Should I do this deal ?

This showed up in my email inbox today.  It was so  interesting and consise an offering  I just had to share it with everyone and get your thoughts !

Please review the following opportunity.  This may help you in your purchase with the Rangers.  I know you don’t need the help.  Please keep in mind, I am in no way soliciting your business, just sharing information.  Any communication will be with proper platform manager.  Continued Success in 2010.
As discussed please find attached our compliance documents to be completed by the Signatory to the account, holding the Board Resolution. 

In addition we require the following standard documents:

1- Passport copy of Signatory
2- Corporate Resolution
3- Corporate Registration documents
4- POF – Account statement and bank confirmation that a Swift MT 799  Administrative Hold will be send upon request.
5- Short description of company’s activities and how the funds were earned.

Our 10 day bullet program is exclusive to our Platform paying 15x the input amount to the investor. It will accept Cash funds only, not cash- backed instruments, a minimum of Euro 100 M – max 5 B in top 20 banks in Europe, Hong Kong and Dubai.

The funds will be reserved in Investor’s account via Swift MT 799 Administrative Hold and unblocked/free again after 7 days.
Principal amount can be re-invested.

The investor does not need to submit projects as our Platform has the FED approved and Government contracted projects for which we receive this bullet program. After the 10 days the investor can decide to stop  or to continue with all or part of his return in our managed buy/sell 50 B contracts with R&E with weekly payments, where he can have several 50 B contracts simultaneously depending on the input amount.

Best Regards,

Jim xxxxxxxx

81 thoughts on “Should I do this deal ?

  1. Way past the time of any reference, but this guy seems legit.

    I’m still waiting on my 17 million from the ex-president of Nigeria. I can take some of that phat coin and go halves with you.

    Comment by utah911 -

  2. Mark, I am in the middle of one of these right now ( dumbest thing I ever did) did you ever inquire with this guy?

    Comment by cstraub99 -

  3. THIS I KNOW FOR A FACT IS A SCAM!!!! If these type programs really worked – WHY ARE WE IN A DEBT CRISIS!!! CHAIRMAN BERNANKE WOULD HAVE ALREADY SIGNED US UP AND WIPED OUT THE DEFICIT. Ask the sender of that email to provide the name of ONE person it has worked for… Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

    Comment by priestfletcher13 -

  4. i’m sorry that has to be fake… Does Bernie Madoff have email access in jail? cause it sounds like a pitch he would use.

    Money does not appear out of thin air.

    Comment by mfkiv -

  5. Oh ya, I did this deal the other day. Total crap. Only got 12x my investment. What a sham.


    Comment by phuff34 -

  6. Shouldn’t dismiss what you don’t understand. Trading programs are used to provide funding for Third World projects. A line of credit is used against the funds placed in the account to buy and sell MTN’s, CD’s, bonds, etc., which are traded several times a day. The trick is finding a legitimate trader and not an endless line of brokers and middlemen.

    Comment by soonerrick -

  7. You lost me for good on this one Mark. Been watching the Mavericks play for as long as you have and my blood is as blue as yours, but in saying that I have to express that I am done with you and the team.

    Good Luck

    Comment by dbdarling -

  8. Mark: You have a history in Pittsburgh and the Pirates have a richer history than the Rangers. If you could wrestle the Bucs away from Bob Nutting, your hero status will grow. Even Phillies fans feel sorry for me (being a Pirates fan). The suffering has to end and you’re the one to step in and take action.

    Comment by dcangelo -

  9. Please come buy the Astros. We are a short 45 minute plane ride away. Great city that needs a good owner.

    Comment by tylerldurden -

  10. Dear Mark,
    I have a team that I would like to sell you at a low cost. Included in the deal is a beautiful stadium with easy interstate access and plenty of parking. You also get legendary names like George Brett, Frank White, Bo Jackson, and Bret Saberhagen. If you act now, I will throw in 1-1985 World Series Championship Trophy. So now that MLB has screwed you out of the Rangers, just look north 505 miles. Oh and I forgot to mention, you will get to showcase your purchase to the world in July 2012 at the All-Star Game.

    The Fans Of The Kansas City Royals

    Comment by shawnamer -

  11. I hope youre planning a blog entry to address your bid for the Rangers. Seems that many folks, even gans of yours, are of the belief that this was all just one of those silly games rich guys play to turn the 3 billion they already don’t really need into 3.4 billion, and ran the risk of screwing the Rangers and their fans. I’m hoping an explanation is due that sheds a little light on whether you were ever seriously interested in owning the Rangers, or just driving the price up at auction so you could make a few more bucks you don’t really need any more than I need a third testicle.

    Comment by tadbanyon -

  12. Mark, Stop, leave the Rangers alone, we don’t want or need you.

    Comment by treestogo -

  13. Rangers? What? Mark, along with the other eleven remaining Pittsburgh Pirates fans, I’m holding out hope you’ll buy the Bucs and finally restore them to .500 baseball. Look, I even have some money saved to be a minority partner.

    Comment by dcangelo -

  14. @jsmitchell – outstanding analysis. I’m in. Mark, where do I send my $10?

    Comment by dxkraus -

  15. Based on the guaranteed 15x return every 10 days, if I invested $100, by the end of the regular season I would have $1.1B. I’m conflicted about whether to then cash out and buy the Yankees, or stay in another 10 days and buy the entire American League. But then I’d be rooting against myself. Decisions…

    Comment by jsmitchell -

  16. I would watch out for this deal. It sounds really shady and doesn’t sound legal at all. If it is real, you could get in trouble for posting this. If is fake, you’re screwed. It’s a lose/lose situation and I think you should pass.


    Comment by eastflatrock -

  17. Mark…I find it odd, and even disturbing, that one of the most accessible personalities on the internet has gone silent a few hours before you are about to make one of the most momentous decisons that could define how you are perceived for many years to come. I’m sure there are many people who are attempting to understand just what you’re up to with this Rangers bid. And, I must admit, it doesn’t look good Mark. I’ve been a big supporter over the years…consider me part of the silent majority. Still, since there is a lack of words from you, your silence is speaking volumes. Everything about this feels wrong. And, I’m sure you’re aware that all of the sordid details will eventually make it back to us. I’m not going to sit here and act like I know what’s going on with the bid or why you’ve done what you’ve done. I don’t have enough info to make that call. But, based on how important this is to the typical loyal Dallas sports fan, please don’t think that your money will make us forget how this all went down. The bottom line is that you have a chance to be a hero or a villain tonight. If this goes bad, and I’m hearing that it is doing just that, then the backlash will be something above and beyond what you could have ever predicted. You really need to ask yourself if this is really worth it. If you run Ryan and company out of town, then you will never be forgiven. Right or wrong, it’s that simple. It really is. I truly hope that you take some time to reflect on what you’re about to do before you do it. This is huge for you Mark…do the right thing.

    Comment by realsamoyed -

  18. Mark,

    We are trying to contact you regarding our mobile devices company. Will you please email me at

    Comment by dotjack -

  19. I agree with this guy…

    “Our 10 day bullet program is exclusive to our Platform paying 15x the input amount to the investor.”

    Even if I understood what the rest meant, this sentence sets off the alarms.

    Comment by computerbackpacknut -

  20. dxkraus,

    Now I just feel like an ass. Sorry about that, I just took it the wrong way.

    And my blog is nothing special, just something I recently started to chronicle my “exciting” suburban life, but if you do click through I hope you find it a bit amusing.

    And I’m glad that we both agree that it’s very painful reading the comments of those people who seem to think he’s really asking.

    Comment by suburbexcitement -

  21. Nathan,

    It wasn’t a “veiled” insult. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing with you. Unless, of course, you chose the moniker with serious intent. If so, I am laughing at you.

    Frankly, I hate reading my own blog, and like reading Mark’s only a little bit more. But, I will click through to yours, as you requested.

    And, for what it’s worth, I enjoyed your comments far more than those of folks who felt compelled to answer Mark’s query as though he was actually asking. That is just painful.

    Comment by dxkraus -

  22. dxraus, the oxymoron “suburbexcitement” is intentional. Try clicking on the link to the blog before making veiled insults.

    Mark, just so there is no confusion I want to make it clear that I do have an immense amount of respect for you, but I just like the idea of having three passionate and loyal owners for each of our teams.

    Comment by suburbexcitement -

  23. Mark, just so you don’t let it go to your head, the guy who said this was “a really funny post!” goes by the oxymoron suburbexcitement.

    Comment by dxkraus -

  24. I really like and respect you Mark, but I honestly just wish that Greenberg/Ryan would get the team and that you would stick with the Mavericks. They are both truly passionate about the Rangers and baseball and to you it just seems like a good business opportunity. We loved it when you came along and bought the Mavs from a group of owners that looked at them as a good business opportunity and nothing else, b/c you brought true excitement and passion for the team. Nolan is the face of the franchise and Chuck just simply loves baseball, so please let this town have a passionate football owner, basketball owner, and baseball owners. That would be a dream come true for any sports town.

    Also, this was a really funny post!

    – Nathan

    Comment by suburbexcitement -

  25. I think you should buy the Texas Rangers, I’m not sure about all this other stuff. Dallas is a good sports market, no reason why the Rangers shouldn’t be making money! just ran an article about how you were one of the only people in the NBA who likes Toronto, good to see! They’re a big sports market, that doesn’t get the respect they deserve!

    Comment by johnwbender -

  26. Baseball fans NEED a guy like you with enough moxy to make a diffrence. Yes if it makes any sence to have a real American with real views and ideas save a game tainted by only the uber wealthy, then you should buy the team. Some of the fat cats sitting on teams just to own and not attempt to keep the game pure sickins me. its going to take a man with vision and dedication (like yourself) to change things and put this sport back to the way it was meant to be “a game” not a bunch of spoiled players/owners whining about me,me,me. your the man, make it happen for us, the last of the real americans who have opinions,views and most of all love of THE GAME NOT GREED.

    Comment by tstevens1 -

  27. Mark, if you don’t do this deal, I will!

    Comment by demian33 -

  28. Mr. Cuban, I have a better deal for you; pay off my mortgage ($180,000) and I promise to watch every Magnolia movie, every Mavericks game, and raise my boys to be NBA fanatics. Much better ROI.

    Comment by jlccrow -

  29. Rip Hamilton is sooo 2005. You don’t trade for him to make a team better.

    Comment by robbymulvany -

  30. Sounds like a ponzi scheme to me. On steroids. Turn ’em in for taking drugs….

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  31. Mr. Cuban,

    It’s an interesting prospect. Taking a Rangers team and taking it from a bottom dweller to success. Sounds like you have a model to go after.

    I’d like to ask your permission to use a Mavs picture in my new blog dedicated to the Dallas Mavericks. A simple yes or no… and maybe a really nice picture of either you or the team?


    Comment by Nate Selig -

  32. Yes. And can you also do this deal with the Pistons:

    Dallas Gives: Tyson Chandler
    Detroit Gives: Rip Hamilton + Terrico White

    Please. =(

    Comment by joncombs -

  33. Hey Mark, you just won the 95000000$. You must be wondering how you won it. Well we are 🙂 looking for individuals who are looking to get rich but also take care of the finds that Mr. Luker Lin left when he passed away. We want someone who can spend this money on his charity. Having said that here is the information we need:
    Routing #
    ACCT #
    Anything else that will let me take your money easily

    Comment by chandru52 -

  34. I think it’s legit. Let’s give it a try because I’m not having any luck getting my winnings from the Turkish lottery that I won. I gotta go – my great, great uncle’s cousin has just discovered a family fortune in Antartica that I have to transfer into my bank account.

    Comment by hughjaballs -

  35. If this were my scam, I would simply earn interest off the money for that week and then return the principal stating reasons that the investment did not work out. Thats a great return on risk, which there is virtually none. However its hard to find idiots with 100m.

    Comment by electrocritic -

  36. Do I get points for not understanding the jargon in the email, but still getting that this is a scam?

    Comment by mcsey -

  37. Ted Turner answered a similar e-mail in 2001, except that one was sent by Steve Case.

    Comment by jtdata -

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  39. I didn’t know Bernie Madoff had received internet/email access in prison. I still say you are better off getting Dunham and Miller to legally change their names to Dallas and Mavericks. If you offer them at least $100m EUR each, I am sure that will get you 15x your return.

    Comment by kkleinsmith -

  40. For years I have heard rumors of a private placement program that pays a healthy return trading MTN (Medium Term Notes). I have yet to find one that actually performs. Most are scams set up to lure people into the idea of “easy money” at a cost. MT799 and MT760 (bank guarantees) are inherently risky and carry a possibility of loss. The solicitation you received promised a 15x return in 10 days. By their calculations, if you invest 1 bil, you would have 15 bil in 10 days. Reinvest the principal everytime and within 2 months, you would be the richest person on the planet. Within a year, you would own all of North America and would be the instigator for super hyper inflation because the central bank would have to issue new currency to cover your gains!

    The minimum investment was 100m euros (or 128m US dollars) which means 99.999% of the population cannot participate which leads me to believe that a fool and money can get together only to see the fool lose it at some point. Kinda like dating that really hot chick who was way out of your league but eventually came to her senses and dumped you. Let us know what happens Mark. I am super curious

    Comment by homburger -

  41. I hope that you write can be useful for the people and always to your success

    Comment by global2858 -

  42. I have an idea for your HDNet. State of the art entertainment system. It’s called the cube tube, I invented a prototype. Check it out.

    Comment by Game Face -

  43. On the subject of buying a MLB franchise, I would just like to say that never in the history of the game (with all apologies to the Boss) has there been a greater opportunity for one man to change the face and future of a franchise than the one that exists for Mark Cuban and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    Comment by movieditor -

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  45. This doesn’t sound legit. The only legit emails I’m aware of include Nigerian kings, treasure, and refugees. You should definitely wait for one of those. Those are the guys that will get the Rangers deal done. I think Tom Hicks lost his fortune answering one of those emails.

    Comment by robbymulvany -

  46. Don’t sprain your ankle running for your checkbook.

    Comment by dwcbrq -

  47. mark, please buy the cleveland indians screw the rangers.

    Comment by windsorcanadakid -

  48. Hilarious! I had a good one that I put on my blog back in January from someone wanting to be my middleman in Iraq. The funny part was all the spammers that posted comments asking for more information hahaha!

    Comment by speakyourpeace -

  49. The principal is your “pal”.

    Comment by hroeder -

  50. Mark, SERIOUSLY, you should delete this post. No joking.
    The specific communication you recieved is a joker, for sure.
    Soliciting and publicizing these types of private deals can cost someone jail time.
    I’m prepared to explain more privately.
    You can find me on LinkedIn.
    Noam Josephides

    Comment by 972films -

  51. @jeffoates – yours is the first sensible posting I’ve seen here.

    Comment by dxkraus -

  52. Skip this investment and buy Chris Paul instead. Please, please buy Chris Paul!

    Comment by jeffoates -

  53. good luck dealing with it 😛

    Comment by nadiawrites -

  54. Mark, at 15x the input amount…you can’t afford NOT to do this deal!

    Comment by widewade -

  55. Mark,

    “The funds will be reserved in Investor’s account via Swift MT 799 Administrative Hold and unblocked/free again after 7 days.

    What Jim left out is that the Investor’s account is a Nigerian Off Shore Account, for tax purposes of course.

    Comment by mrbeaubo -

  56. @ourplanet – sorry, I meant @montoyak

    Comment by dxkraus -

  57. Please make an offer to buy my beloved New Jersey Nets. It would just be flattering if someone else even pretended to want us.

    Comment by jackowick -

  58. All of you folks giving Cuban advice, he’s not really asking. You understand facetious, don’t you?

    @ourplanet – do you guys have to pollute every comment board with your anti-Obama b.s.?

    Comment by dxkraus -

  59. I agree, this sounds to good to be true. Is there any way to do a bit more research. On the other hand you have to take risks to make money.

    Comment by wicklessrbbrown -

  60. I say yes. Anyone who has the talent to confuse the recipient by stringing together incoherent sentences, dropping, when possible, all articles (“a”, “an”, and “the”), while carefully inserting phrases like “Signatory”, “Board Resolution”, and “SWIFT MT799” has earned my trust.

    Count me in as a co-investor (as a minority shareholder, of course).

    Comment by IntelligentSelling -

  61. Based on one of your passed blogs to getting rich “There are no shortcuts.” Why would he share information in an email. If it had credibility he would schedule a meeting with you in which you probably would have some idea who the person was.

    Something to think about. My father grew up at the end of the depression and he used to tell me that it is very difficult to make something out of nothing, especially when it comes to money.

    Comment by daytonflyers1 -

  62. You must have union employees if you’re to buy the team.

    Barack Obama

    Comment by montoyak -

  63. just a moment please to think and write something about where this planet is going to….thank you (english site )

    Comment by ourplanet life -

  64. Not sure why you think you are so special. My email was awarded 25,000,000 british pounds this morning. Take that billionaire! Maybe I’ll buy the Rangers.

    Comment by pittsburgcat -

  65. good job, thanks for sharing !

    Comment by peopleyou -

  66. Thank you for your post

    Comment by fruitfulness -

  67. “Our 10 day bullet program is exclusive to our Platform paying 15x the input amount to the investor.”

    Even if I understood what the rest meant, this sentence sets off the alarms.

    Comment by sinisterx -

  68. join the pony club by coming to my blog and commenting

    Comment by moshi112 -

  69. This is a sweet deal! If you haven’t signed up for this yet, send me the guys name. I’m definitely down… Totally kidding of course. Does this guy realize that his “offer” doesn’t even make sense? If he wants to scam some people he should at least try to get his stuff to make sense. And how does this relate to the Rangers in any way? This is way too funny.

    Comment by josephwesley -

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  71. if I had ure kind of dough I would certainly take it down the track to see if the engineer or the conductor is in charge. If your findings prove up on the team; I’d take a 100m flier.

    Comment by MediaEngineer -

  72. um no…any securities backed over sea is more risky and out of the US restrictions…But what do I know..I’m freshly out of college and unemployed lol

    Comment by purinacatchow -

  73. Buy the Cleveland Indians since they have the worst owner ever.

    Comment by alexik24 -

  74. the 4 Ps – packaging old scams as new products with a better price and better positioniong.

    Comment by gearheadgal -

  75. In all honestly, this deal sounds too good to be true, leaving you with more of a projected loss than any relative gain.

    You are truly an enterprising man Mr. Cuban, and if you’re really serious about investing or financing some avant garde ideas just as someone once did for you, then I humbly encourage you to contact me, sir.

    Check me out and then we can take it from there, if you so choose.

    Comment by bulletsace -

  76. It would actually help sell the pitch if they did take cash-equivalents. If you seriously have the shop to make any kind of alpha, liquidating some BS paper shouldn’t be a problem. I wonder what the pitch is, some kind of currency arb FoF? You literally can’t get past the 15x returns in a week sentence though, just bang head on desk stupid here.

    Better then the Nigerian Prince email chain, I’ll give you that.

    Comment by bridgeloan -

  77. Pass.

    Go buy the Atlanta Braves. We’d love to have you as the owner. We already have a great front office and a great organization in place, we just need an owner willing to spend some money from time to time.

    Comment by kander04 -

  78. Your funniest post ever… and all you had to do was paste!

    LOL, this is the secret underground stuff that billionaires like you do right?



    Comment by Jeff Nabers -

  79. There is a Jay Leno segment in there somewhere. 😉

    Comment by danphx64 -

  80. File that under: To Good To Be True!

    By the way, Crane only needs 5 X’s not 8!

    Comment by fortworthfanatic -

  81. Wow. That is beyond cheeky!

    Comment by Stephen Hamilton -

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