Doing the Deal and Dishing the Dirt

I can say without question that this was the most amazing, annoying and difficult deal we have ever done since I bought the Mavs.

The annoyance. One agent who made a truism of the saying that “no good deed goes unpunished”. That said, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Devean George. He told me that he would trust his agent as he had done for the last 10 years and take whatever may with that decision. He had the balls to stick to it. Even with people yelling and screaming at him. That said, as I write this, I really have no clue why the agent made the decision he did.

The dirt. Peter Vescey’s ridiculous assertion that Avery asked me to trade Dirk. Even in the Nellie years where we discussed trading every other player on the roster, Dirk was never mentioned. There has never been a discussion of trading Dirk during my tenure, EVER. Vescey’s source is an out and out liar.

The thing about dealing with the media in this business is that they thrive on rumors and get bored with reality.

For example. Several local media outlets had no interest in sending anyone to New Orleans to cover the All Star game or Dirk’s appearance there. That changed once the trade rumors started. Then all of the sudden, every media person they could find was there. Newscasts led with the rumors. Newspapers speculated and comments on the impact of the rumors if true or not true. There was reporting on rumors about rumors. All of which is fine. I get that and in many many ways, its good for the Mavs and the NBA. It drives interest.

My job, Donnie and Avery’s jobs include trying to protect the team from those rumors. The fact of the matter is, we are going to “love our team” no matter what. Every team can be made better with the right deal. We are always going to be opportunistic and try to improve, but we are not going to add any fodder to the rumor mill. Until this deal, we were always able to keep things quiet. To their credit, the NY media takes things to another level, or low, depending on your point of view.

The difficult. Saying goodbye to Devin, Gana and Trenton. All 3 are great guys in every way. On and off the court. It was far from an easy deal to make. We know that all 3 will continue to grow and get better and like other players we have traded or lost, come back to haunt us in some manner. That comes with every and any trade of players who are talented and work hard at their profession. I also think this will be a great chance for Mo Ager to start fresh.

The amazing. We think that Jason Kidd will immediately make the other players around him better. He is a different kind of point than Devin is. There are certain things that Devin does that JKidd can’t. No question about it. That said, through experience and talent, we think JKidd can make the game easier for JET, Dirk , Josh, Damp, Stack and all of our guys and as a result make our team better.

The business side
. I think we were stagnating some. I think the spark and excitement that JKidd will bring is more than just what his talent offers. There is a reason why Kobe and Lebron were lobbying management to bring JKidd in. We think he will recharge the batteries of not just our players, but the organization, fans, media and even merchandise and advertising sales.

That’s the reality of this business. Wins and losses are not just about talent, its about energy and teamwork. The best leaders recognize when a spark is needed and are honest enough to admit it, and get it. Even when things are going well, its sometimes hard to sustain the energy of being a start up or of levels year past. In business it might be an acquisition, or a sale that may not be the perfect transaction, but its the most impactful. We have been discussing this now for at least a month. We think this deal will have impact.

I’ve said before this was the best NBA season ever. It just got a little better.

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  1. Never really liked Basketball to much , Football is more my kind of game!!

    Comment by Margret -

  2. This is why the Mavs are the Mavs once again you did not address your biggest problem which is easy points in the paint you guys are paying a 35 year old PG who shoots less than 37%FG and a salary of 20M.Cuban refused to sign Nash to 60M over 5 years but a 35 year old PG makes 20m how about keeping a 25 year old PG and try to trade for a Ron Artest7.8M or even a Eddie Curry8.9M those two players are still cheaper than Kidd or even a Jermaine O\’Neal.Finally your season will be over in May see you next season. Laker Greg

    Comment by greg -

  3. mark.
    please extend my sincere appreciation to del harris for attending the indiana basketball hall of fame banquet. del is
    and has always been a class act. the dallas mavericks organization is fortunate to have del on board. good luck the rest of the season. any suggestions for a new coach at indiana university?
    jim callane

    Comment by jim callane -

  4. \”We think that Jason Kidd will immediately make the other players around him better. He is a different kind of point than Devin is. There are certain things that Devin does that JKidd can\’t. No question about it. That said, through experience and talent, we think JKidd can make the game easier for JET, Dirk , Josh, Damp, Stack and all of our guys and as a result make our team better.\”

    OK, Mark.

    In the first real test (to give Jason time to become acclimated) against the Spurs, Jason is not impressive in crunch time and was not even on the court for the last 34.5 seconds.

    If he is the guy who will dish the ball to your shooters for easy shots — he needs to be in the game at crunch time.

    This team with Devin had a difficult time closing out teams. You brought in Kidd to resolve that issue. Avery repeated that mantra.

    This sends a terrible message to Jason and the team.

    Avery needs to step up, admit he exercised poor judgment, and resolve this issue, or you\’re screwed.

    Comment by Michael G -

  5. Informative Article… AWESOME.

    Comment by Eliseo -

  6. Great Blog Mark. Although I wish you would post something about how realistic your desire to buy the Chicago Cubs and that deal really is. I continually hear rumors to that effect, but never knwo how much faith to put in them. As a lifelong Cub Fan and Wrigleyville Bar owner, I could think of nothing that I would like to see happen more. If your desire to buy the Cubs is real, then I would assume you may also have an inkling to get involved in the Wrigleyville Bar/Restaurant scene as well. If this is the case I would like to talk to you about making this a reality. Please contact me at at your earliest convenience, as I would like to discuss the possibility of making Cuban\’s Cubby Hole (a three story bar with a rooftop deck across from Wrigley Field) a reality. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you in the future.


    Avi Kopelman
    The Dugout Sports Bar & Grill
    950 W. Addison
    Chicago Il. 60613
    312 671 9004

    Comment by Avi -

  7. Ditto to that last line. Great move and can\’t wait to see the results.

    Comment by Hometown Quotes -

  8. I just don\’t get this, Mark. It seems to me more like a panic move than anything else.
    If Devin doesn\’t get injured, if the team doesn\’t get embarrassed during his time off the depth chart, does this get done?

    Comment by icdatasete -

  9. Both teams make out great. New Jersey simply because Devin will be a great backup to Marcus Williams.
    Dallas because it added a threat… and a leader they gave up neither of those statements to get Kidd.

    I dont know if Mark blogs and doesnt read comments but Mark if you get a chance look at this site and see if you believe the study and science of mathematics and statistics could be the next step in Scouting.
    This year the scouting information by computers are going to blow the roof off scouting. I know you have a statistical guy in your office, but that doesnt discount the program Ive made. (painstakingly at that..)
    Btw: What a great era to be a fan of basketball and especially the western conference. No shame in not winning it all this year thats for sure.

    Comment by Joe -

  10. The real winner in the trade is my new hero: Keith Van Horn. Having set himself up financially for the rest of his life he left the game he loves with a good reputation and now will be paid 4.3 to put on the tube socks and sit. Brilliant!

    Comment by jason -

  11. I think one problem with the Mavs has been the lack of production from the 2-guard spot. In addition to the Kidd trade, which I like, Dallas either needs to add another center and off guard or move Terry back to the 2 and start him, and find some depth somewhere else. I was pleased to see Terry starting the other night, and hopefully that will continue.

    Comment by Jack Brewster -

  12. 2 things:

    1)To bad this trade was a bad one. With Harris you were in the NBA finals and lost (oops Kidds been in 2 and lost), with Harris you got the best record in the NBA a year ago (oops don\’t think Kidd every got his team there), with Harris you had upside in his game with Kidd you have Father time marching inexorably forward to oblivion.

    2)We finally got an answer to the question is Dirk a Batman or a Robin ? Based upon Avery\’s lavish praises and the TV announcers we now know Dirk is a Robin and Kidd is Batman since everything on TV is now Kidd does this , Kidd does that….

    Not Just Kidding

    Comment by Kris -

  13. JAMAAL MAGLOIRE from NJ was waived. He was a big active force in the league a few years ago…does he have enough left in the tank to hit his old team N.O. and the other big 3 in the West for us as the back-up BACK to the basket POST UP center for YOUR Dallas Mavericks ……..What do your sources say I think Boston will take him and he could counteract Kurt Thomas going to the Spurs and Bonzi going to NO

    Comment by Terrill -

  14. Here is what bothers me about the trade.

    1. Mavs traded big for small, and young for old.
    2. The Suns and Lakers got bigger, Mavs got smaller.
    3. The point guard defense got worse. Harris could play with Tony Parker in SA.
    4. Kidd has the ability to make everyone else better, but how is he in the locker room? It didn\’t work out the first time he was here.

    I hope I am wrong.

    Comment by DKR -

  15. Mark, I have the best player you could ever imagine, please get in touch with me….

    Comment by George Vlamis -

  16. Dude mark cuban. The New Jersey Nets release Jamaal Magloire! please pull the trigger. go sign him!

    Comment by jason -

  17. Gutsy decision i doubt its the gutsiest though. If Kidd works out the team will be similar to the Steve Nash era.
    Dirk will soon adjust to getting those easy layups before long again and as long as Avery will let him he could score 40 or 50 points a night. Anyway thanks Mark for trying to create a team chemistry that will cause this team to leap off the bench like they did a few years ago when Michael Finley Jammed the first basket of the game against Karl Malone. That was unforgettable. The Mavericks have never looked back since. They won 3 of 4 on that western road trip and went to the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Its time again for some GIANT CHEMISTRY.

    Comment by Zookie -

  18. While I think that Kidd will help your team get better against most teams in the NBA, you still didnt address one major concern, San Antonio. While Kidd is indeed a true point guard he cant keep up with Tony Parker like Devin could. You also gave up a formidable opponent against Tim Duncan in Diop. With less of an inside presence than before Tim\’s gonna get his all night.

    Comment by spurfan -


    How pissed will you be if he waits 30 days and resigns with the Spurs, essentially doing what the league gave you sh!t for regarding the initial trade that included Stackhouse?

    Comment by sam -

  20. Great trade for Jason Kidd. With his style of play combined with how the team is built this could be big for the rest of the season. I wonder if a center can be gotten from the waiver wires before the playoffs begin.

    Comment by What is going on, blog -

  21. I am sorry to say as a Mavs fan from day one of the franchise think this is the worst move in club history even worse than the trade of Mark Agguire and has totally messed up this team and now find myself wanting to pull for the Spurs in the playoffs this year

    Comment by Gerald Hardcastle -

  22. I think the trade for Jason Kidd was good. I think it will motivate the team.
    Go Mavs!!!!

    Comment by Laura -

  23. I am not sure why there is any criticism being levelled at Devean George or his agent. The man had a no trade clause in his contrat and was within his rights to veto this trade. Why should George give up his Bird Rights which directly affects the money he can make in the future? Good for him and his agent for looking out for his best interests.

    Comment by Scott -

  24. Just wondering why, when I get an email from NBA each day, they show \”NBA Action for Tonight\”, but never list the Mavs. You have to go to \”More\” to see the Mavs when they play. Is this an NBA/ESPN thing that they don\’t show Mavs on email?

    Comment by Janet Johnson -

  25. By blogging inner workings and dealings, We… don\’t only learn Mavs inside stories but rather business strategies. A lot of this I picked up and applied to my small business. HATS OFF!

    Comment by Henry -

  26. The NBA denied the Mavericks, re: Stackhouse…

    Now the Spurs are on the verge of being allowed to get away doing virtually the same thing with Brent Barry.

    I\’m sure other western conference owners and GMs would weigh in on blocking Brent Barry from returning to the Spurs this season.

    Something should be done on this!

    Comment by Josef -

  27. i hope this deal will help dallas, yet we sure gave away a lot of talent for kidd, and its all rifing on jKidd!! why did we let Mbenga go for Juan Howard, and now Nick Fazekas go for Juan Howard again??Fazekas had almosr 20 ppg, 10 rpg and was a star in the D league and you let him go for a 36 yr old guy, and Fazekas was 6\’11\” or 7\’ tall to boot, young and very athletic !! why keep Juan Howard for these guys, whats he got to offer, i just don\’t see it…pleas enlighten me, why Juan Howard stays, and Mbenga and Fazekas go to keep Juan Howard..i cannot see the wisdom here!!!???? thanks a lot !!

    Comment by rich \"morris the cat\" -

  28. START JET!!!

    Comment by D -

  29. I feel that letting go of Harris was a mistake. He is beginning to refine his skills and will only improve. He made a great team player and am disappointed to see him go.

    Comment by Jane -

  30. WHY would you want to give up 2 1st round picks, plus some GOOD players for a guy who in many ways…has already played his best years? I think Kidd will have a DRAMATIC impact on all aspects of the Mavs organization, but in the long run…as time goes on for the club, this will come back to hurt the team. I would honestly give this a 3 year period..and if the Mavs are not in the West Finals or FINALS, time to cut your general manager for accepting this deal. As you said best Cuban…business is business.

    Comment by David -

  31. Excellent trade. Hopefully it will get you guys over the \”hump\”. Kidd gets you more movement and more team \”chemistry\”. He and Dirk should work well together. However, Phoenix and LA got better too. I\’m still concerned about Dallas\’ size in the paint. They still need a bona-fide banger who can carry the lunch pail about 25-30 minutes a game. I\’ll be watching.

    Random thought: God Bless Mark for keeping the NBA fresh and on their toes. It\’s about time someone kept the front offices working to keep their ears to what\’s going on.
    More rabble rousers are needed. Also, it\’s kinda funny listening to a guy who is so technologically acclimated to complain about current techno trends. The internet is dead? Please……………

    Comment by Larry -

  32. Wow … what happens when Damp gets in foul trouble (which he does) or gets injured (which he does)? The foul trouble issue becomes an even greater problem against the teams we will have to beat in the playoffs. Last night we had a giant gaping hole in the middle when Damp was out. They tenaciously grabbed offensive rebounds in the paint on our smaller lineup. I just don\’t get it. Harris had the speed to stay up with Parker and Diop had a defensive presence inside (not to mention 10 fouls to use between Damp / Diop against the real big men in the west). I hope I am wrong.

    Comment by Shaun -

  33. Wow … what happens when Damp gets in foul trouble (which he does) or gets injured (which he does)? The foul trouble issue becomes an even greater problem against the teams we will have to beat in the playoffs. Last night we had a giant gaping hole in the middle when Damp was out. They tenaciously grabbed offensive rebounds in the paint on our smaller lineup. I just don\’t get it. Harris had the speed to stay up with Parker and Diop had a defensive presence inside (not to mention 10 fouls to use between Damp / Diop against the real big men in the west). I hope I am wrong.

    Comment by Shaun -

  34. Let me get this straight….

    1) No backup for a center who can\’t stay on the court.
    2) No back up for a slow, aging point guard who can\’t guard anyone & has an atrocious shooting percentage.
    3)No first round picks to get any help.

    And we gave up the league\’s best defensive point guard who gets better every year AND already has a higher PER than Kidd. It\’s no mystery why they were so patient…we got hosed on this deal bigtime.

    Comment by Jake -

  35. Wow, in one trade we managed to get older, smaller, slower, ruin our bench depth and mortgage our future. Not to mention reset the team chemistry only a few months before the playoffs. What\’s not to love? Now we\’re one sprained ankle from being the Sacramento Kings.

    But then I\’ve been wrong before, I thought it was a mistake to let Steve Nash go. Who even knows what that guy\’s doing these days?

    Comment by Steve -

  36. C\’mon Cuban…you are my role model and i\’ve never ever questioned a decision you made…..until now. Is a Devin Harris/ Jason Kidd swap really what the Mavs needed? The answer is no. For 5 years now, there has been one single element stopping the mavs from winning a championship. That element is a big center who can score. In the past the dallas centers have been the only thing holding the mavs back. You\’ve had lafrentz, fortson, dampier and diop.

    Right now the mavs are in a league where ron artest, ben wallace and zach randolph are available to trade. (i know randolph isn;t that good but he\’s an upgrade from damp and diop). So i dont; understand why all these low post presences are out there and you feel we need to get rid of a 24 year old up and coming star, for a 35 year old PG who\’s numbers are declining…..still leaving us with the same problem of 2 goofballs in the low post (thsi time it\’s bass and damp) who can;t even out-rebound dirk and cant combine for more then 15 points per game…..way to go

    PS: if the lakers and suns are all getting bigger, and the spurs have duncan, why are we getting smaller?

    Comment by Andrew -

  37. I can\’t believe that Devin was traded – except that, from the very beginning, it seemed Avery couldn\’t stand him. Other players could make mistakes and not be chastised, but when Devin made a mistake, the cameras never failed to show Avery SEETHING. When a reporter would comment on Devin\’s great game, Avery would say something like, \”Yeah, and I thought Stack played great.\” Maybe another coach will allow Devin to develop to his capabilities, which I believe are great. I hope he becomes a superstar, which I believe he will.
    I HOPE this trade was a good one – but last night\’s results didn\’t turn out any different.
    Mark, as a Mavs-loving senior citizen, I am one of your staunchest supporters, but I question you on this one.

    Comment by Pat -

  38. Well, I have a thought for today… it may not exactly pertain to the above article, but maybe the entire entertainment industry. That said, I am unemployed at the moment, finding it hard to find a good job, and I was thinking the other day, you know, we pay our athletes and our entertainers (actors, producers, directors, etc.) way too much money!!! When you consider the multi-million dollar deals we are dishing out these days compared to the measley $30,000 or so a person gets paid to help run this country or to help save lives, well, to me, that just seems wrong…. I really don\’t know where this world is heading, I mean really, I don\’t think that going out and playing the sport you love to play or reading lines in a script should entitle you to millions upon millions of dollars, maybe I\’m wrong and I\’m sure there are those of you out there who believe that I am, however, I would rather pay the fireman or the ems worker that saved my life more than the guy who hit a free throw. I don\’t mean to be disrespectful or anything, they do deserve a good paycheck, just not that good. Well, that\’s mostly my thought for today, later 🙂

    Comment by dani -

  39. Don\’t care for JKidd – to arrogant for Dallas. I do like Malik Allen. Absolutely HATE that we lost Devin. But I do hope that he goes to NJ and shows Dallas what we\’re missing. What\’s the big deal about Dirk besides his height? He can\’t run, can\’t defend, isn\’t consistent, NOT a leader. I can sit around and order players to pass it to Dirk and look for Dirk to in order for him to produce those #\’s. Do I think we\’ll win a title? Unsure. Will we get closer than last year – absolutely. Will JK last as long as Devin Harris? NO. Will we find ourselves in the same boat 2 or 3 yrs from now that we did after LETTING Nash go – YOU BET!

    Comment by Amber -

  40. I find it ironic that you passed on keeping Nash 4 years ago because he was older/injury-prone/wasn\’t worth the price and you thought he couldn\’t get it done.

    I don\’t relish saying \”I told you so\” — I genuinely like what you\’re all about — but I think the worst move of your Mavs ownership career was letting Nash go.

    Now, in Jason Kidd, you have the point guard you thought Nash was 4 years ago: old/banged up/not worth the salary. And Kidd is actually OLDER than Nash, and I doubt he\’ll help you win a title.

    Unfortunately for Nash, it looks like he won\’t win one either…so by not re-signing him, you screwed yourself AND Nash out of winning the hardware.

    If kept Steve Nash, you\’d be counting your rings today. Instead, your fate is now tied to an old point guard with an aging team.

    Comment by Willie McHargue -

  41. The benefits of true synergy are NEVER more expensive than the sacrifice to produce it. Great luck the rest of the way Mark.

    Comment by Greg -

  42. JET needs to start in backcourt with Kidd.

    Comment by D -

  43. As much as you like to blame George\’s agent, the real blame lies with you for not checking to see if George would approve this trade BEFORE submitting it to the league.

    Comment by Geld Lenen -

  44. This deal was just to cover their ass from not extending the contract of Steve Nash who would have been cheaper than Kidd.

    Comment by Jake Tanner -

  45. LOL Great trade!!! Thank goodness Devean held out, while he tried to save the franchise, unfortunately all he was left to do was turn in better stats than Kidd in 10 less minutes tonight. I firmly believe that despite decling Kidd is the best point guard in the league, unfortunately for him he hasn\’t had Nash\’s cast around him. Even worse in the Mavericks isolation stand around, go miss setting a screen offense, his talents aren\’t even needed. Luckily in the trade we were able to fill our hole at 2 guard, and find a back-up point guard to replace the all heart, no skill 4\’10\” JJ. What\’s that, we didn\’t? Instead we threw in our best interior defender, point guard of the future (especially if Avery would just let him do his thing and support him) along with our 2 first round picks…oh well, who needed another Josh Howard? Well at least we cleared up some cap room for next year…no?

    Comment by Mike -

  46. I think trading Devin was a huge mistake!!!

    I think Jason Kidd is over-rated!! When the two years he has left in him is up, What then???

    In the years to come, you will see what we already know! Nash, Harris and two draft picks….BIG MISTAKE!

    Comment by Alicia -

  47. Please do something with Avery. It is obvious that HE may be the stagnant part of this team. Scott Skiles is free….Avery could be a nice assistant. He is being exposed as a hack that is feeding off of what Nellie and you did for the Mavs. His frantic nature on the sidelines and indecision have made the team full of doubters. I would hope he has this season to make it or get the F out of Big D. As a season ticket holder I cannot stand to watch us sink one more year…WIN NOW!!

    Comment by Matt -

  48. Hey Mark,

    I love the JKidd trade and I indeed think that it will make us better, but in my perspective Avery will need to allow Kidd to make his own decisions on the offensive side of the ball. Our offense has not looked healthy the past couple of months and I am bit concerned that the isolations and stagnant offense will continue. I strongly believe that Avery needs to allow Kidd to run the offense the way he knows how. Do you think that this will happen, or do will Avery continue to call the offensive \”plays\”?

    Comment by Ari -

  49. You were quoted as saying that in no way would Van Horn be included in the trade. Were you misquoted or did you change your stance after the intial trade fell through?

    Comment by Nick -

  50. I\’m glad you want to make the team better. But I\’m just sad that you had to send off Devin for it. He was getting good; His prime is like, now. But Kidd\’s only gonna last you around 3-4 years, and who knows if he\’ll actually adjust to dallas\’ game. I didn\’t think this trade was very much worth it; sorry. And two draft picks? Things are definitely going to haunt you later.

    Yeah, Diop makes fouls like seabiscuit, but our main weakness was a solid center. Now Damp\’s on his own, which is bad news. I was so happy when Devean vetoed that trade. But now that you went on with it anyway … I don\’t even know anymore, except that you just made another mistake, possibly losing another thousand fans since Nash\’s leaving.

    Comment by Kimi -

  51. how do we believe that you have never wanted to trade dirk when you said you wouldn\’t trade Devon the night before the trade?

    Comment by scott -

  52. oh please…do you really care about what anyone else has to say about trades? What you should care about is what if anything did you and your team do to help people rebuild their community while the team was in new orleans? now, that would be news worthy!!!

    Comment by betty brown -

  53. Fantastic trade overall. I want to win now (1-3 years). Kidd has what it takes to make everyone better and take the team to the next level. I loved D. Harris but we cant wait 2-3 years to develop into the PG that the mavs need.

    Dirk used to have so many easy shots when Nash was here because he had a PG that could create for the team. Devin looked very inexperienced at times to run the team especially in a playoffs series.

    The two first round picks are just dressing its hard to find quality players like Josh.

    The main goal that the mavs have now is picking up a center. Wallace is out there if the mavs have the pieces for the trade.

    We are only half a center away….

    Comment by Pete Petropoulos -

  54. aw is right. I am also surprised nobody else is drawing conclusions about this signing and how it relates to letting Nash go. Although Nash isn\’t nearly the rebounder that Kidd has been, I\’d take Nash over Kidd if only because he has more good years left in him. Mark, you said that Nash had too much downside to resign him at the price he wanted. Dude, how much are you paying for Kidd and all of his downside?

    aw is right about Dirk, too. I screamed at my television set all through the fourth quarter of the ASG to get Dirk out of the game. The guy is a total choker and everybody knows.

    Comment by Mitchell J Laurren-Ring -

  55. Are you serious? We change the face of the team this drastically and we have to watch the debut on FSN??? Sweet, I love watching the Nintendo-like graphics (think 1st generation Double Dribble) of regular broadcasts. HDTV…I\’ve heard it\’s catching on.

    Comment by Nathan W -

  56. Excellent deal on your end Mark. Not good for us Warriors fans. Kidd is the dream point gaurd for anyone who understands basketball. I watched him in high school, college, and all the way through the NBA. Nice pick up Mavs!

    Comment by Bob Wegener -

  57. First of all, \”aw\”…we all know what assuming does…

    I think this move is great, from an all around standpoint. Proven leadership, all around veterans with proven experience joining our squad.

    Your job as the teams owner is not only to moderate and approve of what you see fit, but to drive interest and promote your product. A week of speculations and rumors (though painstaking for all the fans) drew league-wide interest and got us noticed.

    I agree that it\’s sad to see people go, but that\’s the nature of the sport. Things change.

    What drives me crazy is that you\’re absolutely right about lack of interest in Dirk until the trade happened…and to take it further, you listen to people on the radio and other media outlets and they\’re all very critical of the trade. Where is the team spirit? It drives me crazy. Every other city I\’ve lived in has fans for every one of their teams, that might grumble and complain for a moment, but then put their faith and, more importantly, fan hood behind the local team.

    We need to get behind this. It\’s a great time for our team. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Chad -

  58. I\’m a Mav\’s season ticket holder, Cuban Fan, and avid sports follower. I have to admit I was initially skeptical about the deal, but here are some additional thoughts…

    1) Devin\’s durability is a serious question. He plays the game so hard and with so much velocity and tenacity and lays his body out so much, that his career has real potential to be shortend by injury. He is not the physical presence that Kidd is and will never be the leader that Kidd is.
    2) Gana\’s stats have been stagnant for three years in a row (about 3 points, 5 boards and only 1 block) and his blocks per game has come down almost a full point since the run to the finals.
    3) Kidd is putting up serious numbers at the age of 34, has 99 career trip d\’s and should continue to be a solid force for the next 3-4 years, not 1 1/2.
    4) I\’m not sold on the fact that we mortgaged our future either – with Mark at the helm we are bound to make a solid deal again to maintain status as one the elite teams in the NBA. Besides – if we win the title, then its worth a down year or two if that\’s what has to happen.
    5) We create matchup problems all over the place now. Who can you double cover???

    Comment by Charles -

  59. Like many people, I was really hesitant about the trade when it first happened – I love the Mavs as they were and nothing could possibly make me happier than seeing the team as it was win the title that they\’ve wanted for many years. BUT, there\’s no denying that Jason Kidd is an incredible point guard that will doubtless help our team (and my idol, #5!!!) get to that goal. As much as I\’m going to miss Devin\’s self-discipline and effort, and Diop\’s good attitude and smile, I am SO happy that we were able to keep Stack, and I hope Devean George isn\’t punished too much for standing up for himself.

    Hopefully this will give the Mavs a needed burst of energy and hope … I know they can do it this year!!!

    Comment by Megan O\'Hare -

  60. Mark,
    Congrats on a great trade. I really think it worked out best for all involved. Just when you thought the West couldn\’t get any tougher. Now, if the Jazz could somehow pick-up D. Howard 🙂


    Comment by Dan -

  61. Devin Harris has a lot of potential, but Jason Kidd is more of a team player he will make everyone around him that much better. I still believe that you should have kept Steve Nash. I think it\’s a step back in the right direction though.

    Comment by chris -

  62. I was wondering about Devean George, could he have requested that the bird provision be put in his contract with the nets? so that he does not lose it? is that possible with these so called one year deals that some players have?

    Comment by Greg -

  63. I have to scoff. Had you kept Steve Nash 3 years ago, you\’d have your precious title, maybe two, and you\’d still have two first round picks. But, since you didn\’t, it\’s time to change your roster again in hopes that an old Jason Kidd will make the difference. It won\’t, because Nash, Baron Davis, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul are all capable of eating him alive every day of the week. Charles Barkley may love you, but you are an egomaniac whose meddling cost your team a title, not some genius. You constantly tinker with the team in hopes of finding the right group, but the only way to get the right group is to do it like Detroit and San Antonio did it, by getting some guys to play together as a unit, and when they do, then one move or two deals could make a difference. All you have is a team that looks good on paper, but will again fail where it counts, on the basketball court.

    Comment by Thomas -

  64. This trade will really help you vs. the big point guards (Davis, Williams) but may backfire vs. the quick ones (Parker, Paul). The race for playoff seeding should be interesting.

    Comment by MC Welk -

  65. This trade broke my heart. I thought this season was supposed to be \”All about D\” and yet we\’ve traded Devin and Diop. I firmly believe that we will regret the loss of both of these players. Devin has something that Kidd will never have, regardless of the fact that he\’s on Team USA. He has speed, agility, and the ability to penetrate in the paint. Oh wait, he can also make more than 36% of his shots. I think that if we had been serious about growing our team and making them more play-off ready we would have concentrated on finding strength for our center position since that has been our greatest weakness recently.

    Comment by KD -

  66. Please, please, please somebody find the video of Jason Kidd\’s Goode-Taylor commercial. That was classic.

    Comment by John -

  67. Mark, you\’re by far the best owner in the history of sports. You have always looked out for your employee\’s(players) and make sure they are always happy. I wish other business owners were as well prepared and well-rounded as you. Also, the kidd deal is something our team needed, and is the best deal you have pulled off. I\’m excited for the rest of the season, kidd will bring a new dimension to our team that we have yet to see. He is by far a better player than when Nash was here four years ago. Letting Fazekas go was tough, but thats the business side of it. Antoine Wright and Malik Allen are no throw-ins either, they can both ball. Also, are you looking for Kurt Thomas to trade for or be bought out? I think a solid player we should go after is young and raw but has a lot of ability in Patrick O\’Bryant from the Warriors.

    Comment by Cody -

  68. This is one of those deals that will either be great or a disaster.

    If your Mavs didn\’t choke and get cheated by refs a few years back, the Miami Heat trade for Shaq would be considered a bad deal considering he\’s gone now and how bad the Heat are, even with D Wade.

    If the Mavs win a championship this year or next, it will be a great deal and kudos to you. But if they don\’t even make the finals with him, it would be considered a bad move and people will kill you for it.

    But if you needed a PG so bad why let Nash go a few seasons back only to bring in Jason Kidd, a guy a year older, now? Say what you want, but if Nash were on the Mavs a couple seasons ago, they beat the Heat in the finals. Probably sweep them.

    Sometimes you need to admit you screwed up. And trading youth and draft picks for Kidd now kind of means you screwed up in letting Nash go.

    I hope this deal works out, but it probably is a deal that was never needed if you would have just paid Nash. And I imagine none of these recent deals in the NBA would have been made if the Lakers didn\’t steal Gasol away from the Grizzlies.

    Comment by PJAM3 -

  69. You don\’t know why Devean George\’s agent made the decision he did? Seriously? Put yourself in Devean\’s shoes: would you rather stay with the Mavs and compete for a title, or get shipped to the Nets and struggle to make the playoffs?

    Comment by Joe -

  70. I commend you for trying to make this team better. I am a die hard Mavericks fan. In life I know you have to take chances in order to progress. At first, I was totally against it because of the amount we gave up and I am a huge Devin Harris fan. You have to respect Devean George for what he did because he had that right and did what was best for his situation and I feel myself or anyone else in that position would have done the same thing. Maybe he was being selfish but, he was protecting his own interest. It\’s still a business. I am a die hard NBA fan and keep up with all teams and players. I really like Jason Kidd and know he will help this team but he\’s 35 how much longer will he play and our window of opportunity is slowly closing. I guess having Devin Harris for over 4 seasons and not progressing to the level of expectations that the coaches had for him made it easy to go out and get a proven point guard vs waiting any longer for Devin to develop. I hope letting Devin Harris go doesn\’t come back to haunt us. We still need a big man in the middle to contend with the Shaqs, Tims, Yaos and Amares Et…

    Comment by Clint Richardson -

  71. I am a mother of three young children. Two of whom(7 & 8 boy) love basketball and baseball. We read the sports sections and watch the sports channels every day. They look up to you. What should I tell them? How do you explain things like this to children that don\’t have much?

    Comment by Laura -

  72. I really do hope the trade works out, and I keep hearing how Kidd will make everyone around him better, while wondering why this did not happen in New Jersey.

    Comment by 1techsan -

  73. Mark, who is gonna back up Damp? As a MFFL, you gotta look at PJ Brown or K-Willis. If not, trade for Kurt Thomas or Jamaal Magloire. Diop was so effective against the Spurs, but you cannot expect Damp to carry the full load against Gasol, Shaq/Amare, and Duncan. Please get another big man!!!!

    Comment by Bobby Bhatia -

  74. Mark, first time I\’ve checked out your site…yep- Nets fan here, they actually exist.

    Thanks for taking quitter Kidd off our hands and giving us such a nice haul in return. Admittingly, I haven\’t seen much of the Mavs this season, but based on everything I\’m reading, I can\’t wait to see Harris in action. Kidd will be great the remainder of this season- and probably next season too. But that will likely be it. And make sure you don\’t start losing too much; otherwise, you\’ll have to deal with his negativity.

    This all coming from someone that previously had Kidd as my favorite player, for saving the Nets franchise. It seemed like he had turned his life around for awhile as well. Not that I give a damn about what these guys do with their spare time, but beating your wife and neglecting your various kids is a little over the top.

    You guys interested in Carter as well??? We\’ll take another couple first round picks!

    Comment by Paul Cece -

  75. I think you are right on Mark. Dev is great, and Dallas will likely go down in NBA history as one of the places where great point guards start out (Nash, Kidd, Harris?). The good news about this move is that we actually get one of them back at a crucial time in Mavs history. We all know that perhaps the only thing Dev can do better than Kidd is be quick, especially on defense.
    Great move Mark et al. We will sure have a wild ride for the next two months.

    Comment by Arkay -

  76. Mark,

    I hope the rumors that you pulled this deal because you want to take a couple of shots at the title and then sell the team are untrue!

    Comment by Flashman -

  77. Wonder what all these people complaining about the JKidd trade will being saying when we win the C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N-S-H-I-P!!!

    GO MAVS!!!



    Comment by James -

  78. Mark, I\’ll put my faith in you on this trade, BUT

    PLEASE bring Bob Ortegal back to color commentator for the games!!!!

    I love Brad Davis, but my whole family really misses Bob.s insight and humor

    Comment by Blake -

  79. Wow, I totally agree.. I mean, I don\’t think Devin Harris is bad in his job, I actually think he\’s good at it. But, with all these pressure and stuff going on in the West, the Mavs needs a point guard like Jason Kidd. That guy who can get it down the stretch when clutch time comes and the one who can lead the team during the post-season.

    I believe that what you guys did was very great and it will be awesome for the team. Can\’t wait to see Jason Kidd play with Dirk and the rest of the team.

    Let\’s go Mavs!

    Comment by kim -

  80. Hats off for making the trade and putting up the money to make it go through, also for not saying anything negative about Devean George. Ok so with Kidd, who wins in a best of 7 between Dallas and the Lakers?

    Comment by Adam Pritchard -

  81. The wrong player was traded, Why do you keep talk about Dampier like he\’s been a factor on this Team, when you look at the games he played vs games Miss in the Playoff. We wouldn\’t have worrie about him, because he be in street clothes cheering his team on. Mr Cuban you miss again, your team needed a Shooting guard and a Center that don\’t play one Great game and take three games off. Them three TNT host are going make a joke of this trade because you did not fill the wholes, but just replce the skin.

    Comment by Martin -

  82. The more i think about this trade, the more i think you all got billy beaned…

    Comment by willie parker -

  83. Do you think you could invest in a better press conference room? You guys looked like you were in the basement of a high school. The Mavs locker room looks nicer than where you were. Image is everything in the business and you have to be consistent in all aspects.

    Comment by David -

  84. If the Mavs win it all this year, you are a genius. In the more likely event they don\’t, you are the goat for at least 4 to 5 years. Imagine playing the Spurs in the second round. Parker wins the series for the Spurs as he blows by an aged and exhausted Kidd. Why will Kidd be exhausted? How are you not playing him 38-42 minutes every game? Who can AJ go to, JJ? Unless they win it all now, a very very bad trade. Plus we get the next 8-10 all star games to watch DH fire alley oops to James, Howard, Arenas… Who blows up a 35-17 team at the all star break? Is there a precedent, besides the insanity of Shaq to Suns?

    Comment by Chris Eoff -

  85. Mark: I don\’t like it:

    1. Harris is a focal point for the kids and the future of this team.
    2. What do you get when you google \”Jason Kidd\”…I can\’t support guys like him. I cheer on fellas like Sanders, Trammell, Yzerman, Dumars, Josh Howard, Steve Ott.
    3. Sell 115,000 Jason Kidd postage collections and the $ 3 mm is back.

    I\’m trying to be a MFFL too here:

    1987…Veteran pitcher Doyle Alexander traded by the Atlanta Braves to the Detroit Tigers for a young upstart currently in the minor leagues in the heat of an American League pennant race. Doyle goes 9 and 0 down the stretch as the Tigers clinch the pennant on the final day of the year. Tigers lose to Minnesota in the American League Championship series. Minnesota wins the World Series. Tigers don\’t get close again until 2006 and even endure a 119 loss season. The young upstart…John Smoltz. One of the winningest pitchers in the past 18 years, loser of Game 7 of the 1991 World Series 1-0 in 10 innings, winner of the World Series, perennial 1 through 3 starter on the Braves, closer extraordinaire when that role was required and probable Hall of Famer.

    From Wikpedia:

    Eight-time All-Star (1989, 1992-93, 1996, 2002-03, 2005, 2007)
    National League Championship Series MVP (1992)
    Led the National League in Strikeouts (1992, with 215)
    National League Cy Young Award winner (1996)
    Holds Braves record for most wins in a season (1996, with 24)
    Led the National League in wins (1996, with 24)
    Counting his wins in the playoffs and All-Star Game, John Smoltz amassed 29 wins in 1996. The only higher such total in the last 70 years is Denny McLain\’s 31 in 1968.
    Holds Braves record for most strikeouts in a season (1996, with 276)
    Led the Major Leagues in strikeouts (1996, with 276)
    Led the National League in win percentage (1996)
    Silver Slugger Award Winner for Pitcher (1997)
    Finished 4th in National League Cy Young Award voting (1998)
    Led the Major Leagues in Win Percentage (1998)
    National League Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award winner (2002)
    Finished 8th in National League MVP voting (2002)
    Finished 3rd in National League Cy Young Award voting (2002)
    Holds Braves record for most saves in a career (154)
    Holds Braves record for most saves in a season (2002, with 55)
    Led the Major Leagues in saves (2002, with 55)
    Tied for National League lead in wins (2006, with 16)
    Only pitcher to compile 200 wins and 150 saves
    Holds Braves record for most strikeouts in a career (2,926)
    Given the Branch Rickey Award for exceptional community service (2007)[6]

    Lesson learned sports fans: never ever mortgage the future.

    Bye Devin. My sons already miss 34. At least one can still wear # 5.

    Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig.

    Comment by keith doan -

  86. In response to Shawn, I think this was a great trade with or without the two first round picks being traded. If that\’s what it took to get this deal done, I\’m all for it. With the way this franchise is, those picks will be late in the first round and could turn out to be Josh Howard, or they could be Mo Ager. A late first round pick is not nearly as valuable in the NBA as it is in the NFL.

    Secondly, not in response to Shawn but to those saying Harris was the next Tony Parker, who on this team is Tim Duncun? Some may unwisely say Dirk, but they need to take into account that if he was, he would be a stronger inside scorer, which is why he needs someone like Kidd to get him the ball only when he\’s open.

    Lastly, the Mavs have relied on Dirk too much the last few years and frankly, non one around him stepped up when he needed it. When he\’s double covered and being hacked while trying to shoot, it\’s because it wasn\’t a smart time to get him the ball. Kidd will fix that. Dirk is not the weak link, intellegence and leadership is. That is what Kidd is bringing to Dallas.

    Comment by Eric -

  87. BTW people, CUBAN DID NOT TRADE NASH! Nash opted out for bigger dollars/more years in Phoenix. He was a free agent and rejected the Dallas offer. Get your facts straight.

    Comment by Bruce Castleberry -

  88. After initially hating this deal, it is now apparent that this puts us in a great position in the short-term and in the future. To me, this is a 2-3 year experiment to win a title. If it doesn\’t happen, we have the cap flexibility with Jet and Damp\’s contract expiring in 3 years to make a move for young talent. Just like baseball, you always trade prospects for proven talent. Devin Harris was a great prospect, but there were no guarantees.

    True MFFLs trust every move that you and Donnie have made in years past and know that you would not sacrifice the future for 1-2 years of Kidd.

    Comment by ALew -

  89. Absolutely the right move. Devin Harris is a great player, but this reminds me a little of the Stars trading Jarome Iginla for Joe Nieuwendyk. When you\’ve got a chance at a championship, you have to go for the brass ring. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Great move.

    Comment by Bruce Castleberry -

  90. The Texas Rangers. No. PLEASE BUY THE KNICKS!!!!!
    You can be the first owner with a team in the West and East and I know you\’ve got the business aptitude to fire Isiah!
    And buy the Cubs – this way my best friend would be happy too!

    Comment by David L. -

  91. Mark

    Whether or not it\’s a good trade remains to be seen. But I am astounded at the writers to your blog who are so worried about the draft picks. I went back and looked at the last six years of the draft and the only player of note that the Mavs actually drafted is J-Ho.
    I have thought all year that what the team was missing was HEART. Lots of good players, lots of scorers, but no one who would give everything to take the last shot. I think JKidd could be that person. You have certainly not done anything to hurt your team. Let\’s see in the second round of the playoffs how much you did to help.

    Comment by Mike Genette -

  92. Mark,

    I just wanted to ask you, will you ever consider getting Devin Harris back in the future? Please let me know..

    I really miss him..alot.


    Comment by Dorathy -

  93. My instincts tell me this was a BAD trade. I hope it doesn\’t blow up in your face.


    I will be watching a lot of Mavs and Nets games now.

    Comment by Sue -

  94. I was pissed when you traded Nash, but this is definitely worse. Kidd will not solve anything, not now, and certainly not in the long run. Yes, the Lakers got a steal with the Gasol trade, but the Mavericks just got robbed big time. Congrats on proving that you lack foresight, yet again.

    Comment by kfudd -

  95. I love the Mavs, and hope that this trade gets us a championship (or two), but I don\’t see it happening. Yes, Kidd is a fantastic passer and a very good rebounder for a PG. However, he has slowed a step or two, and will be embarassed by the quicker PGs. And, if you\’re counting on your PG for rebounds, you\’ve got other problems. Plus, he is shooting a career-low 37% from the field, so look for a lot of teams to sag off of him when he faces up and heaves up a jumper. Kinda like teams used to do with Devin Harris.

    The way I see it, the problem with the Mavs the last 2 postseasons has been we were outcoached by 2 of the best coaches in recent NBA history. Yes, Avery is a tough little coach, but he was outclassed (and schooled) by Riley and Nelson. The Warriors had the Mavs number for the last 2 years before last year\’s unbelievable collapse. They are/were a far inferior team, talent-wise, but Nelson knew all the right buttons to push to beat our team. Same with the Heat. There was no way we lose that series. But, Riley was masterful. And we lost. I\’m not saying that Avery isn\’t a very good coach, but he hasn\’t had the experience of those masters. To me, that was the primary reason the Mavs were embarassed the last 2 playoffs.

    Comment by Steve G -

  96. I am a mother of three young children. Two of whom(7 & 8 boy) love basketball and baseball. We read the sports sections and watch the sports channels every day. They look up to you. What should I tell them? How do you explain things like this to children that don\’t have much?

    Comment by Laura -

  97. Mark,

    I am and always be a lifelong fan of the Mavericks. But this trade got me to wondering… When you declined on Nash, career longevity was one of the reasons you mentioned letting him go. Could you elaborate on why the change of heart now?

    Comment by Jay -

  98. As far as the trade, I like this configuration better than the first one widely reported.

    As far as Devon George, seems like the agent needs a little lesson in keeping his mouth shut. George demanded to be traded, and then when the demand was met, balked.

    Option a–Devon George plays 48 minutes a night through the NBA championship and proves he\’s worth all the brohaha by personally delivering a title to Dallas.

    Option b–Devon Goegre doesnb\’t see the floor again for the rest of the eyar. Then let\’s see just how big a contract the agent gets for his client, and thus himself. It was a small a petty thing for the agent to do. I understand George standing by his man, but this one may cost him millions.

    Comment by Tracy Mesler -

  99. Mark,
    Awesome. every few posts i comment.. this time it made me realize .. while we are working on really cool 2.0 stuff, as you are as well.. but in between we\’re watching the NBA and the slam dunk to rest our brains . and your dealing it.. too cool.. remember luck is earned .. you earned your spot and personally i dont like dirk.. but it isnt my team , its yours and truthfully i dont like him because he was so damn good in the run to the finals in 06 he cost me .. best , zwe

    Comment by zwe -

  100. Does this mean that you are acknowledging that letting Nash go was a bad decision?

    – Nash has 2 MVP awards (2005 & 2006) and is widely considered the best PG in the league (Chris Paul is getting close). Kidd doesn\’t have any MVP awards although he probably should have won one back in 2002, but he was playing in the JV conference. Nash has maintained his level of play while Kidd\’s has dropped off from his peak.
    – Nash and Kidd have the same contract length (Nash has a team option, which you could have decided to turn down if necessary). Kidd earns $19.7 and $21.4 million over the next 2 years while Nash \”only\” gets $11.4 and $12.3 million. On top of that Nash is 1 year younger than Kidd.

    Comment by Naveen Reddy -

  101. I am so happy for your trade decision. Nearly all major decisions in life have at least a small downside. While I hope the best for the players\’ futures that were traded…WELCOME JASON!!! And, as always, the best to Mark and the Mavs.

    Comment by Stanci -

  102. What about the crack pipe statement? You going to go back on that one?

    What about \”we\’d never use Van Horm\” for that kind of deal?

    In the end, what does it matter? Jason Kidd is not getting the Mavericks over the hump this year anyway.

    Go Lakers! (Yes I\’m a little biased : )

    Keep up the good work Mark! (Sincerely)

    Comment by Pat Ruble -

  103. Comment #60 already hit the nail on the head – why would Devean want to leave a championship contender for a probable lottery team? So he can ride the pine behind NJ\’s big-money stars, Carter and Jefferson? Instead, he gets to showcase his skills on the Mavs and position himself for another payday next year – armed with his agent and ring #4. George is a glue guy for you, but all the glue in the world couldn\’t piece together New Jersey\’s sinking ship.

    Comment by antonymous -

  104. Mark…
    As I usually when comment here about basketball say it; I may be the only Spurs / Cuban fan around.
    I loved your post with the insights. May agree or not on the trade per se, but the post is great reading for any who loves basket and business.

    Gotta admit theres creativity in there, since the Van Horn addition to the trade (but that may cause some criticism).

    What was the hardest part in the trade? Getting it done or erasing any second thougths after closing it. I mean, it can be either the \”Get me a ring deal\” or, the \”misfire of the year\” depending of the outcome, right?

    Keep it up, Mark.

    Congratulations on getting it done.

    Comment by Guillermo -

  105. What does Devean George\’s stance get him? A role on a true championship contender. If he hadn\’t listened to his agent, he\’d be on a plane to NJ right now, and nobody would hear from him again for the rest of the season. Good on Deaven George.

    Comment by Tim -

  106. Mark, surely you and Donnie and Avery are not done dealing yet… We can\’t expect to be a factor with Damp as our only center. Are we going to plug in Malik Allen at C or something? Or Dirk? What\’s Chris Andersen up to these days? Reinstated yet?

    Everybody keeps talking about how Kidd is going to help Jet, Dirk, Stack, Howard. Right on, but hey people, don\’t forget about Eddie Jones. Kidd can drive and kick far better than Devin could so now our sharp shooters, particularly Jet and Eddie, will get some good looks.

    Please Mark, tell me you\’re not done dealing yet. We have to get someone in here to help Damp.

    Comment by Jeremy Black -

  107. Like Mark said, the debate of whether the trade makes the Mavs better or not doesn\’t matter as much as this: I am now excited about the Mavs again. I have been a die-hard fan forever, but I had lost some intensity in my support this year. I am now excited to watch the Mavs again, and actually go to a game, which I haven\’t done all year. Back to my first statement, I do think this makes the Mavs better in the short-term, and if that gets a championship, that\’s all that matters.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  108. How am I going to explain to my kid that we won\’t be able to hear the Sagana Diop song on the jumbotron anymore?!! 🙂

    Comment by RMS -

  109. I understand the move, it\’s a bit risky simply due to Kidd\’s age, and trading off young guys always bites you in the ass. As a Trailblazers fan, I\’ve seen it before. Hello Shawn Kemp, and good-bye Jermain O\’Neil. (different situations of course). Either way, good luck on the Kidd trade, I hope he helps bring your organization more success.

    Comment by aaltotig -

  110. Mark,

    Don\’t worry about the haters about J Kid. They don\’t realize he had nobody in new jersey and still made it to the finals twice. He took that team on his back and ya\’ll are saying this guy can\’t help the mavericks. He will not only make Dirk better, but Josh Howard will have the greatest benefit in a guy that really knows how to look for him. People forget we were one game away from the finals when we were run n gun with van axel raef and nash. We don\’t have to worry about Phoenix. They can say whatever they want but the champs are San antonio that\’s who we need to be concerned with. Shaq didn\’t do anything in the finals against us it was wade that was extraordinary.

    Comment by Robert -

  111. Mark,

    Why do you think getting smaller will win compared to being bigger like every other team in the west. Do you feel that we don\’t need a center or is it that there\’s just no talent in the center position out there that\’s worth trading for.

    Comment by Robert -

  112. Well, at least this trade makes my decision not to renew my season tickets that much easier. It\’s real great that we match up better against Golden State now! Of course, we won\’t be seeing them again. And, oh by the way, we now are at a disadvantage in matching up against SA, PHX, and LAL. Great move! Oh, yeah, and I will now save money on not having to buy tickets beyond the first round of the playoffs. Go Jason \”Brick\” Kidd!

    Comment by JS -

  113. Is Jerome James, who has an awful contract, getting 6 million for each of the next 3 years, an option? 7-1 285# playing for Knicks who have the 2nd highest salary in the league, they have got to jump at the chance to let go of that guy. He is exactly what we need to take up space and give 6 fouls. I love everything about this except the nightmare of tip-off against the Suns and 1:12 into the game Shaq has drawn 2 fouls on Slug-foot Damp, and then we do what? Put Bass on him? We MUST have someone, ANYone, to fill the gap. Hell, get Doleac from the T-Wolves. We have learned a \”small-ball-line-up\” is never a viable playoff solution, but thats what we\’ll be looking at when Damp gets in foul trouble.

    P.s. If Zaza Pachulia is in the league. He is the most effective person I have ever seen guard Shaq… He plays for Atlanta, go get him!

    Comment by Leon Cage -

  114. We will need those lost draft picks since we will soon be the worst team in the league after this ridiculous deal. Kidd is the most overrated player in the history of the NBA. 37% shooting tells it all. I am glad there are microphones behind the basket so we can hear the clunk of the ball bouncing off the rim when he shoots. I will be shocked if we make the playoffs this year. The only good news concerning this deal is that I will be able to get better season ticket seats soon when the Mavs become the worst team in the league and start rebuilding.

    Comment by John -

  115. Hello Mark. I wrote to you last year and said that I would be a great addition to The Dallas Maverick Organization. I am 33, live in NJ, and STILL want to work for you, in any capacity. I\’ve watched JKIDD the last 7 years, and have to say that he is the best all-around player that I have ever seen. You\’ve made the right move. I hate to see him go, I am a season ticket holder, but I want to see you guys win it all. Excellent move. 201.920.0263 MC

    Comment by Mark -

  116. great trade… thank you.

    Comment by toph -

  117. Best Season in the NBA ever. Well at least that I have ever seen. I\’m only 23. With how crazy the west is, i see how the Mavs needed a spark to make everything work. I see this as the start to that spark. I really hope there is a deal in the works to find someone to replace Diop. I just hope that the loss of a solid backup big man does not come back to bight the Mavs in the playoffs. Like the shaq trade, i guess we will just have to wait and see how this one works out.

    Comment by Willie Parker -

  118. Kidd\’s not that good any more. He\’s still a top 10 point guard, but just barely. He can\’t shoot, at all, and turns the ball over all the time. Getting a triple double isn\’t that impressive when it means shooting 35% from the field. Kidd\’s still good at passing and rebounding, but giving up half your team for him seems a bit much.

    Comment by Matthew -

  119. Mark,

    Sounds like hell, but worth every cent. I think that JKidd will have an immediate impact on the team and I\’m sure the fans are excited. This is a great forum, and being from the Chicago area I wish some of our sports owners were this open and willing to communicate with their fans. Good Luck, and as a life-long, true-blue, Cubs fan I hope that you land the Cubbies!

    Comment by Nick Ilievski -

  120. I can\’t believe we just paid through the nose for a 35 year old who can\’t shoot or play defense anymore. Now, he is known for putting up meaningless triple doubles.

    Sometimes, it\’s best to just ride things out with a team and let it develop. This was a panic move and the Mavs are going to regret it. Who cares that the Lakers got Gasol? Kobe just ruined his pinky finger. They aren\’t a huge threat this year anyway. Shaq? Please.

    This is really disappointing to see a panic move like this. Wait until Kidd infests this lockerroom with his immaturity. He\’ll be out until all hours of the night partying before games. He\’ll make sure he gets to call all of the shots. I\’ll miss you, Avery Johnson. Kidd is the coach now. And if Kidd does not get his way, he will have Avery fired just has he has had 5 other coaches fired in his career.

    Not to mention that he has a bad character. How can we root for someone who disrespects everyone except himself? He doesn\’t care about us, or anyone. He\’ll use us to try to get his stinkin\’ title, and if he doesn\’t get it, he\’ll turn on us.

    Comment by John -

  121. I like this trade, I was upset the first time we let Kidd go… I knew he would be a great player and I\’m excited to see what he brings to our team. Even if Kidd\’s life span is only a few years I think he\’ll bring what we need when it comes to playoff time…

    Comment by Joey Love -

  122. Aren\’t you embarrassed for letting Nash go now. I know hindsight is 20-20 but, age and money are still real concerns in this deal.

    Comment by clarence -

  123. I think that you will realize this is a bad trade when Damp fouls out and Dirk has to play the five and eventually fouls out and all you have left is Kidd to go against Duncan, Shaq, and Gasol. All your \”reasons\” for not opening your wallet for Steve are suddenly good reasons to get Kidd??? The only good thing about this is that you had to pay more money because of Van Horn. I call that karma at it\’s best. I wish you luck but I can\’t ride the bad trade express any longer. It was fun being a season ticket holder but no more.

    Comment by Mary Sue -

  124. Awesome job Mark!
    Thanks for hanging tough and getting it done.
    I can\’t wait to watch the new team.

    Comment by Carter Tracht -

  125. I think this is a huge mistake that the mavs would regret. It seems it was a rushed deal. Not only is the mavs losing a promising devin harris, it\’s also losing 2 first round picks and to top it all $3million just to get a 35 year old point guard. It seems the mavs are trying to make up for losing nash but only that they are giving up so much to make a deal. With out without Jason kid I don\’t believe the mavs would make it to the conference finals. So why trade your future for something that wouldn\’t give you a championship. The miami heat did the same thing and now they are at the bottom of the conference. Shaq has taken his millions and left them to do the rebuilding project. This is really a bad deal. My opinion

    Comment by Dapsy -

  126. I think the team did improve by this trade but I also think considering what the Kings got for Bibby, Mavs gave up too much by including the 2 #1\’s. Also, Mavs/Avery always preach defense, defense, defense and they consdier Harris to be the best defensive PG in the league. Now they trade the best defensive player on their team so it is hard to get the players to \”buy-in\” to D when you do that. Re-sign Fazekas! Go MAVS! MFFL.

    Comment by tdon -

  127. I think that this is possibly the best fit mid season in the history of the NBA. Don\’t get me wrong. I was the LEADER of the Devin Harris bandwagon and I think he is and will be a PHENOMENAL force in the NBA. However; I think that with the spot up scoring capabilities of Dirk, Josh, and Jason Terry; the creative assist style and court awareness of Jason Kidd will make this team THE force to be reckoned with in the West. Devin Harris is quick as a hiccup but does not have the awarenes or dynamic positioning to become a distributing point guard on a team of scoring threats,,,yet. He is dangerous in driving and scoring a layup before defenses are even able to react. Jason Kidd will also find Eric Dampier who is one of the best screening centers in the NBA as far as positioning and sealing defenders. He will become a serious threat down low. Brandon Bass playes larger than he is and will also improve in scoring down low, which he dunks at will with power over(or through)ANYBODY. All these things don\’t even BEGIN to matchup to Jason Kidd\’s leadership abilities which are beyond priceless when it comes to the post season. It also relieves some phantom pressure on Dirk to be responsible to naysayers when something doesn\’t go right. You will never again doubt the effort or mental toughness of this team again, because JKidd is blatantly agressive in his playing, while most people think Dirk is soft. Dirks game is not soft, it is graceful and deceptive. Enough out of me– I will miss Devin Harris- but I will throw a HELL of a Championship party this year!

    Thank you again Mark Cuban. You are the one man still alive I wish I could meet and pick your brain to understand your habits of thought.

    email me anytime

    Stephen Way

    Comment by Stephen Way -

  128. oh, and I am confident we would already have two rings had we kept Nash…but I\’m also confident the Mavs would be interchangeable with the Clips had you not purchased them. So, we love ya Mark…warts n all.

    Comment by Hooey -

  129. I love this trade. As a fan, I agree that the team needed a \’jolt\’. Harris is very good, but he doesn\’t make other players better and he can\’t create offense in the halfcourt. I just don\’t see him as the point guard for a championship team, unless maybe he\’s teamed with a dominant 2 guard. Kidd can absolutely close the deal.

    Comment by Jeff -

  130. Mark,

    I was thinking about this trade today and while I dreaded it, I realized that I had this same dread when you traded Nash and Finley but each time we got better. And anyone who regrets losing Nash, I guess, doesn\’t see that. I\’m with you 1000% Mavs! I\’m gonna buy a Kidd jersey first chance I get. Do you think J-Kidd would sign his rookie card if I mailed it to him? I\’m very trusting!
    Also, be honest…you had something to do with all the craziness of this deal. You shrew, out-spoken puppetmaster, you.

    Comment by Jon Boyle -

  131. Thanks for sharing your thought process and giving us additional insight into trade. I just pray that Kidd can play at an all-star level for the next few years. Do you think you can pull off another trade with the expiring contracts of George, Ju. Howard, or Jones to bring in a back up center or upgrade at the SG position? Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Bo Schwarz -

  132. As much as you like to blame George\’s agent, the real blame lies with you for not checking to see if George would approve this trade BEFORE submitting it to the league.

    Comment by Wes -

  133. I like the trade. I reduce it to a nutshell Devin Harris or J Kidd? J Kidd is just the tougher, better basketball player. Maybe Harris will be better two years down the line but Dirk, Terry and Stackhouse certainly won\’t be.

    Comment by David DiCicco -

  134. Everyone, encluding myself, know Kidd\’s game is about eliciting the very best from his teammates. The Mavericks need a motivator like Kidd around. what a great reunion for you guys.

    p.s. Mark Cuban, the owner, should teach me how to make billions like him, lol. GO MAVS!

    Comment by Eric Buckley -

  135. congrats on getting j kidd. watching games in the ny area the only reason to tune into nets games was to watch one of the best passing point guards in the history of the nba (along with cousy, magic, stockton, isiah, nash). now that he\’s gone i\’ll watch the mavs on league pass and tune out nets games (unless vince starts playing like dr j. again).

    as far as trading harris for kidd and sacrificing youth for age, mavs fans keep this mind: not too long ago kidd mentioned that he wants to model his career on stockton and play at a high level until age 40, healthy permitting. that kidd is playing the best ball of his career at age 34 going on 35 and seems to have made a full recovery from microfracture is a good sign that he can extend his career like stockton (though stockton never had surgery on his legs). dallas should not treat this as a win this year or bust. this should be a 2, even 3 year window with kidd at the height of his powers, as long as there\’s a backup who allows him to play 30-35 minutes to keep him fresh for the end of games (note how stockton\’s minutes gradually decreased allowing him to maintain his quality of play as he hit his late 30s).

    also, as a frequent viewer of kidd during his time in nj, kidd gets knocked for having a weak jumper, but when it\’s late in the fourth quarter his shooting percentage increases dramatically. the guy has been a clutch player and has made big shots repeatedly. hopefully you will soon see the same results in big d. as far as i can tell the only reason kidd never has been a consistent shooter is due to his balance — he leans when he shoots and as a result shoots at a moving target. not sure he can fix that this late in his career (he seems to make a lot of tough shots when off the dribble/leaning and that probably became addictive) but when he\’s balanced he\’s even deadlier, like when he spots up.

    kudos to mark for sucking it up and accepting the extra cost for making the deal even without devean george. cuban put his money where his mouth is knowing kidd gives dallas the best chance of winning.

    as we all know boxscores don\’t tell the whole story. j kidd\’s will to win and thirst for a title should be even more valuable than his alley-oops to dirk, josh, and stackhouse.

    Comment by derek -

  136. Mark,

    I didn\’t like the trade when I heard about it and I have to admit that I still don\’t. However, I have to trust that you and Avery know what you\’re doing. Go Mavs!


    Comment by Bill White -

  137. I honestly thought the first sentence of your blog pertained to your supposed purchase of the Chicago Cubs.

    Comment by Bill -

  138. Great job Mark. This guarantees nothing, but as a fan, I am glad to see you guys take a chance at greatness. The team may fail, but nobody can say you didn\’t try.

    On an unrelated note, I must say that I miss Bob Ortegel on the TV broadcast. As a long time Mavs fan, I love Brad Davis, but I don\’t think he adds much to the broadcast and is better suited for radio.

    Just my opinion, but I would love to see Bob back on tv.

    Comment by Ben -

  139. At first, I hated the idea of this trade. As time went by I realized that it will probably be good for the Mavs. There is a window of oppurtunity with Dirk and that window is getting smaller. I will miss Devin, but by the time he developed into the great player we think he will become, Dirk\’s window may be closed. Also, a thank you to Devean George, this second trade is much better than the first. Of course, you probably really disagree with me since it has cost you a large sum of money. Good luck to all of you!

    Comment by Amanda -

  140. I find it astounding that no one is pointing this out. I assume this trade for JKidd is your backhanded way of saying that you made a colossal mistake with your loss of Steve Nash. Since getting JKidd goes against every reason you gave for letting Steve Nash go. Never thought I would see the day where Mark Cuban would admit a mistake. I know it it is not an explicit admission, but admirable none the less.

    I hope in the future you will see what everyone else sees (most recently at the ALL-Star game)- that your faith in Dirk as a franchise player is misplaced. You are way to emotional and not objective enough with your bball decisions…and it shows. You can\’t make him something he is not with all the support in the world. You didn\’t win with Nash. You didn\’t win with Harris. You won\’t win with Kidd. The common weak link here is Dirk.

    Comment by aw -

  141. Thank you Chicago Joe. My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately our weakest point has always been at center. So let\’s trade away our backup while our starter is hurt. Real smart. Let\’s trade away our up and coming point guard for an old man who\’s going to be useless in 2 years when that\’s not even our problem area. I am baffled. We may have needed a \”spark\” but this was not the way to go and I can\’t imagine why anyone would think it is. If this is what we wanted we should have kept Nash…..

    Comment by SP -

  142. I love you having you as an owner. Buy the Rangers, please.

    BUT this deal is bad for one reason – Segana Diop \”it like it\’s hot\”. Are we going to replace him? Otherwise, how do we not backslide into becoming the smallish beat-up-by-the-spurs-in-the-playoffs Mavs of old?

    Comment by Hooey -

  143. I think it was a mistake. I have been dreading this for over a week now.

    Comment by sb -

  144. I\’m sure the Mavs front office knows more about basketball operations than do I but this deal scares me. The fact is that Dallas proved it could get past San Antonio. It proved it could get past Phoenix. And I think the biggest reason for that was an injection of youth and speed in the back court. In other words, the emergence of Devin Harris. I pray that I am wrong. You guys must be something in Barrea.

    Comment by Brandon -

  145. Mark has proven again why he is, in the words of Charles Barkley, \”the greatest owner in all of professional sports.\” What other owner would open up and talk about a situation like the epic saga that was the Kidd trade. Thanks for being willing to give us fans a side of sports that we never see anywhere else.

    Also, I really think this move makes us A LOT better for this year and next. I\’m betting Terry will start now (why else would Mark mention JET before Dirk becoming better from this trade?), which will give us more offense right up front. Also, Dirk is turning 30 this summer and by the time Devin is hitting his prime we will most likely be talking about Dirk being almost too old in much the same way we\’re now talking about Kidd.

    Comment by Kevin -

  146. Mark, despite being a dedicated Spurs fan, I also love any trade by a team trying to get better. That being said, I don\’t like this. Sure, Kidd is going to help you for a couple of years, no doubt about that. I thought that this was a good deal for you, everything in looked great, then I read TWO first round draft picks, which I believe is where you went wrong. You\’ve got a great team, Kidd will help you a lot, but those two picks are going to come back to haunt you more than the loss of Devin Harris.

    Comment by Shawn -

  147. That\’s fine that you made a trade to better the team. I don\’t think brazenly lying to the media, and in essence, your FANS is right, though. It\’s beyond misleading to say that anyone proposing a trade for Jason Kidd is \”on crack.\” Seems like a panic move to me, in response to what the Lakers did. Being reactive is never good. Note how that worked out for Avery in the playoffs against the Warriors last year. Instead of imposing his will on them, he changed to deal with them. Would you have made this trade if the Lakers hadn\’t made theirs? I don\’t think so. I guess we can look forward to Tony Parker torching us again. On the other hand, the coach didn\’t trust Devin to \”lead\” the offense. It wasn\’t a great thing that the team was in the bottom of the league on assists. Hopefully, Kidd will better that situation. What about signing Earl Boykins as a backup for Kidd? I don\’t think JJ Barea can cut it when it comes to the point guards in the west. Boykins would be an excellent counterbalance as a stone cold shooter compared with kidd\’s 36% shooting. Plus he\’s quick enough to stay in front of people like Parker, Nash (big mistake on your part btw), and Chris Paul Is there a free agent big man available? PJ Brown maybe?

    Comment by Marls Barkley -

  148. Mark,

    What do you focus on daily that keeps your mind thinking forward?

    Comment by Scott C. Knudson -

  149. I just don\’t get this, Mark. It seems to me more like a panic move than anything else.
    If Devin doesn\’t get injured, if the team doesn\’t get embarrassed during his time off the depth chart, does this get done?
    I just think we\’re sacrificing too much to get a 1, PERHAPS 2 year run at this thing.

    Comment by Or -

  150. I hope there is some plan to bring Fazekas back. This team will rue the day he was cut if he ends up on another team.

    Comment by bogdog -

  151. Devin is most definitely a stud. He had many, many strong points, and any team would be lucky to have him. That being said, JKidd is going to bring a level of excitement to a team, as Mark said, was seemingly getting a little stagnant. The stretch to the playoffs is going to be great and he will indeed make every player around him better. I think our Dallas Mavericks just got a LOT stronger!

    Comment by Bryan Crouch -

  152. It took balls to make this deal and you should be commended for doing so. Hats off to you and your staff and most of all the professionalism that OUR MAVERICK ORGANIZATION displayed during this time. Good luck to Devin and the others, they will all be missed. Kidd will take us to the ring improve Dirk\’s shot selection and be a complete floor general on the court. GO MAVERICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jerald B -

  153. Peter Vescey is a jackass…yesterday, today, and always will be. How he keeps a job and how his editor allows him to keep writing and speaking the slander that he\’s known for is beyond me. Since it wouldn\’t be prudent for you to b!tc# slap him, call me. I\’ll be happy to do it.

    Comment by Mike -

  154. Who\’s gonna back up Damp? Please don\’t say Dirk, Bass or Juwan. Who\’s gonna be the back up PG? Barea is a nice project and a sparkplug on occasion, but not experienced enough to cut it in the playoffs.

    Comment by Chicago Joe -

  155. Thanks for all of inside info on the trade. Please, please, please buy the Texas Rangers. You can take all of your posts about how winning teams try to compete and inversly compare them to the MO of Tom Hicks. How about an NL team? Dallas is the largest market without 2 teams.

    Comment by Chris Price -

  156. Mark,
    What do you think the future will hold for Nick Fazekas… will he be a Maverick again?

    Comment by Jim_S -

  157. I wish you could have found a way to keep Nick Fazekas but understand BBall is a cut-throat, win-it-all-now business. He would have been a good part of your club with more \”seasoning.\”

    Comment by Bob -

  158. Hopefully Kidd will last and give us a few more productive years to get a title or more as opposed to break down at his mighty age of 35 and leave us biting the dust.

    Comment by Alex -

  159. The sports media is even crazier than in the business world. Despite lots of hungry sports bloggers nipping at their heels, I don\’t think the media has had to adapt they way the tech and biz press were forced to. Maybe that will change. Regardless, congrats to you, the Mavs and Jason Kidd. The stretch is going to be incredibly exciting.

    Comment by Steve Rubel -

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