You Just Dont Get It

I just want to put it out there to save everyone and anyone who deals with me time. If at any point in time you utter the words “Just Don’t Get It” or “Just Doesn’t Get It” in any conversation with me, I will not do business with you.

If you try to justify your business, idea, proposal or whatever and in the course of conversation you utter these words, you have just proven to me that you are lazy. That rather than discussing the merits of another position, you think I’m stupid enough to dismiss that position because you want me to.

If you truly understand your topic its really easy to stand behind your position with facts and well thought concepts. If you have no idea what you are talking about, the other side “just doesn’t get it”

Call it a Mark Cuban rule of investing. If these words come up in any way shape or form, they just dont get “it”. “It” being an investment of my time or money

4 thoughts on “You Just Dont Get It

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  2. I completely agree with Mr.Cuban.

    I am a healthcare professional. I am required to look at all medical situations I encounter with critical eyes: to have an open mind for serious pathology, and a knowledge of evidence for effective therapies.

    If a pharm rep comes in and tells me that an independent study that contradicts their own drug\’s claims \”doesn\’t get it\”, then I politely show them the door.

    To chalk up criticism or dissent of an idea to the other party \”not getting it\” is an inelegant excuse for writing off the dissent, which may be quite valid, instead opting to either believe in groupthink mentality OR deceive the party you are communicating with. As such, I would not do business with such a person or group.

    That being said, I can assume that some general business and investing approaches work better than others, just as some therapies are more effective than others for certain conditions. I ask, Mr. Cuban, if there are any resources pertaining to evidence-based-business?

    Comment by Dr. Brooks -

  3. maybe policy experts are saying to george bush & co. \”you just don\’t get it\” … and george bush feels like mark..

    Comment by jenny -

  4. Just an observation, but I don\’t think the post is relating to anyone using the term in general conversation, but rather specifically in the context of pitching an idea or product, and dismissing the lack of understanding of your idea or product by a particular group of individuals or a particular individual to a potential investor / partner.

    With this in mind, the post is absolutely correct. If you cannot adequately explain your idea to an audience to a point where they truly understand your concept, then you have failed at being able to communicate your idea to part of your potential customer base. If you cannot communicate your idea effectively, it is quite difficult to sell.

    Who would want to do business with someone who can\’t put their business proposition and / or value into words?

    Comment by Adam Smith -

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