Want Your Newborn to be an Athletic Superstar ?

Well I have no idea how to make sure he or she gets there. But what I do know that is if you have any such aspiration for your soon to be bundle of joy, then there is one thing you must do:

You must save the cord blood from your child’s birth.

At the Dallas Mavericks we have been diving into any and all advances in medical science that can give us a competitive edge. (The new advanced metrics that will impact the game). I’m not talking performance enhancing drugs, I’m talking proactive analysis and advanced recovery methodologies.  One that is obvious is the use of Stem Cells.

I’m not going to go into the science or offer any insights into what we are doing,  but what I will tell soon to be and future parents is that your doctors and your children will thank you in 20 years when they are relieved to find out that they can utilize the latest in medical technologies because mom and/or dad had the foresight to save their cord blood

Let me clear here. This is not a cure all. The use of cord blood cells in regenerative applications is still in its infancy (See the joke I made there :). But what I do know that is medical science is advancing rapidly. What will be available to your newborn child in 20 years will be vastly different than what is available today. By banking the cord blood in a private cord bank, while relatively expensive (Do your homework PLEASE before making a decision which bank to use), you will have given your child a unique option that could lead to the latest recovery techniques being available to him or her.

You want to know what the next big thing is ? It’s personalized medicine. This is one baby step towards the future for your family

And let me be crystal clear again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Not everyone agrees with me. It’s not cheap. It’s not a cure all. It’s an option. One that I have used with my children. But you have to make your own decisions


46 thoughts on “Want Your Newborn to be an Athletic Superstar ?

  1. “Father Figure, Father Figures?”
    There are a lot of people out there who want to be “Parents” but cannot. This solves that NEED.

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  2. My children will be rich.
    99 Domains!

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  3. thank you…
    There is a paradigm shift being made in medicine in this area, that will only help mankind

    Comment by Uğur Arslanoğlu -

  4. You’re absolutely right. My wife and I saved our daughter’s cord blood and it wasn’t a tough decision to do so. The only decision we had to make is which bank to use. They came to the hospital, picked it up for us, and transported it to the bank. It went perfectly smooth, and hopefully Freedom (our daughter) will never need to use it.

    Comment by Kurt Celis -

  5. https://twitter.com/Ken_do_Daniels/status/334461061002588160

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  6. http://t.co/WL3kGNc7H7

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  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BKQ-kByCcAARcQq.png:large

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  8. thank you @Markcuban for bringing this front and center. It is so important that we continue to do the research. there are so many diseases cord blood can help. and there are more each an every day for more info contact http://www.mazecordblood.com

    Comment by Maze Cord Blood (@cord_blood_bank) -

  9. Mark, have you guys experimented at Dallas Mavericks with Isolation Tanks for faster recovery? The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) use float tanks for recuperation/rejuvenation, injury rehabilitation and neuro-muscular programming. As a Software Engineer I find it super useful in my field too as a meditation alternative. Blogged about it here for those interested: http://www.theroadtosiliconvalley.com/local-california/floatation-isolation-meditation-sensory-deprivation-tank/

    Comment by Ernest W. Semerda (@ernestsemerda) -

  10. mark, concur with the cord blood.

    we have been fortunate to be able to store cord blood for our cubs.

    i am curious at what analytic methods you are using for the data you have collected?

    traditional stats type regression methods or using techniques that allow the data to provide emergent information?


    Comment by cmf0402 -

  11. Thank you Mark for bringing light to this topic. In California, the Joanne Pang Foundation offers cord blood donation at no cost to donor mom. http://joannepang.org/donate/ Here is the link to Joanne’s story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRX4lXAT2XY
    With a documented shortage of ethnic minorities and mixed race units in Be The Match Registry, public cord blood banking is very important to those patients facing a life-threatening disease. Cord blood has been used to treat over 70 diseases since 1988

    Comment by Sally Brien Holper -

  12. Mark you couldn’t be more right on target with this! We have banked our 3 month old’s cord blood with CBR and at $2500 it was worth it. We have access to his blood within 4 hours anywhere in the United States. It’s only the upfront cost and from there it’s a $200 yearly maintenance. Thanks for putting this out there Mark!!!

    Comment by wthrash (@wthrash) -

  13. Mark, it is very true that much research is being done. Not only cord blood but also the cord tissue, which is more regenerative medicine focused, which can be less expensive to preserve.. Disclosure, I work for Alphacord, and we have been trying to make this ffordable for the past 11 years. We have the price down under $1000.

    Comment by Hal Rogness -

  14. Mark, thanks for writing this. My wife and I are having our first child next month. We weighed all the options and we don’t know where the research is going to be in 15-20 years with stem cells. Like everyone is saying, it ain’t cheap. BUT the companies out there do offer payment plans. You don’t have to pay everything up front. Look into them. Ask your doctor. Do the research. Thanks.

    Comment by David Boss -

  15. BRAVO. Thank you for writing this… There is a paradigm shift being made in medicine in this area, that will only help mankind. THANK YOU!

    Comment by directorflm -

  16. We banked for both of our kids, and will do so for any future kids. and are very grateful we had the opportunity to do that. But if you can’t afford it follow Jeffrey Higgins advice above and donate it. Just like donating blood in a blood drive is helpful, you can donate these all important cells.

    We used CBR (cordblood.com) and they’re good about working on price/payments. They also were great on discounting for repeat customer.

    Comment by Alex (@FHAlexander) -

  17. I didn’t consider this a luxury for my children, I considered it a necessity. Save a few trips to Starbucks and a few dinners out each year and you easily cover the startup costs and yearly fees. My 2nd child is set to arrive any day. We used CryoCell and the startup cost is around $1,400.00 with annual storage fees of $125.00. Think of it as an extension of health insurance, if you ever have a need for the banked blood and medical science expands its utility the fees would be an absolute bargain.

    Comment by Stephen Orchard (@stephenorchard) -

  18. check the infamous ‘Milan Lab’ that keeps soccer players going to 38 yrs. or more
    however they secretive [it seems] but worth taking a look

    Comment by Don Casey -

  19. For the blue collar people with credit card debt they can never pay off, this is just one more great idea they may never get to do. Meanwhile main street america has NO Debt Suspension rights of any kind, no matter what the reason.

    Comment by swarmthebanks -

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    Best of luck to you!

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  23. I’ve “unsubscribed” and asked a number of times to be taken off this list!

    Michael E. Douroux

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  24. Thanks Mark. Howard Freedman

    Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

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  25. Mark,
    This is great advice to anyone with the means to do it, but you left out a far more critical directive. If you cannot afford to bank the cord blood, or choose not to, PLEASE DONATE IT! So much can be done with cord blood today, and every newborn can be a lifesaver from birth through the simple, painless, FREE act of donating cord blood. Please put a word or two (and a link) in this post for new parents who would consider that option — the most generous and loving thing to do with cord blood if one cannot afford to store it.

    Comment by speakhappiness -

  26. While this sounds like a great idea, and many people would benefit from it, like all things that cost money only the people who can afford it really benefit. Pretty soon it won’t be just money that separates the rich from the poor. Gattaca anyone?

    Comment by robadawb -

  27. The problem with it right now is the expense for most people. We just had a baby and saw the pricing. Its 2-3k start up and several hundred a year for storage. The vast majority of new parents can not afford that now or later. I am sure 100% of the room would have wanted to do it, but 1 out of 30 couples in birthing class had planned on it and they were an older couple in their 40’s.

    It’s another game of bring prices down to reasonable levels, and you will see a major uptake in people saving their babies cord blood.

    Comment by chriswaldron13 -

  28. http://deneyimlioyuncu.blogspot.com/

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  29. Mark, I totally agree and we did bank our kids cord blood. And I my self just had stem cell therapy done on me as my kidney is failing and the Drs are pushing dialysis on me. It’s been almost 5 weeks now and my blood work #’s are getting better. I/we as a family will be making a stand for stem cell therapy “congress” soon. Thanks for the article

    Comment by Tony Bollin -

  30. wisdom teeth as well. They contain stem cells, and there are companies that will store them for you

    On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 9:47 AM, blog maverick

    Comment by Kevin Kliman -

  31. Very impressive. Anyone know the typical costs associated? I’m too lazy to search for myself.

    Comment by hrseo -

  32. I was hit with all the hard-sell marketing for this when I was pregnant and even in the delivery room. It was completely unaffordable for my family. I’ve talked to a stem cell researcher whose sons went to my son’s preschool, and he said that cord blood can only be used in the case of very rare blood cancers and is really not needed unless you have a family history of these cancers. He said it was mostly a money maker for the cord banking companies that prey on vulnerable parents who of course want to do anything and everything to protect thier chidlren.

    Comment by SheSaid -

  33. Oprah’s got a couch with your name on it, Mark.

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  34. I don’t know much about that but I do know that breast fed babies are usually stronger and develope faster than non breast fed babies. Reason….Lactoferrin in the breast milk. There is an all natural form of this available now and it was published in the International Osteoperosis Journal of Medicine. This was the basis for creating this product. Imagine have the same strong bones in your 50’s and 60’s that you had in your 20’s. Well you can. How does this benefit you? I played professional basketball in Europe and I understand the demands of the an athlete. Most understand the physical pressures we put on our bones but they don’t understand it from a nutritional side. Your bones are like a bank. You withdrawal nutrients from your bone bank but in most cases you do not deposit enough, via diet, to keep the bones strong and healthy. I have heard 2 presentation by the doctor and he has talked about how this product can be beneficial to athletes. I believe this why we see so many knee injuries in basketball. Kids are playing more basketball at a younger age and putting more stress on their bodies.
    Also, recovery is important. I see players using oxygen chambers and that is ok but what is if there was a more effecient way to do the same thing and less costly. Blood flow is the key to recovery. it is the natural healing process. If you could put your body in a chamber every night for eight hours to help it regenerate? Well, it is not a chamber but a mattress. I do have one NBA player that is using the product (that bought from me), Eric Gordon. It is a magnetic mattress pad that he sleeps. I have been using a mattress pad since 1998. I really helped me in my career with recovery. If you are truly looking for an advantage for you players, getting the proper rest should be #1.
    I know you don’t know me but I am sure you can contact Eric and ask him about the mattress. I just ask that you contact me if you decide to go further in your investigation for information.

    Comment by Ron Rutland Jr. -

  35. We saved cord blood from both of our children (2007 and 2009). We used ViaCord and felt the cost was very fair. With the advances in science, I am certain that they will come in handy down the road

    Comment by Michael Schwartz (@schwartzbiz) -

  36. Mark, Please add your thoughts on donating to a public cord bank.

    Comment by Jeffrey Higgins -

  37. Great advice, Marc. When people are having a baby, it’s an incredibly vulnerable time for them. They want to make sure they’re doing everything they can to ensure that their child has every advantage. And the people who can afford the expense of saving their child’s cord blood on the off chance that their child will maybe benefit maybe someday will truly appreciate your advice. And who knows, you may be right! Of course, a lot of new parents are cash-strapped and can’t afford this expense. And during this incredibly vulnerable time – a time of unknowns and fear, high emotion, and second guessing, this is just the thing they need to show them that they’re not going enough to ensure the future success of their child. It doesn’t matter that your post will make a lot of people feel terrible. It’s possible that a couple of people will benefit! So let’s focus on them. Great post.

    Comment by Brendan Delaney (@bwdelaney) -

  38. It’s not cheap is an understatement. I had no idea about cord blood until someone showed up in the recovery room making a sales pitch for my newborn twins. Medical bills for a pregnancy are large enough without the sudden surprise stuff added on at the last minute. We ended up doing cord blood since the twins were going to spend time in the NICU. We weren’t given a choice of which cord blood bank to use. With all the confusion during the delivery I still have no idea if it’s a good idea (probably) or if we got a good deal (probably not). Any couple that’s about to have a child should absolutely research cord blood ahead of time so they aren’t surprised like my wife and I were.

    Comment by dereksthered -

  39. Mark,
    We did that with our children and we think its a HUGE investment in what science has yet to offer and well worth the $125 a year to store it per child. Great work and post as always.


    Comment by Charles Hausmann -

  40. Very interesting!

    By the way thanks for writing your ebook. It had a lot of useful advice that I plan to use to grow my business. I will especially keep in mind the phrase “No Balls, No Babies” when I hesitate do to fear.

    God bless, Jorge

    Comment by Jorge Martinez -

  41. Again, you appear to be on the leading edge of what’s going on in sports… this time as it relates to medicine. I’m too late with my little girl, but she’s a good athlete at age 12… and an inventor! I KNOW you love that! I’m looking forward to meeting you when your front office sees the Mavericks Basketball Glow Light she developed. I’m teaching her that ideas can turn into businesses. Enjoy your day!

    Comment by Ellen Kelley -

  42. I did exhaustive research on all of these companies (over 20 hours worth) and went with one that is the best, most experience and they happened to be reasonably priced unlike many of them. If you want to a discount on this stellar cord blood company please email me at walt.rivenbark@gmail.com and I will send you a discount. I have no ties to this company and I am just a customer with a 2 year old boy.

    Comment by Walt Rivenbark -

  43. I thought you were kidding at first…looks like I need to do some research.

    Comment by sbcmurphy -

  44. Mark, I love this and I love that you’re speaking to your audience on auch an important subject.

    My mom was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia about a year and a half ago, so the importance of stem cella has been in the forefront of our minds. She is actually having a stem cell transplant at the end of July, approximately around the same time I’ll be delivering my first child.

    My husband and I love the idea of saving cord blood from our daughter, but the cost is a huge hurdle for us. I wish it were something everyone could afford and that instead of being a luxury, it could be the norm.

    Comment by nataliegracie -

  45. Great article Mark! My generation needs to read this pronto. I’m 22 and people I know are beginning to have children now- this could save lives!!

    Comment by Matt Rosenman™ (@mattrosenman) -

  46. I wish I had the option to do this. You are lucky to be able to do things like this for your kids. With $150K in student loan debt (more than our co-op has left on its mortgage) my wife and I cannot indulge in such luxuries. I hope your kids appreciate you for trying to improve their future.

    Comment by Frank Miceli -

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