Time to Go For It !

We have worked hard. the adrenalin is pumping. I got to check out my costume for tonight. Which is pretty cool. not something people are going to expect from me. We have really changed up the look. Hope you like it !

I have to be down in rehearsal in about 20 mins. Believe it or not, this is a little bit more nerve racking than last week. This morning we got to work with the orchestra for the first time. Well after we went through it once. At the same speed as the CD they gave us (ABC picks the music btw), Kym really felt that the tempo of the song was too slow. So boom, she got the orchestra to speed it up.

Easy for them, not so easy for me. Its not a little bit faster, its A LOT faster. Fortunatey , after dress rehearsal, we will have about 90 minutes and kym and i can try to work on the little things that were based on timing. Talk about a challenge !

It still wont change the fact that I am going to go out there and have a blast. HOpefully the smile will be big enough you wont notice if Im a little off in a few places..

And of course, DWTS is all about the vote. I need everyone to get everyone to dial 1 800 VOTE 411 tonight from 8pm EST to 9:30EST and then go to abc.com and register as many addresses as you own and vote for Kym and I !

Here is the link to register

and one more thing. Win Lose or Draw, I can’t tell you how important all the posts and emails of support have been over the last week. That have meant a lot to me. Thank you so much !

209 thoughts on “Time to Go For It !

  1. Mark,
    I really enjoyed your performance last week & will be watching again tonight, Give it your all but most importantly you & Kym have fun.Good Luck tonight.


    Comment by Debbi -

  2. Great job,Mark.You are a source of inspiration to this 55 yr old hip replacement victim.After one year,I can run slowly,but don\’t have the range of motion you have.How about when this sesson is over,you and Kym do a workout video for all of us joint replacement recipients.Keep it up.You have my votes.

    Comment by ed smith -

  3. Can I get a job with the cubs after you purchase them?

    Comment by Keith Pernell -

  4. Love your dance and enthusiasm with the Mav\’s. Society is ready for you..hang in there, I\’\’m voting

    Comment by Miriam -


    No red light last night, we are all so proud of you.

    Be yourself and work hard just like you always have and you will be fine.

    Thank you,

    Comment by Belinda -

  6. You go Mark. I missed last nights performance but I caught you last week. I love your attitude and will be cheering you on all the way. I hope your infectious smile and dedication will be seen by all and the voters will really step it up for you. I would love to see you go all the way but fear that some folks will not vote for you because of your financial status. I have seen in my own small town family when people go against those who have fiancial means just to spite themselves and miss out on progress because of jealousy.
    Best Wishes to you and God Bless you and your family.

    Comment by Lisa -

  7. You have my vote(s) Mark!! You\’re doing great..keep up the good work!

    Comment by Cynthia -

  8. Congratulations on surviving a second week on DWTS, Mark! You really look like you are having a blast out there dancing with Kym. I wonder if you\’ve extended a friendly challenge to other NBA owners to complete in future seasons of DWTS – especially to Joe and/or Gavan Maloof! Keep up the hard work so all of America can continue to watch the great transformation of Mark Cuban into a hard core ballroom dancer! We look forward to seeing you dance a la Fred Astaire in a tux – maybe you\’ll surprise the NBA world and the Maverick fans by showing up in more elegant attire courtside . . . Just food for thought . . .

    Comment by Shane Taber -

  9. Mark,
    I have been watching this program and I have made some interesting observations. The judges love the long tails so even if your dance is casual, dress up for it(not sleeveless). They like the black patent shoes and lots of foot work that is in sync with your partner. Your clean face was a good move. You are doing great. I was shocked to see how good you and your partner danced the first night. This week was good too. Keep up the good work. You have my vote.

    Comment by Ernestine -

  10. Gah !!! I am a nerd alright. Just not a computer nerd!!
    Sorry for the double post!!!
    Hope you a sleepin soundly Mark!!!
    nite nite
    susan m

    Comment by Susan M -

  11. Marky, We have the school, the neighborhood, and the health club all voting for you! You did an amazing job out there the other night! All the hours of practice really showed-you were fantastic! You can win this!!!!

    Comment by Annie -

  12. You did great tonight. What makes you endearing is that you come across as just your everyday joe and that youre having a great time. The moves arent bad either! lol Have fun and you have my vote!

    Comment by L.Anna -

  13. Hey there Mark!

    You did really good Monday nite and so glad you are with us again for next week. Mark. Just keep learning and training!
    Focus on this special opportunity of ballroom dancing! And of course your daily Job! Your family and health!!!
    Don\’t get inflation of the head! Seeing you smile on that dance floor is really nice. (U know, the TV camera seems to flash on you during the Mavs games when you ravin and wavin! )
    oh me oh my
    Just know that we fans are enjoying the entertainment of your hard work and performance. I wish you the best each week and hope your inspiration and motivation will rub off on all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Mark and Kym!!! Go Mavs !!!!
    luv ya\’ll
    Susan M from the Mississippi Delta !!!

    Comment by Susan M -

  14. Hi Mark,

    I so glad you made it to the next round. You are a true competitor and I believe in you. Best of Luck to you and keep smiling.

    Comment by Sharolyn Woodard -

  15. Mark:

    I am usually not a blogger but, after watching Monday night\’s DWTS, I just HAD to write! The judges were completely off on their scoring and their comments…you and Kim danced one heck of a mambo! You exhibited great rhythm and energy, great moves and you looked like you truly were enjoying yourself. I have to admit…I had my doubts when you were announced as a participant this year, but you have completely convinced this new \”fan\”. Outstanding job -keep up the good work!

    Comment by Sandra Porter -

  16. Didn\’t know who you were before last week. Never watched DWTS. We loved your dancing and your driven personality. Class A Type. Personally wouldn\’t know anything about that 😉
    Go for it!

    Comment by Shirley Johnson -

  17. What the hell was wrong with the ABC site last night. I could not get on to vote. Did anyone else experiance this??? I still got in my phone, phone, phone and Text votes but that site cost Mark 22 votes from me alone!

    Yeah! I\’m pissy!

    Comment by London~ -

  18. Hey Mark,

    I didn\’t think your chances were that good after your first performance, especially given the talent this season, and the celebrity status of some of the others. But then America got to see your wining attitude and you came out this week and blew the roof off of the place! Your performance was amazing! The judges robbed you, and even though everyone is talking about how Albert unjustly got the boot, (not cool!), the other really big news for a lot of us was that you went from being towards the bottom–to way ahead of the pack. You are now our Number One!!! You get all my votes!

    Keep winning so we keep watching!

    Comment by Tonie -

  19. You\’re awesome! Your smile is magnetic and your energy and spirit are extremely contagious! Watching you inspires me to live life to the fullest! Enjoy your adventure and remember shake what your momma gave ya!

    And when are we gonna see the boys in the audience supporting you? I bet Dirk\’s getting that dancin\’ fever …

    Comment by Jenna -


    You\’re living the dream!!!!!! Enjoying every single thing life throws at you to the fullest. KICK ASS!!!!!!!! You\’re a blast to watch and should be the grand ballroom champion of the world!!!!!!

    Comment by K-Ron -

  21. Mark,

    Just wanted to say that you are very inspirational. You have a wonderful attitude and are a joy to watch.

    I think that you should have gotten a better score this past week, but I am happy that you will be around for at least another.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    Comment by Karen -

  22. There is a BIG difference between trying to do something and getting it done. That difference is commitment. You have the commitment to work hard and make it to each level!

    Wishing you success!

    Comment by Kirstin -

  23. Mark,
    WOW … I just saw a preview of tonights show, you can really dance good!!! That \”hip thing\” you do really adds to the routine! Good Luck – we will be voting!!!! Pat

    Comment by Patricia Pissanos -

  24. Love you on the show! I am voting for you to win! Telling everyone I know to vote also. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Karen -

  25. Congrats to you and Kym. I think last week you got bottom two due to the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday first week schedule. I had no idea the voting closed so quickly what can I say…TIVO screwed you!!! But this week we got in our family votes and will continue to support you throughout the competition. All of Dallas is behind you —– now THAT\’S a fan base baby!

    Comment by Kim -

  26. Mark, I have to say I was never a fan of yours from what I knew in the media before this but you\’ve changed my mind. I thought you did an awesome job on this week. I have to say I was a bit mad at the judges. I thought you did better than they gave you credit for. And who knew you were so hunky?

    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Sandra -

  27. Mark-
    I have been a fan of yours since your reality TV show. It\’s so fun to see you on the \”big screen\” again. Your family and friends must be so proud. Everyone can see how hard you are working and how much you want this. Keep up the terrific work! Your drive and determination is an incredible inspiration to everyone w/obstacles in their lives!

    Comment by Marla -

  28. I\’m truly surprised that you\’ve made it this far, Mark. I thought that you\’d get fewer votes because: (1) you\’re probably less-known than some of the other contestants; and (2) people don\’t like billionaires. I really think your attitude and enthusiasm are helping you out a lot. Great going and keep up the good work. Best of luck!

    Comment by Daddy Dan -

  29. The Mambo totally rocked! You both looked great. And now everybody knows how handsome Mark Cuban really is!(I was hoping you would shave.LOL)Keep practicing and good luck!

    Comment by Misti -

  30. Mark I loved you and Kim on the 1st night,and your mambo WAS good! That Cari judge she is supposed to be the Simon of American IDOL THIS YEAR ALL TUFF AND ALL .YOU GOT IT RIGHT ,DANCE FOR YOUR FANS,NOT THE JUDGES OPINIONS!

    Comment by frances Garcia -

  31. Mark, good news– the smile did cover the few technical mistakes that you\’d made. You and Kym did an excellent job!! 18 is a little bit low, everything considered…

    Comment by Lissy -

  32. Outstanding Mark!!! Thanks for sharing this experience… I\’m having a blast cheering for you and your dance partner!!!

    Comment by Joe Hammill -

  33. Congratulations Mark on proving that there is a passion of dancing in a guy with an IT backgroud. You got all my votes! Good luck next week! I will be voting for you.

    Comment by Mercy -

  34. Soooooooo exciting to watch. Keep it up Mark, u r a joy to watch and speaking from a dance teacher\’s point of view — your technique is not that bad. Listen to Kim and smile, smile, smile —- especially when the judges critique u. Capitalize on it and make those corrections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gonna vote, vote, vote

    Comment by c. gaffney -

  35. Totally voting for you — you are awesome! An inspiration really. No, I\’m not talking about yr bank account — I\’m talking about yr artificial hip. You\’ve got my votes.

    Comment by Patrizia -

  36. I didn\’t know anything about you before \”Dancing With The Stars\”. Only that your name has been tossed around as a potential buyer of the Cubs. Now that I see you\’re a sport, will do anything, have a great attitude, all I know now is that I WANT you to buy the Cubs. Hope to see you in Chicago! Good Luck on DWTS.

    Comment by Debbie Bordeaux -

  37. Congrats Mark

    Even though there have been times that I haven\’t liked you much because of the things you have said about my home town San Antonio and about the Spurs I want you to go as far on DWTS. Just to show that we people from San Antonio have class and we are always behind anyone from our State. Good Luck and have fun..which looks like you are doing. I\’ve voted for you this last time sent you about 70 votes… Good Luck next week…..


    Comment by Marie -

  38. I used MOST of my votes for you, Mark! You\’re a terrific addition to the lineup. Keep it up!!

    All the best,


    Comment by Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. -

  39. Morning Mark or depending on where are u, Good Afternoon. I just seen the results, (I know I\’m late but I had to work late last night and so I watched the results just now on abc.com) I just wanted to say congrats. I knew that your fans would stand behind you. I look forward to seeing you dance next week. No matter how good or bad you do you still have my vote.

    Take care,
    Kim B. from Cali

    Comment by kim b. -

  40. You did great! Looked fabulous! I voted online and called. Didn\’t know much about you before the show. Love seeing your true personality on the show.

    Comment by Victoria Hatfield -

  41. I just wanted to say that I am pulling for you even though I am a diehard Wizards fan:-) I thought you danced well both weeks and that for some reason the judges judged you a little more harshly than needed. Keep up the good work and remember to watch that form. Straight back, straight arms, straight shoulders. You go Mark! I will keep voting for you, even when the bball season starts.

    Comment by Sharon Johnson -

  42. Good job this week. I think the judges were way to hard on you and giving others a higher score when their routines weren\’t as hard and polished as yours. You were \”robbed\” but thank goodness the fans kept you in. Keep having fun and dance for your family first and fans…only \”hear\” what you need to from the judges and let the other go in one ear and out the other. Takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing! I hope you continue.

    Comment by Cheryl -

  43. I just wanted to say that I am pulling for you even though I am a diehard Wizards fan:-) I thought you danced well both weeks and that for some reason the judges judged you a little more harshly than needed. Keep up the good work and remember to watch that form. Straight back, straight arms, straight shoulders. You go Mark! I will keep voting for you, even when the bball season starts.

    Comment by Sharon Johnson -

  44. Just wanted to let you know i\’m a huge fan!!!!! Definately rooting for you :0) Hopefully the judges will get the bugs out of there butts soon and realize how much better you are than LOTS of people on DWTS……… GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    Comment by Jennifer -

  45. I was so glad to see that you were not in the bottom two. It would have been a robbery if you had been sent home. Congrats and keep up the good work. I\’ll be voting for you.

    Comment by Susie -

  46. Wow – that was some bad dancing. But I gotta hand it to you – you got style and character. Keep it up! 🙂

    Comment by David -

  47. Way to go, Mark! You made it through another week! Between me, my husband, my sister, and my kids, we sent you over 1,000 votes !!!
    Keep up the good work – we can\’t wait to see you dance again next week!

    Comment by Cilla -

  48. Marc, I got a billion dollar idea….will you help me


    Comment by Pastor Archie Sauls -

  49. Yo Dina,

    Get a life.

    Comment by Laura -

  50. Mark,

    I HOPE you read this. We are know you are having such a blast. It shows on your face big time when they talk to you and when you dance. Listen to what the judges are saying to the others and think about what you can get from it to help you!!!!

    Also, I watch ballroom dancing competitions and your facial expressions are part of the dance. Concentrate on looking the part of what dance you are doing. Big smiles and such are part of a \’fun\’ dance, but most dances want either a sensual face or a serious face. Have someone find you some vid of professionals doing ballroom and mimic what you see on the guy\’s faces for next week.


    You\’ll get over 100 votes from this house EVERY WEEK.

    Hey, I am a football fanatic and I even missed part of the game to watch you Monday. I\’ll even miss Cowboys and Bills next week for you (well, they are gonna win anyway).

    GO MARK!

    Comment by Laura -

  51. THRILLED for you!! Can\’t wait to see you next week!
    I hope when you get the chance to do a really steamy latin dance that you will OOZE smoldering intensity – no grinning for those! (unless it\’s a come hither look or something, lol). You will be a natural with the Paso Doble\’!

    Comment by Martha -

  52. Mark! I love you! You were awesome and your personality really shows through. I like your clean shaven face too! Glad you will be back next week!

    Comment by Stacey -

  53. Mark, I think you are doing a wonderful job and I\’m so glad you are still in the competition…but, I think you should concentrate more on your partner and not the audience. You are very charismatic and I think you would be more appealing if you would give you attention to your partner. You are charming…make your partner feel the same. Good luck.. I\’m in you corner. Patti

    Comment by patricia -

  54. Mark, I hate to say but I had never even heard of you before DWTS, I know a little more about you now, and you\’ve got my votes ( all of them !! ) Great Attitude and Great Personality. Teresa

    Comment by Teresa Moore -

  55. Hi Mark,

    Congratulations on making it through another round in DWTS. I relate to your earlier post comment of beginning each day with a positive attitude …. and a smile. That\’s the whole key to life, in my view.

    I\’ve been up and I\’ve been down as well. As long as your attitude stays up, and you maintain some \”passions\” in your life, things will turn out just fine.

    One of my passions, Mark, is to make the Internet a safer place for artists, writers, musicians, illustrators, cartoonists, and animators to display and distribute their work. I have been working on this passion for the past twelve years.

    Hurry up and win this thing. I miss some of your posts on what\’s happening out here in the Internet world, in general, and with the pirates at Google/YouTube, in particular. Yep, my small graphic arts development company fights the same battle as Sumner and his team at Viacom. Only we have \”clean hands\” … and have had them for over 25 years!

    Okay, here\’s my DWTS tip of the week. Stay humble. And keep smiling and laughing. America appreciates (and needs) positive role models these days. People vote accordingly.

    And take the judges (sometimes right and sometimes wrong)criticisms with an acknowledgement that you are listening … and with a smile. Show determination to do better the next time. Thank people who take the time to give you constructive criticism.

    I admire you for taking this opportunity, Mark. Rich or poor, if more people would take chances when they are presented to them, this world would be a much nore exciting and rewardfing place to live.

    Good luck!


    George P. Riddick, III
    Imageline, Inc.


    Comment by George Riddick -

  56. Congratulations mark, can\’t wait to see what you have for us next week!

    Comment by Dan -

  57. Well if the Mav\’s can\’t win a championship they might as well get Cuban in front of the camera by making a fool of himself. He missed his calling, he should have opened his own dance troope.

    Comment by Dina -

  58. YAY, I\’m so glad you made it…i started jumping in the middle of my living room. my husband and daughter were looking at me like i was a nut case. I knew you were going to make to the next round, i just knew it.

    Comment by Edna -

  59. Alright, Mark I\’m SO glad you stayed, I split my votes between you & Albert. I was so sorry to see Albert go though, he was fun to watch. To say I was shocked along with millions of others I\’m sure, it wasn\’t Wayne, is an understatement. But,it is what it is & he is gone.
    I have to say, not being a sports fan in any way, I had never heard of you till DWTS, but I like your personality & the fact you work so hard & put everything into your performance.
    Now Albert is gone all my votes will go to you, good luck & I hope you can go to the finals.

    Comment by Lorraine -

  60. Mark you have such a contagious smile and you look like you are having alot of fun. I will definetly be voting for you. By the ways your moves aren\’t bad either. You are quite dazzling. You go for it. Just think if all the mavs moved like you and had as much fun we would definetly be the NBA champs this year with or without an award.

    Comment by Jeannie -

  61. I love watching you on DWTS. I watch that show every season.. I\’m a single mother that works and goes to school, but in all that I love to take a break and watch. I hope you get to the end Mark!! You have my vote!

    Comment by Grace Gagnon -

  62. first time long time…

    Congrats! Solid performance last night.

    btw – last night I watched the Mark Cuban \”Beyond the Glory\” on YouTube. Incredible story! Was just wondering if you were missing any furniture after Dennis Rodman stayed in your guest house:)

    If you make it to the bay area this weekend for the Blue Angels shoot me an email. We can get together, have a beer and tell some stories…

    Blue Angels in SF (flying over Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge) INCREDIBLE!!!


    Comment by GL -

  63. Hi Mark,

    Congrats to both Kym and yourself for a good showing this week. I have to admit that I was one of those people who thought that your public persona defined who you were (not that it was a bad thing – I\’ve always liked your personality), and the only reason I started watching DWTS is because you\’re on it this season. I have to say that seeing your hard work and dedication along with reading your blogs, I\’ve come to the realization that there is more to you than what the papers say or what the media shows, and I have developed a deep respect and admiration for you as a person. Keep up the great work, and you and Kym have my support and my votes!!


    Comment by Stephanie LA -

  64. Congratulations, Mark! I really enjoyed your performance last night, and voted for you. It\’s been a pleasure watching you dance. Thank you.

    Comment by Trelly -

  65. I was worried last night when I saw that ABC had you Dancing to \”Must be the Money\” – I seriously thought they were trying to sabotage the outcome by making you look like an arrogant ass with that song; hopefully you will get something better to dance to next week.

    I can\’t wait to see you next Monday!!! I am spreading the word and you will get twice as many votes from me and my friends for week 3 🙂


    Comment by Wendi -

  66. Yahoooo! congrats! you did it!~~~~

    Comment by nanette -

  67. When it was announced that you would be staying my wife turned to me and said \”you geeks did this.\” I just smiled. As I see it you are doing this for the dreamers who wish they could do what you are doing. Sorry I only voted 33 times. I\’ll have more email addresses to register next week.

    Comment by Alfred Thompson -

  68. Well Mark, you did it! I\’m so glad you\’re staying another week. Your joy when you dance shows through. Good luck in your practice, when can you tell us what the next dance will be?

    Comment by Sharon -

  69. Awesome! No red light for you tonight. This Spurs fan couldn\’t be more pleased. You danced your butt off last night. Sure, you\’ve got some work to do (stop with the silly faces!!!!), but it definitely wasn\’t time for you to go home yet!


    Comment by Robyn -

  70. Congratulations for making it to the next week on DWTS!!! Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you!

    Comment by Rose -

  71. Mark,

    My wife thinks you are wonderful!!! She has changed her personal blog she created for adoption (3 children all adopted Cade,Cason, and Cailyn) into the Go Mark Cuban blog. She is joking about Kym, she thinks that she is a great!!! also.

    Comment by Mitchell Brazell -

  72. Congrats Mark for making it to the next round! The Dallas fans must be kicking it up!

    Comment by Katie -

  73. You did a great job with the Mambo and were underscored entirely! I am a lover of DWTS and the one thing I have always appreciated is HARD WORK! You obviously put the work in and deserve to remain in the competition!

    I was so happy for you and Kym, as they announced you safe! I know I am not the only one that loves to vote for hardworkers that entertain – keep up the GREAT WORK!

    Comment by Erika -

  74. Way to go Mark!!! We are all in your corner! I\’ve never had so much fun watching any other couple dance before!!!! Soon enough the whole country is going to know AND love Mark Cuban. Can\’t wait till next week!

    Comment by Jaime -

  75. Bloggers rule!!! Getting the Internet crowd to vote for Mark & Kym prevailed over the judges. Great job Mark! Your personality is shining through. I like the sleeveless shirt…showing off the guns. Everything worked for you this week. Now work hard and do it all again next week.

    Don Dodge

    Comment by Don Dodge -

  76. Yeah Mark!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I had a feeling you were safe tonight and I\’m looking forward to watching you next week. Keep updating the blog because your \”fans\” will want progress reports. I think tonights win is a good shot in the arm for you and your fans. I think tonights win will only motivate them to continue voting harder as long as you put out. I too have my work cut out for me. I have to figure out how I\’m going to set up 1,000 new e-mail address for next week (lol). Well maybe a few more. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  77. Awesome performance. You looked GREAT!

    Comment by I Heart Mark Cuban -

  78. 2 down- keep workin it – you can do it – if it was a blur it didn\’t show
    Love your blog – really honest and shows the real side
    Good luck – I\’m voting on 3 phones but ironically, can\’t get the high tech thing to work for the tech dude! Clicking Vote goes nowhere! What\’s up with that? – friend had the same problem. Anybody else out there having the same issue? Maybe we can get Kimmel on it!

    Comment by amarie -

  79. Mark,

    Great job!! I\’m glad to see an affiliate of the NBA represented. I grew to love your passionate personality watching Mavs games from Detroit on NBA League Pass. The Mavs are my second favorite team, right behind the Pistons. Now I\’m enjoying you once again on DWTS. Hard work pays off. You\’re a class act…keep it up!

    Comment by Heidi -

  80. WE DID IT!!! WE DID IT!!! WE DID IT!!!

    Dallas is so PROUD!!!!!!!!!!


    Comment by Nancy -

  81. Mark,

    We\’re thrilled that you made it another week!
    ONE SUGGESTION….remember that you\’re on camera more than you think. You\’ve got to SMILE!!! When you\’re standing there not smiling, it looks like you\’re mad. If you want to remain on the show, you\’ve got to be a more across with a more likeable personality.
    Again, congratulations on advancing another week. We\’ll keep voting for you!!

    Comment by David Allen - Arlington -

  82. Mark you were fantastic!!! And so entertaining. You got all my phone and internet votes. Have been a fan of yours a long time. Ever consider buying one of the Atlanta Sports teams?????

    Comment by Leah in Atlanta -

  83. I am so happy for you and Kim. We will keep watching as long as you both are on. You are doing a fantastic job letting everyone know what a wonderful person you are.

    MFFL in Florida, Sue

    P.S. Thank you for not blowing up the Mavs roster this year. They will make you proud too!!! 28 days and counting..GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by Sue -

  84. Mark,
    I think you could win this competition! Both of you\’re performances we\’re fun & exhilarating to watch. Im watching right now and I see that you just made it through! Congratulations!!! You deserve it! Forget the scores. You\’re amazing! I\’ll definitely keep voting for you. I love love love watching you!!!! Keep up the hard work, its showing!! Good luck! (not that you need it)

    Comment by megan -

  85. Cubes
    No one has mentioned that your at a disadvantage because most the sports world is watching Monday Night Football on Mondays.

    Comment by Ira Rainess -

  86. Bravo! another week of torture! 🙂

    Comment by Mary -

  87. YEA Mark! Congrats. We Mav fans will keep voting for u…You Keep dancing your socks off.
    -MFFL and MCFFL

    Comment by Suzanne -

  88. Nice Job Cubes. Were rooting for you!

    Comment by Ira Rainess -

  89. Yippeeeeee and yee hawwwwwww!!!!! On to Week 3!!!!! I am SO happy!!!!!!!!! Your fans pulled through, as I knew would happen!!! You definitely got alllll my votes!

    Comment by Texy -

  90. I thought you did great and you got my vote(s). Keep up the good work, and we are proud of you here in McKinney, Texas.

    Comment by Kelley Glazier -

  91. YEAH! Congratulations Mark! I was so happy you made it through. Your fans kept you from the bottom 2 this week. I\’ll be there every week for you Mark!

    Comment by Olson Kilmer -

  92. WHOOOO HOOOOO !!! Week 3 !!! You were awesome and I voted all I could for you. I\’m THRILLED to hear just now that you have made it to round 3. WAY TO GO !!!! Your making Dallas PROUD !!!

    Comment by Sheila -

  93. Mark,

    They just announced that you were safe for next week. Way to go!

    As a fellow CEO, I know the thrill of tackling something new and succeeding. Keep it up, you\’re an inspiration!


    Comment by Elliott Masie -

  94. Good Luck Mark! You\’re an inspiration.

    Comment by Brad Newman -

  95. Mark, I run this blog http://celebrity-do-gooders.blogspot.com/ would love to interview you on your foundation. Get in touch with me!

    Comment by lisa b -

  96. Mark, you are absolutely adorable! I have the biggest crush on you! You have my votes!

    Comment by lisa b -

  97. Mark
    I think you are doing great. You are such a nice man. I only watch the show to watch you dance. I hope you win the trophy. I know you will!


    Comment by Gail Cook -

  98. Go Mark, just be careful don\’t hurt yourself,you have already
    proved you are a winner.

    Comment by Ms. Merle Dunn -

  99. Mark – we want you here in Chicago – being the owner of the Cubs!!! And just like the cubs, we are all rooting for you here in Chi-Town – you look great out there. And my prayer is that you will be granted ownership of the Cubs (for a few millions dollars of course) and then I can come work for you and you can teach me the necessary skills to be a billionaire like you!!!!

    Comment by Adora -

  100. You\’ve got style, you\’ve got grace … you\’re going to do a great job. Best of luck and don\’t forget to have a great time!

    Comment by Jennifer Weber -

  101. U were robbed. U should have gotten 21.
    Keep going Mark, u r great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by c. gaffney -

  102. Until your stint on \’Dancing with the Stars\’, I had no idea who you were (I\’m obviously not a sport\’s fan, nor do I hobnob with the nouveau riche). This season is a difficult one, as all of the contestants seem so genuinely nice, so I can\’t hope for anyone to be voted off, just yet.

    You look like you\’re having a ball, so keep up the good work, and I\’ll keep rooting for all of you!

    Comment by D Hall -

  103. You see all the positive reaction from your fans Mark? The public loves you and you\’re not going anywhere. I still can\’t figure out the politics of that show and what they\’re trying to achieve. It\’s a sad day when a Disney owned company takes it\’s cues from Fox (Rupert Murdoch) and tries to emulate the cheese factor. Mark,there\’s a lot of love for you on this board and I\’ve read some very positive commentary. As a very wise poster stated \”take heed of constructive critism\” and you\’ll be just fine. BTW, you\’re a winner already. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  104. My husband and I tried to vote for you last night. I got through all 5 times, although it took some time since your line was busy a lot, but that\’s good. I tried to vote from my husban\’s phone but after 1 vote it told me I\’d reached the limit. I was pretty angry about that and haven\’t gotten over it. Ha ha. Anywho, we tried to vote online but the site was too busy. Hopefully you stick around. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Barb -

  105. Loved it! Forget the judges and have fun. You are entertaining us and your enjoyment shows.

    Comment by Shadows -

  106. Tonight you will know. just how good you did dancing last night.

    Comment by Susie Stockard -

  107. You hang in there young man. You were robbed last night by the judges, but don\’t forget that a lot of us are voting for you. I am so proud of you and you\’re doing a good job. Don\’t let what the judges say bother you too much, just take heed of constructive criticism and \”Move it on up\”. Best of luck.

    Comment by Ann -

  108. WOW! You should be so proud. You Rock, Dude! Don\’t give up and keep on fighting to stay in the dance. I think the world sees you in a whole new light.

    Comment by Susan -

  109. Great job!

    There is no way they can send you home tonight after all the votes you will get.

    I\’m so proud of you!


    Comment by Belinda -

  110. You should not have gotten 18 — rather and 21 —– u were great ——— Keep it up

    Comment by c. gaffney -

  111. Fabulous performance and tenacity!
    Plus – good marketing move to shave the beard and show the bi-ceps!
    Keep up the fun – life\’s too short NOT to have any.

    Comment by Terri -

  112. you looked great last night mark! when you came on i thought – did this guy lose 10 years? you looked good man. you looked young and vivacious. keep it up – best of luck to you!

    Comment by michelle -

  113. I\’ve liked you Mark since \’\’The Benefactor\’\’. I admire your giving 110% no matter what you take on! Who knew you could dance too?! 3 computers with 3 different email addys plus one land line and two cell phones = 66 votes for you. Wish I could give more votes!

    Good luck with DWTS. Just be careful of that hip. Your fans worry about you even when you are having fun!

    Oh and after reading your bio thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you\’ve done for our veterans of the Iraq war. I\’m a former Army brat and know how much our Vets need everyone\’s help.

    Hope you win that silver disco ball trophy!!!

    Comment by Peggy Barbour -

  114. Mark, hubby and I thought you were great last night…no lip syncing – GOOD! We concur with all the others who believe you were robbed because your dance was excellent. I also agree with the couple of folks who mentioned you might want to tone down your expressive face…remember, many of your competitors are professional actors and seem better able to convey the mood of the dance. I know you gotta be yourself and all, but you ARE in this to win, right? Then try to learn to BE the dance you\’re doing. Look like the dance, not the exuberant Mark we know and love. Wayne Newton should go, but you MIGHT be on the block again tonight…I hope NOT, but…

    Comment by Martha -

  115. I respect the positive energy and attitude you\’ve brought to the show. Others could learn a lot from you. Although you were not my first choice to win, I do believe you were robbed last night on the scores. It\’s said that the truly deserving are not awarded properly. So, last night I used both my phone lines to call in my votes for you. Good luck and hopefully we\’ll see you next week!

    Comment by Theresa -

  116. Mark,

    I didn\’t know who you were till last week. I think you are doing a fabulous job..you are funny and fresh and witty…not to mention easy to look at..(my hubby wouldn\’t mind..he is loving Jane S. right now!). I am rooting for you on the guys side…I think you have what it takes! Failure is NOT trying…you are already SUCCESSFUL in DWTS!!

    My best regards to you and Kym,

    Kim fka Kym LOL

    Comment by Kim fka Kym LOL -

  117. MARK
    I think you are doing great on DWTS .As a retired Orthopedic nurse I get the picture that the judges don\’t.What you are doing is a great inspiration to all total joint patients to get their groove on! I want to see those judges dance like you are after a total hip.I think you deserve 10\’s all the way ! you are being robbed. Good Luck you have my votes.

    Comment by kathy wortman -


    Comment by Jan Stewart -

  119. I thought the judges were very nasty. You deserved better than sixes in my opinion. I\’m not ready for you to go either, therefore I voted for you and only you last night. I loved the dance by the way.

    Comment by Paula -

  120. Great job last night Mark – the judges really gave you a raw deal. Stay positive and don\’t worry! I could tell you were getting angry by watching your face after the scores came in. Understandably so, but you\’ll have more fun and win over more viewers if you stay positive and keep having fun. 🙂

    I think I found a loophole in the voting system… I have a VOIP phone line hooked up through GizmoProject.com. DWTS let me vote an unlimited amount using that line – probably because of the weird caller ID values it sends.

    So I have no idea how many votes I sent in, but it was probably at least 200 🙂

    Comment by Tim -

  121. Mark, You are doing great!!! My 10 year old son is even watching just to see you!!! The Mavs are his team so of course all our votes are going to you and Kym. His 6 year old sister would probably vote for Sabrina (loves Cheetah girls) but lucky for you he dials faster and knows how to vote online. Besides we have to vote for our hometown boy. Keep up the good work!!I really enjoy watching the show with my son so I hope you stay around.

    Comment by Debra Aguilar -

  122. P.S.S. By the way, you looked 15 years younger last night as compared to last week. Guess dark brown is NOT your color!

    Comment by Char -

  123. Mark! You\’ve got \”it\” back! The music, the costume, (that showed off a couple of your good assests-your arms!), the choreography…all were great !! Now THAT\”S what I\’m talkin\’ about! Just Great!!
    You WILL win over the public with your enthusiasm and great smile! and it\’s great you are showing another side of yourself besides that \’guy that yells at the refs\’.
    Now…work, work work on the technical part of the steps.
    p.s. in my opinion: Bruno\’s remark about the \’bulldog chasing a squirrel\’? The dance did look a little too \’busy\’, but alot had to do with your partner\’s costume.

    Comment by Char -

  124. Mark

    My wife and I are huge fans. (We were one of the few who even watched your TV Show.) (LOL) Anyway, last night you were robbed. We both voted the maximum and tonight you will mopve on to the next round of dancing. GOOD LUCK

    Ken and Val from Arlington, Texas

    Comment by Ken Barton -

  125. Great Job! Your personality really came through and your enthusiasm is contagious! Also liked the new clean shaven look! Good luck!

    Comment by Brenda -

  126. Mark,

    We were there last night and you were fantastic! I just used all of my internet votes to try and help you, because you really deserved better scores than you got. No matter the outcome tonight, I wanted you to know that your hard work and dedication really made an impression on me, and I wanted to thank you for letting the viewers get to know the real you, both in your segments on the show and here on your blog.

    Comment by Sharon -

  127. Mark – I am pulling for you. I live in Dallas not far from you, and I want you to know you inspired me last night. Watching you, it\’s clear how passionate you are to learn and how hard you are working. I have never voted for anyone on this show, but I wanted to make sure you got a vote from me. It was too late when I called in, so I MADE my husband go online for me and place a vote for you. That is how much I want you to proceed to the next step. Good luck!

    Comment by margaret herndon -

  128. Good morning. Thanks for being so entertaining! Watching you dance on DWTS (and BTW, you\’re the only reason I even watch the show) is like watching a family member do it, almost. You have grown so endearing to me throughout the years as a rabid Dallas Mavericks fan (OMG-tell Dirk \”How you doin\’?\” for me!), that I would support you in anything you decide to conquer. You keep my boys champions and now I\’m going to try and keep you one too. I\’m voting for you! Love me some Mark Cuban!

    Comment by Jennifer Hernandez -

  129. You were soooooo good last night. The best!!!

    Comment by Toni -

  130. You were fabulous tonight Mark! I think the judges were extremely harsh on you, especially compared to others. I can\’t wait to see what\’s in store for next week. BTW – LOVED the new look!!

    Comment by Rubygal -

  131. Mark – I know you\’re a no excuses guy, but after 25 years of showing horses I can definitely tell you that the \”luck of the draw\” can make or break your score. If you\’re one of the first ones to make an individual run the judges always seem to use your score as some kind of a \”base\” and the scores for lesser runs later on receive a higher score. It just seems to be human nature and I could sure see it happening last night. I can\’t believe how well you danced last night and when you factor in the hip replacement it\’s truly amazing!

    Comment by Lynn Mayes -

  132. You did great. My eyes got all welled up during your performance and I was just praying that you got through it. I can\’t even imagine myself trying to pull off that dance with millions watching. Helio and Sabrina are thrilling to watch, but I find myself pulling for you as the underdog because I see what it means to you. I\’m a Red Sox fan too, so pulling for the underdog comes naturally.

    Comment by Catherine -

  133. haha Mark I beat your going to look GREAT in your lil DWTS outfit!! I wish you nothing but the best!!! So I\’m a HUGE Emitt Smith fan BUT i still didn\’t watch him on DWTS…I think I\’m going to have to break down and watch it just BC you are on there!!! YOU GO MARK…SHOW THEM WHAT YOUR WORKING WITH!! 🙂 I had to say that…don\’t front you know it put a smile on your face!! 🙂

    Comment by Candace Porter -

  134. I think that the effect would be more sincere if you wiped the goofy looks off your face. No offence or anything, but the dancing is good, it\’s just the facial expressions. Kerri-Ann has mentioned this to you. Smile, get into the \”role\” and have fun but avoid all the facial expressions. Concentrate on this in this weeks practice.

    Comment by Helen -

  135. Mark,

    You were absolutely robbed – you should have had at LEAST all 8\’s. You were awesome and have incredible style and energy. Keep it up cuz I think Mr. Las Vegas will be going home after tonight. Go for it!


    Comment by Glen Johansson -

  136. You rocked Mark! We voted as much much and as many ways as possible. You are making Dallas Proud!

    Comment by Meridith -

  137. Hang in there Mark! You continue to improve. The judges will reward you for your hard work. I predict you won\’t be on the spot this week.

    Just know we are pulling for you.

    Comment by Deb -

  138. I usually don\’t comment on such boards (hey, don\’t like looking like some stalking fan-girl), but I\’ve really enjoyed your dancing on the show. You look like you are having a blast.

    I really hope you survive the week – not having a fan base like the others concerns me, but I hope the injustice of the scores was enough to send more votes your way.

    BTW, your wife looked so sad after the comments, as you did after the scores were read – after that, I threw all my votes your way.

    Good luck, and hopefully I\’ll get to see you having a blast next week!

    Comment by Rebecca -

  139. Mark, you are such a joy to watch dance. I can tell you\’re just having fun out there and giving it your all. Great job!!

    p.s. don\’t worry I put in my votes for you this morning. 🙂

    Comment by Amanda -

  140. Mark, I\’m rooting for you! You have my votes!

    I think it will improve your score with the judges if you can work on turning your toes out when you dance, particularly on you left foot. My son has this problem which is caused by his hips, so there may not be anyway you can work on it since you have had hip surgery.

    Comment by Jan -

  141. My daughter and I cast all of our text votes for you. She\’s a competitive dancer too, and knows how hard it is to put all that together and sell it. We\’re both knocked out by how you did that, particularly with a hip replacement to overcome!

    Keep dancing and we\’ll keep voting!

    Comment by Karoli -

  142. Mark, we thought you were WONDERFUL tonight. All 11 votes went to you. My husband only had one criticism… stop pulling faces when you\’re dancing. You\’ve got a gorgeous smile, but you keep making faces and it\’s distracting. Other than that one little thing, we were both cheering and clapping!!! We love the new look too – you have an awesome bod so SHOW IT OFF, BABY! You were HOT tonight!

    Comment by Lori in Plano -

  143. Mark…
    We thought you did great. We voted as much as we could before the cut off. Couldn\’t do it online for some reason. Hang in there! Can\’t wait to see your dance next week!


    Comment by Martha -

  144. Hey Mark, incredible improvement over the first week! Loved your costume, you looked incredible and danced great! I can tell you have lost weight and losing the goatee made you look younger too. Good luck, I\’ll be watching the results show tomorrow night!

    Comment by Robin -

  145. Mark, so impressed with your performance tonight. I thought it was really HOT!!! Didn\’t think the scores reflected your performance skills at all. Nice to see you show off your physique – especially your well defined arms! Voted for you and Kym with every vote at my disposal. Was glad to see your \”billionaire\” status was downplayed this show. Only one small suggestion for you: work on your facial expression. You have all the right moves, but I feel a sensual, intense countenance would best sell your dancing skills. I am so hoping to see you two in competition next week. Your Dallas fan, Janice

    Comment by Janice -

  146. I had a problem voting tonight and want to make you all aware of
    it! I watched it in Vegas and tried to vote on my cell phone at
    10:00. My cell number is registered in Texas, so I was past the half
    hour cut off. Tomorrow I will start voting Texas time!

    Comment by Karen Lombardi -

  147. You were ROBBED tonight Mark…. your performance was much better than 18 pts. I was amazed at the moves you had…way more relaxed and in control than last week. Hope you stay in… I certainly voted max # of votes for you!

    Comment by Teresa -

  148. Mark,
    I am now one of your biggest fans..you are so refreshing..you are working so hard, and your personality comes out when you dance..keep it up, you have all of my votes.

    You are doing a excellent job, keep up that smile of yours, it shines bright.

    Comment by Carrie -

  149. What a bunch of hooey. There are some real kool-aid drinkers posting on this site.

    Comment by Neutral -

  150. Lookin\’ Good! Way to Mambo!! Good luck.

    Comment by Jana -

  151. You did great again Mark. Nice moves, great arms, and you didn\’t sick out your tongue or sing along. I can def. see the progress in just one week. Keep improving and proving your a showman. I\’m impressed.

    Comment by Devon -

  152. Another great job! You received all 11 of my votes. Good luck tomorrow night!

    Comment by Steve Craton -

  153. You did a Great job tonight and all of your hard work showed! I think you got robbed with the scores from the judges. Enjoyed it very much, thank you and good luck!

    Comment by Angela -

  154. Hi Mark,

    Have been a fan of your for years! (even if I\’m a life-long Laker fan).

    You are by far my favorite celebrity dancer on this season\’s DWTS. Great job tonight! I\’ve been watching the show since season 1 and have NEVER voted before…but I hope to see you and Kym still dancing at the end of the season, so you got all my 11 votes tonight!

    Good luck and know that your fans out there appreciate all your hard work!

    Keep up the good work and keep smiling!

    Comment by Sandra Cheng -

  155. Your dancing was far better than the score show.
    Keep up the good work. We pulled out the cell phones and all the computers.

    You are showing a fire and determination that awes us all.

    Comment by Dennis -

  156. Just seen you dance a moment ago. I thought you guys did a good job. I didn\’t think you deserve all 6s, that bs,. Anyways, you look incredible and sexy with you black outfit on, and it does look like you have been losing weight. Good luck to you. I would be voting for you as much as I can. Ever since last week I heard you mentioning about your daughter and your family, I\’ve gained more respect and love for you.

    The best of luck to you.
    Kim B. from Cali

    Comment by kim b. -

  157. Hey Mark !

    You did really well tonight! I know you are excited, but maybe a little too much brightness on your face. Think about having the meaning of the dance on your face! You are a good lookin fella! Mark, we all are enjoying seeing you achieving these dances. Please don\’t ever think we would be disappointed. You learning and performing these dances makes all of us proud of YOU !!!
    Tomorrow night just try to relax and have a pretty smile and speak positive no matter what !!! I think you gonna make it to next week anyhow!!!
    Luv ya and all your accomplishments,
    Susan M

    Comment by Susan M -

  158. Hey Mark! You were great!!!!! What\’s up with the judges? You were much better than several of the other male competitors!!! Keep up the hard work. All your fans are behind you.

    I used every phone in the house as well as my neighbors to vote for you!

    The judges will soon see you are the one to beat!!!!

    Go MAVS!!!!

    Comment by Susan -

  159. Mark,

    You got at least 100 votes from this household….we are rooting for you. Keep up the great work. You are making Dallas proud! I\’m sure your family is beyond words proud of you!

    Comment by Laura -

  160. You can do it! I\’ve already commandeered my brother\’s phone for tonight and I\’ll be voting from three other phones besides.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  161. holy crap what a mambo…those judges don\’t know what they\’re talking about…GO MARK!

    Comment by sandie -

  162. We\’re pulling for you, Mark!!! You\’ve got all of our votes.

    Make Dallas proud!!!!!


    Comment by Nancy -

  163. Mark,
    I am so proud of you for being on dancing with the stars! You did such a great job tonight. My family and I voted for you from 2 house phones, 4 cell phones and 4 email address. We are behind you 100%! Keep dancing it up!!!!

    Comment by Suzanne -

  164. OK people, remember you have to sign up to vote. Check your systems. We have voted 1688 times so far with 7 people. If you want him to win then lets sacrifice a bit.

    Comment by Jason Craig -

  165. 92.5 KISS FM in Toledo has your back.

    Comment by Jason Craig -

  166. You were smokin tonight – I think your scores were too low, but that\’s what happens when you\’re in the first half of the dancers. Who picked the order?? Loved the song and loved the outfit. Your partner is too cute.

    Comment by Crystal Chadwick -

  167. Mark, you were great and deserved a higher score. ABC\’s voting website is unavailable! I dialed in a vote from my landline but have not yet mastered the art of texting from my new cellphone. It does so much stuff I can\’t keep track of how to do it all…

    They need to do something about that website! Obviously your Dallas fans have overwhelmed Time-Warner\’s capabilities (or maybe it\’s ABC\’s problem).

    Good luck!


    Comment by Rachel -

  168. You worked so hard and it was obvious. You will continue to get better and better as each week progresses. Continue to have a blast and remember that the judges only count for 50% of the score. You are getting more and more fan support as you continue. I think the judges are jealous and dont want to see someone who has so much get something else. You deserve to continue to move forward in this competition. You have my vote.

    Comment by Grace -

  169. Mark- I think you were much better this week than last- I have 5 phone lines & one e-mail so you got 66 votes from me- keep up the good work & go for it!!!!

    Comment by Frank -

  170. I can\’t believe you\’re 49! You look a good ten years younger. You did a very good job tonight. What stands out about you is your clear enjoyment of the experience. Have a good week learning your next dance! (I\’m sure you\’ll be around to do so!)
    : )

    Comment by Allison -

  171. I thought you were the 2nd best dancer of the night! I am so upset! I love this show and have watched it from the beginning but the judges totally robbed your performance!

    Comment by MVP -

  172. Great job Mark. Love the smile on your face! I got in 33 votes for you and Kym tonight. It would have been 44 except the on line voting is not working correctly. When I click on to submit it keeps saying page can\’t be displayed. You are making us proud in Texas!
    Carrollton Tx Fan

    Comment by Diane Gentry -

  173. You did GREAT tonight!! The smile makes it all the better…..you look like you have so much fun. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Comment by Angela -

  174. Mark,

    Thought I only had 6 votes. I gave you 22.

    Comment by Kristi -

  175. You have my vote Mark. Spreading the word.

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  176. Monday October 1st, 2007

    Dear Mark,

    I took off early today from work, so I could watch you on Dancing with stars. You have ALL my votes both by phone and on the Internet.

    What is more, I have most of my co-workers and all my friends voting for you, too!

    You appearance on the show has changed many peoples minds about you.

    Good Luck, and keep up the hard work.

    Michael E. Porter

    Comment by Michael E. Porter -

  177. Great job tonight Mark!!!! Your smile was especially contagious tonight! I loved the little clip about how hard you are working at all of this. And all of that in the middle of your work schedule! That\’s so inspiring.

    Keep it up Mark… tonight was great… you got my vote!!!

    Comment by Kristi -

  178. Mark,
    I may not be a professional dancer or choreographer, but I thought you and Kym did a fantastic job! Pretty hot moves there, Mark!

    Comment by Robin -

  179. You were robbed getting all 6\’s! You should have at least gotten 7\’s. We will be voting tonight. Don\’t want to lose you and be stuck with Mr. Vegas who btw should have received much less – not to be mean but the guy can\’t dance. Best of Luck!

    Comment by Mike & Susan -

  180. Hi Mark:
    You looked awesome and danced great. You don\’t have to look very far at ABC to find a conspiracy theory. It\’s the judges, the fix is in and they do it every season. Carrie Ann actually makes me ill, she\’s a know nothing that speaks. I\’m sure your fans are all voting, I already have. You got ALL my votes. Good Luck, I know you\’re safe, but don\’t let the wind bags brings you down. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  181. I gave all my votes to you and your partner Kym becasue of your determination, competitiveness and disire to win. Good luck to you and I will continue to support you.

    Comment by ylc -

  182. GREAT JOB, Mark!!! You\’re mambo was WAY underrated by the judges!!
    We\’ll pick up the slack- don\’t worry!

    P.S. Where can I sign up for cha-cha with Dirk?

    Comment by Lisa -

  183. Good Luck buddy! You are a true competitor!

    Comment by Ben -

  184. Hi Mark! GREAT job tonight! Prior to this, I have to say, I was not so sure about you since all I knew was the Mavs Mark. Seeing the real you through this has been wonderful and I\’m excited to be a Dallasite.

    Keep smiling and working hard, you\’re doing great. I\’m going to vote 6x for you!!

    Comment by Kristi -

  185. Mark, you looked hot tonight! I\’m off to give you all my votes.

    Comment by Judith -

  186. I\’m so excited to see you tonight.

    You are a natural on front of the camera and incredibly charismatic.

    It\’s so enjoyable to watch you have fun!!

    Play ball.

    Comment by Toni -

  187. I am a DWTS fanatic–and now a huge fan of yours!!! I am a self-proclaimed charisma junkie, and I love your attitude. Very soon I will be posting & encouraging my blog readers to vote, vote, vote! I was pleasantly surprised by your great performance. Last season, I was 100% behind Joey & Kym. (How does she always get the partners who seem like they\’d be the most fun to hang out with?) I\’m on the countdown to showtime!

    Comment by Southern Fried Mom -

  188. Good luck mark.. I\’ll be voting for ya..


    Comment by Tim -

  189. Mark,

    You will do great! I will certainly do my part to help with the voting (and my friends, neighbors, etc.). GOOD LUCK! P.S. Can\’t wait til our Mavs are back on the court. It will be a great year!

    Comment by Janet (Gram) Johnson -

  190. It\’s \”vote for Kym and me\”

    Sorry, just a pet peeve.

    Comment by Sandy -

  191. go mark go mark we are all pulling win or lose we in dfw dont lose win it

    Comment by tony -

  192. Mark,

    I\’ve been watching DWTS since the first season (TIVOing it when conflicts with Mavs games arose of course)and you were robbed last week!!! You SO should not have been low man. I won\’t mention names, but it shouldn\’t have been you!!

    Today is my big 5-0 so I won\’t be watching live (hubby\’s taking me out) but you can bet I\’ll be voting for you. You were really good last week, and I\’m sure you\’ll be really, really good this week, and so on and so on, until you take home that really ugly (but meaningful) trophy!!! Knock \’em dead!

    Comment by Dena Dunn -

  193. I will be calling and voting for you!

    Comment by MySpace Addons -

  194. Mark, all of your Mavs fans are behind you and you even have my 3 year old daughter voting for you. Best of luck!

    Comment by Alma -

  195. I forgot last time, but I\’ll make sure I vote (and vote often) for you tonight. Good luck!

    Comment by Daddy Dan -

  196. Mark,
    I\’m a former IU Foster 7/IU business grad gal, here. I rooted for you whether it was playing Rugby, or dancing at the Silver Dollar. You were enjoying life as you are now. Have fun with this, and don\’t try too hard at this…the audience will pickup on it. Good luck, Joann

    Comment by Joann -

  197. I am going to call and vote by email for you as many times as I can. What\’s more stressful? Building a billion dollar empire or dancing in front of America?

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  198. Good Luck Cubes!

    Comment by Matt Fabac -

  199. cuban! good luck dude.

    Comment by blyx -

  200. Mark, relax! Keep smiling and you will do great! All the Miami Heat fans I know are voting for you! Enjoy your dance and your time in the spot light. WE are all behind you and your family.

    Shake it Daddy!!!

    Comment by MFFL in Florida -

  201. Good luck tonight Mark!!!

    Comment by Gleeby -

  202. We will be watching you and good luck tonight.

    Comment by PPC Management -

  203. Hey, Mark…wish you the best of luck. You already look like you\’re having fun out there and I really hope after last week\’s \”scare\” you stay as long as possible. Keep up the great work. You both look great out there.

    Comment by Deb -

  204. Mark, I just wrote a blog asking all my readers (over 10,000 technology people) to vote for you tonight. Many of them don\’t watch TV but they do get into voting online. See \”Blogger Unite! Vote for Mark Cuban\” at

    Good luck!

    Comment by Don Dodge -

  205. Mark,

    Relax – just imagine you are dancing with one of your daughters on the dance floor 🙂 I\’m sure you\’ll do GREAT!!

    Good luck – You got my vote(s)!


    Comment by James -

  206. All the best man, go for it!

    Comment by Shaun -

  207. GO MARK!!! I am voting tonight and I have at least 3 phones and 7 email addresses…I will get you 100 votes tonight!

    Comment by Brandy -

  208. Before the season started I had others I was hoping would win, but you won my 5 votes over last week and you will again this week! 🙂 Have fun!

    Comment by Lori -

  209. Keep up the good work – remember just like the playoffs it\’s – not a sprint, it\’s a marathon. Hey, how does an extremely savy, hardworking, intelligent, handsome guy like myself who is the salesmanager of successful environmental company in california get a job working with Mark Cuban. Please advise – in the meantime keep dialed in and good luck.

    Comment by Carlos -

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