I can’t believe I’m becoming an Apple Fanboy

I ordered a MacBook Air site unseen. That’s a first for me.

As I write this I’m about to go workout and it dawns on me that I’m on my 3rd generation of Apple IPod. I started with the original, switched to a bigger version (to back up all my pics and show off my kids to my friends) and then for the holidays, got myself and wife an ITouch.

Goodbye Ipod. With the new $20 dollar software that I downloaded yesterday, my ITouch gives me music, pictures and now email, calendar and a very cool basic GPS system that leverages the WiFi available. Touchtyping is still impossible for me on it, so it wont ever replace my phone for texting or primary mobile email, but its definitely encroaching on its territory. Solve the keyboard problem for fat fingered typists and I might even buy an IPhone.

I like the ITouch enough that I just sent an email to the Mavs IT head to see how we fans with ITouchs (and Wifi devices like Nokia among others) could leverage WiFi in the American Airlines Center before , during and after Mavs games, HDNet Fights and other events…

After many PC years, I’ve crossed over. Me the fanboy.

78 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m becoming an Apple Fanboy

  1. Expanding on a couple of the other comments RE: arena wi-fi, check out what Nintendo has done creating a wi-fi environment for the Nintendo DS @ stadiums for the Seattle Mariners and (I believe) the SF Giants — they might have added other teams later in \’07. The pricing is a little high but they\’re clearly experimenting and no doubt it will come down in time. Hopefully the Mavs and other teams can accelerate that trend.

    Comment by Another Chris -

  2. Welcome to the family, Mark. GO MAVS! I think it\’d be great to have options such as instant replay available to anyone with an iTouch (or similar device) in the AAC. It\’s the best of both: You\’re at the game, and you get the replays, interviews, et cetera, that you would see at home. I know this is the Mavs blog, but I\’m more of a Stars fan…it\’s all big D, it\’s all good. Point being, maybe this could be up and running by October, for the start of the NHL season? That would be just great. I\’d even go to a Mavs game if you could make that happen. GO MAVS! GO STARS!!!!!1!!1!

    Comment by rprebel -

  3. This post made my day. Not just that you\’ve become a Mac Fanboy, but that you\’ve started investigating the possibility of an idea I thought of just a few weeks ago.

    I live in the D.C. area and was at a Wizards vs. Knicks game. I brought my iPod Touch because I thought that perhaps there would be a wireless network I could access in the Verizon Center and could pull up stats on ESPN.com or other sports sites of the game that aren\’t currently available to the fans at the game. Unfortunately the only available wireless networks were for Press only… I had to enjoy the game without the extra technology.

    It would be great to be able to access additional stats, see shot charts, and even order food and drinks (That could be delivered to me at my seat) all from my iPod Touch, iPhone, or other wireless devices. I\’d even pay more just for the service (maybe develop an app with the new iPhone SDK that streamlines this process).

    Comment by Dan -

  4. For the past 20 years I never tried out or purchased an Apple product up until a few weeks ago. I tried out Iphone and since it has completely changed the way I look at the Apple brand and products. The user friendly interface and being able to store lots of music has definitely sold me.

    Comment by Ipod rules! -

  5. hey Mark, how are you liking the new mac book air?

    Comment by Dustin -

  6. I reccomend the Zune, the Archos line of products for portable media and the Sony ultra thin line of notebooks as an alternative.

    In short the Apple products are lacking in features and very expensive in comparison.

    I learned this after one of the Apple fanboys at work mentioned they did a product comparison and ended up getting a Zune instead of an their 3rd iPod.

    I found the Archos 3 years ago thanks to tech genius Kevin Kelly (kk.org) and today instead of a 32GB iTouch ($499) you can get a 160GB Archos ($379) that has more functionality and even doubles as a DVR, can stream media to and from other devices (WiFi), and supports media formats that are universally compatible. The only thing the Archos doesn\’t do is connect to a cell phone network.

    Comment by Jake Lockley -

  7. I agree, I am not a fan of touch-typing. I have a T-Mobile wing that is pretty solid. But, the Xperia is what I have my eyes on, it looks like it has the goodness of an IPhone, but still gives you a full qwerty keyboard.
    Check it out XPERIA

    Comment by Traverse Clayton -

  8. Your article is Awesome.

    Comment by Charles -

  9. I love Apple kit, owned a Mac Mini for 3 years, they know how to make beautiful stuff, almost bought myself an iMac, so why am I sat here on a nondescript PC running Linux ?. Hmmmmm, the nondescript PC being a quarter the price of an iMac (no monitor in there thoough), was a major factor in the argument……

    Nice stuff, but their prices need work.

    Comment by Stephen Taylforth -

  10. Sorry, anyone who refers to the iPod Touch as \”ITouch\” can\’t be a Apple fanboy.


    Comment by daniel -

  11. Seeing as I, myself, am a Mac user. Let me welcome you to the \”cult.\” You know, once you go mac, you will never go back.

    Comment by Hannah Anderson -

  12. Make sure you get Apple to pay for a few logos to be displayed in AA Arena. Make a Mav gameday widget that brings almost instant Quicktime replays for the fan in the stand. That and a iPod touch game program the fans can subscribe to.

    Comment by Robert -

  13. I converted to a MacBook Pro over a year ago and just switched over to an iPhone. I almost went for the Air like you, but then I realized that I didn\’t really need it. I like that 17\” screen. I can see using my iPhone for email and light replies, more and more. Have to see how that goes.

    Don\’t understand why someone with your means would get a Touch and not an iPhone. Waiting for Version 2 makes sense, but the iPhone is the first example of the future of phones. Might as well learn about it now. Goodness knows you have a cell phone already, it isn\’t like it is bigger or anything.

    I felt the real winner in the last MacWorld was the Apple TV offerings. They seem to get it in that area now. Was wondering what you thought.

    I\’m amused by the comments about having to switch back to a PC, not sure which apps I need that don\’t run on Mac. If they don\’t, it is easy enough to boot camp (or the like).

    I\’m going to turn off my Mac tonight and know it will shut down, then reboot tomorrow. There is no way a PC owner can do the same thing, with the same feeling of absolute security. Waiting for their new Airport with Disk thing next month, going to get one of those too.

    Nice Blog entry, keep up the good work.

    Comment by Peter Gregory -

  14. being an apple fanboy myself i have to say this is not the first brand i ever got addicted to. as a matter of fact, i hate it. not the brand – but the addiction. 😉 it\’s definitely an expensive hobby…

    Comment by ecko fan -

  15. Mark,

    Okay I\’m sure you\’ve got plenty of marketing geniuses, but since you\’ve become such a fan of Apple and Macs, why not do a big cross promotion with them? \”Macs for Mavs\” fan night where towards the end of the season you have a fan appreciation night where a number of lucky fans will get free Apple products? Just a thought. I love Apple products and find them to be the best designed, most user friendly, intuitive products on the market.

    And no, I don\’t work for them. But I should get a kickback from them for this, no? Steve Jobs? You there?? Steve??? : )

    Comment by Chris -

  16. Wow, it\’s a big step to admit oneself is an Apple Fanboy! I haven\’t admitted myself even.

    Quick tip – grab some sweet free and shareware stuff for your new Mac at MacUpdate:


    Comment by Joel Mueller -

  17. Apple is attractive, but I think I\’ll probably go Linux before Mac.

    Comment by David Mackey -

  18. How can you not type on the touch? My fingers are not thin and I\’m phenomenal at typing on this thing. Im assuming you either don\’t have enough practice and/or you haven\’t learned how to utilize the auto correction thing.

    Comment by Ryan -

  19. Adam…to many Adam\’s apple jokes?

    Comment by brian fidler -

  20. Welcome to the light Mark. Welcome, take a seat. You\’ll like it here.

    Comment by Jay -

  21. I wrote an article on video editing on the MacBook Air if you\’re interested… http://www.paulescandon.com/blog/?p=37

    Comment by Paul -

  22. Apple is really good at industrial design and promotion. And they actually innovate, which is more than can be said about 99% of their industrial peers.

    Thats what I said!


    Comment by Biodiesel Expansion -

  23. i have a mac g4 graphite that\’ll be 8 yrs old in may, and yes, it\’s my only computer. while i would like to have a new computer (mac or pc, but NO VISTA, THANKS!) my old decrepit mac suits me well. i\’ve never once had to replace a single piece of hardware in it. not one hardware failure in 8 yrs. hallellujah! also, i love my ipod. i\’m a fangirl for life.

    Comment by jp -

  24. Welcome to Apple-mania. After a few iPods, iMac, and iPhone, I\’m looking forward to eventually getting the Air as well.

    Comment by Jimmy -

  25. Apple\’s marketing has been so brilliant for so long that they could probably make an ad with a juggler and a web cam and it could sell 10,000 laptops. It doesn\’t hurt that their product design is beautiful.

    Comment by Web Designer -

  26. its obvious how wifi can help.

    for now, allow season-ticket holders, or all guests, to view the up-to-the-minute stats, maybe with shot chart, like the paper they give out to press/season ticket holders in between the qtrs.

    eventually, have streaming video of replays, pause live video, so the fans can rewind what is going on..

    think of it like tv for the live game.

    i always thought the arenas should have this for season-ticket holder via a small touch-screen mini-pc.

    but then no one would look at the over-makeupped cheerleaders.


    Comment by cj -

  27. What\’s the phrase… \”The possibilities are endless.\”

    (Def. looks like a badass laptop, MC…can\’t say I blame ya)

    Comment by D-Man -

  28. . I had the same gradual conversion experience about a year ago. I\’m now attached at the hip with my macbook pro!

    Comment by ilyask -

  29. I had the same gradual conversion experience about a year ago. I\’m now attached at the hip with my macbook pro!

    Comment by ilyask -

  30. I\’d say better late than never, but we (MacFans) are still in the minority.

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  31. This is a \’me too\’ comment: I had the same experience of deciding to switch to Apple (and of buying a Macbook Air sight-unseen) after buying an iPhone. However, quite honestly, my decision was based as much on MS Vista as on Apple\’s OSX…

    I wrote about my decision making process here: http://jackwilliambell.livejournal.com/199886.html

    Comment by Jack William Bell -

  32. Hey Mark, Congrats on the move.

    More importantly I think it is great that you are letting WiFi devices do more at your events to interact with the action and the event of attending Mavs games and other attractions. Things like a chatting interface, stats on demand, even voting for what the next song will be over the PA would be cool. I think all of these things have the chance to increase the enjoyment at a game. As long as it is free (I think the SF Giants have something you pay for) and just an option for attendees It could add quite a bit of value to your fans.

    They say \”give \’em what they want,\” but what if they don\’t know what that is? Thanks for trying to make our sports and entertainment better. Also if you could hint to the people in Philly and Baltimore what real owners and sports experiences should be like, I would appreciate it.

    Comment by Bricknhymr -

  33. Remember Mark: Once you go Mac, you can\’t go back!

    Comment by Rudy -

  34. Airbook = sick! Mark, can\’t believe you don\’t utilize the iPhone. I was skeptical at first but upon switching, I couldn\’t be happier. Coming from someone who is 28 and hated texting, I actually find the iPhone amazing to text and prefer it over a quick phone call now.

    All thanks to Apple!

    Comment by Paul Bowser -

  35. Mark,

    I like the idea of the usage of WIFI on mobile devices – I have written some mobile apps myself and find the whole concept really COOL – BUT my point is that even though I like the idea – I go to games to watch the games and get involved in the games not to be browsing my mobile apps via WIFI – the last thing I want to do is miss a grat play and have to watch it on replay. My recommendation would be to do all your promos, games and what-not before the game, half-time and after the game – this way during the game you can still use the WIFI if you want but you can focus on the game and not miss out on any prizes and such that you are going to offer during the other times.

    But hey that\’s just me – I\’m over 29 (37 to be exact) and don\’t know a whole heck of a lot 🙂 (http://www.blogmaverick.com/2007/11/06/never-friend-anyone-over-29/)


    Comment by James -

  36. I like the new technology…it helps drive the American economy. The MacBook Air is great design, though it is not revolutionary technology. It is austerely another notch in the use of smaller components and expansion of wireless technologythese types of advancements spur the economy, make our lives easier and more exciting.
    Mark, I mentioned this last year…our new courtside-folding chair is revolutionary technology. Your players tried our chair, LaunchPad, last year and were like kids in a candy store. When we set-up our scientific, wellness-based LaunchPad the players were almost embarrassed to use the other folding chairs in your practice court.
    I know you love technology and have money to buy a million of our chairsthough we would like to offer our chairs free to your players. We, the small guy, want to get our revolutionary technology in the hands of the playerswho are our biggest proponents.
    You love technologythank you! Technology and especially revolutionary technology drives the economy.
    You get a sense of awe from the technology like ITouchyour players had that same sense of awe from innovative technology when they used LaunchPad.

    Comment by Dr. Lee V. Alderman -

  37. I dont know what your IT guy has for in-stadium WI-FI ideas, but here\’s a few that pop to mind:
    – make it easy (!!) for me to get all the stuff that\’s happening around the game right now, but that I can\’t get even if Im there. ie: drill into a players stats. If was watching on TV, they\’d give it to me. Im at a disadvantage if Im in the stadium. — Let me watch the controversial play that just happened, but has already been replayed on the jumbotron. — Let me quickly check on scores on other games happening right now. All the NBA / ESPN, etc sites are too slow and RQ too much drill down. — In other words, if Im home watching the game, I\’ve got 4 flat panels and tivo.. along with the game announcers, I can have all the views and angles I want. If Im at the game, I get the buzz, but none of the immersion that I want. Wifi + iphone/touch, and the right backend, and you\’ve given me the best of both words. — Oh yeah, can you let me order a beer from my seat, so that I dont have to wait for the guy to come by before I can flag him down ?

    Comment by Ross G. -

  38. Mark, its iPod and iPhone (little i) not IPod and IPhone. You\’re not indoctrinated just yet. 😉

    Comment by Chris -

  39. Apple is flying on the top of the world now.


    Comment by Matthew -

  40. I wish you were my boss

    Comment by Sam -

  41. like others, I like the idea of wifi usage on mobile browsers during the games. \”who was that guy?\”, \”where did so and so go to college?\”, \”What country is that guy from?\” etc all questions that you ask your self during a game but forget about when you get home.

    Also, you could do in game contests with mobile web or sms submissions, iphones as prizes, to let users know that they can access the web and interact with the game before, after and during the game.

    Cool stuff!

    Comment by Farhan -

  42. Apple products can be a very expensive \”habit\”. Apple definitely has an eye for what makes a product sexy.

    Comment by Search Engine Optimization - Terry Reeves -

  43. Shiny new toys are always fun ^_~. But seriously, the more I hear about Apple the more I want to check it out for myself.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  44. Mac is Love

    Comment by KuMays -

  45. Mark, consider this your Apple Fanboy initiation.

    First, you explain you bought something called an ITouch. What you must be referring to is the iPod touch. Therefore, you didn\’t say goodbye to the Ipod (actually its iPod, Steve\’s picky like that). So, with this initial first mistake your going to need to hand over the MacBook Air until you get your Apple tattoo 🙂

    Comment by Scott Cropper -

  46. Mark,

    You mentioned opportunities to leverage wifi during mavs games and other events. Didn\’t Purdue University do something like that a while back for their football games? Where They would allow people to have real-time stats updated to their personal devices during the game. Basically ensuring that people don\’t miss the details of the game they get at home while also enjoying the live environment?

    Comment by John Chapman -

  47. Can someone get Mark to look at this link.


    I\’ve been an iPhone user for a couple of months now. This Laker web app is really cool. We should have one for the Mavs available for the iPhone.

    Comment by James Baker -

  48. Mark, I ordered it sight unseen, too. But it\’s not my first time doing so with an Apple product. I doubt you\’ll be disappointed — but if you are, I don\’t mind you discarding it at my address. (P.S. The movie theater in Mt. Lebanon is my favorite one hands down)

    Comment by Whitney Hess -

  49. I like my Ipod a bit but hate the way it\’s all scratched up with very little abuse. My wife\’s Ipod nano crashes regularly, though she likes it because it\’s pink. The Iphone is not for me though. No real keys and a crappy little camera. I\’ll stick to my Nokia N95 thanks.

    Comment by Adam -

  50. Apple city….

    Comment by sergica -

  51. Glad to see you\’re learning the Apple way! Even happier to see you want to improve the arena\’s tech capabilities. Fan interaction at events is becoming more important every day, forward thinkers will reap the benefits.

    Comment by Shawn -

  52. AAPL is down $18 in afterhours trading on Mark\’s announcement. But seriously, could you imagine if Mark had posted this about an HP lapper with Vista installed? Would anyone think he wasn\’t being paid? That\’s the difference — and has long been the difference — with Apple products. So long as I have been using them (since 1979), they have elicited some love from users that competing products don\’t. Style and simplicity count.

    Comment by Brad Hutchings -

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  54. welcome to the dark side!! lol. Wi-fi would be great would be great at AAC…was at the hockey game on sunday and was trying to get the football scores on my itouch…couldn\’t…it sucked.

    Comment by andie -

  55. Apple is really good at industrial design and promotion. And they actually innovate, which is more than can be said about 99% of their industrial peers.

    Is every new product a smash hit? No. Do you pay a premium for Apple products? Yes. But all in all, I\’ve been a happy Mac user since my first computer in 1992, I think is was. Not sure how many Apple products I\’ve had over the years, but I\’ve been consistently happy and occasionally ecstatic.


    Comment by Tim Davenport -

  56. Hey Mark-

    I\’m surprised the MacBook Air appeals to you. I think last week\’s MacWorld set the company back several steps, and that laptop, although may be *cool* is a waste of research and development on their part. As much as an Apple fan I am (I own the iPhone, 5G iPod, new iMac, PPC Powerbook), I think they are starting to falter as a company. They are spending too much time worrying about movie rentals rather than fixing and updating the core products they have in the market already.

    I think you would like a MacBook or MacBook Pro much better than the Air quite honestly.

    Comment by Mark Goodchild -

  57. For consumer devices like music players and phones..maybe. But when it comes to getting work done on laptops? You will be back Mark.

    The loss of productivity and absence of some key applications will drive you crazy. Brad Feld tried to move to Mac. Couldn\’t do it…hard as he tried. Lots of VCs have tried it only to come back to the Windows PC.

    BTW, have you reconsidered running for president? The current candidates are lame. You could do much better.

    Don Dodge

    Comment by Don Dodge -

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    Comment by Lingie -

  59. Apple continues to push the boundaries of excellent consumer-oriented design without ever actually innovating. It\’s not that they do anything spectacular, it\’s just that they do it a little bit better than everyone else.

    The iPod – Plays MP3s. So did everything else. Apple just took a laptop hard drive, wrapped it in plastic and metal, and gave it a very very slim OS.

    The iPhone – Does the exact same things as every smartphone on the market, it just looks better doing it. Navigation, music, web browsing; it was all there before the iPhone.

    The MacBook Air – My personal opinion is that the Air represents the height of Apple\’s arrogance. They created an ultra-portable that is almost useless without a second computer (probably also a Mac). Not only that, but they\’re selling it for a mint. Give Intel a little credit, being as they created the ultra-small processor at the heart of this thing. If it succeeds at all, expect every manufacturer to make something just as small and light, AND figure out a way to put an optical drive in it.

    Ironically, I\’m attempting to de-Apple my life as much as possible. I\’m going to replace my iPod with a Zune 80. I don\’t use QuickTime. and I\’m getting rid of iTunes as soon as feasible. Oh yeah, and I\’m definitely not ditching my service on Verizon for an iPhone. I\’m rather happy with my Blackberry Pearl, thanks.

    Comment by Adam -

  60. I hate ipods as you have to use the itunes software which locks your tunes into one computer and type of device. Creative Zen is my choice.

    Comment by maxsportz -

  61. Yeah, I\’d be more of a fanboy myself if I had a few spare thousand dollars to plunk down on a Macbook Air. The hardware is (no pun intended) breath-taking, but a little out of reach for most people\’s budgets.

    Comment by Spamboy -

  62. Congratulations, my wife and I made the switch over the past 5 years. Three mac laptops later, 6 ipods (2 lost, one free with laptop), 1 iphone (wife), 2 airports, multiple software upgrades, etc…

    Whats amazing is that they do not discount. I am a phd candidate so I get the edu discount (usually 10%)… but they have complete pricing power. Its really amazing from an individual business strategy and from an industry lense in that they are growing a high margin hardware businesses where few others can. They key, i think, was focusing on user experience and design. Eventually the market caught up.

    But again, welcome to the family.

    Comment by Campus Entrepreneurship -

  63. I know we keep talking about get up to date sports info on the iphone and apple wifi devices.
    Take a look at sportstap on your iphone/itouch…it is designed for the iphone with all the latest scores and statistics


    Comment by sham -

  64. Mark – me too. I wrote about it here:


    Love your blog, by the way.

    Comment by Jim -

  65. Something to think about: the figures on share of mobile browsing are just astonishing: iPhone and the Touch have basicallky blown previous mobile devices out of the water in terms of actual web browsing. As someone who has an iPhone, and used to have a Samsumg Blackjack, it\’s easy to see why: Apple has gotten mobile web browsing right in a way that nobody has.

    So frankly, if you\’re working on support for mobile devices in an environment like a stadium, starting with iPhone/Touch support is a good choice.

    As for the fanboy thing, well, good products are good products. I\’ve used plenty of tech products over the years, and I keep coming back to Apple because I get more work done more easily with their stuff. It\’s really that simple.

    I do get annoyed by the \”apple is perfect\” crowd, though. Apples are like all computers: complex systems that sometimes do unexpected things, usually at the worst possible time. That\’s life. Having experienced tech support from HP, Dell, and Apple, however, I\’m very happy calling Apple when those things do occur.

    Enjoy the Air. Not a practical choice for most people, but it looks pretty damn sweet.

    Comment by John Whiteside -

  66. I think it\’d be awesome to have all kinds of stats available during the game. A site you can load from the iPod Touch that has players listed, click on one and see percentage, time played, etc.

    Comment by Brian -

  67. Welcome to our sandbox. You are going to love it!!!

    Comment by Toni -

  68. Welcome, Welcome. We are happy that you joined our ranks 🙂

    On a serious note, I had a similar epiphany the a few weeks ago with Google related products and services. In 2007 I made the full switch to gmail, started using google calendar, started texting google or calling google 411 for addresses, used google news alerts, and started using Google reader. Nothing, however, changed my internet experience more in 2007 than Google reader. Incredible product, as most things Google are.

    Comment by Jeremy Beyda -

  69. I think the thing to remember is that the iPods aren\’t the only mobile WiFi platforms. Using them during and after the games is a great idea. But, make sure to support other mobile WiFi platforms like the Nokia N810, they\’re likely to catch on also. Same as always, increase your available market, stick to open standards.

    Comment by Ted Gould -

  70. Mark, glad to hear the news. I really enjoy my iphone. One thing I wish for is NBA game and box scores that are mobile device friendly. The nba.com homepage is unusable to check scores on iphone/itouch because the devices don\’t implement flash. But even if they did flash, the nba.com page design is too heavy for a mobile device (banner, score widget, features, videos, gazillion links etc). I use yahoo sports instead to check nba scores but it\’s a little hard to navigate and read on a small screen, especially box scores.

    Comment by David V -

  71. Oh, btw, GREAT idea on incorporating personal technology with Mavs home games. I\’m not even an NBA fan and that sounds fantastic!

    Comment by Daniel Holter -

  72. I had the same gradual conversion experience about a year ago. I\’m now attached at the hip with my macbook pro!

    Comment by John Gauger -

  73. Welcome, indeed!

    I, too, will be waiting for the next gen iPhone before dropping any coin.

    We\’ll be curious to read your take on MacBook Air after you\’ve had it for a bit… for the moment I\’m holding off on that one, too. Too many Macs around here already!

    Comment by Daniel Holter -

  74. Ok, i get it…I like Apple too, but you have to admit the \”die hard\” Apple people are just annoying. I like Mac, but it has flaws, just like windows (or any other OS for that matter)…You just need to be honest with yourself and admit there is no perfect solution.

    Comment by justin case -

  75. Glad to hear your switching over along with so many other people Mark. I\’ve worked for Apple and been riding the stock for five years ecstatic over their performance and their products. I think wifi making it into mobile devices like the iPod Touch will be huge in the future for content creators and advertisers. To me, delivering content by podcasts (imagine downloading highlights of the game or a 15 min Sportscenter show during halftime) will be a huge value add for business in the future. As much as I\’ve thought about it, I haven\’t figured out how to build a business around it, though I\’d love to try.

    The iPhone and iPod could really become something like the Hitchhiker\’s Guide to the Galaxy, a device where we can get any info we want at our fingertips. The key is how advertisers will key into this. If only the wireless tech would hurry up and get there.

    Comment by Ian Van Mater -

  76. It\’s amazing that more companies don\’t offer paid feature upgrades on their \”hardware\”. At least apple sees the device as a platform not unlike the mac, and that there is a viable business opportunity in bringing people new features.

    I\’ve stayed away from iPods because they lack the ability to play music from a subscription service like Rhapsody. If iTunes launches a Rhapsody-style service, I\’ll switch in an instant.

    Comment by Nick Davis -

  77. Mark, glad to hear it! I become an Apple fanboy over a year ago it\’s been awesome. It\’s amazing how much better my MacBookPro is than any other computer I\’ve owned. I also love my iPod.

    Comment by JOhn -

  78. welcome to the apple family!

    Comment by Ryan J. George -

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