Countdown to Week 4, The Waltz for 1 800 VOTE 411

First things first. Thank you to everyone who voted for kym and I and kept us alive this past week. I knew the Jive would be tough on me and it was. It was the first dance where I botched a step and it showed. One portion of it i was supposed to hesitate a beat and I didnt, throwing us off as we circled. We were able to come back together and get back on beat, but the judges definitely noticed it and docked me points. Thats the challenge of live TV. Its also going to motivate me to work even harder on my waltz this week.

The waltz is all about posture. This week we have a great song. Even better its a song that isnt one I would normally sing along to. So it should be much easier to just put on my “dance face” and find “my inner dancer”…Hopefully 🙂

Practice has been going well this week. We head back to LA on Sunday after practicing 6 hours a day this week.

Learning a new dance is an emotional rollercoaster. Yes, practicing all that time can be tiring. My legs hurt and if the schedule creates a situation where we practice till past midnight and then start again at 9am the next morning, to say my legs get sore , wouldnt quite do it justice.

I didnt know what the Viennese Waltz was. Heck, i didnt know there were different types of waltzs. So trying to pick up the steps, the turns, the posture was the first step. Next came actually learning the routine Kym put together for us. As with the jive, when I first start learing the routine, there is always something that seems impossible for me to learn. Kym will show me the step. I will try it. Then we do it over and over and over again. Some steps come easily. Others, not so much.

This week there was a promenade travel. It required about 24 steps in combination at full speed. Literally I felt like I was running to cover the distance we needed to cover and to make the beats work. Im a tech guy, so I tend to look at the steps as a sequence of instructions, which I write down and try to learn by looking and doing. Its not unusual for me to have a piece of paper in my hand with the steps and directions on them as I learn a step. My approach wasn’t working. It was just too fast for me to process and translate to my feet.

Because I wasnt making any progress on these, Kym decided we needed to move on to work on a different part of the routine. Something called “Naturals” . Much easier for me. More like a 3 count waltz step. We practiced over and over and then as we tried to improve on it, it dawned on me that these “Naturals” steps were similar to the Promenades . The steps were the same, but the changes of directions were more extreme and the pace and distance were faster and longer. Of course I thought I had just found the solution to all my problems and told Kym about my breakthrough. AT which point all she could do was laugh at me and tell me that she had been trying to tell me that the Promenade and the Naturals were very similar and I just had to learn one to get the other.

Who knew ?

Its the breakthrough like this one that all of the sudden re energizes our practices and pumps up my confidence. One day i feel like Im never going to learn this thing and the next, Im looking back at the “impossible”, thinking its easy.

Thats the first hill of the dancing with the stars rollercoaster. The 2nd is actually doing it live, and the 3rd of course is waiting on Tuesday to find out if all of you have voted for me.

I promise that I am working hard for you. Thank you to all of you who have voted by phone, by email and bigger thanks to all of you who have sent emails, forwarded emails and called friends, family and co workers asking them to vote by phone and email. The stories and feedback I have gotten are amazing !!

What ever success I have on the show is all thanks to each of you !

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  1. Hey Mark, I just ran across an online survey about DWTS and you\’re the second favorite, Wayne was the first favorite. So now that Wayne\’s gone, you\’re the big man on campus. Don\’t let it go to your head and slack off. I thought it would make you feel happy. Just keep working knowing that there\’s alot of love out there for you. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  2. Nice read…..

    Arlo Gilbert

    Comment by Arlo Gilbert -

  3. Honestly you have inspired me to take salsa lessons with my girlfriend. I think I need to break out of my shell and it will be easier for me now that I\’m very fit. I just need to be a bit more flexible maybe…My girlfriend will benefit greatly from the new confidence of course, which she needs. Thanks Mark!

    Comment by Dave Phentramin -

  4. Hey Mark,
    Congratulation! You guys are great.
    Just a quick suggestion for Mavs. Let\’s trade Dampier, Stackhouse and Terry for Kobe and Gasol or Sun Yue. Will it work?=)


    Comment by andrew -

  5. Good Going tonight Kym and Mark. I thought it really was interesting and entertaining.We had everyone calling and going to the sites to votes. Its nice seeing you having a great time and I hope you will win it all. Be sure and keep that engine running. MY mother also votes for you. She is 86 and can barely see but she get out her magnify glasses and just votes away. She has not missed a Maverick game in 6 years. You and Dirk are her men. Cant wait for the show\’s results tomorrow night. Be sure and save some of your sauvness for carrie ann. I think she is pulling for you. Have a great one and practice practice to make perfect.

    Comment by Glenda -

  6. i encouraged the whole family to vote on the computer ,,cell phones and home phone .. i hope everyone realizes that of all the contestants ,,,mark is the only one with no background in show business stage work,, with some dancing… i love to watch as he improves each week .. and i love the mavs as well.. go mark and go mavs…

    Comment by samyeoneal -

  7. Great job last night Mark. I am very proud how much you are improving each week. Kym and you really outshined last night. Good Luck to you and Kym on results tonight.

    Comment by Glenda Smith -

  8. Way to go! I am thrilled that you are still on the show. The right person went home this week. Not to take anything away from is ability, but given the competition, it was the correct choice. It is going to get tougher, but if anyone is up to that challenge . . . it is YOU !!!!! Can\’t wait to see the sexy dance this week coming ! GO get\’em.

    you are awesone to watch too !!! Love ya !!

    Comment by Danette -

  9. You completely won me over last week. Your great attitude shines. I\’m so looking forward to seeing you dance tonight. Just be yourself, let your wonderful spirit show thru and I know you\’ll be GREAT !!


    Comment by Tammy P -

  10. Hi Mark,

    Despite what the judges say, I personally think you are pure pleasure to watch dancing!! I can tell from your facial expressions that you are having so much fun doing the dances and I would rather see someone who is having a blast on the dance floor than a technical dancer who doesn\’t look like he or she is really enjoying themselves.

    Hang in there! You and marie are getting all my votes.

    Hugs, Victoria from PA

    Comment by Victoria from PA -

  11. Hi Mark, I can\’t tell you how much I am cheering for you. I am an old friend of your Mom and Dad. Shirley and I do alot together when she is in town and most of it is talking about your dancing. You have a big fan base here! Keep up all the hard work! Mary Ann Wellener

    Comment by Mary Ann Wellener -

  12. mark.. thank you.. so much!!!, reminds me of my youth when i could walk and dance.. this old chair doesn\’t move the right way …so thanks have brought a lot of fun and laughs as well. keep on enjoying your danceing.. again what fun!!!!!! samye

    Comment by samyeoneal -

  13. Hi Mark,
    Just want you to know you are doing great!! I was so excited when they called Kim and your name… Keep up the great job and I will keep voting for you…

    San Antonio,Tx

    Comment by Priscilla -

  14. Mr. Cuban –

    I thought I would give you some insight from the northeast.
    I was convinced from the first interview piece I saw with you that you were driven. Which I respect…
    My husband held a differing opinion, he\’s a hazardous location engineer (please read = NOT FLEXIBLE). He just thought you were a screaming lunatic.
    As I said, our opinions differed. But you received the ultimate compliment this week. All of our votes, from multiple e-mails addresses, and this comment: \”He\’s not what I thought he was AT ALL\”.
    Good luck and much respect –
    The Wolfs

    Comment by Karen Wolf -

  15. Cuban –

    I am 83 years old and can dance better then you. You dance like a four legged penguin with a hernia. Never in my 73 years of dancing since the age of 10 have I seen such a horrible uptight person trying to dance.

    I have some suggestions:

    1) Lose about 60 pounds and you might be a little more nimble
    2) Since you are so bad try letting the women lead
    3) With all your money I am sure you could afford some serious dance lessons from Britney Spears I am sure she needs the work.
    4) Try to stop sticking that bubble but of yours out in the air like it was a New Mexico Hot Air balloon ready to launch in a race.
    5) Stop eating corn the night before you dance as it shows in your Indiana Dance Step / Style
    6) Your appear to be so uptight I believe you could squeeze oil from a grape with your ass.

    Sincerely your biggest fan,

    Jeri Hood

    Comment by Jeri Hood -

  16. Mark- I was so wrong about who you were- only \’knowing\’ you as the owner of the Mavericks (and NOT a fan). I thought you were spoiled and liked to cause static, again, only because I knew you through what I saw during the games.

    I have to say your drive, discipline and ambition is out of this world. And you\’re humble to boot! Your accomplishments are amazing and you are such a great example to people how to make the most out of life. WOW! You are a blessing… I loved seeing you with your little girl and the happiness she brings you. Please accept my apologies for misjudging your character; you are a wonderful motivator, a damn hard worker, and you always make me smile when I see you dance. Thank you for brightening up my Tuesday nights! (And keep bringing out that inner dancer! You\’re looking better!)

    Comment by michelle -

  17. Mark,
    Between your dancing and M-1 (dancing with pain) activities, please contact me to invest in AptConnect.

    I await your call.

    p.s. Go Fedor!

    Comment by Brent Williams -

  18. Mark,

    Your waltz with Kym was lovely. It amazes me that, even though you are way out of your element, you are so successful. It is obvious that the hard work you put into it and your sheer will has made you a great dancer. As a Dallasit and a Mavericks fan, I am proud of you. Thanks for representin\’. Karen

    Comment by Karen Hoyt -

  19. Mark,
    Congratulations on making it through another week – you looked marvelous. Just remember that dancing is an expression of yourself – relax and go with the flow. You have a great teacher in Kym and once you master the steps – relax and enjoy yourself.

    Comment by Jan -

  20. Watching you every week is such an inspiration, Mark. You\’re a terrific role model for all of us, with your focus, tenacity, and endurance, whatever the circumstances. At times I thought the judges were unnecessarily harsh, even abritrary. But it seems this too is part of the game. A lot like life, eh?Regardless, you moved on. And I hope you continue to do so, week after week. Rip up that floor, have fun, and keep on keepin\’ on. Salud!

    Comment by barbarella -

  21. This is great that you\’re moving on for the next dance! I love watching you and will keep voting for you. You deserve to move on, you work so hard learning the steps and you are the most improved of all of the contestants.

    Comment by lindzy -

  22. Just want to say \” Good Luck \” and again you will be getting all the votes I can come up with. DITTO on the comments by Sharon-Lee on Oct.15 @ 1:34 am. She said it well!!! Teresa from Ky.

    Comment by Teresa Moore -

  23. Hi Mark,
    I just want you to know my husband and I exhaust all our votes for you and Kym each week. That said, I think what you need to do is RELAX. We see you trying harder than anyone out there, but the key to winning this is making it look effortless. Keep working hard, we love you, the voting public loves you, and the judges seem to love you, but God are they unforgiving, so let that talent that has gotten you where you are today, shine through on the dance floor.
    All the best,
    Maria Mosca

    Comment by Maria Mosca -

  24. Mark….I was so impressed with your waltz! Great job! You improve dramatically from week to week and it\’s a lot of fun watching you go through this process. You are very relatable. Good luck this week as you learn the next dance. We\’ll be watching and sending lots of \”light on your feet\” good wishes your way! Donna

    Comment by Donna -

  25. Mark,

    I made it back home just in time to tune in to see that you and Kym were not one of the last 2 couples! I\’m going to download the show just to see your expression when you found out you were safe. ALTHOUGH I\’VE BEEN A SUPPORTER ALL ALONG, I DIDN\’T ACTUALLY DO THE VOTING THING SINCE THIS ROUND…SEE…IT COULD HAVE BEEN MY VOTES THAT DID IT–lol..Keep the faith…
    Joann (ol\’Harper 7)

    Comment by Joann -

  26. Mark- My wife had a hip replaced at Methodist (Charleton)last Friday (11/5). You are her inspiration and I think she will \”toss the walker\” by this Friday!! Go Mavs!!

    Comment by sandy sanford -

  27. Way to go Mark & Kym, I vote each week for you and think the judges are a little too hard on you with their scores. They should be watching a few other dancers who, if you watch closely, miss a few steps and need to be marked down. Keep on dancing & I\’ll keep voting for you. Have fun!

    Comment by Anne -

  28. Mark: we are looking forward to the next blog and how you are going to attack next week and dance.

    And yes, don\’t forget about the NASCAR Push Toys.

    Keith and Nicole

    Comment by Keith Lehto -

  29. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are really cheering & voting for you in Beaumont, Texas!!! I love absolutely love reading your blog. There are so many of us in this world who aren\’t celebrities or public figures. We will never be given the chance to do a show like Dancing with the Stars. So I think your blog helps us to live vicariously through you and to experience what\’s it\’s like to be on a show like Dancing with the Stars. Keep it up and we\’ll keep voting!!!!!

    Comment by Becky M. in Beaumont -

  30. Wow, you are such an inspiration, keep up the good work. I can\’t wait till Monday.

    Comment by Nancy Clark -

  31. Everyone here in Pittsburgh is cheering for you and I\’m so excited you\’re still going strong in the competition. Your charisma is unmatched by anyone else on the show. Keep it up!

    Comment by Christy -

  32. mark,
    i knew you\’re gonna make it this week. gave out 90 votes for you and i will keep on working with the vote and for your part just keep up the good work. you and kym are really amazing.but i want to see more of that sexy moves next monday.

    Comment by bingbing -

  33. Mark,
    I have respected your work ethic from the first article that I read about your many years ago.
    I applaud your enthusiam and have registerd all my emails to vote especially for you!
    Keep working hard and \”doing Texas proud!\”

    Comment by Debbie Mc -

  34. Way to go Mark and Kym: You made it again! Keep up the good work, the whole family is watching.

    Keith and Nicole
    NASCAR Push Toys Rock!

    Comment by Keith Lehto -

  35. Hi Mark: I\’m a newbie to your blog (and blogs in general) – As the founder of an internet startup myself, I find tons of great insight in your articles.. keep it comin! I wasnt much of a DWTS fan but now I find myself pulling for you and Kym

    Best of luck and thanks again for the education! 🙂


    Comment by Jim Gibson -

  36. I am so happy that you and Kym are going on to the next round. I voted for you and Kym this week 9 times online and I texted.
    Good luck on the next show! I think you and Kym are great! I think you have a good chance to win.

    Comment by Laura Elston -

  37. ha ha….

    you did stole my line!!

    hopefully you as encouraging and sincere as me !!!

    susie fm miss.

    Comment by Susan M -

  38. Remember, BE PROUD ! Keep your shoulders up and YOU waltz Kym around on that floor !!! A nice handsome face and uplifted chin.
    I know you will be suave and debonair with a lovely lady in arms!

    Comment by Stoletov -

  39. Thought you were great and we will continue to vote for you.

    We\’ll be watching the scores tonite.

    Eloise & John

    Comment by Eloise & John Leggiero -

  40. The Little Engine that Could!!!


    Comment by OhioStateMom -

  41. You definitely aced the waltz — we were cheering! And what a tough week! I was glad to see you survive the cut, but I\’m sure it means an even more difficult week ahead. Looking forward to seeing the next dance.

    Comment by Karoli -

  42. Hi Mark,

    I just finished watching the Tuesday version of DWTS. A big congratulations to you and Kym….your reaction was incredible when they announced \”safe\”. I logged as many votes as I could for you and Kym on Monday.

    You\’ll do great because your heart is in this….and that\’s all that really matters.

    Much luck next week.


    Comment by Michelle -

  43. WOOO HOOO!!! Congratulations Mark! Just got home from, ironically enough, dance practice and found out on the DWTS forum that you were safe. BTW, I thought doing the tongue things just as the dance was done was cute. 😉 Now get some sleep and gear up for that next dance (you really looked like you could use sleep in the \”practice\” segment). Good luck for next week.

    Comment by Thyri -

  44. way to stay in the game tonite- dallas and chicago are pulling for you – for the mav\’s and DWTS, and hopefully cubs in 08!!

    Comment by zamboni -

  45. Mark, congrats on making it this far. You and Kym are doing so well, and you look so skinny. I must admit I was shocked to hear that one of the reasons your decided to do DWTS was to recover from hip surgery–considering we\’re close to the same age that kind of freaked me out. WE\’RE too young for such a thing.

    It\’s been fun watching your transition from a newly minted wealthy young tech teek running around the Internet World trade show, to a sports franchise owner to a really good dancer on national television. I admire your guts to try new business and personal ventures, even when you run the risk of publicly falling on your face.

    And don\’t let schmucks like Donald Trump get you down. What is his deal anyway? I generally admire him but he can get really shrill sometimes.

    You keep doing your thing and have a great time.


    Comment by Pam Miller -

  46. Oh Mark, you wouldn\’t believe this. On the ABC message board, I am being accused of being \”YOU\”. I had to laugh. I have been strongly defending and supporting you and suddenly people think I am you. What a hoot!!! (My MB handles is dukes240).

    Leah in Atlanta

    Comment by Leah in Atlanta -

  47. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get to work. 🙂

    Comment by Karen J -

  48. CoNgRaTuLaTioNs !!! Mark and Kym !!!
    You guys looked wonderful last night !!!

    I\’m so excited for you !!!
    Have a great week and let us hear from you !!!

    My best always,
    Susan fm Mississippi

    Comment by Susan M -

  49. Hey Mark: Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Glad you\’re safe,I had my fingers crossed when they called your name, whew!!!! OK, I have no clue what next week\’s dance is, but I have faith that you\’ll pull it off. As the playing field narrows, the pressure is mounting so you and Kym have to focus on the goal and just keep forging ahead. Mark, keep blogging. It will motivate your fans, this is key. You probably don\’t have a spare moment, but try real hard.Fans need to feel connected and involved. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  50. Mark,



    You are probably so tired of me blogging, but we are SO EXCITED and HAPPY that you moved on. You are such a joy to watch and we are all pulling for you and Kym. How does it feel to have so many people earnestly proud and happy for YOU? You are like the little engine that could! Keep it up! We are all behind you and gathering more ways to vote for you each week. Don\’t forget … YOU ARE THE DANCER!

    You must give your wife and girls extra hugs and kisses for us. We know this is possible because of their awesome support and love for you! You inspire us all to reach out and never give up. You inspire us all to ignore what others think when they say we will fail and push forward for success!

    We can\’t wait for next week to cheer on your success!

    Comment by Laura -

  51. Mark,

    I am from Spring, TX and a Rockets fan…but rooting for you!
    Keep it up…sad to say, but you are doing sooo mmmuch better
    than our own Cldye Drexler did…

    Comment by Sonia -

  52. Mark,

    I keep voting for you because of the look on your face while you dance! You cannot buy that joy, it comes from within.

    Keep dancing, hold your frame and most of all enjoy!

    I\’m an old dancing diva and will continue to vote for you and Kym for the pleasure you bring to all of us.

    Best wishes and God bless.

    Comment by C Baker -

  53. My son has arthritis and fractured both hips when he was 11 … I feel your pain but I love you! You put so much heart and soul and work into your dances! I hope you win Mark!!!! O and I was elated that you were not in the bottom two tonight. Keep on dancin\’.

    Comment by sonja wink -

  54. YEAH! You made it!!! My heart was pounding! I\’m so glad you are coming back for next week.

    Comment by Julie -

  55. Congratulations Mark!!! Keep up the good work!!! We luv ya in Atlanta!!!

    Comment by Leah in Atlanta -

  56. CONGRATULATIONS MARK!!!!!!!!!!! Can\’t wait to see what your dance is next week!

    Comment by Carol -

  57. Mark – Congratulations, you\’re doing such a great job! It\’s so nice to get to see the real you, you\’re much nicer than the media makes you out to be. And Mark, PLEASE buy the Cubs!!! Good luck, you\’ve got my votes!

    Comment by Melissa -


    Comment by Linda -

  59. Whoo hoo Mark! I just saw that you made it to the next round! I\’m so excited! Keep up the terrific work, Mark. You can do this!!!

    Comment by Debbie -

  60. I am so proud of you Mark Cuban. You are an awesome guy….. no matter what happens, you are such a special person. Thanks for making all of us out here in Maverick Land (and I live in Alabama!!!!) feel like one of your friends. What an honor that is!!!!!! Go Mavs!!!!!!!!!!I MISS LIVING IN DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Carol -

  61. Good luck to you. I think your the sleeper. Wouldnt be surprised if you took the whole thing!

    Comment by Jeremy -

  62. hey mark, you did a good job last nite that was awesome.i called my children, grand children and ask them to vote for you.i know you got the lowest score last nite but don\’t worry we\’re all watching your back. go mavs!!!!!

    Comment by bingbing -



    Comment by JAN -

  64. We love you, Mark. Keep on dancing!!

    Comment by Eloise & John Leggiero -

  65. Mark,

    I watched you and Kym dance last night and actually found I had tears in my eyes. To see the earnestness you brought to your performance inspired me. You made me realize the capacity we have to challenge ourselves at somethng we are not gifted to do and soar with the power, grace and dignity of the human spirit. Regardless of tonight\’s outcome, you have inspired millions to bring themselves to the game of life and play full out! You were beautiful

    Comment by Harriet Gibbe -

  66. Mark,

    Just wanted you to know that all my votes went to you last night. I think you are doing great and would like to encourage you to continue on…great winning smile, and I can\’t believe the judges don\’t appreciate facial expressions!!

    Comment by Patti -

  67. Mark, you are great! I have been a Mavs fan for years and have really enjoyed seeing you on the show. You look like you are having fun while dancing, even when you are in pain, and I know that\’s a hard thing to do. Keep trucking and we will keep voting. Good luck!

    Comment by Julie -

  68. Hey Mark, I just wanted to congratulate you on another great performance. You looked amazing out there with Kym. The tux was beautiful and so was the dance. I absolutely loved that soft shoe you did, it was fabulous. Kym is such a good choreographer. Good luck to you tonight. I just wanted to let you know, I voted like a demon for you last night. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  69. Judges say it was your best dance yet! \”Mr. BoJangles.\”

    Comment by russian bride -

  70. I know this isnt the right place for this comment but I went to the HDnet fights Saturday. Had a good time and enjoyed the show. The only thing lacking was the clock. The only clock was small and on the jumbotron feed of the action, and very hard to see in the arena. Would have liked to see maybe the game clock used as a clock. Look forward to the next show,

    Comment by Bryan -

  71. Hey Mark!

    GREAT job last night!! I don\’t think the score reflected your performance at all. You are a role model of determination and hard work and I really want to see you go all the way in this competition. I\’ll be pulling for you tonight! No red lights!!!!


    Comment by Cindy -

  72. Aside from rooting for a fellow Dallasite, you were the constestant I most wanted to watch because you are the only one not in the entertainment business or professional sport. It\’s a pleasure watching you do so well! Great job tonight!!

    Comment by Melissa -

  73. Voted for you! You make me happy!

    Comment by Stephanie -

  74. Mark, great job on the Viennese waltz last night. You two looked fantastic out there. It would be great if you could stay on the show, so we will keep our fingers crossed. Best regards, Jackie

    Comment by Jackie -

  75. Mark,

    Great job last night! You listened to all of the comments that Cari Ann had suggested. You are truly improving every week, and as a by-product you probably are in the best shape in your life. Keep up the good work!



    Comment by Jay -

  76. You can still vote! I am still voting right now @…

    Comment by Robin -

  77. I thought your dance was BEAUTIFUL! You did an amazing job, keep smiling, Mark!

    So you know, I have everyone in my Minneapolis office cheering for you, they are all now MC fans!

    Comment by cherrymn -

  78. Good going Mark – Keep it up – we gave u all ur votes.

    Comment by Eloise & John Leggiero -

  79. Your performance was good on the Dancing with the Star show last night My votes are for your team. Good luck!!

    Comment by Laura Elston, Fort Worth, Texas -

  80. Hey, Mark,
    Great job last night!! You were terrific! (I got my 45 votes cast for you with my 5 ways of voting!) I\’m thrilled that America gets to see the Mark that we know . . . just a regular guy, with a precious family, having fun. (That\’s what I always think when I see you at the games [we\’re in Sec. 108] . . .you\’re a regular fan having so much fun, just like us!) We are all so proud of you! Can\’t wait for the results show tonight . . . I know you\’re moving on!! Have a super day and we\’ll be pulling for you tonight! See you in Week Five!
    Jo E.

    Comment by Jo E. -

  81. Love you Mark! Keep the faith.

    Comment by I Heart Mark Cuban -

  82. Mark,

    Keep your faith up and keep your partner on the
    floor like everyobdy else… We will always to vote for you…. Keep it up.

    Comment by -

  83. Mark, in addition to what Michelle Hall (comment #61) said – your fans also need to know that they can continue to vote online until the next day at noon (Eastern Time). That\’s 11 AM here in San Antonio. So if a person can\’t get online right after the show on Monday night, they can still do it Tuesday morning!

    You are an inspiration to us all!


    Comment by Princilla -

  84. I wish you luck, you\’re fun to watch. I\’ve never seen a corporate techie geek that was so cute! Keep the haircut, it flatters you!

    Comment by Susan Lewis -

  85. Mark, it was great hearing from you again. I just wanted to wish you luck!!


    Comment by Tom -

  86. You continue to make us proud in Dallas!!!! Best of luck tonight-your city is behind you!

    Comment by Laura -

  87. Mark,

    Those judges dont know true improvement and overall great dancing!! You make me smile and cheer when you are dancing!!!! Your hard work and dedication are really shinning through. If anyone can not see why you are the success that you are then they are not watching your amazing progress each week!! You are such an INSPIRATION to so many. Keep doing exactly what you are doing and we will all keep voting because WE LOVE YOU MARK!!


    Comment by kelly -

  88. Mark,

    Awesome job tonight with the Viennese waltz! I see you getting better every week, and its been a joy to watch you grow. Here\’s hoping that continues, and I threw my votes to you this week trying to help!

    Comment by Sharon -

  89. I think you did incredible tonight. I feel like your scores should\’ve been much higher. Voted MANY times for you.

    Comment by Julie -

  90. You were fantastic!!! Amazing Mark, amazing.

    Comment by Toni -

  91. Mark, I am curious about the reason for your hip replacement, I have read it is the left hip. My son is 15 and has Perthese disease that deteriorates his left hip, a replacement is in his future and I am wondering if your reason for replacement was the same. If it is I would like your comments on whether you would do the replacement sooner than later. Please let me know.
    Amy Swapp

    Comment by Amy Swapp -

  92. Great job on the waltz tonight Mark. When I saw you on the first night of Dancing with the stars I thought this guy is going to be gone quick. I thought your personality was too cocky for most people to appreciate. Then as the season has progressed, I as my friends agree, see a different side to your personality and have come to respect you for your dedication to the dance. Therefore tonight you earned my votes for the first time. Way to go. Proud you are a Texan,and good luck tomorrow night.

    Comment by debbie p -

  93. Mark, you HAVE to point out in your blog that we can use ANY email address. It doesn\’t have to be a real one. I only know this from Eric the Artist, but a lot of people only read what you write, not the replies. When you go to, you just have to register as a new user and sign up ANY email address. I created many of them so I can vote in several sets of 10. Your fans need to know this. We want you to stay!!!! Great job tonight, by the way!

    Comment by Michelle Hall -

  94. Mark, you did great! I love watching you dance. Your fans here in Western Pennsylvania have got your back. You\’ve got all our votes! I think the judges are way too hard on you…you deserve better!

    Comment by Linda -

  95. You are so much fun to watch! Good luck!

    Comment by Susan -

  96. Mark, you looked incredible tonight! I like the svelt and clean-shaven look. Took 10 years off, Keep it up.

    Comment by Pat Eppler -

  97. Hi Mark,

    I want to congratulate you for doing so well on your waltz this evening! I enjoy reading your blog and have encouraged my family and friends to sign on and read what you have to say as well as watch you and Kym on DWTS. I vote for you every week with my 3 registered emails and I notice an improvement in your dancing with each new dance!

    I enjoy reading your thoughts and feelings on the competition, learning the dances and time spent with family and work. It makes you more human than just a name on the blog or on the show! Thank you for taking time to keep us updated!

    Good luck on this weeks elimination round, I definitely don\’t want you to go home!

    Remember, positive thoughts encourage positive energy! So think positive! We will see you on the show for weeks to come!


    Comment by Charlee -

  98. Oh no – I missed the dance, silly new job. I\’m still calling and voting online all for you guys though – I can catch the replay tomorrow night online, after they declare you all safe 🙂

    Comment by Wendi -


    Comment by Terri -

  100. Mark, you\’ll be great! You are always great! And Kym is fantastic!!
    Unfortunately, I live in Brasil so I can\’t call or text to vote, but since I have a lot of email accounts, you\’ll be getting a lot of votes tonight!
    And are you really not singing along tonight?? Ahhhh I love when you do that!!

    Good luck!!!

    Comment by Marina -

  101. Hi Mark,
    Whenever you fininsh this amazing run, hopefully as the winner, you should seriously consider taking up Karate or Tai Chi as a form of exercise. You seem to enjoy the challenge of learning new steps and perfecting the movement. I have practiced martial arts for a while now and can relate completely to seeing a move, not being able to do it, trying over and over, and finally mastering the movement. That feeling is amazing. Martial Arts, with the right Instructor, can give you that rush and more. Good luck!!!

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  102. You are doing AWESOME!!! Your weight loss is noticeable.
    I have just finished a fitness challenge (I didn\’t need to lose weight, just get in better shape). One trick I learned to prevent sore muscles (allowing me to train several consecutive days) was to eat my sweets right after my workout…whether it was my pasta or a \”sensible\” portion of ice cream, my trainer stressed that I eat as soon after my workout as possible (within 30 minutes) – even if I had to just squeeze a spoonful of honey before I was able to make dinner an hour later perhaps, just as long as the muscles get \”fed\” right away.

    I noticed the difference immediately – I was not sore the next morning!! Before this, I would take Arnica Montana sub-lingually to reduce soreness…WHICH, in your case might also help with healing after surgery.

    Hope you read this and it helps you…I\’ve told all my AZA/BBG buddies to make sure to email/phone in as many votes as possible to support our \”brother\”. LOVE these DWTS parties btw…they get crazy funny and fun!

    Good Luck!!

    Comment by Elana -

  103. Mark,
    I don\’t think you realize that most people didn\’t see you as a dancer. You are a businessman. But you have surprised everyone who watches. You have motivated so many people because you are working so hard just after having major surgery! You have shown me and everyone else that the impossible is possible and you can do things that you have never tried! We here in Dallas are really proud of you and think you CAN win this!!!!
    Kay Goode

    Comment by Kay Goode -

  104. \”I know the judges have mentioned you mouth and touge to you, but if you really focus on closing it and just smiling, I think it would improve you position in the competition.\” Posted at 1:31PM on Oct 15th 2007 by Adrienne Champine

    Good point! Concentrate on what you DO want, not what you don\’t want. Good Luck!

    Comment by Thyri -

  105. Go Mark!!! You are a winner and I think you have the potential to keep going for a long time. You do have some really good competition but you are determined to give everything you have and that is what counts in the end. People are finding out you are a billionaire who is not alouf and just a genuine person.

    Go Mark!!!! Go Mavs!!!

    I am a fan of both.

    Comment by Ginger -

  106. If I ever need rehab on an injured part, I\’ll always remember your fortitude, drive and effort put forth in doing this show. THAT is why I\’m voting for you!

    Comment by Emmy -

  107. Sounds like you have been bustin it again! Your friends down here in San Antonio…still voting for you!
    Good Luck tomorrow night!

    Comment by Vickie -

  108. Waltz is difficult. Just do your best, and keep having fun with it!

    Comment by Misti -

  109. Hey Mark!

    I\’m looking forward to watching you tonight. You\’re tall and will seem flowy and elegant doing the Waltz. I would not be surprised if you BLEW EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER on this one!!!

    I would be interested in knowing from you how this feels from a man\’s perspective… I\’m curious to find out how a non-pro dances and leads a pro (as opposed to the non-pro women who are lead by the male pros.)

    Good luck, Hip!


    Comment by Bee -

  110. Good Luck tonight Mark. We\’ll have the whole family voting for you again! (even though some of our kids and grandkids are in Texas,Illinois,Maine,Virginia,and New York – not to mention one in the Navy, one in the Marines, and one in the Air Force)

    Brightest Blessings for you and Kym!

    Comment by Princilla -

  111. Hi Mark –
    I\’m writing for my 71-yr old mom who loves you and is pulling for you on Dancing. She can\’t believe you said you would be on the show so soon after your surgery and she winces (so do I) after you perform some of your moves. But most of all, she wants you to know she REALLY REALLY would love for you to buy the Chicago Cubs. She thinks you would bring enthusiasm and heart to the organization.
    GOOD LUCK ON DANCING WITH THE STARS – you\’ve got our vote.

    Comment by Patti B -

  112. Good luck and you got my votes!

    Comment by Myra -

  113. Mark, you are making all of us Mavs fans proud with your hard work and great attitude. Other than myself, none of my family had watched DWTS prior to this but they\’ve started watching (and voting) because they are BIG Mavericks fans. So go out there and have fun tonight–all you need to do (as Avery and the guys would say..)is FINISH!!

    Comment by BCole -

  114. I have never written in a blog, but I have to tell you that I absolutely love that you are doing this. I now religiously watch \”Dancin\” because of you, although I am someone who rarely watches TV. Mark, YOU represent Dallas and you inspire all of us to get out of our comfort zone and make our lives extraordinary. My sons have phones and their friends have phones and we are telling everyone to max out on the call-ins. Continue to be gracious with the judges, and keep up the fabulous footwork.

    Comment by Karen J -

  115. Hi Mark,,

    I am the General Manager of the building where your parents live. All of the employess are voting from here and from our homes. We are hoping to have a party here in the community room to watch you in the final episode!!



    Comment by Debbie Macziewski -

  116. Mark,

    Keep up the good work! I admire your grit for going out there and dancing after hip replacement. I look forward to watching tonite. I would love to chat with you sometime. I am a business owner who would love to glean from your knowledge.


    Comment by Lynn Unger -

  117. I\’m looking forward to tonight to see if you can pull off the Elegance. Are you wearing a tux with tails? Just channel Fred Astaire and you will be fine. Remember, keep a dignified face…no tongue!

    Comment by Pam -

  118. Looks like to me that there are many that are caring about Mark and his latest endeavor of dance. Mark is a smart man and when the time comes he will get back to his regular posts of his latest info and thoughts. Right now he is busy with this challenge and I am sure learning alot! And making lots of new friends and probably important contacts for other future business ventures.
    It is yet another challenge that we should all learn from. Always pursue, work hard and the rewards will come.
    Good Luck tonight Mark!
    My votes are with you and KYM!!!
    You are showing us that you CAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Susan fm Miss

    Comment by Susan M -

  119. Mark,
    Good luck tonight! I know that you and Kym are going to do great. I have been so pleasantly surprised by you and I hope you go all the way!

    I Love Someone with Autism!

    Comment by Sofia -

  120. We\’re all root\’n for you.

    We\’re all vote\’n for you, too.

    (1-800-VOTE-411) (1-800-VOTE-411) …


    Comment by -

  121. Best of luck to you and Kym tonight! I\’ll be voting for you 🙂

    Comment by Texy -

  122. Did you always have so many women commenting on your blog, Mark? If so, I didn\’t notice until now. I\’m not into reality tv, but I might have to check out this show to see you in action. Keep up the good footwork.

    Comment by Shan -

  123. Mark~

    Watching you each week on Dancing With The Stars has inspired me to reach for my own stars.

    I really didn\’t know who you were at first, but I found you to be extremely charasmatic and entertaining. After watching the first show I did a Google search to find out more about you. I found your story on Wikepedia and was in awe of all that you have accomplished. You are an amazing person. Then I began researching Objectivist philosophy, and the inspiration grew and grew.

    You are a true American Success Story. A story that makes people smile.

    I love watching you and Kym dance because you put so much of yourself into your performance each week. Both of you capture the audience with the chemistry you share onstage.

    At 56, I might never see MY first million dollars, but just from watching you and seeing how opening ones mind to the possibilities in life, can open up new doors, I know that I will keep trying and be happy and grateful for each new day.

    Thank you for being an inspiration, Good Luck to you and Kym, and no matter what the outcome of the show is, you have made your MARK on the hearts and minds of people everywhere.


    Comment by Sharon-Lee -

  124. Hi Mark,

    I am watching the show because I am intrigued about how you\’re gonna perform. And I guess it has been a bit of a disappointment. However, I am glad you\’re still in the show because I think you can do better. It\’s not too late.

    The problem, I believe, is that you are too stiff. Relax! Just let your body do the moves and the grooves. You are too conscious of what you\’re doing. And my oh my, look at that facial expression. It\’s too fake I think. Try to review Helio\’s and see how he projects himself.

    We\’re in for another hot week. Wishing you all the best!

    Comment by Pet -

  125. Yes, it is about posture. Keep your sholders down and pull your
    scapulas together in back. Organize your body so your spine is
    stable throughout your performance. You need to reamain fully erect
    and yet unclenched, moving like a tree blowing in the wind.

    Got it?

    You\’re gonna be terrific.

    Comment by Toni -

  126. Aloha Mark ~

    Groovy Cool.. glad to read the update.

    Not worried.. sounds like your dialing in!

    Feel it baby, passion is contagious!

    \”Don\’t Think, Dream Create\” is my motto.

    So just like a golf swing, get that muscle memory down so you can enjoy your dance!

    Creative Regards


    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  127. Hey Mark!

    Great to hear from you this week!

    Remember, BE PROUD ! Keep your shoulders up and YOU waltz Kym around on that floor !!! A nice handsome face and uplifted chin.
    I know you will be suave and debonair with a lovely lady in arms!

    You will definately have to teach your lovely wife the waltz!
    And waltz her under the moonlight and stars one night!!!
    Good Luck tomorrow nite!
    Your friend in Mississippi
    Susan M

    Comment by Susan M -

  128. Mark,

    I\’m SO glad that you seem happier this week! You seemed so down on yourself last week even though you and Kym danced great! You may have gotten off a bit, but you stayed on your feet and with hip intact!!! What a victory!

    We are armed and ready with the over 1000 votes from last week, plus a few more emails that I gathered over the week (since we only get 9 votes)! You two go out and get \’em! We\’re rooting for you and Kym.

    You are doing great! Just not anybody can get out there and learn to dance. If you don\’t have the talent, it takes strong determination and grit. We aren\’t worried which category you fit in, we\’re just happy to vote! Remember – PERCEPTION … PERCEPTION … PERCEPTION – YOU ARE THE DANCER … YOU ARE THE DANCER … YOU ARE THE DANCER

    If the dance requires you get your sensual on – imagine your wife.

    If the dance requires you get your serious on – imagine having to listen to David Stern … just don\’t fall asleep on your feet…….

    MFFL (Mark Fans for Life)

    Comment by Laura -

  129. I\’m sure you\’ll do great. Knowing the kind of person you seem to be (from what I\’ve gathered reading your blogs the interviews I\’ve seen anyway), I\’m sure you are giving it 110% (and then some). I\’d tell you to give it your best shot but I already know you will. Good luck!!!

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  130. Good luck on Monday Mark!

    Comment by Katie -

  131. Enjoy your dance with Kym. I know we will enjoy watching it. Shoot for the highest score. We will take care of the rest. Get some rest. Enjoy your ride.

    We\’ve got your back!!

    Comment by FFLinFL -

  132. We think you are doing awesome. I know it\’s hard, but keep up the good work and the GREAT attitude you have. We are using our votes to keep in you in the game and make Dallas even more proud of you than they already are. And if I remember my waltzing days, its all about staying on your toes!

    Comment by Kelley Glazier -

  133. Good luck to you and Kym tomorrow night. We will all be watching and voting here. I\’ve been looking all week on your blog for a post from you…glad to finally see one. I know you\’re extremely busy, but I do like reading what you have to say! Anyway, we will be cheering you on tomorrow night!! Hope you\’ve gotten to catch some Mavs games. We don\’t miss any here if possible. Good luck and GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by Cynthia -

  134. Mark, so looking forward to see you Monday with that Promenade! You make us all smile with your enthusiasm and drive. Just remember, smile politely even if you don\’t like what the judges have to say. The voting public will take care of the rest!

    Comment by lindzy -

  135. Best of luck this week, Mark. I will continue to make calls to all my friends and family to get them to vote for you and Kym. I feel like a telemarketer:) Its an easy sell though. I really am proud of you and all the hard work you have put into this. You really have shown how bad you want this.Your dedication is amazing:) Best of luck!
    ps try not to sing this week..focus on Kym:)

    Comment by Britt -

  136. here is another video job application for you mark!! good luck this week, ill be voting and watching, but back to the important thing, my new job with you!!!!

    Comment by jesse peak -

  137. Mark – I think you are going to waltz away with the whole thing! 🙂

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  138. Hi Mark,

    Good luck on your Viennese Waltz! This post made me think of a trick I know for learning sequences. Practice the last part first, that way the further you get along in the sequence, the easier it gets. So for instance, practice the last step, then the second last step together with the last step and so on. I realize this is too late for the waltz, but it may come in handy for another dance. GO MARK!

    Comment by Thyri -

  139. Mark,

    With your determination, effort and committment I know that you are going to do G-R-E-A-T!

    Looking forward to Monday!!

    MFFL & NHFL – Nerd Herd For Life

    Comment by James -

  140. Thanks for the post, and for sharing your challenges and stories of your hard work. Sounds like you are reaching inside and bringing it. That\’s what we want to see.

    As with everything, it is easy to watch, more difficult to do. You are doing it. I applaud, and vote! Early and Often.

    Comment by danielmcvicar -

  141. We can\’t wait to see your Waltz, Mark… I\’m sure it will be beautiful. It\’s so obvious that you\’re working hard – last week my husband and I both remarked about how THIN you\’re looking!!!

    Keep your Dance-Face on, don\’t sing with the song and don\’t make faces while you\’re dancing — I\’m begging you. Let your body tell the story.

    We love you very much and we\’re all behind you, cheering you on and pulling for you! Can\’t wait for the show now!!!

    – Lori & Family In Plano

    Comment by Lori in Plano -

  142. mark- you are going to kick ass again! I have faith in you and Kym. My mac geek friends are coming over for a DWTS party on Monday night since I can\’t get out of bed and dance along like I usually do : ) I think we have 28 e-mail addresses among us and plan to create more, just for you!!

    Don\’t make my hip too sore watching you!!


    Comment by Amy Krut -

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