The Best Interview I have done in a long, long time

one of the challenges of doing a lot of interviews is that inevitably I am asked different versions of the same questions over and over again.  For the first time in a long time I can say I actually got asked unique questions that put a smile on my face. They were short. Simple. To the point.  They were perfect for the reporters audience.

Shockingly I had never been asked any of them before.

Here it is

​Dear Mr. Cuban,

My name is Mauricio Vazquez. Today you visited Medrano Middle School to talk to over 100 business students (thank you by the way). I’m a reporter for the school newspaper and we would be incredibly thankful if you could answer a few questions for an interview. If you choose to do so, the segment would be featured in the April issue. Please answer the following questions in however many words you feel is enough and send it to Mrs. Hopkins.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

picture of my family on my phone, me shooting hoops on pc

What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?

I say it far too often and can not break the habit !

What is the last thing you searched on Google?

a workout schedule at my gym

Who is the last person that called or texted you?

David Falk

What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

Forgot a belt, had to buy one at a store

What TV show should everyone be watching?

Shark Tank !

What’s the first CD you bought?

Dont remember

What is the one food you cannot resist?

Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies

What music are you currently listening to?

Lots of Old School Hip Hop

What movie makes you laugh the most?

Any stupid movie. The dumber the better

What drives you absolutely crazy?

people who eat with their mouth open

 If you do not feel comfortable answering one of the questions above, by all means do not answer it. It was a honor being able to meet you. You are a inspiration to people from all walks of life.

best interview questions in a long, long time

47 thoughts on “The Best Interview I have done in a long, long time

  1. thak you very much

    Comment by Nadia Rule -

  2. I can imagine that interviews would get boring. Trust a young kid to bring out some interesting and unique questions. I have read you book and watched nearly 6 seasons of Shark Tank and I really admire you. It was so interesting to read your start in business in your book. I have written 6 books so I know what it is like to share your life with others. I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers.

    Comment by Matthew Robert Payne -

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    Comment by Jeffrey Thomas -

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    Comment by Turkworm (@turkworm) -

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  6. I have a small business in Toledo, Ohio. I’ve been reading your book “How to win at the sport of business” and I am impressed and surprised that it is an easy read considering that I was only reading it for a research paper that I’m doing on you. But my question/problem is….My business is not doing so well but I never considered an exit plan because I never plan to exit. How do you keep going even though everything in business tells me to stop but everything in my hart tells me to keep going?

    Comment by Evelyn Robinson -

  7. sir. mark.. im 24 years old and im planning to start a construction supply business here in manila.. what is your best advice? thankyou

    Comment by Jess Ocsicnarf -

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  9. moral? always know your audience…

    Mauricio Vazquez had an audience, a purpose, and a willing subject. He designed and presented a perfectly appropriate and dead-on interview. And in reality I think anyone who follows Mark Cuban (he and O’Wonderful make Shark Tank) would be a willing audience. But now that I think about it, in two weeks will I really care that MC likes healthy cookies?

    Comment by Mark H (@Beachtide46) -

  10. I attended an Ivy league school, having a serious consideration pending, first I need to check the availability for enrollment in techniques/interviewing 101 at his school….:)

    Comment by Neal Fromm -

  11. great experience…interviews being crucial part of human life …it changes their life …

    Comment by David Jacobs -

  12. Out of the norm is refreshing and restorative to a certain degree. Great Q&A.

    Comment by Elliot Sande (@Elliot_Sande) -

  13. Mr. Cuban,
    It is with deep regret and embarrassment that I send this email to you.

    Last December my husmand was diagnosed with a little know and

    agressive form of prostrate cancer. After 3 doctors all came up with the

    same opinion and treatment, he had surgery at the USC Keck medical

    center. There were some complications that extended his hospital stay

    10 days. Within 10 days of coming home his surgeon called to say that

    his team had met and they all felt he needed further radiation treatment.

    Well, scared to death of dying, my husband made arrangements for

    treatment at Hogue Hospital. There he underwent 27 radiation

    tratments. Unfortunately, still none of the doctors were able to reassure him that he was cancer free. The medical bills have been horrendous. Well over $125,000. We are without insurance and are trying to live our

    “golden years” on a $974.00 monthly Social Security check. I’m writing to

    you and praying that you could wire a small donation into our checking

    account. If you would email me back, I could give you our bank and

    routing information.

    God bless you Mark,

    Comment by Kent Wood -

  14. This reporter will go on to head up MVN – Mauricio Vasquez Network.

    Comment by Maggie Franks -

  15. Keep it simple and the message comes through easier. The question about the cell phone wall paper was simple but uncommon to ask another person. Mark what interview training have you attended and/or would recommend people to take?

    Comment by The Reed Family Homestead -

  16. Cuban you are the man. Heard the Herd today. As always, insighful. Keep it up.

    On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 12:19 PM, blog maverick wrote:

    > CyberDust ID – Blogmaverick posted: “one of the challenges of doing a > lot of interviews is that inevitably I am asked different versions of the > same questions over and over again. For the first time in a long time I > can say I actually got asked unique questions that put a smile on my face. > “

    Comment by Allen Goins -

  17. The young man who posed these questions to you is brilliant. He didn’t try to rehash all the same old stuff you’ve already stated, and these questions posed fresh and fun ways for people to get to know you. Right? 🙂

    Comment by Astonish Media Group (@AstonishMedia) -

  18. Outstanding Mauricio!! Thanks for sharing with us M!

    Comment by Rick Scott (@SportsRadio101) -

  19. MFFL here – As far as a quality interview exercise – I suppose – but his favorite show is his own show and the Alyssa’s Healthy Cookies is a company he invested in. Its seems mostly just a Mark Cuban branding exercise. I fail to see any honesty or insight…

    Comment by sriiatech -

  20. We are so proud of Mauricio for taking the initiative to interview Mark! He is an 8th grader and we have no doubt he will make a wonderful reporter someday!

    Comment by medranoeagles -

  21. Well done to the young reporter, Mauricio! I’d say he has a bright future ahead of him. Maybe he’ll be pitching a bright idea on the Shark Tank someday.

    Comment by Joyce Grinczel -

  22. “It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

    Good point, Mark!

    Comment by Saulo Segurado (@saulosegurado) -

  23. Thank you for being so transparent. I would like to ask you some questions. If you don’t mind.
    As far as peanut butter, crunchy or plain?
    How do you like your eggs?
    What keeps you up at night?
    Do you wear slippers?
    and What are you really thinking, when someone approaches you about a business venture?

    Comment by Grace (@SportsKeepsakes) -

  24. Keep ’em coming. 

    Comment by fielddoc -

  25. Nice good questions. Sometimes it’s refreshing to just be yourself. and your handled it like you always do with integrity. Awesome Mark.

    Comment by Diane Dominice (@IdealadyDiane) -

  26. See you in the Tank some day! Thanks for the insightful answers, Mark.

    Comment by Kerry Menegay (@purelycrazed) -

  27. Very refreshing – put a smile on our face tonight. Thanks Mauricio Vazquez and Mark

    Comment by CareAline® Products -

  28. HAHAHA I love this!!!! Great! That is excellent insight into your day to day. Good on the reporter!

    Comment by Black Lion Digital (@blackliondesign) -

  29. Cool

    On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 3:18 PM, blog maverick wrote:

    > CyberDust ID – Blogmaverick posted: “one of the challenges of doing a > lot of interviews is that inevitably I am asked different versions of the > same questions over and over again. For the first time in a long time I > can say I actually got asked unique questions that put a smile on my face. > “

    Comment by frankbiztalk -

  30. It’s great someone for a change can ask some down to earth questions…….it make it all the more enjoyable…
    Thanks for sharing…….

    Comment by James M. Davis -

  31. Awesome, great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Brian Kitchens -

  32. Reporter: Mark what you think about suits and ties??
    Cuban: I hate them with all my heart, i prefer to wear pajamas on shark tank

    I can hear you saying that hahahha

    Comment by Gerardo Rodriguez -

  33. I always ask anyone I’m interested in meeting or interviewing: “What is your favorite sound?” Very interesting answers…..

    Comment by Caroline Moran -

  34. Oh, and Mauricio Vazquez, you rock!

    Comment by Todd Tedder (@toddtedder) -

  35. Few of additional questions: What was the last book you read? Current book? What radio station is on in your vehicle right now?

    Comment by Todd Tedder (@toddtedder) -

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  37. Applauding Mauricio for such a great set of VERY different questions. And Mark’s responses were genuine and straight to the point as he said. Love the Hip Hop music choice! He’s a very humble man.

    Comment by William Cosentino (@wrcosentino) -

  38. Mark,
    I love that Mauricio asked you a few basic yet interesting questions in his interview! One I would have asked would have been, “what was the last book you read and what did you think about it?” Oops, that was two questions!

    Comment by barb562 -

  39. Who knew we had so much in common? Great interview!:-)

    Comment by Angie -

  40. (That’s me eating with my mouth open)

    Comment by AlphaWolf -

  41. “Chump Chump Chump”

    Comment by AlphaWolf -

  42. Mark,

    As the host of Business Buff Entrepreneurs, I am always looking to improve and make the interview fun and enjoyable for my friends that are the Business Buff Guest. I appreciate you giving Mauricio Vasquez such a HUGE shout out. We recently interviewed Britanny Hodak and Kim Kaupe from ZinePak. They made my day when they sent some fun ZinePak samples to my little brood of kids, and included a hand signed card that had our motto on it: Go Buff! I think the message here is to praise those that go above and beyond the normal and make their day too.

    Keep making a difference,

    Ken Burningham

    Comment by Ken Burningham (@gobufforgohome) -

  43. “What drives you absolutely crazy?

    people who eat with their mouth open”

    Yet another reason I respect you.

    Comment by Joe Henderson -

  44. As a Recruiter, asking (good) questions is a part of my profession… Will definitely incorporate a few of these. BTW, my favorite behavioral based question to ask a candidate? What can you tell me about car, e.g., is it clean, full of gas or empty, when was last oil change, etc? 🙂

    Comment by J Kirk Abraham (@EASTeam) -

  45. Those are great questions — makes you just a little more real. I love it!

    Comment by Shara -

  46. Mark, thanks for sharing. Love your candor blended with compassion!

    Comment by Jim Price -

  47. love it!

    Comment by colorinc2 -

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