Devin Harris is not on the All Star Ballot ?

Can someone please explain to me how and why Devin Harris is not even on the All Star Ballot ? I don’t know who actually puts the ballots together. Supposedly its a bunch of media members ( which may be all the explanation I need) who decide who is on or off. No matter, its a sure bet none of them has a future as a GM in this league.

Devin may not put up the gaudiest numbers game in and game out, but is there any question he is the best defensive point guard in the NBA ? Is there even a close second ?

Devin can stay in front of the quickest points in the league. Does a good a job as anyone getting over and around screens and defending the pick and roll and can guard bigger two guards when we need him to.

Can you name any other point guard who is quick enough, smart enough and willing enough to get in front of the likes of Tony Parker or Allen Iverson and take a charge like Devin does ?

It takes a lot to amaze me. Leaving Devin off the ballot amazes me….Hopefully NBA fans and coaches will be smart enough to recognize the mistake and vote him on to the All Star and All Defensive teams this summer…

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  1. Not only are Harris and Diop not on the ballot, but if you try to add them in he write-in votes, it completely ignores the vote. I have written four times about it and get no response. What a rip!

    Comment by Herb Hays -

  2. Seriously?
    You are a homer, and i have to respect that, i mean if you didn\’t bring up the argument, who would?
    Best Defensive point guard, none ring a bell so let me look on the site:
    J-kidd (old man, maybe, but you can\’t post him up, so what he can\’t hit a jumper when it counts)
    Willie green ( from philly, yes he is a real person, look him up)
    Eric snow ( i mean what else does he do, except play D. He is actually a horrible basketball player and always has been. You can\’t hit a jumper and your in the league, this guy must have a velvet tongue, \”your right coach, I keep telling that. Can i start?\”
    Jamaal Tinsley: very underrated, and has good footwork and hands, but mostly is just a caggy veteran with a few tricks up his sleeve.
    Derron Williams: best defender at his position. He got some rough calls because he was a rookie and the refs didn\’t take it easy on him (you all about this!!), but size, speed, and skill this kid is the truth.
    Josh childress: he sucks but i thought it would be funny to throw him in.

    Obviously there are guys like marquis daniels ( your old friend) who can cover the point and do a pretty good job at it, but i think that this list pretty much says it all.
    Devon is a pretty good defender, but seriously
    (like i said above, in case you don\’t find it funny, say it an al gore voice and if that doesn\’t work say \”i\’m super serial\” (also in an Al gore voice, if this reference doesn\’t catch you watch south park\’s ManBearPig episode, or just youtube it)
    –it\’s hilarious.
    \”super seriously\”
    I could post up Devin Harris, don\’t belive me next time your in Miami, give me a chance, the kid weighs less than the last dump I took, toilet water not included.
    I like Devin\’s game he has a great jump shot and is a decent scorer (which he proved in college, Wisconsin I think, i watched him put up nice numbers he was thier main scorer)
    Which tells me he has great work ethic he developed his game as a scorer and now on a team where scoring is not a problem he has adapted and found a place for himself, which is great.
    But i would not pick him for the all star game no he dosn\’t deserve to be on the ballot he needs to prove his value on the team a little more before he gets mentioned among the leagues elite players.
    And you know this

    Comment by sam knight -

  3. Better defensive point\’s:

    Jason Kidd
    Rajon Rondo
    Maybe Chris Duhon

    That being said, why is anyone left off of the all-star ballot? Shouldn\’t all players be in the running?

    Comment by Ben -

  4. It\’s not like he\’d be voted on anyways, so it really doesn\’t matter.

    Comment by Chad -

  5. Devin Harris should have been on the ballot. Michael Finley should have been left off instead. Chris Wilcox of Seattle is a bigger snub.

    Comment by Steve -

  6. I agree that Devin Harris is one of the best up and coming point guards in the league and he deserves to be at least on the ballot… but the allstar game is all about \”me not we\” despite what the NBA commercials try to say.

    Comment by Mike -

  7. I\’m a thoroughbred racing and hockey writer (and fanatic — nice I can get paid for my passion). I\’m not up on how it works in your sport, but the hockey ballots never cease to amaze me — mostly in who\’s left off.

    I generally get the feeling it\’s done by who the ubiquitous \”They\” believe will sell the most tickets, not who\’s the best player, or which group of great players would have the best chemistry.

    Comment by Devon Ellington -

  8. Their\’s always next year.

    Comment by John Newberry -

  9. Jeff,

    Mark said the All-star ballot and not the all-star team. You forgot to make an argument on why he shouldn\’t be on the ballot. I guess because there is none.


    The all-star ballot is always 1 or 2 years back in time. If you would remember Magic Johnson made the all-star team when he wasn\’t even activly playing. (Then he decided to play) I don\’t that the media should be able to decide who is on the ballot, but instaed give the individual owners a choice in putting 5 players on the ballot instead. The remaining players should be voted in by the people.

    But lets just hope Devin will justify being left off the ballot with a ring. I think he would enjoy that scenerio than any individual recognition.

    Comment by Dave -

  10. I hate to break it to you Mark, but Devin is not an all-star at the point guard position. Yes, he is a really good defender, however there are many points who are just flat out better then him. He is an ok shooter, an ok distributer of the ball, and an ok finisher/scorer. In the all-star game I want to see great in front of all of those verbs! In other words he is no Stevie Nash!

    Comment by jeff -

  11. Ok Mark, I get it youre the voice of your organization(s) and you will always go to bat for your guys. But seriously, enough with the whining already! Is being left off the ballot not all the motivation Devin needs to prove himself even more?

    You are a proven leader and I admire your work ethic and passion for success. That said, 99.9% of your customers dont care about the Mark Cuban Brand they care about the products Mark Cuban produces. Let your products prove their worth in the market (it seems to have work so far:)

    Comment by C -

  12. Despite of it being just a popularity contest, the Little Devil deserves a place. Absence of it clearly proves ignorance that abounds in the media. Luke Ridnour makes it… our little devil can\’t?

    I guess one has to miss all 8-10 games of the season on suspension, but as long as one is a popular thug (Stephen Jackson), playing games and proving self isn\’t a criteria. Lameness of the greatest degree.

    Comment by Maneesh -

  13. Because statistics matter. That is why he isn\’t on. No one cares about defense in the all star game. To be on the ballot you had to be there last year, finished last year strong, or dominated the beginning of this year to get noticed. He has done none of those things.

    Comment by Tyler -

  14. How can they put the all star ballot together already anyway, the season is only 2 weeks old! What happens to all those guys who come out of nowhere and really deserve to be in the all star game. I think they need to wait until at least two month worth of games have been played before they determine who should be on the ballots. Otherwise its just another popularity contest.

    Comment by Ravi -

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