You Don’t Live in the World You Were Born Into….

No matter what year you were born, by the time you finish high school, its a completely different world. Today’s high school seniors were born prior to the World Wide Web, wireless internet, digital phones, and changes in world politics that were never imagined.

Compare the technology, political, social world we live in today, and you realize quickly. None of us are born in to the world we live in…..

22 thoughts on “You Don’t Live in the World You Were Born Into….

  1. Change is the only constant in the universe! 🙂

    Comment by sred -

  2. We may not live in the world that we were born into… however, I believe that we stop living the moment we stop learning. Learning is part of the evolutionary process. Those who do not continue to learn, quickly become obsolete.

    Comment by sred -

  3. Speed in business will win. Not smarts (although related), not size. Life is getting faster (we all know that).

    I still remember growing up and having UHF and VHF and having to get up to change the TV channel.

    Comment by Dave Austin -

  4. A fascinating topic which I have been thinking of repeatedly during the last years. The first time I came about this idea is in a book on the period between the Middle Ages and Industrialisation. If anybody is interested: The book is called The World We Have Lost by Peter Laslett which can be found at Amazon and other bookstores. Great reading for all those interested in this topic albeit dealing with an entirely different age.

    Comment by Dr. Josef Reindl -

  5. Damn, this post makes me feel old.

    Comment by Tax Nick -

  6. You\’re correct. The world is rapidly changing.

    This illustrates how important it is that kids learn to use the Internet to learn, collaborate, solve problems, and build a network with others who can help them as the move through school and into careers.

    It also illustrates a growing gap between rich and poor. Unless we create technology access, and mentoring, to reach kids in poor neighborhoods, those who have this access and mentoring from family and neighbors, will be far more prepared to succeed than those without this support.

    Comment by Dan Bassill -

  7. Technology (and therefore our lives) is changing at a faster rate than ever before! When I graduated from High School, most businesses didn\’t even have computers, let alone individuals. Social Networking meant having neighbors over for dinner. Blog was obviously an unknown,and most people would think it was something you blew out of your nose!
    Change is the ONLY constant!

    Comment by Pam Pugmire -

  8. I love it, embracing technology to progress! allow the old die so that the new can be born i.e. tape players-cd. … vhs-dvd.

    Comment by Ezra Dixon -

  9. Greg, the LG Chocolate is old news. *chuckles*. Don\’t worry I finally got a Blackberry and the High School Kids I know tell me Blackberry\’s are old news, 3G is where it\’s at. Craziness.

    Comment by Children\\\\\\\'s Surgery -

  10. Indeed crazy, I mean I can remember being a kid thinking Windows 95 was the greatest thing ever, browsing the net on my high speed 28k…Things have evolved tremendously, kind of scary to think of what\’s in store.

    Comment by Dyno -

  11. Jim #50 Comment:

    You had a good linguistic comment that was undone by calling us all boneheads. Someone called me an idiot previiosly so none of us in here care if you think we are stupid. Why don\’t you ad good comments and let the chips fall naturally. Sure there are some stupid posts, but by and large this is one of the most unique bloggs on the net.

    First comment on linguistics was one of the best and most obvious that no one caught. Keep at it.


    Comment by Chris Caffee -

  12. Denemedir.

    Comment by web tasarm -

  13. The world I was born into had mainframes that occupied entire floors of buildings… the world my son graduates into is a world of infinitely more powerful systems in the palm of his hand. That just stuns me.

    no comment

    Comment by Nuri YAMAN -

  14. This life is given gift by god.Whose born in to the world they will have their aim.I like my home town.When my child hood i spend happy with parent care.
    Trivia Game Challenge

    Comment by swansi -

  15. Your so right , when I was a child, Eisenhower was being elected as president,
    Everyone lived in a world that seemed similar to \”father knows best\” , or \”leave it to Beaver\”.
    The FED hadn\’t started issuing their \”Monopoly Money\” yet, and the nation was still prosperous.
    The hit\’s on the radio included \”How much is that doggie in the window.
    The Korean War was going on,(and on) .
    45rpm records were the hottest thing for hearing music at home.
    The Black and white television was just getting popular.
    Women stayed home and raised the children.
    Men went out and earned a decent living for their families , (all by themselves).
    Prayer was still accepted anywhere.
    Abortion wasn\’t accepted anywhere.
    There was NO Welfare,
    Grandparents lived in the home and were part of the immediate family.
    It was harder to start a business, protecting your reputation was EVERYTHING to any businessman.
    Gambling was done in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Yes, it\’s a different world than I was born into.

    Comment by Beverly Hills -

  16. It is very true that the young generations are much more into the new web and high tech gadgets. But I still believe that experience is still the best weapon in this world. You know better what to do when crisis comes. newbies rely on what they have and seen…but experience ones decides better.That is of course my point of view.Cheers

    Comment by Vhic Hufana -

  17. I wouldn\’t call it \”different\”, I would look at it more as an evolution.

    Comment by Rick -

  18. What\’s your point? It\’s been that way for over a hundred years.

    Comment by Mike -

  19. great post, I like the way you think. Everyone still rocks out to the Steve Miller Band though no matter if you\’re a high school senior or senior citizen.

    Comment by Hap -

  20. TRAINS!!!! TRAINS!!!!! TRAINS!!!!!!!

    Every other country in the world has great train systems!

    If I was Warren Buffet and wanting to get really philanthropic in my old age, I would hook the US up with a good ass train system!

    Donesky and Hutch!

    Comment by Scott -

  21. Today\’s world is not the same one we grew up in, but people are by and large still the same underlying people. Business models have changed, strategies have changed, but we cannot look forward without appreciating where we were.

    Change has always been happening. Success in a changing world is not just about predicting the future, it\’s about utilizing the past to drive insight into the why before you get to the where.

    Comment by jon b -

  22. Say Hey Mark,
    According to theory, If I take a 15,20,30,40,..80 Year old and I give them a stopwatch, asking them NOT to look at the watch and count out 60 seconds( 1001,1002 Like That ), when they get to 1060 and STOP the watch,
    15 Yr Olds would have counted 60 seconds in like 45 Seconds
    20 50 seconds
    40 61 Seconds
    80 75 Seconds
    NO Kidding, you would get the same results
    Only works 1 time, otherwise the person KNOWS the test..
    ACTUALLY, my ONLY failure was some kid, did IT TWICE 100 Seconds.
    Runnin\’ Down a Dream

    Comment by SatRadKid -

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