Me & JR – The Charity Selection

Still waiting to hear from the Nuggets PR people. I appreciate all the suggestions for wonderful charities that people have posted in response to my last blog. However, in the event I dont hear back from the Nuggets, Im going to give the money to the  Players Association Goals and Dreams Fund in the names of Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore.

Why in their names ? As a reminder of what could have happened, and that not every retaliation attempt misses.  Tragedy can be one swing or one elbow away. There is no place for any action that could end someone’s career or worse, in any sport

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  1. Респект автору ! Хорошо написано…

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  2. I like this fund idea. I do not however think they should take fighting out of the NHL. This adds some MMA type excitement. Knowone leaves to get a beer when there is a fight.

    The other thing I want to say is stop trying to ruin someone’s career NHL. Sean Avery has every reason to state his opinion when being interviewed. He did nothing Illegal whatsoever. I am so tired of this Type of control instead of Free Speech.
    He got more in trouble for saying “sloppy seconds.” Than other players get for hitting players in the back when they are vulnerable.

    I like Avery he has got a spark. I am tired of you NHL dictating what can and can’t be said to media reporters. He just brought more attention to hockey all over the Nation.
    If you had of let him play against Calgary that night there would of been a BUZZ around the NHL. I believe he will do good in NY and give them a much needed energy.


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  3. Офигеть… Статья – супер !

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  4. What a wonderful jesture Mark & we get to share what we trying to do to impact the lives of others. We need you and the nation need us all to chip in and make a difference in a real way.

    More than 37 million Americans live in poverty, and the vast majority of them are in line for extra help under the giant stimulus package coming out of Congress. Millions more could be kept from slipping into poverty by the economic lifeline.
    People who get food stamps — 30 million and growing — will get more. People drawing unemployment checks — 4.8 million and growing — would get an extra $25, and keep those checks coming longer. People who get Supplemental Security Income — 7 million poor Americans who are elderly, blind or disabled — would get one-time extra payments of $250.
    If we can just help 1 percent become self-sustaining that will be some help considering the very little the stimulus plan will do.

    Make A Difference Ministries is a not-for-profit humanitarian program that serves all of Johnson County, Cleburne TX. MADM goal is to help unemployed families in Johnson County and expand to help others nationally by soliciting, collecting, and packaging food for distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target population groups. Our services include food box programs, alternative job fairs, utility assistance, and a youth job shadowing program that provides opportunities for self-sufficiency activities for “at risk” youth.
    Unemployment rates continue to rise and now millions of families are without sustainable income. Our client base is low-mid income people, mainly families, who need emergency help to put food on the table. Nearly half of those served by the program are children. MADM facility where we store donated clothes for distribution will host our first alternative Job Fair. The program is, soliciting food donations, vendors, and door prizes. In addition, we are offering an alternative from traditional job fairs to bringing in net-workers, small business owners to mentors others how to use one’s skill or talent to make a living.
    Alternative Job Fairs provide the opportunity to connect face-to-face with recruiters who would appreciate training and mentoring prospects.
    Our services will improve the ability of families to care for children and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. MADM services, now, are a small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of unemployment, hunger, in the country and the influence it has on a number of health, mental health and crime issues.

    The mission of MADM is to help as many families as possible by soliciting, collecting, packaging food for distribution through a network of agencies and programs, as well as provide opportunities for self sufficiency. Our services include food box programs, alternative job fairs, and children’s

    This new initiative is designed to create an Alternative Job Fair that will serve all of Johnson County, Cleburne TX and expand nationally. Our objectives are:
    • Effectively organize our first alternative job fair with a network of vendors, volunteers, as a pilot event before expansion.
    • Establish donation network of local growers, retailers, wholesalers, and processors in Johnson County and provide utility assistance.
    • Establish youth program that will employ “at risk” youth.
    • Collect over four million pounds of food the first year of operation. Increase collection amount by 20% each year.
    • Effectively distribute the food to low-income families that make up over 20% of Johnson County.
    • Acquire $500,000 of start-up funding through corporate, private charities and government financial support.
    • Raise an additional $100,000 in fundraising activity.

    Strategy and Summary:
    MADM will focus on establishing an effective system for organizing alternative job fairs, collection network with retailers, wholesalers, and processors. Another primary goal will be the creation of a youth program that will employ “at risk” youth. The program will also start a fundraising campaign with area retail markets, banks and credit unions in order to raise an additional $100,000.
    MADM will advertise its services to the target populations groups through the agencies that serve these groups on a daily basis.

    Marketing Strategy:
    MADM program will focus on increasing its visibility in the community. Participating business and food retail stores will carry information about MADM and how programs like this one are helping the community. Award certificates will be distributed to businesses each year and the program will find additional methods to raise the profile of businesses that assist the program.
    Program brochures will be distributed by local social service programs and agencies that serve the target population groups. In addition, these programs and agencies will serve as advocates of using MADM in response to the need for emergency food.

    Fundraising Strategy:
    MADM will immediately start a Fundraising campaign that will focus on using the local banks and credit unions to collect donations to help unemployed families. Typically, food drives are started in October and November. MADM will place donation bins in participating banks and credit union. In addition, customers in local retail food stores can donate money to MADM at the checkout stand at participating businesses.
    Vendors will pay a booth fee and various speakers will pay a registration fee to highlight their business and do presentations all proceed will be put back into the program to be distributed among families.

    Again we salute what your interest and support!

    Comment by GKeller -

  5. Mark,
    I know I’m a bit late in this suggestion, but maybe consider this for future reference. I read your blog about the Cuban Stimulus Plan, and had a thought(hey, they don’t happen often). Individual Development Accounts being used by low to moderate income folks to start micro enterprises. I’ll spare you the details of the IDA program since you’re fairly proficient with a search engine. So check it out, your great state of Texas doesn’t have any state mandated programs like most other states(like Arkansas, where I am). Combine your philanthropic instict with your entrepenureal zest, and yo may be on to something.

    Comment by A-Ran -

  6. At wits end needing assistance to prevent foreclosure needing $5,000.00 by 2/1/09 for down payment for a modification agreement. I’ve been on my job for three and half year @ Wachovia Dealer services my spouse also is employed full time the reason for the modification is she was hospitalized for surgery several months ago which caused us to fall behind because of the income reduction now where up against it any assistance is appreciated. thanks.

    Comment by Terry -

  7. Mr. Cuban,
    I am writing to ask for your assistance in a sports program I am trying to revitalize.
    For teh last year or so, I have been volunteering with the University Of Texas at Arlington in reestablishing a football program.
    I first joined last year during the middle of their season as an assistant, but after a few changes, I assumed the role of head coach.
    We have a lot of kids putting their hearts and souls into the program and that was the reason I decided to come back for another season. I didn’t want to let those kids down, even when the administration doesn’t support them fully.
    We were alotted a budget of $12 thousand, but the cost to use the stadium (yes, we have to pay to use our own stadium) referees, and the use of a trainer has just about swallowed up our entire budget.
    We have done fundraisers and charity events in order to garner money and community support, but with the ailing economy, people just aren’t able to give as they once were able.
    My kids have one thing in mind-to become successful in order to prove to the administration to bring football back to the school.
    So far we have raised just under $2 thousand, but we are still far short of what we need. We must acquire approximately 15 helmets, 11 shoulder pads and other things.
    The coaches have pitched in as well, but there is only so much we can do.
    I thank you for your time and can be contacted at anytime.

    Robert A. Green
    UT-Arlington football

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  8. This is why I read the blog.

    Comment by del -

  9. That elbow looked very intentional to me and very deliberate.
    I am glad you stuck up for your investment.
    No other owner would have the balls to do what you did. You do and
    say what you think which is a breath of fresh air.

    -Mark Farwell

    Comment by Mark Farwell -

  10. It is disgusting that you would even think about donating to charity
    in the name of Todd Bertuzi. That man committed a crime by threatening
    violence and then making good on that promise by sucker-punching and then
    subsequently breaking the neck of Steve Moore (after play had stopped.)
    To think that anyone would donate their own money to a charity in that
    man’s name is nauseating.


    Comment by Joel Walker -

  11. Mark you are really the most hilarious person I have ever heard of. You make Katt Williams look like a dog with no owner. You are the kind of owner every team should have. Not one that since in a sky box smoking cigars, but one that is in the stands with the fans (who pay for all sports) and enjoying the game. You are living every guys fantasy sports dream, and it is a dream of mine to one day be able to shake your hand. You are a basketball icon, a buisness icon, and just the most likeable person, not just in sports and entertainment, but in the world! Thanks for listening!

    BK From Bay City, Michigan!

    Comment by Brandon Kerkau -

  12. I feel that it is your money. Donate it how you like. If you want to
    donate it to the players association goals and dreams fund go right
    ahead. Personally, if you want to truly make a difference find a family
    on the side of the road dirt poor and help them, or better yet help a
    person that is so far in debt from student loans that he cannot tell
    which way is up anymore.

    Comment by JAZD Technology -

  13. Mark – I think the one thing that goes missing is why this applies
    to J.R. Smith. Back when the NY/Denver brawl happened, Mardy Collins
    collared J.R. as he was about to finish a breakaway dunk. That also,
    was a potential career altering move, and I think if you want to
    make the point you are trying to make you need to mention that
    collaring and just leave it at that.

    You make your point, and obviously if both teams were that riled
    about it then, J.R. could see your point more clearly now.

    I agree with Karl on the channels you should use to
    make your point – remember he’s a young guy and the impression you
    want to make may not come across the way you intended.

    Also, elbows are thrown all the time. Why J.R. Smith? Why not Shaq?

    Please make it plain for everyone.

    Comment by Ryan -

  14. If by chance donating to the players dream does not work out,
    a little girl at my son’t school requires medical treatment and could
    use the money.

    Comment by Sara -

  15. It is your cash, do with it as you wish. Like you need my rubber stamp. As a resident of Calgary, the current city in which Bertuzzi works his wonders in, I wish the Flames had not signed Bertuzzi. Real bad taste, there are so many other players in the NHL. I like what you do Mark, I agree.

    Comment by Steve -

  16. Kudos to you Mark Cuban for delivering a stiff middle finger to your adversaries and the bureacracy once again by donating ANY worthy chartible cause. I don’t care if it’s AIDS in Africa, youths in Denver, or Hugs for Thugs in Bertuzzis name or whatever, just don’t give anything to the leaches of the world they will just devour, metabolize, and then waste. Please, please don’t bail out any college kids with no prospects of a job such as one comment suggests, as that kid is just about to learn the most important leason which is sink or swim. Most swim by the way, so lose the floaties and do your best kid. By the way, I was at the game on Tuesday in Denver I’m a huge Nugs fan and season ticket holder and I’m REALLY glad we got the win especially in the wild Western Conference! Play of the game to me was Chris Andersens interception of that inbound pass with 1.1 seconds in the quarter and subsequent half court bank shot! What a dagger from the lanky freak!


    Comment by Joshua Thompson -

  17. Mark,

    If you’re interested in charity, how about a poor college student
    on the verge of having to pay many student loans back; with no job
    prospects in the immediate future? Thanks for the consideration.

    Comment by Erik V. -

  18. First timer here. Mr. Cuban I have been a huge fan of yours since I was in high school (at least 8 yrs ago).

    I am a die hard suns fan but, love what you do with mavs! Keep up the passion!!!

    $25k fine for caring about the game is ludicrous!


    Comment by Tom -

  19. I think you should give the money to me so I can start A business.
    do more investment, and start to enjoy your money more.
    I know you love your team, no question about that, sometime you must let
    your workers do there job that’s why you pay them the big buxx$$$.
    invest in me, give someone on opportunity.
    time is too hard now for you to dump your money in the garbage.
    am full with idea, but am empty with no money.

    thank you

    Comment by Devon Lewis -

  20. Why don’t you donate to a charity that will make
    a difference for inner city youth in Denver?
    With the understanding that the donation will be
    used to teach life skills – like managing anger,
    choosing your “battles” based on a set of
    higher values, respectfulness, professionalism, and
    the list goes on. I can make SEVERAL GREAT recommendations
    that would make a much better POINT than your
    Moore / Bertuzzi suggestion. Get a grip.

    Comment by s.h. -

  21. I think it’s hateful that you use Steve Moore for your own selfish
    agenda. To you it’s clever and cute but to Steve and his family it’s
    a painful reminder of the attack at the hands of Bertuzzi. You
    should be ashamed.

    Comment by E. Russell Keefe -

  22. Fuck off mark – people are tired of your sorry act.

    Comment by Max Power -

  23. Geez, Cuban. You are now one of my favourite bloggers. Nice call.

    Comment by Angela MacIsaac -

  24. Rock on Mark! That’s an awesome choice for a charity. I’ve donated to them multiple times myself.

    Comment by Mike Macleod -

  25. excellent choice

    Comment by Josh -

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