Me and Bill OReilly

I got this question from Mr OReilly’s producers

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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 13:14:55 -0400
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> Mr. Cuban,
> The Factor will be doing a segment this evening on Redacted…which, as
> you know, depicts US atrocities in Iraq. The director says the the
> depicted rape is “the reality” of what is happening in that country.
> Of all of the schools that are being built, the medical care being
> supplied, and the security that our soldiers have been providing to
> Iraqi neighborhoods…do you agree that a few random and horrific
> crimes represent the norm of what is going on in that newly liberated
> country? and what exactly was it about the film that made you want to
> produce it?
> Thanks
> Jesse Watters
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To: “Watters, Jesse” <Jesse.Watters@FOXNEWS.COM>
Date: 09/04/2007 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: o’reilly factor request

No, it doesnt represent the norm and the movie doesnt say it represents
the norm. Seperate the self promotion of Brian Depalma from the movie. The
movie is fully pro Troops. The hero of the movie is a soldier who stands
up for what is right in the face of adversity.

Maybe Bill can attempt to be fair and balanced and actually see the movie
before he thinks he knows what he is talking about.

And this is one of many movies we produce. I actually have seen it and
think it is an amazing movie. But to answer your question, I didnt read
the script or know all that much about it before we greenlit it. As we do
with several big name directors, we give them carte blanche in producing
their movies.

And to pre empt some of the stupidity coming from bloggers, I am fully Pro
Troops, Pro America. I think that the concept that the enemy will see
these films and use it as motivation is total nonsense. We have no plans
of translating these movies to arabic or other middle eastern languages.
Nor will we provide batteries or electricity for them to watch bootleg
DVDs as some zealots have suggested online.

And no , I am not involved in Loose Change. No I didnt finance it. No I
didnt plan to have it translated to multiple languages as Mr Oreilly
claimed on air. His command of the facts is truly abysmal.

What other lies has Bill spread that I can dispel ?

Oh, as far as other movies we have distributed, we released Voices of
Iraq, a movie whose PR campaign was financed by Republicans right before
the 2004 election. You may have caught my comments about this very much
pro Iraq movie that “this is a movie everyone should see before the election”

And maybe Bill can do something that is truly fair and balanced and put in
a plug for . A fund I started right after the
war started. We provide funding for soldiers in need. To date we have
given 2.5mm dollars in grants. 100pct of the money goes to the troops, not
a single penny is spent on overhead or expenses. I cover those myself.

Oh, and I dont know how bill feels about No End in Sight, but we
distributed that movie as well.

Thats my feedback for Mr Bill


I didnt forward what is below to them, but i couldnt resist adding it below, it is the commentary criticizing me for Voices of Iraq. Just to show im equally hated by zealots on both sides. And to answer the question of why we distribute or get involved with politically charged movies ? Because I am a zealot that truly believes what JFK said and that I quoted in my last blog post. To paraphase, “A country afraid of the marketplace of ideas is a country afraid of its people”. Its really easy to hate, its really hard to think issues through on their own merits. Anything that makes people think about issues is a good thing. I don’t take sides, Diversity of information makes for more informed perspective and decisions.

Which leads to my position on the Iraqi War. I hate that thousands of our troops have died. It sickens me to think of how their families must feel and every single day I wake up I say thank you to them, as I thank all those who have come before them for their sacrifices to make this country so great and to give me the opportunity to live the life I have and enjoy my family. I have never, nor will I ever take for granted the liberties we have in this country

That said, I don’t agree or disagree with the war because I don’t know enough. There isn’t enough information available to me to take a position beyond hoping that it runs its course very very quickly and our troops return home safely as soon as it is viable.

And to anyone who has ever questioned my patriotism or love for this country, fuck you.

A Dubious Doc

By Eartha Melzer

Just before the election, a film about Iraq hit art house theaters around the country. Voices of Iraq claimed to be a groundbreaking film in which “150 DV cameras [are] distributed across Iraq for the Iraqi people to show the world who they are and what Iraq will be.”

The results? People seem happy that Saddam is gone and optimistic that, if the United States stays in Iraq, democracy will prevail. They seem unafraid of bombs going off nearby. People say Saddam funded al Qaeda. Former Iraqi political prisoners are shown laughing off the stories of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib-what Arab man wouldn’t want a female American soldier to play with his penis?

The film begins with shaky handheld footage but the production values increase dramatically as talk turns to the horrors perpetrated by Saddam Hussein-extended sequences of beatings and dismemberment obviously shot using a tripod not supplied by the producers of this film.

So how was this film made?

Voices of Iraq was promoted as a project in which “thousands of ordinary Iraqis become filmmakers” as the cameras are passed hand to hand and-amazingly-all returned to the filmmakers. But Archie Drury, the Gulf War vet and actor who went to Iraq with the cameras, told me that he actually shot some of the footage himself.

Drury also said that the Iraq Foundation was “extremely helpful” to him as he tried to figure out how to get around and who to give the cameras to. The foundation also supplied the torture footage.

The Iraq Foundation, based in Washington, is funded by the State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Not surprisingly, Drury got uncommon access to Iraqis and Iraqi leaders favored by the U.S. government. Among the notables interviewed, but not identified, is Sharif Ali, the cousin of Iraq’s last king. Drury also interviewed a Sheik Aku Bezei, a man he says was the most powerful tribal leader in Fallujah. On November 6, a Sheik Bezei was killed for collaborating with American forces.

Drury says that his commanding general from Desert Storm put him in touch with General Mattis, fighting in the Sunni Triangle, and General Amos of the Air Wing, and that he exchanged e-mails with these generals as he planned his trip.

In an interview in Movie Maker magazine, another of the film’s producers, Martin Kunnert, said: “Getting a theatrical release for a documentary film is still rare. We lucked out in that our distributor, Magnolia Pictures, [which also put out Control Room and Capturing the Friedmans] was eager to get the film in theaters before the presidential election.”

A call to Magnolia Pictures in New York was answered by a man who, lowering his voice when asked about Voices of Iraq, whispered, “Nobody here wanted to release this and we didn’t do any of the promotion on it. [Mark] Cuban steamrolled us on this.” (Cuban owns Magnolia Pictures, the Dallas Mavericks and much more.)

Jeff Riechert, the Magnolia Pictures contact for Voices of Iraq, said that while his company is technically distributing the film, Manning, Selvage & Lee (MS&L) is coordinating the publicity. MS&L has the public affairs contract for the U.S. Army. The firm’s revamp of the Army’s image with the reality TV-style “Army of One” ad campaign is credited with enabling the Army to meet its recruiting goals after a long slump. According to MS&L Managing Director Joe Gleason, he and his colleagues also deliver key targeted messages about the war in Iraq to specific constituencies.

Was the left-leaning art house crowd one of those constituencies? Is the government hiring documentary filmmakers to propagandize the U.S. population?

Nobody involved with the film is willing to say who initially put up the money for the film or how they ended up represented by the Army’s PR firm.

On November 13, as Marines stormed Fallujah, the Marines’ Birthday Ball in San Francisco honored Drury for his work on Voices of Iraq, for “going back and living up to the standard of a Marine.”

Eartha Melzer

72 thoughts on “Me and Bill OReilly

  1. Hi Bill:
    I was turned on to your show by my son, Rocky, who is conserative and very smart..two engineering degrees, and never miss your show. I tell all my friends about your show. Thank you for all your great topics and the ‘no spin zone’. I’m no dummy either..turning 60 on January 2!!

    Wanda White
    New Washington, Ohio

    Comment by Wanda White -

  2. mARK

    fell the pain? u will just ask the dixie chumps

    Comment by rick -

  3. Mark, I am a big fan of yours. You personify the american dream.But, forget all the crap about anti-american, seditious content, etc. etc. No one should question your patriotism. Last time I checked free speech is one of things the war on terror is trying to protect.

    I just hope the details are accurate in relationship to military tactics, S.O.P.\’s, and combat op\’s. Things do happen in the fog of war. But, the use of non-qualified military advisors maybe why in one clip at a check point there are machine guns facing each other. Colonel\’s and privates arguing. Fat infantry soliders? This is not realistic. And is insulting to 99% of the military involved in COMBAT ARMS.

    As far as Brian Depalma\’s self promotion of his beliefs, I wonder if he would be so motivated to share them in lets say a private viewing at the movie hall of the 82nd Abn Divison\’s forward firebase in Anbar.

    Oh yeah Kid Mercury, the terrorists conducted 9/11. Don\’t be spreading out right crap.

    Comment by 82ndTrooper -

  4. Mark Cuban is a disgrace to America and all the money in the world won\’t make you right.

    Your words are about as good as your dancing. \”NOT\”

    If you weren\’t such a coward you would go on the Factor and face someone who doesn\’t care how big you think you are.

    Comment by Sharon Mattucks -

  5. Mark great counterpoints to Bill\’s ad hominem…enough said…take care…go Marvericks

    Comment by Clay Scott -

  6. Hey Mark,

    Have you ever thought about being on Bill O\’Reilly? You make some great points on your blog — as Bill O\’Reilly has done in the past, sometimes the story feeders focus on one thing and are not aware of all the good work. He has had many guests on his show in the past where the perceived bad is countered with the actual good. As we all should know about the media, it\’s not always fair and balanced but I will give Bill O\’Reilly credit for allowing guests to come on the show so both sides can be present.

    Maybe it can lead to a guest appearance on Fox and Friends with Brian so you can present the challenges of buying the Chicago Cubs with MLB politics.

    Comment by Chicago Real Estate Agent -

  7. Everyone could be more aware of our country\’s propaganda machine. From what I recall, the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) was at one time tasked with educating other cultures about America and Democracy. Interestingly, the organization was strictly forbidden from propagandizing the American public – U.S. citizens were not allowed to view what was being shown in other countries. How things have changed. USIA was absorbed into the Dept. of State\’s Bureau of Public Affairs. For more infor, see:

    Comment by Albuquerque Gal -

  8. Great job, I can see why you are a leader in the business world. I appreciate watching you grow each week, you never gave up. bob

    Comment by Bob Quirk -

  9. Mark, you gave it your all. Wonderful job. You can see why you have achieved so much. hard work, determined, pasionate and a sense of humor. Great job. Bob

    Comment by Bob Quirk -

  10. Mark,
    Men of your persuasion should thank their lucky stars that there are men ready to do violence on their behalf. You are so full of shit.

    Comment by Bridgette -

  11. God Bless you Mr. Cuban. My brother is in the war and this great country needs people like you.

    Comment by jdb -

  12. Why does Mark\’s \”Dancing\” post have more comments than \”Me and Bill\”?
    Let\’s put more energy into what\’s important.

    Comment by Itcherson -

  13. Yes Mark is right many opinions are good to here from.


    They are from people who are informed and honest with them.

    Bill-O does not care to be informed and can\’t be honest cause he has to always make things fit into the Far Left is out to destroy America crap he has based his shtick on.

    Comment by Jared Wolfhope -

  14. Nice touch at the end Cubes. How anyone really listens to Oreilly I have not a clue. He is one of the worst people in the \”news\” biz I have seen. It\’s easy to pick things out be be the flag waver he is and the sad part is that a lot of folks do listen to him and do little critical thinking of their own. When one negative thing is said about the wars abroad our govt has going on, immediately guys like Oreilly play the \”you don\’t support our troops\” card or the \”you hate America\” card. It is our freaking job to question what \”our\” govt does. If you do not think so just read up on the Constitution and the writings of our founding fathers. Unless you think they were un-American that is….

    Comment by Shane in Georgia -

  15. \”Mr Bill\” …? Was that an attempt at being disrespectful, Mr. Mark?

    Comment by Stephen -

  16. Mark:

    I may not have agreed with everything you said in that post but I must agree that you said it extremely well.

    — Brian Boyko

    Comment by Brian Boyko -

  17. It takes real guts to put yourself and your newly formed media company on the line with a film like this one. I am proud that a Texan such as yourself helped fund this film. Screw O\’Reilly! They just don\’t get it! Still!

    I admire you for being able to say that you are unable to make a decision one way or another regarding the war in Iraq. At least you are honest and trying to give all sides equal time. I have pretty much made my decision that this Iraqi adventure has been an absolute waste of the American taxpayers money. The only benificiaries of this fiasco have been companies such as Halliburton that were facing bankruptcy prior to the invasion.

    I applaud you for seeing the value in making this film despite being unable to determine your own stance on the situation in Iraq. It is a true measure of your ability to judge the story for the story\’s sake regardless of who will be pissed off!! Kudos!!

    Comment by TexasRed -

  18. I regularlly watch The O\’Reilly factor. Although most times I find him to be interesting, it is very good to see when someone versed with fact\’s ( and since you are directly involved and not being preped by a producer I am believing you) stands toe to toe with him. Hopefully he responds and gives you your due.

    Comment by Banker -

  19. Congrats Mark on your Dancing With The Stars. I will actually watch it now.

    I would also like to say thanks for one of my all time favorite quotes \”And to anyone who has ever questioned my patriotism or love for this country, fuck you.\”

    Seriously. Classic. Fuck them. Do your own thing. Do what is right.

    Comment by bill ross -

  20. By the way, Mr Cuban

    I wish you would make more posts about the NBA

    I have a lot of opinions that I want to share

    I jsut put some of my thoughts on DR J into the universe

    Comment by Craig Pepe -

  21. I sent an email to Mark but also wanted to post it here as well

    I have written you before about the Dallas Mavericks Web Browser I have created BUT I am writing you today because I read your blog on \”Me and Bill OReilly\” – as a veteran myself (US Navy 1988-1993) I must say KUDOS to you SIR! And I can not express my feelings and gratitude for what you have done with – a lot of people can \”talk\” about doing something BUT, in my opinion, you have truely shown your Patriotism!! And you are right – if anyone questions your Patriotism – your response should be \”fuck you\”!!! and maybe their Patriotism should be questioned!

    With all do respect sir!!


    Comment by James -

  22. Mark,

    excellent response to the biggest liar on television.

    also, to the airman that thinks the \”enemy will follow us home\”…total nonsense. If they\’re coming they\’re already here.

    Comment by Pat -

  23. Mark — Please run for President.

    Comment by B -

  24. No he should go on OReilly because he is an interesting intelligent prominent figure and Oreilly is an interesting intelligent prominent figure and it will be good TV

    it doesnt have to be a debate,

    just an interview a discussion

    both men are opinionated and intelligent

    it will be good TV

    all the best

    Comment by Craig Pepe -

  25. Mr. Cuban:

    Thanks for clearing the smear job up. It\’s about what I expect from both sides of the \”mainstream\” media these days. Everyone is looking for an opportunity to sensationalize and if you don\’t agree with them (again on both sides) you are unpatriotic. I really think you should have just given them the last two words of your post.

    I probably won\’t be seeing Redacted because I don\’t like Mr. DePalma\’s comments about its intent and, therefore, don\’t want to give him my money. That said, I have no problem whatsoever with him making the movie and your company producing it. That\’s what makes America great.

    Thanks for all the work you do with Fallen Patriots.

    Best regards,

    Chris Dickerson

    Comment by Chris Dickerson -

  26. Craig Pepe,

    \”Go on Oreilly, He\’s a good man. People respect him.
    I think Oreilly has already invited him.\”

    People respect him? That\’s exactly the problem. He\’s an entertainer but considers himself a reporter. Heck Fox News is entertainment television not \”news\”. Yet the sheep follow it like it\’s the only station telling the \”truth\”. They don\’t know, or see, that most of the programming is far from the truth.

    Where is Walter Cronkite? Where is Murrow? Where is the \”news\” media that asks the right questions and questions authority?

    These people don\’t exist!

    You have people like Nancy Grace, Hannity, O\’Reilly commenting on the downfall of society with the public paying attention to Lindsey Lohan and Anna Nicole Smith. Yet all of these people are capitalizing on this phenomena. (Only picked Faux News people.. I guess CNBC/MSNBC have their entertainers.) But it isn\’t the whole channel..

    So Mark should go on Letterman, Leno, O\’Reilly, Olbermann. And when he publishes a book, or wins the Championship, or has some agenda to promote, then use those forums. But to go on as a defender of DePalma\’s film because his investment company backed it, why not get Depalma on..

    People in Mark\’s position only make statements if there is something to gain. Trump being the exception because the guy is an a-hole. But there is no reason to debate O\’Reilly.

    Comment by Pat Crofoot -

  27. Maher is a disgrace. its amazing to me that the man actually has a show.

    Go on Oreilly, He\’s a good man. People respect him.
    I think Oreilly has already invited him.

    Comment by Craig Pepe -

  28. HA-HA, I know this is not a funny topic but you last line about question you patriotism or luv for this country is classic. I think the majority of America feels the same. They don\’t agree or disagree with the war but just want our troops back home. You can disagree with the war and still support our troops. That is NOT being unpatriotic. I don\’t see how some people can\’t see that.

    Quick question: Have you ever been asked or thought about going on the Bill Maher show on HBO ? He normally gives both sides a far chance to express their views on most topics. Just a thought !!!

    Comment by VVINCENT -

  29. I dont begrudge Cuban\’s neutral stance on the war

    I can understand and respect how a person of some public prominence with various business and personal relationships would want to just stay out of an issue like the war in Iraq publicly.

    I would like him more if he came out publicly in favor of the war in Iraq,

    I like to think that there are a bunch of high profile people like Cuban that favor the war but are sort of \”in the closet\” about it so to speak.

    You get the cold shhoulder treatment by the media if you do or say anything that even remotely casts President Bush or republican oriented people in a favorable light.

    As for myself. There is no doubt in my mind that Bush\’s decision to go to war in Iraq was absolutely the right thing to do and I support him and the troops 100%. Even Hillary CLinton has admitted that we are safer now.

    Sadly, in this world there are terrorists that want to kill Americans and it makes a lot of sense to fight them in Iraq rather then here. I wish more people would understand that.

    all the best

    Comment by Craig Pepe -

  30. Mark-
    First off, great post. However, you of all people know that in business we often have to make decisions based on imperfect information otherwise you\’re trapped in \”analysis paralysis\”. I feel that your neutral position on the war is a bit disingenuous. You obviously strive to gather all of the facts and assess them in an impartial way, but in the mean time, others are making life and death decisions. The least we could do is try to stem the flow of troops into Iraq until the administration provides a definitive exit strategy. Otherwise, its as if were asking soldiers to jump off a bridge for our freedom & security its really not going to help.

    Comment by SammyDKat -

  31. anyway I would love to see you on the OReilly factor

    Oreilly is a really good guy,

    all the best

    Comment by Craig Pepe -

  32. my apologies if I misspoke and you are not involved with the production

    Below is a review of the film that I am inclined to trust the most. Its from a guy by the name of Joseph Farah. Not sure if you are familiar with him

    Comment by Craig Pepe -

  33. Of course you did not finance nor are you involved with Loose Change. It was a created, distributed, and marketed by the people and for the people. However, your political views sound very similar to the people who intially distributed and marketed Loose Change. So, if the president has no impact on our economy, and the president is truly appointed by the people then who really does have an impact or is the president really appointed by the people? I know you really do not take sides on an issue, but you could if you have more info. Oh, and by the way when politicians are not kissing babies they are stealing their lollipops….

    Comment by Heather Johnson -

  34. Way to go Mark. As an ex-Dallasite now earning a film degree in Austin (fyi, one of my professors talks about you and 2929 a lot), I\’ll definitely be seeing No End In Sight as soon as I\’m able. I probably won\’t see Redacted, just because I\’m not a De Palma fan.

    Way to call O\’Reilly and Fox News as a whole out on their horrible bias and tendency to chomp at the bit once they smell something \”un-American\”. Nothing could be more American than telling people who tell the people not to question everything handed down to them from on high to fuck off.

    Oh, and 9/11 Truth is a load of bullshit.

    Comment by John Jarzemsky -

  35. Murdoch needs to save Fox $10 million a year and cut O\’Reilly Factor from their lineup. I can\’t stand that self-righteous, right-wing MOFO\’s. Thank God for open minded people like Mark who won\’t be oppressed.

    Comment by Ed -

  36. Mark, your last line was not only hilarious, but well deserved. I applaud you for standing up for what\’s right, and for speaking out and refusing to be intimidated by blowhard bullies like Bill O\’Reilly. His show reminds me of the old adage \”Please stop yelling because I can\’t hear myself shout.\”
    You are a longtime friend of my brother\’s and I have been following your career as well as your fine basketball team. I love your enthusiasm for your players. Keep it up! Thanks for all of the good that you do for so many. Looking forward to watching you this season on \”Dancing With the Stars.\” Good luck to you!

    Comment by C Hansen -

  37. It seems strange that you hold O\’Reilly to a higher standard than you hold yourself. You greenlit the project before you even knew much about it, but you insist O\’Reilly watch the movie before he report on it. A journalist, or in O\’Reilly\’s case, any old asshat (O\’Reilly doesn\’t claim to be objective in the truest sense of the word, but he is not, as many claim, \”conservative\”), cannot read or hear what others say about it and report on the perceptions the movie is conveying?

    I have heard that argument many times with movies from people whose methods and point of view I cannot stomach. The problem is, if I take your advice and watch the movie, I make the people who produced such trash richer (and I\’m not just talking about the producers, but also the directors and everyone else who has a vested interest in my buying a ticket), and thus encourage them to continue making such films.

    Rather, I\’d warn people to stay away from directors and producers who do not have America\’s best interests at heart. I don\’t have to watch a Michael Moore movie to know I disagree with it. I\’ll hate it on spec. I don\’t know much about the movie being talked about here, but I\’m not one to take O\’Reilly\’s word for its contents. I have other sources I trust for that, and if they happen to come down on O\’Reilly\’s apparent side (purely by chance, mind you), I\’ll likely stay away.

    I see no purpose to question your patriotism here. You are exactly who you say you are — very supportive of the troops, and your philanthropy on their behalf is well known and well reported around these parts.

    In general, though, I would caution against using only that as the measure of someone\’s patriotism. What we do with our troops from a public policy standpoint affects their wellbeing, too. Thus we have a responsibility as Americans to ensure we do have all of the available information and that we are trained sufficiently to understand how to make use of that information according to a particular set of norms that is conducive to the wellbeing of the entire nation.

    Comment by Cam Beck -

  38. Mark, I think you bring a certain thoughtfulness to the issue of the Iraq War (and other issues) that you don\’t see elsewhere in the media. Most certainly, O\’Reilly and Olberman have picked sides and made up their minds. Anything that doesn\’t agree with their respective positions is fodder for restating the obvious. O\’Reilly\’s producer\’s questions are framed that way. There is also deep thoughtlessness in the traditional intellectual magazines, from Reason to TNR to National Review. They have their positions, and they take a more intellectual sounding tact than the talk shows to justify their black or white. You throw us lots of grey, and your conclusion about not knowing is about the most honest one out there. It helps that you\’ve used your blog to bring it together. Most other bloggers (even the thoughtful ones) are cheerleaders or haters, not much in between.

    Comment by Brad Hutchings -

  39. Did any of you hosers commenting against O\’Reilly even watch the show last night when he discussed this matter? And to say that O\’Reilly is damaging America in any way is ludacris. Take your heads out of your asses. America is quite simply becoming a scary place and people like Bill O\’Reilly really are looking out for us. I\’m not drinking the kool-aid or blindly following what he is saying. I can see it with my very eyes. Never on the show last night did O\’Reilly attack Mark. I actually thought he gave it a pretty fair shake.

    Cuban, you should go on the show. He doesn\’t bite…hard.

    Comment by Vinny -

  40. Thanks Mark.

    A lot of guys in your position would have taken the money and taken it easy for the rest of their days.

    I can\’t say I agree with you on everything – but I admire you for having the guts to stand up for their convictions, and to put your money where your mouth is. (Is that a mixed metaphor?)

    You are right – we don\’t have enough information to make a right decision about Iraq. Isn\’t that why we got into the mess in the first place?

    People like Bill O\’Reilly, Fox News, and the closed-minded \”haters\” who seem to hang on their every word (bad) – and then go on to spread their misinformation throughout the online community (worse) need to be put in their place. If the occasional F*** Y** from a noted public figure makes them realize how out of touch they are with the majority of American opinion (to say nothing of the rest of the world) – then more power to you.

    Only one criticism: The word \”separate\” has two \”a\”s and two \”e\”s.

    Comment by Drew Henderson -

  41. Mark: I am getting really tired of bigmouthed blowhards like O\’Reilly not getting called out for their ignorance. Thank you for sticking your neck out and providing a voice of reason.

    You da\’ man!

    Comment by Kevin Shaughnessy -

  42. Mark,

    It is tragic to lose any life in a war. However, we are not currently instituting a draft in America. Those American lives lost…they volunteered to do so. I realize that it may not have been in the brochure at the recruting office, but you have to at least apply common sense into the fact that you are joining the armed services in a time of conflict.

    I am grateful for the freedoms I am provided by our armed services. But, at the risk of sounding anti-American, I do not empathize for those that are lost doing the duty that they agreed to do. It is tragic when a police officer is gunned down by a suspect. But, that is the risk you run when joining the force. If you are not prepared for the consequences, perhaps another line of work would be in order.

    Why is this more tragic than a family who lost their son in an automobile accident?

    Comment by Scott Boswell -

  43. I have many friends in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most are college buddies, some are family friends, some are acquaintences that I\’ve come to know. But all hold a place in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.
    Though I do not agree with most of the politics behind Iraq; I agree with Mark, that we (as citizens) do not know all the facts as to why we went to war. But I do remember that before 9/11, Saddam Hussein was the forefront of controversy in Global Politics while Clinton was still President. And he was discussing with the UN, the possibility of going to war against him. Did Saddam finance al-Qaeda? Possibly. That may be something that we may never know. Did Saddam have nuclear capabilities? Possibly. That may be another thing we may never know.
    What I do know is that Saddam had brutally killed his own people, and others from neighboring countries (genecide is the term); and did more harm than Adolph Hilter. I believe that the Iraqi people wanted to be free of his rule of terror. I think that is evident.
    But if you look at our country\’s history, freedom never comes without a price. Unfortunately, freedom is not free; there is great sacrifice on the part of those who want freedom, and to maintain freedom. If you ask me, I\’d gladly put my life in harms way if it meant giving freedom to those who seek it; or if it meant maintaining the freedom that we have as Americans; not only for my family, but for their family, and their family after them.
    If you want my opinion, and you probably don\’t; I think the news media does more to give \”intel\” and \”information\” that the enemy uses as fuel to continue their hatred; than any movie ever made. Hypocrites!

    Comment by Nate -

  44. Mark … da man.
    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by John Taras -

  45. As a 2 time Iraq vet, I too will never spend a dime that I know will go to your pockets. You may \”Support the troops\”, but your willing to make money smearing them. \”A soldier was the good guy\” you say… that is like doing a movie about a bank robbery where one robber didn\’t want to kill the clerk. The end result is we are all smeared by your crap. As your arguement that you will not have it translated is BS too. There are plenty of Iraqis who speak english and can watch bootleg movies without you providing them electricity or an arabic copy.
    You can have the best of intentions… but I was taught a long time ago that it\’s not what you say, it\’s what you do that matters. The end result is soldiers are made to look bad to make $$$$$. You may not be Sean Pen and DePalma is surely higher on my \’shitlist\’… but consider your patriotism questioned… not because I think your anti-american, but because you are more than willing to make cash catering to that crowd. Another thing my parents taught me is that you are known for the company you keep…

    Comment by Brad -

  46. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    You say you didn\’t read the script. Does that mean it was OK if it turned out to be anti-war? It appears that you must have assured yourself somehow that it would at least be pro-troop. Did you really do that? How\’d you do that without learning if it would be anti-war?

    You say you don\’t know enough to have a position on the war other than you want it over soon. Seems like you\’re in over your head. You don\’t even know enough to condemn trutherism in your post, perhaps you don\’t want to hurt someone\’s feelings?

    You argue that the movie won\’t assist our enemies because you\’re not going to translate it into Arabic!!

    How stupid do you think people are??????

    Maybe you didn\’t see this:

    \”\”The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war,\” he [Depalma] said.\”


    Doug L

    Comment by Doug L -

  47. This is amazing to me that in a time of war, when soldiers don\’t get fair representation for the tough job they are being asked to do, and with impossible rules of engagement, you would choose to focus on a very sad and negative event that represents a fraction of a percent of the reality in Iraq. Also at a time when people like Murtha and Tim Mcgirk take false accusations provided by the enemy, not confirmed and go to the media and condemn our life-on-the-line-every-damn-day soldiers in a manner reminiscent of Jane Fonda. Murtha is now being sued and the country is sore about the shitty way our troops are being portrayed. Now you come along and provide an unwanted look at what some very pathetic people did. While awful, only a sick and out-of-touch person would think this idea would play with true Americans. Hollywood slime, yes.

    Man, not only will I never PAY to see your movie, I will never pay for anything you are involved in. I\’ve given up on sports a long time ago. But before you tell America and Americans to go f*#@ themselves, you really need to question what you are trying to prove with your money. Move to Europe.

    Comment by Scott Langendorf -

  48. You know what is fun to do with William Orally???

    Tune in at any given time, watch it for 10 minutes only and count the misleading statements made by him or his guest.

    It doesn\’t matter what time or day you tune in, you will usually hear an average of 8 falsehoods.

    Thanks for giving us his phone number. I\’ll put it on my speed dial.

    Jack Jett

    Comment by Jack Jett -

  49. I love these behind the scenes posts that Mark does. An insight that not many of us get.

    OReilly, Hannity, Rush, Randi Rhoades, Ed Schultz and even Olbermann to a degree (Although I usually agree with him) all are entertainers. It\’s cool to see the brainwashed thinking that led to the question \”do you agree that a few random and horrific crimes represent the norm of what is going on in that newly liberated country?\”

    This question is laden with a position.

    That is what I like about this post. Just like the stupid stuff between Mark and Trump. OR Joe sportswriter from any newspaper that doesn\’t do fact checking.

    It\’s facinating that there are these nimwits out there working for large corporations that don\’t know they are idiots.

    Mark has that saying where if you look around the room and don\’t see the sucker, it\’s you. I\’m very tired of looking around the room and seeing all suckers that don\’t know it.

    And to quote Rush.. the band.. \”If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.\”

    Comment by Pat Crofoot -

  50. Mark, good points, no doubt, though certainly somewhat charged. That said, how much more information do you need to agree or disagree with the war? Is there a particular piece of information that you need or feel is missing?

    I don\’t think anyone ever knows everything in a situation like this, not even the president. Still, people make a call based on what we know, as the president did, yet his knowledge as is ours is always limited.

    I too want the troops home as fast as possible, but if we all waited for all the information to make an argument for or against the war, I think we would be waiting one heck of a long time.

    Still, good work to bring awareness to this issue — and the fund.

    Comment by SorenG -

  51. Hey Mark, I watch Bill for the same reason I watch Elmer Fudd. Hes a blowhard with tunnel vision looking to persuade others that the rabbit needs to be killed. Only the rabbit in Bills case is anyone that sees something with an open mind other then his own.Its entertainment but no one with a rational mind of any kind can take his antics with any seriousness. He\’s like that other self rightious guy. he must be still on the radio somewhere, that wanted stricter drug laws only to be one of the biggest pain killer abusers known to man. ROFL. The best thing people can do with people such as Bill and other holier then thou fools is to ignore them or take them with a grain of salt like the Looney Tune characters. Me? I\’m a Bugs fan. I always root for the rabbit. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Comment by Frankie from Lawnside -

  52. I still think Pat\’s stuff should run in HD…

    Comment by Morgan Warstler -

  53. I love you, Mark, but in the post before this, you trash the people in politics, and this one you say, \”That said, I don\’t agree or disagree with the war because I don\’t know enough. There isn\’t enough information available to me to take a position…\”

    Unfortunately, this is a particularly arrogant response. There is absolutely enough information…we are inundated with it and you don\’t have to look that hard for it. Just because you don\’t doesn\’t mean it doesn\’t exist

    I understand that you don\’t…you are busy with your businesses and other interests…Just don\’t trash the rest of us who think politics matters….

    Comment by Saul Alinsky -

  54. I heart O\’Reilly and I heart Cuban, but I believe Mark that you are correct that O\’Reilly\’s staff did not dig deep enough- what a shame. I\’m with you on not being able to have a position- how much classified info exists that would easily sway any American one way or the other? The responsibility the President has to weigh all of the intelligence that we never hear about has to be massive. We\’ll never know the full story.

    And your closing line? Classic!

    Comment by Lani -

  55. Mark:
    I served in the USAF 63-67 then 4 years active reserves!
    Your views are nothing but balderdash!
    Anytime you want to meet and debate, let me know!
    I will gladly inform you how the Iraq situation may just be saving your sorry ass!
    Trust me this enemy would cut your throat so fast your head would spin! We need to kill them there not in Sacramento!
    You are a looser!

    Comment by Preston Walrath -

  56. strike that last comment, i see winter park has been added to the list! Awesome. Ever since seeing the director on Charlie Rose I have been intrigued and am looking forward to being able to see it.

    Comment by chris -

  57. since you bring up \”no end in sight\”, why is it not scheduled to show in Orlando? Tampa, Miami, and even Lakeland but not Orlando? I think a film like No End in Sight would be a good fit at the Enzian in Winter Park. Come on Mark, don\’t make us drive an hour to see this film, there are over 1 million people in the Orlando MSA!!!

    Comment by chris -

  58. \”Fuck You.\” Ha,ha,ha! As I count the last few days of working a corporate American life, it\’s refreshing to hear someone as high-level as yourself speak so frankly and openly. Makes me wonder if I should stay….naw!

    Comment by Eric Cattani -

  59. Mark: What is this crap? O\’Reilly is the the Jerry Springer of Fox News. His name should not even register on this blog! If I had to chose between Larry the Cypt Keeper King or O\’Reilly, I would chose to be assulted by Imus….

    Your FU made me ROTFLMAO Stop wasting your time with these wankers and run for President! At least you provide employment and benefits and entertainment to our country!

    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  60. Mark Cuban is one of my favorite Americans at the moment.

    Comment by dc -

  61. \”That said, I don\’t agree or disagree with the war because I don\’t know enough.\”

    understanding the war is very intellectually very simple, but psychologically very challenging. this because it requires accepting 911 truth.

    here are a couple of URLs:

    PatriotsQuestion911.Tons of government officials who know that 911 is an inside job.

    911 Research. Great research site.

    there are plenty more great videos and web sites. 911 truth would not happen without the internet, and it is easily the most exciting thing about the internet (i agree with you mark that the internet by and large is pretty boring….except for 911 truth).

    as for bill o\’liely….here he is on JFK. to think he was once a real journalist! before he sold out to the military-industrial complex, that is (the same one that killed kennedy).

    supporting the troops means accepting this is a phony war and bringing them home. as the saying goes, the truth will set you free.

    Comment by kid mercury -

  62. Mark

    Excellent work. Transparency is key. Backing a film based on a director is excellent. It\’s a continued leap of faith into the arts.

    Please exercise your capabilities and reduce as much cross-promotion for Mr. O\’Reilly as possible. Best, AV.

    Comment by Alex Varel -

  63. Whenever commentators try to cast public issues into a simplistic left-right frame I invite them to read some of the work that brings out the complexity of complex systems, such as the following:
    Counterintuitive Behavior of Social Systems, by Jay Forrester
    Prisoner\’s Dilemma and Public Choice Theory
    Evolving Complex Networks in Constitutional Republics, by Jon Roland

    One should remind people of the quotes:

    For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong. H. L. Mencken
    For every problem there is a solution which is simple, obvious, and wrong.\” Albert Einstein

    Comment by Jon Roland -

  64. I really see the news shows that cater to either side of the political extreme not so much about news as about giving angry, hateful people fuel for their anger and hatred.

    I think perhaps it is somewhat a function of the terms we use. \”Liberal and Conservative\” which are actually extremes of the spectrum. I do not believe extremism in this sense is good for people or good for accomplishing anything save perhaps better ratings and web traffic.

    Perhaps you could start a movement (as opposed to a political party) endorsing the virtues of being moderate. A world where more people can readily admit, \”I don\’t agree or disagree, I don\’t know enough to have an opinion\” seems like a better world to me.

    Comment by Robert Seidman -

  65. Hello Mark,

    From a Canadian left wing redneck, Bravo !

    Bill is a Fool.

    He deserves far worse than that which you so graciously fed him.

    Peace, Randy

    Comment by Randy Geider -

  66. Mark,

    Your response has been very classic. I have read on sports message boards such as: where people have called you spineless and have wished you would burn in a tar-pit. Yet, those people do not know you and what GOOD you\’ve done for the Dallas community and for our Troops.

    I applaud your stance and take on the war and i also applaud your e-mail. You, no matter what the media spins, are in the lime-light day in and day out. Mark, you know as I do, that people either love or hate you.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are about as real as a real American gets. People like Bill O\’Reilly, are out to hurt your imagine and stain the American public with lies and vicious slants.

    You remind me a lot of V for Vendetta. You should check it out, if you have not seen it. I wish you would\’ve told that bigot to stick it where the sun doesn\’t shine.

    Best of Luck and keep in touch.

    Comment by Jonathan C. McCauley -

  67. I don\’t really care how you fall on the sides of the fence. What I appreciated was the transparency in which you handled this. No spin is something BR espouses, but you put it into practice.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Patrick Grote -

  68. Mark, you\’re wrong on this one. It is not unreasonable to ask you for comments on this movie, given that you are associated with it and given that there has been much hype. And that you might make a $ from it.

    You\’ve got the opportunity to set the record straight on your role. So why don\’t you do it? I guess it is just easier to demagogue.

    Comment by rodander -

  69. Fox News is the biggest Oxymoron in the industry. Good for you for sticking it to them Mark.

    I think it is GREAT that you fund movies like that, and screw anybody that doesn\’t like them or wants to bash them.

    Being a Canadian though, I must say that the war in Iraq is a bunch of crap and was nothing more than a way to distract from the fact that Bush couldn\’t find his ass if he was elbow deep in it (Also known as the hunt for Osama). And to all the Americans who tell me to mind my own business because it doesn\’t affect us, learn a bit about Politics, we are GREATLY affected by that monkey you call a President.

    Comment by Kray -

  70. Politicians are only good at one thing, politics. Everyone is, for the most part, in it for themselves.

    Well said. Couldn\’t agree more. O\’Reilly and Hannity bully people on their shows and Fox news in general seems forgetful every time one of their own does something in the wrong. Hell 30% of their viewers still think that Saddam had WMDs and had something to do with 9/11. Way to go Feaux news.

    Comment by Tim -

  71. Wow. Those guys are simply out to lunch. I love how you set them straight Mark. Keep up the great work. And check out my blog dam it! 🙂

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  72. Bill should stick to harrassing women and not the good guys. Does anybody even watch his show? I hear his ratings are really sinking and definitely not increasing like he consistently says on his show.

    Comment by port orange real estate -

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