The Only Mavericks That Matter

Is our Dallas Mavericks.  The Preseason starts tonight. Not only can I not wait to get things rolling, but I can not wait for the election to be over.  Watching Tina Fey on SNL is hysterical, but its time to return the Maverick name where it truly belongs.  On our jerseys.

Any one know of any decent players named McCain and Obama that I can sign for the preseason  ?

Should I just put McCain on the back of a Mavericks jersey and have someone selling them at Republican rallies and on their website ?? Now thats an idea !

Think Tina Fey of SNL might have some fun with that ?

Go Mavs !

41 thoughts on “The Only Mavericks That Matter

  1. END THE FED! Nov 22 rally at all federal reserve(not capitalized on purpose)
    banks and offices. Ron Paul approved:) CHECK IT OUT!

    Comment by Ignacio -

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  3. Are you paying Sarah Palin for all this advertising she is giving you?

    Comment by ryan -

  4. Mr. Cuban –

    As somebody who has been on Wall Street for over 13 years and also is a huge basketball fan, I have long been an admirer of yours. Very few people have your courage, enthusiasm, or intelligence, and I see numerous pretenders every day, some with advanced degrees and great pedigrees. Nevertheless, with the controversy surrounding Josh Howard, I am surprised to see you acquire Shawne Williams. This is similar to a mistake made by the infamous “Jail” Blazers a few years ago and the New York Knicks of recent times. I recognize that you are building a team, not a boy scout troop, but there has to be a standard, and you should be very careful when you acquire these players and let them know that they are on “double-secret probation”. I hope to see you at the Southwestern Showcase in Dallas on November 18 and 19 so that we can trade stock ideas. In the interim, please make character an issue on your Mavs.


    Evan Greenberg

    Comment by evan greenberg -

  5. Mark have you seen the list of the “Top 100 Sports Blogs” according to Two of your Mavs related site are on the list:

    Ranked #3 – blogmaverick = $2,426,316

    Ranked #64 – mavsmoneyball = $116,812

    Go Mavs!

    Comment by TomH -

  6. How is Crum treating yall? Hope the ‘crumminess’ of our smu football team and even basketball team don’t wear off on your team, Mark. Any chance I could come watch a training session?

    Comment by C -

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  8. GO MAVERICKS!! Finally a little stress reliever. I’d rather stress over why Dirk isn’t itting the 3, or why Josh won’t go the hoop than over money any day. See you at the game !

    Comment by Chris Smith -

  9. EVERY time I hear McCain or Palin use the word “maverick,” I think
    about the MAVS. (Talk about excellent branding…)

    In any event, I believe Mr. Cuban should film a YouTube skit with him
    standing behind a podium giving some speech, prefaced by an individual,
    crowd, etc. calling for a “Maverick.”

    Time for Mark to step-up and reclaim the label…

    Comment by TeknoMage -

  10. The guys looked great last night! I’m looking forward to an exciting season. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Courtney -

  11. I agree with you and everyone else – let the election be over. Like everyone else, sports is where I turn to not think about the financial bomb that is unfolding and the political race. However, the shirt idea is pretty funny, and I like John’s rendition of the possible SNL skit – funny stuff.
    I’ve got my Mavs jersey out (and on during games) – is there any local broadcasting of the preseason games? I looked all over (FIOS) last night and was disappointed not to find it. Had to listen on the radio instead.

    Comment by Matt H -

  12. I cannot wait! Go MAVS!!!!

    Comment by billwhitelogin -

  13. Why cheapen basketball? Let’s really have fun and hold a wrestling match at halftime of one of the preseason games.

    The feature match will pit the 2 candidates in a padded ring hitting each other on the head with folding chairs.

    Market the event the “Town Hall Maul” or the “Rhetoric Wreck”.

    Comment by EG -

  14. Yes, I think the idea is cute. I think I’d rather see Sarah Palin in a Mavs jersey and a pair of 3″ heels, but what the hell — she likes hockey! Until then, I’m eagerly awaiting a joint Cowboys-Mavs championship year! And David’s comment above is brilliant!!

    Comment by simply scott -

  15. Wish you can prove me wrong but you havent dont much for a mavs fan to be overly optimistic this season. Dont think coaching change would mean a championship but hey I would be glad to be proved wrong. Prove me wrong.

    Comment by Chandra -

  16. You should put “McCain” on the back and then use his age for a number.

    Can you make jerseys with three numbers? Does that cost more? Andray Blatche going off = Stock market upswing tomorrow!

    Comment by Jeff Sandels -

  17. good luck man–but funny thing is, both Plain and Obama
    would be willing to play some basketball for the Mavericks; just
    ask, they’re ballers! that’d be cool ig you invited one/both of
    them to play…

    palin’s a woman, but if obama loses the eleciton, maybe you should
    sign him on, lol

    and if he wins, well, there’ll be a court in the White House–maybe
    he’ll even let the Mavericks practice there!

    Comment by Daniel Baron -

  18. Kudos on moving Paul Westpahl into front office. Honorable, knowledgeable fella that will do a great job.

    Comment by Mike Williams -

  19. I’m ready to see Josh prove his value to all of the fans who care so much about his personal life!

    Comment by Mark Barrera -

  20. Mark, Can you please do something legally to get McCain/Palin
    to stop using the word “Maverick”? Maybe get a copyright of the
    word “Maverick”, then they would have to pay you to use the
    word. And with the many times they use it, you could bailout the
    stock market with the money they pay you. GO MAVERICKS

    Comment by Theresa -

  21. Using some of the Tina Fey skits where she’s saying the Maverick parts would be funny on the video board during game breaks.
    Just a thought.

    Comment by Scott -

  22. Mark, congrats on the way you’ve really turned that franchise around. I remember when you first got there and did things to generate crowd interest (like bringing Dennis Rodman in). You have truly done a magnificent job with the Mavericks. I’m still going to root for my Lakers (I bleed purple & gold), but I commend you on what you’ve done for that franchise. Have you ever seen the West this loaded? I don’t think I have. It’s crazy!!!

    Comment by Todd Hoskins -

  23. YIPEE!! i cant wait for tonight. i already had a dream about dirk & you over the weekend — ya’ll wanted me to go and buy all your Christmas presents. ha!!!! i guess its just a sign that i’m itching for the season to start and i need a dose of some mavs soon before i go into more withdrawl.

    Comment by cali -

  24. that would be too cool. make a mccain away jersey and a ladies pink palin one.

    Comment by Brent -

  25. Yes, let’s leave the pleasure in sports and leave them out of it! Looking
    forward to a great season!!!

    Comment by Lori -

  26. I liked your hiring of Carlisle and your recent hiring of Westphal…hmm, since I am a Celtics fan from Boston, and I am a Mavs fan, I am looking forward (Like I was last year) of a Mavs-Celtics Finals….. How sweet to have Carlisle and Westphal against the Celts in June…. Am I getting ahead of myself… I think not !

    Comment by Michael McAnulty -

  27. You can use my name!

    Comment by Stymie Tapioca -

  28. Damn it would be nice a Presidential Shootout instead of a debate.

    Comment by Pulpo -

  29. Brandon almost got it right. The way you do it is:

    Mavericks jersey with McCain/Palin as the name on back…
    08′ as the number on the jersey ; )

    Comment by Sunshine Megatron -

  30. You could put out your own press release or get Tina Fey to do it Thurs
    during the “Weekend Update” portion of the SNL special… maybe something like this…
    “Mark Cuban officially announced the signing of John McCain to the Dallas
    Mavericks. The deal became official today, after weeks of speculation & McCain’s
    not so subtle hints about his desire to join the team. (Insert debate mentions of the word Mavericks)
    Talks reportedly stalled when McCain insisted on a 4 year deal with a player option for 4 additional
    years. McCain eventually agreed to the league minimum 10 Day contract
    because quote ‘at this point, I’ll take anything I can get.'”

    Comment by John -

  31. McCain on the back of a jersey is gold, jerry, gold

    Comment by David -

  32. Good to hear you talking Mavs BB again! Looking forward to a great season.

    Comment by Johnson Gilmore -

  33. Mark, I was way excited about the Mavs basketball until my daughter and her friend went Saturday morning at 4:30 am to stand in line for tickets, were treated very badly by security and when they got to the window (they were about 60 people back) all tickets (except nosebleed) had been sold. I guess we will watch on TV

    Comment by Gus -

  34. You better sell those jerseys quickly. The number of people willing to wear a McCain jersey is falling fast.

    Comment by JackD -

  35. Whether rich or poor, a person’s greatest asset is creativity. Ideas are priceless and best of all they are free…

    Comment by Jim Parham -

  36. Boy am I ready for not only the season to begin, but also the election to end. Makes me wish that our elections only lasted a couple months…

    Let’s call 2009 the year of the Mavericks!

    Comment by tblain -

  37. Get Tom Cruise, James Garner or Mel Gibson to wear the jersey and you’ve got a winner.

    Comment by Matt Nelsen -

  38. McWitski, McHoward, McKidd, McDIOP, McBass. I’m getting hungry.

    Comment by David - Plano -

  39. GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by John Mark Parsons -

  40. Yes, Do that! I would buy one. Create a maverick jersey with
    McCain on the back and let’s see what number?
    what presidency is this 44! So, the number 44 and McCain!
    Sweet. Sign me up
    Brandon Tyler
    Dallas, TX

    Comment by Brandon Tyler -

  41. Good luck with the season, but leave the politics out of sports please. It’s the one place we can turn without hearing how funny Tina Fey is playing Palin. I for one am tired of it all. BOB BARR!!

    Comment by okie doke -

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