Media and Vulnerability

I wanted to interrupt my Dancing with the Stars posts (but not the shameless plugs, call 1 800 VOTE 411 on Monday between 7pm and 830pm ) to discuss what I think has become the hallmark of media coverage.


Read any newspaper. Any Magazine. Watch any news program. Any gossip or entertainment program. There is one single them that runs continuously: The Search for Vulnerability.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are in. It doesn’t matter what profession or year in school. Whatever group you participate in or hover around. There is now a blog, website, social network, column, reporter, video, segment and ??? to cover it. The audience size can be 1 or 100 million. It doesn’t matter. Someone is out there searching for your vulnerabilities to report or for the vulnerabilities they think you will be interested in knowing about.

There is someone hoping they can snap a picture or video of you at a vulnerable moment that can be leveraged into a payday, career or opportunity. There is someone who wants as many people as possible to think you aren’t a good…. you fill in the blank, and then call your boss, senator, customers, friends and tell them why they don’t like you and why they shouldn’t either.

Why ?

It just seems like there are an ever growing number of people, particularly those in the media, who want to encourage people to find what they think is the worst of people. Their most vulnerable side.

Hopefully at some point this will change. That vulnerability will stop being currency and be a private matter that we all respect as a universal trait

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  1. Hi Mark: I have to congratulate you on your final performance. What an elegant and graceful exit. You have been an inspiration to countless people week after week. I\’m sad that tonight was your last performance, the show won\’t be the same without you.
    It\’s time to move on to bigger and better things, I can\’t help but think you\’d make an excellent president. Restore decency and integrity at the highest level and I\’m sure as a society that can only have a trickle down effect. How does 2012 or 2016 sound? I\’m not a whacko, I really mean this. Lily

    Comment by Lily -

  2. Hey Mark, I\’m a 21 yr old student at University of MD easternshore, and i believe i have come up with a revolutionary marketing idea for Sports franchises. The thing is i have the vision but i dont know where to start. All i need is a couple of minutes of your ear. Please indulge me. 1-909-539-3056

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  3. Mark- just a thought. What about having Wade Robson and his dance team do a live performanace during one of the Mav\’s halftime shows? Wade and his collegues did a phenominal job performing on DTWS this past Tuesday. You own/run THE premier NBA team in my estimation. Having Mr. Robson and similar caliber performers augment the excitment of the Mavs would just blow the rest of the NBA away. Perhaps baseball will take a lesson from you as well!
    Continued success on the show. Good luck with the purchase of the Cubs (but who knows, maybe Tom\’s Arlington team is for sale- would be great to keep you and your enthusiam for other hometown sports teams!)

    Comment by Tony -

  4. Mark- just a thought. What about having Wade Robson and his dance team do a live performanace during one of the Mav\’s halftime shows? Wade and his collegues did a phenominal job performing on DTWS this past Tuesday. You own/run THE premier NBA team in my estimation. Having Mr. Robson and similar caliber performers augment the excitment of the Mavs would just blow the rest of the NBA away. Perhaps baseball will take a lesson from you as well!
    Continued success on the show. Good luck with the purchase of the Cubs (but who knows, maybe Tom\’s Arlington team is for sale- would be great to keep you and your enthusiam for other hometown sports teams!)

    Comment by Tony -

  5. Another blog bashing the traditional media.

    Technology has given anyone the capacity to publish to a massive audience, but this doesn\’t automatically make everyone a reporter.

    The blogosphere has done a great job of reporting on the web 2.0 phenomenon, even better than the traditional media in fact. The blogosphere has been able to give web 2.0 the attention it\’s deserved as a niche, which is really the power of the internet as a publishing medium.

    But can you imagine how much time would be wasted if newspapers did a techcrunch and reported every little fact about the thousands of web 2.0 companies out there?

    the media has a responsibility to be cynical about news, because otherwise it\’s just marketing hype and PR. The majority of reporting in the blogosphere is regurgitated press releases,
    which would never stand up against standard of reporting of the traditional media.

    And how quickly would people stop following news if they knew it would only be feel good stories about people, and journalists weren\’t trying to cut through the crap to find the real information.

    While it\’s easy to complain about the cynical nature of the media, there is a reason behind it.

    Comment by Mahesh Sharma -

  6. People just want to make money. Negative stories sell.

    Comment by Mitchell Blatt, Juiced Sports Blog -

  7. t\’s shameless. I can understand why it\’s done, (money) but can\’t understand why people care.

    Maybe it\’s like bad news becomes good news in reverse because it\’s not happeneing to you.

    It will stop when people stop watching. We all know that.

    Comment by JOHNY -

  8. Reporters will report it because they are supposed to report uncritically what they think people want to watch – and they do.

    What we have to get rid of is the culture of being a victim. The culture that expresses itself as being \”devastated\” by anything and everything.

    Sure if you flip a photog the bird when he snaps you, it will make the news. But that will be the end of it for most of us.

    For your sake, I hope going on television and showing people that you are not vulnerable to their oddball beliefs is another way to get rid of the haunting.

    Comment by Bob Calder -

  9. I am sure this is covered in one of the 183 comments for this post, but it comes down to what we all know. Media will produce what will sell. It is is easy to make that broad statement, and it does apply broadly, but takes different forms for different targets. I believe MASS media certainly plays to vulnerabilities even when the message has a largely positive slant – as seen in the new DMN Dirk article I just read, or at its worst, Extreme Home Makeover. However, I believe that more fringe or niche media, or at least the gobs of blogs and magazines that I read play up the positives to a fault.

    As a former Dallas resident, I could count on D Magazine to attempt to rip into the vulnerabilities of politicians, business people, Mark Cuban, etc. Although most of the staff is roughly my age – they seem to speak better to my 57-year old Mom than to me.

    I could count on a smaller magazine like CliffDweller in Oak Cliff to sing the praises of every person in that area – from the local politician to the restauranteur to the hotelier to soda shop owner. All positive, all the time to the point of annoyance. But that is their deal. People dig it. They need the business community to stay in business… blah, blah, enough.

    Comment by Robby Wells -

  10. You know it is sad that we report such short comings on people. We are all human and at one point in time in our life were have all made decisions that are not so commendable.

    This is why I hate politics and politicians. They have the SLAM campaigns where they dig up dirt on everyone and anyone and make it public knowledge.

    I am 27 years old and it is pretty sad when I keep my children from Disney shows because of the scandals going on there.

    The media wants to do away with heroes! What happened to the Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordan for our children today? They have no one to look up to and constantly bombarded with negatives and violence.

    Now we want to ruin a mans life for fighting dogs Michael Vick. I am not saying its ok to fight dogs. Not one minute am I saying that. But is it worth putting a man in prison and costing the tax payers millions of dollars in legal fees and to house him in prison?

    Why cant we bring back corporal punishment and prayer in our schools. Then maybe our kids would respect us and there would be less negative to report.

    Maybe if the new reporters started reporting GOOD in the world, we could start making a positive change!

    All I know is, there has to be a change.

    Comment by Gerald -

  11. It is probably one of the ugliest traits to own in human nature to always been looking for the worst in people.

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to see you and Kym leaving the competition…This week by far was the best week I have seen of you and Kym.
    Ya did us proud Mark!!!!
    Fort Worth loves ya baby!

    Comment by Veronica -

  12. I so agree with you on this one Mark. The \”media\” has become blood thirsty and sensationalism. I remember when journalists had integrity and fought for the truth. Now they just go for whatever will get them the ratings. Its too sad. I took a journalism class in high school and remember the teacher using the phrase \”yellow journalism\”. I believe that appllies to much of today\’s newspapers and tv news people. As Dr. Phil put it, there needs to be a return to common sense in this country, lets see if the media can pull that one off.

    Comment by kerry -

  13. By reporting on people\’s and/or groups vulnerabilities and misfortune\’s etc., our society is also being educated. For example, Michael Vick brought to our attention the horrible world of dog fighting. Certain celebrities have enlightened us on drug and alcohol addiction and even suicide. Reports on war and casualties makes us want to learn about our world and investigate what\’s going on in other parts of our world. When it\’s reported that another soldier has been killed, maybe it will get one more person on the phone and do their part in ending the war. You get my picture. The media does tend to sensationalize things, however, it\’s human nature, if people weren\’t tuning into the news, talk shows, and reading magazines, the media would stop reporting on things. We are all the same. Our culture\’s vulnerabilities and misfortune\’s are what educates us. So we can criticize the media, but if the news was all happy, positive stories, then it would not be accurate, we all want to be aware of what\’s going on in everyone\’s lives, not just our own.

    Comment by Nikki -

  14. I think it is sad how we build people up to standards no one can adhere to just to wait for them to slip just a little and then push them down and laugh at their mistakes. No one is without fault, no one is perfect, and no one lives without making mistakes. In fact our mistakes are sometimes where we learn the most and are able to develop and mold who we are and want to be.
    It is lonely at the top with everyone one waiting and watching for you to fall so they can bask in your misery. As a society we kick people when they are down instead of reaching out our hand in their time of need and helping them back up. I think it shows incredible courage for someone in your status to show concern for this issueno one speaks out for those who have fallen. I do not know what is going on in your personal life that caused you to want to write this message, but I hope it works out for you or for who ever inspired your message.

    Comment by Jamie -

  15. Reporting by the press is a necessary element of Democracy. If there is a story and/or person that is doing something that should be exposed for public debate, then I admire the foot soldiers that get to the facts. However, if we continue to support the kind of reporting that we have been bombarded with, then I fear we are all going to be pawns in a very dangerous game of chess. Decent hard working people are going to avoid any commitment to serve the public out of fear of being exposed or exploited unjustly. We need to seperate news from gossip and shun those cowards who would profit from other peoples vulnerabilities. The people that persevere in spite of their fear are heros.

    Comment by Patti -

  16. I have to agree with you on the media vulnerablities blog. You know I don\’t even like to watch the news, read the newspaper or anything as much as I use to because of all the rediculousness that is in it these days. I mean seriously!! Do we have to hear about Britney Spears every bad judgement call? Or Paris\’ or anyone\’s for that matter? I was just reading an article that Maria Shriver wasn\’t returning to the news because of the Anna Nicole coverage…which was rediculous, too. Yes, the woman died and I\’m sorry for that, but do we have to hear about it every single day. Does it have to be drawn out more and more and more. Just how bad are they wanting her to seem already??? Sheesh. I\’m so tired of entertaninment news these days. Let\’s find the good. Like the actor who owns a hotel in Cali and is letting firefighters stay there for free while they battle wild fires. Is that all over the front page news? NO. It should be.

    Comment by Cel -

  17. I\’m going to hate saying this…

    … accidents are interesting.

    They just are. What out-of-the-ordinary circumstance isn\’t?

    In particular, events that exposes vulnerabilities of those otherwise glorified by our media… those moments are especially compelling.

    Walking train wrecks sell. The more it sells, the more the media looks for it, the more perverse and cheap the behavior becomes to get it. At some level, all reality TV shows have an element of public humiliation… and what\’s awful is that eventually this kinda of theatrics starts to weave itself into our every days lives because at some level we end up accepting this behaviour as the norm.

    Okaay, enuf on this topic for me. What\’s next? 🙂

    Comment by Web Analyst in DC -

  18. When we can find a celeb who seemingly has a better life than us, and discover they have a drug habit, or are a bad parent, or one of their breasts slipped out of their dress on the red carpet, it allows us ordinary people to feel better about ourselves.

    I think ESPN is as guilty as anyone about vulnerability – especially with Terrell Owens. They visibly cannot wait for him to snap again so they can pounce all over him.

    Comment by Brandon Tucker -

  19. Mark,
    Congrads…yes it was ultimately a win for you!!! You are correct about media and vulnerability…personally, I believe we all just have to decide and commit to be different ourselves and we have to show the media that their ways are not acceptable to us. When the smut is on TV, shut it off and whenever possible we must speak out against such sensationalism. I never really new much about you until I saw you on Dancing…. but I go on pure instinct and you look and act like one of the good guys….I would never look beyond that!!!!

    Comment by Joyseygirl -

  20. Mark –
    You are a true gentleman and a champ! You will be sadly missed, but know you went out a winner to many people. You have restored my faith that there are still true sportmanship out there! This is something that I strive to teach my children and especially the gentleman qualities you presented throughout your whole run. – Denise

    Comment by Denise Anderson -

  21. Mark,
    Congrads…yes it was ultimately a win for you!!! You are correct about media and vulnerability…personally, I believe we all just have to decide and commit to be different ourselves and we have to show the media that their ways are not acceptable to us. When the smut is on TV, shut it off and whenever possible we must speak out against such sensationalism. I never really new much about you until I saw you on Dancing…. but I go on pure instinct and you look and act like one of the good guys….I would never look beyond that!!!!

    Comment by Joyseygirl -

  22. Mark, thanks for the blog entry. It does make you wonder about us as a society. Why we tend to gloat about the misfortunes of others and focus on them to the exclusion of our own concerns and relationships. I guess that is easier than working on our own lives.

    That being said, I will ignore my own concerns for a moment and congratulate you on a great run on DWTS. I think what you did was amazing considering your recent hip surgery and an inspiration to te gimpy amongst us. Gee, if I emulate your efforts (become a fabulous dancer and lose 35 pounds), I wonder how much better my sciatica would be!!

    Good luck with your dancing in the future. Hope you and your wife enjoy a spectacular night on the dance floor soon.

    Comment by Robin -

  23. You are so right! And thank you for five incredible weeks on DANCING WITH THE STARS…I voted for you several times….

    Thanks for being a real trooper and showing what \”class\” and \”dignity\” look like.

    Comment by Phil Hoover-Chicago -

  24. It is probably one of the ugliest traits to own in human nature to always been looking for the worst in people.

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to see you and Kym leaving the competition…This week by far was the best week I have seen of you and Kym.
    Ya did us proud Mark!!!!
    Fort Worth loves ya baby!

    Comment by Veronica -

  25. Vulnerability and negativity are definitely a problem in our society. I believe, as a mother, that it is most important to focus on positivity and strengths. If you and me and all the others that oppose the growing trend agree to consciously focus on being positive and focusing on our own strengths and the strengths of others around us, then perhaps we can turn the trend around. Step by step and person by person. You have to choose to be positive. Negativity comes much easier.
    We are all human. We all make mistakes.
    Mark, you are an inspiration.
    Thank you for your positive comments.

    Comment by Laura Q -

  26. \”no news is good news\” – don\’t you mean \”good news is no news\” ? 😉

    Comment by furnace -

  27. Yea, I\’m a little late to the party. Vulnerability sells! It serves our pernicious desire to watch others implode into a emotionally contaminated train wreck! In alot of ways, it quite comparable to watching pornography for many: it satiates a need and desire for instant gratification. Which is what as a culture we have denigrated to. With the ever-shortening attention span, and our our lackluster intellectual pursuits coupled with our collective disdain for anything culturally uplifting, it keeps us ENTERTAINED!
    Celebrities ( the permanent and 15-minute variety) as well as those who obsess over them are to blame. Its a pleasant break from our own mediocre lives many of us live. A distraction. A big chocolate cupcake for our collective cesspool of cerebral DIABETES! Delicious!

    Comment by PNG -

  28. Hi Mark

    I agree with your comments and it is refreshing to hear your very humble views and to get to know you better from watching your vulnerability on DWTS. I wasn\’t really a fan of yours until I saw you on the show. You were so cute and happy and tried so hard every week. It made you more real and likable. I found myself cheering for you all the way. You seem very genuine and I would dance with you anytime! How about a Rumba!! ; )

    Comment by Paula -

  29. Mark,
    It is so interesting that you say this as I was just speaking with my husband on this very thing. It became clear to me that my mission is to somehow create \”good news\”. With the media it is always the negative which brings people down collectively. How about the flavor of media changing to reporting uplifting, positive and encouraging news & etc. Im just putting that out there to the universe to gather like minded people who want to see the best, not the worst. Can you imagine the conciousness of the masses to be presented \”good news\” on a regular basis?
    I also want to thank you for being so fun and entertaining on DWTS. We enjoyed you so much and will always remember your \”dancing face\” as well. You rock!
    Best Blessings
    Suzanne Docimo

    Comment by Suzanne Docimo -

  30. Congratulations on your job well done on Dancing With the Stars.

    We very much enjoyed your performances and learning more about you.

    I like the post here regarding one\’s vulnerability. It is a universal trait that is marketing to the masses as if it only belongs to a few.

    Good for you!

    Comment by Maria -

  31. You are absolutely right. The media no longer has any respect for anyone or anything – it seems the ultimate goal is to find something or someone in compromising situation that would interest people and sell magazines. This is almost and always done at the expense of other people\’s feelings or dignity. We can call this practice shameful but so long as we keep purchasing magazines or watching shows that benefit from this practice, then we should also share the blame.

    As an aside — Mark, I\’m sorry you were voted off DWTS this week, but you have my admiration for always going out there with the greatest and most positive attitude — ever. To see you dancing beautifully every week after recently going through hip replacement surgery is just amazing. You truly are an inspiration. God bless you and your family.


    Comment by Flo Marino -

  32. Mark, I completely agree with you and have been saying this for years now…that the media loves TOO MUCH the idea of taking down a celebrity. But it\’s spread to much more than that. Because of all the access to high tech gadgets we have now created – a whole nation of prurients who seem to take pleasure in finding that one moment when someone is weak or possibly doing something embarrassing and CLICK! there they are all over the news, net and papers. And it\’s so irritating that the media controls what we see and hear. The only news they seem to want to report is \”what time Paris Hilton shows up in court\” like that is SUPPOSED to be news-worthy???
    All I know is I don\’t want to be a part of it. Sure, I have my guilty pleasures like watching Survivor or The Bachelor and laughing at the sometime idiotic antics of the contestants… but these people are fully aware that a camera is on them and it is done in a setting that is purely for entertainment. What is disgusting are the people who purposely invade others privacy in order to catch something or someone off-guard. Only to publish that for all the world to see. It is a shame and it\’s sad that we have become this way.

    Comment by Joni DiMaggio -

  33. Sadly, you are absalutly right Mark. What a shame it is to. You know all about it, as people tune into the news to see if Cuban \”lost it\” at the Mav\’s game last night, or what ever. We want to see everyone elses suffering but we don\’t want them to see ours.

    Comment by Jeff -

  34. Mark,

    This is an excellent post! You are so right. All of the news outlets want to be first to break news, and sometimes, they break news items too soon. How many retractions have you seen on the evening news? Not a lot. It is very hard to be a prominent citizen today with the ease in which photos and stories can be broadcast.

    I have been reading your blog, since you have been on DWTS. And I plan on continuing to read it. You did an amazing job on the show, in my opinion. Enjoy some well-deserved rest!


    Comment by Tami -

  35. I agree with your assessment of the media. It\’s sad that we now live in an age where Brittany losing custody takes precedent over events like the CA fires. I challenge you to watch the nightly news and find one positive story.

    As a recent stroke victim trying to battle back from that event, I appreciate you busting it on the dance floor and not using the hip as an excuse. With your great attitude, it\’s easy to see how you\’re so successful.

    Comment by Ragon Reusch -

  36. I have to be honest with you…before dancing with the stars I did not know who you were (and you were the only one that my husband recognized) I was so captured with your humility and charisma. I thought your last performance was fantastic and I am sorry that you will not get to keep performing. You have won me over as a Mark Cuban fan ! and I will tune into the Mavericks games now! Thank you.

    Comment by Dawn -

  37. It\’s funny I should read your blog today. I just sent out an e-mail to some of my closest friends that was very transparent, leaving me to feel quite vulnerable. I stated that in a world that would frown on vulnerability I felt I should share with them what I am going through. I have no regrets, a knot in my stomach maybe, but no regrets.

    Comment by Renee -

  38. I believe it\’s similar to chicks pecking on the weakest chick. Sorry the comment is late, just saw this post and it struck me.

    Comment by Melissa -

  39. Well said. You are the most motivational/inspirational person I\’ve seen/heard. I think everyone can take a lesson from you and from what you say. It\’s rare that I listen too closely to what the celebrities say, but you are quite different. When you speak, it has meaning and purpose. Bravo! You are a winner in my book.

    Comment by Penny -

  40. Wouldn\’t it be a wonderful thing if each of us used our ability to communicate and share information to do something worthwile and substantive. What ever happend to honorable folks?

    Sorry you guys got the boot from Dancing…you definitely gave it your best efforts. Hey, that\’s honorable!!!!

    Have a good day!


    Comment by Kathleen Shea -

  41. OK, DWTS is over. Can you keep the weight off?

    Comment by john -

  42. Thanks for that. Sorry to say, but the blog has gotten pretty boring lately.

    I\’m looking forward to the start of the NBA season and some developments on the HD/Internet/business front for more excitement! That\’s what brought me to this site.


    Comment by grover -


    Helio, Marie, and Cameron definitely should have left before you!

    Comment by J.D. -

  44. Oh no, I was just watching DWTS.


    What a great sport you are!

    Comment by Toni -

  45. I agree with you, completely.

    Comment by firefox -

  46. Ah Mark, I will miss you. DWTS just won\’t be the same. Thanks for taking the time out to do it.

    Comment by kathy -

  47. Sex and negativity sells. As you said, it\’s terrible how our society/the media exploits the vulnerabilities, reputations and failings of individuals.

    By the by, you were great on DWTS! The show won\’t be the same without you… Best of luck on your future endeavors!

    Comment by Lorraine -

  48. Mark–First of all, let me say how much I enjoyed your \”Genie\” routine tonite–I thought the creativity of it far outweighed the (overly)harsh critisisms you received! I was definitely converted to your \”team\”!
    About the vulnerability issues…boy,did I think that came out in spades after Marie fainted tonight!! I believed they tagged her score much lower than they might have had she not had the problem, which really was to no fault of her own. The older I get the more I think that fame isn\’t all it may seem to be, and sometimes the cost of it seems unreasonably high.
    Best of luck tonight; hope to see you back again next week!
    Regards, Sharon

    Comment by Sharon Richards -

  49. Yes I agree Mark… its like we are just waiting for Brittneys next fuck up… or to hear about someone getting busted for drugs or pornography.
    its weird cause its almost like that within our social circles too. i do think the media contributes

    Comment by Bobby Rio -

  50. Mark,

    I just wanted to let you know that you did an AMAZING job on
    dancing with the stars. I know that you worked extremely hard. you are probably really upset and frustrated right now. but i think everyone that watches the show knows how hard it is for anyone to even make it pass the 2nd or 3rd round. so just remember that making the 5th round is already really amazing. we are really proud of you!

    you are the best nba team owner ever! and btw please dont trade anyone on our team.
    our team is good already.


    Comment by Dorathy -

  51. This definitely doesn\’t just happen to people with media exposure. I am a single mom who has her whole life encapsulated around her son. Last year, the life that I knew and was happy with came to a screeching halt because a person who I thought was a friend decided, for whatever reason, to use certain misconstrued information against me and was able to start a chain of events that was mind boggling. I was amazed at how many people were willing to turn against me and seemed happy to do so. I have worked hard for everything in my life just to lose most of it because some people thought it wasn\’t fair that I had what they seemed to perceive was a nice little life. In truth, I just never really broadcasted any of the bad and tried to look on the bright side. Kind of my way of thumbing my nose at the unfortunate things that crop up in everyone\’s life.

    All in all, in a crazy way, this was a blessing in disguise. I\’m slowly building a nice little life again for my son and he seems much happier overall because I am too.

    On a related note, people wonder why neighbors aren\’t as friendly as they used to be. I know people who have had neighbors for years and don\’t know much of anything about them and are happy to leave it that way. The vulnerabilities of a whole family can be exposed very easily in a blink of an eye and the results can be devastating. Why give anyone the power to possibly do that. The problem is everywhere. Ok, I\’ll shut up now.

    I\’m rooting for you on DWTS. Thanks for making me smile every week.

    Comment by Amy -

  52. There are many sites that focus on the vulnerability of people, but there seem to be several sites that are beginning to develop that focus on the strengths of people. I should probably say the generosity of people and the ways that they can improve life for others. Maybe the more that we work towards raising the awareness of these sites, the less powerful or useful those that seem to look for ways to tear people down may be as this movement towards an open dialogue on the web continues.

    Maybe that is something that we should strive for as we move forward, the ability to lift others up with us while using this medium instead of always looking for a way to find that vulnerability in people. Just a thought.

    Comment by Andre -

  53. 10-23-07 – 09: 10 p.m.

    Mark: We are so proud of you! You have honored our city with your grace. Thank you!!!!!


    Comment by Nancy -

  54. Thanks for a great effort this season! You did not disappoint and I enjoyed watching you! Now let\’s go take the big mirror ball trophy of the NBA!!! Best wishes!!

    Comment by Katherine -

  55. I\’ve been watching and voting on Dancing with the Stars and just finished watching tonight\’s results. I have enjoyed watching you dance each week and am sorry to see you go. But you look great! I have enjoyed watching you get better and better each week and you were very entertaining.

    Comment by Michelle -

  56. Mark! I want to apologize, even though it couldn\’t have been all my fault – I have been voting for you relentlessly every week from 2 phones and 3 email addresses, and this week I had to work and the one time I couldn\’t vote you got eliminated! I highly enjoyed every minute of your dancing and I am so happy that you made it as far as you did. Good job, I\’ll miss your dancing greatly!

    -Sarah B in Missouri

    Comment by Sarah B. -

  57. Your going to win and I am going to send you a bottle of Jurado: The Judge and Jury!

    Comment by Mary -

  58. Mark,

    Unfortunately, the media cannot wait to tear a person down. Seems they and sometimes the public thrive on it. Whatever happen to wanting to see people do well. Are we that shallow and possibly jealous? Do we need to make ourselves feel better by looking around to see someone else falling down? Alright, that is my rant for the day. That said, I loved your performance last night and hope you will go on to next week. If you do, I believe that you are smart enough to play up your assests. Have fun and what a great opportunity for you.

    All the best,

    Julie Anne Ramsey

    Comment by Julie Anne Ramsey -

  59. It\’s too bad that what sells media is how many people look, and what makes people look? You know what slows the freeway down: rubbernecking at accidents.

    If only we, as a society, rubbernecked at what was good — if that was the attention-getter.

    Certainly Dancing With the Stars showcases what is good — if unexpected. It\’s startling to discover Jane Seymour does a magnificent pirouette, or Mark Cuban can really cut a rug.

    Good for you for taking it on, healing hip notwithstanding. We\’ll be hoping you make it to the next round.

    Comment by Jackie -

  60. It\’s all about making a commitment to discover the best in the people around you. First, you can discipline your self to do that always with every new person you meet and with every new encounter with people you\’ve already met.

    I\’m not talking emotion driven feel-good nonsense here either. I\’m talking about a concentrated effort to see people for what they truly are while remaining focussed on what is \”good\” about them, their skills, talents, behaviors etc.

    When you practice this skill, you will establish the relational credibility necessary to begin positively expecting that same behavior from those around you.

    When they begin to adopt this habit and begin their own practice, you have a teaching opportunity. You can praise them for it and offer your own positive experiences.

    It\’s challenging and it requires more patience then I am sometimes able to muster. And, it can seem like an agonizingly slow process at times. But, it is the only practical method of \”turning the tide\” of poor behaviors among groups of people.

    Ultimately, It\’s a natural human impulse to find the potentially dangerous or sordid aspects to the people around us. Seeking and finding others weaknesses is an important skill, as it increases the odds that we can keep ourselves out of harm\’s way.

    Publishing this information in any forum (be it as gossip over the backyard fence or under the guise of \”professional journalism\”) demonstrates a lack of character. And, those who do it need to be chastised for it. Resist the temptation to chastise them publically. That only serves to escalate the situation, shifting the debate away from the intellectual realm into the emotional realm.

    Thanks for the forum to share on these topics. There are many things you\’ve accomplished that I hold up as good examples for my children. Best of luck to you in the future.

    Comment by Carl Hammer -

  61. Mark, Just wanted to let you know you get my votes on my cell phone, my daughter\’s cell phone and my home phone. My e-mail has been down or I\’d vote for you there also.
    Good luck tonight. I\’m behind you all the way!!!

    Comment by Susan Shaw -

  62. Excellent article! I completely agree. The saddest part of all is that vulnerability needs to be sought and condemned when it should be revered and respected. The media has lost values long ago, exploiting people, capitalizing on gossip and the destruction of a person\’s psyche or reputation. The heart is gone, therefore the search is for vulnerability, which is a STRENGTH! I hope the media can find it within themselves.

    Comment by Nora -

  63. Mark,
    You make a very good point. I personally do not go on to gossip sites. I think people get too much enjoyment from others misery. You cannot even listen to the radio without having a celebrity gossip update. It really gets old. Where are the stories about people doing good for other? Or the stories about what is going on in the world? Right now, the California wild fires are out of control, but most people don\’t know or care about what is going on. Thanks for bringing up an important topic that everyone seems to avoid.

    P.S. Good luck tonight!!! Everyone here at CMC is rooting for you!!

    Comment by Stacey -

  64. Okay, I wrote in earlier but I\’m compelled to write again. 😉

    I\’ve been contemplating your media commentary and Mark, I think there is one thing we are overlooking that another blogger touched on. Many of these celebraties WANT to be in the news… and this is validated by all the \”rehab\” visits… all the visits to McDonalds… all the shopping visits with a flood of reporters scouring for photos because this is what THEY do for a living. Each of them who buys the magazines and tabloids with them on the cover are sending the message we WANT to hear about the saddness in their lives. Sure, we want to hear of their success but the majority of us are jealous of this and would rather purchase media extolling their depression and problems.

    Lets think about this for a moment… If our SOCIETY (and not just parents of kids) embraced our children, our young adults, our neighbors, our coworkers, etc. in a manner that was supportive and not at times contribute to their destruction with our cruel talk and actions, we would probably have some tiny impact on the mental and emotional illness that exists. This is the same problem we are seeing played out everyday in the sad news of the personal insight into the lives of people struggling to find their souls.

    So we can do OUR part and LET the media know that we DON\’T find misery entertaining… we DON\’T find all the cop shows entertaining… we DON\’T find laughing at someone going to life struggles entertaining or warrant gossiping… we DON\’T find celebraties putting on weight something to sneer and smile about… and we DON\’T find anything within our society that hurts or defames entertaining — we will be doing our little part. Remember, \”It takes a village.\” 😉

    Okay, it\’s CEO and coffee time. Gotta get back to educating the workforce on identity theft prevention. 😉


    Comment by Brenda J. -

  65. Mark — just a question on the whole Dancing with the Stars thing — I hadn\’t seen you on the show as I\’m not a regular viewer, but I did catch you on last night\’s show. How much weight have you lost, my man? I\’m guessing you\’ve dropped somewhere between 35 and 40 lbs since I saw you last in media (during the playoffs). I wasn\’t sure how hard it\’s been on your hip, but I was interested in finding out, especially since I\’ve had 13 knee surgeries, so I\’m always trying to find low impact alternatives for trying to maintain some semblance of activity

    Turn out your feet…..

    Comment by Ralph Petermann -

  66. What an awesome reflection and post. I grew up in a simpler time, not that I want to go back to all of it, but it is hard for me to fathom all the media and anyone else for that matter, does to make a \”buck\” off someone\’s vulnerability. It has gotten so pathetic and my question to myself is \”how can I help stop it.\” Everyone has a right to privacy when they are in pain, spending time with their families, etc, but alas, it doesn\’t happen today.

    I see the disgusting things written about you and I read the jealousy because you are a wealthy man. That saddens me to no end. You earned your wealth honestly and with a mind I wish I had. I hope you don\’t take them all to heart but know some of it is bound to hurt. I may not always agree with you, but I have the utmost respect for you and all that you manage to do. You have been great on DWTS and I know it took guts to do what you have done. Ah, to be your age again. Ha!

    My very best to you and yours and thank you for addressing the media and vulnerability. Oh yeah – GO MAVS!

    Comment by Ann -

  67. Good theme. For such short time so much comments. Thanks

    Comment by Innostream -

  68. Hi Mark-

    I agree with you 100% about how it seems the public is just waiting to catch others in moments of intense vulnerability. The problem isn\’t even confined to the media and workplace of adults. I\’ve seen it as far back as high school. I\’ll admit that it is an issue which has bothered me for years; prompting me to write an article about it (which specifically deals with privacy in relationships) last year in my university\’s newspaper. Here\’s the link if you\’re interested (I\’d love to hear your feedback):

    Great blog as well and I think you\’re great on Dancing with the Stars– you have my votes every week! Good luck tonight!


    Comment by Arielle -

  69. Mark,

    I have found it hard to express to my company the importance of being real. My wife sees it…but that is why we are married.

    Being real in meetings, in employee confrontations and respecting what others are passionate about. Most important, knowing what you are passionate about. The vulnerability you mention here is to media what a sponge is to water.

    Your appearance on DWTS has a new generation of geeks (self-proclaimed) and aspirational entrepreneurs looking at how they live their lives different. It is not about managing by intimidation, it is about leading thru inspiration.

    I have been a Clippers season ticket holder for 5 years. You are welcome to join me for a game when you are in town for the show.

    Comment by Pete Deutschman, Cheif Buddy of The Buddy Group -

  70. Dear Mark,
    I have been at my fathers bedside in the hospital for the last two and ahalf months. He passed away this past week and his funeral was Friday. I haven\’t watched tv at all or had any normal days. I happened to watch the show tonight and just fell in love with your smile and so many things about you. You are way to young to be my daddy but you have his smile. I just wanted you to know you made me smile and remember the smile I haven\’t been able to see while he was sick. I know this must all sound really scary to you and I\’m sorry. I am just so broken hearted and it was so nice to be reminded of the good part of my daddy. I hope you stay on the whole time, I dont want to not be able to see you dance and smile. Thank you for making my heart smile tonight. God Bless you and your family.
    If your ever in Broken Arrow Ok, please let me make you dinner and give you back what you gave to me tonight. I needed it so much. I hope you haven\’t lost anyone so close to you it just makes your heart and mind mush. I\’m taping the show so when my mom can take it I want her to see you too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Yours Truely
    Kellie Gerner

    Comment by Kellie Gerner -

  71. Hey Mark
    Just to let you know i put my 8 votes in for ya!!!….

    Comment by MARY -

  72. Hello Mark, I agree with your comment but I also think that there are some celebrities that LOVE the spotlight regardless if it is good or bad. I am sure you can think of one particular \”POP\” star. It seems like the media is on her like flies on poo poo ALL the time, but again she is allowing it. You are successful, powerful and in the spotlight, I don\’t see the media all over you. She is not the only BIG star that gets bombarded. Now I do have to say that there are times that you cannot help the media following you around, but I know I can come up with ways to avoid or at least try to avoid the media. Or if for some reason I cannot avoid it, I would sure not give them a chance to capitalize on my mistakes. But I say this because I am not famous. Maybe this should be a reality show.. \”Live like a celebrity and try to avoid the media.\” Well take care Mark and I will keep on voting for ya!! You are doing great!!

    Comment by Hjalmar Olmo -

  73. Mark, I must first say that I am from San Antonio. Just moved to Dallas, Texas last summer. I must confess that I used to just grumble at the thought of your name! I just to get so mad at you for all the terrible comments you would make towards the Spurs and how at the time I felt you were just way too involved and vocal in the day to day happenings on the court. I couldn\’t stand \”Mark Cuban\”. After moving to Dallas (and by the way I do own a Dirk jersey too and am fond of the Mavericks..) I found it hard to express my love for the Spurs and my disdain for you! People made comments about how much you have done for the city and your love for the game etc. etc. etc. Ugh! As time passed I sort of softened my dislike for you, I guess. But today I am writing to say to you… I was wrong! I admit I am a Dancing with the Stars fan, and I wanted so much to see you fail! (Appropriate with regards to your blog about people liking to see one\’s vulnerability!) Yes, I did. I wanted to see you fail! But Mark!!! I am voting for you! I think you have worked so hard, been so good with the comments from the judges and more importantly have really made me enjoy the show and sit with my kids just cheering you on! At first they were confused! \”But mom, it\’s Mark Cuban!??\” But now even they are routing you on.. and I have to say, you have made me really proud. I know it probably doesn\’t matter what an avid Spurs fan thinks of you… but I will now be cheering for your team too because they are owned by a man with great work ethic a heart of gold and who never gives up. A wonderful lesson for my girls to have witnessed and I hope they will get to see you continue to thrive! Your new fan, Michele in Allen

    Comment by Michele -

  74. Very very True. However, I believe it has roots even deeper than just an off chance to detroy someone or \”ruin them\”. Today the media has changed from a source of news and truth, to a place of near pure opinion.

    From politics to produce everything is shown as who messed up and what it\’s supposed affect on everyone. Yes, there may be some truth behind it, but where there is truth we seem to find it laced with intent to ruin someone.

    Comment by Shawn M -

  75. Hey Mark. I\’ve never sent an e-mail to a rich man as yourself. I admire you so much for dancing after your surgery. I had back surgery a short time ago and there is no way I could dance. I did go back to work too soon though. Guess your body heals much faster than mine, after all, I will be 65 years old in a couple of months. Keep up the good work and I\’ll keep calling in the votes.

    Comment by Joyce Gentry -

  76. Mark-
    Genie & the Nerd were so great. I enjoyed watching you the most …here from Fort Worth. Not a sports fan here nor a DWTS until you were on it. Might have to go to a game now too. Just happened to catch a shot of you tonight blogging in the show so I thought I might let you know how much I am enjoying watching you dance. New hip too! WOW, pretty amazing!Sue

    Comment by Sue -

  77. Amazing Insight – Don Henley called it \”dirty laundry\” in his song.

    I think this creates an ongoing angry envious atmostphere – where possibilities are limited. The real question is how to disarm it?

    Sarah J Ashton
    Possibilities Unlimited LLC

    Comment by Sarah J Ashton -

  78. Kudos…They\’re called haters, and the only way for them to elevate themselves is to try and pull you down. Unfortunately it has become exeptable behavior in modern society. TO END IT….TAKE YOUR TELEVISIONS and block all the channels exept those who don\’t support programs and paparazzi porn on thier airway. Sorry Cube, but that would include the network DWTS is on as well. Ladies and gentlemen, lets be mindfull of how we feed our minds. Mr.Cuban, perhaps you could steer HD-NET programing away from these kinds of inexpesive pops.

    Comment by Cameron -

  79. mark let\’s have a child.
    i\’m inlove big time:):):)

    Comment by lali -

  80. WOW! Sounds like a page from my life over the last few months. People will try to find your most venerable side in order to capitalize off of it or to make themselves feel a bit better about their own pathetic lives. I thought I left games like this behind in high school. If someone doesnt like you I dont understand why he or she cant just leave it at that. WHY try to make others turn against you as well? In the last few months I have had everything from a friend threaten to sale pictures of an ex and I to a blogger site to someone trying to get me fired because they didnt like my choice of houses. The TRUE question is .. is it the media or human nature?

    Comment by Izzy -

  81. way to go mark!

    Comment by vick -

  82. Hmmm and don\’t we propogate this right from childhood? Parents are trying harder every year to raise good children with self esteem and respect for others but what kind of help do we get? I remember when comic(meaning funny or to make one laugh) books were such silly fluff like Little Dot, the Roadrunner, Bugs bunny etc.. Now we have nothing but violence in comic books, video games and movies for kids. I loved the Transformer movie but what does that teach a vulnerable child? And the Roadrunner was banned for it\’s violence? Too funny… If this is all we can do for our children, is it any wonder that so many find other people\’s privacy and misery entertainment.

    Comment by Bonnie Ryde -

  83. Well, the theme is the same — everyone agrees with you Mark. Must be those fancy footsteps. 😉

    So I\’m multi-tasking… watching DWTS (which I NEVER miss) and commenting on your blog. I\’ll just chime in with MY 2 cents. The media is a representation of our society. We get off on building people into heros/heroins and then chipping away at them because we like to see them topple from heights most can\’t and will never reach.

    The media is only a symtom of the jealousy and envy that is pervasive in our country… envious of the achievements of others in order to make ourselves feel better about the place we\’re stuck at in our lives… yet we are the ones who help them get to where they are… and help in their demise by buying the tabloids that write about their flaws and imperfections. Gotta love ET, and the other celebrity news shows that have and continue to exploit people like Anna Nicole… Britney… and the list goes on.

    Its sick and sad all in the same breath. But I bet I\’m right. I for one applaud those who reach their personal goals if indeed they are THEIR goals and not those of the leaches and blood suckers who feed of their fame and acclaim.

    Conversely, those who get too big and tall and begin to garner the gold bullion attention of the media, the danger is in believing all that they hear and read… because ultimately, the result will be likened to the crash of the \”dot bomb\” era… build up the company and then when we think the stock can\’t get any higher or split anymore and the hype fails to sell, they start to tear it down because they gain money in the \’fall from grace.\’ I see people in the media the same way in both camps… the whores and the pimps… each getting a little something but one of the parties ends up with more out of greed.

    Enough already… back to watching DWTS! YIPPPEEEE!!!

    And Mark, I got an biz idea that you might be right up your techie alley if you want to contact me. 😉

    You remain my business hero!

    GO DUCKS! GO HUSKIES! Go to art school! hehehe


    Comment by Brenda J. -

  84. PS I hope that all of the DWTS publicity makes you a stronger household name…perfect for office someday…HINT, HINT. Let me know if you need a campaign manager.

    Comment by Elana -

  85. Media & Vulnerability – I call it the profit medium of the century aka Digging Dirt and Mass communicating it. We live in an imperfect world therefore in today\’s precarious environment we depend on leaders we elect, hopeful, to have an absolute duty to assess the culture of their organizations and do whatever is needed to strengthen or create a sustainable ethical culture that generates trust and promotes honesty, fairness and unflinching accountability as well as legal compliance.

    Comment by John -

  86. Isn\’t it silly? We don\’t respect anyone\’s privacy anymore – too many people are so busy voyeuristically watching others\’ \”vulnerabilities\” – thanks to an out-of-control, NO-truth-in-reporting…media. Yep, we don\’t even respect our PRESIDENT\’s privacy…I don\’t consider for one second any smear campaign regarding the private lives of our leaders as realm for \”free speech\” – it\’s an egregious abuse in the name of a civil right. It\’s also an embarrassment to our country.

    Comment by Elana -

  87. An interesting observation on what I find to be the relationship between gossip and the media. Gossip itself is a destructive force, and pounces on the vulnerable, or better the image of the vulnerable to keep it\’s little self alive.

    It takes a strong person to be vulnerable, a weak one to attack the vulnerable.

    Comment by danielmcvicar -

  88. Hey there – Great Post!
    I still can not believe how hooked my wife hooked me on this show! Your heart, determination and passion has been amazing!

    I have to say that as a husband, father of 2 beautiful children and a successful full time Realtor in SW Florida, watching you get out there and give it your all gives me some inspiration lately!

    Reading this post just validates that as much as everyone likes to talk about the negatives including the FL Real Estate Market, they don\’t realize the indirect impact it can have on good people. Honestly – I just wish the media would lay off the negative Hype on Real Estate & advertise how the smart people (like yourself I am sure) are still buying in Florida \”JUST ONCE\”….so I can continue to feed my family.
    We are rooting for you!
    Chris Johnson

    Comment by chris johnson -

  89. Hi Mark…………..I am a lady over 60yrs old, who lives in Dallas Tx…..I have admired you for awhile and just wanted to let you know that I can\’t wait to get home on Monday nights and watch you. As soon as the show starts, I immediately dial the number and give all of my votes to you and Kym…………..I think you a doing a wonderful job and your persistence is \”terrific\”

    Comment by Fern Gallagher -

  90. Mark,
    I think you have made a lot of progress the last few weeks.
    Your words about the media are so true. Something else that is unfortunate this year is the judges abvious favoritism to a few of the dancers. Shame you are on in the season of that.

    Comment by Micki -

  91. Hey Mark!
    I agree with this. There is too much focus on faults nowdays, and not taking responsibility for one\’s own actions. It seems easier to find a fault with someone else and blame them, no matter what the issue.
    Just wanted to say that I enjoy watching you put your all into your dances. You are doing great, especially with the physical ailments you face. Just one quick oops….and only as a slight tease….if you were hoping for a higher PRIME number – you\’re in the wrong business….21 isn\’t prime…23 or 29 would fit the bill – but not 21….LOL.
    Anyway, nice job out there! You are an inspiration!
    Keep It Up,

    Comment by Rachel -

  92. MarkI am voting as often as possible. I have always respected your
    business sense, but now I respect you even more.I have been a
    customer service and sales trainer for many years. I tell them: \”Have
    you heard, IF you truly believe you can accomplish anything . . . ?\”
    The answer is always a resounding YES!I tell them, \”if that were
    true, I would be winning on Dancing With The Stars right now! But it
    takes talent, guts, commitment, and training to reach that level.\”
    You are my proof. I also have hip replacements. (about 12 of them)
    But it doesn\’t stop me from changing the world, one customer at a
    time—I just have to dance a little slower than you. Don\’t worry,
    all the Mav fans are keeping the team spirits up while you are with
    your family in CA. I will continue to vote for \”the little engine
    that could\”You are the hero for me, and the Clinic in Dallas!!! We
    have the best hips ever!! Tonight was your best spot ever!!Keep
    believing and practicing.Cindy

    Comment by Cindy Williams -

  93. Mark
    I am voting as often as possible. I have always respected your business sense, but now I respect you even more.
    I have been a customer service and sales trainer for many years. I tell them: \”Have you heard, IF you truly believe you can accomplish anything . . . ?\” The answer is always a resounding YES!
    I tell them, \”if that were true, I would be winning on Dancing With The Stars right now! But it takes talent, guts, commitment, and training to reach that level.\” You are my proof. I also have hip replacements. (about 12 of them) But it doesn\’t stop me from changing the world, one customer at a time—I just have to dance a little slower than you. Don\’t worry, all the Mav fans are keeping the team spirits up while you are with your family in CA.
    I will continue to vote for \”the little engine that could\”
    You are the hero for me, and the Clinic in Dallas!!! We have the best hips ever!! Tonight was your best spot ever!!Keep believing and practicing.

    Comment by Cindy Williams -

  94. Mark
    I am voting as often as possible. I have always respected your business sense, but now I respect you even more.
    I have been a customer service and sales trainer for many years. I tell them: \”Have you heard, IF you truly believe you can accomplish anything . . . ?\” The answer is always a resounding YES!
    I tell them, \”if that were true, I would be winning on Dancing With The Stars right now! But it takes talent, guts, commitment, and training to reach that level.\” You are my proof. I also have hip replacements. (about 12 of them) But it doesn\’t stop me from changing the world, one customer at a time—I just have to dance a little slower than you. Don\’t worry, all the Mav fans are keeping the team spirits up while you are with your family in CA.
    I will continue to vote for \”the little engine that could\”
    You are the hero for me, and the Clinic in Dallas!!! We have the best hips ever!! Tonight was your best spot ever!!Keep believing and practicing.

    Comment by Cindy Williams -

  95. Mark
    I am voting as often as possible. I have always respected your business sense, but now I respect you even more.
    I have been a customer service and sales trainer for many years. I tell them: \”Have you heard, IF you truly believe you can accomplish anything . . . ?\” The answer is always a resounding YES!
    I tell them, \”if that were true, I would be winning on Dancing With The Stars right now! But it takes talent, guts, commitment, and training to reach that level.\” You are my proof. I also have hip replacements. (about 12 of them) But it doesn\’t stop me from changing the world, one customer at a time—I just have to dance a little slower than you. Don\’t worry, all the Mav fans are keeping the team spirits up while you are with your family in CA.
    I will continue to vote for \”the little engine that could\”
    You are the hero for me, and the Clinic in Dallas!!! We have the best hips ever!! Tonight was your best spot ever!!Keep believing and practicing.

    Comment by Cindy Williams -

  96. I see your point, Mark. But I also see vulnerability defined a bit differently, and I see this in the blogosphere. It\’s more of people opening up their innermost soul to others. Do you think possibly there\’s a search for that? The \”realness\” in people? Unfortunately in that quest for reality, people focus on the negative. But there certainly is that quest for finding the good. Look at the shows like Deserving Design, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, and even your show, DWTS. In fact, that\’s actually what I thought you were going to discuss. There you guys are – you\’re not professionals – but you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to criticism. I find that takes a lot of courage just to show up! Congrats to you.

    Comment by Claire -

  97. Good job tonight, to heck with what the media says. They\’ll always find something negative.

    Although you may not be one of the front runners, I\’ve enjoyed watching you and you\’ve improved vastly!

    Comment by MA i CA -

  98. Mark I give you credit for dancing.I had my hip replaced on June 14th of this year.A couple of weeks before you. There is no way I COULD DO WHAT you have done on the show,WAY TO GO MARK FROM A FELLOW WESTERN PENNSYLVANIAN.I\’m 50 miles north of Pittsburgh,pa in Kittanning,pa. WAY TO GO MARK GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! FROM Suzanne stivason

    Comment by suzanne stivason -

  99. Mark, I\’ve never voted before on DWTS but I just want you to succeeed so badly that I cast all my votes for you!! You have heart and that\’s all that matters! Hang in there, buddy and stay positive!

    from one of your (Houston) Texas fans!!!

    Comment by lynne -

  100. Mark,
    If you fly too close to the sun your wings will melt.

    Perhaps it\’s not the fascination with one\’s vulnerabilities, but rather that which makes us each human that is the fascination. At least that\’s what it is for me when I watch TV, read the newspaper, or the covers of the tabloids which I never buy…I really don\’t. I swear.

    On the hand, media does influence those \”personalities\” that I am interested about. It\’s partially out of the fact that when someone comes into my home virtually, through any form of media, there is a sense that that person has been a guest in my home. As such, they\’ve touched my life in some manner. But I\’m also cognizant that we aren\’t meant to know anything and everything about anyone and everything. Privacy should begin and end with the individual.

    Nevertheless, maybe I\’m different because I want people who do something that is out of my realm to succeed.

    Thanks for an interesting thread.

    Kindest Regards,

    P.S. I do hope you\’ll succeed in DWTS – if only to draw more attention to individually supported (not publicly-funded) arts programs…but I\’m also pulling for Jenny Garth since she\’s from the Champaign-Urbana area. Good luck.

    Comment by Cara -

  101. Mark, it is quite unfortunate that the public, as much as the press, loves to catch celebrities in a vulnerable moment. The media is a business and, as such, they look for the angle that will \”sell\” and make the most profit for their business. I, personally, do not subscribe to tabloid journalism and think it sad that many people do. As long as the public stays hungry for this type of media coverage, it will continue. I agree that being vulnerable is a human trait that we all have … and I certainly would not want my vulnerable moment(s)publicly displayed.


    Comment by Kim -

  102. Mark,

    Great job tonight. I\’m so impressed with how you hand yourself throught this competition. I have used all my votes for you each week. Good luck and hope to see you next week.

    Comment by Kristi -

  103. Hi Mark,
    Great job tonight! I am a recent addition to Dallas, and didn\’t know what the big deal was with Texas. I would always hear how great Texans are, how great their state is etc., but being from California I figured they had it wrong. Since my family and I moved to Texas, I must say that Texas is great. My wife, daughter and I just returned from China with our newest addition – Gracie Ann – a 10 months old orphan. Since we have brought her into our lives the past couple of weeks, the State of Texas has been very supportive and loving to her. When friends, family, and co-workers found we were adopting this baby, they would tell us how crazy we were. Why would we want to \”Start all over again\” That we would become vulnerbal to the fact that we would become \”Old\” parents, and not be able to hang with the other \”Younger\” parents when the time for school field trips, or graduation is happening in our daughters life. That our daughter will be vulnerbal to other children making fun of her \”Grandparants\” My response is \”Who Care!\” We didn\’t adopt to make others happy or receive their blessing, we adopted because we wanted to help a person less fortunate. It is a shame that we as a society sometimes live our lives for the approval and blessing of others. And one last question I ask others is, \”When did 44 become to old to be a parent? Isn\’t 40 the new 30?\” Congratulations for stepping out into the world of dance and working as hard at it as you do. Of course, you did get the best looking professional dancer =) Hope to see you and Kim someime soon if you pass thru Dallas again.
    P.S. you got all 8 of my votes tonight.
    David Sweet

    Comment by David Sweet -

  104. Hey Mark,
    Great job tonight on DWTS!!! It was your best night yet. Since you can\’t turn out on your left side, practice walking and turing out on your right side every where you go. All day walk with your right foot turned out, and your left as best as you can, and you\’ll get it. Your scores should\’ve been higher. You keep getting robed. I\’m voting for you tonight.
    I really appreciate the comments on vulnerability. Have you ever read Amuzing Ourselves To Death by Neil Postman? It\’s a great book that discusses the media and its influences on viewers.
    Good luck tonight!

    Comment by Rmy -

  105. Lets get honest, the reason it sells is because people are interested to know that every person is no different than others. Whether you are rich or poor, we all have bad moments and face some of the same problems. People are surprised that people with tons of money can\’t buy happiness, health, and love. People will never get tired of viewing or reading about even the famous or wealthest. Too many of the rich and famous people put spins on their stories and hire media people to put out news about them, it is a cat and mice game.

    Comment by jacqueline -

  106. Sad but sooo true!!!

    Comment by Rene\'a -

  107. Dear Mark, I just want to say I LOVED the \”I Dream if Jeanie Dance.\” I also loved that you played a nerdy guy. I heard a saying once that kids who were nerds of yesterday are bosses of today, and you\’re definitely THE BOSS!!! (sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the blog post about.

    Comment by mimsy -

  108. Mark, You are doing a great job! Keep up the great work! I loved the \”I dream of Jeannie\” routine you and Kym just did (literally moments ago!) I hope that you and Kym stay on the show as long as possible because you very entertaining!

    Comment by Bernie -

  109. Mark, the real currency of any real value (certainly isn\’t your dollar) in America is fear. Fear was exploited by your government to rationalize invading Iraq and Afghanistan; and fear is everyday exploited to generate ratings for newscasts, especially local ones, who routinely promote \”ground-breaking\” stories pointing out vulnerabilities in supermarkets, airports, schools, families, and whatever else they can find.

    Yes we live in a society which abounds with risks but the fundamental self-interest of people prevents most of these from ever being exploited.

    Until there\’s ProZac in the water-supply, or until media outlets start taking responsibility for the message of their daily broadcasts and returning to REAL journalism, the perception will always be more dangerous than the reality. And you\’ll still have to take off your shoes when boarding an Airbus.

    Comment by Ian Bell -

  110. Mark,
    I like the take on Vulerabilty – sad society we live in – but look what sells . . .sex, lies, scandels, etc. Someone famous said when asked what part of the paper do they read first, \’the sports page – that is mans accomplishments, the front page is our failures\’.
    A comment on the your piece about the Mavs and AA arena . . .The experience at a basketball game should be about basketball – not the loud chants off \”defense\” coming through the loudspeakers – fans should know when to yell defense. I have been to several games here in Dallas and all the other stuff during timeouts is very distracting. Even painful at times – very hokie! Perhaps I am a purist – but that did not make me impressed with your facility. Your team did impress me however. I like your mix of players and am happy about your comments that you will not trade Dirk for Koby – good for you. Devin as your full time point is a good choice too.
    Best of luck in DWTS

    Comment by Patrick -

  111. for a rich guy you really are a pussy.

    Comment by bill blake -

  112. At least DWTS gives us something fun to watch and engage in during these very turbulent times that accetuates the positives of peoples lives and work ethics. Good luck tonight, Mark and Kym!

    Comment by JAJ Horn -

  113. Mark –
    As a DFW resident and Mavs fan, I\’m thrilled that you\’re still in DWTS…however, I must say, I have been routing for Sabrina (I drew her name in our DWTS pool and she\’s such a sweet girl!) I pray each time I\’m watching you that you stay healthy and do well. I must say – you really are fun to watch! Such boyish charm and enthusiasm is rare. However, my biggest surprise has been how absolutely grounded and real you are.

    Always have been a fan (how can you not respond favorably to such passion about the game of basketball and the Mavs??) I am more so now than ever after reading your latest blog entry. I can only say that until enough people stop paying for the this search for vulnerability, it will not end. More good people have to say enough – thr price is TOO HIGH. I too hope to read more about this here when the DWTS season is over.

    Good luck tonight…I think I\’ll be voting for you this evening 🙂

    Comment by Susan -

  114. Mark, congratulations on your success on Dancing with the Stars – it\’s great to watch you progress each week. Keep up the good work, but take care of that hip – your surgeon must be a nervous wreck during every performance.
    I agree wholeheartedly with your view of the media.It\’s difficult to believe anything in print or on TV any more because it\’s so jaded and sensationalized. Why can\’t they just tell the truth? I don\’t know how anyone can function normally when they\’re surrounded by news hounds that are only interested in negative exaggerations.

    Comment by Betty Leonard -

  115. Vulnerability and misfortune. You can\’t turn on the news without hearing about both. How I long for a news station that was just report the facts. No editorializing, no comments that might slew the meaning one way or the other. Adults watch the news; just give us the facts and let us make up our own minds about how to interpret those facts. I hate that so many are turned on and tuned in just to learn about someone else\’s vulnerabilty. I too hope vulnerablilty will cease to be currency and fodder for the 4th. establisment.

    BTW, the only reason I am watching DWTS this season is because of you and Marie Osmond!

    Cathy – Dallas, Texas

    Comment by Cathy D. Ray -

  116. Mark: You are doing GREAT! Regarding your comments about people trying to expose vulnarability and make you look bad, heck you ought to know bad news sells. I myself find discust in people hunting the glass is half empty approach. In your and Kyms circumstance, the glass is 90% full so paying any attention to the doubters, only gives them what they are looking for and takes your eye off the ball a bit a makes you feel a little black inside. Heck, You\’re Mark Cuban, Husband, Father, Entreprenuer. Remember what\’s important at the end of the day. No one can judge that!

    Keith and Nicole
    NASCAR Push Toys Rock

    Comment by Keith Lehto -

  117. Mark,

    I want to speak on your feelings about vulnerability. You\’re right and it\’s sad. There is a person named Bryant McGill that has blogged on his myspace page about this very subject. I am positive that you would find interest in his writings. I know you\’re busy however, I think learning more about him would be worth your while. Here is a web address to something he is passionately working on. I\’m not into advertising anything at all. I just thought it would interest you. Go to and I think it will inspire you. Best wishes on DWTS as always, you have my vote.

    Comment by Judy -

  118. Goodness, that was quite the number of responses. On-topic, however, you were right to call vulnerability a currency because everything used in or utilized by the media or any profit-seeking industry IS currency. If it weren\’t, it wouldn\’t be exchanged and would be a rather hefty waste of space. But I don\’t agree when you say that the nature of it is ignoble. I agree that it is demeaning, rude, and inconsiderate to its targets, but in that same respect it serves the very people who have been vehicles for those targets in their respective climbs to the inevitable lime-light.

    Every day, the people who are here to support you on these personalized forums stand a chance of opening the paper and smiling when he or she finds a picture of a mole on an actor\’s face or a time when someone well-known for wealth has a rip in his or her pants. There\’s a big business for it because there\’s a big market for it and it\’s a market that strides abreast with the market of insider entertainment. For some people, reading stories of tribulations for the people who are purported to \”have it easy\” gives them a human face, providing, who knows, hope or comfort to the reader. And for every one of those people, another person finds those ridiculous pictures of our vulnerable sides; our flaws and finds something similar

    Better to be laughed at than shot; better to be human in the eyes of many than a demon in the eyes of even a few.

    So in that respect, I believe that if you\’re pointing your finger at the media, your finger is pointing, most directly, the wrong way. If you\’ve laughed at a satire of political events, smiled at an unfortunate situation, or generally derived pleasure from something that is displeasing to others, you\’ve walked hand in hand with your share of shaddenfreude\’s overall market cap and, more importantly, a part of what it is to be human.

    Apologies for the long reply; since I consider this your space, please let me know if you found it intrusive or disrespectful. My e-mail is and good luck with your efforts on Dancing with the Stars. That is certainly training that is truly superhuman.

    Comment by Harrison Napper -

  119. muy bueno el post

    Comment by inforgchu -

  120. Here\’s wishing you further success from your hard work on DWTS. Following a hip replacement shows unbelievable stamina and I am sure pain. But you are determined to do well and you have done that, no doubt. You do not have the experience that several others have, nor the natural talent for being a dancer. I do applaud you for your effort in spite of difficult circumstances with your hip. Continue good wishes, as I do not attribute it to luck.

    Comment by Ann of Corsicana -

  121. Mark,

    First, I agree with you.

    Second, I want to respond to some of those who have commented on the post. It drives me crazy when people lump all reporters and media outlets together. I want to point out that there are a large number of hard working journalists who regularly provide us with important information. Sometimes, as is the case with war correspondents, they do their jobs at great personal risk. I believe what Mark is talking about are the so-called reporters for schlock rags (those at the supermarket checkout stands) and the various TV shows that masquerade as news magazines (TMZ, Inside Edition, etc.). They are fueled, as Mark and others pointed out, by an insatiable public appetite for dirty laundry. People want to know if Britney pukes on her shoes and then laugh at her for doing so. Its sad that they have to feed on the misfortunate of others to make themselves feel superior. Worse, theyre missing the tragic real stories in Britney\’s case, the one about a young woman who cant handle the money and glitter that came with success at an early age. Theres not a question about whether these events are news stories, because they are. The problem is with the sarcastic, sardonic, self-serving way that some of these phony reporters handle the stories. Please do not, however, paint all journalists with the same brush. Not all reporters are bad, no more than all NBA players are thugs. The Mavericks are a shining example to the contrary, and thats the main reason my wife and I (and many other people I know) support Mark and his team.

    Comment by Rich -

  122. It reminds me of the obsession the media has with Darius Washington\’s missed free throws at Memphis. He missed two critical free throws and fell to the floor crying with his jersey over his head. Instead of focusing on all the positives in his career they focus on that one painful moment. How does one get the media to refocus their attention?

    Comment by Erin -

  123. Didn\’t Paris Hilton have her storage unit sold and someone bought it for a loarge sum of cash? People just want to capitalize on celebrities. Nothing wrong with that, some just go overboard.

    Comment by Storage -

  124. This all goes away when WE (the masses, you and I and stalkers and wannabes and the easily entertained) stop caring about all-that-is-superficial. What you don\’t like on TV: Turn it off. (But there\’s LOTS that\’s pretty good and worth the watching). Newspapers and magazines: Don\’t buy them. (Again, don\’t miss the exceptional stuff). This selective process will \’take the money\’ out of all of it. Shitty TV shows get cancelled, bad magazines go out of circulation. Vote with your wallet and vulnerability becomes (only) the price you pay to be worth watching/reading. Godspeed, Mark…You\’re a RockStar!
    (And a great role model for diligence and fortitude, you go, \’Little Red Engine\’).

    Comment by Kristin Long -

  125. If anybody has such really huge problem I think he is not a very simple person. So I thinnk it have to depend on his (man\’s) own opinion about this situation.

    Comment by Jim -

  126. Obviously you didn\’t grow up in a small town where everyone knows your business. Today\’s media coverage is the same, just playing out on a different and larger stage. I watched a piece about life in the 1800s on the History Channel last night and nosey neighbors was one of the topics. When people didn\’t have AC, everyone lived with their windows open and secrets were just as hard to keep then as Britney\’s court papers are today.

    On an evolutionary note, it\’s basically how we\’re hard wired neurologically – in order to grow we compare and select. With today\’s mind set of \’you can have it all and here\’s how to do it\’ we\’re doing a lot of comparing and selecting and it\’s not always comfortable.

    Additionally, in quantum physics there is a theory called the Observer Effect. Basically and very simplistically, until \’you\’ place your attention on a probablity, it doesn\’t become reality, until then it is just a probable reality. Like Wayne Dyer says, \”I\’ll see it when I believe it.\”

    Now to more important matters – thank God basketball season has started, I\’ve been in withdrawal since June, although somewhat abated by watching DWTS. Go Mavs!!!!!

    Comment by Billie -

  127. It\’s all about power and control, Mark. For some, the only way to demonstrate power (or mark your territory) is to find another\’s vulnerability and exploit it.

    And, of course, that attitude is born of fear. Fear that they\’re not good enough as they are so they have to knock someone else down another notch to make themselves look superior. Fear that there is not enough abundance for all to share, so instead of making choices that feed everyone\’s spirit, they exploit others and call it their job.

    There\’s a market for this type of exploitation, as well, or it wouldn\’t exist. We all have fears… and we all have vulnerabilities to exploit, so as a society, we gobble this stuff up. The same types of behaviors/fears are also found in addiction. The further we move away from our god or our divine spiritwhether we call it God, Allah, Yaweh, Buddha or anything elsethe more addictive we become. The further we move away from the notion that we are all one, the more fear we exhibit.

    The truth is, we are all powerful. We all have the capacity to achieve abundant money, love, and joy. But until we\’re able to let go of the petty and negative energies that fuel our lives and societies, we will continue to make choices from the place of ultimate weakness. We will continue to make choices from a place of fear.

    Comment by hildegarde -

  128. The general public is often jealous of celebrities. They want to find something wrong with the person who they think has a better life than them. It really caters do each of our inner high school bitch. Honestly being a celebrity must be terrible at times. Especially for the young ones who aren\’t used to it and don\’t even have that much money yet.

    Comment by corn furnace -

  129. That is why everyone goes to see a Nascar race, they want to see someone crash. Everyone loves to see someone fail. You can\’t have anything without everyone you know trying to take it away from you. Speaking of vulnerability, try this..everyone mistakes kindness with weakness. You try to help someone, and they try everything they can to steal everything you have..I don\’t know how you ever found a partner who didn\’t do it to are lucky in that respect.

    Comment by Albert Goldwyn -

  130. Mark,

    Your post really hit home for me that I was sobbing as I read it. I had just been handed my walking papers by my employer because a vendor who wouldn\’t honor a delivery date got annoyed when I asserted myself and spoke out. They threatened to cut ties with the company as long as I was a part of it. I was shell-shocked, devastated, and now unemployed.

    You are right, it doesn\’t matter what walk of life you are in.
    On a lighter note, I\’m one of the many who are rooting for you and Jane Seymour on DWTS. Your work ethic amazes a lot of people.

    More power to you and Kym.

    Comment by Joy -

  131. Hey Mark, You are the Man!
    I was wondering if you could describe your big weight loss.
    Is it just the 6 hours of dancing in the studio and busting a healthy sweat? Or did you go on a diet? Like you, I\’m 6\’3 but 250! I graduated college 10 years ago at 215…any real advice would be very helpful for this Mavs fan! I am not buying all the media advice..I believe they are only trying to sell books and products…you proved you did it your way, with a weak hip…your fans would love to read your weight loss success story! As always, you have my vote kid!

    Comment by jeff -

  132. Dear Mr. Cuban.

    I know you probabbly wont read this but just in case you do it would mean a lot. Im 17 years old and pretty much most of my life I have been a huge sports fan. At times I have struggled in school, but I have started to get better grades the last couple years. My dream has always been to do something in a front office of a sports team. Personally my favorite person in all of sports is you. You\’re passion is something i have always admired. If i was an owner or GM I would definetly model myself after your style. I was just contacting you to ask for some advice. Pretty much im wondering how to get involved with the front office of a team. I currently have an intership with the cal football post game show but I just wanted to know whatever advice you could give me.

    Please pass this on to Mr. Cuban if possible. It would mean so much.

    Thanks so much

    Robb Silverstein

    Comment by Robb Silverstein -

  133. Mark,
    You can go to to cast your vote and you can vote on that web site until around 12:00 Noon on results day.


    You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the good work!

    Comment by PAMELA HART -

  134. I completely agree Mark… and that is exactly why blogs like yours are so important. This negative media culture probably won\’t change anytime soon, but it is important for us to all be mindful of what we consume and how it shapes our opinions.

    Comment by Kristen -

  135. Just dont pay attention to those stories and slowly they will go away. Its hard but it is the same reason there is traffic when someone is pull or flipped over. people like to see others in worse situations. It makes them feel better about themselves.

    Go Hoosiers need a big win so we can go Bowlin

    Comment by Josh -

  136. it\’s the price of fame.

    Comment by john -

  137. The media angers me to tell you the truth… its gotten totally out of control recently.

    Comment by Baby Milo -

  138. Mark, that\’s a good blog, I just commented to Mickey Spagnola about his article on Terrell Owens not taking the bait. Wish I had read your blog first, I would have just copied and pasted it to Mickey.

    Comment by Burnie -

  139. I agree, Mark. People love to pull other people down to their level. And as far as the media goes, that\’s pulling people WAY down.

    Comment by Daddy Dan -

  140. I always wanted to start the \”Happy Channel,\” covering only feel good, inspirational, positive good deed stories. Would anyone watch? I don\’t know. I did come across this site that looks like a start in the right direction – Very interesting concept, some neat spots and inspiring commentary. Looks like it\’s just getting started. As a PR person that works in this medium every day and sees what you\’re talking about, i hope this catches. Also, if you get a chance, check out ESPN\’s piece on the late NC Mascot ( It\’s a moving story.

    Comment by Todd -

  141. I have to say how much I admire you on DWTS. I have watched the series since the beginning. I have to say to come into this year, you chose a bad year to come it. Each season so far, there has been the jokesters/clowns it took them about half the season to find out they really weren\’t that funny and the work was real. There have been the \”injured\” who loudly each pointed out their limitations. There have been those who took a while to learn to treat the judges with respect and take their feedback with an open mind (and tastefully poke fun at them in the next dance). Unfortunately you didn\’t particpate in any of those seasons. You picked the season where there are no slackers, jokesters, or hams. Everyone is taking the dancing seriously and putting in the hours needed to do great dancing. You would have been given far more credit for your work, effort, and ability to meet all the challenges these dances present to you (and your hip) in prior seasons. But then wait, you always want to be associated with \”the best\”, so maybe it is not so surprising to see you this season. Good Luck on the Samba!

    Comment by AL Mack -

  142. Mark,
    We read your blog and generally agree with your views – this post on vulnerability is kind of weak though. In a volatile world where enormous wealth and fame is created in a matter of days, weeks or months – average people enjoy seeing people who have enjoyed this type of success getting their just desserts once in a while. The \”media\” just happens to be giving people what they want. Not a hard concept to understand and certainly not one to whine about like a little girl.
    – LT

    Comment by Leverage This -

  143. I don\’t know how you celebs do it! It would drive me nuts to have camera in my face, flahing lights and someone always lurking in the shadows to snap that Oh! so unflattering shot.

    I guess it is the price of fame, but it isn\’t right. But sociey is what feeds that machine and I don\’t see it changing anytime soon. Particularly with losers like Donald Trump always blurting out fighten words, trying to goad folks in to a
    publicity stunt fight.

    Go Mavs!!!!

    Comment by Debo Hobo -

  144. Hi Mark,
    Just stopped by during a google-ing of your name. I\’ve gotten hooked on DWTS, this is my first season watching ever (and apparently I picked a good season to get started on!). And you are one of my favs, I love to watch you dance! You are totally enjoying yourself out there, and you can tell! I think it\’s pretty amazing of you to try something so completely out of your comfort zone. Anyhow, congrats on making it another week, love watching you, and best of luck next week with the hip!!

    Comment by LinAe -

  145. I\’m a journalism teacher at a high school in Fort Worth and I have to agree with you wholeheartedly.

    My curriculum (and what I learned as an ETHICAL journalist)require me to teach students what constitutes \’the news.\’ Unfortunately, what I am teaching is not what is being modeled in the media.

    I learned journalism from old-school journalists who used manual and electric typewriters. They strongly encouraged ethical behavior. I wonder what they think of the media now.

    I tell my students that the audience will read/listen/watch whatever news you give them. Most people are sheep, so if the media is giving them garbage for news, that is what they will crave.

    So I ask my kids to be shepards of news and give audiences something they rarely see anymore: ethical news that isn\’t filled with garbage. If you report it; they WILL watch/read/listen.

    Comment by I Heart Mark Cuban -

  146. Valid.

    I work hard to tune out.

    Comment by jm -

  147. I agree with you completely. Mark, I must admit I had a bad opinion of you because I am a Spur\’s fan. I didn\’t really like your comments about San Antonio but that is another story. I have become a fan of yours having watched you on DWTS.
    You have shown your human side and I applaud you for that. You are a hard working man. Keep it up and may the Mavericks have a good year.

    Comment by Hugh Miller -

  148. It amazes me at what has become newsworthy these days. Some TV news shows are worse than others, but almost all show what a mess Britney is making of her life…or something about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. We don\’t hear real news stories because they don\’t bring the high ratings.

    As far as your dancing, I think you did a great job on the waltz. I\’m not sure if you can win this thing, but I think you are as good as Jane and Cameron. I hope the Cheetah Girl doesn\’t win it, but she\’s getting great reviews from the judges. I doubt if she would do well with a slower dance.

    Comment by Pam -

  149. A more honest discussion could ask what \”vulnerability\” stories have we, the public, consumed recently? And the corollary: what stories we remember viewing/reading that did not involve vulnerability.

    Here\’s where I\’m guilty: yep, I have noticed the headlines of Britney\’s downfall. But also I just read the obits of Joey Bishop and Deborah Kerr, and learned a few things I never knew. (Obits are more about history than vulnerability.)

    Comment by guest -

  150. Mark,

    I studied journalism at Indiana University and by my junior year I had had enough of what you just described. I covered sports and couldn\’t criticize an athlete who had a bad game. I\’m not that kind of person. I believe in bringing out the best in people, not the worst. Now I work for the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer promoting a great sports franchise without bashing anyone.

    Comment by John Fischer -

  151. Great point – but unfortunately this will NOT change. We have been so desensitized as a society that we revel in drama. We love to see the guy that\’s down get back up again – but oh, do we enjoy watching the fall, though.

    It\’s sad and I blame it on the media. We are forcing our kids/teens/adults to crave the drama. There is no such thing as an always \”feel good\” program. Even on DWTS, they HAVE to show how much pain you were in, they have to show that you almost fell… Simply because if it was all peaches and roses, the audience would lose interest.

    Thus, your private moments of embarrassment, if caught on tape, will end up on YouTube. Rather than seeing a man, walk hand in hand with his son, having a great day playing catch.


    Comment by Bee -

  152. This is an absolute critical issue in this day and age. It is making people more insecure and paranoid. It can get as bad as someone taking normal pictures of you and manipulating it and posting somewhere… yeah you can eventually fight it and prove the person wrong, but an initial image can do enough permanent damage.

    Comment by para -

  153. Seems that we want to see people, who are recognized higher than us as far as social status, cut down a notch to make ourselves feel better. Kinda sad.

    Comment by Mulah -

  154. This is exactly why one must carefully filter what is coming across their \”screen\”. Mainstream media sells to the heard. The heard demands sensationalized stories. Luckily, there is plenty of positivity out there if one should chose to make that their focus. Keep dancing up a storm. If I ever play you one-on-one in basketball, I\’m going to your left every time.

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  155. I agree with your post. Negative media rules our lives. Unfortunately, many of the ideas were exposed to are negative and self-defeating. We need to change our ideas and focus on the positive. It\’s time for change in media.

    Comment by Laura Elston -

  156. You\’ve got it right Mark. The news media is like a gaper\’s delay on the highway, just looking for something vulnerable to gaze at, and not very helpful or useful at the end of the day.

    Comment by Nick -

  157. It\’s very simple. You will probably not agree w/ me, but I believe it. The LEFT WING media, and the democrats (they are actually one in the same, or at least in cahoots) thrive on victims. They want us all to believe all of the doom and gloom they report so we believe we need government to step in and take care of us. They want to make more government & raise our taxes. With them running out of victims, they have to resort to inventing them. Bottom line is they have an agenda & don\’t care who they hurt to get there.

    Comment by mow mow -

  158. From my first post #19:

    Although I do feel for famous people and the scrutiny that they have to deal with on a daily basis but what about the celebrities and sports stars that continuously break the law (serious offenses) and are still given new multi-million dollar contracts or movie/commercial deals? What kind of message are we sending out to everyone especially our youth when we say as long as you can play a sport or act and have enough money it is okay to do what you want? This is NOT a question specifically addressed to MC but I guess the main question I have would go out to owners, coaches, movie producers et al at what cost will you go to to win? Will you give up morality to win a championship/trophy or to produce a good movie? Why is it okay to continue to pay actors or sports stars after continually breaking the law with serious offenses when there are plenty of us out here who are ready and willing to play or act?



    Comment by James -


    Comment by RITA PINCH -

  160. It seems to me to be rooted in jealousy. We live in a time when it is easier to hate the people who do better then we do and so any chance to put them in their place, as we define it, seems to capture the fancy of the vocal majority.

    Comment by media -

  161. Mr. Cuban,

    I understand what you are saying and I completely agree, but I think in this day in age so many viewers are drawn to negative media. So much so that I believe society has created a monster that is nearly unstopable. I believe that it is our responsibility to stop watching these programs, which in turn will lead to the media pursuing more positive interests.

    Good luck next week,


    Comment by Chris Nelson -

  162. Mark,
    Excellent topic! Sadly, I don\’t think the public as a whole will ever reach a saturation point where everyone is sick of seeing others\’ dirty laundry. It goes back to supply and demand. As long as there\’s enough goobers out there who will buy into that schtick, there\’s gonna be even more goobers lining up to provide it.

    Furthermore, people as a whole are curious…wait, take that back and replace it with down right nosy!! Some have developed tact and finesse and deal with it discretely, while others don\’t. They are the ones who get off on seeing the vulnerability of others because it helps them take the focus off their own vulnerability and insecurities. It is quite sad. Then there are some folks, like us, who see all the damage it does and can do, so we try to avoid it.

    I\’d love to say that it won\’t always be this way, but I just can\’t. It may be one of those things we have to deal with. Any change would have to start with being less selfish and understanding what it means to truly be more considerate of others.

    Best to you,

    Comment by PurtyCurls -

  163. Hello Mark,

    I think it is much more than just the Media looking for Vulnerability. I honestly believe that many of us in the Western Society(said to be civilized), are searching the media for people who are in worst shape than us. We spend so many hours on the Britneys, the Kobes and the Clintons whenever they exhibit any thing that is remotely human. This is how we validates our existence. We seek the bad in others, especially those that have excelled in what ever field they have chosen.

    We have the opportunity to further our selfs in many ways. Be it education, starting a business, learning an art, and many other things. The problem lies is that many people don\’t realize their potential and in not doing so, feel a sense of failure. But because we are all taught that we are equal, we feel that everyone else should fail or be in a worse state than we are currently in. Rather than leveling up, we rather level down. This want to see the rich, the powerful, the famous fail is the crux of what is wrong with this society. On the surface we say we want to see everyone succeed and be law-abiding citizens contributing to society, but deep down, we want to see others fail. Instead of working and excelling, we rather see others fail them selfs. We are not content with our lives so we find the faults in others. We seek vulnerability in others to justify what little we have accomplished in our lives.

    Can it be fixed ? Maybe. I know that Because the media is the center of some of our existence, the solutions will definitely involve the media. Hint Hint Mark.


    Comment by Stanford Mings, Jr. -

  164. Please don\’t trade Jason Terry!

    Comment by Belinda -

  165. Negative media is a cancer on todays society. \”If it bleeds, it leads!\”

    My dream? As a web developer, I dream of building a web site which takes submissions from people in local communities that are making miracles happen. Humans \”being\” as opposed to \”doing\” horrific things. Those making a positive impact on their communities and changing lives. I know it\’s out there, as a recovering alcoholic I see miracles everyday. Stories of great courage and inspiration. Then, I want to run the stories on local cable opposite the news. Show people who have overcome their vulnerabilities, that did something about it, then used their experience strength and hope to help others.

    Comment by Jared -

  166. Negative is easier. That is why so few people break out of the 9 to 5 box. They are encouraged by bosses to go after the easy score. Maybe, as a society, we encourage the path less traveled, then the payday will be to find the good in people. I don\’t want PUFF pieces ALL DAY LONG. But we need to re-balance it out. Don\’t try to make Ahmadinijad [sp?] out to be mother Teresa, but for the love of God, don\’t try to compare the President of the United States to Hitler. These are both as wrong as the other. And how many of you reading this post have done one or the other, our SCOOPED up the rag sheet that did it?

    Don\’t judge anybody on what might be their worst day. Guhduay…

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  167. It is simple… everyone feels a sense of vulnerability. To see it in others let\’s us know that we are not alone. The media gives us only what we long for.

    Comment by Chelsea -

  168. Mark, you are 100% correct. I\’ve seen this increasing in the industry I\’m in and it\’s truly sad. I\’ve seen people make desperate attempts to bring people down.

    I\’m glad you\’re talking about this and I wish more people would. Thanks!

    Comment by John -

  169. \”Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about his religion. Respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and of service to your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, or even a stranger, if in a lonely place. Show respect to all people, but grovel to none. When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.\”

    Comment by Dave Starks -

  170. Mark,

    It\’s unfortunate that we live in a society that instead of \”no news is good news\” it\’s \”bad news about someone is good news\”. It is even sadder that more people just can\’t be happy in their own lives instead of thriving off from the \”wrong\” that others are supposedly doing. We are all imperfect but because \”famous\” people are followed around and photographed and video taped then their imperfections are shown nationwide. I do feel for you man because everything from the smallest to the biggest decisions you make AND anything and everything that you say or do will be scrutinized by someone OR some organization 🙁


    Comment by James -

  171. That\’s not right. I feel it\’s better to try to look for the best in people but it seems the best isn\’t what makes money for the media. They\’d rather exploit the least common denominator of someone\’s personality or life. Everyone had their bad points but, so many more times than not, they are outnumbered by the good points. The media need to realize, no matter the level of celebrity, one thing is the same: we\’re all human and no one is immune to mistakes.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  172. It\’s shameless. I can understand why it\’s done, (money) but can\’t understand why people care.

    Maybe it\’s like bad news becomes good news in reverse because it\’s not happeneing to you.

    It will stop when people stop watching. We all know that.

    Comment by Toni -

  173. Thought-provoking entry. While the world\’s standard may be to exploit the vulnerability of others, it\’s interesting that our most valued relationships thrive only when we make ourselves vulnerable to another. Let\’s choose not to feed the frenzy of watching others stumble and fail.

    You have provided such fun for me and my children over the last few years with all you\’ve done with the Mavericks. I love sharing that excitement with my family. Who knew watching you dance would also be so entertaining?!?

    Good luck to you. It\’s encouraging to see you stay so far above the constant current of negativity that\’s out there.

    Comment by clb -

  174. Mark
    Keep up the great work on DWTS. You have already gone far beyond the point that your critics thought you would implode, and with a new hip at that. You and Kym are great.
    Regarding the post, I think it goes even beyond the \”gotcha\” journalism and reporting of today. We, as a society, seem to feel that the only remedy for these unfortunate situations seems to be \”fire the jerk, how dare he/she do that to us\”. I think this all started back in the Jimmy the Greek days when he got dumped off TV for his comments. It has continued to the Don Imus fiasco where everyone was sure the problem could be resolved if they just fired the guy.
    What ever happened to forgiveness? Did your mother teach you the \”Sticks and Stones\” rhyme? Why do we seem to feel justified if we get some public figure fired or forced into quitting?
    It seems to me to be rooted in jealousy. We live in a time when it is easier to hate the people who do better then we do and so any chance to put them in their place, as we define it, seems to capture the fancy of the vocal majority. I have seen this time and again in comments to your blog where people try to make you feel bad for being wealthy or try to minimize your accomplishments in the business world. Most of them don\’t know a thing about you or the many ventures that you are involved in including HD Net and your movie theaters. It is easy to criticize. It is much harder to put yourself into the persons shoes that you are yelling at and wonder how you would react if you were on the receiving end of the criticism.
    Perhaps we will outgrow this juvenile and unsophisticated view of the failings of our fellow man but I don\’t think it will happen in our lifetime.

    Comment by Mike Genette -

  175. I agree with you, completely. It\’s a very sick trend, that needs to stop.

    Count me among those brought here by your DWTS adventure, planning to keep readin long after.

    You\’re an interesting person.

    Comment by Susan Lewis -

  176. Mark, I\’m a fellow Indiana graduate, and a huge fan of yours, and this has been without question your best commentary. The invasion of privacy our rapidly expanding and improving technology allows is frightening. Online, you can find out virtually anything about anyone if you know how to do it and how to exploit the information.

    What bothers me is the huge rise in \’identity theft\’ crimes, since it is non-violent, and our prisons especially in Texas are so horribly overcrowded, there is virtually little if any punishment for these people who prey on hard-working I.U. grads like us. I personally have been victimized in this manner I assume by information that was a matter of public record and obtainable over the net.

    Best wishes for your continued success on \”Dancing\” (courageous!) and in your business ventures.


    Comment by Jim Bufkins -

  177. Aloha Mark ~

    Oh, I hear you and it is terrible.

    All negative energy and a waste of energy to create, report and distribute. Negativity Pollution.

    Yet the public in it\’s viewing of the tabloid news, the magazines etc. does feed this monster.

    The world is so negative with war and all the news, people dwell here.

    I think the solution is people need to live with some passion and pleasure.
    To be hedonistic in a positive sense and avoid all the negative.
    Not only would that stop a value of this nonsense, but it can actually change the world.

    Dreaming Big Passionate and Positive

    Erik-Jan Artiest
    IU 1990

    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  178. Hey Mark,

    Interesting topic. I like what you have to say. However, I would say that this is more related to our appetites as an audience than the reporters reporting poorly. It tends to be that the spectacularly negative stories are the ones people read, watch, and clamour for. Lets face it, we are a bit of a voyeuristic society now. Reality tv, springer shows, shock jocks — they all want to get in there and show you the messy parts of people\’s lives. (DWTS and Idol are exceptions to the rule.) We have all seen how the big stories take on a life of their own and are out of the hands of any one reporter or even news organization — its the demand baby!

    Also, as a more polarized society, \”feel good\” stories are often seen as fluff, or worse yet, propaganda for some opponent or cause. I guess people feel that way because its often true.

    I think, bottom line, the news media is about fulfilling demand for negativity, or manipulating people for some perceived public good. Many reporters live with doing the first so that they can change the world by doing the second.

    Comment by Scott -

  179. There are alot of people out there that would like to see the misfortunes of others, because of their lack of success. This has been a draw forever, and the TV audience attracts those people with capturing vulnerable moments.

    Comment by PPC Management -

  180. Great Post Mark .

    Comment by Prashant -

  181. Mark, The observation about reporters out to expose people\’s vulnerabilities is spot on. I favor this approach in politics and business. When our politicians and business leaders have serious vulnerabilities, we tend to get screwed. Take Larry Craig or the Enron guys as textbook examples. Great public leadership is a rare skill and requires some level of moral authority. Yet the outward appearance seems easily mimicked by really screwed up and flawed people. The press ringer needs to sort that out.

    I dislike seeing this approach in sports, particular (so-called) amateur sports like college football and basketball. At the same time, I appreciate when they weed out the really bad guys like Mike Vick. He probably doesn\’t get caught on the dog fighting rap if he isn\’t elusive about the stealth bong he couldn\’t have one of his weed carriers bring on the airplane last year. So I guess we have to tolerate it a little and those who don\’t have disqualifying vulnerabilities (for their path in life) will survive the scrutiny just fine.

    Comment by Brad Hutchings -

  182. I agree to a point. While I agree that people like to point out others vulnerabilities for whatever reason, but I believe that there are many people (even the occasional reporter) who looks for the good in people.
    Perhaps those that look for the bad qualities in people are trying to make themselves feel better about themselves by tearing others down.
    It brings to mind a quote that says there are two ways to build the tallest building in town. One is by building the tallest building and the other is by tearing others down.
    You rock mark,

    Comment by Brandon -

  183. Mark,

    Thanks for a thought provoking post. I think you have me hooked on your blog now in a way that will last long beyond DWTS. I can tell you that you have without a doubt earned a new person in your corner no matter what you endeavor to do in the future. Thanks for being so open and sharing your thoughts with the public this way.


    Comment by Sharon -

  184. Mark, I don\’t think anyone could say it any better. The media covers certain people as Gods one day just to tear them down a week later. It is terrible to try to explain to your children why their favorite stars are in the paper and you can\’t quite explain it. Maybe on day we will see these people as humans also, not just as products made for our amusement.

    On another note, I love watching you dance every week. You have an energy that no one else does. Just an exuberance. My family watches every week and we always put in votes for you and Kim. Keep up your amazing job Mark! And my family will keep voting.

    Comment by Christi -

  185. I agree with you. What I see going on is what could be called the tail wagging the dog. The emotions that sell products seem to be anxiety, distress, and fear. So the content tends to put people in those states so that the commercials will work well and the advertisers will support the content. I don\’t know what the answer is, but I think that more stories that put people in contentment and admiration in the media would be a very good thing.

    Comment by Bruce McL -

  186. Maybe when we are fully saturated, we will stop caring. Maybe it is just the cost of selling.

    Comment by Morgan Warstler -

  187. This is something that I\’d like to see more people talk about and I\’m glad you brought it up. It\’s really beyond out of control. And people that complain about it and then tune into those shows or those gossip sites…grrr. All the negativity just breeds more negativity and sensationalism…and people are getting numb to kindness.
    Maybe when things calm down for you, you can come back to this topic because it would be great to get a discussion going on it.
    Looking forward to your next DWTS post too! I was so excited to see your reaction to being safe this week. Can\’t wait for next week!

    Comment by Shannon -

  188. Mark,I agree 100%.I have always said that to my wife.The press and most of America thrive on the unfortunes of others.People will sit and watch for hours if something bad happens.But a feel good story just has no interest.They are to boring.

    Comment by Kurt Francis -

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