So Where is Lebron Going ?

I have no idea.  To his credit, this has been the best kept secret since the formula for Coca Cola.  Talking to owners, GM, players, friends of Lebrons’ , no one knows.

So let me you give you my guess.

This afternoon I heard that a PR firm was telling some media outlets that Lebron was going to the Heat , but they could only be an off the record source.  When I put my PR and Media hat on, that approach made no sense at all. Why would a PR firm tell them the plan and ruin the impact of a 1 hour tv special ?

They would if it was a misdirection.

Here is how I see it. Again with my media and PR hat on.

Lebron steps up to the podium. In every home, bar , restaurant and event in the State of Ohio, EVERYTHING comes to a complete stop. Doctors probably put a halt to the surgeries they are doing just to hear what he has to say.

In Miami people keep on doing what they are doing. They look at their watches and notice its past 9pm so they look for a TV or radio,, or turn on their phones and call or text their friends to see what happened with lebron. Then  they go back to what they were doing.

At the time of the announcement , the entire state of Ohio is holding their collective breath. Waiting. Hating ESPN for dragging it out. Threatening to kill themselves if Stuart Scott offers even a single Booyah. Wondering why Michael Wilbon cant get right to it rather than talking over way too many LBJ highlights. Feeling like its been an eternity since the show started.

Then the announcement comes.

If Lebron announces Miami, all the sports media who reported the same get to write “i told you so”. The people in Miami smile. Maybe some have a cuba libre and go about their business. The phones ring and the Heat sell a bunch of tickets. Pat Riley buys some hair gel. Erik Spolestra stresses about what happens if they dont win this year.  Everyone starts telling lies about how such and such player would love to play for the minimum salary to play with the Golden Triangle.

In the State of Ohio ? Forgetabbout it. People cry. People kick their dogs.  They fall into a funk. Lebron instantly becomes  the most hated person in the state, and equally hated by anyone close to people who live there.

Just as quickly  Art Modell is placed  on par with Mother Theresa when  compared to Lebron.  Lebron and his family will most likely have more security concerns than is imaginable. His kids going to school ? Heck, my 6 year old has gotten looks and comments when the Mavs lose… For what its worth I heard somewhere that Art Modell is still afraid  to show his face in the state and Art Modell never had to face twitter, facebook and  bloggers spewing worldwide hate.

On the flip side, If he says he is going back to the Cavs there are parties in the streets, horns honking, people kissing strangers. Art Modell sneaks into the state and gets a kiss.  Everyone’s wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend all the sudden become prettier that night. People are pouring out in the street as if a war had ended. Instead of an infamous picture of a sailor kissing a young lady , there will be a picture of a couple, both in Lebron James Cavs jerseys kissing in the middle of the street. A photo passed through the internet as a momento of a moment in time that in the big picture means  nothing, but for tonight means everything.

Which is exactly why I think he is going back to the Cavs.  The sports world is full of uncertainties.  When in doubt, go for the love.   Which is what you do when you make the mistake of not coming to the Mavs 🙂

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  5. Yo Mark. i really dont kno wut we could be doing better out there good work on the moves man, like fuck tho in the finals were up against the Heat again? lebron is wack & scared he’ll never have a handful of rings like Kobe, if hed of came to the mavs n teamed with dirk we’da bombed wade n bosh right after gasol n kobe, i dont get why ppl dont see that. i would take a bullet for dirk. do we still got money for a good SG? imagine dirk and birdman or iguodala. lets make it happen i love u guys

    Comment by windsorcanadakid -

  6. Mark,

    Lock these brats out! NBA ticket prices are getting out of control. Groups of players are conspiring and are holding small market teams hostage! Show these brats who’s running the asylum!

    Also, put in a hard salary cap and get rid of the mid level exception. Make it so that one team can’t sign more than 1 superstar player. Get the NBA back to fundamental team play and eliminate the garbage marketing of individual stars. Otherwise in 20 years say goodbye to NBA ball in Indy, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Toronto, etc.

    Comment by williamseph97 -

  7. I think Miami is an option, but he could possibly win as the 2nd most important player on his team. I’m glad that you had the courage to stick up for him. I believe in the busy life you need some flavor.I think Moncler jackets can be embellished in your life.

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  8. There’s going to be an even wider gulf between the haves and have nots. Superstars now are going to want to play with other superstars.I believe in the busy life you need some flavor.I think Moncler jackets can be embellished in your life.

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  9. If Minnesota was docked picks for the Joe Smith handshake agreement, what should the penalty be for Lebron/Riley if jobs were promised for Lebron’s buddies? To me, this should be considered circumvention of the salary cap. I don’t really care if LBJ, Bosh, and Wade talked about playing together, but kickbacks to anyone associated with a player are way over the line

    Comment by jcs917 -

  10. Dear Mark,
    I have always been your biggest fan…sounds kind of scary now that I have typed it. I am a Cavs season ticket holder for the past 7 years and next year…Dan made us renew in Feb. before we knew if Lebron was resigning…please help my Lebron Ebay item…#230497214061.
    p.s. still waiting for the next season of “The Benefactor”…even though you told me you were done with that…I am holding out hope…
    p.s.s. you are my new favorite team…Go Mavs

    Comment by mfpcanton -

  11. Mark,
    There was great article today in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Brian Windhorst that pieced together the genesis of James, Wade, and Bosh’s decision to play together in Miami. It seems that a strong case can be made for tampering against the Miami Heat. Also, James blatantly tanked the Boston series. David Stern should launch an investigation into these charges, but he won’t since he’s spineless and knows where is salary is coming from.

    Comment by williamseph97 -

  12. @stephenasmith reported 2 weeks ago it was a lock for Bosh, Wade, LeBron in MIA. Mark, you barely mentioned LeBron in an interview before free agency and you got fined.

    How could Stephen A’s source be right unless there was tampering?

    There had to be conversation between more than just the players.

    There had to be back door offers. That means they had an advantage. It was tampering.

    The Cavs and Raptors should file charges and be compensated.

    Or maybe the Mavs should file charges just because you like trouble.

    Get on it!

    Comment by medinaroad -

  13. Mark – I have always admired you from Cleveland for the comments you make and your ability to do what others are afraid of doing! You are definitely right on Dan Gilbert – I don’t know him, but he had the ability to say what we in Cleveland had been afraid to say – LeBron did not perform under pressure. Maybe he can’t suck it up during the playoffs or maybe the incident with Delonte West and LeBron’s mom had something to do with it. You would know better than I being around players on a daily basis. In any event, I admire you and Dan for speaking your mind. I’m glad that you had the courage to stick up for him. Thanks, Gary

    Comment by oc907 -

  14. Mark,

    What are your thoughts on YouTube supporting & hosting 4K?

    Thank you.

    Boca Raton, FL
    Home of the “Golden Triangle” 🙂

    Comment by 4ktelevision -

  15. To the comment asking you how it feels to be wrong- You were not wrong, you were on the money. Unless of course you knew about the pact between those three guys. The thing I am most curious about is the political ramifications of the decision. I can’t see how this is a good thing for the players or the players association with the collective bargaining process. For example if a cap on max contract is proposed, the players now have no legs to stand on. As a Clevelander, my feelings can be summed up simply by referencing Dan Gilberts letter that while maybe not politically correct was on target. I would disagree with you on one point. Even media training will not help at this point

    Comment by daytonflyers1 -

  16. Mark, I would love to hear what you think about the message posted last night on the Cavs website by the majority owner. As an NBA owner who has known some controversy, I hope you will post something about it.

    Comment by azjazzman -

  17. i think Stern needs to look into those Wade, Bosh, LeBron conversations…..

    Comment by mckinymavfan -

  18. So, how does it feel to be wrong, Mark? You have been on more than one occasion lately. What’s going on with Lionsgate these days, that’s what I, as a filmmaker, want to know….

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  19. I look at in another way. Lebron is more than a just a player, he is the Cleveland Cavaliers. So he is not leaving Cleveland, he will just be spending much of the year down in Florida, just like many Clevelanders. Lebron is not joining the Heat, the Heat are joining Lebron. So let all us Clevelanders root for the new Cleveland Heat. I am looking forward to our first championship in a long time.

    Comment by Openivo -

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  23. And to the guy who said Lebron should think about this children…..this is the new NBA, do you think he really cares? He wants to party it up in South Beach. Do you think DWade cares that much his kids are in Chicago year-round after a nasty divorce with his ex? You think that would have swayed the average man who already has all the money and already has a title! You would think he’d come back to play for a good Bulls team, play at home, and be by his kids. Nope….guess again.

    Comment by mjr24 -

  24. Also, hopefully this will stop talk of LeBron being anywhere near Kobe…..put 2 All-Stars with Kobe the caliber of DWade and Kobe would have 10 rings right now.

    The Lakers are no longer the “Yankees” of the NBA…..the Heat are now. Funny thing is….I don’t see them being close to the best team in the East.

    People compare them to the Celtics Big 3….when those three Celts play defense, put their dues in on losing teams and matured, etc. They are three pretty good guys who have never been about themselves.

    Plus, the Heat don’t have a PG distributing the ball to them who basically has averaged a triple double in his career in the playoffs.

    Comment by mjr24 -

  25. No Defense. No Title. If Wade, Bosh, and James don’t commit to playing good defense, all the talent in the world won’t matter. It’ll be interesting seeing how this works out.

    Comment by darryl3 -

  26. Mr. Cuban,

    any comments on the letter by Dan Gilbert? what do you think? what does David Stern think?

    Comment by ressien -

  27. Is it bad that I see that LeBron is going to Miami and all I can think about is tasty Cuban food?

    Comment by hunterwaters -

  28. Is this going to hurt the NBA? Time will tell, but it seems fairly unprecendented and ridiculous for 3 young superstars to be on the same team. Yes happened with Celtics, but they were older in their 30s.

    I have wondered if these guys want to win so bad why they just don’t take $12 million instead of $23 million and play with other big stars and well I guess it finally happened.

    Just seems like it is going to change the NBA. There’s going to be an even wider gulf between the haves and have nots. Superstars now are going to want to play with other superstars. ANd you’ll get an every sharper division of talents. And contracts will timed up front to coincide with the expiration of the contracts of other super stars.

    I can’t see Carmelo in Denver signing his $65 million contract now. I mean won’t he want to play on a team with other super stars now? He’s going to need even more star-studded teammates now that James has 2 other super stars.

    OTher guys will get the same mentality.

    Right? Ok I suppose there’s always the chance these guys don’t gel. And you get too many chiefs and not enough Indians. And a weak bench might hurt them. Maybe they cave under pressure as now anything other than a title is a complete failure.

    Comment by trip1ex -

  29. told ya.

    we just don’t have that kind of luck.

    mr. cuban, the next time you get a chance to talk to LeBron…please tell him NOT to thank the city of Cleveland after he wins a championship in Miami. He’ll mean well.

    but really, it’s just mean.

    Comment by medinaroad -

  30. DOH!!!!
    Homer swings and misses

    Comment by bovineburg -

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  32. As a true Cleveland (born and raised) fan…I enjoy reading your blog. My response to your title “So where is LeBron going?” LeBron is young and he enjoys the positive attention that he receives from not only the city of Cleveland but from the state of OHIO. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best…(with my eyes closed, clicking the heels of my 3 inch peep toe stilettos) “there is NO place like home.” I do not think that LeBron James (excuse me) “King James” would hold a hour long press conference to embarrass his DIE HARD, SORE LOSING FANS…such as myself and other Ohioans on a worldwide scale.

    Speaking in my ESPN Commentator voice….tune in to ESPN at 9PM EST for live coverage and keep your fingers crossed and your peep toe stilettos clicking and maybe, just maybe, like in the Wizard of Oz..on the third click of the stilettos with eyes and ears open and alert…King James will announce “there is no place like home” Cleveland Cavaliers……I’M COMING BACK!

    Comment by breonenicole -

  33. Love the “Pat Riley buys more hair gel” line, had me cracking up.

    Being an Ohioan, I sure hope he stays, only an hour away…

    Comment by austinhutch -

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  35. Mark,

    I agree, if he stays in Cleveland it would be a tremendous gesture. But….check out my blog:


    Comment by oroebuck -

  36. “Everyone’s wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend all the sudden become prettier that night.”

    Dead on. LBJ says it’s CLE, there will be a baby boom in 9 months. Myself included.

    Nice post, Mark. I’ve always respected you (cheered you on during DWTS!) and this is just further proof you are a class act.

    Comment by poiseinparma -

  37. Lebron is probably best off in Cleveland because they didn’t dump their entire roster to get superstars. Their team is a perennial contender with LeBron there…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Comment by tidusthealmighty -

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  39. correction: FL has no state income tax :=)

    Comment by darryl3 -

  40. Chicago wouldn’t build a statue either.

    Unless he wins SEVEN.

    Comment by medinaroad -

  41. I heard a business reporter say “Lebron could save $2 million a year playing for Miami because FL has no state sales tax.” As opposed to high NY state and local taxes…. So it seems to me Miami has a pretty good shot.

    Comment by darryl3 -

  42. New York will build LJ a salute if he wins the championship for the city. Do you think Miami would?

    Comment by rusty266 -

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  44. Hey Scottie… I grew up in Medina (hence my name) and there’s one thing to keep in mind.

    Art Modell was hated as you describe even more after the team he took to Baltimore won a Super Bowl. That’s when I really hated him. And even hated him more for thanking the people of Cleveland.

    If LeBron wins a championship next year, that’s when a lot of people would seriously turn on him. Because then he’s a frontrunner who conspired with the other cool kids to take over the playground instead of sticking with his friends.

    If he leaves tonight, it will be rough.

    But when he starts winning titles somewhere else when he could have fought to have them here, rubs our faces in it.

    Comment by medinaroad -

  45. Great post Mark! As a lifelong resident in Northeast Ohio I agree with all of your comments except one: Art Modell will never get any love in Northeast Ohio and will always be the most hated sports celebrity from this area. For as much as we have loved LeBron, fans in this area will always be Browns fans first despite how bad they have been since their return in 1999. Fans and local media here still haven’t forgiven Modell (nor should they), and they will continue to despise him and his family all the way to his grave. I also think LeBron will stay in Cleveland–I can’t see how he could be so naive to think there wouldn’t be an issue with the fans here if he dumped Akron and Cleveland on national TV. He couldn’t dream up a more cruel way to incur the wrath of his hometown.

    Comment by scottie325 -

  46. therealmavsfan, I’m sorry, I know you love, but in a nutshell that shows the critical difference between an empresario and an impresario. The former is simply one who owns and self-aggrandizes, the later knows the people look to him to move them out of their own mundane existences. He treats them to vicarious triumph through the glory of stars and heroes doing what can’t be done elsewhere. I’ll grant you it’s better now than it could ever have been under the former cartel. But only by degrees of entertainment. The only real difference is that now and for so very many years when the show inevitably collapses we have a jester to caper and clown and draw our attention away from the obvious, unchanging fact of bad chemistry at the end, inconsistent effort at the end and performances that dissolve at the end. I wish it weren’t so, but it is. and it’s sad

    Comment by bovineburg -

  47. If only Cleveland would support it’s local music, arts, and indie dining scene the way they support LeBron James. Wouldn’t that be something? One person does not make this city. You turned him into a deity when the city itself has so much to offer. Do I want him to stay? Absolutely. To say the city of Cleveland will “die” without him is just plain stupid. Get out there and live people.
    Let him do New York, that’s cool with me. He is completely enamored with the big city lights of New York, Jay-Z and the hip hop culture. He wears his Yankees cap out to ball games. He was a kid from Akron who we watched grow into a superstar. Honestly our fast food culture doesn’t allow waiting anymore. He wants a ring and if he can buy his way into that with 3 superstars cool. New York is known for buying talent to win championships. Boooo, yeah STFU Yankee fans it’s true. If you want to turn your back on your hometown for money, more fame, and you think you can get the ring elsewhere go for it.

    Loyalty just doesn’t hold the same weight anymore. I think the first time I remember a player really pissing on Cleveland sports fans was Joey Belle with the Indians. That worked well for him didn’t it? The flash mobs, the we are the world jackass video, the media stunts we are pulling are just lame and half assed. It makes us look like, well, stereotypical Cleveland. Lebron is going to do what Lebron wants to do and that is all there is to it.

    I saw Lebron play live. I was amazed by his skills and talent. I like to watch him on the tube when they play and he never ceases to amaze me. As Cleveland sports fans we are a fickle bunch though and as soon as he signs with that other team he is going from the most loved player in Cleveland to the most hated person in Cleveland since Model took the Browns to Baltimore. We want a winner, but so many of “the fans” out there only like Cleveland sporting teams when they are hot. Screw it, I am off my soapbox, you know what I am getting at.

    Sports are great. It is great to support your local team when they suck and when they play well. Ask your dad the next time you talk to him how long he has been a fan of the Tribe-Browns-Cavs. Our parents are fans, we, for the most part are spoiled little shits that only join the bandwagon when we are above .500. I hardly know many die hard rabid fans anymore. My dad…he’s a fan of Cleveland Sports. I don’t think he has missed a Cleveland Indians game in 40+ years. He used to listen to them on the radio when they weren’t on TV every game. 7:05pm rolls around and I know what is on his TV on game night. So what I am saying is let’s support the team and not one flipping guy for crying out loud. Beyond that let’s support our damn city while we are at it. Local music in Cleveland is the best I have “witnessed” in 20 years. We have some of the best restaurants in the universe right here in this city. I could seriously go on and on from the Metroparks and Lake Erie to the West Side Market and Christmas Ale. Cleveland IS Cleveland, Lebron is just some dude who shoots hoops really well.

    Comment by meursaultcassiel -

  48. excellent analysis mark. i agree, lebron is going back to the cavs. also, his twitter page bio simply states “king of akron.” perhaps that is misdirection, but it would be a curious choice of words for a person who is leaving his kingdom…..

    “pat riley buys more hair gel”…

    more importantly, lebron hype is way too much. yes, lebron is a remarkably talented athlete with a work ethic to match it, but there are more important things in life than basketball. on that note, i’d like to ruin everyone’s day by reminding them that 9/11 was an inside job.

    Comment by kidmercury -

  49. good stuff mr. cuban.

    i think lebron should think of his children more than anything or anyone else when he steps into the podium and reveals his decision. as his favorite line in his fave movie says, “What you do in life echoes in eternity.”

    whatever he decides now will definitely be shouldered by his children. if he leaves cleveland and chase that elusive ring somewhere else, it won’t be just him who will be hated in the state of ohio, it goes beyond him – his family will be tagged.

    if he decides to stay, he will be regarded as ohio’s best warrior. whether he wins a ring or not in cleveland, him being their beloved son will not make him less of a KING. ring or not, he will remain the KING of ohio. ring or not, he will be great. and because he stayed and decided on what’s morally right, he will wear the hardware no amount of ring could outshine. his family name will echo in eternity, untarnished with or without a ring.

    Comment by unknowngreats -

  50. Right on Mark.. lol – Elvis

    Comment by elvisaaron24 -

  51. bovine, your very wrong. With Dirk and Cuban, the Mavs have had a consistant and meaningful streak of 50-win seasons… and plenty of exciting playoff basketball. The reality is that only 7 teams out of 30 have won an NBA championship in the last 27 or so years. And of course 29 teams fall short every year… and then begin using your “key words” of improvement.

    Comment by therealmavsfan -

  52. …and still the REAL question remains…why do we NEVER hear anything meaningful being said about the pretty little ponies of Dallas?
    Mavericks’ key words being “have to…” “going to…” “step up…” “improve our…”
    and now another half decade to go….so long, so bloody long and sad

    Comment by bovineburg -

  53. If LeBron leaves Cleveland tonight…

    I guess we’ll finally know what he wanted all of us to Witness.

    How one man can break a city’s heart.

    Comment by medinaroad -

  54. Lebron going to Heat does not guarantee a championship. But it would mean the Refs could quit helping Wade so much with phantom foul calling (see Finals 2006) Lebron can usually earn his trips to the FT line.

    Comment by therealmavsfan -

  55. Fellow Hoosier here Mark (now living in Cleveland) – outstanding take on the situation. One thing’s for certain, the world will be watching tonight.

    Comment by iuchewie -

  56. LeBron has awful representation. If this was all done for a “who shot JR” moment it was a missed opportunity. He hurt the Cavs by the lack of commitment early and looks like a fool to the other cities’ fans and team staff.

    If he does sign with Miami his reps also screwed up by not conveying that intention earlier. Had he come out on July 1st with a press release that read:

    Basketball is the very best game in the world when you get to play with your friends. I have an opportunity that no other player has ever had the luxury to take. I love Cleveland. No contract is going to change that. But I want to Ball with my friends. I’m going to sign a deal with a team that allows me and Dwayne and Chris to play together for a few years and try and be great, win a lot, and have a lot fun.

    Say that . . . and he would get to have his cake and eat it too!

    Comment by mikejkaplan -

  57. The Drive.

    The Fumble.

    The Shot.

    The Braves.

    The Marlins.

    I want to believe you Marc. I do.

    But Cleveland just never has this kind of luck.

    Comment by medinaroad -

  58. When I started reading this, I knew that somehow you’d make this about you, and I wasn’t disappointed. You didn’t take the perspective of everyone else on the planet, that doesn’t really care where he ends up or stays, as for the most part, it doesn’t affect me, in particular, as a Laker fan 🙂

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  59. Nice work Mark, I agree with your comments.

    No way he can break the heart of his hometown on national TV. He’s too smart.

    Comment by nachopony -

  60. Mark – this is an interesting take. We met in Sacramento while I was interviewing you regarding Tyreke Evans on camera. I’d be interested to discuss some things with you if you have a moment. Please email me at to perhaps set something up.


    Comment by jimmyspencernba -

  61. As a Bulls fan I’m incapable of having an objective opinion on this matter so here comes my very biased rant….

    I believe LeBron’s biggest concern is to be a Megastar first, and a basketball legend second. New York poses an intriguing option, as there is no other market in Basketball with a higher ceiling (passionate sports fans/7 million people/ravaged franchise). However, the combination of Amare + LBJ still doesn’t make them a viable championship threat.

    If LeBron wants to become immortalized, he needs to win championships. That immediately counts out Cleveland (barring something unseen changing). Assuming the Knicks don’t add a few key pieces alongside Amare (Lee/Miller/Allen/etc), that leaves the Bulls and Miami as his two options to win a championship.

    If he goes to Miami, and they win, I think many in the (non-South Beach) sports world will see LeBron as a coward. It’s like using codes in a video game. It’s fun, but feels dirty, and lacks legitimacy and deeper satisfaction. I think Miami is an option, but he could possibly win as the 2nd most important player on his team. I hope he doesn’t want that.

    Then there’s Chicago. The Bulls have one of the top two budding stars in the league. Derrick Rose has the potential to be a superstar in the next 2-3 years, and Noah very well could lead the league in rebounding next year. The best part about going to the Bulls is LBJ would be going to a team. They’ve got the proper role players that could compliment LeBron’s game rather than interfere as well as a head coach who’s considered one of the top defensive minds in the league.

    With all that said… My best guess is that LeBron ends up in….


    (gotta kiss the boss’s ass a little bit, right?)

    Comment by goodbadger -

  62. Thanks Mark. Do believe I’ll become a Mavs fan after Mr. Lefraud leaves us tonight

    Comment by ads2jls -

  63. Like you, I’m from Pittsburgh…and supposed to hate all things Cleveland. As a basketball fan, I’ve been pretty indifferent all along as to where LeBron ends up, until reading this. I’ve never had the connection to an individual athlete the way Cleveland has with LeBron, so I can’t really say I can relate. With that said, LeBron leaving Cleveland would be like the Steelers leaving Pittsburgh…and that’s something I just can’t wrap my mind around.

    Do what makes you happy LeBron, but just realize that Miami will leave you wanting more.

    Comment by patmuldowney -

  64. I agree; BronBron is too sensitive and wouldn’t be able to withstand the hate.

    Comment by trepryor -

  65. i hated you when we beat your stupid ball club in 2006, and i still hate you. Heat 2011-2017 champs.

    Comment by bgopalji -

  66. was happy to hear about haywood today. we dont need Lebron, just another big man or defensive 4 to backup Dirk. Keep rocking Mark and GO MAVS!!

    Comment by nevener -

  67. Good stuff, Mark! This might be your best blog yet!

    I concur with you but ultimately I think going to the Cavs would be a career mistake simply because he will never ever win a title there. He’ll get love from Ohio for tonight. But, what happens in five years and no title?

    Miami would be a mistake as well. Basketball-wise, the best decision is Chicago. World-Wide-Icon-wise, New York is the best decision.

    Comment by youngman44 -

  68. Well then what was this whole speculation about Lebron going to the Knicks because supposedly he is airing the ESPN episode in Alan Houston’s New York Home? And let me tell you something, Lebron wouldn’t be the hero that he wants to be if he has to work together with Bosh and Wade. Although he would win an instant ring. Why would he stay in Ohio? What makes you think next year will be any better than this? Plus who the hell wants to live in Ohio???

    Comment by deemarg -

  69. Mark I think your right on. I’m not a Cavs fan but I like the decision. But what does that mean for Lebron’s first championship? When will that come?

    Comment by illpoint -

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