Its Mavs Time !

I am so firedup for this season to start.  No predictions other than to say I think we are much better than last year and if we can stay healthy….

And of course off the court, we are always trying to do new fun things that create fun and value for our fans. From the new amazing VideoBoard (largest and highest resolution indoor board in the world !),  to the new soundsystem, because great sound matters ! And as always , we have lower ticket prices and great season ticket deals available. Some even include All  Star and Event tickets as well . has all the scoop.

You will also see continued improvements in the Mavs websites. ,,, all will have more original content,and we will be twittering and updating facebook pages with scoops, pictures, videos, everything and anything we can think of.  Most importantly, rather than the very limited AP post game reports that are the bane of the sports business, we will have complete write ups about every game minutes after the game is over.  So Mavs fans should make your starting point for all things Mavs !

We have also partnered with Hewlett Packard to create a really cool new opportunity for Mavs fans called The HP Insider (  We are going to be offering select Mavs fans the chance to go “deep inside” all things Mavs and become the ultimate insider. You will have access to pretty much everything that we are allowed to give you access to, and then some !  I dont want to give it all away, the scoop is on the Insider website, but lets just say you will not only get to sit next to me at a game, but we are going to take you with us on a road trip !

All you have to do is go to and upload a video showing me why you are the Mavs biggest fan.  If you are chosen, you get to go where no Mavs fans have gone before and HP is going to throw in a ton of really cool goodies to help you document your experience.  After all, you do need a new HP Touchsmart Laptop and an HP PhotoSmart printer to look all official and all when you travel with us and print up all the pics you take, dont you !

Thanks to  HP for coming up with this idea and supporting Mavs fans everywhere.  Its going to be a fun year !


14 thoughts on “Its Mavs Time !

  1. I am so excited for this Mavs season! Especially when the Mavs play Houston on February 18th! That 3 days before my birthday!!! I already have my limo reserved and ready to watch the Mavs WIN!!!!

    Comment by morithoughts -

  2. Mark,

    Big fan. Made it to about 5 games last year. Going to my 3rd this fall, tomorrow.

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    As for me, I’m just a web developer, but give me a shout-out if you like the idea.

    Go Mavs!

    Twitter: ristmo

    Comment by Rick Morgan -

  3. Hi Mark,

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  4. Isn’t the Cowboys’ video board bigger? Hype is alright, but it’s even better when it’s true.

    Comment by orcablue -

  5. New Additions Shawn Marion and lets not forget Drew Gooden will really help this team go from what appeared to be a lackluster upcoming season to an anything is possible season. If injuries do not slowly beset this team these new players will help Dirk and the crew surpass 50wins again!
    It was also good to see conscious of the Hard Cap and not a making himself a target during the recession.

    Comment by basketballscience -

  6. So I’m a Bobcats fan (lived in NC my whole life, got burned by the Hornets). Question: Does anyone think Bob Johnson is even 10% as excited for the NBA season? Do you think he knows it begins tonight? Also, I hope Michael Jordan finishes up his golf round this weekend in time to care about the team.

    Comment by carrolljmiller -

  7. the HP Insider Promotion looks awesome! Toph the website worked for me. Try it again. Go Mavs!

    Comment by tappersmavs -

  8. Hell yeah!!

    So pumped for 8:30 tonight!!

    Ive never been to a basketball game, but I plan on going when we play NJ or philly, maybe Ill catch you at the game, we can have some brewskies and talk smack to their players, then we can get our asses kicked by all the fans in the stadium. 🙂

    as for the HP partnership,that would be great although there are probably better candidates for it, but I do love the mavs and would be ecstatic to do that,just might not be the best.

    Oh yeah, stress to the guys that they need to play as hard these first couple weeks as they will the last couple weeks because of josh’s injury, theyll want to get off to a fast start so they arent in a slump and have to rush josh back which wont help since I just read a report today that said josh has had a problem wit this ankle since college. So if thats the case, you should rest him as much as possible, and potentially you could be getting a brand new player back(hopefully improved) with proven skills just fresher and healtier than ever.

    Okay Im blabbing on and on, but damn it Ive waited long enough!

    GO MAVS!

    Comment by raphac -

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    Comment by hoosiercane -

  11. Mark – bring a game to Reno, The Biggest Little City and make it Texas Size! If not, just come out West and play some cards.

    Comment by reno4ski -

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  13. the complete game reports will be amazing for the unfortunate ones who have moved away from dallas. thanks for making it happen.

    but, i don’t know about going deep inside the mavs…

    Comment by Toph -

  14. Seriously can’t wait for this season to start. Good luck mavs. Thanks for keeping it fresh Mark..

    .02 Less dancers and more clean family entertainment…

    Comment by btabke -

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