I Hate to Lose

No question the start of the season has been a struggle for the Mavs and all of our fans.  I guess the good news is that hopefully we are getting the bad part of the season out of the way at the beginning rather than during the end of the year, as we have the last several years.

I hate to lose, and we are going to do everything we can to get everyone on the same page so we can finish games the same way we have been starting them.

Thanks to all Mavs fans for hanging in there with us. I hate to lose games as much as you do, but the season is just starting. We have gone through struggles before, and Im sure we will go through them again.  As will every team.

What seperates the Mavs from other teams is that we have great fans who have stuck with us through our entire history.  My committement as always, is that Im going to make sure we do everything we possibly can to set things in the right direction.


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  2. I think we should try to acquire Sean Williams from the Nets. Jason Kidd has been amazing with athletic big men who can fly with their leaping abilities. Take a look at how Kidd did on the Nets when Kenyon Martin was still on the team. Kidd is great paired with one of those players and Sean Williams brings that kind of player to the team. Not only that, he also provides the interior intimidation factor that would make guards think twice when taking it to the hole. Sean Williams is a perfect fit.

    Comment by Kevin -

  3. id rather loose the first half of the season than loosing the 2nd half and the post season,
    give them time to adjust and believe.. mavs will surprise the world this coming playoffs..

    Comment by Claiborne.. -

  4. Mark

    Think about adding Chris Webber as short term boost for the Mavs. The probably won’t cost much and the guy can still pass and rebound.

    Comment by Dennis Konopatzke -

  5. It looks like we’re bouncing back already… currently, 6-7 with 4
    straight wins. Our Opponents FG% is second in the league!

    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Justin -

  6. i hate to lose too. listen to me mark if you actually read these comment. get up with the clippers and get kaman for us. chris kaman can take us to the promised land.

    oh, and forget about starbury. =)

    Comment by robc -

  7. I think that when Mark Cuban bought the Mavs he and Don Nelson & staff did a great job in turning around the Mavericks. I was a part time fan back before they got good and became a decent fan since. First, I think that getting rid of Don Nelson was a mistake, look at what he is doing with this team now. I think that the decisions that Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson are making now are not good. I think that bringing in Jason Kid was a mistake. Now they are supposedly looking at bringing in Zach Randolph and take on another big contract for a few years. Big mistake…Hey, I’m not saying that Cuban doesn’t want to win, but it seems like mistakes are starting to pile up and before you know it, you will start having a New York Knicks team. Hopefully the Mavs are smarter than that, but as I see it, some teams are starting to get better and the Mavs are being left behind. I hope that better decision are going to be made as they move forward.


    Comment by Chris -

  8. It’s great spending money on talent. Talent doesn’t win games.
    You can’t buy heart, and that what this Mavs team is missing.
    Being up against Miami and losing shows that when the going gets tough, the Mavs join Elvis and leave the arena.
    Dirk would be an unbelievable #2 option.

    Comment by Bozak -

  9. I am optimistic that our season will turn around. Good Luck and Go Mavs!

    Comment by The Houston Electrician -

  10. Mark,

    From one IU grad to another…press on. Turn the establishment upside down. By the way, I’m a Sox fan, but if you take ownership of the Cubs I’ll trade my Black and White for Cubbie blue and red.

    Comment by Craig Collins -

  11. ‘I Hate to Lose’

    That would explain the charge of insider trading.

    Comment by Arthurstone -

  12. DEFEND! DEFEND! DEFEND! anybody can shoot.

    Comment by LOS -

  13. i dont see how you expect to win with a team of spares, you should have sold off
    dirk while he still had some value, the same way you sold that stock to
    avoid a loss, except selling a player isnt criminal.

    Comment by gary -

  14. Mark Cuban is a pompous **ick

    Comment by Josh Cannon -

  15. cough *AVERY*

    Comment by Karl Kevilus -

  16. Whats up Mr.Cuban? I have a question regarding the team and players on the team. I saw on yahoo the other day about a guy on there team who is a undrafted rooki and put up about 28 points to help his team win the game. I think he plays for Golden State. So my question is If you knew of a guy who would have instant impact on the league and you had a chance to get him off the streets would you do it. I swear and you probably have heard this before i have seen this guy. He was in the service for years and he busted but all over the world . I was not sure if he was really this good so I follwed him around a few years and checked out his attitude and everything he checked out. In one millitary game he scored about 13 3 poineters and then took off on this guy side ways. I’m not racist but he is white. And I’m a fan of the game . How could I get his footage to you . All i want you to do is look at it . This is not me this guy does not even live in my state anymore. I just though of this though b/c you are a business man and you like to go against what some would call tradition.

    Comment by Justin Young -

  17. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, As a mavs fan it hurts to see what has become of the Team
    not saying were done at all, but we need to make some moves now. I know the season is young but we
    are In need of a center who posses some offensive threat, with kidd and Damp really not scoring, the whole load
    goes to dirk,terry, howard, and the bench. We need a center who can produce points. I, was thinking
    about Sean williams is a great payer, with great upside, we need a younger center
    and he could be the answer, he is tall enough to play the 5 and can run, unlike our current centers,
    as we saw in both the bulls game and the knicks game. We need a more athletic center, It is time to
    part ways with Damp, Diop is needed for the teams with bigger centers( and he is still young)
    while williams can be great for teams with more athletic centers. We Don’t need Ewing in the post
    but a guy that could hit the midrange shot would be great. Looking ahead The free agent class of 2009
    will be great look for ben gordon the kid can score; finally a solid two guard. The kidd trade a worthy gamble,
    however it looks to be his last year in dallas, please please Don’t resign him. 20 million gets freed up
    from one player, yes we need a point guard, but we need a Center who can score, please. If I see Damp
    miss a layup again I’m going to cry. One last thing please resign Bass and green, these guys are good
    players who will be great. Biggest need at the moment is a center who can at least make a layup or
    15 footjump shot that threat in deep would make us so much better, I know that the mavs have had
    success without one but it is needed, Look at all the teams that won nba championships, they did it
    with guys like Shaq, Duncan, Garnett, Olajuwon. Jordan is the exception here and unless you plan on
    getting lebron ( I can dream right) we need a Center who posses an offensive threat.

    Comment by Alex -

  18. Don’t feel bad….I’m a Clippers fan….even thought the clips beat the mavs.

    Comment by West -

  19. I traveled to Chicago this last Thursday for the Bulls Mavs game and was asked “why are you a Mavs fan?” I responded “I am a glutton for punnishment”

    We were up by 20 points in the first quarter and still lost the game. Ever have beer thrown at you because you are cheering too loud?? I have.

    Up until two years ago I lived in San Antonio-they have great fans. They really support their team and cheer with enthusiasm. But they are nothing compared to TRUE Mavericks fans like myself. No fans in the league are for that matter.

    I’ve suffered through the 11 and 13 win seasons, watched our rise to power, was there when we finally made it over the mountain (so I thought) by beating the spurs, Grinned and beared the 72 text messages making fun of me the night we lost the championship, and chugged beers when we underachieved against Golden State.

    Its all given me a great story to tell my grandkids the night we DO win the championship. GO MAVS!!!!!!

    Comment by SilkJohnson -

  20. Since you’ll be spending a bit of time in the clink, maybe you can
    come up with a new roster you bastard!!!!

    Comment by G man -

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  22. I’m curious as to why people are making comments about OTHER issues
    which have nothing to do with the Mavs. Anyway, on to the topic that matters.
    Admittedly, I haven’t been a fan of the Mavs for very long – I’m only 18
    and I’m from southern California, so of course, for most of my life,
    I followed the Lakers. I was never really into them, though, because
    even though I watched them, I always enjoyed watching the Mavs play more.
    They were so dynamic and everyone was so well meshed. These were back
    in the days when Steve Nash was also a Mav. Now I’ve been a Mavs fan for
    the past 5-6 years and while I haven’t always been impressed, I still
    watch any game I can (it’s hard to watch other teams when you live 45 minutes away
    from Los Angeles, and it’s even harder now that I’m in WA state for college),
    and when I can’t watch, I get the scores, etc off of the Internet.

    So I’ve been following them this season, as always, and I’m a little shocked.
    But like you said, I’m just hoping things will get better throughout the season
    and pick up at the end, as it has before. I know I’m a little idealistic
    and I’m not as thoroughly knowledgeable as a lot of other fans, but I still
    love the Mavs. I haven’t gotten to see a game yet, so I can’t see
    everything everyone else is seeing in regards to plays and utilizing players
    like Dirk, or how Kidd is doing, etc, but I have faith. I take a lot of flack
    from my friends and family for liking the Mavs, but they truly are my favorite team.

    Comment by Rachel -

  23. I will be at the Mavs v Rockets game Wednesday in Houston cheering on the Mavs. I’d love to have at least one night to be able to gloat in front of my Rocket fan friends.

    Comment by Jason S -

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  25. In all honesty Mark, Mavs fans are nothing more than bandwagoners. No one really cared about them until you showed up. Continue to lose and you’ll see why.

    Comment by Hugh -

  26. Mark’s going to jail. Even he can’t fight the feds. I know he hates to lose but his team is a loser and now he is a loser. See ya later buddy.

    I prefer syrup

    Comment by Steve -

  27. Marks going to jail. Get the lube ready!

    Comment by Bubba -

  28. Hey Markie Baby,
    How does it feel to got caught with your fingers in the cookie jar? Guess you aren’t as smart as you seem to think you are. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Oh, by the way, your non-denail denial is priceless and typical of one who knows how to bend words almost as well as he bends the laws to suit his own particular needs.
    Shame, Shame,
    Steve Thorwald

    Comment by Steve Thorwald -

  29. I am an optimist – especially when it comes to the Mavs. I bleed blue and white and green (is green still part of the official Mavs color scheme?). Anyway, the season is early and I think the team is working through the first stages of a new coach, somewhat new style and emphasis of play and some new personnel being in the rotation. I think they will find all of their cylinders before too long and move ahead.

    Comment by Matt H -

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  31. Mark – I appreciate the glory you have brought to the Mavs but you seem intent to pull us down as fast as you brought us up. The mistakes…

    Nash…sure he’d be aging now but look who you have. the Mavs would have at least one championship with him.

    Devin…a raw talent with the athleticism to match up against the West’s other elite point guard for a decade.

    Avery…who cares if some players were frustrated with him? His record speaks for itself. Besides show me a great coach who has never had players frustrated by high expectations.

    The Mavs were a young perennial contender a few minutes away from a championship. Now we’re an old team just good enough to be competitive with those we once expected to beat.


    Comment by JungTexican -

  32. Your the man mark and an amazing businessman. Your $40,000,000 purchase of a a jet on the web..
    is part of a future business plan I have.

    The SEC needs to file insider trading…accusations…under people with actual greed. $750,000
    on a web venture doesn’t cut it. Get a real job. SEC chumps.

    Goodluck Mark.

    Comment by Bryan Markwell -

  33. It’s been hard to watch, but I observed spark in the Knicks game. Let’s turn this ship around.

    Comment by AAJetMan -

  34. I will always be a MFFL!!! win or lose!

    Comment by cat -

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  36. Having been a fan since the first season. I have to say that this problem is indeed an identity crisis. Finding out hwo they are is gonna be difficult. You rarely can get older as a team and thrive. This is just more of the results left over from the Kidd trade. He is/was/always will be the tack in the foot of the lion. He is not a bad player or leader, but he is too selfish to let this team or any he has ever played for have an identity that did not start and end with him. The problem now is that he is the identity and he is a loser. Trade him or just can him and you will see instant improvement. I love the Mavs and watch every game, but I call it like I see it. Bash away!


    Comment by Mav in the Swamp -

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  38. Mark,

    I am not a Mavs fan, but I admire how you run your franchise. I haven’t always agreed with all of your personnel moves, but Mavs should be thrilled to have an owner who is not afraid to pull the trigger. An owner has to be willing to continuously look for opportunities to improve his team, and you do that. Sometimes it will backfire, but at least you try.

    I also believe you made a great choice for head coach. I am a Pacers fan and believe Rick Carlisle is a great coach and if it was not for the brawl with the Pistons would still be the Pacers coach. He has won everywhere he has been, and he will in Dallas.

    As a fellow IU alum, I have always admired what you have accomplished as an entrepreneur and you continue to impress as an NBA owner. Keep doing what you do and you will get your ring.

    Comment by Mark -

  39. Mark Cuban – “I HATE TO LOSE” so I break the law and sell using confidential insider information. Way to screw the poor bastards that bought without knowing what you knew.

    Are you gonna ‘spin this’ or come clean to knowingly breaking the law? Are you gonna claim that you weren’t financially sophisticated enough to understand the law? Are that you simply hate losing so much that you decided to cheat and screw others that did not have insider information?

    Can’t wait to see your mugshot…

    Comment by C -

  40. I am completely confident that the Mavs will bounce back. It just needs to be understood that they are no longer NBA elite. I still consider the Mavs to be playoff material, and could be potential trouble for 1st round matchup (regardless of what experts say). But I am in firm belief that they need a backup point guard. JJ is a nice player but one who can’t play D. Kidd needs to rest. God bless his 110% effort every night, if he can stay healthy he still one of the best PG in NBA. The development of Green will be key for this season. His game has the potential to lift the mavs out of scoring funk and his ability above the rim will also serve to boost moral and the crowd. He needs more minutes to gain confidence and swagger. Also, Bass must continue to be the “Beast” and not settle for the jump shot.

    Comment by Jesus Paras -

  41. Loved to see this post. I trust in you to make the right decisions
    with this team b/c you’re a fan first, owner second.

    Make it happen, capitan!


    Comment by Jessica Cullather -

  42. Thanks for blogging about the Mavs. I appreciate the financial advice, but most is over my head:) Dallas loves winners and at one point all our teams were losing…still a fan no matter what, but it feels so much better when we win! Let’s go MAVS!

    Comment by Margaret -

  43. Mark, I hate to lose too and I have always taught my kids that if they are going to play a sport, they better show up to win. A tie or a loss is just not acceptable or fun! Hang in there and if you have tough decisions to make…make them. Teams are not created by individual superstars…they are created by the spirit of an entire team to drive to success.

    I am looking for partners to join me in helping to support the Texas Tech Hockey team….who are a bunch of kids with spirit and drive and they are winning!! Unfortunately they are not sponsored by the University and so we must raise money to keep them playing and keep the city of Lubbock from closing the only ice rink down. It has been a struggle with local politics and a University that sees football as the only sport to fund. I just watched this Division II hockey team kick the snot out of 5th ranked Denver University this past weekend.

    These boys define the word “team” and perhaps kids like this could teach many pro teams a few things about playing with heart and being a team!! Would love to have your help, Lynn

    Comment by Lynn Durant -

  44. help mark please could u spot me a million please thanks let me know tc

    Comment by mel -

  45. I hate to lose AND I’m proud to be an American. Recalling the opening scene in the movie “Patton” where he says, “Americans love a winner…”, I have a question. Why do Americans not compete in Formula 1?
    Mr. Cuban, I saw you in Edmonton at the Indycar race there. You must have an interest in open-wheel racing. Aside from the World Cup and the Olympics, Formula 1 is THE MOST watched sporting event in the world. FIA, F1’s governing body, has stripped the United States of its race, and I can only think that part of the reason is because we haven’t fielded an international team. As an American, I find this deplorable. Why can’t we get our collective heads out of the sands of Daytona and finally build a car with and American engine with an American driver and compete with Ferrari, BMW, McClaren, Renault, Toyota and Honda? We can shoot a fly off a camel’s butt with a missile from a thousand miles away and put men on the moon, but we can’t outrace the Europeans and Japanese?
    On the world stage of auto racing, we are a joke, clinging to our NASCAR.
    As an American with means, Mr. Cuban, you can be a driving force to put American swagger into the world’s premier motorsport.
    And you’ve got Jim Hall right there in Midland, Texas.

    Comment by John Russell Hartman -

  46. Hey Mark,

    I’m a Suns fan, but I’ve always enjoyed watching a league where the Dallas Mavericks are successful. You have a great team, and the Phoenix/Dallas rivalry has enriched my experience as a fan over the past couple of years.

    I sincerely hope you guys get everything sorted out.


    Comment by Ravi -

  47. Mark
    this is a shocker to us too. However those of us die hard fans know the season is early and believe in you and Ricks decision snad will continue to support and attend and cheer at every game.

    Comment by KK -

  48. Thick or thin, I’m a Mavs fan ’till the end.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  49. Long time fan Mark. I was very excited to see you purchase this team and inject some excitement into this town again concerning basketball. As to the current state of the team; I am saddened that the team has sunk so quickly from the high of the NBA Finals. I don’t know the answer but it seems pretty clear that the current group of players for what ever reason can not make it to that level again. I do have faith that you will find a solution to this although it may take you awhile to see the trees instead of the forest.



    Comment by Brian -

  50. I guess firing Avery wasn’t the answer afterall. I have to admit, I just don’t like this particular team a whole lot. That’s not to say I’m turning my back on the team just because they’re doing poorly, but there are clear problems on this team. Does the chemistry seem “off” to anyone else? Another thing that made the Mavs of a few years back better was their ability to push the ball and score. Now, half the time, it seems as though these guys are lost on the floor. I hope this team will shake things up here soon…perhaps by trading Josh Howard. Other than that, I suppose it’s too late to get Avery back and fire Carlisle?

    Comment by Dirk (not Nowitzki) -

  51. heads up boys, we’ll turn this around.
    keep believing.

    -mffl 🙂

    Comment by CY -

  52. Mark,
    Thank you, for being the owner, every fan dreams of. It’s a shame
    you and Jerry dont get better effort from the people you treat so well.
    Effort is the problem, and it’s not your fault. Its not Carlisle’s
    fault, either. Purely, a sorry assed effort from a select few,
    poisoning the entire barrell.
    Im equally sorry to read alot of these comments by peep’s telling
    you how to “fix” things. Idiots, alot of em.

    Thanks again, Mark. You are appreciated.

    Comment by george paschall -

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  54. I have no doubt that you will do whatever possible to continue to improve this team and get them back on track….We need a little swagger….

    Comment by John -

  55. Come on Mark, from an historic italian Mavs fan!
    I think that we’ve lost the train years go, but with some patience andsome good moves we can come back.
    We need some fresh legs, we need some presence in the post. And we have to start to think at the future! We can accept a bad year, if we make moves good for the future.
    Hang on and thanks for all,

    Comment by Vittorio -

  56. Seriously people – Mavs fans (I am one) are no better than other fans, and no more deserving to have their team do well. Mark, you can’t honestly say you’ll do everything in your power because we are the best fans – the fandom really doesn’t have anything to do with it other than that we keep buying tickets and products from your sponsors. I for one am satisfied that you value continuity and am pleased you’ve kept this core together – but I’m not willing to sit through years of mediocrity like the fans in Minnesota did with KG. Mark, tell us, how long must this team lose before you become steadfast in beginning a new era for the Mavs? I give you the time you need – you’ve earned it, but can you share your timeframe with us? Carlisle is a great coach and this team had great talent but the Mavs should be better than this, and maybe they just aren’t.

    Comment by Oxymoron74 @ Dallasbasketball.com -

  57. Mark, I cannot accept this for a number of reasons.

    Dirk Nowitzki is an absolute legend and does not deserve the crap that his teamates are coming up with. The big guy deserves a championship and Kidd is not the answer in order to help him get one.

    Regardless, I can whinge away being a loyal mavs fan about our current playing roster but that won’t do any good. However, dude, please, please get it in the head that trading off draft picks every year is what has screwed up our youth development. Whilst I understand that you’re a smart individual Mr Cuban, can you not deny that the most talented rosters around at present time are based around youth? Forget Boston as they are out of the discussion, however look at the Hornets, Blazers, Hawks. You catch the drift? Youth, everywhere yet we continue to send off draft picks each and every season and let alone fail to really draft anyone of any talents. Look at us taking Nick Fazekas instead of a legit C in Marc Gasol (who’s doing quite well in Memphis). Now we’ve traded 2 future second round picks for Shawne Williams? Come on man, that’s another waste. Yes he’s young, but 2 future 2nd rounders?

    What the mavs need is youth and for hells sake, get a young center. Dampier has been killing me for years now.

    I love big DD, but he’s not a low post offensive weapon, just a great defender in the post. We need some youthfall bigs man. Bass in way undersized to play at the 5.

    It’s time to build man. Dirk aint finished, he’s a mav for life. Rebuild around him and trade off the loose ends. Hell, that, or just tank the season and go to the lottery, assuming we still have any picks yet?

    Comment by Jim from Aus -

  58. Well everyone I’m just as big a Mav’s fan as the rest and see a lot of just wishful thinking being thrown out there.
    Moves were made at the end of last season and a new head coach. I have to agree to a point you have to give him time yes, but with the talent we have on the Mav’s team I’m sorry this is an unacceptable start!

    I believe now its time to make a move or this whole season will be shot. We need to look at bringing another big name (LJ) and get rid of Dirk if that has to be. We have to face the facts Dirk just might not have the hunger in him anymore. With a trade like this you might have to give up 2 or 3 players but you’ll at least have something better to build around.

    Comment by David -

  59. Do what they do in DC. Get in line for the government to bail your team out, then pay the players some bonuses to stay and hope things are better on Jan 21.

    Seriously, Jan 21 is a good date for the older players. People like Dirk, Shaq, Duncan have no business putting on a uniform before Jan 21. These are big guys who are getting old, the long season has to wear them down. I know they get paid a lot, but the beating they have taken in the paint their whole careers has got to be physically tough. Just get into the playoffs with a healthy team and see what happens.

    Comment by EG -

  60. I love the Mavs but…:

    I have one thing to say about this (so far) redicilous series…:


    15 points (in front) in 3rd against Orlando… Mavs losed!
    19 points against Chicago… Mavs losed!
    17 turnovers against Denver… Mavs losed!


    Come on boys…!?

    Comment by VinceSVD -

  61. I agree with Ruth – please don’t trade Dirk.

    Comment by donttradedirk -

  62. I was at the Bulls games last night and missed seeing you sitting behind the team screaming at the refs. Thought for sure we would win tonight at home and get beat by 10 in the fourth. I know you will get it figured out and that is why I am a MFFL, your passion for winning. As for those who think you should trade Dirk, apparently they don’t watch much NBA basketball or are just plain ignorant. We’ve had bad starts before and recovered extremely well. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Trevor -

  63. Anyone checked out the plus/minus ration for Stackhouse? This guy is killing us. I hate to sound like a John Hollinger nerd but Stack’s plus minus ratio is just awful. He comes into the game and kills all the momentum.

    Comment by John -

  64. Hi Mark,
    Sorry Mark, I only see your team winning 35 games this year. I am being very generous when I say that. Dirk is a good scorer but he is a liability on defense, and you will never win a championship with him. Please do not over look the young and athletic players. Your older player are running out of gas in the 4th quarter.

    Comment by Art -

  65. Mark,
    I have no idea if you actually read these comments but if you do I hope you pay attention to this one. I have followed the Mavs for my entire life and I have watched probably 90% of their games over the last 8-10 years. So I have a few suggestions for some things that might help this current team for this season. I have three main things (and a few things that tie together with the main points) I have noticed that if these three things were fixed this team could be much more effective:
    1) Get a young reliable back up point guard. Jason Kidd has actually been pretty good this season but he is obviously past his prime and I think would be muche more effective if he played maybe 5-8 minutes less per game. However, since there is no one else on the roster who can play PG for any significant stretch of time without grinding the the offense to an entire halt, Kidd has to play too many mintues which wears him down. Jason Terry is not a PG. He can’t defend, he doesn’t penetrate and dish well, and he just doesn’t seem to be ab;e to create any shots for anyone else on the court. Terry is only good at one thing which is scoring, which is why he could be a good 6th man. But a young PG that has some quickness can spell Jason Kidd for some stretches and could probably pick up some tips from Kidd as well. I have a few trades that might work, but I will save them for later in this post.
    2) Tell Rick Carlisle to use Dirk correctly. It is almost as if Rick has never watched Dirk ever play and doesn’t realize where he is effective and where he is not. Everyone knows Dirk likes to get the ball around the elbow or freethrow line where he can go left, right, or pull up and shoot. What he has never been is a traditional post-up power forward. Yet I see the Mavs time and time again try to generate the offense through an entry pass to Dirk on the block where nothing comes of it. Get Dirk back to the free throw line and let him create from there.
    3) Get rid of Jerry Stackhouse. Look Stack was great for this team. He was instrumental in getting this team to the finals in 06 and to 67 wins in 07. But he is done, done, done. What made Stack great was his ability to hit the corner three and to get to the free throw line. But, his outside shot has last any and all consistency and since he cannot hit it defenders don’t step out on him. Therefore he can’t drive to the rim anymore to draw fouls. He also cannot defend anybody, so all he is out there is dead weight. Now it is my understanding that we have a team option on him so this could be his last year. If I am correct about that then that would make his contract essentially an expiring contract right? If so I have a few trades that would work financially that could solve two of these three problems:
    a) Stack for Raymond Felton and Adam Morrison. Kind of a stretch becasue I am not sure how this helps the Bobcats, but the numbers work and I read the were interested in moving Felton
    b) Stack for Kyle Lowry and Darko Milicic. Memphis has too many PGs and Lowry seems to be the odd man out. This would be a perfect fit.
    c) Stack for Earl Watson. OKC is probably not interested in moving him but maybe throw in a 1st rounder.
    d) Try to pry Sergio Rodriguez away from Portland. I don’t know how you could pull it off but if you could that would be impressive.

    Anyway, I hope this finds its way to you.

    Comment by Taylor -

  66. What is going on ?? 0-4 at home. Losing game after game in the 4th quarter. These are not issues that can be attributed to a new coach. Jason Kidd trade has killed us. How could this team have fallen so fast. Very hard to where my Mavs gear right now. Something needs to be done.

    Comment by Keith Buohl -

  67. Mark – You are the best but please do not let Dirk go.
    He is the best player we have and if he goes the Mavs will never be the
    same without him. Most people, including me, would never
    watch or buy season tickets again. Why trash Dirk – people are
    so mean and cruel. Dirk is an outstanding human being, a good all
    around guy and plays his heart out. Maybe he goes through some
    stretches where is not on – but you can always count on him to be
    loyal to you, to the fans and to his team. He gets blamed for
    everything, whether good or bad, and maybe he would like to go play with
    a team that would appreciate him, I really don’t know – I just
    know we would be nothing without him.

    Comment by Ruth Rector -

  68. We will win against the Magic … why

    They do not have guards who like to take people off the dribble . They are a jump shooting team like us and that is why we have beat them so many time . Mavs win tonight. But when it come to guarding the majority of NBA rosters with guards ( even backup guards ) like A. Brooks in Houston anfJordan Farmar …. we are trouble until we sign a DEFENSIVE minded backup point guard to help us and J. Kidd.

    Brooks Torched us !!!
    Mo Williams Torched us !!!
    Derrick Rose did !!!
    Ben Gordon did !!!
    etc / etc

    Comment by DD -

  69. I am on board with you Mark .. I am still predicting a 56-26 season..keep the faith and LETS GO MAVS

    Comment by MFFL Brian -

  70. Nothing worse than losing…must be even harder as an owner/fan
    Hybrid. The game last night, Mavs seemed slow moving. I know personnel
    changes can effect strategy, but the Mavs don’t feel as fast and gritty
    as they used to be. I am sure you guys will turn it around. However, the
    Celtics will be repeating this year…FYI.

    Comment by Mark Murrell -

  71. Either Dirk has given up or the Mavs are hiding an injury from us.

    Kidd is clearly a superior player to Devin, but it looks like giving up the 1st rounders was a mistake.

    I had hope for Josh, but he clearly doesn’t want to turn into the player he used to “could’ve been”.

    Anybody gonna play any defense?

    The team is completely lost when Kidd goes to the bench. This team needs a backup point guard desperately. JJ Barea is an end-of-bencher in the NBA at best. Darrel Armstrong would be a better choice as a backup right now.

    Dirk should’ve been traded after the Golden State loss. That series after the Miami “championship” series has shattered him. Had we started the rebuild 2 years ago we could’ve gotten good value for him in picks and young talent. Now his value is dropped dramatically. Will we let it go until we get nothing for him like what happened with Nash?

    Comment by Brian -

  72. Hi Mark,

    I am a true believe and a season ticket holder. Just increased to 2 more tickets for this year for a total of 5 full season and 2 seats (4 mini game plans to cover the whole season).

    Love the Mavs. I think last nights game was the first where we beat a team in the 4th quarter. turn around has already begun..now we just have to work on rotation, defense andso we can win some games.it starts tonight!!!!


    Comment by Vash -

  73. Thanks for addressing the fans. I have always said that’s what seperates you from other owners. You are actually down to earth and show a genuine concern for the base.

    I don’t like this roster. Compare it to the 2006 team and it looks pretty pathetic. Too many jump shots.

    Comment by John -

  74. i luv ya mark – but time to stirt the pot and make something happen. get these guys moving on the court….give ’em disco dance lessons…something, anything!..peace.

    Comment by kevin -

  75. Mark, can we call the Jason Kidd experiment a failure and move on yet?
    This is just the same team that got tossed from the playoffs in 5 games
    only a year older. I love the Mav’s but I’m honestly having trouble getting
    excited about this group. We’re not even in the same zip code as the
    Lakers and Celtics.

    Go find us an athlete or two that will actually dunk the ball and a
    point guard that can shoot so they can’t just double team Dirk
    whenever they feel like it.

    Either that or drop the ticket and beer prices.

    Comment by Steve R -

  76. Never should have fired Avery

    Comment by Bill -

  77. Follow Up ~

    McLeod ‘s stats while playing for Rick Carlise : starter

    FG = 50%

    3FG = 46%

    FT = 94%

    * His best quality is his DEFENSE on the ball !!!!

    Comment by DD -

  78. Mark Cuban Please u need to consider trading Dirk befor his value goes down im thinkin of sumthing like Dirk for Joe Johnson and Al horford and a number 1 pick or Dirk for Oj Mayo and Rudy Gay and a Number 1 pick please Mark we also need to trade Kidd also for young talent or picks Please this team is jus not meshing well anymore we jus have to break it up its not a bad thing because we can et sum good plyers for our players so please read this and think about this Mark thanx

    Comment by Jerry Isichei -

  79. Mark –

    You said in late July and/or August you had NO Problem cutting guys with guaranteed contracts etc. I really like and respected that statement at the time and hope it was ” real ” . We have guys like Singletin , Barea , Williams , George who are not helping the Mavs at all …

    We need an experienced backup point guard with some size & quickness who can DEFEND . We got beat badly by Pargo & Paul last April and that beating has continued in the first several games this season specifically when Kidd heads to the bench . The opp. runs against us have been well documenting and are hurting are chances late in the 1st and at the beginning of the 4th qtr .

    Carlise brought in Keith McLeod who started the last 3wks of 07 season for him and played GREAT on both ends of the floor and has 88 total starts under his belt . He is now 100% healthy and would def. be a solid DEFENSIVE help in the backcourt .

    Bring back Keith !!!

    Comment by DD -

  80. Best of luck tonight! We’ll be watching from Florida.

    Comment by Trish -

  81. Mark love the way you run your team and would love to see you own a baseball franchise also. However, the Cubbies current owner an odd guy to say the least. Have you considered owning an NFL team? The Cleveland Browns are a good owner and management away from doing big things in the NFL. Our current owner Randy Lerner doesn’t involve himself with anything within the team, he has left it all up to the inept and grossly unqualified GM to run things, while he lives outside of London.

    Think about it Mark! The NFL needs you! The Cleveland Browns need you!

    Comment by Justin -

  82. Hey Mark,

    We’ve at least been competitive, but what is happening in the 4th quarter? We seem to lose our whole game plan and style that we played with the first few quarters? But like you said, it is early. No panic mode yet. I’m going Nov. 25th to the AAC for the Pacers game. Your $2 ticket program is the greatest deal in DFW professional sports. Thank you for that.

    Comment by Tim -

  83. The losses are one thing but it looks like this the team is ready
    for the season to be over. Add that with a head coach who’s post game
    interview sounded like he had no idea what to try next. It all looks
    like the titanic has set sail and were all just waiting for the iceberg.

    Something is missing here it just doesn’t feel right. I have been a Mavs
    since the beginning and I mean Reunion Arena beginning. This is the 1st
    time that I did not get excited when preseason began. I thought regular
    season would get my blood flowing but the loosing started.

    Comment by Edward -

  84. This team needs to be broken up. It’s not like the Mavs don’t have talent. Not as much as LA, Boston, New Orleans, a healthy Houston or Utah, the class of the league. But it’s a team that has enough on paper that you figure them to win at least 45 and make the playoffs.

    The main problem is that Dirk isn’t effective right now and the talent around him has had its warranty expire. Stackhouse was a useful player in the 06 Finals run. Now he’s got another 3 years of wear and tear on his legs and he’s a bum. Diop never developed an offensive game. Dampier is the same as he ever was, a guy who frustrates you with his occasional moments of great play followed by long stretches of suckage. Josh has just completely fallen apart, a guy who was a legitimate #2 on a title-contending team to a #3 or #4 chucker on a mediocre team. I would definitely take an Al Harrington or a Mike Miller over Josh now, and there was a time where he was a legitimate 2-way stud. Jason Terry, like Stack, has had another 3 years on his legs. The team hasn’t had a solid creator from the 2-guard spot since Michael Finley was waived. They got by at times with Adrian Griffin or going with a small-ball lineup of Devin and Jet, but with Josh’s regression, Dirk doesn’t have a second scoring threat to take the pressure and focus of defenses off of him. He’s sucking right now, but he’s in much the same situation Kobe was in during the post/Shaq, pre-Gasol era: keep him from going off and his teammates can’t beat you. Kidd has actually been pretty good this year, but he’s much more effective running up-tempo with other elite wings and forwards, as opposed to swinging the ball to the open man to brick a jumper with the Mavericks.

    Had they been able to finish Miami off, they would’ve been the first really perimeter-oriented team since the Sonics or the Walt Frazier Knicks to win as mainly a jumpshooting team. I’s amazing they got as far as they did in 06, but they had just enough rebounding, interior defense and points in the paint to make it to the Finals. But the way the team is put together now is just too much paper and not enough rocks or scissors.

    Not only has the talent level and the athleticism of the team waned a bit, but it’s clear that they were permanently affected by the twin traumas of Miami and Golden State. You can’t put that all on Dirk, or all on Avery, or throw the rest of the supporting cast under the bus to protect Dirk or Avery. It’s a collective thing, and the owner I think plays a role in that, in the sense that although he is financially and emotionally committed to winning, but he’s a Jerry Jones/Steinbrenner-esque meddler. This is like a hit song that is still on heavy rotation but you’re sick of it by now. The output on the court is less than the sum of the parts. I think every one of these guys would probably thrive in a new situation, or at least see their own levels of production increase. There’s just a lot of bad psychology/emotion/chemisty/voodoo, whatever you want to call it, in Dallas. You can either pull a Florida Marlins and trade Dirk to tank for the next 2-3 years, or you can just send out every last bit of shit sans Dirk and see what you can get new to put alongside him. Personally, this thing is fucked either way, so I’d rather see Dirk, Kidd + to be determined. I only move Dirk if you can get your own Al Jefferson-type upcoming stud.

    Comment by Daniel -

  85. Please get Dirk some more help. He looks tired – he deserves more.

    Comment by alwaysamavsfan -

  86. Mark,
    Hello I’m a long time fan of this team and it saddens me that you have not made better deals to make this team better, you stated that you fired Avery Johnson because several of yours players were gonna ask for trades if they had to work with Avery as a coach. Well it doesn’t seem as though tthey are playing any harder, smarter,or effiecently, what did the coach have to do with any of that?I’m sorry but this team has no heart for this game it seems, it seems as though they feel entitled to be in the NBA and thats all the effort they exhibit. The hunger for success is not there because it seems to me that they feel their success is just being there. Where is the fight, where is their pride to want to win for not only themselves but these fans? The fans can’t win games ,or drive to the basket, or get mad about loosing only thing we can do is watch this mess, and that is exactly what it is mess!

    Comment by Ebony -

  87. Hey Mark,

    I trust your word and will always be here to support the team. I have to admit though, that as big a fan I am of Dirk, the guy just doesn’t have the leadership skills and ability to play any consistent form of defense. That’s just sad. But anyway, good luck!


    Comment by Pj -

  88. There are several good players that will be free agents within the next couple of years. Lebron being one has pretty much said that he is not staying in Cleveland. Now Cleveland may take a chance and keep him until his contract expires just for the chance at winning a chamionship. Or maybe they will be willing to get something for him now rather than lose him next year and get nothing. That’s what the Lakers had in mind last year when they asked for the Dirk for Kobe trade. If you can’t get a good player like that, then unload all the contracts so that you position yourself to make a play on one of these guys that will be available. The logic behind this says that….we KNOW that Dallas will not win a championship with this current team. They may win a few games but never a championship. So, do you hold on to this team and miss out the free agent opportunites that will be available. I feel that you shouldn’t. We should position ourselves now so that we can be better for the future.

    Comment by Brian -

  89. Mark,
    Good to know you are concerned. I think we could be okay, but I also think that with Damp/Diop (boy what a great two games by Damp) and Kidd on the floor, We need to give more minutes to a scorer like G Green. Stack just isn’t a good enough shooter anymore to be given minutes. Green needs to develop. Then by spring, if we play our young guys and allow them to develop, we’re a solid team again. We can’t go two on five on offense though (however, if Damp keeps making double doubles, maybe we’re three on five after all).

    Comment by Eric -

  90. Mark,

    Good luck man. I hated to see the Lakers lead blown. I thought we had them. If we can’t win at all, at least beat them.

    Comment by Rocky -

  91. Everyone on the team not named Jason Kidd is shooting badly. Things will correct themselves soon, proably

    Comment by InsideHoops.com -

  92. Sorry Mark, but I’m going to have to go ahead and call BS on your post. This isn’t the fans, or you hating to lose. First, you don’t loose, that’s why you are who you are. And that’s what separate you from everyone else (even “Joe the Plummer”). Second, let’s face some reality for a minute. Your team is old and that’s why they can run in the first three quarters and then they fall behind in the fourth. Now, let’s fix the problem. Get involved and be the owner that you were. That’s the Mark we need. I’ve been a season ticket holder for six years and I remember the Cuban jumping up and down on the sideline, getting the fans pumped up, interviewing, out in front. Make a trade, get young, do something. You’re loosing this team. You’re loosing this town. Take charge and bring the team back. If you’re intense, we’re intense.



    Comment by James Loomstein -

  93. Mark,

    Thank you very much for bringing the Mavericks out of mediocrity to a
    perennial playoff and championship contender. We have grown acusotmed
    to witness a winning product in Dallas.

    We have full faith in you and the front office to get this moving in the right direction whether you trade every single player including our only MVP Dirk.


    Comment by Samer -

  94. This post is what makes you a great owner. We know you will do whatever it takes to win.

    Comment by Eric Putman -

  95. THIS is why you are the best owner ever..thanks!!

    Comment by allison -

  96. Please let’s make some moves, Rick Carlisle for Avery Johnson was not enough.

    Comment by Jay -

  97. Hanging in there. It’s two weeks into a six month schedule. Not enough data to start making predictions. On the other hand I’m not going to lie and say it’s been pleasant. I’ve run out of swear words three times so far this season. Just ask the ushers in Section 322. 🙂

    I got faith, but you guys aren’t making it easy.

    If I may — if you get a minute, please send a thank-you to Mr. Jay Ory on your marketing staff. At the end of last season I won tickets to the regular season game of my choice. My mother recently moved to the Metroplex and I decided to take her to the opener against the Rockets. Mr. Ory kindly oblidged me, the seats were awesome, we both had a great time . . . and Mom’s come with me to two more games. I’ll make a MFFL out of her yet; this I swear.

    You run a class organization, win or lose I’ve always had fun, our men are mighty men, and anyone who just flat counts us out is either lazy or crazy. Period.

    Proud Michigan ex-pat and a Mavs Fan For Life,
    -BJ Stahl

    Comment by BJ -

  98. Mark,
    You’re a great owner and as a season ticket holder, I wouldn’t want any one else to own the team.
    That being said, we simply need more talent on the team. As I scrutinize other teams rosters, it’s clear that we’ve fallen behind in the talent pool for various reasons. I’m not sure if we have the ability to acquire any new talent this year with cap restrictions and all, but I hope you’re looking hard at opportunities if they arise.
    I know that you get this, but I needed to say it anyway.
    One more thing…Dallas loves Dirk, so if possible, don’t trade him.

    Comment by brad -

  99. Please:

    – tell Dirk to stop settling on that post-up-then-fadeaway act. Sooo predictable and isn’t working. Don’t you have a Kevin McHale tape he can watch?

    – tell Diop if he’s near the basket to DUNK THE FREAKING BALL instead of laying it up against the glass.

    Comment by Ro -

  100. Good to see a Mavs post again.

    Go Mavs!!

    Comment by Michael -

  101. Wow, again it’s refreshing to see an owner speak directly to the fans
    regarding what’s going on with the team. It hasn’t been fun to watch
    all the games to start this season, but we’re lucky to have an owner
    that is willing to do whatever it takes to win. More Gerald Green!
    Go Mavs!!

    Comment by chris -

  102. You guys have had some tough losses this year. One of them to my Lakers.
    I’ve always liked the Mav’s, hopefully you guys turn things around. You
    can be contenders in a season or two.

    Unfortunately I think LA and NO has too much fire power for the Mav’s
    to have much of a shot this year.

    Comment by Peter -

  103. Mark,

    There will always be slippage when you bring a new coach in.
    Any fan who doesn’t understand that, isn’t thinking with their head.
    I think we’re all sure your heart is in the right place.
    Hang in there.
    Things will get better.
    Read the book or get the audio-book by Jim Collins “Good to Great”
    Give it to your basketball decision makers.
    Carlisle is an outstanding coach.
    The best hire you could have made, bar none.
    The team just needs to find its identity under the new coach.
    Its hard to finish games until that happens.
    It may take a bit, but you guys will figure it out.


    Comment by John -

  104. Hey Mark, how about instead of more talk about what you’re going to do, you and your lap dog Donnie aactually friggin DO SOMETHING. We’ve heard talk all summer long. “We’re actively pursuing things, we’re looking into buying a first round pick, we’re looking at trade options, we’re doing everything to get Josh Howard playing like the Josh Howard of old.”

    All that talk and NO RESULTS. No trades, first round picks were too rich but you’ve got millions of dollars to flush down the JJ Barea/DeSucka Diop toilet, and Josh Howard is still throwing up garbage stepback jumpers.


    Comment by Nick -

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  106. They’ll get more faith in the motion offense when they get a couple of wins….but they need to adjust to the opponents having their best defender with support frustrate Dirk. He getss frustrated and can’t get his game back. Weve got to free him up.

    Comment by Henry Davis -

  107. Dirk is gettting old, Mark. Can’t fight the facts. As a Miami fan, I witnessed it with Marino and Shaquille. If you’re the owner, the Mavs will always be competitive. But your reality is trying to free up some cap space and get younger while keeping an eye on an being a perennial playoff team. We all know you’ll find a way.

    Comment by Brad -

  108. Great post! I am so tired of hearing the media predict the future for the mavs and/or the cowboys. I just don’t understand that and I guess I never will. My mom always told me, speak it and it will happen. That is why I never try to say anything negative. I love the mavs!!! We have a great team!!! I can’t wait to see how it all falls out at the end. I mean, does anyone remember how the lakers’ season started off last year? I do! 😉

    Comment by Jen -

  109. i know you are concerned, as i know the fans have been VERY concerned. with all the talk about you buying another sports team, we don’t wanna feel like your time, energy, and efforts wont be as committed to the mavs as before. glad to see you still do care just as much as you did when you first bought the team.

    Comment by cali -

  110. Thanks from a loyal fan…

    Comment by BuffaloNickel -

  111. Dirk deserves better than this. Carlisle deserves better than this. Please make changes.

    Comment by Laura Brown -

  112. I love the Mavericks!!!!!Whats up Mark Cuban!!!!!!

    Comment by shannon bondoc -

  113. Once a Mavs fan…always a Mavs fan! Things will turn around!

    Comment by JoshD -

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