Why Owning The Mavs Can Be Amazing

20,000 people standing and clapping and cheering non stop, showing  our appreciation. It rarely gets any better than this

To find out more about this great night. Click Here

23 thoughts on “Why Owning The Mavs Can Be Amazing

  1. WOW! This made my heart smile. I’m not American nor do I live there, but I so admire this kind of American spirit. The sense of togetherness, responsibility and contribution is fantastic.


    Comment by Nadine -

  2. Mark –
    Awesome idea, it’s a great thing you did for those troops. I’m from Cleveland, and a huge Cavs fan, I wish they did something like this. Hopefully Dan Gilbert will see this post and do something similar here.

    USA Rocks!!!

    Comment by Ryan Shorts -

  3. Hey Mark Ive loved the Mavs every since I was a little fellow but now Im grown and there is nothingI want do just to attend one game with my 2yr old son Thanks alot mar for all the great memories

    Comment by Datron -

  4. This is just one of many, (this of course ranks at the top) reasons I am proud to be a Mavs fan and to have Mark Cuban as an owner. Mark is such a down to earth guy and is truely a fan. When I go to a game, you see Mark in normal clothes like every other Mavs fan and I am very proud of each and every player we have on our team.

    A very proud Mavs fan,

    Comment by Barbara -

  5. I’m sure there are more reasons why owning the Mavericks is Amazing.

    Comment by mkrob.com -

  6. This is a great event,and if the other franchises around the country don’t have something similar, they should!
    Congrats to Mark, the Mavericks, and all others that put this event on to honor our troops!

    Comment by Pam Pugmire -

  7. Pingback: This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen…

  8. Mr. Cuban,

    This is awesome. As Celtics fan, I like to think we lead in many things. In this we need to follow your example.

    Phil L

    Comment by Phil L -

  9. I hope this sort of thing catches on EVERY arena in the NBA. Not just the
    the NBA, all other spectator sports should show their appreciation the
    way the Mavs do. Hell Vince McMahon’s WWE has been doing “Salute to
    the Troops” for years.

    Mad props to Mr. Cuban, I’ll raise a toast to you any day of the week sir

    Comment by ZappakeR -

  10. Saturday I went to a mass formation in honor of a fallen soldier whos remains were being returned to US soil… While thinking about my upcoming trip to Afganistan today I could not help but wonder if what we give as Military members is understood or appreciated then I stumbled apon this story on ESPN.com and it gave me chills to see all the injured soldiers being honored in this manner… And I would just like to say thank you to Mark Cuban, and all the season ticket holders who made this possible!!

    Comment by Air Force SSgt -

  11. Dear Mark,

    Congrats on being a SOMEBODY! Faceless billionaires are annoying. I love your
    energy, passion, and charity. We are so lucky to have these troops
    fighting for us and making it possible for their to be everything in this country.

    Irrespective of politics, we need to thank the ones who give us our freedom.
    Thanks for putting on this event for these heroes :)!!!

    Best wishes and here’s to hoping you make a few more billion in your lifetime!

    Brad Spencer

    Comment by Brad Spencer -

  12. Mark,

    Has there been any thoughts to making this a NBA phenomenon and doing
    this at all arenas.

    Excellent job and innovation by your season ticket holders!

    Boston, MA

    Comment by Drea -

  13. Watching this on tv every year (I don’t miss a Mavs game) always brings me to tears. What a classy bunch the Mavs organization is to do this for our troops. We here at home appreciate what they do for us also. Thanks so much for all you do!

    Comment by Cynthia -

  14. I wish we had more opportunities like this to pay tribute to the brave men and women in our armed forces. Great Job Mark.

    Comment by Texas Insurance Man -

  15. Thanks for sharing Mark, what a great tribute to our Armed Forces. I wish I lived in Dallas!

    Comment by Ben -

  16. Very COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by R.D. -

  17. It should also be noted that America did NOT invest in Chrysler.
    Investors give funds to organizations with the intention to earn a
    return on those funds greater than they could elsewhere. If our
    tax dollars are spent wisely, and Chrysler and GM somehow make it
    out of their piss poor decisions alive, we won’t see one red cent.
    Our tax dollars are being allocated to Chrysler and GM as a result of
    coercive forces by the government, they should not be viewed as
    investments. Hey Mark, you should visit Northwood University to
    discuss the bailout! We’re big supporters of the Mavs!

    Comment by Adam -

  18. AWESOME….kudos to the season ticket holders and the Mavs who made it possible.

    Comment by Michael -

  19. Mark,

    Really nice tribute – I am so happy the fans are able to do this every year. watching the video made the hair on my arms stand up.

    Nice job!


    Comment by Merrill Dubrow -

  20. I was at the seats for soldiers game and was part of the appreciation being shown to the soliders. It was a nice opportunity to show our respect to those who have given so much to us. I also noticed Dirk clapping the entire time as well. That just made me gain that much more respect for him.

    Comment by Toby -

  21. I would like to also take the opportunity to say thanks to the Troops for all they do for us.
    Great Job to Mark and all the Mavs fans that contribute to this event

    Comment by Ken -

  22. Congrats to Mark Cuban, the Mavericks, and the season ticket holders who created a special night for the most important people (in my heart) around! Politics aside, you have recognized the people whose lives are directly affected day-to-day in a way the rest of us will never be able to imagine. I salute all of you!

    Comment by attydeb2005 -

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