My Marketing Advice to Professional Athletes

There are right and wrong ways to market yourself as an athlete. To become a successful brand you have to do any number of thousands of different things to reach a level that leads to marketing and off court/field success.

On the flipside, all it takes is one mistake to bring it all crashing down. I have noticed a trend that is creeping through the NBA that truly disturbs me. It disturbs me because its the equivalent of burning 100 dollar bills. That is how debilitating to any hopes a player may have of making money through endorsements.

In the spirit of partnership as an NBA owner, I am asking the commissioner to extend the dress code to exclude the…

The Dreaded FroHawk

The Dreaded FroHawk

Friends don’t let friends wear the FroHawk. If you are a soon to be pro athlete and are considering hiring an agent. Just do the “FroHa Search”. If they have any clients with Fro Hawks, pick a different agent.

18 thoughts on “My Marketing Advice to Professional Athletes

  1. Ed Hardy shirts

    Comment by hrewj -

  2. Ban the FroHawk and you might get more viewers! No, seriously.. not a good look.

    Comment by LifePath Unlimited -

  3. “It disturbs me because its the equivalent of burning 100 dollar bills” Really 100 dollar ?

    Comment by su deposu -

  4. Yeah… the FroHawk should only be busted out on special occasions…
    It’s like an up-do for dudes! Save it for the big game.
    It is pretty badass though!!! Works on Mr. T fo’ sho! Looks tough!

    Comment by Missy -

  5. I couldn’t agree more with you on the Frohawk thing. Amare Stoudemire
    from the Phoenix Suns had one for a while there and was relieved to
    see him get rid of it!

    Comment by Home Based Business -

  6. Better watch yourself or Mr. T’s gonna come’n get’chu

    Comment by reviews -

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  8. super scary pic

    where the hell did you find it 😀

    Comment by kokito -

  9. Hi Mark,

    I read about you a long time ago (how you travelled from Nerd-dom,
    built your physique, lost the glasses & and then sold your company
    for millions). And I was a Rocky fan too, but Clubber Lang has been
    watching over me too..


    Comment by Deepak Murthy -

  10. Frankie from Lawnside here. Hey Mark. Why dont make it harder to comment on your f’ng blog. lol Anywhos. I thought it was great to see some humor for a change. We have enough long faces and shit to worry about in the recent months. Someone would have to have been on another planet to not know whats going on in a general sense anyway. I have another tip for the ” pros” Try not to shoot yourself in the dick when you re out with your homies trying to be cool. That will def keep you off the Wheaties box for a while. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Comment by firshizzle -

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  13. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    I’m trying to get into the field of Professional Athlete Representation (i.e. “Agent”), and I have a dilemna. I’m about to sign a client, but he’s got a reverse mohawk. On top of that, he has a ponytail from the end of each row.

    Fans say he creeps them out. I think he’s no worse than Dennis Rodman in his heyday. Please advise.

    Comment by elmondohummus -

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  15. It’s funny that the image you chose is actually an ad (home made) for Vox, Six Apart’s social blogging network. I’m sure T would love it.

    Comment by Zach -

  16. Amen Brother! Seriously, that is the lamest, stupidist (sp?) hairstyle out there now. If you are gonna do it, do it right!

    Comment by stingerdog -

  17. Judge not the hairdos of others, lest … yadda yadda yadda.

    Comment by OSweet -

  18. are you drunk?

    Comment by mateo2 -

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