Me and JR Smith

Dear JR.

Im sorry I didnt accept your generous offer of a signed pair of shoes.  I think they were even my size.

The NBA tells me a tech should have been called on you for throwing the elbow and that I should pay a 25k dollar fine because owners aren’t supposed to get mad. Ever.

In the spirit of the joy of my getting fined and your not getting the tech, have the Nuggets PR folks contact the Mavs PR folks and I will donate 25k to the charity of your choice.

Unless of  course your coach thinks that the wrong thing to do, or the NBA says I can’t because it would be a violation of a rule. In which case, I will find a charity that I think you would like and make the donation in your name.



60 thoughts on “Me and JR Smith

  1. I think you are the BEST! No one could ever say you don’t have a sense of humor. Do yo thang!

    Comment by Mrs. A -

  2. Hey Mark Cuban! Please, please, please buy the Colorado Rockies! You can replace our current horrible owners. Please!

    Comment by Kory McManigal -

  3. Ed Hardy shirts

    Comment by hrewj -

  4. No wonder the Mavs will never win a championship with you as owner. Then again your just like every other corporate leach that is ruining America.

    Comment by The Truth -

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  7. Mark, do you still send discs of every game showing all of the errors of the zebras? Could you send me a few? 5206 Fawn Hill Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226-1412. Might send them out to the world since the calls ignore most of the rules of basketball. I was peeved by a call vs the raptors when they rcently lost to the Pacers because the offensive player jumped into the airborne defender to “draws a foul” which was bullshit even though I am a Pacer fan.

    Comment by Leon Dixon -

  8. Mark, I’m sure JR is all for giving new books to sick kids in
    the hospital and would love for you to donate the $25k to Kate’s Kart
    at Remember what Abe Lincoln said: “No man stands
    taller as he who stoops to help a child.” Good luck to my fellow
    Foster Quaddie.

    Comment by Max Teders -

  9. Actually even though Mark is very a very diversified individual it is nice to see him talk about basketball more often than politics. It also would be nice if Mark would show his lighter side of what being not only the owner of the Dallas Mavericks but its number 1 fan is like.

    Comment by (average) Joe -

  10. I guess rules you don’t like were made to be broken, eh Mark? Or do rules not apply to you? What is so hard to understand about “keep your ass off the floor unless you are a player or a coach?” Is it that frustrating that the Mavericks are going the way of the Cowboys? Straight to mediocrity, babee!

    Comment by Chuck -

  11. mark…I am a nuggets fan first and foremost, but I’m also a
    Mark Cuban fan. I love your energy and passion. I think both
    players probably should have received a tech, but the fact of the
    matter is, you can’t go on the court, dude. You have many fans,
    not only Dallas supporters, but around the country. You’re a smart
    cat…figure out the most effective way to voice your displeasure,
    not just explode on situations. Again, I like ya and like what
    you’ve done for your team and the game. And there is no question
    that NBA officials are the absolute worst in pro sports, but there
    has to be a better way. Thanks for the humor in this blog as well…
    good stuff. Keep it real, pick up the Cubs and help them finally
    make it. Peace…

    Comment by ebbskeezer -

  12. Nice work going after the refs at the end of the game. But going after a player is a lot like the father that doesn’t like when his child gets fouled, and goes onto the field of play. I’m sure you feel like a father to these guys, but I always hated when my dad got involved. Never heard the end of it from the other players. “Aww, your daddy had to come and protect you?”

    Comment by Mark as well -

  13. Mark, that is a great idea, I have another idea for you as well. Have JR sell the shoes on E-bay and whatever they sell for you will match and donate to the charity as well. Now this is easy to say cause its not my money, its yours, but I thought its a good idea.

    Comment by Menooa -

  14. Mr. Cuban,

    “PC” seems to be the way of Corporate America and now the NBA. Its sad because it takes the passion out of things. Humans have emotions, robots do not. Maybe they should get rid of NBA owners and replace them with robots. Will that make the league happy?

    Don’t ever lose the passion.

    Dayton, Ohio

    Comment by Derek Minnich -

  15. Mark,
    I think JR Smith would support an organization like Child Evangelism
    Fellowship (CEF). They have recently started a program called Mailbox
    Club where they send children whose fathers are in prison Bible studies
    through the mail. That might be right up JR’s alley. I hope you weren’t
    just being sarcastic but will follow through with a donation to a deserving
    charity like Child Evangelism Fellowship.

    Comment by John Kelso -

  16. Give the $25K to Doctors Without Borders.
    You are wrong about JR, but the officials in this league do stink.
    Too many inflated egos.

    Comment by James Bowen -

  17. mr. cuban,

    the offer of donating 25k to j.r.’s charity was a totally class move.

    now i (as a denver resident and rabid nugget’s fan) say to j.r. – “J.R., match the $25,0000.” this will bring this full circle and both people and organizations can end this on a high note.

    greg stant
    denver, colorado

    Comment by greg stant -

  18. I cant believe he actually offered you a pair of signed shoes… did he do it with a straight face?

    Comment by Sean -

  19. Mark, Let me say this…because you can’t. NBA officials are the worst of any professional sports league. Comparing college basketball to NBA basketball it is like they are two different games…all because of the officials.

    In the NBA there are no travel calls, foul calls are totally random, super stars get special treatment. The worst, in my opinion, is when the defensive help guy (off the ball) jumps in front of an offensive player driving to the hoop. In the old days that was a foul on the defense every time. Now they call offensive fouls. Just plain dumb.

    I have more of a problem with the things they don’t call, which was the case with JR, than with the things they DO call…even when wrong. NBA refs are pathetic. The NBA should take a look at the NFL. They have the best officials in any game. The refs actually explain their calls, and they have instant replay, and coaches challenges to make sure they get it right.

    Comment by Don Dodge -

  20. @January 16, 2009 @ 6:51 pm

    Before you take a holier than thou (not thow) attitude and respond use
    spell-check so you don’t appear to be stupid. My son is in 4th grade
    and knows how to use it, you should too. BTW I think the word
    you were looking for is throat.

    Comment by McSmarty -

  21. Hi Mark, no one exposes the NBA’s hypocrisy the way you do. Maybe you could donate the 25k to the David Stern retirement fund. The officiating has been brutally bad for decades and I apprciate your continued efforts to keep that fact in the public eye. If the NBA continues to have a problem with you telling the truth perhaps they should look in the mirror.

    Comment by Robb Auspitz -

  22. Hey! Check out the latest Hanson music video on YouTube! It’s their new single, “Great Divide”

    Comment by Ash -

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  24. Thanks for keeping it real Mark. The NBA sounds more like the Gestapo instead of a sports league. I thought there was freedom of speech in the USA. The calls are so ridiculous that I just watch the game because I like the sport, but the NBA is totally ridiculous. They forget they 1000s of people are watching their crazy calls on tv. We actually see what’s going on. Start your own league where games are won by the players efforts instead of on poor officiating. 2 games in the win column for Denver this week because of bad calls on the last plays of the games. Way to go NBA, at least you’re consistently a joke.

    Comment by sportsmom -

  25. Let me be the one that makes any sense here just for a sec, J.R.
    wont get a suspension or any fine assessed whatsoever
    because the league always catches the retaliation.
    By making an example of J.R. now means that they will have to go back
    in time and suspend Shaquille Oneal for his elbow to Mutombo’s face when
    they met in the finals when Mutombo was with Philly!
    What i am trying to say is that elbows get thrown all the time….
    i am sure i would be just as furious if i was you (Cuban) but the league
    just does not like having anyone tell them what to do.
    It’s like asking Oprah for a Billion dollars and as soon as she says
    “hell f**k naw” you go and press charges on her for swearing at you.

    Comment by nelly -

  26. I finally got a chance to see the replay and I do think that JR should’ve
    been suspended. Something similar happened to me when I was at a game. I must’ve
    hit the guy unintentionally when I grabbed a rebound away from him. The dude
    threw an elbow at me. I was lucky to have missed it but if it made contact,
    I would’ve had to have stitches and he’ll be hearing from the police.
    With that said, I do not think it was right for you to run into the court.

    Comment by Justice -

  27. Cube !! I can work for you – the way you stick up for your people is old school frat and you do it with onions!!!! I love it !!
    Mavs fan since 1995 Mash – Kidd – Jack For Life

    Comment by Adams -

  28. Wow, fellow Pittsburgher, I LOVE your passion. I sure wish you could
    be part of the Pirates so they could get their shit together. They are
    the one black eye in for our town. We miss you!

    Coleen from Da Burgh

    Comment by Coleen -

  29. Mark,

    Since you are the owner of the team, why not just hire yourself as an assistant coach, so that you can be on the floor anytime you like?

    Just a thought. I hope you find a great charity, and I think you are good for the league.

    Comment by Randall Parker, MBA -

  30. Can I have $25,000 instead?

    Comment by Robbie -

  31. Mark – I wish you would buy our Atlanta Braves…How about it???
    You are a great owner…A fun owner… Think about it!!! Please…I beg you…

    Comment by marie -

  32. Mark there’s a program for children called “Camp Good Grief” that
    would be the perfect recipient of your generosity. Given the call
    and the league’s fine what a perfect fit. The camp is for children
    who have lost a parent or loved one to a violent crime and need
    help through the grief process. I think the camp would even be open
    to you coming and spending time with the children. I’m sure Mr. Stern
    would welcome your invitation to match your donation to this program.

    Comment by Mike -

  33. hahaha Mark I’ve been reading this blog for awhile and I was
    watching this game. As soon as you came onto the court I knew there
    would be a funny post on here about the situation. I think you took
    this the right way and are doing the right thing.

    Comment by Keith O -

  34. Dear Mark,

    Please buy the Colorado Rockies.

    Comment by Depressed on Blake Street -

  35. I am a huge Nugget fan, but I do not know if I love you or hate you.
    I think I love you. At least I respect you for speaking you mind. And i love a good smartass

    I do think you bring something to league that I love.

    Stern may not agree, but you are good for the NBA.

    Stay cool, never change…and have a great summer!

    Comment by Jeff -

  36. Mark….don’t ever change. I’m only a casual fan of basketball, but I’ve enjoyed reading about your passion for everything you do. I think you could bring some real color to the NASCAR garage. The owners there are about as stiff as the most of the other owners of pro sports teams. I can’t stand Jerry Jones or Al Davis, but I do admire their passion for the sport. And most of all Mark, just have fun….

    Comment by cidman2001 -

  37. Been a Mavs fan for a long time. No matter what people say, write,
    or do, you’re awesome for the game. It’s ridiculous you get fined
    for protesting something that should have happened.

    GO MAVS!

    Comment by John -

  38. Not very hard to maintain a sense of humor when you have billions. It’s more a slap to the face of those of us who have to struggle everyday to make ends meet while this guy wants to run his mouth and make mockery of 25k.

    Comment by N M -

  39. Again Mark- I think it is commendable that you are trying to generate something
    positive out of this; You and J.R. have a lot in common: you both are generous
    with your time and money; and you both need to learn to control your emotions,
    and exercise better judgement. In case you dont hear from the Nugget’s PR people,
    here is a list of charitable causes that J.R. has embraced.

    # Met and took a photo with a different “Outstanding Reader” before every game as part of the Hornets’ Read to Achieve program.
    # Funded two adult literacy scholarships through HANO and was on hand for the ribbon-cutting of the Pecan Grove Resource Center.
    # Funded a Kids Café site with his proceeds from the Slam Dunk Contest.
    # Started the J.R. Smith Foundation, which helps kids get accepted into St. Benedict’s Prep and has been helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.
    # Purchased tickets to every home game for underprivileged families last season.

    Comment by Tom Seving -

  40. Can I send you the routing number to my bank account instead??

    Comment by Andres -

  41. Sheesh,
    As if losing season after season isn’t enough.
    You got all the money and you can’t put the right team on the court.
    Step up to the plate and take the blame yourself.
    No axx kissing here, sorry.

    Comment by scott t -

  42. Mark
    A generous offer on your part and in keeping with your tradition
    of matching your fines with a charitable donation.
    I would like to suggest the following fund:

    Daniel Brackett Fund
    c/o Delta Community Credit Union
    1025 Virginia Avenue
    Atlanta, GA 30354

    Daniel was an EMT in suburban Atlanta who was in a terrible
    motorcycle accident in October. He is paralyzed from the chest down.
    In fairness I must report that he is my wife’s favorite nephew,
    so I just thought I would ask. You can see his story at

    As to the game, I saw the video of the thrown elbow. Apparently the
    Sternmeister requires that someone be seriously hurt before the
    referees actually enforce the rules. And of course Chauncy
    Billups is allowed to do whatever he wants, right?? I’m pretty sure
    if that was JET or someone else on the MAVS the refs would have
    remembered that there was special emphasis placed on offensive
    players leading with their legs.
    I sure wish there was some way for you to lead a palace revolt
    that would remove the Sternmeister and get the NBA back to something
    worth watching.

    Keep up the good work.


    Comment by MIckeyG -

  43. I think things would have gone a lot better if you just accepted
    the shoes to begin with. Enjoyed the barbs at the NBA red tapers though.

    Comment by Dan -

  44. JR Smith has the newest, coolest nickname in the NBA…”Air Elbow”

    It goes great with other nicknames on the Denver Nuggets, like Carmello “Weird High Socks” Anthony, Linus “Where’s My Blanket” Kleiza, Renaldo “My Parent’s Were Mavs Fans And Named Me After Rolando Blackman” Balkman, and Nene “Loves Madonna, Why Else Would I Go By Just One Name”

    Comment by beacon -

  45. In case J.R. doesn’t check your blog, here’s a charity in Denver that
    could do some good things with the money. Various Denver athletes
    already support it, including Broncos players Jay Cutler and Brandon
    Marshall. Rocky Mountain News sports columnist Dave Krieger has also
    written a lot about it, especially in the aftermath of the Darrent
    Williams shooting. Here’s the Web site if you’re interested:

    Comment by TO -

  46. Yet, if Dirk would have been the one who almost got elbowed, you know they would have T’ed him. Mark, I’ll be courtside in Milwaukee Wednesday night, come over and say hi.


    Comment by Matt -

  47. Dear JR,

    Please accept Mr. Cuban’s generous offer. Further more, please do choose my broke and downtrodden ass
    as your charity of choice. This economy is killin’ me.

    Say hi to Chauncy for me. I sure do miss seeing him in a pistons jersey.


    Comment by JohnHenion -

  48. Mark – As a Nuggets fan who was at the game… I’m glad to see that someone was willing to call out JR. 1 for 14 shooting is pathetic!

    Comment by Lanter -

  49. Since he was so inclined to give you his shoes I think you
    should buy $25K worth of Starburys and donate them to youth
    organizations in his name.

    Comment by sdy -

  50. I’m a local Denver resident (well… 50 minutes away) and I almost applaud what you did after the game. I almost wish more owners were involved with there teams such as yourself – instead of soft cushiony seats in the rafters. I’m a die hard Nuggets fan and always enjoy the competitive nature between the two squads. To have a game called due to a late foul is just wrong in every way.

    The only rant I have is questioning JR about the elbow and ‘what would take place’. What happens on a DAILY basis during NBA games that don’t get called is WAY more harsh then a missed elbow. Hell, I would rather have more “traveling” or “crap walks” called then a desperate elbow by JR.

    Great blog and thanks for keeping it updated. 🙂

    Comment by casey -

  51. Mark,
    You are the man. I am a Nuggets fan and I think you are great for the game. It’s too bad you call it like you see it and keep getting these ridiculous fines. Please don’t change we all love your passion. Dirk was ridiculous the other night…what a basketball player.

    Comment by Chad Smith -

  52. That was a dirty elbow, and the league fining Mark and taking no other action as unjust as it is, i would say isn’t very surprising. I like the blog, short, sweet, to the point, and oh yeah, oh so funny! I am not a Mavericks fan, however i think they have a great program, but Mark Cuban defineatly is the most enticing owner of the league, good job Mark.

    Comment by Morgan -

  53. Mark, did the NBA really tell you that you couldn’t be mad?

    You had every right to be mad it was a punk move to throw that elbow. But is the NBA’s issue with you getting mad or with you being on the floor?

    I think the question is whether you should get to be on the floor. I don’t know what the right answer is, but if I had as much money invested in the NBA as you do, I probably would think I ought to be allowed on the floor. But I can see the other side of that argument, too.

    Comment by Robert Seidman -

  54. why do you have to be such a smart ass….what you didnt see is that wright threw an elbow at smith and caught him in the throught….hummm…so before you take the holier than thow attitude you might want to get all the facts first…

    Comment by Anonymous -

  55. Nice of you to give to a charity of his choice, asinine of the league not to
    suspend him.

    Comment by MavsFan -

  56. Mark you never cease to amaze me! LOL

    Comment by geekycyberdad -

  57. Are there any charities that support children who cannot afford bad tattoos?

    JR would probably support that

    Comment by Kayce -

  58. Posts like this are why your blog is my favorite.

    Comment by Leah Culver -

  59. This is why I love you Mark. No matter what you always maintain a sense of humor and a sense of style. God Bless and keep doing what you do, it’s not going unappreciated.

    Comment by Michael M -

  60. I’m sorry, Mark.

    Things have got to change in the way decisions are made in the league.

    Thanks for the things you do.

    – Cass

    Comment by FredKrueger -

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