Is this a proposal from 1995 or 2015 ?

I had reason to do some research and find some old goodies from the beginning of the world of streaming. This was first written in 1995 with testimonial emails added over time.

Since 2015 marks the 20th Anniversary year of streaming, i thought it would be fun for you to see that our proposals from back then aren’t a whole lot different from what we see in proposals today. The technology has improved. The market has changed. The proposition. Not so much.  Ok maybe I had to explain what the Internet is and that’s not necessary today. But why nitpick 🙂

Notice towards the end the offer of pre stream ads. Tags. Inserted commercials and more.

Who is AudioNet ?

AudioNet is the worlds first and largest Broadcast Network on the Internet, that’s who. We are just like your local cable company. The cable company licenses programming from about 100 different sources and offers a choice of about 50 to 75 television channels to its local trade market, or in some cases they will share content among several markets.. AudioNet licenses audio programming from hundreds of sources, and makes it available to the ENTIRE WORLD ! Better yet, unlike radio and television, we offer programming on demand. If you miss your favorite program during the day, you can listen to it on AudioNet that night ! With AudioNet, no one ever has to miss their favorite program or show !

AudioNet is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet. People around the world know that when they want their choice of LIVE and on demand audio programming there is only place to go, WWW.Audionet.Com, the worlds first Broadcast Network on the Internet !

AudioNet offers live broadcasts of radio stations such as KLIF Dallas, WTEM Washington DC, WMVP Chicago, KFI Los Angeles, KDGE Dallas, XTRA San Diego, WQAM Miami, WOR New York, WBAL Baltimore, KDGE Dallas, KZPS Dallas,WAMC New York, with many more to come. Then there are the LIVE broadcasts of exciting sporting events such as football and men’s and women’s basketball from more than 50 schools including, Texas A&M, University of Southern California, Michigan State, Nebraska, Baylor, North Carolina, Duke, and Florida. Plus, a growing schedule of professional football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, and Indoor Soccer.

In addition to sports programming AudioNet offers a comprehensive selection of entertaining, original programming not available anywhere else, like NetChat with Elliot Stein, Live Music Concerts, Hash Brown Blues Band Live from the Bone, The Janice Malone Show, Science Radio, The Worlds First Serialized Audio Books, Jeffrey Lyons Movie Reviews and Hollywood Reports, Medical Matters, Tech Talk, NetRadio, Geek Free Radio, Legal Matters, Net Radio, Celebrity Interviews with Michelle Pfeiffer, Patrick Swayze, Dustin Hoffman, George Foreman, Gennifer Flowers and much more. What’s even more exciting is that AudioNet is doubling their content offerings every month, with new things being added every day. Listeners know to stop by and see what’s new, and they do !

That’s right, AudioNet offers our users their choice of the programming they want and love, and its only on AudioNet!

What is the Internet ?

Everybody has used the phone system. Pick up the phone, dial a number, talk to a friend or business associate. What we don’t think about when we pick up the phone is what actually happens at the phone company.

When you dial a phone number, the phone company takes that number, and using their complex internetwork of computers, switches, and lots of fancy technology, they connect your phone to your friends’ phone.

So what is the Internet ? The Internet is the phone system, but instead of all of those fancy computers at the phone company being used to connect phones for people to talk on, they connect computers so that they can talk to each other. Its real simple. The Internet is just a bunch of computers that have the ability to hold a conversation with each other.

People talk to each other and communicate using words. Computers talk to each using text, pictures, audio and in some cases video. That is what makes the Internet so special. When you connect your computer to the Internet you have access to millions and billions of words, pictures and sounds that you might not be able to find otherwise. Just as importantly, anybody who uses the Internet has access to whatever words, pictures or sounds you would like to make available to them !

So what does it take to “Get On the Internet ?” Its simple. All you need is a multimedia computer, a modem, and a connection to an Internet Service Provider.

An Internet Service Provider is someone who has gone to the phone company and told them that they want to specialize in allowing computers to connect to other computers. So they cut a deal that allows them to share high speed connections to other computers among all the people’s computers that they provide Internet Services to. This is not much different than Sprint and MCI, who bought tons of phone time from AT&T and turned around an specialized in selling long distance. Internet Service Providers specialize in selling computer access to the Internet.

To sign up for a connection to an Internet Service Provider usually only takes a single phone call to the Internet Service Provider, or AS AN AUDIONET CUSTOMER OR CONTENT PARTNER, we will do all of this for you !

What else do you need ? The only other thing you need is software known as Browser Software. This software, which we provide to you allows your computer to easily navigate all of the different computers on the Internet and display all of the sights, sounds and information available from the millions of computers connected to the net.

So what exactly is on the Net and why is everybody so excited ? Everything is on the net. That’s right, everything. There is not a single subject that isn’t covered. Want information on the Mona Lisa, do a search on the Mona Lisa, or Art, or Leonardo Da Vinci . Want to know the score of Army vs USC in 1973, no sweat its there. Want to review the latest fashions from Milan, its there. Want to know who is hiring in your field ? Demographics of skateboards in Delaware ?You can even find the menus of some of your favorite restaurants. Everyday more is being added. Experts are saying that the Internet will double in size in less than a year ! There is little question that when anyone wants personal or business information, the Internet will be the first place they start to look. The only question is whether they will find information about your business when they start to look, or will they find information about your competition !

AudioNet and the Future

The only constant with technology is change. Each and everyday technology advances to allow new things that no one ever dreamed of to be done. For AudioNet, technological change is opportunity for our customers and listeners. You see, AudioNet is technology independent. We will always be able to chose the technology that best serves our users. We will use other’s technology, and combine it with our own. We will give our customers a truly competitive advantage by staying on the cutting edge, but away from the bleeding edge, using technology to do things others cant imagine.

Today AudioNet is an Audio only network. We expect the bandwidth available to the home to increase dramatically over the next 2 to 4 years . We expect to be able to expand our offerings to include not only video, but also other new media images and formats, some of which are just now being invented !

What makes AudioNet special, is not only our technological independence and experience, but also our commitment to our customers and users. We will take your suggestions, and comments and use them to continuously upgrade the level of entertainment that we offer. We expect to have customized versions of AudioNet, so that the way you use AudioNet, is unique to you !

In terms of our breadth of reach, AudioNet currently serves more than 750,000 listeners per month. We expect that number to grow exponentially to more than 5,000,000 listeners per month, in LESS THAN 12 MONTHS. In fact, we expect that within 18 months, we will be the equivalent of the largest radio station in world !

Today, you are in the business of managing change. More than ever before, your business is driven by constant, relentless change in new products, revisions in services, changes in distribution, new suppliers, increasing competition…
Your customers and prospects are changing even faster! Shifting purchasing behavior, major lifestyle adjustments, changes in product preferences, new perceptions of value….
Your strongest competitors are changing too! Constantly adjusting to keep up with variable conditions, struggling to persevere in an increasingly hostile marketplace, continually striving to increase market share….
So, if you plan to see your business grow and prosper … you constantly need to enhance your ability to manage change. You need to access the current situation, understand the options, explore the alternatives, and be prepared to change your business strategy and marketing tactics at a moment’s notice.
You can’t do it alone. You need a contemporary marketing partner that’s ready and able to help you maximize each and every sales opportunity…from short-term events to emerging long-term trends. AudioNet is that partner !
AudioNet is not just another Internet Company. AudioNet is the established market leader for multimedia on the Internet. While other companies attempting to understand technology and marketing through new media, AudioNet is creating the market and establishing itself as the leader others are following.
AudioNet knows how to take technology and use it to your advantage. We can support you in traditional means, by offering cost effect impressions to your targeted customer base. Or, we can leverage our technological and marketing advantages, to give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace !

Why Offer Your Content on AudioNet ?

YOU want to maximize the reach of your content.
YOU want complete flexibility in the information you offer to listeners and customers.
YOU want to offer your customers the ONLY truly interactive medium.
YOU want to be able to change your messages to your listeners and customers dynamically.
YOU want to acquire complete demographics of your listeners and customers in REAL-TIME !
YOU want to reach every possible prospect or customer in your demographics.
YOU want to talk to listeners, prospects and customers worldwide.
YOU need to pinpoint specific consumers by name for products and services.
YOU have to maximize your investment by reaching your best prospects .
YOU need to break through competitive clutter .
YOU want to establish a relationship with your customers.
YOU want to make the most of your entire broadcast program .
YOU need to respond to changes in the market at a moment’s notice.
YOU constantly are looking for new ways to impact the market .
YOU want to allow your listeners and customers the convenience of using the Internet.
YOU want to offer your customers an extended impression of information
YOU want to build a direct SnailMail and Electronic Mail mailing lists.
YOU want to participate in a medium whose reach is doubling every 3 months !
YOU want to entertain your listeners and customers with your message.
YOU want to establish yourself as a marketing leader.

The AudioNet JukeBox
The world it is a changing. Today, the computer is a normal appliance in the life of almost every student throughout the Western World. Along with the computer, comes access to the Internet. Today’s kids and young adults use the Internet almost as much as they watch today. In fact, the trend towards Internet usage is increasing, while the use of television among the young is decreasing. More importantly, internet users have a higher disposable income than television viewers. The question is, how do you most effectively reach this profitable audience. Enter the AudioNet JukeBox.

AudioNet, through its licenses with ASCAP and BMI, has created a JukeBox on AudioNet that offers users the chance to listen to their choice of more than 300 Cds, in their entirety. Although the JukeBox has been up and running only a matter of weeks, the response has been phenomenal.

Each day, more than 10,000 AudioNet users visit the JukeBox. With more than 8,000 choosing to listen to the CD of their choice. Plus, the base of JukeBox listeners is growing at more than 15% per week, with no slowdown in sight !

Our good fortune is your phenomenal opportunity. AudioNet is creating the opportunity for Music Companies, Distributors and Retailers to highlight their products through our AudioNet Pick of the Week.

The AudioNet Pick of the Week is a highlighted CD selection that is the first thing that JukeBox users see. As the Pick of the Week, your product will be seen by more than 10,000 potential customers each day.

Having so many potential listeners is a good thing, but the real question is, how many people will actually listen to the Pick of the Week ? Since our inception of the AudioNet JukeBox and the Pick of the Week, no CD has been listend to less than 400 times in a single day ! In fact the average is more than 500 per day ! Thats more than 3,500 people listening to your product each week !

In addition to your product being viewed and listened to by thousands each week, the AudioNet JukeBox Pick of the Week will contain a link back to your home page, or to a page we create, with information on how to purchase your product, whether from the closest retailer, or from a 1-800 number that you provide.

How To Participate in the AudioNet JukeBox

You will need to provide
Camera Ready Artwork for the Product to be highlighted
2 Copies of the CD to be highlighted
Either a link to a URL providing ordering information, or the layout for a page that will be hosted on Audionet

What AudioNet Users are Saying
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 12:55:59 -0600
From: Chris Stewart <>
Subject: Internet kudos

Long time listener, never time caller and ecstatic Audionet patron. I have
recently moved from Arlington to Tyler and could not receive the KLIF
signal inside my new place of employment. So simulcasting KLIF on the
Internet has filled my work time talk radio fix. I have been listening to
KLIF for seven years and watched KLIF grow and evolve into the
excellent station that it is today. The addition of the Internet service
proves that KLIF will remain on the cutting edge of the industry.
From: SpclAgnt007 <> Date: Sun, 08 Oct 95 19:57:49 -700
Subject: Best site in the Internet

I love you guys! Can’t wait for the other radio stations like the Fan.

This is the best site on the internet.

P. Fahey
From: Les Lin <> Organization: Linsons Company, Ltd.
Subject: AudioNet

AWESOME! I am truly impressed with this site that you have setup. It is
the cutting edge of technology with the live broadcasts. You guys have
implemented RealAudio well and it sounds great! KLeep up the great work!

Date: Tue, 03 Oct 95 22:31:22 -0700
From: Mads Creutz Thomsen <>
Subject: AudioNet

Hi !
It’s amazing how this can be done..
VERY GOOD sound quality, all the way from USA to Denmark… i’m impressed..
Keep up that good work.

/Mads, Middelfart, DENMARK

What AudioNet Users are Saying

From: Carol <>
Organization: Internet America
Subject: (no subject)

This is one of the most incredible services available on the Net. The
Internet has truly revolutionized communications, but Internet radio
broadcasts will take the world into an entirely new era of worldwide

From: tom kender <>
Return-Path: <>
Subject: real audio

Amazing! Just Amazing! My wife thinks I listen too much as it is. Wait till
she sees this.

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 23:45:41 -0700
From: adamhi <>
Subject: Adam Hicks in London is listening now!!!

Yo Guys… radio on the internet…its astounding…!!!!
I only wish that the readaudio link were a little faster..

Your programming is excellent, i love it…it reminds me of a
news talk radio that we used to have in London until last year.


Adam Hicks
Subject: Re: Listen to Talk Radio Live on Net !
From: (Ted Targosz)
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 01:07:22 GMT

Mark Cuban <75162.550@CompuServe.COM> wrote:

I’m from Texas. I’ve been living in Malaysia for the past 6 years. I
must say that being able to receive live broadcasts from KLIF has been
one of the most delightful things I have had happen to me lately. I
hope you keep it up and I am especially looking forward to the day
when I can listen to live Cowboy games on internet radio. Thanks
* Ted Targosz E-Mail: *
* SLIPing to you from Penang, Malaysia “The Pearl of the Orient” *
From: rcassidy@MO.NET
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 14:39:32 -0700

Dear Sirs,

I really enjoy your programs. I listen while I do routine chores at
my computer several times each week. I felt it was time to let you
know that I am excited about the recent advancements in this area.
Keep up the good work.

From: Richard Boulton <>
Subject: Real Audio

Sir, I wish to thank you for a great page on the Internet. It is
amazing to sit here in Brisbane Australia and listen to the news live
from the U S thanks to your page and links. Thanks again

AudioNet Sporting Events:

Subject: Redskins/Eagles game

I just wanted to thank you very much for broadcasting the game today.
For fans like me who are isloated from watching or hearing their
favorite teams (in my case the Redskins all the way) over traditional
means, this is a wonderful service. I would encourage you to continue
this service (with the Skins if at all possible) and expand upon it.
Many favorable reguards.

Scott Freedman

From: Paul Muehr <> To:
Subject: great work guys, keep it up

Thanks for putting Texas A&M material up. I love the fact that we can
get the entire season of the R.C. Slocum show and the live broadcasts
of the game. Looks, I mean, sounds great.

-Paul Muehr

AudioNet Specialty Programming

From: Stan Kline <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 95 03:40:38 0800
Subject: Wine News

Certainly appreciated the realaudio Wine1.ram file. Am looking forward
to the next one. Please!!!

Date: Sat, 07 Oct 95 13:15:39 -0700
From: Jack Blake <> Organization: Retired
Subject: Medical Journal with Lou Adler


With every good reason to quit, I played the realaudio sessions several
times to let the information sink in. It is indeed a valuable service
and I thank you for it. Keep up the good work, the files played


AudioNet Live !

Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 15:33:35 -0500
Subject: Re: audio software
To: Mark Cuban <>
content-length: 89

Thanks a bunch for the program!!!Checked out KLIF today
and it is killer!

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 18:25:33 -0400
Subject: Saturday SMU game

One of my buddies from Oklahoma rushed over to my office when he heard
that the OU game was going to be on. We gathered around the audiovision Mac
monitor and had a great time listening to the play by play. The feed dropped
out a couple of times, but the audio quality was excellent and you guys have
done a nice job on the interface.

My question to you.
Are you willing to rent out your expertise to get other people in different
parts of the country on line? I don’t know why Cal and Stanford aren’t on
line, but they should be, and some of our local talk radio shows are big time
and should be running on the net. I am willing to pursue them, but I don’t
have the RA background to set them up.

Dave Roberts

The AudioNet Program for Internet Advertising

Every advertiser has their choice of hundreds of different mediums in which to present their message.
Results from that message depend on where it is placed. AudioNet is the leading and largest Broadcast Network on the Internet.

Our live broadcasts of Sports and Talk Radio, cultural and entertainment events, as wellas collegiate and professional sporting events, offer advertisers the opportunity to interact with millions of Internet and online service users in a unique medium

When you advertise on AudioNet, you reach more of your targeted audience more often.

AudioNet serves more than 1 1/2 million Web pages a month.

Each day more than 15,000 listeners access AudioNet

The Number of users of AudioNet has been doubling every 3 weeks since our inception, with no signs of slowing

AudioNet listeners stay on the system for an average of more than 1 hour. The typical Web Site averages less than 2 minutes !

AudioNet content is Unique. No where else on the net will you find live Sports and Talk Radio, live cultural and entertainment, and live sporting events !

Only AudioNet offers advertisers their choice of medium: Placed Audio Spots, Audio Tags, Foreign Language audio, Guided Audio Tours, Web Page Sponsorships, HomePage Links, Couponing and more !

AudioNet has the largest catalog of On-Demand programming on the Net, with more than 2000 shows and events.

AudioNet is attracting new content everyday. Both listeners and content providers are flocking to be part of the AudioNet phenomena ! From sports to talk radio, from Jeffrey Lyons Movie Reviews, to Medical Matters, to The Janice Malone Show. AudioNet offers a unique mix of live and on-demand programming that attracts veteran and newbie online users !

Targeting Your Market with AudioNet

AudioNet offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities for our users. Each of which reachs a very targeted market. Other Internet concerns can only offer a large number of “hits”. AudioNet programming, can offer our advertisers a selection of very targeted, definable target markets.

AudioNet program directories are organized in a hierarchy of categories. Sports, Talk Radio, Music, Interviews, New Programs, Live !, Live Football, Live Basketball, Hot Programs and Specialty Programs, are some of the primary headings which lead into mulitple topics within each heading.

Each topic, such as Coaches Shows, Talk Shows, Celebrity Interviews, Medical Shows, etc, contains the programming specific to that topic. This well defined hierarchy allows each advertiser to select the audience that best meets your demographic criteria.

By advertising on a AudioNet programming page, you reach a qualified customer base, with the ability to target your message to the customer or prospect you would like to reach.

A partnership with AudioNet can include everything you need to deliver a strong message, ready for placement in our site including:

Custom Audio Production

Audio Insertions into programming that matches your demographics

Addition of custom audio progamming to your or our Web Pages

Audio that internationalizes your web site or message

Consultation on the preparation of your ad on the AudioNet site

Rotation of your ad banner across AudioNet pages

An Ad Showcase featuring your company, hotlinked directly to your ad

Your advertising can be hotlinked directly to your own Web site

High profile placement of your banner

User Feedback about your online presence

AudioNet can tailor a targeted advertising program to your needs. Results are just a phone call or Email away !

AudioNet Sponsorships

Master Page Sponsorship Program
The AudioNet Sponsorship program offers several types of advertising opportunities. The first, which is available now, is The Master Page sponsorships.

The Master Page sponsorship program focuses on the Master Topic Pages that AudioNet offers. These Pages are direct links from the home page and incude the following Programming Groups:


Talk Shows

Specialty Programs

Hot Programming

New Programs Today

Live Programming

Live Football

Live Basketball




With more being developed

With the Master Page Sponsorship, the advertiser purchases sponsorship of the programming group they desire on a quarterly or annual basis.

The sponsorship includes a banner graphic that will be placed at or near the top of the page of the Program Group selected. The graphic is to be of the dimensions specified by the Master Sponsorhip program, and can be changed as often as weekly. In addition the graphic will be linked to the home page, or selected site of the advertiser.

Master Sponsors will also have the opportunity to offer promotional opportunities on their Master Page.

The Master Sponsorship Program, will deliver on an average, 200,000 page views monthly.

Pricing starts at $75 per thousand page views.

Additional Opportunities

Audio Promotion

WWW.AudioNet.Com is the only site on the Internet that offers audio promotions on Web Pages. No where else can you offer audio information about your products or services. The opportunities are astounding.

– Consumer companies can have celebrity endorsements and comments.

– Electronics companies can offer daily product updates about new technologies.

– Sports enthusiasts can hear the picks of the week.

– Political candidates can present their positions.

– Professional organizations can have speeches and seminars.

– Web sites can be internationalized with foreign language audio descriptions of a site

– Programming can be changed and updated on a daily basis.

There is no better way to differentiate your company on the Net !

Pricing is program specific.


AudioNet can add 20 second or less audio tags to existing programming. For instance, before users begin listening to a sporting event, a tag can be added that says “ This Duke -vs- North Carolina basketball game has been brought to you by….”, or “Don’t forget to check for …..” etc. Many AudioNet programs have thousands of listeners per day. So this is a unique way to make sure that your message is heard. Again, and again, and again..

Pricing starts at $500 or 50 cents per month

AudioNet has the right to replace local commercials in most syndicated programming. This allows us to offer a wide assortment of commercial time slots for programming by type and time. Slots are available in :15, :30 and :60 minute lengths, with a minimum committment of 100 units.

In addition, all commercials remain in the archive versions of progamming so that listeners will hear them as long as the program is archived.

Pricing starts at $50 per spot.

Available Discounts

10% discount for 3-month commitment

10% discount for commitment to two sponsorships in the same month

15% commission to recognized agencies

Order Form and Contract
To order your Sonsorship, print and complete the following and mail it to AudioNet, 2929 Elm St, Dallas, Tx. 75225. Our phone numbers are 214-696-3320 or 1-800-34Audio
You can also e-mail the information to

Company Name:__________________________________________________________



City: _______________________________ State:_________ Zip:_____________

Telephone: __________________________ Fax: ____________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________

Banner will be delivered by: e-mail ______ FTP ______ disk/CD-ROM _____

(To have the our staff create your banner, contact or 1-800-34Audio.)

I would like a Master/Group/Program Sponsorship

For Group or Program Sponsorship enter the Group or Program to be Sponsored

(choice 1) (choice 2) (choice 3)

Start ad on 1st day of ______________________________________, 199____

Stop ad on last day of ______________________________________, 199____

The above-named advertiser requests Publisher, AudioNet Inc,
and Publisher agrees to advertise the advertiser’s material in the
AudioNet Programming Guide, a Broadcast Network on the Internet. The
Advertisement shall run for the duration set forth above at the rates
in effect at the time of the contract. All advertising shall conform
to the Publisher’s publication requirements as well as the guidelines
of legality and good taste. The terms set forth in the Publisher’s
Technical Specifications and Terms and Conditions are incorporated
herein by reference. This agreement sets out the entire understanding
of the parties except as otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Advertiser’s Signature Date

Technical Specifications

AudioNet provides the following technical specifications for Sponsors who will provide their own banners. Or, simply give us the information you want to include and let us design a successful banner for you.

File Formats

Alternate Text:
Use ALT tag; ten words or less
Image Dimensions:
468 pixels wide by 60 pixels deep
Image File Format:
Image File Size:
72 dpi maximum at actual size

Interlacing Mode:
Specify interlaced or non-interlacing images
Image Map Files:
Not accepted at this time

File Names:
Use company name:company.gif
Text File Format:
ASCII files only

Delivery of GIFs
All Sponsorship materials must adhere to the above specifications and be delivered no later than three weeks before the Sponsorship start date. We accept BinHex, zip compressed format files. All formats must be mailed in ASCII encoding (uuencode, mmencode).

FTP: Contact your AudioNet Rep

Disk media: 3.5- DOS format floppy disk, CD-ROM

Audio Tag Formats:
Audio tags are limited to 20 seconds, and must be submitted in either cassette format, or real audio compressed ra format.

Delivery of Audio
All Sponsorship materials must adhere to the above specifications and be delivered no later than three weeks before the Sponsorship start date.

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment

We will hold reservations only when we have both a signed contract and a purchase order.
The start date can be no earlier than 3 weeks after we receive a signed contract and a purchase order.

We will invoice Sponsors by the first day of the contract period.

Payment is due net thirty days (30) from date of invoice receipt.


Audionet reserves the right to refuse any request for Sponsorship and the right to cancel Sponsorships that do not fulfill the obligations set in the Sponsorship contract. AudioNet does not accept Sponsorship requests for products or services related to firearms or pornography.


General Advertising Policy
All advertising is subject to the approval of AudioNet
(the Publisher).

All advertisements are accepted and published upon the representation
that the advertiser and/or the agency is authorized to publish the
entire contents and subject matter of such advertisement and that
submitting advertiser/agency will hold Publisher harmless from any
suits and costs arising from the publication of such advertisement,
including suits for libel, violation of privacy rights, plagiarism,
and copyright infringement.

In the event of nonpayment, Publisher reserves the right to hold the
advertiser and/or agency jointly and severally liable for such monies
as are owed to Publisher plus 18% interest on all amounts over 60
days past due. Any advertiser with a past due account may not
advertise in current or future issues.

In the event of an advertising publication error arising exclusively
from the fault of the Publisher, then the Publisher’s sole and
limited liability shall be the amount paid by the advertiser to
Publisher for such advertisements. Publisher shall have no further
or other liability and shall not be liable for any indirect,
consequential damages (e.g. loss of profits or business). All claims
thereof must be made in writing to Publisher within 10 days after

Terms and Conditions

Publisher reserves the right to revise its advertising rates or
changes at any time upon 30 days notice. This might be required as
circulation increases. Only where specifically designated in the
contract, rates per thousand for advertisers/agencies with insertion
contracts shall not be modified during the remaining terms of the
contract. The modified rates shall take effect following the
termination of the contract term. Publisher shall have no obligation
to publish any advertisement not received at the Publisher’s offices
by the closing date.

All restrictions, positioning, separations, facing, editorial
adjacencies, or other stipulations are at the decision of the
Publisher unless otherwise provided in writing.

Cancellation or nonperformance of any part of a contract shall
nullify all applicable rates and/or positions for the balance of the
contract. Rates charged and discounts are subject to short rate
adjustments if the space actually used and paid for differs from
that originally contracted. In the event of advertiser’s and/or
agency’s nonpayment or other policy default, Publisher reserves the
right to cancel, without notice, the contract or advertisement
publication. All changes or notices must be in writing to be valid.

Publisher is not liable for any delays in delivery and/or nondelivery,
acts of God, action by any governmental or quasi-governmental agency,
fire, flood, or other acts beyond the control of Publisher.

All disputes shall be submitted to arbitration in the state of Texas.
Terms of any separate agreement are incorporated by reference only if
so designated in such other document.

Sample Email to Web Master for Links: Internet Service Provider

Dear Webmaster,

AudioNet is the first Sports and Talk Radio Network on the Net. We provide a complete selection of live and archived programming from stations such as KLIF Dallas, KOA Denver, WOR New York, KFI LA, WQAM Miami, KFAN Minneapolis, WTAM Texas, plus live college and pro sporting events such as Texas AM, SMU, USC, Baylor football and Redskins, Vikings, and Chargers football with more teams being added every day.

Listeners hear their favorite shows in Real Time, no waiting for files to be downloaded!

The reason for this Email, is that we have had several of your users surfing our site. We would appreciate if you would consider adding us to your Hot List of Sports or Entertainment Web Sites so that other users can become familiar with WWW.AudioNet.Com

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mark Cuban

Sample Email to Web Master for Links: Sports Site

Dear WebMaster.

AudioNet is the first Sports and Talk Radio Network on the Net. We provide a complete selection of live and archived programming from stations such as KLIF Dallas, KOA Denver, WOR New York, KFI LA, WQAM Miami, KFAN Minneapolis, WTAM Texas, plus live college and pro sporting events such as Texas AM, SMU, USC, Baylor football and Redskins, Vikings, and Chargers football with more teams being added every day.

Listeners hear their favorite shows in Real Time, no waiting for files to be downloaded!

The reason for this Email is to ask you to consider establishing links between our sites. Our site is growing by leaps and bounds, and we feel that by establishing links, we will be able to introduce each others’ site to a whole new group of users.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mark Cuban





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  2. Mr. Cuban,
    Read a little of your biographical info when encouraged by my wife who adores you on “Shark Tank”. Curious if you are pursuing any more information about libertarian/classical liberal philosophy (as evidenced by you Ayn Rand affinity) and Austrian economics. I sense that you are following the path of reason to a liberal perspective (a la Von Mises and F.A. Hayek), but I see that you were still trusting of the power of the state. Just curious and seeking other travelers. Go with God.

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  5. This a proposal of 2015….new product and its my creation. patent pending as of november 2014 On Jan 15, 2015 9:48 PM, “blog maverick” wrote:

    > CyberDust ID – Blogmaverick posted: “I had reason to do some research > and find some old goodies from the beginning of the world of streaming. > This was first written in 1995 with testimonial emails added over time. > Since 2015 marks the 20th Anniversary year of streaming, i thought it > would”

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  7. Love it. Brilliant.

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  8. That was a Fun stroll down Memory Lane. Excluding the “What is the Internet” and the word “CD” , this Proposal would be current and relevant today! So much so, I recently built an “audio” platform but my technology offers “micro” audio Voice Status Updates, versus AudioNet’s “macro” audio.

    Comment by Norm Levy -

  9. As someone who has moved away from where I grew up, and is therefore a fan of a bunch of out-of-local-market teams…THANK YOU! This seems obvious today, but even just 10 years ago — 10 years after the first online broadcasts — it still wasn’t.

    Comment by cmadler -

  10. The ad format and basic value proposition (accountability/targeting/cost-effective reach) may be familiar, but the sales process is very different. Today many (most?) online impressions (including premium/reserved/direct) don’t even involve any sort of human “pitch”, or traditional proposal, at all.

    This is actually quite different from the way smart media buyers buy online ads today. The “pick of the week” sounds like the untargeted homepage roadblocks that were popular on sites like MySpace years ago but don’t have much of a place in sophisticated media buyers’ online media plans today. And “audio Insertions into programming that matches your demographics” probably had to rely on user-supplied registration data (or imputed demos from only AudioNet listening history/contextual relevance). Today, third-party data vendors offer an enormous menu of demographic, behavioral, interest, and other targeting data types that can be mixed and matched. You hardly ever see the once-ubiquitous “media kits” any more, because the overall site audience and demographics are less important (as you can microtarget only the subset of the audience you are interested in).

    The big difference is the availability of fine-grained targeting options and programmatic buying tools (DSPs). You are fortunate (and likely a major branded site) if media buyers are still receptive to your direct-sold, untargeted, high-volume “sponsorship” placements at premium CPMs. With “programmatic direct”, premium reserved placements can be bought with advanced targeting options and without the need for any sort of written proposal/RFP! Even some of the large agency holding companies have programmatic trading desks to optimize and target their online ad spend across both site-specific/direct and remnant channels using these tools.

    Comment by Lenny Grover (@lennygrover) -

  11. Excellent material. Such actionable and compelling copy.

    Do you have data on response rates and conversion rates?

    Was there a specific portion of the sales process that worked best or a piece that took away from effectiveness?

    Comment by Ian Robinson -

  12. When the world we live in now was first being put together.

    Comment by Christopher Cocca -

  13. This is like opening a time capsule for you. Similar to cleaning up my home office (while under wife supervision) over the holidays for me.

    Comment by David Snitzer -

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