Thank You for your Votes … Again !

Once again the support of the voters pulled kym and I through.

Its hard to describe the feelings of hearing our names called as being “saved”. My reaction was so spontaneous, it caught even me off guard. The strongest feelings came from the realization that your support was responsible for our success.

I never make predictions and I have no idea whether next week is our last week, or the first of more, but I do know that part of being successful on the show is paying attention.

I pay attention to what the judges say. I think a lot of people expected me to not take criticism by the judges very well. Those people don’t know me very well. I know what i know and know what I don’t know. I don’t know ballroom dancing. I do know I have a lot of room to improve and the only way that is going to happen is if I listen and take the judges feedback to heart. Even if it means being picked on like the last kid chosen for kickball every now and then.

I also learned from people who have worked on DWTS for a long time that the judges votes are AT MOST 50pct of value assigned to each contestants scores. Which of course means that to be successful its just as important, if not more important to work just as hard at communicating with the voters as is to get good scores from the judges.

I recognize that the judges scores can influence how many voters choose to cast their votes. So if I’m going to be successful and earn your votes, I have to work just as hard at communicating with each of you. Which is exactly why I read each and every blog post. I read each and every email. I do Icerocket blog searches and read what bloggers post. I encourage people to email and ask friends and co workers to vote. Not recognizing the value of each of your votes is not paying attention. I try to always pay attention to the rules of the game.

But lets get back to Dancing. This week we have the Samba. I loved the Waltz. It was fun, smooth and far easier on my body. The Samba is more like the Jive. It doesn’t have the jumping, but the up and down and hip action means that i have a hard time going to my left. I cant turn my left foot out. Cant thrust my left hip out. I just dint have the muscles or flexibility in my left leg because of my hip replacement. So when you watch our Samba, you may get a little chuckle watching our entire routine go right.

Speaking of laughs. The Waltz was serious. The Samba is fun. I can’t tell you what song we will be dancing to, but I can tell you that its from the 60s and our routine is going to be a tribute to the dances of the 60s and a quick pogo pogo tribute to the movie Strictly Ballroom. We are going for fun. lots of fun.

Finally , one last thing. I have gotten a bunch of emails asking to find out more about me. Boring, but if you are interested, here are some old blog posts that will provide you some history.

Thank you again, and lets do it again next week !

176 thoughts on “Thank You for your Votes … Again !

  1. Hey Mark!

    I just wanted to come by and say that I love you on DWTS. I\’m not a big dance fanatic but when I heard you were going to be on the show I had to watch it. I admire your courage to go on the show. Keep up the great job and I\’ll be watch tomorrow for the results.

    Erica Hernandez


    Comment by Erica -

  2. I love DWTS and have used all of my home, cell and computer votes for you, but a side note to one of the ones above…I love my Mavericks the way they are!!! Please, please do NOT bring Kobe to Dallas-I don\’t think I could watch anymore. I love Josh Howard & the other players who are unselfish, but determined. Keep the team intact and attack the Samba this week!

    Comment by Mavs Fan -

  3. Mark Cuban,
    I am so disappointed seeing that you are not on Dancing With The Stars anymore. I have enjoyed watching you do this and hope you continue to be more successful at anything else you choose to do. I voted for you the whole time. I hope you take care of yourself with your hip, I use to work for the NBA team orthopedic physician here in Charlotte, NC. But you look real good out there dancing. So take care and hope to meet you if the Bobcats play the Mavericks this season. I have been to the Arena in Dallas, I love it it is beautiful. Anyway, take care
    and stay cool

    Comment by Nina Johnson -

  4. Mark – you are doing amazingly well on \’dancing\’! I, too, have had my hip replaced (2 years last May!!) and I, too, had problems with my toe turning in! It doesn\’t anymore. May I suggest some basic ballet exercises? Also, just concentrating when you are only walking (is annoying, but it helps!) The therapist had me walking BACKWARD on the treadmill more than forward! And I think that helps too. Good luck! I will be watching. Lauren

    Comment by Lauren Pelc -

  5. Hay Mr. Dancing Machine/Mark; Just a friendly not from your GSU Alumnus/Grambling State University Tiger Fans, Future Production & Talent in the Hood TV/DCTV; who were very disappointed to see you and your partner\’s last dance on Dancing with the Stars. My family, friends, students, business associates and I voted for you to go all the way. Well what do those fuddy, duddy judges know about real Talent anyway? If I had been a judge, you would still be in the running. Now on to bigger and better things, right here in the DFW Metroplex [come on Mark and Host our show. We promise we won\’t vote you off]

    Comment by Deborah Gibson-Westbrook aka \"Sunshine\" -

  6. I think your doing great I usually vote for you via, cell, phone, text and computer. I am from Dallas, I was born in Dallas grew up in Irving. I am a true blue Mavs fan, Luv to go to the games. Would luv to go to more. Good luck to you in the competition, and GO MAVS

    Comment by Deborah Huddleston -

  7. Mark…

    I can see why you have been so successful in business…You are open to people and do not \’appear\’ to think of yourself as any better of a person becuase you have been so driven in business….It appears that you have the same passion in other things such as dancing …. You and Kim were fun to watch and I agree that you did seem to listen to the judges. Congrats on adding to the show!

    Comment by Linda -

  8. Mark –

    I\’m a DWTS fanatic and I\’m really pulling for you. I think the judges are not being fair to you – You may not be the best, but you are definitely not the worst. You have all my votes. I will make this suggestion – watch your facial expressions – sometimes they distract from your dancing and the right \”look.\” I think you look great – thinner and no beard – definitely better.
    GOOD LUCK!!! Hang in there and stay positive.

    Comment by Stephanie Leopard -

  9. Wow Marc!! All I can say is that I\’ve been voting for you from day one. I think that although there are so many dancers, for you it was a truly moving experience. I could always tell in your eyes and smile that you loved every second of doing it. It\’s too bad you\’re not single, because I definitely fell for you..haha. I\’m not sure why, but you definitely captivated me. Must be that smile. You just seem like such a great person, and it was an honor for you to make the audience a part of that.
    You\’re definitely the champion to me! πŸ˜‰

    Comment by Danielle -

  10. Mark – Thank YOU for entertaning us these past weeks. I am truly going to miss you as DWTS progresses. I was set to not like you form the get go, as a Warriors fan but I must admit, you won me over. I hope you and your new hip are ok. Thank you again! Now you can get back to the business of Mavericks basketball and hopefully buying the Cubs.

    Sharon in San Jose, CA

    P.S. – I DID vote for you!

    Comment by Sharon BottiniRitter -

  11. Mark, so sad to see you go. I think you are a great dancer. You could tell on the faces of the judges and other contestants that they really like you, genuinely like you, not because of who you are in the media, but as a competitor and a person. You are a very well rounded person and I hope you still continue to do things out of your comfort zone. Good luck on the upcoming basketball season.

    Comment by Barbara -

  12. There are alot of comments, but I found only one OTHER PERSON person who commented (POST #148 BY Chuck & Jackie Thompson)on the fact that:


    I used email and it seemed to skip a couple votes there, but I know I only dialed in from my cell 5 times before it said my # was maxed out…and 3 of those 5 times were busy signals!

    JUST FYI…you should at least get consolation prize/honorable mention…J/K

    as for the comment about \”babysitting\” vs \”parenting\”…I don\’t have kids, but amongst my friends that do – those that truly love their spouse and know the value of \”adult\” time…loving refer to it as babysitting…I\’ve never heard anyone refer to it as \”parenting\” unless it was divorce time. So VERY GLAD that you will get to do some babysitting…LOL. It\’ll keep you on your toes. πŸ˜‰

    Comment by Elana Rowe -

  13. It was absolutely entertaining to watch you improve each week, for someone that had health problems, and was totally taken out of his realm of profession, you really pulled it off…you are a very gracious person…and you inspired millions of people, especially watching you transform from week to week, clean shaven, loosing 30+ lbs…it was wonderful….thank you for making TV watching worth watching…I hope to see you do something like this again.

    Comment by pat -

  14. Mark,
    I was sorry to see you voted off the show last night. It was a good run while it lasted. I loved seeing your infectious smile every week and will miss that. BTW, I was impressed (not surprised, just impressed) by your graciousness at your exit, thanking the cast, crew, judges, band and fans. As a fan, you\’re certainly welcome. If you had to go, that was a classy way to do it. They generally have the previous contestants on the finale, usually dancing the last dance they did, so I look forward to seeing your smiling face then. Maybe you can practice and surprise the judges with your technical expertise by then. πŸ˜‰ Take care.

    Comment by Thyri -

  15. Dear Mark,

    I\’ve been impressed with how hard you\’ve worked and how much you\’ve accomplished in such a short time! Congratulations on having the nerve to stick your neck out there — really, to put your whole self on the line.

    I\’ve also been impressed with the grace you\’ve shown under pressure, but heard you say something that bothered me on Tuesday night after you learned your score was the lowest and so your days in the competition were over. It was something about your wife having had to do a lot of babysitting, and how you\’d now be doing the babysitting. When you care for your children without your spouse around (for any period of time – short or long), it\’s called parenting, not babysitting.


    Comment by Kathleen -

  16. Mark,

    I was so sad to see you leave DWTS last night. You brought such a sparkle to the show! My husband and I have really enjoyed watching you dance. Like Barb (previous post to mine) we live in San Antonio. I have to admit we are not really sports fans, so you have reached far beyond those boundaries with your spirit and enthusiasm. And you have a fantastic attitude toward life! (You even make us want to watch a Mav\’s game)

    Now you and your wife can light up the dance floor wherever you go!! Thanks to DWTS we got to see the real Mark Cuban – a man of integrity and a great personality!

    Very Sincerely,

    Comment by Princilla -

  17. Mark,
    Just have to say my daughter and I have completely changed our opinion of you since you have appeared on DWTHS. We were even voting for and pulling for you each week! This is a strong compliment to you since we live in San Antonio and support the Spurs.
    We are sorry you were bumped last night but really enjoyed watching your performances.


    Comment by Barb -

  18. Sorry to see you go. Your hard work and intensity are what made you an improved dancer as well as a successful businessman. And then to read that you have had recent hip replacement…now I am truly impressed! I have been having hip pain and thought that replacement might be in my future; but if turnout is not possible, I would be out of a job, I am a ballet teacher. How \’bout one of your players being a future contestant on DWTS?!* Continued success from a new Cavs fan!

    Comment by Jean Corporon -

  19. Mark, There were a lot of us in the entertainment industry who were voting for you each week. We appreciate your efforts in supporting upscale entertainment options. But, we got distracted by the fires and were calling and/or helping to evacuate our friends this week.

    Don\’t feel deserted. The fires are a lot bigger than all of us. Caught it the next day on TiVo. Nice job.


    Comment by Melissa -

  20. Well, at least there\’s some good news to come out of last night. I now have a free hour on Monday and Tuesday, since I don\’t have to watch Dancing with the Stars any more. You had a good run, though. Good luck with the Mavs season, and please don\’t trade for Kobe!

    Comment by Steve -

  21. Mark,

    You had a great run on Dancing With the Stars. You handled yourself with great class while putting yourself out there to be judged and trying something very new to you in front of millions, no less. Kudos.

    Andrea Swinton

    Comment by Andrea Swinton -

  22. You are an inspiration. At the beginning, you had two left feet but in the end you grew to be quite terrific. We will miss your smiling face and totally entertaining performances.
    You and Kim certainly know how to cut a rug.

    Best of luck in the upcoming basketball season, Your fan, Barb

    Comment by Barbara -

  23. Congratulations. You did a marvelous job and I enjoyed watching you dance. Very brave to take on this challenge.

    Comment by Kathy in New York -

  24. Congratulations, Mark, on a job well done. You are a pure joy. I love the enthusiasm you bring to the court and the same passion you brought to the dance floor. You should be very proud of yourself…your work ethic is outstanding and your personality and class is awesome. I\’m sorry to see you leave the dance floor, but I\’m so glad to have had the opportunity to \”meet\” you off the court.

    Go, Mavs…and by the way, don\’t you think that Ronny Turiaf would be a great addition to the team??

    Comment by Sara Moe -

  25. I really got hooked on the DWTS show this season. I could not believe they voted you off the show. I thought you and Kym Johnson gave a great performance every show.

    Comment by Laura Elston -

  26. Mark, sorry to see you go…more sorry to see Kym go (Insert Chaz Reinhold here, wedding crashers funeral scene)

    now go finish up HDnet! I\’m tellin you, internet tv is going to TAKE OVER. Think free tivo with unlimited storage, who wouldnt use that!? plus, sprint\’s new xohm network should be fast enough to get it via wi fi.

    Comment by Graham -

  27. Thank you! Getting to know you through DWTS has been a pleasure. I enjoyed watching you and Kym dance every week – I loved watching you dance to \”I Dream of Jeannie.\”

    This season is the best for the cast, especially you, Mark. Most of us are not gifted, or professional dancers. You\’ve been a great example, working hard, improving, demonstrating the things you can\’t teach – the spirit, the heart, the joy of dancing. Technique will come. You brought your personal best and your best self to the floor. You\’re my champion in the competition. Thank you for being open to this opportunity. Continue. Continue to dance.

    Thank you too for your Blog, for sharing your personal adventure as I would never experience DWTS. I\’ll be back here to see what\’s on your mind, and I\’ll continue to root for you when the Mavericks play.

    Now you can relax with the rest of us and enjoy the show.

    Comment by Elizabeth -

  28. I am sorry that you lost Mark, but you know if it wasn\’t for your hip you would have gone all the way.

    Comment by Joan Dunklin -

  29. Mark,I was so dissapointed to see you go!!!
    I no longer have a reason to sit Mon. and Tues. night and cheer for you. Now all I can do is watch you and your antics on the basketball courts.

    Comment by Marcia -

  30. Mark Cuban I am devastated that you were voted off. You are so confident and were a joy to watch. I hope you are in the audience for the remaining shows. You probably are a positive force for the Mavericks. Being from Philly I do not know much about Dallas. Loved your interview on Jimmy Kimmel and the onsie thing was funny. I hope you do more celeb things soon.

    Comment by HopeZaslow -

  31. I don\’t give a hoot in hell what the judges say. You did a fantastic job just preparing for the show. I\’ve been a jock all my life and I\’m not sure I could have done what you did so soon after surgery. I appreciate what you went through. You deserved votes just for the attempt.

    Comment by John G. -

  32. Awwwwww Mark….I\’m so sorry to see you leave the DWTS!! I enjoyed watching you and Kym each and every week. You were the \”joy\” of the show and that\’s no lie. I\’m not a basketball fan but love football, the STEELERS for me but that\’s beside the point.
    You seem to be so genuine! A man who doesn\’t worry about showing his true feelings. I adore you for that.
    If I would have had a son..believe me, I would have wanted him to be like you.
    Go and conquer the world and remember your fans will always be there to root you on.
    Take care, have a wonderful life and thanks for the memories you gave us from DWTS.

    Comment by Trish Anne -

  33. I\’ve been voting for you on \”Dancing\”. The effort you have put in really shows and it is a joy to watch you improve each week. Thank you for being an inspiration. I just read that you are out this week(the show is not on for another 1/2 hour here), so I just wanted to tell you how great it has been to see you each week. Aloha.

    Comment by Meredith -

  34. You look very fit & handsome! Loved you in that \”nerd\” get up!

    Comment by Regina -

  35. Well Mark it was a great run. Now you can go back to running your empire but try to keep the weight off. You look fantastic. I think with your participation on DWTS, it gave all of us an opportunity to see that you are a great guy with an incredible sense of humor. You knew you weren\’t the best dancer but you still gave your all. You were not only very entertaining but humble as well. Keep on dancing!
    Hugs and good luck in all you endeavor.

    Comment by Bonnie Ryde -

  36. Mark,

    I\’m so sorry to hear that you are done with the show already. I\’ve enjoyed getting to know more about who you are as a person both through the show and then here on your blog. I\’ll be continuing to read here and follow you through future endeavors. Take care!


    Comment by Sharon -

  37. I\’m so disappointed about the results tonight. I only watched the show to see you. My son in law had hip replacement surgery several years ago and still walks like Grandpa Mccoy (before your time). You are an inspiration.

    Comment by Ja -

  38. While trying to vote for Kym & you, I found two problems. My phone number was maxed out on the first vote and would not allow another vote and the internet site allowed multiple votes (above 50) and I just ran out of time or I could have continued voting. This may have occured on all numbers but I only tried yours, maybe this should be investigated. Good job, my wife and I enjoyed watching all your hard work and progress.

    Chuck & Jackie Thompson

    Comment by Charles Thompson -

  39. i voted for you using all my email accounts and my phones including that of my 9-year-old\’s. hope you make it tonight. it\’s 8:19pm, 40 minutes to the results show. good luck.

    Comment by Jennifer -

  40. Oh Mark! You and Kym have been a joy to watch!
    You have inspired and motivated so many fans!!
    I think you have polished on your people skills
    over the last several weeks too !!!
    You are a fine gentleman and gave such kind and
    intelligent remarks to all. Just a fine man you are.
    I wish you continued success always and always make
    time for your family. Our children grow up so fast
    and you will always look back and SMILE at the precious
    times you spend together. I too am 49 and my oldest is
    22!!! Seems like she was just a baby! I have 3 more
    coming up behind her. These last 25 years flew !!!
    My family has shared lots of happy memories together.
    I hope the same for you and your lovely family !!!
    Take care of yourself and keep up the \”therapy\” on the
    hip…. Looking forward to the MAVS !!!! Woo Hoo !!!!
    your blog friend
    Susan fm Mississippi

    Comment by Susan M -

  41. I can\’t believe you got voted off!!!! I\’m actually upset. You were a great sport though. I hope to see you at the finale.
    Just know, I voted for you all the way through.

    Comment by Meredyth -

  42. Hi Mark, been watching you on DWTS and you\’re doing great and you really are fun to watch; which is a big part of watching dancing, right? I live in Euless and I read your bio that said you were a bartender back in the 80s here in Dallas. I was wondering where you bartended. I may have visited the bar you tended and I think that would bring a smile to my face! Good luck with all your endeavors!

    Comment by Donna -

  43. I am so upset Mark. America got it all wrong. I really enjoyed your dancing. You look great.

    Comment by Tiffany from Dallas! -

  44. Mark you are super. I love your energy and your personality. I listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and loved that you kept your word and Kellie Rasberry went to LA on your private plane. You are so cool and I am going to keep voting for you because you are so much fun…… the way Go Mavs!

    Comment by Tiffany from Dallas! -

  45. Mark, I\’ve got to say that I\’m proud of you. I have enjoyed watching you on the show. You are out there doing the best that you can and working hard. I\’m sure that your hip is limiting you and I\’m sure that you would be doing better once it heals properly. But I\’ve got to say that you have really surprised me with your candor and how you are a good person. I for one would like to meet you just to set down and talk with you for a bit and have a cold beverage. Will you ever come out to Columbus, Ohio? If so, please give me a call. Thanks again for getting to know you a little better.

    Comment by Jerry -

  46. Mark:
    I just finished watching the show.
    I\’m a little disappointed even though you
    gave it your best shot (or spin).
    I have enjoyed watching you and Kym every week.
    You have made me a fan.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™

    Comment by M Fraser -

  47. mark sorry to see you go as someone who had the total hip replacement surgery some 8 weeks ago i \’m stil in awe of your dancing ,im going to take up ballroom dancing because of your example ..your a hero mate.tommy rossiter.

    Comment by tommy rositer -

  48. Mark, I am not a Dancing fan. I was surfing channels last night before the Colts kickoff and caught you saying to the camera \”#### the judges.\” It caught my attention. I watched you and Kim dance and loved it. Your routine was very entertaining. It was a good night, the Colts won, and I voted for you 8 times:)

    Comment by Jill -

  49. Dear Mark,
    I thought you were so great on Monday night. I am so sad tonight that I won\’t see you next week on the show. Your drive is amazing, no one has a drive like you! Mark, thank you for doing dancing with the stars. I think it helped the rest of America see the Mark Cuban, the Mav\’s fans know and love. I can\’t wait to see you this season at the games.

    Comment by Suzanne -

  50. Mark! I will miss you so much on Dancing with the Stars! You brought so much positive energy to the show. I loved your comments about the other competitors though. Spoken like a true gentleman. I voted for you every week, and although I will still watch DWTS, the sparkle has gone out. Thanks for the wonderful weeks of dancing!

    Comment by Linda -

  51. Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performances on Dancing With The Stars. I will miss the style and energy you brought to the show. You seem like such a nice gentleman and I wish you well in your future endeavors.


    Comment by Rebecca -

  52. Mark, the moment I learned you had hip replacement surgery, I became a huge fan. I have had two hips replaced and cannot even imagine myself doing half of what you have been able to do. You are a great inspiration – I know how much your leg and hip must have hurt – especially during the Samba. I\’m sorry you had to go this week. And I\’m glad you were on the show. I LOVE MARK CUBAN!!!!

    Comment by Gail Braun -


    I cried.

    Comment by Laura -

  54. Mark,

    Love watching you each week and I get a real kick out of voting for You and your Partner. You keep gettting better and better. Keep up the good work and know this Dallsite is in you corner.

    Best Wishes,
    June Mankin

    Comment by June Mankin -


    Comment by maryann westhouse -


    Comment by maryann westhouse -

  57. Hi Mark,

    I have voted for you on every phone in my house and I will continue to vote and I really enjoyed the \”I Dream of Jeanie\” routine last night. Good Luck and no matter what you are my #1 dancer.

    Your Mavs Fan & DWTS Fan

    Comment by Tammy Roberts -

  58. Hi Mark. When I read that you were going to be on DWTS\’s, I felt that you would give it your all as you\’ve done with the Mav\’s. Whether or not you win is not an issue with me. I vote for you as many times as I\’m allowed because I know you are working hard to be the best you can be and that\’s whhat counts.

    What a shame that young people are not taught ballroom dancing or just any kind of dancing in our public schools. They would have so much more confindence in themselves and being a skillful dancer would help them when they go out into the working world as it\’s just a social thing to do. Our newly elected Presidents are expected to dance at their Inagural Ball and most don\’t know how. I would gladly pay for my grandchildrens dancing lessons but the only thing offered in our area are ballet lessons which I don\’t feel they would use unless they became professional ballet dancers which is not likely. Good luck next week and I will be watching and voting.

    Comment by FANCI -

  59. Dear Mark:
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching you and
    Kym dance the Samba to \”I Dream Of Jeannie\”
    on Monday nights show.
    Each week you are very entertaining to watch.
    It made me laugh.
    In spite of what the judges have said, you improve
    week after week. I hope you and Kym are safe on
    Tuesday\’s results show.I\’m looking forward to the
    weeks ahead.
    The very best of luck to you.

    Comment by M Fraser -

  60. Erik is correct to an extent, don\’t use the toothpicks.LOL. Just let your body go as if it was fluid, clear your mind, then play the tape of the music you will use and let your body just go with it, go with the flow. I\’ll be watching. GO MAVS

    Comment by Lise -

  61. Mark,

    Watch you on Dancing With The Stars and read your blog. Enjoying every bit…much better than \”Apprentice\”. πŸ™‚


    Comment by Tracy -

  62. BTW – ditto with #30 – let us see those guns again!

    Comment by Laura -

  63. Another great week for our little engine that could! You two were great! I\’m telling you, what is wrong with those judges? Maybe it was the bomb you dropped that got bleeped during the segment??? LOL My house gave you and Kym a standing ovation after your dance last night. I LOVED IT!

    People are so tired of me asking for their email accounts and getting reminders from me to vote, but we are behind you 100% – and then some!!!

    My comment for the week –


    MFFL (Mark Fans for Life)

    ps. the segment showed you limping – please be careful!

    Comment by Laura -

  64. You were great last night because we saw your personality come through as always. Of course, all my votes went to you. Good Luck tonight!!

    Comment by Julie -

  65. Mark,

    I was never a fan of DWTS and really was not big on sports either until one day I had the TV on and saw you Kym dancing your hearts out. Now you get all my votes and I might even become a Mavs fan. Because of you Monday night has become a favorite TV night(Tuesday is ok too)You make Dallas proud.

    Comment by Gayle -

  66. I don\’t care if you aren\’t the best dancer in the bunch – ! I vote for you because you make dancing look FUN – and, perhaps – just perhaps – you make the Ordinary Joe (or Joanne) feel like he/she can do it too! With your hip replacement, great attitude and cocky grin – along with a terrific partner – I think YOU have actually done more for ballroom dancing in America than anyone else. To be seen! And the data would be so interesting to compile….hmmmmm……Good Luck Mark!!!!!!

    Comment by Sue in St Pete -

  67. Mark…I\’m very proud of you and Kim. I am a avid Dancing with the Stars Fan. I was so happy when Emmitt Smith was on there and won…and then when I heard you were going to be on there…I knew it was going to be exciting. I think you have done a great job and your hard work and determination has made Dallas very proud of you. We\’re all voting for you…keep up the good work. I don\’t think Sabrina should be on there…she has dance experience already, and Mel B too.

    Comment by Brenda Stringer -

  68. Hey Mark. It has been a lot of fun watching you successfully dance yourself into the next week. I hope you continue, which means a lot, because I am an avid Jazz fan. Go Jazz.

    Comment by Taylor -

  69. Mark,

    We are not fooled by the \”Nerd\”. You are actually very charming and dare I say Hot! (Don\’t tell my husband) You have all my votes, keep up the great work!

    Comment by Julie -

  70. Mark I loved the I dream of Jeannie. Again you and Kym did great and had me smiling all the way through. Used all my email and phone votes to send them your way.

    Comment by Joyce in Kentucky -

  71. Hi Mark,
    I have to be honest when I say your not the best dancer, but I applaud your desire and hard work to do well. People say why is he on the show, he\’s a billionaire, well money isn\’t everything in life, it just means you haven\’t got money problems. If your having fun and learning something new that\’s all that counts. It\’s called entertainment, and you are entertaining. My family hopes to make it to a Mavericks game in Feb 08, when we are in TX on vacation..see you then!

    Comment by Diane in NH -

  72. Ironic your last name is Cuban because the mambo is definitely *not* in your blood. I think you must be the only Cuban without rhythm. Atleast your attitude is good and you work hard, but I don\’t believe that is enough reason to keep you on week-to-week. Sorry pal.

    Comment by Joseph Miami -

  73. Mark,

    I believe that other than Heather Mills, you have had the biggest handicap to date. You have so impressed my 87 year old mother in law, Marie Davis, that she calls every Monday night and has us cast all her votes for you. Best of luck. You have a couple more weeks of dancing for sure! Work on your foot work.

    Comment by Gary Berwald -

  74. Hi Mark & Kym,

    Just wanted to let you know that your dance last night was like a breath of fresh air. All the other dancers do the \”same ole stuff\’. BTW I was wonering if you had decided to go \”nerd\” all the way, or did you ever entertain thoughts of donning a military uniform ala Larry Hagman? I also noticed that you two were left out of the opening segment on practicing for this week. Why? Kym. have you ever entertained the idea of inviting Joey Fatone to a practice session to give some pointers to Mark? He has a huge fan base and could really throw some votes your way.

    Once again, you two were terrific.


    Comment by Sharon -

  75. Dear Mark:
    I am a 59 year old grandmother and I am a fan of the show. I love the fact that you are doing this. I look at you as a kid at heart. I use to be like that until I had back surgery. I live in Ca. and like the Mavericks. Go figure. I also like you because you are one of the few that care about your fans and you know who pays the salaries of your players. I checked out your ticket prices and they are more then reasonable. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you win. I hope that Marie is ok. I grew up on Donnie and Marie and she seems like such a sweet person.

    God Bless you Mark and may you go far.


    Comment by Barbara -

  76. Mark,

    Don\’t let it bother you that you are on the bottom of the list…in my eyes you are #1….I love the way you never give up… all my votes go to you every week….keep up the good work.


    Comment by Lori -

  77. Mark, I\’m pulling for you to make it to next week. Love your performances!

    I must say I hated you during the Mavs/Heat series 2 years ago, being a huge Heat fan, but I have completely changed my mind and see that you are very charming and trying so hard to do your best at dancing.

    Good luck with dancing (not so much with the Mavs though). Sorry……..

    Comment by deadendangel -

  78. You doing great Mark. You\’re working very hard and that isn\’t going unnoticed! Best of Luck to ya!

    Comment by Kennisha -

  79. Hi Mark!
    We voted for you again tonight!! We wanted to let you know about our new product that former Dancing with The Stars dancer, Lisa Rinna, uses and endorses: StressRoller. Invented by my husband, Dr Steve Jochen, StressRolller is a simple, quick and effective way to break up muscle tension when you don\’t have time to get a massage or visit a Chiropractor. It can be compared to the Foam Roller at the gym, but smaller and much more effective. Check out our site: to read more about it. And we\’re more than happy to send you one to try out if you let us know te best place to send it to. Also, if you need any treatment while you are out here in LA, my husband is an excellent and well-known Chiropractor, Dr Steve Jochen 310-556-8071. His office is in Beverly Hills and he\’s there 6 days a week! He also does a lot of home/on-site visits.

    We\’re rooting for you all the way!!

    Trish and Steve Jochen

    Comment by Trisha Jochen -

  80. I voted for you 64 times–4 phones and 4 emails. My family cracks up watching me vote!

    Mavs Fan 4 Life!

    Comment by Robin, Dallas -

  81. What a mensch! You have such a charming way about you, and while the judges may be a bit hard on you, please know you have many fans voting for you and cheering you on! All my friends from the old days at IU are voting for you too!!!! Go IU! I mean, Go Mark!!

    Comment by Helen -

  82. I thought you and Kym were great last night. It was so cute I Dream Of Jennie theme. It was on of your best . They should let us be able to vote more than 8 times I would vote a million. Good Luck tonight.

    Comment by Jodi Kule -

  83. I thought you and Kym Johson were wonderful on the I dream of Jeanie dance performance. I voted for you and Kym 8 times online and I texted.

    Comment by Laura Elston at -

    If you haven\’t voted online for Mark, you have until noon EST at
    It\’s going to be close this week, let\’s keep Mark alive!

    Great job Mark & Kym! Loved the I Dream of Jeannie number!

    Comment by Val -

  85. Congrats on a great night last night. Your Samba was AWESOME. It was fun and entertaining and I enjoyed it very much. You guys could star in a \”I dream of Jeannie\” remake. It was a great song choice. It fit the Samba perfectly and your dancing, knowing that you recently had a hip replacement, was incredible! Great Job!

    PS – you don\’t need Kobe, let him come to Chicago, we really need one of our teams to go all the way. πŸ˜‰

    Comment by Jen -

  86. Hey Mark, My 80 year old mother turned towards me last night and said, \”He\’s getting better every week\”…She liked the I Dream of Genie theme, too…Just like Kacie my dog, you never give up…Thanks for the inspiring performance…You\’ve got our votes…


    Comment by Ronald -

  87. Mark,

    Loved your performance with I dream of Jeannie. You are doing wonderful, and I know dancing is hard work. For something that doesn\’t come naturally to someone, you have come a long way. Hang in there!

    Your performance brought a smile to my face, and tonight, I really needed that!

    Comment by Carolyn -


    Comment by maryann westhouse -

  89. PS: post #82…ummm – not to be disrespectful (like to your wife or rather to the poster), but you ARE sexy! Besides, funny is sexier than the average \”get a room\” feeling of some of the other dancers – they border on sleazy…not to be prude or anything but you\’re spot on what you should be doing (relaxing and entertaining!

    Comment by Elana -

  90. Monday night: trying to get votes in, but the phone system cut me short…unless they also count the calls that get a busy signal, I only got 5 votes in by phone (cell phone)…just FYI!!

    Your dance this week was AWESOME and EXACTLY what I like to see! Perfecto!! Your partner may end up with a movie role – the resemblence to Eden is UNCANNY

    I FULLY expect that you will make it through several more weeks (we are pulling for a WIN here)!
    πŸ™‚ You rock!

    Comment by Elana -

  91. I loved the I dream of Jeannie dance tonight. The hard work you & Kym put into each dance really shows. I\’ve never even thought of dancing before but watching you both really makes me want to get out there and take a class. Keep up the good work and you\’ve got my vote!

    Comment by Cathy -

  92. Hey Mark,
    Let me just tell you that my mom loves the Mavericks and she never really got to see much of you as an owner until this season of Dancing with the Stars. Let me tell you she is in love with you. She loves the way that you dance. Every vote possible she is voting for you and calling people to remind them to vote for you too. It\’s gotten to the point where I don\’t talk to her when it comes on cause she is pressuring me to vote for you. My mom doesn\’t get the Internet and she heard that you read all your blogs so she wanted me to send you one as part of her bday gift. So keep doing a great job and know that she is voting for you every step of the way. GO Mavericks!!!!

    Comment by Melissa De Los Santos -

  93. Wow! As soon as you guys came out I told my husband that this is why the man has made billions. You played to your strengths. You might not be the best dancer, but you gave the audience something to remember and enjoy. I know this is cliche, but you truly do inspire people. We all have adversity, and overcoming it is what makes us successful. I have not voted before, but between watching tonight and loving Kid Kraddick, I did several times tonight. I have been working really hard for a promotion at work that at times seems just out of reach. You made me realize that although life might not take me courtside to all the Mavs games (pretty nice gig!!) it can take me where I choose to go. It really is all about the D!! Devotion, Dedication, Determination, Diligence!!! Keep going Mark! It is so great to watch!
    Kerri in TX

    Comment by Kerri R -

  94. Mark,

    You\’ve come a long way baby! DWTS is a long way from the old CompuServe days! I\’m so very proud of you and what you\’ve done so far! Every week you\’re getting a better and better, showing everyone that with a little willpower and determination, people can stretch their normal comfort zones and be good at something outside their usual range!

    Just stay focused and keep yourself limber, warm and fluid. And most of all– have fun!

    The old CIS gang\’s rooting for you!

    Mary Lu Wehmeier

    Comment by Mary Lu Wehmeier -

  95. You are a joy to watch!!! Once again, I used up all my votes (land line and cell) for you!

    Comment by Lyd -

  96. Mark,

    You get every vote, every line, every text from our house. Keep up the FANTASTIC job! You show the type of energy that I look forward to seeing on DWTS and at all of the MAVS games.

    You have my votes again tonight
    Dallas Fan

    Comment by Dallas Fan -

  97. Congratulations on another great performance, Mark & Kym. Dallas is proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, yes, the \”fun\” was all over the routine, but so were some terrific dance moves. Your comments showed class. I agree with the comment above on introducing you as something other than \”Billionaire\”. Well done!

    Comment by Karen J -

  98. hey mark
    i am a fan of you
    i vote for evertime on dwts
    my brithday is novmber 1st

    Comment by Sarah -

  99. My favorite dance of the competition so far. You & Kym were so cute with the \”Jeannie\” routine, and she was adorable in the pink costume. My hubby said it brought back many happy youthful memories of his first crush, Barbara Eden. I\’m glad you stood your ground and had Kym choreograph some comedy aspects in the routine, you sure stood out from the others. The nerd glasses were the crowning touch! You have my votes, but I do have to confess that I used one tonight on Marie Osmond, gotta admire her for sticking in there after fainting on stage! Good luck for the rest of the competition, your Okie neighbors are rooting for you too.

    Comment by Neda Hilliard -

  100. I love watching your Dallas Mavericks. When I saw you were going to be on DWTS I was so excited. I love watching your enthusiastic dancing each week. You are truly the \”little engine that can\”. The best of luck to you and Kym. I look forward to seeing you again next week!

    Comment by Sher -

  101. Mark-
    I am truly amazed at your talent! You say you are not a dancer, but I can honestly say that very few men that I know can do what you are doing! (Especially my husband!) I am a friend Of Kellie Rasberry and I will continue to vote for you after she told me how much you want this!! Congrats!!

    Comment by Shopping With Shanda -

  102. O.K. are you ready for this? Try SEXY! You are going for the funny approach which works to a point… If you do the sexy thing it will take it to the next step.

    Hate to say it but most of the women are watching cause you are attractive and rich, so work it. The nerd thing doesn\’t work when you look like you do.

    Think HOT and SEXY

    Good Luck!

    Comment by Rebecca Day Aldrich -

  103. I just saw your I DREAM OF JENNINE dance and I loved it. I thought it was great!!!!! I cast all of my votes for you this week. I hope you make it to the next round b/c you are fun to watch and seem like a great guy. It would be awesome if you become a dark horse favorite.
    Good luck tomorrow!!!
    Also, my brother was surprised when he saw you on tv, he said that you look really different from when you go to the basketball games so I was wondering:
    What do you look like at basketball games? Do you have any pictures?

    Comment by Meredyth -

  104. Duuude! you got skillz! Seriously, loved the performance, and your determination. Looks like you can add defeating some of the \”pro\’s\” to your list of accomplishments!

    Comment by Al -

  105. Just wanted to say that your samba this week was great and so much fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Brittany -

  106. Hey there, we just cant get enough of you and Kym. We were hoping you would be there at least acouple of weeks.. and BOY you are doing GREAT.:)
    KEEP it up. sorry bout your hip… but you are covering it up good. Cannot tell you just how much we enjoy seeing you there. I have always been a fan of yours because of your ersonality… your the top!!!
    btw. I tried to cast my 8 votes tonight.. I got 3 votes, and the other 5 times I got a recording stating the call wouldn\’t go through..BUT they were counted against my 8 votes.. THATS NOT FAIR.. please let them know. this is the second time this has happened. The first week you danced, it happened then … so,, I\’m not a happy camper about that voting system. Keep up the good work and HOT DOG.. your good..:)
    OH BTW love the Mavs !!
    A Fan no matter what.

    Comment by Paula -

  107. Just finished watching DWTS and everyone did a fantastic job, however you are the one that keeps getting my votes. It\’s easy to see why you are such a success in life. You are enthusiastic, committed and don\’t give up. I think you give the viewers an idea of who Mark Cuban is and what he\’s made of….it\’s safe to say, we like him !!!
    Keep up the hard work so we can keep watching. Good Luck!

    Comment by Kathy -

  108. Never thought I\’d write to you, but since I have been giving you the \”MAX\” on votes using two cell phones, house phone and website voting I guess I just found myself doing just that.

    I love your enthusiasm( and SMILE)–even though you do not have the dance experience many of the others have–must be a carry over from all that Maverick enthusiasm. I have loved watching you at Maverick games and just had to help you get as far as you can in this competition. Best of luck to you and Kym to go as far as possible! You\’ll keep getting my MAX votes!

    Marti in Bedford, Texas

    Comment by Marti Burch -

  109. mark, you rock!!! i adore your personality and watching you every week you are the only guy I vote for so keep it up and i\’ll keep voting by the way you\’re a cute nerd ( tonights dance)

    Comment by linda cranford -

  110. Mark,
    You have all our votes!! Keep on dancing!

    Comment by Margaret Cuban -

  111. Mark this was your best week yet! I always love the costumes you come out in and tonight was no disappointment! I loved the routine and I loved your enthusiasm and smile.. You are an inspiration to those who have the desire to learn to dance but nothing in their background to suggest they actually can! You have my 8 votes!

    PS I met Kym on the Mediterrean Disney Cruise this summer with her ex-partner Joey….she was such a doll – exactly how she appears on TV – Hi Kym!

    Comment by Maureen -

  112. Great Samba routine tonight – loved it!! You have the most infectious enthusiasm and seem to really have fun when you are dancing ~ you are my favorite to watch each week! I love that you are always smiling out there – keep up the great work, and I hope you guys make it to the end!! You\’ve got my votes!!

    Comment by Aimee -

  113. Mark,

    I\’m voting for you!!!! Great job. I had my hips replaced twice already so I know it wasn\’t easy doing what you\’re doing after 6 weeks. Way to go!!!!!

    Comment by B in Palm Beach -

  114. Dear Mark, I had heard of you before DWTS and admired you then, but now, I just love the way you approach the dancing. Serious but fun. I personally think you are sexier than Cameron, I hope you make it to the end!

    formerly a Texas native, now in New Hampshire.

    Comment by Loly Mireles -

  115. HOLY COW MARK! Great job Monday night! Its been terrfic watching you improve each and every week. Your doing wonderful. Before your even done dancing i\”m voting for you and Kym! You go Mark, keep up the great work!!! OOO and GO DALLAS!

    Comment by saralyn -

  116. Mark, interesting outfit. Enjoyed your \”bit\” tonight. Good luck in the voting aspect of the competition. Don\’t tell anyone but, my husband even turned off Monday Night Football to watch you.

    Good Luck!!!

    SAY NO TO KOBE!!!!

    Love Josh, Devin, Jet and all the rest. If Kobe is applying for the Mavs, just look at his numbers this pre season compared to your current roster. I would pick the BETTER and current roster

    Comment by MFFLinFL -



    Comment by Gayle Biemeret -

  118. Mark, You are amazing! I would love for you to give a pep talk to my 3rd graders. I live in Fort Worth, so it is just a hop, skip and a jump from you! After you win Dancing with the Stars maybe we can set a date! You are off to a \”Sweet New Year\”! Keep up the good work.

    Gayle Biemeret

    Comment by Gayle Biemeret -

  119. Mark Keep up the great work!!! You\’ve got all my vote\’s! Please take care of the hip, my mother dislocated 3 times, but then she is much older and was replaced with older technology! I give you so much credit for even doing this show and you are
    doing wonderfully in my book!!
    Alway a Fan Lori

    Comment by Lori McElveny -

  120. Mark, You were wonderful tonight. You are always such a joy to watch and look like you are truly having a great time and that is what this competition should be about. I hope to continue seeing you in weeks ahead. You are definately fun to watch and super good looking, even as a nerd! I loved it and will continue voting for you until the end! Keep on dancing!

    Comment by Elizabeth Hagler -

  121. Way cool \”I dream of Jeannie\” routine this week! You and Kym looked fantastic. Yes, the footwork could be sharper, but you improve every week. I know it\’s easy for us armchair quarterbacks to critique your dancing, but we\’re so used to seeing the best of the best every week now, our standards are ridiculously high compared to what we ourselves might attain (those of us who aren\’t dancers, that is). Anyway, just saying, keep up the great work and thanks for a wonderful routine! Very entertaining!

    Comment by Eva M -


    Mark! You hit a total home run tonight with your \”I Dream\” send-up! I picked you as the winner this season, and you have not yet disappointed!

    Just one request, please. You are one of the classiest competitors this show has ever seen, and so is Kym. She got a free pass tonight, but can you please ask her to tone down the slut-muffin attire? She has a beautiful body, to be sure, but her dancing can stand on its own. I wish she would return to her classy manner of dress that she had prior to this season.

    You two keep up your hard work! You can do this!

    Comment by Alesa in Tennessee -

  123. Mark….keep going your doing a great job….there are lots of us that are pulling for you every week (AND VOTING).

    Comment by Robin -

  124. MARK !!! and KYM !!!

    It was AwESoMe !!!!
    Ya\’ll did great !!!
    Absolutely loved your Samba !!!
    I gotta get busy on my phones !!!

    Great Job !!!
    Your Dancing Fan
    Susan fm Mississippi

    Comment by Susan M -

  125. Mark,

    Loved your samba! Thought it was cute and fun! I voted for you and hope to see you stick around till the finals!

    Best Wishes!


    Comment by Jennifer -

  126. Way to go! Looks like your improving every single week.

    Comment by Dallas Realtor -

  127. Mark,

    I have really enjoyed watching you dance. You bring such a charming feel to the dance floor. I make sure to grab every phone in my house to vote and then I get online. It has been so much fun watching you grow through this competition and I\’m not ready to stop watching you yet. Good luck tonight on your Samba. I know you will do your very best.

    Always have fun,

    Comment by Tammy -

  128. Mark,
    I have been a trained dancer since I was five. I have always enjoyed performing, but ballroom dancing was the hardest to learn. I have watched DWTS since it began, but I enjoy this season the most because of you. It is truly wonderful to watch someone with no performance background go out there and do as wonderful as you have done. Seeing you enjoy the dance is terrific. What impressed me the most is your dedication to perform with your hip. I wish you all the best and will keep cheering you on!

    Dancer from Indiana

    Comment by Tammy -

  129. Mark: This week should be fun, which dance is it?

    Don\’t forget NASCAR Push Toys Rock!

    Keith and Nicole

    Comment by Keith Lehto -

  130. Mr. Cuban,

    I really admire your tenacity & courage. I admire all your achievements. Honestly, you are one of the person\’s I most admire.

    I live in Miami, FL. where Latin Music is everywhere. I have done some dancing myself, & have watched all the greats on film from Astaire, Fosse, Kelly, Nuryev, Baryshnikov etc.

    I have watched you on Dancing with the Stars since the series started. You have improved in leaps and bounds. If you want to become even better you must relax and feel the music. You and the music are one. Your body synchronizes with the beat. Your body is an extension of the music. Samba is fun, though tiring. If you think that it is fun and master some of the technique, musicality, and enjoyment into one package you will see the difference in your performance. You have to have a high level of energy and power that explodes with the steps and at the same time is on time (on the beat) with the music.

    Make sure you hit the accents… This helps expose the musicality in addition to complimenting the choreagraphy.

    I wish I could be of more assistance. Watch some of the films from the International Ballroom Competitions, this should help since we are all visual learners.

    Best of luck to you….Remember have fun!!

    Comment by Sandra Andelo -

  131. Mark,

    I am so proud of you. You have gained the support of the nation the same way you have guided the Mavericks to their national acclaim…by hard work, dedication, and taking the high road. Your enthusiam and positive attitude are wonderful! You have carried the torch passed on from Emmitt with great Dallas pride.

    This MFFL will support you to the end!

    Comment by Laura -

  132. You are doing great and I know you will do even better on your Samba this week. My mom and I vote over 100 times for you each week, and we get as many of our friends that will cooperate to do the same. We watched the mavs game last night and it was so fun to see you and Kym at the game. She better become a MFFL :).

    Comment by Mycah -

  133. Great job Mark! You are a tribute to all of us who are 49!!!
    Good luck this week. You will have all of my votes.

    Comment by Sue -

  134. I have never written to any one I do not know before. But, you inspire me (which says a lot…I will get to that later).

    I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children, so I get very little television time! The only show I ever watch is \”Dancing with the Stars\”. I did not know much about you (even though I live in Texas!) until I saw you on this show. I have since read many wonderful things about you ~ Which I think speaks of who you really are.

    I have only voted a couple of times on this show. Until this season. I give you my votes. Your dedication, drive, and charismatic personality make you a winner. I know several people that have had hip replacement surgery…you defy all odds. And the amount of dedication you put into each performance shows.

    You are very lucky to be paired with Kym. The two of you have amazing chemistry together on the dance floor. This shows in every performance. I will continue to vote for you, and I am hopeful you will make it farther in the competition. The show would not be the same without your magnetic personality on the dance floor!

    I said you inspire me…I was in an accident at 18 (45 now) and my hip was broken in 50 (yes, 50) places, my leg in 15, lost a kidney…blah, blah, blah. I walked (became an aerobics instucter!)ran, and had three beautiful children when they said none of the above would ever happen. But, I have to say that what you are doing physically is beyond my comprehension. I could have NEVER done what you are doing weeks after your surgery.

    Keep up the good work. And the best of luck to you.

    Comment by Sharon Kocurek -

  135. Mark,

    Brownie points and I\’ll try and scare up some more votes for you for the Strictly Ballroom thing…its one of my very favorite movies. I write about the show at TV, and I\’ve been talking you up and telling my readers how much you impress me each week with that incredible work ethic and so much charm! Good luck with the samba. When you get time, please shoot me an e-mail or contact me at grapevine, I\’d love to do an interview…anything to help get the word out!

    Comment by Sharon -

  136. Ok, one other comment on DWTS.
    Can you ask them to introduce you as something other than the billionaire?? How about Owner of the great Dallas Mav\’s or Computer, internet genius, or Hip Replacement Hero? I\’ve looked for a spot on their website where I go to vote to send them my comment about that, but I haven\’t seen a way to send it to them. The Billionaire intro. is a one dimentional sterotype. Shame on them.

    Comment by Marlynda Taylor -

  137. Mark,

    Kudos to you for your great attitude. I love DWTS and have never voted before although I have had favorites in previous seasons. However, when I look at you in your practice sessions I am moved by your dedication. Your humility when hearing the judges\’ critique is amazing. I have voted for you based on those two elements alone. You are a true blue winner in my book, no matter the outcome this season. Keep those dancing shoes on. Your positive ne\’er say die attitude is a wonderful example of great sportsmanship. Keep up the good work.

    Jen L.

    Comment by Jennifer L. -

  138. Mark,

    Kudos to you for your great attitude. I love DWTS and have never voted before although I have had favorites in previous seasons. However, when I look at you in your practice sessions I am moved by your dedication. Your humility when hearing the judges\’ critique is amazing. I have voted for you based on those two elements alone. You are a true blue winner in my book, no matter the outcome this season. Keep those dancing shoes on. Your positive ne\’er say die attitude is a wonderful example of great sportsmanship. Keep up the good work.

    Jen L.

    Comment by Jennifer L. -

  139. This will probably either amuse you, or annoy you, but it really is a compliment and I honestly mean no offense…I am a HUGE fan of the Miami Heat, and Dwyane Wade in particular, so I got my first real impression of you during and right after the 2006 NBA Finals, at which point I thought you were, quite frankly, a jerk. But after reading your blogs and learning more about you, I\’d like to tell you that I GREATLY admire your knowledge, attitude, wisdom and passion, and I have really come to respect you as someone that so many people, particularly with high aspirations, can learn from. And, you seem like a very overall decent guy after all. πŸ™‚ To tell you the truth, I actually rely on your blog quite often for stimulation amidst all of the crap and propaganda that dominates today\’s media. I also watch you every week on DWTS πŸ™‚ I was dividing my votes between you and Floyd, but since he\’s gone, you\’re my only loyalty left on the show! Well done thus far, and best of luck with your upcoming dances…You can count on the continued support of at least (if not only) ONE person in South Florida, lol! And thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge, experiences and opinions with us! πŸ™‚

    Comment by A VERY Loyal Heat Fan -

  140. You get well over 70 votes from our house each week. And, just so you know, Jim Rome gave you a shout-out on his radio show this week and told people to vote for you and how badly you want to win. Now that\’s impressive.

    Comment by jennifer -

  141. Keep up the good work Mark. There are only 3 contestants that really make me smile and your at the head of the list. I also want to thank you for being an inspiration to those of us who also suffer from Arthritis.Your hard work and determination is paying off because you have already brought joy to a lot of us. GOOOOOO Mark and Kym

    Comment by Joyce in Kentucky -

  142. I am still in your corner. You are getting so much better. You are a winner!

    Comment by Debo Hobo -

  143. Mark just wanted to let you know… I have so much enjoyed watching you grow on DWTS… I have never watched the show before this season.. (I\’m a true Marie Osmond fan… dolls all over the house.. so thats why I started watching this season)Hmmm wonders if Marie will create a Mark Cuban doll… but watching DWTS each and every week… You and your smile have really grown on me… so don\’t tell Marie but you get a few of my votes as well. I come and check out your blogs weekly.. and I honestly hope you go far with DWTS… love watching you and Kym… Keep on Dancing…

    Comment by Bonnie -

  144. You may not be the best, but you are a damn hard worker and I appreciate that. You listen, you learn, and like Kym said, you over analyze, but what the hell, that\’s what Mark Cuban does. You keep working that hard and I\’ll keep voting for you. If you\’re having fun, well hey, I want you to keep on having fun.

    Don\’t worry too much about the left hip and the Samba. Everyone has a dominate side of their body so let your right hip do what the left can\’t. Kym has done some really good choreography for the two of you. Bet she comes up with a way to compensate. Listen to the teacher.

    Comment by Elizabeth -

  145. Congrats Mark! I knew you could do it! My son and I vote for you every week. This week I created a bunch of fake email address and gave you more than 100 votes!!! lol…I will try to think of even more next week. As I\’ve told you before on here we are HUGE MAVS fans and I support anything to do with the team. And who can have more to do with the team than the owner??!! So, you get our votes. I am certainly no expert in dancing, but you have improved steadily every week. You have so much fun out there and it shows. It is quite fun watching you! Keep up the good work. See ya on tv next week and GOOD LUCK!!!
    GO MAVS!!!!!!!

    Comment by Cynthia -

  146. Good Evening Mark !
    Hope you are having a good week.
    I watched some Samba dances on youtube and it
    looks like you can probably do well. I know that
    Kym has choreographed a good routine that fits
    both of you.
    Please dont wear anything frilly! Oooo, you will
    look really sleek in the black pants and a long sleeve
    black shirt. maybe with sleeves rolled up a bit! Ooooo,
    lookin good! And Kym will be beautiful.
    Mark, hug your wife and your kids and try to have some
    family time! They are precious and the kids grow so fast!
    Dont miss out on too much time away from them!
    Always my best!!!
    Susan fm Mississippi

    Comment by Susan M -

  147. Great job the other night. I\’ve gotten my wife behind you now. She was supporting the Indy driver but now she\’s warmed up to \”your guy\” as she likes to call you.

    Maybe you could answer this in a future post: how much do you think your internet community popularity and NBA \”noteriety\” is helping you in the voting?

    One tiny, well-meaning suggestion as well: don\’t tilt your head back so much. The other competitors who get their pictures taken for a living (among other vocations) have been told this a million times by their press agents so they have a leg up on the whole posture thing, I guess.

    See on TV next week and good luck!

    Comment by Steve -

  148. BTW Mark? Do us gals a favor and show off your arms again. πŸ˜‰

    Comment by Thyri -

  149. Hey Mark,

    I have a suggestion for the Samba, really try to emphasize your infectious grin, shoulder shimmies and footwork. Do what you can with the hips, but there\’s only so much you can work around the replacement, so really play up the stuff it\’s possible to do well. Also, with the hips maybe you can do them really slow at first to find out what ROM you have with perfect form, then just go with that and speed them up a little at a time? Staying with the rhythm and looking coordinated is more important than huge motion. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

    Comment by Thyri -

  150. Mark,
    Love your dancing, but when are you taking Kim to a Maverick\’s game? I\’d like to see you practice with the team cheering you on. Good luck with your Dancing and with the Maverick\’s.

    Comment by Veronica -

  151. One thing I like about you is that you\’re not plugging something
    or trying to revive your flagging career – no upcoming prize fight, new album, new TV show, etc. You are there for the pure joy of competition.
    Your enthusiasm comes through. But you really need to
    work on being more precise in your movements. The only example I can give is to look at a great drill team (Marine 8th&I come to mind). You can even hear how great they are with your eyes closed by the preciseness of their sounds. Another example is the stadium entrance by The Ohio State University Marching Band.This crsipness is still lacking from your performance.
    I think a big part of overcoming this is a mindset. So set the bar higher to get the precision down. I would suggest even setting it impossibly high so even if you back off
    a bit, you\’re still darn good.

    Comment by Elizabeth -

  152. Your joy of life is contagious. My little girls and I love to watch you on dancing each week. Keep up the great work

    Comment by Stacy -

  153. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I\’m so happy that you got the samba!! Can\’t wait to watch that!!

    Comment by Marina -

  154. Great job, Mark, and you are looking fit and fantastic!

    I hope you will bring Kym to a Mavs game so she can see how much Dallas loves you! Wow – how about you two as half-time entertainment???? That would be awesome! I haven\’t read every single comment, so don\’t know if anyone else has had the same idea. If not, remember — you heard it here first!!

    Comment by Pat -

  155. Mark, after \”getting to know you\” a bit on DWTS, I can now say with all my heart that I hope you do get to buy my beloved CUBS!!
    Keep up the great work

    Comment by Sara Pierce -

  156. Dear Mark,

    Amazing dance moves! You also look healthy and really happy doing this show and sincerely enjoying every moment of it. Regardless of your hip surgery, you can dance; and very well I might add. More power to you and continued success!!

    Both my husband and I have voted for you and hope you and Kym are the winners! Best of luck to you always…

    Zahara & Mitchell Mossman

    PS Please come by when you are done dancing away and \”cyber autograph\” my guest book page at ,I would be honored. Thanks and good luck from Sunny Miami Beach, Florida!!

    Comment by Zahara Mossman -

  157. I think you and Kym are working hard and improving each week. The next dance will show that you and Kym have potenial. You both have a good stage presentation and that makes a difference with your votes.

    Comment by Laura -

  158. Another great dance…you just got the curse of going first low score. Speaking of the ringer from Disney, have you seen her movies, this isn\’t new to her. You are what this competition is about, someone with no dancing experience learning to dance. Keep up the good work and I can\’t wait for the samba.


    Comment by Polly in Dallas -

  159. I thought you danced so beautifuly last week. Continue to have fun, your smile is contagious and so is your fun attitude! I love going to work in the MLPS on Tuesday mornings giving everyone the re-cap of their second favorite Dallas\’ite (me being their most fav.) Have fun and keep smiling!

    Comment by cherrymn -

  160. Mark,

    You are so adorable to watch. Your wife must be melting when she watches you dance. Great waltz!!

    You\’re on fire!! See you next week.

    Comment by Toni -

  161. Mark,
    I have been a fan of yours ever since you bought the Mavs and changed them to an amazing team. I love that you can be so determined with everything you do. I was never a fan of DWTS, but now I call many times just to show my support. I think you are just great, and are making Dallas proud. Show \’em how its done!

    Comment by Jessica -

  162. Mark, I just want to commend you for the commitment you have given to DWTS. Everyweek I look forward to your dance becuase I know it will be fun and full of passion. Passion as in loving the dance. πŸ™‚ I make sure to vote for you every week because I know the day you get voted off will be a sad day for DWTS. Keep up the great work!!!

    P.S. Kym is pretty great as well.

    Comment by Amanda -

  163. Keep at em man, careful of the ringer from the Disney network. Good luck on the Samba and with the Cavs season!

    Comment by Benny -

  164. My daughter and I watch DWTS together every week. We were so excited when you were saved on Tuesday that we both screamed out loud. My husband came running to see what had happened. It was funny. We are all pulling for you and no matter how far you go we are really proud of what you have done. Dallas is lucky to have you represent them! Good Luck and Go Mavs!!!

    Comment by Charlotte Sims -

  165. Mr. Cuban,

    Not to distract from this important network reality show, but KOBE BRYANT IS AVAILABLE AND HE HAS LISTED DALLAS AS HIS NUMBER ONE DESTINATION!




    Please work on this. Even Dirk for Kobe straight up means a championship for this team.

    Comment by Adam -

  166. I love the fact that you\’re driven to succeed at whatever you do and you\’re energized to master something brand new. My husband used to laugh at me every week for cheering you on and phoning in my vote, but now he just nods each time you get the good news that you\’re moving on to the next round.

    What\’s terrific about this show is the transformation each hard-working celebrity goes through from beginning to end. You look healthier than when you started and you show utter joy in your face each week when the dance is completed. It\’s easy to see why you\’ve achieved so much success in your life!

    Comment by Hannah -

  167. Congrats on another great week! We\’re all proud of you in Dallas πŸ™‚

    Comment by DallasGirl -

  168. Here\’s one of my favorite websites to read about TV shows. They\’ve created a topic just for Mark so I hope it\’s OK to post here. His fans can go here to post support for Mark & Kym. There\’s positive posts (and negative too)…maybe we can rally up and change some of the naysayers minds. Let\’s keep Mark in this til the end! He deserves it!

    Comment by Val -

  169. Mark,
    You are the biggest surprise on DWTS this season. I only knew you were a billionaire basketball team owner, and I was actually a little put off by that.

    I never thought I would cast any votes for you and I thought you would be the first to go. You totally changed my opinion of you the first week. You\’re engaging, charming, hard working, dedicated and just a cool guy! The fact that you took this on only weeks after hip replacement surgery speaks volumes. You\’ve been getting all of my votes since the second week, online and by phone. No one else seems to be enjoying themselves as much as you. Keep up the good work and I\’m going to keep voting!

    Comment by Val -

  170. Aloha Mark ~

    The little engine that can!

    Great you are using your brain, that is what it\’s for.

    I hope my email on passion helps a little to.
    I am pretty analytical, yet opened the passion doors through self experiments (BA Psychology & Art).

    Remember, passion is felt, not learned or faked.
    Passion is intense, a consumed burning of focused energy.

    One helpful hint is the music and feeling the energy from it.
    What ever song you are dancing to, you should be listening to it non-stop. Over and over and over.. till the vibrations of frequency becomes in match to that of your own Chi!

    I am not kidding.. put it on your IPOD, infinite repeat and sleep with it in your ears.. let it become a part of you.

    Break up your dance practice to shock your system.. you learn more with out comfort, adds stimulization to your senses.

    Try putting down the pen and paper and have someone video tape your practice for documentation, even talking your notes out loud on the tape. Get some tooth picks to hold your eyes open and sleep watching and listening to it!

    You\’ll be amazed at the results.
    I practice what I preach and proof is in my paintings!

    One other key to passion, is quite simple but the application is the difficult part. That would be to live and breath this new routine. If you can isolate yourself from all work, family, responsibilities, I mean EVERYTHING but the dance, practice and Kym, you will be one your way to really feeling the passion of dance.

    For my artwork, I have isolated for 14 days and the results where amazing. Probably unrealistic for you, but even for a day, no email work calls nothing.. just the routine, you will be amazed. Again, simple, just the work that goes in to win!

    Peace & Creative Passion


    IU 1990

    Comment by Erik the Artist -

  171. Mark…ur doing GREAT on DWTS! The improvement you make each week with just coming out of a hip replacement is astonishing….on another note…what do u think of howards ejection on tuesday??

    Comment by Sara -

  172. Mark, you are a joy to watch ! Keep working hard.

    Comment by K, AW -

  173. Looking forward to your Samba, Mark!

    Comment by Texy -

  174. Mark, Great dancing! I will continue to e-mail friends and family with the 800# to vote! You got lucky to get Kym as your partner. She is a great dance and more importantly a awesome teacher. Good luck Monday. October 31st. can\’t come soon enough for this Maverick fan. MFFL

    Comment by Theresa from San Diego, CA -

  175. Great job, Mark! I\’m working hard after every show giving you every vote on every phone line and every email I can. Good Luck! Another MFFL

    Comment by Serena -

  176. 22 – your best score yet! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work. You\’re an inspiration to a lot of us out here.

    Comment by joe -

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