Bill O’ Reilly – Why Won’t You Support the Movie Fighting for Life ?

It’s no surprise to readers of this blog that he doesn’t like me. He seems to always find a way to spout lies and pass them off as legally permissable opinion. It’s gotten to the point of becoming comical.

Yesterday, at the Mavs vs Suns game, there was a guy yelling at me “How is Chavez ?, How is Chavez ?”. So i walked over to him and his daughter sitting next to him and asked him what in the world he was talking about. So the guy says, ” How is your friend Chavez , you know from Venezuala ?”. So I gave him the obvious response of ” I don’t know him and definitely don’t support him, where in the world did you hear this nonsense ?”. Which of course was a dumbass question on my part. I dawned on me, just as it was coming out of his mouth “O’Reilly”

It doesn’t matter how many times I make it clear that I’m neither right wing or left wing, that I think for myself, O’Reilly just can’t resist making comments about me. But thats not the point of this post.

I enjoy finding out just how big a hypocrite OReilly is. One of our movie companies, Truly Indie, is distributing an amazing, amazing movie about those from the medical profession who choose to serve our country and the trials and tribulations they go through. Its called Fighting For Life . Our PR people contacted a variety of media sources who were very supportive of the film. I made sure to ask them specifically to contact foxnews and the OReilly show. I wanted to know that when Bill asked why there were not any pro troops films being produced and released, if he would get behind a movie that truly is.

You already know the answer. Our PR people received no response. When I emailed them directly, after the lack of response, this was our exchange

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Mark Cuban <> wrote:

ask your boss why he never mentioned a movie we released last month, here is a review. He was sent a copy and our PR people contacted your office. I wanted to see just how interested you truly were in movies that supported the troops..

New U.S. Release
Fighting for Life
A Truly Indie release of an American Film Foundation presentation. Produced by Terry Sanders. Executive producer, Tammy Alvarez. Co-producer, Jennifer Glos. Directed by Terry Sanders. Written by Sanders, Christine Wiser.

With: Crystal Davis, David Welling, Daniel Inouye.

The only people who seem immune to the politics of the Iraq War are also at its epicenter: the doctors and nurses who mend and tend to the wounded, and who provide the heart and soul of Terry Sanders’ “Fighting for Life.” Docu about combat medicine is getting a limited theatrical release and will likely follow the route of most Iraq War-themed cinema, onto the scrap heap of theatrical — which doesn’t make it any less of a film, but may make us less as an audience.
“Fighting for Life” apparently was originated by Sanders as a profile of the Maryland-based Uniformed Services U. of the Health Sciences, from which, the film tells us, 25% of active-duty physicians have graduated. It has also come under consistent attack by budget-cutting congressmen more concerned with the spoils of war than its casualties.
Having witnessed the work done in the field, Sanders broadened the movie’s scope to include combat hospitals, rehabilitative units and, inevitably, the horrendous physical damage. What’s onscreen is among the most disturbing footage to come out of the Iraq cinema experience: The squeamish might find the USU cadaver scenes even more disturbing than the images of soldiers’ injuries. But the footage makes a profound point about what kind of person can practice this kind of medicine at all, much less do it in a war zone.

Sanders and his crew probe relentlessly with their cameras, never recoiling from the most horrendous, bone-revealing injury, or from the long road of pain and disability ahead for most of the very young people on stretchers, or from the older but unjaded medical teams around them. Pic makes it clear how much recovery is going to be needed for everyone, and not just the legless, armless combat vets.

“Fighting for Life” is briskly paced, and there’s often a palpable, appropriate sense of disorientation parlayed through the roaming p.o.v., which can often leave a viewer wondering what exactly he or she is looking at — did that used to be a leg? It’s an artistic decision and a correct one, because as much as one might like to, it’s very tough to look away.

The film makes the most of the seemingly unlimited access provided by USU, whose administration was probably aware of just how valuable such exposure could be for their institution. Production values, especially the HD camerawork, are tops.
SPIRTUALITY AND PRACTICE: March 7, 2008: Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s review is posted to this site:

Film Review
By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Fighting for Life
Directed by Terry Sanders
Truly Indie 03/08 Documentary
Not Rated

More than 25 % of active duty military physicians were trained at Uniformed Services University in Bethseda, Maryland. This engaging documentary by two-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Terry Sanders presents the skill, dedication, courage, and compassion of the doctors and nurses who have graduated from this school that has been called the “West Point” of military medicine. Many of them are now serving in Iraq and Germany where they take care of the American soldiers and Iraqi civilians wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Treating multiple blast injuries, head traumas, and loss of limbs are daily occurrences for these medical professionals. As one of them says, “There’s nothing normal about war. There’s nothing normal about losing a limb or seeing our best friend die.” In a very emotional sequence, a wounded soldier is told that he will never walk again. Another soldier recuperating in America recalls the 18 operations on his body. Army Specialist Crystal Davis, who lost part of one leg and has to undergo intensive physical therapy for her other foot, refuses to give in to despair and depression.

In treating all these people, the doctors and nurses in the film come across as angels dispensing their own brand of miracles. They realize that many of the young men and women injured in combat will require treatment for the rest of their lives. The filmmakers of Fighting for Life had unprecedented access to combat support hospitals in Iraq, Medevac flights with wounded soldiers, and military hospitals in Germany and the United States. This enabled them to create an authentic and inspiring portrait of the life-affirming work of these doctors and nurses and the remarkable courage of their patients.

Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:56 AM
To: Mitchell, Ron
Cc: Melissa Raddatz
Subject: Re:

another link, just in case you want more info about a movie you ignored


From Fox News , OReilly Producer >
On Fri, 4 Apr 2008 10:27 am, Mitchell, Ron wrote:

Would you want to come on the show to talk about this?


From MC>
don’t trust bill to focus on the movie, so I won’t.

I expected that bill would have gotten the film , watched and been excited to see a pro troops, pro military movie. That he would take the initiative, given all his spewing about there not being any pro military movies being made and been excited to promote the film or does he not support pro troops films ?


What say you bill ?

46 thoughts on “Bill O’ Reilly – Why Won’t You Support the Movie Fighting for Life ?

  1. Mark and all MC bloggers, my good friend and client appeared on O\’Reily on Wednesday night…it aired and was about Oil…I desperately need the clip and fox will not provide it.

    Can anyone help! John D\’Agostino was the guest and make Bill look the like the baffoon that he is…If you can find, please post the link here…

    Thank you all!

    Comment by mary -

  2. B.O. is like a little kid throwing a tantrum– a cry for attention, best ignored. The reason he will not support the film is because supporting the troops means a different thing for each of you. For you (as for most of us, I think) it means the support of the brave individuals serving… for him, it is a euphemism for \”policies of the current administration.\” The film sounds like it it completely supports our troops, but because it looks like there is no direct support of those policies, and because those with sympathy for the difficulties those individuals are shown to face may start questioning the policies when viewing it, he will not support it.

    Comment by Rebecca -

  3. Mark, I don;t see any way you get to go head to head with BO unless it\’s on his show – unless you can engineer an invitation to him from another show. Surely you have a conteact somewhere that could invite the two of you onto their show at some point?

    Barring that, though, I think you should do it. Worst case he ambushes you (as you expect) and you don\’t improve anything versus his claims about you. Best case, you have a reasonable discussion and get in a few points, and there is a positive effect.

    One other benefit that could happen either way: he stops dragging you through the mud if he gets to have you on the air.

    I think you should do it, but I do understand why you might not want to do so.

    Comment by RickB -

  4. In the end O\’Reilly will prove to be correct as usual. Not a month goes by without some left wing wacko running down to visit Chavez and kiss his Anti American ass.

    Comment by Dennis D -

  5. mark,
    I don\’t know that much about you so I will not get into the O\’reilly fuss. I will say that partisanship is not a scourge. Without partisanship we would have me tooism all over the place. True partisanship is someone legitimately opposing another position that they feel is not in the best interest of this country. If you oppose a position simply because it is presented by someone not of your party that is being stupid not partisan.

    Comment by edward cropper -

  6. Did you see when Steven Colbert went on Bill O\’Reilly\’s show and turned the tables on him? My husband thinks Colbert is a talented man being able to take over another man\’s show like that. My husband seems to always be aware of the latest and greatest
    He showed me the clip on Youtube. You should see it to prepare yourself for someday geting the chance to go toe to toe with O\’Reilly.

    Comment by Sarah -

  7. M:

    It\’s the age of the \”Braindead Megaphone.\” Pointing out his hypocrisy is almost a moot point because it is so redundant. I could only imagine Bill warning people of Johnathan Swift and his appetite to eat children.

    But do go on his show and tell people of the movie. Bill will never change. But this is a chance to tell a national audience about a doc they would enjoy.

    Comment by Lucas -

  8. To \”whatever\’s\” point, let\’s consider O\’Reilly\’s audience. These are folks that still consider GWB misunderstood and Obama a Muslim. These are the most ignorant and angry our country has to offer. No matter the content of your interview, Billow would rapidly interject and his audience would celebrate their hero. Project that energy elsewhere. Apathy is what he and his deserve.

    Comment by JungTexican -

  9. I think you should spend his ass back to AM Broadcast radio with the likes of that other spinner named Loratab, I mean… Limbo… But trust me on this, he will never meet you in the middle. EVER. They never do. You are too different, too much of a risk, and you definitely have too much quid.

    If it were me, I\’d dump a little $ down the ole well and see what else the man is up too. A little bit of dirt or persuasion would not be outside of his realm, and I think at this point it wouldn\’t even be \’stooping\’ to his level.

    If you want a radio contact let me know – not that you don\’t have them already.

    Comment by Jake -

  10. The conversation about the war is just like the conversation about race. Nobody left or right actually wants to have one. They just want to talk past each other. I don\’t want to discuss the war with my friends who disagree with me about it. Their shrill objections pain me to listen to. And frankly, I\’m tired of hearing how anyone who supported or supports the war is whatever shade of evil or stupid. Just like every other time we\’ve engaged in a war in our history, we\’ve sent imperfect people to an imperfect place to conduct our bidding for an imperfect policy that was historically imperative. In what passes for \”conversation\” in our culture today, admitting any weakness or uncertainty is admitting defeat. Exposing any flaws is to actively work against. O\’Reilly is just following the obvious cues and playing to a very large audience that isn\’t terribly thoughtful. He and Lou Dobbs play opposite sides of the same dull coin. Props to Mark for staying pretty much above the fray. Keep doing what you do.

    Comment by Brad Hutchings -

  11. And in addition…you do realize that there are other film/video distributors out there
    with indi films who never get ANY exposure from the press EVER…who have really worthwhile
    subject matter too.
    That should be the positive focus of your energy….not that troll O\’Riley…but how the \”really\” good indi work never gets any press or exposure.
    Don\’t exert your energy on that O\’Fool…..put it to good use towards the arts community.
    Start your own freakin Sundance…..that one has been completely wasted.

    Comment by whatever -

  12. I wouldn\’t take Bill\’s comments seriously. I\’ve had the unfortunate experience of watching his show and it\’s basically him explaining why he\’s right and everyone who thinks differently is unpatriotic/evil/pinheaded. Alex\’s script hit the nail right on the head.

    Comment by Carey Mathias -

  13. You pull out 1 positive troop movie and you go after O\’ Reilly. I agree with your decision not to go on his show, because if that\’s the best you got, you have no business debating anyone.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  14. Bill has gone on plenty of \”enemy territory\” shows and fared well (e.g. Letterman and John Stewart). The idea that he\’d be afraid to argue on a neutral setting is baseless. Whatever you might say about the man, he\’s a formidable debater.

    I would also like to see some documentation on guests who feel, and can prove, they\’ve been sandbagged on the O\’Reilly Factor. Extrapolating from an incident or two births the caricature and \”partisanship\” that so muddle progress.

    A cynic (or a TV producer) might think that Mark wants the publicity of an O\’Reilly tiff but only on his terms.

    Lastly, Bill is no \”right-winger\”; he\’s a populist which isn\’t so bad after decades of media elitism.

    Comment by CaptiousNut -

  15. Mark,

    I watch Bill regularly and I have never seen him connect you to Hugo Chavez. He does mention celebrities like Sean Penn that visit Mr. Chavez.

    You and Redacted do get mentioned when he talks about the Anti-American movies coming out of Hollywood, most recently about the movie \”Stop-Loss\”. He always uses the video of when you ran onto the court during the fight.

    He had Wayne Rogers on and he said you were \”not a smart guy, just a guy with alot of money\”. That made Wayne an idiot because, agree with anyone\’s positions or not, no one can go from nothing to your level of success without being a brillant businessman.

    I have not seen Redacted so I don\’t know if Bill\’s view of the movie is correct.

    I do believe that there is a very Anti-American view in Hollywood and that negative movies about this country damage us overseas. The fact that they took \”the American Way\” out of the Superman movie is a great example of this.

    I do agree that Bill would immediately hard-hit you with questions about Redacted.

    I think you could handle yourself just fine on the show.

    Best of luck with the Mavs and lets win some playoff games!!!

    Comment by Glen Wilson -

  16. Hmmmm,

    He doesn\’t like you. You don\’t like him, but
    expect him to promote your movie.


    Sounds simple and not terribly likely.


    Comment by pneil -

  17. It continues to amaze me that people as successful as yourself – and light on their feet – Dancing With Stars – have any reservations about showing up anywhere that would serve a noble cause. The excuse that Bill won\’t focus on the film is lame. If you think he is more of a hypocrite than you, show up and let the audience decide who is the better person.

    Comment by john harper -

  18. Frankly, I don\’t know why you even bother with him.
    Will anything you \”ever\” say or do make a difference with him or his viewership?
    One day karma will let you and many others have your opportunity with him.
    Just don\’t feed the troll in the meantime.

    Comment by whatever -

  19. crack him one to the jaw live on set, right on cue as you take your seat, reach quick across the desk and get it over with. When\’s he down, throw a publishing contract on his belly, ask him to come clean with his man-affair with Satan and his love-affair with the intern who sued him for harassment. Have you read those transcripts???!?! The smoking gun might still have them archived. The man\’s got a porn-star mouth.

    Comment by Alex Varel -

  20. Mark,

    For the sake of your own personal relevance and importance in the business culture… cease and desist any further commentary with, for or about Bill O\’Reilly.

    His show, views, thoughts and existence denigrate *all* that is good.

    Comment by Brian Bolan -

  21. Mark\’s right, going on the show is a grand waste of time and energy. He\’s made his points on-line. Bill O will just attack, and continue to give Mark\’s movies pub, so thanks Bill. Plus, Mark could go there one day, but as was pointed out Bill O has jumped the shark already.

    Comment by Nathan -

  22. Mark, \”Billow\” is just that…..a billowing windbag. He won\’t debate you face to face ANYWHERE but on his show because he knows he won\’t stand a chance when he can\’t control the mic, the camera, and the format. He has this personal \”vendetta\” because you are so newsworthy, and it gets him attention from the morons who watch him and buy into the garbage he spews. Don\’t even consider going on his show. Ignore him as one would a pesky fly, and stick to doing all of the amazing things you do for our troops and all of humanity.

    Comment by CHansen -

  23. This response is to all of you saying that Mark is a coward or childish for not going on the show:

    Bill O\’Reilly does not provide a forum for discussion on his show. He regularly cuts the mic and talks over his guests. I completely see Mark\’s point that he will debate Bill O\’Reilly in any reasonable forum.

    Comment by Barrett -

  24. What a clever way to bring some much needed attention to the \”Fighting for Life\” movie.

    Comment by Gabe Cruz -

  25. If I\’m not mistaken Bill O\’reilly promised to be Mark\’s worst nightmare…and he is indeed, living up to that promise.
    As ridiculous as this sounds, some members of the public (Fox News viewers) are actually associating Mark Cuban with individuals like Hugo Chavez.

    The O\’reilly maching is cranking, and the only way to stop it, is to confront him on his how

    Comment by Jeremy -

  26. if you are secure in your position than you should go on his show. to say ‘well, he won’t focus on the movie’ is just plain weak. be strong, promote your new film, and go on his show. prove that you are ‘neither right or left’.

    From MC>
    I’ve been on his radio show , its not a discussion in the least bit and they not surprisingly pulled soundbites that they then leveraged to help themselves. fool me once, shame on me. Happy to discussion this in an independent forum anywhere off his show and he knows it.

    Comment by keith -

  27. didn\’t clooney make a movie about this already (the title also serves as a warning to cuban should he agree go on o\’reilly\’s show) \”good night and good luck\”?

    seems like there\’s a similar plot:
    a propagandist with a soapbox who sets out to destroy the reputation of anyone who disagrees with him.

    give avery at least another season to right the ship.
    winning that playoff series against the defending champion spurs in 2006, with game 7 in the alamo, proves the coach\’s got skills.
    keep in mind, adding a star like kidd late in the season doesn\’t make a ring inevitable in the same season.
    remember chicago in 1995 when the bulls got jordan in march?
    they lost in the second round.
    what happened when they got reinforcements (rodman) the following season?
    season long chemistry + adding a key role player will help dallas go for it all in 09… with avery.

    Comment by db -

  28. Mark – it\’s JUST O\’Reilly. He\’ll fade away – in fact – he has already \”Jumped the Shark\”. I would ignore him completly

    Comment by Robert Woodley -

  29. I usually stay out of politics. Business comes first. Politics is for people who aren\’t very good at business. Professionalism, always. No end-zone dances, no long faces when you are on the wrong end of the w-l. Professionalism. It took me awhile to learn that, but I did. Thanks IBM.

    Comment by thatotherftdemark -

  30. @#16 ^
    -There is no way to \”drive\” a discussion with Bill. He will over talk
    a guest\’s response, using accusations, and in the past has subtly
    lowered the guest\’s microphone so he overpowers.


    – Even so, I support you going on his show, and YouTubing the segment
    for your blog with a follow up. Just be sure to speak with language
    that cannot be pigeonholed, that is to say be literal, correct, short
    answered and choose each word carefully.

    Or you could say what hip hop activist, KRS-ONE, said to Hannity when
    his past comments were said to be unpatriotic, ..No sir, \”thats YOUR

    and btw.. Making a film about the Iraq war, from either perspective,
    has nothing to do with Patriotism. But even so, to NOT make a movie
    about the war (when your capable of doing so) is apathetic and
    thereby more unpatriotic. This absurdity is why film making /
    producing and patriotism do not equate. At least those who make the movies like \”Redacted\” and \”Fighting For Life\” care enough about the country to portray certain realities as they perceive and witness them.

    You can be an anti-war Patriot, pro-war Patriot, or a pacifist Patriot. It does not matter! All three love their country and have an idea for her future ..the only way a film can be unpatriotic is if it is intended as for subversion. The rest falls under the category of propaganda.

    Comment by dc_ -

  31. Mark, go on the show. Answer his questions, remain cordial and drive to a discussion of the movie. Treat his show like any other PR opportunity.

    Comment by Ryan -

  32. Make it a very public feud and challenge him to speak with you in a non-Fox venue or simply don\’t acknowledge it anymore (here or otherwise). Doing the former will push him into a corner, the later will eventually give him nothing to go on.

    If you can\’t already tell, he feeds off the emails and blog posts because it\’s completely one-sided as far as his public persona goes. How many of his viewers bother with reading this blog after he\’s done ripping you a new one? Very few.

    I\’m not saying you\’re a pussy, but you\’ve gotta graduate from this cycle of \”he says.. you blog\” if you want to save some face and make your points known.

    Comment by Chris -

  33. Mark,

    I generally only have time to read the non-political / non-sports posts. Although I will read more if I can. What happened to \”no more sports posts\”?

    Comment by Zach W -

  34. Mark I\’m normally with you, but not this time. If you feel so strongly, then go on his show and defend your positions. As you have the right to say what you want to in this blog (and your movies), O\’Reilly has the same right with his show.

    You are a good guy Mark and usually aren\’t afraid to stir things up. Why are you hesitating to in this case?

    To me there is honor is stepping up to and answering critics. That allows the viewer/reader/listener to make their own decision.

    Comment by Jim Flynn -

  35. O\’Reilly is only interested in ratings, and is just making a target of you for the vile heap that constitutes what\’s left of his fans.

    I suggest you appear on his show and casually mention your blog. You\’ve done a great job in your many posts here of exposing his hypocrisy and inflammatory nature. This is your best shot at fighting back. If you refuse to appear on his show, he will call you a coward. If you do appear, and mention your blog, he will shut up about you once and for all.

    Comment by DE -

  36. I LOVE this statement from MC

    “I’m neither right wing or left wing, that I think for myself”

    Huh? Righties and lefties can’t think for themselves? Really!
    I’m going to assume that that was just a slip and not a load of arrogance.

    From MC> It wasnt a slip. I identify myself as libertarian as a way of saying I dont have a preconceived notion of what side of an issue I will take. I think anyone who thinks partisan first, or who takes a side simply to be part of a group doesn’t think for themselves. it doesnt matter whether they are right or left. Partisanship is one of the greatest scourges this country is facing right now

    Comment by Joaquin -

  37. I think that if you really want to promote the movie, you should go on his show. You shouldn\’t be scared of him and the best way to dispel misinformation is to put forward the truth.

    Comment by Karen Mracek -

  38. ^ To commenter Douglas Karr: You Are An idiot

    Imagine if Cuban had went on his show, you don\’t know Oreilly very well do you? I swear, I can see it playing out in my head right now:

    O\’reilly: \”Hello, we\’re joined now by Mark Cuban\”

    Cuban: Hello Bi…\”

    O\’reilly: \”Now Tell me about the anti-troops film you created called Redacted\”

    Cuban: \”First, it wasn\’t an anti-troops and second, we agreed with your producers to talk about \”Fighting For Life\” \”

    O\’reilly: \”Listen Mr. Cuban, I want to know why you hate the troops \”

    Cuban: \”Did you even watch Reda…. \”

    O\’reilly: \”THAT\’S NOT THE POINT MR. CUBAN, I want to know why do you support the terrorists????\”

    Cuban: \”I do support them, you didn\’t even watch my other documen…\”

    O\’reilly: \”If you supported the troops you\’d never have released your film patronizing the heroes fighting in Iraq\”

    Cuban: \”I dont hate them, never said I did\”

    O\’reilly: \”WHY CAN YOU NOT ADMIT IT? You are not a patriot Mr. Cuban, you\’re hating America and trying to save your ass\”

    Cuban: \”Just as I expected from FOX Ne…\”

    O\’reilly: \”CUT HIS MIC! CUT HIS MIC! I just want you to know Mr. Cuban that those SOLDIERS over there are fighting for your freedom! You should be locked up for hating America\”

    Comment by Alex -

  39. Why do you care so much if he supports this film? Is there some type of booby trap involved? Are you trying to proove that you two can agree on certain things? Are you trying to encourage him to point out reasons why he doesn’t agree with this film or why he doesn’t think this film would benefit our nation (according to his beliefs)?

    I would imagine that Bill is smart enough to realize that broadcasting graphic images of injured soldiers would work to fire up those who can’t stomach the hell of war and would like to bail on it. Clearly he believes in this war so why would he want to further stimulate those who disagree with him on that?

    Go make a movie about all of the Iraqi’s who are glad that we have made their lives better and provided them with serious potential they never would have had others wise. Then see if Bill will support you…

    From MC>
    We distributed a movie called Voices of Iraq. if you love the blog so much, you would have read the reviews and what i wrote about it. Its exactly that, the Iraqis voicing support. something i conveyed to OReilly.
    somehow I missed the segment he did supporting it

    PS. I think for myself to and CAN BE a fan of both you and Bill. I think way more like you on the issue of business/tech which is why I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! Take care!


    Comment by Zach W -

  40. Mark,

    Glad to see you are refusing to go onto his show, O\’Reilly is a waste of airtime, I prefer to read my news than to go to any of the news sources.

    Also, I live in Huntsville, AL, and I don\’t think I\’ll be getting to see \”Fighting For Life\” here. Is there anyway somebody who is truly interested in indie art films to catch these movies legally and not have to resort to downloading them from online. especially if I never get any documentaries in my neck of the woods.




    Comment by Hesham H. -

  41. Mark, this fued is never going to end until you come on is show, and debate him face to face. You got to suck it up, and just do it, because, as you know, Bill will continue his relentless bashing of you on National Television.

    Comment by Jack -

  42. So you got an offer to do his show and you declined? He’s offering you an opportunity to go face to face – to defend yourself against his charges of you, and you won’t do it?! You’re rather just rant back to him every time in your blog instead of having a good debate?


    From MC>
    Actually i told him i would go face to face with him anywhere but on his show.

    He wont.
    does that make him pitiful ?

    Comment by Douglas Karr -

  43. Mark, You have millions of fans and people who want to see you succeed. It is entrepreneurs like yourself that help America stay economically competitive.

    Why does it seem like one negative critic seems to overshadow your supporters? Keep doing what you do. Create more jobs, increase awareness of social issues through Dan Rather Reports, continue innovating and forget the rest.


    Comment by Gregory Rueda -

  44. Mark,
    Pay no time to Billow (Bill O.) This is a guy that cheated on his wife and hushed up his sex scandal and says the spin stops here. You are steps above this guy as a human. Also good to see you throwing away money at a movie that will not get much play. It\’s not about the money, It\’s about the effort and the idea. This is the best type of money to throw.

    Comment by David -

  45. Mark,

    O\’Reilly is a bully who is always attacking someone. You just happened to get on his radar due to Redacted (great film, by the way) and if he doesn\’t like you he tells everyone that you are doing things \”against the folks\” which is his simple mind puts you in the same league as communists, sex offenders, immigrants, CNN, etc.

    Comment by Mike -

  46. O\’reilly is a modern day Morton Downey, JR on a news network. He\’s the only show on FOXNEWS that I refuse to watch. He just wants to stir the pot…. conflict makes great television and he knows that.

    Agreeing with you wouldn\’t help ratings.

    Comment by Patrick Parish -

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