DWTS – What a wave of emotions

Wow. Talk about a range of emotions and a humbling experience.

I was suprised at how I wasnt as nervous as I thought i would be during the day on Tues. I got a good nights sleep. I was excited, but not overwhelmed. I think a lot of it had to do with all of the guys hanging out together during the day telling jokes.

As we got closer to showtime, the nerves definitely started to build. It was fun to watch the others dance. The entire group, competitors and pros get along so well. Everyone is truly nice to each other. But it was obvious the tension was building. Whenever we had a break, I would go off to the side to practice. My mental hump was making sure I got the first few steps right. Once i got past that, I thought I would be alright.

When it was our turn, we walked out there and took our places. I got to see my wife and family which calmed my nerves some, but then they started the video package. I couldnt watch. I didnt want anything distracting me. When they announced our names, Now dancing the Foxtrot….I just thought to my self to trust our practice and make sure to have fun.

I have to say that the first couple beats I felt like I was in total control. Then its a blur. We got into the dance, and I literally barely remember the dance till the end. I could see Kym in front of me. I felt like things were moving good. I literally could not hear a thing other than the song. I dont know if Kym said anything to me during the dance. I dont know what the crowd cheered to (or didnt). I didnt see anyone’s face in the crowd. Then we got to the end, I did my jump, and when i landed and pointed at Kym, it was the ultimate rush of excitement. I cant explain it. I just wanted to scream to release all the energy that had been building up over the last several weeks.

Standing there in front of the judges. Honestly, I was just happy that they were smiling. I didnt really know how I did, but I saw my wife and family smiling as I glanced over there. I could tell they all were proud of me. When their comments were honest and actually encouraging it made the night even more special, and when we hit 21. I was thrilled. I was happy for me, I was happy for kym.

Wednesday was actually a relaxing day. I got to the studio about noon. Had to get the costumes and everything on for rehearsal. I brought my computer with me so that during the hour or so down time we had, I could answer emails.

The energy of the day was exciting, with a little dread. Honestly, I didnt think I had to worry. But i knew that someone had to go, and that despite getting a 21, that there still were only 4 out of 12 with lower scores, so that it could be me. All day long and through most of the show, everyone was telling each other to be confident and to have fun.

Going out there on the stage as the different people were being “saved” to dance another week, and then people with lower scores were “saved” I realized that Kym and I might be in trouble.

It did not feel good to be standing up there having the lowest score for Tuesday night. It definitely hurt. I kept looking to my family as they struggled to smile and show their support. I definitely did not want to go home. I didnt want to go home for my dad, my brothers, my wife, my daughters. For every bit of work i put into the last few weeks. For everytime I went home struggling. They were there to pick me up. When I hurt , my wife let me slide on things. When I felt bad because I was leaving the house to go to practice, my daughter was there to encourage me and to cheer for me when I came home and showed her what I had learn. Thats what I was thinking about.

When they called out Josie’s name. I honestly didnt hear it. I was looking at my family. My brother stood up and gave me the thumbs up and I realized that it was ok. We had survived another week. That set off another set of emotions. I was happy. I was mad. I was upset.

What had I done wrong ? Had i not worked hard enough ? Did people really not care enough about me to vote for me ? Its a weird, humbling experience. But its one I signed up for.

I have to take the bad with the good. Ive got to turn this into a positive. We are the underdogs. When I signed up, I knew that everyone thought i was going to be the one guy who couldnt dance. I think, and I hope I surprised a lot of people. The emails and calls of support I have gotten the last 2 days have been incredible.

Now everyone thinks we are the ones to go next week. Hopefully people will rally to support us. I know that Kym and I will be working harder than ever. We have practice scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning. We have a great Mambo routine worked out to a fun song. When I walk out there next week, I will probably have the same wave of emotions, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

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  1. Mr. Cuban,
    You said in one of your responses that you did not read this script. Why would anyone allow themselves to be associated with anything before they knew what it was. I know that I think more of my family name than that. With that said, why wouldn\’t you have immediately pulled such trash if it portrays situations such as a soldier raping and burning a little girl. I have family fighting for your rights today. Maybe if you had a few of those rights and luxuries taken away you might appreciate this country and our service men a little more. From the comments I have heard, maybe you really ought to consider taking your fortune and life and leave.
    Sindy McLain

    Comment by Sindy McLain -

  2. In all due respect, Mr. Cuban, I think you are the whore. Whether or not we should be in Iraq is not the question, its the way in which you portray us as criminals. I\’m sure Osama thanks you for your terrorist enlistment drive.
    Rot in Hell.

    Comment by Larry Sisk -

  3. you did a great job considering you had a hip replacement… i saw the scar… good luck!!

    Comment by stacy -

  4. mark,ur dancing last nite was great.i knew then that ur gonna make it next week. keep that feet working..good job..

    Comment by bingbing -

  5. Mark,
    You got screwed tonight. I think they are jealous that you have money! Why are all of your songs about money. You did great tonight and I voted for you 11 times by text and 3 times by phone! that is all I could get through. On line voting is not working right now so I am mad that I cannot vote anymore. If you are in the bottom two tomorrow, I will be very unhappy! You are awesome!

    Comment by Leisa -

  6. Congradulations. We will continue to vote by every source we have. I am very happy you got voted through so early. Although I am traveling from San Francisco to visit my daughter in Texas and am so excited to be going to the Mav,s game next tuesday. I was kinda hoping to see you there but that is before I saw you dance and saw how happy it made you.

    Best of everything to you


    Comment by Janet Chelone -

  7. I thought you were great! I am rally to get all my coworkers to vote for you.

    I can\’t wait for next Monday. Work hard and keep smiling and get some sleep.

    We are behind you all the way.

    Belinda from Carrollton

    Comment by Belinda -

  8. i watch dancing w/the star since the day 1 and was so excited to know that ur one of the celebrity..i\’ll be honest w/u i did\’nt vote on the premier nite thinking that all the mav\’s fan will be on ur side but i was wrong.i was really disappointed w/the score u got last nite, u did really good. a little advice tho\’ u need to move more w/that hips when its a latin dance..i can see that u r having so much fun dancing. keep up the good work.and im gonna work more on the votes next week. bing

    Comment by bingbing -

  9. Mark, believe it or not, i could stand seeing you there as one of the 2 lowest. i was in total shock. ok, don\’t take this the wrong way, i\’m so not into sports so i had no idea who you were. the night i saw you dance, you became my instant \”winner\” cause i could honestly tell you were loving it. i came and told me husband to \”google\” you and there you were. now, i\’m like you biggest fan. I didn\’t get to vote at all that night cause i couldn\’t get a line in. It was SUPER busy i guess. Stand proud and smile, i saw your family and how proud they were of you, they totally loved it also. they are also one of the reasons i voted for you. i\’m a total family person. I believe that with family we can do anything we want. Have a blast this week and just remember you have my vote…

    Comment by edna -

  10. Mark I think you are doing a Great Job, just keep working at it and dont let the Judges get you down!
    Keep Smiling…Love that Smile!
    I will keep voting for you!!

    Comment by Jeannine -

  11. I was really surprised that you were in the bottom two. All I knew about you was the \”billionare\” part from your intro but my brother told me you were the owner of the Mavricks and even he said you were good. I didn\’t vote b/c I figured you did great especially after the \”bouncing bionic billionare\” comment. Your dance made me smile and that is very important to a successful dance (look at Joey Fatone from last season). Good luck this week and this time I will definately vote!

    Comment by Meredyth -

  12. Surprised by where you came out last time—–it will be better this time. Hang in there just like you want the Mavs to hang in there when the game gets tough and close….you can talk the talk now show them you can walk the walk!

    Comment by Grandma Jan from Idaho -

  13. Mark

    Congratulations on making it to the next round! You are doing a great job and, as always, casting Dallas in a good light. Keep your smile on.

    Comment by Andrew Standard -

  14. YOU HAVE TO STOP REMINDING US HOW MUCH YOUR WORTH OR YOUR NOT GOING TO BE WORTH MUCH OF NOTHING WITH DANCING WITH THE STARS! Please! By the tone of these responses, yes, I\’ve read them all this time, seem to be begging you to stop the \”I got more money than you\’ll ever have\” comments.

    You have to remember that your dancing with a professional dancer that has worked her butt off to be one of those dancers, it\’s HER dream to be a winner! Your fans here are far different than those people that never heard of Mark Cuban and could care even less about the money. Do you throw that \”money\” bragging talk everywhere you go? If you do someone in your camp needs to tell you were sick of hearing it; WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND. Talk about your kids, wife and the fact that you had a serious surgery but your there, which is worth more than $$$$$ dollar signs, that\’s what want to know about you Mark – are you reading anything were saying on here or not? Come on Mark, you have a fantastic dance partner that if you guys win, or in the very least keep going for weeks ahead, your contributing to her career as the talented & beautiful professional that she is.

    Myself and thousands of your fans in Dallas want to see you & Kym win this so eat a piece of Humble Pie, if you\’ve never had it before, duh guess not, I will send you the recipe.

    Gook luck!

    Comment by Mevster -

  15. I\’ve always loved Mark\’s winning spirit and know he can bring it in next weeks competition, wnatever you got to do Mark, your City is with you & Kym!!

    Comment by Mevster -

  16. Mark, it was sad to see you in the bottom two last week. I\’ll be voting for the first time ever to make sure that doesn\’t happen again. You\’re quite charming on the dance floor. THAT I didn\’t expect!

    Comment by Paula -

  17. Mark – You and Kim were terrific last night. Those judges are always playing favorites. I didn\’t think you belonged in the bottom 2 last week either. Marie and Wayne should have been there. You have my votes anyway. Great job! Good Luck.

    Comment by Kathleen Byrne -

  18. Thanks for letting us share this adventure with you!
    I\’m so impressed that you were able to dance as well as you did after hip replacement so recently.

    About being at the bottom of the list, I\’m afraid that people often vote according their hearts rather than dancing skill.

    Though it is not fair, I\’m afraid that Wayne, Jane, and Marie have instant fan support and are going to get votes just for showing up. You are not as well known outside of the sports world. And since middleaged women are the majority voters, they enjoy their old favorites being in the competion.

    I voted for you and hope you continue to do your best. At the end of the day, only you and your loved ones really matter.
    Give it your best and make them and yourself proud. Then you\’ll have no regrets whatever happens.

    Comment by Deb -

  19. Mark!…Way to go! The very confidence you show on the dance floor by attempting something you are not an expert at is revealing as to a great clue why you can attract billions of dollars. You try something and are not scared or worried as to what other think. If we all went about our day the same way we might all be competing for a share of the billions available to everyone. We\’ll see a lot more of you on the dance floor for weeks yet…maybe a 1st place? Go for it. Grant

    Comment by Grant Gibson -

  20. Dallas is behind you, Mark!!! You have done SO MUCH for our fabulous city, so please know that there are lots of us out there cheering you on and voting for you!! Keep showing the world the \”other side\” of Mark that many people in this city are lucky enough to know, and you will go far!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Comment by Laura Runge -

  21. I think it is a case that people either don\’t know you or didn\’t think you needed the votes. Nothing like a little scare to jump start the fan base. Don\’t be too worried…I think you will win people over each week!! Keep up the good work!!


    Comment by RSZski -

  22. Two cows are standing in a field.
    One says to the other \”Are you worried about Mad Cow Disease?\”
    The other one says \”No, It doesn\’t worry me, I\’m a horse!\”

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    Comment by WILL -

  23. One thing I like is quality and hard work. Keep your chin up and be proud of what you have accomplished so far in such a short period of time. You have my votes! Oh and don\’t worry, your name is at least millions more reconizable now than before.

    Comment by David Johnson -

  24. Mark,

    I thought you did great, and you didn\’t deserve to be in the bottom two. I\’ll be watching you tape live Monday night, but if I can get home in time to vote, I\’ll toss a few your way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Comment by Sharon -

  25. You were good, however a little advice, don\’t mention your money on camera again. Voters may see it as bragging and will feel that you do not need to win. They will not vote for you. This could be the reason you were in the bottom two.

    Comment by gloria -

  26. Mark,

    Never posted before but a big fan of the show. Wanted to say that your energy was infectious. I can\’t wait to see what you\’re going to do on Monday!

    Good luck. We\’ll be voting!

    Comment by Kristi -

  27. At 1st all I knew about you was that you were a gazillionaire owner of the Mavericks. After reading your blog, I know that you are a complex, idealistic, wonderful man and deserve the votes and support on DWTS. Josie, Albert and you came out with no fan base and that is usually the kiss of death on the show. Albert played the crazy surfer devil may care card to the hilt. And won. Josie didn\’t play her \”green eco queen\” card and lost. As sort of an expert on this show and from the demographic you need the most, I suggest you play your humanitarian card right away. The audience needs to know about your movie, after all 70% of us are against the war. They need to know you stood up to a talking head without flinching. They need to know and see your family ties early on. That carried Jerry Springer for weeks past his due date.
    I am sure you can get some PR out there quickly that is deeper than a team owner. Really, that is all that is known of you to the average viewer.
    After reading your blog entries on everything from non partisanship to your last fistfight, you gave me a peek into the decent man you are. Good luck & I will be voting for both you and Kym this week.

    Comment by Smitty187 -

  28. Definitely surprised at the rating; as the show moved on, I have to say that I got nervous for you-
    I have never voted on the show before, but most definitely will vote as many times as I possibly can.

    Comment by Paula -

  29. Mark, you really did a great job, just need to let some parts of the US know about you. My girls are telling everyone at their schools, my husband at his work and I am sending out e-mails to all my girlfriends. I know this is a small portion, but sometimes that all adds up!!! Sorry to say, I do not know anything about basketball, DANCE is where my family connects and are furious that you were in the bottom two!!! So not deserved and we will help get the word out for next week.

    Comment by kelly -

  30. Great Job, Mark! I was very, very impressed. Can\’t wait to see your Mambo next week. I\’ll be voting for you!

    Comment by Holly -

  31. Being a Mavs fan from Dallas, I feel obligated to vote for you, even though I love Jane Seymour and grew up watching 90210…

    Tip of the week: Wear a very nice suit–no more costumes–you are not a famous member of a popular boy band! (J.F.)

    Oh, and if you get a chance, call in to the Edge 102.1 during the morning show on the day of your competition–those guys are really promoting you.

    Comment by Robin W -

  32. I\’m voting for you. You did way better than some of your competitors … there were a couple I couldn\’t watch. Would you please promise NOT to get the orange spray on tan though?

    Comment by jacquie -

  33. Congratulations on making it to Round 2! You can count on mine and my wife\’s votes next week. Keep working hard! You\’re going to CRUSH the competition! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Steve Craton -

  34. I want to congratulate you. I know how hard it is to get on a stage and do something you have never done before and before millions of people. It takes courage, but that you obviously have. Keep at it. I am sure you will get a lot out of this experience and I will be applauding you all the way from Aruba

    Comment by Suzy -

  35. It is NOT easy to be in any stage. You are doing wonderful! Keep practicing and keep the FAITH.

    Comment by gertrude huber -

  36. relax. have fun. go get a couple of double double\’s and keep your chin up. i\’ll be voting for you next week, and the week after, and the week after that. you like to win and i know that by coming in next to last they\’ve just pushed the competitor(no spell check arrghhh…) in you to a whole new level…watch out dwts…mark is going to be ON next week.

    Comment by mikie -

  37. You were awesome Mark. I was truly shocked to see you in the bottom two. I\’m sorry to say I didn\’t vote but next time I will. Keep the faith!


    Comment by Deborah -

  38. Mark,

    You really surprised me a LOT with your dancing. I hate to admit it, but I was one that didn\’t expect much from you, so it was a great surprise to see you dance so well! As someone else said, the devil is in the details! Focus on the details like your posture (the judges are HUGE on this), arm position (another judge biggie), DON\’T SING TO THE SONG – we all know you\’re happy and having a blast, but that will knock a point, at least, off your scores. Concentrate on staying on the balls of your feet, lock your arms, straighten those shoulders and you\’ll do great. One last piece of unsolicited advice, should you happen to read this, STICK TO THE RULES of the dance! MANY a good dancer has been raked over the coals by the judges because the professional inserted some non-standard moves into the choreography of the dance – if a move isn\’t allowed in a particular dance, DON\’T DO IT!! The judges have NO sense of creativity and they just don\’t appreciate the more fun/interesting moves – they will skewer you for it on your scores!

    Keep you head up, focus like I know Mark Cuban can, and you will be fine! You definitely have the stuff champs are made of – just look at what you\’ve done for my Mavs!!

    Comment by Kathy H. -

  39. This 67 year old fit ballroom dancing (3-4 times a week) fan of DWTS was stunned to find you in the bottom two. I smiled with delight watching you have so much fun–your commitment visible. And, your enthusiasm triggered my first time voting post show with all six votes going to you and Kym. Admittedly the caliber of dancers this year exceeds previous years and most will, as in the past, improve with practice. But your effort didn\’t warrant the bottom two. I hope your Maverick fan base will rally in future weeks and extend your run. I\’m rooting for you (but not your Mavericks–I\’m still a loyal snowbird Blazers/Suns fan)!

    Comment by RJ -

  40. Looking forward to seeing you get out there and have some more fun next week.

    Also looking forward to opening day for the MAVs !

    Comment by Scott Humphrey -

  41. You have our support in Flower Mound. We have gotten to know you through our neighbor(who nannied for you). We have become avid Mavs fans and enjoy seeing this new side of you. Our three year old keeps asking to see \”Mark Cuba\” dance on the computer. She even said she would name her puppy Mark Cuba. We think your reasons for doing this show were/are great. Life is short, embrace it! We\’ll be watching. Good luck!

    Comment by Heather -

  42. Good job! If I may offer advice I would caution you to be humble and not mention your being a billionaire etc. For most Americans to like you (or anyone) enough to put the effort into voting for you and wishing you well, they must see you as likeable and not \”haughty\”. (Sorry, as a psychologist I coach individuals and teams on winning strategies)) I personally found you endearing when you spoke about your daughter. You are one of my favorites and I will vote for you every week. I wish you the best.

    Comment by Brenda MacDonald -

  43. Definitely were in the upper half in terms of dancing.

    Problem for you is you do not have a core base of support, like some of the other Stars. Sure, you are a great team owner, etc… but people are not going to be moved to vote for you the same way they will for the teeny bopper, the hottie model, etc.

    So… you better climb the learning curve and start pulling in those 27s, 28s, etc. to make sure you stay!!

    Comment by JB -

  44. My mom was a dancing teacher and I took dancing for 20 years. I know what it takes to look poised and calm. You were amazing! From a technical point of view you were excellent. We\’re proud of you.

    Comment by Fred Hansen -

  45. Mark, I did not know you before DWTs, my husband told me who you were. I am a physical therapist and was so amazed by your achivements on the dance floor only two months after your HR surgery. You look like a great guy. Keep your head up, your wonderful humble personality and keep dancing with the stars. I never voted for a show before but I will diffenetly vote for you next time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. you were AWESOME!Looking forward to the Mambo. Leave the D alone, you get an A+.

    Comment by nadia -

  46. Mr. Cuban: Not being a \”dancing\” fan myself, I watched as we are Mav fans & I have to say not bad Mr. Cuban….not bad at all. It\’s one thing to dance around our own livingrooms but a differnt story when your up there in front of America & the critics. So from all of us Real Texans,\” \”getrdone.\” We\’re \”rooten&tooten\” for ya all the way. MillerinBigD.

    Comment by Charles Miller -

  47. You were definately better than Floyd and Wayne. I believe there are people who have an impression of you from some of the Basketball antics OR they just don\’t know who you are. Be light and funny and practice as much as you can….I think you could be there for many weeks. Look out for the pretty boys, its the young girls who vote and they don\’t appreciate charisma and humor as much as those of us with a little experience behind us.

    Comment by Carol -

  48. Mark — you did great! ONe suggestion — shave the facial hair. It will make you look less sinister and much appealing to the women who are the ones who vote. Other than that, your enthusiasm was contagious and I wish you the best of luck.

    Comment by karen -

  49. I was surprised you were in the bottom two because you danced very well. Like the other person mentioned, remember not to mouth the song as you dance and don\’t mention your $$$ in the interviews, it might rub some voters the wrong way (I don\’t care, I know how it is to be excited with one\’s accomplishments).

    You come across as a very nice guy and not arrogant at all (like you know who).

    Keep on dancing. You got my votes.

    Comment by Judith -

  50. Hey Mark – Just some random Dallas-ans and Mavs fans who are behind you all the way! We enjoyed your reality show a couple years ago, and we\’re ONLY watching Dancing with the Stars because you\’re on it. Can\’t wait to see your moves next week! You should join the Mavs Dancers at half-time this season =) That would be hillarious if you put on their outfits and wore a wig…let me know if you\’re going to do it so I\’m there!! We all love you no matter who the mindless zombie masses vote for.


    Comment by Crystal Chadwick -

  51. Mark,
    You are doing great!!! I think you are full of energy and hilarious … a fantastic asset to the show! Keep up the good work … Chattanooga, TN is rooting for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Miss Barbara -

  52. Mark-I have to say that you should be proud of your performance on DWTS. Until Tuesday night, I had never heard of you (sorry) but give you credit for being out there having recently had hip replacement surgery. A great sense of humor will go a long way in winning over the fans. I wish you the best.

    Comment by Peggy -

  53. I will continue to vote for you for as long as you are on, you are doing a great job.

    Comment by sandy wadsworth -

  54. Just some brief thoughts: hip replacement ?! Really! Wow, and just 2 months ago. Expected that from 65 yr old Wayne Newton but not you Mark. All the other guys were dressed nicely in dancewear but you had that tattered looking sportjacket. I didn\’t get or understand that. Is that a trademark thing of yours or something ? But it was definitely a case of \”which one of these doesn\’t belong\”.

    But hey, like the judges said, you looked like you had a good time and you fared better than the so-called Mr Vegas, so good for you. Keep your tongue in your mouth (while performing on stage) and good luck in your next performance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Eludium-Q36 -

  55. Mark, I thought you did a great job, considering you recently had surgery. I think you have a great spirit and I will continue to vote for you. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Lakeisha -

  56. Well Mark, I was prepared to think you were a pompous ass, but you are a breath of fresh air, and honest. $$$$$$ has not skewed your vision at all. We need more people like you. As for the dancing, I think you have 2 more weeks to go!

    Health and Happiness, Cory

    Comment by Cory Laughlin -

  57. Mark – I really think it would help if they would stop calling you a billionaire! That just makes people jealous. They have hyped you as this instead of a successful businessman and team owner and they should just leave the billionaire part out. Trust me, I know as we have encountered the same reaction due to my husband\’s successful Silicon Valley business. So, see if you can convince those MC jokers to leave out the billionaire business and you will be judged by how hard you work and try to do well in DWTS by the fans.

    Comment by Karen -

  58. How do you dance like that with a recent hip replacement? I\’m 62 and in dire need of total hip replacement, am scared to death since I lost my husband from a blood clot to his lungs after back surgery. But when I saw that you just had a new hip and could dance so well I was inspired because I used to dance a lot before my bad hip. Can you tell me how you recovered and rehabed so well so quickly? Did you go home after surgery or to a rehab facility for intense physical therapy. My health benes won\’t pay for much so I\’m afraid I might not have the success story you did. Please tell me how you did it….you\’ve got my VOTE! Congratulations!

    Comment by Elizabeth -

  59. I thought you did a great job! You looked like you were having fun. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Kay -

  60. I loved watching you and Kim…
    I didn\’t vote last week because I figured you\’d be safe.
    No worries… I got my fingers ready for next week! Do us proud!

    Comment by London~ -

  61. Mark – Thanks for making Dallas proud! You did a great job and I loved the performance. I remembered that song from my youth, it was one that my dad and I used to sing together : ) nice memories. Hang tough! and we look forward to seeing you for weeks to come! Above all just have fun!

    Comment by julie -

  62. Mark – This is the first time I\’ve ever visited your blog (thanks, People Magazine!). I thought you were WONDERFUL on Tuesday and I used all of my online votes for you and Kym. Don\’t be discouraged!!! You have so many fans and supporters out here and we\’re going to be voting like crazy for you! We love you, Mark!!!!

    Comment by Lori in Plano -

  63. Yes, I have to agree with the post above – try not to sing as they will ding points on you for that. Instead, just smile from ear to ear and sing in your head. Your smile is infectious and that alone can take you a long way!

    Good Luck!

    Comment by Joy -

  64. Ok,I didn\’t vote because I couldn\’t figure out how. I liked last year\’s set up better. However, any boy from Mt. Lebanon who gets to dance with Kym gets my vote any day of the week – if I can only figure how to vote!! Seriously, if you were lousy, I wouldn\’t vote for you but you made me laugh, I ENJOYED watching you and, what a bummer to find out you are married – but, my husband understood! (Am I allowed to say \”way to go Steelers!!\” ?

    Comment by Candy -

  65. I used all my votes for you!!!

    Comment by Lindsay -

  66. I became a fan of yours after the whole Dairy Queen issue years ago & loved watching your passion for your basketball team. I really thought you wouldn\’t be in the bottom 2 and I didn\’t vote. But, this week I\’ll make sure to vote for you & Kym….many votes!!!!

    Comment by Julie -

  67. you rocked!

    Comment by nanette martinez -

  68. Hi Mark:
    That was such a great performance you gave Tuesday night. I\’m not sure what impressed me more, the dance or the man dancing. I\’d venture to say both. It was so charming and you are very charismatic. It comes through on the screen. I think the results show was a wake up call to your Mav fans and your new fans (me) to get out there and vote. I\’m looking forward to this week. Good Luck to you and Kym.

    Comment by Lily -

  69. Hey I thought that you did great and it really looked like you tried, i will be voting for you next week and hope that you do really well. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Tyra -

  70. Welcome to the world I live in, Mark.

    Selling a CBA franchise to its own hometown businesses is similar to your dancing in front of millions. I dance my team in front of folks, and they vote with their checkbooks. I don\’t have your star power, prestige or great smile, lol.

    Welcome to the world I live in.

    Good luck. I\’ll be voting for you, okay?

    Comment by Chuck -

  71. I\’m so weird I didn\’t even know you were on this show Mark. I don\’t watch stuff like this. I actually find it very strange that you are on this show and I may have to visit YouTube so I can watch you dance. Don\’t get me wrong, I like to dance too… but in my own very special way. I don\’t like following someone else\’s moves. To me that\’s not even dancing. Dancing is when you let the spirit of the music inside of your body. Dancing is something you do for yourself. Dig!

    Comment by Weird Biz -

  72. p.s. please do not sing while dancing. It\’s very distracting. Your big smile is enough!

    Comment by Char -

  73. I\’m glad to read that you had a good time. Good Luck next week, practice, practice, practice!

    Comment by Karen Biegger -

  74. In response to Sandy\’s comment about Alec Mazo asking everyone who voted for him and Josie to vote for Edyta and her partner, maybe not the fair thing to do, but, in his defense, Alec and Edyta were married this summer. He\’s just being supportive of his bride. I thought it was sweet.

    Comment by Janice -

  75. Mark,
    I\’m trying to get all our listeners (KLCE-FM Idaho Falls/Pocatello, Idaho) to vote for you. It\’s a tough sell here because I think Julianne\’s Grandparents live in Idaho Falls. Maybe you should call the show and make a personal plea.
    I\’m in your corner Mark – I think our little morning show can make a difference for you this week.
    Call Me!


    Comment by Liza Raley -

  76. Mark – everything about you doing this is a major positive: no need to turn it into one. We\’ll be watching next week – best best best of luck to you.

    Comment by Stephanie Fierman -

  77. In addition to the details the judges brought up, I\’d offer you one more recommendation: Drop the lip-syncing. I know you\’re having fun, and when you love the song and you love what you\’re doing, it\’s hard to resist singing along, but it really doesn\’t look that good on television. Keep your face expressive, and keep having as much fun as you obviously are, but also try to look like you\’re in a dance competition, not a sing-along, or lip-syncing contest. Might get a few more votes that way.

    Still you did great, and shake a leg next week!

    Comment by John -

  78. I am making my whole family vote for you! I think you are a great success story.

    Comment by Ashley -

  79. Mark, chin up buddy. I thought you were awesome. I was shocked you were in the bottom two. What can we do to build up fan base for VOTES? I will help anyway I can. We are setting up more accounts to vote, in our household….5 ppl instead of 1.
    VOTE FOR MARK!!! Mark and Kym to win!!!!
    Go Mavs:o)

    Comment by aj -

  80. Mark! I suppose whoever did the costumes and chose the song for this show thought it would funny to have a \’billionaire\’ dressed in a ill-fitting \’hobo-tux\'(while all the other men were sharply dressed) and dance to \’King of The Road\’..
    That did NOT help your performance one bit. I saw Debbie Dedman\’s piece on you on Ch 8 & frankly I was impressed. I couldn\’t believe how well you held your arms & the hand positions! (yes, the physique looked better too). But when it came to the actual performance,there was none of that precision. You really did look sloppy, like an \’average joe\’.
    STAY FOCUSED….You\’ve proved you can do this so GO FOR IT!

    Comment by Char -

  81. Mark, I wonder if voters were turned off by all the references to you being a billionaire. It seems like that was repeated several times. That\’s not to say that the other contestants aren\’t well off – it was just emphasized with you. Is there a way you can have the program de-emphasize that part of your background, and emphasize your family? It may help. Over the years of this show, those voted off are not always the worst dancers of the night. There are many factors that determine one\’s vote. Good luck.

    Comment by Diane -

  82. I voted for you Mark! I\’m going to rally my troops even more next week for you! You\’re a joy to watch on the show and I\’d hate not to see you on there every week!

    We Mavs fans need to unite!!!

    Comment by Jamie -

  83. Mark…….excellent job \”dancing with the stars\”. Nothing impresses me more that someone with the courage to try something new. Bravo! I\’ll be voting for you. Best of luck.

    Comment by Jo -

  84. In terms of skill, you were definitely NOT at the bottom of the pack. I think the problem is the audience\’s perception of you. I was born and raised in Dallas; I\’m an avid DWTS fan and I\’m rooting for you, but, even to me, your persona comes across as all about money and that turns people off. Your business accomplishments are phenomenal, but I suggest leaving that out of the mix and showing everybody when it comes to dancing you\’re an average guy (no more mention of \”billionaire\”).

    Comment by Janice -

  85. Tremendous job Mark. Hat\’s off to you.

    Comment by Gil -

  86. Mark,I\’m a surgical RN and when I heard you were post op hip surgery, I couldn\’t believe you were doing this. You were awesome! Keep up the charisma, smile, but don\’t sing, maintain eye contact. I didn\’t like the costume, dress flashy, but classy, oh, and by the way shave! Good luck. MaryPat

    Comment by mp -

  87. fag

    Comment by bill blake -

  88. I smiled the entire time you and Kym were dancing – you really surprised me and I\’ll be voting for you. You did great!

    Comment by crwella -

  89. Take a look at Michael Jackson\’s \”Thriller\” or \”Bad\”. Try to incorporate some of that. Just a suggestion.

    Comment by Dave Foster -

  90. Here\’s the thing: with more than one email account…more votes.
    Mark, I voted for ya…often.
    I really think as well loved as Wayne Newton is, heaven bless his soul, he\’s gonna be the man to beat.
    SO, keep smiling and being humble.
    It\’s your only defense at this point.

    I really felt for you, man.
    But, Wayne Newton is your Lex Luthor.
    (He\’s not evil and bald, but still)

    Start singing \’Daddy don\’t you walk so fast\’ to him.
    That\’s a tearjerker.
    Could affect his performance.

    That\’s not right, is it?

    Comment by pfunk -

  91. Mark ~

    Practice, practice, practice..

    Hope it\’s going Great, great, great…

    Passion is the key my friend and that\’s what people feel.

    SO if you can focus your energy to feel, versus analyze and think, you\’ll create some magical energy. You\’ re smart enough, just execute!

    Confidence in learning will allow you to feel it when you need to. You only have to pull it off 1 time!! Feed of the audience and your family\’s love!

    I\’ve got some painted t-shirts for you and Brian.
    If you don\’t want the surprise here is the link
    the ones I painted for you


    Creative Regards


    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  92. You were adorable!!!! That sexy smile of yours is going to work like a charm. Don\’t change a thing.

    Comment by Toni -

  93. Ok ill trade you 20 votes in exchange for Cubs Tickets when you become the owner/ and or win this competition !!! I kid, good luck ! I love this entry its very real and full of emotion and Tell Floyd to be more gentle in his routine. Keep smiling and move your hands more. Now go get em !

    Comment by CubsFan -

  94. I think you did very well. Just keep practicing and smiling. I am enjoying the blog. It is great that you are doing this post surgery!! Your energy and determination are inspiring. I will keep watching and voting!! You will always be a winner for taking the challenge and doing your best-no one can take that away!! I did not like the comments about a disaster or ballroom blitz though. I also agree with the previous comments get them to lose the \”billionaire\” title and replace it with owner of the Dallas Mavericks!!

    GOOD LUCK!!! And keep looking at the smiles on the faces of your family in the end-you are already a winner as long as you have your family\’s support and love you have it all!!!!


    Comment by Peggy McKenney -

  95. I am pulling for you and Kym. I admire the way you put so much energy into everything you do. If you put as much energy into this as you have done in turning around the Dallas Mavericks, you will be a winner!! I think it took a lot of guts to take this on and I admire all of the dancers who participated!! I think some of the comments were a little unfair especially about being a disaster or a ballroom blitz…but then I am not a judge!! GOOD LUCK NEXT WEEK!!!!

    Comment by Peggy McKenney -

  96. Mark,

    Glad to see that you made it through the first round. One piece of feedback or advice. See if you can get them to use the \”billionaire\” or rich brand. Folks seem to be less likely to root for someone who is perceived as having it all. Even though Wayne is deeply rich, that is not how they branded them.

    Don\’t know if you can influence how they see you, but I would push to find a different branding.. for example the guy with the new \”hip\”.

    We met a few years ago at a D conference that the Wall Street Journal hosted. Rooting for you!

    Elliott Masie

    Comment by Elliott Masie -

  97. You are doing just fine and you will improve each week. We just need to get all these thousands of Mavs\’ fans to vote. Also we need the Mavs\’ themselves to step up and cheer you on as you have them every season.

    Comment by Pat -

  98. Mark, you did a fabulous job, particularly starting 7 weeks post-operation. You looked great! If you don\’t mind, I would say there are only two things holding you back 1) people have to get to know you and 2)singing along with the music is totally understandable (I would too :-)) but it\’s distracting to watch. So just keep being yourself, and concentrate on performing as well as enjoying. We\’re rooting for you!!!

    Comment by Eva M -

  99. Mark,

    Way to go! You and Kym are my favorites. Keep up the practice, HAVE FUN, and remember you are doing this because \”you can\” and we will continue to watch and support because we are your fans, your friends, and because \”we can!\”

    Comment by Richard -

  100. I thought you did great!

    Considering the hip replacement thing, I\’d bump that to amazing. Ever considered being a spokesperson for AARP (\”Don\’t let a rod in your leg slow you down\”)? I hear that organization could use some young faces.

    Good luck, and keep living the dream!

    Comment by Adam -

  101. Mark, I gotta say until this season, I\’d never even heard of you. But I\’ve been honestly impressed with the attitude. As long as you are learning, attempting to improve and keep this fun, positive spirit, you\’ll have my votes (at least some of them…)! Good luck— and don\’t break a leg.

    Comment by Lissy -

  102. Wow, I could not believe you were in the bottom 2. That has got to change. You did great, and for that very reason it seems that some of your fans did not vote for you. I only voted 6X by phone, but I will vote on line and rally to get others to vote for you.
    You definitly need to stay. You are very energetic, down to earth, real and funny.
    You got my votes!

    Go MAVS! Does this mean you will miss Fan Jam?

    Comment by wendy -

  103. Mark,

    Thanks for sharing so deeply and good for you!

    As I read you describe the approving and supportive looks you received from your family, asnd the thoughts of wanting to survive and excel for all of them, I felt for you. I\’ve had those same feelings on many occaisions.

    It isn\’t wrong or selfish or egotistical, however, to want to do well simply for yourself. Although the show is a form of popularity contest, you can grant yourself permission to want to excel, learn, grow, and be the best that you can be in that mopment.

    Please don\’t be afraid to won all of your feelings, including those that relate only to you.


    Comment by David B. Bohl at SlowDownFAST.com/blog -

  104. Well done, Mark. You have to know that people out there are rooting for you. This is a time to show the people out there the side of you that the readers of your blog see. People will love to hear a monologue of how you are doing this for your family and seeing them in the crowd is what keeps you going.

    To have a great comeback, you have to start from behind. You have so many that are going to back you up now that they\’ve seen where you are coming from, I suspect that you definitely won\’t be in the bottom two next week, and might even be the first safe couple for the night.

    You are out there, doing your best, showing true determination. I have read your blog for a long time, and have only commented a few times, but I think that if you look inside (and at past posts) you\’ll see that Mark Cuban is someone who never gives up, and knows that determination wins the day.

    Here\’s hoping you read this and that it gives you a little bit of extra confidence and spring in your step. We\’ll be watching, and voting.

    Comment by Travis Chesney -

  105. You go Mark!! I didn\’t realize you had your hip replaced. I couldn\’t tell by how fast you jumped up to yell at the refs. The fans will come around…you may get a few votes from San Fran. =)

    Comment by Jason Garcia -

  106. Mark, I think you did fine.

    I think the problem is that you aren\’t winning the popularity contest. I\’ve read this blog for over a year for business sake. I know you are because I also love the NBA. But I would say that the average person who watches that show doesn\’t know much about you. Anyway, Good LucK! You\’ll have my vote every time.

    Comment by Shaun -

  107. I thought you did great, much better than Wayne Newton, who looked stiff and tense. I was very surprised you were in the bottom two. Hang in there, stay cool and relaxed, have fun, the judges notice that. You\’ll be there for weeks to come.

    Comment by jayhawk -

  108. Mark, we thought you did very well. We\’ll be voting for you every week!

    Comment by Cilla -

  109. Hi Mark! I love your attitude towards learning how to dance, no wonder you are so successful! Keep those notes handy and practice every chance you\’ve got. You inspire a lot of people who think they can\’t do much after hip surgery, you are one gutsy human being! I enjoyed watching you and Kym. Some more tips for you to get the people\’s votes:

    Ask ABC not to mention your B-naire status. Maybe they can say
    Businessman or Baskeball Franchise owner – whatever.
    A lot of people are put off with money labels. The voters
    do not want to hear the \”B\” thing every time they see you.
    They want to connect to you as their \”Mark\” the guy who has
    the most fun out there dancing, the guy who has an infectious smile and who can really dance too!

    If the judges\’ comments are not to your liking, just smile and say you\’ll try harder. The voters will like you for that. Don\’t show any negative response.

    Have an appearance at various sports shows but remind them about not mentioning the \”B\” thing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Goodluck and looking forward to voting again for you!

    Comment by linda thomas -

  110. Way to go Mark!!! Amazing parallels between your first bigtime dance and my first bigtime dance 5 seasons ago. For you see, I am one of YOUR Mavs Maniaacs. Of course dancing for 20,000 is not the same as dancing for 20 million but I still felt similiar pressure. ANYWAY I was extremely shocked to find you in the bottom tier when I thought clearly you were better than some of the others. Just wanted you to know the Maniaacs are pulling for ya and tell Kim to slip in a lil running man and a tootsie roll or two. hahahaha Good luck next week we\’ll be watching and voting for sure!!!!!

    Comment by Big Rob -

  111. Mark I coundn\’t belive you were on the bottom 2,I was very nervous for you, you have my vote keep up the good work.


    Comment by Susie Trevino -

  112. Len said it best: Mark, you are the only one without any entertainment or sports background and you should be commended for what you are doing. I think you are the first one on the show ever that\’s like us: a guy with a day job, albeit a well-paying one, plus I saw in your bio you are 49 years old! I voted for you several times and will continue to do so–go Mark!

    Comment by E -

  113. Lots of energy, great personality, & fun, and most of all you look ike your having a great time!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the Stars & Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Mel -

  114. Keep it up! Your have great positive, fun, energy!!

    Comment by Mel -

  115. I was not too too surprised to find you in the bottom 2. The majority of the at home audience is most likely female and men who enjoy watching Dance; and this audience into dance isn\’t very likely to know who you are from a hole in the wall. You are well known in the financial and sporting worlds. Frankly, I\’d never heard of you before. I have heard of most of the other celebrities, probably due to them being on other entertainment venues of some sort. The financial and sporting world you are a part of are very very MACHO. The audience watching this show is attracted to DANCING, not the most macho of activities although physically demanding it is also an artistic pursuit. You have a very big ego which mixes well in your Macho worlds, but not so attractive to those into Dance and other similar artistic/entertainment areas. Every other word out of your mouth seems to refer to your Billions. Those Billions aren\’t going to buy you popularity apparently. Since your dancing skills aren\’t the finest or most athletic you\’re working on entertaining the audience, entertain the audience of this DANCING show, not your sports fans or the people reading Fortune and the NASDAQ. You\’ve been a tad obnoxious in your interview times, etc. and well frankly speaking the scar on your behind wasn\’t very pleasant either, i believed you when you said you\’d had the operation and didn\’t need proof…..hope you\’re feeling better though.

    Comment by Anne Happy -

  116. I voted the maximum times and got my kids and friends to vote the max too! Make us proud again Mark! Forget about being in the bottom two – the night before you were in the top and thats what counts – and you CAN dance. Oh- and keep that smile – we can feel your joy!

    Comment by Nancy Price -

  117. Wow!! you were great!! I\’ll be voting next week … this may be great physical therapy for your hip!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Lori -

  118. Mark,

    Keep up the good work….Go back and read the series of blogs you did on \”success and motivation\”…It is already inside of you, just release it next week and you will be fine!

    Comment by jason -

  119. Mark,

    You\’re not one to back down from a challenge, so I honestly think you\’ll really step it up and will be even more fabulous next week.

    You were the only one who looked like they were having fun there. Keep up the great attitude and keep giving us that awesome smile!

    Comment by Stacey -

  120. I think you did so well Mark. When you mentioned your hip injury in the beginning video, I have to honestly say, I thought ought oh. I wasn\’t sure you could pull it off, but you danced very elogantly and I loved that you and Kym used KING OF THE ROAD as your dance song. It\’s a very fun song, and I could really tell, if nothing else, you were having a blast. Excellent job! You had my vote!

    Comment by Londa Bovard -

  121. Your vulnerability is adorable. It\’s a side of you I haven\’t seen.

    You\’ll knock them dead next week.

    Comment by I Heart Mark Cuban -

  122. Mark, you made it through…that\’s all that matters, man! Just have fun.

    Comment by Josh Cox -

  123. Hang in, Mark. You\’ll be surprised next week at how well you do!

    Wishing you the best from Traverse City MI…

    Comment by Dr. Jeffrey Miles -

  124. Oops! I didn\’t have time to vote last week… but I\’ll send every vote I have your way next week. I\’m glad you didn\’t get voted out–you actually did quite well!! Unfortunately, DWTS is kind of a popularity contest, those with bigger fan base, who have been on stage longer, get more votes. If you get an over all low score, it probably won\’t be because you didn\’t work really hard or aren\’t quick on your toes! Keep up the good work!!

    Comment by Jana -

  125. MFFL…You were fabulous! & you have my vote! You\’ll do great. Take it to the HOOP!!!

    Comment by Teri -

  126. Mark,

    I can\’t believe you can move that well after hip surgery. I had back surgery 10 years ago (with enough titanium to build a golf club… if I played golf), and it took me 2 years to be able to touch my toes again.

    You keep dancing… we\’ll keep voting!


    Comment by Melissa -

  127. You have my vote. Keep up the good work!!
    I see that you used to have a show called \”Benefactor\”; I must have missed it somehow, but would have loved to be a contestant.

    Comment by Valera -

  128. Hey Mark. You and Kym did well. Just make sure you keep with the dance and not add to many illegal moves otherwise the judges will knock points. The crowd likes your personality. Just focus – you have a great teacher Kym. For the mambo, you have to get the hips moving and you need to feel the music. I assume you have your song picked out already – but if not, you need a real mambo song – the rhythm is key and you have to feel it in your heart.
    Anyway, good luck bud.


    Comment by Ignatius -

  129. Mr. Cuban,

    I thought, due to you just recovering from hip replacement surgery, that you did a great job. Even though people know your name, they are usually the ones that are Basketball fans.

    I voted for you and had everyone that I know to vote for you and will continue doing so.

    Ya\’ll need to get your name out there more into the general public.

    But also think about this, a lot of people were probably going to vote for you, but thought that you were safe, so they voted for someone else they felt may have needed their vote more. Hopefully those people will realize that they need to vote for you and Kym.

    I think that ya\’ll make a good pair. Keep your chin up, don\’t look down and He will take care of you. Best of luck.

    Comment by Barbie -

  130. Your dancing was very good. I think some people think you are arrogant, though. Don\’t mention your billions of dollars on the show again. Play up your motivation of wanting to make your little daughter proud of you. You have to be sympathetic in the eyes of the viewers. In your practice clips and interviews, be sure to be very nice to Kym and compliment her on her teaching and choreography. Show how hard you are working to learn. Viewers like to see a friendship between the celebrity and the pro dancer.

    Comment by Pam -

  131. Beautiful job!
    I don\’t think I\’ve ever seen anyone enjoy being on that dance floor as much you did!
    Awesome job and keep practicing!
    u have my votes 4 sure.

    Comment by Misti -

  132. Please STOP lip synching to the song!!!!! You looked awesome out there except for that. No more white man overbite either! Relax your face and the rest will follow along. Good Luck!

    Comment by Pamela -

  133. Mark you did great. I have to to say I did not get to vote as I was cooking but I will support you this coming week. I think that part of the problem is the way that you are presented to the public. You as a businessman know it all has to do with the packaging. Mr. and Mrs. Public are forgetting that everyone of those contestants have very large bank accounts. All that they are hearing is the announcement of yours. Hang in there and continue to have fun.

    Comment by Debbie -

  134. Mark,

    You did not deserve to be in the bottom two, but Wayne did. I think you did a great job concerning at \”NBA 101 for Women\” on Monday night Josh and Greg said you had no rythem, I guess you can take that up with them (make them run laps for that one). I want you to win so bad! My husband and I will be voting the max every week for you and no one else. GREAT JOB.

    Next year at NBA 101 for women I would love to see Jet.

    By the way I have not seen the big girl Mavs shirts on the website yet, can you get right on that after \”Dancing With the Stars.

    Thank you for everthing you do to make the Mavs a GREAT team.


    Comment by Belinda -

  135. Mark you did a great job! My heart sank when you were in the bottom 2. I voted the maximum number of times from 3 phones and sent the maximum number of text messages from 2 phones. And I will continue to do so EVERY WEEK. Good Luck!


    Comment by Darla Maxwell -

  136. Way 2 GO Mark!! Now that the 1st dance jitters are over, you will be more relaxed. Have fun and you have my vote. :o)

    Comment by Tamara Gunter -

  137. I thought that you did TERRIFIC Mark!! I voted for you. (Although I must admit that I also voted for Cameron!) You did not deserve to be in the bottom 2. I will keep voting for you (you and you alone – not Cameron!) and I hope that everyone else out there votes for you also. I can tell that you worked hard and that it means a lot to you to do this show. It is not as easy as you make it look either! Keep you chin up and COME ON EVERYONE — VOTE FOR MARK AND KYM!!

    Comment by Patti -

  138. Mark now that I have read your blog. I will be voting for you. I think for someone that just had there hip replace in last 4mo. you are doing great. I think you will inspire many people to get out there and just do there best.

    Comment by Marilyn -

  139. mr. cuban, i have never ever written to anybody like this…but i have to tell you how much you touched me. you are such a human being! every honest emotion you have is so clearly written on your face..none of that male model posing! your dancing was truly delightful!…but most impressive to me, is the desire of a winner like you to keep on winning! (you and tiger woods) bless you and thank you for the inspiration! beckyo p.s. i think they kept you to the end because you are most interesting and fun to watch!

    Comment by rebecca odisho -

  140. Mr. C.

    Just wanted to say, My wife and I watched because you are on the show. We did not vote in round 1, but will definately be voting in round 2 forward. ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Comment by Wes -

  141. Sorry, I was a bum and only voted once. I\’ll definitely make sure my girlfriend and I vote for you 6 times next week and get you out of the cellar. It\’s amazing to see you on!

    Comment by Romey -

  142. You did great so don\’t get discouraged. Just remember everyone takes a turn in the bottom two and you got yours out of the way early. Great things ahead for you and Kym. Good luck on the Mambo!


    Comment by Kelley Glazier -

  143. You did a great job! Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Karen -

  144. Mark,
    I have watched this show from the first season and I thought you really did a great job. It just goes to show you how important the fan vote is. My husband and I couldn\’t believe you were in the bottom two…….you danced circles around captain \’dankeschon\’. I guess he has a stronger name recognition but I think that will change. I too am sad to say that I didn\’t vote but will make a point to next week. You made us proud. Hang in there!

    Comment by MD -

  145. I thought you were quite good for the first round. You definitely weren\’t one of the bottom two. Unfortunately, I probably fall into that large category of men who won\’t miss a single show but refuse to vote because we can\’t admit to ourselves that we care enough to actually text/call in a vote.

    If you perform well next week, I will be sure to vote for you. (my first ballot ever)

    Good luck!

    Comment by Christopher -

  146. Mark,
    You were one of the contestants that I wasn\’t familiar with as the show began this season. I noticed immediately a bit of a limp in your gait as you walked down the stairs in the introductions. Then when I saw your intro and your scar where you had just had surgery I thought \”He\’s not long for this competition.\” But, when I saw your performance you won me over. Your grit, determination and positive attitude spills over. And you danced well too. Not the best of the night…but you know that…but you did very well. You left me also anticipating how much you will improve as the contest continues. Remember, a lot of the competition is a popularity contest. A lot of people don\’t have any idea who you are. And even when they find out more they may judge you more harshly because of your past successes. Just go out and have fun. Keep upping your game every week and remember that when you are eliminated no one can take the experience away from you. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Shannon -

  147. Hey, you\’ve been the underdog before…..regroup and rally. Show your real side. And we need to mobilize and vote and get others to vote.

    Comment by Hank -


    Comment by ANGIE WEEMS -

  149. Mark,
    I\’m a big fan of Dancing with the Stars but I\’m not a basketball fan so I didn\’t even know you until Monday. It made me curious to see what a millionaire could do in the show. You have a big challenge in front of you! Basketball and dancing don\’t necessarily go together. A good number of basketball fans may not be watching Dancing with the Stars and may not know you as I didn\’t. No fans, no votes. You need to give us a good reason to vote for you. The potential is there. Need to put together a strong mix of personality, good dancing, good technique and more personality. Make the watchers fall in love with you. Remember Jerry Springer? He lasted as long as he did in the show because people loves him not because he was the greatest dancer. Same with others on the show. So, practice like crazy, do everything Kim tells you to do and get us to wish you were there next week. You\’ll get lots of votes. Ah, another thing you need more (lots more) of hip action ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep it up. It was fun to watch you.
    Good Luck.

    Comment by Bea -

  150. Hey Mark,

    You did good!!!! Yes, the singing with the song while dancing and the outfit was a bit on the turn off side, but remember only you can put yourself down! And your comments on Access Hollywood, you are right on. As a business women myself if I had another one calling me \”A Loser\” well, I would put it off as a child bully in the playground. What is that calling someone a loser, just bad karma. You are so much better then Mr. Trump is so many ways, don\’t get mixed up in his quest for publicity. You don\’t need the votes that bad! I will be voting just see you shake your hips again!

    Best Wishes!

    Comment by lindsay -

  151. I was wondering what is going to happen when you make it a couple of weeks and the Mavs start playing. You can\’t miss a game!! You are my favorite person to watch at the games. (But I still hope you do well with DWTS!)

    Comment by Brandy -

  152. What a shocker!! Hang in there Mark, even down here in San Antonio (where the river stinks, etc.) we are voting for you, I even have the phone number saved to vote for you. We thought you did an excellent job.

    Comment by Vickie -

  153. I thought you did great, Mark! I actually was a little surprised at how natural it came for you. Or maybe it was just a lot of hard work that you put in to make it look natural. I\’m up here in Toronto, so I can\’t do the voting thing, but wish I could. Check out my blogs on the TV Guide.ca website on Dancing With the Stars… I think I actually wrote in them how pleasantly surprised I was… with you and a few others.

    Good luck, keep up the great work and keep smiling.


    Comment by SamsMom -

  154. YOU ARE HUMAN!!! And if there is anyone who can rise out of the ashes it\’s you. You\’ve inspired many more than you\’ll ever know, Mark.


    Hugs, much love to you and your family.


    Comment by Bee -

  155. Mark…I didn\’t vote thinking you were safe….my bad. I\’ll be on the line next week. Great job! Keep it up!!

    Comment by Donna -

  156. Mark,

    The Mavs Nation is proud and yet disappointed at the same time. As an MFFL I was proud of your dedication and your performance. I think it showed America that you are a very personable and likable guy, rather than what image the media has attempted to create instead over the years. We are disappointed that you were in the bottom two, should have never been that way, but hey, surviving week 1 is a good thing! The Mavs Nation needs to man up and VOTE for the leader of the MFFL society! Head strong Mark, challenges were designed to be overcome and you are the right guy for the job. I would say \”Make us proud\”, but we already are. Good Luck with the Mambo and Mark and Kym FTW!!

    Comment by Speedsturr -

  157. Mark,

    I had no clue who you were either since I only follow racing and golf, lol. Can you buy Tiger? lol I thought you did VERY well given your medical issue. I work as a massage therapist in my hubby\’s chiro office and I know how people react after surgeries like that and WOW. YOU BROUGHT IT! I\’m a bit worried though about your votes due to you not having a large fan base already established. (You will have a big one after DWTS) Also the whole billionaire thing can make a few folks think \”hell why should he get this too\” You seem to have a great personality but humble up the money (Its a great accomplishment, don\’t get me wrong)and you may gain a few more votes. Its tough for you and I admire the fact that you even signed up. You da man, what an awesome experience! If I was a \”star\” I\’d so do the show too, even if to be voted off first it seems to me to be a wild, crazy and yet fulfilling opportunity. Best to YOU!!! Can\’t wait to see your Mambo! You write well too, nice blog!

    Comment by Elaine -

  158. I really thought you were going to be the \”Billy Ray\” of this season. Then Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised as you glided across the ballroom floor. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that you just might go far in this competition. What you lack in natural talent, you make up with desire, charisma, and preparation. You\’re the first contestant I\’ve ever noticed to take notes during rehearsal. The same skills that have made you successful in your other endeavors will certainly do so here as well.

    Comment by Catherine -

  159. I think it\’s clear that your problem is you simply don\’t have the fan base the others have. It\’s not your fault, and it\’s no indication of quality of your dancing. I\’ve been watching the show since its inception, and there have been quite a few people who fall victim to the same problem. The fact is there\’s not much you can do about it, but keep your head up, show real class and hard work. I think you did precisely that. To be honest, I was surprised at how well you came off, so whether you win or lose it seems to me you\’ve gained by being in the competition and showing a wonderful side of your personality. The fact remains with this show that the couple awarded the championship trophy aren\’t the only winners, and my advice is forget about the trophy. Go out and smile and do the best you can, but the fact is no matter where you finish by virture of the new face you have presented to millions of people you have already won.

    Comment by jeff -

  160. Mark,

    I liked how you \”guys\” added the sprinkler in before one of the breaks – to me it just showed how much fun you guys are having! Your determination was shown by the way you were writing down your steps/taking notes as well as your hours of practice per day. Just relax when you go out there – easy for me to say since I am not out there ๐Ÿ™‚ You are there to have FUN and not \”prove\” anything. BESIDES it really doesn\’t matter what we think (we still need to keep voting though!) – what matters the MOST is what your family thinks!!

    Good luck and you\’ll keep getting my votes!!


    Comment by James -

  161. Stick to MFFL, your scary to look at when you dance. We are huge mav fans and for that reason only watched infact when you get voted off we will stop watching (please get voted off soon I am getting my a** beat watching this chick show) Any way we love you man but like to watch your crazy dances at mav games.

    Comment by Jon -

  162. I thought you did very well Mark. Don\’t get discouraged, just keep the focus and do the best you can. We are all pulling for you!

    Comment by Carole -

  163. In response to Neutral\’s comment, I don\’t find it offensive at all to lobby for votes… it\’s a gentle reminder to VOTE, and I would venture to guess that every contestant is doing the same thing! What I did find offensive was dancer Alec Mazo\’s comment, after hearing that he and Josie wouldn\’t be continuing, telling us who to vote for! Also, thanks for including the phone number in your blog, for those of us who weren\’t prepared when it was announced.

    Comment by Sandy -

  164. You really surprised me at how graceful you were. I was expecting Master P, but we got something closer to Emmitt Smith. Way to go! As far as the outcome…just as in the NBA, the outcome on DWTS is not always determined by proficiency or merit. You\’ve got a political and business problem. As you always do, why not solve it in a unique and interesting way? Unless your contract or the show\’s rules prohibits it, you should campaign for votes on the Internet, on billboards, on radio, and to the audience of HDNET. You\’re in the unique position of money not being an issue, so why not do it? Will it P.O. the judges? Probably. Will it P.O. the producers? Probably not. Anything that promotes the show is in their best interest.

    Comment by Guy -

  165. It\’s the suit. You have to get rid of that horrid hobo getup. A new outfit alone should boost your score 4 or 5 points.

    Comment by Brandon -

  166. Hi Mark … ex-Dallasite here who now lives in Chicago (in fact, in Wrigleyville, 2 blocks from the field) and hopes you purchase my beloved Cubs! I was actually in the bleachers a few rows from you the other night during that amazing Cubs comeback vs. the Reds, but I didn\’t want to bother you. Anyhow, congrats on your hard work on DWTS. You come across as the guy you are – a tireless worker with humility and a big heart. Good luck in the coming weeks! – John

    Comment by JD -

  167. You can definately strut–great job–keep going. I\’m not surprised.

    Comment by brady r baxter -

  168. hey mark!

    you did a great job at dancing with the stars. you should\’ve gotten more votes. i definitely voted for you, i even told my friends at school to vote and they all did. see people do care about you. good luck next week!

    Comment by Dorathy -

  169. Definitely tone down the \”Hey! I\’m a billionaire!\” comments to get better scores.

    Not everybody is voting on the pure dancing exhibition, and nobody cheers for Goliath!

    Comment by Kara C. -

  170. I thought you did great!!! You looked like you had a lot of fun!! I am totally rooting for you!!!!

    Comment by Bobbie Jo -

  171. Time to call Opie and Anthony!!

    Comment by Ryan -

  172. Mark,

    This is obviously about recognition and quality of dance. You were terrific and your scores reflected it! I guess there are alot of people out there that know nothing about basketball. For those of us in Dallas, it seems impossible not to know who you are. My husband and I both love the Mavs and have great respect for their owner. Please don\’t take the vote personally, keep your chin up and go get \’em!

    Comment by Letha Noska -

  173. My favorite Cuban-ism for the day \”my daughter was there to encourage me and to cheer for me when I came home and showed her what I had learn\”. It\’s all about attitutde, I love how you choose to have FUN, because at the end of the day that\’s all that really matters! All your daughter will remember is how much FUN she had watching her daddy on t.v. and she was the one who helped him practice! Now go out there, practice hard and have FUN!

    Comment by cherry -

  174. This is the first time that I have read about the experience from one of the contestants on DWTS. Thank you for being so open and sharing the whole experiece with us. I have never heard of you before DWTS and I find you a most delightful person. Two suggestions: first you have to give up the singing along while you dance and second you need to never again say that you sold your company for billions of dollars. It\’s terrific and we are all happy for you, it\’s just that the rest of us slaves don\’t want to hear it. Love you. Go far.

    Comment by Patti -

  175. \”Did people really not care enough about me to vote for me ?\”


    Comment by Mo Shalex -

  176. Mark, you and Kym did awesome! I was bummed you were in the bottom two, but I had a feeling it was Josie that would be leaving. This goes to show that all the MFFL\’s need to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! You\’ll be getting all my votes again next week Mark! Keep up the good work and keep that positive attitude.

    Comment by Cuban Fan -

  177. Mark,
    We were so glad you didn\’t go home. Our family has 1 hard line and 4 cells so you\’ll get 30 votes from us each week!! Thanks for being the person that you are–outspoken, honest, fun-loving and Daddy Mav. Bet we never see \”The Donald\” try the Mambo! Good Luck

    Comment by Lindi Dixon -

  178. PLEASE…keep going strong. I have watched all the previous shows and this was by far the best opening ever. I can\’t wait to see you dance next week. I don\’t normally vote but you will get as many votes as I can get in by internet & phone. If you leave the show in the future, you proved to everyone that you can dance, you have a great personality, and that your passionate.

    Comment by April Fagan -

  179. I was among those who wasn\’t expecting much from you, but was mighty impressed at your showmanship, skill and dedication to learning. I was also impressed with your determination to go on despite your hip issues. You didn\’t deserve to be in the bottom two but, until it comes to the finals, this show is just as much a popularity contest as a dancing competition.

    There are certain things the DWTS audience likes, judging from past shows. They like sports figures, actors, entertainers and legends. They do not like supermodels. They do not like ego or rule bending (not that you\’ve done that). And, I\’m guessing, billionaires fall into the category of supermodels, in that you\’ve already been given enough in life in a way they can\’t relate to.

    So here\’s what I would suggest… make sure there\’s no trace of arrogance in any of your packages. You\’ve already done a good job with that, but keep it in mind. Show America (in a genuine way) that you\’re just like them… you laugh with your daughter, you dry dishes after dinner, whatever. This would be in stark contrast to you yelling on the sidelines of a basketball game in which you own the team. And get DWTS to tone down the \”billionare\” references.

    I mean, really. Who do you think America would prefer to win? A B-list actor who\’s struggling to make their way to fame and fortune? An aging legend who reminds us of our youth? Or a billionaire maverick? You can be as human and real as the next guy, but you\’ll have to work harder to prove it, because all America is going to see is a take-no-prisoners guy who has everything.

    Just trying to keep it real, Mark. You\’re well known in corporate America, but most of the rest of the country has never heard of you. And all they know now is that you somehow managed to become richer than Oprah. You need to be human. You need to be real. And I think you\’ve already done some of that, but you need more. You know, I didn\’t think I\’d like pretty-boy soap star, either, but he showed so much of his personality in his package that you couldn\’t help but like him. That\’s what I\’m talking about!

    Comment by hildegarde -

  180. Mark, my husband and I are long time DWTS fans and we were THRILLED when we learned you would be on this season! We happen to enjoy your personality and \”do-it-my-way-say-what-I-think\” thing and always have. You got all 6 of my votes, for sure…I get a certain vibe from the show about you, though…and I don\’t think it\’s as positive/approving an attitude toward you as they appear to display toward the other contestants. Frankly, I think it\’s related to your billionaire status (no, not fair, but people sometimes DO resent mega-rich people, no matter how deserving they are of their success). If I were advising you, I\’d say tone down mentioning $6 billion (I\’ve heard you talk about that a couple of times at least). I *would* talk about your work ethic, what you did to earn your fortune, how devoted you are to your family, what you\’ve done philanthropy-wise….let the audience (and the show\’s masters) see how charming and caring you really are!

    And, oh yeah, do NOT lip-sync to your dance music – it makes you look goofy :-). And goofy is good! But….not this kind of goofy, in this venue….

    Comment by Martha Hundt -

  181. Unfortunately, most people don\’t like Mark Cuban. And many don\’t even know who he is, as he\’s not a celebrity. When he takes such prize in antagonizing the public and everybody who disagrees with him, it is not surprising that he did so poorly in the fan voting. It\’s a shame, because he did ok the first week.

    Comment by Jesus Shuttlesworth -

  182. I think a lot of people assumed you were safe so they didn\’t vote. I bet next week you & kym will be one of the first couples \”saved\”. You guys did a great job!

    Comment by Sarah Beth -

  183. Hang in there Mark. Hopefully this near miss will get your fans fired up to vote next time around.

    Comment by Dan -

  184. I was born & raised in Dallas, currently living in Virginia, so it only makes sense to vote for one of my homeboy\’s! With everything that you\’ve had to endure with your surgery and now doing incredible dance moves, you are \’da man. You\’ve got my vote!!

    Comment by texasgirl -

  185. I was surprised that you didn\’t have more of a reaction when they told you that you were safe, but now it makes sense that you didn\’t hear them.

    On a side note, I think it\’s a good tribute to men everywhere that you are going to do the classic wedding moves, but my suggestion is not to do them. You know those judges are going to hit you hard on it when it is out of place. You might have done the whole dance right but that is the only thing they\’ll pick on. Just saying.

    Comment by Brian -

  186. Fabulous you share your sensitive side MC.

    Great Job, Attitude and podium to inspire.

    I relate to the family support, as for me truly the only ones who are Always there!

    Practice, practice so you can learn to just feel it on the show.
    That my friend is the passion.. a feeling.. not thought or made.
    It just IS!

    Creative Regards




    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  187. I apologize. It\’s all my fault. I had trouble getting my son to bed during the time alloted to vote, so I did not get to. I will make sure we vote next week. I\’m sure it is other people that, like me, had something come up. By the way, you were dancing quite well for the first week and only seven weeks after hip surgery.

    Comment by Laura Q -

  188. MC: Revisit your reasons for doing this…\”because I can\”…nothing else matters….you have the support of your family and friends…your having a great time! Your a winner for signing on!

    You got my vote!

    Comment by Mary -

  189. Not a huge fan of the show, but it was obvious to me that there are a bunch of haters out there!!!

    Comment by Cody McJunkins -

  190. Keep it up, Mark! I tried to vote for you but I kept getting busy signals…

    Comment by Ed Fowlkes -

  191. Hi Mark, I had never heard of you until dancing with the stars, strangely enough even though we are not far in age, You reminded me of one of my sons, I knew you would have a rough time with your hip, but I admired you for trying and I was hoping you would make it through. Keep it up, all the money in the world can\’t compare with personal triumph. You should be proud of yourself. I will keep rooting for you.

    Comment by Genny Lee -

  192. Mark I was shocked you were in the bottom two. My children and I voted for you. Keep dancing and keep SMILING you will do great. Get out and vote people.

    Comment by Sue -

  193. Remember…. try not to sing the song as you dance. You were really good and fun to watch. You made me smile the whole time. Come on now…..don\’t have hurt feelings. You were good. Just keep working.

    Comment by Carolyn -

  194. I voted! had as many people on my myspace vote..I was shocked you were in the bottow 2..Mr Vegas didnt seem to do that well..you were far better! Im so happy you got through another week..looking forward to the next. Keep your head UP Mark! You\’re doing great. This Mavs Fan is very PROUD!

    Comment by DirksGirL -

  195. Mark,
    I thought you did an awesome job on DWTS…especially concidering you just had your hip replaced, sheesh, im 45 and my knee id going to be replaced, and I can\’t imagine doing what your doing, and looking fantastic at it, as you are.
    I will vote for you every week, I don\’t follow basketball so I did\’nt know who you were until DWTS, but I think you are a amazing guy! Keep it up…and do your best, thats all you can do..and Im sure your wife and your sweet little girls are so proud of you! Congrats

    Comment by Diana -

  196. The difference between a 6 and 8 is to master the little things that the judges mention. Shoulders back, arm positions, dance on your toes, etc. You have made it over the \”big hurdle\” by surviving the first week. The difference is in the \”details\”.

    Remember the first performance of Kelly Monaco? They roasted her, but she took in their advise and came out on top.

    Now when you train you don\’t have to expend energy being nervous, channel that into the details.


    Comment by Tony In Portland -

  197. Right on. No way were you going to be sent home. Can\’t wait to see your Mambo. I\’ll be spreading the word on MySpace and Facebook to watch and vote.

    Comment by Linda Nelson -

  198. Practice! Practice! Practice! You can do it.

    Comment by Sump Pump -

  199. I voted for you. You really surprised me and you seem very down to earth and funny. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by RBlues -

  200. I thought you were fantastic! I enjoyed your charisma, humor and the way your personality was shining.

    I am a surgical technologist and have assisted on many hip , knew and shoulder replacements. It is a brutal procedure and I was truly in awe that you danced this way so soon after your surgery. That is an amazing feat by itself. I truly believe you will make it through.

    Keep up the great work on that dance floor. You were awesome!

    Comment by Teresa \"Reese\" Bishop -

  201. OK – there is NO WAY you should have been in the bottom two. I\’m ashamed to admit that I didn\’t vote – I thought you were a shoe-in – just goes to show how important voting is. Keep your energy going and you\’ll see far different results next week. This PHOENIX SUNS fan is in your court on this one!

    Comment by Sara -

  202. Keep your head up, Mark.

    Work hard and kick butt next week!!!

    I will be voting for you!!

    Comment by Glen Wilson -

  203. you looked good. i was impressed.

    Comment by jason -

  204. You were AWESOME!!!

    My daughter and I couldn\’t believe you were in the bottom two. We were on the edge of our seats awaiting the final announcement.

    We voted over the phone AND online… 6 times, each. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You\’ll have our votes again next week. Looking forward to the Mambo.

    Comment by Angel -

  205. I was shocked to see you in the bottom two! My whole office commented on how great you had done despite your recent surgery!

    Keep your head up & maintain that wonderful attitude!

    We\’ll be voting like crazy for you next week!!!!!

    Comment by Kathy -

  206. I\’ve never voted once for a show like this. But I have to vote for Cubes next time. I owe him for giving me alot of entertainment and happiness…. and I definitly need to support the man when there are people out there that may be knocking him down for the wrong reasons ! It\’s all about D !

    Comment by Robert -

  207. Congrats on being able to concentrate on the task and not your situation. I\’ll be voting multiple times next episode. Do something funny each time and you\’ll get far for sure.

    Comment by Danny -

  208. BTW: I agree w/ Sandy\’s comment above mine, vote early and often! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing your experience w/ us too. It\’s interesting to see how you handle all the pressure and roller coaster emotions.
    All the best to you!

    Comment by Kerrie -

  209. You have my vote! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Kerrie -

  210. You had my votes last night! I think you did a great job, definitely far better than others. This just proves how important the voting process is. Vote, vote, VOTE!

    Comment by Sandy -

  211. you\’ll be fine. im calling for a 24 or higher next week.

    Comment by Jay -

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