Virtual Reality Gave Me My Brain Back

No, this is not a joke. It isn’t a set up for a routine or comedy.  It is a real title for a very real and nerve wracking experience I had.

On May 20th, 2015 I was in New York City.  Like I love to do on a nice day, I took a long walk through the city. When I say long, I mean long.  From Columbus Circle down to the Alphabet Streets and back.  My step count was through the roof :).

I got back to my apartment, showered and soon after I had a headache. I rarely get headaches so I thought maybe it was dirt and grime and whatever that had accumulated on my contacts. Took them out. I was tired. So I went to bed. Expecting to feel better in the morning after a good nights sleep

May 21st, 2015. I woke up dizzy.

My initial reaction was that I had a form of Vertigo.

I had experienced Vertigo multiple times before.  Once when I was staying in Manhattan Beach, I woke up with Vertigo, thought we were in the middle of an earth quake and rushed to alert my neighbors. All of whom made it clear that there was no earthquake. There hadn’t been an earthquake. And maybe I had too much to drink the night before

My most recent Vertigo experience was a good 10 years ago and with a trip to the doctor I was given a few pages with a series of head movement exercises.  By the next day I was fine. It was  as if nothing had happened.

So on May 21st, 2015 my expectation was that all would be fine shortly. I did my exercises. Unfortunately they didn’t work. At the end of the day I was still was what is easiest to describe as being dizzy, but it was far more than that.

My brain was in a fog, I felt hungover. i felt some nausea,  without having had a drink. My face and ears felt full. I can’t fully describe it  or give justice to just how off I felt.  My balance was fine. My body below the neck was fine. I never felt better. But inside my head something was definitely wrong.

I headed back to Dallas still believing it was Vertigo related and I was just missing something.

I visited my doctor who suggested I get more electrolytes and see if that helped. It did a tiny bit, but not much. After which I started “the rounds”

He sent me for an MRI of my head, nothing. My neck. Nothing. An MRA. Nothing. All of which was obviously good news at the highest level. It didn’t appear to be anything life threatening.

Then I made the rounds to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors. Nothing. I was in tip top shape. Then my doctor suggested I visit a Neurologist. She immediately concluded that it was not physical and was completely stress related and that I should  see a Psychiatrist, but first here is some Klonopin for you to take to help you.

That made me even worse. I would take dizzy and nauseas over how the klonopin made me feel any day and I knew it wasn’t a psychological issue. So I got off of those meds quickly.

Then I found another Dr who had more experience in treating Dizziness and related issues. To his credit, he pushed me to do the full battery of tests  that are normal for these types of issues, but unfortunately it was now the second week of June and I had to head to LA to start shooting Shark Tank in a couple days.  I don’t remember how we got to it. but he suggested Valium.

Boom. It worked. Mostly.

I was no longer dizzy. I actually felt alright. When I took 9mg of Valium. The problem of course is that I always wanted to lay down and take a nap.

But it got me through the first shooting pod of Season 7 of Shark Tank. So when you are watching, if you notice I look really, really relaxed and maybe a little tired or sleepy, now you know why.

While the Valium certainly helped, it became obvious to me that taking 9mg of Valium a day was no way to go through life. So I began trying to reduce my dosage. I got it so that within a couple weeks I could take half a mg in the morning and half in the afternoon and get to an acceptable state.  I also found that the busier I kept myself, the less I thought about it and the better I felt.

Of course the doctors were sure at that point that if valium worked (as did drinking. Drunk felt like every drunk night before it ), that it must be stress.  It wasn’t

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was concerned as my family headed off to Southern California for a vacation.  I didn’t want to drive with my family in the car.  Every terrible possibility I could conjure in my head as a problem, I did. I read everything and anything that I could about dizziness. Unfortunately, dizziness is a symptom for almost everything. I found nothing.

I was miserable.  Valium was not a solution. Not a way I wanted to go through life.

Then I stumbled onto a website, . It claimed to cure 95% of patients who come in with dizziness.  I was desperate. It was a 30 minute drive from where we were vacationing, so I made an appointment . It was for first week of August.

Dr. Mango and his crew put me through about 5 hours of tests. From what I understand they were traditional, for the most part.  I got spun, turned, twisted, ballooned and then they put me in a dark room, strapped me in to a chair and asked me to use a joy stick to demonstrate that I could align a red line absolutely vertical, and absolutely horizontal.

My vertical was no problem. Horizontal ? I was convinced I was laying the line down so it was absolutely flat.  As it turns out I wasn’t close. I was off 38pct.  That was good.

The audiologist, Dr Pearce, told me that was the information they needed. She was confident she could get me back to normal. When I asked what caused the problem.  There was no answer. It could be an inner ear infection or something else.  But she was fairly certain that an Otolith in my vestibular system had been damaged.

The way she explained it, and Im paraphrasing , I was dizzy because my eyes, the otolith in my vestibular system and brain were out of whack.  My damaged otolith was telling my brain I was falling or off balance, but my eyes was saying everything was normal. So my brain was confused and working overtime , resulting in all the problems I was experiencing.

Obviously I was thrilled. But getting back to normal wasn’t a quick process. Below is a video I asked to do for Dizziland to tell people who were experiencing what I was experiencing that there was hope.


What you can’t really see is that I’m in front of what is called an Epley Chair.

If you watch the video below, you will see the spinning chair. For my case, the chair was in a dark enclosure.


Dr. Mango had created the special enclosure for the chair, but more importantly, he created a protocol of videos that would be projected against the walls.  While I watched the videos there were cameras looking at my eyes, measuring the response of my eyes . It was a solution that he had integrated and it was working.

In the dark room,  the protocol would sometimes show star like objects projected against the walls of the room. Sometimes I would be still. Sometimes I would be moving.  Sometimes they would be slow,  sometimes they would be faster.  All in all I would be in the chair about an hour. Every day.

I was making progress.  But my time in Southern California was coming to an end. I had to get back to Dallas. Which was a problem because my brain really benefited from daily treatment.

There were not chairs available to me in Dallas.  There were only 20 in the entire country.  Almost all in Veteran’s Hospitals where they were used to treat servicemen and women who had suffered various types of head trauma resulting in dizziness. The closest to me was in San Antonio and it did not run the protocol Dr Mango had created.

I literally was desperate.

I was making progress. I was getting closer and closer. So I looked into buying my own chair and enclosure and hiring one of Dr Mango’s audiologists to move to Dallas to start a Dizziland branded office in Dallas.  It would help not only me, but also others who could benefit from the same therapy.

It was September going into October at this point and I was at what I would call about 60pct. But unless I could just go back out to Southern California and stay until i was fixed, I was going to have to wait several months to put all this together.

To try to mitigate the problem and buy time, the Docs gave me videos to watch on a laptop screen in the dark.  It didn’t help. I wasn’t getting better and on some days it was much worse.

Then it hit me.

Why not put the videos on my phone and look at them in the Samsung VR set I had bought just to try to learn more about VR


I started using Dr Mango’s protocol in the Samsung VR Glasses every morning and every night and started making progress nearly every day. Day after day, night after night I was in my bedroom or a hotel room with my Goggles on watching white boxes on a black background scroll past my eyes. My doctors had me standing sometimes. Laying down sometimes. Standing on a pillow in the morning, rolling side to side while watching at night.

By November I was 75pct, by December 90pct.  By the end of January and in to February I had days where I felt completely normal.  I was able to reduce my use of the googles to every 3rd day. Then every week.

Today, I use them for maintenance every couple of weeks just to play it safe, but I’m back to normal and happy.

Virtual Reality along with Dr Mango,  his protocol and some amazing Audiologists in Dr Pearce and Dr Nava gave me my brain back. I can’t thank them enough

VR worked so well, Dr Mango and I are now patenting the entire protocol and program and he is already testing it with great results with some of his other patients.  Hopefully it can have the same impact on others that it had on me.



82 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Gave Me My Brain Back

  1. Mark…I enjoyed your video talking about the dizziness….I also had a medical event this year that changed my life as did my dear mom….making every moment count that much more and realizing its all about time, how much time can we all really have…….it was the inspiration of you I started something to demonstrate my effort to the world and am happy to know you through Shark Tank Cyber Dust and hello lets through in that Draw a Cat for you business…..Thank You for being so real with all of us out here…..and if I were to ever be able to ask you anything I would ask nothing, because I have tried to read, listen and research everything you have to say…….Thank You Mark……Mike Potter Whitefish Montana USA…

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  9. I am shocked that this environment even exist’s, i find this topic interesting based on the physical aspect of it. With traditional medicine or any medical related issue we consume medication and wait for a result. I like to call it the ” I THINK I FEEL IT ” stage. For anybody who isn’t catching on, its the moment in college when you and your friends experimented with anything and just waited to see what happens. The physical action of what you did interest me on the theory anything proven at a small scale is proof on a scale of any magnitude. When we work out we are exercising our muscles to tear and recover, so I’m curious if the test’s that helped you could be considered a form of physical medication that alters the brain to heal these side affects? Other than that i think its pretty remarkable.
    I read some of your other articles, but truthfully my inspiration comes hockey! Ive played it my whole life, from juniors to college and i have to say i would probably be lost without my start-up. I started this company my junior year in college and this would be the last time i probably had my sanity. Truth be told, unlike many other individuals in my shoes i have a weird sick taste for it. In hockey i trained at the gym, practice, film, rest and repeat. I would remember countless hours walking around my hockey bag waiting to go to the rink, with this start-up i can compete every second of every day. Truth be told I’m not saying I’m slaved away running up mountains over and over that cannot be climbed, but just walking and thinking, changing perceptions, timing, and pretty much anything i can begin to connect together. Were currently about to close our first round of funding and the deal is the deal, were a start up and their investors so the deal structure i have to say in my opinion is fair to the risk of the upcoming challenges. Whats got us to this point? To be honest, probably because I’m not a programmer or the type of founder that looks at the product as a child, I look at product almost as a bastard child that needs to change, we have pivoted the idea three times through all the testing and have selected our first point of entry into a market place.
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  14. Mark,

    Thanks for your story – really helpful.

    I’ve actually written a short blog post myself on the symptoms I’m experiencing which were in fact caused by a Virtual Reality experience.

    Sort of ironic, but hoping I can benefit from the treatment you mentioned.


    Comment by Alex Handy (@AlexHandy1) -

  15. Mark, I do not think( I know ) you did not get your brain back after you endorsed HRC. What the hell is wrong with you? You have to still be dizzy!

    Comment by Tom Jamer -

  16. I know how your life changed how scared you were and may still are. Pretty much the same thing happened to me when I was 30 years old in 1986. I am 60 now. I had a 2 year old and 6 month old baby boys. I woke up one morning had a swimming in my head and life was never the same. I had worked as an airplane inspector for a company and was never able to work again. I have had all the test and physical therapy that help to a degree. But was never able to work or drive a car again. I hope the the technology your developing will be available cost wise to most people. Your fortunate that you were able to travel and pay for treatment. I can’t travel well. I have a doctor in Celebration Florida that has an Epley chair but my problem isn’t related to that. I have vestibular damage. I can’t go every week for physical therapy. It has been a 30 year night mare. Oh and glad your voting Clinton even with all the backlash your getting. You have gained respect from me even if you haven’t from others. Maybe because those who are poor or disabled have a different way of looking at government. People in need of healthcare or disability payments, are perceived of not being able to pick themselves up by the boot straps. Sometimes it is an illness beyond their control. I raised 2 sons while ill who work and are wonderful human beings and contribute to society. Being on social security disability helped us be able raise up 2 good men. My father and husband were in the military. My youngest son is in the navy on a sub and a nuclear power plant engineer. I also have a nephew in the navy. It makes me nervous for Trump to be making decisions that will affect my family that are serving in the military or any service member. And I worry that once in office he will not help those in need or make it harder for people that need something like Social Security disability.

    Comment by Lindy Ma -

  17. You may have fixed the immediate issue but the cause was/is probably vestibular migraine (also called MAV and some other migraine names – all the same thing). Verapamil is the first treatment for that. (Migraines are now linked to a vascular condition and the headaches, if any, and vertigo, etc. are a side effect of the starvation of nutrients to those areas, inner ear, by constricted blood vessels). Valium is a poor choice as it is linked to addiction and damage in the brain. Even OTC Bonine (mecllzine – replaced Dramamine a few years ago as a preferable OTC for nausea and vertigo) is a better pick (does not make you as drowsy). But only for short term use. A week tops. There is also another prescription drug, Zophran (Ondansetron Hydrochloride), that is even a better choice as it causes no problems across the board and is better for longer use.
    But diet (no salt, etc.), then diuretics, then Verapamil and/or with betahistine, and finally, for those who see no change, gentamicin treatment (one dose!)
    Johns Hopkins has a good basic overview on VM (and other inner ear diseases) and is medically up to date on a lot of the latest research.
    Here is a good interview to listen to with Dr. Timothy Hain. He talks about a number of inner ear disorders and goes through the sequence of medication use in treating vertigo. Note: sadly, his audio is really low. You may need to raise it when he speaks and lower it when the interviewer speaks. Easy enough.
    One final recommendation: always go to a research university clinic for otolaryngology or neurology. Local doctors (of any age) and even “experts” are often not up on the latest research findings.
    Good luck!

    Comment by jmcoa -

  18. OMG Mark!!! You just gave me hope, and confirmed I’m not crazy. This “thing” has been going on, on and off for over 4 – 5 years. Everyone has been saying “it’s me”, nothing’s wrong, yadayadaya… Last week I was at a client, and could not walk out of the office – without appearing quite inebriated. Actually, I looked like an off balance Gyroscope. Now I know this CAN get fixed!! I can get back to my life and my company. I just recruited and hired a new “kid”, I was so worried, if I can’t train him, he has a family to feed, mortgage to pay, what will he do?? Don’t ask, this is just how I do it…maybe some control issues (Nah): I train everyone, this way I get to watch them grow, develop, blossom, and proudly say 20+ years later, yes ,so and so, the VP of, or the CEO of….I brought him / her on in their 20’s….Tremendous satisfaction when you can teach a person to fish! – Thank you, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!!
    And you are walking, talking proof I too can “fix” this!! And still teach more people to fish 🙂 Literally and figuratively YEAH….I am just SO relieved!!!

    Comment by Angelique Barniak -

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  21. I am a Shark Tank fan and can pretty well predict who will like or dislike various ideas. Beyond the tank is a little different…but I’m watching it. I just read and watched your commentary here, I’m afraid I’m skeptical of things that haven’t been tested extensively. I applaud your shedding light on something I was unaware of even existing. I just read a little about virtual reality in the last few months and some suggestions for its use. I don’t believe that our bodies need all the medications being prescribed. Especially, since almost all seem to treat the symptom and seldom remedies the actual cause.

    I hope your recovery is quick and complete, I wonder if flying has a consequence due to change in pressure during take off and landing. I had a sinus infection once and flew to a work site and at some altitude I thought my head was going to explode for a few seconds. it seemed that only a certain altitude triggered the pain and I experienced it while climbing to cruise altitude and again on descent. Just curious…

    I hope that you, and others continue to test and evaluate the use of virtual reality and its affect on the brain. It might just be a new and better provider of a non-medicated society. It may be able to with enough understanding trick our brains into healing ourselves. I’ll continue following and hope that results remain positive.

    Comment by Darell Jaggers -

  22. Hi Mark- About 2 years ago I got a very mild concussion playing basketball. After a couple of weeks all the “concussion” symptoms were gone, but something still felt off. I’ve had every test done- CT, MRI, etc.. and everything looks normal. I started doing vestibular therapy for vertigo and I still have not improved.

    I feel OK day to day but my eyes and brain feel strained and used up like you described. I feel drained energy wise at the end of the day even though I didn’t do anything to feel that way. I haven’t been able to exercise or get back to playing ball in 2 years and nobody has been able to tell me what is wrong.

    The way you described your symptoms feels exactly how I feel. When I’m not busy I feel like I have to use energy just to try and feel normal and focus. When I’m concentrated on work or reading something I feel fine. No doctor has been able to put a finger on it because I’m still able to do these tasks every day.

    Are you doing any beta testing on this software? Even if it is just that first test of lining up on the vertical and horizontal axis I feel like that could tell me a lot. I live in NY and have no access to a Dizziland. I’ve told my doctors about the tests and treatments you described and they are just giving stubborn answers.

    I appreciate your time. Thanks- Allen

    Comment by Allen Dushi -

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  24. The timing of your post could not be any better. I recently experienced my first bout of vertigo 2 weeks ago with a second episode yesterday morning rendering me impossibly sick. No one can really understand what that feels like unless they have experienced it themselves. This was by far the most terrifying experience in my life. All my vitals checked out to be okay and I was told that this problem will probably go away in a few weeks. Your article helped give me hope knowing that there are other avenues to help deal with this issue. Thank you for sharing your story. A little hope is sometimes all we need to keep going.

    Comment by John Chen -

  25. Mark – Thank you SO much for sharing your experience with dizziness and helping to raise awareness about vestibular disorders. I work for the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) and talk to vestibular patients every day who struggle as you did to find an accurate diagnosis so they can get effective treatment. For some, it takes months or years, and many are told that it’s all in their head. It’s difficult to describe the sensations you feel when your vestibular system is compromised, and because this is an “invisible illness” others often think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill – they just don’t understand the anxiety and brain fog that can be caused when you don’t know which way is up. VEDA will share your blog post on our Facebook page.

    Being the owner of the Mavericks, you may be interested to know that there is a connection between concussions and vestibular dysfunction, which often goes undiagnosed. VEDA is working with Bryce Salvador, retired captain of the New Jersey Devils hockey team, to raise awareness about youth concussion prevention and treatment. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information:

    Wishing you balance, Cynthia Ryan

    Comment by Cynthia Ryan -

  26. Mr. Cuban,

    Your story intrigues me. I am a school teacher and I often experience phases of fogginess and just being in a general haze. It is hard to explain to others just how it feels, but sometimes I even feel outside of myself, which is an amazingly strange phenomenon. I initially chalked it up to being in an old building with poor air filtration and circulation. I talked to several other teachers and most of them experience similar bouts with feeling foggy, but few as frequent as myself. Your blog has me wondering if there is more to it than just the old building.

    At any rate, I am glad you are back to doing well. Side note, you’re having a great off season with the Mavs pickups. I am a C’s fan being from New England, but I have admired your team from afar for a long time. Good luck this season.

    Justin Webber

    Comment by Jimmy Wilson -

  27. Mr. Cuban, I’m so glad you found a solution and that you’re sharing your story on your blog so others can learn from the wisdom you’ve gained. I think most of us want to pay forward what we learn during experiences like these so others don’t have to reinvent the wheel should they find themselves dealing with the same thing. To that end, I’ve created a software platform (currently in Alpha) that easily gathers raw, individual solutions-based data and then does the “heavy lifting” of cultivating/curating that data into easily accessible, topic-based solutions. I’ll continue to watch your story and hope that at some point I have an opportunity to show you what we’ve created. Alissa

    Comment by Alissa Desancic -

    • Alissa,
      There are many of us dealing with various health issues that defy neat diagnosis and treatment. Yet, we have to endure. A site such as you describe would be not only a help to many people, but it could offer more choices than are available to us through our smaller world view. Good luck on this and I hope your work comes to fruition.

      Comment by 1mime -

      • 1mime – Yes, it was through my own and my parent’s major health trials (cancer, auto immune disease, transplant, hospice, etc.) that I’d had enough of the run-around. So-and-so knows this piece of the puzzle and this other person knows two pieces. I’m reading this blog and following that social media feed. Then I’m storing everything I find in my own wonky system. 🙂 Ugh. Exhausting. Too little too late, you know? Tapping into our collective experience, applying a trust factor, and making it easy to use has been our goal. The biggest hurdle is that until you’ve been in a scenario like this, it can be tough to understand the need for the tool. We’ll keep pressing on … thanks very much for the input!

        Comment by A. Desancic -

        • You bet. There is a lot of good medical practice going on out there that isn’t being shared. Medicine today doesn’t reward “risk-takers”. Yet, that’s sometimes exactly what is needed when traditional medical protocol isn’t getting the job done. Doctors are busy. Patients and their caregivers have a responsibility to be informed, but knowing where to get information is challenging. A centralized repository would be fantastic. I think it could also be a new business venture for you. Surely, there are others who see the potential. Keep on working!

          Comment by 1mime -

  28. I definitely know how you feel since I have experienced symptoms very similar to this, with the addition of being sensitive to light. I have been to General Practitioners, ENTs, and multiple Neurologist, and all of the many test that have been done on me they found nothing wrong. Luckily one of the Neurologist doctors decided to give me epilepsy medicine, because it drastically helped after having this for 4 years with no luck. The other thing I’ll note is that all 3 neuros told me that I do not have epilepsy, and that they do not know how the medicine is working.
    While this medicine has helped me, I still feel groggy, tired, and have a few other random symptoms from time to time. Unfortunately since I’m a broke college student I don’t have the opportunity to fly to California from Texas so I suppose I am currently stuck like this until this technology reaches me, or I graduate and get a better job.
    I would be so greatful when yall finish this product, because it might be a chance to get my brain and my life back.

    Comment by jrauck -

  29. Mark. Was the app you used actually a VR app or were you just using the Gear VR headset with normal videos to block out the peripheral light?

    Comment by Russell Falcon (@rkfalcon) -

  30. Mr. Cuban,

    Your story intrigues me. I am a school teacher and I often experience phases of fogginess and just being in a general haze. It is hard to explain to others just how it feels, but sometimes I even feel outside of myself, which is an amazingly strange phenomenon. I initially chalked it up to being in an old building with poor air filtration and circulation. I talked to several other teachers and most of them experience similar bouts with feeling foggy, but few as frequent as myself. Your blog has me wondering if there is more to it than just the old building.

    At any rate, I am glad you are back to doing well. Side note, your having a great off season with the Mavs pickups. I am a C’s fan being from New England, but I have admired your team from afar for a long time. Good luck this season.

    Justin Webber

    Comment by Jimmy Wilson -

  31. Dale Earnhardt Jr. needs your protocol. Look into the news story!

    Comment by Timothy Junglas -

  32. I’ve read your story and admire the big steps and the big risks you’ve taken. Tell me, I have an opportunity to be a point man for a super car company that is trying to tap the U.S. market. Should I give it a go, even though I’m broke right now? I can SELL, but have nothing else to bring to the table.

    Comment by Jeff Rock -

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  36. Thanks for sharing this story, hopefully folks who suffer something similar will be able to find relief. It can be scary to have these types of symptoms appear with no clear catalyst.

    Comment by Jim Wang -

  37. Glad you’re feeling better. As a professional baseball player my first instinct is to wonder whether this type of regimen could potentially increase a normal individual’s sense of balance and spatial awareness..

    Anyhow, if I have your attention I’d like to provide a brief explanation of my business venture. I have devised a patent pending labeling process for baseball games and other sports which incorporates the current motion related statistics, traditional scorekeeping methods, and player identity to deliver a library of algorithm-receptive sports footage. This library would facilitate an insanely cool web application that would give fans absolute dominion over footage of every sports production. I am in need of a partner with capital and more importantly the negotiation experience it’ll require to cooperate with MLB and ultimately every other sport’s league. Please allow me to explain the novelty and inevitably of this technology.


    Michael Heller

    Comment by mheller27 -

  38. 😀

    Comment by Ariesusduabelas2 -

  39. Awesome story… this is how discoveries are made. Technologist intersecting scientist. This is an example of how knowing what you don’t know allowed for an out of the box solution! Glad you’re better!

    Comment by Herschel -

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  41. Thanks Mark for sharing your story! Wishing the VR program can come out soon so my dad could try it. We are from overseas so its difficult to visit for treatments.

    Just read this maybe they can help distribute your future product to the world of VR treatments.
    MIT Tech Review: “Better Than Opioids? Virtual Reality Could Be Your Next Painkiller”


    Comment by Daniel Mak (@dannymakdanny) -

  42. I assume the videos aren’t publicly available. I’d love to try this to see if they help me with the same issue.

    Comment by Geoff Teehan (@gt) -

  43. Good to hear that you are on the mend and so sorry to hear that you had to seek out so many docs. Unfortunate that they didn’t refer you to vestibular therapy from the start. There are PTs with a vestibular rehab specialty that could have also treated you. For those following this blog who have suffered from vertigo, there is an organization VEDA (vestibular disorders organization) that has educational material on their website website as well as a link to find health care professionals that specialize in vestibular rehab in your area. Hope this helps! Kelly PT/vestibular therapist

    Comment by Kelly Twohey-Byrne -

  44. Mark, what an ordeal you survived! In the case of vertigo, it takes stamina and money (a prohibitive factor to some) to continue through specialists until you find the someone who can do something. Many people aren’t finding answers and are living with vertigo and vestibular disorders. I hope you continue to advocate, share information, and consider what can be done within the health care system to fix this running-around-finding-nothing problem. Seems you’re a big enough thinker to see ways. According to the Vestibular Disorders Association, there are 2.4 million people going through the dizziness you had! How on earth are they all finding the answers you found? With so few chairs and centers? Can they hope for the app and VR time ahead?

    Comment by Christina Goebel -

  45. Mark, might it be counter intuitive to assume 100 is the actual normal? What if the actual normal is different for every person? Before you took your walk, maybe you were at 80 and that is the ideal place for you. I just hope you don’t over do it by assuming you have to be at 100% when maybe that is not where you need to be.
    I would also do a test with people who don’t have symptoms to see if they test at 100% or if there is a normal level somewhere below.

    Comment by Alessandro Machi -

  46. Thank you, Mark. Enlightening and informative as always. However, I must ask, are you an inventor of Samsung in any way?

    Comment by Sparticus Business -

  47. Mark, thank you for sharing your experience. I’d like to share a little of mine. I have also experienced vertigo several times in my life, the first about 15 years ago. I literally fell down on the kitchen floor because I could not differentiate up from down. The experience was incredibly scary. What if I couldn’t fix this? People that have never experienced true vertigo (not dizziness) have no real idea of what it really is like, even with their empathy and good intentions. It’s just not explainable. That particular vertigo episode went away on its own over the course of several weeks (with no help from the ENT doctor I visited). Fast forward to five years ago, in the midst of another vertigo episode, I researched therapies and found the Epley Maneuver on the internet. I performed it on myself and the vertigo was gone. I was still scared that it would come back (such dread) so I went to the physical therapy center at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital. These people know about vertigo and what to do about it! After an examination, they reassured me that indeed I was cured of my current episode. The problem that the Epley Maneuver will “cure” is the small calcium crystals that get loose in your middle ear – by positioning your head in a certain way, the crystals go back to where they belong (anywhere else would have been fine with me). No one knows why this happens but I do believe it runs in families (my mother and uncle suffer from vertigo also). They explained they see many patients that experience vertigo. I had another episode last year and performed the epley again on myself – but this time it didn’t work! Pure panic. No help from the internet on this seemingly different problem. I went back to the physical therapist, only to have the Epley performed on me correctly this time. It’s extremely important how you do it – if your head is not leaned all the way back, etc., it will not work. She performed it on me and the vertigo was gone (it’s instant when it happens). I was given eye exercises to help improve my sense of balance that I’ve seemed to have had all my adult life (sometimes watching action movies is difficult, I’ve fallen down stairs because my eyes get disoriented, etc.).

    I’m very interested in this possibly new procedure in case the Epley fails me next time. Also, the medicine they write for vertigo can often make the problem worse, not better. Thanks again for your informative essay.
    Sandra P.

    Comment by Sandra Brightwell Potter -

    • Boy, the experiences that have been shared by so many commentators need to get into medical research! Hope Mark can facilitate this process. How many people can be helped by one or the other of these various procedures. At the very least, they need to be on the internet feed that people can access for themselves. Sounds like a great health blog for someone to begin…….Its handle could be vertigocubano

      Comment by 1mime -

  48. Really cool man, VR really opens your eyes to some of the possibilities of the coming era. I’ve been 3D scanning and putting real objects inside of VR where people can pickup and stuff. We’re not in Kansas anymore 😉

    Comment by Casey Kelly (@IonTrades_) -

  49. Take care of yourself Mr. Cuban. I’ll need you to stick around as I grow my business.

    Comment by Mike Larkin -

  50. Mr. Rossie, would like to know more about your AFIB process. Can you share any links? Sorry for the non topic response Mr. Cuban. Warfarin is basically diluted rat poison and even though it works fine for my parent, I would like to take her off of it if it is possible to do so safely.

    Comment by Alessandro Machi -

  51. So if you had not gone on that long walk on that particular day in New York??? If your process works out, please consider seeing if it can help the elderly including those with levels of dementia. My parent seems to have crossed wires when she speaks, integrating what she sees in front of her with questions that don’t pertain to what is in front of her she responds.

    Comment by Alessandro Machi -

  52. Thanks for sharing this fascinating story, Mark. I hope you’ve made progress on bringing this service to Dallas and have looked into spreading it around the US. How selfless of you to think of others in the midst of your challenge!

    Comment by FinanceSuperhero -

  53. Hi Mark,

    Not sure if this email makes it to you, but I remember hearing a few years back that you do see and/or read ALL of your email.

    Western medicine/big pharma is not the answer; as you found out with your dizzy spells. As you know, big pharma controls the good old USA and more!

    I have a great and repeatable story about eliminating AFIB w/o drugs or surgery that I share with the many friends and family that are diagnosed with this heartbeat.

    The documented meds, procedures, and advice that were suggested, required, and pushed on me were overwhelming.

    Luckily I had the time, the internet, and the finances to not give into all of the specialists, big pharma, and peer pressure.

    Besides the several/limited AFIB blogs that I contribute to; I would love to spread the word via you and whatever you suggest.

    More people need to know that there are many alternatives to big pharma/western medicine that are far more effective with far fewer side effects that what is usually prescribed.

    I am now 50.

    Love Shark Tank.

    Think the NBA is a bit rigged! Although happy DJ changed his mind

    Drug free!

    Feel and look much younger.

    Believe that people like you are good for me/USA.

    Would love to get you on the PT/paddle tennis courts. Do you know what that is?

    My treat for coffee, beer, lunch, or dinner if you can make the time.

    Come visit the pacific palisades, Westside of LA, would love to meet you in person. !!


    Michael Rossie

    310 721 8805

    Comment by Michael Rossie -

  54. The Star Tours attraction in Dysneyland Paris cause me dizziness. After 3 days i had always Vertigo. You take Valium again this day ? AU REVOIR MARK CUBAN

    Comment by charlesvilleneuve -

  55. Incredible and I am glad your feeling better – I wish you well.

    Comment by Techlick (@Techlicked) -

  56. Mark, this is great inspiration for our mission to equip a drone to capture VR content that is isolated from the unsettling movements of the drone itself. We’re close to our goal of a prototype and finalized patent apps. We’re working on making it so the viewer can either bank with the drone in flight, or have that motion stabilized to further reduce the potential for vertigo, all without seeing the drone in the shot.

    Comment by Mark Dana (@VR_Drones_Mark) -

  57. Mark off topic but are you aware of the Mandela Effect? It is happening to millions of us in almost thinking the changes so many of us are ‘misremembering’ like the Star Wars Luke I am your father scene (which is now no I am your father) could either be NASA, CERN, etc or even Google playing with strings inside nuclueses. However could the whole changes just be data blocks being corrupted during a restart or defrag of the machine we live in? Elon Musk is big on this.


    Comment by Aaron Auxier -

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  59. I’m so happy you’re back! Thanks 🙂

    Comment by Stock Manny (@StockManny) -

  60. First, I’d like to say I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’ve had vertigo so I understand the dizziness. Your perserverence though is what made this amazing. Most people would just accepted the Valium and went on with life, but not you. The world needs more people like you so ideas like Dr Mangos are realized on a broader spectrum. I personally am still looking for that cure or perfect relief from Fibromyalgia. I refuse to let it keep me down, like you.

    Can’t wait to see you on the new season of Shark Tank. You are my favorite. BTW, you really should’ve run for Prez…… would’ve won!

    Comment by Layna Sweeney (@LGSweeney66) -

  61. But, like all good medical procedures, it did not “cure” you it merely alleviated the symptoms. Alleviation without cure is the heart and soul of medifice because with cure the payment stream dries up.

    Comment by Michael Williams -

    • It hasn’t “cured” him…..yet…….Surely, that is the goal. As self-serving as many for profit aspects of medicine are, I do believe there are doctors and research institutions whose efforts towards finding cures guides their efforts.

      Baby steps.

      Comment by 1mime -

  62. Been there. Still there, as a matter of fact. In my case, they had to remove my left inner ear, leaving me deaf on that side. My diagnosis, by one of the best UPMC doctors on the planet, was Meniere’s disease. I’d literally fall on the ground when violent vertigo would strike. I now have a balance disorder because I only have one gyro in my head and it’s faulty. I’ve broken ribs, left wrist, torn the right rotator cuff, and snapped the left humerus. All in falls. I know what you’re going through. Take care, Mark.

    Comment by Glenn Miller (@DevAtRest) -

  63. Really good article!

    Comment by manu2404 -

  64. That’s great Mark. It is an interesting story and I am glad you feel better.

    Thanks, Alina shahnazari


    Comment by almashah -

  65. Mark – First let me say, my heart goes out to you, I can’t imagine going through this with your busy schedule and commitments. I have been struggling with this for three years. Some days have been so bad that I can only walk by holding on to walls and furniture – driving is impossible on those days. The dizziness and vertigo has been so bad that I’ve had an emergency angiogram (dr thought I was having a heart attack even thought I’ve never had heart issues), next a vascular angiogram (dr thought I had a vascular blockage in my upper neck going to my brain) EGG, EKG, several MRI’s – a spinal tap to rule out Multiple Sclerosis, such a blessing that was ruled out!!’! Visited an ear institute here in Dallas – found some things but no real solutions – was given exercises – that didn’t help. Before all of this started I was very active – loved running! Now I wake up every morning praying when my feet hit the floor I don’t feel like I’m wave surfing. I’ve always felt like there was an eye connection but didn’t know how to describe the connection. I love life – hubby of 36 yrs (met on a blind date at Ball State University) and three grown boys. Big Mavs Fan (have loved watching your support of Dirk over the years – makes my heart melt). Getting ready to welcome my first grandchild next week and so want to enjoy and embrace life like I use to – please keep me informed about this new technology and how I could get treatment in Dallas. Thanks for taking time to stop and help others.
    Tonya Clark Bredehoeft. PS – my son who is a sports media graduate sent me the link to your blog and said “mom you have the same problem as Mark Cuban!”

    Comment by tonyabred -

  66. Awesome testimonial…. This is like another type of technology that is working on a star-trek hola-deck like environment focused on medical industry for the VA and other Military branches for PTSD. So much potential. Most importantly, its working for you!

    In video games, this tech is the future of next level content distribution. !! is one example of a beta-level app that is pushing the envelope in content distribution this way. I’m excited to see what types of environments will be created next.

    Comment by Mad Dealz (@D34LZ) -

  67. this could help me. Make it affordable when it comes out.

    Comment by Beck R. Mark -

  68. I experienced this first hand with Vision Anxiety that would throw me into fight of flight because of my glasses. I believe I am having the same experience where by brain and eyes are not on the same page and I get a pulse of fight or flight…I was working in New York and I would get this feeling in the City like Claustrophobia and I take my glasses off and fine. I would dread coming into Manhattan due to the feeling….I saw you walking on one of your long walks and said this guy feels good and I feel like shit….lol the irony….thanks Mark for sharing….there is Hope

    Comment by Leonardo (@Veritas144k) -

  69. Mark,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Its cool to see technology playing a role in your healing.

    This is a surreal experience reading this post because the same thing just happened to me over Memorial Day weekend. My wife and I were in Boston on vacation and on our last day I woke up with terrible vertigo. I’m 37 and hardly ever been sick, much less something like this. It was debilitating for about 5 weeks; I was staying home and only working 50% of the time. I went through almost all of the same tests. After no help from traditional medicine and much research I believed my vertigo was a result of stress. I believed the stress (and poor posture which almost everyone who sits in front of a computer has) created a chronic condition in my shoulder and neck muscles which was causing an issue with my inner ear. I searched online and found a massage therapist who specialized in myofascial and craniosacral therapy. 2 days after my first 1.5 hour session I felt 70% better! I continued to see him once a week for 4 weeks and now I am 99% back to normal.

    I encourage others who have experienced vertigo to do your own research, think outside the box and don’t sit back and let the Dr’s control your destiny. Sometimes a simple massage might be all you need.


    Comment by Wynne Walker -

  70. I inherented my dizziness from my father, he had problems with it. One day I couldn’t walk straight and had to lean a against a wall. I went to a physical therapy center and they had an expert in curing this. After five sessions I was cured and it was amazing. Not as serious as you’res mark but I know how paranoid it makes a person. I’m glad you’re well again Russ

    Comment by Russell Lee Hansen -

  71. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think that it’s really interesting that VR was able to bridge the gap. I can imagine that a lot of patients will be able to use the same process to bypass the need for an Epley chair.

    Comment by Caroline L (@LaMarEstaba) -

  72. Thank you for sharing your experience. Medicine and technology are becoming inseparable, and, that’s a good thing! Hopefully, this VR process can be expanded to help people with other conditions that involve balance….Parkinsons Disease is certainly one of many that exist. Best of luck to you going forward. And, thank you also for helping Dr. Mango expand his reach and help more people.

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  73. Hello Mr. Cuban, Very interesting blog. I always felt that it was a matter of time before VRbecomes as common medically than getting a massage. I’m glad to know that you’re ok and can’t wait to read further updates on this latest venture/ Warm Regards,Eric N. Harris

    Comment by ericnharrisblog -

  74. Thank God you are ok. We need you.

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    Comment by Keith Wilhelm -

  75. Mark.

    Can’t even imagine what you were going through.

    Glad you are better. I mean that.


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    Comment by Judson Smith -

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