Subject: This soldiers perspective on the Redacted issue.

Of the 75 or so emails I received about Redacted, only one was so well thought out I had to post it. It came from a member of our Armed Forces. We have exchanged a couple emails and I asked him if I could post this anonymously . He presented it to his superiors , who approved the posting.

He is a hell of a guy.

Subject: This soldiers perspective on the Redacted issue.


I doubt that you will read or see this email, as I have to imagine
you receive thousands of emails a day. And while I figure mine will
just be lost in the flood, I happened across the story about you and
Mr. O’Reilly and the controversy over the movie Redacted, and could
not help but say something. I did not leave a comment on your blog as
I do not want my feelings on the matter to appear anywhere other than
in your inbox. The fact that I’m in the military could make my feelings on
this matter a banner to wave in the argument about this film. I hope
you can forgive me this small indulgence.

To introduce myself, I’m a soldier who was recently wounded in Iraq;
hence why I am in the US and have time to send you this email. Right
now I am still recovering from my wounds, their related complications, and further
surgery. I became aware of the current situation between yourself and Mr. O’Reilly by a
link to your blog on a newsfilter I read called Fark and read through your entries to
see what had occured.

I want to begin by saying that I am not an expert on Iraq, I can only
speak about what happened to me and what I have experienced. But I
think that Bill’s (his first name is faster than endlessly typing
O”Reilly) argument is flawed on a few levels. First of all, what happened in
the Mahmudiyah “incident” has already happened, and the news has
already been widely disbursed through the Arab press. Nearly every
house we ever drove by, even mud huts in rural areas in Baghdad, had
satellite dishes on them. So I would have to imagine that this movie
is not going to provide a shocking revelation to the average Iraqi.

From my experiences, they’ve already formed their opinions of us and
very little we do or say is going to change their minds. One movie,
regardless of its subject matter, is not going to overcome their
personal feelings about things like Abu-Ghraib, the criminal acts
discussed in Redacted, their fears about security and lost loved ones.
I was in Iraq when Insurgents ambushed an American convoy and
kidnapped American soldiers, claiming it was in revenge for what had
happened in Mahmudiyah, so I cannot honestly imagine that his case for
the movie helping motivate terrorists is correct. I think Bill has put the
cart before the horse to try and make a point, but thats standard
practice for idealogues on both sides of the fence, Michael Moore does
the same thing all the time, so does Ann Coulter, and the list goes

Now, I have not seen Redacted, nor do I wish/plan to. I’m all too
familiar with Iraq and the experience thereof, and I don’t want to see
someone who has never been there try and distill it into a film,
regardless of his motivation. In an effort to at least have some
slight idea of what I’m talking about, I did some research, read plot
summaries from objective sources, etc. I do have some concerns about
the film, but they’re not that it will provide idealogical support to
terrorists. I think we do enough of that on our own with our popular
culture, decadent society, and past mistakes in foreign policy. What
does worry me about films like Redacted is that people in America will
watch them and use isolated incidents to color their entire view of
the military and its service in Iraq. When you look at what we’ve done
there, the military has accomplished amazing things and done a lot of
good. But mistakes have been made and criminal actions that have been
committed (and harshly punished) are all that we ever hear people talk
about on TV, in film, and in print media. There aren’t many movies
about guys who die trying to bring freedom to an oppressed people
without ever getting to meet their children, or about how hard and
tirelessly soldiers work over there to try and do a thankless job,
while the media back home paints the war as lost and their efforts as
futile. But, I would never go so far as to advocate boycotting a film
or piece of literature just because I do not agree with what it says
or because I’m afraid of what it might cause. Free Speech is part of
the constitution I am sworn to defend, and there is no stricture in
the first amendment about liking what everyone says. I just wish
someone would tell the stories of the good things, too.

So, don’t worry about Bill. He’s just doing his job, and imagining
that he should always make sense is an exercise in madness. Sometimes he’s on
point, and sometimes he’s way off base. I think this is one of the
latter. For that matter, Brian De Palma is just doing his job too, no
matter how I feel about what he made or what he has to say. If I was
in your position, I would just cut my losses and walk away. Nothing
you can do or say will get him off your case.

If you actually read this, I apologize for the length and for my
occasional rambling. I’ve got a lot of time to think these days and
very little outlet for it. I just wanted to let you know what I
thought, without having it in a public forum. Thank you for your time.

Patriotic dissent is a luxury of those protected by better men than they. -Anon

85 thoughts on “Subject: This soldiers perspective on the Redacted issue.

  1. I cannot believe my eyes. So much anger from the same people who supported a war mired in deception. I am not going to pull any punches here. The truth will set us free.

    First, while I am a Mavericks fan, I am not a fan of NBA owners running onto the court, or arguing with officials. I will say, this year I am impressed with your demeanor and composure. Kudos for that, but its early. 🙂

    But this comment has more to do with your unfettered desire for truth. That is to be commended. Too much since 9-11, has been based on fear. Fear wins elections. Fear motivates. Fear, started a war in Iraq that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Fear has led to the displacement of the Sunni, a buffer against Iran, only to leave a power vacuum ready to be filled by an anti American Theocracy led by the Shiite Iranian backed militia. But why use fear?

    \”Why of course the people don\’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.\” Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II

    Oh, it is true I love my country. But I will not brand every military man or woman a \”hero\”. That would be an injustice to the ones that truly are. To turn a blind eye to the travesties and war crimes committed would be a disservice to truth and honor. To pretend a self righteous political action group like the PNAC had nothing to do with this ideology war is incredibly naive. To turn a blind eye to the faults of every country, including ours will lead to our own demise.

    The same people who attack you here are the same people who were feared into voting for GWB a second time. They are the same people who attack me when I voice my opinions in various chatrooms and blogs. The shame they must feel must be tremendous. They are responsible for the damage to our country\’s great name and the break down of our civil liberties. That more than any movie, has got to be hard to live with.

    An answer will not come from slander or hate on either side. No, it will come from ideas and hope not fear. It is time for constructive dialog; if the politicians won\’t do it, we will. We the people.

    Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.\” — John F. Kennedy


    Comment by Robert -

  2. It sure looks like Devils Advocate hit somebodies nerve! Then again,the truth does hurt. There seems to be a growing number of Americans who who huff and puff about the freedom of speech, and yet don\’t realize that there is a moral conciense that comes with that freedom, John Adams once said that without a moral and faithful people, the Constitution of the United States would be worthless. That day has come.

    Comment by Susan Hogan -

  3. It\’s obvious that Cuban is too much of a coward to address any of the issues we have raised here. I wonder if Cuban would have been the money man to such a slanderous piece of trash, had he served in the miltiary instead of simply reaping the benefits of of those of us who served?

    There is never going to be another \’Winter Solider\’ moment Mark, no Hanoi John Kerry swiftboating the entire armed force down the river in todays day and age. Until you admit your horrible mistake in judgement and make amends, most of America will never forgive you. And it\’s most likely too late.

    You can get pats on the back by left wing nut jobs, like Ebert, but the 99.9% of American know what a crude, thoughleess hit piece your and DePalma\’s lie of a movie is.

    I can\’t wait for the sequel. Let me guess, Abu Gharib, Right?

    Comment by Rex Zeitgeist -

  4. How has your movie been doing Mark? With all that free publicity that you were bragging about earlier it must\’ve done well…

    In the years to come, I\’ll be like one of the millions of men watching basketball on TV telling my wife that I used to like your passion but since had lost most of that respect because of your involvement in the Redacted project. And I\’m not some old wasp, I\’m a 27 year old wasp as are most of my friends which feel the same way. I think you\’ve offended a larger group of people than you think you have.

    I\’m not in the military but I certainly would never try to shed a bad light on. I know who my protectors are and who my enemies are. Yes there are some bad ones in our military, but there are some bad fans in your arena as well and I\’m sure you don\’t like to put a spotlight on them and harm the image of the vast majority.

    Never too late for an apology to our military and the supporters of this noble-intended country. It would go a long way at least in my book.

    Comment by Kelan -

  5. Lies do not make your argument, Mark. The movie is fraught with lies. Lies do not make you a better person, Mark. The movie is fraught with lies. Lies do not afford you the moral high ground, Mark. The movies is fraught with lies. Lies are NOT the basis for morality or ethics. Your movie is full of lies, half truths, mis-information.

    I will seek out all of your holdings and ensure everyone I know and my family will not support those. Furthermore, I\’ll inform all advertisers of all those holdings of the dastardly activities in which you\’re involved and that we won\’t support them as well.

    How do you sleep at night?

    Comment by DEnnis -

  6. I do not know why liberals always start screaming about their freedom of speech and their right to voice their opinion. We are not saying you do not have a right to voice your opinion. It is WHAT you are saying that we disagree with. Out of the million or so soldiers who have gone to this war, maybe fifteen or so are criminals. Muslims have been commiting atrocities since the 7th Century. Why do you not do a movie about that? Do a movie about the innocent people jumping out of The Twin Towers? Go to The State Department web-site and look up the list of Terrorist attacks just since The Sixties. Read the history of Mohammed. Read The Qur\’an. Read the history through the centuries of Islam and do a movie. That is because liberals are shallow, uninformed, selfish, and find no cause greater than themselves. You do not understand that Saddam\’s Baath Party were Secular and learned their brutality from The Communist, Socialist, and Nazis. So if you Liberals side with The Godless and with the fanatics who claim it is their job to convert all Christians and Jews to Islam or kill us, that makes you my adversary. The Silent Majority is not silent any more. The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You. Joe Atkinson Veteran

    Comment by joe atkinson -

  7. I believe you have been duped by the military-hating Hollywood left. Or, are you really one of them? Certainly any money that you had hoped to make out of this propaganda tool for recruiting terrorists can\’t be worth the increased danger you have placed our military in. Your billions would be better served by directing them toward all the positive things our military has & is achieving in Iraq & around the world in order to give fools like you the freedom to be fools. Regardless of whether the decision to go into Iraq was right or wrong, the words & actions of the far left has given encouragement to the enemy & prolonged the war. If the country united like we did during WW1 & WW11, the radical extremists would be defeated, & the US soldiers back home by now. But for some reason, there are those who do not want us to win this war. Are you one of them??

    Comment by Bill Kristinik -

  8. I\’m a Gulf War vet and have been in the Navy for 19 years – the notion that you made it possible for the worthless, talentless, drug addled, geriatric hippie hack Brian De Palma, to make this movie, nauseates me.

    You\’ve taken so much more from this country than you\’ve put back into it. You and all of your juvenile delinquent celebrity buddies. And you don\’t even see it. You think it\’s all about you, don\’t you?

    And you use that wealth and what little talent you actually have, to slander an entire group of people, who are currently (and historically) laying their lives on the line to make it possible for you to enjoy your billions, your easy women, your hallucinigens and whatever other baby toys you enjoy.

    You are a moral and intellectual toddler. Enjoy your pacifiers, champ.

    Comment by Brian Schafer -

  9. Mark,

    It bombed and you lost money. Of course, it will be a hit in the middle east.
    Its a sick movie man. Would you support a movie about a Maverick raping and killing young girls?

    thought not.

    Comment by Daryl Maxwell -

  10. Greetings from Denton

    The movie Redacted sinks to the seamy side of what some soldiers did in this war. The depiction of what went on in Iraq is terrible indeed. I wonder if your company would do a film on the positive aspects of this war. Say getting rid of a dictator who uses WMDs on his own people, who killed 300,000 of his own people, who invaded 2 countries, and who paid 25,000 $ to bombers families in gaza. The difficult tasks my nephews are doing over their are not made easier by focusing on screw ups. These men and women have my support, and I am troubled by anyone who seeks to undermine their efforts by doing a Vietnam on them. I see Redacted as an attempt to undermine their efforts. I love the the line we support the troops but not the war. You cannot support the troops if you undermine what they are doing.

    Andy Haskin
    US Army 1976-1980

    Comment by Andy Haskin -

  11. Mark –

    I believe in all fairness, that you should help fund a movie that does exactly what the unnamed soldier talks about – tells the story about the GOOD things that American soldiers have done in Iraq. It would reflect a lot about your character, and silence all of your critics (not that they mattered to you, anyway).

    Think about it. It would be the right thing to do.

    Comment by Bobby Wilson -

  12. And since I\’m here, better teach some of you a bit of history as well.

    Let\’s get started:

    \”32 – these guys have hated us for years/centuries and will continue to do so no matter what. \”

    Bullfeces. They started \”hating\” you after you started messing around in their region. You might be interested in learning about the coup of the Shah in Iran and the bloody regime the US installed there (thousands murdered, surprise surprise). Then you might want to know who funded Saddam in the war against Iran (Google and you can find a great pic of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam\’s hands, happily…Saddam was who he was because he had powerful friends in the White House).

    Ok, next:
    \”50 – How about a documentary on how Ahmadinejad wants to wipe America off the face of the map? \”

    How about a documentary about the coup in 53 that put Reza Pahlavi back into power? How about the massacres in Palestine?

    \”57 – I wonder if any of the athletes you employ would play basketball for the $1,400.00 I make every two weeks in the Army\”

    Obviously they wouldnt, because they arent stupid enough to enlist in an army committing atrocities all over the globe. They would be retards to leave millions on a table to go to a war that is morally more wrong than dating your sister, isnt it? Doh.

    \”75 – During my career, we were NEVER instructed or encouraged to violate rules of the Geneva Convention or participate in torture.\”

    You are probably lying that you served in all the places you said. As every one knows, shotguns where widely used in Vietnam to secure perimeters of bases. And they are STRICTLY forbidden according to Geneva Convention.

    Now since we are talking about Vietnam and the US are \”the good guys\”, you might be willing to Google for Agent Orange in Vietnam.

    TO THIS DAY there are hundreds of kids in Vietnam being born with deformities because of the Agent Orange (a carcinogenic agent widely used in Vietnam) deployed by your oh so brave army \”defending\” the people of South Vietnam.

    Now, how can you sleep at night knowing that the army of your country did a big mess and that thousands of kids TO THIS DAY have HORRIBLE LIVES because the United States REFUSED to clean up its mess, even 30 years after the war?

    Morally there is absolutely NOTHING anyone here could say in favour of the US Foreign Policy.

    Do your homework, clean up Agent Orange, prosecute Henry Kissinger, and then we can talk about depicting the US in any positive light.

    Unless the US drops its perceived notion that it is morally superior there is ZERO chance of any negotiation and any honest progress in this world. We are -ALL BAD-, no one is a single micron better than the next person.

    Mark, kudos to you to start a debate that at least make this brainwashed \”people\” question themselves if they are really part of the solution or part of the problem. Keep it up mate.

    Comment by Ndugu 123 -

  13. Well done Mark, the world needs more people like you, with the guts to tell things how they really are.

    I\’m still amazed that some of you think there is any chance that the US army is \”the good guy\” in this story.

    Maybe on a personal level, maybe on the little soldier level, fighting for some money, they are \”good\” guys.

    But on the macro side of things, the war in Iraq is an unforgivable tragedy.

    If you people knew anything about history you would see a very, very clear pattern of the United State\’s foreign policies.

    This pattern includes the complete disregard for human life and the rights of any country that might be on the opposite side of their interests.

    September 11 eh?


    Why dont you research a bit and find out what happened in Chile on September 11 1973?

    Hint: it involved murdering a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT on CIA sponsored coup and the instalment of a dictatorship of a butcher worse than Saddam, all sponsored by the US of A and gladly enforced by our Peace Nobel Prize Winner Henry Kissinger (and you thought the Nobel Prize was this pristine award eh silly?)

    Yes, that\’s right, the same \”democracy\” that the US pretend it defends today, was thoroughly raped when it was convenient. Surprised?

    It was funny to watch in the Democrats debate that \”America must regain its moral leadership role.\”

    I ask you, assuming most of you are americans:

    Which \”morals\”? Which \”leadership\”?

    Can you be so brainwashed that you dont realize that your country, with your support, is betraying all the glorious values it was founded on???

    You people disappoint me.

    Comment by Ndugu 123 -

  14. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    I have to say that I have not seen your movie Redacted, nor do I care to do so. As the owner of a professional sport team I assumed since you have extraordinary business sense that you also had common sense, but that certainly is not the case. Your actions prove the two do not go hand-in-hand. The financail support you provided for the production of a film that would portray our courageous and brave soldiers in such a disparaging way is in fact unconscionable and exposes not only our soldiers, but also our country to radical extremists who hate America, what we stand for and who are most definitely nourished by such abhorrent proproganda. Like a chess game, these extremists are patiently waiting to advance their next move, a move that will undoubtedly be one of great pain and destruction and one beyond our wildest imaginations. In the future, when you decide to spend millions of dollars I would encourage you to find opportunities to financially support our military (even though you may not agree with the war) and protect and bring honor to our country, a country that has provided you the opportunity to financially become the man you are.

    Sincerely, Marie

    Comment by Marie -

  15. Mr. Cuban. I spent over 20 years in the Army, both as a member of a Special Forces \”A\” Team member and as an attack helicopter pilot. I also served in Iraq. During my career, we were NEVER instructed or encouraged to violate rules of the Geneva Convention or participate in torture. Even when planning our most covert operations, we were orderd to comply, and we were told to question any orders that violated human rights. In 20 years of service, I NEVER spoke with anyone who experienced anything different, and I worked with Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Marines. Did that mean it wouldn\’t happen? Of course not, but it was not part of our doctrine.
    It appears to me, the only thing you have accomplished with this movie is to insult all American Soldiers. You have implied, just as Kerry falsely claimed in his Anti-war testimony about Viet Nam, that criminal behavior is rampant while ignoring the overwhelming acts of heroism and kindness our soldiers exhibit on a daily basis.
    You\’ve also chosen to ignore the fact that a U.S. soldier\’s criminal conduct is investigated and soldiers are sentenced for their crimes, while Muslim fanatics praise their terroists for even more horrific conduct and call for more. It\’s one thing to be Anti-Bush, Anti-War, Anti-Iraq, but your film appears to be Anti-Soldier, Anti-Military.
    I don\’t know how much time you spent in the military, serving our country, but I am curious. If all you have done so far is to make billion dollar business deals, and own a sports team, when are you really going to do something to serve your country instead of yourself? From a seasoned combat veteran\’s viewpoint, you are reaping the benefits of freedom and prosperity that soldiers have given their very lives for, but the only thing you\’ve really given in return is using your financial success to condemn the real heros. That seems more self-serving than partiotic.
    So please, Mr. Cuban, sit back and enjoy your next ball game. Sleep in late, crawl out of your comfy bed and have a nice warm cup of coffee while you read the financial page. And don\’t give a second thought to the brave patriots who have sacrificed so much to preserve your way of life.
    One last thing. The military taught me long ago that you can hold the title of Colonel, General, Doctor, Lawyer, Movie Director, Billionaire, or Sports Team Owner. But those titles can go away in a heartbeat, and all you have left is your character. At that point, if you don\’t have charcter, you don\’t really have anything at all.

    Have a nice day Mr. Cuban. I\’m not sure why I said that. Of course you\’ll have a nice day.

    Comment by Jim Hawkins-CW4 Retired -

  16. [Comments go mangled]
    This was the link I intended to add Re: our excuses for going to war

    Oh and Betty, I don\’t own a car. 😛

    Comment by Pirate -

  17. Betty @ 63:

    We didn\’t go Iraq guns blazing because of Saddam being a vile dictator. We went in because Colin Powell sold out his self-respect and international stature in a bald-faced lie to the U.N. about Iraq\’s WMD program.

    So spare me the \”He\’s a Hitler\” speech. That tired old saw gets dragged out every time we need to go invade someone new:

    \”He\’s a Hitler.\”
    \”They started it.\”
    \”We must protect freedom & American lives.\”
    \”We are reluctant warriors who only fight when we have no choice.\”

    Comment by Pirate -

  18. I am greatly saddened by the idea of this movie. I think this movie will incite NEW people to join the terrorists groups. I also think it will put our troops in more danger. I can\’t believe you are OK with that. I live about an hour away from Dallas and have been a Mavericks fan (as well as a Cowboys fan) for a long time, but I can no longer support the Mavericks. I will no longer watch them on TV or attend any games. I\’m sure what little business you loose from me will not hurt your organization, but I believe it\’s the right thing to do and I hope millions of fans feel the same way and boycot you until you do the right thing.

    Comment by Darrell Warren -

  19. To be blunt the movie is just plain PORN.Nothing more and
    disrespects evey person in uniform.The last thing Bill said
    was don\’t boycot just support the troops…

    Comment by Tincan Sailor -

  20. I have a question Mark!! Mark how are you going to feel if one
    of the sleeper cells here in America sends in a suicide bomber
    into one of your games??I wouldn\’t wish that on anyone but to
    think it can\’t happen puts you in La,La land…This Country
    could end up just like Israel and that trash movie is like
    pouring gas on a fire…Also you can\’t dance worth a damn…

    Comment by Tincan Sailor -

  21. This guy sounds reasonable until he mentions we are bringing freedom to an oppressed people. Just like the Iraqis he mentions who have a mentality they were raised with about us, it seems his beliefs are so deeply ingrained he can\’t even think clearly about some of them. Our administration is attacking Iraq and taking its oil and playing on the many people in this country like this guy who can be sold on the ideas that words like freedom and spirit are tangible goods the US manufactures and donates, that Saddam was pure evil and people in Iraq don\’t like their way of life and Bush is good and can use the same weapons he condemns because he stands for the American way, and that people who fight back against a military invasion on their own soil can be considered \”insurgents.\”

    Comment by James Vaughn -

  22. I\’m sorry but anyone that rapes and kills and bullies the way the soldier did in the movie will never get my respect. He was no soldier. So sending our soldiers to war gives them the right to do such things. The only thing thats more disgusting is the people that think it\’s okay and that anyone disagrees with them is WRONG and un American. Go back and put your head in the sand and watch your cartoons. There\’s bad apples in everybunch and they should be dealt with.

    Comment by Kelly -

  23. I have not seen the movie, but anything we are putting out here is NOT news to the folks who live over there. Thinking that they would see this and want to kill Americans…that\’s pretty small thinking. We overthrow a country and occupy it for greed of oil and to have a presence in the middle east, that is why they want to rid us of their lands. Thank Bush for that! He and his cronies will go down as the most corrupt administration to have ever run our country…maybe any country. Our soldiers are fighting for the right of free speech–that means any speech and we all obviously support the troops, they are people. It is the policy and the people pushing the policy that need to GO!

    Comment by J -

  24. To David #11:

    You write:

    \”You see he was our ally back then. The united states was using him to fight a war against either iran or saudi arabia.\”

    Can you please enlighten the group or at least me in particular as to when the US was in a war with Saudi Arabia?


    Comment by Len -

  25. I have yet to understand why the debate about this movie is whether or not terrorists will gain stamina against America. To me, this movie is about whether or not we respect our soldiers enough to ACURATELY portray what they do for our country and for others. Anti-American movies are a slap in the face of our soldiers and a slap in the face to me as an American.

    Comment by Jennifer -

  26. Well I\’m happy to post that this movie is a collossal flop. I\’m glad to see the good sense of americans.

    In fact it appears that it may be a historic flop. It brought in 25K dollars in it\’s first week. That\’s ~3,000 people wasting their time and money watching this propaganda.

    Good…it\’s junk and deserves to be relegated into the dustbin. Shame on Mark for bankrolling it, it is fitting that he\’s probably losing a small fortune on it.

    Comment by danny -

  27. Pirate,

    Our self-serving, dishonest, Starship-Trooper ideas about what the military men and women are sacrificing? While you sit on your ass boring us with your sophomoric lectures on oil and rape? Hell, Saddam raped Iraq for decades. Literally and figuratively. Where in the hell was your outrage then? I could speak of atrocities that would suck the air out of your lungs. But if it doesn\’t line up with your agenda, I guess you don\’t want to hear it.

    I sure hope you don\’t drive a car or use electricity or hell….work. Oh, wait….you\’re online. Hypocrite.

    What were you saying about sophistry?

    Comment by betty -

  28. CALVIN:
    \”How stupid can you get? Do you honestly believe an American-made film is going to make the terrorists say \”Oh, gee, maybe we should REALLY kill them now!\” Are you honestly that idiotic to think that they\’re not ALREADY motivated to kill?\”

    Actually Calvin, what will happen is this: clips of the film will be put in videos used to recruit extremists and terrorists. Terrorists who, will ultimately and most certainly cause the death of American servicemen somewhere at some point in the future. This film will be shown throughout the Islamic world to continue fostering hatred toward the United States. By funding this film, Mr. Cuban will have, in the end, aided in funding extremist propaganda. There is no arguing this point. It is, what it is.

    Mr. Cuban\’s intent or past actions are of no importance. The ramifications of his current actions were clearly foreseeable. This is why people are angry Calvin. Mr. Cuban and his supporters can justify his decision with any number of arguments, however, a great man once told me: If you don\’t stop pouring gasoline on the barbque, you\’re going to burn down the damn house.

    Comment by betty -

  29. \”There aren\’t many movies about guys who die trying to bring freedom to an oppressed people without ever getting to meet their children…\”

    Come on Mark; step up to the plate and put your money where your mouth is. Make that movie. You might lose a few Hollywood friends, but show us, don\’t tell us that you are patriotic.

    Comment by JB -

  30. Hey Pirate,

    When is the last time you have been to Iraq? There has been a lot of good done over there but you are seeing a few things from your rocking chair and think that is the whole picture. Most of people of Iraq are glad we came over there and wish we would have done it earlier. There have been some bad things over there as well and I am not opposed to those stories being told to the public just don\’t think it is all bad going on in Iraq until you go over there. Your way of thinking is what makes people not want this movie to be shown to the public.

    Your/DePalma comment \”we raped an entire country\” is plain stupid

    Comment by Gary -

  31. Everyone gets their knickers in a twist over portraying the American soldier in a negative light can, as far as I\’m concerned, get over themselves.

    But the bottom line is like De Palma has said: Rape and murder is the metaphor for what we\’ve done to the entire country of Iraq.

    We\’ve sent our military machine in based on lies and bullshit and we\’re raped the entire country.

    And it\’s not like we\’re even going to get cheap oil out of it. Anyone who thinks the US is someday going to get an oil deal with some future Iraqi government that doesn\’t involve us putting a gun to their ear is lying to someone, most likely themself.

    Patriotic dissent is a luxury of those protected by better men than they. -Anon

    How very Starship Troopers. But self-serving and more than a little dishonest in the context of Iraq.

    There\’s a HUGE difference between standing on a wall to defend your land, families, and country…

    And sending an expeditionary force to enforce your empire and steal peoples\’ natural resources at the point of a gun.

    Rape and murder is the direct metaphor for our entire endeavor in Iraq. Rape, murder, and theft.. Any improvements we\’re making in Iraq, we\’re making to try to buy the population\’s goodwill so we can get the oil.

    That\’s why we\’re building permanent bases there. To control the oil and make sure our will be done, enforced with shocking amounts of violence if necessary.

    We\’ve raped an entire country.

    Anything else is so much sophistry.

    I plan to go see redacted in the theater.

    Comment by Pirate -

  32. I am a currently serving in the United States Army and I promise the five Maverick\’s games I attended last year with my boys will not be attended this year. I wonder if any of the athletes you employ would play basketball for the $1,400.00 I make every two weeks in the Army. I only think that the liberties provided by many men before me allow people like you to exist and thrive in our culture. P.S. You can\’t dance either.

    Comment by Brett Meadows -

  33. Many of the comments I\’ve seen say that the movie will give terrorists or even the American public a bad impression of the military and could even stir some extremists to do us more harm. I have seen no comments, however on what impact the actions depicted in the movies have.

    Without our government actually kidnapping people and sending them to secret locations where they can be tortured, the movie wouldn\’t have a credible subject.

    We\’re supposed to be the good guys, aren\’t we? We prosecuted the Japanese and Germans for torturing after WWII, and now we\’re doing it ourselves, but it\’s ok, right, because we\’re the good guys.

    And by the way – Islamic Facism is a contradiction of terms. Facism is a cooperation between government and big business, not religious zealots and political insurgents.

    Mark – you keep tweaking Bill O\’Reilly\’s nose – no one deserves it more.

    Comment by Jeff -

  34. Mark, there is a rumor going around that you are thinking of buying the Cubs…as a life long cub fan I beg you not to do this. There is no way an average fan can relate to you,your millions,your spoiled boy immage and traitor tendencies..In a word you are a JERK. Again, stay away from the Cubs. The organization does not need you and the Chicago fans could never support you. Al

    Comment by ILMARS STRAUTS -

  35. I am very disappointed about what I have read and learned about Redacted. Simply put, there are too many individuals in this country who simply do not appreciate the incredible sacrifices that our fighting men and women make so that we can be a free nation. I don\’t expect that every movie and story that enters the mass media to praise the American warrior in the fight against those who brought us 9/11. (Perhaps Mr. Cuban would have declined to be involved in this venture had the events of 9/11 included Dallas.)

    The problem that exists at present is that the actions of our warriors are often subject to misinterpretation. This is the first war where the term \”collateral damage\” has been used to describe \”injury\” to allegedly non-combat related forces or property. Would Mr. Cuban or his body guards fire into a crowd if he was being shot at? Most likely. Very few members of the American military condone anyone who would viciously take the life of an innocent bystander. In Vietnam, there were dozens of court martials against service personnel who harmed non-combatants or prisoners. Yet, no nation that I know of hostile to the U.S. has ever punished its forces who routinely kill and torture capture U.S. personnel.

    It is my understanding that Mr. Cuban \”hosts\” U.S. military personnel at Mav games. I applaud him for this. But he needs to take a serious look at any action that can bring discredit to deserving American military forces.

    Pray for our warriors.

    Joseph A. Kinney
    Always a Marine
    Pinehurst, North Carolina

    Comment by Joseph A. Kinney -

  36. Dear Mark Cuban,

    I understand that you are a billionaire business man. Invested in basketball and high definition.

    Our most esteemable president Mr. George W. Bush is also a business man.

    Heavily invested in Oil and Weapons Manufacturing.

    As a business man tell me what does peace do to the profit margins of a weapons manufacturing plant?

    Do arms manufactures profit from war?

    Do weapons dealers such as George W. Bush have a VESTED interest in escalating conflict?

    Is it a conflict of interest for a war profiter to take our country to war on false pretext and profit from it?

    Is it a conflict of interest for a war profiter that is heavily invested in oil to take our country to war for oil based on false pretext?

    Did you know that George W. Bush\’s grand father was charged and convicted for treason by the united states of america?

    \”The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism. His business dealings, which continued until his company\’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy. The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator\’s action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.\” Giving aid and comfort to the enemy is called TREASON.

    According to a Dutch intelligence agent, Prescott Bush managed a portion of the slave labor force in Poland.

    The Treasury Department revealed to congress that United Steel produced the following percentages of war munitions for the Nazis: Pig iron 50.8%; Pipe & tubes 45.5%; Universal plate 41.4%; Galvanised sheet 38.5%; Heavy plate 36%; Explosives 35%; Wire 22.1%. This is the same firm Prescott Bush acted, as banker for. In effect, Prescott was Hitlers American banker.

    Comment by David -

  37. Isn\’t it strange-funny how the folks who are often best suited to speak to a subject, who have a valid viewpoint and who are intelligent in the discussion; how they are the ones to preface with how they probably aren\’t a valid source? Meanwhile, others talk aggressively out of their necks, never checking themselves or admitting the grey areas, and furthermore get paid to do so on cable television. I despair.

    I have a fair amount of military readers and friends in the military. I often wish more of them would speak out in this manner, and share what they\’ve known and seen.

    I like an opinion tempered with wisdom and experience. Thanks to the writer and the publisher of this one.

    As for some of the comments, and the comments about some of the comments: The world would be a better place, especially the US, if we could teach people to make their own decisions. Critical thinking and such should be a required course in the 6th grade.

    Comment by jm -

  38. Funny you didn\’t post my comments….are you AFRAID ???


    Comment by Lizz -

  39. 14. Mark Cuban –

    How about making a movie about all the torture and murder Sadam inflicted on his own poeple?

    How about a documentary on how Ahmadinejad wants to wipe America off the face of the map?

    Are you afraid to offend the muslims??

    I don\’t underststand why you and all your liberal friends feel so compelled to attack this countries greatest Americans. It makes me sick to know how much our soilders (past & present) have sacrificed for the likes of you and your ilk.

    Comment by marc -

  40. Being mostly conservative I don\’t like the subjects of this movie but what do we do. But bad things have happened over in Iraq. Are we supposed to ignore them and maybe they will go away. The people that use this type of movie as ammunition already have plenty so this movie isn\’t going to do as much harm as the news footage from Abu Graib did. I feel like I served our military proudly for 12 years in order to protect the rights of everyone not just those that share my beliefs. Instead of giving this film more publicity I\’ll be watching the Homecoming shows on the Military Channel. They put a lump in my throat everytime. I am proud of our military but I am not going to hide from a few bad things that have happened.

    Comment by Gary -

  41. Mark…I also am saddened that you bankrolled this picture. There is a reason that war movies are made long after the conflict is over. Because whether negative or positive they are propaganda to someone.

    In this case it is propaganda against our soliders. It is a movie that the director is using to effect the political will of the homefront and that is the only place that Al Queda can win this battle. They cannot win it on the battlefied so they attempt to win it politically.

    They were very close to succeeding.

    I am an avid Mavs supporter and one of the reasons is all of what you and the mavs do to support the folks on the front lines for us. Folks who don\’t go to mavs games don\’t see all of the promotions that are done for the troops, the haircuts, the donations, the standing ovations when they are announced.

    The pride I continue to have when I see every maverick player with a hand over their heart during the national anthem.

    I think this was a mistake on your part. It is dissappointing.

    Comment by danny -

  42. \”it\’s amazing that a guy like you can\’t break 100 comments on your blog. Perhaps it is because no one really cares about what you have to say.\”

    Yes…by all means the measure of a man is the number of comments he gets on his blog. Damien, is that really all you got?

    Comment by The Zoner -

  43. I\’m wondering what movie the terrorists watched that made them attack us in 2001? I\’m guessing it was Snow Day, starring Chevy Chase. That movie makes me really angry as well.

    Let\’s please stop this nonsense about the movie. It is this kind of simplistic, naive thinking(a movie is going to anger the terrorists and THEN our troops will be in danger) that got us into this war in the first place(They hate us because of our freedom? Really? That\’s why they hate us?) . If our leaders had engaged in any kind of intelligent, thoughtful, and most importantly, honest debate before the war, they would not have put our troops in a position where they didn\’t have the resources or manpower, or political backing, to do the job. The definition of good leadership is the ability to put the people you are leading in the best position to succeed. Our leaders have failed our troops, and we all let it happen. I guess our mouths were too full of freedom fries to bother raising our voices and holding our leaders accountable.

    Please, everybody who is angry about Redacted, try to channel that into something positive. There\’s a link at the top of this page to the Fallen Patriot Fund(boy, that Mark Cuban, he sure does hate the troops, what with giving money to the families of soldiers who were killed or wounded in Iraq), click that link, give some money. If you don\’t have money, put together care packages and send them to our troops overseas. There are organizations where you can donate items like DVDs, CDs, and they will distribute them to troops overseas. There are groups that go to airports and greet the troops that are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I am told it is a very rewarding experience, to be able to help welcome the troops home as heroes. My point is there are so many positive things you can do to actually \”support the troops\”. That will accomplish so much more than posting nasty messages to Mark Cuban on his blog, or those fools making threatening telephone calls.

    I miss the good old days, back when this blog was a forum to tell Mark how badly he messed up by not resigning steve nash, and to make fun of his dancing.

    And by the way, how about that Brandon Bass? Was he a great pickup, or what? He could wind up being as important as when we got Diop a couple years ago for practically nothing.

    Comment by Tim -

  44. 25 grand for an opening weekend….looks like you really made a statement moron

    Comment by Steve -

  45. Hello Mark,

    We can throw words at this issue until there aren\’t any left, if we decide to.

    It would be tough, though, to beat those that this soldier just wrote.

    Keep it up, Mark. You\’re the type of American that will make a difference in the resolution of this incredibly stupid war effort.

    Like you, I would die for my Country, Canada.

    But I take exception to the decisions that have been made, by foolish warmongers………..decisions that have put good men and women in harms way, for a cause that will never be anything but colonization.


    Randy Geider

    Comment by Randy Geider -

  46. My feelings about this are as follows. I think the film will give propaganda to the enemy. I will also admit it\’s possible that it won\’t. With that being said, If I were to tell you the effects of this movie were minimal, & it would only get one of our soldiers killed, Would you want to be the person to go up to there loved ones & tell them \”I\’m sorry, my film got your son/daughter/wife/husband/father/mother/ect. killed\” My guess is no. Until you know for sure, I would can the movie period. (But I guess that\’s just my conscience)

    Comment by jeff -

  47. Mark,

    You sir are an idiot… a rich idiot, but an idiot non-the-less. I think the lack of comments on your blog speaks for itself… it\’s amazing that a guy like you can\’t break 100 comments on your blog. Perhaps it is because no one really cares about what you have to say.

    It seems that you are so impressed with yourself that you have failed to realize this issue isn\’t about Bill or your movie… it\’s about the possibility that even one person might be inspired by Redacted to kill an American. It is fine for anyone to dispute the war because we have that right as citizens of this country, but it is irresponsible for those in positions of power to do so in a way that might risk the lives of another. You may say there is a difference between you and the government, but perhaps you should ask the family of the soldier who dies because of messages like this one coming from within our borders.

    It is sad and in many ways an act of treason. It is sad that a person with your financial ability couldn\’t find better ways to spread your agenda. Now more troops will be at risk as you celebrate the fact that you are with people who hope to get some of your money.

    I hope you wake up one day and realize the harm you might have done.

    Comment by Damien -

  48. Dear Mr. Cuban:

    It must be ironic that you have become a billionaire in a country that you hate so much. Your movie \’Redacted\’ seeks to undermine and put in harms way the very group of people – that being our Troops – that ensure that your billions of $$$ are safe so you can finance these kinds of propaganda films. Several hundred thousand troops have served in the Middle East and you have chosen to broadcast a single isolated incident of some bad apples commiting crimes against humanity. When are you and your hack director DePalma going to finance another movie about the 99.99999999999999999% of the Troops that did not commit any crimes?? Thanks to you several thousand more extremists will join up now to blow American 18 year old men and women to bits. You can be proud of the good you\’re doing with your billions. I am embarrased and ashamed that we are the same species.
    I hope your children never have to serve in the military… with you as their father, they would be jinxed.
    Oh, and by the way, your stellar Mavericks couldn\’t beat my son\’s high school basketball team. Enjoy your freedom that you had nothing to do with, traitor. Michael Moore has nothing on you, other than 300 pounds.

    Comment by Gene C -

  49. Not sure whether Mark reads his own blog but the question many have is why would he support this movie and why hasn\’t he backed away from it now that he knows what the movie is about.

    Movies have a way of making things more personal to the viewer. We all went through the terrible event of 9/11. Many knew of people who actually were involved in that terrible day. We watched tv and read the news in amazing detail. However, watching a movie like United 93 years later brings us even closer to the story and continues to reminds us (and rigthfully so) what happened.

    This movie Redacted will do the same for the Islamic Facists who are trying to destroy us. Yes, I am sure the arab world saw news reports from Al Jazeera and other Arabic news sources regarding this incident. However, having a movie showing the event in such graphic detail and portraying our soldiers this way during a time of war is unbelievable.

    The issue in my mind is not the radicals that already want to kill us, but providing another tool for those trying to recruit new members to their cause. In many cases, young children who are being taught such hatred in their schools. I know many think simply leaving Iraq will end all this hatred toward us. Unfortunately, a movie like this will only continue to keep it alive for many years to come.

    Mark, say hi to your new friends Bruce, Babs, Sean and the other hollywood wackos that have a true hatred toward our military men and women. Also, enjoy watching your Mavericks play basketball while our brave men and women fight over there so you can do what you do over here. Thanks Mark for supporting our troops – NOT!!!

    One last comment, went to the movies this weekend (not to see Redacted) and watched a great new ad by the National Guard with music performed by 3 Doors Down. That is what our brave men and women are all about.

    Comment by Brad -

  50. Mark: While on \’Dancing with the Stars,\’ our families really thought you were a great guy. We liked your personality, your demeanor and your appearance. We All used our cell phones and land lines to vote for you. However, when we heard about your role as Producer with an upcoming movie depicting our troops in a negative view, to be seen by the enemy and used against our Country, possibly placing more Americans in harms way, we were all disappointed. What were you thinking? Why not spend your money on charities to help the poor or set up a scholarship fund for the children of wounded soldiers? I\’m a second generation soldier. My son as well served in the Army and Coast Guard. We believe in America, its dreams and the need to protect each and everyone\’s right to enjoy freedom. Your wealth came as a result of this freedom. We didn\’t discriminate against you for your wealth when we voted for you. Why use your wealth to discriminate against us by producing a false and shameful film which will eventually cause the death of those who are protecting your right to produce. We\’re appalled and saddened that we felt differently about you. Sincerely, three generations of soldiers.

    Comment by David Simeur -

  51. In response to Calvin, I think you are under appreciating the impact a film like this can have not on those who currently want to cause harm to our soldiers but those who are young and impressionable. A movie like this will not affect the 5% of radical extremists that already hate America and everything it stands for, but it very well could affect the 20% of those who are still aren\’t sure of their stance. Unfortunately, an American made movie depicting American atrocities will be used to sway these young minds that America and everything is stands for truly is evil and must be stopped.

    Imagine for a second a child who hasn\’t been brain washed yet. He is shown the local side of the media which is already anti American and then shown the American side of the media which also is anti American. This is the exact thing that could convince a child to take arms and fight against the Americans. It\’s a very difficult situation to deal with when a society is so impressionable. Children are told and shown that those who fight against the American are heroes. They are martyrs and are fighting the good fight. Some believe this and some don\’t, and unfortunately with movies like these being shown many more will start to believe this.

    I am for free speech, and it is Marks rights to produce and have this film shown, but there is a time and place for everything, and this isn\’t the right time to show this movie.

    Comment by Stephen -

  52. I have been reading your blog for a while and I think you have an absolutely brilliant mind, however, I think you are completely wrong on this issue. I don;t think the movie should have been funded, made or defended.

    Comment by Michael -

  53. @Devils Advocate and Craig –

    Ever served our country? Ever been at war? Ever confronted our enemies and feared for your life? I am guessing not since you didn\’t put it in your post. So where are your \”guts\” at? Where is your partriotism? What have you done to earn your freedom to criticise others? I have an idea for you guys – just five words and fairly simple for you to understand – \”PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!\”

    Comment by James -

  54. \”There aren\’t many movies about guys who die trying to bring freedom to an oppressed people without ever getting to meet their children, or about how hard and tirelessly soldiers work over there to try and do a thankless job, while the media back home paints the war as lost and their efforts as futile.\”


    I think this solider just issued you a \”Call to Action\”. How about financing a film with the above theme.

    Thanks for posting his letter.

    Comment by Stephen George -

  55. Mark,

    Thanks for posting that email. All I have to say is \”Wow\”. As a pastor in Massachusetts, I have a hard time wrestling with my thoughts on the war. Each week I speak to a diverse crowd of people, some of who love what we\’re doing there in Iraq, and some of who hate what we\’re doing there. Either way, I know this – Two of my friends have just gone to Iraq, and the thought of them being hurt or worse scares me, but I am thrilled that they are sacrificing their time for freedom and for a vision that goes beyond them. They are my heroes. The person who wrote this email is my new hero. Thanks for posting that email.

    Comment by Marty -

  56. I find it funny how people can all give their views because they have a nephew, niece, cousin or some sort of family member deployed in Iraq right now. Its kind of like saying I had a cat once that died so I know how you feel for the loss of your loved one. The point is that unless you have been over there, unless you have been at war, unless you have been confronted by the enemy and feared for your life with all due respect – you by no NO means what-so-ever can understand anything about what war is and what war is capable of doing to you and you are a hypocrite for saying that you do. You get a little taste of it by having a loved one over there but if you want to say you know what our enemy is like or how our enemy will respond to a movie I suggest you go to your local recruiting office and sign yourself up and go to war and then you can say how our enemy will act once you have confronted them. I am a Veteran who has been at war and has confronted our enemy and been in the line of fire and feared for my life so IMHO I think I have earned the right to say that I dont think ANY movie is going to put any kind of hatred in our enemies these guys have hated us for years/centuries and will continue to do so no matter what. There have been numerous war movies in the past and there will be numerous war movies in the future agree with them or not go see them or not they are not going to make our enemies hate us any more than they already do. War movies in the past have showed a mentally challenged boy getting beat by soldiers, made fun of by soldiers and then killed by soldiers although I do NOT agree with this scene it did not make our enemies hate us more. There are war movies where our soldiers are actually killing other soldiers and their Drill Instructor I see no applause or laughter or anything of the sort coming from our enemies on these scenes from movies. Agree or disagree with the movie Redacted see it or dont see it that is your choice and you have this freedom of choice because of those who are serving our GREAT NATION and for the veterans who have served BUT dont use your freedom of speech to put the hatred that comes from our enemies on a movie that is truly hypocritical!!!

    Comment by James -

  57. Mr. Cuban,

    The comment from the soldier was obviously well intended and he is a credit to our military. However, I believe he has missed the critical point. I don\’t believe the movie will create much if any fuss in Iraq itself. The impact(and I believe it\’s only negative)will be outside Iraq. The people of Iraq obviously know first-hand our soldiers are 99.9% good. It\’s the impressionable groups and individuals elsewhere that will seek revenge for your biased depiction. I have no doubt there will be deaths as a result of this propaganda. I can say propaganda because even tho the events depicted actually occurred, your film leaves the impression our soldiers are mostly bloodthirsty barbarians. That is unforgivable. In addition, you can\’t be involved in this venture for the money. How many billions can a man spend in one lifetime? I can only assume your motivation is to undermine our troops and efforts in the war (in Iraq and other venues) in the mold of the disgusting Michael Moore\’s of the world. You are a smart man but common-sense is lacking.

    Comment by Andy Anderson -

  58. Why doesn\’t hollywood, or even Magnolia Pictures, produce movies which present American military personnel in a favorable light. Please notice that I did not say the American military or the Iraq War, it can be just the personnel. Such a movie might actually be profitable.

    Comment by Keith -

  59. Thanks, Mark, for posting this letter. Many of us hear all the sound and fury coming from the mouths of people like BillO or Olbermann, and we lose perspective. Like many in this country, I have a family member serving in Iraq, and it\’s good to focus on the soldier\’s point of view and experience.

    I\’m frankly shocked at the amount of vitriol directed your way. A man has a right to make a movie, and the batshit crazy people have a right not to go see it.

    Thanks for all you do Mark. Agree or disagree, you always keep it lively.

    Comment by Sybil -

  60. Mark, have you seen the Plot Keywords for Redacted on IMDB?

    \”Gang Rape / Iraq War / Rape Scene / Pregnant Woman Murdered / Controversial\”

    Is that the movie you thought you were making?

    IMHO, it\’s disingenuous for you to be upset by criticism from people (from angry but respectful comment posters to O\’Reilly) because they haven\’t seen Redacted. I, like millions of Americans, absolutely refuse to see this film because we already *know* that war is hell and horrible things happen.

    Colonel Nathan Jessup was probably right — I can\’t handle the truth…

    It takes rough men like him to guard the safety and interests. So should \”the herd\” (people like you and me who are protected by the service of these men and women), broadcast from blog to big screen their every mistake/crime WHICH WILL OBVIOUSLY be used as *further* propaganda for the enemy?

    PS – Has Bill O\’Reilly asked you to come on his show?

    Comment by Patrick -

  61. Mark, your money has inflated your opinion of yourself and your Hollyweird friends…at the expense of our true American heroes.

    What is it about being a traitor and committing an act of sedition that you don\’t understand?

    You have given aid and comfort to our islamofascist enemies in the name of free speech.The same free speech that our heroes are dying for.

    If you really think you are right…then you and de Palma should travel to Iraq/Afghanistan and have a REDACTED film festival for our troops.In fact, take Jane Fonda with you…since you three would make a fantastic menage-a-trois.

    O\’Reilly is in Afghanistan walking the walk, while you are safely here in Dallas abusing the privilege of being ignorant.You make me puke!

    Comment by Roger Ingle -

  62. Craig – you may need to save your money for a shrink, too! Did you forget how many innocent people were killed in each and every cold war incident of ours all over the world? How about the inoccent ones dying right now! Next time you want to shoot at the heap, please get some advise, first! Thank you!

    Comment by Mitchell -

  63. \”It just gives anti-military Americans (read: liberals) fodder for their on-going war on America and what the spirit of America is trying to do for the world.\”

    Last I checked, Wesley Clark and John Murtha served their country honorably. They\’re liberals — and they served more than W and Cheney. What\’s the point of disparaging and trying to drive divisions amongst your fellow Americans?

    By engaging in this partisan rhetoric, you hinder what should be a reasonable conversation on the issues. I\’m dumbfounded by the vitriolic comments contributed by people who haven\’t even seen the film.

    Comment by Eric -

  64. Hoorah Andy!

    Comment by Craig Samuelson -

  65. I\’ve been following this blog for a few years from New Zealand, I\’m a kiwi. I have a lot of time for Mr Cuban.

    Unfortunately it\’s no secret how citizens from many other countries view recent American leadership and foreign policy.

    A film with this premise will ultimately strengthen those existing negative perceptions. Whether it will result in additional attacks on American troops, who really knows? I doubt it.

    I think the real issue here is that another skeleton in Americas military closet is being waved for all to see, and that\’s yet another embarrassment few people want to deal with.

    Comment by Eddie -

  66. Calvin –

    Stop drinking the Kool-Aid already.

    Stupidity of some posters here? You, sir, are obviously not a student of history and have absolutely no idea how powerful negative propaganda is to the enemy – nor how much they serve to further empower their evil agenda.

    No, one movie will not change the minds of terrorist into suddenly thinking they should kill us. Duh.

    But, this movie will indoctrinate moderate Muslims and younger Muslims into your – and those of your ilk – hatred of America (I\’ve heard of self-loathing Jews; looks like we now have self-loathing Americans.)

    You say: Radical Christianity, Radical Islam, Radical _insert religion here_ are what you morons should be putting your efforts towards to stop, not an American-made docudrama.

    I can\’t remember the last time Christians, Jews, Budhhists, et al. killed thousands of innocent men, women and children to further their cause. Oh yeah, I forgot the Inquisition – but now we\’re not really talking about recent history, are we?

    Well spoken from an obvious atheist/agnostic/whatever.

    Comment by Craig Samuelson -

  67. Devil\’s Advocate, why don\’t you save that game money and spend it on a shrink! You need one, bad! oh, wait, you don\’t have health insurance cause you just don\’t believe it! LOL!

    Comment by Mitchell -

  68. There is much to be thankful for this week. Here and in Iraq. And Mark, people should still believe you read your email.

    Comment by Morgan Warstler -

  69. PS: To Devil\’s Advocate

    Your blog sucks

    Comment by Calvin -

  70. I am quite amazed at the stupidity that some of the posters have made (particularly #12 by \”Devil\’s Advocate\”).

    How stupid can you get? Do you honestly believe an American-made film is going to make the terrorists say \”Oh, gee, maybe we should REALLY kill them now!\” Are you honestly that idiotic to think that they\’re not ALREADY motivated to kill?

    That they\’re not ALREADY aware of Mahmudiyah incidents? Or not ALREADY aware of Abu-Gharib? Or any other atrocities for that matter?

    Radical Christianity, Radical Islam, Radical _insert religion here_ are what you morons should be putting your efforts towards to stop, not an American-made docudrama.

    And just remember one thing that the great Steven Weinberg had once said:

    \”With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.\”

    Comment by Calvin -

  71. Thank you Devil –

    Love your blog, BTW!

    Comment by Craig Samuelson -

  72. Well said Craig.

    Comment by Devil\'s Advocate -

  73. Mark Cuban –

    You are a tool – you obviously have never had the guts to serve in our armed forces; otherwise, you never would have put your support behind a shameful movie that will only put more troops in harms way.

    You, sir, are a traitor to our country.

    You want to be cutting edge? Why not support a movie that depicts all the good things that our service men and women are doing in Iraq (and all over the world, for that matter).

    By the way, the comment from a supposed vet that you decided to post on your blog is intellectually vacant and ill-thought out.

    Comment by Craig Samuelson -

  74. Why don\’t you post the other 75 emails you arrogant loser!!

    No wonder you only made $26,000 on this piece of garbage film.

    More radical Islamists will see this in other Countries and use it to justify killing our soldiers.

    Not only that, there was no \”cover-up.\” The American Military exposed the incident and the rapists are in jail for life.

    I\’m not watching the Mavericks the next time they are on, and I am encouraging everyone to do so.

    Devil\’s Advocate
    Copious Dissent – Your Daily Dose of Liberty

    Comment by Devil\'s Advocate -

  75. Mark,
    Thank you very much for sharing the letter from the Iraq War vet. I find it interesting that in the debate regarding the film, we have not heard from the soldier\’s perspective. Indeed, I feel that the conversation has been dominated by ideologues who have no desire to invite discourse other than wanting to hear their own voice in the matter.

    Most people I know are well aware that our wonderful soldiers do great work in Iraq and beyond. But it is possible to take a critical look at an event like what happened in Mahmudiyah without indicting the troops. Just as the adage that one bad apple doesn\’t spoil the whole bunch-a few soldiers that have acted on the darkest of instincts doesn\’t mean that all of our soldiers are capable of heinous acts. The fact that goes unspoken is that the soldiers are human, and thus capable of doing things just as the rest of us. Sometimes, I think in our support of troops that we paint an image that no one person can live up to. That\’s not to say that they are not exceptional human beings. My father is an ex-marine, and I have always been in awed of his courage in Vietnam. But at the end of the day, he is simply a human being created in God\’s image as are we all

    Being a fan of Brian De Palma\’s work, I plan to see Redacted and make my own decision. My main interest is to compare the film to another difficult film with a similar premise, Casualties of War. And while I wonder if I will be able to appreciate the topic solely on it\’s merits without drawing my own feelings about the war, I am grateful that I live in a country that allows this story to be told. Freedom of speech is still a valued right and this country. As we go into a Thanksgiving weekend where we celebrate all that we are blessed to have in our lives-I\’m grateful we have people who are willing to defend it.

    Just as I am equally grateful for those who dare to demonstrate it. Thanks again Mark, and God bless!

    Comment by Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw -

  76. \”The right to voice a different opinion is exactly what our brave troops are fighting to preserve.\”

    Actually killing people in Iraq doesn\’t have anything to do with freedom of speech in the united states.

    \”It just gives anti-military Americans (read: liberals) fodder for their on-going war on America and what the spirit of America is trying to do for the world.\”

    So what exactly is it that america is trying to do for the world?

    What are you trying to claim that we are liberating the people of Iraq?

    If we are the brave liberaters why didn\’t we do anything back when suddam was using concentration camps and gas chambers to kill of large segments of his population?

    In fact instead of doing anything to prevent the atrocities we actually supplied him with the gas and we gave him weapons to.

    You see he was our ally back then. The united states was using him to fight a war against either iran or saudi arabia.

    I don\’t buy the whole liberation story not after we supplied suddam the gas he needed to exterminat his population.

    Another thing notice how when they talk about how horrible suddam is they never mention his gas chambers they never mention his nazi style death camps. Even though it would be such a great pretext for war. They don\’t mention it because of OUR involvment in those death camps.

    If we cared about the people of iraq we wouldn\’t have helped gas them.

    So then why did we go to war with iraq then?




    Comment by David -

  77. If you tell a lie enough times, people believe it to be the truth. The lie in this case is the overwhelmingly negative depiction of American soldiers in the war against Islamic Fascism being fought in Iraq and Afganistan. But don\’t worry Mark, if it will take a suicide bomber at a Mav\’s game or a nuke detonated in downtown Dallas, give things 10 or 20 years and you just may finally come around, perhaps too late. Approximately 200,000 American soldiers in theatre, and how many have been implicated in acts that discredit our nation such as the horrible crime in Mahmudiya or the media\’s favorite prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib. 10? 20? Say it\’s 100. So trash like Redacted portray 1/20th of 1 percent of the soldiers doing their best to serve our country, yet what percentage of the media\’s coverage is favorable? Hardly seems fair and balanced. And comments like \”the surge has failed\” and \”the war is lost\” would be laughable if they weren\’t coming from…our own Congress! And who can forget John Murtha\’s slanderous claims against the Marines at Hadiatha, which are now widely recognized to be false, for which we can only hope some really good lawyers can make a case against the esteemed Abscam survivor who can always be found at the head of the congressional pork trough. Anyway, it\’s shocking that someone as bright and sophisticated as Mark Cuban can\’t see the irreparable harm in being associated with the myopic, distored, perverse depiction of America\’s military that seem to be the favorite pastime of our out of touch, leftist, socialist media. I guess ignorance truly is bliss.

    Comment by Andy Cox -

  78. In response to comment #4

    \”why would you fund a film, among what must be thousands of options, that portrays such a perspective?\”

    In another post Mark Cuban states

    \”I actually have seen it and think it is an amazing movie. But to answer your question, I didnt read the script or know all that much about it before we greenlit it. As we do with several big name directors, we give them carte blanche in producing their movies.\”

    And I\’ll admit I\’m glad that people are producing anti-WAR movies.

    Comment by David -

  79. Mark,

    At least, you have started some of us thinking about it all, including our great soldiers, media, friends, and enemies. This movie will open our eyes and ears, and its really positive no matter how you cut it. People need movies like these to really think it over and try not to make policies that are not well thought in our fragile world. Movies like these are a trigger event and very necessary to motivate our citizen participation in our world democracies.

    Comment by Mitchell -

  80. I\’m glad to see that you printed this Mr. Cuban. I think that all points of view should see the light of day, even one that may offer \”a warped perspective on the U.S. military\”. We need to be strong enough to stomach a warped perspective.
    Attempting to withhold information is where you run into trouble.
    Hasn\’t O\’Reilly done this act with you before?
    The fact that you are a \”personality\” rather than just another faceless guy who distributes films seems to be part of his motivation. O\’Reilly gets press when he goes after you.
    You,in turn, get press for the film you are working.
    Win-Win, I guess.

    Comment by Pribek -

  81. Mark,

    I\’m sure you can find a few soldiers that can poke a few holes in Mr. O\’Rielly\’s criticism of your movies, but that doesn\’t change the fact that this movie WILL IN FACT be used by those wishing to do harm to our soldiers to further solidify their radical hate of the United States. The fact that you released this movie when our soldiers are still over there in harms way was downright reckless. You should have at least waited until after our troops came home (like movies portraying similar events in Vietnam) before releasing this turd of a movie.

    At least the American people are voting with their pocketbooks and ignoring the film as it deserves.

    Backpedal all you want now, you\’ve already done your damage and have blood on your hands.

    Comment by Paul Danek -

  82. Mark, if you thought this comment was \”so well thought out, you had to post it,\” why didn\’t it impact you? The point he makes, which is the a side point that O\’Reilly makes, is that it will give Americans, or whoever sees it frankly, a warped perspective on the U.S. military. It will leave an impression that the US military\’s actions are dishonorable, and that our troops are the bad guys. Do you believe that? If not, why would you fund a film, among what must be thousands of options, that portrays such a perspective? I\’ve heard you say you think it\’s more about \”the terrible stress\” our troops are under and \”what it drives them to\” but any film which focuses on a group of people, and the egregious acts a minority of them do, will leave a viewer with that impression. You seem far too smart a guy not to understand that.

    Comment by Katherine -

  83. Whay is it so many people mistake dissent for treason? The right to voice a different opinion is exactly what our brave troops are fighting to preserve.

    Comment by Ron Swartz -

  84. Frankly I think you are too young and stupid to realize the danger you are putting our troops in!

    Theres nothing like a rich \”Meathead\”!

    Comment by Walter R Dixon -

  85. I\’m so disappointed you would put your money towards this kind of project, Mark. You seem to be someone who is so positive and ready to take life by the tail while it soars, never to let go. I haven\’t seen the movie, and won\’t. But I\’ve heard enough about it that I\’m just saddened. Very saddened. I was in the military and I prefer to think, despite the flaws of individuals (in all professions) the ideals that me and my fellow airman/soldiers upheld were worthy and upright. I just don\’t see any purpose in telling a story that is associated with a relative few within the military. It just gives anti-military Americans (read: liberals) fodder for their on-going war on America and what the spirit of America is trying to do for the world.


    Comment by Dan Sherman -

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