Vote for Mark & Kym – 1 800 Vote411

You didnt really think i would miss out on the chance to pump up the votes for Kym and I did you ?

I’m up against all the pretty boys , athletes and entertainers tonight, but the vote counts for 50 pct of our total, so jump on board and vote for us !!

Am I nervous, absolutely. My knees aren’t shaking, yet, but im guessing they may be come gametime.

As far as a hint for tonight, all i can tell you is that I couldn’t get the lawnmower or sprinkler in tonights routine, but I did get “churn the butter” in. So when you see me pull it out, dont laugh too hard :). And since Jane Seymour is on the show (she is amazing), I promised I would try to get the Motorboat in a future routine as a tribute to her making it famous in The Wedding Crashers.

As you can probably tell, I’m having a blast with all of this. I can promise everyone that no one is having more fun than Kym and I. That Im going to be the guy with a big smile on his face, singing and dancing my way through tonight’s show.

Tonight is important in many ways. Not only for my dancing future, but….

Hopefully, tonight will lead the way so that future generations of guys can walk into any wedding reception or nightclub knowing that Churn the Butter and in the future , the Sprinkler, Lawnmower and the Motorboat can bring joy and happiness to your wives and girlfriends. That they will finally be accepted as a proper dance routines they are. Maybe we can see Ballroom competitions for traditional guy dances ? “Now dancing the Sprinkler…”

Voting for Mark and Kym tonight and hopefully on future nights will be one small step towards bringing couples out of their chairs and on to the dancefloors where man and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend and any combination there of, can proudly do the dances that we guys excel at.

If you have made it this far.. thanks and Vote for Mark and Kym early and often and ask your friends to do the same ! hopefully you will have as good a time watching as I will be dancing

150 thoughts on “Vote for Mark & Kym – 1 800 Vote411

  1. I watched \”Redacted\” last night and have to say I thought it was terribly graphic, terribly insightful, horrifically compelling…and tragically, probably terribly accurate. It is important that films like this are made NOW and not ten years down the road (as happened with the best of the Viet Nam movies) but I fear that the people who most need to see this – the O\’Reillys of the world – will ignore it. Speaking of O\’Reilly, sometimes a man can be judged by his enemies as much as by his friends; any O\’Reilly enemy is a friend of mine and obviously doing something right! Bill and his ilk take comfort in the old ostrich strategy of burying their heads so as not to have to confront anything they would rather avoid. The sad part is that even with his head so deeply buried in the sand or in another anatomical area we can still be bothered by his big mouth. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by George Sielen -

  2. i dont have enuf info on redacted at the moment but i am disturbed by the comments heard on o reilly are these comments true?
    pls appear on o reilly and present your position so that most of america can hear why you have done what you have done….
    thank you

    Comment by j a stineman -

  3. Mr Cuban,needs to get his prioritys straight. If this Anti-US military film is released he will hear about it from thousands! I am from a military family and this will not be accepted by any of us! We do plan on a major protest if this film is released. We are not a bunch of O\’Reilly lovers either,rather a bunch of American lovers! All I can say is get ready for a storm of protest,this is unacceptable! Mark Cuban can take his butt and his liberal friends butts out of this great country if he hates it so much!

    Comment by Terry Best -

  4. You go, Mark! It is so much fun watching you, Mark…I have voted for you every week here in (Cowtown)Ft. Worth…just a few miles from Big D.We are all behind you over here, man.
    And…………you are getting better and better! GO MARK, GO!

    Comment by Peggy Grandey -

  5. Mark, I have been a fan of dwts for some time now and thought this year so far has been the best! To watch you dance was the best highlights of the show. I just felt the judges were to critical of your performances. You were really good for someone with no formal dance training. You had my vote every week! By the way the weight loss looks good on you too! Sorry to see you go. you will be missed!!!!!!

    Comment by marsha -

  6. You were the hottest nerd I ve ever seen !! lol ! Keep up the good work, we are cheering for ya here in Okla too !!

    Comment by Angela Mitchell -

  7. Hi Mark,

    Hi Mark,
    You are a hoot! I loved every minute of your dance. You had fun, made lots of us smile and definitely came across a very nice gut. Keep that up, don\’y get cooky…remember Jerry Springer, the popular vote kept him on the show for quite a while. Who knows, if you stick around long enough (and I hope you do) you will definitely get some serious skills out of this.
    You got my 6 votes, I tried on line, but it wasn\’t working. But please don\’t pitch a it over that, that would be your demise

    Comment by Cathy -

  8. Mark,
    I think you are doing great, I don\’t like the judges scores
    for you and your partner. I feel they are jealous of a self made man that has made it like you. I have alot of respect for someone
    like you, so you go for it.

    Comment by sherry -

  9. I fell in love last night Mark your Gorgeous, keep on having
    fun dance your boot off!!

    dam it………………

    Comment by Gabriela O\'Connell -

  10. I broke down and voted for you last night and you better win over Wayne Newton.

    Comment by Barb -

  11. Looks great Mark, your hard work is paying off. Save the sprinkler for the freestyle portion!
    Voting early and often.

    Comment by danielmcvicar -

  12. Great post, good luck!!

    Comment by Jason -

  13. Mark, I\’ve watched every season of DWTS and I was proud of Emmitt and I\’m proud of you as well. You\’ve got my vote and I\’ll have all my friends vote for you as well.

    Good Luck!

    Comment by Janet Johnson -

  14. Good Luck Mark! You are an inspiration to me!

    Comment by Rhonda -

  15. I\’ll vote for you more often next time. I thought you did a great job.

    Comment by Mark R -

  16. All the best tonight, Mark! You looked awesome on the dance floor. For me it\’s not so much your dancing, it\’s your great sense of humor .. you had me laughing so hard … in a really good way. Please stay in to the end, cuz it wouldn\’t be as much fun without you in it. You\’ve got my votes all the way! (what the heck is the \”cabbage patch\”?) –Linn in Whitefish Bay, WI

    Comment by Linn -

  17. Mark… although I have heard of you, I don\’t pay much attention to press so didn\’t really know who you were (being a mother of 4 will do that to you!). I am impressed by your commitment to Dancing with the Stars… it certainly isn\’t something you need to do considering you are not your \”conventional\” celebrity, but that fact that you go on there and do it is awesome… I just started watching the show the middle of last season and got hooked… I am from Canada so I can\’t vote, but I look forward to watching you each week and hope your \”fans\” keep you around!

    Comment by Cris -

  18. You were great! Keep it up and good luck. For reasons of bias you will always get my vote!

    Comment by Kenneth J. Campbell -

  19. Love your Mavs. and Enjoy your Blog.

    Hope you won\’t mention too much of your Makings or your wealth. it gives people the impression you are bragging.

    As a fan of yours, It was uneasy listening to that.

    Enjoy your Dance!

    Comment by Allan -

  20. Hey Mark…Great job tonight! You have all my votes!

    But I have to say GO CAVS!

    Keep up the dancing feet!


    Comment by deb knoll -

  21. Mark
    Best wishes for you to be a STAR. Your a great entertainer. It was fun watching you. Your Pittsburgh Friends

    Comment by Jodi -

  22. mark, for someone with a hip replacement you put the otheres to shame. people will get to know you and support you. just have fun with it and enjoy yourself, i think you were great and will be voting for you next week. keep on dancing……teri

    Comment by theresa kenny -

  23. mark great job. i will be voting for you next week.

    Comment by theresa kenny -






    Comment by Money Mike -

  25. Mark,

    You impress and amuse the whole world on this diffrent talent arena. Good luck, my vote is yours!

    Comment by john simon -

  26. Mark,
    Great Dancing. If you would have danced with the girls in Southbeach, we would have shown you some moves. Remember the girls bachelorette party at Mangos. We didn\’t know who you were. Well, we do now. We have never lived that down. My daughter is married now and I\’m one happy mom. Thanks for the shots that night. I don\’t think I ever personally thanked you. We are voting like crazy for you, \”King of the Road\” You can do it. You got the moves, keep your tongue in your mouth!!! The Mark Cuban Fan Club lives on. The party girls in Southbeach…

    Comment by Vera R. Comar -

  27. I know this is after the voting, but I just want to say, Mark, you are so cute. I watched you dancing, and you even looked like you were having fun. By far, the best dang looking owner in the NBA!!!

    Comment by Deanie -

  28. You were pretty funny! I gave you ONE vote hahaha!!! I hadn\’t heard of you before.

    Comment by Mary -

  29. You weren\’t the top performer out there, but you shouldn\’t have been in the bottom two either. The judges didn\’t help you out by talking up the stupid model guy who didn\’t even move his feet…

    Keep it up, & get those other bloggers to vote!

    Comment by Brent -

  30. Mark, you are the underdogs in this competition but remember, people always like rooting for the underdog, remember \”rocky\”? so just keep practicing hard, you might end up hoisting the trophy in the end. good luck

    Comment by andrew -

  31. Mark, we appreciate the focus and the hard work, but I have to say one thing: please, please stop mouthing the words to the song while you\’re dancing. It may be fun and/or inspiring for you, but it is beyond annoying for the audience. Wish you the best for next week!

    Comment by Julane -

  32. Good job, there could be improvement but with your injury you did well

    Comment by zulma -

  33. go mavs! ,,,i mean go mark

    Comment by michael v romero -

  34. Good luck Mark,
    I hate to say this, but I had not heard of you before your debut on Dancing with the Stars, have to say, loved the dance, loved the outfit and thought that you were great. The fact that you are so fun loving makes it easier to like you. Good luck, will definitely vote for you.

    Comment by Adam -

  35. Mark,

    Great job last night! You look fantastic and looked like you had all kinds of fun! You look SEXY too! I\’ve been trying to vote, but can\’t seem to get through to call. Will keep trying though. Never really watched the show before (well I did when Emmit won) so thank you for giving me a reason to watch. Que guapo!

    Comment by Stacey -

  36. I have been an avid fan of Dancing with the Stars since it first started. I admire your style, and endurance, I cant beleive you just had a hip replacement just 7 weeeks ago, your dancing was wonderful……BUT!!! most of all I ADMIRE someone who stands up and is not afraid to speake their mind about THE DONALD GOOD FOR YOU!! This country needs more people like you….Keep up your great dancing…


    Comment by Heather Schnell -

  37. Way to Represent Big D and all the literate intelligent Texans who don\’t ride horses to work every day. First we dominate with a cowboy… now we dominate with a MAVERICK!!!

    Comment by Cari -

  38. I voted for you on the website, text and phone line!!! I thought you did awesome……… except maybe you shouldn\’t have sang along with the song. I\’m not a pro but I don\’t think ballroom dancers sing along! 🙂 Keep up the good work and have fun and I\’ll be voting for you!

    MFFL!!! Also MCFFL!!!

    Comment by Kim -

  39. Congratulations on making it through the first round!!! I didn\’t vote, but your blog post (which I am reading the morning after the model was kicked off) makes me want to vote twice for you next week! Loved your dance and your attitude! Not so thrilled with the hobo suit! I hope it wasn\’t your decision to go for funny rather than elegant with the costume!

    Thank you for your wonderful attitude! Love your idea (that dancing by men is a great gift to their partners). It is!!!
    Thank you for setting this example!!! Thank you also for unwittingly adding some of the most interesting data to one of our recent family trivia competitions. The question was: What Krier family member dated Mark Cuban? The answer was Kim Krier (who was Kim O\’Toole when she went to I.U. and apparently went out with you a couple of times).

    Thanks, Mark! We need more fun in the world! Thanks for providing fun and entertainment on so many levels!

    Go Sprinklers!

    Beth Ann Krier

    Comment by Beth Ann Krier -

  40. YOU GO MARK! We belive in you!!

    Comment by Melanie -

  41. Try growing a ohno patch for one show, that might serve you well for popularity and votes.

    Being an entrepreneur myself, you got my vote!

    Comment by Glenn -

  42. So, you are pretty much the reason that I will sit with my wife and watch this show, so please, let\’s stay out of the bottom two next week. I like innovators and race car drivers (and the attractive women) If you and Helio drop out, goodbye Dancin\’.

    Comment by Alex P. -

  43. what does your surgeon think about you dancing sooooo soon????

    Comment by Jenni -

  44. You were awesome. You got all my votes on every phone line in the house. Good Luck.


    Comment by Mike -

  45. Mark, I was so happy to see that Josie girl out of there. My wife screamed with delight! The guys are tough, man. I wish you tons of luck!

    Comment by Josh Cox -

  46. Mark, great job on \”Dancing\”. You made Dallas proud! Your smile is infectious! And the scruffy face is a plus! Don\’t worry about being in 2nd to last place on tonite\’s results show. You made the cut and that\’s all that counts. Looking forward to your next performance. Your positive outlook and upbeat personality will take you far!

    Comment by Terri -

  47. I thought you and Kym were great! I just loved how you took notes about the order of the steps in the routine. Can\’t say that I\’ve ever seen that before on the show. For someone who has no background in entertainment I thought you put on a great performance. Can\’t wait to see your routine next week – the Mambo, right?

    Comment by katie -

  48. Last night I voted my votes for you Mark. I know you were criticized for singing along while you danced, but I thought that made it special. It showed you were enjoying all of it. I\’m glad you are still in the competition, and I know you will do even better next week. I have to say, it\’s amazing that you can do that after having had the hip surgery. It made what you were doing even MORE IMPRESSIVE. Be assured… I\’M WATCHING … and VOTING for YOU too. You looked a little concerned tonight, but you made it to the next round… and I KNOW YOU WILL DO IT AGAIN !!! Your so much fun to watch.

    Comment by Sheila -

  49. Oh Mark !!!
    You made it !!! Congratulations for your first week of your awesome performance !!!

    Work hard…Always keep smiling…Listen to your bloggers tips!!!
    Good luck for next week !!!
    I\’ll keep voting for ya !!!

    Way to go!!! Go MAVS !!!

    Comment by Susan M -

  50. I can\’t believe you were even in the bottom two!!!! You will get better votes next week. GO MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Sue -

  51. I was stunned. It is my favorite show on TV but I never expected someone like you to be a participant. I wish I would be in California to kiss you for your courage!

    You have your money;-) and my vote!

    Comment by elena -

  52. Good Luck. Having fun Mark

    Comment by hakan -

  53. Hey Mark.

    High points tonite on mentioning the hip surgery. Those sympathy votes can definitly make a big difference in the final vote count. Heather Mills did very well last year because of the fact and as you know it\’s a great way to start a challenge by telling us and the competition that your in a slight disadvantage right from the get go. In the end though, it\’s not about the sympathy vote but rather who is the better dancer and Mark, you did very well. You picked the right dance and looked very good at performing it. Overall your upper body posture and enthusiasm were both excellent. Your lip synching and lower body movement need a bit of work though. The judges did not mention this tonite but they definitly will. Work on your hip fluidity and alot less facial movement and you\’ll do great.

    You did very well Mark for your first time out, but you know you can do better so go out and do it!!

    Comment by Tony Esposito -

  54. Mark – I love seeing a fellow IU grad on DWTS this season!! I was at IU at the same time you were, and actually remember meeting you through a common friend on Harper 7 in Foster Quad way back in 1975/6. My husband and I live in Dallas now and are huge Mav fans. Coincidentally, he too is from the \’burg! Best of luck to you on the dance floor!!!!

    Comment by Helen -

  55. WOW! You and Kym were great last night! I especially liked the fact that you were taking notes! You have my votes. (Just be careful, when the judges get nasty to you in the future, be calm as the voters will react negatively if you respond back).

    I think you had the most fun last night and it really showed!

    Comment by helen green -

  56. Mark, your awesome. I love you. I watch just to see what you will do next. GREAT JOB….. your so normal. wouldnt know you had a dime to your name. The best kind of guy.

    Comment by Kelly -

  57. I absolutely loved how you danced. I don\’t think there is nothing you can do. I\’m really ammazaed you just went thru hip surgery, your good attitude has a lot to do with your recovery.Keep up the good work, I\’ll be watching from Nogales, Mexico.

    Comment by Lilian -

  58. I think you are absolutely beautiful and I will make sure I watch each and every single episode and watch you grove to the top. Rewardless the outcome, you will always be the one for me.
    A tip from a dancer to now a new dancer, when you move you need to do it like you mean it. Think of a moment, a person, a reason to connect the dance with that image and you will glide throught the season. Best of Luck!

    Comment by Elsa -

  59. I watched Dancing with the Stars last night for the first time ever and it was meant to be. I have been putting off having a hip replacement for over a year much to the dismay of my doctor and family. I felt I was too young and it would limit my life…but after last night, I saw that was totally not true! What an inspiration you are to all of us who have had or need to have the surgery! Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Pam -

  60. Good luck Mr.Cuban. You looked great out there.

    Comment by Pete -

  61. Man, you got my vote! I love the guy with the open shirt, but hey…you belong to us in Dallas -so I will follow Bollinger\’s prompting…. Man, I wish I was still working on the GV and transporting you and Tiffany and the fans back and forth. I would have a disco ball and velour decking the plane!

    This DOES mean that you will be a half time performace for a game this season,correct?


    Comment by Kim -

  62. Hey Mark!

    My husband and I just watched your dance routine and we just wanted to let you know what a GREAT job both of you did! You were very entertaining to watch and had an energetic spirit about you. It was even more interesting to us once we learned more about you online. We both applaud you for going into unchartered waters….can\’t wait for next week! You have our vote!

    Comment by Doug & Samantha -

  63. You are not a good dancer but you are a good sport. Enjoy the limelight and Kym. lol

    Comment by Phil -

  64. You did better than I expected. You may hang around but those other guys can dance – man. Good luck and have fun.

    Comment by Dave -

  65. U made the Front Page of Billion Dollar Baloney! Mark!!

    Yer a STAR!!

    + my Flickr Shots of U Dancing the LAMBADA!! also made the TOP of Explore + Most Interesting + Most SEXY!! on Yahoo! Flickr*****

    Cheers Senor Happy Feet + Sexy Tongue!! Billy ;))


    Comment by BillyWarhol -

  66. Great moves Mark, especially after your hip surgery. I must say that part was the most unbelieveable to me. You give hope & inspiration to many people facing that difficult predicament. I was once there and would love to send you a supply of Regenicare or Regenifree for your healing.

    Comment by Maryann -

  67. Priceless! You really are the great white hope maybe for the next generation of left-footers. But admit it, for guys like me in the over 50 crowd, it will be hard not to cheer for Wayne Newton and Jane Seymour. You are to be commended on many levels. Win or not, you cannot lose. Most of us would kill just to be in the same room as this group of people – and Kym is, well gorgeous as well as a super-talent. We live through you Mark. Good luck.

    Comment by Jim Smith -

  68. Not bad for a guy who looked about as stiff as you can be. Overall, it\’s probably not looking good. He probably has a better chance of buying the Cubs.

    Comment by Russian women -

  69. As I am headed for hip replacement myownself, I am inspired! Way to fight through the nerves and put on a show!! You\’ve got my vote!

    Comment by Hank -

  70. OK, I voted for Mark & Kym, I live in Waco, Tx! Mark, you look like one fun guy. I do like the Mavericks too!!!!!!

    Comment by Sherry -

  71. I saw you last night on the show, great job!

    Comment by Linda -

  72. Mark, I loved you on Preston and Steve this week! You KNOW who gave you the MOTORBOAT idea! Show Steve some love will ya!

    Great job on DWTS! You have my vote just so that we can all see the motorboat!

    Preston & Steve ROCK!

    Comment by Preston & Steve Fan -

  73. From an ex-professional dancer,
    very well done last night!

    Comment by Laura Resnick -

  74. Hi Mark,

    My parents asked if I was going to watch you this year on \”Dancing with the Stars\” because they know I already love watching you and \”our\” Mavs. I told them \”no\”, because I really didn\’t think you were the dancing type! Well, I decided to TiVo it because I really don\’t like to miss an opportunity to see you! I watched it last night and was I ever surprised!! You were great! I hope you go all the way! I\’m still surprised at this new side of you I never dreamed I would see. Go Mark!

    Comment by Karen Lombardi -

  75. Nice performance! Especially after the hip surgery. I hope you\’re not in any pain considering it was just a few months ago.

    If I could give you any criticism, I would say try to loosen it up a little next time. I look forward to your next performance 🙂

    Comment by o -

  76. Your attitude is awesome and quite enjoyable. Surprisingly your dancing is beyond expectations. Keep up the good work and hopefully you\’ll be around till the end.

    Comment by Myra Broslat -

  77. Mark –

    My wife and I have been anticipating your arrival upon the DWTS stage. I have to admit that I was concerned because internet geeks are not known for their personalities or charm and these are attributes needed to win over the voting public.

    Bottomline – you did a fair job of dancing and the competitiveness that you bring will only help you get better at dancing. I can only imagine how difficult this is going to become as the weeks unfold, especially when you are competing with people half your age. I checked the other websites and many of bloggers were impressed by your abilities especially after just having a hip replaced. As a musician of over 40 years I know the main thing is just to have fun when I perform and no matter what happens as you move through the competition – here in the Big D we\’ll be proud of you taking the challenge.

    Comment by Rick Troutman -

  78. I thought you might be this season\’s klutz, but I was pleasantly surprised! Great job (especially after the recent hip replacement.

    But Mark, Mark, Mark … you wouldn\’t ever write \”… pump up the votes for I\”, would you? Then don\’t write \”… pump up the votes for Kym and I.\”!

    Comment by Toni -

  79. Hey Mark! Thought you did great and we\’re behind you all the way! Here\’s a little something we made for you and Kym! Hope you enjoy!-Jen

    Comment by Jennifer -

  80. HEY MARK. Loved the dance and the King-of-the-Road take off. You are so funny. Here\’s an idea. I know DWTS books you guys out to events–depending on how long you stay. So how about this idea.

    You need to bring Kym to half-time Mavs game (yes I\’m positive you will make it through) and invite Apolo & Joey Fatone too. Apolo seems to be an all-sports fanatic and his fans are up for grabs this year, so why not align yourself with the winner. He and Joey seem to have developed a nice friendship last year. I think between Apolo\’s Olympic Gold Medal victories and DWTS win, and Joey\’s DWTS charisma and showmanship it would make for an interesting half-time. And besides, let\’s face it skater fans in Texas rarely have the opportunity to see Apolo in this area! And I know your the one promoter who could pull this off.

    Comment by Carol Oldham -

  81. Mark, keep up the good work. You look so much better with a smile on your face. Kym is the best and you two can win it all if you make up your minds. I know you are a very determined person and you will do whatever it takes to succeed in anything you do. Just remember, no temper tantrums!
    From a Spurs fan in San Antonio! That is saying a lot!

    Comment by Jane J -

  82. You looked great last night, they should have given you a better costume.

    Comment by Ed -

  83. You absolutely have my vote. Less than 2 months after a hip replacement – unbelievable!

    Comment by Patty -

  84. Hey Mark, I didn\’t watch you like I said I wouldn\’t. You are slime because of financing that movie and wanting to continually smear our military just to end the war. Shame on you.

    Comment by Nancy K -

  85. Hi Mark,

    I made an absolute point of seeing you dance last night. Me and my girlfriend don\’t watch the show but had to see our beloved Cuban tear up the carpet. It was very entertaining and we will keep up.

    Good luck man!


    Comment by Neal Behgooy -

  86. Nice job! You were definitely better than Floyd who looked like he was having a painful, protracted seizure. Keep your shoulders down next time and quit singing along and you\’ll DESTROY the competition!

    Comment by Steve Craton -

  87. I decided that my commment was too likely to be misconstrued, so I deleted it.
    Go Mark, break a hip…uh, leg.

    Comment by Thomason -

  88. Way to go Mark…you were SMOKIN\’. We are all wishing you the best of luck out there. Can hardly wait for those next moves, I love the sprinkler!

    Comment by lisa auciello -

  89. That was a pretty cool scar on your bum ;o) and your dancing was great too! You\’ve got my vote…

    Comment by Stacie Jo -

  90. Pretty Boy Floyd got screwed yesterday. 18? Last? He was so much better than Wayne Newton. Mark, you did much better than I expected. COngrats for having the balls to do what I would never do.

    Comment by Thomas Bachonski -

  91. While I have no rhythm, and have no interest in watching a show about dancing, I had to tune in. Your interviews are always funny, but having listened to the Ticket make fun of your sideline dancing, I figured you would just be comic relief for the show.

    I got to admit, you made it look fun and easy. I\’m not sure I could be trained to do those moves with the coach that you had, and I haven\’t had any major joints replaced.

    Keep up the good work and best of luck.

    Omni, MFFL from California

    Comment by Omni Adams -

  92. Mark, 7 why did they give you 7\’s? I would have given you an 8. Great job and I will vote tonight and every week so that you can win. But…. I am a SPURS avid fan. But, I back you on this endeavor. Come November it is all Spurs and as long as you are in the Dancing comeptition I will vote.

    Comment by Grace Peters -

  93. Way to go, Mark…You\’ve got the dark hair, you\’re tall, little bit of a curled lip smile, pick an Elvis song next time…You\’ve got our vote!…Do the Clam, Do the Clam, come and take your baby by the hand…(ClamBake with Elvis Presley)…

    Comment by Ronald -

  94. Mark, Can I just say….Wow! Who knew you were such a ham! Loved your performace. I have admired you for a long time and I have a silly wish to meet you some day. Good luck, keep dancing. I\’ll stay tuned. You\’ve got my vote.


    Comment by Devon -

  95. Mark was great!! What was song that you danced with?

    Comment by Mita -

  96. You are one crazy dancer!
    Have you noticed that most of your comments are from men?

    Comment by Teebo -

  97. Love you on DWTS last night. I know you have surprised a lot of people it was fun watching you. You were great but PLEASE stop singing along. Really don\’t do it.

    Luck – luck – luck,


    Comment by Linda -

  98. From New Hampshire – way to go internet guy! It\’s nice to see you continually transcend the stereotype of a tech entrepreneur and get out there and shake things up! Yeee haaa

    Comment by Justin Pfister -

  99. Mark,

    Wasn\’t able to see your performance but I did make sure to cast all my votes your way. As a loyal Mavericks fan, and having just received the boot from this seasons \”The Bachelor\” I know what its like to do something crazy like reality TV and how nice it can be to have the support of your Dallas locals. Oh and as a side note, the Bachelor is a spurs fan, so it would have never worked out for us anyways. 🙂 Best of luck to you!


    Comment by Natalie -

  100. Hey Mark! You did great tonight! New at this blogging thing! Anyway, I met you years ago at a pool party you had in Dallas and wish I would have talked to you longer! You still look the same and have that really onry cute smile! You\’ve done so much since then and reading about you is so inspiring! You sound like your a great husband and Dad! You\’ve certainly got my vote! Keep dancing!


    Comment by patty jenkins dougherty -

  101. I was very impressed with your dancing ability after hip replacement surgery! You will be a great inspiration for other surgery patients….I hope my vote helps give you an opportunity to keep dancing!!!!

    Your daughter has much to be proud of!

    Comment by Christy -

  102. Just watched the show and you\’ll be fine Mark. Looks like you are having a blast! Keep putting your heart and soul into this (just like in your reality TV show) and you will win America\’s votes. Best of Luck!

    Comment by Julie Dennis -

  103. You did a great job, looked like you were having a ball, which always gets my votes. I look forward to seeing you improve in the weeks to come.

    Go Mark, Go Mavs! 🙂

    Comment by MA i CA -

  104. just seen you on tv good job just remember to keep your mouth shut. and yes i did vote for you.

    Comment by kim b. -

  105. Mr. Cuban, big fan. First time on your blog. Just wanted to say what you\’ve accomplished is remarkable. I\’m in law school right now and seeing what you have accomplished motivates me.

    Comment by Dan -

  106. Mark-
    Good job tonight. You done good young man! Hey- I had my hip replaced too. Well to the club! I understand the \”discomfort\” from the surgery and how weird it feels. I can\’t believe you did so well. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Dan -

  107. Nice work out there Mark! I liked how you snuck the sprinkler in during one of the backstage shots. You\’ve got my vote.

    Comment by Dan -

  108. I just watched you dance. Fantastic! Even though you went on right after a model, you definately get my vote. Singing along with the song definately won me over.

    Comment by Breanna -

  109. Damn! You were actually good!! Even a better lip-syncher than Britney Spears. Good luck the rest of the way!

    Comment by Andrew G.R. -

  110. You guys were great tonight! You could tell how much fun you were having. I\’ll be voting for you and hopefully you will stay on the show until the end. Possibly even have a Mav or two come cheer you on 🙂

    Comment by Courtney Dugat -

  111. Hi Mark. Saw you on \”Stars\” tonight. You were awesome! Your moves were great, and I LOVE when you break out in that little boys smile! 🙂
    I first saw you on Enterpreneur and loved yo uthen! keep up the good moves! I\’m behind you!

    Comment by Laura -

  112. Wow, you really surprised me. When I heard you were going to be on the show, I couldn\’t picture you dancing but your performance was pure style. I gave you all 6 of my votes. I admire you even more knowing you overcame your hip replacement so quickly. I hope to see you in the finals.
    GO MAVS and DIRK!

    Comment by April F. -

  113. I just want to know if he is married?

    Comment by Pamela -

  114. Cuban should be referred to as MFFL not a billionaire by the host and commentators on DWTS. It would connect better with the voting public and everyone knows that his biggest asset is his passion – not his wallet! Go Mark & Kym – bring the Trophy back to Dallas!

    Comment by Jerry Joyner -

  115. Mark..

    That was AWESOME! You rocked and showed what learning is all about. I loved your attitude and you totally pulled it off.

    Way to go!


    Comment by Elliott Masie -

  116. Mark, I\’ll be sure to get my vote in. I am blogging about the show and rooting for you!

    Comment by Dancing With the Stars 2007 -

  117. Good job, Mark! Geesh, I wonder if you even read the comments on you blog. But, best of luck for Dancing With The Stars!

    ~Native Pittsburgh-er~

    Comment by Diane -

  118. you danced great tonite! I loved it!! and great song choice….

    Comment by jiza -

  119. Great Job tonight!!! We are huge fans of Dancing with the Stars and what a big surprise to see you. My girls said \”oh we have to vote for him he was really good\” Plus did you ever get lucky with Kym she is our favorite. Kelly

    Comment by Kelly -

  120. Mark,
    Great job dancin\’ tonight! I would love to get an opportunity to dance like that! Will be walking (not dancing) for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at this weekend\’s \”Walk to Cure Diabetes\” in North Haven, CT – would you consider supporting our walk team with a donation?

    Keep up the good work, but please do not damage your new hip surgery! I don\’t usually vote, but will call one in for you!!!!

    You are awesome!

    Comment by Denise Loeb -

  121. Congrat Enjoyed your dancing, so Googled you….I used to live in Dallas & Lake Dallas, so enjoyed a few Maverick\’s games…They\’re still my favorite team! Your family must be very proud! Good luck to you and Kym! I\’m sure you\’ll go far!

    Your newest fan!
    Dee Huff

    Comment by Dee Huff -

  122. Hi Mark,

    A group of us were at the steakhouse in the Palms last week and you were nice enough to chat and speak with a friends husband. You have our vote. Good job tonight.

    Comment by G -

  123. Hey Mark, watched your performance just now, should say it was really good…..

    Comment by Venkat -

  124. Mark I had such pleasure watching you dance tonight!! You looked like you were truely having a great time!! I hope to see lots more of you on the show and you have my vote!!

    Comment by Miss Erin -

  125. Mark…

    I am truly impressed with your drive and desire to succeed in this dance competition. Coming off of recent surgery with that hip is amazing! Kudos to you my friend! Good luck in the challenge…you got my vote!

    Comment by Mike -

  126. Good Job Mark. Looking good out there. You have my vote… X 7!

    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Matt Fabac -

  127. Churn it up cracker. We watch this show as a family and it is one of the few I can watch w my 7 year old daughter. I probably wouldn\’t watch under my own accord, but my wife and daughter make sure it is on in our living room.

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  128. Bravo MC:

    Well done, considering your recent hip replacement. Black Jack!

    Comment by Mary -

  129. Ouch! That scar looks mean. You did good! Keep it going.
    Gotta Dance ! 🙂

    Comment by Bella -

  130. When you kicked your feet together…I just fell in LOVE.
    I have to say I don\’t know who you are. Sorry. But to dance right after surgery?!? All I can say is you have my vote AND I am in love with your spirit!

    Comment by Marian Latimer -

  131. For the love of G-d, retire the Sprinkler.
    It\’s not charming when frat boys do it and it\’s even worse to see it on National Television.
    No matter how much money you make, that will always make you look like a tool.
    Take my word for it.
    I\’m voting for you, no worries.
    Just stop pulling that Sprinkler action.
    I\’ll give you five bucks American if you promise to stop it.
    Okay, great talk. Let\’s hug it out later.

    Comment by Pfunk -

  132. Go Mavs…Go Mark!!

    Good Luck Mark..

    Comment by Santhosh -

  133. Wow Mark,
    you were as tense as could be! Dog, you need to hit some hip hop dancing and let loose. It can\’t be easy dancing with every muscle in your body tensed up.

    Tell you what, have a few shots of whatever it is you drink and dance it up bro!


    Comment by Roy -

  134. Mark,

    You looked so great on the dance floor! Maybe I\’m a little biased because I think you\’re great already, but you made dancing look like so much fun! You definitely have my vote!

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Ali -

  135. good luck tonight

    Comment by brian -

  136. Good luck Mark, you totally have my vote!!

    Comment by Amy -

  137. Wayne Newton! Did you say Wayne Newton! OMG I luv U Wayne! If you can beat Wayne you\’ve got it in the bag. Plus Kym is smoking hot, but then so it Wayne…

    Comment by Lawn Boy 10686 -

  138. What was the cabbage patch? Same as churn the butter? I\’ll be watching the first episode. Good Luck mark.

    Comment by Champion -

  139. Mark,

    It is good to reconnect over a topic like this. I was with my wife at a salsa/merengue party this weekend hosted by a nice Latin American Family. Needless to say, with no formal training I had some trouble with the merengue. I looked up the definition of merengue and here it is:

    noun 1. a ballroom dance of Dominican and Haitian origin, characterized by a stiff-legged, limping step.

    That was my problem. Stiff legged and limping is not in my repertoire. I was getting some \”you really suck\”, \”you really do not understand our culture\” and \”your poor wife\” looks – So I broke out with the lawn mower and the shopping cart. From that point on I owned the dance floor. I was raised to hero status by every guy at the party that was afraid to try the salsa or merengue. They were on the floor in minutes. SAUZA AND MOJITOS for all.

    Comment by Kevin Jerge -

  140. You got it Mark, you\’re blazing new ground, entertaining us all on many levels and we truly appreciate special people like you that make and keep life interesting!

    Churn baby!

    Will & Pamela

    Comment by Will & Pamela -

  141. I had to GROAN when I was reading of possible comebacks of the most embarrassing moves ever – You can\’t do this to me!!! LOL!!!

    I\’ll be watching and voting. My family who doesn\’t watch this show normally will be rooting for ya. Best of luck!!! We\’re proud of you!!!

    Here\’s doing the Cabbage Patch \”Go Marky, Go Marky, Go Marky, Go Marky!\”

    Comment by Bee -

  142. Hey, Mark,
    We\’re sports nuts, so it\’s been fun to have one more thing to watch on TV. \”Dancing\” is my favorite and Kym has been a favorite, too!! With you on, my husband has agreed to finally watch it with me tonight Good luck!! Last season I was able to vote 5 ways . . . home phone, cell phone, husband\’s cell phone, internet with my e-mail address and internet with my husband\’s e-mail. You\’ve got my votes!!

    Comment by Jo E. -

  143. Mark,

    Go for it!! The women were pretty good last night (Sabrina, Melanie and Jane especially). Just remember that the judges seem to take points off for adding anything in besides \”Ballroom Dancing\” – at least that is the impression I got from last night\’s show – so don\’t add in \”too\” much. Can\’t wait to see the Motorboat – just saw (again) Wedding Crashers last weekend 🙂

    Good luck,


    Comment by James -

  144. Go for it baby! Show Dirk and Stack how it\’s done!

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  145. You have my vote and I\’ll blast this blog all over the place! I know you can do it Mark! best of luck..Hows the hip though? dont get to crazy out there! 🙂

    Comment by DirksGirL -

  146. Good Luck Mark. Having fun is what it is all about!

    Comment by Jeff -

  147. Dance, White Boy! Make us two-left-feeters proud to trip the light fantastic.

    I\’m just glad my wife doesn\’t watch or she\’d be dragging me out there.

    \”What\’s that, dear? Oh, sorry. My back just went out. Again.\”

    Comment by Bob -

  148. Mark,
    I\’ll be watching this season just to see how you do since I\’ve followed your blog for so long. I would say your competition looks pretty tough this year, but I know you\’ll have fun no matter how it turns out. Good luck and smart idea to plug the vote with your blog. Gotta keep up with the Cheeta Girls voters out there 🙂


    Comment by Brent -

  149. You got the white man\’s overbite down.

    Comment by Pat Crofoot -

  150. I\’ll be sure to TIVO it so I can use it to prep for our next wedding reception or party. Good luck, Mark.

    Comment by Daddy Dan -

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