All Publicity Isn’t As Good As It Used To Be.

“All publicity is good publicity” It may have been true at some point, but it certainly is not true today. Nor will it be true forever more.

Instead, the motto has changed to “All Publicity is Abused Publicity”

The reality is that in todays ultra competitive chase to get your attention , if something you say or do is seen by more than 100 people, someone is going to attempt to re-purpose it to their own benefit or amusement.

In essence, the internet has put us all under a form of digital arrest.

“Everything we say or do, can and will be used for or against you on a website somewhere at some time, from now and ever-more”

There will be someone there with a camera phone to memorialize the mustard that dripped on your shirt from your hotdog and some website will use it to explain how the stress of “fill in the blank” is getting to you.

Someone will keep a picture from your 5th birthday party when your sister dressed you up as a Spice Girl. Your local newspaper will write an article saying how cute it was. Then some website or tv show, produced by someone who doesn’t like you, will use it to try to convince their readers that you are gender confused and here is proof that it started at an early age

Silly examples for sure, but real.

The one thing the internet lacks that will forever change us all is Context. There is no way to retain context when you cut and paste. No matter the original intent of the words or pictures, anything on the net probably will find its way into situations for which they were never intended

Publicity, in fact all information used to have a shelf life. Newspapers were relegated to the hassles of microfiche. TV became a box or tape on a shelf somewhere. You could find it, but the cost in dollars and time were significant. Which of course reduced its use.

Thats no longer the case. Between the internet archives and search engines Everything is Everywhere. Forever.

The Net is a beautiful, wonderful utility but it certainly not an innocent medium.

The internet has put us in interesting times.

42 thoughts on “All Publicity Isn’t As Good As It Used To Be.

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    Comment by James -

  2. Totally agree. You know when a newspaper took a really bad pic of me in the past, I didn\’t mind, as it was forgotten about in a couple of days. But now they put all their content online everyone can see these bad pics for years to come. It sucks. I think I need to employ a body double.

    Comment by Catherine Lawson -

  3. Maybe Isn\’t As Good As It Used To Be, but All publicity is STILL good publicity, better have some than not having any.

    Comment by bob smith -

  4. People believe what they want

    There is a lot of truth to what you say. Context can indeed explain away quite a bit. But IMHO you could have the whole context–in say your 5th birthday Spice Girl dress up example–and still there would be those who interpret the whole situation as they choose. It\’s not necessarily the Internet splicing people\’s lives, but reinterpreting these lives into whatever they want to make of it. Reading something extra into simple innocent scenarios is not limited to the Internet; print and broadcast media has done that all along, but as you point out, it is just so much easier and pervasive now. However, all three (Net, print broadcast) can reinterpret with the whole context right there and the hapless victim is powerless to do anything about it.

    Comment by Prufrock -

  5. You know, much of what we consider journalism, traditional print, takes quotes and factoids out of context .. the free wheeling internet just accelerates the process .. democratizes it

    Comment by Contractor -

  6. Here is another reason:

    Everyone is also interested in how much $$$ is in the bank

    Comment by James -

  7. Mark,
    Context. Such a simple word, but you hit the nail on the head.

    Like I\’ve always said, there are pros and cons to publicity.
    The pro is that you\’ll get really well known.
    The con is that you\’ll get really well known.

    Author, Step Into The Spotlight! \’Cause ALL Business is Show Business

    Comment by Tsufit -

  8. I agree with Douglas Karr\’s comment. The news we get on tv has always been taken out of context. The difference with the internet is that it allows it to happen and proliferate A LOT more.

    Nonetheless, whether or not any publicity is good publicity depends to some extent on how the incriminated party responds and handles it. And the internet is better in this sense because you often have much better opportunities to respond to information on the internet than you do on tv. On many web sites you can respond directly, and if not then you can either post your own information on other web sites or even put up your own web site if it warrants that.

    After all, if someone writes something bad about you, don\’t you want more than anything to be able to respond and tell your side? With the internet you can.

    Comment by Dave -

  9. Aloha Mark ~

    The Internet sure is a powerful tool and just allows subjectivity and ambiguity to flourish amongst information.

    I was wondering why Brian disappeared from Myspace, and from reading one of his blogs, I now assume it was from someone picking irrelevant text from his page and making a public point about it. Silly and how many people are influenced by this. Let alone a writer with a powerful medium isn\’t using his channel to make a positive difference in the world.

    Through my years of sales and life hustling, I have come up with my own formula and theories. I strive to break everything down to its most simplistic format, isolating the variables just as a scientist.

    What does this all mean? Proof and opinions should be based on observed fact, first hand knowledge. With a brain people can analyze. With an unused or surpressed brain, one just absorbs others opinions and conditioned as how to think.

    Perhaps I am lucky I am an artist, proof is in my painting, and anything anyone can dig up is just a path I have taken toward my creations! That is the legacy of living on and making a difference.

    Ayn Rand, especially The Fountain Head is/was a huge influence on me. Loved Cary Grant in the movie.. I live this way as well and my word, honesty, trust and passion is always true to myself first. Integrity, detail and vision.

    Zig Ziggler is another favorite, especially his lecture on Goals. I love the acronym of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). With Luck being where Preparation creates Opportunity, we make our own luck.. it is not accident.

    Lastly, hopefully as you or some readers may enjoy me wisdom, is the priceless acronym of KISS\’s (Keep It Silly Simple Stupid).

    Hope to maybe catch you here in LA while your Dancing!!

    Creative Regards


    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  10. Mrs South Carolina would have to agree with you on this one. I\’m sure her youtube legacy will go down in the history books with her map mishap.

    Elbrus Consulting

    Comment by David Patterson -

  11. Anytime something hits the media there are winners and there are losers and sometime it\’s difficult to differentiate the two. For example more than a few people are celebrating Dan Rather\’s lawsuit for reasons that have nothing to do with politics.

    Comment by Insider -

  12. Hello, Mark,

    Are You read book \”Publicity in the Internet Era\”?

    Comment by russian girl -

  13. I can see it now.. Someone out there googling for \”Mark Cuban Songs and Poems.\” Where is that shit? We know its on someone\’s server.

    Comment by Gee -

  14. It is indeed a new world order that requires all of us to manage our personal \”brands\” that way we used believe we should have managed corporate brands. Now that we know the cameras are always on, maybe it will lead to higher personal standards, along with greater authencity and credibility. Somehow, though, I doubt it!

    Comment by Jeff Hunt -

  15. Your warnings are well-headed. I\’d like to think that the good in all of this is that it makes for a much more transparent, genuine world, despite what negative people choose to do with the proliferation of information.

    Comment by David B. Bohl @ -

  16. Mark…what a hilarious entry. I LOL. I so enjoy reading your comments. Interestingly, I watched Oprah today and Justin Timberlake made the same comments about the media and taking things out of context. Spice Girl? Oh my!
    That Elizabeth in a previous post is a bit of a nutcase. Personal info? I would leave skid marks.

    Comment by C Hansen -

  17. MC… what goes through your head when you read post#16?
    A – uummm…what?
    B – why me?
    C – is it a full moon?

    Comment by John Taras -

  18. This is nothing new. It\’s just faster.

    Comment by Christy -

  19. I agree that poster #16 is a nut job. It\’s ironic too how this post is somewhat about privacy and things posted online coming back to haunt you later on and this nut job Elizabeth posts some random guy she met on Myspace\’s Name, Address and Phone number on one of the biggest blogs in the world for everyone to see. LOL.

    Yes there\’s misinformation out there on most of us, but again like one of the other comments stated… if something is posted about you that\’s flat out wrong, then do what you need to do to get it removed and if that fails then use this tool (internet) to respond and try and set the record straight.

    I really think it does balance the playing field quite a bit.

    People today are learning more and more to not take everything they see on the news as fact. Why do you think the blogging world has become so huge. Hell, they practically shape our political world today.

    People know they can see a story on Fox News, CNN or whatever and then go online to see what others are saying about it and then they can make their own rational decision on what to believe and what not to.

    I for one am happy we have this technology to be able to balance the field a little bit.

    One last thing… people like Britney Spears,Paris Hilton, Lindsy Lohan and others constantly state that they\’re always in the public eye, on the news, on tv, on the internet gossip sites being mis-quoted and being made look like fools because that\’s just part of being famous and the price that goes with it and that theirs lives are tough because they live in a box and are always scrutinized. BULL SHIT!

    They are scrutinized and made look like fools online and on tv because of the choices they make and the lives they lead not because of anything else.

    A perfect example is Tiger Woods. He\’s as big or much bigger name than any of them and you don\’t see his face on the cover of tabloids.

    It\’s because the paparazzi doesn\’t have any interest in following him. He\’s not making an ass out of himself, partying and doing blow until 5 am. The media is looking for a train wreck and some of these celebs provide it.

    Moral of the story is don\’t do shit that will make you look stupid online or anywhere else. And if someone does write something false… fight it and tell your side of the story online.

    Use this beautiful technology to your advantage.


    Comment by Bryan Hauer | News Blog -

  20. I would suggest that people in the early 1900\’s were just as leary of what the printed word in the news paper would do to/for social justice. Secrets revealed.

    Comment by Barbara -

  21. I grew up in a small NM town where everybody knew everybody else. Once in High School my mom asked me \”what were you doing on the corner of 10th and Michigan with a bunch of your friends at 2:00 in the morning?\” That\’s when I realized that anything I say or do will eventually get back to Mom. The internet has just made us all part of a HUGE small town.

    Comment by Smitty -

  22. I think it still applies –

    – \”Don\’t do things; you wouldn\’t want everyone to know about\”


    Comment by Paintless dent repair tools -

  23. Mark,

    I agree with what you say – it is sad that people with any sort of \”fame\” have to deal with this! From my point of view – what is even more sad is the fact that the reason newspapers, websites and the such do this is because the \”general public\” is looking for this. They, the general public, want the gossip, the \”twisted\” truth or a portion of the truth. I think that people are so unhappy with their current lives and what they have going on that they are looking for anything to take their minds off from their own lives. It is like you said in a previous blog – I am paraphrasing here – why can\’t we all just wake up and be thankful for what you do have instead of what we do not have? Who really cares who was the best/worst dressed at some Hollywood gathering? Who really cares about some late night pictures of people partying? Honestly I think that we all have had moments/certain situations where if people would\’ve taken snapshots we would be embarrassed if they got out. For everyone with \”fame\” I do feel sorry for the life you have to live!!


    Comment by James -

  24. First off – Elizabeth in post 17, you\’re a nutjob. If I found out you posted my personal information online (and the blog you chose to post it on too, priceless) – I\’d think you were crazy and never talk to you again.

    Anyways, good read Mark, and thanks to the poster Steven Levy, that was a good read too. Hopefully people will just get bored sticking their noses in others\’ business and worry about themselves.

    Comment by okie -

  25. I agree with Douglas Karr on posting #5.

    The Big Media, THEY manipulate the information.
    The Internet, WE manipulate the information.

    Bad publicity can get to anyone and hurt their image.

    Comment by Chris -

  26. I definitely agree, Mark. In the information age – it seems as though nothing is ever completely forgotten. People hold on to grudges longer because they can always remind themselves of what it is you may have done years ago.

    However, on a positive note – you\’ll always have your good publicity that now has a better staying power than it ever did before. I\’m sure you can still find a video of you volunteering at Dairy Queen or something along those lines. Your \”Dancing with the Stars\” performances are sure to be a hit!

    While bad publicity is held over for a longer period of time than ever before – so is good publicity.

    By the way Mark – if you\’re able to do a Mavericks season-preview for my site, I\’m sure it would be great publicity for the both of us (…is that convincing enough??? probably not, but it was worth a plug).



    Comment by Chad -

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    Comment by Elizabeth Theodore -

  28. It is a shame that anyone who is remotely a celebrity has to live in a world where every single word they say is is monitored then interpreted for every little bit that a person can find in it. The internet is arguably one of the better advances to technology, it\’s just a shame how easily a person can be slandered using it.

    Comment by Scott S -

  29. Hey Mark, Im surprised you picked out the internet as the only place to get misinformation. How about FOX,or ABC which if Im correct is owned by Disney, and all the shot callers there are friends with Pennsylvania Ave. So you rarely see something that isn\’t laundered when it comes to informing people about whats going on there. The fact is, its all RIGGED. With the exception of a few news networks that still want to at least try to get the TRUTH to the american public. Its just a matter of who is writing about who and what they want to include. I wish I had a dime for everytime I heard \” I was taken out of context\” I would have your kind of money. The media anymore is so full of half truths that if you take it as something more then hearsay, your not only naive but playing right into the next swindle. It\’s about entertaining Joe Workingstiff and getting him to buy things when the commercial comes on and then hopefully buying some of the misinformation when the so called \”News\” comes back on or is read. Thanks for the thoughts and as my mom always said, \” Believe nothing you hear and only half that you see.\”

    Comment by Frankie from Lawnside -

  30. if you buy the Cubs will you still serve Old Style?

    Comment by Don Lewis -

  31. MC,

    What are your thoughts on this whole situation at the University of Florida. As a protector of free speech and a promoter of non-traditional media I\’m sure you have commentary on not only the tasering/arrest of the student, but also of the web coverage of the incident.


    Comment by McBill -

  32. Look on the bright side. You\’ll never, ever have to call tech support again (see previous post).

    Comment by bill lee -

  33. Eventually, this will force people to live far less publically then they would have 10, 15, 20 years ago. In the age of the Internet, privacy just gets more and more important, alas.

    Comment by Illinois -

  34. I definitely agree with you. I\’m seeing this all the time… Things taken wildly out of context and then made fun of or whatever… People are just so apt to lap it up too. People don\’t even question things they see even when … so much of what we see is false.

    Comment by Weird Dude -

  35. I dont\’ know what you are talking about Mark. Err Mock Mark. You always get great publicity on your private journals found here: and I will continue to serve you uhhh me well. Now back to the Net to find something else to chat about… 🙂

    Comment by Mock Mark -

  36. Case in point – I have a blog on the latest events in Digital 3D for Hollywood and it is really starting to heat up. My post today deals with backstabbing individuals who are not keeping their word for what seems to be PR to drive up stock prices. Alleged backstabbing of coruse. But ther it is. Read more:

    Comment by Jim -

  37. And, of course, there\’s always the flip side…

    TRUE STORY: Was living in the southwest during a recent election season and a local candidate for Congress (I think it was) used prime slogan space on his campaign posters & advertisements to implore voters to \”Google him.\” Seriously.

    And though I would never accuse anyone\’s campaign masterminds of manipulating or manufacturing favorable search results, gotta figure those folks must\’ve been awfully confident in the \”information\” that Google would return for their candidate…

    Interesting times, indeed, Mark–perhaps the understatement of this new millennium. And we\’re definitely livin\’ in them.


    Comment by Dixon -

  38. Aside from the volume of information, I\’m not sure it\’s worse than it has been with \’big media\’. Reporters take peoples\’ quotes, photos and videos out of context all the time and use it to support their premise.

    At least the Internet provides an opportunity for those taken out of context to fight back and fight back. I think it\’s an incredibly equalizing force and I appreciate its existence.

    Comment by Douglas Karr -

  39. This is certainly true. Is there anything in particular that sparked this post?

    Comment by Walter Mathis -

  40. While I agree that many times things get used out of context, I think that the benefit of people having to be more accountable for their actions outweigh the negatives.

    Comment by Realado -

  41. Mark, I don\’t know if your comments were inspired by an interesting bit of fiction Cory Doctorow wrote recently:

    If you haven\’t read it, you might want to take a look; it fits right in with your thesis.

    At least I *think* it\’s fiction….
    — Steve

    Comment by Steven Levy -

  42. I must agree that it is scary the way information is stored digitally now and how it can be used against you. I also think that privacy laws will change drastically in the near future.

    Comment by Barrera -

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