Thank YOU !!!!!!!

I can’t thank everyone who voted via phone or email for Kym and I as much as I would like to. To say I was surprised to not only move on, but to not be under the red light would be an understatement. I thought there was a good chance we were goners. The only reason we weren’t is because of your votes. THANK YOU.

I wish I had the energy to write more , but I have been up for 36 straight hours and I need to crash.

After the show last night we practiced from 9pm to 11:30, i got back to the hotel around midnight. That would not ordinarily be of note, but I had committed to do interviews with the media on the east coast to discuss our moving forward on the show and my new hip. Being in LA, doing early morning East Coast shows meant being up at 3:30 to start interviews before 5am LA time. I tried to get 3 hours of sleep. I didnt get any.

The interview sessions lasted till about 9:15 and from there I went to start rehearsing with Kim. That lasted till about 4pm. It wasnt all that productive, by the end I was like a zombie.

So here I sit in my hotel, tapping this post out with toothpicks keeping my eyes open. I didnt want anyone to think I didnt appreciate all the support Kym and I received.

As I told every entertainment and news show that interviewed us after the show and this morning, the support of people who read this blog, the support of the many bloggers who got behind Kym and I and the Facebook and Myspace nations and networks that rallied behind us are what kept us alive on the show.

The Nerd Herd was in full effect. This was truly an internet showing and I cant thank everyone enough and I truly hope we earn the same level of support next week.

Time for me to get some sleep

113 thoughts on “Thank YOU !!!!!!!

  1. Mark,

    I am waiting for approval for the Birmingham Hip Replacement. Highmark denied my surgery, saying it is an experimental procedure. I was originally scheduled at St. Clair Hospital in Mt. Lebanon on Sept. 25th. Meanwhile, it has been approved for others. I will hear from my employer this week whether they are going to override Highmark\’s decision or not. My question is, Did you receive the BHR surgery or the Total Hip Replacment? Also, who was your doctor? If you can dance like that after surgery, I\’m sure I want to go to your doctor. Good Luck on DWTS. Bernadette

    Comment by Bernadette Gallo -

  2. Good job Mark, I love the show. You have a great partner in Kym, so remember to dance \”with her\” I know its hard when you are new to this and with a 2.0 hip, but thats what will take you farther in this thing. You do well in whatever you do, so I am sure you will do well here. All the best from a former dot commer.

    Comment by George -

  3. I will vote for u every week, you guys are awesome, by the way looking good with that shave!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Comment by Kristin -

  4. Please excuse if this sounds bad but I had no idea who you were & this is the first time I have watched every show of DWTS. This said You are my favorite dancing pair. I think you have worked the hardest and that smile of yours is great. Keep dancing & I will keep watching and voting for you & Kym

    Comment by Elizabeth -

  5. Hi Mark,

    I think you will either over pay or will not get a fair chance to purchase the Cubs, trust me there are cheaper deals and potentially more global and profitable franchises out there. I know this as I havea buddy in the business who is envolved first hand. Good luck all the same if there is a winner its definately you!!!!! You are probably the only owner who could make the cubs a winner and not a heart breaker.


    Comment by Selwyn Gordon -


    Comment by JOANNE -

  7. You are such a cutie! Your energy is contagious and you make this show SO much fun to watch! Thanks for the uplift!

    Comment by Heather -

  8. \”The Nerd Herd was in full effect. This was truly an internet showing and I cant thank everyone enough and I truly hope we earn the same level of support next week.\”

    The best part is that you\’re not simply \”begging\” for votes via the blog, but you\’re actually putting in hard work and hoping to \”earn\” the support you\’ve gotten. There\’s a big difference, and that makes you all the more awesome for recognizing that.

    Comment by Tony -

  9. Mark,

    You work the crowd pretty well, ever though of going in politics?

    P.S. So what\’s your take on credit crunch?

    Comment by Alex -

  10. I\’m a big supporter…I hope you are still keeping notes so you\’ll have another fun night on the dance floor tomorrow! Keep smiling even if you don\’t like what the judges have to say. The audience will react well to any positive attitude. Good luck..I have my gadgets ready to VOTE!

    Comment by lindzy -

  11. Mark! Met you at Winston\’s tonight and was surprised to find out the man telling me to vote for him on Monday\’s on ABC was such a respected entrepreneur! Google CARL CHOI — Look forward to seeing you again as I will have much more to talk about.

    Comment by Carl Choi -

  12. Mark,
    Stop the act and realize that the nerd herd is happy to support Kym and doesn\’t care about you on the dance floor.

    That said, Kym was so good that I voted for her.

    Comment by techguy -

  13. Mark, I am so impressed with your participation in
    DWTS. The fact you had hip replacement a mere 7 weeks prior to beginning rehearsals and drove on despite obvious intense pain has been a HUGE inspiration to me. I have acute hip pain due to a degenerative condition. The past few times my pain has gotten to an unbearable level, flashes of you striving forward during rehearsals has spurred me to suck it up and keep moving. I tell myself, if Mark can jive I can freakin climb a stair lol.

    Keep up the hard work. You are an inspiration on a level Im not sure you are aware of.

    Comment by Karen H -

  14. Don\’t forget to VOTE FOR MARK AND KYM on Dancing With The Stars – 800-VOTE4-11 !

    Visit and support Mark and Kym!

    Comment by jlacey -

  15. Never been to this site before.. never voted for any DWS contestant before.. but I did for you. Love to watch you dance, love that your embracing life and all it has to offer.. plus.. well.. your just cute to watch gyrating on the dance floor.. and well… Nerds are sexy!

    Comment by Rebecca -

  16. Hi mark,
    I really just want you to get your rest and not worry about answering or E-mailing your fans. I use my cell, home and computer to vote for you and Kym. Best of luck.

    Comment by Millie Rivers -

  17. I\’m the first to admit that I\’m the luckiest guy in the world. I can honestly say I wake up every morning with a smile knowing what a wonderful family, friends and life I have. It\’s the exact same way I felt when I was broke.

    Money makes so many things in life easier, but it can\’t buy you a positive outlook on life. Fortunately, how any of us approaches each of our days is completely up to us. It\’s not something you can buy or sell. It\’s not hard to put a smile on your face every day, but for some reason some people find it impossible to do. Not me – Mark Cuban

    The man has character! Hooah Charlie!

    Comment by William -

  18. You\’re most certainly welcome Mark! We\’ll do it again next show. You looked really good and didn\’t deserve the marks you got from the judges IMO. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next time.

    Comment by Paula -

  19. Championship Baby! Great Work. I know who I am voting for.

    Comment by Dan -

  20. I only saw local news program herein L.A.
    doing a piece on the show. You were the
    featured \”promo\” and/or story. The anchors
    made fun of you, but, from average viewer
    prospective (me=avg.), it was great
    fun to watch you; a mix of admiration for
    the effort you made and real surprise how
    well you executed.

    Comment by matt kohn -

  21. You earned each and every vote. No one deserves them more than you. Today is my birthday and my birthday wish is that you and Kym make it all the way to the end!

    Comment by Swampechaun -

  22. i voted for you and kim because of all the hardwork and the
    great attitude. it seems you are really having the best time

    Comment by remy -

  23. I was so happy to see your performance and passing through to next week – and your reaction was priceless. A huge smile and gracious humility. I must say, we couldn\’t get through for the internet voting (it kept blocking) so we phoned in several times. Keep up the enthusiasm – your rhythm is great – watch the tongue – and keep having fun! You and Kym are a super pair, and it\’s a joy to watch you. See you next week!

    Comment by Helen R from Gatineau, Quebec CANADA -

  24. You\’re an AWESOME dancer, Mark!!! You did a great job this week and last week. I am pulling hard for you and Kym!!! I can\’t wait to see what you\’re going to do next. Keep dancing, and I\’ll keep voting!!!:)

    Comment by Barnsinger -

  25. It is rewarding when you are acknowledge for your hard work. Congrats to you and Kym.

    Comment by Angela -


    Comment by MARTY LORING -

  27. you will always get my votes!!! you guys are doing a great job! i know its a lot of HARD work but mark your doing GREAT!!! everyone that i talk to says the samething…haha i have been making everyone i know log on and vote for you guys! keep up all the great work but then again i know you will!! good luck once again!

    Comment by Candace Porter -

  28. Copngrats! I never vote but since I am a huge Mavs fan I used every option to max out my voting. I love that your kids are looking at their daddy with stars in their eyes! How cool is that. Go Mavs!!!!!!! and go Mark and Kym…..

    Comment by leona rupert -

  29. Great dance…the judges were a bit unfair with the score of 18. I WAS going to vote for you because I\’m a huge Mavs fan, but YOU\’VE won me over. I used all my votes for you and Kym. You\’re looking better than ever too! Hope the team doesn\’t give you too hard of a time…maybe you can teach Dirk a few moves. Good luck next week!!

    Comment by Polly in Dallas -

  30. Mark

    Just keep working hard and smiling and let your TV audience know that you are having a great time. You\’re picking up supportin our house as my wife just crossed over to voting for you as well.


    Comment by Craig -

  31. Go Mark!! Just keep enjoying what you are doing! It shows!
    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Cavegal -

  32. Getting rid of the facial hair–BIG improvement. Keep lifting those weights–looks good. I voted for you, and I\’ll continue to do so as long as you keep up that great work ethic.

    Comment by Marcia Priske -

  33. Anyone who knows you, or knows of you, would be happy to vote for you. You\’ve worked hard and you deserve it!! I went online and told everyone I know, through email and my site, to vote for you. You would be amazed at the number of women who responded, saying that they didn\’t really watch the show, but now that they know that you\’re dancing, they\’d watch and vote. Bless they\’re hearts – they were voting machines!

    Mark, you\’re doing a great job and I can\’t wait to see you and Kym succeed. I wish you the best of luck. I\’ll be voting as often as I can. Now go take it all!!

    All my best,
    (All In) Los Angeles, CA

    Comment by Kelly Marie -

  34. Wow, Mark… tell Kym she looked Beautiful. I think America agrees.


    Comment by Nelson -

  35. Mark–you are fantastic! And this is coming from a rabid Spurs fan from San Antonio. I appreciated your kind words about San Antonio this last week. Do us all proud and make it to the finals (er…that is, of course, to the Dancing Finals–I kinda hope the Spurs are in the NBA Finals).

    Comment by Gabe Quintanilla -

  36. Nice job man! I have never seen dancing with the stars.. but decided I\’d watch your performance since of course I\’m a mavs fan. All I can say is that your enthusiasm is infectious.. and sometimes the judges show way too much favoritism towards the other competitors.. but you have won the fans over, and are having fun.. which is what truly matters.

    Comment by chris -

  37. Mark, you are doing great! Keep up the great work and the positive attitude! You are the most fun to watch because I can tell you are having the best time of anyone there. My votes will continue to go to you and Kym!!!

    Comment by Debbie -

  38. Way to go Mark and Kym, you have my votes! Nancy, Mavs Fan too!

    Comment by Nancy Clark -

  39. I have so much fun watching dwts. I have so much more fun watching you have fun dancing. You\’re doing a wonderful job and i am going to keep voting for you and Kym.


    Comment by melissa -

  40. I think it is great and you are great out on the dance floor.. what is the point in dancing on a show like that if you cant have fun with it.. What is the point at all to dance if you can not have fun doing it.. And you are definatly having fun… And i can see it in your face everytime you step out onto the floor.. You have such personality and vibrance and energy all packed into a performance. The fan base is huge when it comes to the votes.. and you surely have that… Keep up the great work and you will keep on going… 🙂

    Comment by Tonya -

  41. You guys rock!!!
    Hope practice is going well.
    You know we are all pulling for you!
    p.s. I like the clean shaven look – nice!

    Comment by Groovy G. -

  42. It was nice to see Albert go. He was such a goofy-acting kid.

    Those judges are ruthless.

    Our support will continue for you, though!

    Comment by Josh Cox -

  43. Hey Mark,
    You did a FANTASTIC job this past week. We just wanted to let you know that the blue devils are cheering for you!!! We vote every week 🙂 Good luck, we\’ll be watching!
    Love The blue devils 🙂

    Comment by Mt. Lebo Blue Devils -

  44. WAY TO GO MARK!! I voted for you 55 times!! The computer, 2 home phone lines, 2 cell phone lines… 🙂 I just registered on so thanks for the link! Keep up the good work. You were AWESOME! (Len is such a JERK…) Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Patti -

  45. I was so happy that you were not one of the bottom two! For not being in the entertainment business, like some of your competitors, you really put on a good show and connect with the audience! I have a great time watching you dance.

    Comment by Mary Jane -

  46. Good Job Mark! What a sexy little woman you have there. Lucky dawg.

    Comment by Balzac -

  47. Good Job Mark, The only reason I am watching the show this time is because you are on it. You make for some good TV. Keep up the hard work. I am predicting you are going all the way. Think, Be, Do.

    Comment by Daniel -

  48. You are very welcome. It took me nearly 15 minutes to get all of my voting done but every single minute was worth seeing you get to stay another week.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  49. one little bit of advice from a fan of the show: take advantage of being a guy, and showcase your fabulous partner. It\’s working for some of your competition, and it always has. As soon as the focus goes to the man (pro or guest), it\’s over. Your job is to just keep up.

    Comment by Mike G -

  50. MC: I sent out an email to EVERYONE, A blast of about 14k to vote for you. Why? Because I can!

    You made me proud!

    Comment by Mary -

  51. Can\’t wait for next week and you can be sure that all our Facebook and MySpace friends will be pulling for you. Keep us posted on how practice is going for next week.

    Comment by Linda Nelson -

  52. Hi Mark: I just had this thought and I have to share it with you. I know that this is important to you and you\’re trying very hard and it shows. In return, your fans are rallying behind you showing their support. All of this is good,but at the risk of sounding like an old ninny, the most important thing is your health. It really is! Don\’t over-do it to the point of risking injury. You\’re not telling us about the pain,the swelling or any of the things that come after major surgery. This is your hip and the surgery wasn\’t trivial. You have nothing to prove to anyone, your life and accomplishments stand on their own. Please love yourself first and the win second. I\’m rooting for you every step of the way. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  53. Mark, hope you get some rest ….. you and Kym are doing great. I can\’t believe you can dance like this so soon after hip surgery. Way to go!!!!

    Comment by Jenny Gieger -

  54. I know very little about sports…just don\’t care about them. I care about people who are passionate with what they attempt in life. Mark, you are an inspiration. You\’ll keep getting my votes as long as I keep seeing the passionate desire to win.

    Hard work and taking risks bring success. Every millionaire/billionaire knows that!

    Dance On!

    Comment by Peggy -

  55. Congrats Mark…I voted the max on my cell and my computer! Can\’t wait till next week! 🙂

    Comment by Kimberhaze -

  56. We are all so proud of you, Mark! Especially us fellow Texans!
    Keep dancing – we\’ll keep voting! But please get some rest. You need to take care of yourself.

    Comment by Cilla -

  57. Way to go MarK!!

    You and Kim were awesome. I certainly will vote for you every week. We are die hard MAVERICK FANS her in the Big D and will certainly be die hard Mark Cuban Fans!! Unfortunately, it seems like the judges have there picks…..I am not sure who they were watching this past Monday when you rec\’d 3-6\’s. Atleast the viewers know what they are doing. It will be tough this week, the Cowboys play on Monday too!! I guess, Thank gosh for TIVO!!! We will be there for you though and will always vote the max votes for you & Kim. Keep up the great work.

    Til Monday……

    Comment by Christi -

  58. Way to go Mark!!

    You get better each week.
    Hang in there and let Kym show you the way!

    Be careful not to show \”attitude\” to the judges, no matter what
    snarky criticism they give you. Let it roll off your back.
    Remember, if you continue to improve , we will vote for you.

    Have fun!!

    Comment by Deb -

  59. Congrats to you, Mark & Kym! Everyone back here in Arlington, TX are cheering you on. You are looking great! Keep up the good work, and we\’ll keep cheering and voting!

    Comment by Linda -

  60. The judges, I could not believe their scores. They better be fair next week…but you have you MFFL to support you and Kym. I have four phone lines personally, plus internet, and friends to remind to call too.
    This is the first time I have ever \”blogged\”, so you two do make an impression.
    Good Luck! PJ from Richardson

    Comment by PJ Tuttle -

  61. I was so excited when they called yours and Kym\’s names!!
    Can\’t wait to see what you come with next week!

    Comment by Jamie -

  62. As Dory says in Finding Nemo \”just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…\”

    Keep up the excellent work. You\’re doing great! Your hard work is paying off!


    Comment by Bee -

  63. first time i have voted, judges were not at all fair.
    good luck

    Comment by paulette -

  64. Congrats on making it on to the next round. You guys deserve it after all the hard work you put into your performance. I\’ll keep on voting week after week. Good luck next show!

    Comment by DallasGirl -

  65. This time you didn\’t sing…and I think viewers concetrated on your dancing..
    and, I think America was pissed along with you that you didn\’t get the votes you deserved during week 1.
    You should be safe this week, because viewers are going to be upset who went home and who should\’ve gone home Tuesday 😉
    Good Job! Joann

    Comment by Joann -

  66. Mark, Keep doing what you\’re doing and we\’ll keep doing our part. You\’re part of another TEAM!

    Comment by Steve -

  67. Mark – you are so fun to watch, and I look forward to seeing next week\’s performance!

    Comment by Melissa -

  68. MARK- you are very welcome.i voted the max # of times on my cel phone, my brother\’s cel phone, my mom\’s, dad\’s, my niece\’s and my house phone..THEN i registered i believe 9 e-mail accounts and voted the max on each (yes, this all took a lot of time and effort, lol), so i\’m guessing i voted around 150 times or so, so i was extremely thrilled to see you move on..tonight i am going to the Mavs Fan Jam so i\’m super excited, i plan to take a poster hoping to get ppl to call on monday night at 1800-868-3411 and to log on to you could been there…P.S. i think you look very good with the fresh shave and bod..keep up the good work, we\’ll be back at it on monday night. GOOD LUCK!

    LOVE YA MARK..make us in dallas proud

    Comment by patricia c. -

  69. You seem so surprised by all the support but you shouldn\’t be because you and Kym DESERVE IT!! Just keep doing your best but try and rest because that will affect everything you and she do. No matter what we will continue to support you, and hopefully those that caught on last week will continute to do the same!!

    Comment by Melanie -

  70. Awesome performance if I do say so myself! Again, if it wasn\’t for all the fans out there then Mark and Kym would have been toast. Which do you think sounds better = Markym or Kymark?

    Comment by Mock Mark Cuban -

  71. Mark, you never disappoint. The sincerity of your post is very touching, I think it will motivate your fans even more. I do have to say that while fan base is important you have to realize that it\’s \”YOU\” and your performance that drives us. You did great, take a minute and pat yourself on the back too. Good luck with practice this week, I\’m looking forward to Monday night! Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  72. Hey Mark,

    You\’re not giving yourself the credit you deserve! The reason you weren\’t under the red light is because you were awesome! Your hard work, dedication, and can-do-anything attitude paid off. If you continue working this hard, there is no one who will be able to compete with you. I expect to see you in the fina…and then there is no doubt you will be declared the winner! GO FOR IT!

    Comment by Bill -

  73. You keep dancing, and we\’ll keep voting!

    Interesting article about you by Fortune, I\’d love to hear your thoughts on it, especially if there\’s anything inaccurate in there.

    Comment by Dan -

  74. Mark,

    Continued congrats on your Dancing prowess. I know you are a little preoccupied right now with your business interests, your Dancing with the Stars competition, and your pursuit of the Cubs, but let me join other loyal Pittsburghers in again asking you to rescue our fair ballclub from greedy pennypinchers and woeful mismanagement. The Pirates need the Cuban touch, and your hometown wants you back.

    Any chance?

    Pittsburgh Tom

    Comment by Pittsburgh Tom -

  75. I realize you know this…but please don\’t forget to make some time for at least a little down time. If you don\’t, you\’re not at the top of your game. You have so many people cheering for you. Don\’t hurt yourself for it though…

    Comment by Judy -

  76. so much for skill

    Comment by bill blake -

  77. You are doing great Mark!
    My family and friends are all behind You! My son and I (a Mavericks Ballkid) were very upset last week when you were almost eliminated. No one could have possibly broght as much heart, soul and passion to this competition as you.
    T he judges were very unfair this week.You and Kym should have scored at least a 24.
    We are sorry that you will have to miss the Fan Jam and some games, but we will keep voting for you (at least 77 everytime) as long as we can.
    Keep having fun!
    Your Biggest Fans-
    Dana & Richie

    Comment by Dana -

  78. Mark, I was so happy for you and Kim. I look forward to seeing you next week and I will continue to vote for you. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Lakeisha -

  79. Mark,

    1. CONGRATULATIONS – you didn\’t go on because you created a fan base of loyal voters, you went on because your fan base saw you have dancing talent and KNEW we had to stand behind you!

    2. Pull some vid of ballroom this week…look at the guy\’s faces…mimic that!!!! You can\’t show your enjoyment so much on your face and create the drama and art of ballroom dancing fully unless you do that! Part of the art of dancing is the face also! I love watching pros compete in ballroom Mark and you are great for just the short amount of time you have been doing this!

    3. We know you won\’t want to win because you got a huge fan base to vote for you. We know you want to win because you are the best dancer with your partner! WE SEE IT MARK. I thought you were awesome. I felt like your sister I was so proud of you Monday night! And when they announced you and Kym, I screamed like the Mavs won the championship!!! (so now you know I\’ll scream that way again this season!!)

    4. THANK YOU for the blog. I have to admit, I checked about a dozen times yesterday to see if you had blogged!

    Can\’t wait for next week….I\’ll even miss my \’boys for you!


    Comment by Laura -

  80. You are entirely welcome! It\’s a pleasure to vote for you! You are so much fun to watch, you look fantastic, and your passion is evident as you dance. We\’ll keep voting, you keep dancing, and you and Kym can do this thing! Also, that \”hold my rod\” comment was so stinkin\’ funny. You could add \”stand-up\” to your vast repetoire! Best of luck to you. Get some sleep!

    Comment by CJ Hansen -

  81. Mark,
    Dallas is so proud of you!!!! Thanks for representing us well!!!

    Comment by Laura -

  82. Aloha Mark ~


    LOVE IT!!!

    Power of the People and the Internet.

    Pretty soon your going to be one of the favorite to WIN!!

    Great stuff Mark and fabulously inspiring..


    Peace & Pulchritudinous Passion



    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  83. Mark, you\’re fun to watch on the show. It\’s good to see a different side of you than we\’re used to seeing during the NBA season. Your energy is infectious.

    Comment by Benny -

  84. Congratulations! I called in!

    Comment by Evisu -

  85. I think being the underdog in the beginning helped because now people just want to watch the show to see you through.

    Keep wearing black and a smile. But dance with Kym as if you\’re dancing with your wife and get the emotion of the dance…and then of course…have fun!

    You can\’t say the internet is boring now!

    Comment by G :) -

  86. Your enthusiasm is penetrating!! Can\’t wait to see your smiling face next week.

    You are a fantastic dancer.

    Comment by Toni -

  87. Hey Mark, loved your performance on DWTS! I can\’t seem to find anywhere in print about your ethnic background? I\’ve heard people say your Cuban, but that seems alittle too obvious! Just trying to figure out where your parents roots were from? Keep up the great danciong! (by the way, you have dance moves like a latino!) 🙂

    Comment by denise gappa -

  88. Congratulations Mark! You deserved to go on. I was wondering if you heard us cheering when they announced you had gone to the next round?? lol…Because we did..very loudly!! I was glad we had trouble getting through voting for you (lots of busy signals). I considered that a good sign that you were getting alot of votes and yeah, I was right! I thought you and Kym were fantastic this past week..even better than the first week! And I didn\’t understand (at all) the judges low score. Luckily, the fans know a good dancer when they see one and voted accordingly. We look forward to seeing you next week….and remember, you will always have all our votes!……..Cynthia

    Comment by Cynthia -

  89. Mark,
    I\’m undergoing hip replacement here in LA in December and am completely inspired to see you moving like that on \’Dancing\’.

    Larry Dorr is doing mine, he\’s done PJ\’s and others.

    I was shocked to see the size of your incision, why so large if you don\’t mind me asking? I\’m hoping for a 3-4 inch anterior incision. Am I missing something I should know about?

    Comment by mark -

  90. Mark, I\’ve watched that show before and Kym and yourself are the only couple I\’ve really enjoyed watching. You two deserve it!

    Comment by Paul -

  91. Good Job. I finally just got around to watching the show (for the first time) and it was the results show.
    The look on your face when they said, \”safe\” is awesome. You are loving this, and it shows.


    Comment by Random And Odd -

  92. Mark,
    Excellent job this week. My wife and I look forward to another excellent performance next week. You are so full of energy and excitment, it is fun to watch.

    Comment by Todd in Katy Texas -

  93. I love it when the fans go against the judges. And it was great to hear the thunderous applause in the ballroom when it was announced that Mark and Kym were safe. Mark is entertaining to watch – he also has great drive and good work ethics. I appreciate the fact that he is not a professional entertainer. We all need to keep the votes going to keep him around:)

    Comment by Glen -

  94. Hey there Mark!

    You did really good Monday nite and so glad you are with us again for next week. Mark. Just keep learning and training!
    Focus on this special opportunity of ballroom dancing! And of course your daily Job! Your family and health!!! Sleep time!!!
    Please Don\’t get inflation of the head! Seeing you smile on that dance floor is really nice. Feel the DANCE!! Dont over do!
    (U know, the TV camera seems to flash on you during the Mavs games when you ravin and wavin! )
    oh me oh my
    Just know that we fans are enjoying the entertainment of your hard work and performance. I wish you the best each week and hope your inspiration and motivation will rub off on all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Mark and Kym!!! Go Mavs !!!!
    luv ya\’ll
    Susan M from the Mississippi Delta !!!

    Comment by Susan M -

  95. rest up, you need recovery time! Have some tea, a little solarium, and go ahead, wax!

    Comment by danielmcvicar -

  96. Mark!

    You DID IT!!! I am SO psyched that you\’re on the show this season. I predict you\’re going to be in the top FIVE!!



    Comment by Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. -

  97. I\’m so happy for you and I will continue to vote for you as many times as possible because while you may not be the best dancer in the group, you are the one that is enjoying it the most & putting the most effort into it. You are so much fun to watch!

    Comment by Julie -

  98. Mark,
    I thought you were great. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Hang in there, we know you can do it. We will keep voting, you just keep dancing.

    Comment by Serena -

  99. Hey Mark,
    You\’re an athlete in this competition. Athletes need their sleep as much as they need their workouts. You need to plan and stick by your sleep routine as much as your workout routine, or your body will let you down. Take care of yourself!

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  100. Mark, The Nerd Herd is behind you, and so is the rest of America.

    Just remember, if you think you are tired…the other competitors are dying. You will beat them with your energy and enthusiasm! Go man!!

    Comment by Don Dodge -

  101. Mark,
    I can not believe you just had Hip Surgery and you are out there doing your stuff, you are such a joy to watch. You make us Fans so proud of you. I have to admit, that red light makes me crazy.
    Keep on rockin, we love you.


    Comment by Helga Kumpe -

  102. Your welcome, you and Kym deserved it. Can\’t wait to see what you dance next week!!

    Comment by Christine -

  103. YAYAYAYAYAY! Really looking forward to your Jive! You\’ll have alllllll my votes again next week, no doubt!

    Comment by Texy -

  104. Congrats MARK!

    I must say, I was nervous last night for you and Kym, you can\’t tell sometimes where the votes will go no matter how good someone is and you have impressed me from the start & of course being our \”Homeboy\” you have my vote & thankfully last night I got thru via landline the max times, guess I need to register thru ABC for the future so thanks for the link.

    Make us all ROWDY LOUD and PROUD in Big D, I got your back!

    Comment by Renee\' in Dallas,Tx! -

  105. \’I hold my rod all the time\’ -classic

    good stuff man will continue to vote for you!

    Comment by J. Jesus Ruiz -

  106. You are very welcome. We all love seeing you and Kim dance. Keep smiling. Pay a little bit more attention to Kim on your next dance. The audience can wait til the end.

    Monday night football is hard to pass up, but my family will watch you dance. We can vote as soon as the show starts. We found it easier to vote early.

    Get some rest. You are wearing Kim out according to your last pre dance video. She was asleep next to you on the plane. You of course were working away on your computer.

    Comment by Sue -

  107. OMG Mark!! When I was told that you were under the red light the week before last. I made sure to watch your performance. I thought it was wonderful by the way and No you didn\’t look like a bulldog chasing a squirrel (and this is coming from someone who use to watch ballroom dancing for sport.) I was also told that you had hip replacement surgery. I couldn\’t believe you were out there dancing! So, imagine my surprise when they gave you such hard judgement. That was completely unfair considering that you only had surgery not that long ago. You were really great! So, yes, I voted for you and Kim on my landline phone, cell phone and computer. So, did my husband. I am so happy that you were not voted off and very happy that you were not under that darned red light! Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Monica -

  108. CONGRATULATIONS, MARK!!! We were so proud of you and so happy when they announced you were safe last night! We even rewound the show to watch your reaction a second time. You and Kym deserved all the votes – and our family will continue to vote for you every week. You\’re our favorite couple!!!

    Have fun this week – and remember that your fans have your back, baby!

    Comment by Lori in Plano -

  109. Way to go, Mark! You\’re really doing a great job. Off topic, who do you like in the baseball playoffs?

    Comment by Daddy Dan -

  110. I am SO happy for you and Kym, you have worked hard and deserved it. I voted max # on my cell, my husbands cell and my home phone! Hope you keep the face shaved and the weight off, you look great! Good Luck next week, I know your daughters and wife are proud of you!!

    Comment by Debbie -

  111. Mark,

    Again, so glad that you didn\’t go home. I have to admit you are the one in the competition this year that I didn\’t want to like, but you\’ve won me over!!!! Best of luck next week, which dance did you get?

    Comment by Sharon -

  112. You deserved the votes! Good job.

    Comment by Jana -

  113. You are quite welcome! I hope you catch up on your sleep and I can\’t wait to see what you do next week. You really rock the most when it looks like you are having fun out there. Fan base is definitely important, but personality and energy go a long way too on that show.
    Way to go this week and best of luck to you for next week!

    Comment by Shannon -

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