The 1 Legged Jive 1 800 VOTE 411

Tomorrow night Kym and I dance the Jive. this week has been different than the past weeks of practicing in so many ways. We didnt get our song till Tuesday night, meaning we had 6 days. The same as everyone else of course, but dang. Knowing that Monday is going to get here a lot faster than ever before definitely gave me a lot to think about.

But that wasnt the worst part. Jive is easily the most physical of the dances. Just about every step is a jump from the balls of my feet. Not a problem for my right leg. A huge problem for my left. (the hip replacement left the muscles in my leg far weaker than my right). And not only was all the “action” supposed to be high energy and up, but the basic step is supposed to be knees up with a quick kick that is supposed to end with your foot basically kicking yourself in the butt around bringing my feet together while in the air. Yeah, like thats going to happen..

The mind was strong, but the body was weak. There were steps , or more precisely, technique of steps that i was just not able to do. Worse yet was the practice. By the time we got to a routine I could do, we had to practice it again and again and again. I’m sorry, I don’t care if I was 21 or the 49 years old that I am, practicing the routine 6 hours a day, every day, is exhausting and I dont want to even explain what the following mornings felt like.

I dont want to sound like Im complaining, but I guess I am. But hey, if Im going to blog , I might as well talk about it all.

So the Jive is not going to be easy for us Monday night. The hope is that all of you that voted for Kym and I will vote again to keep us alive. Your vote is going to be even more important to us Monday because all of Dallas will be watching the Cowboys take on the Bills. The Cowpokes are amazing this season, so Im thinking most Dallasites will not have voting for Mark and Kym as their Monday night priority. Which is another way of saying that I really need everyone’s help to get people’s attention from 7pm to 8:30pm Monday night and to take a break from the game to call 1800 VOTE 411 or for that matter, just call while you are watching the game ! Go to at halftime. Email your friends and have them get behind us..

As always, thank you for all your support. It really means a lot to Kym and me

142 thoughts on “The 1 Legged Jive 1 800 VOTE 411

  1. You are the best!!!!!
    I believe you and your team!!
    Go to win!!!

    Comment by Werners -

  2. Hi Mark,

    Just wanted to say that I personally wish you and Kim would have gone on another week. I found yours & Kim\’s \”I Dream Of Jeannie\” dance very cute and entertainning too. I saw in you that you gave it your all and it showed too.

    It was a pleasure to watch you dancing on tv.

    Remember dance like there is no tomorrow. Helps keep me from going a little nuts.

    Comment by Maria Seward -

  3. I didn\’t know about your hip replacement. You have improved for the better not only on your dancing, but on your facial expressions. I hope that you and Kim continue for more shows, and after I will see you on the NBA games. Keep the good work and I will continue to be part of your fan club.

    Comment by Yolanda Walther-Meade -

  4. Mark,
    You are doing really GOOOODDd.Has anyone suggest to u to practice dancing inthe pool to get your steps and swing smooth? Try….Good luck..ETC

    Comment by evangel cayton -

  5. Hi Mark,
    I am a 62 y.o. widow since 6-01 and I have enjoyed every American episode of DWTS since the beginning. I have never voted \’til now and am sorry to say I don\’t know how to vote but will make a point to watch next week. I feel sure you will move on to next week and I will be able to vote for you from then on!

    Comment by Margaret Brown -

  6. All I can say is YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You and Kym ae so fun to watch!!!!
    I hope you are having fun….. I sure am proud of you.

    Comment by Carol -

  7. Mark,
    I work for the AAC center as an usher. I was working the Mav\’s game the day of the DWTS result show but they(AAC) announced you on the screen and said you made it to the next round the crowd went wild. Good Luck and we will be watching next week and voting for you.

    Comment by rebecca -

  8. Dear Mark,

    You are doing a fantastic job on the show considering that you have had hip replacement surgery.On the dances, please listen to
    Carrie-Ann. I think she has hit on a couple of points which would help to increase your score.

    Firstly, you should keep your tongue in your mouth. It is dancing not basketball. You remind me of a Michael
    Jordon on the dance floor with his signature look of his tongue
    hanging out of his mouth.

    Secondly, you should not lip sync the songs you are dancing to. To be alse get to the top, you have to dance not lip sync, forget about Mill-Vanilli while you are dancing.

    Thirdly, just practice, practice, practice as you already are doing. You will go far in this competition. But, you will need to make some these changes.

    I know you can do well. Rooting for you hard. Remember no Michael Jordon or Milli Vanilli. Good luck and kick ass!!!!!!!


    Comment by Jay -

  9. You are a terrific person and this 80+ year old is proud of you. Now…if you buy the Cubs…please look at Samardzija in Daytona. We\’re pulling for you.

    Comment by J. McCormick -

  10. Mark,
    I just want you to know that you are an inspiration to us all. Although all my votes go to you, I do hope Marie does well too, she has been through a lot. Now if you can just get all your fans to donate $1.00 to my cause this would truly be supporting each other!!
    Good Luck this week, keep that smile on your face, it makes us all feel good!

    Comment by Terri -

  11. Hey Mark…good luck with your dancin\’..However, please let us know your laser focused on the Cubbies. They are is desperate need of ownership that cares about City, players, legend, 99 yrs!! before profit margins. You are that owner, you are their \’messiah. saving them from continuous damnation, hell & brimstone year to year. David & goliath man…fight those old school frat boys Sielig, Riensdork & all those that appose. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !

    Comment by Jim Myres -

  12. Mark/Kym: Good luck on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16. We are pulling for you guys to win.
    You will get all our votes! Hang in there and make Texas proud!
    We know your dedication and determination will pay off!

    Jane and Sylvia

    Comment by Jane J -

  13. Mark,

    Good luck with the competition. I am thinking you probably haven\’t rec\’d any votes from the MLBB owners, but that\’s ok, I am thinking they don\’t have a TV in their little secret clubhouse. I hope you get a clean shot at becoming owner of the Cubs for it would be great bringing in new blood for such a dinosaur franchise. Even though I live on the southside of Chicago (Sox fan) I would think it would be great for this city. I have had enough of the owners on the southside for what they did earlier holding the city hostage. Oh well good luck and I know I am someone with zero influence I would be more than happy to help your campaign in getting the Cubs.

    Comment by Tim Dugan -

  14. Good Luck in your dancing. The week I had left hip replacemet I read of your replacement and you were on the Dancing with the Stars. Good For You. You were a inspiration to me. My son sent me a get well card with the newspaper picture of you and Kim taped to the inside. Thanks for bringing some joy and smiles to me.

    Comment by Brenda Aguillon -

  15. I am VERY proud of you in all respects – your humor, your determination, your joy in doing something that is completely outside your comfort zone.

    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Gayle Miller -

  16. You are doing great. I\’m giving you all my votes. Have fun, that\’s the main thing. Good Luck.

    Comment by Karen -

  17. Good luck with the dancing and all, but I really just want to ask you to please please please keep trying to buy the Cubs. I\’m not even a Cubs fan. I live in Chicago off and on, and I get annoyed that most of these so called \”greatest fans in sports\” are a bunch of recent college grads that only cheer for the Cubs because Wrigleyville is such a great place to live, and it is fun to join the party that is a Cubs game. Not to exclude myself, as Mark Twain has said, \”I am not only marching in that procession, I am carrying a banner.\”

    That being said, if you buy the Cubs, I think I will actually become a real Cubs fan and actually care if they win or lose beyond simply caring about the incredible bar scene a win inevitably brings.

    Comment by Mike -

  18. Let\’s have a guest post. I want to hear from Kym on your blog.

    Comment by techguy -

  19. Mark:

    CONGRATS!!! Sorry, my msg is alil late but of course I voted & as I said I had your back even during the COWBOYS game, if you haven\’t figured out DANCING WITH THE STARS is kinda popular! LOL!

    I was only alil bummed this week as I sat at YOUR DALLAS MAVERICKS season opener game against the SPURS if we where going to see you make it on thru & to my JOY, we all got to see the recap & the CROWD CHEERED!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the good work & I know its tough but you know what they say \”When the going gets Tough…the Tough keep going\”… right on thru.

    Renee in Dallas

    Comment by Renee\\\\\\\' in Dallas,Tx! -

  20. Pam,

    Please read this to get Mark\’s view.

    Comment by Thyri -

  21. Good Job Mark, I am amazed you do all that jumping around with your hip surgery. I really enjoy watching you and Kim. Keep of the good work you are definitely one the most dedicated people there putting in a lot time.

    Comment by Linda Carson -

  22. I\’m pulling for you! You do look like you\’re having fun! I hope that your hip doesn\’t feel too bad this week. Good Luck!

    Comment by Ohio Girl -

  23. You are only participating in Dancing With the Stars for a few weeks. All of your players are doing this for 8-9 months a year. It is great that you understand that the pain would be now different if you were 20 years younger.

    So as an owner, the next time you hear a fellow owner criticizing their players for not wanting to practice, share your \”Dancing\” experience with them. The players make it look easy in the games because that\’s what they are paid to do, but that practice stuff is really grueling on the body. You are in the best position to emphasize with the players, so don\’t drop the ball in championing their cause.

    Comment by Carole -

  24. I second what Jan said on October 9th…Hunkiest Billionare EVER! Lucky, Lucky wife! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Jodie -

  25. Mark Cuban!!! You totally have my votes. You are my favorite! I have been a fan from the start and I only continue to enjoy you more and more! You have the best personality and you are pretty sexy too!
    Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Jodie -

  26. Mark,

    Just wanted to say I think its great that you can find the
    time in your life to do as much as you do, but then again you\’ve got it made anyway….keep up the good work……….

    Comment by kathy r -

  27. A fellow IU grad writing from Iraq. We get the show a day late over here and I have to tell you I really enjoy your partici-pation in the program. You and Helio really bring the personality. Tough competition, no doubt. Keep up the good work. You should be done just in time for the IU bowl game!!!!

    Comment by JJinIraq -

  28. Mark, I think what your doing is awesome,We voted thirty times last night plus I called all my friends,told them I might get them to a game sometimes just a threat, Keep it up.

    Comment by shelah niblett -

  29. Oh yes go mark, My threats to my friends worked, Might haveto get tickets for them yet, I really admirer you KEEP KEEPING ON>

    Comment by shelah niblett -

  30. Mark, I think you are doing wonderful. I am so encouraged by your Dancing with the Stars. I am a single Mom who is going for a left hip replacement on 10/22. You are a great comfort to me at this very anxious time of my life. I am looking forward to my relief from pain and you continuing on Dancing with great success. Thank you again.

    Comment by Carolyn -

  31. Hi Mark ~ We are cheering for you here in Mississippi!

    Comment by Pat Vickery -

  32. Love DWTS and WE love you Mark and Kym
    Stuart and Kelly from Youngstown, Ohio

    Comment by Kelly -

  33. How exciting was that?!! When they announced you and Kym were \”safe\” this week, my entire family jumped up and cheered! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Keep smilin\’ Mark, you\’re doing great!

    Comment by Dave Cynkin -

  34. You were great! I am so glad you made it through. The look on your face not being in the bottom two, PRICELESS!!!!

    Enjoy next weeks dance. It looks like either one would be a little slower. Look into Kym\’s eyes while dancing. I know everyone is commenting on your facial expressions, I am not sure if it is just not the pain coming through.

    Stand TALL, shoulders up, lock your arms, and \”Keep on Dancing\”!

    Congrats on the win over the Spurs! I already have paid for my NBALP. They even sent me a Mavs sticker for my remote.

    Peace and Love form South Beach!!!!

    Comment by Sue -

  35. HEY MARK

    Comment by SUSANNA -

  36. I mean do you ever let up with competition? For one, the winner will be the team able to put the best dance together, not someone who has networks of people who can call for a vote. I mean yo..I am the champ and I would encourage everyone to flip off the game and see if you got the job done. The game is three hours long. HA! E. Smith Dance Champ

    Comment by Inside trading -

  37. Good Luck Mark…I\’m pulling for you, not really a dancing fan, but I would rather you win as anyone in the contest this year.

    Comment by Tim Mills -

  38. Way To Go Mark: Man you guys are dancing great. You keep losing weight although, better eat some stadium food at the Mavericks games. Keep it up!

    Keith and Nicole
    NASCAR Push Toys Rock

    Comment by Keith Lehto -

  39. how about that the mavs when last night and you guys make it to the next round!!! im so excited for you and im sooooooooo happy its MAVS TIME! like i always say i wish you all the best mark!!! you and kim with out a doubt get all my votes…you are so amazing!

    Comment by candace -

  40. I thought you and Kym were adorable when you didn\’t believe you were safe! I agree with what a lot of other people have said in their comments about your facial expressions. They are distracting from your dancing and make you look a little goofy. You especially want to have a more serious look on your face when you\’re doing the waltz or paso doble next week. Also, don\’t lose any more weight! You\’re starting to look like a beanpole.

    Comment by Pam -

  41. Nice work Mark. I will admit I voted Monday before I saw your performance, but I just watched it today! Nice improvement, looks like you\’re slowly winning those judges over ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on sticking around.

    Comment by Dan -

  42. I used to like this blog until it turned into a big Dancing… hype machine. That show is lame! Get booted off so you can get back to some real blogging, would ya ?!??!?!?!?!?!

    Comment by Adrian Batanea -

  43. Hi Mark,

    Great job on Monday. I am amazed you are jumping around so well after just having your hip replaced in June! I have to ask you though – did you have a total hip replacement? If so, didn\’t your doc tell you no impact sports or falling? You are a wild man! I feel your pain literally as I had mine replaced in March –
    You have my vote – keep up the great work but PLEASE take care of that hip – remember day two post op? You don\’t want to go back there again ๐Ÿ™‚



    Comment by Karin -

  44. The results of Monday\’s dance was wonderful. Good luck to you for the next show! I voted for you and Kym 10 times.

    Comment by Laura Elston, Fort Worth, Texas -

  45. Keep up the good work! I have you and Kym on speed dial. I have had 3 hip replacements to date and I\’m still dancing. I am cheering for you.

    Comment by Maureen -

  46. Congrats, Mark, for making it to another week! My whole family voted for you & Kym (total of 400 votes – phone, text, & email).
    Can\’t wait to see you dance next week! Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Princilla -

  47. Hi Mark: Congratulations to you and Kym. I\’m very happy that you\’re \”safe\”. Good luck with your new dance this week, not sure what it is, but I am sure you\’re going to knock our socks off. Mark, I personally love your performances and think you are a force to be reckoned with but the majority of the negative commentary I see about your dancing is focused onthe same thing, try not to over-do the facial expressions. It seems that people see that more than the actual dancing. That was hard to say, but I really want you to win. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  48. Wow – I\’m sorry I had never heard of you before Dancing with the Stars, and we\’re actually a sports oriented family – but in Ohio. This morning I\’ve read about you, and I\’m looking forward to reading your blog here. Congratulations on surviving another week on DWTS!!! You\’re my new inspiration! I just love your attitude regarding it. So just a post here to offer my support from a newby who had never heard of you before but has been rooting for you! Go get \’em!!!

    Comment by OhioStateMom -

  49. Hi Mark,

    I\’m not a basketball fan, so I had no clue who you were before I saw you on \”Dancing With the Stars\”. I just wanted to let you know that I\’m really impressed with your energy and your attitude. I\’ve been voting for you because of it. The jive wasn\’t your best dance, and I understand why, so I was really glad you managed to \”survive\” it and have another chance to dance next week. Good Luck!

    BTW, you clean up well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I\’m guessing you\’re not looking at the DWTS forums, but the shave and the bare arms (from last week) were getting positive comments. I realize this has nothing to do with your dancing, but every little bit helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope this doesn\’t come across as too presumptuous, but I have a suggestion. If you have another long stretch without sleep, put off practice and take a nap. If you\’re sleep deprived you will be more likely to injure yourself and you\’ll be less likely to learn and/or retain anything. In that situation, it will probably be more effective overall to get a few hours of sleep than a few hours of practice.

    I\’ll add my own pet hobby horse. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You might want to check out TAGteach ( so that you can learn the dance moves more efficiently. The website features kids, and could stand to be updated, but it\’s used for adults too (FWIW, I\’m a fan of the technique, not a member of the company). Could be one of the \”behind the scenes\” bits that they show before every performance.

    Good luck and take care.

    Comment by Thyri -

  50. YAAAAHHHH MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by K-Ron -

  51. Keep it up, Mark! I\’ve just fallen in love with your attitude and hard work on the show. I\’ve got to admit that I didn\’t know much about you prior to the show (other than from a few episodes of the Benefactor a few years ago and knowing you owned some team – sorry I\’m not a big b-ball fan – only watch if Elliott Yamin is singing ๐Ÿ™‚ So I absolutely didn\’t know anything about the courtside attitude you supposedly have. You\’ve impressed me no end in the way you\’ve approached DWTS, and you\’ve got a new fan in me!

    I\’m so amazed that you\’re doing all of this after such a short recuperation from major surgery. What an inspiration you are! And after reading your blog, I\’m even more impressed – you are leaving an important legacy for your kids in the way that you embrace life,take chances, and live with your heart. Bravo to you!

    You\’ve received all of my votes thus far! Keep up the great work, and keep that smile and enthusiasm coming!
    Carol in Richmond, VA

    Comment by Carol -

  52. nice job on monday mark. but one thing.

    let your legs, arms, and hips do the dancing. not your mouth. respectively. we\’ll see if you get a better score, hmmm?? hahaha.

    no seriously though. good lucckk! :]

    Comment by Kimi -

  53. Woo-Hoo!!!! Congrats Mark and Kym! This Dallas couple is beyond happy for y\’all!

    Comment by Merrin -

  54. Alright..SAFE tonight.You got over 200 votes just from the Francis house in El Paso.You\’ll get the same and working on more next week.

    Comment by Kurt Francis -

  55. Those of us here in Dallas will always be behind you and the Mavs!! Great job tonight!

    Comment by Vanessa -

  56. C\’Mon Skip,get real.It must be a b**ch staying perfect.

    Comment by Kurt Francis -

  57. Mark! Your Mav boys beat the sneakers off the Spurs!!!
    Woo Hoo !!!
    What an awesome night !!!

    Comment by Susan M fm Miss -

  58. Good Job Mark! You and Kym were great on Monday and I knew that u would make it threw to next week. Congrats! I can\’t wait till Monday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Suzanne -

  59. Congrats Mark!!!!
    I\’m so glad we get to see you dance again!!!


    Comment by Leah in Atlanta -

  60. Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!

    Smile Mark!!!

    We do love Wayne whether he singin or dancin !!!
    Have a great week ya\’ll !!!
    GO MAVS !!!

    yours truly
    susan m

    Comment by Susan M fm Miss -

  61. YAY!!!

    SAFE SAFE SAFE – I knew we\’d pull through for you!!!!

    Comment by Wendi -

  62. That was a tough one — I could tell. We sent all our votes your way (and hopes for a nice tame waltz next…LOL) This should be Wayne\’s week to go, not yours, so I hope it goes your way.

    Comment by Karoli -


    Comment by JESSE PEAK -

  64. Keep up the good work, Mark. We think you\’ve made a great improvement,and as long as you\’re having fun, that\’s all that matters. My husband and I wish you the best in your dancing venture and hope we someday get to meet you. My husband is a singer/songwriter and actor/filmwriter and would like to know if there is another base we can get in touch with you at to share a sitcom script written for you, my husband, and Wild Dog (one of the maniacs). We\’ll be looking to hear from you and hopefully we\’ll continue to see you on DWTS.


    Comment by Wendy and Marvin -

  65. Hey Mark I think you are doing great! I am amazed at how well you are doing with your hip surgery and all. I know that you are in pain sometimes, but I also know that you are a big trooper and would not give up! That isn\’t even in your vocab. I have always been a fan of yours and the Mavs. Keep up the good work! You\’ve got my vote each week.

    Comment by Connie Herrera -

  66. Way to go Mark, u did good — Carrie Ann is a tough judge BUT she gave u great feedback —- try to follow what she says — u r improving ———- IN YOUR CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by c. gaffney -

  67. Mark, you\’re doing great. There\’s a lot of people voting for you now who didn\’t the first week. I don\’t expect to see you in the bottom group this week. Keep chasing your goals!

    Comment by John -

  68. Hey Mark, You were great last night ! Bit of advise I know its
    hard with your surgery .. but knowing you you\’ll still give all you have… Put more hip into it. Take it from a Latina with alot of sabor!!! Your soooo handsome….

    Comment by Gabriela O\'Connell -

  69. Mr. Cuban just have fun and enjoy yourself on that dance floor. You are a true champion!!

    Comment by Marcos B. -

  70. Mark,
    I saw you last night and you were great ! Especially incredible considering so soon after your hip surgery. I am a huge fan of yours: your business acumen,your love and direction for the Mavs, and your genuine sincerity with people (what you see is what you get with Mark Cuban and I love that about you !). You are already this season\’s biggest winner. Much Respect, Mimi Coffey

    Comment by Mimi Coffey -

  71. Mark you are #1 on my list and i know you will do great, keep up the good work , and MS. KIM LOVE # 1 MAVS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JENNIFER LEVY

    Comment by JENNIFER -

  72. Mark,
    How much weight have you lost so far? You are looking fine! Besides voting for you on DWTS, I\’d also like to nominate you for hunkiest billionaire ever.

    Comment by Jan -

  73. Dear Mr. Mark Cuban,

    My name is Damian Duncan and I am an aspiring Entrepreneur that is aspiring to becoming a General Manager and an owner of a franchise as well. I am very passionate about improving the quality of life by creating affordable housing, building performance arts centers, creating employment opportunities, computer labs, and administering entrepreneurship seminars and programs. I am also passionate in building Real Estate Green Developments, high powered Real Estate such as Stadiums, Arenas, hotels and other residential and commercial high-rise projects. In addition, I also have the urgency of going Global in business. I am currently enrolled in Kennesaw State University\’s Executive MBA Leadership Program in Georgia. Part of the curriculum requires its students to have a Coach/Mentor that will guide and oversee us throughout the completion of the program. If permissible, I am asking if I can solicit your services/expertise to guide me through this GREAT EXPERIENCE. Please contact me @ I look forward to hearing from you and possibly soliciting your services in the near future. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    Comment by Damian Duncan -

  74. Don\’t watch much of the show, but I voted for your hip anyway! Go Mark, go!

    Comment by DCMBA -

  75. Mark you did great, and since i am a true cowboys fan, there was no way in hell that i would miss the game, but i am also a devoted Mavs/Mark Cuban fan, so of course i voted the max on 4 phone lines( again) as i watched the game..and lucky for you this took place around tony romo\’s 5th interception so i had time to vote…i also just finished voting online w/ 8 accounts….good luck tonight, and i\’ll watch it in between the Mavs preseason opener…it wont be the same w/out u…


    Comment by patricia chavez HOW \' BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!! -

  76. Mr. Cuban can you please find a way to buy the Cowboys and the Rangers so then DFW can declare itself as the greatest sports area in the world.

    Comment by Jay -

  77. GO MARK!!! WOOHOO!! You just get better every week, keep up the good work! We will do our best to keep you in there just like you do your best every week. You seem to be working so hard, I hope it is all rewarded with a win! No way would I have EVER thought you were 49! Just goes to show that age is only a number!! Good Luck from KIdd Krddick nation!

    Comment by liz -

  78. Congratulations Mark and Kym,

    I\’ve very impressed with last night\’s performance. You show flash, strength, and excitement. As someone who enjoys ballroom dancing and Warrior basketball, I admire your willingness to do something totally different.

    Good Luck


    Comment by Andrew Reyes -

  79. Mark,

    Once again you got ALL the votes in my household last night!!! I don\’t know where the judges come up with their scoring or if they are just playing \”favorites\” but you got totally \”jipped\” in their scores last night!! Keep doing what you do man and the nerd herd will keep you in!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Comment by James -


    BTW, haven\’t you ever heard of picture in picture?!!! I was prepared to have DWTS on the big screen and the Cowboys on the little pnp til you danced (and I am a HUGE \’boys fan – almost as big as I am a Mavs fan). Lucky for the \’boys they put you on right before kick off. Not that it mattered!!! I had voted for you via text and phone all I could before you even danced. That\’s how much faith I have in you!

    Last week, you had over 100 votes from this house. Last night, I passed paper around to everyone that gathered for the game and had them write down their email addresses. This week – OVER 1000. All I did was ask their permission to register their account!! I\’m loyal enough to sit and vote 10 times for each account I collected (which I am about half through right now)

    GO MARK. WE ARE \”MFFL\” – Mark Fans For Life

    Comment by Laura -

  81. Good luck Mark! You are making us here in Dallas very proud.

    Comment by R Hanch -

  82. OMG! Mark you and Kim are doing a great job. Please keep your posture in check and stay in step with your partner and the music.

    I have the final two teams picked to be you and Jane Syemour.

    Good Luck you have all of my votes ๐Ÿ™‚
    Debo Hobo dot Com

    Comment by Debo Hobo -

  83. I thought you did a great job. I voted for you.

    Comment by Laura Elston -

  84. Well, Mark, I\’ve worn my fingers off, voting for you and Kym. I hope everyone else has, too. It was obvious that you were putting 100% into the dance last night, but it also looked like you were in pain – we felt so bad for you, but still very proud!

    I keep saying this, and I have to say it again… please, please, please try to stop making faces while you dance. It\’s the one and only thing that drives us bats when we watch you! We want to enjoy the beauty and fun of each dance, and appreciate how hard you\’ve worked – but then all we can focus on are the crazy faces you\’re making. It really is distracting and detracts from how well you\’re doing. Carrie Ann is absolutely right, and she\’s being so sweet about the criticism – please listen to her! Concentrate this week on getting your expressions toned down a bit (SMILE though – you have a gorgeous smile). No more goofy, cheezy faces please, Mark! Please!

    We love you and will continue to support you all the way!

    Comment by Lori in Plano -

  85. Good Luck, I love it that you have made yourself accesible to the fans !!! My husband is actually AT Buffalo tonight for the Cowboys/ Bills Monday Night Football game ( rooting for Buffalo though . . . please don\’t hold that against me !) so I get to watch DWTS uninterrupted !!!!
    Looking forward to the show !!!!
    Danette from Toronto !

    Comment by Danette -

  86. Ya\’ll did great! It seemed like great fun for you both as it was for the audience. My votes are all in by phone and internet, so hope that helps keep you and Kym dancing next week.

    Comment by Mary Ware -

  87. Good luck Mark…I sent over 20 votes your way. I didn\’t like ya much when the show first came on…in fact, I really didn\’t know who you were LOL. You\’ve impressed me though, keep up the good work!

    Go MARK & KYM!

    Comment by Val -

  88. I spent all 10 of my votes tonight on you and Kym\’s jive! I do hope you thrive as long as possible and win the disco ball trophy!

    Comment by Jan Miraglio -

  89. Hey, Mark! You looked great out there tonight, especially considering your recent operation. One thing you\’ve made this viewer realize is how tough the training is. I used to think of ballroom dancing as \”fluffy\”, but it seems like the \”Iron Man Triathalon\”. Kym seems like a great partner for you; she really appreciates how hard you\’ve been working at this and so do the viewers! Hang in there, keep pushing (so long as it\’s physically safe for you to do so) and keep that big smile on your face. It\’s fun watching you and you\’re doing a great job! Good luck next week!

    Comment by M. Keller -

  90. Hey Mark!!!
    Boy, you danced that leg so well !!! You and Kym looked really
    good and the judges were nice and they are seeing your potential!!
    I got all my votes in for ya!
    Mark, OMG. The Cowboys won!!! And oh what a finish! Go back and
    watch it when you ever get a chance. It was awesome. Remind me of those down to the buzzer buckets that your Mavs can make!
    Wow wee!!!
    Just a note… When u have to learn the tango, watch the little Dereck dancer guy. Get ya some good moves!!! Shoulders up and focus on your awesome partner thru the dance.
    Be watching tomorrow nite!! and look forward to more more more!!!
    Best wishes to ya\’ll
    Susan M fm Miss.

    Comment by Susan M -

  91. Hey marc ur my idol.. i love the way you dance.. Good luck!

    Comment by GBoy -

  92. Just wanted to say outstanding job!!! Entreprenuers unite!!! Keep up the good work

    Comment by tina -

  93. I just looked up your biography and see that we share a birthday and almost birth place. I was born on July 31, but a few years before you, in Latrobe, Pa.

    Congratulations on your competition. You are doing a great job.

    Comment by Peg Powell -

  94. Mark,

    Great job tonite, as usual! You certainly got all my votes on DWTS and my support always, as the owner and voice for my Mavs.


    Comment by Letha Noska -

  95. Mark,

    You are still looking good after the 3rd week!!

    The 1st night (Sept 25) I was watching you from my hospital bed. I had surgery that afternoon and told my husband to keep me awake long enough to see you dance!! Sorry, but I wasn\’t able to vote that night. But I was shocked by the judges scores and by the results the next night.

    The second week you danced even better and better than most of the other dancers (and with a recent hip repl)!!!! AND you didn\’t fall all over yourself like most of the others did! So how in the world did they score higher than you?!! You were SO ripped off!! I picked up every phone I could get my hands on that night and voted!!!! (3 phones that night!)

    Tonight\’s dance was just as good as last week considering your great recovery (I\’m a nurse and know what you are going through). The scores were better but not as good as they should have been(what is wrong with those judges?!!) Again, I picked up every phone I could get my hands on and voted!!!!
    (4 phones tonight!!)

    I know they have done a spot on you and your recent hip replacement and recovery. But it would be great if they could do a couple of spots on the humanitarian work you have done around the Dallas/Ft Worth area in your name and in the name of the Dallas Mavericks (ie. foundation for injured and maned military and their families, poor kids in Dallas area, etc.)
    I am a Navy brat and, right now, an Air Force mom. I am so proud to have people like you from Dallas doing the things you do with no regard for recognition. People need to know that about you. You are for the underdog. You take up for those who have been treated unfairly and try to make it right or better (and yes, I am also referring to the basketball referees!).

    Thank you for putting Dallas in the forefront and thank you from the heart of this Air Force mom for what you do for our military servicemen and women!!

    Keep on dancin\’!!!! I\’ll be right there rootin\’ for ya!!

    GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SWard from GP TX

    Comment by SWard from GP TX -

  96. Go Mark the underdog!

    You got my votes.

    Comment by Dan B. -

  97. Mark
    I have to tell you that YOU are the sole reason that I have started to watch DWTS..
    I am voting and rooting and hoping that you win this thing because you deserve it!
    GO MAVS!

    Comment by barbara ackerman -

  98. LOVE YOU BOTH!!! Will be voting here in Missouri!

    Comment by Mindy -

  99. Mark you were great tonight. We placed 80 votes between the family for you. The judging appears very inconsistent this season. It is hard to believe they can get away with this nonsense. You have our vote all season. Thanks for all that you do for Dallas.

    Comment by cst -

  100. Hi Mark!

    I am from a little town south of Pittsburgh. You have been my favorite this season on DWTS from day 1. I think because you seem like the under-dog. Loved your jive tonight, thought your score should have been higher. Keep working hard and we\’ll keep voting!

    Comment by Vickie -

  101. We wish you the best. I can not believe I actually watch \”dancing with the stars\” and voted to the max of what I could do. I am ready for the MAVS to start. I wish we could have obtain someone better than end of bench players to help Dirk, Josh and Devin. Could you offer the full amount to Weber? That is what we hope for.

    Again, wish you the best.

    Steve and Charlene

    Comment by Steve Seachord -

  102. I put my votes in. I have two cell phones, four email addresses, and the land line. All votes are in. You keep dancing, we\’ll keep voting. We love you Cubby!

    Comment by Anne Lindsey -

  103. You are definitely the one-legged-wonder! Continue to make us proud! Go MAV\’s.

    Comment by Teresa -


    Comment by LEE MYERS -

  105. Mark – Good luck on the show. My wife voted for you repeatedly. Given this, can you please, please, please return the favor and buy the Philadelphia Phillies? We would LOVE to have you as an owner here in Philly. Please help us stop our championship dry spell!! Your passion and resources would definitely put the Phils over the top.
    Good luck on the show!

    Comment by Brendan from Philadelphia -

  106. You were great tonight!!!!

    Comment by Carol -

  107. Ha Ha !!!
    None of us can blog for watching all the dwts!!
    You did great! You are such an inspiration to all
    doing this with a fresh new hip!!! Just wow !!!!
    Okay commercial over!!! shall return!!!!
    PS–Havent even checked the Cowboys score!!!

    I\’ll be back!!
    Susan M from the Mississippi Delta

    Comment by Susan M -

  108. Congratulations Mark!

    It\’s great to see ya moving on. You really bring a great show and energy. Just like the Mavericks offense does. Keep up the great work, and GO Mavericks GO! You\’ve imported some awesome talent onto the team and can\’t wait to see them in the Finals!

    Good Luck!

    New Zealand

    Comment by Ashton -

  109. Carrieann is a RETARD…I wanted to use the \’b\’ word, but I won\’t because unlike Carrieann and her floppy arms, I am a lady.

    Mark, you looked terrific out there, and so handsome!

    Comment by I Heart Mark Cuban -

  110. I was inspired to check you out after watching you in DWTS tonight and was quite inspired by you after hearing about your hip. Wow, you are doing great and you inspire me to know that I can work past my hip pain, which is nothing compared to yours and to see you dancing like that. You Go Boy!

    And to the person with the grammar lesson – so what, it\’s a blog and he can talk/type however he likes – stop being so critical.
    voting for you tonight!!!

    Comment by Dee Spencer -

  111. Go Mark! Nice Jive.

    Comment by Suzanne -

  112. You were great tonight, Mark!!!! Forty votes from me.



    Comment by denadunn -

  113. Mark,

    Im actually a mexican that just moved to Houston to live here. I wanted to make sure I told you that you are definetely a big example to all the young people not only in your professional career but also in all the charitable actions you are always involved.

    Both in Mexico and for sure in Texas, there is a great amount of admiration of your work and your actions.

    The best of the lucks, and GO MAVS! (Maybe bring back Najera??)


    Comment by Arturo Karakowsky -

  114. I got 100 votes in before the boyz kick off. Thank ABC for putting you on before kickoff. Your face showed a lack of confidence tonight but, YOU PULLED IT OFF!!!!

    Go Mark!!

    Comment by Sue -

  115. Go get \’em Mark. We have voted for you every week via cell phone, home phone and internet and the Cowboys game won\’t stop us from voting tonight. I love watching you dance. You have so much fun! Makes it fun for the viewers also! Good luck tonight! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Cynthia -

  116. Good Luck tonight Mark! What you are doing is absolutely amazing. I have always been a DWTS fan and now with you on, it\’s even better. I\’m a Mavs season ticket holder so I won\’t be able to watch the results show tomorrow, but will be calling family for updates. I will get in all my possible votes tonight! We are all rooting for you and Kym! Go Mark & Go Mavs!!!!

    Comment by Amy Peters -

  117. Hi Mark:
    Work with what you have (that\’s enough) and give it your best shot. I can only imagine how tough rehearsals were this week. I hope you didn\’t over-do it and had a chance to rest somewhere in your busy schedule. Your base (fans) are going to vote for you no matter what you do so take comfort in that. Good luck to you and Kym. I\’ll be watching and voting. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  118. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by jm -

  119. Mark – You are doing a great job! Keep dancing and we\’ll keep emailing our friends and voting. You are doing an amazing job for having a hip replacement. You should feel great about your accomplishments thus far. Have fun with it and Go Jump, Jive an Whale tonight!

    Comment by Suzy Q from D -

  120. Oh I will not be watching the game tonight I will be watching you and calling all my freinds and family to vote. I\’m not a big football fan since I became a Mavs fan about 10 years ago.

    Ill be rallying to get those votes in tonight.

    As they say in show biz, break a leg.

    Carrollton, TX

    Comment by Belinda -

  121. Good luck Mark and Kym! Your adrenaline will take over Mark. Rehearse your perfect performance in your mind\’s eye over and over, your body will follow. Now quit whining and go get \’em!

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  122. Hang in…You were made for Jive, it is a dance filled with brash exuberance. Rest those legs, they will spring when you need them.
    Go Mark and Kym!

    Comment by danielmcvicar -

  123. Mark, We\’ll give you every one of our whole family\’s votes!
    Good Luck !!!

    Comment by Princilla -

  124. Great Job!

    Comment by Laura -

  125. Mark,

    I enjoy your blog and admire your tackling the DWTS challenge. I did exhibition ballroom dancing many, many years ago and can appreciate the challenge that you face. Keep up the great work.

    Just one thing, every time I read your blog your continued miss use of the phrase \”Kym and I\” hits me like chalk squeaking on a chalk board. i.e. \”The hope is that all of you that voted for Kym and I…\” I know it can be confusing but think of it this way; you wouldn\’t say \”…that voted for I…\”, you would say \”…that voted for me. Therefore the correct grammar is, \”The hope is that all of you that voted for Kym and me…\”

    I am dancing the Jive tomorrow night.
    Kym and I are dancing the Jive tomorrow night.

    Please vote for me.
    Please vote for Kym and me.

    Hope my grammar lesson doesn\’t irk you. Just consider it a little additional skin toughening to help you face the judges:-)

    It is great to see a high profile person such as yourself writing a blog. Thanks.

    Hang in there, keep up the great work, and good luck!! You have my votes.

    Comment by Skip Dodson -

  126. Go Marky, Go Marky, Go Marky! (still doing the Cabbage Patch in your honor!)

    We\’ll be watching, smiling, rooting, voting. Yes, we will be watching the game(s)… But you, Kym, the HIP, are our priority #1!

    Go Get\’em Tiger!!!


    Comment by Bee -

  127. I have unlimited texting! And I\’ll b using it!!!

    Kick some more ass, Mark! Your work ethic and charisma are inspiring AND motivational!!!

    Comment by Dean Paraskevopoulos -

  128. Hey Mark, you can do it…we have your back.

    Comment by Anthony -

  129. This household will be watching DWS in the living room with the Cowboy game on another TV in the back of the house if anyone wants to check on the score. AFTER DWS is when we will watch the rest of the Cowboy game.

    I can only imagine how sore and tired you must be, but never fear, we will be voting even if it is early on Tuesday Morning. You can vote online until 11:00 a.m. our time every Tuesday. Easier to get online too. Best of luck.

    Comment by Ann -

  130. Mark – your getting tons of votes no matter how you dance, .rb

    Comment by Paintless dent repair tools -

  131. Mark you are amazing. I cannot imagine doing such physical activity after a hip replacement. Keep strong.

    Comment by Julie -

  132. Your a winner! I just sent my blast to everyone…good luck and thank you for the thril of watching you dance for us!

    Comment by Mary -

  133. VOTE ONLINE versus the PHONE… ANYTIME!!

    Hey Mark and Blog readers,

    You get 10 votes per email address and do not need to verify the email address.. meaning you can put in

    Here\’s the webpage it is easy and quick to sign up and vote 10 times.

    SO GREAT NEWS, everyone can still vote for you Mark and help you to next week!

    I also have those LUCKY painted shirts for you Mark!

    Creative Regards

    Erik the Artist

    IU 1990

    ps. wonderful movie Ayn Rand\’s THE FOUNTAIN HEAD with CARRY GRANT

    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  134. Hi Mark,

    Don\’t worry about the votes, people don\’t have to watch the show to vote… We lived in Dallas and moved to New Hampshire, are still devoted Mavs (can\’t wait for the season to start..) and Cowboys fans and have two daughters that are attending IU! Let me tell you that they have everybody voting for you there as well. And the jive is a difficult dance for everybody no matter what. With that big smile you will be doing great. We\’ll be watching and voting. Good Luck

    Comment by Magda van Os -

  135. Good luck tonight, Mark. I\’m fortunate enough to get to see you perform that the jive live!

    Comment by russian bride -

  136. has \”Online voting will remain open until noon (Eastern Time) on the day of the results show.\”

    So I don\’t think it will matter that much that there\’s a Cowboys game since they can vote after…plus, not everyone in Dallas watches the Cowboys…

    It really is amazing that you\’re actually 49!

    Comment by Dallas -

  137. Absolutely Mark, I would never miss it.

    This was such a brave thing for you to do. If you were a crummy dancer it might have been
    embarrassing but not even close. You are AMAZING!!!

    I don\’t even like this show but you make it worth watching. You are an original.

    Comment by Toni -

  138. You know your fans will be voting no matter what…

    I have to admire all the dedication you give to this. Keep it up Mark.

    Comment by David -

  139. Mark,

    Best of luck taking the \”1-Legged Jive\” to new heights!! It should be great entertainment. I watched last week and see that you and Kym are just getting warmed up. I remember seeing some of those moves back in Bloomington, Foster-Magee!! Keep smiling, keep the lines straight and go for it! We\’ll be watching from California. Very impressive after just returning from a hip replacement…wow!

    All the best,

    Bob Dahl (1981 IU Alum)

    Comment by Bob Dahl -

  140. Good luck tomorrow, Mark… I have no doubt that you\’ll do well, and you\’ll have all my votes, no matter what! Too bad you\’re having to compete with the Cowboys game, but, hey, that\’s what the remote control\’s for, right?

    Comment by Texy -

  141. Good Luck tomorrow night. Have fun! Keep smiling! We will be voting and watching the game.

    Remember, we\’ve got your back!

    GO MARK!!
    GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Sue M -

  142. Good evening Mark!

    Great to hear from you! Just from watching DWTS in the past, I know that you devote sooooo much time to the dance prep. I know Kym has a fun cute routine for ya\’ll. Just try to be light on your feet(hip!) and follow thru. You will do great! Keep a smile, and your focus on your partner. You enjoy and I know we all will enjoy!!! I will only flip channel to Cowboys during dwts commercial. Shoot. I\’ll be dialing ya\’ll number all during!!!(from all of my family phones and emails!!!}
    Do GREAT!!!
    Have FUN!!!
    Susan M fm Miss

    Comment by Susan M -

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