Bill O’Reilly just a wonderful, confused guy – Updated Nov 12th – My review of Redacted added

I’ve grown to love Bill OReilly. Seriously. If there is anyone who can publicize a political movie, its Bill and I truly appreciate that about him.

Magnolia Pictures and HDNet Films’ Redacted premiered last week as part of HDNet’s Ultra VOD program. With HDNet Ultra VOD movies premiere first in Hotels and on cable and satellite VOD systems PRIOR to making their national theatrical premieres. HDNet Movies will also show a sneak preview on Nov 14th, 2 days before the Nov 16th theatrical release.

Its a new and different approach to selling movies, but it gives everyone and anyone who cant make it to theaters or who prefer their living room to a theater the chance to see the movie without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

The way the movie is released is important because it has allowed us to benefit from Mr OReilly’s comments about Redacted even before the movie has made its theatrical debut. If you don’t happen to watch his show, he has made the movie out to be Anti Troops. Of course there is one catch, he hasn’t seen the movie yet. But why should that get in the way.

You see, Mr OReilly thinks that movies are a tool used by terrorists, and any Anti American faction as motivation to hate us and everything we stand for even more than they already do. I’m not sure that terrorists and those who are Anti American need any more motivation , or if they are even capable of hating us even more than they do. We are at war. There are people willing to be convinced to blow themselves up to kill as many of us as possible. Anytime, anywhere. I don’t think there are any clerics expanding the offer of 70 virgins to include a DVD. Nor do I believe that they are translating the movie and then gathering around a TV or Internet screen to get motivated to strap explosives to themselves or to build IEDs.

I don’t see it. I have asked many of Mr OReilly’s followers if they have any factual evidence that this takes place, or is this just a ploy by Mr OReilly to get his viewers all riled up , without any basis in fact. ? No one has come up with any factual examples to this point. In fact, when Mr Oreilly had the author of “Schmoozing with the Terrorists“, when asked whether the terrorists the author had dealt with had even heard of several people Mr OReilly considered aiding the cause of the enemy, the author stated the terrorists had never heard of them. That they didn’t know their positions until Mr Klein told them , at which point they loved them. Which of course means that Mr OReilly was supportive of a guest that was engaging the enemy and giving them new information they found encouraging. How could you Mr OReilly ? Supporting an author who sourced information the terrorists found encouraging, isn’t that traitorous ?

I think Mr OReilly is giving movies far too much credit. The movies with true cultural impact are few and far between and as Mr Klein points out, don’t have the reach some think they do I also think Mr OReilly is a hypocrite.

Last week he wrote an article entitled “Harming America the Pop Culture Way”. It starts off with:
Some Americans believe that pop culture has no impact on the state of the nation. They think that reporting on the media is frivolous -a complete waste of time. They are dead wrong. Just look at how the hip-hop industry has damaged so many young Americans, giving them insidious role models to glorify crime and self- destructive behavior.”

Maybe 28 years of hearing “Hotel Motel Holiday Inn, if your girl starts acting up, then you take her friend” has corrupted our minds. Mine included. But come one Bill, can you at least quote one study or source ? I also wonder if you actually believe what you say and write. Just yesterday on your TV show, in an interview with the hilarious Vince Vaughn, you called Wedding Crashers on your personal 5 top favorites of all time. Now maybe I was laughing so hard during the movie I misunderstood, but didn’t the Wedding Crashers feature guys taking on fake identities at weddings to try to get laid ? I’m stunned. You thought that this example of Hollywood corrupting the morals of the kids in this country was funny ?

Bill, do movies corrupt absolutely, or do they not ?

Maybe you should actually read some of what you write Bill. In the above mentioned America Pop Culture Way article , you include the following:

“Finally, I went to see a movie called “American Gangster” over the weekend because of charges it glorified a drug dealer, played by Denzel Washington. “

Bill, you went to see a movie because you thought it glorified a drug dealer ??

Then you went on to say :

“But “American Gangster” did not glorify the dealer, although now for children, it is an excellent film, one that targets corruption, and demonstrates the evil of Mr. Washington’s character.
Those kinds of movies, tough as they are, actually, help the United States, unlike films that actively spur anti-American hatred. All of us have a responsibility to speak out against that.”

I want to make sure I understand something here Bill. Are you saying here that you were wrong about a movie you hadn’t yet seen ,and you changed your mind after you saw it ?

What a concept. I’m glad you thought of it Bill

Update Nov 12
The comments have become so moronic, I wanted to proactively say many, if not most will be “redacted” if they are not on topic and substantiative. I guess I should have expected this.

I also want to give those of you who would rather condemn before evaluating an answer to your question, “Is this film, anti troops”. The answer is no.

The movie is about what soldiers of every walk of life go through on a daily basis in Iraq. The challenge of facing 99pct of the day bored to tears, while at the same time being terrified that you never know who the enemy really is. Kids can be just kids, or they can be placing IEDs. Women can be just wives, or sisters or mothers, or they can be suicide bombers. Telling each from the other is impossible.

The movie is about this impossible position that soldiers are put into. No amount of training can prevent the humanity that comes from our soldiers , yet is the very trait that puts them in harm’s way. No amount of training can prepare them for seeing their friends die. This film recognizes that 99.9 pct of our forces cope with it and do their jobs. That each knows that among their peers , some may have a breaking point, and they do all they can to prevent them from reaching that breaking point. But they arent, and cant always be successful.

This movie is so far from being anti troops. You can’t watch this movie without it smacking you across the face that the battles that come with serving our country are as much mental and emotional as they are physical. That the weight and burden of survival they must carry every minute of every day is incomprehensible . You cant watch this movie without your heart going out to each and every serviceperson who is put in harms way.

When a couple of the servicepeople crack from the pressure, they dont become the story. They become one more burden that everyone else associated with them must carry. They become one more obstacle to be conquered, and that is conquered.

I recognize what the Director Brian DePalma set out to do . He wanted to make a movie about the horrors of war. He did it. He wanted to send an anti war message. Whether or not he accomplished that, will probably depend on your perspective before you saw the movie.

The horror comes not from generalizing about the troops in some negative way as some would have you believe. Not at all. The horror in this movie is a demand that we all respect the fact that those who serve our country face a ubiquitous pressure to survive against insurmountable odds. That those of us at home have no earthly idea just how horrific that pressure to survive is. That this understanding of what our troops go through has been “Redacted” from the media here at home.

In DePalma’s eyes, if this understanding had not been kept from us at home, the masses would stand up to fight the war. I don’t think it works that way. I think we as Americans want to, and do support our troops as much as we possibly can. In every situation, in every way possible. This movie helps us respect them and understand what they go through more than we did before. This understanding, IMHO, wont push people to call for an end to the war, but it can push people to .honor those who survive the horrors of war in service to our country even more than we already do.

This movie is incredibly powerful. No matter your position on the war, it will have an emotional impact on you.

That is where I stand with Redacted.

This movie has made me respect what our troops go through even more than I did in the past. I felt that way the first time I saw it, and even more so every time since that I have watched it since.

So now you know where I stand with this movie. Exactly

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  1. Mark, do you want to be an NBA owner or do you want to be a political propagandist? When you take a stance like this one way or the other, it immediately alienates half your audience! I already don\’t watch the NBA anymore after finding out that it is run by the mob, but now that I know the owner of the team I support funds garbage like Redacted I don\’t know how much NBA I will ever watch again.

    Also, you say you are going to delete comments that are not on topic or are not substantitive: then you leave every personal insult there is of Bill O\’Reilly. So much for free speech!

    Comment by Chase -

  2. Wow. Too many inaccuracies in one very large rant. I\’ll just chose one for now; I don\’t want to overflow your tiny brain with information. The other posts that you so nicely deleted summed up everything about your anti-troop leaning quite well. Anyways, you state that Bill O\’Reilly says Wedding Crashers personal 5 top favorites of all time. But did he really? The answer is no. Did you even watch the interview? The answer to that is also no, obviously. Next time get your facts straight; oops, thats like asking a dog to go make dinner. It just ain\’t gonna happen.

    Comment by Chris -


    I am not an avid watcher of Bill O\’Reilly; nor have I visited this website before I heard about the raging debate over Mark Cuban supporting an anti-American movie. I have yet to see, and will never see the movie \”Redacted\” based on the comments provided by Mr. Cuban.

    The idea that by portraying the U.S. military personel as rapists and murderers somehow gives us insight into the emotional, physical, and mental hardships endured by our soldiers is asinine. War is not roses and daisies and I wouldn\’t expect a movie about war to not portray horrific scenes of battle and include the intense emotions and humanitarian struggle that our soldiers must face. However, our country made the decision to go to war and to make a movie that has our soldiers splashed in any sort of immoral and disrespectful manner in order to fulfill your own personal vendetta against the war is disgusting. Use someone else. Don\’t use our soldiers who put their lives on the line so that you can make the trash that you call cinema. I do not support this film and have since lost the long-standing respect I once held for Mark Cuban.

    Comment by Jennifer -

  4. I don\’t care what you say! When you support a movie that has a negative view of our troops while we are still at war, it is WRONG. Keep your mouth shut and your money in your pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by sabrina reger -

  5. Mark Cuban wrote: \”The comments have become so moronic, I wanted to proactively say many, if not most will be \”redacted\” if they are not on topic and substantiative. I guess I should have expected this.\”

    I read through the comments up to post 42 and only two posts by the same man crossed the line with swearwords. Does the movie Redacted contain swearwords? Here\’s a video of soldiers in the field swearing–filmed by Pat Dollard:

    Dollard is making a war documentary titled \”Young Americans.\” He made it in the same way that is depicted in Redacted. The video is against all anti-war types (media included) that don\’t appreciate what soldiers go through to give them the freedoms they abuse back home. Sound familiar? Redacted is about keeping it real, so you say. If you \”redact\” comments to this controversy you only show more hypocrisy.
    I didn\’t have to see Michael Moore\’s 9/11 fakeumentary to know what he and his movie are about. I don\’t need to see your movie to know that \”war is hell.\” Your director said the movie is anti-war and the pictures in it are intended to end the war–is he right or not? Do you support De Palma\’s words about this film?

    Comment by Dave Turson -

  6. Explain to me how someone such as yourself can preach on demand about ingnoring people and their comments in order to be successful in the world and then focus on so many words in rebuttal against Bill O\’Reily woho in turn happens to make no sense and has not for many years and you in turn become and always have been the biggest hypocrite to my knowoledge or maybe it is just a figment of my imangination?? I think someone should bring the fight to you and Magnolia Pictures or should I say 2929 Entertainment for financial reasons because working for your company happened to be the most to be the most unpatriotic and terrorizing experience of my life, and not because of the movies you distribute, but because of who and what you do behind the scenes. Just like an old or modern day gangster movie or politicians of today who truly create the need for war. Propaganda perhaps, but if there is anyone in Hollywood ready to dig up the dirt on you like they did with Bill O\’Reily I am the person they should contact and unlike Bill O\’Reily would not reject a challenge

    Comment by Heather Johnson -

  7. Don\’t give this man any credibility. He\’s a shock radio host, I liken him to Howard Stern.

    Don\’t go on his show. Stop posting about it. Don\’t give him and his nut job cronies any attention. His ratings are dropping because his followers are becoming few and far between. Let them fade into oblivion. As Bill O\’s buddy MM likes to say don\’t feed the trolls, right?

    \”I refuse to dignify your comment with a response.\”

    Comment by duhblow7 -

  8. Sad You are a naive spoiled brat. Have a nice day.

    Comment by Keith Klem -

  9. When I started reading this blog, I was pretty confident that the anti-Mark posts were being removed…I was wrong. Thank you for standing up for those who are placing their lives in serious danger, the likes of which most of us will NEVER understand.

    Mark, I have on many occasions used your bio to encourage students and young entrepreneurs to take risks and persue their dreams. Yours WAS a great story.

    However today, I have to side with those military men and women and their families who have written here. Liberty isn\’t free, but free men often fail to realize the true cost of that freedom….sad isn\’t.

    Mark, you don\’t live in reality. Take the advice these posters and go to Iraq and tour and learn what is ACTUALLY happening….

    Truth will set you free!!!!


    Comment by Dan Leininger -

  10. I think Mark is a anti-american son of a bitch. He knows very well how this film will be used around the world and he is trying to laugh it off by setting the situtation up to blame it on some tv guy as the dope that don;t really understand the issues involved in the film. Sorry Mark, it is not working.I am sorry you hate this country so much to put it and the troops in danger as you have. That is why I think you are a son of a bitch.


    Comment by elizabeth martin -

  11. Mr. Cuban you are either very naive or deliberately misleading.

    The movies are just movies? Are you crazy? Let me give you three examples:

    1. When I worked in Colombia and \”Saving Private Ryan\” was released the locals asked me if my family fought in the Great War and did I have any similar stories.

    2. When I worked in Venezuela and \”Black Hawk Down\” was released, the locals all told me how proud we should be of our brave troops.

    On the otherhand,

    3. When I worked in Argentina and \”Brokeback Mountain\” was released the locals asked me how many homosexual cowboys I knew.

    So as the father of a young man who has completed three tours in Iraq and two tours in Kosovo before the age of 26, I must tell you what you are doing offends me and my family and I will gladly share with my foreign friends the real culprit behind this movie that I am sure intentionally paints my son and my country as the world\’s great satan.

    You owe this country an apology.

    Comment by Walt -

  12. Mark,
    So, have you fought for your country? Has any one of your family members fought for your country? Have you spoken with any military person (current or noncurrent) on what their opinion/viewpoint would be on the main topic of your movie? You know the main topic of how CORRUPT our military people are when their out their with their life on the line doing their job of keeping the freedom for your retarded a**.
    This movie is being advertised as; Watch this movie and you will then know the TRUTH about the war!! Right, people around the world are going to be impartial when they watch this movie!
    Your enjoyment in the unfairness light that you are putting ALL American Military speaks louder than words!

    Comment by Rebecca -

  13. First of all Mark Cuban you are a real ahole and your movie should make you subject to being imprisoned for endangering the lives of our military in the Middle East.I really don\’t think that you and others get it,or ever will.While our young men and women are putting their lives on the line on a daily basis you are probably sitting down to fine dinners on a nightly basis.Mr.Ahole you have an agenda and it is not a good one for America.Some say a movie is just a movie.One important point which has to be mentioned here is that same movie will be used by radicals in the Middle East to damage our attempts to bring about change in that area of the world.What you have created is a propaganda movie for the Islamic radicals.Mark you are beneath contempt. Secondly,for some period of time now Bill O\’Reilly has been attacked by the far-left in this country.One has to remember that this far-left bias is spread daily by many media sources.Even those wrong headed thinking people in Hollywood jumped onto the bandwagon.Bill O\’Reilly is interferring with the spreading of the wrong headed thinking of the far-left agenda.How good it feels to know that all the people can\’t be fooled all of the time.Thank you Bill.Keep pointing out to America who the wrong headed aholes really are.


    Comment by Don -

  14. We are huge Maverick fans but you can rest asssured we will not buy any more tickets or merchandise. We are so disappointed in your character to even consider Redacted. If you have children that grow up and go to war you will see what the rest of us see now. DON\’T PUT OUR TROOPS IN DANGER!

    Comment by Bobbie and Jerry Mills -

  15. The problem with this country is too many people are siding with the \’nuance\’ of being knee-jerk against Fox, O\’Reilly and being knee-jerk for anything that pushes his buttons.
    Not sure what it takes to get you self-righteous folks (cuban, comments, etc) to open YOUR minds.
    Bill O\’Reilly is neither a saint nor a pathetic joke.
    On some points– like the fact that our major media (from NYT, NBC, NPR, WashPost, CBS, CNN to Hollywood) is WOEFULLY SKEWED to present Democrats as saviors– O\’Reilly is right on.
    Who has time to read Cuban\’s wandering, meandering attack? The length of his scribling says enough.

    Comment by Mitchell -

  16. Mark
    I have not seen the show so I will hold my judgment, but I come from a military family and am a life long Mav fan, If there is a scene showing American soldiers raping a 14 year old then I would say it would be anti- military and you will have lost a fan. By the way why not make a movie about how the Muslim terrorist saw off heads and blow up innocent people, this you will do if you have any balls.

    Comment by Leo -

  17. Wow! Are you making is mandatory that all of your employees post notes on your site Marc? Such multiple suckery must send you to sleep with a smile on your face.

    You have peed on the back of the US military Marc. You have slandered the guys who fight your war. No matter how many parrots you have saying you are a dude they think they could drink a beer with, we know you. You took one horrifying incident of the war and painted the service of all who were over there. You will never be able to take this fact away. We will remember, Marc.

    Comment by Brian Ericksen -


    Comment by bulls..t -

  19. First and MOST importantly, I would like to state the fact that Mark Cuban and Brian de Palma are complete and total idiots. Anyone who thinks that this new film is worth more than a pile of shit can go kill themselves and do the world a great favor. It\’s antagonistic bastards that know nothing more than the perfect little worlds that they make for themselves that would do something as stupid as this. Mark Cuban, I challenge you to but back your soul and live the life of anyone who serves in any wing of the armed forces of the US. You could not possibly imagine what is really going on in Iraq when all you care about is yourself and the heartless bitches that you get ass from. How dare you try to make a profit by portraying US soldiers as rapists and murderers. Face it, you really don\’t give a damn about the girl and her family described in your film. It\’s fine, the world is full of bad people, but know, sir, that you are far below the level on which they stand. I urge your reply.-Ryan

    Comment by Ryan Serie -

  20. yo mr. cuban, i\’m here because you chose to spend your own money on a project done by some aged hippie librul douchebag hollywood pussyfart. i don\’t watch foxnews because of geraldo all day all the time. before my comment, i am an ultra conservative libertarian, so 3 political test\’s say, uh, go wayne allen root! what i know of o\’reilly is his book \”culture warrior\”, of which i agree a lot with. i catch a talking points every now & again because geraldo has no part of it, but from what i have read so far here is that this is a crowd of loons who read a lot of crap from the no truth web sites. look, this is some real simple stuff. i\’m sure you know about tv ratings now that you have been involved, o\’reilly will give your investment a boost you are not capable of getting.period. your brightest commenter said \”don\’t waste your time\”, that little girl simply does not understand our capitalist system as you do. what o\’reilly wants to get at, is why you gave money to the seditious douchebag, la palma, by the way, his name is not mentioned by your very bright readers. funny. anyhoo, al davis will never win another title because of what he did to marcus allen and the fans of los angeles, when for 2 seasons, i\’m ex season ticket holder, he kept the best football player in the colosseum, on the bench! commitment to excellence-just win baby! horseshit! you may have just jinxed yourself as stupidly as he did. have a good vet day! o yea, you read the reviews of the douchebag redford movie, point being, you don\’t have to SEE the movie of an idiot when you already know what your going to see. sorry, the reviews of the MOVIEGOERS!

    Comment by rick -

  21. We interviewed De Palma and the cast of \’Redacted\’ on my internet and iTunes podcast show Movie Geeks United! The film is extremely powerful and, in spite of the controversy surrounding it, deeply compassionate.

    If you\’d like to hear the podcast show, just enter this link in your browser:

    Comment by Jamey DuVall -

  22. I have been a Maverick fan all of my life. I was born and raised in Texas, so I have loved watching the Mavericks. I will never, as long as Mark is the owner and supports this movie about our troops, watch or support the Mavericks again thanks to this ingnorant ass of a man. Why don\’t you just go over to Iraq and shoot one of our troops yourself!!!!!!!

    Comment by Brad -

  23. Bill O\’Reilly is a very smart man and is right about Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban is an idiot, unAmerican and should concentrate on dancing on ABC. Stick to basketball. We don\’t care about your opinions of the war.

    Bill O\’Reilly is a logical and educated man. You may disagree with him, but he makes sense.

    Comment by Jeff -

  24. Couldn\’t you find anything else other than this movie in which to invest? Wouldn\’t you rather spend your money on something that could make a difference?

    Comment by Toni -

  25. Mark,

    Just read a poll by Zogby that the narrow minder conservatives favorite pastime is sports. That said, I can only hope that this really hurts the Mavericks!! Apparantly that\’s the only thing that you\’ll undrrstand!!

    Make me understand, What is the purpose of the movie!!

    A Proud Parent of a US Marine!!

    Comment by Andre -

  26. Mr. Cuban. I would like to ask two questions. One, I haven\’t seen the movie in question. Is there a scene that in fact shows American GI\’s savagely raping a young girl? Yes or No. Two, please be honest and tell me how you feel about our men and women in uniform that have given people like you the right to say and do the things you do. I will accept whatever answer you have and by the way, Go Spurs Go!

    Comment by David W. Cook -


    Comment by bulls..t -

  28. I guess Mr. Mark Cuban should be scare to death!!! for what he has done! especially night time !!!

    Comment by Albert -

  29. Why don\’t you shut up?

    Comment by Evelyn -

  30. Hi dear Mr. Mark Cuban,
    Fuck you!!! Soldiers die so someone asshole like you can make money in a free country and in return make a movie to make them not as a hero but introduce them to the world as killers and rapers ???

    Comment by Albert -

  31. Hi dear Mr. Mark Cuban!!!
    FUCK YOU!!!

    Comment by Albert -

  32. As to going on his show, here is an analogy…. Never try to teach a pig to sing: It is a waste of your time and it annoys the pig.

    Comment by Bill -

  33. Cuban,

    Quit hiding under your desk and go on his show. Coward.

    Comment by Jim -

  34. Bill O\’Reilly is a joke. End of story. It is a never ending battle dispelling the bullshit he spews. I don\’t even bother with him. If someone believes half of the garbage he puts out, I don\’t want to know them anyway.

    Comment by Justin Hensley -

  35. I love when people protest movies and know nothing about it. This happened with \”Passion Of The Christ,\” which then came to be shown by tons of churches. \”Dogma\” was protested without being seen. Kevin Smith actually went to one of those in his town and protested his own movie. Even better he was interviewed and no one figured out that it was him. video here

    Spawn comics got a boost by protests as well. All this does is give something more attention.

    Comment by Twist -

  36. I think O\’reilly is ok. A little controversial. Also, the film that is anti-war is timely. Great post.

    Comment by Laura -

  37. I think that we have become a society of excuses – OH I seen a movie when I was younger so that is why I smoke today; I listened to Ozzy in my teens so that is why I am homicidal; I played video games so I am a violent person now; I got fired from my job so I need to go on a killing rampage now; and so on and so on. I\’m sorry David but I do not agree with you – say it as slow as you want to help yourself understand your \”mumbo jumbo\” BUT I think instead of society using excuses for every little thing that is wrong we should start taking responsibility for our own actions and quit blaming others

    Comment by James -

  38. Media is not just \”media\” and movies are not just \”movies.\” Let me explain this nice and slow so all can understand:
    I think it has been both proven and accepted (especially by the left) that smoking in movies–by well liked movie stars–leads to more smoking from America\’s youth. Does every kid in America who seeing smoking on the big screen run out and start smoking? No, of course not, but some do. Similarly, not every person who sees a Taco Bell commercial runs out and buys a burrito, but obviously some do.

    Not every kid who listens to or watches sex and violence on TV or in the movies emulates what they have seen, but some do.

    So, Mark, IF you made a film or distributed a film that was anti-American, it is very possible that SOME will use it to harm America. SOME will see it as justification for their actions of evil.

    We can all say it\’s (movies, music, TV) just art and it doesn\’t harm anyone, but that clearly isn\’t the case. Perhaps the many who do not understand the power of \”art\” should read some Plato.

    Comment by David -

  39. nevermind. lost it for a minute. Sorry. I\’ll just back away slowly and close the door.

    Comment by Daniel -

  40. Mark,
    Out of the whole article what stands out most is the great reference to the old school- Rappers Delight. As soon as I saw those words it took me back 30 years. Oh no that means I am 40 years old. Very unique reference. Keep the motivation rolling.

    Comment by David -

  41. Good stuff Mark. You\’ve grown to love him, man he\’s going to hate that! 😉 Thx for the pub Billy boy.

    Comment by Nathan -

  42. Mark,

    American Gangster did glorify drug dealing. Anytime you show two hours of rewards and ten minutes of punishment. The rewards tend to stick out. The movie stunk and a lot of youth are going to come out thinking \”Shoot, I just want get caught.\” As for the war in Iraq stuff you ask all the wrong questions. Simply as yourself, \”What you stand for more?\” After this simple exercise you may find yourself thinking a little more logically. Tackle the simple things first.

    Comment by George Burke -

  43. Nice Mark. You could probably write a quarterly post on this subject and have ample content for some time.

    Comment by Richard Wilson (Hedge Fund Blogger) -

  44. I think I disagree with you on this one. I think pop culture does influence the perception of a country. I\’m from Europe so I have an outside look on the US and I have to admit that I have caught myself a lot of times thinking along the lines of stereotypes that are often stressed in movies. I\’m not sure if the stereotypes are created by the movies though or if they are just emphasized and back them up. Of course I know that you can\’t generalize people and most american people I met did not meet these expectations. But if you buy the 70 virgin thing…who knows.
    That said, I don\’t think that such movies will make an anti-american become a terrorist. But as was said, these people already hate you and nothing will change that. On the other hands neutral people will gladly see, that you are willing to question and criticize your government and their decisions. That you will admit that US citizens and US soldiers are not all saints and make mistakes as well.
    This is something I try to live by: \”If you make a mistake, stand by it\”. If countrymen of yours committed crimes or atrocities, speak up however painful it may be. Hold yourself to the same high standards that you measure others by.
    To criticize or censoring a movie for telling or revealing truths will have a worse effect than the movie itself.

    Comment by robert -

  45. Its Veteran\’s Day! Let\’s honor them! \”Soldiers Cry\”

    Comment by Mary -

  46. Bill O\’Reilly is a god-send. He allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror each day and realize just how much informed we are than him. How he got to where he is today is a huge mystery to me. Regardless, he would look good in 3D wouldn\’t he? You could see the spit coming toward you as he speaks… lol

    Check out my 3D blog.

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  47. Mark,
    Ah yes, Mr. O\’Really the great propogandist. 9 times out of 10, the man has no clue what he is talking about. When confronted with the facts, the man goes into panic mode. Should you go on his show? Part of me says \”yes\” in order to set the record straight and tear Mr. O\’Really a new one. But, in reality, why waste the time?
    Methinks a good movie would be one exposing the inner workings of a propoganda machine like Fox News. And you would need a scene highlighting phone sex and the fun one can have with a loofah.
    But, a better idea is starting a new cable news network that actually reports all of the news. Not the stuff spoon-fed to it from the political spin machines.
    News networks today are short-changing the American people. There are many important issues to be covering, yet we are treated to the latest escapades of O.J. and Britney Spears. Additionally, their coverage of stories on the medical front are very suspect due to the large amounts of money spent by Big Pharma on advertising.
    News has never meant to be a profit center. It was meant to be a public service. And we need to return to the good old days of hardcore news reporting and holding our government and corporations accountable.
    Isn\’t that a novel idea?

    Comment by Philip -

  48. I\’m deeply disappointed that you\’re spending everybody\’s time thinking about Bill O\’Reilly.

    The world can be divided into two groups: People smart enough to realize that O\’Reilly is nothing but a self-promotional hack who trades in alarmist nonsense, and people who think he\’s worth watching or listening to.

    The former don\’t care what he says and the latter won\’t care what you say. Worse, the latter will pretend that your argument somehow strengthens O\’Reilly\’s credibility.

    I know you really want some press for your movie, but you\’re sinking really, really low when you troll O\’Reilly to get it.

    Comment by Kevin -

  49. Argumentum Ad Hominem

    Come on Mark. You\’re smarter than this. Either present your side of the argument, that the movie is not against the troops, or not. Attacking Bill personally, or trying to argue a tangent of whether or not movies (the media) influences Americans, does not prove your side of the argument.

    Comment by Justin -

  50. Mark,

    I am generally an O\’Reilly fan. He seems to be sincere about most topics, but I always keep in mind that news media is big business and has a profit motive. I am not passing judgement, but one must understand this to maintain the proper perspective.

    Remember, any press is good press. If Bill O\’Reilly creates controversy about the film, the controversy will drive viewers who might otherwise not see the film.

    I agree with an earlier post: you should go on his show, challenge his assertions. It can only help promote the film.

    Comment by Ryan Petty -

  51. Mark,

    If anyone offered me 72 virgins, I would trade 71 of them for a whore and an Xbox, and I would keep one of them just in case things don\’t workout between me and the whore! LOL!
    oh, ofcourse, they would have to include a few DVDs as well!
    Also, as I was entering this comment, while watching TV, Glenn Beck show, they were talking about how only 4 out the last 26 \”anti-war\” movies has ever made any money! who needs enemies when we got ignorant media for friend!

    Comment by Mitchell -

  52. Justin – Mark doesn\’t need to argue whether or not it\’s against the troops, he\’s already pointed that out as being the case. You can watch the movie and decide that on your own. What Mark is saying, however, is that you can\’t judge something if you don\’t have any knowledge of it – something that Bill O\’Reilly did.

    Comment by Chad -

  53. You are crazy if you don\’t think our American media affects people. I havn\’t seen this movie and my argument is not about that. Try traveling around the world to impoverished nations and peoples. One of the reasons the world hates us is because of the crap our media spews out. People that don\’t think our media doesn\’t have an affect are the same people that have never left the US and seen the kids in impoverished nations in Africa spraying graffiti on walls that say G-Unit and are killing people because we Americans glamorize it. The only people in America that don\’t want to admit that our media doesn\’t affect others are the people that put it out because they don\’t want to own up to the responsibility of what they broadcast to the world. I\’m not letting people off the hook who are easily swayed by it, it is all our responsibility to be careful about what we expose ourselves to but don\’t think for a second that it doesn\’t affect people, that\’s denial. Leave your American bubble and you will quickly see that it has a huge affect on people.

    Comment by Ross -

  54. pure ownage mark, keep gettin \’er done. o\’reilly is a joke.

    Comment by eddie -

  55. I don\’t think that Bill even watches movies. It could be an intern that tells him what the movies are about. That would explain the wedding crashers making his top list.

    Comment by Vinny -

  56. I make this comment without seeing the movie, don\’t plan to. In my opinion this is an attempt to get in with the Hollywood crowd. It\’s alluring Mark, I\’ve seen it even in my own family. You proved it with the reality TV show and the recent dance show gig. You want Hollywood to love you, Hollywood fever.
    You don\’t put your reputation with middle America on the line like this for any other reason.
    Man do I hope you buy the Cubs dude. It\’ll be more fun that watching Nash claen up on your Mavs.

    Comment by Mike -

  57. How could Bill O\’Reilly be wrong… he introduced the world to the pleasures of the falafel sponge!

    Comment by c -

  58. I actually got emotionally involved in this one Mark. At first I was like \”what is Mark saying here\”

    I have not heard of this film but I liked your comments and thought-provoking commentary. My guess is you both love this country and have said things that people go off on. I do think it would be hard to be in the spotlight and be picked apart.

    I was very impressed learning of how you talk to yourself during the Star-Spangled Banner at your games. That gives me a hint of how you truly are.

    I guess the important thing is what is the \”true heart-felt intentions\” of the messenger. I know I personally have said/done stuff that would be interpreted differently than I truly felt or intended. I did like your comparison to what is \”funny\” and what is actually \”supported\”. I think wedding crashers, as many of today\’s movies, is funny even though deep down do I agree with the approach of getting laid around every corner…absolutely not. But even being brought up pretty conservative in a Baptist home…I do love Beer!

    What am I saying…I liked the commentary. I have no idea what Bill even said. I think that media guys are specifically asked to provoke voiced controversy to get ratings. Even Kudlow has guys on every day to get them to disagree and create a argumentative atmosphere. I have been saying I would like to create a \”GOOD\” news network that only talks about the positive things going on in this country. One that you can listen to and not think about all of the horrible things going on or what could happen. A network that would talk about how many charitable and generous deeds are done each and every day. Interview WW II vets and hear their stories. But I guess that does not make anyone $$$.

    I only expected business dialogue and hints of future spec investments on your blog. I\’m impressed. Also heard you took care of a friend of mine once out of the blue in Tahoe to get him into a Maxim party…so you must enjoy beer AND be a real nice guy. Thanks for the blog…

    Comment by Jack Goodenough -

  59. Hey Mark,

    I\’m looking forward to seeing this film in Canada, as are a lot of people who live here and work in the film business. Its going to be interesting over the next 12 months as new financing models for films like this are revealed and give fractional ownership and viral marketing power to the crowd. Our company if I can brag will be the leader in this and some of the projects we are incubating with our engine are ones the the domestics are saying no too not unlike Moore\’s 911 deal.

    Web 3.0(If I can be so bold) will bring the true democratization of content and help reduce risk in piracy for companies like 2929 and Magnolia keeping a closed loop economy within the world of cinema.

    Bill O\’Reilly…isn\’t he that potato farmer?

    Comment by David -

  60. Mark,

    As usual, your comments are dead on. Bill amazes me, but not in a good way! Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Comment by Sharon -

  61. Mark, are you familiar with the psychological concept of terror management theory? There are countless studies that quantify the effects of mortality-related vocabulary, images, and ideas. To explain it in short: even subconscious stimuli that threaten your existing worldview WILL influence your political opinions to a statistically significant degree–towards conservatism. Look into it, it\’s incredible research. The main emphasis of the current research is on mortality-related cues, but the results generalize to the threatening of cultural, societal, and moral norms.

    It just goes to show exactly how (why) Fox News — and Bill O\’Reilly — are really motivated to present the news in the way that they do. It\’s wouldn\’t be THAT surprising then, that even a movie review could be so mis-represented in order to serve larger political goals. It\’s Fox News and we all know who is in charge over there.

    Comment by sean -

  62. Bill is a very confused self-righteous man!

    Comment by Todd Collins -

  63. Mark,

    It\’s amazing how it\’s getting so hard to distinguish punditry and parody, and as you point out, O\’Reilly takes it to the extreme. I thought you might enjoy the Fake O\’Reilly blog:

    His posts include \”Black people are surprisingly competent firefighters\” and \”We all know the cause of these wildfires: Illegal pyro aliens\”

    Comment by Greg -

  64. Bill O\’Reilly is an idiot. Anybody who doesn\’t realize that is either in denial or equally as stupid.

    All media outlets are biased to some extent or another, but Fox News takes the cake; that\’s old news … no pun intended.

    Comment by Tacchi -

  65. Mark,

    I have said this all along in your posts – movies are movies and that is that. I\’ve also stated that war movies are not going to make the enemy hate us any more than they already do and they are not going to cause any \”outbreaks\” because of a scene in a movie. War movies have been made for years and will be made for years to come AND they will get the same type of criticism. Horror movies will still be made – wonder how many serial killers get started after seeing one of these films?!! I don\’t agree with or like every movie ever made BUT my biggest complaint is that I don\’t see where putting the blame on somebody or a movie is where the \”hatred\” lies with terrorists and our enemies.


    Comment by James -

  66. Are you going to share the film with him and go on his show? I think you need to take the fight to Bill if you\’re serious about what kind of film that you\’ve funded.

    Comment by Douglas Karr -

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