Start Page vs The Desktop AKA MicroHoo vs Apple vs Google

Every week for a while, it seemed like someone was sending me a businessplan for a widget that ran on a Windows Desktop. They could usually show video and connected to various data sources to stream information. In concept its a simple and seemingly valuable idea. Except for one problem, the computer desktop is becoming less and less of a starting point for computer users.

Instead, users have converged on start pages. From My Yahoo to start pages from MicroSoft, Google and many others. Users are finding ways to customize their web starting point . Start pages are where people’s information world comes together. Email, Rss Feeds, Stock Prices, pictures, music, there really isnt much that can’t be placed on a start page.

Which is exactly why Yahoo is so valuable.

platform agnostic
facebook integration so that notifications and personal connectivity can be mde
the key is that new virtual products can be quickly and easily integrated and presented
microsoft sync can synchronize

Google Online Applications, you have to find. With a start page, the applications can be presented for you to opt in , so they find you. The possibilities of integration of FB and MY Yahoo are infinite. Which puts Google in a corner. Virtual applications , those which exist in the cloud are critical to the future of both MSFT and Google. Google seems to be the leader , but to