiar name in the notice or a familiar reference to a past accomplishment, but you wondered after reading the few lines that serve as a summary of that person\’s life what it might have been like to meet that person, and maybe even a chance to know a little bit about why their life was unique.

    Very few shows make us more human by exposing us to what other every day people are really like. It would be nice to see a very simple high quality show that reflected the true nature of a selected few everyday people.

    Comment by Mike -

  475. There should be a sitcom about me. It would be friggin\’ hilarious.

    Comment by bt -


    Comment by MUTUNGA -

  477. The name of my show is The Hacker. The basic concept is similar to The Contender boxing show. We get a bunch of computer geniuses and put them through a series of hacking competitions. We have them working both sides, one side plays \”offense\” while the other functions as security. The climax of the episodes are the competition montages. Along the way, the winners of the mini competitions are given rewards. However, these rewards are not computer-related. The rewards are all about helping our lovable geeks with their social skills. As with any other reality show, the highlight is the personalities. We get to see our guys very comfortable in their environment, but also when they are dropped into \”fish out of water\” situations. I know…it\’s a great idea. This, of course, is only the short description of the show…

    Comment by Paul -

  478. Mark, this is an update to my idea from earlier.

    A few things I may have left out, that may make it more desirable.

    I want to include wonderfully choreographed fight sequences that will infuse a mix between American style and martial arts.

    I will be honest with you, my ideas are influenced by many different books, movies, television shows-some not that hugely popular, and some big hit, but I guarantee that if you find a problem with any of my plot points, characters, story arcs, I have a solution to it. If I could just be given just one chance with this, I can deliver 10000000007.04%.

    But, for any reason that you decide to pass, I would still appreciate your feedback to guide me in the right direction some day. Thank you for giving everyone this opportunity.

    Comment by Jason Schippnick -

  479. i have 4 different shows ill explain breifly what i think is the worst here and if it interests you at all contact me and we can discuss the others. ford vs chevy. i know that organazations are always testing these trucks vs each other but you never get to see it. i would like to see actual head to head competition of stock models. for example which one tows better, carrys more load ,smashes less, direct head to head type stuff . anyone who watches nascar(although i dont its obviously a huge buisness)would tune in. chain them directly to each other for a tug of war? run them on those machines and moniter the mileage that each breaks at and what breaks. lots of explosions and fires. but actual scientifically monitered tests keep it fair lets see who the winner really is. maybe toyota plays the winner who knows anyhoo this is really is my worst idea meant to suck you in but not give up the real goods my other shows have nothing to do with cars i have one complicated large scope type project and another easier to do documentery type project both reality ideas that will keep people glued to there tvs. email me

    Comment by ALEX BARRACO -

  480. An hour show where an Artist (musical, theater, dance, etc.) gets total creative control to produce what he or she wants from an artistic standpoint. The High Definition and Sound qualities are therefore conducive to a very creative artistic experience for the viewers.

    Comment by Ken -

  481. Saw the blurb on the Internet Movie Database about how you welcome out-of-the-ordinary ideas for shows. How about one based on the short stories in my book, Forty Rabbit Holes?

    Yeah, I know – shameless self promotion, but check out http://www.geocities.com/fortyrabbitholes for details. In a nutshell, each of the forty stories in the book are basically daydreams set to paper. Defying literary convention, each story is written from the second person point of view, making the reader the central character of each story. Admittedly, it could be a bit of a challenge bringing this concept to the screen, but it would definitely be different from anything on the air. People who have read my stories are roundly intrigued by them, and compare the stories to those of Ray Bradbury, or some of the stories from the old Twilight Zone. The stories range from funny, to weird, to tear-jerking, and feature a wide range of character types. A little something to please everyone.

    You want different? You got it. If you\’re interested, I\’ll send you a copy.

    Comment by Phil Penne -

  482. Hey Mark,

    I think you should do a sketch comedy show!

    Check out http://www.theleadershipcamp.com


    Comment by Matthew -

  483. Dear Mark,

    I have a very good TV show for you. It is true life in New Jerseys finest Private school. Pretty much it is like a real world except for Preppy Private School northeastern kids. It would be very solid i think. Email me about it.

    Another idea for a show is Mark Cuban. It would be like Rob and Big or RUn\’s house except it would be about you, Mark CUban.

    Email me if you like my ideas/

    Comment by scott bissinger -

  484. One thing I really like watching in HD are concerts. Instead of focusing on bands that have already made it though, I think it would be cool to have a show centered around one small local club where a lot of undiscovered bands come through. Each episode could show the stories of the different bands that pass through that week, mixing in performances from one/a few of them. I think this would help people learn about new bands without waiting for clear channel to burn one or two of them into their brains.

    Comment by Chris -

  485. Divorced And Loving It Concept Summary

    Recently separated from his wife, Ian Hurst lives with his twenty-something daughter in Shoal Point, a beachside suburb where everyone knows everyone else and gossip spreads like wildfire. Shoal Point is full of executive homes and mansions, but Ian has lived there for thirty years and his house is basically a beach shack with a veranda.

    The show mocks Ians new life as a bachelor and his relationship with the crazy people at his workplace and in his neighbourhood. It also explores his relationship with his daughter, Kim, who is quiet and reserved by nature and often embarrassed by her fathers behaviour.

    Divorced And Loving It is primarily set in three locations: Ians home, with a large proportion of screen time taking place on the veranda from which Ian drinks beer, eats cheese, tells bad jokes and spouts rough pearls of wisdom; the brewery where Ian works; and Malibus, the strip club where Ian relaxes.

    Divorced And Loving It is the Married With Children for the 21st century, with a bit of The Simpsons thrown in for good measure.

    Divorced and Loving It – Characters

    Ian and Kim are the two main characters in Divorced And Loving It. They appear in every episode. The supporting characters are integral to the show but may not necessarily appear in every episode.

    Ian Hurst: In his mid fifties, Ian is an everyman. Many viewers will see their own father in Ian. His favourite place in the house is the veranda. He loves his kids, hates his ex-wife and is very unsuccessful at trying to come onto women. He is embarrassing to his children but they still love him. He tries and fails to act young and thinks he knows everything. He likes beer and has a general dislike of all animals, especially the three cats left over from his divorce settlement.

    Kim Hurst: Kim is twenty-something and works at a nursing home. She is quiet and reserved and often mortified by her fathers actions. Nevertheless she loves him and takes on somewhat of a caring, almost motherly role with her father. She loves all animals and can be a little dull.

    Glenn Hurst: Ians younger child, Glenn is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. He works for an IT company, which is an odd career choice because he is very impatient and loses his temper quite often. He regularly drops in to ask Ian for money, or to drink his homebrewed beer. Glenn is gay (much to Ians chagrin) and has a tendency to be so opinionated that he will talk about something for hours, or at least until Ian tells him to shut up. He is currently on holidays in Europe.

    Alan Slagala: Alan lives in the house behind Ians with his wife Maureen and daughter Kamia. He is a regular visitor to Ians veranda. Alan is the type of guy you feel sorry for: his wife puts him down at every opportunity, his daughter is the local alcoholic teenage slut and Alan has never really done anything exciting in his life. Ian calls him Slag behind his back.

    Maureen Slagala: Look in the dictionary for the definition of middle aged menopausal and youll see a photo of Maureen Slagala. She ridicules her husband in front of other people and is attracted to Ian. She is overweight: when she was pregnant with Kamia, no one actually noticed.

    Kamia Slagala: Kamia is the local teenage slut and does not get along well with either of her parents. She communicates with them through a mixture of sullen stares and screaming. She owns her own adult entertainment business.

    Dr Sue: Dr Sue is the neurotic woman living next door to Ian. She drinks far too much, worries constantly about what people think of her and has left a string of dysfunctional relationships with egotistical, wealthy men in her wake. Dr Sue is usually the source of the dysfunction for example, she pushed her last boyfriend through a plate glass window.

    John Elliot: Ians other neighbour, John is Ians nemesis. He believes in doing things the right way while Ian is more easy-going, and is in Ians words a tight-fisted bastard.

    Barry: Barry is the despotic foreman at the Pee Brewery. He is nicknamed The Black Prince because a) he is black, and b) he is a despotic bastard. Ian often makes racist jokes at Barrys expense.

    Shaz: Shaz is a stripper at Malibus. She looks for any opportunity she can to get Ians money, but they have developed a close friendship.

    Graeme Harvey: Graeme is perhaps Ians best friend. He is a Canadian that insists he is American but still supports Canada in the ice hockey. He likes beer and has earned the nickname The Yes Man from Ian as he invariably answers a question with a rapid-fire Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah.

    Divorced And Loving It Additional Storylines

    Charlottes Dead: Ian discovers a mother lode of cat fecal matter on the veranda. He dreams up an elaborate scheme to discover which cat is the culprit and plans to take the offending cat to the veterinarian to be put to sleep.

    The Great Escape: The Great Escape, a famous travel show with a well-endowed female host, comes to Shoal Point. The whole suburb comes down with television fever and, determined to seduce the well-endowed female host, Ian offers to be The Great Escapes tour guide while they are in town.

    Southern Exposure: Ian who generally \’freeballs\’ it inadvertently forgets to do up his fly while visiting a hardware store. The female shop assistant wants to press charges against Ian, who must prove that he didnt commit the offence of indecent exposure. Ian unintentionally exposing himself to woman is a running gag throughout the series.

    Possum Shack: Ian declares war on the possums that keep him awake by crawling around on the roof at night. He decides to start trapping possums and relocating them, leading to a run-in with a local park ranger and nightmares of possums returning to Shoal Point to reclaim their native lands.

    A pilot script titled \’One Night At Ian\’s\’ has already been written.

    Comment by Jamie McGraw -

  486. id like to e-mail mark but why dont you make a show how about for 3 years i have been trying to get my technology device called intervator in prodution i invented back in the 80s that if added to an automobile will make a auto get 200+ miles per gallon been thru so many government officials the big 3, house of representatives, energy department and no one will even give me the light of day it would add 7 trillion dollars to our economy ,get rid of global warming [no exhaust ] completly change the middle east like get out of iraq kmarwolfhalen.com

    Comment by david werner -

  487. You want controversy? Want intense, highly biased interests on both sides? Want to bring something to the world that could actually change politics as we know it? Not scared of high powered pressure?

    Create a reality show based on life in the Occupied Territories, using hidden cameras. Contact some of the bloggers there and have the camera follow the day to day life of a student in Gaza or a mother in Hebron. Find a story of someone articulate, with goals, and humanize them. Something like this story of a Gaza student trying to get his degree from a Bethlehem university: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/talking_point/6670117.stm (second half of page)

    Smuggle in cameras with wireless recorders and budget for many of them being seized or destroyed. Make the cameras invisible as much as possible, and work with resident journalists for B-roll. Show the ugliness of occupation, so Americans can understand some of the underlying reasons for the hatred of our policies in the mideast. Maybe when the US reaches the point of a more equal treatment of the situation we might achieve tru piece in the region.

    Comment by Bruce Ewert -

  488. How about a sci-fi-esque (a la X-Files)show about a mysterious and wealthy yet devious CEO of a large corporation whose team of researchers discovers the \”real\” Garden of Eden in Iran, where they also uncover an ancient snake skin, which they hire a husband and wife team of bio-tech cloning experts to do research with…

    Comment by Roger -

  489. International Bounty Hunter
    Main character has a team of former military comrades that hunt down the worlds worst bad guys strictly for the reward. They only take the highest paying jobs. The show lightly addresses the politics of each bad guy yet the main character has no political loyalty. Throw in an ongoing love story with some female government agent that is doing the same job, but is only motivated by patriotism. Action/Drama and an ability to address some of the international politics that the US is so unaware.

    An ongoing plot and task for the group would be the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden…obviously!

    I\’ll take $1 million for development and would be happy to consult on keeping the plots believable!

    Comment by Mike -

  490. A Cool Million

    Give someone a million dollars and they have to spend it all in a day on cool stuff. Exactly a million down to the last penny.

    Comment by hermes -

  491. Mark,

    I enjoy and appreciate HDNet\’s devotion to reporting with shows like World Report and Dan Rather Reports. I am an avid viewer of news channels like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and the others. However, I get frustrated at times when the news channels report on issues that affect the younger demographic. News shows and news talk shows (Crossfire, Keith Olbermann, etc) rarely rely on or use younger people to articulate how they are impacted by current events.
    I would like to see a news discussion show that features intelligent, articulate discussion panels and field journalists between 22-30 years of age discussing the issues that impact this generation currently and in the future. It is clear that there is a generational divide separating what is important to people under 30 and what is reported in the mainstream news today. I believe that a show dedicated to the issues that affect the new generation, driven by that generation, would be successful, able to capture a large audience immediately that has been neglected (the audience of course being intelligent, current event oriented young people). There are news shows of course, and there are shows and entire channels devoted to younger people, but I feel that they fail to meet the needs of a large part of the market.

    Comment by Tim -

  492. Title: \”You\’re It…\”

    Tag: An HD digital video recorder, a reusable shipping box, and a $1m prize.

    User Generated HD Content + Unpredictability + cash prize

    What it\’s about:

    You send a compact HD video recorder to a random person in a reusable shipping box, with a note: $1M Prize – Create a 30 minute video – Be very Creative – Save the tape – and then send the HD recorder to any person in the United States….then it\’s their turn!

    After a set time period, each video is submitted and the US audience votes on the best.

    This concepts needs to be refined, but I love fresh content that isn\’t \”canned\”, and this would work!

    Comment by Josh -

  493. My idea is a sitcom with the humor sensibility of Arrested Development or The Office but based on a a traveling sales staff for a national company like a UPS or perhaps a copier company. They\’d have a Sales VP like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross and an incompetent manager. The show would be based on the life experiences of a few successful (and not so successful) salespeople I know and the reaction of the customers after the salespeople left and the salespeople as they get in their car and head to the next call.

    Everyone can relate to salespeople in some manner and as much as I laugh everyday in my job, I know others will too.

    Comment by Mike Mahoney -

  494. Mark,

    I think it\’d be very interesting to do a \”90210\”-esque teen/recent college grad soap opera about living in the Silicon Valley, trying to run a startup, doing all the VC stuff. Lot of potential plotlines revolving around that.


    Comment by Nik Bonaddio -

  495. my idea is a guy who takes different jobs, easy ones, and leads people to believe he is a good worker and likeable, normal guy…. then he has a blow out, or quits in a hillarious way. Sort of like how I would love to quit my crapy job. But if you want to tape me quitting, better hurry, I cant take it there much longer. It would be a funny show, maybe like a cross between that paris hilton show and punked. the first part of the show would set up with someone getting a new job, working very hard at fitting in and doing good, then things get shakey. We can keep away from harmful stuff, and lawsuits… sure its possible. Noone can stay mad when they find out thet\’re on TV right?

    Comment by Denver -

  496. Anybody whose idea of \”good programming\” is to hire a disgraced Network Anchor to deliver the news wouldn\’t know a good idea if it walked up and bit him in the rear. :>)

    Comment by Bill MIllan -



    Comment by Jim Walls -

  498. i dont want new shows, just resurrect The Black Donnelly\’s and i\’ll be happy.

    Comment by pat -

  499. Mark,
    I\’d love to see a show about a wandering philosopher. The show would center on a person\’s journey, both literally and philosophically. It would use allegories to illustrate different types of fundamental philosophical thought. (Think some of themes raised in The Matrix and the first season of Lost). I think HD would be a great medium because the literal journey could take the character fantastic places around the world, which come across very well on HD. Some of the best HD content I\’ve seen has centered on exotic locations because HD \”takes you there\”.

    Comment by Jake -

  500. m–

    Only scanned entries 1-500 or so… So apologies in advance if someone posted my idea (or some iteration of it) here in the last 24 hours… And it\’s raw, brother–have not formalized any of the exact rules or specifics, but the makings of some, uhh… interesting & compelling TV are all there in the nuts and bolts. So I thought I\’d have some fun & throw it out there…

    Reality gameshows \”work\” because they capture an unscriptable, and often ultra-shocking side of our Human Nature. Some people will act heroically on these different shows and in these varying situations, but many/most others will go the selfish & deplorable route. True, it\’s tough to watch people stooping so low sometimes, but before you know it, it has become even harder to turn away…

    Plus, that\’s exactly the type of outrageous, memorable content you\’re likely to hear being discussed around the water cooler the next day…

    \”Yo, did you see what happened last night on _____________? It was unbelievable!\”

    With that in mind, each contestant (maybe there are five or six diverse contestants in total) on my little show would wear a vest/shirt equipped with five brightly-colored, DETACHABLE circular \”buttons.\” Each attached button functions like a chip at a casino. Each is worth $20k, and every person will begin the show in possession of a cool $100k.

    And then you begin the game and effectively \”unleash\” the 5-6 contestants in seperate corners of a cool & interesting *enclosed environment. (*Could be a colorful rainforest jungle setting, something futuristic, or even an an empty warehouse…doesn\’t matter too much as long as there\’s places to run and places to hide!)

    Now… Each contestant will have 20 minutes (or so) to determine if they want to:
    A) try to avoid the others, hide out, and keep their full $100k
    B) go after other people\’s chips. Hunt \’em down and take as many as you can by force. (BTW, once you take chips from someone, you have to place them on your own vest–making you an even bigger target)
    C) You can try to team up with others. (Operative word there being \”try\”)

    There\’s few formal rules & almost no holds barred! And it\’s all live, baby!

    You can outsmart your contestants. You can overpower them. Basically, you can assume whatever strategy you want, but you\’d better figure it out fast…

    Am guessing you can probably imagine how some of the ACTION would unfold…

    Off the top of my head, you could call it \”The Game.\” But I have a feeling with a little bit of devoted thought, I could do much better than that.

    But for better or worse, viewers would know that you were gonna see some shocking stuff by tuning in for a half-hour or hour. Primal stuff, like greed. And violence. And based upon how effectively you cast, you might even see a little bit of that good side of our Human Nature…

    And done correctly, the show would break new ground in television and make a whole lotta headlines in the process. Likely, there would be some vocal opposition to \”The Game.\” But a lotta people would be watching.

    And they wouldn\’t just be calling their cable companies asking about HDNet, they\’d be DEMANDING it!



    Comment by Dixon Starz -

  501. how about having some pre-screened individuals on the show, giving them some seed money, and see who can make the most money after a certain period of time.

    they can do all the want with the see money, for example, going to casino, buying lottery tickets, setting up business in flea market, set up online company, set up car wash, collecting old cell phones and ship to Asia and resell them …etc.

    Comment by Peter -

  502. HDNet: Q School 2007

    PGA Q School is one of the gut wrenching events where some dreams come true and other dreams die.

    Yes, its a sports show, but its also a very personal human story.

    100s of golfers from all over the world vying for 30 golden tickets to the PGA.
    Some walk away with conditional status on other less glamorous pro tours, but for the majority its back to reality.

    Follow the golfers through the first and second round of q-school ending at the 6 day / 6 round final stage of q school where there are no guarantees for anyone.

    John Feinstein has written a couple of books about Q-School and the CBC did a small documentary on it a few years ago, but they\’ve barely scratched the surface.

    This is pure gold.

    Or we could look at a sequel for Delta Farce

    Comment by Brent P -

  503. Not a cooking show. This is a drinking show.
    A Perfect Cocktail
    We will travel the world taking the viewer to the bars where famous drinks were created.
    See: Raffles Hotel in Singapore for the Singapore Sling. We will trace the origin of the Martini and the Margarita. Part travel part history. Our on screen interactive element will allow the viewer to call up the recipe.

    2007 ITV Networks, all rights reserved.

    Comment by Barry Samuels -

  504. Supercheer
    This reality show combines a competition between professional sports cheerleading teams and includes a major wanna be competition voted upon by the public. See: Dancing with the stars and American idol. This is not mud wrestling but dance, agility and gymnastics and beauty. Finally, we get the NBA vs the NFL and our own Supercheer.

    2007 ITV Networks, all rights reserved.

    Comment by Barry Samuels -

  505. Mr. Cuban, I have an idea, but not sure of how to get started with it. I\’m sure you get this all the time, but, if you could hear me out, I sure would love to get your opinion. Thanks, David Sandgren / Wylie, Tx

    Comment by David Sandgren -

  506. What about a show done in the generative process? Impose a structure, not content, and the unfolding newness will be seen in the genre itself. I would love for a crew to receive a modest budget and a deck (yes, a deck!) of The Oblique Strategies Cards, and just let go.

    They would work within certain constraints, but basically be assigned the task of interpreting these cards in the making of a show. It -could- start out as a documentary on the generative process, and then at any given fork down this road, they draw a card and follow its advice as best they can decipher. The combinations of storytelling and investigation are endless. It all depends on the rule set and the ingredients established beforehand.

    Whenever it becomes too \”peg-able\”, and falls flat like reality t.v. with all its variant blendings, the rule set just needs some tweaking, like tuning a chime or coming out with a new version of SimWhatever. Even post production, the frame so to speak, could follow through in the generative process. Many other arts, schools of design and sciences are already head long into this technique! It\’s like planting seeds instead of a forest, and rather than muscling one\’s creative energy, it\’s a way of letting the process do the talking. I think we\’ve become somewhat immune to spice and the aging blueprints of narration. Let\’s throw out the bathwater for this show, and see what questions are waiting to be asked.

    Comment by Gary -

  507. …Its a stupid reality show, but what i think is missing from TV is drunk people. 90% of this country is a lush, so lets follow some real people, either in bars, camping, boating, whatever.. and watch them get hammered and act and talk like asses. 🙂

    Comment by sean -

  508. How many shows do you watch where you dislike one of the characters or actors in a program that you watch weekly? What if you could get rid of that character or actor? Why not have a show that after x amount of episodes one of the cast members is voted off and replaced by another character and/or cast member? This format could be used for any type of TV program. How does that sound?

    Comment by Jake McKeown -

  509. I have an idea for a new reality show. I know we all ready have so many. But, I haven\’t seen one like this.

    Take 2 kids/teens, one poor and one rich. Let them trade lives for a week and see how there interpretations of each other change. For more details, email me!!

    Comment by Kristina -

  510. RIVALS – Inter-service competitions are a mix of annual sporting events in the U.S. Armed Forces, where active duty members don\’t compete for rings, high priced contracts or endorsements, just BRAGGING RIGHTS! This is more than sporting program, it\’s also showing what some of our nation\’s heroes do to protect our country, for minimal salary, tough living conditions and frequent seperations. Not only doing their assigned job for their service, but also training to compete with the little off duty time. The Navy wrestler who is also a flight deck director on an aircraft carrier, an Air Force Combat Cameraman who is also their starting center on the Air Force basketball team, the Army Medic who pitches the no-hitter in on the woman\’s softball team. Army verses Navy, Marines verses Coast Guard, Air Force verses Army, a show which documents a service\’s spirit and dedication, not only on the playing field representing their service, but also having the pride and dedication of being a part of a larger team, the US Military.

    Comment by M Lent -

  511. Mark,
    how about a historical series about events of the past if they happened/ended differently, such as What if Texas was still a republic and was never annexed into the USA, or if MLK was still alive, if the cuban missile crisis went a different way, or if JFK was still alive. If during the civil war that the South had the resources of the North, and vice versa. TO Give a different opinion on history, a contrast to reality. That certain events in history happen for a reason.

    Comment by Kevin Meyer -

  512. Mr. Cuban,

    Lest we forget the hard life lessons learned from the past, I would suggest a mini-series loosely based on the lives of our forefathers – those that lived through the Great Depression and Dust Bowl days. Some great examples can be found on our web site – http://www.MedicineMound.com – drama, murders, arson, heroism, comedy, and old-fashioned family values all rolled into one mini-series package, and we can even make the old ghost town available for location filming. There\’s the time Mrs. Tidmore burned down the entire town, tales of herding mules through downtown, gunfights at the railroad depot, \”fishing\” for tarantulas, and struggles of survival during the Depression….. all in HD ! We\’ve got an award-winning writer on staff, and all the stories are in place for several compellling episodes. Let\’s show folks what real Texas entepreneurs were like – our parents and grandparents !

    Comment by John Bates -

  513. Mark, I\’m here in Iraq and I think a reality show that revolves around a specific unit and their mission would make an excellent show. The crew would have to have some nuts to go on the hairy missions that would make for an interesting show but some wild shit happens here. I wish I could relate some stories but I\’m affraid the information is somewhat sensitive to be posting in a blog. Safe to say the show would be funny, sad, and just plain nuts! follow an EOD team around for 6 months and you would get plenty of explosions to fill a half hour show.

    Comment by Chris -

  514. Since you carry NASCAR races on HDnet, how about showing the Reno Air Races? An HD camera mounted in the wing of a race modified P-51 mustang would be way cool.

    Comment by Howard Huang -

  515. Hello Mark, There is a gentleman out there who is the best interviewer in the business,none other than the great Don Imus!I sincerely believe he is a modern day \”Mark Twain\”,and if you were to offer him a slot on your HDNet station,myself and millions of North Americans would be indebted to you!

    Comment by BernieO -

  516. How about picking up Arrestet Development for a few more seasons. That\’s only the best show ever made!

    Comment by Eric Stein -

  517. I live in a city (Somerville, MA) that\’s got some wild demographic divisions. These are often referred to as \’old\’ and \’new\’ Somerville. There are contrasts and conflicts all over the place, running from the totally comical to the potentially dangerous. I think it would be great to see a show on this – it\’s rich, meaningful, and ongoing stuff from one of the most densely-populated cities in the country.


    Comment by Craig -

  518. Perhaps a television reality show where a billionaire judges contestants on random, non-sensical tasks, then provides the winner with $1 million. Sounds like a sure fire bet to me!

    Comment by Keys -

  519. I think it\’s time for an investigative series on racism. It\’s a difficult subject to tackle, which is why I think HDNet is the perfect place for this kind of series. It\’s going to take some serious guts, and I don\’t think many content providers have the necessary fortitude to even try it. What is racism? What is a racist? Is there a distinction between saying or doing something racist and being a racist? Is racial profiling a bad thing? Are there differences between races? The media likes to mention the issue without really digging into it (OJ Simpson, Barry Bonds, NBA refs bias, Don Imus.)
    We need something intelligent than can fully explore all the different facets from reparations to reverse discrimination against whites due to quotas. I think it\’s a topic that needs more than just an hour or a segment to fully explore.

    Comment by Dustin -

  520. dear Mark Cuban i read an article about you and it was very good i want to email you info about me and ask you advice on how to get my life in the right track my email is smartsmartache@yahoo.com i was wondering if there was a way that i can email you

    Comment by Mark Hudson -

  521. Mark,
    You should run a show that only focuses on positive aspects of the news. Call it \”Positively News\” or something like that. Think of it as chicken soup for the soul meets Entertainment Tonight.

    Comment by Rob -

  522. What do you think about a reality show combining The Bachelor with female athletic prowess? In addition having the sappy Bachelor-like interactions and premise, the show would also have the women complete different athletic tests each week. The top finisher(s) in the athletic test would then be granted immunity and would automatically stay through the next round. The women could compete in activities like a mini-triathlon, one-on-one basketball, ping pong, bowling, tennis, vertical jump, 100M dash, speed skating, etc. The show could be called The Combine. Have you ever had one of those moments where you think a girl is cute? But then you\’re outside and it starts to rain so she takes off running but her legs and arms start flailing everywhere to the point where you lose all feelings of attraction.

    this show would really be a hit. it would incorporate the hardcore fan to the generic girlfriend.

    Comment by Bill Foran -

  523. Show\’s name: Pro Bono

    Premise: Reality format, team of crack consultant (best around), good-looking, good guy lawyers/experts travel across the country offering to represent feel good clients/cases involving \”the little guy\” facing overwhelming odds or ridiculous litigation.

    Help the lawyers take on the judge suing the Korean dry cleaners for $65 over his lost pants.

    Assist the lawyers of Gernarlow in their appeal against the State of Georgia.

    You hire the best legal team available and give the celebrity treatment to those who are unfairly being prosecuted.

    Best part is that the public exposure could actually create some productive change in a system which badly needs attention.

    Comment by Benjamin Parks -

  524. http://www.LandonMayer.com
    Beautiful fish, beatiful places, instructional. Any thoughts?

    Comment by Landon Mayer -


    Comment by MUTUNGA -

  526. I know it\’s no original, but there are over 12 million fans of the recently cancelled CBS show Jericho. That kind of lead-in audience seems to be worthwhile, doesn\’t it. If you haven\’t seen it, I encourage you to do so just to get a feel for it. I think you\’ll be hooked after one episode like most of us were. But, the show was too smart and the writing to good for network television. I hope you\’ll consider it.

    Thank You.

    Comment by John -

  527. http://www.medicinemound.com

    Comment by John Bates -

  528. Call it Penny Stock–

    Set up a fake company. Get it listed, or buy a shell. You can have this show approached from multiple angles–the fake management suckering in investors, stockbrokers pumping the thing, and the people that lose their money. This thing can go as far as the network will allow.

    Comment by Brad S -

  529. I already made a great show, and I did it in Dallas:


    Currently pitching it around.

    Comment by Nick -

  530. I\’ll second the others who have mentioned a tech show with Leo Laporte… even if it\’s not picking up the existing \”the Lab.\”

    Comment by Patrick -

  531. I\’m currently writing a show titled, \”My Roommate Jesus\”. Jesus comes back, but he fails to convince anyone. Dedicated to saving the souls of the people on earth, he opts to start small. He\’s forced to take a job at Starbucks and share a place with some younger employees. Even they don\’t believe him, but they still think he\’s an ok guy. The problem is, Dad doesn\’t approve of his message completely. Dad is real Old Testament, Wrath of God kind of guy, and Jesus is New Testament, peace loving, hippy kind of guy. That causes all kinds of problems as the big Guy tries to get his son to conform to his way of Goding.

    Comment by William Hodges -

  532. Mark
    Two good and creative shows were lost this season Jericho and Veronica Mars. I think If hd net would pick this shows up you would gain viewers for your other shows and gain advertising revenue. I believe this would solve you problem with Comcast. The fans of the shows would seek them out. I know this is not an original idea but I think it is a good one. Thank You.

    Comment by Bryan -

  533. Here is a film I just finished.

    THE ROOT part 1


    THE ROOT part 2


    I\’ve got a feature film that I\’d love to make with you.

    Comment by Danny Gosser -

  534. Times are rough. Cheap is a disease. Greed is a disease, but its not intentional, its accidental (sometimes). If you want to find the best point guard for your team, you\’ll spend whatever money to be the best team in the league. To do this you\’ll employ the best basketball scouts in the land to fly where ever the talent is to build the best team. Italy, or Johnson City, the mission is to get the best point guard.
    Now for content. Show ideas are like songs. 99pct of them are horrific. Even Nashville has learned that great songs with okay artist make $$. With TV programming and recording artist, the same rule applies…. If one thing works…the rest follow. Original programming is something that few achieve. All the channels, radio stations, iPods, web sites are full of copy cat content. Original content is something only the few artist, brains, creators can pull off. Yep, accidents happen! However, I have just witnessed one mans vision to build content and his company, in one year has become something I am proud to be a part of. A secret society. I recommend that HDnet investigate. You want more than 13 million potential viewers, you must cross boundaries. Not ethical or johnny knoxville style. brilliant risk taking! Begin here. http://www.lablogga.com

    Comment by Ryan B -

  535. Hello,

    I came across this blog entry after doing a search for pitching show ideas. I thought I would submit my show in response to your search. I apologize for such a long submission.

    Title: South Side

    Premise: A police detective known for his general dislike of Blacks, Latinos, and Asians finds himself in the position as caregiver to a six year old Black girl. He meets her after he finds her mother dying in their home. Being drawn to the little girl but being reluctant to be a part of the girl\’s life, he makes a promise to take care of her. He finds himself fighting the court system to adopt her. After he adopts her, he comes to grips with his racist views and inner demons in order to become the perfect father that Amelia needs.


    Gabriel Sullivan was your typical Irishman stuck in Chicago; which is to say he was born and bred in the Southside of the Windy City. He was tall, standing over six feet. He had thick black hair with not a single strand of gray. His eyes were a dark green and sparkled with a mischievous but intelligent glint. He was a handsome man at 32 and he knew it. He was single and he was on the fast track on a job that he loved. As a new detective in the narcotics division in the 4th district, Gabriel was content and pleased with the state of his life.

    Gabriel had grown up in the 4th district; his parents still lived in the house where he had grown up. Back when he was a kid, the neighborhood had been predominately Irish with a few Polish and German families. Everyone had been bound by their common faith; there were five different Catholic parishes to serve the population. Now, the area was slowly being taken over by working class Blacks and immigrant Mexicans. Gabriel had warned his parents to get out of the neighborhood before the shift was final but they could not leave behind the precious memories of raising ten kids.

    What Gabriel felt towards Blacks and Mexicans could not be described as hatred; it was more of an intense dislike. Even though most of the offenders he brought in were White, in his mind, it was still the Blacks and Mexicans who committed the crimes and made the south side such an unlivable place. It disgusted him to see the coloreds walk around with their pants hanging half way off their asses and it pissed him off to hear his old favorite radio stations switch to playing Mexican music to appease the Hispanic demographic. He did not like the change and he did not appreciate seeing these people take over his old block.

    On a crisp Saturday night, as Gabriel sat in his patrol car with his partner, James Stanwell, he recalled all of the antics he and his gang used to get into back in the good days. Gabriel was the second eldest son and the fourth child of his parents ten. He had grown up competing for the spotlight with his older brother, Michael. His parents had had the brilliant foresight to name all of their boys after the Archangels that had surrounded Gods throne. Michael and Gabriel were only a year apart but their personalities were vastly different. Michael was the studious, dependable, and thoughtful older brother; Gabriel had been the impish, roguish, and hot-tempered younger brother. Michael had pursued a life as a Catholic priest; Gabriel followed their father into the police force. They were a true contrast of snow and fire, respectively.

    Gabriel was pulled from his thoughts by Stanwell asking if he was going to eat his pickle. They had been sitting in their unmarked car for the past four hours. This area of the district was consistently plagued by the presence of street pharmacists peddling their drugs. The presence of the car was a huge tip-off to the locals and there was no activity this night. Gabriel checked his mirrors and took a moment to shift in his seat. He then nodded to Stanwell to take the pickle.

    He and Stanwell had been partners for the past eleven months. In fact, Stanwell, a 43 year old married father with three kids, had been his training officer as Gabriel had made the transition into detective on the narcotics unit. Stanwell was a good cop and Gabriel respected him even though Stanwell was a Black man. When he had first met Stanwell, Gabriel had been stricken by how dark the man was. He had no problems with Stanwell. Their relationship was strictly professional and both he and Stanwell wished to keep it that way.

    Over the radio, an announcement rushes over the airwaves that Miguel Rios had been spotted not far from their location. The unit had been monitoring and pursuing Rios for the past eight months. As soon as they had taken a few steps in apprehending Rios, he always seemed to out maneuver him. Rios was heavy into the drug business; he was a particularly nasty character who had allegedly killed his own baby brother because the younger had mishandled a few thousand dollars. Gabriel was aware of a turf war between the feds and the department. Each wanted to take Rios into custody and usually the feds trump in these situations but it had been unofficially and completely off record that if an opportunity was to rise, any officer was to take Rios into custody. It had been said that the feds were interested in brokering a deal with Rios in exchange for some keen information regarding the higher uppers in the operation.

    Peering out to the passenger side mirror, Gabriel watches as Rios approaches one of the few buildings on the block that had not been abandoned. Gabriel was momentarily shocked that Rios would approach the building that blatantly had an unmarked car sitting in front of it. Something had to be up if the man was willing to throw such caution to the wind. After Rios entered the apartment, Stanwell motioned for Gabriel to exit the car. Covering Stanwell\’s rear, Gabriel left the car and drew his weapon. He kept it lowered to the street; he checked down the block and after the all clear, he ran towards the building. They waited outside the gates until they heard the sounds of the other police cars approach. Stanwell signals for Gabriel to take a few men and wait at the back door of the complex.

    As Gabriel and the others approach the back door, the clear sound of a gunshot is heard. Picking up their pace, the men reach the back door just as Rios is running out. A Black officer shoots past Gabriel in a sprint and catches up to Rios. The officer grabs Rios by the collar and tugs him to the ground. Gabriel shakes his head and laughs. Maybe the Blacks have a place on the squad; they seem to be some really quick bastards.

    Although he is a responding officer, Gabriel does not oversee the cuffing of Rios. He holsters his gun and watches as Rios is snatched up from the ground. His captain had arrived on the scene and he was taking charge of such a high profile apprehension. Gabriel overhead the captain tells the others to take Rios to the district house, wait thirty minutes, and then call the feds. Lowering his head to hide his smile, Gabriel enters the house. A quick scan shows a few pieces of furniture. The kitchen had a musty smell that was a mix of spoiled milk and rotten food. Although it was evident that this house had seen better days, what items were in the kitchen were arranged neatly. The room was neat but the smell was overpowering. Gagging from the stench, Gabriel proceeds into the living room area.

    As he enters, his eyes quickly access the situation. There is a Black woman, most likely a crack whore, lying in a pool of blood. She was alive but barely. As the other officers conducted a safety check over the premises, Gabriel watched as Stanwell whispered to the woman that an ambulance was on its way. In between assurances, Stanwell firmly and gently asked the woman what her name was. She responded, \”Not here. Please, not now.\” Stanwell looked up and shook his head. He did not think she was going to make it.

    Knowing that his presence wasn\’t going to do anything to help the woman, Gabriel left the room to assist the other officers in searching the premises. After giving the all clear that no one else was there,
    the officers began cataloging the items that were visible in the house. There were empty pop cans and half stale bags of chips lying around as if there had been a party very recently. There were two Styrofoam boxes resting on the old table sitting in the kitchen. The food looked like it had been sitting there for a couple of hours. If one box had belonged to the woman lying on the floor then who did the other box belong to? Perhaps it belonged to Rios but Gabriel highly doubted that Rios would sit down and eat a meal with this bitch. No, there was someone else who lived here. He was sure of it. Motioning over to some uniformed officers, he tells them to look for evidence of another resident.

    Accessing the kitchen, Gabriel walks over to the fridge and opens the door. Quickly he shuts it and makes a mental note that he now knew where the smell had come from. He scans the floor and the counters. He tests the faucet. There was no running water. No matter how messed up this woman was, he couldn\’t believe that a person could live without water or electricity. Stepping away from the sink, Gabriel notices the door to the pantry is slightly open. He quickly retreats back and withdraws his weapon. He slowly approaches the door and aims his weapon. Firmly and distinctly, he orders whoever is hiding in the pantry to come out with their hands visible. No one moves. Cursing the uniforms for not checking the pantry, he once again orders the person to leave the pantry. As seconds tick, so does the vein on his forehead.

    This could have been a deadly mistake. Such a careless oversight could have cost him his life and when he left this place, he was going to rip some bastard\’s head off. Shouting, Gabriel orders the occupant of the pantry to come out. This time, the door slowly opens. A tiny voice whimpers not to shoot. Gabriel looks down and sees a young Black girl crawling out of the pantry. She stood and raised her hands. She was clearly petrified. She could not have been older than five, maybe four at the most. She was severely under weight and her pants had been soiled. Gabriel\’s eyes grew large. He called out to Stanwell who had been standing at the door silently backing up Gabriel.

    The little girl was visibly shaking now. Her eyes were blinking furiously. Gabriel barked, \”What is your name?\” She just kept blinking. He could see her chest rising and falling with their rapid breathes. He asked for her name again. In the next moment, he felt a gush of air as Stanwell rushed past him. Stanwell placed his hand on Gabriel\’s arm to signal to lower his gun. Gabriel had been in such shock that he had forgotten that he was holding the weapon. Even though he had been in the wrong, he hadn\’t appreciated Stanwell touching him. He holstered his weapon and glowered at the little girl.

    She stared back with her blinking, dark eyes. She shifted her eyes to something behind him and once again stared back at him. She repeated this motion for a few seconds until Gabriel asked her what she was staring at. The girl asked if that was her mama. Gabriel didn\’t have to look to know who she was referring to. The crack whore was this girl\’s mother. Suddenly the captain shouted out for Stanwell who in turn looked at Gabriel. He nodded back at Stanwell to signal that he had the situation under control. After Stanwell left the room, Gabriel angled his head and took in the details of the little girl. She did the same of him. She then shifted her eyes towards her mother and began to walk towards her body.

    Gabriel knew that if Stanwell had left the woman\’s side then it must mean that she was dead. He didn\’t know what to do at this moment. He felt that he shouldn\’t let the little girl look at her dead mother but a part of him wanted the girl to see what happened to people who lived that sort of lifestyle. Maybe it would teach her not to follow this path. He watched as the girl looked down at her mother. There were no tears. There was no visible sign that she was mourning her mother. Gabriel knew that she had to have been in shock. He figured that her loss would sink in later. Thinking that it had been enough, Gabriel turned the girl away from her mother. He hunkered down to be on the same level as the girl.

    She gazed at him. He stared back. He wanted to leave quickly; she smelled and he didn\’t want to be with this kid and her blinking eyes. Unexpectedly, she asked his name. Out of surprise, he gave her his first name. Her little face brightened as she recognized his name as the archangel. It was as if she recognized him as her savior. She smiled. He didn\’t know what else to do so he smiled back.

    Days later, Gabriel is sitting at his desk filling out some long overdue paperwork. He hadn\’t given the little girl another thought. His mind was focused on the business before him; occasionally, he took a second or two to ponder the upcoming weekend. A few weeks back he had met a girl at one of the neighborhood Irish pubs; after a series of missed phone calls and postponed dinner dates, they were going to be meeting up at a local Italian restaurant. Gabriel wasn\’t a big fan of Italian food but she had voiced that this restaurant was a particular favorite of hers so he didn\’t wish to break her heart on the first date.

    Hearing his name, Gabriel looks up to see his captain motioning towards him. He was being called into the captain\’s office. Gabriel quickly forwarded his desk phone to voicemail and he got up from his desk. He straightened his cuffs and proceeded to walk towards the office. His captain stood at the door watching his approach. His captain, Eamon Reilly, had been an old buddy of his father; not only had they both grown up in the same Irish neighborhood but they had entered the force together. In many ways, the captain was a second father to Gabriel.

    At the door Gabriel asks his captain if there was a problem. The captain raised his arm and signaled towards the chairs in his office. Sitting in one chair was a middle aged Asian woman and in the other chair sat the little Black girl. Upon seeing him, she jumped up from her chair and ran towards him shouting his name. After her body made contact with his legs, he reflexively buckled into what may appear to have been a hug. Quickly, he thrusts her body away from him and he peers up at his captain who in return shrugs.

    The Asian woman introduced herself as Gloria Shin, a social worker in her early fifties. She had been assigned the young girl\’s case and they had just returned from the funeral of the girl\’s mother. The little girl had insisted on visiting her best friend Officer Gabriel. He gave the woman a look that asked her what she was thinking. The woman stated that the young girl hadn\’t made a good adjustment in her group home; in fact, she hadn\’t spoken one word until she had asked to see him. For some odd reason, Ms. Shin began to fill in the details of this young girl.

    Her name was Amelia Washington. Gabriel had not been prepared for such an old fashioned name; he had anticipated a Sharqueta or a Dawnesha. Visibly, he was impatient but he listened to Ms. Shin. Amelia was nearly six years old but had never been registered in any public school. Her mother had been Caroline Washington, a known meth addict; there was no record of Amelia\’s father. This news did not surprise Gabriel. Looking down, he caught Amelia watching him with a large grin on her face.

    Slowly, she raised her hand and placed it in his. He quickly withdrew it and walked back towards the door. He made his regrets about her mother and then excused himself to get back to his paperwork. As he walked away from the office, he turned to spare a look. He would never forget the disappointed, rejected look on Amelia\’s face.

    Sunday morning, Gabriel wakes in the bed of the woman from the previous night. He had had such a good time at the restaurant that he had overlooked the food. After a few drinks, they had returned to her apartment. After a vigorous night, Gabriel finds himself staring at the ceiling recalling the look on that little girl\’s face. It su
    rprised him. His thoughts should be on what took place last night. He should be thinking about the woman next to him. He could be doing what they had done last night. Instead, he was thinking about Amelia and her tiny hand holding onto him. He knew that he couldn\’t foster any devotion on the young girl\’s part but he knew that he had handled the moment badly. He felt like he had lost something very precious.

    The woman shifted. She placed a kiss on his chest and peered up at his face. He was afraid to look down at her. He was afraid she would see his thoughts. He rubbed her back, threw the covers off, and climbed out of bed. Only after putting his pants back on did he look at her. She was lying on the bed watching him dress. There wasn\’t a look of censure. He made his apologies and mumbled an explanation about meeting his mother before noon mass. She chuckled. He cleared his throat and made his goodbyes.

    An hour later, he was at home feeling fresh after a shower. He wanted to call his date but he knew it was too soon. Instead, he popped some bread into the toaster and poured some instant coffee into his coffee mug. Sitting back with the toast on his plate and the mug in his hand, Gabriel made the quick decision to visit his parents. He thought it would serve as a penance for the lie he had told the woman earlier. Finishing his breakfast, he took his plate to the sink and quickly washed it and placed it on the drying rack. Grabbing his keys, he checks the locks on the door and exits his small craftsman.

    Twenty minutes later, Gabriel realizes that he hadn\’t been driving in the direction of his parents\’ home. Instead, he was less than a few blocks away from Amelia\’s group home. He wasn\’t sure what had brought him; maybe he just needed to see that she was being taken care of, he didn\’t know. He just wanted to see her. After parking his car, he trots over to the steps of the home. He stops, shakes his head, and makes a move to return to his car. But, he once again changes his mind and climbs the steps of the group home. He presses on the doorbell.

    A minute later, an older Black woman answers the door. She politely informs him that parents may visit from four to six pm on Sundays. He quickly corrects her mistake and informs her that he is an officer and he was here to visit Amelia Washington. The woman\’s eyes bulge and she steps back from the door. She introduces herself as Jackie Cross, the manager of the group home. She tells him to have a seat as she gets Amelia. Gabriel enters and walks into the tiny common area of the home. There are children sitting at some tables in the back of the room. In a corner stands a large screen television with at least a dozen children watching a White Sox game. He mentally cursed himself for forgetting about the game.

    Gabriel hears the clicking of locks as doors are open. He turns to watch as the woman returns. In front of her is a hesitant Amelia with her little hands folded in front of her. She looks good. She looks healthy and cared for. Something in the back of his mind told him that he had seen what he had came to see but instead of departing, he motioned for Amelia to sit at a table with him. The little girl looks up at the woman as if to ask permission. The woman nods and Amelia walks to the table. She pulls the chair back and hops up into the seat. Once again, he is struck by how small she is for being nearly six.

    Gabriel leans over and asks Amelia if she remembers him. She nodded that she did. Gabriel asked her if she liked her new home and once again she nodded. In their previous encounters, Amelia had watched every move that Gabriel had made but at this moment, her eyes were focused on her folded hands on her lap. He chucks under her chin with his fingers and she looks up at him. He smiles and she blinks in return. He quickly begins to make small talk. He isn\’t sure what he is saying and whether or not it was appropriate for a six year old but he didn\’t want to stop talking.

    After about five minutes of nonstop babbling, Gabriel stops talking. He places his hand over her folded hands and whispers that he is sorry. She looks back up at him and then she quietly asks if he was taking her home now. At first, he misunderstands and tells her that she can\’t return home because her mother was dead. As he answered, she just shook her head. That wasn\’t what she had meant.

    She said that she wanted to go home with him. Gabriel leans back in his chair. He was shocked by her question. He couldn\’t believe that she was asking to go home with him. He stared back at her. Leaning forward once again, Gabriel responds: \”Soon. I\’ll see what I need to do.\”

    Comment by Siobhan -

  536. Follow a real life Vegas P.I. and explore the unique subculture of the Las Vegas underbelly that visitors rarely, if ever see

    Comment by Mike Gomes -

  537. OK.
    Bear with my notes; and spelling.
    It\’s hard to write this stuff down after 9 years of thinking.
    Anything in quotes is not set in stone. I will change these things.

    This series will take place starting in 1998, and will have the benefit of placing this story in the past, able to work events from then into this story.

    Some main themes that will be worked into the series will be:

    Time displacement/compression
    Good vs. evil (duh)
    Secret government agencies
    A student trying to beat his teacher
    Advanced technology fused with man

    I will summarize some of the characters and a few plot points, as I do not want to give it all away right now. I have beginnings, maguffins, plot twists, and even character endings all planned out up until and even past Dec 31, 1999.

    \’???\’ (No name yet) The main hero. The main protagonist of our story is in his mid-20s. This character has established him on the planet, he is human. He is not known the public. I will now describe the main characters synopsis of introduction, but before I do so, I will first describe another character, which is not something that is living.

    The mechanical suit, if best described which is made out of a new artificial alloy which is a complex endo- and exo- skeleton set that can cover the entire body, up to and including the head portion. In the main display of the visor, it can display graphics, communications, crosshairs (which are in synchronization with both eyes), scanners and readings of the surrounding area/perimeter.

    This suit gets its power from its core. This core in turn, is powered by an amulet that has embedded in itself with a crest and a symbol that is roughly showing on it. The amulets true powers are still unknown, even by the suit and its wearer, but they hint of another time and place.

    The suit also will end up containing a wide variety of offensive weaponry: mini-sub-machine guns in the lower arms and both wrists. Miniature missiles can be deployed from the upper arms. On the side of the upper portion on the right leg there is a compartment that can pop open with an arsenal of proximity and remote mines that can be thrown at a target; and on the left side a blade/sword made of electric energy can be pulled out and can be adjusted to length and voltage. .
    For defensive purposes there can be an electrically-generated barrier for temporary shielding. The suit can also go into a battle armor mode: to have the armor push outwards by compressors between the endo- and exo- skeletons. In addition to these mechanisms, there is a much more.
    As for mobility, you could assume the suit does have the ability of flight; however the mechanism is not very stable as it is a prototype version.

    ??? has been monitoring a small organization (maguffin) that has agreed to take toxic materials from a larger corporation, and during a raid the agency apparently had set up ??? because they feel that he has becoming a threat to national, and global, security. So they reach an agreement to not prosecute or expose him to the general public in exchange that assists them in their operations. Apparently they were the ones doing the monitoring on him, for over 6 years. They knew about his network of satellites he was able to covertly establish in the atmosphere, his computer systems, how his armor worked and every other detail of who he was and how e ran his life. They then installed his new weapons and his defensive measures into suit, and they partnered him up with a tech guy that has been leading the operation to monitor this man.

    Since I do not have a name for this tech guy, to make it less confusing, lets refer to him as The Book.

    The Book has been a government service man for seven years of his life. A former agent of the NSA, he has been working for the agency which was created especially for the purposes of discovering means and ways of manipulating time and space. Now yes, he is a computer expert, but he is not your run-of-the-mill clich computer geek. In his mid-40s he is somewhat as a late bloomer when it came to the computer and internet revolution, however being a fast learner and can easily adapt to any situation, this health and body building nut, he is to assist the agency and ??? install new system, fix anything with his hands, oh yeah, and hes funny too.

    Now, for the main antagonists: Mato and Bracsus.

    Mato is best described as a cyber samurai Matos appearance could be hard on the eyes who is not used to seeing what may be perceived as a bizarre. His look would be inspired by ancient Japanese samurai armor, that it is an old piece of armor but is infused with technological advances that the hopes of man has yet to see. His entire left arm up to his shoulder that he was once born with has been completely cybernized. His face, now covered by a kabuki inspired mask, still shows hints of humanity. His motive for domination of the world (or that of time) is not known, but his past may hold the clues/

    Bracsus, which is Matos improvised apprentice just like a spoiled child, he feels that he is more powerful than his master but he does not know his lord knows of his doings. Equipped with a similar set of mechanical armor fused with advanced technologies, he possesses powers that could only be rivaled that by Sol (the sun), so much that he could harness this power either in pure raw energy beams or he can create it into forms such as swords, knives, staves, or spears. Not only does he have great power over energy, but he is unmatched when it comes to physical or inertial strength, which is the only concern that his master Mato has.

    I know there are a lot of plot holes, but I have much much more in my mind that I have been building on since heck, when I was in my teens. Now, I will be posting this somewhere else and time stamp it, and if anyone wants to help me develop more story, from the info I have, just contact me.

    This is copyright 1999-2007 Jason Schippnick.

    Comment by Jason Schippnick -

  538. \”Ow, My Balls!\”

    Comment by Uncle Idiot -

  539. Title:
    You The Jury

    Show Concept:
    A 1 hour long legal courtroom show from the point of the jury, no behind the scenes legal wrangling or police work. All you see is what a jury would see, but testimonies from witnesses would be cut to sequences of the events from their point of view (flash backs) allowing juxtaposition from different witnesses points of view. 40 minutes into the show, all testimony has been heard. For the next 10 minutes using online voting, SMS and regular call centers, viewers vote on wether or not the accused is guilty or not guilty. Depending on public opinion, the proper corresponding ending will be aired in the final 10 minutes (using pre-taped outcomes).

    The show would be shot with the same level of quality as Law & Order and real cases could be used. During the 10 minute voting period, the case would be quickly reviewed and the law (and how it applies to the case) would also be explained to aid people making their decisions.

    Further information would also be available online after the show aired, showing how the case actually turned out (if it was based on actual events) and possibly how people voted by region, race, age, etc, as well as including further legal information and discussions.

    Comment by ADM -

  540. I am The Velvet Mariachi! This would be a documentary series following me, The Velvet Mariachi. I am the greatest unknown filmmaker to ever remain unknown (most other unknown filmmakers became known at some point and so don\’t qualify anymore). Follow me as I build my empire from struggling filmmaker to head of GloboConglomoCorp, my entertainment/fishing business. Starting off with simple, entertaining videos and moving up to a small studio in Watts, The Velvet Mariachi will amaze and delight you as only he (and some bugs that roll up when you touch them) can!

    I am The Velvet Mariachi is another load dropped from the kinetic synapsery of The Velvet Mariachi!

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  541. Treasure Quest – Pick one treasure hunting story (Victorio Peak, The Lost Dutchman\’s Mine, Oak Island) and follow a crew of treasure hunters as they try to determine whether the story is real or not. The team would be assembled Oceans Eleven-style, where each person has a particular skill (one guy\’s an archeologist, one gal\’s a geologist, one dude\’s a cook, cuz you gotta eat).

    Treasure Quest is another fertile creation from the mindspace of The Velvet Mariachi! Wake up to THIS!

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  542. The Mad Environmentalist – This is what you get when you cross extreme mechanics shows like Monster Garage and extreme environmentalists like Ed Bagley Jr. Yeah, you could green your vehicle and drive it quietly down the road. Or you could drop the ass on your diesel Mercedes, add three-wheel motion and show the world that you don\’t have to be a wuss to go green.

    The Mad Environmentalist is another extreme vision from the brain of The Velvet Mariachi! Que chingoneria!

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  543. Extreme Underground – A documentary chronicling underground spelunkers who explore abandoned mine shafts, condemned buildings, unused access tunnels, etc. Dispels myths about things like the Mole People supposedly living under NYC, confirms stories about underground strangeness (like the underground bridge beneath UCLA), and, of course, goes looking for C.H.U.D.

    Interviews people who work underground and why they do it. Also delves into the history of some famous underground environments, from lava tubes in New Mexico to catacombs in France.

    Extreme Underground is another brilliant idea from the hyper-active mind of The Velvet Mariachi! Aye, ceviche!

    Comment by The Velvet Mariachi -

  544. I have been hemming and hawing over how to get into words what I think would be an interesting concept for a show. Today, I lost my best friend, and I decided to stop hemming and hawing and just write. Because you just never know what chances your going to have or your going to miss.

    The Midwest, two transplants, one from New York, one from Georgia, get there own farms they both have significant others who travel for work, one has a brood of kids (human and the goat kind), the other a brood of dogs some chickens and a couple of horses throw in for fun the live down the road from one another they have similar struggles men that dont realize how much work it takes to raise a family, run a farm, and keep everything together at the same time. They are witness to miracles and nightmares they live in their own private hell at times but have each other to lean on, to help each other through to make each other laugh and are there when they are each at the end of their ropes. They have their own adventures and jokes they are not afraid to live and to take risks, but they tempered by their responsibilities, to their family, their animals, their husband and their fiance Both fairly young (late 20s, early 30s). Through it all though, they are there for each other, and each time they survive, they are just a little bit stronger

    It could be reality (trust me, I live it) or it could be fictionalized it would be comedic. there are lots of laughs (you have to be half crazy to do what we do). but it would also have lots of very serious moments life and death, losses, worries in the middle of the night in the end somehow they make it through.

    I wish you luck in finding your new show if I can be of any help, please let me know. I ask those that read this to remember my Sage; as a wise friend of mine said.. no matter how long our animals are with us, its never quite long enough. Sage, life with you was an absolute joy and life without you is never going to be quite the same.

    Comment by Marisa Gordon -

  545. Mark
    I would like to see a motorcycle adventure show where the riders go on short, one to two week, rides to places like Copper Canyon Mexico or across Alaska etc.

    I loved the motorcycle adventure series The Long Way Around, it would have been better in HD, but the problem is what normal person can save up and go on a six-month trip around the world with a support team, we all are not movie stars. I would like to see rides to remote places staying in odd Hotels and eating at interesting places etc… that a normal person can dream about and do on a motorcycle.

    The last thing I would like to see is Motorcyclist portrayed in a good light which means not like any other show that is currently on, not all of us do stunts, ride 200 mph or ride bikes that look like a mid evil torture device.

    I am a big fan of Get Out I like the format and well everything else. HD Net films in HD that would be perfect for this show and also has done travel shows so it would be a great fit.


    Comment by Tim Johnson -

  546. 1. A show tracing the lives of people in remote parts of the world. All of them the same age and following them as they go through the rites of passage. Beautiful scenery and intersting comparisons between peoples of different cultures.

    2. A show where you have to work at menial jobs without the people knowing who you are. That would be cool and it shows us poor folk that rich folk are people too.

    3. Geocaching global race for a huge cash prize. Only instead of the stupid amazing race the people actually have to get through things themselves.

    4. Reality show following a latino\’s attempts to get into the USA illegaly.

    5. Reality show trying to find the world\’s most beautiful unknown woman.

    6 weekly show informing us at a higher level about a different country each week.

    7. reality show where a group of people are trying to get from one coast to another without being caught by bounty hunters.

    8. Inside Iran..nothing political..just showing the people.

    9. celebrity interview show where celebs interview other celebs from a different line of work.

    10. Porno reality where viewers get to vote on situations of the week. Also contest winners get to visit the set.

    11. something India related…lots of Indian immigrants and no media representation it seems. Sitcom, music stuff..you name it.

    12. A historical drama tracing the life of La Malinche who was the mother or modern Mexico and bore Cortez\’s first child. This would be amazing if done well. See author Ana Lanyon\’s book called Malinche\’s Conquest. This plays the the Latino community in a major way.

    13. A travel show where you hire me and just drop me randomly in a country with set list of tasks to accomplish with zero money or any other resource. If I fail I get replaced.

    Comment by jake d -

  547. Mark –
    I live in the SF Bay Area and have both called and emailed Comcast about picking up HDNet. We can\’t get it out here – they refuse to pick it up! Call them up and crack some skulls, I\’d really like to have that on my cable box!


    Comment by Adam Jackson -

  548. I don\’t see any agreement or statement re: \”what\’s in it for me\” so I\’ll bookmark this and get right back atcha when I get my treatment submitted and I own it … unless you can repost some sort of agreement re: what happens if I puke my guts out here in your \’comments?\’


    Comment by J.C. Musser -

  549. Another idea (I also did #558). What about \”Online Video Stars\” show that tracks attempts by the new slew of folks trying to make a name for themselves with online video? There are a bunch doing their own shows, doing standup, singing, etc, all posting to YouTube and other sites. This could be a show tracking 5-10 of these folks as they try to get known for their efforts. You could do established stars like LisaNova, and some people who aren\’t so well known. It could allow you to also have an online presence accompanying the show, with videos from the video-stars in the making, or you could partner with a Yahoo, YouTube, or whoever, and the show could be seen both on HDnet as well as online. It could be a great cross-promotional opportunity, and can allow you to tap into the online video zeitgeist.

    Comment by Mike Wolf -

  550. I would love to see a show about young innovators and startups and the crazy life that goes behind it. The Paul Graham philosophy is spreading like crazy. A document on his latest troop, the tech crunch companies, etc. would be pretty interesting. Give a Justin.Tv type hat to a cofounder who can wear it for a day and throw it to another founder. Better yet their CEO! Yeah Right. But yeah….Startup Life, the failures and successes.

    Comment by eslee -

  551. Around the world in 80 drinks:

    This idea revolves around the fact that travel and food and drink go hand in hand. HDNet viewers are more likely people that travel, enjoy wine, spirits, and cocktails based on their lifestyles and discretionary income. This is a show that talks to them.

    Your host would travel to the world\’s great drink locations: Germany for wine and beer, Spain for wine, brandy and sherry, New York and London or San Francisco for the world\’s greatest cocktails, etc. and talk to the people that make it great, and where to stay to enjoy it. At the end of the show, you can give recipes for the cocktails for home entertainment, and locations and/or websites on where to buy wine and spirits. Advertising for the show can easily be sold to spirit/beer/ and wine companies, which can also help underwrite the cost of production.

    Comment by David L. -

  552. Why not have an HD camera sent up and mounted to the outside of the space station. I\’m sure the view of the planet would be nice beautiful. In the future, it would be cool to have an HD camera positioned on the moon to send back video of its view of Earth. This would be similar to the progam \’Sunrise Earth\’ on another channel (Discovery HD?).

    Comment by Dave -

  553. \”If its obvious you don\’t know anything about HDNet or have never seen our networks , it will be deleted.\”

    If you are trying to come up with something original, doesn\’t this close the very box people are supposed to be thinking outside of?

    Comment by Doug Beck -

  554. Why would anyone do this? Honestly, you all pour out ideas that you have and then your idea will be picked up (if it is any good) and produced, funded, and aired without so much as a dime or a nod in your direction?

    Unless I missed something about Cuban making the effort to reward someone else\’s work and idea, I don\’t understand why anyone would a legitimate idea.

    There are people whose jobs it is to develop shows and to have great ideas, now — don\’t get me wrong, I think a lot of them put out a lot of crap — but it\’s the responsibility of the corporation to find, employ, and reward people who are capable of brilliance, not farm free labor from blogs.

    Comment by Nicholas -

  555. a show about nothing

    Comment by George -

  556. One of the best documentaries in the last few years was one that tracked a startup of a dotcom from when the guy was raising funding to the time it was essentially going out of business. I think a show tracking various startups in silicon valley from funding discussions to ramp up to exit strategy would be great. You can have three different startups in various stages, one in VC hunt mode, one that has secured funding, the other that has been going and may be in trouble. This would allow for cross-cutting and each episode can either be a focus on one of them or can be a mix of all three.

    Comment by Mike Wolf -

  557. A billionaire wants free TV show ideas, and places a bunch of hypocritical rules on what \”free\” ideas he will even look at. Get bent Mark!

    Comment by Scott -

  558. I would like to see a show like this: \”Convince Me\”, would ideas or theories by scientists, political promoters, or teachers taking an idea from it\’s conception through to a conclusion, and trying to convince the audience to accept the conclusion.

    The subject matter could be anything from trickle down economic theory, global warming, the effects of legislation, or are animals sentient. There are so many topics that could be covered in this format, and a never-ending supply of people who would love this sort of platform to convince others of the \”truth\” of their convictions.

    There could be voting at the end, asking \”Were you convinced?\” \”Were you not convinced?\” Do you need more proof?\”

    Comment by Kimberly Jennings -

  559. Call it an American Idol knockoff if you want, but somebody needs to do a rock band competition. Preferably one that isn\’t so insanely commercialized and doesn\’t allow the same tired songs to be performed over and over again.

    Comment by Shane Crowe -

  560. perhaps a comedy about a young entrepreneur who, while living in an \”arts dorm\”, opens an off-campus club which is basically a no-frills perpetual keg party?

    Comment by tpayne -

  561. A miniseries that takes a close look at the lives of America\’s homeless. From the seedy, underbelly of big cities to the rural poverty in America\’s backroads, the series would take a look at unemployment, drug abuse, broken families, and the homeless condition by profiling a handful of the country\’s most interesting, most tragic homeless and the struggle of their daily lives. A true docudrama in sharp HD, where homelessness is as much an epidemic as it is a tragic aesthetic.

    Comment by Andrew -

  562. Bruce Springsteen is reportedly going on tour this summer. Why not follow Bruce, The E-Street Band, family and friends. Cover the trials and tribulations of touring in terms of obstacles faced in setting the stage. Interview fans, maybe even have Bruce do some surprise performances and catch the crowds reaction. Also what might be interesting is giving Bruce a chance to interview other big bands he comes across on the road.

    Comment by Jeff Zimmerman -

  563. Is it possible to create new disruptive content for TV?

    My sense is yes, if the idea actually helps solve viewers\’ or advertisers problems in new ways. The key is to identify and solve new information problems that are: important problems, frequent problems and problems that people are already trying to solve but can\’t.

    This is not how most programmers or media content producers think.

    More details here:


    Comment by Michael Urlocker -

  564. Mark,

    I want to follow-up on comment # 20, by Padraic Russell.

    Initially another mystery show did not sound like much to me, but the more I dug into his proposal the better it sounds.

    Clues scattered throughout the Internet through fake web pages is a great idea.

    * A fake news site (like theOnion.com), however it mixed in with the humor stories are hints and articles that relate to the mystery.

    * Fake corporate news sites, with profiles of the fake characters.

    * Fake College website (for some of the younger characters)

    * Fake Barbershop, HOA websites, etc.

    * And of course all of these sites would like to each other.

    The catch is it would still have to be a well written story, with great twists and turns. And it needs to have a clear ending. So it doesnt turn into Lost, or even Heroes.

    I realize writing and actors cost money, but most of that comes back through advertising.

    Think of all the opportunity for advertising on all of these sites. Mixed in with fake advertising . . .of course.

    Comment by John Ellis -

  565. I want to make a comedy about two insane kids who travel around America killing people that represent \”The Man\” to them. I have a half-hour pilot written. If you\’re interested.


    Comment by Tadhg -

  566. A show about a guy dreaming, and each episode he wakes up from a said dream only to awake to another dream, a recursive dream of sorts, that just leads him deeper and deeper into his own fantasy.

    Comment by shinda -

  567. I agree with the previous poster who proposed a show about how different things are made. I would expand on this concept, and include professions and institutions. A \”Day in the Life\” show would be facinating. One of the most interesting shows on TV right now in my opinion is a show on the Discovery Channel about offshore drilling rigs. It shows the everyday processes that occur to produce a product or service that we use without thinking. It could be anything from showing what goes into producing a news cast on TV, to the life of a cotton farmer in West Texas, to the interworkings of a four star hotel, and to a behind the scenes look at a famous museum.

    The combination of the amazing technology of HDNet and the interest in reality that viewers are drawn to could create a landmark series. It would help us all understand the world around us while being entertained at the same time.

    Comment by Christi -

  568. Title : Shriek

    A small cast of 4 travel reality style around the world learning about different cultures, but more importantly learning about superstitions and ghosts from different countires!

    Think globe trotting real world meets ghost hunters! Most Haunted in the U.K. and Ghost Hunters in the U.S. have great followings but I\’ve always wondered why there isn\’t a show that trots the globe looking for ghosts. I am postitive that every country in the world has its own famous ghost story and I for one would love to hear it. HD TV would capture the beauty of all these different places and show close up the sheer terror of the crew.

    The cast would be three beautiful women, I\’m thinking my dream team would be Keely Hazel, Vanessa Minnilo, Orlaith McAllister with a hunky looking 30somthing lead male to run the team.

    The crew goes to the country,(lets use Japan), sits down with a local to hear the ghost story and then proceeds to spend the night at the haunted locale getting the bejsus scared out of them!

    Cheap to produce, endless epic HD photo opps, eye candy being scared, its a can\’t miss formula.

    I just gave you your most watched show on HDNET….now email me back, I wanna go to!

    Comment by Sean -

  569. Here\’s an idea:

    Your network does a spectacular job of bringing the viewer into the world of the programs, both through the visual and aural experience of HD, and interactive tie-ins via the web. One type of program that can really benefit from these advantages is a human interest concept.

    One of the best ways to get to know a person is not throught their work or public lives, but through their true passions. A show that showcases peoples hobbies and other leisure activities provides not only insight into the actual activity, but also insight into the everyday lives of people.

    I see the show featuring a host who joins subjects in their favorite activities and becomes an active participant. Imagine following an avid hiker into the woods on a crisp autumn day, or sitting in the small home studio of an amateur sculptor as the create a new piece. The acuity of HD will bring the viewer into these worlds and web based tie-ins will provide more information on the specific activity as well as a forum for new program subjects.

    One of the most enjoyable activities in life is getting to know new people. And, What better way to do that than through the activities that really drive a person, their passions?

    Comment by Conor -

  570. The merging of movie locations and tourism is a skyrocketing trend. Being one of a handful of people that has created a movie tour company, I know first hand the fascination with finding famous filming locations when someone travels.

    My idea which I am working on: A travel series that explores the world by uncovering famous filming locations. Maybe its Boston (Departed, Good Will Hunting) one week and New Zealand (Lord of the Rings) the next. There is a lot more to this but would love to talk further to discuss.

    Jeff Coveney
    Boston Movie Tours

    Comment by Jeff Coveney -

  571. The story of other peoples money is an eternally fascinating one. We never seem to get enough. Celebrity gossip columns, lifestyles of the rich and famous TV shows, our neighbours mouth all vividly spin this captivating tale. For some unknown reason however, no matter how and by whom it is told, only one side of legend is ever revealed. The how they spend it side. The flipside is offcourse the how they make it side, showing face ever now and then. Nestled deeply somewhere inbetween these two is fat, lazy, inconspicuous side. A from me to you side of the other peoples money story. With a kind of casual indifference, this side persistently misses out its turn in the spotlight. A darned shame, for its a fascinating side, one full of potential to go very far. Maybe, one-day, even reach HDNET!

    Lets get one thing straight, non-one wants to delve too deeply into the story of drudgery a.k.a. work to us common folk. Not a chance! Especially not if faced with an irresistible alternative of watching Dennis Rodman help a video game addicted, electrical engineering major release her inner warrior by training her to be a roller derby pro. (Premieres Wednesday, 8:00 PM ET eastern on HDNET Geek to Freak). Well leave the dissection of those nasty, touchy-feely issues to a trained professional like Dan Rather (Wednesday 7:00 PM ET on HDNET- Dan Rather Reports), not to a Joe Bookman from accounting. But what if, just if, instead of focusing on boring Joe, with his boring job, instead we focused on the most exciting thing Joe did today to earn 100 dollars. Perhaps today, that was 2 hours worth of general ledger auditing, followed by liaison with his obnoxious boss Samuel, to whom Joe reported his outrageous findings. A great opportunity to segway from boring to obnoxious – our story begins to unravel. Samuel takes over from here. It is now his turn to earn 100 dollars he reluctantly gave up to Joe. For Samuel, its a matter of intently diluting/beautifying Joes egregious findings, to make them more palatable for the wise old CEO Mark. In his eternal wisdom, Mark is coldly unphased by Joes masterful presentation. He draws his conclusions quickly and Samuel is sent on his way. This impeccable application of the time-money relativity theory has earned Mark 100 dollars. In next weeks episode, our story continues from Mark to Sir Sharehodlington.

    While we enthrallingly watch the 100 dollar bill go around, we are learning, we are relating. Better yet, the narrator – a seasoned entrepreneur who is putting things in perspective, amuses us. Last episode when Joe, Samuel and Mark went into that meeting, we couldnt help but wonder whom the sucker was. A kind of Larry David in kind of Curb your Enthusiasm, only kind of different.

    Its hard to put a finger on it, but there some intrinsic connection between 100 dollar show and HDNET. Our mortal minds may never comprehend it, but there is no denying, the connection is highly auspicious.

    Comment by Alex Keis -

  572. I\’ve been trying to pitch the idea for a sitcom about death/grim reaper. The basic premise would be that the grim reaper\’s job is outsourced to India forcing him to get a temp job in an office building even though everyone around him is completely oblivious to the fact that he is the Grim Reaper. To describe it easily it\’s kind of a mix of Dead Like Me, Office Space, and My Name is Earl. I can elaborate more if needed, its harder to explain on paper.

    Comment by Eric -

  573. I believe the time is right for a Pro-Environment HDNET tv show. The idea being: have contestants appear each week before a panel of judges to showcase their ideas/inventions that will help insure the future of our planet. We need to keep rasing awareness, We need to make our environment a number one priority. Everyone needs to pitch in, we all can do our part, Individuals, small businesses, large corporations, governments, etc..

    Anyone that comes up with a sound and viable idea should be rewarded. We can open this up the international community and share our ideas globally. Part of the show would focus on the problems, specifically document current problems, and then the rest of the show would concentrate on solutions. It\’s time we all take this seriously.

    Geoffrey G. Kendall

    Comment by Geoffrey G. Kendall -

  574. How about the lab with leo laporte.. there are already several episodes in the can so to speak and it is filmed in hd.

    Comment by John Fredericks -

  575. \”Super Jerk\”

    A man with a sincere dislike for pretty much everyone he meets can\’t stop unintentionally saving people\’s lives. Basically, the guy would be cynical, sarcastic and grumpy but have a knack for being a very reluctant hero.

    Comment by Adam Matthews -

  576. \”The Bonfire\”

    Each week a different neighborhood is selected to have their bonfire location fitted with cameras and microphones. The TV audience can watch neighbors sit around a fire at night, drink beer, and shoot the bull. Kids and wives may be involved earlier in the night. Usually devolves into only guys sitting around drunkenly telling weird stories late into the night.

    Can edit out the boring parts. I kind of view it as a \”Cops\” sort of thing with no narration.

    With the amount of firepits being sold these days, I believe neighborhood bonfires are very popular. All it takes is a couple characters to get the party started.

    Comment by Ross -

  577. Mr. Cuban,

    If you\’re looking for quality programming for the HDNet you can look no further than The Black Donnellys. NBC should be ashamed of themselves for dropping this show. This show is not just entertaining but keeps you on the edge of your seat in ever single episode. The Black Donnellys is the best thing to come out of network tv especially in this age of crappy reality tv. Keep the hope alive. BRING BACK THE BLACK DONNELLYS

    Comment by Victor -

  578. I think that you should take a look at NBC\’s show The Black Donnelly\’s. It has a huge fanbase and is a show with great promise.

    Comment by Stefanie -

  579. \’Abandoned\’

    I\’ve yet to see a show about \’Urban Exploration\’. HighDef would be perfect for a documentary style show exploring abandoned places here and abroad. It would be half-and-half the history of the building/location (the significance of the site and what caused it to become abandoned) and the actual current exploration of the site (the mixture of reclamation by nature and the vandalism). It should probably be narrated more than hosted, just letting the almost surreal imagery and the \’ghosts\’ be the focus. Some episodes could focus on multiple sites, from ghost towns of the west to hospitals or institutions in the east. Some sites would get episodes to themselves. The Salton Sea area. The Supercollider in Waxahachie. And of course the pinnaccle of them all: Chernobyl.

    There are numerous websites devoted to this. There are some wonderful pictures at http://www.abandonedbutnotforgotten.com. The most interesting ones to me are some of the most recent. Dogpatch in Arkansas and the Sun Microsystems building in California weren\’t abandoned very long ago, and already it\’s as if they\’re being taken back.

    Obviously it would be a highly visual and even emotional experience and I think it would work well.


    Comment by Stan Stanton -

  580. I feel that there is a serious lack of Science Fiction series that go straight to a High Definition broadcast. It seems to me that this is a genre that is well suited to be broadcast, especially on a privately owned channel. It would allow for good shows (for example Firefly) to have decent chance at surviving. A couple of ideas I have in mind are perhaps a show from an alien perspective. Perhaps some sort of invasion or survivalist drama.

    It is hard to come up with an idea that isnt in the least bit derivative of some prior narrative. I feel a new spin on some sort of intergalactic war between alien races. In recent years shows dealing with magic or sci fi in a contemporary setting have also fared well.

    Alternatively a dark comedy based on the integration of magical or alien characters would be an interesting direction for a show to go. These shows tend to be straightforward dramas where the protagonists are just trying to assimilate the best the can, while something with more of a Dead Like Me feel to it are somewhat overlooked.

    I realize I havent really discussed any one definitive idea for a show, however I feel a nudge in a direction towards a relatively unexplored spin on classic sci-fi would be a good fit for HDNet. Hopefully there are those who agree with me. Im going to continue considering more concrete storylines, but I thought that this would be a good preliminary message to get to the blog. This is the kind of show I would like to see and I know some who would share my opinion.

    Comment by Victor Castanon -

  581. ONe show could be a spoof on Noah\’s Ark.

    Then on a more serious note. Two college kids one female and on male. They date but the guy breaks up with her and he leaves. Then later that night the girl calls him but he ignores the phone and doesn\’t answer. So the girl goes for a drive and gets hit by a drunk driver. So the guy has to deal with the fact that he thinks he killed his ex by not answering his phone. And it just goes through the stuff that he has to deal with, even maybe at some point the guy falls for one of her friends.

    Comment by Ricky -

  582. I think the best thing HD Net could do is bring back Arrested Development. You show it in HD syndication (most appreciated), but that show was great, and any body I know who has seen it can\’t understand why they would cancel such a funny series. Some of WB\’s most successful shows were shows that were canceled by other networks (Charmed, For Your Love).

    Apart from that, most of your programming is either syndicated TV, or reality. It\’s hard to think of something other than, \”watch somebody do something (insert wild idea).\” I could take the cynical approach how about a sitcom about an idiot real estate magnate (with a Casino and a Tower named after him)? The sitcom could use every opportunity from the headlines, and his supporting cast, to make the idiot magnate look stupid (I\’m sure Rosie would do guest cameos for free). Similar to \”The Office\” but with a purpose.

    I think HBO, TNT & USA have proven that they can do original drama/comedy shows just as well as the network clones or even better, as they aren\’t just after Nielsen ratings, or have a smaller threshold to break even, with much smaller overhead beasts (Monk, Sopranos, Weeds, The Dead Zone, Sex in the City, Arli$). Why limit yourself to these? I have always thought that a forensic accounting drama would be exciting, and has never been done. Being from Texas, you have probably seen the effects of financial crimes with the whole Enron debacle, however all current crime dramas are almost exclusively about violent crimes. White collar criminals are generally not considered as bad as violent criminals, except by the people that are effected by the crimes. When you look at the CSIs, the Law & Orders, and even newcomers Criminal Minds and Numb3rs, current TV viewing public likes watching the good guys catch the bad guys, and the bad guys are created from theories of what could happen, or even from the headlines. While the actual auditing of financial statements may seem boring on the onset, anyone who has sat in a courtroom knows that the \”LA Law\” view of lawyers is not real the drama comes from the plot lines, and the fictionalization. The types of frauds/thefts perpetrated on companies by employees and the types of scams companies run to cheat tax laws, and/or inflate market value might not only provide entertainment, it might give investors a little more common sense when investing…

    Comment by Al Middleton -

  583. An around the world documentary series following Team SkipLizard, the first ever team from Texas to compete in the Mongol Rally.

    The Mongol Rally is a 200 team race from London to Mongolia intended to raise money for Charity. Each team is comprised of two people using a car of a maximum 1 liter of power and few resources beyond their own wits.

    The series would be not only a cultural expose, as we will travel through 20 countries and need countless aids from locals, but also a lesson in true adventure. We\’ll touch miles of mountains, deserts, and unmapped dirt roads, all while trying to avoid the likes of bandits, breakdowns, and predators. For a couple of Texas boys who at one point thought friends and baseball were the world, this should be a hell of an eye-opener.

    You can read more about the team and the Mongol Rally at http://www.skiplizard.com, and thanks much for opening TV up for the public.

    Comment by Ryan -

  584. Mark Mark Mark,

    I have an idea for a great dramedy (comedy + drama) show that I have floated to HBO as well as a few agents but because they\’re all suckers…they didn\’t bite. My type of show would be perfect for HDNET and would eventually do for your channel what Sopranos did for HBO…gain instant subscribers and become the face of the network.

    The name of the show…. \”Once Upon A Time In Rock and Roll\”

    The plot: A group of friends from hodunk Illinois (any midwest farming town) start a band, move to Hollywood, and before they know it are rock n roll superstars. We watch them hopelessly attempt to stay attached to their lives prior to \”making it big\” while navigating their new world of drugs, booze, sex, love, and above all rock and roll.

    The feel: The show would be very much in the vein of Cameron Crowe\’s classic, \”Almost Famous\”.

    You wanted a good show people can get attached to that isn\’t the same ole same ole…. \”Once Upon A Time in Rock and Roll\” is it…

    Let me know,
    Christopher Joyce

    Comment by Christopher Joyce -

  585. Mark.
    Love this open forum for ideas. I am not always your greatest fan, or your worst critic, most of the time, I just enjoy your commentary. As for Television Topics, we always try to make what we \”know\” in our daily lives seem extraordinary enough to post for the masses. I have a succinct presentation on a topic that I know well: Imminent Narcissism. I welcome commentary, obviously, and a chance to pitch.

    By the way, I know we are supposed to keep our posts relegated to the topic at hand, but I wanted to comment on your reaction during the Dirk MVP PC. I think it is commendable the trust you have in your self to put the emotional stamp in the forefront. One of the reasons I am not your worst critic. Thanks for what you have brought to this city.

    Comment by Michael -

  586. Original series ideas:

    #1 NANO KNIGHTS (Family)

    Centers on a Seattle family whose lives become frazzled when three pint-size aliens invade their home as they try to rescue a princess from an evil sorcerer who has hidden her somewhere in the Emerald City.

    #2 KLONED! (Comedy)

    Centers on a New York psychiatrist who discovers he was secretly cloned twenty-five years before and how he tries to stop his younger self from making the same painful mistakes he made.

    #3 CREEPY FACE (Drama)

    Set in Hollywood during the 1940\’s, centers on a man with a disfigured face who begins an acting career as a B-movie bit player then slowly rises to become a famous horror film star, but at the price of his personal and professional relationships. Inspired by the real life story of Rondo Hatton.

    Comment by nb -

  587. Its not a show, but an idea. Why not develop some level of intereaction. What I\’m thinking would get rid of commercials, and I havent seen anyone take it seriously yet. Why not mouse over Kobe Bryants shoes and be directed to amazon.com? Why not mouse over a watch on a soap opera and be taken to a jeweler\’s website. Why not mouse over the pizza that someone is eating and be taken to pizza hut\’s site, where one click and it orders the food for you?

    Amazon will pay to be the vendor of choice. Pizza Hut will pay huge for making it so easy to buy them over dominoe\’s. You could even backbone it with a line of credit on your cable bill provided by Visa. Advertising comanies will love it because it will (for the fist time) provide them with a way to quantify compaigns…..actually I guess they would hate it for the same reason.

    Its going to happen. Why not make it happen?

    Comment by Greg Wilson -

  588. 4 shows have recently been on my mind. The first two are both competitons based on Stephen King stories.
    First: The Running Man. A contestant tries to avoid the \’hunters\’ for 30 days. If he wins, he gets a million dollars. The viewing public gets rewarded with $1,000 for a confirmed sighting, and $10,000 for a sighting that leads to a capture. The \’runner\’ must submit a daily video.

    Second: The Long Walk. Contestants must just…walk. And keep walking. Falling beneath the designated pace gives you a warning. After 3 warnings, your next slowdown means you\’re out of the game. Walkers earn back a warning for each full hour without a warning. Seems easy at first, but after a couple of days with no sleep, competiton could be very difficult.

    Third: another \’reality competition:\’ In \’Holier Than Thou,\’ 10 seminary students commpete for a pastoring job. The eliminating \’sermon chamber\’ features in what could be one of the most contraversial, yet insightful reality programs ever.

    Finally, \’Box Office.\’ A look behind the scenes of a movie theatre. The management is a variety of characters, including the scheming ladder-climber, the rookie, the \’leave it for the other guy,\’ the depressed one, and the tough GM. Minimum wage employees could be mostly filled by cameo appearances, as the staff of a theatre changes fairly often. Dealing with ignorant customers, employee shenanigans, corporate BS, and some of the truly bad movies that come to a local multiplex could all make for an entertaining, funny, relatable comedy. Please email me if interested, as a friend of mine and I are working up a couple scripts.

    Comment by Tony Davis -

  589. Wire up a few major US call-centers. Tech help, gadget support, help lines, Turkey-Day Hotline, etc. Not just IT — anything and everything sold to consumers. The callers and call-center employees have both already consented when the call goes thru, so you don\’t pay the \”cast.\” Just let it run, randomly, all day all night. Consumers would see what nitwits they are, en masse. Call-center employees would be seen as humans — some flawed, some angels.

    Pop culture is so terrifyingly \”MUST CONSUME\”-oriented; let\’s watch the back-end operations in that fishbowl…

    Comment by RL Brown -

  590. How about a satire on MTV\’s \”I wanna be…\” reality show. Instead of a reality format, it\’s all scripted with professional actors. For instance, it would have a similar feel to \”My Name is Earl\”. But instead of the kids wanting to be something respectable like a cheerleader, a wrestler, or run for class president, they would like to be something somewhat deviant. Examples might include a pimp, prostitute, carny, dead beat, welfare queen/king, or Paris Hilto. There are countless labels out there that could be used. You could probabley get 2 or 3 seasons easy. Once all of those are exhausted, you could go with respectable professions ie politician, reverend, construction worker or dentist and make fun of those stereotypes. IE, the dentist who gets high off his own gas, the construction worker who\’s drunk and makes crude comments to women. These could go on forever and ever due to countless fodder.

    Comment by Brent -

  591. Proposing a complete set of programming, not just a show, that is scalable to full, multiple channels of the broadest selection of entertaining HD content.

    Global Entertainment Videos (EV) of theatrical and concert productions in High Definition from every continent and from any artist performing in venues using LViHD permanent installation and portable touring automated acquisition systems.

    The HD programming thereby serves all music and theatrical cultures and styles from around the world and would be channeled ultimately by continent or origin and then down to style or genre:

    HDNET EV Africa
    HDNET EV Antarctica (thats a stretch)
    HDNET EV Asia
    HDNET EV Australia
    HDNET EV Europe
    HDNET EV North America
    HDNET EV South America

    The pipeline of new, high quality, highly diverse staged entertainment content is bottomless and most languages are provided for by virtue of being captured inside of the host countrys venues.

    Some shows might spotlight special or emerging guests that perform one or more songs with the concert headliners or in the case of theatrical shows, potential variations could be presented on select shows.

    Adding interactive viewer alternatives, such as selecting from up to 32 primary viewing angles from the directors cut mastered, media ordering system for the show they have just seen and a voting system component for the best performances from all continents for competitive prize or recognition awards.

    No issues selling global advertising

    Standard Definition or High Definition DVD media can be preordered by consumer at the time they place an order for event tickets or ordered from a separate dedicated site anytime after the event is complete.

    The potential, variations, opportunities and consumer interest is endless.

    Comment by Ruben -

  592. 2 show ideas:

    Life: The Trilogy (comedy/drama) – 3 seasons looking into the different stages of young life (teenager, college years, young professional). It would be interesting if you based it on the lives of those who are nearing 25-30 years of age now who grew up with computers/internet and the various historical events that occurred during that time. Track a group of people as they grow up, make different decisions, are affected by different events, and ultimately determine who they become. Many researchers have studied the impact of technology on the \”millennials\”, and I think illustrating some of those studies at a more \”pop culture\” level would result in a smart, relatable, yet highly entertaining series if written well. Think of it as the American Pie series except with a more serious tone – and no sex with pies. Tie it in with applicable and entertaining web content, and it could traverse the gap between mediums.

    Grown Up Version of \”Attack of the Show\” (from G4TV): Analyzing technology through the eyes of industry leading scholars, researchers, CEO\’s, investors, professionals, and students in a hip, laid fashion that would hopefully do for technology what Jim Cramer did for investing. Topics of discussion could include new software/hardware releases, web applications, technology movements, and other cutting edge research. Humanize the content similar to the way Stephen Johnson writes his books on hefty subjects that would usually never see the light of day on a normal person\’s coffee table.

    Comment by Jared Bieberich -

  593. Mark,

    With Wallstreet bonuses for traders at an alltime high,and sense nothing I know have has been done about the intense life of a trader, do a show about the luxury and intense lifestyle on Wallstreet.

    Comment by Jordan -


    If you won the Lottery, would you…

    Quit your job?
    Pay off all your debts?
    Buy anything you ever wanted? A dream house? A Rolls Royce?
    Give money to your family and friends?
    Give money to charity? To your church?
    Travel the world?
    Never have another worry in your life?

    We all have fantasized what we would do if we won the Lottery. But does instant wealth really bring happiness?

    Americans spend more than $25.1 billion a year on lottery tickets, so there are a lot of hopes and dreams out there. But what really happens after the big payoff? Will you really quit your job, buy a mansion, and live the good life? Or is sudden wealth both a blessing and a curse?

    Each season of LOTTO: The Winners Circle revolves around disparate groups of nationwide lottery winners who we follow for their first year. They could be a single mother of two who surprisingly wins $90,000,000, a group of office workers splitting a $7,000,000 sure bet, conservative retirees, recent immigrants seeking the American Dream, or a life-long lottery player who finally hits it big.

    With the winners coming from all classes and ethnicities, the audience will view them as regular people like themselves – regular people that just got lucky in this time of economic uncertainty. People can be catapulted from one economic status to another overnight, but a lifetime of beliefs and experiences change more slowly. How high will they go? How low will they fall? Will they make it through the obstacles that sudden wealth has cast upon them?

    Comment by Frank Hudec -

  595. A night at the theater, go to the different theaters doing plays or operas in the larger cities. Film the play in HD as if the viewer was in the front row. Many of the theaters have TV stars playing great roles, for example Avery Brooks was great as Othello when he appeared at the Folger Shakespeare Theater in DC.

    If this works it allows you to tap into the creative side of the theaters, that are begging for money and have no outlet but live performance.

    Comment by joe waldrop -

  596. How about a program about getting the best from your HD setup? As a second job I do surround sound installs for people and 90% of them no nothing about the HD content they receive, about break in times for Plasmas, Upscaling DVD players, ect. They have HD TVs but arent utilizing the full potential for their money. This isnt a pimp my Home Theater show, but more of a How to Show for the common guy/gal and also showing them some of the up and coming technology out there.

    Comment by Jack Pardo -

  597. \”Wetbacks\”

    This is a family friendly dramedy about a group of five male and female cousins who are in the U.S. illegally, set in Dallas. It should benefit from lots of free publicity due to the current high profile of this issue.

    The show will allow America to see how hard working and law abiding illegal aliens can be. They and their families will go through the usual trials and tribulations of life, but with the added burden of occassional brushes with the law and hateful individuals due to their race and illegal status.

    The tone of the show will be consistently pro-immigrant, in an effort to educate the public to how important these people are to our economy and to continue to generate controversy/ratings from the rabid anti-immigrant crowd.

    Comment by Tom -

  598. Hi Mark,

    After fully exploring the possibilities, I have come to the conclusion that there are just so many ways to get someone\’s attention, and as I have definitely ruled out setting myself on fire (even with the help of CG), I decided on making this a quick pitch.

    Hi, my name is Mark Miller. I work in this crazy movie business. It\’s fun and a bit unsettling. Your fresh perspective keeps everyone on their toes and I dig that.

    Knowing that HDNet\’s programming is a lot about syndicated TV or newsworthy shows tells me that you want to save the coin and invest in something where the content already exists in the world, which brings me to everyone\’s favorite internet / TV station on the planet…Youtube.com.


    What if HDNet took footage or a clip like a little baby playing with a king cobra (http://youtube.com/watch?v=82sBxSZBbUk) but then you could have a follow up segment explaining what is happening in the piece. Track down those behind the video or give a little history regarding what we\’ve just seen or maybe some comedic take. You can highlight the better clips out there. Almost like \”America\’s Funniest Videos\” but with a twisted perspective. I wanna no more about this Rehdogg and his singing? Is he a deaf rapper or just some screwed up dude that lives in Maryland who\’s tone deaf? http://youtube.com/watch?v=8mWW6kRITEY. You tell me in HD, baby…

    You like animated movies? Puppet shows? GREG THE BUNNY could have been so much better. It fell flat on it\’s face, but I can make it up to the public. I got some killer puppet show ideas with talent already attached. Oscar nominated folks…the real deal…no messing around.

    Let\’s start an animation studio in Austin, Texas, the coolest place in the world. Not far from Dallas. Give me some capital and I\’ll make you millions.

    Comment by Mark Miller -

  599. Since I\’m no stranger to wasting time. The show would follow the 17 race schedule of the Indy Racing League IndyCar series. This isn\’t a copy of anything that has ever been on the air, it is unique and if Indycar racing got coverage on the sports pages this might be a sports show. 20 weeeks one hour episodes. The first 2/3 of the hour would feature the celebrity star visiting the tourist attractions, architecture, resturants and historical sites of the various cities and states where the races take place. The remaining 1/3 of the hour would follow the celebrity star attending the race weekend, interacting with the fans tailgaiting and at the assorted fan activities that go on each weekend. We\’re not covering the cars, engines or racing on the track, it is part travel show featuring different parts of the country and part the fan experience at various tracks through the eyes of the celebrity star.

    What it won\’t be is a typical reality show where either the star or the fans encountered are made out to look like fools or appear with the expectation they\’ll make asses out of themselves. There\’s no shortage of that on TV so there\’s also no need for one more show like that. It should be funny, informative and maybe have a touching moment but viewers should find it entertaining and the people on and producing the show shouldn\’t be embarassed to be associated with it.

    If you would like to visit the TVWritersvault.com site it\’s listed there in greater detail as Star n\’ Speed. The name would change to fit the celebrity star, I\’d aim higher than you or anyone else on that star but with justification and I think it would work.

    Comment by Kurt -

  600. Mark,

    A show where the viewers get the actually produces the show from their living rooms. The viewers are in total control of choosing the actors, directors, writers, plot lines, on down the line from interactive things on the internet and the first handful of episodes leading up to the pilot sitcom, drama or whatever the viewing public decided. There are a lot of possibilities for a show like this. If the show turns into a train wreck, no big deal it was supposed to. If it becomes a hit it will change how we think about putting together quality programming. A win/win all the way around. Thanks giving us underdogs and non-connected people a platform to discuss ideas.

    Proud HDNet subscriber since Sept. 05,



    P.S. – Please, more Robert Wilonsky! That dude is great! Also, we need more HD Original Movies like Bubble and The War Within at least once every month. If you need a little help achieving that goal I have a script that would perfect for something like that. (the sound of a delete key being pressed)

    Comment by Turner -

  601. A \”What It Feels Like\” series in partnership with Esquire magazine. From their recent archives:

    * What It Feels Like…to Weigh 1072 Pounds and Lose 700
    * What It Feels Like…to Pick Up Britney Spears
    * What It Feels Like…to Be a Phone-Sex Operator


    …to have a severe stutter
    …to participate in an orgy
    …to be 105 years old
    …to be a mob hitman

    Comment by Atwater Village Newbie -

  602. Hey Mark:
    I know this idea may not be unique to HD, and it could work anywhere, but how about a show that profiles an average American family: Mom, pop, couple kids in the Midwest living life. Yeah, it\’s not the greatest, but I read somewhere that about 80% of Americans live on the coasts. It\’ll introduce them to the life that isn\’t Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive.
    Thanks for the consideration!
    -Andy Sorensen

    Comment by Andy Sorensen -

  603. Right off the top of my head:

    A drama about Indian reservation living and the impact of the big time casino. This has everything! Drugs, Alcoholism, money, poverty, sex, violence, mafia influence, autonomous Indian governments that do not function by federal law (kind of like the NBA). Could be enlightening and will be controversial.

    Comment by Scott -

  604. Friday Night Lights has brought a lot of interest back to high school football, (not that interest in Texas high school football ever really waned) do a season shot behind the scenes of a high school football team. Maybe even pick a small town and show how that game not only affects the students but also the community. Show team members day to day life, games, classes, etc. all in beautiful HD.

    Make a Travel Wish. You see all the makeover shows how they do cool things for families in need, like build them homes. Why not get nationwide companies to sponsor teens and families in need and show their wish vacations. For instance, a child with cancer always wanted to see Alaska. You send the kid and his family and film the whole thing in beautiful HD. Teen wants to check out Talledega, you film it all in beautiful HD. Possibly even get some celebrity hosts to escort the families and narrate.

    Daddy Delimnas. Most men have experienced the drama of the 1st year of parenthood. Give video cameras to men and let them tell the story of the ppegnancy, birth and infancy from their own perspective. Also, have a film crew to shoot interviews and make sure the whole thing looks great in beautiful HD.

    Comment by Amy Williamson -

  605. Some ideas, mostly following the guidelines. Sadly, Comcast does not allow me to watch HDNET, despite my requests. Can\’t wait for FiOS.

    * Horse breeding – follow an owner/farm as they raise, train, and compete horses
    Food & Food safety – pick a food, follow it from planning to harvest. Show where labor comes into account, and some danger areas.
    * Education in America – Take apart what is going on in K-12 schooling in America. Sponsor a few hundred kids (a district?) for a decade of Montessori schooling, and see how they do compared to their peers.
    * Sitcom about the expansion of the Roman empire – from the view of slaves, centurions, politicians, etc.
    * Buy the rights to How its Made – I\’d love to see it in proper HD, and the list of
    * Oxford Union debates – American equivalent as well.
    * Journey of Boomers into being Elderly, maybe a sitcom around one of the planned empty nest communities
    * Country by Country – go to a country, and run reports on the industry, challenges, people are like, along with what is helped and hurt by global trade/investment
    * RightLeftCenter – Moderated discussion on popular issues between a Libertarian, Socialist and a Centrist. Substitute with Rep/Dem as needed. Allow an Around the Horn style point system, along with real time viewer participation.

    Best of luck.

    Comment by Dave -

  606. One of the largest things that fascinate 80% of americans but have never seen any movies/shows be successful at, is a sitcom or if pulled of correctly, a reality show, about what it means to be internet \”famous\”. The show would either follow some of the more internet famous folks, which pretty much lead normal lives, yet on the net they are \”kings/queens\”.

    Some of the plots, is being able to control fanboys, market, or coordinate large groups of people to go to malls and act weird or whatever. Some of the ridiculous mini-cults found on the net.

    I think if done well would spur huge interest so that everyone would get to see their online heros.

    Comment by Robert -

  607. Glenn,

    I think your idea is actually pretty funny. Its kinda like fight club in a wierd non violent sort of way.

    Comment by Andrew -

  608. How about a drama/adventure about a mexican family where the father works as a Coyote near the US/Mexico border. Or maybe he is the Head Honcho and manages a Coyote team. This show would be similiar to The Sopranos, only difference is its Mexican culture and probably spoken in spanglish. This show may be controversal but sure to get viewers. Audience would be both english and spanish speakers and maybe subtitles when spanish is spoken.

    Some episode ideas:
    1. Father teaching teenage son about the family biz but the son just doesnt have it in him to be a Coyote.
    2. A fellow coyote and friend of the family decides to take more than his share of the money after a human smuggle. The father has to make the ultimate decision in what to do about that.
    3. Recent border security has been beefed up on the U.S. side. The coyotes get together with drug runners to make US border agents a deal thats too difficult to refuse. $$$
    4. A feud between the fathers coyotes and rival coyotes from a near by pueblo.
    5. Their hidden underground tunnel was discovered because of a snitch who tipped off authorities. Now the snitch must pay, if he can be found.

    Comment by J.J. -

  609. This is mean, but it would sure suck in the viewers. Have a host who is outragously \”cool\” to the point that any sane person would consider him totally tacky. He would also need to be very manipulative. I am picturing Ali G. Then the host finds a hot girl, and then couples her with the most nervouse dorky looking kid in the club. When the kid gets to nervous to talk the the girl, G-Man starts dissing him and ultimatlly goes home with a girl.

    It will be like watching a train wreck every week!

    Comment by Andrew -

  610. Whatever happened to shows about the everyman? Sure there have been sitcoms but it seems like every show out there now that isn\’t a reality show is some medical drama, crime drama, or courtroom drama. And while that all lends itself to compelling plots, it also has gotten tired. I think it\’s a bit of a cop out. Instead of coming up with something original, it\’s the same basic subjects re-hashed in a different setting, or with different charcters, but it all turns into the same thing. That\’s why I like shows like LOST or Twin Peaks back in the day. They are different and creative. Even the new show October Road has me interested because the characters are interesting without being over-the-top. And I can relate to these characters on some levels. And as corny as it sounds I am looking forward to the new \”Cavemen\” show on ABC about the Geico cavemen. It\’s something different. TV has been falling into a rut in the past few years. It\’s getting too comfortable with reality shows and why shouldn\’t it? We all tune in to watch the drama, no matter how vapid, pointless or downright stupid it is. Unfortunately I have begun to believe there will never be truly good TV again, like Family Ties, Cheers, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, The Simpsons etc…. because quite frankly the ideas and writing are tired. Best of luck looking for that diamond in the rough. If you find it, rest assured I will tune in.

    Comment by A-Reed -

  611. There is a Space Shuttle mission coming up that will go and service the Hubble Space Telescope.

    An HD documentary could combine breathtaking pictures of the craft and the launch with interviews with the participants.

    Comment by Jim Howard -

  612. Here\’s what I\’m thinking a SitCom:

    A Chemical Engineer who is fed up with his lot in life and doesn\’t much care anymore. He could move from job to job, city to city and each time he takes down the company that currently employs him.

    each season could be a different job/city. there could even be a cliffhanger on how he loses the job – quit in disgust, get fired, company goes t%ts up, etc. etc.

    everyday life, this would be a lab, but we probably would never have to use the lab – as that might be boring – we just show \”the character\” emailing people about how boring the work is, reading the Sports Guy on ESPN, etc..

    here\’s an episode, trip to Boston for some dude\’s wedding, have to hit Fenway, meet up with some drunk conference people, get some free rounds, hit some bars, make an excuse to leave with some b*tches

    oh, another one, free tickets to a football game – some loose connect to a \”player\”, a couple of fatties (not b*tches) in a Benz, hit some bars, pretend to be the kicker, make an excuse to leave with some b*tches

    maybe after starting a new job, \”the character\” takes six weeks off to go to the desert – racks up $1,000 worth of phone bills on the company phone to some b*tches and then has to back peddle out of the bill

    Hell, he could even like monkeys. Which we would throw in, just so we could have monkeys on the set.

    Mark, sorry, I dont know how to really pitch a show, these are just some random events/thoughts that came up.

    Comment by Glenn Simmons -

  613. Title: The Indie Spotlight
    Runtime: 1 hour, Weekly.

    A show where independent films from film makers are showcased. Each film can be rated on indie.hd.net – At the end of each week, the film with the best rating moves on. At the end of the season, the best rated film\’s creators will win a prize. Example: $100,000 to create a film.

    Feel free to email me if you have more questions.

    Comment by Hector Cortez -

  614. A Show modeled after \’Amazings Stories\’- Steven Spielberg series back in the 80\’s where every episode has different characters and story lines would be the best to create for HDNET.

    In the style of spielberg, it would have a meaningful and inspiring story line with showcases of special effects that would highlight the qualities of HDNET and high def broadcasts.

    The aspect of this show having a different story and different characters every episode can be advantageous as it breaks away from the mainstream norm of continuous characters and long drawn out story lines.

    Comment by Jimmy -

  615. \”HOTSEAT\”

    How about a show that randomly draws a name from anyone in America that submits it for the show. The \”winner\” can ask ANY politician ANY question (minus obscene ones of course). There may be some background shooting of film to build up the story surrounding the reason the individual winner\’s question has come up. Keeping in mind the winner is NOT picked for his/her question.

    Now there is no guarantee that the politician in question will answer, (especially from Washington), but with the supporting film footage, and the citizen directly asking it in prime-time at the camera, all eyes would then be on that politician to either answer the question, or be hounded about why they won\’t answer it. The spin-off each week would have its own legs.

    This would cut through the frustration that many feel when watching an interview on TV where the reporter just lobs softball questions, and they never ask the meaty ones. This is mostly because the high-end reporters go to the same cocktail parties as the high-end politicians, and both are paranoid of keeping their jobs and not rocking the boat. So a show like this is really really needed out there.

    What questions an average citizen really wants to ask, not hampered by political correctness or job loss risk.

    Comment by Victor -

  616. Mr. Cuban,

    I know very little about the television / network industry, but what I do know is that networks, especially newer networks need critical buzz. Viewers need a reason to take the time to find your channel. The F/X channel is a perfect example of this. This was a network that had low nielsons and seemed to have little direction until they added gritty, textured shows such as The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and The Riches. Now this is one of the hottest channels and can hold their own against HBO. Also the HBO format of 10-12 episode seasons is a great model. It costs less to produce 10-12 instead of 22. Savings could be used to acquire recognizable talent that would draw viewers and critics alike.

    Idea # 1 The glamour and gritty side of call girls set in high definition Las Vegas. It would have all of the elements: love, loss, money, drugs, and murder. A drama that would show the differences between upscale and street prostitution and where they intersect.

    Idea # 2 Two moguls (rivals) who compete to control each others business and the toll it takes on themselves and their families. This idea was a HBO movie called Weapons of Mass Distraction (comedy). I thought it would make a great weekly show.

    Idea # 3 With reality television so popular these days, I always thought what if someone got to win a year on Saturday Night Live as a regular cast member. Open the audition process up to the viewers. This puts you in Trumps backyard and with the recent cancellation of the Apprentice; it would drive him crazy to know you were working with Lorne Michaels and the SNL brand. Im surprised this idea hasnt already happened. NBC needs programming right now. They are in the dumps and are looking for more low cost programming.

    Idea # 4 Sign development deals with Sarah Silverman / Chris Elliot / Gary Shandling / Larry and Laurie David. This is a two hour block that could compete with just about anything out there. Give Laurie David a 10 episode deal to promote climate change awareness and what average people can do to make a difference. Imagine all the lush environments that could be shown in HD jungle / arctic / deserts / oceans.

    Idea # 5 – The best way, in my opinion, to attract viewers immediately is for an event broadcast. I would secure the rights to recreate the mini-series V.

    Thank you for the opportunity to submit ideas.


    Comment by John Hunter -

  617. Have viewers submit their favorite Youtube (or similar site ) links. The show screens for the best entertainment value and splices them together. You could also solicit talent for segue footage (original bands/video/animation).

    Comment by Amy Meier -

  618. I haven\’t really worked out the details yet, but I would like to see a show where people through things at Mark Burnett, to make him pay for ruining television. You could use Oprah for the second season.


    Comment by Druce -

  619. I would also like to recommend the Lab with Leo Laporte. A tech call in show which has feature segments on many of the subjects already listed ( photography, computers, digital technology, the internet and, dare I say, HDTV\’s ) seems like the perfect fit. Leo Laporte already has a huge fanbase… many of which are HDTV owners and watchers and is the most downloaded podcaster out ther ( ever here of TWiT ( This Week in Tech ) podcast network? ) It\’s an hour long show already produced in HD by Greedy Productions… airs 5 episodes /week.

    Comment by Bruce Hyde -

  620. I was thinking about a show where you put random individuals on the spot and they try and convince retailers (gas station, shoe salesman, mall clerk and etc) to give into a story of misfortune. For example, find someone at a gas station and tell them, \”I will give you $1000.00 if you can persuade the clerk to give you $20 in gas\” The rules are, he can\’t tell the clerk he is trying to make a grand, he can\’t threaten, he only has 2 minutes, you can promise to pay him back and etc. The ideas for this show are endless. The point of it all is to see how generous and trusting people can be. I think the improvisation will be the most exciting. Letting random people come up with unique ideas to convince another person into generosity. Just imagine how nervous you will be watching this. Let\’s try and turn middle class people into a beggar for 2 minutes. marc

    Comment by Marc Esparza -

  621. i have a great idea for a show that hasn\’t really been done yet. NBC has been trying desperately to find a show to follow heroes, which is a drama/action based on mutant powers and abilities, but you know what hasn\’t been done… a comedy show with mutants and powers. like a day in the life of magneto or something, it\’d be so funny, he can\’t use computers when he\’s sick because his magnetic powers ruin all the electronics, etc… girl\’s wont\’ date professor x because he can read their minds, or… spoof the characters and make them super powerful, but have them been silly and unable to maintain real life relationships, tkae out the trash, call their mom.. etc. that\’s good stuff.

    Comment by jeff pham -

  622. I have TV show ideas coming out of my ears! I directed the pilot for \”Growing Up Gotti,\” I was the first producer on \”The Simple Life,\” and I\’ve made 40 other shows including \”Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.\” If you\’d like to partner on a show and set up a meeting that\’s great. If you just want ideas, I can\’t help you.

    Comment by Christo Garcia -

  623. Explore the Earth, uncovering fascinating connections between 7Bil people in infinately diverse places. Relate different perspectives and realities, and how we all push the edge in our own way. Look beneath the surface at the human experience as knowledge, technology, the metaphysical and exploration of space converge. Inspire viewers to embrace their dreams and open their minds. Visually stunning, Sort of Lonely Planet meets What the Bleep meets Beyond Tommorow, with a bit of Adrenaline TV thrown in to give it kick.

    Comment by Phillip -

  624. I do have some shows that I think you may love but how real is this? My shows are registered with Writers Guild. Are you a producer are something, or are you just someone thats doing some kind of survey? My son plays on the hit show \”That\’s So Raven\” as Eddie Thomas. He\’s now grown and on his own but while I was Just a stage mom I had time to come up with ideas. These shows are dear to me so that\’s why I need to know how real this is.
    Thank you for your time

    Tiffney Anderson

    Comment by Tiffney Anderson -

  625. 13 Colonies

    A half-hour animated comedy series about the founding fathers of the American Revolution, depicting them with all the idiosyncrasies and character flaws that they actually had. The escalating conflicts with the British would be depicted using caustic humor and 18th-century crude language. There are limitless actual historic events to draw upon:
    Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty engaging in mob violence against British officials.
    John Hancock using various subterfuges to smuggle goods past British custom officials.
    George Washington forever trying to earn a commission in the British army, and never getting taken seriously.
    Paul Revere creating deliberately inflammatory engravings of events in Boston.

    The key to the story would be good research into the characters and events, and clever and funny writing showing how these events combined to create an environment where defiance of the authorities evolved into the idea of revolution.

    Additionally, computer-assisted animation would be designed to take advantage of high-definition video, and make the look of the show richer and more interesting than what is on regular TV.

    Depending on how long the series lasts, it could follow events through the entire Revolutionary War and early attempts to establish a government. It would show how many of the political and religious and class conflicts we deal with today go all the way back to the beginning of the country. And by making fun of them all, it could be quite subversive.

    Comment by James R. Blair -

  626. show pitch: MASTERMINDS

    A talented out of work magician and a bitter little clown decide they are evil geniuses and team up to take over the world (or least get laid somehow) each episode focuses on a wild new scheme that goes horribly awry; comedy revolves around what happens when even the most inspired ideas crawl over the line into reality and are chaotically obliterated.

    Comment by doug mann -

  627. The Island

    Mark Cuban buys a small Island in the South Pacific and transforms it into his own luscious resort. The show follows the process of this transformation from a bare island to a five star resort, in the current popular trend of home and garden shows. The viewer dreams away in glorious HD and wishes they were Mark Cuban, who now makes even more money off his new resort and a TV show. Bikini Destinations even makes a visit.

    Comment by Matt Martin -

  628. How about a show where you just beat the commentators for the MLS senseless because they are so incredibly awful. They make my ears bleed and their horrible commentating style ruined the World Cup and makes me not even want to watch soccer on HDnet even if its in HD. Honestly, I have to watch it with the mute on. Imagine watching a Mavs game where the commentators keep telling you the point of the game is to shoot the ball in the basket and they spoon feed you every basic rule of the game.

    \”Since that shot was behind the 3-point line, its worth 3-points!\” \”Player x fouled Dirk. He hit his arms on the shot so thats a foul and now Dirk will be going to the free-throw line and shoot a free-throw. Since its a free-throw its only worth one point instead of a normal 2 point basket.\” That\’s how the commentators like Marcelo Balboa announce the matches. Seriously, its insulting.

    Comment by Tommy P -

  629. What about the good old variety show? I\’m tired of watching sex and violence on TV, flipping through all the \”slice em and dice em\” shows, and reality shows with people with little or no morals, manners, or social skills.

    Let\’s bring back variety shows like Andy Williams, Mac Davis, the Carol Burnett show, even Donny & Marie. There are only a handful of TV programs you can sit and watch with your kids.

    See what you can do!


    Comment by Sherry -

  630. As much as I respect Mr. Cuban, I don\’t think posting ideas in a public forum is a brilliant idea. I talked about an idea for a TV show at a coffee shop with a good friend, and 2 years later, I was watching it on TV. Obviously, if I\’d had the contacts, I\’d have pitched the idea myself.

    Comment by S. W. Abrams -

  631. 440 comments in less than 2 days is pretty incredible and a great start for your development needs. I don\’t have a TV idea, but more of a meta-management idea for handling this influx, because I don\’t believe that the comments section of your blog is the best way to handle all of the information.

    How about using the Digg-style content management system that Dell is using for their http://www.ideastorm.com? I did a little research and this company: http://www.crispyideas.com/global/ideas handles the creation, hosting and content management system for IdeaStorm. I don\’t have a stake in their company, but it seems to me that it would be particularly beneficial to use them or something like it developed in house.

    Maybe you would consider implementing this as your \’Submit Ideas\’ page across all of your holdings and projects and use tags to differentiate, e.g. [Mavericks], [HDNet], [Landmark], [Magnolia] etc.

    If this is implemented and executed properly, you may be able to create a separate company that would revolutionize product development, customer feedback, and the Film/TV development cycle all in one technology framework.

    Comment by Marc Nathan -

  632. a sitcom where ya vote characters on and off the show…but instead of just disappearing the characters slowly fade out or could even come back into things…depending on how the voting goes.

    a challenge to the writers, for sure. But ya might get a sitcom/show that evolves into quite a cool thing.

    (sorry if this idea is a repeat…there are only about 500 to read through…)

    Comment by Bryan Paynter -

  633. The Last American

    1 season serial drama with possibility for expansion.

    After a horrible air born plague has stricken the planet, resulting in a complete extinction of the human race (if not from the disease itself, then from the savage behavior of the race as they die off), one man known only as John Smith is left to fend for himself and try to find any survivors.

    The story would begin 10 years after Johns last contact with human life and preparing himself to sail across the Atlantic in search of life on Africa. The story from the beginning of the plague up to the present would be told in flashbacks.

    Plot points:

    -John is just a regular guy who is somehow immune to the disease and was able to survive the human wars that ensued during the outbreak

    -John lost his wife to the outbreak

    -There is no shortage of supplies (i.e. Mad Max). In actuality the supplies are abundant.

    -In the Ten years since human contact, John has crossed the North American continent up and down numerous times looking for human life. He does this via various safe houses he has setup over the years. These houses are well equipped with gasoline, propane generators, packaged food, water, alcohol, etc.

    -John is an alcoholic due to extreme depression

    -All john reads are How To books

    -John caries 2 9mm handguns for protection from free roaming animals

    -John drives a Porsche SUV and only wears Armani suits (Something he would never have been able to afford in his past life.

    -John is afraid to fly for fear he may crash the plain and kill himself, and the last American survivor.

    Perfect drama for HD because of the high volume of FX needed to show the dilapidated cities and infrastructure, along with unforgiving close ups to capture the actors in (think Once Upon a Time in Mexico).

    Love to hear back from you,


    Comment by Jeff Murry -

  634. Let\’s take the old Hombres song (I think they\’re from Texas, if not they might as well be) \”Let It All Hang Out\” and cover all the nudist colonies in the U.S. A lot of people would watch and it might even inspire your Mavericks enough to actually win a championship. It might even chill you out enough so you\’d quit being a distraction in the stands.

    Comment by Skip -

  635. Cuban-

    I\’m an aspiring screenwriter w/ a couple of SPs under my wing, one of which is under option right now. I have been kicking around a couple of ideas for television shows and I believe I have one that would fit w/ HDNet quite nicely.

    Show Name: DMZ
    Location: Border of North and South Korea on US Military Base
    Logline: DMZ follows the lives a group of US Military Officers stationed in Korea

    *Only major US base of operations integrated with a totally foreign culture. Entire mini-economies are built up based on servicing US presence. Interaction with local cultures offers great potential for dramatization.
    *Just like colleges that are off in the middle of nowhere the US Base in Korea hosts its share of wild parties.
    *Great potential for HD Visuals.
    *One of the most active Blackhawk squadrons patrols the DMZ
    *Just a bit of tension exists on this base referred to as a speed bump (40,000 US troops aren\’t stopping the North Korean army…these guys and gals truly are a speed bump)and since we aren\’t exactly besties w/ the North Koreans there is a lot of natural conflict.
    *Since army bases have people coming and going the show can truly be an ensemble, with fresh blood coming in every year.
    *Army bases are built on class and power structures…great potential for dramatization.

    Comment by Kevin Jame Lip -



    The only thing crazier than the home prices are the people that sell you them.


    A moderately successful real estate brokerage in the deep-suburbs of Palm Springs where the brokers are the show. Richly textured & absolutely moronic, these characters are the driving force of comedy in this comedy.


    Palm Fronds, CA 35 minutes north of Palm Springs, the desert.
    In this community, one still finds some of the newer spacious homes that you might find in Palm Springs, but as you head further North and to the West youll find a struggling community trying to maintain its simple way of life.


    The Palm Fronds
    A Real Estate Brokerage of Hot Desert Springs
    where A Frond in Need is a Frond Indeed.

    Used to be Steves Plots Funeral Home & Real Estate Company
    (sign beneath the main sign reads: Only 2 Plots Left)

    Since the old owner passed away, the company changed its name but continues to have many of the old owners unique miscellaneous office items. These would include several burial caskets built into office furniture, such as someones desk, the refrigerator, and many of the filing cabinets.


    Single camera improv, a la RENO 911.

    Intros to the show (and possibly from commercial breaks) are diary-style interviews with actual Real Estate brokers from the real world. Each intro could include helpful hints or other valuable information for the future broker. (e.g., The number one rule for any broker is trust. You must get your client to trust you implicitly trust you. Breaking that trust is sure to doom any chance you have at a sale. Then, youd cut to the Palm Fronds gang heading out for the day to break trust etc.)

    Costuming is pivotal for all characters, except for the nudist colony patrons.


    J.C. Frazemore – The Professional. Booted from Weissman Realty Corp for stealing the owners girl, who he now has nothing to do with. J.C. feels that he is a natural born leader, but hes really a moron. J.C. loves to misquote famous sayings. One such saying goes as thus: Sometimes life turns on a dime and you find yourself standing on a nickel and you cant find two pennies to rub together. So dont talk to me about __________. (Just fill in the blank with any potential misuse, such as abortion or the cost of stamps.)

    J.C. has a girlfriend. Although he believes her to be an angel, she is the town slut. Her name is Delilah Swarthmore (see Supporting Characters). J.C. is also rumored to have a ton of animals.

    Barry Schmutz Schmutz the Putz. Very talkative and schmoozy. Schmutz eats at the Red Roof Inn almost every morning. Schmutz found a loophole to the rental car system: they only charge you once you return the car, so he has never returned his 1990 Ford Taurus.

    Gloria Rains The Closer. Looks that could kill. She once had a successful career as a model, but the jobs started to slow after she got married (now divorced). Now, selling homes is all that she has.

    Stanuel Whittinghouse – The Queen. The Gay Real Estate Man-Goddess. Stanuel is openly gay with a repressed and loving wife with whom he has fathered twin boys, Chip and Dale. Even when Stan has straight clients, he is constantly trying to turn them gay.

    Slade Z. McSlossen The Slayer (gave himself that nickname, which no one uses). Sleazy Asshole. Slade loves to try to close deals by sleeping with his female clients.

    Putty Von Hofflander The Go To Girl If youre f@#king crazy. A manic-depressive with severe bouts of OCD, Puttys range of phobias changes from day-to-day. She can be a dream to work with, but at any moment she can turn on you like a savage wildebeast.


    Jonah Elijah Weissman The Nemesis. Comes from the Big City (Palm Springs) and wants to takeover all the land. He loves a pocketwatch. Arrogant, smart, driven, and lethally handsome.

    Theo Lundringhaus (a.k.a., Mayor Fronds) The silver-haired Mayor of Palm Fronds. Theo is the consummate politician: always well-dressed, well-intentioned, and drunk. He has continually made the worst ever deals, including the split from Palm Springs, the polluted reservoir, and the building of the Nuclear Lab.

    Delilah Swarthmore The town slut. She dates J.C. Frazemore, which simply means that she uses his home as her base of operations. She smells of animal dung and lilacs.

    Gary Fagiollo The lover of Stanuel. He makes a living by staging homes for sale. Gary is also a football coach.

    Lucille Lundringhaus Mrs. Mayor, Married to Theo. Lucy loves to bake and is cheery and bright to all whom she meets.


    Los Secretos National Laboratory
    Los Secretos is only 25 miles to the South/Southeast.
    The Government wont release Los Secretos official business, but many rumors exist amongst the longtime locals. It is clear to anyone with intelligence that Los Secretos is a nuclear lab. However, one of the widely held rumors is that aliens took a pit stop in Palm Fronds just before crashing in Roswell. A small contingent of Frondsians are still upset that they havent received their just desserts for that tasty tourist dollar.

    Hippie Art Colony
    Nudists and Artists pervade the local community of Palm Fronds

    The Community Leaders
    City Council
    Mayor Fronds and his wife, Lucille Lundringhaus

    The Weissman Realty Corp
    Archenemies to the Palm Fronds gang
    Weissmans from the Big City but has recently started his assault on the Palm Fronds community with plans to build a large dump site for Palm Springs waste.

    Palm Springs The Big City
    Partying in the Big City Palm Springs
    Bachelorette Parties –

    Little Miss Palm Fronds
    Hosted by J.C. Frazemore and Mayor Fronds.
    The judges for this annual event are the look-alike Michael Jackson, Barry Schmutz, and a Priest.

    What seemed like a good idea at the time, Mayor Fronds severed his ties to Palm Springs, becoming an autonomous city. However, a change in zip code also meant a drastic drop in home prices and status, changing their name from Palm Springs to Palm Fronds.

    Town Meetings
    Mayor Fronds & The Gang making bad decisions and the wrong deals.

    The Daily Fronds
    The weekly town newspaper. Theres just not enough news for a daily.

    Comment by JEREMY G -

  637. I would like to see movies being broken down by either the director, producer, or production team on what they were thinking when creating the film/show/program. Hell you can even go so far as a how to in movie making, filming, home movie.

    This may help content on youtube, local film, etc.. just a thought.

    Comment by Nick -

  638. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfP5RS1KONQ





    Comment by Paul Mollan -

  639. DEVIL AND THE CITY (TV Series) – MICHAEL YOUNG has the unique ability to see the past. His twin sister, SONJA, has the ability to see the future. Together, they live in an unnamed, decaying European City, where they must balance their regular lives with their battle against the forces of evil. The City is ancient, like Prague. Many have either lived in or traveled through it. All these disparate peoples have left behind their own particular demons, ghosts, and creatures of the night all of which roam The City.

    World folklore is full of endless creatures of the night Michael and Sonja and the other characters I\’ve outlined could come up against. It could be shot on HD making the special effects easier, though I would rather it being terryfying in an EXORCIST psychological way than BUFFY. It could be shot in Eastern Europe to save production costs.

    Any thoughts? And naturally – I have to say this so I won\’t feel like a fool posting this on an open site – it\’s registered.

    Comment by Frank Hudec -

  640. We\’re big fans of your channel and while I admit it\’s not a high def idea, someone with balls needs to bring Imus back to TV. His program was witty and intelligent. My guess, early adopters of high def television appreciate intelligent conversation. Imus apologized for his ill advised comments and should not have been thrown off the TV (MSNBC) in such a reactionary way.

    Comment by D. Shick -

  641. Like some people have mentioned, I hate to give away a TV show for free. But I do have a treatment for a show that you might be interested in. Its about a middle-aged guy (35-40) who has a great wife who he loves, decent job and his life is going along swimmingly. Everything is going great until he abruptly leaves his wife and moves from Kansas City to Las Vegas to become a stand-up comic to fuel. He makes a couple of deals with some, who he believes, wise guys, to advance his career. Instead he ends up in the middle of a plot for a bank robbery in Augora Hills, Calif.

    Comment by Adam -

  642. We are producing a global event called the Blue Planet Run that would be incredible if was featured on HDNET.

    This journey will cover 15,200 miles, across 16 countries and 4 continents, 24 hours a day for 95 days to deliver an extremely urgent and important message: we can and must begin today to alleviate the catastrophic burden placed on over a billion people who, every day, must drink unsafe local water, or travel long distances on foot to search for safe water for themselves and their families.

    Starting in New York City on June 1st, a team of \”20 ordinary male and female athletes doing extraordinary things\” will run around the clock along a route that includes the U.S., Ireland, the U.K., France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan and Canada. Each runner will sprint 10 miles a day. Batons will be passed at over 1,500 exchange points. The Run will end back in New York City, on September 4, 2007. Each exchange point and heartfelt moment could be captured by your cameras as well as numerous events in major cities worldwide.

    The event will spare no expense to be Earth- and people -friendly. We imagine an event that comes to be known as \”The Race without a Trace.\” We are committed to partnering with companies like HDNET that have similar beliefs and goals.

    Comment by John Stewart -

  643. Ok, Here is the pitch
    Since MMA is so popular the show is set in a underground 7 day tournament. The fighters and people gambling cannot leave the confines of the facility where it is being held.

    This is a continuing 13 episode each show relating to the last. The type of choreography of the fights will be pushing the limits of television.

    The contest is held by an ex fighter/gambler who is trying to get out of debt, save his own butt from mystery assassin type.
    The favorite to win the competition is the younger brother of the promoter. He has a few secrets of his own. Think \”Lost\” with \”24\” and a little mix of martial arts masterpiece \”Enter the Dragon\”.

    It also has a helluva ending but I cant reveal that here.

    Comment by Kenneth A Williams -

  644. I have written a pilot for a series dealing with Mental Illness, the impact on family and society, as well as the humor in experiencing the Human Condition. I am a psychiatric social worker and have worked with acute mental illness for the last 20 years. There has NEVER been a good story made dealing with mental illness because so many people cannot \”deal\” with it. The closest I have seen is the ABC series \”Wonderland\” that aired back in 2000 – it was cancelled after two episodes, NOT because it was not good, but because people were overly impacted. It was a good story, but admittedly too intense for most. So, I\’ve developed a similar theme with a comedic edge to it – tactful, and respectful of the mentally ill. In fact, much of the story revolves around how crazy \”normal\” people are. Contact me if interested.


    Comment by Gary Reaves -

  645. How about an \”investigating the investigators\” show? So many of these fluff pieces done by the so called impartial media are subject to considerable bias and seemed based in a PC bubble that doesn\’t exist in reality. Why not challenge some of the nonsense by examining their conclusions and using some journalism students to see how accurate the big budget shows are? You\’d probably have to investigate several stories to find a few that were worth putting into a show, but grad student labour is cheap and ambitious…

    Comment by Justin Guilbeault -

  646. A reality show staring Ernie Johnson and Chuck Barkley living together. Nothing would be more ammusing than to see Ernie and Chuck arguing over what kind of Peanut Butter they should buy at the grocery store.
    I realize this is far from \”Original\”, however a few friends and I have been talking about this for a while.

    By the way….Mr. Cuban, is there any way you can purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves, fire Kevin McHale and then just sell them back to Glen Taylor. OR better yet, buy the team and let Charles and Ernie run it!

    Comment by Shawn O\'Brien -

  647. The new Leo Laporte Show is filmed in HD and they are looking for an HD network in the US to broadcast the show. The website is http://labwithleo.com/ and this would be a great show to have on the network.

    Comment by Aaron McFarland -

  648. Contact Chris Elliott…I\’ve always loved his humor(perhaps an aquired taste but he has a sizable following and doesn\’t seem to be busy these days 🙂 Loved his show \”Get a life\”.

    Comment by Tim -

  649. What about a show that takes this concept and turns it into a TV show. Each week 2 people are given a camera and a small production crew, to develop a 15 minute pilot. This will be the choice of the production team or can be taken to the net They are then given 1 month to develop their own show based on their submitted idea. Each week voters will vote on their favorite show. The top six will do a full half hour sitcom, the winner wins a 1 year slot next year on HDTV.

    Comment by Jason -

  650. Reality show based on a message in a bottle. Man (good looking bachelor type) writes a message in a bottle off of the coast of Cali, you can have oceanographers project it\’s path to the coast, and inform the residents of it\’s \”projected landing\” and if found by a man, have it given to a single woman of his choice, they try and date, ya da, ya da. you get it.


    Comment by Jason B -

  651. Hi Mark-

    Hope you\’ve got the eyes for one more pitch:


    \”Piehole\” is both an indictment of and a love-letter to the classic half-hour sitcom. The show\’s main character, Sarah, is a fledgling TV writer from Los Angeles, transplanted to New York City to do research for her show pitch about hip young artists living in Brooklyn. As she meets a cast of (typically) wacky characters, their real-life personas start to influence her writing and vice versa. Each of the people she befriends ends up as a character on the show she\’s writing, albeit sanitized for TV consumption.

    \”Piehole\” combines the traditional three-camera setup of shows like \”Friends\” with the single-camera treatment of shows like \”Arrested Development;\” each episode juxtaposes the artificial, antiseptic world of Sarah\’s laugh-track-filled script, with a more \”realistic\” documentary view of the same incidents. The show aims to be nothing less than a discussion between the need for escapism vs. art\’s political obligations. Oh, and it\’s funny too. People fall down, there are romantic misunderstandings, the works.

    In short, \’Piehole\” embraces everything that we as a culture love and hate about TV:
    -Quirky supporting characters: Enid, a twenty-something still searching for himself, literally adopts a different persona each week (goth chick, hippie, punk rocker, pirate, etc).
    -Love triangles: Will Sarah stay with her TV-producer boyfriend back in Los Angeles or be drawn in by rebellious artist Oscar\’s unwashed charm (and the financial support of his parents)?
    -Catchphrases: Expect \”Shut your piehole\” to quickly gain new cultural currency.

    Comment by Matthew Buchholz -

  652. I\’d love to see a \”For Dummies\” type show that takes a subject each week and shows you how to do something that most people are afraid to do yet are simple to do.

    Change your oil.
    Changing a tire.
    Repair a bicycle.
    Fix a toilet (including swapping it out…not difficult)
    Fix a faucet
    Plant a garden
    Plan a vacation
    Budgeting and debt management (amazing how many people have no clue)
    …you name it…

    The tasks could get as simple or advanced as you want…

    The series would then make a great DVD \”set\” as a gift to incompetent relatives.

    Comment by Tim -

  653. I have a great idea for an animation short. I know it\’s not a tv show, but animations look good in HD, and all I need is an animation studio willing to take it on. You have the contacts and the short could be aired on HDTV before anywhere else.

    Comment by Chris -

  654. Not really a program idea but…

    If someone could figure out a way to use your television remote similar to Nintendo\’s…you would open the door to a whole new way of interactive television. That\’s what we need now. A way to actually be interactive with the program(s). HDNet could do it…

    Comment by Brian from Detroit -

  655. Mr. Cuban,

    I really appreciate HDNet as a channel that truly tries to cater to its viewers. My idea for a show on HDNet is one that focuses on gaming. With the new next-gen consoles out for awhile now, I have noticed that there is no show on television that showcases these new amazing games in the way they were designed, in High Definition. You could have game reviews, news, celeb gaming interviews, etc., all in 1080i! Get a host and an insider/reporter in the world of gaming, and once a week you would have a show that no one else on television has right now. As a next-gen gamer, THAT is a show that I would watch every week….

    Comment by Joel Peltrau -


    Pilot Comedy: 30 minutes

    A Tim Allen type character is tragically killed by a city bus while saving a little old lady. He is met at the pearly gates of Heaven by God who decides because of this mans act of bravery, he would grant the man one wish before he is allowed into heaven. The mans wish, I want to return home to find my wife a companion to replace me and who will come to love my wife and our three children. The man returns home as a living ghost and finds one problem. Now that he is back with his family he does not want to leave. He finds no person good enough for his family, his wife only wants her dead husband, and God is waiting.

    Comment by Dinah Miller -

  657. Mr. Cuban,

    I don\’t usually do anything like this, but here\’s an idea I\’ve had floating around in my head for awhile now…

    It\’s a series called \”Streets\”

    Imagine if you will a low income neighborhood in a major city. A body lies in the street, the police have arrested a young man and are taking him away as neighbours watch on.

    However instead of a traditional crime drama that would focus on the cops and their investigation, this drama focuses on the kids and other people left behind on the street.

    To most people they are considered an unfavorable element of the city, nothing but criminals, hooligans and thugs that sit on street corners brandishing guns and knives while listening to hip hop music and hang out in their gangs.

    They may be some of those things sometimes, but they are also real people with real hopes, real dreams and real fears just like any of us. They are not all black \”homies\”, they are hispanic, white, asian, a wide mix of people from all over just struggling to survive while aspiring to live the american dream.

    There will be storylines involving drugs, pregnancies and gangs. But it\’s not all negative. Imagine an episode where a central character drops out of a gang and chooses instead to work at a youth center. Or another character instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to steal cars and make money fast, takes a menial job to save up for a shot at college.

    I strongly believe the show also has a strong potential for social commentary: racism, class elitism, religion, an examination of the so-called \”welfare society\” that exists in america and so on and so forth. One scene that I imagine in my mind featured a young white kid talking to a young black kid about how even though they were in pretty much the exact same life situation, the black kid still thinks the white kid doesn\’t really understand what being on the streets is all about. The white kid thinks otherwise and tells him \”aside from the color of my skin, I\’m just the same as you are. I know they don\’t realize that, most people don\’t understand that…but you of all people should understand that. It\’s just as easy for me to get gunned down out here as it is for you.\”

    I\’ve thought a lot about what\’s currently on TV and to my knowledge, there are not many series out there that can be compared to what I\’m offering. I haven\’t yet started hammering out characters, but they should be an ethnic mix, white, black, latino, at leaset one asian. Mostly young, say 17-23 with a few adult characters (likely the parents or mentors of the younger characters) as well.

    I have no experience in TV and I haven\’t the money or resources to fly around and try to pitch this idea to networks so I figured the least I could do is throw out here.

    Thank you for reading Mr. Cuban. I hope that whatever show you pull off here becomes a hit for you.

    Comment by Steve S -

  658. Let me get this straight. You just post your brilliant idea online for everyone to see, and then, later you decide whether you are obligated to pay for it? Has it ever occurred to you that you can just reject the idea, and then slightly reinvent it so you don\’t have to pay for, it or give proper credit? It sounds like a great game show for HDnet, called WHO WANTS TO GIVE US THEIR FREE IDEAS?

    Comment by Pat -

  659. Mr. Cuban, before I began typing, I looked through about 60 posts to see if what I had in mind was truly original, or just an off-shoot of what many others were thinking.
    I\’m happy to say I have not seen one like it–which doesn\’t make it fantastic or anything, just original.
    There is an un-tapped resource in this country, and you could be the one to un-earth it: sketch comedy.
    NOT \”SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE\”, let\’s be clear, and NOT \”MAD TV\”.
    Here\’s the difference: SNL is thrown together in one week, and the results can be hit or miss, with actors constantly looking off-camera at teleprompters and cue cards, depending largely on catch-phrases and the viewers knowledge of pop-culture references.
    MAD TV is a bit more professional, but it\’s not live, so even though the end product is more seamless, it is due to the fact that they can edit and start over when problems occur.
    All over this country, there are comedy troupes that straddle the middle ground. These troupes write and produce a series of sketches over the course of a month or two, rehearse the crap out of them, then perform them live for an audience for a month or so. They fill the gaps where commercials would go by either shifting focus to one side of the stage while on the other side another sketch is being set up. Also, some groups fill the void with audio sketches and video bits.
    The breadth of differences between these troupes is astounding. Some include 16 members, some only two. Some wear matching uniforms for every premise, some have full costume changes. Some have no set whatsoever, others go the whole nine yards.
    The show could either showcase 1 group per week and follow them from inception to performance, or it could simply just interview the group and include their show.
    If you were really jonesing for a reality tie-in (which I am not a huge fan of), people could rate each troupe each week and bring back the \”winner\” for a showcase in Las Vegas ir New York or something.
    Believe me, just search on line for any sketch comedy festival, and you will find no shortage of talented, funny people.
    Stand-up comedians are funny, too, but I think the viewing public has enough shows to choose from, and once the 20th person comes on stage and asks \”Hey, how\’s everyone doing tonight?\”, people lose interest. I have been to many sketch festivals, and crowds can\’t wait to see what dynamic the next group will display.
    We\’re talking groups from Seattle, Portland, L.A., Chicago, New York. Troupes at colleges and all the small towns in between.
    It never ends and it never gets stale. And it\’s all polished and it\’s live.
    This is an opportunity that only a handful of cities have caught on to, and just like HBO in the 1980\’s discovered stand-up showcases, Mark Cuban and HDNet should grab on to what only Lorne Michaels has done so far.
    You could very easily find a current festival on line and discover troupes for yourself. But if your statement of fair play and giving people a break is correct, I hope you will contact me on great places to start. In the interest of full disclosure, I am currently affiliated with a comedy troupe, but have not been active for a little under a year.
    Go to http://www.the3rdfloor.com, or look up some of there video sketches on YouTube. Or just e-mail me.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. Cuban.

    Comment by Dan Vhay -

  660. The Way We Get By


    TOM and NEAL live together in a cheap apartment in center city Philadelphia, where they have both recently graduated from art school. Stuck in the late-20s limbo of working to pay the bills rather than working to advance a career, Tom and Neal decide its time to find adventure in the routine of daily living regardless of the consequences. This pursuit is the story of The Way We Get By.

    Main Cast List

    TOM Mid to late 20s. An actor who auditions for freelance print work and local television but books very little. Attractive but awkward, he has a biting sense of humor and a tendency to be neurotic and self-absorbed.

    NEAL Mid to late 20s. A would-be illustrator who works in a photocopy shop. What Neal lacks in stereotypical good looks he makes up for with his lively-nature and extreme personality.

    ALEX Mid to late 20s. The son of a wealthy and famous actor, Alex is a hopeless romantic who has no job but makes an occupation of chasing women, falling madly in love, and generally living life as if it were a movie.

    The pilot is written (and good) if you want to read it.

    Comment by Todd Gebhart -

  661. My show would follow me… a recent college grad with dreams of opening a small business that could eventually be franchised as I try to get things up and running… you can watch me and my goofball friends get the company started and all the shenanigans the ensue with it… not only that but we love to work hard to play hard as you can see if you follow us on a night on the town… a tv crew following me and the publicity would at least give me some leverage when starting out to get the licensing rights from a big company

    Comment by Kevin -

  662. 99.99% of us had a dream growing up, play professional sports, race a car, work the stock market, play in a rock and roll band, join the army, etc. But life sometimes gets in the way and most dreams are never realized.

    Title: Living the Dream

    I would like to see a show where each week a viewer is selected to live out their childhood dream. They would be paired up with an expert in that field to get a crash course in that career. Each show would highlight the growth that person goes through. The climax of each episode would be placing them in that dream job for a day.

    Comment by Robert Farley -

  663. Mark –

    The core viewership of HDNet appears to be younger, intelligent and wired, and many of them likely travel. In fact, many viewers probably have expenable income that gets plunked into great vacations. However, most \”travel\” shows are geared toward an entirely different crowd – mostly an older crowd, seeking tourist hotspots; the locations profiled inevitably come off as product placement.

    My suggestion is to put together a sort of travel show for HDNet viewers. Each week, the show would highlight a different city (starting off in the US, but could branch out if it becomes economically viable), and showcase the true \”hidden treasures\” of that city. This would entail visiting the best dive bars, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and other unique aspects that the average tourist doesn\’t see. Of course, the advantages of doing the show in HD are clear, as the show would benefit from the clarity of picture as well as sound (especially in the many dive bars with live music).

    I, for one, live in New Orleans, and have ALWAYS had my out-of-town guests more thoroughly enjoy their trips when we spend our time in places their guidebooks would not have tipped them off about. A show that profiled the best dive bars, etc., could potentially be a huge success and also showcase the benefits of HDNet, while at the same time providing an alternative \”travel\” show for a younger, hip audience.

    Further, the benefit of tying the show into an interactive experience via the websit ewould be critical. Viewers could have a voice in choosing upcoming locations, send in suggested venues to profile, and user-generated content could also be made available.

    In sum, there are a plethora of new media concepts that could be driven from this platform, all focusing on the advantages of knowing your audience, and broadcasting on HDNet.

    Comment by Alex -

  664. OK, Mark, shifting gears here. (BTW, I mistakenly sent my first proposition to your Mavs account, apologies). One of the most useful features of the internet is its swimming hole wiki. Every decent swimming hole in the U.S. is listed with photos, regular updates from users, and driving directions, and other bits of information. There are thousands and many of them are wonders-of-the-world grade. This series practically produces itself. Former U.S. women\’s diving medalist showcases America\’s greatest swimming holes. You recruit some local hotties for $300/day with Craigslist TV Jobs, jam them in racy outerwear, wiggle your way through the brush, strip down to bikinis within a nimbus of rainbow\’d spray from the adjacent waterfall, slip and slide in the pristine water (underwater cam!), emerge from the frigid mountain waters for some sunbathing on the rocks. Add a little local color like an interview with the town cut-up, feature a unique aspect of the nearest town: indigenous sandwich, excursion train, museum, craft, eatery; toss in a helicopter shot, then tease the next one. From Maine to Hawaii, who can resist a good swimming hole?

    When do we start?

    Comment by Mark -

  665. Greetings…

    My biggest issue with some of the HDNet programming is how similar it is to PBS. Even in the comments here, I see people recommending more elaborate travel channels (even though you already offer that) and Ken Burns-esque Photography/Bird Watching shows.

    So I had an idea! I want to see programming geared to a younger audience that isn\’t 100% centered around music. So, my idea is to have edgy filmakers – a la Michel Gondry, etc. – shoot short HD documentary style segments on topics submitted online by users. The whole premise would be that users control the core idea and the filmakers put their spin on it, all in wonderful HD clarity.

    So maybe one subject would be travel; and instead of showing the usual/lovely Fijian resort, the somewhat famous filmaker shoots his adventure in more adventurous places like Coloumbia or Peru – for example of course. Or, the filmaker documents his making of a film. Or, the filmmaker covers the political spectrum. The online experience would be greatly enhanced as users would be not only submitting, but could follow the entire production online as you would expect the process to be fully documented on the website. This could help make the programming more of an event, not just something that is on one day.

    Furthermore, I think that would be compelling content and would build significant cred amoung younger viewers. The current situation is great for people like me (as I love Pinfield and other content) but the money (as you know) is in attracting the \’My Media\’ generation.


    Comment by Daren Trousdell -

  666. I had a couple ideas.

    1) X and Y Take On The World – Two charismatic hosts travel around the world (or around North America) and film their experiences doing things most people don\’t. I\’ll admit it\’s a bit of a done idea, but done well, it would be like Travel Sick without the grossout, or Insomniac without the heavy drinking. Travel shows seem to be perfectly suited to HD.

    2) Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons: Sure, I know you said \”no card tables\” but this would be a good limited series. I believe Wil Wheaton was actually approaching Comedy Central about it and they passed. Basically – take celebrities, put them on a green felt table, only instead of giving them poker cards, give them character sheets. You\’ll probably need to get the permission of Hasbro, but the publicity for the D&D game would be enormous, they\’d be fools to say no.

    3) Live American Comedy – There\’s tons of comedy shows – standup, improv, and sketch – performed in many cities across North America. It shouldn\’t be too hard to work out deals with companies like UCB in New York, Second City in Toronto and Chicago, Coldtowne in Austin, the Groundlings in LA, etc. Instead of giving every troupe their own show, film one or two shows with each troupe each season – this way the show remains fresh. You could also do some backstage interviews or catch these comedians as they eat at local restaurants to add a bit of color.

    4) Project HD: Give $5,000 and three HD cameras to student teams to make their own 22-minute one-act TV show – the first 22 minutes are your own team, covering them making the show itself. Particularly good showings might be invited back (or even to do a complete series.)

    5) World Comedy: A series of documentaries on what makes people laugh around the world – how German humor differs from American humor, or why the French actually find Jerry Lewis funny, examining the cultural differences that manifest in humor. The downside is travel expense and translation – and if you go to Iraq – hazard pay.

    I hope you use these ideas and understand that I give up any rights or claims to these ideas by submitting them. However, I hope that if you do use them that you bring me on board to provide creative input.

    — Brian Boyko

    Comment by Brian Boyko -

  667. No way I\’m posting my idea on a public forum. Plenty of starving artists get ripped off every day. Mark, please come up with a better way to share ideas with you. Perhaps an \”Idea registry\” where we have to register. You get to know us by our posts and can eliminate the spammers and trolls. Once trust is shared, the ideas can really flow. But to post it here for the public to view… well, my TV show ideas (note: plural) won\’t be posted like this.

    Comment by greg -

  668. I think it would be great to have a show that can only be pulled off in HD. A show that is entirely in a longshot of a crowd. In HD you can make out faces of the crowd so tha static shot becomes infinately more interesting than on low-def. Have the entire half hour play outwith the one shot. One episode could be the mall, one ep in the office. Don\’t destroy the fouth wall, create a fifth wall. The more exclusive the show is to the HD crowd, the more it will be talked about and demanded.

    Kind of like the super celebs in Japanese commercials.

    Comment by BradyK -

  669. Mark:

    After reading through some of these ideas – I agree that many of them are just \’different versions\’ of stuff already our there. that being said, I too have a repeat type of program – but it is old and only had a very selective audience.

    In the 1980\’s – my youth back in Canada, we were all glued to a weekly show called \”Don Cherry\’s Grapevine\”. DOn Cherry is somewhat well known in the hockey world (iconic up in Canada) – this show no longer exists but it\’s premise would still have merit with today\’s viewers.

    It was set up similar to today\’s late night talk show\’s – the host (Cherry) would bring in a weekly guest and they would talk about everything related to that person – their team, life etc…

    I think today we have plenty of wonderful athletes that do some amzing things, both on their \’playing field\’ and in their life. With the viewers of today – human interest type shows/documentaries go over very well. Sportscenter, et al… covers these stories very briefly in most cases and we do not get the full picture.

    If you get the right host with some athletic background or at least some respect in the athletic community – a weekly show profiling atheletes or persons of prominance in the athletic world, making a special point to cover what they are doing to give back to the community – could attract a diverse audience.

    Throw in some humor, a fun \’sports bar\’ setting (as Grapevine was) a live audience – and steer away from the Stephen A Smith in your face let\’s bring up controversy concept – you might have a winner.

    I am sure I would not be the only one interesting in watching a show learing about athlete\’s stories and how they are giving back to the community.

    Comment by Kevin Solomon -

  670. \”Get a Life\”

    This is a serial documentary that explores the non-lives of delusional individuals who get great ideas while living in their mom\’s basement.

    They never do anything with their ideas because they are so sure that their ideas are unique and don\’t want them \”stolen\”.

    They occassionally make ridiculous attempts to contact a friendly billionaire in the hopes that, in his spare time, the billionaire will devote his attention to them exclusively and on their terms.

    Occasionally a subject breaks out of mom\’s basement and gets a life, but mostly they plunge even deeper into despair and hopelessness- eventually ending up in mental hospitals and/or prison.

    Comment by Tom -

  671. Mark,
    I\’ve been a Photo Safari guide in Africa for twenty years. There are spectacular vistas, unique topography, wild water ways that would be perfect for HD. I\’d like to have a Safari each week that deals with the wisdom of native people and their approach to the environment. The balance of living with the earth, not in conflict. For example, when I lived in Kenya my Masaai forman took me around the 4 acres we lived on and showed me dozens of medicines, herbs and plants used by the tribes for everything from healing to brushing your teeth.

    Comment by Christopher Law -

  672. Do a series profiling successful minority/immigrant entrepreneurs and how they did it. Each show profile a different minority/ethnic group (i.e., Vietnamese Entrepreneurs; Cuban Entrepreneurs; etc.). Call the show \”American Dream\”.

    Comment by Scott Lewis -

  673. I would love to see a series that films a classic book each season. Books that are too in depth for a 2 hour movie. For instance Ayn Rand\’s Atlas Shrugged could be a fantastic series if well done. Accompanying the series could be a behind-the-scenes or a documentary discussing the shows: the history that made the story, the politics of the time, the then-current technology. At the end of the season you have a great DVD package.

    Comment by Ken Fuhr -

  674. Taking this seriously:

    1) An art appreciation show. The best tour guides and historians in the world giving background and history of the best works of art in the world, all shot in HD. Is there anything more fascinating than a great tour in a museum? Now add video that brings the experience into your living room, production values, and the freedom to present any art in the world in any sequence.

    People love to hear about great art if you make it easy for them and introduce it in an accessible way. This would hit a niche AND draw in some of the Da Vinci Code crowd (without relying on derivative or forced \”secret code\” add ons).

    2) A season-long documentary series following a group of couples who are adopting overseas. Footage would focus on the couples, the children, the birth mothers, and the contrast in living conditions. There\’s a lot more human interest there than you\’d think.

    3) Any sitcom or drama featuring really beautiful people of both genders. I can provide a script or help finding writers if you\’d like to make it a less general suggestion, but really the main thing is just to make sure the actors are gorgeous. I\’m not even sure soap operas have scripts, and Friends wasn\’t a hit for the gripping narrative.

    Comment by Tom -

  675. Let\’s rock…

    Mitch Gatling: Zombie Hunter.

    Gatling is a dirty, unshaven, leather-clad bad-ass who walks around with guns/ammo/weapons hanging off every inch of his body, and an ever-present smoldering stogie in his mouth. Much like Cain in Kung Fu, he has no home, simply choosing to roam to a new town at the beginning of each episode.

    His primary talent: Destroying the undead.

    Within seconds of his arrival, Gatling finds the local social hangout (VFW, hot air balloon festival, malt shop) and asks if there are any zombies around that need killing. Everybody looks at him like hes nuts, but one brave voice will always speak up: No, sir, but we sure could use a hand with (fill in the blank)…

    Some examples include: Acting as a lawyer for a man wrongly accused of a crime, coaching the high-school football team when their coach suffers cardiac arrest right before the state championships, helping a nerdy loner find true love.

    Hilarity ensues as the fully-armed, foul-smelling, cussing and otherwise uncivilized Gatling shows up to a federal court, a high-school football game and a speed-dating session. Guns are drawn. People are threatened. Its fun for the whole family!

    Just prior to the conflict resolution, Gatling will wax poetic about his urge to protect the townsfolk from the living dead, and the person/people will humor him and roll their eyes when he\’s not looking.

    Gatling will prove quite adept at whatever challenge hes tackled, and will see it through to the end. As he prepares to leave town, the local townsfolk thank him for his help. Just before departing, he turns to them and says: And if you ever have a zombie problem, look me up.

    [Note: For the entire run of the show, 10-15 years by best guess, Gatling will not find/fight a single zombie.]

    So, whaddaya think?

    Comment by Erik -

  676. A show that follows the life of professional video game players, the devlopement of gamings, and issues within the community of gaming. Being that the technology that\’s behind video games today are being developed for high-def platforms, it works hand in hand with anything associated with high-def programming. The show would also include content from insiders within the gaming industry showing upcoming technology (engines, programming techniques, previews, etc.) and in-depth interviews with the developers. Being that gaming is worldwide, it can be covered from the North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Comment by Phillip Ruffin -

  677. The eco-police. A self-appointed posse drives around the country exposing \”crimes against nature\” at all levels\” government, corporate, and personal and writing eco-citations with suggested ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the perpetrator.

    Or, a reality show in which teams of individuals try to reduce the size of their carbon footprints.


    Comment by Michael K. -

  678. Ok, so I have two ideas for scripted sitcoms, which aren\’t really HDNet\’s cup of tea, but you never know.

    I\’ll also have a very interesting idea which would deal with the NFL and draft picks. Again, not exactly up HDNet\’s alley, but it might be worthwhile to hear me out.

    Like a lot of people, I\’d rather not just throw my ideas out there for anyone to see and use. As a businessman, I\’m sure Mark Cuban was very mindful of who he told about his idea for broadcast.com before it was implemented.

    If you don\’t think I\’m serious, check my blog. I believe I can write, and those are some examples of my sense of humor.

    I\’d love to discuss my thoughts!

    Thanks, Dan

    Comment by Dan -

  679. Ok, M here it is. I shared this with no one except my wife, pillow talk you know how it is. And unlike the other dork with all the ideas unwilling to share I understand this email is as good as a contract should you be linked to my idea! haha

    You take 3 individuals,or teams of people from similar background and credentials, and you could contrast that for the next season(the combos and scenerios are endless) and place them in 3 different cities LA-Chi-NY, (kind of a cool name for the show pronounced la chee knee) all with the same variable NOTHING but the clothes on their backs, and you see who after six or eight weeks has the most money. You can even compete based on schools (Yale vs Stanford vs A&M) whatever, or do phd vs ged vs trade school. The possibilities of match ups like many reality shows are endless. One of my favorite lines from Seinfeld is by George when he says \”life is a competition.\” not that it hasnt been said before but the way he says it. This would go over incredibly well in High Def filming with small cameras in big beautiful cities. Three people competing for 1 million or more to see who can do the best with a bad hand. It would bring out a large demographic to viewership because it is competition at its real raw sense. Who can do better then who, all being equal, other then who they are. Of course the rules are obvious, no contact with family, or friends from the past. Only what they can achieve from the day they get dropped off! Let me know when we can get started!

    Comment by jeff gilleland -

  680. How about Nellie knows best LOL

    Comment by Christie Kaplan -

  681. You want us to do our homework.
    Checking out HDNet it appears you buy scripted programming and produce what can be done easily. Do you want \”series\” ideas that would take advantage of the HD format yet cost more than;

    \”Original HDNet series include the groundbreaking HDNet World Report, Dan Rather Reports, Geek to Freak with Dennis Rodman, True Music w/Katie Daryl, HDNet Concert Series, Get Out!, Face 2 Face with Roy Firestone, Art Mann Presents… and Higher Definition, and Sound Off with Matt Pinfield.\”

    Or are you only interested in status quo?
    Any opportunity to pitch is gold and opening this format up is great yet I (and hopefully others) would appreciate some clarification here.

    Comment by Steve -

  682. I truly hope you get to read this Mark… the idea is a little far-fetched… but if given the opportunity to explain in greater detail… well you never know!

    My proposal is this… GEEKS of the Dining Room Table

    A group of Role Players (Dungeons & Dragons for example but there are many to choose from) meet once a week or twice a month to play their game and roll some dice. That\’s not the focus… the plan would be to help these average geeky Joes to \”LIVE\” their adventure.

    I\’m not talking actually dressing up in armour and fighting dragons… but experiencing adventure by actually doing things. Virtually all players never ever rode a horse yet they role play like they have superior horsemen skills… you know, stating they fire their longbow at full gallop, and then jump off to attack with their long sword.

    What IF they got to actually try horse back riding, archery, swinging a large sword. They can get taugh maybe in an old England castle by experts from today. Once they get a true handle on it they can be put to some actual test.

    Other quick ideas…

    – Learning to handle a Wagon pulled by horses.
    – Camping out with out 20th century devices like a lighter.
    – Make a sword the old fashion way, hot metal and an avil.
    – Climb a mountain… hiking cross country.
    – Try jousting for real.
    – Climb a castle wall. How many geeks can even climb a rope?
    – Explore caves or castle dungeons.

    This is the focus of the show…

    Have them play a gmae… listen to their actions and pick something they did to bring to reality. Following them as they \”learn\” these skills… and then seeing how their role playing game is affected. AND possibly seeing IF playing the game is REALLY that important!?!? Lots can happen… AND believe me… there are TONNES of geeks out there!!

    Comment by Michael Horvath -

  683. I would love to see a show following the major candidates for the 2008 Presidential election. Not a political show, with an agenda for one side or the other. But more about following democracy in action, and what it takes to run a campaign, work on a campaign from the lowest assistant to the campaign manager, and ultimately win and lose an election. The show wouldn\’t focus on specific platforms of candidates, but the process of running.

    Comment by Jason Burgess -

  684. The World Famous Original Toughman Contest. Boxing Elimination Tournament featuring local participants in 3-one minute action packed rounds of boxing….. it was the highest rated show on cable for men 18-49 from 1999-2003 on the FX Network.

    Comment by Stephen Coppler -

  685. I didnt read every single one of the comments before mine, so Ill apologize in advance if I in avertedly retread on something someone else already pitched.

    Basically its just one concept; however there are few different ways in order to present it. Anyway, there seems to be an untapped potential in the short film market. Besides film festivals (who in general have been steering away from showing lots of shorts), a lot of short films are rarely seen. Yes there is the video uploading sites and there are short films on there, but they kind of get lost in the glutton of videobloggers, cell phone videos, and home videos of stuff like cats knocking over babies and whatnot.

    However, there isnt any sort of TV programming really directed to showing short films that I know of (I could be wrong). It would be a great way to showcase new and interesting talent and could lead to someones bigger break into feature filmmaking.

    As the show progresses or this could be an entirely different show depending on things, it could allow new and undiscovered filmmakers make short films. Im not talking Project Greenlight reality TV show style where they seem to take creative people and then not let them be creative, but for example: giving four or five different groups of filmmakers a topic, a concept, or a theme for a film and then just letting them go about it anyway they choose and then show the final result. I guess as a spin off or as a build up to the screening of the films, there could be a making of the films show, showing each group of filmmaker going through their various processes in completing the final film.

    Also, another interesting thing that could be done time from time, is have a famous or semi-famous filmmaker participate as one of the groups just to see what he or she would come up compared to unknown filmmakers. It would allow a lot of different talented people to show their stuff and it would almost be guaranteed to offer something unique and interesting every show.

    As an unknown filmmaker myself, I would love to see something this and of course would love even more to participate in a project like this.

    Comment by James Branscome -

  686. Mark, preservation boy here, back with another natural for HD The UN runs a program that has identified over 400 \”world historic sites,\” i.e., places that hold some unique aspect of civilization, history, nature that must be saved for the future. Some, like Machu Pichu, are well known, others obscure, but they are all fascinating and beautiful to behold. I\’m tight with some folks at the UN and I am sure they would relish the publicity for their program and cause. We get some cute boys and girls turn them loose on HD. Not some much Globetrekker, but more reverential and informative. This programming will appeal to the exploding eco-tourism market (Did you know that tourism is the second largest industry on earth?) and that means airlines, hotel chains, car companies lining up. Travel and lodging would be covered by our sponsors, but given the other sunk costs, we might want to spin-off a cooking show centered around the local cuisine. Every notice how many different kinds of hooch there are in the world?

    Standing by,

    Comment by Mark -

  687. Launch a HD camara onto a rocket, drop it on a parachute in the atmosphere and record the images as it slowly plunges to earth…with a good sound track and guest commentary on what is being passed over, it could be very cool!

    Comment by matt -

  688. \”Fastest Search\”

    This game show will put the the old style game shows out of business. Those are the ones that rely on people who have memorized the dictionary or the names of obscure 18th century painters. Boring. Once it becomes popular, Fastest Search has the added societal benefit of changing the way education is provided. No longer will children be taught mind-numbing \”facts\” so they can one day, if they are lucky, win a few bucks on Jeopardy. They will learn to think.

    Fastest Search pits contestants at computers trying to answer a question using a search engine (good sponsorship possibility). The trick will be getting top writers to come up with questions that can\’t be answered off the top of your head. In fact, the answer must come through a search displayed on a large screen. Contestants who can think and connect the dots–and have pretty fast fingers–will win. This changes everything.

    Comment by Steve Zisson -

  689. I think that a series based on the book Atlas Shrugged has alot of potential. The book has a large cult following, is intelligent, and somewhat controversial, which plays to your channels base.

    It\’s a gamble. It\’s no layup like \”date my mom\” or \”room raiders,\” but HDNet doesn\’t seem to cater to those types of customers in the first place.

    Comment by Lynn Holland -

  690. How about a show that examines TV commercials from the public\’s perspective? A show that takes an insightful, and humorous look at these commercials that arew minds are bathed in for a full hour every day. On TV they never get any rebuttal. But in our minds we are highly engaged with them. TV commercials are the biggest piece of unaddressed mindshare in the world.

    Comment by John Forde -

  691. The Pilot
    (Project Greenlight meets Dancing With The Stars)

    Competition: Wannabe TV writers pitch their ideas, semifinalists get the opportunity to produce a pilot, judges pick pilot winner and winner gets TV deal.


    Comment by Billie Petty -

  692. I have an animated show I am developing as a series, almost finished with Episode 1. It\’s being made in 1080p hd. It\’s called Revelation.

    Series Synopsis

    A frail young girl, Ashley Tomei, discovers that the world is coming to an apocalyptic end as written in the biblical book of Revelation. Ashley must decipher codes hidden in the scriptures and find the courage to save the world from its foretold destruction.



    Comment by Arik Renee Avila -

  693. Idea #1

    Discovery and TLC have gone away from educational programming to a mix of reality and cooking shows along with nature shows. There are no top tier programs for teaching people about interesting or necessary topics, like math, personal finance (especially), computer operation, design and any other sort of topic there seems to be a lack of presentation or depth about. You could tackle a subject weekly or just create a specialized show for individual topics.

    Idea #2
    There\’s tons of television around the world which is also broadcasted in HD and not brought back to the states. You could license/purchase bits and pieces of these shows and compile/translate them. If the cost of licensing and translation with alternative audio and subtitles is less than producing a show, you save in cost while expanding the borders for what is shown on TV.

    Comment by john -

  694. Mark-

    Sent an e-mail to your Dallas Mavs account. Hope you read it.


    Comment by Brian -

  695. I\’ve got an idea, how about a show about a almost 30 computer programmer who\’s an attractive bodybuilder but lives in his mom\’s basement! Throw in a soap opera esque work environment, a crazy senile mother, a college town and \”colorful\” friends and family.

    Comment by Anthony -

  696. Ok, I need to get a life.

    I\’m not a huge sports fan, but when I go to an event, sometimes the most entertaining part about it are listening to the people around me.

    HD tv also means HD sound. If you were to develop a skype like application that fed sports fans optional camera angles (cheer leaders?), box statistics and commentary over the laptop and allowed the fans to talk back then you could incorporate that feedback into the show.

    If you combined some clever programming with some really good creative people then I could see how you could so some really neat stuff with getting the rawest of raw data on fan feedback.

    Comment by Bill Mellett -

  697. \”If its obvious you don\’t know anything about HDNet or have never seen our networks , it will be deleted.\”

    That\’s sad coming from you, an inovative guy with a drive for action. Very narrow minded.

    Research this guy here: Thomas Khun.

    He did a lot of research about innovation and progress and concluded that a lot of innovation comes from people outside or recently introduced to a given discipline.

    So, since I live in a country without HDNet I will shut up and not submit my ideas to you ok.

    Comment by Henrique Valle -

  698. Here\’s another combined technology idea. If there were a program that aired on the weekend on TV then you could release audio podcasts during the week for people to listen to on the way to/from work between shows.

    The only soap opera that I ever watched was the old \”Dallas\” show. It would have been cool to keep contact with the characters during the week. This would force the writers to be really quick on their feet a la \”who\’s line is it anyway.\”

    Comment by Bill Mellett -


    Comment by BOB DOROHOVICH -

  700. I think that something truly new would have to combine technologies. For example, I usually sit with my laptop while I\’m watching TV and I think that a lot of other people do the same.

    With HD television, you can hide a lot of detail on a single screen. When we were kids they had those puzzles where objects and words were hidden in the picture and you had to go hunt for them and circle them.

    I think that it would be possible to have say a mystery whereby clues are cleverly hidden in the background. The people online communicate with each other to collectively try to solve the mystery or otherwise glean information that they would not most likely be able to get on their own.

    Alfred Hitchcock was really good at adding symbolism in his movies. Mark, you could make Hitchcock like cameos, too.

    Comment by Bill Mellett -

  701. Something showing the real Mark Cuban. Say, have you lost weight?

    Just joking. I have the same concerns as in comment #2.

    \”Would I have development rights if you took my idea?\”

    I will say that when I watch HD, the sense of \”being there\” — the beauty and detail of some natural settings — is highly appealing. For some reason, water, whether the from the Summer Olympics pool, or in nature specials, works very well at making one feel, perhaps not that you are there literally, but at least gives you the same feelings. I would say the same for the sound of course but the same surround sounds without the higher quality picture, is not as effective.

    Someone else mentioned exploring what it is that effects the viewer more, when in HD. Research may have been done in considering the difference between regular and IMAX theater experience. That\’s how I\’d compare the home TV experience between regular and an HD TV picture.

    So, in a word: Water

    As for specific ideas . . . maybe I have some things . . . depending. 🙂

    I wish you all success with your project.

    Comment by Allen -

  702. I would like to see a TV show with focus on technology, (mostly Apple related) tech news and information as well information that includes new technologies such as HDTV, DVR, Wireless, etc. There are some great personalities that are doing Podcasts on these topics. Thank You for the oppurtunity.

    Comment by Tony Tucci -

  703. Mark Cuban:

    ISOLATION — a Sc-Fi Noir Action Drama –

    …..already shot – on true HD with the Sony F900.

    ISOLATION — is the story about a boy who has been trapped in a room – with no windows – no doors – or human contact – for 174,324 hours. And on hour 174,325 – everyone… and everything – will change.

    We shot the story in Austin,TX, L.A. and Mannford OK.

    Currently the story is in it\’s edit process.

    The scenario – is such – since we shot in HD – we never shut the camera off while filming – thus leading to well over 10 hours of footage and story.

    Cutting the movie down to 96 minutes – has been to say – gut wrenching.

    After talking with Craig Chartier at GEAR in Austin – he asked why I don\’t turn the movie into a 1 hour TV Movie Event Series since we are already in the correct format – and – since we easily have over a 10 part – 1 hour series movie – already shot – and – the have Prequel/Sequel written.

    It got me thinking about your HD Network and blog – and your comment on looking for something NOT already being done – I guarantee you – the content is original.

    So – before I butcher the story more – by cutting away at it – trimming it down to a 96 minute Indie FIlm – I thought I better invite you to the ISOLATION site to look at our trailers – and – see the quality/vision of what we are doing – before I go further.

    You can view the teaser trailer(s) here:


    Thanks for your time Mark…

    Oklahoma Ward


    The new trailer for ISOLATION: THE MOVIE was #1 with MySpace Filmmaker viewers this month and last — WHILE Spider-man was rolling out in theaters!

    What do millions of MySpace users know?

    They know a lot, and they know what they like.

    And it\’s all word-of-mouth.


    Comment by Oklahoma Ward -

  704. I have a great idea that the world will enjoy. Its called \”The W-orld\” and it will depict the world after 8 years of George W Bush presidency. It will include personal interviews and scenes from such places as New Orleans and Iraq. Interviews from his critics and supporters. Either do a miniseries, a 3 hour documentary, or a week to week show highlighting specific segments of the Bush Administration. Include clips from John Stewarts Daily Show, Micheal Moore, John McCain, President Ahmanijad of Iran (and any other individuals that have taken a stance with or against Bush) US Congress hearings, personal interviews from citizens of the world that have been directly and indirectly affected by Bush (positive and negative). This is an important era of the world that needs to be documented because the future underlying effects are tremendous and as of now no one has been willing to dig for the truth to answers that have gone undiscovered for far too long (ie the Death of American Patriot Pat Tillman)

    Comment by Mike Jones -

  705. I have a slam dunk of an idea, but I\’d like one of your representatives to contact me. No need for formalities, just don\’t want to post it out here in the open as I might pursue it and would need every bit of a head start I can get to be successful with my very limited capital.

    Shoot me an email with subject, HDNet show idea and I\’ll fire it off back to you.. It won\’t be more than a few lines.

    I\’ve had enough ideas to know that the ideas are plenty, it\’s the execution that separates the winners from the never got out of the gate folks. I\’d love to see something with capital behind it produce this, because I\’d be interested in watching it.

    Comment by nigel m -

  706. How about a prime time court TV show in which the viewing audience gets to call in and decide the verdict. It could be called \”Court of Public Opinion\” or something along those lines. Not only does it take advantage of the666 popularity of court television but the audience gets to pass judgment and possibly vote on sentencing. Just depends on how far you want to go with it.

    Comment by Dre -

  707. Reality Show:

    Possible Titles: Real Indie; American Indie; Cine Fanatics, etc.

    Tagline: \”There\’s No Show Like Business\”Reality Show:

    Follow a group of people from the indie film industry (and their investors) as they scramble to put together a brand-new full-service film distribution company. Focus on being filmmaker-friendly and change the way some see distribution. See them chase funding, see them chase films, see their struggle as they work to create an entirely new kind of independent film company. (No knock at Magnolia & 2929…)

    Filming: (When can you get a crew together?)

    Comment by Arik Treston -

  708. I\’m actually shooting the first few episodes of a series I was hoping to shop around once we got 4 or so in the can. It\’s about the dim witted underbelly crime establishment of Niagara Falls.

    http://www.backlotrebels.com/lotb is where you can find the first two episodes.

    I don\’t want to put too much into a public blog page, but email me if you\’re interested and I\’ll gladly discuss the rest of the show and what it\’s about with you.

    Comment by Carey Lewis -

  709. A modern-day \”What Ever Happened To\” news magazine for today\’s pop-culture metageneration.

    Gives us follow-ups of past major news stories. Most headline stories, especially those that fill the airwaves during a slow news cycle, do not get closure. Some of these are fascinating stories that suck audiences in. This show will follow-up and give us updates and information and explain to us, \”what ever happened to…\”
    -Arik T.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Comment by Arik Treston -

  710. How about a show about the rising nerd bourgeoisie- it would be a great opportunity to write about all of the insane crap going on out there in the virtual world…follows the life of some freeware borderline hacker guy with all his hacker friends, the spread of information in seconds, where is a show that is talking about scientology versus the internet, mash-ups, you tube, googlification of our lives, the coming blending of virtual and physical realities?…and you could have so much fun with second life.shoot- i\’d watch it.

    Comment by john douglas -

  711. Convert your home to a green home. Educate viewers on the technology and installation of products that reduce your carbon footprint.

    Comment by joe -

  712. Fantasy CEO! Executives get control of contestants lives for a year and put them on the road to success. Viewer vote decides what executive has done the best job with his contestant. I was just thinking I would give up a year of my life and give it to Mark Cuban to decide my next move, if Cuban says porn is the quickest way to the top, back to school,….whatever he says. Tune in weekly to see what my executive has me doing next. Who would you rather have controlling your life, Mark Cuban or…Steve Jobs? 🙂 Meat or no meat?

    Comment by TimL -

  713. and yes, I do see the sad irony in my misspelling \”stereotypes\” in a pitch for a spelling bee show

    Comment by Op -

  714. Celebrity Spelling Bee

    Americans love to see celebs knocked off their pedestals. Could also spotlight intelligent celebs, and break some typecast sterotypes. Give a huge-ass $ prize, winner take all.

    Comment by Op -

  715. Everybody loves vacations. Whether it\’s sipping a cocktail on the beach, skiing down the slopes, sightseeing, or hiking a mountain, we ALL look forward to our vacations.

    MY NEXT VACATION is a stand-alone, thirty-minute series, traveling the world in search of the best vacation spots. The luxury of shooting and airing in HD will maximize the look and feel of our beautiful locations. Exclusive deals and each episodes vacation itinerary (with all specific contact information) would be available at hd.net

    Comment by Michael -

  716. how about a updated version of playhouse 90-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playhouse_90

    with new and upcoming writers submitting their stuff and have a mix of a listers and b listers as well as up and coming actors star in the one act plays.

    thats how james dean and rod sterling got their starts.
    plus- it would be really neat to see something worthwhile on television for once.

    Comment by alfred -

  717. Two societal facts are driving my show premise:

    1) People LOVE watching arrogant people\’s dreams shattered on TV. American Idol is built entirely with this in mind. The first few weeks of the show with awful singers learning that they have no talent is a perfect example. Office coolers are also abuzz the day after an arrogant, attractive female cries her heart out on national TV because she finished in 14th place and must now go back to middle America to work in the stage production of Porkys.

    2) Guys are constantly looking to meet and attract beautiful women. This is self-explanatory and needs no further comment.

    SHOW NAME: \’Pick-Up\’

    PREMISE: Ordinary guys are pitted against each other to see who can pick-up the most women in real-life unusual situations. They each must complete challenges

    Examples: pick up a bartender, become a pizza delivery guy and get a female customer to invite him in, attract a female while driving a pink Dodge Neon, pick up a girl at a womens group protest, pick up a women while introdcing oneself as a virgin who lives with his parents, etc, etc. The ideas are endless!

    The winner is the one to complete the most tasks and goes home with a check for $XX,000 and his dignity in tow. The loser is likely humiliated by all his failures.

    WHY PEOPLE WILL WATCH: Firstly it is an experiment in social interaction that everyone can relate to. Who wouldnt want to watch confident people approach women from the vantage point of a hidden TV camera? Secondly, the rejections will be priceless! Anyone who volunteers for such a show must believe that they are a true Casanova. The rejections will be enjoyable in that sick American Idol cringe-inducing way. I will watch!

    Added bonus: Production of such a show would be cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

    Comment by Richard Kramer -

  718. I think a show documenting everything that goes on for HDNet or even internet related stuff would be worth watching.

    Otherwise, broadcasting video game tournament highlights is a good idea. ESPN for nerds. No dry humor (a la G4)

    Either that or a show that showcases new music based on votes from the internet (that is, the users suggest new artists and once they\’re requested they have to \’sit out\’ of rotation for a while before being requested again..the Box did this, i think it was cool for a while)

    But the ideal show I\’d want to see is about general communications (internet, tv, radio, etc) and both the science and the philsophy behind it. Diversity in this sort of thing would be an interesting thing to watch. There\’s plenty to have a show about the internet on TV. Just surprised no one\’s done it yet.

    Comment by aquarius -

  719. Mark,

    The series is called \”Jacob\’s Shadow\”. It\’s about an orphaned 12 year old boy in the western US circa 1880. He is blamed for starting a fire at an asylum that killed 10 people, including his mother, who was a patient. Based on stories his mother told him of possible family, he decides to escape to Washington state. Early in his journey, he saved by a giant, grey timberwolf that he names Shadow. Jacob feels a connection to Shadow that he can\’t quite explain. On their way north, Jacob and Shadow are pursued by a dilligent bounty hunter and the mysterious Man with Purple Eyes. Throughout their travels, Jacob begins to piece together the truth of his life and how involves ancient, distant worlds and thousands of years of prophecy.

    Although it does have a supernatural undercurrent, this is essentially a boy and his dog story (stories I grew up devouring). Something that would be shown on Sunday evenings at 7 or 8 pm. Yes, it would be kind of dark and scary, but in a campfire tale told by your grandpa kind of way.

    Also, I imagine the show only having 3 seasons, 13 eps a piece (a definite begninning, middle and end.) I have most of the 39 chapters outlined.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I\’m interested in any feedback. I like these characters and it was fun creating their world.


    Comment by Mick -

  720. you could just report the news. that would be novel.

    Comment by Alfonse -

  721. I\’ve written an unusual pertially improvised \”reality-sitcom\” (ala Curb Your Enthusiasm) about a dysfunctional family in the world\’s most dysfunctional city, Las Vegas.

    The father is a slot tech with delusional dreams of becoming the next Steve Wynn, the mother is a plus-size model who does an occasional bachelor party on the side, the son dreams of becoming a showgirl, and the daughter is the most successful one, a prostitute with multiple personality disorder, thereby insuring repeat business.

    I have the pilot script and an outline for the entire first season ready to go for \”THE LEGACKIS OF LAS VEGAS.\”


    Comment by Ace DeSone -

  722. I have been in the film industry a loooong time, and I have a couple projects I am developing. But like comment #2, are we not taking a risk of getting ripped off by publicly posting them (even if they are registered at WGAwest)?
    No insult, but I HAVE been ripped off by a Producer at Columbia once already.

    Comment by Michael Rivero -

  723. Movie karaoke show where people can either make fools of themselves or be entertaining re-enacting their favorite movie or TV show. Or use Dan Rather in reworked version of early TV CBS docu-drama show You Are There updating to digital news age historical events. Or game show with boobytrapped obstacles to test people\’s problem-solving abilities hosted by someone like Dennis Hopper in first Speed movie.

    Comment by Robert Skillstad -

  724. You have some real crap programming. Best of Michael Bolton Live? If I had an HD TV I\’d be throwing up on it.

    Nobody gives a damn about the circus. Kids used to want to run off and join the circus. Michael Bolton should go to the circus and be stomped on by an elephant.

    But that\’s not the idea. Give me a crew and I\’ll do clown college and carnies and the people who still live the magic.

    Unlike Michael Bolton. Your mama should slap you over that one.

    Comment by Skip -

  725. My belief is the future of television lies in INTERACTIVITY. Television and the Internet will meld completely eventually. The man that teaches the world to enjoy interactive television will be glad.

    Sure, concentrate on innovative programs but work also to develop viewer interaction with your programming via subscriber remote control units. Give them more than just some online games and programming menus. Allow them to participate in live polling and to upload audio/video commentaries via their HD connections. Have users vote on program episodes, etcetera.

    That\’s my idea. 🙂

    Comment by blogslut -

  726. Ok @ 378 and counting I wonder if this will ever get read. However at this time last night it was at 158.

    We need reality TV at it\’s best. Now having been to as many sporting events in your life and been entertained a million ways, movies, theater etc. I\’m sure there are moments that stick out like a sore thumb in YOUR mind.

    I\’m not talking about \”The catch\” by dwight clark
    Or the \”ice bowl\” dallas @ green bay
    or jordan winning his first championship.

    I\’m talking about what happened in YOUR mind, the viewers. It was significant, but not necessarily to the masses.

    Have a TV show that takes callers (not necessarily live) and has an event that happened (and was video taped) that can be viewed by the masses.

    I\’ll give you my example.

    Season opener, monday night football 1992 Dallas Cowboys vs. Superbowl Champs Washington Redskins. Troy Aikman throws an interception to Darrell Green, as he\’s returning it down the sideline, he gets tackled by Emmitt Smith. Not only is he tackled by Emmitt. (realize emmitt smith isn\’t quite emmitt smith yet) But Emmitt picks him up and slams him to the turf. The clip is never shown, but it was great!!! It\’s very vivid in MY memory!! But if others were to see it, they would appreciate it also.

    I\’m sure many people reading this have a moment, whether it\’s sports, a movie scene, a TV moment, that is great in their own mind, but if put to the masses, they can see it for what it is. A great moment at that time. Just because it doesn\’t happen in the World Series doesn\’t make it less great.

    So here is the idea. Take calls, get footage, see it for what is\’t worth, and if it makes the cut, put it on the show.

    I\’m a huge football fan. Another that came to mind was 1989. Miami Hurricanes and Notre Dame, last game of the season(before the bowl game) #2 vs. #1 in the Orange Bowl. Miami is in control of the game, however with a slew of penalties and some tough defense Miami finds itself in 3rd and 44. That is not a typo!!! 3rd and 44!!! THEY CONVERT ON A BOMB FROM CRAIG ERICKSON TO RANDAL \”THRILL\” HILL DOWN THE LEFT SIDELINE!! Unheard of, but does it get played as one of the all time great plays? No!! Why not? They would rather play Doug Fluties Hail Mary that converted out of desperation!!! Miami could have just as easily done a draw play and punted. No they went for it and converted!!!

    Point being is there are plays out there that aren\’t recognized for their greatness. Have the public give the greatest play ever \”in their minds\” and have a highlight reel of those plays. not what the \”media\” and \”espn\” deem as relevant. That will sell!!

    I have a few other ideas, but this is the first to pop in the head. Tell me what you think!!


    Comment by Ryan -

  727. Andy Richter Controls the Universe, this was the funniest show on TV. I started watching the show on fox a few weeks before it was killed – but it wasn\’t just killed it was hidden in a closet, beaten with a stick, then killed. I know it runs on HDNET now in reruns – but it is recent enough that all the stars are without long term deals and from what I can tell at work – it has a cult following. Could easily be the next family guy in that it was cancelled and returns to more fan fare than when it ran originally.

    Comment by Chris Herron -

  728. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVd3zdsD8y4

    Comment by Daniel -

  729. Two Words: BAR CRAWL

    The concept behind it is travelogue based, and similar to the Wild On or even Get Out!, but the difference is that in the US, everyone has a favorite bar, even celebrities, so each week, our host travels across the country, meeting up with personalities, and sharing drinks over stories that center around the specific bar featured in the episode.

    For example, our host will travel to Detroit, MI where a specific bar is featured. The host will meet with someone such as Bob Seger or Kid Rock and go together to that \”favorite bar\” and have some sort of discussion.

    Another week, the host could meet with Kiefer Sutherland, as they visit one of Kiefer\’s favorite haunts, sharing drinks and stories.

    Certainly the concept can be massaged, but the spirit of the show is to simply go cross country to visit some of the best bars in the US and have some sort of interaction. It\’s part Insomniac, part interview show, part locale profile, but all entertainment.

    The idea is not to show the wonders of HD and 1080i, but to provide programming that is unique and entertaining so that word of mouth can spread, and subscriptions can rise…

    Comment by Hashim R. Hathaway -

  730. Mark,

    I know you said specifically no sports, but please, let me plea my case.
    I love baseball, dont get me wrong, I love the game more than anything else. Yet, I am a Rangers Fan, and around this time every year, I find myself looking forward towards the future of the franchise. I find it very interesting to look at the variety of players in the Ranger\’s farm system and seeing who\’s going to be the next unknown flamethrowing southpaw who was born on a farm and dominates the MLB. Thats why I think you should create a show following the lives of not the top tier prospects of the minors, but those guys who are more middle of the pack and have more of a 49% chance than a 51% chance of making \” the show\” if you catch my drift. I also know you said it cant be a spinoff of other shows, and i completely agree, but think of this show as \”Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL\” meets \”The Real World\” minus the fake drama meets \”Bull Durham\”. Honestly, even if you hate my idea, I\’d just like to pitch the idea of minor league baseball, because you never know when you\’ll be watching the next \”Great One\” and be able to say, yah, i saw him play BEFORE he was big…..of course…in God\’s gift which is HD.

    Robert Carney

    Comment by Robert Carney -

  731. hmmm..
    i think i wil have a test of it ,and get some new ideas for it

    Comment by Just -

  732. Hi Mark, I\’m breaking one of your three rules.

    I\’ve FINISHED an episode of the Asian \”PIMP MY RIDE\”, but with Scooters! (and the show is shot in Taipei, Taiwan, in Mandarin Chinese). Scooter outnumber cars 10 to 1 in Asia, and of course, there are billions of people in the Asian viewing audience worldwide.

    You can WATCH the whole thing at: http://www.jiiang.com/motohigh

    We are shopping it right now to Asian networks and distributors both IN Asia AND America.

    (that was my short pitch……..the long pitch is below. If you\’re interested or know of people who might be, please contact me. 🙂

    EXPOSITION: The young, urban, Asian Entertainment Market. Its a HUGE Growth market in CHINA, TAIWAN, and USA. And were using Reality TV to take it over! In Asia, scooters outnumber cars 10 to 1. Everyone has a scooter. They make fun of ugly scooters and gasp at brand new, shiny scooters. Plus, accessories like custom designed helmets and jackets, and motorcycle teams. So much potential!

    DISTRIBUTION: This can play on Chinese Television. However, our goal is also to combine TV with a VES Show (Viral Entertianment Show). Our website (www.jiiang.com) currently shows all the episodes of MOTO HIGH! and invites the viewers to upload pics/videos of their own scooters (new and old). We invite them to create a COMMUNITY of it. They can rank each pic/video and choose which one they like the best. Every season we can run a User Chosen episode where the worst ranked Scooter/Story gets PIMPED OUT. Itll be so much more interactive than just TV. It will be HUGE!

    CURRENT NEEDS: Distribution and Marketing/Advertising Partners

    SHOW SYNOPSIS: It\’s the Asian PIMP MY RIDE but with Scooters! We took a really old and broken scooter to Taipeis BEST Motorcycle shop and asked them to make into a Super Motorcycle Machine!

    Then, we gave this SUPER MOTO MACHINE to JAMES MAO, a Taiwanese Basketball Star and Model. We made it into a small Harley Type design and put a basketball hoop on the back. Then, we changed all the colors and seat covers to his teams colors. And finally, we had his coach and team sign the scooter for GOOD LUCK! (you can check out the show at: http://www.jiiang.com/motohigh)

    Comment by Damon Chang -

  733. tv show name: pHD

    pHD = educational show that walks viewers through a different area of academic study. The show starts with the basics, moves on to advancements, and lastly looks at the future of the field.

    This would prob need more than 30min time slot or could have each field broken into multiple parts:
    ie: Marketing part 1(BS), 2(MS), 3(PhD)

    For me, \”I want my PhD in HD pleazzzzzz\”

    I hate TV shows where you lose intelligence watching (American Idol = worst show EVA!!!!!)

    MC – please shoot me an email if you want to use this idea or show name

    peace out

    Comment by discNwisco -

  734. Hmmm, here is a list of shows that I would greenlight if I was running a network, that I would love to work on and that I would love to watch.

    1.The Race to Space: A documentary series following the myriad of private space enterprises that are racing to open space for civilians. From Branson, Jeff Bezos and John Carmack to the lone inventor designing a better space suit in his garage; there is more real excitement and drama going on here than any other time on earth and it isn\’t being covered like it should. I wrote a pilot for a one hour drama set in this world but the nonfiction aspect of the most important step in human history really needs to be chronicled as it is happening around us.

    2.A mini-series on HD cinematography. The cameras are getting into the hands of the amateurs… but they don\’t really know how to get the most out of them. A miniseries on how to use these cameras would foster awareness of HD quality and help thousands of people make better HD content. Each episode could cover one element of cinematography with three levels consumer, prosumer and high end digital camera (I\’m biased towards Red One since I have #351 reserved). Cover composition, exposure, focusing, lighting, camera movement, filtering… all the aspects of capturing a great image. The episode could see a problem or opportunity given to three cinematographers who are expert in the use of the particular camera (I suggest; Stu Maschwitz with a Canon HV20, Adam Wilt or Barry Green with a Panasonic HVX200 and David Mullen with the Red One) and show how to make the best use of the particular level of camera. The HD-DVD/Blu-Ray collection of this would probably show brisk sales. Sony OR Panasonic would probably throw some money at this for product placement since they both have cameras in each of these segments and they would probably like to see a show with just their brand. I think that would be doing the audience a moderate disservice… not a showstopping one mind you.

    3.How about a real entertainment news program? It is irritating to sit there skipping over 90% or Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood just to get a little snippet of real news pertaining to the entertainment world rather than gossip about some actor\’s personal life. The Futon Critic website has more real content than all of the current entertainment programs put together. Sure there are a lot of people who can\’t get enough home videos of Anna Nicole Smith staggering around- but some of us would rather learn about how George Lucas is coming along with the live action Star Wars TV series and just what is happening on Peter Jackson\’s latest set. Give us this sort of thing in a serious news program in HD and I\’ll have a season pass on that sucker so fast my PVR\’s remote will start to smoke. Make it the love child of \’Higher Definition\’ and \’World Report\’ and you have me.

    4.Intimate Venues: There are a lot of small music venues around and it would be nice to have a show that covered an evening there. A quick tour of the venue and then a few songs from that evenings performers. I\’m partial to blues and so I\’m thinking about places like The Purple Onion in Vancouver but this could cover the range from classical to punk to hiphop. It could spend a few weeks in a given metropolitan area hitting the best, most representative and most unique small venues available there.

    5.1.Make Magazine (www.makezine.com) covers a lot of very cool garage projects and a cooperative venture with them could have an endless stream of shows with robots, hacked game consoles, iPod into an Altoids tin, home made solid modeling machines- all being built on camera in the garage or on the kitchen table. A yearly episode or two going out to cover the Makers Faire would also entertain the hell out of a lot of people. The projects are all designed to be relatively inexpensive home projects for individuals or small teams and I think it would be fascinating but relatively inexpensive show to produce.

    Comment by Clint Johnson -

  735. HDGameNet. Why would you need to buy a ps3 or xbox if there was an OnDemand service that offered every video game out there in true HD? The \”Video Game Package\” would come with a special HDDVR with universal wireless controllers.

    HDGameNet. Ready. Set. Game.

    Comment by Curt Weaver -

  736. Give David Simon a suitcase of money and let him do whatever he wants.

    Comment by SC -

  737. Mark

    \”Chain Link\”

    Chain Link will take 7 facebook or myspacers (1 from each continent) and set them out on a around the world adventure/contest that will challenge them to utilize only their personal social networking group of friends as a starting point to find the others. They will be given an adventure budget. Each person they find earns them a bonus that can be used for fun or towards the quest. Each week viewers vote on their favorite contestant – the results can earn the highest voted player a clue towards finding a nearby player. The lowest player gets thrown in \”jail\” for 1 week. The winner will be the player that finds the most players in a 6 week show. Cash Prizes will be given.

    Comment by Aaron -

  738. \”Fawlty Towers\” at a DVD rental shop, circa 1999 (when a DVD rental shop wouldn\’t be fiscally sound). Instead of Basil and Sybil, the guy is the owner, a Lothario usually after his female employees and customers, who is now dating one of his employees in a monogamous relationship and has to behave. Hilarity ensues.

    Comment by Andrew Wickliffe -

  739. How about a show about the life of expat American teachers working overseas in international schools? Working in exotic locations, living in Melrose Place-like compounds, dealing with new cultures, abiding by odd local customs (alcohol against the law!!), handling crises (like being in Kuwait during the US invasion of Iraq, or living in Seoul when North Korea detonated an atomic bomb)….. Romance, adventure, heroism. Who could ask for more?

    Comment by Jason -

  740. Here\’s another idea: An adaptation of the comic book series Transmetropolitan written by Warren Ellis.

    Newsman Spider Jerusalem is lured out of early retirement by the threat of contractual lawsuits. He, in turn, threatens an editor who gives him an op-ed column. His writing brings down a corrupt president and paves the way for an even more horrific dictator. As Jerusalem tears at the regime in print, he explores the City, losing his mind in a plot with as many dark twists as a Tarantino film.

    Spider Jerusalem begins the story as a long-haired hermit living in a fortified hideaway on the side of a mountain, who has been retired from the City life, and from writing for a living, for five years. When he runs out of money and is threatened by his publisher (only ever referred to by Jerusalem as \”whorehopper\”) to whom he owes two books, he is forced to pack his car and drive south back into The City, a twisted amalgam of pervasive consumerism, sex, violence, and drugs. The City (never named, but a monument resembling the Statue of Liberty appears to give it away as New York) is the largest in the world, and the center of the political and social culture. However, this futuristic culture is highly liberal and focused almost exclusively on present-day matters. \”Revivals\” from cryogenic stasis are largely ignored and left to fend for themselves on the streets. Cultural \”Reservations\” are established for the sole purpose of preserving past civilizations. Some people, so focused on amusing themselves, convert to \”foglets,\” clouds of nanomachines that make anything from particles in the air and can spread thin enough to be invisible. No one even knows the current calendar year (this fact revealed by Spider in Year Five), so everyone always refers to events in time relative to the present day.

    The incredibly drawn out futuristic content of the 60 issue run would be absolutely breathtaking in a HD format.

    Series would run approximately 30 episodes.

    Comment by Jason Zapf -

  741. Television show: A zombie launches a campaign to capture a seat in the U.S. Senate.

    This idea is based on my novel, Zombie for Senator, which I have recently finished. My writing partner and I recently had our movie, The Monster Hunter (starring David Carradine), premiere on the SCI-FI channel. It can also be rented through Netflix and Blockbuster, etc. It was shot in Austin, TX.

    I am currently shopping the novel around and we are excited about turning it into a television show. I feel that it is fortuitous that a link was forwarded to me about your blog entry, Mr. Cuban.

    I thank you for your time.

    B.J. Burrow

    Comment by B.J. Burrow -

  742. Show name: THIS NIGHT. Bring the world\’s biggest telescopes into the living room. Each show features LIVE deep space imagery from observatories around the globe. Awe-inspiring visuals + high def + live.

    Comment by Tim Siedell -

  743. Mark… great idea and concept. Here are my suggestions:

    1. A man recovers from a car accident and proceeds to continue his simple life in Anywhere U.S.A. As he recovers, though, his memory starts to put itself back together, and he has strange visions of being a highly trained soldier. It turns out his entire life is a ruse, and the town he lives in is a \”retirement village\” for former CIA and Special Forces operatives.

    2. A sketch comedy show similar to how \”The Upright Citizens Brigade\” was structured.

    3. A \”scripted\” morning show that basically skewers the whole \”Cheery\” morning show genre.

    4. \”Underground\” – A touring music show that features underground music scenes in various cities. It wouldn\’t be isolated to one genre of music.

    5. Spoken Word – A struggling comedian tries to get his big break but various factors prevent him from doing so.

    6. A series of mocumentaries presented in a real fashion.

    7. The World Through My Eyes – Highlight the work of a different photographer each week.

    8. Americans Against Reality Television (AART) – A mocumentary series on how a group of television fans get fed up with reality television and start a campaign to eliminate the reality genre.

    And finally, my personal favorite – the show everyone would watch but no one would admit to watching:

    \”Death Row: American Chooses\” – Each week, you \”vote\” off a death row inmate.

    Comment by David Smith -

  744. I was just thinking the other day that the next great reality show for the US should be \”Its a Knockout\”, an English/French show from the 60\’s 70\’s and ? Heck Peter Gabriel even wrote a song about it so there is a theme song already, Games Without Frontiers. Given the panorama of the game it is a HD show case and given the concept it should not be expensive.


    so what if it has already been done before it has not be done here…can you say American idol…dancing with the stars…the office…

    Comment by Gary Slade -

  745. Just do something on why/what is great about the United States.
    Why to invest in US companies. what are companies doing for their communities.
    What is being invented in the US.
    How does technology from NASA get put to use in everyday life.
    who are the local heroes in your home town.
    What does the red cross do.
    make me feel good about America.

    Comment by gary rechsteiner -

  746. Although I don\’t have HDnet with my current Cable service provider, I did look through the programming schedule on HDnet\’s website to see what kind of programming you offer. My idea, which I\’ve already fully scripted, would be for an original half-hour comedy series, not something that HDnet seems to do; however, if HDnet were interested in moving in that direction, perhaps my script would work.

    The title of the show is \”Underclassmen\” and it\’s a comedic, but at times serious look, at the life of a high schooler. Very quick, and hopefully very funny. I\’ve written nine episodes thus far. The link to the first episode can be found here: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291530364. It is currently #3 on Scriptbuddy.com\’s Top 5.

    Comment by Zachary Shevich -

  747. Hi Mark,
    I emailed you about this show over 2 months ago. But \”The Lab With Leo\” is looking for an American sponsor and the show is already shot in HD. It just started a few months ago in Canada (Vancouver i believe). This is the famous Leo Laporte from TechTV /Call for Help/The Screensavers fame. Anyway you can read more on this or check my original email to you:


    Comment by Matt Jones -

  748. HDNET EV Africa
    HDNET EV Antarctica (perhaps a stretch)
    HDNET EV Asia
    HDNET EV Australia
    HDNET EV Europe
    HDNET EV North America
    HDNET EV South America

    High Definition live Entertainment Videos (EV) of concerts and theatrical productions from every continent, from every artist that performs in every major venue using LViHD permanent installation and portable touring automated acquisition systems.

    The HD programming thereby serves all music and theatrical cultures, genres and styles from around the world.

    Random shows could spotlight special or emerging guests that perform one or more songs with the headliners.

    Add an interactive viewer components, including voting system for the best performances from all continents to win prizes, contracts etc…

    No issues selling global advertising

    The potential, variations, opportunities and consumer interest is endless.

    Viewers can select from up to 32 primary viewing angles upon playback from the directors cut mastered.

    DVD\’s of every performance in either standard def or HD formats can also be preordered at the time of event ticket sales or can be ordered online separately.

    I don\’t think you have the balls Mark. But I wish you did.

    Comment by Ruben -

  749. I have two ideas for two different shows, one a Sci-Fi series, the other an anthology of horror tales. I already have episode plot summaries thought out. I hope to keep that between us for right now, just in case.

    But I guess it all depends on what you want.

    Comment by Sean Wallace -

  750. Mark, I currently have a 17 year old son that is trying to determine what he should go to college for. For that reason, my suggestion for a show would be on typical professions and how they differ from big companies to small. I am an engineer working for a small company which I enjoy. In previous jobs working for a corporation, was entirely different even though the title was the same. Some very weird things happen from day to day, and could become interesting!
    Just a thought.

    Congrats on Dirk being named MVP!


    Comment by Jerry Smith -

  751. the ultimate competition: Who is the best overall competitor – across *all* activities – in the whole world?

    A streamlined, practical, modern version of Piers Anthony\’s \”The Game\”

    From wikipedia:

    \”The main pastime of Proton inhabitants is The Game. When two persons want to play a round, they repair to a Game console. There, one player chooses one of four categories: 1. PHYSICAL, 2. MENTAL, 3. CHANCE, or 4. ARTS. The other player chooses among A. NAKED, B. TOOL, C. MACHINE, or D. ANIMAL. (\’naked\’ = unassisted by external tools.) Once the grid is completed, players continue on subgrids until they select a particular game to play. ….[for example] \’Chance-Tool\’ covers board and card games, among others. Most sports are under Physical, but so is Tiddlywinks. Due to the wide variety of contests available, any given round could take any one of thousands of forms.

    In choosing categories for the Game and then particular contests once the main category is selected, the intelligent player uses his knowledge of his opponent, trying to play to the opponent\’s weaknesses and his own strengths.\”

    Obviously this would need to be overhauled for TV (no boring game options, etc.) but imagine: 12 strangers (pre-screened to be athletic, smart, creative, etc.), live together with no outside contact, each week they play THE GAME until only one is left standing…

    Comment by David -

  752. A sitcom based centered around an IT department in a company. Set in Texas (Houston, Dallas or Austin). A little bit like the Office and Scrubs. An HBO-esque show is how I see it.

    Comment by Paul -

  753. A comedy that takes place at a small local newspaper, focusing on the activities of the mailroom. It is filled with people who are too smart to be working at the menial tasks that they do, which include bundling and moving stacks of papers from one place to another. They are managed by an obsessive-compulsive control-freak, whose central problem is that he attempts to micro-manage a department that relies exclusively on the ability to adapt to an ever-changing schedule.

    Comment by John Hursey -

  754. Comedy/drama about an airforce flight crew on a transport plane (C17). You will have passengers, emergency missions, secret missions, always different exotic locals, and regular cast members that can come and go.

    Call it Bag Drag.

    Comment by Kate Childers -

  755. There is a a non-profit organization ran in Baltimore called Changing Directions. The organization \”offers a safe, sober environment where men can make a home and recover from their problems with substance abuse \”one day at a time.\”(from their website) I had spoken to the director, Tony Harrison, about shooting a documentary about the organization. I think it would be a riveting series, following these men as they deal with their addictions and try to get their life back on track.

    I also volunteered at a beaten women\’s shelter, Sarah\’s House, and from talking to these women, I think a good show could be based around it. These women and their children come from all walks of life, and each one had a different story to tell.

    Comment by Kris Kinsella -

  756. I\’ve been writing a script for what I had hoped would become a mini-series, or series of movies. I call it Sons of 9/11. It\’s about various characters from all over, and how the events of 9/11 affected their life. The core story would revolve around a group of soldiers, who go on daily patrols in war torn Baghdad and an embedded author/journalist with them. It would be as realistic as possible (I have studied as much as I can about the Iraq war, 9/11, etc. as I can) and would focus on the toll these young soldiers take every day, and how the embedded journalist struggles with becoming attached to these young men, as they deal with not only the war but their own personal demons. I have based certain events on real life events, like the Woman on the Bridge incident that happened in the early days of the war. My only concern is the cost that something like this would entail.

    Comment by Kris Kinsella -

  757. I call my show idea \”The Real Art Scene.\” It\’s a show dedicated to the real
    contemporary art scene. By contemporary mean I what is happening now not
    necessarily what is being made now. In other words if somebody is blowing up
    2000 year old statues and you can get footage of it then it\’s fair game for
    the show. There are a huge range of diverse topics including big museum shows
    (involving things like knocking down the wall of a Museum and installing
    50,000 lb. sculptures), high profile art theft, what\’s happening in the
    studios of contemporary artists, new discoveries about old works (fakes being
    unmasked etc.), controversial things like conceptual/performance art and are
    there lots of interesting collectors/collections that the show could profile.

    The show would have amazing visual appeal. Occasionally it could be sexy by
    bring the camera into a figurative artists studio. It could have aspects of a
    \”who one it\” when looking at art theft.

    Comment by Gary Oblock -

  758. A show like \”Higher Definition\”, but about Special Effects from films, commercials, tv shows. How they are created – models, storyboards, digital effects. Obviously, they would have to be shown in HD for maximum visual glory!

    The show could also include animation, etc. It should def. be more tech related than your average DVD bonus or EPK for a flick.



    Comment by Jon Hurwitz -

  759. Reading alot of these ideas is proof that most of the postees have never watched HDNet

    Comment by mike toler -

  760. Show ideas:

    1) the local superhero of some town has completely eliminated crime from the city, so now he\’s unemployed. To feed his family, he secretly starts committing crimes. He is then re-hired by the city to capture the party responsible for these crimes.

    2) A show like Entourage, except from the perspective of people on the fringe of the entertainment industry. The career production-assistants, the people who have to wait in line for the hot clubs, who kiss the ass of people slightly closer to the center than they are, but all under the illusion they\’re living \”the life\”. Basically what living in LA is really like; a colony of Rupert Pupkins (De Niro from \”King of Comedy\”).

    Comment by Eugene -

  761. Third Idea (i accidentally hit enter):

    This is a reality show idea. Construct a small, old west type town (like on Deadwood), get a bunch of people and populate the town. Everyone gets their own home and there\’s a profession they each have to take up (you can do a draft, whoever gets first pick in house gets last pick in job). Things likes goverment, economic system, etc will be self-determined. Inside the town limits is some valuable resource (e.g. \”there\’s gold in them thar hills!\”). Maybe every person in the community has something to offer in the lablor/market complex related to said resource. Will they work together and share the rewards, or will they screw each other over to get it all? Could be interesting to see how people would build a society from the ground up. You could really mix it up putting some Communists in the show.

    Comment by Eugene -

  762. Equip Bob Phillips\’ Texas Country Reporter with some real HD gear – and show the /real/ Texas to the world.

    Comment by Robb -

  763. A show revolving around the San Diego Chargers, not so much about sports, but about there quest to get a new stadium built here in San Diego without any public funding and the road to having a new stadium built or to move the team to a different city. Also the team is dealing with a horrible city council making it much harder to get anything done. The drama is that if the city of San Diego does not step up soon they will lose the football team and then you can do a follow up of how one city blew of a great football team in there prime and millions of dollars in future revenue compared to the cost of the stadium. David

    Comment by David Roberts -

  764. The premise for the show I am pitching is one where there is a dancing competition between cats. In the final round the cats will have to dance the flamenco. You will jointly capture the demographic of people that like cats as well as people that like dancing. And the cats will look very cute in high definition TV.

    Comment by Kent -

  765. I have two ideas, but, like many on here, don\’t want to post them. Is there another way to get the ideas to you?

    Comment by Brian -

  766. Title: The Witch Family
    Genre: hour Sitcom
    Premise: A family of witches takes up residency in the land of mortals. A social experiment cooked up by the Professor Dad, they have to check in with the Witches Council to report his/their findings every couple of weeks

    Main Cast:
    Professor Witch/Dad age: 46, smart; trys to be hip with the kids, takes a teaching position at the local college school.
    Judith Witch/Mom age: 45, searching for an identity in this every changing environment of mortals
    Catherine Witch age: 17, about to graduate from High School, smart, very fashionable, but not to happy to be in the land of mortals.
    Darren Witch age: 14, a geeky adolescent, hes a freshman in high school.
    Francine Witch age: 8, book smart kid, always running experiments to the dismay of the family and the family pets

    In the vein of: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sabrina: teenage witch, Bewitched, and 8 simple rules

    Comment by Mark D -

  767. Office-style \”docudramedy\” of what transpires behind the scenes of a local elementary school (crazy teachers/parents, meetings, trainings, discipline, testing, teacher relationships, exhausted staff) narrated and seen through the eyes of the brand new assistant principal (young, 25, male, first administration gig, has no idea what he\’s getting into)

    I graduated from UCF with a film minor, have been a teacher trainer since 2005, my principal and several colleagues discuss potential 30-60 minute episode outlines, we have VOLUMES of material, would be perfect for BRAVO or A&E, pitched a Universal exec, loved the idea, built in audience, series creators would use grass roots to promote the show, speaking in as many counties in the country as possible

    Comment by bobbymagnum -

  768. The networks have all but abandoning sitcoms, or are trying to stretch out the ones they have, I think the television audience is looking for the next funny cutting edge show. One good must watch show can really launch your network into another stratosphere. South Park is a great example of that, while this idea would seem to fit shows you rerun like Arrested Development. Hopefully this idea can be that show.

    Title: Never Leaving Home

    Concept: A group of neighborhood/college friends are hitting their late twenties and all of them still live home for various reasons ranging from cultural (move out only when married), ambitious with little success, car/clothing over rent, and old fashioned laziness. One is an entrepreneur of sorts, one wants to be a filmmaker, another is a musician, and finally a chef to be.

    With an ensemble cast of friends/parents there are many potential roots for comedy. There is the double-edged sword of dating, both finding cheap/free ways to woo, to dealing with the parents in the other room. We can deal with issues of getting too old for casual jobs, and finding real ones. Meanwhile, they continue to pursue for their dreams instead of settling on a \”good\” job.

    NLH has the potential to address this growing trend within our society, yet deal with these realities in a humorous way. While the characters are avoiding many of the major responsibilities of life, they are still enjoying themselves and making up for their lack of success by living interesting lifestyles.

    As a series story arc the characters over time end up growing up, much like high school/college shows, but replacing the tired static school domain with real life adventure. A single-cam could open the show up to maximize the HD, making it a situation comedy rather than a SIT-com.

    Side note: I apologize for this not being fleshed out better, but when I woke up this morning I wasnt planning on pitching a TV show. If there is any interest I would be more than happy to write a pilot and email it to you, or even post it on the blog. Im not worried about someone taking my idea/jokes, as if you really want to make a show work, you better have many more than one.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and for the wonderful blog.

    George McCann

    Comment by George McCann -

  769. My idea is a show about a group of criminals and the poilce unit trying to catch them. It would be narrated by the head criminal looking back on things when the criminals are shown. And by the head investigator when the poilce are shown. Basically you would watch the criminals plan and do a crime (like a bank heist) and then you would see the cops trying to catch them. Eventually the series would end when the cops catch the bad guys

    Comment by Jon Ramsey -

  770. Create a show that follows a young entrepreneur along his path to business success.

    such as me.

    Comment by Zack Below -

  771. You should pick up Paul Shirley\’s show and let him rewrite it the way he wants…the ESPN journal entries on it made it sound very interesting and promising.

    Comment by Alec -

  772. How \’bout a reality show where the Mav players compete for a spot on the Warriors squad?

    Comment by B Sharp -

  773. I have a couple ideas, second one isn\’t quite \”original\” because I just did a search and there have been several news features on this type of thing, but here they are:

    #1 – I, along with many others I\’m sure, am concerned about education in America. What if there was a show that traveled the world and compared the education system – what are kids learning in Beijing vs. Idaho? How are teachers viewed in different countries: are their differences in prestige, pay, educational requirements? How are schools funded in different places? What about the physical conditions of the schools – the buildings, the textbooks, etc. And what are the attitudes of the students in different places? Each episode could be a visit to a few different locations to answer all these questions.

    Idea #2: When you first meet someone, one of the first questions often asked is \”what do you do?\” I have an idea to do a show focusing on what people do for a living – particularly the types of careers that are lesser known and a bit unusual. And I think that HDNet could do this in an exciting way – each week focus on a different career. Some examples could be a product tester, a fact checker, a performer at an amusement park, a referee, etc.

    Comment by Angelica -

  774. Mark,

    I havethe best idea, in fact have it in the works to launch it online. could be good to do an hd counterpart. What\’s in it for me?


    Comment by Chris -

  775. Another idea I have, but don\’t have a finished pilot episode, is a half hour comedy that takes place at a video game firm.

    The show would revolve around Cal, a game tester, who is about to turn 30 and realizes he wants to do more with his life than play video games for a living. The show would follow him as he attempts to try and grow and and move up in a company that isn\’t really for grownups. Even the CEO is a child-at-heart, who seems to like spending his money on te latest gadgets than trying to run the company (and this person is not based on Mark).

    I used to actually test games at a major video game firm, so I have knowledge of the inner workings of one.

    Comment by Timothy Wearing -

  776. My idea for a show would be to find a very small town in which there is no or little interest in a candidate running for mayoral office. Develop a reality show in which you get 10 candidates competing with each other for the spot of that town\’s mayor. The people logging on at home would vote off people each show until there are only two remaining. The last two candidates would be the two choices for the genral election. Of course more detail is needed but that is the basic premise of the show.

    Comment by William Etchells -