Dancing with the Stars and the Meaning of Life

The first question every always ask me is “Why ?”, Why would I do it ? The answer is simple.
Because I can.

It actually is more surprising to me that some people would even think twice if asked to participate on the show.

I’m the first to admit that I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I can honestly say I wake up every morning with a smile knowing what a wonderful family, friends and life I have. It’s the exact same way I felt when I was broke.

Money makes so many things in life easier, but it can’t buy you a positive outlook on life. Fortunately, how any of us approaches each of our days is completely up to us. It’s not something you can buy or sell. It’s not hard to put a smile on your face every day, but for some reason some people find it impossible to do. Not me.

The opportunity to do something unique that makes me smile is something I try not to pass up, Dancing with the Stars is just that.

It’s not about how well I can dance. Its about the opportunity to compete at something I enjoy. Its about doing something that makes me smile every minute I’m doing it or even thinking about it.

Why am I competing on Dancing with the Stars ? Because its an opportunity to have a blast. Its a blast practicing. 2,3, 4 or more hours just blaze by is if its just minutes. Its hysterical what they are going to make me wear. Yesterday I felt like they had found Ricky Ricardos garage sale and bought up his clothes just for me. I’m going to be out there to win, but I promise you no one is going to be having a better time than me. I can promise you that.

When I’m 90 years old and talking to my grand kids and hopefully great grand kids, I won’t be the grandparent who tells them about the things I wished I had done and how they should experience life, I will be the grandparent with tons of great stories that hopefully inspires them to live their lives to the fullest .

That’s why I’m doing Dancing with the Stars,

113 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars and the Meaning of Life

  1. I would be on the show if I could.

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  2. How about season 7 of Dancing with the Stars!!! Let’s giving up for Kim Kardashian and really shakin what her mama gave her!

    Comment by Dani22 -

  3. You have the most amazing attitude or should I say gratitude! You did so great on DWTS and I sure hope you have digital vido files of every dance to show your grandchildren.

    Comment by Linda Nelson -

  4. I agree with James

    Comment by Fire fighter 401 -

  5. Mark,
    you got my votes and I think you were robbed tonight. You last dance was terrific and all that technical stuff is great but I love to watch the fun stuff! You had the most entertaining routine last night. Maj. Nelson would be proud!
    You did a great job during the whole show and will be missed!
    Go Mavs! Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Christy -

  6. way to go I loved it I dream of Mavs good job

    Comment by dawn finstad -

  7. Mark –

    You have my vote! I love watching you work so hard to be there. I loved the \”geek dance\”. Good luck and keep up the great work!

    Comment by Diana -

  8. way to go I loved it I dream of Mavs good job

    Comment by dawn finstad -

  9. Go get \’em, Mark! The whole BlogWorld staff is rooting (and voting) for you! 🙂

    Comment by Dave Cynkin -

  10. From one IU alum to another….You go on with your bad-self!!

    Comment by oyun -

  11. I love dancing with the star and see what I did for Wayne Newton and Cameron Mathison and Albert. They are hot guys.

    See links: http://www.mushygushy.com/RP25QY

    Are they cool?

    Comment by julia -

  12. Hi Mark,

    I just love your charisma on the show, of course you have my many votes!!! We only have one life to live so live it to the fullest!!!

    If you\’re ever looking for a nice lil\’ getaway spot w/ da fam, do come to a small Caribbean island called \”Anguilla\”…we\’d welcome you all here ina hearbeat!!!

    Comment by Cami -

  13. I\’m pretty cheerful, but I\’ll also admit I can tend to have a crappy attitude about work and even life in general. I\’ve followed your (Mark Cuban\’s) career for few years now and love reading or watching his interviews. This blog pretty much sums up why.

    Mark\’s got the best damn attitude I\’ve ever seen (along with a sense of humor). It\’s obvious it\’s not the money that makes him that way–being that way has helped him make his fortune. He\’s consistently upbeat and amusingly inspirational.
    Best of luck, Mark!

    Comment by Kelly -

  14. Mark, I must be out of the loop. I had never heard of Mark Cuban until Dancing With The Stars. Your story intrigued me, that is how I found your blog. As I read your biography I see you have paid your dues but your story is truly rags to riches. I am so very happy that the $ did not change who you are as a person. I agree you have to be happy first and the rest is unimportant. I am a middle aged female with two (for the most part) adult sons and the best husband any woman could ask for. I have M.S. but feel I keep a great attitude because I love life and my family. My husband and I have founded and grown a (very) small business. It keeps 2 families employed one of which is ours. We have had ups/downs but keep plugging away. Long story, just wanted to tell you that you seem like a \”normal\” billionaire 🙂 It\’s nice to see.

    Comment by Vera Freebourn -

  15. Go all the way Mark !!!!!!! I vote 10 x on mondays for u .

    Comment by Trudy -

  16. Mark I have a completely new outlook on you,on Dancing With The
    Stars you are great,in reading your Blog I see a man who is not
    the man I have seen on the Maverick\’s, I see a man I can really
    respect. One comment thank you for shaving off the beard or whatever that was you are much to handsome for that hair on your face.Good luck on the Dancing With The Stars. I have a grandson
    who is a strong Maverick fan he is 13 & never misses a Maverick
    game,they can\’t afford to come to the games, but he watches on
    TV or listen to radio,his favorite Mav is Nirk.
    I am voting for you and giving you as much support as I can,
    Cheryl is my favorite of the pro\’s, you have the best teacher,
    so just go out have fun & win. I am a 68 year old Grandmother,
    but I love life. God Bless.

    Comment by Ms. Merle Dunn -

  17. I think this is GREAT! This is how I look at life also…the cup is always half full, never half EMPTY! Things have been very trying for our family lately with my husbands bipolar, but you have to keep your head high and keep on going! You are a great role model for kids…..keep being HAPPY!

    Comment by Lisa Sanderson -

  18. Totally unfair…Josie was robbed yesterday. I think the judges were totally biased and unfair. Do you? http://youpolls.com/details.asp?pid=601

    Comment by frankie -


    I admire your views on life. I am not fortunate enough to be able to see both sides of the coin as I am not rich by any means. But if I was in your shoes…I would do everything I could to live life to the fullest. I love your answer…\”because I can.\” Nothing could be more simple and true. BTW…I can\’t wait for this season to start!!!

    Comment by MAVSIN08 -

  20. Hey Mark,

    I am a big fan of yours. I havent visited your blog since an year or so.

    You are too inspiring. You made my day.

    I am sure you are going to win this too.

    Comment by Srini vallury -

  21. Got to admit that Mark (with his new body and sexy goat-t) and Albert (Reed) look pretty hot together. I think I may have man crush. Let\’s all vote to be sure we keep these guys in the competition.

    Comment by Glen -

  22. I watched you, and I loved it! I voted until they wouldn\’t let me anymore! I think you did great, especially considering your operation, and you got ripped off being in the bottom two! I will keep watching and voting for you every week. I\’m ready to see what you can do when your competitive drive really kicks in!!! VOTE FOR MARK!!!

    Comment by Kolby -

  23. I was thrilled when I heard you were one of the competitors. I love your spirit and I know you will bring some extra charm to the competition !! MAKE US PROUD !!!

    Comment by Sheila -

  24. Mark,

    I work in the home office at Landmark and I cordially challenge you to a dance off! We can do it in the screening room. Audience votes for the winner. What do you say? If I win, I get my own bellydance instructional HD TV show and if you win…well, we\’ll have to figure that out!


    Comment by Sherri W -

  25. Mark,
    You and your family have such a great outlook on life,and it\’s real. Your a true leader. You will lead on the dance floor as well. I\’m anamored with your style and You rocked on the dance floor. Your there to WIN!…
    Best of luck to you….Keep Brian and Nortie in check.
    Mavs Fan,
    Kimberly Dill
    Dallas/ Little Rock

    Comment by kimberly Dill -

  26. Mark, You were first class on the show. I loved watching you dance and your intertviews ROCK! Your there for the right reasons to have fun, make memories and to win!.Your Dad, Nort, could be on nexy season…Best wishes and love your outlook on life.
    Mavs Fan,
    Kimberly Dill

    Comment by kimberly Dill -

  27. Mark you and Kym were WONDERFUL – and you certainly looked like you were having a blast. You got my vote. You look terrific and you haven\’t aged a day! Nurse that hip though – nice scar BTW 😉 Can\’t wait to see the results tomorrow. Keep smiling and keep dancing!

    Comment by Natalie Tefft-Feldman -

  28. laker fan from L.A.! — but you got my vote. rooting for you!!!
    go cuban!

    Comment by nanette martinez -

  29. Maybe your next gig will be a role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, as at least two Dancing with the Stars folks are on that show this year.

    Comment by hiddenboston -

  30. Well it looks like you get the first night off Mark. Good luck tomorrow night!

    Comment by Sports Shop -

  31. Mark,
    I\’m looking forward to the season premier in about 25 minutes. I\’ll be blogging about it on the Sports Shop blog and rooting for you as well!

    Comment by Sports Shop -

  32. Mark,

    Okay, I\’\’ll confess right off the bat that when I first heard about you on DWTS I thought it was a publicity stunt and you\’ed basically phone it in. Maybe last a week or two and move on. However, after shooting the stills of you and Kym last week working out your routine I\’m telling everyone don\’t bet against you.

    I\’m telling everyone on this blog Mark is committed, working his ass off to put on the best show he can and is going to go deep into the show.

    Bill Matlock

    Comment by Bill Matlock -

  33. u have made the mavericks what they r 2 day… & i will b watcing u 2 win….

    Comment by miss anita -

  34. Mark, One of the things I have always admired about you is your fun factor. Back in the 80s I had a chance to hang around you and some of your friends (not knowing or caring how successful you would be some day). You were a blast!

    Years later, both my daughter and I got to see that fun factor again on The Benefactor. We can\’t wait to watch you on the Dancing with The Stars. Dancing itself is a metaphor for life-putting yourself out there, and giving it your all. I should know. I wrote a book about it. Check out my website.

    Comment by DC Stanfa -

  35. I think you are going to do great. I just started salsa lessons, and I actaully saw you up at the studio. Doubt you remember me. Ha. You look great and seem like you are having a blast with it. Definately an inspiration!

    Comment by Allie -

  36. Mark – Good luck, and hopefully you get Cheryl Burke as a coach.

    Maybe HDNet can scoop the concept and do a series of shows on coaching people.

    Comment by Colin Toal -

  37. Mark, you are a PIMP. Take it down.


    Comment by Jeremy Enke -

  38. Aloha Mark ~

    I am just as rich as you my friend!
    Waking up with a smile and enjoying the simple things.
    I am just trying to spread my color now to the world.

    I like to define Luck where Preparation Creates Opportunity. Your success didn\’t happen by accident, you went for it.
    We share that uncommon as well as plenty of other positive rebellious traits.

    I painted up some t-shirts I hope you might dig and find interest to wear on the show.
    I love the show and think it is great you are on there.
    Hope to have a chance to say hello to you and Brian while you are out here in LA.

    I am a crazy, creative dreamer but not the only one.

    Creative Regards

    Erik the Artist

    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  39. What is the worst that happens? You fall flat on your face on national TV? Then you will have one hell of as story to tell won\’t you! http://www.hadiseyret.com

    Comment by santo -

  40. Hey, Mark, I am the 70 year old that graduated from the same HS as you! I love your outlook on life! I am certainly not in the same income bracket but I am happy with what I have achieved in life and love getting up in the morning to see what the new day brings. You will certainly get MY vote on DWTS.
    ps – I don\’t think Mark was even born when I graduated! LOL

    Comment by Beverly Henry -

  41. Mark you go man! I gotta say you have the best attitude and definitely live life to the fullest. I got to know about you after watching that \”Beyond the Glory: The Mark Cuban Story\” and must say you deserve everything you have. The best line from that was where you said something like, \”Someone had to be the luckiest person in the world, and I\’m glad its me!\” I\’ve only met three billionaires in my life. The youngest of the three is Calvin and he lives his life like there is no tommorow and I can say he is the same person he was before the billion. One thing in common is that if you love what you do, the money will follow, and yes money does make life easier but don\’t let money determine your smile and attitute toward life each and every day.

    Comment by KS -

  42. I\’m a sinlge mom of 2 teenagers, I work 2 jobs and am extremely tired most of the time, but I can truly say that I am happy with my life and wouldn\’t trade it for the world. I don\’t think money could make me any happier, but I would love to know what it feels like to do whatever you wanted to do because you can….must be nice!

    Comment by Shanette -

  43. Apparently I really suck at dancing because my wife always prefers to partner up with one of our friends instead of having me stomp all over her feet when a good song is being played. I am jealous that you get 4+ hours a day of expert dancing tutoring. Maybe instead of Basketball 101 this year you can bring in couples for some serious dance lessons.


    The poor schlub with size 17 feet

    Comment by Gregory -

  44. Mark, it\’s great to see a guy with such a positive outlook on life! Should be fun(ny) to see you on Dancing with the Stars.

    Comment by Paraquedismo -

  45. My Dearest Mark, I believe a gentleman once said that a fellow can only be as happy as he makes up his mind to be, and the proof of this is in your demonstration… Be well, and good Grace…

    Comment by Reverend David -

  46. You are my hero! I\’ll be rooting for you! And I don\’t even watch TV. But I have my DVR at the ready. Do blog about your experiences – that\’ll make the viewing that much sweeter…

    Uhm… Should we send you some Charmin so that you can pad your bum? In case you trip?

    I know you\’ll have fun. you\’re amazing.

    Comment by Bee -

  47. I\’m glad you commented on this…because I was so wondering why on God\’s green earth you would do that show. While I respect the \’seize the day\’ outlook, my conundrum with that entire franchise is not having a clue on what the value is. Why people watch. I\’m the first to admit my tastes may not jive with the mainstream…but to spend my time to see an ex-football player tango seems pretty ridiculous. I respect you for having the experience, I feel truly sorry for those willing to waste their time watching.

    Comment by Brett VanTil -

  48. Hi Mark!
    The older..ahem, I mean the wiser we get, we realize that it is all about the smile.

    I\’d love to invite you (and all who read your posts) to share your answer to the meaning of life question on the Contact page of my site…(working on the \”celeb\” book of the series). Thanks much 🙂
    take care & good luck!
    Louise, Author
    \”No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!\”

    Comment by Louise Lewis -

  49. Hey, if Jerry Springer can do it… Anyways thank for giving me someone to root for. A.C. Slater practically killed the show.

    Comment by Commercial Washing Machines -

  50. Enjoy life. What a wonderful life you\’ve got and I admire that you are just plain enjoying the challenges that come your way!

    Comment by Judy Mackey -

  51. I\’m just behind you mate. Keep up working

    Comment by dolma -

  52. Geez! How fun are you! What a fantastic attitude. I\’m sure you\’ll be amazing on the show. Looking forward to it, and you have my vote for sure!

    Comment by C Hansen -

  53. You go Boy! You have my support. I adore your spirit and your drive. Best of luck to you!

    Comment by Jennifer -

  54. Mark I will be cheering loudly for you and remembering you line dancing during the disco years at our dorm floor parties at IU!!

    Comment by kelly k. -

  55. Mark –
    Good answer. I saw you on Leno as well and I love the college story! $25 is a lot of brews back in the day! Good luck… I wish I could be a fly on the wall w/ Dirk and the guys on this topic!

    Comment by Chuck Redding -

  56. Go for IT

    \”Money makes so many things in life easier\”

    You have my Vote

    Comment by MyZine -

  57. Hey mark I like your thoughts; I guess if we all realized the poverty in the rest of the world – we would all wake up like that.

    Thanks for the eye opener, .rb

    Comment by diesel shoes -

  58. I love your attitude, and I can\’t wait to see you dance. *smile*

    Comment by Robert -

  59. Buy the Cubs! Do whatever it takes. Baseball needs you.

    Comment by SVRPAUL -

  60. Mark,

    Thanks for your blog today. I agree with you 100%. I try to approach every day with a good attitude, but somedays it is a little harder than others to keep it throughout the day. You were able to do so, and it worked out for you financially. It gives us guys who are struggling to get by and support our families hope. Thanks for keeping your \”down to earth-ness\” and fun loving spirit going. It is fun to watch. You are an inspiration.

    Comment by Richard -

  61. Hey Mark

    Go for it, I\’m sure you will be great!!!!!!!!!


    Comment by Andrea R -

  62. MC: I just got bounced here from Huff post. The negative comments about you are from all reject posters from the Trumpblog. Wait till they find out that he is leaving his 10 trillion dollars to the hairball on his head! lol

    Getting Real and in their faces is the best!

    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  63. You are out of your fucking mind.

    Comment by benjamin -

  64. I have been a huge fan of yours since your pioneering internet days, am a big fan of the Mavericks, and have followed your pioneering ambition in regard to HDTV. Congratulations!! Go for the WIN!! Show how people how much fun it is to live passion and how the money follows if you are true to what is right in your heart. I may not always agree with your decisions but I sure as hell agree with your attitude!

    Comment by TexasRed -

  65. I love Dancing With The Stars and will definitely be pulling for you! Sell it!


    Comment by picasso -

  66. Mark,

    Congrats, have fun, enjoy… and it\’s wonderful you know how to live! May you inspire many others.

    – Marisa

    Comment by Marisa -

  67. Good luck on the show, Mark.

    I agree, nothing worse than looking back and wishing I had tried something. Better to try and possibly fail than wonder how it wouild have went.

    Again, good luck.

    Comment by FT -

  68. Hi Mark,

    You might want to borrow a few (70\’s and NFL) dance moves from this guy…

    On a more serious note…

    Last night I was listening to the Sacramento Kings\’ flagship radio station, SPORTS 1140 KHTK. I listened to a very touching interview on a program called the \’Jim Kozimor Showgram.\’ A man named Kevin Sims was being interviewed regarding the plight of his daughter and other children diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Mr. Sims spoke of a journey that he and four other fathers were about to embark on in order to raise awareness, and crucial funds needed for research.

    Mark, please take a look at the following website for further details. I do not know any of the people involved with this struggle, however the interview I heard on the radio was very compelling. Kevin Sims said that he and the other fathers would do anything — climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea — in order to raise the necessary funds.


    I realize that there are thousands upon thousands of people in the world who are in dire need of help … I also realize that you can\’t help everybody … Still I\’m asking you to help these fathers and their children. In return for your kindness, perhaps there is something I might do for you? Thank you.

    Jim Parham
    Yuba City, CA

    Comment by Jim Parham -

  69. Mark,
    According to the Magic-8 Ball – Marie Osmond is going to get her hooks into you and destroy your marriage. Do you really want to tell you Great Grand Kids how your became another victim of the relationship curse of appearing on reality TV? Dance off the stage now before Marie gets her little bit of country spread all over you.

    Comment by Joe Corey -

  70. Way to go Mark,

    This is perhaps the most inspirational blog post you have ever written on your blog. Kudos to you! So many people I meet are quick to say \”Well, it\’s easy being you\” and I am astonished to find out that the majority of Americans just do not believe they are in charge of their destiny and in charge of their live (and are consequently usually the ones in that stand in the way of what they really want.)

    This paragraph is perhaps the finest piece I\’ve ever seen you write in as long as I\’ve been following your blog:

    \”Money makes so many things in life easier, but it can\’t buy you a positive outlook on life. Fortunately, how any of us approaches each of our days is completely up to us. It\’s not something you can buy or sell. It\’s not hard to put a smile on your face every day, but for some reason some people find it impossible to do. Not me.\”

    Thanks dude!

    -Vlad Mazek

    Comment by Vlad Mazek -

  71. Bull! Why do you not just go buy a bannana tree in the meantime and you can plant a nice garden for your wonderful family and friends.

    Comment by Heather Johnson -

  72. I was so excited when I first read you\’d be doing this, the Monday before they officially announced it. In fact I think the people in the office next to mine heard me shriek… I\’m so glad they have someone with an awesome attitude like you on the show this year.

    I think most people are hesitant to go on because some of the people are washed-up older celebs that some people are clueless about (although as the show gains popularity I recognize more and more folk…) Trump will probably have a field day with this because he\’s a tool like that; oh well.

    Go out there and show \’em how we do things in Big D! (And to reiterate what you said on Leno the other night, hopefully I won\’t see you in your normal seat for a few games cause you will be kicking some ass…)


    Comment by Wendi -

  73. I love it! I think it\’s a riot! Agree that it\’s good to enjoy life. This is a great post.

    I will be watching the show. Love the idea of Mark Cuban dressing up as Ricky Ricardo 🙂

    Comment by patricia -

  74. Hey Mark, I think you could learn a few dance moves from Dirk…

    Comment by Steve -

  75. Great post, I am always lecturing my kid\’s on taking a chance. One of my favorite expressions is \”Go run with Scissors\”. Sometimes I find myself not always following my own advice, so to be reminded of it, like in this post, is very important.

    Comment by Banker -

  76. \”Money makes so many things in life easier, but it can\’t buy you a positive outlook on life\” — \”It\’s the exact same way I felt when I was broke. \” — These 2 sentences are one of ur best messages I have seen!

    Comment by mike chen -

  77. Mark,

    We won\’t be laughing at you. We\’ll be laughing with you! Keep on living life, brother! Hooah!

    Comment by Tom Magness -

  78. Didn\’t you just have hip surgery???

    I hope you have a great time — the Tivo is already set ;)!

    Comment by Tennesotans -

  79. Life is too short to be unhappy. I hope you do well on the show.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  80. The fact that you are doing this makes me wonder if you really argue with the refs constantly because you care or whether you just want some extra camera time.

    Comment by Jason M -

  81. I will enjoy watching you, just like I enjoyed watching Emmitt. Go Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Barbara -

  82. I\’ve been WAITING for this post. I can\’t WAIT to see you on DWTS. You got my vote just by showing up.

    Comment by Amy -

  83. Mark please save the black donnellys. NBC was crazy to cancel it.

    Comment by timb -

  84. My wife will now be happy that I want to watch…

    Comment by Brad -

  85. Mark,

    I think it\’s great that you did this. My wife actually has me hooked on this show. I really appreciate your \”live life to the fullest\” attitude. It inspires me!

    Comment by Josh Cox -

  86. SO EXCITED!!! A group of us were talking about the rumors a few weeks ago and I was really hoping you\’d go for it… I don\’t watch the show, but I will now!

    I LOVE your outlook- you\’re so contagious 🙂

    Comment by Lani -

  87. Mark,
    You are right on every point—am looking forward to watching this.
    Brady R. Baxter

    Comment by brady r baxter -

  88. The Six Billion Dollar Man:

    He had the money and medical science had the technology. Titanium was his choice of weapon! He was rebuilt to dance with the Stars!

    2007 version of Mark Cuban doing the hustle!

    Must See!

    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  89. Handle business, friend. I am very proud of you. Keep it up.

    Comment by Jonathan C. McCauley -

  90. Way to be Marko! This is one of the main reasons I subscribe to your blog.

    Comment by Mark Forman -

  91. Wow! Because of you I will watch Dancing with the Stars which I never have done before. I can\’t wait until the episodes start to come on. Good Luck!!!!!

    Comment by krystal -

  92. You\’re gonna rock it out. Good for you!

    Comment by Merrin -

  93. Your post was so inspiring. Thanks.

    Comment by Tanya -

  94. This is awesome! I couldn\’t agree with you more there Mark. When you have the opportunity to do something that will make you laugh and smile and have a good time, you just have to jump at it.

    What is the worst that happens? You fall flat on your face on national TV? Then you will have one hell of as story to tell won\’t you!

    I will be voting (is this even a vote for show?) and promise to at least catch your highlights on YOUTUBE!

    Comment by HockeyNutz -

  95. Amen brotha, amen. Just be ready to hear about it from your basketball players and coaches. You know they\’re going to get all over you.

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  96. Hit It!

    Just call him Cuban Pete, the King of the Rumba beat!

    Go for it! Just don\’t break a leg!



    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  97. Saw you with Jay Leno last night, good stuff

    Comment by Ash Haque -

  98. By the way, I already have a basketball signed by you I guess now I will need to get some signed dancing shoes to go with it!

    Comment by Realado -

  99. dude im pumped about seeing you ready to win! already someone from dallas wone (emmit smith). i know you can do it and when i saw you on leno i could tell your determined rather than just letting it go by. but dont be offended if i change it to the mavs game while your dancing on abc..thats gonna suck dude cause i have no tivo!!! so i gotta take my mavs first than to see you dance..sorry dude go mavs!

    Comment by gabriel -

  100. Mark, I live in a one bedroom apartment fifteen minutes from your near downtown compound, am 24 years old, drive a Ford Focus, make $25k a year and have never been more happy in my life than I am today. I totally understand your point in this blog. I was once told \”Some people work in order to love what they do, and others just love what they do\” such as your Mavericks. I stick to my passions and refuse to \”sell out\” to my heart. Enjoy your time at the show and I look forward to watching the Mavericks playing come June 2008.

    Comment by Brandon Campbell -

  101. Mark, it\’s great to see a guy with such a positive outlook on life! Should be fun(ny) to see you on Dancing with the Stars.

    Comment by Chad -

  102. Well put. there\’s nothing more fun than something you\’re doing just because you can!!! I too am thankfull everyday for where I have gotten myself and my family to in life, same as I felt when I was broke.

    Comment by Realado -

  103. Do me a favor, don\’t do a Master P, at least make it look like you are putting a little effort into it.

    Comment by Ed -

  104. \”Deep satisfaction comes not from ordinary results, but from the pursuit of those things that have not been done or
    require extraordinary thinking and execution\”

    Go after it dude!

    Comment by J.R. Lee -

  105. You are an example of someone that experiences life by actually living it.

    Comment by John Taras -

  106. I love Dancing With The Stars and will definitely be pulling for you! Sell it!

    Comment by Natali Del Conte -

  107. From one IU alum to another….You go on with your bad-self!!

    Comment by Stephanie -

  108. Amen – and game on!!!

    Comment by TC -

  109. You are also very competitive, so you\’ll do well. My wife roped me into watching last year\’s finals, and she thought the actor was going to win, and I told her the ice skater would win for sure because he has more practice being perfect in competitive situations.

    I\’m not saying I\’ll bet on you, but if you aren\’t up against a gold medalist or a Super Bowl winner, you\’ll have a good shot.

    Comment by Scott Yates -

  110. Kick some ass against all those b-listers. (and I secretly hope you get the dance partner with real breasts. 🙂

    Comment by Dustin -

  111. We\’ll be rooting for you!!

    Comment by John Gauger -

  112. Good for you Mark…

    We\’ll all be smiling at you, I mean with you 🙂

    Comment by Tim Elliott -

  113. Mark,

    I couldn\’t agree with you more – people think that they need money to be happy when there is SO much more to be happy for, as you mentioned, life, family (wife & kids) & friends.

    You got my vote!!

    Comment by James -

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