Radical Buy – A Radical Facebook app for buying and selling anything

We are just getting it up and running, but I wanted to post this info and give Facebook users a chance to check it out and email me on facebook with ideas and feedback. Check it out. Here is a link

Once i get the time, im going to sell off some of my dupes from my Technology Poster Collection. Back from my reseller days in the 80s and 90s, tech companies used to create posters for retailers. MicroSolutions wasnt a retailer but i got the posters and kept them. From early Apple to Banyan , NEC PCs, IBM PCjr, I got all kinds of cool stuff. No idea what they are worth, but this will be my chance to find out and pay a commission to anyone else who wants to help sell them….

Will also sell some unique Mavs memorabilia including the only existing Rodman Jerseys from his 11 days on the Mavs. Check out the app on Facebook

Radical Buy
The Best Way to Sell Anything Online

There are many ways to sell your items online these days, but none as effective as RadicalBuy. It’s, easy, it’s fun, and it’s profitable.

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Benefits of RadicalBuy:
Utilizing the millions of members on Facebook, you can list an item and have it visible to all Facebook users instantly. After you list an item, others can post your listing on their Facebook page to earn commission! For example, if you sell a watch for $100.00, you may offer anyone 10% commission to sell it for you. If someone sells your watch for you, they get $10.00. The amount of commission you offer is entirely up to you.

Don’t have anything to sell? RadicalBuy allows all users to list other members items to earn commission. Simply add an item off your friend’s profile to your account and if it sells, they pay you the commission.

Listing an item only takes a few minutes and you can post 1 primary photo and up to 5 additional photos at no extra charge.

RadicalBuy helps you be a smart shopper by knowing who you are doing business with. Leave feedback about sellers and buyers, and read others comments BEFORE you buy or sell anything.

See what others are saying about RadicalBuy. Visit the RadicalBuy forum at RadicalBuy.com.

46 thoughts on “Radical Buy – A Radical Facebook app for buying and selling anything

  1. Never heard of it before now, will definatly check it out. definatly sounds like a cool app that can make Facebook users cash.

    Comment by App Crap Editor -

  2. hey mark,
    this sounds really good.i am really interested to buy some products.thanks mate



    Comment by richard -

  3. ^^^^^Forgot the LINK LOL


    Comment by Ryan -

  4. Great Deals on these items I found. Check out Items Being Sold on RadicalBuy Right Now!

    Comment by Ryan -

  5. OK I added it to my facebook, let\’s see how it goes.

    Comment by vBulletin -

  6. Need some help moving those products? Let\’s talk.

    Comment by mark -

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  8. Great app! I\’ve added two items already. Thanks for the heads up.

    BTW, regarding Steven Levy\’s post about the current state of Ebay, I agree. I can\’t get anything sold there anymore. I\’m going to give RadBuy a try and see how it works.

    – Thom

    Comment by Thom Rigsby -

  9. I think I\’ll try it. Have anybody some experience with that?

    Comment by kresel snmaya -

  10. Hi Mark

    Radical buy is a great idea – i read about it in the Dallas business journal. I would like to try it it and sell the ultimate tailgater to your tailgating fans – perhaps some fans can decorate in mavs logos and send me pictures. Do I need to be a face book user?


    Comment by Kevin -

  11. I also want to use ads to earn money, please click, thx!!!!

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    Comment by jghkj -

  12. I added it to my facebook… hopefully it works out well

    Comment by MySpace Text -

  13. This is a great idea but an easy way to improve it would be to allow for randomized or targeted ads to be placed on your Facebook page. Maybe developers could make this an option for some if not all users. If your friends aren\’t using the app, it is tiresome to browse through all of the classifieds to try to find something that might sell on your particular page.

    I would liken it to record label A&R searching MySpace for the next big band. You can search online all day and everything is at your finger tips, but it would be helpful if there were some additional options that could narrow the field a little bit.

    Comment by Nick LoPiccolo -

  14. Hello Mark,

    The RadicalBuy application is a great idea that could definitely work, considering the amount of ridiculous applications on Facebook today. This one actually serves a real purpose and I think it has the potential to be a huge success. I also wanted to say that I am doing a group project for my Intro to Sports Marketing class at Columbia College Chicago, and our topic is YOU! My teacher likes us to \”get freaky\” with our research, so I thought I would try to see if I could get an e-mail response from you? I\’m almost positive that would insure an \”A\” in the class for the three girls in my group! And of course, researching you has been a blast since you\’ve done so much with the sports industry! Thanks for your help.


    Comment by Colleen -

  15. excellent and smart addition to facebook. so what\’s next for facebook?

    Comment by idot60 -

  16. I like the way that the payouts will be as well. I think it could be the start of a trend with this type of sales.

    Comment by Dwayne West -

  17. So whats going to happen with Facebook? They will probably enter the same kind of deal that occurred today, and that would be good indeed. Namely, Disney appears to be consolidating its hold over family-related websites. The NewsVisual article on Disneys acquisition of iParenting Media http://www.newsvisual.com/newsvisual/2007/12/directors-at-di.html talks about how their Board of Directors can help the Management Team develop its new Internet properties.

    Comment by Elias -

  18. Mark.. I don\’t like to appear to kiss butt, but this is absolutely genius and I am green with envy you came up with it.

    Great idea and it will take off, Facebook needed some thing like this. Just one question, what made you think it up?

    Signed green with envy,

    Comment by Anthony -

  19. you suck!

    Comment by bill blake -

  20. Thank you

    Comment by sernak plywood -

  21. Thank you from Turkey

    Comment by sernak plywood -

  22. Mark,

    I just tried your facebook link, but it\’s not woking? \”not found?\” http://apps.facebook.com/radicalbuy/index.php

    Comment by Mitchell -

  23. Take a look at http://nbablogs.info

    Comment by nbablogs -

  24. Mark,

    I\’m curious as to whether or not the arugments being made over \”Redacted\” has fueled you to do more with your production company or if it has made you step back a bit?


    Comment by Tony Bove -

  25. So you\’re a zillionare.

    Apparently you are excited about selling a couple posters. Why? Serious question. Sounds about as boring as watching paint dry — for someone with all the $$ in the world.

    Then again, eBay is boring to me…

    Comment by King Tut -

  26. OK I added it to my facebook, let\’s see how it goes.

    Comment by Ed -

  27. 12. I tried to have a look at RadicalBuy, but couldn\’t seem to do it without signing up for an account. I think if there was a demonstration version or the ability to come in as a visitor, people like me would be more likely to have a look and then maybe sign-up. Having to sign up before seeing what one is signing up for seems a bit reversed to me.

    Comment by seo yarmas -

  28. Dear Mark,
    I just wanted to say how great you looked last night on DWTS! Keep up all your good work, your back must have healed.
    MaryPat RN

    Comment by MaryPat -

  29. Unless Cuban is hoping to join the ranks of Techcrunch, I\’m pretty sure this is an investment he\’s made.

    Comment by Steve -

  30. mark
    i sent you a message on facebook as per your post requested..
    though did not hear back?
    bought a couple of things to try it out from mark alexander
    it works great,, the app dev is extremely well thought out and debugged.. .. few hurdles based on some soc network case studies but nothing you cant overcome. Not a lay up , but certainly not a half court shot either! Im sure Meg is gagging.
    on my apps a big next > button really helps at page break instead of just clicking on the next page number to scroll to next page of items .. Good luck

    Comment by zwe -

  31. This looks like a pretty cool app, plus it can get really viral because of the commissions. Definitely a cool way to monetize facebook aside from standard advertising.

    Comment by Mike -

  32. Wow…A really useful Facebook application. I love the commission idea.

    Comment by David Mackey -

  33. Just added the application, when will it be up and running? I like the profit/commission aspect of the program, it really sets it apart from most other auction-esque websites. I\’m actually doing a biography on you (Mark Cuban) for one of my English classes. I go to Baruch College which is primarily a business school, it\’d be great to get some inside biographical information because there isn\’t much on the internet. Your help would be appreciated, and being able to cite the person I\’m doing the biography on would probably score me some ridiculous brownie points with my teacher. Thanks!

    Comment by sean gallagher -

  34. I think its a good idea.

    Comment by Laura -

  35. I tried to have a look at RadicalBuy, but couldn\’t seem to do it without signing up for an account. I think if there was a demonstration version or the ability to come in as a visitor, people like me would be more likely to have a look and then maybe sign-up. Having to sign up before seeing what one is signing up for seems a bit reversed to me.

    Comment by Doug Stewart -

  36. EBay has gone from being an auction house to a souk, a bazaar where a bunch of small merchants sell new merchandise at stated prices (\”Buy Now\”). Prices on used goods, for those still auctioning stuff, aren\’t generally bargains — the curse, I suppose, of what economists call perfect information.

    What EBay does have going for it are network effects and \”merchantability assurance.\” The former means that buyes shop at EBay because they know it has lots of stuff, and sellers list at EBay because it has buyers. The latter is that folks believe they have a higher likelihood of getting what they think they are buying than they would in a random sight-unseen transaction among strangers (individuals).

    But EBay\’s network effects are much less than they used to be as EBay becomes more souk-like. It\’s just another bunch of Internet stores; use Internet search to find your goods rather than just EBay search. And Facebook certainly provides a pretty good set of network effects in itself.

    If RadicalBuy can compete on the other leg, offer reasonable expectations of product merchantability and delivery, it has a good shot.

    I will watch with interest to see how this plays out.

    Comment by Steven Levy -

  37. Great app idea Mark. I\’m glad Darin and the team came to the Facebook Developer\’s Conference at SMU. He had some great advice to share on the panel along with RockYou, Facebook, and Joyent.

    Dallas Morning News gave us some good ink here:

    Comment by Blake Burris -

  38. Looks interesting! I would love to hear some success stories.

    Comment by IGF-1 -

  39. Mark: Did you eat this Dogfood?

    Comment by Mary -

  40. Did you develop the app or are you just using it.

    It looks like a pretty cool app.

    Comment by Hemp Necklace Store -

  41. Memories and memorabilia from the glorious past of the NBA should be good sellers. Sounds good because I can\’t watch the soft and lazy nature of that the NBA has evolved into. The no defense, no hustle pro game is not worth watching. I have to think that the NBA does not mind insulting our intelligence with pretending that the character of the game is a good model for kids. Having been in the K-8 world for 8 years, I can tell you that the kids think basketball has more to do with circus style shooting than fundamentals.

    Comment by Mark Meldola -

  42. I wouldn\’t recommend trying to sell a truck online 😉 … Well, I guess you could — as long as you DON\’T ACCEPT CASHIER\’S CHECKS. I recovered my stolen truck when it was bought with a fake cashiers check (http://benadams.blogspot.com).

    Comment by Ben Adams -

  43. Hey Mark. Thanks for making us aware of this. Ill buy some stuff when you get it all ready to go.

    Comment by M. -

  44. Is this something you own/invest in?

    Comment by Tom Kelly -

  45. I think I\’ll try it. Have anybody some experience with that?

    Comment by Brad -

  46. Mark,

    I would love to have a Rodman jersey from his time with the Mavs!!

    Comment by Lucas -

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