Bill OReilly – Principle vs Money ?

To say Mr OReilly has had it in for me the last month or so would be an understatement. Every day he seemed to take pride in calling me every name in the book and questioning my patriotism. I’ve already covered my feelings on that subject in blog posts here and here. I’ve talked about what I, or anyone can do to serve their country here.

What I was curious about was whether this really was important to Mr OReilly, or whether he was just a ratings whore and would say whatever he needed to say to get more people to watch.

I needed to design a very simple test to determine Mr OReilly’s motivation. It occured to me to see if FoxNews would take an ad for the movie Redacted.

I had someone call FoxNews and tell them specifically, unequivocally that we wanted to run an ad for the movie Redacted. The same movie Bill OReilly was so upset about.

They said no problem. Do you want to run the ads in both the live show and the repeat ?

Our first reaction was that this was just the sales department and at some point , someone at FoxNews would step in and stop the ads from running. The call to say they were stopping the ads never came.

The ad ran in both shows. Here is a link with Bill’s smiling face at the end.

So Mr OReilly , the king of the OReilly Factor, the man who called this movie Anti American and said erroneously it could cause harm to American Troops, was willing to overlook those points and take our money to promote the movie.

We aren’t talking about an ad in a show that Mr OReilly has an interest in. This is an ad in the TV show that bears his name. This is a show that he controls from top to bottom. He knowingly took multiple ads for a movie that he he hasnt seen, but believes to be vile. What does that say about Mr OReilly

Of course Mr OReilly can make the argument that he is not involved in the sale of ads, he leaves that to other people. OK, but lets think about the scenario at Fox News if that is the case.

If Mr OReilly doesnt know about the ads, I would think that the people at his show would know and care about his positions, wouldnt you ?” So the question is, do they know that Mr OReilly is all about the money first , last and every bit in between and thats why they took the ad ?

Or is it that they know exactly what Mr OReilly stands for and hate him for it, or could care less what he thinks and they took the ad to spite him ?

Is it that no one involved with Mr OReilly actually watches the show ? Which is why after the ad ran in the live show, no one caught it and had it replaced in the replay ?

its about responsibility Mr OReilly.

And while Im on the subject of Mr OReilly and his ethics, let me add a couple thoughts:

In response to Mr OReilly’s comments that “he is going to be my worst nightmare”. Well you have succeeded Mr OReilly. The people who take you literally took it upon themselves to call my businesses with bomb threats, threaten employees, myself and others with physical harm and wish every manor of death , injury and illness on us all. They also managed to fill up the telephone lines of the Fallen Patriot Fund so that we couldn’t conduct business, and maybe its coincidence, but the fund’s website went offline for the first time ever yesterday.

What say you Mr OReilly

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  1. Dear Paul, I highly question your youtube videos. The idea that people getting on planes one early morning on 9/11 had any connected to the fiery furnice in the book of Daniel is questionable. The fiery furnace that these three young Hebrews faced in Babylon was about faith. You connect George Bush to freeing Iraq as having to do with eagle’s wings. Prove that from the Bible, or I will remove you at once by exposing you a false teacher. Prove to me that Babylon was to be freed by eagles wings, or I will expose you to every one here. Where are these Bible verses found? Michelle

    Dear Michelle, Sorry you are confused and I hope I can porovide some answers for you. If you have not taken any Bible courses concerning type and shadow prophecy, it is hard to grasp what this means. For example, Adam was commanded to perform sacrifices for what purpose he did not yet know in his own time. Abraham was likewise commanded to perform sacrifices useing a lamb. He did not understand this command either.. God suddenly commands Abraham to sacrifice his only son in place of a lamb.
    Later on, we realize that these events had far less meaning for the people of Abrahams time, and actually represented a type, or model for Christs sacrifice into the far future. In otherwords, true prophecies only happen when an earlier and similar type has modeled before hand. You ask for proof from the Bible? One cannot prove this by biblical documentation. We likewise cannot prove that Abrahams command to sacrifice his son foreshadowed God the father allowing the sacrifice of his son, Jesus. But, obviously, this teaching is clearly understood by Bible scholars.

    Is it an exact parallel? Not really, becuse Abrahams son did not to have to go through with the sacrifice, Jesus of course, did become the sacrifice.. So you have some variations which are not exact within twin prophecy. Daniels famous prophecies begin with the very same type for what earlier prophecies model. Daniel the prophet records a type for our day by writing down what happened to both Babylon and king Nebuchadnezzar. These prophecies were literally being set up for our latter day understanding today, and not just something for there own time period alone. This truth was revealed by king Nebuchadnezzars dreams. The dreams reflected the kings own life story. Daniel told the king about this important matter right in the Bible.

    God commands Daniel to seal the words of his book until the last days, to be understood at the time of the end, or, in the latter day when knowlege is increased.. “Daniel 12:11.” The king wanted his kingdom to endure forever and was concerned about the future of Babylon lasting into the far future. God answered the king directly through Daniel who interpreting the kings prophetic dreams. “But there is a God who maketh known to the king what shall be in the latter days.” “Daniel 2:28.” The king was to have “dreams” and not just one dream revealing the future.”Daniel 2:1. The mystery of the dream unfolds when we learn that Babylon and the king were essentually the same thing in Gods prophetic meaning. The “head of gold” was not only Babylon, but represented the king himself sinominously. The dream was about the kings life story having a prophetic meaning into the far future. Babylon also represented the times of the gentiles or the seven times of Nebuchadnezzar..

    The dreams and the kings life were about the future of his people, or, future gentiles who were to be born after Babylons time and live on into the latter days. That prophecy links us directly to Iraq today, where Babylon still sits next to Baghdad in that exact spot today.. Daniel stated that the actual reason he had come to Babylon was to “make known what will happen to Nebuchadnezzars people in the latter days.””Daniel 10:14.” Three hebrews being forced into the firery furnace by that king was a type for a future latterday prophecy, just as Abrahams life story was not exclusive to his own time. Daniel stated that the true meaning of the book of Daniel, would later become “unsealed at the time of the end.” But, not until something happens in the last days which could fulfill all of these twin prophecies as they are completed.”Daniel 12:8″

    Daniels twin prophecies must be matched up in direct parallels for today, or they never had any true meaning.

    You stated that the people waking up on 9/11 had no idea that they would headed for the fiery furnace. I am sure Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had no idea as they awoke that morning that they were heading for a firery furnace as well. 9/11 was itself filled with amazing examples for our faith in God. Did it not require alot of faith in God for the Americans on board flight 93 to overthrow terrorists, and then give their own lives flying directly into the flames of death.

    After 9/11 we witnessed the greatest national quest for faith we had ever seen in American history. Churches were literally filled past capacity. What was the prophetic connection for the three hebrews in Babylon with the American eagle’s wings today? These men were willing to die for their religious freedom in Christ. A direct parallel to the reason America actually exists today. The American revolution was all about being willing to die for religious freedom from a king, who also tried to force religion through politics.. America was about our freedom to worship Christ as the only true God without that worship being dictated by a king.

    Babylon became the symbol of a lion in Bible prophecy, England was later symbolized by the Lion. Today’s Gentiles seem to grow eagle’s wings becoming transformed into a new creature by declareing their freedom from the Lion of England. The American revolution was entirely about religious freedom. The connection is that Godly men trust in a power greater than themself. They must be willing to die for that religious freedom just as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego.
    King Nebuchadnezzar finally repented after going through great suffering, he then grew eagles feathers which enable the eagle to fly. “Daniel 4:34.” He grew birds claws on his feet in this futuristic dream. This is the very means by which an eagle kills its prey and defends himself. President Bush today controls not only the great eagle’s wings of our christian nation, but controls the deadly birds claws of the US military for our defense. The dream of Nebuchadnezzar was futuristic, like unto Abrahams future model, not yet understood then.

    The king tried to control his people through politically powered eagle’s wings. Why the difference? Dictators try to place mans political force by replaceing Gods power to free and save his people. The king was playing God over his own people. God plucked his political wings and humbled him “Daniel 7:4.” Wings represent power, and there are two kinds of power upon this earth which eminate from both Satan and our true God. The roots of the tree of life represent both good and evil. The ground was cursed after Adams sin. But the burning Bush sanctified the roots in the ground as Moses stood upon holy ground near the burning Bush. The curse of evil roots were removed from Adam’s cursed ground in that holy spot alone. The ground could not bring forth weeds and evil thistles near the burning Bush. The same garden of Eden type came to Babylon wen God commanded that this evil tree of Babylon be cut down. But, “leave the stump and the roots alive” for a future transformation. God was going to save gentiles as well as Jews! The clue is something most any elementery student could answer. What happens when you water a stump? It then becomes a Bush. Today Iraq is being transformed into a George Bush of freedom. By what power is this freedom coming to Iraqi people? By eagle’s wings which represent our own christian nation today, America.

    This is was modeled for today way back in Moses time. “For I have delivered you from the Egyptians upon eagle’s wings and have bought you unto myself.”Exodus 19:4.” Where did the command to deliver us upon eagle’s wings come from? The Bush. Today a modern Bush (type) is delivering the land of ancient Babylon from their evil roots and transforming it into a Bush of freedom. Our President Bush represents the modern christian nation today in fulfilled prophecy. Satan is fighting that christian nation america with all of the forces of hell, in order to get us out of Iraq. Why? To stop the prophecy! Satan seeks to transform our nation from a free eagle back into a ruthless Lion nature during this past election. Were eagle’s wings not being plucked off when the planes hit the towers on 9/11? Trying to destroy the eagle’s wings and shame our U.S. military.

    Sarah Palin cries out to christians to pray for Gods will to become finished in Iraq, and those evil forces seek to destroy Sarah Palin as well. Tell me now that we are not living within these Bible prophecies today! Listen to Sarah Palins prophetic words on my sight on myspace. Paul

    Comment by Paul GREGERSEN -

  2. Frankly, Mark, I\’ve always felt that you were a crybaby donkey. I am, however, heartened to see that you\’re getting under Bill Orally\’s skin! Kudos, man. Orally, Comedian Rush Limbaugh, Coltergeist, et al. are prime examples of what is wrong with this country. Whenever someone sticks it to one of those malcontents, they automatically move up a couple notches on my popularity meter. You, sir, are no longer a crybaby donkey in my book. You have been elevated to whiney rich guy status. There is still a lot of room to improve, but at least you\’re going in the right direction! Keep up the good work.

    Oh yeah, GO SUNS!!!!

    Comment by John In Barre Vermont -

  3. Mr. Cuban,

    Good on you. I wish more Americans could have the guts and courage that you have. Bill O\’rielly is an oportunist to the core. He is a pontificating idiot who rarely gets his facts straight, makes biased and uneducated assumptions (as seen here by judging your movie without actually have seeing one minute of it) and can not engage in any form of civil discussion with those who are not drinking the republican conservative koolaid that he is serving up. He makes me sick, and if anyone should be harming any person, it should be someone harming him. He needs to be executed. He is a vile and dispicable excuse for a human being the way he sells his soul to suck at the tit of Ailes. His messages have been FAR FAR more dangerous to the safety and well being of the soldiers than 50 films could ever be. Good luck and I hope the film does good.

    Comment by Chris -

  4. Mark,

    Till now your stand on this was admirable.
    This was a cheap shot.


    Comment by Jay -

  5. We should thank Cuban, because Cuban has balls. Cuban takes his criticism like a man. Any one of you would snap in half like a twig with what Cuban defends. If any of you jack offs had any idea what America was, you\’d realize he\’s trying to defend your freedom and tax dollars. Take this approach on your blog Cuban, defend yourself in this way, and I guarantee you\’ll convert the catatonics posting death threats.

    Cuban, I am going to be just like you, and I\’m going to fund 10x as many projects on stopping mass ignorance.

    If you wanna talk about it email me at

    I know it\’s easy to get caught up in belly of the beast…but I think you can turn this into opportunity and understanding. It\’s not your fault America is conditioned to blindly follow.

    Comment by Clayton Silva -

  6. O\’Reilly is a talking head. If you think for one minute he would refuse money to oust Cuban\’s film which technically represents nothing more than freedom of speech, when it is in the best interests of the people making money off this war and waging it to keep America one sided….think again.

    You guys crack me up. Cuban, I admire you, but sometimes I wish you would just flat out tell these people that the government and bankers own public tv and that the erosion of the constitution has taken place. O\’Reilly takes orders and defines the line of liberalism. That line is slowly receding and with that, so is America.

    Watch O Reilly and call Cuban with a bomb threat. Might that say something about the people that Watch O Reilly?

    God Bless the Talking Heads and all who pay their salaries- oh yeah and America.

    Comment by Clayton Silva -

  7. Mr. Cuban, better yet, Jerk! When your little basket ball team comes up to Minnesota which I will admit is not a good team, please join your players court side so I can come down to your seat and spit in your face for being such a disgrace to our country. I wish I could tape you on one of the guided missles that my younger brother shoots off from his F-18 jet, protecting our country, and your fricken ego.

    Comment by Murray -

  8. Mr. O\’Reilly has been prostituting himself for the television dollar for quite some time now. He magically turns insulting comments into gold bricks. And like all other jerks, he probably doesn\’t believe he\’s at all responsible for the threats made to your staff. Mark, do me a favor, just buy FOX and send O\’Reilly packing with all the other trash!

    Comment by whozhe -

  9. oops. copy/paste error. I meant to say,
    Hollywood has never been a merit-based industry in fact, it is full of made-men and they are threatened by the self-made.

    and I\’ll add that Bill O\’Reilly is a war-hawk and according to some definitions, a war-criminal for his incite-ful lies. The only way to keep a loud-mouthed war-hawk bully like Bill-O in check, is to hold up a mirror and show everyone the reality on the ground.

    Thanks (again) for that !!

    Comment by Leonard Haggstrom -

  10. Hollywood is constipated for lots of reasons. Self-censorship. The city is filled with war-hawks (compare war movies with peace movies). With US military footage usually comes the censorship of the US military. Hollywood has never been a merit-based industry full of made-men and they are threatened by the self-made.
    Redacted fills a much needed void in popular culture.
    Thank You !

    Comment by Leonard Haggstrom -

  11. I can\’t believe that people are excusing the threats against Mr. Cuban and his interests. I thought you loyal Bill-O watchers were \”good Christians.\” And of course, you all make the claim that this movie \”hurts the troops,\” as if it was so blatantly obvious as to not require any sort of justification. Thanks Bill, but no thanks, go back to talking dirty to your co-workers instead of trying to censor films. Anybody who seriously watches his show needs to remember that he\’s a sex offender and a repeat liar. Good wholesome Christian values.

    Comment by MS -

  12. How ironic that you, Mr. Mark Cuban, would question principle vs. money! Is not the sole reason for making an anti-American movie and using the new ad techniques to make a profit? You placed the viewpoint of the director and yourself over the importance of glorifying our soldiers for your quick buck. What say you, Mr. Mark Cuban?

    Comment by Jennifer -

  13. I came to this site from True Hoop reading about your ideas on D Harris and All Star voting. Then I saw the Bill O link and decided to read it. I was not surprised or anything when I read about the situation and the hypocritical advertising dollars to morals and principles denouement, but what did surprise me was the first post associated with your post.

    That someone would get on your site and write about your children sickens me. I am literally repulsed by such spiteful ignorance. It was a letter of vengeance for some perceived disconnect between your situation and her own, which she assumed to be of superior vantage and integrity. Anyone with a modicum of self reflection should pause after a rant of vitriol like that and be stunned by the intensity of the sentiment, as if to realize geez, what about his writing and stance and life makes me feel so attacked and threatened (insecure) that this aggression was required

    to the second poster:
    From my experience in TV, it\’s entirely possible–and likely– that he or his staff have no knowledge of what ads will be run in the breaks of his show–live or replay.
    First off, this is flat out wrong. On a show as politically ambitious and paranoid as Bills, there is a great (strategic) awareness of the content of advertising. This is not just some show with a paid host, like an American Idol. Bill has a great deal of responsibility for the content of his show, dwarfed only perhaps by the wishes of those at the very top of the food chain.

    If Bill were hooked up to a polygraph, he wouldn\’t be lying if asked if he thought your movie could hurt America or our troops.

    Just because it is possible to conceive of a warped reality in complicated and paranoid abstract attacks on certain demographic situations, and to improperly conceptualize from that flawed sense of context what is ultimately in the best interest of America, does not mean the man is simply trying to do good. The root of his nature is more complex than that. Its not as if Bill is some priest in quiet contemplation of peace or unity. Following that line of reasoning, his delusions about what should constitute morality and decency in America are the result of a fictitious notion that forms of entertainment (which make money), are proof of a lack of some fundamental good that America previously possessed but is in possession of no longer. Bill is not trying to do good, he is trying to broaden the reach of his interests and the (in my opinion largely poisoned) positions he champions and which reflect a minority view of all people.

    Comment by Thomas Whigham -

  14. im not an american but know the place quite well and i regulary watch fox news , i guess i must have some twisted fetish in that i enjoy being enraged , i know america is a big place and where there is a big population , there is a market for almost everything but i cannot for the life of me understand how many americans actually beleive what they hear on fox news , it is so clearly a propoganda machine for the republican party from beginning to end , that it is owned by rupert murdoch should be itself enough reason to not trust it , the guy has never been about anything but money and i believe the reason he and in turn fox support the repubicans is down to one thing , the republicans are the party most likely to reward the super duper rich like good ol aussie rupert , i believe if a party run by satanists were to form a party that reduced taxes for someone of murdochs wealth , then we would quickly see lucifer declared an american hero on fox
    the whole operation at fox is one big phoney showpiece and o reilly is the high priest of insincerity , the man is a charlatan of epic proportions , while he demonises the likes of mark cuban as being someone who puts american troops in danger , it is o reilly and his water carriers for the bush adminisration who drummed up support for this war of choice who have done exactly what o reilly accuses mark cuban of having done , put american troops in danger
    i could cite numerous examples of fox news and o reillys blatant dishonesty and parisanship but as it is well documented and my post is already getting too long , i wont , as i said in the begining of my post , america is a big place and there is bound to be a customer for all sorts of ideas but if the majority of americans were ever to take there world view from fox news , then that would be a scary day for us all

    Comment by irish bob -

  15. Is it just me or is the blog getting brutal. I used to enjoy this blog because it discussed business, entrepreneurship (sp?), other interesting topics of that nature.

    Between the childish feud with Trump and now Cuban\’s foray into the movie business this blog is almost unreadable. As for the threats to your businesses and other responses to your movie, that is what happens when you get into politics on either side of the issue. That is not O\’Reilly\’s fault, that is just what comes with the territory. People are very passionate about this topic. It would be like opening a bar and then complaining about dealing with drunks.

    Movie making used to be about entertainment. I wake up in the morning and read the newspaper and watch the news and get bombarded with Iraq and the war on terrorism (I don\’t have a problem with that, that\’s why I watch news, to be informed). I go to work and bust my ass for 8 – 10 hours a day so I can pay my bills. I get home and deal with other issues we all face like car payments, water bills, broken furnaces and on and on.

    If I want to watch politics I will turn on CNN, Foxnews or the like. When I go to a movie I want to be entertained. I want a 2 hour escape from the real world and the b.s. that I face day in and day out. This movie may be delivering a powerful message but I just don\’t think this is the best avenue to get it out.

    Just my opinion.

    Comment by Adam -

  16. Because you have the means to do just about anything, sometimes you have to consider the affects of what you doing. America is a great country which are military protects. I have been in the military and still have friend in the military, why would you allow your money to be used making such a negative movie about Our troops in Iraq? Shame on you!!!!!!!! You should be greatful you have the opportunity and means to change things. Please use you abilities to help rather than hurt. People in the military are only trying to do their jobs so people like you can have the freedom to enjoy your sucess.

    Comment by Will -

  17. Mr. Cuban,

    Let\’s see. How does it go? \”We support the troops. We think their leaders are evil and stupid liars. We think their mission is immoral. We think they behave like criminals and barbarians on the battlefield. We don\’t pay them enough. We don\’t think they are as smart as we are because they enlisted. We don\’t provide them with equipment that they need. They must have no other prospects, otherwise they would not be in the military. We \’redact\’ the truth that will inflame their enemies. But remember we support them!\” Just who is redacting the truth?

    If you want to know the facts, go see our military in action. You don\’t even have to go into a war zone. You and your dance partner can visit a military base with a USO show, or you can give basketball tickets to young enlisted. Or you can buy everyone body armor.

    By the way, the incident upon which your movie was based was discovered, investigated, and made public by the military. The criminals are in jail.

    Maybe we should hold our military to the high standards of morality to which you hold your basketball team. Nevermind.

    We have the best performing and best behaved military in the history of the world. Let us set up a scenario: If you were in any village in any part of the world and you observed a group of armed men approaching the village, what do you think the villagers response would be? Next, take the same situation and put the American flag on the shoulders of the group of armed men. Would the villagers\’ response be different? I think it would.

    Consider the damage you have done. Consider how you can undo the damage. I am tired of people who undercut my efforts at protecting the very freedoms they take for granted!

    Would you go on Mr. O\’Reilly\’s program?

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Lt. Col. Slider, USMC (retired)
    \”Semper Fi\”

    Comment by Lt. Col. John W. Slider, USMC (retired) -

  18. \”He knowingly took multiple ads for a movie that he he hasnt seen, but believes to be vile. What does that say about Mr OReilly\”

    Maybe it says that Mr. O\’Reilly and Fox News really do try to be \”Fair and Balanced\”.

    I don\’t believe you\’re a vile man, Mr. Cuban, and NO ONE deserves to be threatened as you and your family has, but I do have to question your timing of this movie while our brothers and sisters are in harm\’s way. When it comes to principle vs money, it\’s clear where you stand.

    Comment by Cindy -

  19. First of all, it is shocking that someone whose intellectual abilities are as transparently weak as your own could ever gather as much money as you. Evidently, business can be a real crap shoot, with buffoons such as yourself occasionally cashing in.

    Second, the movie you are promiting is idiotic. Like so many other left kooks, the hate that you have for the administration leads you to believe that ANYTHING critical of the administration is true. A corollary is your evident belief that any characterization of such critiques as irresponsible or silly is based on brainwashing or censorship.

    In short, your cause celebre is just dumb. But that doesn\’t surprise in view of your blog.

    Comment by Drew -

  20. Mark, keep up the good fight.

    BillO and his minions are losing. BillO is desperate and unhinged. His time on the American scene is coming to an end. Fifty years from now, very few will remember, much less care, about any of the things he pretends to stand for.

    Comment by BriH -

  21. Why would someone say Mark Cuban \”deserved it\” or \”asked for it?\” The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (yes, there is one) is doing its best to destroy it but this is still the United States of America, folks, and Mark Cuban is a citizen. He\’s got a right to say damn near anything. I haven\’t seen Redacted, either, but I plan to this weekend.
    Thanks, Mark, keep up the good work.

    Comment by J Smith -

  22. Bill O\’reilly is a joke and deserves to be drug into the street and beaten. Anyone who actually believes all the crap that comes out of his mouth is as bad as he is and does not deserve to breathe the air that normal humans breath. Fuck Bill O\’reilly and fuck all Bill O\’reilly fans.

    Comment by matt Stevens -

  23. Way to go Mark! Keep sticking it to that fascist O\’Reilly. He is a charlatan, a bigot and a sexual harasser.

    Comment by Dan B -

  24. When I heard about the ad all I could think was that it was a brilliant maneuver.

    It\’s also an experiment that in a broader sense reveals quite a bit about the state of media and how to speak the language of anyone involved with (or controlled by) a conglom.

    \”By holding out advantages to him, he can cause the enemy to approach of his own accord\”

    Classic. The op. for defeating an enemy is always provided by the enemy himself. Or so I\’ve heard.

    Comment by j -

  25. I\’m conflicted.

    You are a billionaire, which normally would make me want to fire-bomb your obscene mansion, steal all the cocaine out of the sugar bowl next to your bed, and sell your plutocrat ass to black market operatives in the Malaysian white slavery trade.

    But you\’re also fighting valiantly for expression in the midst of a rather violent culture war, which makes me want to vote for you for class president, Rotary Club treasurer, Dungeon Master, or some other such respected high office of authority and influence.

    Maybe I\’ll split the difference and buy a ticket to a Mav\’s game.

    Comment by Dr. Elvis Tiberius Funkenstein -

  26. Hi Mr. Cuban. I want to see Redacted. I want to see it because, firs and foremost, OReilly hates it and therefore it must be good. I believe in free speech. We have the right to dissent and show different opinions than what is popular, or in Iraq\’s case, vastly unpopular. I apologize to you for what you have gone through becase of right-wing zealots. They must have forgoten what America was about. Freeedom to state our opinions. No matter what Fox News or OReilly or Anyone says. Thank You, Mr Cuban. Thank you for not bowing to these people. Have a wondeful Thanksgiving.

    Comment by Joe LaForm -

  27. \”Television is ultimately entertainment, not information. That\’s what books are for.\”

    Harry, do you think this is 1970?

    Comment by The Zoner -

  28. Keep up the good fight, man.

    OReilly is a bowl of runny turds that most of us would rather ignore and hope it goes away. The problem is, our silence can also be taken as endorsement.

    Luckily, there\’s folks like you who don\’t mind telling him to shut up and sit down.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Rabid Squirrel -

  29. After war, this film would have been ok…
    During the war with our boys there??
    I had a son there, with this film out, you would need a good medical plan.
    Your film had bombed and so it should during war time.
    So, jump up and down like the little cheerleader you are but that\’s all you are…Keep it to that..

    Comment by Dennis -

  30. No one can mess with the Cube!

    No Mercy!

    Comment by Jaq -

  31. Bravo Mark!! You got him where\’s he\’s the weakest..on integrity. But this fight isnt really vs. O\’Reilly. Its like taking candy from a baby.

    Comment by Viasistina -

  32. \”Threats are uncalled for, you don\’t deserve that but in a sense you asked for it.\”

    That is an incredibly asinine and insipid comment. Employees or owners don\’t ask for bomb threats and threats of bodily harm. That\’s like the parents of a bully coming over to your house and saying he asked for it.

    Mark, I am a Jazz fan, but I absolutely do wish you and your\’s the best of luck and thank you for returning the salvo to O\’Rly.

    Comment by TheStormofWar -

  33. Support The Troops

    Please do not paint a whole volunteer, heroic, brave, and loyally connected to America, group of honorable people and have them be compared through the actions of a couple of deviants.

    I witnessed your performance at Blogworld. Your comments were spineless and hateful. Only about a third of the crowd that was there – just to hear you speak – applauded your comments about your pathetic Hollywood exploits. Your disrespect of Bill OReilly\’s honest attempt to push back on Brian De Palmas Hate America First art piece just shows how corrupt and devoid of value your character has become. You really stand for very little except for attention to yourself and money.

    Mr. Mavrick, I ask you where is the good? Where is the grateful? Where is the honorable? I suggest that you have no rudder. A ship without a guiding rudder is of little value to itself and to others it may serve.

    I ask you to support our defenders and pull the movie from the theaters. Be really big and do not sell the DVD version so that our enemies will not be able to copy, broadcast, and paint the 99.9% of our defending forces by the artfully portrayed actions of the less than .01%

    Become a defender yourself. Become a ship with a rudder what a loving and grateful statement the actions in the above paragraph would make. Truthfully, I dont believe you have the backbone to show Brian De Palma whos the boss. We ALL know De Palma will never achieve rudder status.

    As OReilly would be fond of saying What say you? you HAVE the last word.

    (same comment as left for you at BLOGOWOGO)

    Comment by ecj-MAXINE -

  34. Two \”money\” bullies fighting over an issue they know nothing about.

    Comment by jeff -

  35. Television is ultimately entertainment, not information. That\’s what books are for.

    Comment by Harry -

  36. Mark,
    No one will ever be right or wrong on any movie review. Everyone is a salesman when it comes to opinion, you trying to sell them why your opinion is right and they try to sell you the same back. Make your life more simple and focus on the good you already do and stay away from the virtual high school fights. You also should stay away from the controversial projects because as you realize the whole world never agrees with you. Don\’t give your time of day to a Bill O who smiles with a smurk while he cheated on his wife. Stand above that and remove yourself from bad moves like this film even if the film is good or bad it just caused you, your company, and probably your family a lot of stress. That is the true way of knowing if you made a good choice. The Billionaire Drive – David

    Comment by David -

  37. Threats are uncalled for, you don\’t deserve that but in a sense you asked for it.

    How does someone ask for threats over voicing their opinion? So far, I havent heard anything from Bill here. Why is that? Oh I forgot, he only responds on The OReilly Factor where he shouts down opposing views.

    And the hanging with the Hollywood comments are great. Yeah, lets take advice on character from OReilly, Mr. Sexual Harassment himself.

    Comment by Faux News -

  38. Threats are uncalled for, you don\’t deserve that but in a sense you asked for it.

    Cuban, we all know this is an attempt on your part to get in with the Hollywood types. Why you would want to throw in with those people is beyond me. They are vacuous, foolish, idealist pinheads. Aren\’t you comfortable enough with what God gave you already?

    Seriously dude you stepped into it big time. Reach back to the days before you came up with the idea to build a web platform and catch that lucky break.
    Would you have liked the present you?
    Who would?

    Comment by Mike -

  39. I really doubt Bill has much control of over what commercials run on his show. But I also bet that he\’ll try and gain some control of that after this.

    Comment by Tyler -

  40. i\’m glad i don\’t have cable and therefore can\’t watch him (or the mavs, sadly, except when they\’re on broadcast channels – sigh).

    this is so terrible. i\’m sorry you have to go through this.

    Comment by anne jackson -

  41. Threats are uncalled for, you don\’t deserve that but in a sense you asked for it.

    Cuban, we all know this is an attempt on your part to get in with the Hollywood types. Why you would want to throw in with those people is beyond me. They are vacuous, foolish, idealist pinheads. Aren\’t you comfortable enough with what God gave you already?

    Seriously dude you stepped into it big time. Reach back to the days before you came up with the idea to build a web platform and catch that lucky break.
    Would you have liked the present you?

    Comment by Mike -

  42. I have not seen the movie, nor have I heard anything Bill has to say about it, but I firmly believe that this has gotten way out of hand. I generally agree what about 65% of what Bill has to say, whether he means it or not I don\’t care. If it is his fans acting as you mentioned, it\’s completely out of line.

    Comment by llc operating agreement -

  43. People, give me a break. Bill O\’Reilly has always been the \”it\’s my way or the highway.\” As soon as someone disagrees with his viewpoint, he interrupts them and doesn\’t let them finish. All of you politics whores need to keep your mouth shut. Nobody cares about what you think.

    Comment by Michael -

  44. I honestly believe Bill O\’reilly tries to do good in the best manner he sees fit. I also believe he is over-the-top from time to time.

    Is he simultaneously trying to garner the best ratings possible while \”doing good?\” Yes, of course, but I don\’t think at the end of the day his words toward you are simply for publicity. If Bill were hooked up to a polygraph, he wouldn\’t be lying if asked if he thought your movie could hurt America or our troops.

    Comment by David -

  45. From my experience in TV, it\’s entirely possible–and likely– that he or his staff have no knowledge of what ads will be run in the breaks of his show–live or replay. However, they could seek that out that info–and I\’ll bet they will now!

    But let\’s say I am the EP of a show and I see an ad I don\’t like during my show. Even if I called master control and told them to kill the spot they would not do it. It\’s not any producer\’s call when there is money up against an ad.

    Comment by The Zoner -

  46. Gee. I wonder why someone would want to hurt you, Mr. Cuban. It seems to me that if you put it out, like you have in spades, you should be able to take it. You\’re actually surprised? You\’re dealing with people\’s lives, little boy.

    BTW, you got screwed by Hwood. What a laugh. Your lightweight experience in the big town showed. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I\’m sorry, I just can\’t stop laughing at your hubris.

    Your kids must be moritifed by your actions.

    Have a nice day, Mark. And next time you want some sympathy, I suggest you buy some from your pals in HWood.

    Andrea Hall

    Comment by Andrea Hall -

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