The Worlds First Streaming Radio Station and First Live Sporting Events on the Net




AudioNet & KLIF 570

Announce The First FullTime SimulNetCast Radio Station on the Net

For Immediate Release

Friday, September 1st 1995

Contact:     Mark Cuban

[Dallas]…AudioNet, the world’s first audio network on the Internet, and KLIF 570AM, Dallas, are pleased to announce that on September 1st, 1995, KLIF became the first radio station in the world to begin broadcasting their original programming simultaneously over the air, and over the Internet.

Beginning with the broadcast of the Southern Methodist University Mustangs vs. the Arkansas Razorbacks college football game from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, KLIF and AudioNet created history. Using Real Audio technology developed by Progressive Networks, along with networking and integration software designed and developed by AudioNet, the world’s first college football game simulnetcast was a complete success, coming off without a hitch.

“We were extremely pleased with the performance of the Real Audio software, as well as our own AudioNet software. We expected to run into a few glitches, but the support of the Progessive Network engineers, as well as our own teams, pulled the entire event off without any interruptions. More importantly we have been able to offer KLIF original programming, uninterrupted since that time”, said Mark Cuban, President of AudioNet.

“We are very pleased not only to be the first station broadcast on the Internet, but also to extend the reach of KLIF to many new listeners . The response of our listeners has been extermely favorable, as has the support of AudioNet,” said Dan Halyburton, Vice President/General Manager for KLIF.

Users wishing to listen to KLIF on AudioNet can point their web browsers to:





Internet Firsts !

For Immediate Release

Monday, September 5th 1995

Contact:     Mark Cuban

[Dallas]…AudioNet, the worlds first audio network on the Internet, is pleased to announce a number of Internet firsts. AudioNet was the first to provide realtime audio presentation of:

  1. College Football: Southern Methodist University vs Arkansas Razorbacks (KLIF Dallas)
  2. Professional Football: Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills (KOA Denver)
  3. Full Time Radio: KLIF Dallas original programming since Sept 1, 1995
  4. Professional Baseball: Minor League Baseball game from Elizabethton, Tenessee
  5. Syndicated Programming: Dick Vitale, Billy Packer, Dan Dierdorf, Jeffrey Lyons, RC Slocum shows

12 thoughts on “The Worlds First Streaming Radio Station and First Live Sporting Events on the Net

  1. Mark what is your opinion on podcasts?

    Comment by ICON the Podcast -

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  3. Sounds like a good service. However its not the first one on the internet. Good Luck. Too much ad sales right up front, needs an option to skip over to the content stream, we have this figured out.

    Comment by (@DIDradio) -

  4. Mark, we solve the production chokepoint, and make live WebTV possible. Founding VC Pandora invested, beta at ExchangeLA (in movie The Social Network). I control a seven-camera full motion broadcast, with precision, from my couch in St. Louis. Live show tonight too.

    Comment by Doug Wulff -

  5. Err. Not even right on the sports part as WXYC also did live sports…

    Comment by Paul Jones -

  6. Wow, Fun to read and talk about a quick trip in the “way back” machine! You can add to that list of firsts, the first live online audio broadcast by The American Advertising Federation when Susens and I were in California and broadcast their National AAF Hall of Fame show. It was a fun time. Great way to start a Friday, appreciate the memories, still making new ones…

    Comment by David Winslow -

  7. Mark, please give me the opportunity to show you the future of sports streaming. Something so big it is inevitable. I have a demo and short summary waiting to be sent.

    Comment by jtt329 -

  8. The entire article spoke to me as this is a version of what I would like to do with my current streaming radio station. I use a company named Murster to stream my podcast 24/7 after all of the programs have aired live on blogtalkradio. I want to push for the same result for my host and myself as audionet. If just to get our shows on a big market company is the first step I’m hoping Giants like ESPN or Bloomberg TV doesn’t crush the path way. Thanks for he post and if you have room at any station/streamer our products are located at and Thanks again for the post and the book is also a solid read.

    Comment by vicgardner -

  9. This how I wish to get my internet radio programming going. How can I earn several slots? I know you have many entities now but we have five years of podcasting about sports and politics under our belt. In fact Bloomberg TV launched a TV show that I’m convinced was derived from the producer listening to several of my programs, Fantasy Sports and Politics, they dropped a word from their title and just named it Sports and Politics with whomever they selected. Take a look and listen at the site in my signature block and please give me honest feedback on how and where to push our programming if not with you.

    Victor Gardner Owner/CEO Fantasy Sports and Politics


    Comment by Victor Gardner -

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    Monetization strategy: app is free of course, build user base, figure out monetization strategy within the app such as sending traffic to sites where the items are sold, or ad revenue within the app, etc…

    Call me at 706-363-0335 or email me at

    Comment by bippermedia -

  11. Sorry, the student radio station, WXYC-FM, at the University of North Carolina, beat you by a year. It’s even a trivia question on Jeopardy.

    Comment by donmoore -

  12. It’s awesome reading about these events 20 years later. It also reminds people to keep pushing. Thanks, Mark!

    Comment by Christopher Cocca -

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