Donald – Need a job ?

What in the world is Donald Trump going to do now ? He “quit” The Apprentice after a 3 year run. His casinos once again are having troubles. He is at real risk of transitioning from THE, “you remember, THAT Donald” .

I actually feel sorry for the guy. Seriously, what could his future hold ? We live in a culture where celebrity out of the limelight is celebrity quickly forgotten. Its a peril for those whose only skill is being a celebrity and I’m sad to say, I think Donald Trump has fallen from businessperson who goes back to work as some of us are, into the category of celebrity without a TV show .

Is there any question that “You’re fired” will be listed right next to “Is that your final answer” in reality show trivia history ? (I know, insert your Benefactor slams here..).

But have no fear Donald, I have some options for you:

1. You can travel the world over and give speeches on brand dilution. Explaining how a brand that was once synonymous with the finest real estate in the world is now synonymous with a canceled TV show, water, steaks, a doll, mortgages, vodka, a perfume, a game and an online University that tries to sell questionable advice and products and is one of the biggest spammers on the Internet.

2. You can go to VH1 and ask to be on the celebrity fitness show.

3. They need a replacement for Rosie on The View….

4. Also on VH1, I Love New York will be starting up production again. I promise you that you would get record ratings if you become one of her potential boyfriends.

5. You could produce the Broadway version of “Raising Arizona”. You could play H.I. and work with your new born son, riding his coattails as the star of the show.

6. Could anyone play the part of Judge Smails in a remake of Caddyshack better than you ?

Or best of all, you can go back to NBC and ask for one more season of The Apprentice. Me against You. We let the audience pick the tasks and our teams and we let Rosie O’Donnell and Melania be in the boardroom and decide who wins or loses. I would do it just to see those two sitting next to each other.

What do you say ? You up for it ?

19 thoughts on “Donald – Need a job ?

  1. You obviously have way too much free time on your hands. Why don\’t you grow up and act more professional instead of acting like white trash? Who really gives a crap about Donald Trump and what he thinks? You obviously have some insecurity issues. I guess by constantly putting others down, it makes you feel better about yourself. Basketball season is over for you so instead of picking on the refs and Stern, you\’ll just pick on Donald. He\’s obviously looking for some free pub. Why play along? Be the bigger man and act more like Jerry Jones, a real owner who wins championships.

    Comment by Hawk -

  2. genius post. loved it.

    praying for Mbenga\’s knee,

    Comment by Sterling -

  3. Please don\’t say it, not even in jest. Let him quietly fade away on the Learning Annex circuit. New York deserves to be rid of him, having disproportionately suffered his existence over many years.

    Comment by John F. -

  4. Thanks for the great laugh.

    Comment by Mariano -

  5. Funny, funny stuff – Thanks

    Comment by Jason -



    Comment by Kyle -

  7. how in the world can you lose money running a casino? only donald trump can pull that off.

    Comment by ash -

  8. I can\’t wait to see the next Apprentice using your idea. I think the two of you MUST do this now. I doubt he can hang though…

    Comment by Mark -

  9. That\’s a show I would TiVo, although I wouldn\’t want to see the public pick the tasks. Get a real advisory board, 10 people, half picked by you (probably more new school guys), and half from Trump (prob more real estate). Let them pick some real tasks.

    Winner take all? Trump Tower / HDNet ?

    Comment by George -

  10. I\’m sure that Mark doesn\’t read these comments and if he did I still say the following… How could Mark Cuban be a respectful leader in the business community when he uses his BLOG to spray worthless venom at Donald Trump. Many times Mark has put ideas out here for the blogosphere to respond to like \”give me an idea and I might hire you.\” Well, Mark, I subscribe to your blog to learn from you and your experiences. I\’ve thought it would be cool to work for such a guy and learn. I generally have respect for your insights and think your blog is worth my time.

    But today, you went down a few notches. I guess you are teaching me something after all — what not to do. Don\’t throw stones at people, especially when you don\’t know all the facts.

    Comment by Herschel -

  11. I have to say I cried laughing when I read this.


    Comment by James -

  12. Did somebody say the Mavericks were a failure? Did someone say HDNet was a failure? Did someone say Mark Cuban was a loser? Wow…

    He\’s turned everything he touches into GOLD – pure GOLD. I wish I could invest in his brain – and then let him make money for me. He\’s one of the most successful business men in our country today – period.

    As for the Donald – well, nobody cares what he thinks, does, or eats for breakfast – or if his hair is real or not. Unfortunately, it took three (only three? – it seems like it\’s been on the air forever) LONG seasons of the Apprentice for the world to figure it out.

    Keep on truckin\’ Mark – let me know when HDNet goes public – I\’ll invest – I wish I could buy stock in the Mavericks.


    Comment by Jonathan Stovall -

  13. If Trump goes on I Love New York then Melania could have her own show I Love Rich Guys with Bad Hair. Are any slots open on HDNET for a new comedy ?

    Comment by Seattle Paragliding -

  14. Mark,
    You might be getting yourself in over your head by challenging TtheC to a season of the apprentice. What if the contests involve declaring bankruptcy, wrestling, or divorce court?

    I don\’t think you give the Trump enough credit for the skills he does possess.


    Comment by Druce -

  15. well, it\’s clear the Donald doesn\’t get web 2.0 (if that last post was really him)…actually reacting to this by posting here only will draw more attention…when will people learn that new media is a \”new.\”


    Comment by Sean -

  16. mark, you\’re a looser….I\’m not, check out my hot…wife, Scoreboard!!!! Focker OUT!!!!

    Comment by The Donald -

  17. First the Benefactor, then the Mavericks, what will you fail next at. oh wait you already did its call HDNET. What a load of crap. Maybe you should go back to being the geek you are and make another website…Remember people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones Mark.

    Comment by KB24(the really mvp) -

  18. What do you have to say about Donald coming to Dallas and calling you a (and I quote)\”a f***ing loser\” at the convention center?

    Comment by Mark -

  19. Nice one, MC.

    Comment by brandon -

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