Proud To Be an American

I voted for President Elect Obama.

The rest of my votes went almost exclusively to Republicans , Libertarians and Independents.

In looking at the Democratic platform, there are a few things I agree with, but on the economic side, other than being ok with him raising my effective tax rate to 40pct, there isn’t a lot of his economic policy that I do agree with him on. So why did I vote for him ?

Its simple. Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could. In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.

That dream, staying viable, being reinvigorated, will do more for this country than any economic policy or any legislation that could ever be passed.

I have said it before, the power of the American Spirit is what separates our country from every other. We have been able to overcome the stupidity that politicians do every year, and will do for ever more.  The election of Barack Obama is a shot of adrenaline for those who felt they could never participate in the American Dream.

How do you stimulate and turn around the economy in this day and age ? Motivate those who in the past couldn’t , wouldn’t or didn’t, into those who can and do. Motivate those who can and do, to continue to innovate and increase productivity.

As any successful CEO will tell you, leadership, vision and motivation has far more impact on results than any tax cut or increase.  While I prefer lower taxes, I can tell you that no entrepreneur or CEO worth a damn in this country gives up or works less because of a change in tax policy. In this country you work harder to achieve your dreams and goals.

I can honestly say that I never thought that I would see a black President in my lifetime.   I’m incredibly proud and excited to be part of this moment in our history. I believe that the election of President Obama will energize many, many more of our fellow citizens to work harder to achieve our goals.

I’m Bullish on America.

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  1. It’s (not) suprising that people have such strong emotions on this issue but cannot spell to save their lives. Listen, if you do not know the difference between too and to, you shouldn’t be posting on a message board you should be back in fourth grade.

    Comment by Ron -

  2. You’re an idiot. How ‘ya feeling about that change, now? Seems to me that he’s actually the worst President in history. He’s lied more than my recruiter, and that’s hard to imagine!

    Comment by Stasyi -

  3. What constitutes being American? I was born in the house that my father’s father built and lost during the depression. Still, I can trace family history on my father’s side back more than 150 years and my mother is part Native American. I am a Vietnam-era Veteran having severed in Southeast Asia, my father is a WWII veteran having severed in Burma and my grandfather served in WWI and yet, I am treated with less dignity and respect than those of whom wars were fought against.

    America grants over 165,000 foreign nationals work visas requested by Corporate America, twelve million illegal immigrants’ benefits and protective services that many Americans whose family history precedes these foreign nationals are denied with nearly 750,000 Americans are unemployed, denied civil service positions or even the opportunity to take civil service examinations in a fair and responsible manner.

    While foreign nationals are granted easy access to these positions, run political offices and organizations, maintain political positions, and engage in nepotism, denying Americans the same rights and privileges convenient to foreign nationals and their brethren inclusive of those born in commonwealths and other such territories. Among such states engaged in such activities is the State of New York but more so within New York City where even the mayor has little regard for the laws of the land least of all the voice and vote of the people or even Bronx County for that matter. Therefore, truly what does constitute being American?

    Surely, based on the aforementioned it is not a birth right nor is it seemingly a constitutional right or privilege and so what truly does constitute being an American. This question has prompted civil suits related to the president-elect however this is an issue that goes well beyond his election but to the very core of what once was a great and powerful nation – The United States of America where today each state operates independently of such unity while demanding tribute from this defunct organizational structure where God and Country meant something. Whereas today it is gods and I that means more than the blessed unity that once made this nation great. Yesterday, sixty-seven years ago America was officially brought into WWII after the attack on Pearl Harbor, since then there has been Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf but no group of veterans were treated so badly as those returning home from Vietnam.

    Today, Americans throughout this country are experiencing a small portion of that which these veterans experienced. The political and judicial systems reject any and all notions of God and godly principles and precepts and both the Democrats and Republicans though blaming each other have reduced this nation to the most despised among nations. A nation that clearly prompts dual allege based on ethnic identifying characteristics – African-American, Korean-American, Jewish-American, Italian-American, Japanese-American and this list goes on and no longer is there any pride, self-respect or dignity related to being an American citizen. I would be interested in your response apart from the obvious animosity generated from asking a most profound question, which has no bearing on sociological or philosophical ideologies born of Eurocentric or Afrocentric dogma. Therefore, who can answer the question – What constitutes an American?

    Comment by jlh1rrisr -

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  6. Mark,

    While I appreciate your sentiments that Obama will and has inspired the masses what worries me is what he will inspire the masses to do. I mean, there were many people in history who have been inspiring and we know how those stories ended. (Hitler and Stalin were two of the best orators this world has ever seen).

    Also, Obama rose purely on the appeal of his personality and the promises he made to his followers. This means that the followers have not thought for themselves but rather put all their faith in one man. This is not the way people lift themselves up…by relinquishing their ability to think to someone else.

    Anyway, those are just some thoughts.

    I enjoy your blog.

    Joanna Long

    Comment by Joanna Long -

  7. This is the first time I’ve looked at your blog. Very interesting stuff! I really liked your comments on this subject and wanted to let you know I’m so happy to know that there’s someone else who doesn’t mind paying more money if they make more money. I’ve been grossing over 250K for a few years (not this year tho!!) And while this whole flap was going on before the election I thought what’s wrong with people who make more paying a higher percentage? That’s how it’s always been. And while there’s some serious questions about the current jam we’re in, the point is that someone has to pay to get us out. That would mean taxpayers, who else. Someone has to pay. I would think it’s my patriotic duty to pay.

    Kevin Profitt

    Comment by Kevin Profitt -

  8. as a 38 year old entrepreneur and i’m bullish on myself as well as

    i have an idea that, in theory, will get more fans of every sport to
    the sporting venues-globally.

    yes, the concept is a mix of branding, marketing and a vehicle that
    will encourage the fan to physically get closer to their idolized

    so far, i have a concept digitized into a CAD drawing and am looking
    for investors to fund a prototype production and seed money.

    this is not the most eloquent of posts but i just wanted
    to touch base and see if you’re initially curious. my goal is
    to rock football(soccer) on a global level.

    i’m a chicagoan.


    Comment by mike -

  9. Mark, I really respect all you have done and especially your work ethic (and oh how you worked
    on DWTS). But I think the reasons you gave for voting for Obama, and what the election of
    a black president will do for the US is total bull. You gave the most foolish reason for casting a vote
    that I have ever read. You are way to smart to think like this. I can only assume
    that like so many others, you were led astray by a lot of promises that will never be
    fulfilled and most will be broken.

    Already broken promises abound…..1)he appointed a man who was on the board of Fannie
    Mae as his chief of staff, 2)he has appointed lobbyists to his transition team (this from the man
    who said lobbyists would not be part of his administration), and 3)so many of his
    appointees are Clintonistas. So much for CHANGE.

    Promise the fools anything! And shame on anyone who believes the promises. You bought
    a prettily wrapped package without a clue as to what was inside.

    Comment by Joanie -

  10. I would agree with Mark on this one. The inspirational motivation generated from Obama’s presidency will be more beneficial for us as a nation than any finical bailout plan.

    Comment by Texas Insurance Man -

  11. As a NBA owner I know you employ a higher percentage of black Americans, but I wonder how many black accountants and corporate executives you hire. Did you hire a black attorney to represent you in your case with the SEC? You have a substantial net worth. You could put your money where your mouth is and only invest in companies with a black CEO. That would be a more meaningful statement than a blog post.

    Comment by John -

  12. I hope your rational for voting for the president of the most country in the world isn’t how you
    draft for the Dallas Mavs. Mark Cuban rational: Wow that college player gives great inspirational post game interviews. It doesn’t matter that he has never actually played in a game his post game interviews are so inspirational that we just have to draft him. There isn’t
    successful thing Barak has done which makes him qualified to be the president of the most powerful country in the world.

    Comment by keith -

  13. Obama is not black he is a mulatto. If he is not white then he
    cannot be black either.

    Obama is 50/50 thus he is not black. If he was 51/49 then he would be
    more of one than the other. Most voted because of the hype.
    His economic plan is a joke.

    Hence your statement “In looking at the Democratic platform,
    there are a few things I agree with, but on the economic side,
    other than being ok with him raising my effective tax rate
    to 40pct, there isn’t a lot of his economic policy that I
    do agree with him on. So why did I vote for him ?

    Its simple. Having an elected black President will do
    more to energize this country than any economic or
    social policy ever could.”

    Skin colour cannot drive an economy. White, black or mixed.

    Comment by The Citizen's Paper -

  14. DUMB!

    Comment by Jim -

  15. Raising taxes on businesses is not the way to grow the economy. I am not bullish on America.

    Comment by PurdueMatt -

  16. I am disappointed. You voted on the president only based on color! Who cares what his policies are his color will spark America? I call that very narrow minded. His plan for the economy are wrong, war wrong, health care wrong, homeland security wrong, energy independence wrongabortion wrong I could go on and on but because you along with so many people listened to elegant speech from a black guy and not paying attention to the content. We will now share the wealth of those that work hard with those that don’t feel like putting out an effort and become a failed socialist country.

    I didn’t take my kids trick-or-treating because we were too lazy and we just waited for a kid to come by that had a lot of candy and took half because he had way more than he needed and we didn’t want to get out in the cold and get our own.

    The last thing we need is government to intervene and control our lives more. I would think you would see this with the SEC situation you are in (by the way I hope you win)they just continue to fail us but that is what you have chosen because of race.

    Comment by keith -

  17. Instead of voting for Obama, you should have just written a check to all of the poor lazy people out there that do not want to work. That way I would not have to subsidize the lazy poor with my tax dollars to reward their non-hardworking lifestyle that I am vehemently opposed to. If you want to be lazy and poor, I’m fine with it, but don’t expect me to pay for it.

    Have you calculated how much Obama’s tax plan will cost you? It will have to be millions of dollars over the next 4 years. That’s millions of dollars that will be wasted and spent friviously and millions that will subsidize the lazy poor. Not to mention funding the incompenent SEC, as you are well aware of today.

    Everyone needs to wake up and realize that the government does not need any more money. In fact, we need less govt and less government agencies and then we can put the tax dollars to better use like infastructure, military, and reward the working people, not the lazy poor.

    Comment by bill -

  18. Its time for you to be more patriotic Mr. Cuban. Its time for you to pay!
    Nice to see you voted based on race just like most of the people who play
    for your team AKA the color of skin.

    Anyways, be more patriotic as YOUR VP says and pay. All your taxes are
    belong to my independence card! Im physically fit enough to make your team
    and get a job, but why should I when Obama will give me more of your money.

    Thanks again for voting to be more patriotic! Please pay me my welfare NOW!

    Comment by Boomer -

  19. also, John McCain should have won back in 2k. Its a shame he selected Sarah Palin. She was a horrible choice.

    Comment by belalron -

  20. I read this kinda hastily…. I hope you didnt vote for him just because he was black. I voted for him because the Republicans were driving America off of a cliff. We need someone to steer us back to the middle of the road. We need to stop calling him our first Black President and just call him Mr. President.

    Comment by belalron -

  21. While I respect your honesty (and I think the deciding majority voted for the same reason) I am afraid that we have mortgaged our future for the sake of having a black president. In the long run it may be good for the Republicans to get a kick in the pants and regroup and become more fiscally conservative like they used to be, but I’m afraid the next 4-8 years might be a very high price to pay for momentarily energizing the country.

    Plus, don’t you think that this energy and “healed” race relations are going to wear off once the gloss comes off, the economy worsens, and people start criticizing the president? I hope I’m wrong, but I feel like as a country we went to go buy a used car with cash we had saved up and once we got to the dealership we got impulsive and signed a big loan for the brand new sports car that is way out of our budget.

    Comment by Chris -

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  23. Mark – I have long read your Blog and cherished your opinion, but I just hate to see someone so smart, so business savvy, fall for the Show President Elect Obama put on. He has tricked you, like much of America into thinking he is a middle of the road politician. You, more then anyone else, I would have expected to look at the actions, and not the words:

    Obama promised, even signed documents, stating he would take public financing, then when he discovered private financing would be more beneficial, did not just change his mind, he broke a promise, essentially he LIED! This is indisputable.

    All actions of President Elect Obama show he is a far leftist liberal that believes in big Government and the power of government, not the freedom of the people to create wealth and business. If you listen to his words, you believe his is a moderate politician, if you look at his actions, you realize he is an extreme candidate, one of the most extreme ever to run for the office.

    You have been extremely successful in your career through sweat, tough work and the ingenuity of entreprenualism, yet Obama’s actions are directly contrary to each of these core American traditions. Your support of Obama is mind-boggling; his campaign can now include you as one of the individuals that was duped into voting for appearance of the man rather then the content of his character. I understand the 30 – 40% of Americans that will vote for the Democratic candidate, regardless of policy, but knowing that individuals like you that understand economics and what it takes to be successful in business voted for Obama is truly troubling to me.

    In the end, we will all look back to see what kind of President Obama was, but his being elected is as big a statement about our country, our media and our traditions as Americans. The personal liberties and freedoms that this country was founded on will take a back seat to bigger Government and government making decisions for us that limit our freedom and liberty under an Obama Presidency.

    I have long looked forward to your Blog postings, but I must admit, your credibility has taken a serious hit, and I will be much less likely to take anything away from your logic.

    Comment by Skippy -

  24. I see your point for voting for Obama, however as intelligent as you seem are you not worried abot the power democrats may have for the next few years, and the drastic changes they can make to our capitalist system?

    Comment by Dave -

  25. Mark – for such a bright guy, this has to be one of the dumbest posts
    you have ever made. Why does a man’s color make you so proud?
    Why is it that Obama – a man who has fueled class warfare – make you
    support him? I will give you a reason: because the really
    wealthy people like you have enough money that life becomes
    then a game of boasting, showing off, and controlling others.
    Look at all the high profile people who support OBama: Oprah and
    all the Hollywood elitists, Bill Mahr, Michael Moore, Keith Olberman,
    all the New Media anchors, etc. Are these the ‘real people’ the rest
    of us hard working people interact with everyday? NO! And you can
    add the rest of the liberal elitists in Congress to the list: BIden,
    Kerry, Kennedy, Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, etc. All these people
    have in common is that they are all ‘very rich’, and therefore
    pretend to care about the common folk. Yet those people who have
    gone to school to improve their lot, and now pull down anywhere
    from 150K to 400K, will be targeted by Obama to tax more for
    those who make less and pay less in taxes.
    Mark, you have officially joined the ‘out of touch’ Hollywood and
    liberal congress person elite’. Congratulations. I am glad to
    be on the other side.

    Jeff Sobieraj

    Comment by jeff -

  26. I can honestly say i agree with you. A black president is a huge boost to this country. I think that it is great, and i know he will do lots of good things for all of america.

    Comment by Tyler Leach -

  27. I voted for Mccain, but I am just glad to have a new president coming
    into office. I think anyone will be better than Bush. I don’t agree
    with some of Obama’s views, and I think his idea to tax the big
    businesses is a terrible idea, but the ecconomy should be better when
    Bush is out of office.

    Comment by Scott -

  28. Why do you think Obama was really elected? Was it because of his leadership ability, his charisma, his vision for change? Do you believe the Electoral College or the Popular Vote decided the outcome of the Presidential Election?

    Ask The Man Behind the Curtain…

    Obama’s election was preordained. The outcome was decided long before a single vote was cast. Obama is a scapegoat; he is a fall guy who will be blamed for the decline of the Great American Empire. Our nation’s first black President will be remembered historically as the man who led the world into the Next Great Depression. As Napolean once stated, “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” Obama was set up for historical failure.

    Just pull back the curtain and ask the Wizard…

    Comment by Jim Parham -

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  30. Mark, thank you for saying what has needed to be said. As far as fear of
    higher taxes and “socialism”, I say why put the cart before the horse?
    None of that has happened yet, but what HAS happened is already having
    a very profound effect on America, as well as the rest of the world.
    Let’s not hinder that hope by grasping to fears. Republicans have used
    all sorts of unruly tactics and delivered false campaign promises
    over the years in order to get elected, so why expect anything different
    from any candidate.

    The Republicans have ridden the “War on Drugs” platform since Nixon (yes, Clinton included, but he had no choice but to peddle the “evil drugs” dogma as well), but could not do it this time,
    because Barack was honest about his drug use, and will probably move to
    undo the harm that the “War on Drugs” has done, and reduce the government’s
    wasting of money in that area. I won’t even begin on the technological
    advances we are going to see from his administration. So in all likelihood,
    the Obama years are going to be exactly what this country (and world)
    has needed.

    Here is a great article from back in July which predicted exactly what
    you have described. I encourage everyone to read it:

    Comment by Brad -

  31. I feel much the same about the positives of this– and certainly, the international goodwill and image boost is something that can’t be taken lightly in today’s world. My concerns also center on economic policies. If he does try to make all earnings of a Sub S corporation subject to Social Security tax, and not just the salaries, it could be a major blow to a large number of small businesses. At this time, it would seem like the correct course would be rather to help small businesses. Also, if all income was subject to Social Security tax, and not just the first 100K (as I have heard he wants), many earning under 250K, especially the self-employed, could be looking at a big tax hike.

    But I still hope for the best, and am focusing on the prospect of (though it has become a cliche by now) hope and positive changes.

    Comment by Rebecca -

  32. It amazes me that many people have bought into the Reagan sterotypes of welfare queens when the Republicans have been looting this country for years. Everytime a republican runs up a huge mess, a Democrat has to come in and bail the country out. The Republicans need to get that hate out of their hearts and truly put the country first! Obama’s team of advisors are comparable to a team of advisors that McCain would have assembled. They are smart guys who will help navigate us out of this economic mess. I wholeheartedly agree with Mark Cuban that people are energized by leadership not policy. Obama will exhibit that positive leadership.

    God Bless America!

    Comment by Greg -

  33. Nice post, Mark. I’m extremely proud to be an American, too. I voted for him in FL
    and was proud to be a part of this historic event. It’ll go a long way, I think,
    to repairing our image in the world and to help domestic race relations.
    This was a truly amazing thing.

    It’s also nice to see someone like yourself put aside greed to pay slightly higher
    taxes for the good of the country. You’ve earned a lot more of my respect with that.

    Comment by Newamba Flamingo -

  34. I’m bullish on America as well, but extremely bearish about Beltway Leadership. Everyone knows the system is broken. Everyone knows that safe districts, gerrymandering, thinly veiled issue advertising, and individual candidates raking in over $650 million dollars is wrong. Everyone knows that this election saw the death of the publicy financed presidential campaign system. But how can it be fixed? Well the biggest problem in fixing it is that those who control the safe districts and interest groups and campaign finance collectors have the power but DON’T WANT IT FIXED! If it it ain’t broken for them, why fix it? We however, are not them. It is broken and needs to be fixed, and if they refuse to provide the leadership, we will.

    Take for instantce farm subsidies. Regardless of whether or not the idea of farm subsidies has merit or not, what are the chances of a congressman being elected from Nebraska who doesn’t endorse them? What about a congressman form Michigan who doesn’t support a bailout for the auto industry being reelected? Safe districts, gerrymandering and a campaign finance system purposefully stacked against third parties and party insurgents would in a freemarket context be considered collusion.

    A monopoly on the electoral process means that republicrats and democans don’t really have to lead and inovate, just read their constituent tea leaves and redistribute accordingly. In the majority of cases politicians lose because they either can’t deliver on promises or because the challenger delivers a more appetizing pork barrel menu or because the loser was outfunded and couldn’t get the message out to an otherwise open minded electorate. Freemarket politics will lead to a freemarket economy and a government that is forced to lead, innovate and provide long term solutions. The answer is first demanding significant campaign finance reform.

    I’m putting together a platform for campaign finance reform and would love to get feedback and reader ideas:

    Comment by Christopher Wiseman -

  35. Kudos to your vote for Obama but what’s wrong with you still supporting Repugs?
    Can’t you see that GOP has become the party of stupids, bigots,
    xenophobes, rednecks, etc? I have no respect for anyone still supporting GOP.

    Comment by Michael -

  36. Honestly, I looked at the election as wins and losses either way. Obama winning does give a glimmer of hope about people wanting change. I just wonder how many people voted for him for change, and how many people voted for him because of his color or because he wasn’t being portrayed as a Bush clone. I am glad people voted, but I am more concerned with how many of those people will bother to vote next election.

    Comment by Sacramento Website Design -

  37. Government hand outs motivate no one. That is the flaw in the Obama argument that you supported by voting for him.

    Comment by andwrig -

  38. You seem to have a grasp of charity, responsibilty and compassion you also seem to have a handle on political frivoloty and waste, so would it not make more sense if only 15% of your income went to the government to protect from our enemies both foreign and domestic giving you the ability to donate 25% of your income to the organizations that you feel need help.

    Comment by l conkin -

  39. I dont know about you all, but I am sick and tired of everyone throwing around the ‘racist’ crap!
    I am a single mother of three beautiful bi-racial daughters, and while they are
    not of african american decent, they are none the less bi-racial. I have encountered many ‘Obama’ voters who have come to the conclusion that I must be uneducated and racist because I have negative things to say about him. I am extremely offended by that!

    I have educated myself very well.
    As best I could, seeing how we dont even really know where he is from. Again, I am a single mother, who for years have struggled to take care of my children. I have had two jobs since I was 23, at which time I already had two children. I am a hairdresser and now an Insurance Broker,…Both of which I am self-employed. I have worked my butt off for years and still struggle every day, but I am proud to say that I am not on welfare, and don’t need to take handouts. I dont make $250k a year, but dont believe that a ‘modern day Robin Hood’ is anything to be hopeful in. I am a prime example in ‘if i can do it, you can do it.’

    Having been on my own since I was sixteen I have always known that I would have to do it on my own, and believe me, I would take working my finger to the bone and never asking (or burdening) anyone for help when I am quite capable of doing it myself. I hate the thought that people actually support this socialistic Idea! Those who have made their way, and are living the high life, More power to ya! Most likely you have worked your Butt’s off to get there too! I hope to be there someday, and what a feeling to say that I did it on my own….by working for it, and maintaining my ‘self-worth’. I know many People who have depended on someone elses handouts, and basically wouldnt get off their butts to help themselves if their lives depended on it, or at least not for long, and why should they when they are surrounded by enable-ers? (<–sp?).

    I also refuse to support someone who is married to a woman who publically announced that ‘for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of America…’ Reguardless if America is going in a direction to be proud of, you are always Proud to be an American. Shame on her, and Shame on you all for turning your back on your Patriotism! Someone before me had it right. ‘Hysteria’ only lasts for so long, and Politicians can say what they want, we all know they rarely do what they say they are going to do, so I’ll sit back and watch, and hopefully wont have to say “I told you so” to those who have reamed me for voting the alternative….

    Comment by fedup2 -

  40. Right on! Could not have been better said!

    Comment by Risa Pulver -

  41. One more thing, if Obama keep his economic policy. I am sorry to
    said that I will maybe have to cut down the employment and outsource
    the jobs.

    This is the tremendous responsible I took to look at the presidential
    candiates. Obama was a big no no! I care about the vital of economy
    and the values of America. Obama offers none of this but a socialism

    Comment by Joe -

  42. Yes, we should be celebrate for our country that we finally have a
    black president.

    Unforutnately, Obama’s blueprint for America will leads to diaster.
    If he is abandoning his original blueprint and adopt for new one
    that provide praticial solution. I will be happy.

    However, we should vote for person’s context, not his color.

    Now we have a energized president elect with bad policy. The B.
    Hussein Obama.

    But our responsible as an American, is to support the president and
    stand up if we need to. Again, going for unity, not division.

    Comment by Joe -

  43. I watched most of Obama’s first press conference, and came away totally unimpressed. The man was elected to be an inspiration, but he is flat out boring and says very little of substance when unscripted. The only animated portion of the speech was also the longest, when he talked about getting a dog his daughter wasn’t allergic to. Unfortunately the presidency requires a bit more than giving great speeches prepared primarily by others. In my opinion, Barack Obama is an illusion. Hopefully the country will be able to recover from at least four years of being led by an empty suit.

    Comment by Mireille J. Buser -

  44. Reading this blog saddens me. The Karl Rove campaign/Bush
    administration/FOX News machine have been so successful at
    instilling fear, misinformation and divisiveness among so many.
    These sad people scurrying in fear that income that they don’t have
    will be taken from them and given to someone less fortunate while
    at the same time professing their Christian virtue. Thinking that
    continuing a misguided, preemptive war will somehow keep us safe
    while we borrow billions from countries with ideologies
    diametrically opposed to ours.

    For those who haven’t seen it, watch the Ken Burns documentary
    about World War II. You’ll see a generation of Americans who
    sacrificed greatly for a noble cause – not just the soldiers –
    all Americans. You’ll see how vastly different things are
    now… The Bush administration and Republican Congress have spent us
    into a tremendous hole and I am repeated told how vital Iraq is – yet
    no one seems to think it is vital enough to pay for with their tax

    Comment by Coop -

  45. Mark:

    I have to take issue with one part of your post. You said:

    As any successful CEO will tell you, leadership, vision and motivation has far more impact on > results than any tax cut or increase. While I prefer lower taxes, I can tell you that no entrepreneur or CEO worth a damn in this country gives up or works less because of a change in tax policy. In this country you work harder to achieve your dreams and goals.

    End Quote

    I think you have your rose-colored glasses on. Tax policy does matter
    to economic health. When a company is looking to invest money in order
    to create wealth and in the process create jobs, it comes down to
    a bottom-line analysis: What is the return on my investment if I
    invest in America, China, Germany, or keep the money parked in
    a financial instrument? In looking at Obama’s America, if I see more taxes
    on my return, a chance for my business to be unionized
    through a non-secret ballot, a likelihood that my executive’s pensions
    are to be targeted by the Vice President, a chance
    that my success will be penalized through a “windfall profits” taking
    — the more likely I am to invest somewhere else. If I choose to go to
    China or elsewhere or perhaps just sit this one out, it is
    not because of “selfishness”, nor do these policies motivate
    me to “work harder”. It is just business reality that will force
    more activity overseas and lower our standard of living here.

    As for the racial aspects of Mr. Obama’s win: I share your gladness
    that I live in a country that can elect a Black man as President.
    However, I wish it were someone else. I don’t think it is right
    to vote for someone just because of their skin color, just as I think
    it is wrong to vote against someone just because of their skin color.
    I voted for another candidate because given Mr. Obama’s (in my view)
    poisonous policy proposals, voting for another candidate would put
    “Country First”.

    Comment by Bill in VA -

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  47. Hey Mr. Cuban, just wanted to let you know, from the standpoint of a 8th grade supporter of Barack Obama
    (yeah I know I can’t vote, but in 4 years I will, so why not get involved now, right?) that you make complete sense.

    I’m at the age where all my friends want to look like they know what’s going on. Maybe I do it too. Anyways,
    they’ve come to the conclusion that if they listen to all the emails saying that Mr. Obama is the anti-christ,
    it’s true. Obviously. But here’s the thing. The parents believe it too. It’s maddening. Here we are living in a
    fairly well off neighborhood with mentionable education backgrounds (okay, so the Park Cities) and these parents
    are teaching their kids that Obama is some sort of Socialist Muslim that will take everyone’s money. And okay,
    so I can understand why they would be mad about the Socialist thing, because we are after all a Democracy,
    but could they be anymore racist by being against his so called Muslim heritage? What ever happened to ‘All
    men are created equal’? Oh yeah.
    That doesn’t apply to you.
    Or you.
    Right. Not hypocritical whatsoever.

    What ever happened to America being a safe haven for all ethnicities? Because in reality, isn’t that what we all
    came here for in the first place? A place to call home? A place to be able to have the opportunity, no matter what
    color our skin is or what God we believe in, or if we even have some sort of denominational figure?

    And the saddest thing? Obama is Christian. Just like so many living in America today. And so because of the
    color of his skin, we question whether he is living here legally, or whether he has this or that right.
    Seriously, guys?

    I really hope that someone who has even considered questioning Obama’s background reads this. I really hope
    that this makes someone THINK. Just think about it.

    And I, even as the 14 year old girl, am so proud of how much Barack has accomplished. I’m so proud that our nation
    has been able to lift him so high. And in 4 years I will be proud when I step up to the voting booth for the
    first time and make the difference our country stands for.

    Comment by Blake -

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  49. Mark – the world could use a few more moderate advocates about economic issues. For example, I’m fine with the tax rate changes to individuals, but I’d like to make sure corporate tax rates and cap gains rates stay low.

    (Cuban for secy of the treasury? 😉 )

    Comment by mattw -

  50. Its racist not to vote for a candidate because of his/her race.

    Its ALSO racist to vote for a candidate because of his/her race.

    To overlook policies, character, experience etc…is a disservice.

    I’m not accusing you of voting incorrectly and I am sure there are other reasons that you voted Obama, but this post makes you look racist.

    Comment by anonymous -

  51. i don’t get it. what you wrote is fine and all but is the primary
    reason you voted for the guy because he’s black? isn’t that the
    same idea, objectively, as voting for someone because they are
    white? of course i understand the cultural significance. wasn’t
    martin luther king jrs whole point to ignore skin color and look at the
    make of the man? regardless, i voted for him too but i’m just curious
    about what you wrote.

    Comment by nfn -

  52. quick edit…

    “bottom line is black kids have always been able to grow up to be president.”

    clearly i meant in the past few generations

    Comment by jon -

  53. i rarely disagree with you mark, but i do on this one. unlike jackie robinson, obama did not break through a barrier. no law has prohibited blacks from being president in my lifetime. in fact, the african american community is batting 100% on qualified african american presidential candidates elected to office.

    i hope that with all the “race talk” his election has spurred we can talk about race for real. the asian community came to american in de facto slavery and has succeeded on our level playing field. the latino community has come to america and carved out a niche by outworking everyone else…hell they’ll break the law to work. women have broken glass ceiling after glass ceiling. jews were nearly exterminated 60 years ago.

    bottom line is black kids have always been able to grow up to be president. we’ve spent billions on programs to not only make sure that opportunity exists, but give them a head start.
    has affirmative action had any real impact on high school graduation rates in the african american community?

    like you, i HOPE obama will inspire a generation of young african americans to work hard to achieve the american dream that no one can deny is available to them. obama should inspire, but he should also show that there are no excuses left.

    i FEAR however that it will simply reinforce the entitlement attitude that currently exists. with 70% of african american babies born out of wedlock, does the family structure exist to teach what obama’s election actually means?

    i hope these comments are read as sociology, not racism. if we can talk about the positive parts of race relations but not the negative parts we haven’t accomplished anything.

    Comment by jon -

  54. I don’t understand how some people equate being poor with being lazy. There are quite a few of us that work VERY hard to make ends meet. I even have a college education. My parents couldn’t afford to send me there and I still made it… and came out poor. The hardest workers I know work two jobs just to pay rent and have food. FORGET insurance. This is how a good majority of America works. Yes, workers like us need a break. I supported Obama because he understands this.

    Comment by piratepenpen -

  55. It is unproductive to focus on taxes or lack of taxes as reasons to vote for someone. Has anyone noticed that our most prosperous times have coincided with Democratic administrations? I might have paid more in taxes, but otherwise I was much better off. I cast my first vote in 1960, so I have seen a few administrations come and go. Republicans have also run up the national debt more than Democrats. These are facts which are not in sync with the usual stereotypes which are attached to parties.

    Comment by Sue Koehler -

  56. Mark,
    This is a first. White people voting for a man to be President because he is black. When will America judge a person base on their character as opposed to the color of their skin. It’s sad to read that you voted for him only because he is black. I hope you put more thought into the process. I voted for Obama because I felt he was the best candidate, whom just happened to be black. And for those idiots ranting about him giving tax cuts to those who do not pay taxes, you are all idiots. That’s mathematically impossible. If you are already paying 0% in taxes, how much less can you possible pay. A person is not lazy because he or she makes less than $250,000 a year. I’m a Registered nurse and I work 60+ hrs a week. I still don’t make anywhere close to $250,000 a year. Do you bitter loosers honestly think 85-90% of the population are lazy. Get a clue!

    Comment by Jebelle -

  57. When I first came across this post, I read it then waited a day in responding to see if a few things happened:

    1)If Mark would get similar racist emails sent to him like the ones he received for the Josh Howard incident (I assure you he has – whether or not he posts them is his choice) I only compare these two incidents because they share the same skin color. In no way do I condone Josh Howard’s actions or want to link President-elect Barack Obama with anything un-American. (That is why we have Republicans)

    2)If the Dallas Mavericks would suddenly see season ticket holders cancel for this season and ticket sales drop for individual games (Mark, please track this)

    3)If Mark’s decision to go public about his vote would affect MLB’s decisions to support his Cubs bid or not. Apparently it has if you believe the rumor mill.
    ( )

    It would be nice to one day live in a country where people are valued purely on their intelligence (jobs) or athletic ability (sports) and not for the color of their skin. Barack Obama clearly had the best message, the best team and the best vision when compared to all other candidates. He fought the longest (full 22 months) and hardest (against Hilary Clinton and the entire Republican Party simultaneously), so truly showed his ability to successfully manage America. If anyone chose to vote for him then that is their prerogative and they or the companies they own or work for, should not be vilified for making that choice. This is America and we believe in democracy to the fullest. Sixty-four million people voted for Barack Obama and you can ‘betcha’ ass that not all these people were black or voted for him because he was black. This is a ridiculous assumption and for those who make this claim – you Sirs are incompetent. If that was the case then white women would not clutch their purses when black men pass by, they would freely hand over their cash to manage it for them. If you think that 53% of Americans would put their lives and financial futures in the hands of a person “just because he is black” then I have some ocean front property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

    Comment by econ365 -

  58. Well put! I voted for McCain, but knew Obama would win anyway. If a Democrat is going to win, I am glad it was Obama, for all the reasons you expressed! I hope it gives people incentive to join in the economy, to go after their dreams fearlessly.

    Comment by finance girl -

  59. Wake up people! What we’ve really done is elect a President that has very little experience, that hasn’t really told us where he stands, doesn’t know military or advanced economics or even much about the political system. He just wants to give to people who are the least succesful (and probably try the least). That’s very noble, but we passed up on another guy that has years of experience in this “industry”, probably because he doesn’t come across as smooth or because he’s old.

    All of this at a time when our country is in a major recession, we are trying to end a war, prevent terrorism. There are thousands of people more qualified.

    Who would hire an inexperienced CEO to run a failing company with a four year contract. And you feel good about it. Hey MC, come let me head coach or GM your Mavericks. I have no experience whatsoever, but just think how inspiring it would be to the fans and the rest of the country, that anyone could do it. Until we start LOSING! Please MC, answer us all honestly, who would you hire as your next GM. A person with 27 years of NBA leadership experience or someone new to the scene that is half black and talks a big game?

    Comment by Rocky -

  60. When I was in graduate school 30 years ago, I remember hearing the prediction from my professors
    that a black male would be elected President long before a white female would.
    Interesting how that played out.
    Guess they were right.
    I’m not trying to make a statement about women’s rights with this post, far from it…it’s just that I
    think we still have a long way to go before we start tooting our horn about equality, race, and being proud.
    Obama is a nice (long overdue) first step…

    Comment by whatever -

  61. I want to re-emphasize a point Mark made in an internal comment above. The problem with the republicans lately has been that they wanted to keep (if not grow) all these great “socialist” programs, but instead of paying for them now, they paid for them by borrowing money from China and made future generations of Americans bear the ultimate cost for them. If both parties want these programs (and they both apparently do), what’s wrong with at least being honest with ourselves and paying for it now with higher taxes? All this debt and borrowing has got to stop, because the future can’t take a whole lot more of our current fiscal recklessness. If we really want lower taxes, we need to accept fewer services. However, in the debt position we’ve got ourselves in as a country, the only reasonable option is both higher taxes and fewer services. How else can we get out of the hole we are in? At least Obama covers half of this equation.

    Comment by Kris -

  62. Mark
    This can set this country back big time, Rodney King gets beat up and 50k people go bezerk just imagine if the Klan keeps growing, and it will now they shoot President obama. We will be in the biggest racist anarchy war ever ” Whats your answer to that’? I am hopeful as you are that he can bring this country together, but in no way will he cure racism in the deep south. The whole thing has disastor written all over it. Now do you really think 10 secret service guys can protect him? No way Do you really think the Klan is not going to increase in size and visibility? Of course they will. I wish Barry luck and am glad he likes to hoop daily but Biden will most likely finish out the term, due to the acts of racist cowards that still exist in our coutry. I am suprised vegas does not have odds on it ! Good luck Obama and Go Mavs

    Comment by KK -

  63. Proud to be an American? We have not yet achieved full equality for every single person in this country, how are we ready for any real change? This nation is a big fat hypocrite and the laughing stock of the western world.

    Comment by shamerica -

  64. Mark,

    Great post and I agree 100% It’s sad to see the same type of shallow, small minded people who wrote on your blog after the Josh Howard slip of the tongue, show up here again. I believe people need to read more and do their homework and realize that Obama is not a Socilaist. That is a line that was fed to McCain and he in turn fed it to America.

    I am in India as I am writing this comment and I can tell you that the Indians I spoke to on November 5 are also now bullish on America. I am going to frame my copy of the Hidustan Times that reads in bold print “Change Has Come To America.” This Presidential selection may not be perfect, none ever is, but at least it affirmes my belief in my country that it is the land of opportunity. And I will no longer have to apologize for George Bush and my country when I am traveling in Asia.

    God Bless America


    Comment by Jay -

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  66. I did not vote for either candidate. I didn’t feel that either one was worthy of my vote. I did vote for the local issues and local candidates. I think we needed a change and we got a big one, didn’t we?

    Comment by Allison -

  67. obama will be the worst president we will ever have
    proof: he only won because he is BLACK
    he has NO expierence
    he is a baby murderer (as are those that voted for him)
    if you don’t think life is precious in the womb you can’t think life
    is precious outside the womb
    i don’t know who is more stupid or i should say more ignorant
    obama or those that voted for him
    how could anyone besides a racist vote for someone who:
    isn’t even an american (can’t and refuses to prove it)
    one buys real estate illegally and is being sued because of it
    two goes to a racist church with rev. wright
    three won’t even show who supported him financially which
    won him the race, (what’s he trying to hide???)
    four wants to ban talk radio, how stupid can you be
    ever heard of Freedom of Speech? guess not
    i know why obama won because he hired acorn to hire people
    to vote for him
    if you want to ignite spirit in a nation mark you don’t do it by using
    a razor to cut a hole in the neck of 50 million babies then
    using a vacuum to suck the brains out of God’s innocent little
    babies, i know i know you call it abortion, i just call it what it
    really is, BABY MURDER,
    if you want to ignite spirit in america mark you don’t do it
    buying allowing same sex marriage.
    if you can’t figure out that you are to have sex with the opposite
    sex well that says a lot about your iq already
    if you want to ignite spirit in a nation you don’t do it by
    banning prayer and taking out the ten commandments
    needless to say i believe in jesus christ and by many of you guys
    low moral standard i assume you are not. i’m not any better
    than you, i’m just going to heaven when i die.
    you dont’ vote for a president because of color, unless you are just
    shallow, you vote based on morals, integrity, honor, character,
    honesty, humility, something this country knows very little about

    Comment by SAMUEL LEOS -

  68. While I prefer lower taxes, I can tell you that no entrepreneur or CEO worth a damn in this country gives up or works less because of a change in tax policy. In this country you work harder to achieve your dreams and goals.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Please tell every b school to start teaching this in Economics courses.

    High taxes stifle growth has been a tenet of Republican thought for decades.
    And it’s nonsense. Please get on CNBC and hammer this point home.

    Comment by James -

  69. Why is it that people tend to complicate things?
    It’s simple people, whether or not you like Obama, he was the better choice.

    That, or you want another 8 years of the same bs.

    Comment by Jon -

  70. You are the American Dream!

    Thank you for your awesome post supporting our new President!

    It warmed my heart to read what you said!

    Mark Cuban is the shiznit! Always has, always will be!

    Comment by Teejaycee -

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  72. Once again I am struck by the total lack of knowledge and insight posted by many on this non-political forum.

    Every other post was right out of the Hannity and Rush playbooks.

    Being a true fiscal conservative, (limited government, fiscal responsibility) I am encouraged by the apparent switch to promote Labor in the US. This is the core of Obama’s proposed fiscal policies. Labor created demand builds an economy from the base. Debt based demand which Greenspan has led us down, is false and has a limit.

    If you are calling Obama a socialist, or Marxist, or those that mention communism, you are not seeing the big picture and are stuck in the now. Much like Congress, very reactionary and short sided.

    And I think Mark is the only one publically admit that Obama’s tax plan is basically less than Clinton’s.

    And any plan that encourages US labor growth and production growth, no matter if it is hard for some business segments, is a plan that I support.

    We’ve begun to see the effects of the “Race to the Bottom” global economics. Where multi-national corporations and their investors are the monarchs of the age, and the rest of us are serfs.

    Comment by PSC -

  73. Mark –

    You are right on the mark that the election elevated our country
    signifigantly. I did not see it coming. No one did.
    Interestingly enough, we did not realize the gravity of the opportunity,
    even on election night. However, the realization was instantaneous upon
    the announcement of Obama’s victory.

    The American democratic expiriment is far fron over.
    I’m CEO of a small profitable company I have no fear of the future.

    Whether I believe in Obamas policies or not, our country will
    survive 4 years under any policies. This election ensures that the
    American experience is alive and well and safe for
    another 100 years. That is why everyone here and around the world
    understands the signifigance. Americans can walk around the world
    with their head high, not because we are ass kickers and name takers,
    and not because we hired the black guy. It’s bigger than that.
    We have reaffirmed the promise of America to the world and to
    ourselves. Everyone who calls themselves a true American has to
    stop and look at that big picture and take pride.

    For those that want to continue spouting the-sky-is-falling dribble from
    Hannity and Limbaugh, I can only say that in 4 years you’ll still be here
    to fight again for your party, you won’t be goose stepping or
    wearing funny hats, we’ll still have our guns and Americas light will
    shine a little brighter around the world.

    The question is not will we survive, but will we (he) take advantage of
    the enormous opportunity that has been given to him (us). The world
    has hit the reset button on America and there is a lot we can do with that.

    I, for one, am hoping he succeeds.

    OK, now you can go back to fighting over the media talking points.

    Comment by Mike -

  74. It will be interesting to see how the tax increases impact
    individual discretionary spending by individuals on luxuries like
    Mavs tickets and discretionary spending by companies on Mav suites.

    Comment by JR -

  75. I have two committed beliefs about this election: that neither candidate can certainly correct the damage done in the past eight years; that Obama can do more to restore the high standing of our country among all nations than McCain (another old, ‘white guy {a group of which I am a member}). In this world of global economies and policies that extend well beyond borders, the US no longer can send the same old guys out to ‘tell other countries how to run’ their countries. We either acheive and earn an elevated status among all peoples, or we will become even more isolated that Bush & Cheney have managed to do.
    It’s a new world, with global opportunities. It’s time to be on the front of that change, and a statesman of mixed race and culture can be an outstanding participant in restoring our extremely tarnished position among the nations.

    Comment by Thomason -

  76. I don’t know about you being “Bullish on America” but you certainly are full of Bull shit.

    Comment by Michael A. -

  77. So, you voted for him because he’s black? He will only energize blacks and rich college white kids that hate themselves for being white, that’s about it. Good job.

    Comment by Michael A. -

  78. So, you voted for him because he’s black? That’s your right. I hope you didn’t also vote for socialism and the suppression of individual rights in doing so.

    Comment by TC -

  79. Mark

    I remember listening to you talk at a all company meeting when I use to work at Quicken Loans in Detroit. I agree that you and your boy Dan Gilbert are inspiring entrepreneurs. Very hard working indeed.

    The problem I see with Barack Obama is that he is raising taxes one way or another. This does not solve anything. What I would like to know is where has all of the previous money we gave gone?

    The right choice this year was Ron Paul. How can you argue against a guy who says the IRS is legalized theft? You can’t. He was going to eliminate the IRS in his first week.

    Then people like yourself who make a lot of money and are motivated will go out and build new companies employing more people.

    I wrote in Ron Paul this year because he was the right choice not the popular choice.

    Comment by Brad G -

  80. I just resent the way the mainstream media embraced this guy and
    annointed him the Savior based on one speech he made at the
    Democratic convention 4 years ago. It’s almost idolatry, which just
    makes me sick.

    Mark I hope you’re right about him, because all I see is a guy who’s
    the product of the machine politics of Chicago who’s embraced some
    pretty unsavory characters in his climb to the top — and still has
    some troubling questions surrounding him like why he can’t produce
    a birth certificate. He may not even be ELIGIBLE for the Presidency
    because he wasn’t born here.

    Too many people see this guy as God stepping down from Heaven to
    “save us all” yet no one really can say anything definitely about what
    he actually stands for.

    Remember that public hysteria brought us Y2K and the Iraq war?
    A similar hysteria helped put him in office and from my view, nothing real good ever
    comes from public hysteria. I can’t shake the feeling that this
    country has lost its way a little bit.

    Not that Bush was any better because he should probably be in jail
    right now over the Iraq war.

    Comment by scotbo -

  81. To those who are afraid of one-party rule: The Republicans have controlled the presidency for eight years, Congress for six of those eight years, and has loaded us with an extremely conservative Supreme Court.

    What do we have to show for it: an economy in the tank, people by the thousands losing their homes, an unnecessary war that has killed and maimed thousands of our troops and has no end in sight, skyrocketing prices for gas and heating oil, 45 percent of our citizens lacking health care…

    You’ve screwed things up long enough. How could the Democrats do any worse?

    Comment by bigyaz -

  82. Mark, your post embodies it all. It’s the American dream of achieving success & hope of better future. Hope you don’t mind, but your comment on how America stands together is just amazing. I quoted you in my blog..we’re just another American dream hoping to happen!

    Comment by Jane -

  83. Such a shame to see so many people here angry about “stealing from the rich, and giving to the LAZY poor”. As if reverting to previously successful tax structures is a crime. And worse yet, to assume that everyone is lazy is a gross generalization and misstatement of ignorance. Amazing that these folks can make $250k+ without critical thinking skills…

    Comment by JC -

  84. Mark —

    I agree with much of what you said with one exception.

    There has not been a single instance of a country or society being taxed into prosperity. Obama might have some great dreams for this country and he has certainly engaged people who have not previously been engaged. This is all good.

    The problem is that raising taxes, while it will allow a small number of people, namely politicians, to dole out more money, it will not do a thing towards enabling this country to prosper. Obviously, we are not prospering now anyway. But I would hate to see us go through the same lack of prosperity this country endured from 1929 until the entry of the United States into WWII.

    As much as Americans loved FDR, the fact is that the country never prospered under him. I don’t think Americans want to wsit that long.

    I know I don’t.

    Comment by everydaydood -

  85. Hey guys, the majority of the American people voted for Obama. You can keep crying in your milk, or just accept it. I personally could give a crap if he was Martian American. This contry desparately needs to go in a new direction, ANY new direction. Take a good look at the statistics that show the middle class with stagnant incomes and the uber rich getting uber richer. This is REDISTRIBUTION of wealth on a grand scale.
    We are the middle of a financial train wreck of literaly unprecedented proportions. Having an Articulate leader who can INSPIRE us to strive and hope may be more important than anyone can imagine.
    I am a middle aged, middle class, white southern female and the first time I heard Obama speak it MOVED me. Much ill has been done to our democracy, our integrity, and our way of life. Can he change that? Who knows? But today we have a spark of hope.

    Comment by pkscottx -

  86. I can’t say I agree with you, Mark, but that’s the most coherent
    argument I’ve seen yet for voting for the guy.

    I just hope you don’t come to regret your vote.

    Comment by BRWombat -

  87. Israel’s Massod and Britian’s MI6 are sitting back and laughing out loud at whom we have just elected as our President.

    Comment by Lance -

  88. You’ll probably never read this because it’s number 121 or higher but…

    I think there should be a better reason to vote for someone because he being black is going to invigorate the people. I hope there’s something else you are able to get out of the election, as well. For me it’s health care and education. I’m still young and terrified of what’s ahead. Or rather what isn’t.

    Anyways I’m glad you voted Obama.
    I hope he does well for us all.

    And to Joe the Artist… Obama wants to have us as a people work together towards reaching our goals. Never has anyone said he’s going to do it all for us, and if they did, they were sadly mistaken. Read his policies and have an understanding of what he plans for us.

    Comment by claredickerson -

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  90. Optimism and energy are great, but policy and its real-world effects are where the rubber hits the road. We have a $10 trillion debt, two unsustainable wars, and a currency on the verge of cl on the verge of collapse. I don’t see any viable solutions being presented by the Obama camp. Just more spending, and more policing of the world which we cannot afford.

    Comment by Scott Fox -

  91. Is Obama planning to cover his ass during a retreat from Iraq by bombing Pakistan?
    Love to hear your opinions on that.
    Is he even thinking Pakistan is a push over?

    Comment by jasminefrompakistan -

  92. Mark, you’re blog is a confirmation of my own thoughts and I hope to share the same seat with you in the next decade or so.

    Comment by Iconoclast -

  93. IF the impoverished find a role model in Obama, yes, I agree. That’s a big IF, hoever.

    The problem is in what was broadcast at the victory party. A lady loudly proclaiming that she doesn’t have to worry about paying for her gas or her mortgage, because Obama will take care of it all for her. If she represents ANY sizable faction of the lower class, we will not have folks seeing a role model in the new President, but rather a nanny, who will simply hand out to them whatever they want or need. That is NOT the “American Spirit”!

    Obama needs to empower people and preach self-reliance, not make them reliant on the gov’t. If he accomplishes the latter, the country is sunk.

    Comment by Joe the Artist -

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  95. I will gladly accept the defeat of John McCain if the people that are re-invigorated about the American Dream by the election of Obama stay focused and energetic. Too many people get a quick high from an event like this and forget what it was all about a week later.
    Will the people that today feel they can rule the world look Adversity in the face during future hard times and remember why they felt they could succeed? Or will the people stare down the same face of adversity and run away as they have done in the past?
    The previous accomplishments of Obama tell me the latter will happen. There are two possible outcomes and both are positive.
    1) The American People will regain faith in the American Dream rising the tide and raising all ships.
    2) The Republican Party will focus back on what has made them successful in the past and remember why they were tossed from office of 2006 like the Democrats of 1994.
    Either way we are all better off.

    Comment by Brandon -

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  97. I agree with you 100%. I have voted for republicans for presidents in every previous election, but Obama won my vote early on. He won my vote because what America needs right now more than anything else is inspiration and hope. We need a leader who can make us believe in possibilities and in our future. I think Obama can do that. I also think he has a better chance than anyone I’ve seen in a long time to help people look past politics to work together. I think he’s a good man, and he has revitalized the American dream which has been becoming more and more tarnished over the years.

    Comment by Carol C -

  98. Great. Nothing like people voting to “make history” and not because of any sound policy reasons. It seem affirmative action has reached the top job in this counrty.

    Comment by David -


    Comment by Matt -

  100. Im glad you voted for Obama, just wished you would have made you pick
    sooner. I know you look at your money as I look at mine. No one wants
    a tax increase. Im a business man myself and like is views on small
    business and giving credits for them that bring in employees and to tax
    the ones that out source. We have to recycle American dollar and spend
    money on educating this damn kids. They both were good to vote for. We
    just have to back our new President up!

    Comment by Nevin -

    Bartle Bull, Robert F. Kennedy’s New York campaign manager when he ran for president in 1968 had this to say about Obama”

    “America needs a president who is grounded in patriotism, not drowning in ambition”

    “I had the privilege of serving as Robert F. Kennedy’s New York campaign manager when he ran for president in 1968” “I was arrested as a civil-rights lawyer in Mississippi, and I campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment. But in honest conscience, I cannot support the Democratic ticket in this campaign.”

    “Character in the White House should be more important than charisma on the campaign trail”

    Comment by Matt -

  102. I wish he had stated how “He” came from modest beginnings and was able
    to rely on himself to overcome all the odds that were placed in front
    of a mixed race childhood and go on to college and success, and then
    be elected the President of the United States, and without any government
    hand outs. He is the walking, talking embodiment of the American Dream
    and that opportunity exists for all Americans. His story will do more
    to inspire everyone than any government program that gets created during
    his tenure.

    Comment by John R. -

  103. Mark, can you please elaborate on how taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor is going to invigorate and energize the non-CEO public? What better motivation for the unmotivated than to give them handouts? This country is not about CEOs and what they think or want – it is about the rest of us who sweat blood so that we can provide for our families, educate our children, and retire in relative comfort.

    I do not need a government that gives me money. I need a government who first and foremost protects its people. I need a government who creates an environment and economy that can thrive so that I can earn a living and pursue the American dream.

    Instead, we have elected leaders who can make themselves millions of dollars each year as a “public servant” while the public wonders how long they will keep their jobs and watches their retirement funds decrease by 40% or more.

    This election was not about change. It was about choosing the lesser of two evils. One can only hope that we did.

    Comment by Mike H -

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  106. Bullish on America huh? Why don’t you show us how bullish you are by
    telling us how many million US equities you bought yesterday (if any).

    Did u walk the walk, or did you sit and watch idly while the Dow
    disagreed with you and sold down 5%?

    Comment by Skreech -

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  108. Even though we don’t make $250k we know that the tax hikes will come for the
    lower middle class and the only racist voting I’m aware of were the 96%
    of blacks that voted for obama. Joe the plumber got obama to admit his
    socialistic views. I’m gonna take it from you and give it to the people
    that voted for me.

    Comment by Dale C -

  109. @Mary, now I’m afraid of you guys again!

    Comment by Justin Barrie -

  110. GDP growth, middle income earnings, and the stock market have historically performed better under Democratic administrations since WWII. Jeremy Seigel from Wharton on Yahoo Investing has a recent post on this (9/08) and the work of Prof. Larry Bartel at Princeton as well can be accessed on the web. It is a self -delusional Republican myth that their activities in government favor economic growth in general and the middle class, in particular, if they even have the temerity to cling to the latter falsehood. I think they gave up on publicly caring about the middle class awhile ago, and for that at least they’ve been honest.

    Comment by jeff hoffman -

  111. See for a breakdown according to income of % voting Republican. Notice the trend in 2008 from $100k and above. The higher income population wasn’t buying what the Republicans were selling compared with ’04. Not everyone is fully invested in their narrow minded short term interests. Mark, thanks for your viewpoint, the big picture is so elusive to some.

    Comment by jeff hoffman -

  112. When did you start drinking the Kool Aid Mark and what kind of alcohol are you mixing with it?

    This is all easy for you to say, because you earned your billions before a socialist, who associates with unrepentant terror
    ists, outspoken communists and anti-American reverends, took office. I’d like to know how the hell anyone is suppose to achieve their financial dreams when an anti-capitalist who believes in redistributing the wealth and increasing taxes on small business owners is in office! We should go on O’Reilly and debate this, but oh no wait a second…that might not be possible one day soon if the “Fairness Doctrine” passes and chips away at our country’s most precious constitutional right!

    I look forward to the day you wake up from your drunken Kool Aid stupor!

    Comment by Donald Trump -

  113. Up here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada we’ve been glued to the election.
    America is on it’s way BACK! I’m in the Edmonton tech community
    and many are very exciting for what the future holds…now we’ll
    wait and see how it all plays out…

    Comment by Walter Schwabe -

  114. Mark,

    To vote on the president of the US based on race is idiotic,
    and I think you know that. I am disgusted with what happened last
    night. I work hard EVERYDAY and do not have any desire to help pay
    for others to prosper while they sit on their couches and demand
    entitlement of wealth. As you said in your post, we as Americans
    work hard and to get ahead we work harder, we do not hold out our
    hands for the gov’t to feed us. He won by getting uneducated
    individuals to get on his wagon and vote. To me, this has nothing to
    do with race. If Barack had the experience and the knowhow to keep us
    safe, I would have voted for him. Has NOTHING to do with him being
    1/2 black and/or Muslim. In the times that we are in, WE
    as Americans should be wary of someone who cannot protect us.
    God help us all, oh maybe he will eliminate God from our country,
    legal tender and lifestyle. Unbelievable how people are so blind to

    Comment by matt -

  115. Nice to see that a fair number of people could tear themselves away from Karl Rove terminally bloviating on Fox News in order to enter his talking points into this post. Now scurry back, he’s not finished with you.

    Comment by jeff hoffman -

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  118. It would be nice if we could elect our leaders by their intellect, but these days intellectualism equals elitism, the latter being a dirty word in politics. Accordingly, we dismiss Obama’s Harvard professors and focus on the one guy who just happened to be a radical when the candidate was a child. We write off carefully crafted speeches and essays as rhetoric and, instead, focus on words uttered at a rope line, taken out of context no less, as if they were some Freudian slip. Instead of focusing on what we do know about a candidate’s body of work, we try to imply there’s a lot we just don’t know in order to scare people into thinking there’s likely a bogeyman in the closet.

    The result of our cynicism is that we go by what we consider to be gut instinct– that this candidate or other has the right stuff for the job, whatever that is at this moment in time. Yes, Obama is a gifted orator. But people seem to fail to realize that ex-Clinton heavyweights (the ones whose names are mentioned for top administration spots; many facing the scorn of their ex-colleagues) would never have jeopardized their careers by hitching their wagons to Obama early on unless they truly believed Obama was the whole package. So no matter why you voted for the guy, or perhaps did not, relax. You’ll soon be prouder than ever to be an American.

    Comment by Jeff Mitchell -

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  121. How refreshing it is to hear a remotely optimistic view about our future leader. i on the other hand am VERY optimistic about him.It’s truly a mistake to say that he is a socialist, or that he is going to give hand outs to everyone. I have been a conservative and voted accordingly for almost 10years now, I am in the lower middle class, work two jobs, have a working wife and two children. i have some college under my belt but no degree. Here it is, with all of my and my wifes hard work, we still cannot afford health insurance, nor do we qualify for state health insurance. Being a parent health insurance comes before finishing college.

    I am not someone sitting back waiting for a free check from the government, I get up every night with my infant to feed him so that his mom can get some sleep. I get up every morning to have breakfast with my family as quickly as I can before I leave to go to work. some days I have to chose 15 minutes of family time over a shower. I work hard to take care of the people I love so much. I was a believer that hard work paid off, but for nearly five years my wages have been almost stagnent. Certianly not adjusted for the current rates of inflation. I recieving mid-level wages and as minimum wage goes up my wages don’t. Therefore, I continue to get a decrease in pay. Nothing has been done to help the middle class and slowly we are becoming extinct.

    I believe in Capitolism, I believe hard work should pay off. Here is the truth, it hasn’t paid off for the middle class in nearly 18 years. Our government left it up to America’s coorperations to pass on the good fortune to it’s citizens, but they did not. Countless companies made record profits while people below them were brought to their knees by this economy. It’s not about redistribution, it’s about the government taking back control to make sure that it’s people are taken care of the way they should be. Unfortunately they were put in this position of taxing us to pay for these CEO’s short comings.

    My number one reason for voting for Obama is that we cannot continue to give breaks to companies who outsource american jobs and mismanage funds. A vote for that is a vote against america. We don’t need to fundamentally change america, we need to get beck to the fundamentals of what made us great in the first place. Pride. And I think that you did a very good job describng the pride we all feel right now, but just know that it is more than the color of his skin. It is his ability to make myself and millions of others like me want to get up and work even harder tommorrow in hopes that someone hears our voice and cares about our Problems. Because George Bush, Wall Street and Coorperate america has not been listening.

    Thank You,

    Matt Hackett

    Comment by Matthew hackett -

  122. @ Gerry

    “A full 38% of the population in America today do not pay income taxes. He wants to give them more for doing nothing and create an even larger welfare state.”

    How do you figure?

    This argument always kills me.

    Here is what people fail to ALWAYS understand…

    1. Those who are lazy and abuse the system are going to continue to do so
    2. Your money (i.e. my money too) is ALWAYS going to go to something. If it’s not going here… trust… it’s going there (Wherever “there” is, I do not know. But it has nothing to do with left and right… it has to do with politics in GENERAL).

    Stop worrying about this problem.

    Do me a favor… actually GO DOWN to your local welfare office and tell me whom you see.

    It’s amazing how people hide/mask racist statements.

    When you say: “A full 38% of the population in America today do not pay income taxes. He wants to give them more for doing nothing and create an even larger welfare state.”

    What you are really saying is… “A black man is now going to be president, I believe/assume (wrongly) that most blacks are still welfare recipients, therefore… the black man is going to give his own a free ride.

    Give me a freaking break!

    Comment by Tina -

  123. Hope and inspiration. Not through welfare but through leadership. If I’m inspired as a white male then I knwo there is inspiration among women and minority groups. The whole is in a state of exaltation. The affirmation of a dream. HOw many will rise up is now up to us but I knwo he will lead the way.

    Energy independence is also a big issue for me and I hope we can follow through with what we have needed to do for more than a decade.

    I’m inspired and ready to act. Let’s roll!

    Comment by Jeff in Dallas -

  124. Grant Park was neato.

    I’m bullish on America as well, but realize it could be years and require many painful sacrifices.

    Comment by nathan -

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  126. Right on Mark

    Comment by GrizDave -

  127. Right on, Mark!

    Comment by Bill Abbott -

  128. HA HA! © Nelson Muntz – The Simpsons

    At all of you complaining about race – like there weren’t millions who voted for McCain simply because he WASN’T black.

    I know a lot of people who did not vote for Obama simply because of his race. Yet has anyone said, “Oh, you voted for McCain because he was white?”

    (Food for thought and a very real statement)


    The MAJORITY of you complaining of higher taxes WISH you made 250k or more per year. You don’t so shut up and stop complaining. It doesn’t affect you. Why complain?

    Third… it’s a 3% increase.

    3 F’n percent. Get over it.

    (And like Joe The Plumber would ever have to worry about paying higher taxes. The guy doesn’t even have a license and couldn’t afford to pay back property taxes of around 1k. How he proposed that he was going to be able to purchase a business that brought in 500k per year… when he couldn’t even afford to pay his back taxes of 1,000 dollars is comical. What a plant.)

    Comment by Tina -

  129. All…I couldn’t disagree more about where this country is headed,
    which is a bigger, more intrusive government as we sell our freedoms
    and liberties. America was censored this election year from a true
    inspiration in Ron Paul. Instead, we had the choice of either the
    tax and spend socialist or the borrow and spend socialist. Both
    mainstream candidates believe in the redistribution of wealth, which
    always sounds good, but ultimately breeds laziness. One day, enough
    Americans will wake up and realize that it is our collective choice
    to be truly free and retake our right to govern ourselves as Americans.

    Comment by Chris -

  130. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to think this election reinforces the idea that any child can be whatever they want to be. That’s a refrain that’s been preached forever in this country. Every child knows it. Maybe Mark’s trying to say it reinforces that dream in black children, without sounding racist. Either way, I think he’s overestimating the power of dreaming. To think that our “non-doers” will become “doers” because we elected a black president is naive. That dream won’t do anything to invigorate the economy. Liberal policies reward the “non-doer”.

    Right now a large portion of the country is on an emotional high. But how far can emotion carry a country? Even the patriotic fervor that swept the country after 9-11 quickly disipated once the reality of the “war on terrorism” set in.

    Obama as president may inspire more forward-thinking by the masses in the future, and it may somehow encourage better relations with the leaders of foreign countries who have grown weary and wary of our typical leaders, but in my opinion, his liberal policies will have little, if any, positive impact on our country. Then again, as a currently unemployed job seeker, maybe this is a good thing. Where’s the nearest welfare office?

    Comment by Bob V -

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  132. McCain Didn’t stand a chance. I hope this presidency actually does make a difference.

    Comment by Nick Polino -

  133. I am so terrified of Obama for my children and family because of his associations with radical university educated killers who have plans to kill tens of millions of Americans in concentration camps. We are very afraid.

    Comment by Mary -

  134. a new symbol of hope was needed to envision stopping the train gently, and not with a crash. Mission accomplished.

    nice post.

    Comment by patrick dillon -

  135. Right on Mark. I wrote in my blog today that I think this is the exact reason that Colin Powell endorsed Obama.

    H. J.

    Comment by HJ Mann -

  136. I voted McCain but I’m still proud of the results. Nice Post…

    Comment by Patrick Parish -

  137. The logic in your post is agreeable. The poor in this country are mostly poor for a reason. If you are lazy and don’t want to work you will always be on some kind of public assistance. The way I see it is that you can’t starve the poor and lazy into working, they would turn to crime. Welfare is a way for the government to give them just enough not to become a moral hazard. Maybe Obama will give them the hope to acually get a job and be tax paying citizens like the rest of us. I am glad I read your opinion. I still say the only people that should get help are single mothers and people with disabilities, the rest should be doing something for the money they extort from the rest of us. Being stupid and/or lazy is the problem for 90% of the people on public assistance. There are plenty of jobs out there that people don’t want to do. I put myself through college killing chickens in a live poultry market.

    Comment by Rob C. -

  138. “No one likes more taxes, but dems and repubs alike both are
    gutless when it comes to cutting ridiculous spending. So until
    we stop them from wasteful spending, we can only expect tax
    increases.” I absolutely agree with that sentiment. But the problem is that Obama and the Democratic Congress will continue to jack up spending, and then jack up taxes even more. Even the Republicans who run on a platform of reducing spending and smaller government really only are talking about “slowing the rate of growth.” What we really need is a true slash and burn Republican or Libertarian that will dramatically downsize government. Indeed, the only area that needs to grow at this point is the EPA.

    Also, you are “ok with him raising [your] effective tax rate to 40pct.” But the problem is that Obama wants to raise the tax rates on everyone making $250k plus. Mark, you obviously know there is a huge difference between raising your tax rates and raising the rate of someone who is working for a living. Someone making $250k or even $500k is not “rich.” (As an aside, how much of your annual income would even be subject to the 40% rate? I really don’t want or expect an answer, just trying to make a point.) And I also would venture to guess that you spend a fair amount of money every year on lawyers and accountants to minimize your tax burden, but the folks whose income is just their salary can’t do that. And don’t even get me started on the hypocrites like Soros and Buffet who argue that the “rich” (i.e., those making more than $250k) should pay more in taxes while they and their companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to minimize their tax burdens.

    At the end of the day, Mark, what disappoints me most about your post is that you seem to have voted for Obama, despite disagreeing with him and his party on a substantial part (most?) of their platform, simply because of his race. That just doesn’t seem right (I was going to say it seems wrong, but that almost equates it to voting against Obama simply because of his race, and that is just plain wrong and idiotic).

    Comment by JS -

  139. From MC

    “No one likes more taxes, but dems and repubs alike both are gutless when it comes to cutting ridiculous spending. So until we stop them from wasteful spending, we can only expect tax increases. ”

    Mark that doesn’t make any sense that we should “give in” to higher taxes because the politicians, be it either party, won’t stop spending. We need to force them, through elections to stop spending. You’re obviously a bright guy but your common sense on this one is all out of whack.

    Your reason for voting for Obama is also deeply disturbing, but at the same time a ray of hope. It’s disturbing in that you would vote for someone specifically for reasons of race. Ye it’s terrific that a minority rose above barriers and became president; however, it would be much better if it was a minority with a better understanding and belief in core american values, the free market, and foreign policy. Your comment is a ray of hope in that the primary reason i am not depressed today is that I don’t believe the elcetion of such a liberal individual is an indication of a shift by the majority of the populace to liberalism but instead either knee-jerk reaction by mis-informed individuals about economics or those voting simply due to skin color such as yourself.

    Comment by Blake -

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  141. I have never felt so proud to be an American last night this country showed me that they want to change for the better that they want to break down the barriers and make a better world for the next generation. I must admit I cried a bit, it was a marvelous moment.

    Comment by tnameat -

  142. I’m proud too Mark. Bravo. I am in Italy right now, and it seems to me that the whole world may be happy.

    Comment by danielmcvicar -

  143. I had no idea how important yesterdays election was until today. I had to go to Chicago today and I was amazed at the level of pride that was flowing from the minority population. From what I’ve seen today I think you’re right on with this post. Hopefully Mr. Obama can live up to a tenth of what is expected of him.

    Comment by Shawn Shepherd -

  144. What civil rights aspired to was non-discrimination (that the most qualified candidate would be elected irrespective of his race), not reverse discrimination (that a man with whose platform you disagree should get your vote simply because he is a minority).

    Dr. Kind sought a world in which men would be judged by the content of their charcter not the color of their skin. I believe he would be saddened by the sentiment you have expressed here.

    Comment by Noah -

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  146. Yeah, but I was kind of hoping to see Sarah Palin for the next four years. You gotta admit, she’s pretty hot.

    Comment by Phil Lester -

  147. An international perspective for you. Over the past 8, and I would say probably 10 years your country has had a major image problem. Even within some of your staunchest political allies (such as here in Australia) there has been overwhelming mistrust and even open ridicule of your country.

    The election of Obama is like hiring the right CEO at the right time for a company. He has given you instant credibility, he has re-ignited the international community’s willingness to engage and he has inspired many to believe that the people of the USA are not the clichés we are led to believe.

    As for most of the responses above about experience and his personal socialist leanings, the proof for him (like all of your presidents) will be in the team he surrounds himself with. If he can let go the cloak and dagger style of precious administrations and get open, smart innovative people around him – he will prove himself a great leader.

    Two weeks ago I was visiting Silicon Valley and told some of my colleagues there that I couldn’t believe that Americans would have the courage and foresight to elect Obama. I apologise completely for the lack of faith!

    Comment by Justin Barrie -

  148. I agree that the election of Obama will reinvigorate the American
    Dream. However, this reinvigoration will fade. What will happen when people start receiving their tax breaks, aka welfare checks? This, along with his healthcare plan and other socialist ideologies, will only make people more dependent on the government. Depending on the government to provide for you is not part of the American Dream.

    Comment by Kevin -

  149. MC “No one likes more taxes, but dems and repubs alike both are
    gutless when it comes to cutting ridiculous spending. So until
    we stop them from wasteful spending, we can only expect tax

    Like all of us you are entitled to your opinion and the right to
    back it with your vote. All I see is another Jimmy Carter. But your answer to the post above strikes
    at the heart of the issue, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are still the
    leaders of Congress and while they will all enjoy the 100 day honeymoon
    they will eventually revert to what they have always been, spendthrifts
    who are more interested in reelection than in helping the country
    move forward.
    For those of us who were not on the winning side I suggest we adopt
    the refrain “We shall overcome”

    Comment by MickeyG -

  150. I’m sorry, but if one needs an election as motivation, then be concerned for when the after-glow wears off. I see, back to being lazy, expecting hand-outs, and a free ride. Whatever!

    Comment by Gene -

  151. “…lack of two party checks and balances…”

    Funny how that never seemed to bother anyone in the early Bush years…

    Comment by Michael Long -

  152. electing a black man to be president, or rather electing a multi-racial man to head our multi-racial nation, is a terrific thing and will finally demonstrate a couple of very important points: we are who we say we are in this country — a diverse group of people, 2) as you said, anyone can achieve anything in America, 3) that black people “can” — a thought that i think is sorely missing from a lot of arguments.

    obama has his work cut out for him, but i think he’ll do fine, come to the middle — bacause he’s smart, and be inspirational, something our country is sorely lacking!

    Comment by simply scott -

  153. Interesting you would be supporting such a person who is an arab, terrorist,

    Just kidding. I agree with ya. Obama is a game-changer.

    Comment by rob b -

  154. Mark,

    I too voted for Obama for many of the same reasons you suggested. On top of these I felt that it sends the right message to the rest of the world and that is that the time of America as an aggressive, egotistical nation is over. Electing Obama is the first step in rebuilding our relationships that have been shattered by the Bush Administration.

    The election of Obama has brought those who had previously felt insignificant back into the arena where they feel like their voice is heard. For a democracy to be legitimate every citizen must be involved. Those who are displeased with the election results will continue to work hard; the President will not affect their work ethics. Having a few disgruntled Americans is a smal price to pay for the good that will come out of having inspired so many who were previously without hope.

    The election is over and, like it or not, Obama is our President. It is important for everyone to take give him a fair shot and do their best to be positive and proactive as he sets out to do what may feel is impossible, and that is to rebuild our country.

    Comment by Andy -

  155. Wow look at all of these ass-kissers. Mark you should call this blog the “Cuban ego post.” It’s clear that you continue to kiss ass to blacks so as to help unite the Mavericks. And you continue to talk about the economy and investments as if you have a clue what you are talking about.
    Only fools would think you have any idea about investments. The fact is you got lucky by having your broker automatically cash you out during the dotcom bubble. was really worth maybe $20 million at best. Let’s see how much Yahoo would pay for it today.

    And look at all of these goofs on here with their ass-kissing posts “Mark you are so right”..”Mark you should be president.” The fact is that you only look intelligent when placed among idiots like the people that read your blog-you know, the same idiots who watch the circus show NBA games. What a joke league. It’s not much different than the WWF with a ball except the violence is real and it’s usually directed to fans and coaches by the players. The NBA is a disgrace-hotdogs, ball hobs, idiots. That is why they get their butts waxed when they play overseas. That is why I will only watch college ball.

    Mark, do everyone a favor and stick to your NBA team. You haven’t had any real success with them after all these years so maybe you should focus more on them. You might want to seek some professional help to address your 14 year old maturity level and constant need for attention because you act like some trailer trash fool who won the lottery. If fact, that is exactly what happened.

    Comment by Todd -

  156. Mark, great post and I agree with you. I voted Libertarian and think that’s the centrist model we should move towards. I hope the Democrats remember that.

    For all the people that think race doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t but it does. It’s easy to dismiss that when you’re white. It’s still a problem in the US, a much smaller problem and shrinking all the time, but this is a big moment. IT energizes the company and it should.

    If you’re in the middle, which is where I am, you might pay taxes. But how many of you make more than $250k a year? I do (barely), and if I apy 3% more on the amount over $250k, which is how taxes work, it’s hundreds of dollars. If you make $350k a year, you pay $3k more on the last $100k, which is $3k! If that is a problem, then you are seriously mismanaging your life and we can’t run the country based on your mistakes.

    For the vast, vast majority of people, those that make around or below $100k, the Dems have promised no new taxes, which incidently is what Mr. Bush Sr promised in 1988 (I voted for him).

    I would like to see less socialism, but the sky isn’t falling. And get the abortion/gay rights stuff out of marriage. Amazing how many right wingers want to say that government is too big and should stay out of our lives except when they think it should be in there. Believe what you want; I respect your religon, but it’s yours, not mine.

    Comment by Steve Jones -

  157. To vote for Obama because he is 1/2 black reveals how ridiculous this election became. For black people to be equal in America they have to be treated as equals. Obama is an unsuccessful attorney that has come out of the most corrupt political machine in the country. With a little luck and some typical “Chicago style” politics he was able to become a US Senator without having a contested race. The Democrats immediately showcased him since they are supposed to be the party of the minorities and they had no one else. His main competition in the primary is a former first lady who became a US Senator in a state that would have voted in Paris Hilton if she carpetbagged in and ran as a democrat. The economy crashes conveniently during the final campaign predominately due to failed democratic policies that caught up to us which were blamed on President Bush who had nothing to do with it. If Obama were not half black he wouldn’t have even been in the election. We are stuck with two more lawyers running the executive branch – three including Michelle – and no clue how to run the country. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball because he was great at what he was paid to do. Obama may be great at giving speaches and avoiding answering questions directly as he has been trained to do, but that is not what the President is paid to do.

    Comment by Dubious Brother -

  158. We need to be totally supportive of our new President regardless
    of who we voted for. This is what a democracy is about. I’m grateful
    for your mature, forward, all inclusive thought that you share in
    moderation – which gives your ideas more impact.

    I didn’t vote for Obama but I am totally supportive and enthusiastic
    for him. God Bless this country.

    FYI For all the people who voted for Obama because he is black – he
    doesn’t qualify within Federal minimum standards for race as a “black” African
    American. He is in fact an Arab African American. But really it is
    irrelevant what his ethnic background is!

    Comment by karen -

  159. I’m sorry, but where is our patriotism?? he was sworn into Senate
    on the friggin Koran, this is American, founded on Christianity.
    he does not respect our Pledge of Allegiance, and wants to change
    our National Anthem, come on people, this is our Country, our
    forefathers would be turning in their graves. Yes, it’s awesome that
    a half black man is president elect, we have come a long way, but
    please do not lose GOD! We need to do more than pray for him!!!!

    Comment by Christina -

  160. If you are half black and half white why do you get to claim that you’re black?

    Comment by Joe Bob -

  161. “In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.”

    Unless the child has the misfortune of being a girl.

    Comment by Ana -

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  163. Mark, you hit the nail on the head in your comment. It’s not about taxes – its about spending!. Also what is up with the comments in firefox. The word wrap isn’t working and I can’t see half of what I post.

    Comment by Jason -

  164. you mean bullish on New America.. right?

    because otherwise you’re in for disappointment.

    Comment by Don Lando -

  165. Anyone who calls Obama a “socialist” is a complete idiot. Look up what capitalism means, look up what socialism means. Compare to current US policy, compare to Obama policies. More right-wing drivel that lacks meaning.

    Comment by JC -

  166. To the other ROD above: Learn to spell before you criticize. You HEARD as in HEAR not HERE that people said that they voted for Obama to avoid paying for gas and mortgage. Facts please: You did not ever “here” anyone say any of this as it is ridiculous and barely deserves a response.

    Comment by Rod (the smart one) -

  167. Even though Mark said “Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could.” He WASN’T spotlighting race as the main factor. If you believe that, you are a bit naive or aren’t hearing what he’s saying. He’s spotlighting the fact that the electorate can indeed think openly; and in this case trusting that a black man with little experience can be the ability to lead the country was a huge leap of faith. And belief. Belief is the key word. Many of his naysayers argue that he can’t be pinned down… What are his allegiances… And you know? Maybe it is hard to pin him down. But I voted, and I think Mark also did, on BELIEF.

    Obama is a figurehead. People look to him and believe. He’s an Icon. That’s what this country truly needed. People believe he will ultimately make the proper decisions when he has to, regardless of party stance. I sure do. And that’s why he won, in my opinion of course.

    And to those of you that think Obama will be giving more free-rides, I very strongly disagree. Even in the tone of his speech last nite, you could tell he was taking the stance of “We ALL have to contribute.” In fact, if you’ve had a free ride so far, I say prepare to take responsibility for your inaction.

    Comment by Mark G. -

  168. Since when does race inspire people? The I have a dream speech was very clear…to take race out of the equation.

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” MLK

    Mark, I respect your opinion a lot. However, your explanation of why you voted for Obama ensures the real DREAM has still not been realized. While it is inspiring to see an African American elected president, I just wish it was because of his character, ideas and policies and not because of the color of his skin.

    Comment by Damon -

  169. When he fails will his race be blamed? Or his policies? Or both?

    Comment by Robert -

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  171. “…no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.”

    My kids are hardworking, independent thinkers, … yada yada.

    They also have no chance of becoming President, as they were born
    in another country. (And, should it matter, they have lived here
    for most of their youth, they are indistinguishable from ‘normal’
    American kids).

    So you’ll understand if I call BS on your statement.

    Comment by Jack -

  172. Mark –

    Your Dallas Mavericks almost out-scored the McCain/Palin “Mavericks”!!!!

    I’m sure you’ll be happy to get your team name back where it belongs… on the sports pages!

    Comment by Jay -

  173. My problem is the same as some of the recent posters. This election of Obama is nice and rejuvenating for the American Dream, but at what cost to regular people?

    For the 38% who don’t pay income tax and are living in America off handouts, they do better with Obama. For the uber-rich, yeah it sucks to write out higher tax payments, but you won’t miss the money.

    However, for a large area of middle class people like me, this is not worthy of celebrating just because we elected an African American as President.

    I have the standard two children, college savings obligations, 401k obligations, wasted money on Social Security I’ll never get a penny of obligations, and I make just enough to not even get back a cent any of the tax rebates.

    So now I will have to pay additional taxes on top of the ludicriously disproportionate high rate I pay today? This is a problem, and pie-in-sky thinking that we voted in someone different won’t help me provide for my family at night, especially in this dismal economy today.

    More taxes for me DO mean a lot less of things which I have to give up. All so I can support 38% of the country of which (pardon the unsupported generalization) a good part have no motivation to even try to improve because we give them everything subsidized by Joe Taxpayer for free.

    Making a blanket statement that oh, well taxes would go up eventually anyway due to wasteful spending in Congress, etc, is not the answer. Electing someone who automatically is going to raise taxes surely is not going to solve that problem either.

    So being a regular Joe who is going to have to shoulder the load and make my salary stretch for my family, taxes, and probably 10 people who don’t pay income taxes yearly now, this is not a day to celebrate long term because we elected an African American at all.

    Comment by Kyle -

  174. Didn’t vote for Obama, but I intend to support him 100%. It’s great to see the country reinvigorated.

    -“So why did I vote for him ?” Its simple. Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could.”

    So, the color of this candidate’s skin was the single most important factor in making your decision?

    -“In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.

    Someone please explain to me why this isn’t contradictory. Essentially, race is not a determinant in getting elected, but it is what determined who I voted for.

    Comment by Michael -

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  177. Today is a day that has changed my outlook on being an American.
    For the first time I am proud of what stands before us and the
    decisions that we have made as a country to see beyond our
    selfishness. Today is bright and I feel the hope and bonds
    that were met and will continue as all of us work together
    to make our country great. But this time with Love and good
    intentions and not greed and power. Thank you. My children
    Thank you… Change is powerful and so inspiring.

    Comment by Jeannine -

  178. Hell Yes.


    The rest of the world sees us now and sees hope, where they once saw 8 years of War, Fear, and a return to dogma and general ineptitude.

    Let’s make America great again, through American ingenuity. Everyone can participate.

    Comment by david -

  179. Right on Mark! I think the election really embodies the attitude that the nation seems to have lost and needs to rekindle. No matter the circumstances, you have to keep pressing forward. As a young entrepreneur, this holds especially true personally.

    Have a great one,

    Comment by Steven Kovar -

  180. Well said, Mark! And I don’t often agree with you.

    Comment by Luis -

  181. You probably put a lot more into your decision but your post makes it sound like you based the majority of your decision on race and that it was the determining factor. I would consider that racist (in a reverse sort of way). I look forward to a day when race has nothing to do with an election and people vote for the candidate in which they agree with their platform, views, policies, experience, etc. I also look forward to when companies can hire who they feel is most qualified and not be forced to hire someone they wouldn’t normally hire to meet a race quota set by the government. I suppose it’s just the pendulum swinging back from where we were 50 years ago but I’m ready for it to stop swinging.

    Also, I tend to disagree with your thoughts about Obama’s economic plan jump starting America’s economy. The American dream and becoming wealthy is what drives most entrepreneurs and young Americans. If there are just more penalties at the top wouldn’t that make some folks settle down in middle class rather than becoming super wealthy and creating corporations that give jobs to thousands and stimulate the economy? Heck, under Obama’s economic plan corporations would be taxed as well, so that’s one more penalty for becoming successful. And everyone knows that the corporations will pass that higher tax rate down to consumers through price increases and so on anyways. Companies aren’t just going to take it on the chin. So the people keep paying it, just not directly to the government. Also, if you are given tons of tax breaks and benefits when you’re broke, wouldn’t that be motivation for some to keep getting the hands out and not be forced to work hard to become successful?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sold out believer of the trickle down effect, but I think there is some medium in there. I just hope that his ideas don’t hinder the capitalism that has made America as successful as it is. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it will indeed ignite our country like you say. I sure hope so.

    Disclaimer: I am not a disgruntled and vengeful McCain supporter. I think Obama has a lot to offer and I’m not trying to imply he was voted in because he’s black. I think he was voted in because America believes he is the best candidate for the job. For what it’s worth, I’ll personally get huge tax breaks under his plan. I’m just looking for honest answers, especially someone as monetarily successful as yourself.

    Comment by David -

  182. So true Mark! This is a defining moment for America and for
    the future of Chicago on the world stage. More things seem possible
    now than ever before and that will transfer to productivity
    for certain, it’s human nature.

    Comment by Steve M -

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  184. As a staunch conservative Mark, I basically agree with your post. We
    will, of course, have to see what Obama actually does once he starts
    to actually lead this country. We still don’t have ANY idea how he
    will goevern, do we? Is he going to be an extreme leftist, like he
    was in the Senate? Or will he move to center…as he has done during
    his Presidential run? I pray not the former, as we will really be in
    for a tough ride.

    One issue with your post troubles me. You say you have no problem
    with Obama raising your effective tax rate to 40%. Of course you
    don’t. With all due respect, you are worth several billion dollars.
    A tax increase basically doesn’t affect you. But it surely does to
    the man/woman who makes $120,000 a year (the figure the DEMS
    eventually ‘settled’ on as their little threshold for high tax rates).
    I’d like to know why it is fair that this segment of Americans
    have to take it time and time again every time a Democrat gets
    elected President?

    Am I also to assume that you have no problem with Obama raising
    Capital Gains? I’m very curious on your thoughts on this.

    Again, this is the problem with successful visionaries like you. Your
    wealth affords you a measure of idealism, which in and of itself is
    not bad…in fact, this is a vital component of the American spirit.

    But I fear this is more about hypocrisy (you) and class envy in our
    society. Yay! Obama won! Let’s stick it to the rich now! That will
    solve all the greed that has gone on the last 8 years!

    Sad. I sincerely pray Obama shocks and surprises me in a good way.
    I really do.

    I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ve seen it too many times.

    From MC>
    Im ok with his stated jump to 20pct in cap gains. Remember 2 things on the inc tax. first, it wont take place till after the current plan expires in 2011. 2nd, its right back where we were in the late 90s. The cap gains tax is still lower. You should have seen the checks i have had to write when i have sold companies. I hated writing them, but I survived just fine.
    No one likes more taxes, but dems and repubs alike both are gutless when it comes to cutting ridiculous spending. So until we stop them from wasteful spending, we can only expect tax increases.

    Comment by Kenneth Holland -

  185. Mark,

    Rather than look at the color of candidates, don’t you think it makes more sense to look at issues that your candidate represents?

    I think it’s great that America is energized; however, color shouldn’t be the factor that extrapolates passion for America. If this, is indeed, the reason you voted for him, then maybe aree country hasn’t come too far along, after all.

    – Scott

    Comment by Scott -

  186. You nor anyone else would ever hire this man to run even a convenience store based on his “experience and now his set to run the last true Superpower. Not only that, he has ZERO military experience yet will be in charge of the world’s largest military, he abhors capitalism and wants to redistribute the wealth to those to lazy to pursue the American Dream…..he has a disdain for white people as has his relationship with Jerimiah Wright and other black leaders who hate the US will attest too……this a man whose presidency was clearly manufactured by the liberal media and it is a disgusting, sad day that this country was part of the biggest swndle in US History!!

    Comment by Todd Stanton -

  187. I agree with many things that Mark Cuban writes here in his blog, but the reasons in voting for Obama, I can’t agree with. While he has reinvigorated people and gotten them involved in the process in the short-term, his policies and ideals for America in the long-term are scary.

    A full 38% of the population in America today do not pay income taxes. He wants to give them more for doing nothing and create an even larger welfare state. He wants to take from those who work and give more to those who don’t. In essence, money should be distributed based on need rather than ability to create wealth. This idea was first introduced by Karl Marx.

    This also came out in the election when Obama met “Joe the Plumber” and told him that he wanted to “spread the wealth around”.

    Now that the election has taken place, the one thing we can do is pray for him as our president and pray for our country as a whole.

    Comment by Gerry -

  188. Thank you Mark. I agree pretty much 100%. This election wasn’t about specific policy.

    Comment by Mark T -

  189. As a libertarian leaning kind of guy, I have to now agree with you on both not
    liking a lot of his economics, but also thinking the “hope” alone that he
    generates could boost confidence – especially the consumer variety. As soon as
    I heard he had clinched the Presidency, I wondered for the first time about
    whether just a chance to exciting leadership will allow mind to triumph over
    matter to life us out of the crisis.

    Although, back in the Great Depression we had our 1929 wake up call and the
    economy still slid in ’32. This led to FDR’s election in ’33. I wonder if by
    Obama coming into this at 1930, not 1933, if it could pave the way for
    backlash if a 1932 downturn is still in the works?

    Comment by Nick Pinkston -

  190. Apparently more people were driven by “making history” than by the policies of who they elected.

    I can’t help but wonder how a socialist Obama will deal with the realities of capitalism. I can’t help but wonder how his ability to restructure the Supreme Court will affect our country’s future. I can’t help but wonder how the “Fairness Doctrine” will affect freedom of the press.

    I am a small business owner. I can’t help but wonder how I am going to stay in business. I can’t imagine how “making history” is more important that how our country will be governed.

    Comment by FML -

  191. Wow…Great post Mark!!

    Comment by Michael -

  192. Eating my Obama-O’s as we speak!!

    Comment by Hannan Shahid -

  193. Great post, love the stance.

    Comment by Avery H -

  194. Gobama!

    Comment by Nick -

  195. “I have said it before, the power of the American Spirit is
    what separates our country from every other”

    Oh my god … just when I was reading the post and thought
    “Hmm .. yes .. good points”. So, no other country in the world has
    citizens that hope for change; work around politicians that fail
    to deliver; overcome troubles to build a better country?

    You really believe this? Yet again, the insular overcomes education.

    Comment by Michael Gove -

  196. Great post Mark.

    I completely agree. I’m a registered Democrat, but their economic policy is loopy at time.

    Comment by Charles Ju -

  197. Well said, Mark. Hope has been instilled in the American people once again!

    Comment by Alex -

  198. Well said Mark, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Comment by Ben Wolf -

  199. Mark,
    Believe me, I am French and, living here in the United States of America is very special today.
    French president Sarkozy is trying so hard to unify our country despite the lack of real patriotism and acceptance to sacrifice old privileges… It’s very hard for me to keep believing that people can overcome there differences to work together in order to create a better life for every citizens.
    Hopefully, this election shows a lot of will to change the way things are. Americans are much more inclined to do whatever needs to be done to rise from dark ages and it was a real blast to feel this vibrant shockwave yesterday.
    America and Europe need each other so much to overcome worldwide problems that it’s with great hope and enthusiasm that we are witnessing the election of Barrack Obama.
    God bless America…

    Comment by Xavier -

  200. You miss the most important points….it is not about his color, it is all about his lack of stated defining principals (and not those you modify after looking at polling results), his socialist ideology, and his lack of transparency over who his affiliations truly are. He lied about the nature of his relationship with Ayers for one, and I am sure we will eventually be “shocked” and “surprised” by revelations that will be forthcoming.
    I agree with your opinion of the resiliency of the American spirit and a certain we will survive this infliction as well. I am disappointed that so many of my fellow citizens missed the point about who we just elected to the highest office in our land. I am also waiting to be bemused by the outcry as he fails to deliver on his campaign “promises” that the electorate bought into.

    Comment by Mark -

  201. Well said Mark. It was my first time voting for a Democrat and I feel great about the positive outlook that Obama brings to the table.

    Comment by Jason -

  202. I couldn’t agree more. I’m 23, and I was starting to think I’d never see an election where the majority was genuinely excited about a candidate. I was in Grant Park last night and the feeling was amazing. Just writing about it now brings tears to my eyes–Not necessarily Obama himself, but the feeling out there was unbelievable.

    Comment by Clayton -

  203. Great post, Mark–I think you are absolutely right in your assessment of yesterday’s historic event.

    Comment by Joe OGrady -

  204. Great post Mark.

    I disagree with Obama on a lot of things, but you’re right–motivating America and giving them hope will go a lot farther to fix our problems than any legislation ever could.

    You are right on point.

    BTW your right-hand nav bar makes it kinda hard to enter comments, it overlaps the comment text box in Firefox so I can’t see what I’m typing half the time.


    Comment by Jason Kolb -

  205. I am a libertarian so there is little about Obama’s policy that I agree with. But last night I was so proud for him. I couldn’t help think about how Martin Luther King’s dream was realized. How this will inspire millions and educate millions more by seeing Obama as a capable and brilliant leader.

    Comment by pettus -

  206. I agree whole heartedly. I never expected a black president to be elected, not even this year with one leading the polls going into election day, but it happened. And as a cynical and occasionally apathetic young man, I am invigorated by it. I don’t expect a bunch of change to come from an oval office run by Obama, but I do expect alot of change coming from a populace that again believes.

    Comment by Grant -

  207. I’m glad to see you bullish Mark. I for one am depressed a heck! The man has NO experience. Sure he looks god and can deliver a line but is that enough? Can the hopes of a depressed nation be turned on the charisma of of its leader? Mark, we’re all going to find out what “the most liberal senator” as president can do with a majority House and Senate to “fix” our country. They’ve got the keys to Washington D.C. and that frightens me. The list of liberal programs from universal health care to global warming (wringing the green from our money to make it that clean) is going to bankrupt our country if not monitored carefully. Like I said he has a heavily controlled compliant congress to back him up. I wish I had your sense of enthusiasm moving forward but enthusiasm and four buck will get me a coffee these days.


    Comment by Bryan -

  208. You perfectly stated the importance of this event in non-partisan, logical terms. Thanks.

    Comment by Drew -

  209. What a great post. I felt similarly just before the election:
    Leadership and attitude are everything.

    Comment by Kelly Phillips Erb -

  210. Mark,

    My thoughts exactly. I also voted for our new president.

    Comment by MSC -

  211. It’s not the tax policies that worry me, it’s the socialistic programs and lack
    of two party checks and balances that do.

    Comment by John R. -

  212. You are a wealthy idiot. Energizing people becuase they think they are going to be given money from the government is ridiculous. I here people say I voted for Obama because I will not have to wory about paying for gasoline or making my house note. The government does not fix things. The government does not make people prosperous. Government regulation certainly does not promotr free enterprise. It is a shame we have to be propserpous in spite of gevernment invervention. Additonally, the morals of our country have steadily been goign down the drain. Obama will open the drain a little wider. More abortions, over look illegal immigration, be nice to terrorist. IF our nation is great it will be in spite of Obama not because of him!

    Comment by Rod -

  213. Mark,

    You have always been someone I’ve looked up too and this post makes it obvious that most of the decisions I make in life are pretty much dead on. I’m really excited about what has happend last night and more excited to see what happens in the future.

    Comment by Jay -

  214. Agreed.

    Comment by kenyongerbrandt -

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