When You Find Your Email Newsletter for AudioNet from 20 yrs ago this week

WWW.AudioNet.Com presents:
AudioNet LIVE Programming Guide For the Weekend starting January 16th, 1996

Highlights from AudioNet, the Largest Audio Site on the Internet !

1. The XTRA and WOR Radio feeds are now out of maintenance and back to full time ! You can hear them 24hours per day, 7 days per week !

2. This week on Eliot Stein, an Interview with Pat Paulsen. Hear Pat’s presidential platform for 1996, and about his new work and career as a comedian. And dont forget, you can catch past shows in our archives.
Its all Thursday at 8pm CST

3. AudioNet once again expands our Political Coverage. Hear the Missouri State of State this Wednesday at 10:30am CST.

4. Janice Malone is now on AudioNet ! You have seen her on Geraldo, Joan Rivers and Rolanda, read her columns in the National Enquirer, and seen her columns in hundreds of Newspapers across the country, now you can hear her every Friday at 1pm CST on AudioNet. Check out Janice’s suprise celebrity guests, and hear some real juicy gossip !

5. The Rolanda Show is coming to AudioNet. We are excited that the first TV talk show to be broadcast on the Net is here on AudioNet. Soon you will be able to hear Ro live and catch up on all the shows you missed !

6. Wow. The AudioNet Jukebox is exploding ! More Cds every day. More than 5,000 people every day listen to the Jukebox. If you record label is not represented, let us know and we will add it !

7. AudioNet is excited to add KDGE – The Alternative Station to the World, and KAAM – Home of classics from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s !

8. AudioNet welcomes RadioScope to our lineup. RadioScope is one of the premier Black Urban entertainment magazines in the country. Hear Lee Biley offer insights into the world of Hip-Hop and black culture

9. AudioNet is growing. We are looking for Internet Gurus and Sales Maniacs to join our staff in Dallas. Email your resume to twagner@audionet.com

10. AudioNet has just completed our first Corporate Radio Station ! If your company wants to communicate with it customers, prospects and employees, we can set up your own Private Radio Station on AudioNet. Let me know at mcuban@audionet.com if you are interested !

11. AudioNet T-Shirts are here ! For a limited time, you can be the proud owner of AudioNet Fashion ! They are only $19.95, so email us at webmaster@audionet.com, or call us at 1-800-34audio to order yours !
AudioNet Highlights:
NOTE: All program times are Central Standard Time.
Don’t forget to check the What’s New Page, new programs are being added Daily !
**************************Wednesday, January 17th**************************
——————————————College Basketball
Mens Basketball
North Carolina -vs- Virginia 6:00pm
Umass -vs- Rhode Island 6:30pm
Marquette -vs- Depaul 6:35pm

**************************Thursday, January 18th***********************
NetChat with Eliot Stein 8pm – Guest: Pat Paulsen

—————————————–College Basketball
Mens Basketball
Duke -vs- NC State 7:00pm
UCLA -vs- Arizona St 9:30pm

Womens Basketball
Iowa -vs- Illinois

**************************Friday, January 19th**********************
—————————————–Live Talk
Janice Malone Show 1:00pm

—————————————-College Basketball
Kansas St -vs- Oklahoma St 7:00pm
Oklahoma -vs- Kansas 7:00pm

—————————————–College Hockey
Michigan St -vs- Bowling Green 6:00pm
***************************Saturday, January 20th****************************
——————————————–Live Interviews
Tech Talk with Ken Rutkowski 1:00pm

—————————————–College Basketball
Iowa -vs- Michigan St 10:35am
Texas -vs- SMU Noon
North Carolina -vs- Villanova
Kentucky -vs- TCU

SMU -vs- Texas

******************************Sunday, January 21st*******************************
———————————————–College Basketball
Clemson -vs- Wake Forest Noon
Marquette -vs- Illinois

Kansas St -vs- Oklahoma 2:00pm

New Sports Talk on AudioNet – Prime Sports Radio !

Sports Talk Shows XTRA, WQAM, KLIF
Coast to Coast with Bob Costas
Sundays 8pm to 10pm (Major)

The Norm Hitzges Show
KLIF Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 6:00 am, 3hrs

Joe Rose Show
WQAM Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 5am – 9am

Steve Hartmann & Chet Forte
XTRA Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 11:00 am, 3hrs

The Mike Fisher Show
KLIF Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 12:00 pm, 3hrs

Jim Rome
XTRA Sports Talk in the Jungle
Mon-Fri, 2pm

Hank “The Hammer” Goldberg
WQAM Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 2pm-6pm

The Dale Hansen Show
KLIF Sports Talk
Mon & Fri, noon & 8pm, 1hr

The Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton
XTRA Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Rocco & Boog
WQAM Sports Talk
Mon-Fri, 6pm -10pm

The Sports Brothers
KLIF Sports Talk with Attitude !
Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm

Ferrell on the Bench
This ain’t your dad’s sports show
Mon-Fri, 9:00 pm, 2hrs

The Fantasy Football Show
KLIF Sundays at 10pm, 2hrs


On AudioNet
The Bargain Traveler
Travel Bargains
Saturdays 10am 1hr

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