Social Gaming Developers Wanted

If you develop Social Games I want to talk to you. Im looking to invest in  games,  developers and projects

Im looking for consumer and corporate applications. I’m not looking for knockoffs of existing games/apps. I’m also looking for physical products that have integrated social gaming components . My preference for all the above is that they run on or  integrate deeply  with Facebook and/or Itunes 10/Ping and all the devices they support.

You can post them here or email me at

If I like it , I will respond. If I dont, I wont.  I wont sign and NDA.


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  1. I’m not Mark, and I don’t even play him on TV, however, you spelled Quarterback wrong, so, that’s the first thing I’d fix.

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  2. Hi Mark, we are in development with Apple now and can use your advice. Take a look at Product is called BDOC which stands for Bow Down or Compete.
    Bow Down or Compete!
    BDOC! Has been developed from the ground up by
    Adrian Lunsford & Andrew Bettle, since November 2007. It started
    off as a simple and fun training iPod exercise to help Adrian’s daughter with her off-season soccer program. As soon as she finished the workout I asked her to give me all the negatives, to my disbelief she didn’t have any. She only had positives. So I decided to continue the development and add some more features. And since then it has been a real treat for me to develop BDOC! More and more I am discovering how I can help every athlete
    Bow Down or Compete!
    Like I said earlier the BDOC! Program began its
    development in 2007 but the story begins in the summer
    of 1985 in Lawton, Oklahoma with a 115lb Sophomore Defensive Back
    nicknamed “Lunchmeat.” As “Lunchmeat” entered the locker room he was asked are you here to help pass out equipment? No, he replied “I am here to play football.”
    The coach shook his head and said I don’t know if we have any pads to fit you, we will have to go get some from the Junior High. Practice begins and Sophomores who are also known as “Mickey’s” are required to carry the Varsity pads to practice until you either make the Varsity Team or become a Junior. Well “Lunchmeat” knew right then that making Varsity was quicker then becoming a Junior so the light bulb went off in his head and it became time to
    Bow Down or Compete!
    Not only did “Lunchmeat” compete and make Varsity,
    he also lettered his Sophomore year. Back in 1985 you started
    High School as a Sophomore so this was a huge accomplishment because only 4 Sophomore’s lettered that year. Senior year “Lunchmeat” whose nickname was changed by one coach to
    “Sweet-Pea” was told he needed to weigh 150lbs to compete in College. On the day of football physicals “Lunchmeat”
    and best friend Will Shields nickname “Big Will” decided to make sure “Lunchmeat” weighed enough so they order 4 large
    Pizzas and “Lunchmeat” ate all but 3 slices of his two pizzas and “Big Will” made sure the rest did not go to waste. All the pizza helped “Lunchmeat” make weight and “Big Will” got treated that day for High Blood Pressure (LOL). Thanks “Big Will” for helping me Bow Down or Compete!
    The State Championship was won that year with a perfect
    14-0 record. The Bow Down or Compete carried on through college
    where “Lunch Meat” earned honors as a Two Time All-American, Defensive MVP, and had multiple 3 interception games. Now it was time to Bow Down or Compete at the professional level, no longer known as “Lunch Meat” Adrian Lunsford went on to play for 11 years professionally. How was Adrian Lunsford able to condition his mind and body to play 11 years of one the toughest games around? I trained year round! I started a training method that I would use daily I would watch game film study the plays then memorize them. I would go out to the football field cut on my boom box and listen to my music while I worked out (this is before the iPod became popular in 2005). I had the option to listen to music on a Walkman or Discman and no we did not carry around eight track players on our hips; but instead I used a boom box or my car stereo because the Discman would skip if you ran, so you were not able to listen to music and workout like today’s modern athlete. I would then re-enact from memorization the game at full speed. I would shorten the length of recovery between plays in half so that I would become a better conditioned athlete. There was only one problem with memorizing the plays over a period of time… you will get your days confused. I retired from football in 2005 right when iPod became popular. I would see my daughter and other athletes train with an iPod clipped to them and it would bring back memories of my day. Instead of a iPod I had a boom box, instead of running hills I ran mountains, instead of a pool workout I did a pond, instead of running with parachutes and sleds I pushed and pulled cars, but all and all everyone finds a way to
    Bow Down or Compete!

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  3. @Joe: I think someone’s already written and exploited Farmville 😉

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  4. Hey Mark,

    Have you thought about investing in Organic Farming? I have a certified organic farm in N. Texas looking for a local investor. We sell to Whole Foods and others in Texas. I will forward my business plan to you if you are interested. A small investment will go a long way in my established operation. WFM alone sells approx. 4.8 billion in produce a year.


    Comment by txgreenfarms -

  5. Hi Mark and the entire Blog Maverick Community,

    With your history of being a proud rugby player with a loud voice that can be heard, I’m reaching out to you to ask you to join the fight to help Save Cal Rugby. I personally am a UC Berkeley grad and rugby alum heading up our Social Media campaign, and I speak for the entire Cal rugby community when I say we would love to have you involved in some capacity.

    I’m not sure if you are aware of everything that has happened with rugby being relegated to a “Varsity Club” (whatever that means) at the school, which would effectively kill the proud program that Cal Rugby has worked so hard to build since 1882. With 25 national championships since that title became official in 1980, the administration has made a mistake in doing this and did not calculate the repercussions this would bring. There are a lot of angry alums out there who are major donors who are planning to take action. We are all mobilizing as well to stage a large show at the upcoming Cal vs UCLA football game. We simply REFUSE to rollover on this and will not allow this to happen. The Rugby program is self-funded, brings in $300,000 in sponsorship money to the general athletic fund, and has offered to start up a Varsity Women’s program on our own dime.

    With Rugby growing steadily in the US, and now an Olympic sport, this will affect the entire USA Rugby community and spits in the face of the progress that has been made with rugby in our land.

    If you have a few minutes, please take a look at this video clip of an interview with our fearless coach, Jack Clark. I believe the two of you would get along smashingly and share many of the same values:

    Mark, again, we would be grateful for any verbal/written support you could provide in our fight to right a baseless wrong. We ask that you help spread the word about the Save Cal Rugby facebook Fan site (, as we are hoping to get tens of thousands of supporters on the facebook site. Please also spread the word to follow us on twitter @SaveCalRugby.

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at all at Thank you for hearing us out.

    Save Cal Rugby

    Comment by savecalrugby -

  6. With no other place to leace a comment, I reccomend buyiung the AVP (association of Volleyball professionals) while it is in nbankruptcy. The failure of the league had everything to do with poor business planing rather than Beach volleyball being a poor business; in fact, it was gaining traction on network tv and the sports radar. I have a good business plan to preserve and expand the avp brand while turning it into a successful business. Feel free to contact me if you would like to hear it.

    Comment by bobbybress -

  7. Mark – I am in the final cuts for Shark Tank with my business and was excited to hear you are joining. I have no idea if I will make the show but you will understand my business more than anyone. I am a Hoosier that played collegiate basketball and love to compete. I have a video game center business that runs competitive tournaments and we are just getting started in franchising. We have been open 6 years and proved the model, this is not a start-up. $24B industry waiting for us.

    Comment by ebashbozack -

  8. UGG is one of the trendiest footwear there are nowadays. This is not only because of these shoes aesthetic appeal but also because of the comfort that they provide the wearers.

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  9. A pair of UGG boots, or as they are commonly known UGGs, will be the most comfortable pair of footwear that you will ever own, in your whole life.

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  10. Hi Mark,

    If you are trying to find ways to invest your $$, I’m wondering if you would be willing to invest in me? I’m a returning education student at my local community college working toward an AA, then on to a BS. I’ve been in my current industry for 17 years, so I’m in the process of re-inventing myself. I’m going to change professions to suit my desire for a real career not just a job. My new career choice has relevance in your sports franchise(s). Look forward to hearing from you.



    Comment by dweeze -

  11. admin on September 9th, 2010 Think you’ve got the next Farmville? Mark Cuban wants to chat: If you develop Social Games I want to talk to you. Im looking to invest in games, developers and…

    <a href="">Visitenos</a&#062;

    Comment by pepejudas -

  12. basketball team and HDNet is looking for social game projects to invest in. While his brief blog post on the matter is a little older, a recent article from Forbes notes that he believes that social Visit Us

    Comment by pepejudas -

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  16. I am not a developer and have no connection with the industry in any way– just a gamer– but if I had to go with one to invest with it would probably be Sneaky Games in Austin, TX. (, and here is a piece I found on ’em – ) Learned about them through very positive things I’ve read on Fantasy Kingdoms by a well-known and respected blog and guide author I like to read who specializes in farm sim games. Actually, this entry of hers may be of interest; she is pointing out some tactical mistakes the developer Zynga has made –

    Comment by bucfanpaka -

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  19. an AOL email address… REALLY? This has to be a joke. Is this a love movie?

    Oh yeah, not gaming but lots of fun…

    Comment by shmuelgordon -

  20. Hello Mark,
    Some months ago I watched a very interesting presentation on Ted Talks related to your comment but also with a purpose

    the link is

    Hope it helps



    Comment by edshortt -

  21. Mark,

    How do you respond to the allegations from Jonathan Lee Riches that you stole his credit cards in order to pay for the Rangers? America needs to know!

    Comment by cory1481 -

  22. Mark sorry to comment below because you may have be done but
    why not also invest on what is sustainable? For example, in brown and green infrastructures (roads, highways, hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, universities, laboratories, airport, harbours, bridges, tunnels, railways, fiber optic network outside of towns, etc…
    ok ROI will not necessarily be tangible (although this is debatable …) compared to profitable or sexiest business but this is the future of a nation/community as well as the web and Technologies in general.
    This country really needs…
    ok you’re probably not the savior of the nation and/or you do not care but at least your involvement could be useful somewhere and for most…and it has nothing to do with the charity business.

    ps : and no i’m not a socialist antiquity

    Comment by shenondoah -

  23. This of course leads to something that’s already out there, which IS ethical: A game to predict box office success, or failure. I believe Hollywood Stox Exchange is already doing this, however, not at the level that I suspect Mark is looking to take it to. The idea to monetize would be to ramp up the social aspect, and crowdsourcing the various predictive powers of the members would simply be an added bonus. Factor in the linear predictive model of a site a la Box Office Mojo, and you have yourself a hit.

    Therefore, it follows that instead of reinventing the wheel, Mark should buy the aforementioned site, and then hire a developer to take it to the next level. This would also make sense based on his participation in Lionsgate.

    Of course, I’ve failed to figure out how to get paid for this idea myself….

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  24. @growhappy Why, exactly would that be? For those of us that are apparently less informed….

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  25. Google Finance is only telling a fraction of Google’s knowledge. Google CEO Eric S. admitted he can predict the stock market, although it would be unethical.

    Comment by growhappy -

  26. More Application Ideas
    Copyright The Golden Rancher

    Cost Wizard – Estimate Overhead

    Stock Analysis – Sort stocks by ROI. Narrow and Widen time frame. Take averages.

    Competition Tracker – Track public companies’ products, stock, and retail prices.

    Price Compare – Compare in-store retail prices for sodas, potato chips across brands and stores.

    Sales Friend – Select a type of product or MFG to get related prices based on Newspaper advertisements. For B&M and online/telephone/mail order retailers.

    Comment by growhappy -

  27. If MC makes $100 million on his Ebay/Paypal/Half engine I’ll take $5 million.

    Comment by growhappy -

  28. Social Corporate Applications
    Copyrighted by The Golden Rancher

    Cold Texter > Business App with elements of Social Gaming

    Cold-calling potential business partners to strike deals is great. Now there can be cold-texting.

    Synopsis: Add Cold-Texter app to your Social Network profile. Add industries and sectors to your resume. Choose a class for each industry. Are you a salesman, an investor, a founder, or a coder? This is real business cast into an online game.

    Trade Facebook Credits for product samples. An engine for sales, such as PayPal/Ebay/ is what you need to develop to get serious.

    I want MC to pay for my computer science education at Stanford if he makes over $5 million on Cold Texter.

    Comment by growhappy -

  29. Hi Mark,
    Don Listwin introduced us in 1999,at the Cisco Partners Summit, held at the Bellagio. You were still at Anyways, I have a new startup call AppGoGo, We specifically built this montetizaton platform for Facebook Developers to send out notifications. FB got rid of notifications March 2010. I believe, we have a winner here.

    Monty Venkersammy

    Comment by appgogo -

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  33. I work with Olivenet they run The army Rumour Service they have started developing a game called ‘Brown Nose’ – it’s how to get promoted when you join the army.

    You can email me:

    Comment by amodernmilitarymother -

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  35. We have a social network game designed for the kids market ages 6 to 10. The game is part of a full transmedia universe built around an original IP developed and owned by our company.

    The game and IP are designed for kids to be just plain FUN as well as inspire them to take on life’s challenges and make a future for themselves.

    We are a 21st Century Media Studio founded and run by entrepreneurs. We have spent the last 15 years creating iconic imagery for others and are now levering those skills for ourselves for every screen. This project is one of many on our slate.

    Check out our website at Email or call

    Shannon Gans

    Comment by blakedrive -

  36. Hey Mark,
    When you say physical products, do you mean like money and business integration or like other peripheral gadgets? I am curious as to the angle you are looking for in a new product here? Like when you say social gaming, would you structure it like a game?
    Anyways, I would like to hear back from you, comment threading would be nice on this wordpress.

    Comment by autospiderz -

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  38. Mark,
    My name is Casey Buyrn and I believe I once met you once about 20 months ago and I DESPERATELY need to contact you. Please respond in kind to this comment if you could please.
    Either way, thanks.
    I just need to talk to somebody.

    Casey Buyrn
    Homeless in LA

    Comment by engineerorbust -

  39. After funding the re-release of two, blockbuster titles from the mid-90’s (both record breakers), our developers will embark on an integrated, social networking game around our now famous puzzle & mystery brands. These new titles will not only address the burgeoning social network space, they will expand it through interactive digital novels, movies and an on-the-ground vacation destination that is integrated with the gaming experience & community. Check out:


    Ping me at charlie dot mchenry at gmail

    Comment by stauffshouse -

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  41. It’s interesting to me that you state up front you won’t sign an NDA. I’m wondering if that will help or hurt you. Is that email address good for other pitches I may have, either now or in the future? Thanks!!!

    Comment by Matches Malone -

  42. I thought you were investing in Turtle’s tequila company???

    Comment by mburkons -

  43. Mr. Cuban,

    My company, Magnolia Marketing is in the process of building a web based game which I believe will be of interest to you. We combine a sports prediction game with sponsored prizes from local establishments, which will come in the form of printable coupons. The URL is:

    I would love to talk more about working together.



    Comment by gamesotd -

  44. hi marc,
    if you are interested in europe.. there is one developer who have e.g. running very unique and already ahead of the pure farmville copy cat stuff .. they are available as app as well ..
    on VZ netzwork… launched 2 weeks ago
    will ask their VP to send you an email.. best

    Comment by lawconsulting -

  45. Mark,

    I develop sports iPhone apps. We have over 140k downloads. Our next move is integrate game mechanics into the apps.

    Admittedly, I’m not really interested in funding as I’m scaling up and bootstrapping just fine. But it may be worth a conversation. Take care.

    -JP [ 402-770-3406 ]

    Comment by JP -

  46. Mark, I develop games for social networks. Facebook is my primary focus but I’m looking at other social networks to evaluate their potential.

    I helped start a company called Challenge Games focused on web based gaming about 4 years ago. Challenge was a venture funded company and was acquired by Zynga in May of this year. I started a company called Mososh after leaving Challenge.

    I have two games on Facebook and the simpler one I ported to hi5. My endeavor is currently bootstrapped and I do just about everything but create the art. I do leverage odesk, elance, craigslist and contacts.

    I’d love to talk more about what you’re looking for and whether we can work together. You can find more info at and you can reach me at

    Comment by mososh -

  47. Mark,

    are you interested in social Q&A based on demographics? Quextit is a micro-blogging Q&A site that allows you to choose the exact audience for any question you may have, mimicking the way we inquire of others in real life, where our intuition allows us to know who to ask (instead of just asking the internet society at large, and then filtering through many irrelevant responses).

    We are integrated with Twitter with Facebook soon to follow. Since you have 212k followers on Twitter, wouldn’t you benefit from knowing their demographic statistics and having the ability to target your tweets to various sub-groups based on Gender, Ethnicity,Location, Education, Vocation, etc?

    Should you be interested in trying us out, let me know and I’ll give you access to our premium features.

    The Ultimate Micro-Blogging Q&A


    Comment by quextit -

  48. My company, Gryphon Digital Media develops software and application for all kinds of social interactions. We have a college application called Omnicademy that’s gotten a lot of attention. We have an advertising and social gaming platform that is like a scavenger hunt (think groupon meets foursquare), and we have an extreme social world for kids that is like Webkinz meets WOW- except with Jousting.

    Stacey Simmons
    Gryphon Digital Media

    Comment by staceylynnsimmons -

  49. Mark –

    We’ve met a few times over the years; if you are truly interested in doing something in the space email me @; would love to have a quick exchange with you.


    Comment by thefunfoundry -

  50. Hi Mark

    If you are interested in Social Gaming on mobile or online – the guys at in the Netherlands are top notch! They built the Cross Media Social Platform for TV in the mid-2000’s at and have built some very cool iPhone apps recently… as well as working with the EU in Brussels on which is integrated into Facebook.

    If you are interested in Social Gaming on TV using new emerging technologies such as Yahoo Connected TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony, or Google TV, then I suggest in Seattle. They are top TV app builders.

    If you are interested in what is going on in the emerging TV space in terms of TV Apps, Social TV, Social Gaming on TV, Transmedia, TV Widgets, Smart TV,Connected TV and convergent media in general then is a solid resource!

    Warm Regards

    Richard Kastelein


    Comment by Expathos -

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