The 2 Technology Magazines You Should Read

I read a ton. Online, magazines, newspapers. I troll the newsstands for new magazines just trying to see if there is something out there Im missing.

I also get asked all the time what magazines that I do read. I’m not going to go through the list, but I’m going to list two that are must reading for anyone who has an interest in technology. Why ? Because they often cover in technical detail just how 99pct of the bandwidth available to the home is managed, planned and maintained.

It’s amazing to me how all the “internet pundits” truly have no understanding that 98pct of the bandwidth to most people’s homes is not allocated to the internet, its allocated to everything else digital and analog and managed quite differently than the internet bandwidth that you receive. Not understanding the difference between the two (internet and non) pretty much eliminates your ability to understand the future of broadband technology to the home.

To help the uninformed, I decided to share my 2 faves:

Communications Technology


These are the 2 magazines that I save every issue of and that I get excited to learn something new.

check em out

21 thoughts on “The 2 Technology Magazines You Should Read

  1. I cant remember the last time I read a IT publication in print. The internet replaced that for me.
    Not for me, but thanks anyway.

    Comment by South African -

  2. Your example with bandwidth is really vague IMO It really depends on definitions and there are separate lines providing the non internet services. Thanks for sharing these magazines I didn\’t know of ScreenPlays and I wouldn\’t guess by the name that it\’s a technology magazine.

    Comment by Nikola Dachev -

  3. Thanks for pointing out these mags. I just picked up Comm. Tech. and I plan on subscribing right away.

    Any chance you will tell us all the other mags you read instead of just leaving us hanging???

    Comment by Barrera -

  4. @#16 Wired is sooo lame now. They used to be good, but haven\’t been for years. Can\’t believe anyone still reads it.

    Comment by Fred Malek -

  5. Can you share some of the your favorite articles from these mags? I didn\’t know you read screenplays. That\’s cool. This is a pretty short post. Can you tell us more about what makes these magazines better than all the others? And what else do you read?

    Comment by Fred Malek -

  6. I think Eweek is a cool magazine that keeps me updated on the current situation. And I can do it from the bathroom where my iPhone gets no reception.

    Comment by iPhone Junky -

  7. is also a favorite thats been around for awhile.

    Comment by Vegas Hotels -

  8. Though TV, etc. is moving more digital, and we may see some of those older forms of technology abandon these methods of distribution only to be redistributed across them again when digital assumes those methods (whew, that was a mouthful).

    Comment by David Mackey -

  9. Mark-
    Not long ago I read an article in Forbes on how higher education will eventually become irrelevant because the amount of information that is available at our fingertips via the internet.

    While I don\’t particularly agree due to the number of things outside of the classroom you learn in higher education, I happen to be a strong proponent of reading and retaining information from all different types of media. I honestly feel like I learn more aimlessly browsing news and other information outlets than I do sitting through a boring lecture on something I could care less about. I strongly feel that reading is the key to intelligence.

    Do you agree???

    Mark McCray
    The Bronx Stop

    Comment by Mark McCray -

  10. I completely agree with you on Screenplays. I used to read it online, and I finally signed up for the hard-copy version (the only magazine I get by mail) so I could read it anywhere and dog-ear the pages. I also went to the Screenplays Cable IPTV conference last year and thought it was fantastic. Small, but highly informative.

    Comment by Mari -

  11. I prefer web news.

    Thanks Mark

    Comment by PR -

  12. We never have ScreenPlays.

    Comment by HIDKIT -

  13. I never read the ScreenPlays before, it just wowed me!
    Thanks, Mark.

    Comment by pinktyger -

  14. I like vey much for articles and magazines in tech. For web is my favorite

    Comment by Imobilirias -

  15. My favorite tech magazines are decidedly too.

    Comment by Tags -

  16. I\’m certainly on the not understanding bandwagon. Non-internet bandwidth? Why? TV comes from satellites and internet comes from a physical wire. Please don\’t shatter my reality.

    Comment by Heaters -

  17. For those interested, you can subscribe to this publication and many other good ones at —

    We don\’t have ScreenPlays, but I\’ll be letting our publications group know about that.


    Comment by Mitch Wright -

  18. I think that what people perceive as the \”internet\” should really be called \”the visible internet\”. It\’s the part that people see on a daily basis. The .com realm. The side you\’re talking about, the data side, does indeed take up a majority of the broadband. A lot of people choose not to look past what they can see to what is really there though.

    Comment by thatedeguy -

  19. My favorite tech magazines are decidedly more pop culture than geekville, I guess… but Fast Company and Wired are my main sources.

    Comment by Daniel Holter -

  20. I get excited every time you post something business/Tech related. Not really interested in when you post something related to sports, however I read it anyway to see if there is something I can learn.

    Comment by Gregory Rueda -

  21. Nice…I\’m always looking for different articles in tech, but not specific to \”the web\”. I think we can all benefit from reading about technology from a different angle.

    Comment by Justin Case -

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