My Thoughts on the MSM Getting President Trump Elected and Then Some

Peter Thiel was right when he said that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally.

When it comes to reporting the news,  a presidential campaign and election is obviously news, the MSM (Main Stream Media) takes everything literally  and seriously. That is the definition of reporting isn’t it ?

There are 10s of millions of voters who probably preferred  to consume literal information from MSM sources they trust and processed it before they decided which Presidential candidate they  voted for.

There are 10s of millions of voters who probably preferred to consume other, non MSM sources of information.  It’s not that they don’t want literal information. It’s that they don’t trust traditional reporting sources, aka, MSM, aka Main Stream Media.

I don’t know how or why they developed this distrust of the MSM. But they certainly did and still do. They not only distrust the MSM, they seem to feel strongly that the MSM is controlled by forces that are intentionally trying to discredit the things they believe strongly in.

Who do they trust for their information ? Pretty much anyone and any outlet that recognizes and reveals the impurity of MSM outlets and reinforces the purity of their beliefs. It can be a neighbor, friend, relative, talk show host, website or information source, real or otherwise. It certainly was all the people who were at the rallys. You talk about creating a word of mouth network of support.  The rallys certainly succeeded there.

For the MSM literals, its “us vs them”, for the MSM haters , its “us vs them”

In this election there were more MSM “literals”, but the Trump campaign was a lot smarter and able to rally the MSM haters and turn them into Trump believers and voters in the states they needed them.

President Elect Trump won not because the media failed at their job or didn’t recognize something.  Donald Trump won precisely because the MSM did their job exactly as they expected they would and they used it to their advantage.

Every chance Donald got he would say things that his campaign knew would get the MSM all riled up. They knew exactly what they were doing. The more the media and people like me criticized Donald, the more it played right into their hands.  We were the bad guys. We didn’t get it.  We represented everything they wanted to change. We were the forces behind the corrupt media. The elites. The establishment. The suckers getting paid off by George Soros and foreign corrupt interests.

I was dumb enough to think I would be able to talk people out of voting for Donald Trump by detailing what I thought were his weaknesses. The Trump campaign had to be laughing at me and thanking me at the same time.  I approached my choice of candidates by consuming information literally.  That was my hammer and I tried to use it to make everything else look like a nail. I obviously was wrong.

Where Donald Trump was challenged, it wasn’t because of something he said on the campaign trail. It was something he said or did years ago. When there was hard evidence, it created question marks for even his staunchest supporters.  But for every hit he took, he was able to communicate to his followers that his opponent was far far worse than he ever could be.

She was a threat to their lives, their livelihood, their country.  It was clear to his supporters that he understood them and she was a threat. It was an easy choice to make. They both had issues. He could learn from his. She was a lying traitor that couldn’t be trusted and neither could anyone who supported her.  She would never be able to wash that off and be trusted and neither could the elites or special interests that wanted to help her take away his supporter’s liberties.

So here we are. We are going through a transition after which Donald Trump will be our President. Have I changed my mind about him ? Not yet. I’m willing to give him a chance. But I still don’t trust his temperament.  His tweets are risky in so many ways. That still concerns me. Bigly.

But he will be our President and I want him to succeed. But that isn’t the end of the story.  Recent history is repeating itself . As we speak.

The Trump team is once again brilliantly using MSM to their advantage.  They know that MSM will continue to be literal in their reporting, and the Trump transition team is grateful for it.

In looking at his actual and proposed appointments,  every one in the MSM, everyone who consumes their literal information from the MSM is freaking the fuck out.

Once again his voters are taking him seriously, but not literally. After all, he hasn’t taken office yet. How in the world does the MSM even know what is going to happen ? It’s just more confirmation that the MSM doesn’t get it. They don’t get us.  They are still out to get him and make him look bad. And when the MSM makes our President look bad, they make all of us that voted for him look bad. Which in turn makes his support from his voters even stronger.

When his transition team picked Flynn, Bannon, Sessions, they knew exactly how the MSM would react. They knew every single past issue each faced would surface.  From tweets to not being confirmed to breitbart news.  They could have picked any number of qualified candidates that didn’t carry that “baggage”.  But they chose them precisely because they had that baggage and of course because they were loyal to President Elect Trump.

Every bit of their histories  was  going to be taken literally and reported literally by the MSM.  And like in the campaign, I’m pretty sure that his supporters won’t care, a minority of his supporters will think of those issues as  positives,  and the Trump team will continue to be thankful for the MSM doing their jobs exactly how they expected them to.

It’s the perfect long-term setup for the new President and all those around him.  No matter what he does in office, unless it is demonstrably and verifiably dangerous to their way of life, the MSM media reporting on his Presidency is always going to be a plot against him.

They trust President Trump far, far more than they could ever trust anything the MSM says about him.  And they trust all the non MSM sources of information that again, unless there is something disastrous and undeniable, will say and write positive things about his Presidency.  What doesn’t work and isn’t disastrous is the fault of his predecessor and the establishment who continue to fill the swamp of DC and fight his every move. In fact, I would guess that they use all the negative articles during the transition as a way to convince those who didn’t vote for Trump, but may have been on the fence,as support for why they should support their new President.

The MSM doing their job is going to make President Donald Trump stronger than he was the day he was elected.

A couple more guesses and presumptions from my personal swamp:

1: My guess is that all the meetings with non-supporters are` “kiss the ring and kiss my ass meetings” and not true job interviews. Yes, there will be an exception or two. Or at least ones that look like they are a hiring of someone who didn’t support President Elect Trump’s campaign. But the reality of the situation is that it’s not about hiring those folks.  They give the President Elect and his organization the chance to say “see, I was open minded. I talked to everyone. Whether I agreed with them or not. But even when  you try to  take the establishment out of the Swamp, you can’t take the swamp out of the establishment.

More importantly, they give President Elect Trump the satisfaction of watching those like me who campaigned vocally against him, bend over,  and kiss his ring.  Touche’ President Elect Trump. Touche’

2:  As I said, I am very, very nervous about what he might say or tweet.  But I do have some confidence that like everyone before him, the office will change him. The non stop onslaught of challenges will focus him. He won’t have the time, energy or inclination to tweet simply because he is too busy. That is my hope.

3: I do understand the fear the uncertainty is causing minorities. They are rightfully terrified. I know I would be. My suggestion is to use the fear so many are feeling as a way to raise money for groups that protect those minorities.  Hopefully those funds and groups won’t be necessary and the fears will end up unfounded.

4: In supporting Sec Clinton, there were policies of hers I agreed with and policies I disagreed with. The same will apply to what appears to be his expected policies.  Socially, there is plenty I disagree vehemently with the far right about. I’m not yet convinced that all of our President Elect’s NY Values are gone. We will see.

Economically, there are positives in his plan to borrow at hopefully what will still be effectively less than 0 percent interest.  I think if they can take this approach rather than an infrastructure bank, it will pay off nicely in growth for the economy. I also believe that reducing corporate income taxes is good. But I’m a believer that they should be closer  to the 22 – 25pct range. That makes us globally competitive and hopefully allows for more re-investment by companies.

Finally I hope he takes a page from Sec Clinton’s small business agenda.  All the paperwork required, along with the many different fees that every different level of local government charges a new company, makes starting a business too difficult and stupidly expensive.  All of which combined to crush the incentive for an individual to start their own business.

If you are good at a trade, its ridiculously expensive to go out on your own. Every start up should be as easy as starting up a lemonade stand and cheap, if not free. Sec Clinton proposed that federal funds be used to buy out the many local, county and state fees that crushed small startups and to work to unify and simplify the paperwork required. Hopefully the Trump administration will take a close look at this.

5: I’m tired. So apologize for the typos and whatever else.  I’ll circle back tomorrow and fix the many grammatical and spelling errors I’m sure I left behind

6. Feel free to hate on me in the comments. I learn from the thought out disagreements and improve my temper from the over the top hate.


194 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the MSM Getting President Trump Elected and Then Some

  1. Those “10s of millions of voters” should get out more.

    Comment by Martin Dee Wan (@MartinDeeWan) -

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    Best and God speed!

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  3. Jim Wang, Some of the foreign leaders will react based on the intel they have on TRUMP. Remember, smart people like Marc and many many others were WRONG. These leaders are also wrong but will realize soon. We are the most powerful country and nobody wants to be on our bad side as long as we treat them fairly.

    Comment by MindfulCritique (@aasumlife) -

  4. The part that scares me is how other nations and their leaders will react. We’re already seeing some of that wrt Taiwan/China and while you can point to the MSM freakout as the reason why Trump is doing it, there are implications.

    Comment by Jim Wang -

  5. Marc,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like you as a person and appreciate that you are passionate, but I think your observations are correct but analysis is all messed up. It’s ok to be wrong and you were totally wrong on this election.

    You are right about people trusting TRUMP and not MSM. You are also right about not being able to persuade people to vote a certain way. People are not stupid. They vote for who they trust and they can see for themselves.

    Agree or not, TRUMP was the only person who was REAL, AUTHENTIC and says what is on his mind. He said upfront, I don’t want to be politically correct. He is not perfect and no body is.. People can understand that.

    TRUMP never persuaded people.. he just told them what he wants to do. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    How can anyone not agree with it. Everyone started attacking him. His support became stronger.

    Media is all about making money, they make money by creating drama and tension. Unfortunately many people trusted it far too long and TRUMP was brilliant in using that to his advantage when he was attacked,

    Here is my Prediction: TRUMP will be the greatest president we have ever seen. Listen to him carefully and see how he is thinking not what he is saying or what trouble he is avoiding. Think about where his heart is with the most positive of attitude.

    Lawyers study conflict and help their clients mitigate potential risks. They tend to be too beuraucratic. We need successful business people who want to bring prosperity for themselves and the people who they care about.

    I think you can also be a great president if you focus on caring about people who are suffering and not about being right or good or rich. You need to be as fearless as TRUMP and solutions will automatically follow.

    My suggestion: Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Don’t apologize for mistakes. Learn from them. Trump says this all the time and his voters did not take him literally. Be like TRUMP.

    Comment by MindfulCritique (@aasumlife) -

  6. I think you are so full of crap. MSM- is NOT Trumps friend, MSM took MOST of what he said out of context and made him to be the devil incarnate. Everytime I turned on the Television or looked at the internet it was how AWFUL he is and Clinton is a Saint etc. You can voice your opinion, I will continue to disagree. About half of eligible voters DID NOT turn out at the polls so this is the result. Get over it. Accept it. Move forward, We live in the USA. We have the right and choice to vote. Half of America didnt. The other half showed that they were ready for a change. That’s it, plain and simple. Things didn’t go your way, so now you like many others are crying about it. Stop crying about it and be happy that you live in a country where you can voice your opinion without penalty.

    Comment by Jo Jo Payne -


    Comment by Tyler Fincher -

  8. America needs some fresh, young, intelligent talent in politics. I’m sure you’ve been approached about 2020. It’s not too early to lay the groundwork for tactics using MSM and social media. I’m sure Trump and his team did not figure out their brilliant campaign at the last minute. We can learn from history so we don’t repeat it.
    Run Marc run!!!!

    Comment by Joe Morgan -

  9. This article is completely on point. I remember watching you talk and write about Donald Trump, and thinking, “This is literally going to do the opposite of what Mark is intending to do”. It’s just so unfortunate that folks don’t see through his act, that he’s using the media against itself for his gain.

    With that said, I have the same fears as you; he’s showing some potential as far as having the ability to cut costs and perhaps create efficiencies of spending, and on the flip side he can be tactless and could very well end up exposing the US’ security by his anti-diplomacy. Are we willing to risk the US’ security vs. becoming a richer nation with less debt? One hopes that he has a team of people that look at his tweets before shooting them off.

    PS – I love Shark Tank! You are by far one of the most level-headed investors, and are adept at selling your brand to the baby sharks.

    – CB

    Comment by chelseabeaverblog -

  10. The media spent more time covering Trump’s empty podium than they spent on the entire Bernie Sanders campaign. Had that not been the case, we would have a good president-elect right now.

    Comment by Russ Pagan -

  11. Mac Adoo – your reply to my earlier post was 508 words long…and not ONE of those words talked about the specific issue that I had raised. This is how trump supporters operate when they have no defense to an objection.

    Do you think we don’t see this ? Do you think we don’t see that you’re trying to con us ?

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

    • Bob Barker – OK you win….you can count words just fine, and I will not win any argument with you. Your “conspiracy approach” that a politician is attempting to redirect the public thoughts is like saying the sky is blue. Someone give this parrot a cracker 🙂

      It is evident that your mind is closed to any input that does not fit with your agenda. Additionally, you are so certain that your voice is THE one that matters you speak as if no else can contribute. I bet you are a delight at family gatherings as you dominate/manipulate the discussions and massage everyone’s truths.

      Every election there will be a large number of people who are upset at the things the new POTUS brings with them because it is not the one THEY voted for (if they even voted). It ranges from legitimate concerns to silly stuff. two questions:

      1. Which one are you really addressing…something substance that needs to be greatly discussed so a solution can be attained or is it whining, nay saying boo-bird tactics?
      2. how many words did I use this time?

      Be well and Merry Christmas

      Comment by Mac Adoo -

  12. Mac Adoo – you are missing my point. Its not about what should be the US’s policy towards China and Taiwan. Its that trump is deliberately stoking a controversy, by doing things ONLY in a controversial manner, to distract the public from some upcoming personal bullshit. That bullshit is most likely some rubbish about resolving his business conflicts of interest.

    Please read my post carefully to understand the point I’m making, and only respond to that if you choose to respond. If not, your reply will itself turn into a distraction and deviation. We don’t want that.

    Trump could have easily touched on China next year. He could have asked the taiwan president not to publicise the phone call. He could have kept quiet on twitter after the call – the issue would have died down in 2 days. He could have done many things. He scheduled that call and had it released to the media, and followed up with controversial statements on twitter and through his surrogates. All this is simple plan to create an issue that distracts shallow people from what he’s really up to. If you can’t see this by now after all these months, there’s not much to be said for you.

    Remember, the question to always ask when it comes to trump ” what is trump trying to distract us from seeing now ? “

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

  13. Pingback: Mike Pence wanted to go to see "Hamilton," not a morality play on the importance of minorities and the LGBT community in the United States

  14. The new china thing is a distraction trump is preparing to divert attention from something else that he is planning to get away with. Remember, the Chinese explained his initial call away as “mischief by the Taiwanese”..which gave face to trump, and a way for him to ‘escape’ from the apparent fracas he had created. What does he then do ? He sends two tweets earlier today blasting china on currency manipulation etc…trying to provoke a further argument with the chinese….when they had already let him get away out of courtesy…and when they did not provoke any issues to begin with (to justify the call from Taiwan).

    My guess is the bullshit press conference that he’ll be holding to talk about how he’s going to deal with his company. It will be nothing that will resolve any conflicts – he has no integrity, and that would deprive him of the ability to profit from his current position, so why would he do that? This will generate alot of controversy in the media….UNLESS THERE IS A BIGGER ISSUE GOING ON.

    And Trump is now in the process of creating the bigger issue….some bullshit with China, if they oblige him with a reply instead of total silence.

    Remember, when it comes to Trump, whenever he does something controversial, unconventional, or which doesn’t make sense, the question to ask yourself is ” What is Trump trying to distract me from ? What is he trying to get away with when I’m looking elsewhere? “

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

    • Hi Bob – this is not the first effort that Trump has made to put China on notice that we are not taking the currency manipulation situation laying down. It is a very serious matter for all Americans and if you do not understand the topic…kindly do some research into the AIIB and use some common sense with a touch of cynicism to anticipate what could the big news you are hinting about. Getting the world economy to switch over from the IMB to AIIB gives China (and Russia) extreme power (at our disadvantage). Again be prepared to do some reading as it will take an intelligent person some digging to “peel back the layers of the onion”.

      I personally do not think that we can risk having any more foreign leaders show us disrespect before there is a true dictator move to strike out at us. Having the various ambassadors make comments that equate to patting our POTUS (elect) on the head like a silly little misguided boy cannot be given a legitimate voice. If on the other hand, the LEADER would like to extend a hand which honestly and honorably represents a future working relationship with win/win potential, it will be given all the positive attention it deserves.

      Having the President in Philippines (our ally) get away with calling our current POTUS a “bastard” and “son of a whore” was way over the top. He is currently killing drug offenders ON THE SPOT (without due process) and has given a green light to everyday citizens to do the same. THAT sir is something that deserves the hand wringing and emoting that is currently being thrown at Trump. The grown ups have to accept that it is time to move forward with a best foot possible approach in order to “make hay while the sun shines” (on America). I have not agreed with all the recent presidential selections but I have supported every one of them while in office as best as I was able. Furthermore, I addressed negative comments about my leader as a personal attacks. If the attacks came from a foreigner they were treated less as allies than before. If from a current citizen, they were rebuked and invited to consider going where they would prefer to whine, complain, cheer…. whatever!

      Not sure if you served in our military but if you did I say “thank you for your service” and encourage you to remember and recognize the true balance of power that the American might has earned and maintained since WWII . If you have not served, I politely (but strongly) ask that you spend some time with the men and women who have and learn how important the protection of our civilization is to our continued freedom and what some of the true costs are that were levied in making that happen. You cannot “know” unless you lived it…the closest you can get is by transporting yourself (your mind) through a serious dialogue with those who have.

      Comment by Mac Adoo -

  15. Hi Mark. I think there are some good thoughts here. However, two things bother me:
    1. Are you really this oblivious about why we don’t trust the MSM?
    2. More important to me personally, is the underlying, and seemingly pervasive notion among persons who seem to consider themselves influential, that all of us out here need to be influenced by you or anybody else. I get the sense that you think Trump pulled the wool over our eyes, despite your efforts and the efforts of the MSM to shed light. I resent that, but by the same token, I would not let my resentment of your attitude be my driving force to figure out who I need to vote for. In sum, I think you and MANY others overestimate your role in guiding or leading us sheep.

    Comment by Bill Falzett -

  16. Sarah Parker :

    Hillary Clinton did not get anyone killed in Bengazhi. There was a GOP lead congressional enquiry into this, remember? They found no wrongdoing, remember ? Can you survive a congressional hearing into how badly you did at school ?

    Of course they found many mistakes, but those would be found in any realtime war situation, do you have the basic understanding to get that ? When you examine something after it happens, you can usually find ways to have done it better the first time around : this is called hindsight. Are you aware of this ? Even the 2 atomic bombs on Japan….one could have been dropped on Mt Fuji, destroying it and sending an unmistakable message to the Japanese leadership that American had perfected this technology, its no bullshit. Why didn’t they do that ? Hindsight my dear.

    So don’t go off attacking someone who’s family has helped the country (as opposed to Trump, who helps himself to the country) for 30 years. Be objective and fair.

    And yes Hillary is not perfect. Which politician is ? But she has a far better track record than Trump and trump is far worse than anyone I’ve seen. Except of course, to racist biased low iq voters, apparently.

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

    • Bob Barker – if you believe that there was no wrong doing found during the inquiries, I cannot help you. There were significant issues identified. That said, that does not warrant the strength of message being that HRC “got” them killed unless the allegations about her doing so to cover up gun running has had newer developments than what has already been provided (“jury still out on that one”).

      regarding “objective and fair”:
      1. there is significant evidence that clearly identifies the Clinton Foundation as a front to enrich the Clintons. This is extremely unique so no precedent exists …but to have the Clintons fill their pockets with speaking fees for Bill that coincide with HRC making favorable decisions while acting sec of state is nothing less than criminal not mention the selling benefits to foreign entities.
      2. Only pennies on the dollar actually reached the intended recipients and many times the promise of these funds prevented other donations from getting in…at the hand of HRC
      3. contracts went to special friends (and sometimes family) for disaster projects …and to make matters worse, there was lack of previous experience to effectively perform disaster recovery…again HRC
      4. The Clintons (according to HRC) were not only broke but on debt when Bill left office. Now they have 100’s of Millions (that have been identified). There are investigations currently identifying more amounts that have been hidden from view. Expect RICO violations to filed …it is coming

      there is so much and yet, I need nothing but the mere fact that HRC perjured herself multiple times during the email issues. It is beyond reasonable explanation why she has not yet been charged for these. The truth is hard to swallow….the US has a two tier system [today] that protects the very powerful. The DOJ and FBI have turned a blind eye to evidence that would have you and I (everyone else except maybe other connected politicians and their billionaires) in jail. Objective and fair….not for the Clintons, at least not yet!

      Comment by Mac Adoo -

  17. Mark, You knew Clinton was a crook in the back of your head and that Trump is the “right” choice for the people. However, you saw Clinton’s poll numbers and also thought to yourself “How can a Billionaire with a TV show like me do that; I’m JELOUS” so you kissed Clinton’s ass in hope that Trump Fails and you get some kind of position in Clinton’s government.

    Comment by Mark Schwartz -

  18. I used to think you were a sharp guy, that you had a clear picture of things and you could cut through the BS to get to the heart of the matter, but if you think that the “MSM” got everything “right” and “did their job” – and that Trump supporters were just too stupid to believe them – then you STILL don’t get it. If you think the “MSM” is unbiased, then you have lost any bit of sense you used to have.

    Did you watch or listen to any of the talking heads as they watched the results come in? Did you listen to them? They were anything but unbiased. They were distraught, they were depressed, and they were in shock. Pull you head out of your rear!

    And, by the way, I might have still had a bit of respect for you if you had dumped Trump because you didn’t care for some of the things he said or his personality, and stay uncommitted, but when you dump him and jump on the bandwagon of someone who actually got Americans killed in Benghazi through her horrible actions – not to mention the damage she’s done to our country through her umpteen thousands breaches of security protocol – then you lose all credibility with me and many, many others. What has happened to you?

    FYI, calling Trump a liar and jumping behind Clinton is like saying I won’t go to eat McDonald’s because its unhealthy, then only eating carnival food from that point on…genius!

    Comment by Sarah Parker -

  19. I believe that written news > television based on televisions fleeting nature, and written MSM has been crushed in the last 2 decades by the loss of revenues, audience, and eventually quality since news reporting couldn’t pay very well. Much of this money now flows through Google and Facebook, and Facebook could solve it’s own fake news platform problems and a larger cultural one by leaning on paying local news organizations for their content and editors. This video from Seth Rogin (innovator for MSM conglomorates) sums up much of how I personally feel about the state of MSM and how this affected the election:

    Comment by Tom Zevallos (@TomZevallos) -

  20. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong and I appreciate the fact that you just did that. Now I can go back to watching Shark Tank!!

    I used to like you for many of the same reasons I like Trump–you spoke your mind and many times weren’t very “nice” in the eyes of the person you were speaking to/about. I, like most of the American average Joes, got sick of hearing you and all of your Hollywood elite friends TELL us who we should vote for and why–
    as if we didn’t have a mind of our own. The Hollywood elite club lives in a tiny bubble that us regular folks aren’t privy to.

    Mr.Trump won because we, the people, got sick of it all–corrupt politicians running our government, the loss of jobs, the terrorist attacks, the unaffordable health care, the political BS that prevents law enforcement from doing their jobs, the Hollywood loud mouths promising to leave the country, the government intervention in every aspect of our lives, etc. He was/is our only hope for change. Secretary Clinton would have been 4 more years of Obama and we just don’t have the luxury of 4 more years of this.

    To quote Barack Obama: “Elections have consequences and at the end of the day, we won and you lost.” He was not warm and fuzzy to Republicans, telling them they can join the ride but they have to ride at the back. For his first 2 years in office he refused any discussion with Republican leaders in the House and Senate. So if you, or anyone else, gives Mr. Trump ANY advice on his Cabinet picks, please refer back to our current sitting President’s actions.

    I do wish that more of your celebrity friends would take the same action as you have and admit they were wrong. They were wrong for voicing their political opinions instead of just sticking to their jobs. I respect you for admitting you were wrong and I forgive you😘. We all need to come together for the better of this country. Thank you, your family and God Bless America 🇺🇸

    Comment by Marie O'Connell (@Oconndx) -

  21. I will tell you why I voted for Trump.
    I am a software type just like you used to be.
    I never went a day without work from 1976 till 2003.
    From 2003 I was able to get a 90 day contract each year on avg until 2010
    From 24 Aug 2010 until now I have been almost totally unemployed.

    And don’t even tell me my skills are outdated as I’m one of the best analysts , managers out there.

    But I have been displaced from the high paying jobs because of Age Discrimination and something I don’t even understand called caste.

    There are two forces here at work:.
    1. Companies like the ones you advocate on Shark tank sending jobs to other countries
    2. companies importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

    Meanwhile our population continues to rise as jobs for Americans in America continues to decrease.

    As for the mainstream media, the following link is to government data that they will never discuss.

    At this point I will vote for anybody, including a monkey or a coconut if it will help me to get back to work so that I can provide a roof over my head using my god given skills.

    Keep America At Work
    H-1B Hunting Licenses
    American Made Software

    Comment by vbiersch -

  22. Mark, you Cuban Commie bastard. I hope Trump bankrupts your ass and sends you to Guantanamo.

    Comment by Deplorable Anglo (@DeplorableAnglo) -

  23. The Clinton Foundation was investigated by the FBI, shortly after the book “Clinton Cash” appeared. They do this whenever anything that may constitute a federal offense hits the public domain via books, articles, etc. They found nothing wrong. Most of what was in that documentary is selectively presented info, full of innuendo and bias.

    Is this so hard to believe ? Look at the Bengazhi issue, lead by the clown Trey Gowdy. A GOP committee grilled Hillary for hours at a time over months and could not find any evidence of wrongdoing. Trey even said that the objective of the whole effort was to cut down her public support, which was pretty high after her SOS stint. Yet they talk about this even now as if she caused those deaths. There are enough dishonorable, uneducated citizens in this formerly great country for crap like that to gain traction.

    Seasoned investigators are the sleuths trained to sniff out what expert criminals like to hide, they looked into this, and found nothing justifying further investigation.

    No one….absolutely no one, can be as corrupt as Donald Trump, who, while being a billionaire ($4.3b according to Forbes, so its true), went out of his way to fleece thousands of ordinary people out of money for a fake university. And look at it now…he says conflict of interest laws DO NOT APPLY to him, he is not liquidating his assets and putting the money in a blind trust, he wants his children who will now run his company to have TopSec clearance, he conceals from the US press that Ivanka sat in on the meetings with the Jap PM (the PM’s press released a photo,…that’s how people found out), he tells Farage to move windfarms away from his scottish golf course to protect the view, he calls the Argentinian president and gets a fast tracked approval for a Trump Tower in Buenos Aires, he meets with his Indian business partners….and these are the things we know about, that are unrefuted by the Trump organization…..and it has only been 3 weeks since he won the election. He is doing this in full view of the world and not apologizing for it.

    What do you have to say about this, Keith Curtis ?

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

    • @Bob Baker – you are either deeply misguided and uninformed or critically engaging in intentional misinformation and propaganda.

      In one of your posts, you mentioned contempt for this country…and my standing response to anyone who thinks that there is a better place is “go there, do not delay or else be discovered for what you really are”.

      I will not waste my time rebuking your false evidence other than to simply say that it is just noise. It is my firm belief that you would be anti-ANYTHING in power and it is just fine with me that you put all your angst into Trump. He can definitely survive the likes of you. You are like a popcorn fart 🙂

      Comment by Mac Adoo -

  24. I recommend people watch the documentary Clinton Cash to also help understand why Trump won:

    Comment by Keith Curtis (@keithccurtis) -

  25. Hi Yohami Zerpa. You said below in response to my post, that ” all your statements would have been reframed by the media as xenophobic, sexist, and fascist. You clearly didn’t pay attention.”

    I’m afraid it is you who did not pay attention….to TRUMP. His words ” muslim ban” “rapists….and some I SUPPOSE, are good people”, as well as other statements, and the dismissive sneering strident way in which he spoke them, and his refusal to quickly and sincerely apologize for anything wrong that he said, basically create the CONTEXT of his words and clearly make the intention behind his words xenophobic, sexist and ultimately fascist. The media merely quoted him and extrapolated from what he clearly meant and frequently said explicitly.

    The list that I displayed in my message below would be his policy positions without any of the racist rubbish. Any Republican could have recited my list without being cited for wrongdoing. The media would look dumb trying to distort my list.

    They did not look dumb citing Trump for what he said and clearly meant. They looked dumb for :

    a. having idiots as pollsters (after all, the LA Times got it right, and they have a track record which means it can be done right). If they had good pollsters, they would have known the race was at least neck and neck or worse, and would have spent more time examining the uneducated white voters.

    b. Chasing each of Trump’s controversial statements and getting off track on the real crap he was doing (as is going on now with the flag burning/mitt romney-kellyanne/hamilton/illegal LOLOL votes, which is an attempt to distract from the ripoffs of TrumpU and the how he’s already using his status as president elect to advance his business objectives), allowing him to get away with it.

    Most adults understand nuance, context, tone, etc and correctly understood what he said and meant. That’s why 2.5M more of us voted for her over him. Yohami, you need to understand what trump is saying instead of being a stealth apologist for trump by blaming the media for HIS twisted positions.

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

  26. Without being political or coming across as judging Mark for his beliefs or comments, this election showed the MSM, The Establishment of Republicans and Democrats that Americans ultimately RUN America. We are and continue to be a ongoing experiment in self-governing. Congratulations America!

    Comment by Herschel -

  27. As a young Trump supporter, this is pretty much right. I’ll add that I found the “how you post on twitter means you’ll be a bad president” argument especially stupid, because someone posting online themselves vs. doing it through interns simply makes them seem more relateable and human.

    Comment by Tsukasa (@endofsjws) -

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  29. I felt I needed to write a follow up to my post. First off I am encouraged as I realize you can be a big dope, and still make a few billion dollars. I now know why the other sharks get frustrated with Mark. Like myself they wonder why a complete dope, is so much richer then they are!

    Based on all the remarks I been reading, and the general opinion of most I speak to, Celebrities should stay out of politics. It would of saved flip flop Cuban from appearing like a complete Dope.

    This was an emotional election, and because of Cuban’s daily anti-Trump comments, I have no respect for him, and can no longer watch Shark tank, which was my favorite show. The site of Cuban makes me sick. I can not take anything the Dope says serious. He is Bozo the Clown the second. Maybe he should dress up like Bozo the clown,it would be an improvement to his layers of makeup, dyed hair with his bowl hair cut, Not to mention he dresses like he fell out of a trailer.

    I hope he gets kicked off the show, or becomes a part time Shark. I do feel bad saying it on his blog, but so be it, his brainless actions got him into this mess – hopefully a big one, which will make him think twice before throwing his friends under the buss – Cuban is a Jealous child, who should go home to mommy,

    Comment by edlearn1234 -

  30. I notice my (far) earlier post was downvoted by most of you. Let me illustrate the point that Trump could have stated all of his positions with ZERO xenophobia, racism and bigotry, and stoking of the fragile relations between the various races in America :

    A. We need a southern wall to keep out illegals, most of whom enter via Mexico.
    B. We need to stop the bloodletting in middle class jobs. Lets impose tarriffs on US companies wanted to move operations overseas.
    C. We need to stop wall street running the country.
    D. We need to empower policing to save inner cities without which opportunities are worthless.
    E. We need someone who is always honest and straight up with you, even if that makes him look bad sometimes.
    F. We need to freeze all migration from terrorist affected countries until Isis is completely destroyed.
    G. We need to completely destroy Isis, and work with anyone who will help us regardless political disagreements on other issues.
    H. We need better relations with Russia.
    I. We need to modernize our military.
    J. We need to reduce overseas military expenditure.
    K. We need to scrap obamacare and replace it with something more sustainable.
    L. We need to scrap regulations which hold back industry like coal.
    M. We need to tax Mexico if it will not pay for the wall.
    N. We need to deport undocumented people who have criminal records, without question.
    O. We need to drain the swamp in Washington i.e. get rid of career politicians and lobbyists, who are corrupting the entire process of government at all levels.

    Not only did trump FAIL to state the above in that manner, the republican leadership AND republican voters did not INSIST that he do so or else. Why ? Its not all lower IQ. Its selfishness and reverse prejudice (latino vote, he got 2% more than Romney). Its sexism and racism.

    Americans are really not as honorable, wonderful and great as we advertise ourselves to be. Trump’s win is living proof of that.

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

    • Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) – all your statements would have been reframed by the media as xenophobic, sexist, and fascist. You clearly didn’t pay attention.

      Comment by Yohami Zerpa -

  31. Does this work ?

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

  32. I could never hate the stupid, I just feel sorry for them.

    Comment by DANE POE (@POETAX) -

  33. The mistake was standing behind the DNC trainwreck which forced Clinton on the Democratic party. Sanders or O’Malley would have easily beaten Trump. Perhaps if more scrutiny were directed at the DNC earlier, the primaries would have ended much differently.

    Trump received just about the same amount of votes as other Republican contenders in recent elections whereas Clinton received less than either Obama run or John Kerry. (she did slightly better than …. Al Gore…)

    Comment by Charles Beyer -

  34. Mark – Initially I was pissed off that you were taking such a public position against Trump. It did not make sense that you would be pro-Hilary (or no-Trump) based upon the logic I had learned that you utilize. That being not-withstanding, I remained true to my own discerning mind which was “anyone but Hillary”…. as I have been keenly aware of the things that make her untrustworthy.

    HRC – When someone first told me that she was evil, I asked why because I wanted to know what has she had done to deserve THAT person’s distrust. Granted, I was already familiar with her as the first lady (she seemed so disingenuous in how she dealt with the issues that existed back then). Nothing concrete just strong suspicions. Well, it seemed that there were many sound-bites being kicked around but the understanding of “what was wrong” was ambiguous or inaccurate. That forced me to watch all I could find on the news as well as, what I could find on youtube. Using my skills to sort through the language and identify manipulation, it became clear pretty fast that three things are easy enough to find out if you are willing to do a little work and keep an open mind:
    1. Hillary (and Bill) are ripping off the citizens of USA and it is not even that well hidden by using the Foundation. I am blown away that RICO charges have not already been filed. I expect THAT is why HRC was crying upon losing the election…given that the protection as Pres-Elect would have insulated her from anything more than impeachment (which Bill already went through) and that she would have to resign….all about a negotiated settlement to free the nation from more embarrassment.
    2. Corruption is much more far ranging in our top offices than what I thought could happen in the US. The issues have been getting traction (IRS, DOJ, FBI) and we should expect that more will get illuminated soon enough. Just wait for the scattering of the rats and cockroaches when this happens. Trump would not be good for them because he is not already beholden to the “power and money” that is associated with political realms.
    3. There are SOME good people in Washington who want to make it better for everyone…NOT just lining their own pockets and playing ball with the already rich and powerful.

    It will many more people like them (perhaps even you) as well as, public that is willing to learn and play ball global in the global village that we find ourselves fully immersed in. Trump will ruffle feathers and like he did in business, he will play things close to the vest and work with trusted advisors who will challenge his instincts by bringing solutions that are well thought out and if worthy of further exploration, will get evaluated as needed prior to creating successful plans of action. The biggest challenge will be finding ways to replace bureaucratic methods that are no longer needed and are preventing our continued progress as a world leader.

    side note – how can we get the future debates to address the important topics. perhaps you could have a role in generating a survey engine that polls the public that has their interests defined in such a manner that instead of the question topics being chosen by a moderator, [the questions] would be given weight by those who respond. Furthermore – a system that rewards staying on track and punishes those who veer off track could be used. Nothing is more frustrating than the question being simple to answer “what time is it?” and the respondent talks about who invented the watch, why they like watches so much, when they first got laid (or any other non related topic)….and NEVER answer the freaking question.

    Please Help!

    Comment by Mac Adoo -

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  36. This wasn’t nearly as tough a call as you made it, Mr. Cuban. Read MY blog from July, 2015, and you would have recognized a clear winner:

    Comment by Rob Frankel (@robfrankel) -

  37. Wow, Cuban actually kind of gets it. This wasn’t a political revolution, it was a social one. People that were sick of the media, of celebrities, of “intellectuals” telling them what to think, what to say, what to believe went and chose the opposite of what the spoon feeders were trying to spoon feed. Few people actually voted FOR trump, most voted against Hillary and the Mark Cuban’s of the country.

    Comment by snowlock2013 -

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  39. You thought Hillary was going to win, you hung your hat on the wrong candidate

    You are still irrelevant

    Comment by Joe Ingram -



  41. The MSM is so liberal and democratic people are tired of the one sided view.

    Comment by Tracy Tallada Goldowski -

  42. You’ve gotta check out this site-…
    It’s got all of the best deals and will be adding new ones throughout the day!

    Comment by Skyler Michael -

  43. Oh dear… Sweet MArk if you don’t see how the MSM lied and lied about Trump you really haven’t been paying attention to anything but the MSM. Try this big lie )one of many) for size.

    Comment by B4Perfectionists (@b4pGianna) -

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  46. I am surprised that print media still exists. How many of those that do exist are going to be bought or guided by someone with an agenda? The right wing news stands to gain in viewership and hits by always saying other news is Liberal.

    If you’re in the middle and you voice any neutral opinion, you’re going to get hammered. It is alarming that the Zealots are the only people who feel free to voice their ideas.

    Recently there has been reporting that a lot of the Fake News Sites are Russian propaganda aimed at undermining the democratic process and controlling the minds of the people who tend to believe conspiracies and far right rhetoric.

    Now zealous web sites and radio talk show hosts are discounting and discrediting “Fact Checking Sites”. Since the facts often disagree with their preconceived notions, people are agreeing that facts are not useful.

    Both of these concern me. Where or when did people lose the ability to check resources or make sure what they are quoting or posting is factual? Confirmation bias is running rampant among people to the point that they see a story that reinforces an attitude they have or they want to believe and they accept it as true. They actively search out information that confirms a belief and avoid or discount information that’s contrary to any of their beliefs or preferences.

    Comment by Robert Largent (@Aquariuzz) -

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  48. perhaps some of us were just tired of past performance history of the Dems

    Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  49. Thank you Mr. Cuban. I am reporter for a German magazine. And I am thankful for your thoughts. But I have a slightly different opinion on the MSM. My point is, that they actually didn´t make their job very well. At the beginning they didn´t take Donald Trump serious. Then the were fascinated because he gave them access. He sat down for interviews, he was always willing to talk – as long as they didn´t ask critical questions. They gave him so much time, more than any other candidate. And the MSM never took his voters serious. There is a lot of fear. And he saw it. He didn´t offer good solutions – but he promised a lot. And finally the media didn´t report very well. For example CNN. Every evening the had a so called “panel” sitting there – paid by the campaigns. Even when the had a critical report about Trump, a Trump surrogate had minutes and minutes to explain why it isn’t true. We need good reporting. Quality investigations. Strong opinions. And we journalist have to do our work more passionated.
    But I also know, that journalism is in a deep, deep crisis. There are only a few journalists left in this country. And you get the journalism you are willing to pay for. So, maybe it would be a great idea, if you invest some money in quality journalism. Not ideal that we need investors, but the Washington Post of Jeff Bezos did a really good job.

    Comment by Alexandra Kraft (@kraftalex) -

  50. Mark. Really? You don’t understand why people don’t trust the MSM? In a few years there will be no such thing as MSM. And it’s because of what you and the rest of us witnessed during this election. MSM are overtly aligned with candidates. They don’t report the news. They try to influence thinking. There is no such thing as pure journalism anymore in the MSM. The only place to find it is online. And in the case of HRC, the vast majority of American media were so clearly in her camp, that they were visible or audibly hostile to Trump. That hostility and overt preference fuelled the fire and every time CNN or MSNBC or NBC/ABC/CBS or worse the late night talk show entertainers ridiculed Trump, the average American who does consider himself/herself “elite” (University educated, white collar) simply doubled down on Trump, over and over and over. The MSM slaughter of Trump fuelled this new reality, and will continue to pour gasoline on the fire. The next election should not feature Network news anchors moderating debates. Their biases make them unfit for the job. Trump has upended the norm. A new series of experiments is now happening and a new norm may take a while to emerge. But one thing is for sure…the MSM are dinosaurs. An asteroid just landed among them. Others are on the way. My question to you big thinker…..who or what will replace the MSM as the key influencer of public opinion 5 years from today.

    Comment by Lawrence J Binding -

    • Very well said. I felt that when moderators were allowed to interrogate candidates on non policy issues such as p**sy grabbing and emails rather than ask debatable questions both could take a shot on answering, the MSM made a mockery of the presidential debate process.

      Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  51. Mark

    Maybe, like the the candidate you supported with the MSM, should get out of the bubble of the big cities.
    All you have to do is look at the map of the US. Even the rest of Texas hates Dalles save perhaps Austin. Get it.

    Comment by Mark Anthony -

    • Although I grew up in a rural area and have been a lobbyist in DC for small towns, I would point out that it’s the major metro areas that are driving the economy. Not the rural areas. So rather than chide Mark for not getting out of the big cities, people in rural areas need to get better informed about where global economies are moving,

      Also you need to start lobbying Republicans to change education funding in this country. As long as elementary/secondary education is funded at the state or local levels, heavily by the property tax, the rich suburbs will continue to hang onto their own to the detriment of rural areas. They are the people who always file lawsuits against any equalization formula for education funding.

      Rural areas/small towns need to have elementary/secondary education funded on a national (or at least a statewide) basis so that every child gets an equal education and the opportunity for a good vocational education. Equal education means equal funding …

      Republicans now control the WHite House, the US Senate, the US House, 33 governors offices, and about 72 state legislative chambers. They have 1,000 vote advantage in state legislative seats. In 24 states, the Republicans control the governor’s office and both chambers of the legislature. So stop b…g and start demanding that the Republicans deliver!!!

      Comment by Sharon Lawrence -

  52. The point is whether you admit it or not, you were used by Clinton and made a fool of yourself in the process. You and that odiot Khan are birds of a feather.

    Comment by James Moore -

  53. I am already seeing a tiny amount of buyer’s regret from the Trump supporters. I hope you are right about him being too busy to be able to play with his Twitter account. I recently worked as a Staff Accountant at a financial firm. All of the partners were pro-Trump and I had to listen to all the campaign hoopla until mid-July when my employment there ended. Luckily, I have the means to sit back and figure out what is next for me. Twice I have made it to the second interview while looking. Twice I have listened to pro-Trump talk. I am so done now. I have refocused my energies towards seeking a non-profit position, or something with a business that is at least balanced or liberal leaning in their philosophy. I will find something. It is just sad that I have to even consider this while seeking employment. Being a woman can be hard enough. Thank you for you! I always enjoy your opinions.

    Comment by Veronica Hope -

  54. There is a difference between your acknowledgement that you were wrong in your approach to opposing Trump and that of the MSM. The MSM can’t help themselves. No sooner do they acknowledge their mistakes then they attack at every turn. You on the other hand wait and observe … just like the shark we love watching on TV.

    Comment by Ken carter (@kcpalmcoast) -

  55. All of you, including Mark, are wrong in a key way. Mark, you’re right that trump courted controversy deliberately to trigger wall to wall news that only appealed to his based (without converting Hillary’s base). This was a specific strategy. But it didn’t work because they felt the media was biased against Trump. The MSM are not hypnotists and adults can think well enough for themselves to largely filter out unfair bias if they had enough time to do it over…which, considering the election lasted nearly a year, they did.

    They cite the MSM as a politically correct rationalization to hide their actual inner racism, sexism and selfishness (in the case of latino voters who wanted to keep mexicans et al out to protect their own blue collar jobs), and lack of empathy and care for their fellow men. All of Trump’s policies can be stated with utmost respect for all races and religions. They should have demanded that somebody else take the top of the ticket and Trump leave.

    Basically, half the country is about as unamerican as it gets.

    Comment by Bob Baker (@BobBobaker9) -

  56. huitecouture, I have a question for you.

    Why do you, and so many other Trump supporters, engage in such Junior High School taunts? I mean, seriously, no compelling argument ever leads off with “HAHAHA”. Ever.

    Comment by The Anti-Partisan (@theantipartisan) -

    • Hi, throughout the election on both sides people seem to want to lump “Trump Supporters” or “Clinton Supporters” as a certain type of person. I’ve never made responses categorizing people as a certain type. It’s childish. I’ve never seen in the history of elections such anger towards people supporting a party one didn’t elect. Mr. Cuban has yet to respond to anyone on his this particular blog and from the looks of the responses he has gotten so far, it appears most people are not happy with how he went about backing Clinton. Bottom line is we can debate about popular votes VS electoral votes and why Trump shouldn’t be elected but that ship has sailed. Cuban will continue to bash Trump whenever he gets a chance ( AMA awards for example) and we are already seeing artists thinking it’s fashionable to bash Trump and his wife. One can easily say “look how Clinton supporters act” …. best to just leave it up to individuals acting alone.

      Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  57. Are you a masochist or just stupid?

    Comment by huitecouture -

  58. HAHAHA More BS from you trying to save face and rehabilitate your reputation. EVERYTHING you said was wrong even about POLICY. LIke your genius assertion that Clinton invented profit sharing. I assume you never bothered to READ Trump policies because you really suck at comprehending them.

    Comment by huitecouture -

  59. Wow Mark. I have to say I lost much respect for you after this read. Even though you brought up “some” valid points, I couldn’t overcome your MSM and minority comments. I cannot believe, with a person of your intelligence could make the claims you about the MSM and still retain an honest face. Justifying my position is not needed, as it’s stated in many peoples posts below. However, your comments on minorities and their reason for being concerned is an outright lie which completely aligns with the MSM. IMHO, you just don’t get it and that is a large reason why Donald Trump will be our next president. He has never made claims and comments about minorities which should indicate fear among these populations, NEVER. Now, with your MSM friends, you probably justify your comment with DT’s comments about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Face it, they are here illegally and those people should be concerned. If you and I where to try and become illegal aliens, say in Canada, I believe we would be hard pressed to be successful. Is it asking too much for immigrants to come here legally? The more the merrier, provided they do it within the bounds of the law. Our immigration policies are one of many facets of the US which make are country great.

    Anyway, I’ll get off of my rants because some of your blog post really bothered me. The most concerning part of this is my 15 year old daughter who idolizes you and Lori from your show. At 15, she is quite educated at the political level (not by me, by ALL the MSM and then she forms an opinion) and really has a desire to start here own company or become a C level executive. I’m quite proud of her ambitions and her willingness to analyze politics (& life) from both sides of the equation. I think she’ll be disappointed when she reads your blog, because even her at the age of 15 realizes the MSM doesn’t report on facts, but injects opinion which is designed to influence peoples perception of the given situation. Shame on you, as I would imagine this will influence her view on you and possibly your show. I might lose a great learning tool in watching the tank and discussing real life business situations. I know I’ll look at your differently that I did before and only time will tell of her opinion.

    Comment by Rob Kieres -


    Comment by Adam (@Plopadiddy) -

  61. Yes every word uttered by the MSM should be censured by the government.

    Comment by Anders Overton -

  62. Re: Comment by Paul Blaccard

    No offense Paul but you are apparently too stupid to know (“cannot grasp”, “cannot comprehend”, “refuse to understand”, etc.) that you convert no one to your way of thinking by first trying to convince them that they are stupid. Fortunately, I’m pretty sure that Mark Cuban’s self-esteem survived your rant.

    As for the rest of us, I don’t think most people have a problem debating content or policy. But not many people want to debate personal attacks, opinions stated as facts, or other people’s opinions stated as facts that are then quoted as if they were credible.

    Just sayin’

    Comment by The Anti-Partisan (@theantipartisan) -

    • Not looking for anyone to convert to my why of thinking. If he can’t comprehend or understand what I am saying, that’s his problem. He’s too wrapped up in his own self admiration to think otherwise. Not for anything, it really bothered me about his reckless call on a stock market decline and the fact the the MSM was willing to air his scare tactics, well.. because he’s Mark Cuban. Uncalled for. If you feel inclined to stick up for him and his character that’s your choice. Want call me stupid, that’s OK too. Personal attacks you say? Cuban had a bunch of rants and personal attacks on Donald Trump. Problem was he thought people were too stupid to see what was going on. He was part of it. Yes he will survive my rant, but to me and many other his credibility is crap. PS don’t worry about offending me, no one ever did or will.

      Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  63. Several keys points that Mark Cuban apparently cannot grasp.

    1) “In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind the market tanks,” Cuban says….and actually we know the market hit new highs, Mark, saying these things to create panic and use your popularity destroys your credibility as well as the party you were trying to get elected. Believe it or not you should take some of the blame for Trump getting elected,

    2) For some reason you cannot comprehend that PAST PARTY PERFORMANCE is the reason that some of us who voted for Obama, voted for Trump when the ACA failed us.

    3) You still refuse to understand that the US economy in order to prosper has to have business’s that make stuff HERE. You, and Sacca can’t comprehend that because you live in the Tech Bubble.

    4) You are not directly affected by illegal immigrants destroying the safety of your community. Do you know that in Florida work centers are set up with free breakfast and lunch for illegals to get TAX FREE work on our dime? This was done to keep them loitering, drinking and pissing on private property. Can you grasp that school programs are cut to fund ESL programs in areas overrun with illegals because THEY COME FIRST??? Yet, when we speak of these truths, liberals like yourself are quick to spin it as a race issue.

    5) Fox was biased towards Trump, CNN towards Clinton. Time magazine towards Clinton. Media was quick to conveniently leave the word ILLEGAL or UNDOCUMENTED out when addressing Trump’s points on illegal immigration. These slight word slips were done on purpose and yes many people were aware of that manipulation of the media.

    6) First two debates were railroaded by the media and became interrogations. You are suppose to ask questions of candidates about policies and positions that each can answer so the people can make a decision. Interrogating Trump about his conduct or Clinton about her emails should never have been allowed, taking valuable time away from candidates to talk about positions. MSM messed it up.

    7) Clintons refusal to do interviews did more to harm her.

    Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  64. It’s pretty clear that Trump is good at manipulating the media to his own ends. The one thing he did really well is distract people with useless/pointless figurative claims and assertions. He continues to do this now, particularly with regard to his foreign and domestic holdings. Apparently federal conflict of interest rules do not apply to the President. But that is in an environment when we know everything about the President. We do not have a full and complete accounting of all of his ownership/debt entanglements. He cannot have it both ways….that he will have property/deals that the American people do not know about and that will benefit him or his family because of his status as POTUS, while also holding the most powerful office in the world. Nothing he has done in the past tells us he has earned our trust. He is no longer a private citizen. My point here is that during the election we allowed him to distract us with his endless pointless outrageous social media storm, from the real true issues with his candidacy. And if we let him get away with railing against the Hamilton theater company as an example, while continuing to be involved with his businesses, which present opportunities for a clear conflict of interest, then we will fall for his distraction once again. We cannot let Trump, who is clearly new to the norms of political office, sidestep conflict of interest rules. He is going to have a tough enough time as it is, actually doing the job of POTUS. He needs to completely divest himself from all of his holdings and put his money into a truly blind trust. If his children run the business there will be an endless four year stream of MSM stories about corruption/conflicts of interest that the conspiracy theorists will label as MSM bias. If he doesn’t do a complete and transparent accounting of all of his ownership interests, then he will be in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution on Inauguration Day. Congress needs to do their job and protect the President from this by making sure they have a complete picture of all of his ownership interests. Then they need to make sure there is no potential for conflict of interest while he is in office. The only real way to do this is for all of his ownership interests to be liquidated. The idea of having his children operate this “blind trust” is a farce. Federal conflict of interest laws do not apply to the President because congress is supposed to monitor him and hold him accountable. The fake news websites would love for us to shift over to completely post-fact world. Congress push back at this trend by bringing everything out in the open and circumventing the possibility of a conflict of interest.

    Comment by Frank Eichmann (@FrankEichmann) -

  65. I don’t know. You’re talking rationally and you’re actually showing respect for the fact that Trump supporters don’t feel the same way as Clinton supporters. I don’t know. You sure you voted for Hillary? Pardon my sarcasm. But that “if you don’t vote my way you must not believe that human life is sacred” bullshit, that is thrust into every dialog, is getting pretty tired. Yes. The Trump campaign seemed to understand that.. Yes. You may not agree, but some people (like HALF OF THE VOTERS) are just as tired of the liberal rhetoric as the other half is of the conservative rhetoric. Maybe we can discuss this without acting like children and constantly being told that Trump supporters are insane rednecks.

    If you keep doing that, you will galvanize this movement. That is what Mark Cuban is saying. I believe he is right. (And I’m rooting for the insane rednecks). So keep on galvanizing. Or maybe…think…think of why 60million people didn’t mind being called “insane rednecks”. And move the policy dialog along to the same level of respect that you demand.

    Comment by Chuck Dorfman -

  66. Mark let’s give him the chance he earned. He deserves your silence……for now.

    Comment by Steve Kissee -

  67. My concern is that with the hiring of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon and with the massive distrust of the MSM, that Trump will decide to setup Bannon with an official state “news” agency. Once the propaganda machine is started, any view that contradicts the office line will be ignored by all of those that follow him.

    There will be no “healing” or reconciliation with them at that point, as they will effectively be unreachable, cocooned in the ultimate bubble.

    Comment by Michael Long -


    Some of those familial connects exist but about half or more no longer exist…

    Comment by The Anti-Partisan (@theantipartisan) -

  69. Regarding the part of the article that mentions “I don’t know how or why they developed this distrust of the MSM. But they certainly did and still do. They not only distrust the MSM, they seem to feel strongly that the MSM is controlled by forces that are intentionally trying to discredit the things they believe strongly in.”

    I have seen the connections below floating around for awhile and if they are true, it is not a coincidence. This is a prime reason people feel the MSM is trying to discredit beliefs.

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan,Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    Comment by Patrick Coate (@patrick_coate) -

  70. Not a single negative critique you wrote about Trump in this article (or said on the campaign trail) has any substance or factual basis. You shilled for a criminal, a murderer, a liar, a rape-enabler, and a pedophile enabler (possibly a pedophile herself). She has done so many countless truly evil things.

    Please, Mr. Cuban, explain to me why minorities should be “terrified” by a Trump presidency? I bet you won’t! Because you can’t! You’ve learned nothing from this election. I would say you should be ashamed, but you apparently have no shame. I can see she rubbed off on you.

    You’re defending the MSM, the Clintons, your own actions! It’s sick! You’re not just spreading their lies, you validate them. That makes you just as responsible for them. The LIES that Trump is a racist or bigot are dangerous! You’re a classless piece of shit for that. And you have blood on your hands. Know that. You have blood on your hands.

    I’m glad the Mavs suck this year. I will never support any of your teams, employees, business associates, products, any show you’re on, any network you’re on, anything you promote or touch. Unless, you apologize in person and in public to Donald Trump for lying and defaming him and to the people for being complicit in the media’s treasonous agenda to lie and scare the people into doing what they want.

    I won’t hold my breath though. You have proven yourself to be a coward. This entire article reeks of jealousy. It’s obvious you have some personal grudge against Trump because rejected you in some way. Pathetic.

    Comment by robertliefeld -

  71. Talk about being in a BUBBLE. You hit it 100%! You won’t likely ever understand the answers to all your rhetorical questions because you haven’t tried. It saddens me that MSM (and educators) have betrayed our citizens by providing their preferred view, rather than truth. Hopefully, despite that, the same thing that brought about the USA will prevail – the hearts of good people with sound judgement and belief in something higher than themselves!

    Comment by Shawn ODonnell -

  72. This pollution of biased media (inflated polling etc) is hard to imagine when it doesn’t work out for the people entrapped in it.

    Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  73. MSM is also made up of Twitter and Youtube. Sacca , Cuban and Youtuber Neistat tried to use their follower, subscriber base to sway the vote. When the validity of Cuban’s statement saying the stock market was going to crash if Trump was elected and it didn’t happen, then why would you want to believe a person like Mark Cuban when he used the MSM to spread a ridiculous statement like that? You can analyse the issue all you want, Fox’s bias towards Trump was just as obvious as CNN’s towards Clinton.

    Some people as it turns out were not that gullible.

    Not once did Trump voters get the benefit of the doubt that perhaps a system which some of us including myself voted for, no longer worked. If an 8 year track record becomes as disaster, I was not going to vote for that party again, People like Cuban and Sacca delete posts that intelligently debated their agenda, so they are also part of this “problem” .Perhaps the liberals believed their propaganda to such an extent that they felt the Clinton’s win was a done deal.

    Comment by Paul Blaccard -

  74. I have tried to post a comment twice here. The comment does not contain any “bad” words but for some reason the post never seems to appear to everyone else. I can tell this because while I can see the post in the IE 11 browser, I cannot see it in Chrome, Firefox or Pale Moon AND the comment still showing in IE has no thumbs up or down.

    There is also no link that I can find to contact an administrator about problems, so I will try submitting this issue as a post.

    Here are my two attempts to post this comment. Each line below was captured from the IE 11 browser, so “appears” to have been successfully posted!

    Comment by joea99 – November 20, 2016 at 12:41 am
    Comment by joea99 – November 19, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Comment by joea99 -

  75. Mark hit it on the head. DT said all those outrageous things and the MSM gave him a billion dollars of free publicity and DT played them like a banjo. But it wasn’t planned. Just the luck of timing with Hillary sucking and the mood of the voter wanting change.

    And he’s right that they don’t take him literally. When I mention Chinese tariffs killing the American economy every trump voter I talk to says oh he didn’t mean that. You better hope not.

    Comment by Anders Overton -

  76. I don’t think that there is a whole lot of reason to hate on you, but I do think that you are over reacting.

    Yeah, Trump won the electoral college vote. But he lost the popular vote by more than 1.5 mil (and counting), even though he was up against an extraordinarily weak candidate. Clinton was qualified but was disliked more than any other major party Presidential candidate, not named Donald Trump, in history. She had ethical issues. She had integrity issues. She had competency issues. Real issues, not just the fake internet story issues. If Beau Biden were alive today, instead of a President-elect Trump and a Republican sweep, we would almost certainly have a President-elect Biden and perhaps even a Democratic sweep.

    My point is that, while there is some merit to your MSM’s role in electing Trump theory, I think it was a secondary consideration. This was way more about HRC’s shortcomings as a candidate than it was about the MSM’s press coverage. Indeed, press coverage or no, Trump wouldn’t have even received the Republican nomination if the establishment hadn’t split their early primary votes 17 different ways.

    This election was about holding your nose and voting for Trump vs holding your nose and voting for Clinton. It wasn’t a close call for you and a lot of other people, but it shouldn’t have been a call that we as a nation had to make at all. And gawd willing, it isn’t a choice that the moderates will ever be faced with again.

    Comment by Bill Tanner (@theantipartisan) -

  77. Rigged polls. No problem. Rigged government. No problem. Rigged media. No problem. Rigged basketball games. F- bomb. F- bomb. F- bomb.

    Comment by Burton Lifland -

  78. Hillary would have taken steps to place your daughters in a burqua. She is already the most corrupt politician in my lifetime. Selling out her office and our Country so that she can get more money in her foundation. She has not accomplished one single positive thing besides having corruption pay her big money. You will never admit this and I can never see how you supported her. Maybe it is time to water the tree of liberty sooner than later.

    Comment by Dale Ehrgott -

  79. It is sad to see one more media person trying and failing to understand why people do not trust the MSM. No, it isn’t because of literalism. It is because the main stream media has long tilted towards the left, and has been getting worse with time. It is because the media is not careful with facts, but rather careless in some areas.

    While you dismiss those of us who distrust the MSM as being conspiracy theorists or folks interesting only in reading confirmatory stories, many of us read many sources and compare. Many of us have a lot of real world experience and contacts and can see the inaccuracy of the MSM directly. You seem to lump Trump voters into “Trumpites” as if we were one big group. Many of us voted for Trump as a lesser evil.

    Perhaps the MSM tries its best to report reality. But MSM members live in a bubble of their own making, and don’t have the perspective to even understand news that doesn’t fit their own filters. Believe it or not, America does not just consist of big cities, and Americans have a wide variety of views and not just because many are rubes in fly-over country.

    One of my main MSM sources this year was the Washington Post. I have found them to usually have a lesser tilt than CNN or NPR or NYT or NBC. But, as soon as the nomination process was over, they switched into a full anti-Trump mode. Often more than 50% of the entire reporting on their web site was negative stories about Trump, many so biased that they even had pejoratives in the title. And, of course, since there wasn’t that much news in a single cycle, they were redundant. At the same time, Hillary’s very serious problems got short shrift. In one four day period which included a major and damaging Wikileaks dump, they had not one story on the topic. There is no way to sustain the narrative that the MSM is just literally reporting the news.

    For example, the MSM kept reporting that intent was necessary for negligent handling of classified material to be a crime, we knew better. The Internet gives us access to sources – in this case, the clear text of US Code. Having worked with classified material, many of us knew immediately the nonsense in this “reporting.”

    Why don’t we trust the MSM? Because they are not worthy of trust. They mix editorializing with reporting. They claim to be unbiased and worse, many actually believe that. Their choice of frames and narratives is strongly biased. All reporting requires deciding which facts to report, and which are reporting, and biases tilt those decisions. It is not usually that the facts are false, it’s that they are not fairly report.The MSM also adopts terminology that is biased. Climate “denier” is a pejorative term, not a factual term. It was pushed because of its negative associations, and that the media uses it rather than “skeptic” is telling.

    But it’s even worse. Those of us who are firearms people are constantly treated to false “facts.” The difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic is constantly blurred, always in a way that makes semi-autos seem more dangerous. The reporting on the “gun show loophole” is usually simply false. How should we trust the MSM when it seems to go out of its way to misinform on certain issues, and that misinformation inevitably favors one side?

    Finally, while I use MSM as if it were a single entity, others claim that is conspiracy thinking since it is composed of many parts who are often in competition and who are not collaborating. But collaboration in bias is not necessary when group-think is involved. All it takes is common viewpoints, and structures, such as J schools and industry groups which allow those viewpoints to reinforce in bubble chambers. A lot of the bias is clearly due to a lack of commonality between reporters and ordinary people. The leaders in journalism, those who set the narratives and who get the most bucks, are in large, liberal cities. Of course they don’t get it. It doesn’t take a conspiracy for that. That said, there sometimes is collaboration, as the “JournoList” scandal and WikiLeaks showed.

    Comment by John Moore -

  80. Great read Mark 🙂

    Comment by shklnrj -

  81. Pingback: Mark Cuban: 'I was dumb enough to think I would be able to talk people out of voting for Donald Trump'

  82. I am always stunned to see see how many people don’t trust the MSM like your commenters below. I mean really. Read the op ed pages and if an article says the guy is from the American heritage institute (a conservative think tank) they will have a conservative slant. And if it says they are from the southern poverty law board they will have a liberal slant. Read their ideas and compare and contrast. They are just ideas.

    I really think it is because Americans really don’t like the first amendment because they don’t want to hear the truth. Americans especially don’t like the very first line which is the separation of church and state clause because of their Christian beliefs. And they don’t like the free press clause because they don’t like being bombarded with negative information. Americans love the first amendment for themselves but not for others. Thank god we have a constitution to protect us.

    Comment by Anders Overton -

  83. MC, thanks for this forum. There has been some very intelligent replies. IMHO, a few things have been missed:
    1) Running for president is like a job interview. The interview may take 4 or 5 hours, but the decision was mostly made in the first 3 minutes by the hiring manager, regardless of the ‘secondary’ interviewers input, unless as one earlier poster noted, you have a relationship with one of the secondary interviewers who can ‘logically’ point out something horrible you missed.
    2) To my next point…go back and look at how many times a governor has beaten a senator for president. Leaders get elected, not legislators. Obama beat McCain, and became a leader. Otherwise go back almost to Kennedy, and you will see, that we ‘sense’ that the person can lead.
    3) ~70% of the American people claim to be religious. They have ‘old school’ values. They have need to be respected (jobs). IMO, the people who voted this election are missing John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and Ronald Reagan. Making America great again is about being able to perceive ourselves as better than the rest of the world, not needing safe spaces because we didn’t get our voter participation trophy.
    3) Next point, HRC didn’t connect because she was running on the “it’s my turn” platform. Her political machine, screwed Bernie over. We the American people sensed that. IMO again, the people that did vote for her were doing so, because of their own ideological agendas not because she said anything that resonated. Her platform swayed from Bernie ideas to Trump ideas, because the machine recognizes that the American people don’t pay attention long enough (the 2 years that she ran) to notice.
    4) So to MC points…The media is in danger of losing our interest. Even the WSJ prints more than one version depending on the demographics of their regional reader. If you think the NY Times/CNN/FoxNews is controlling you, then they are, but mostly their advertisers have recognized who is consuming their news product and the two (News outlet and Advertisers) sensationalize to keep you hooked. Have you noticed everything is “BREAKING NEWS”? And who else besides Fox Geriatric News is selling Senokot? They don’t cover stories that would upset their demographics. Did anyone really care what was happening in Syria or refugees, before Benghazi happened? Refugees have been happening for 4 or 5 years.
    5) The undecided voter is who got targeted. They are undecided because of one of two things: 1) they are mostly apathetic and only get excited because someone they have a ‘relationship’ with made a case for paying attention, or 2) they like many of us on this blog, are hyper aware of what is going on, and recognize that both parties are flawed. So, the machine has to find that 1 thing that you will connect to, to dissuade you from the opponent.
    6) Our values are ingrained in us, before we are 12. Go back 60 years to the culture of the 1950s, and you get what Trump is made up of. Our values don’t change much, unless there was a significant aha moment in our lives. We just really learn how to filter and reason to a particular situation to fit in or more importantly in this case make money, ultimately survive. So, he saw that his dad was ok with being a racist, so personally he holds some indifference to non-whites or low levels of regard for women. But the reality seems to be more our own values being disturbed by his tweets and other devices to persuade because of MSM trying to keep you hooked, but day-to-day, he doesn’t really give a damn about any particular special interest group. He is Donald Trump. ***Although he seems to have a Cheney thing going on for the LGBT population, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it comes out in the next 4 years, that someone close to him is gay.
    7) I think his motivations are genuine. His ego is what is scary. He truly believes he is ‘rescuing’ us from the system. But it’s on his terms. He may change the ‘rigged’ system, but it will be changed according to his values.
    8) Finally, while Trump is looking for talented people to advise him, he has made up his mind on most things. Personally, I think he comes off like a libertarian pragmatist. He is going to drain the big swamp and create 50 smaller ones. He will reduce (if not end) the Dept. of Education, the EPA, and other federal programs. If you want to know where we are headed, find his “Gettysburg Address” on YouTube. You will have to sit through about 20 minutes of HRC bashing, but he lays out what his priorities are and how he plans to get there.

    Comment by Sean Gibbs -

  84. I don’t see us bridging the gap between the literals and faithers. My pessimistic view of human psychology is such that it is easier to become a faither than become a literal. I’m sure most of it has to do with STEM education. That would explain much of the educational divide in the voting patterns. I think the only possible way to improve minority lives at this point in our history is by grass roots efforts at improving education. I’ve thought of a business model that gets the upper and upper middle class to fund education for the less fortunate. I just have no way to institute it. It would take a lot of capital and be a slow payback, which is not the thing that excites investors.

    Comment by James Slusher (@jaslusher) -

  85. I don’t know how an event like a non – low turnout election can cause so many people to question the very fundamental things they know and believe to be true. Clearly, you and every other major newspaper said – lets do the sensible thing here and not something wild and crazy by choosing a candidate who may be unfit – but due to the fbi bombshell and everything else that was negative about the email , Clinton just did not pull through. Plus, lets face it – she and her campaign botched it – we now hear about reports of how they did not energize or seek the votes of their base.

    The people who voted for trump are similar to the people who trusted trump university to make them great – and history reveals where that ended up.

    Yes he is going to be our president now, but the return of manufacturing jobs, hi-tech manufacturing jobs is a dream with reality that could only exist in a parallel universe. Lets say the great Apple is forced to make all things in the US – there are not enough people , expertise to do something like this to the precision and scale that they are able to execute with right now in China, not to mention cost – even though it may be rising.

    Its sad that the folks who voted for Trump do not realize they made a poor choice. Its equally sad that the media is blamed and the whole thing is painted as a perception issue.

    Comment by signuppost -

  86. At least you have a dialogue. That isn’t possible with the MSM. Trump supporters and soon to be nonsupporters absolutely hate and despise the MSM more than any other profession because they LIE. They lie without apology. We seriously cannot trust practically anything they say. Too many times they purposely refuse to report events we see are happening as well as outright lie on events they do report with a slant . That slant is so bad that it really is a lie. For cryin out loud, we see more accurate news from the BBC than our own country. That feels like betrayal to us. Americans have to go underground to get the news. That is just pitiful. The news has been infiltrated by a political party with absolute ties . So when other countries say their news is nothing more than PR for CLintons or Obama, it’s a a sad day for America. MSM credibility with the American people is damaged beyond repair. Their arrogance still can’t see this. What you said above is true.

    Comment by TRevere (@95Revere) -

  87. The Trump supporters can keep digging in. We need to focus on and encourage the non-voters to participate. That means we must stop shitting on them now. Most didn’t vote because they thought that the voters on both sides were acting like vicious morons. Many of us were. Many of us still are. It’s hard for anyone to want to participate when all they can anticipate is being ridiculed and/ or attacked. I have seen some incredible journalism during and after the election. I want them to keep doing it the right way. We should support our institutions of free press.

    Comment by Glenda Shank (@shank_glenda) -

  88. The mainstream media is owned and controlled by large powerful corporate interests that only report on whatever brings in the advertising revenue. It does not matter if the news is factual or not it is the advertising revenue that matters. Mark Cuban knows this because when he took over the Mavericks he was forced to pay advertising revenue to the Dallas Morning News the local newspaper in Dallas in order to get preferred and extra coverage for his newly acquired basketball team. Cuban complained openly about this advertising scam for months. Now he is trying to pin the electon results on the same mainstream media, that does not equate Mark Cuban at all. Trump won the election because over 90 million people are unemployed and/or underemployed and Clinton offered no solution to that crisis and Trump did.

    Comment by Thiago Santiro -

  89. f the MSM!

    I lost faith in the MSM for there reporting of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Who wants to read and listen to anti-Trump remarks day in and day out. With the exception of Fox and a few newspapers, there reporting, as well as yours; was unfair and bias.

    Mark Cuban – I remember you semi endorsing Trump, you also allowed him to use your stadium for a rally, I was completely shocked when on the Stephen Colbert Show you came out against Trump. Your main reason was that he was “LAZY” It appeared that you had no good reason, so you just said anything that came to mind. Donald is 70 years old (most retire at 65) and works non-stop. His last days on the campaign trail he gave 7 rallies!

    Yes you gave better reasons as you had time to think about it.

    I thought about your turn around a great deal, and the only reason I could come up with, is that MSNBC read you the riot act. Speak against Donald or your days on the air are over. If I am correct, which I believe I am – I understand, and properly would of done the same. Lets face it, take care of number one.

    Before your flip flop you were on my top ten list, of people I admired. The list includes James Altucher, Marcus Lemonis, Billy Joel, Bob Parsons to name four.

    I understand I am zero in your life, but there was a time you were important in mine.

    Wish you and your loved ones Health and Success always.

    Comment by edlearn1234 -

  90. **** Mark Cuban You are the MSM!

    I lost faith in the MSM for there reporting of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Who wants to read and listen to anti-Trump remarks day in and day out. With the exception of Fox and a few newspapers, there reporting, as well as yours; was unfair and bias.

    Mark Cuban – I remember you semi endorsing Trump, you also allowed him to use your stadium for a rally, I was completely shocked when on the Stephen Colbert Show you came out against Trump. Your main reason was that he was “LAZY” It appeared that you had no good reason, so you just said anything that came to mind. Donald is 70 years old (most retire at 65) and works non-stop. His last days on the campaign trail he gave 7 rallies!

    Yes you gave better reasons as you had time to think about it.

    I thought about your turn around a great deal, and the only reason I could come up with, is that MSNBC read you the riot act. Speak against Donald or your days on the air are over. If I am correct, which I believe I am – I understand, and properly would of done the same. Lets face it, take care of number one.

    Before your flip flop you were on my top ten list, of people I admired. The list includes James Altucher, Marcus Lemonis, Billy Joel, Bob Parsons to name four.

    I understand I am zero in your life, but there was a time you were important in mine.

    Wish you and your loved ones Health and Success always.

    Comment by edlearn1234 -

  91. …and further more. Today is a great example. Mitt Romney meets with Donald Trump. Who should we believe. If Mitt Romney truly felt about Donald Trump what he said about him on live TV in front of a national audience, then he would have NEVER met with him today. No way.

    Who do we believe…the very people who should be in the know are full of BS as much as anyone else. So, Mark honest, I highly respect you, but why should what you say be any different than what Mitt has said, yet he meets with the liar & cheat.

    Someone’s self interest is being served, clearly.

    Comment by Terry Middleton -

  92. 1- I am impressed with the commenters here. I haven’t seen one uneducated rube on here whining about the Electoral College, so this is definitely a more insightful crowd than what we normally encounter on the internet.
    2- Your article makes some good points, but unless you are willing to admit some major weaknesses of HRC’s campaign, then it’s difficult to take your position seriously. CNN’s Donna Brazille secretly providing HRC with debate questions was absolute MSM corruption. DNC Chair Wasserman-Shultz deliberately acting against Bernie was anti-American on a grand scale, but what was even more sickening was the stunning news that within 90 minutes of the DNC firing Wasserman-Shultz for her corruption, HRC instantly hired this corrupt woman to lead her campaign for President. That was such a horrendously bad look to any American watching. HRC basically gave The Finger to an entire nation: “I don’t care if she is corrupt to gills … that’s precisely why I am putting her in command … and I couldn’t care less how terrible this looks! Corruption has worked for me every step of the way, so why stop now?”.
    C’mon Mark … we dodged a bullet from having this woman as President. Whew, that was close!

    Comment by usap1 -

  93. But of course Trump’s advice when asked how to end up with a million dollars in business is to start with two million.

    Comment by Anders Overton -

  94. His appointment of Jeff Sessions as AG could be a killer of the marijuana industry. Which just happens to be the fastest growing large industry in the US. I’ve seen projections of up to 34 bil rev a year. Wow the US is really moving forward by taking queues from such thought leaders like the state of Alabama. Seems these guys are more anti business than pro.

    Also just saw Wall Street week interview with short fund manager John Chanos who mentioned that this populist election could possibly be a pivotal point like 1932 when government focused on the little guy’s wages for 50 years vs the 1980 Reagan pivot point to capital and paper assets. A very interesting theory. Sell! Sell! But of could this came from a famous short seller. Plausible none the less.

    Comment by Anders Overton -

  95. There is certainly plenty of reason to to not believe the main stream news I think usually this comes from believing what the government tells reporters. I don’t think they were lying in the case of Trump, he puts everything on twitter. The things he says are on video and he lies about what he said when there is video out there that show he was lying. There wasn’t much to say about his policies, because they were so vague and he put forward how we was going to do the things he said he wanted to do. I disagree with the person who said it will be some time before there would be buyers remorse. I think there will be buyers remorse with in 6 months to a year. He is not going to bring jobs back, if social security is privatized, if obamacare is repealed and replaced with something worse people are not going to be happy.

    Comment by sanford943 -

  96. The obstacle is the way.

    What was initially perceived as a great threat was used to great advantage.

    Comment by Ian Robinson -

  97. My only puzzlement is your implied blind trust in the MSM. After Ms. Brazille was feeding debate questions to Secretary Clinton, this alone did not cause you pause? What about the cozy relationships with Jake Tapper and Wolf ? #MFFL #Mediafairness #wikileaks

    Comment by #BordersLangCulture (@4Randyh) -

  98. @mark cuban… appreciate your unvarnished commentary. i have a few thoughts to add. truth is today just another commodity competing for attention in a crowded, noisy marketplace, overvalued by some undervalued by others. there is no need to hide anything when critical thinking has been relegated only to idiosyncratic, stubborn people of small numbers and insufficient influence. america has always had a streak of anti-intellectualism, now bigger and better with a balkanization of news sources (MSM or otherwise) together with echo-chamber confirmation bias. it is not so much that the MSM is distrusted (and essentially untrustworthy) as it, too, competes with all other information venues on a playing field according pedigree little value. today is one data point on a trending move to majority unemployment (in which broadly based high intellectual achievement is likely a detriment from the perspective of those who will then govern). president-elect trump’s jared kushner, rebekah mercer, etc., seem to have understood the likely voting electorate better than secretary clinton’s eric schmidt, michael slaby + timshel. positive campaign messaging was met equally with strong negative campaign innovations from both sides designed to suppress voters likely to perform for the opposing candidate. by my way of thinking, negatives on both sides won… what remained standing after that process voted. your analysis of president-elect trump’s win depending on what nassim nicholas taleb calls antifragility. in this cycle, policy issues took a backseat. nevertheless, secretary clinton could possibly have augmented her position by focus on national defense and fundamental islamic terrorism. etc., and a different (energizing) VP candidate. finally, your argument leaves out the role of randomness and chaos in the outcome. looking for reason in these tea leaves likely neglects outcome dependence on initial conditions and chance alone. anyway and again, thx for your comments.

    Comment by Bruce Randolph Tizes -

  99. apMark, you made a lot of good points, not that I agree with all you said. Here are some of my thoughts.

    1. Sadly, Walter Cronkite was perhaps the last great news journalist who seemed to at least attempt to ‘report the news’ as objectively as possible, reporting the facts as they were known and avoiding speculation on what wasn’t known. The idea was that if Cronkite maintained a high ethical standard reporting the facts, listeners could draw their own conclusions, perhaps do some digging or research of their own. This truly was serving the best interest of the public as you’d expect the MSM to do.

    Flash forward 40+ years and the MSM is little different than the tabloids: ‘if it bleeds, it leads.’ There has been little pretense for the last several election cycles that the MSM are clearly ‘in the pocket’ of Democrats in general, and liberals in particular. Not shockingly, this had engendered a good deal of anger among Republicans and conservatives that at least the MSM is ‘rigged’ and doesn’t ‘fairly’ report anything.

    Unfortunately examples of this phenomenal (and thinly veiled) bias are rife, so I’ll just point to a few. When Joe Biden stated that he was pretty sure that Romney ‘had paid no income taxes’ whatsoever (statement based upon nothing) the MSM widely reported this comment with little challenge or clarification. When it was later proved a complete falsehood, there was never any apology from MSM or Biden whatsoever for the obvious misstatement with malicious intent.

    When it was reported that Hillary Clinton had over 33,000 email when she was Secretary of State deleted – claiming they were personal in nature, like about Chelsea’s wedding etc. – no one in MSM asked the simple question, “really, there would be 33,000 emails covering these kinds of topics?” Maybe 500, even 1,000, but no way 33,000. Also unchallenged and barely reported (probably reported only by Fox News) was that the extraordinary measure of ‘bleaching’ the files had been taken to forensically make it virtually impossible to ever recover any of those files. No one in MSM asked the simple question ‘why would almost trivial personal topics like wedding arrangements be of such import as to take such dramatic and expensive efforts to wipe the server clean of them?’ The obvious answer is simply they were damaging business-related emails, probably about Benghazi, that the Secretary wanted to ensure were eliminated from any public record.

    2. As frequently commented on my Scott Adams, Trump is a master of persuasion.

    He knew from previous election cycles that Republican candidates and nominees would get a small fraction of MSM coverage given for the Democratic candidate.

    Ergo, Hillary and everything she said or did would be magnified and shine far brighter than anything uttered by Rubio or Trump unless he changed the rules of engagement to suit his needs.

    Trump rightly realized that even with the tremendous left-leaning MSM bias, that they would feel compelled to cover outrageous, provocative statements (if it bleeds it leads) over other activities. So almost every day during the primaries and frequently thereafter, Trump gave them plenty of provocative misogynistic, often racist statements. Like mosquitoes drawn to the light, the MSM gave all of that dogmatic rhetoric phenomenal coverage, giving Trump effectively over $1 billion worth of free coverage, shutting out all of his Republican competitors and forcing Hillary to get only minor coverage every day.

    This risky approach by Trump was tactically ingenious. EVERY news day was all about Trump and no one else. In the end, when everyone thought Hillary had it all wrapped up, she was continually attacking Trump, saying his election would be a disaster for the US, rather than being able to talk positively about her plans as the presumed president-elect of the US.

    Psychologically, the clear message was that Trump was the message that mattered most. Voters got that. Trump turned out his faithful on election day in good numbers, outperformed Romney with Blacks, Hispanics, and women (by small margins) and obliterated the mythical ‘Blue Wall,’ taking formerly blue MI, PA, and WI from Hillary plus his mandatory FL, NC, and OH to easily win in the electoral college. Hillary dramatically underperformed compared to Obama in 2012 with every meaningful cohort of her coalition: Blacks, Hispanics, college educated, even working class whites to truly get ‘spanked’ in the electoral college.

    These were two really unpopular candidates with many voters, so Trump got less total votes than did Romney and Clinton got dramatically less than Obama (I think like 5 million). In 2012, Obama’s campaign was tactically far superior to Clinton’s; in 2016 Trump’s campaign on a shoestring budget was tactically superior to Clinton’s. Game over.

    He may not be a great president. He may be a horrible president.

    But it is REALLY time to get over it. He won by a not close margin over Clinton. Time to put away the protest signs for ‘unfair’ election and accept the outcome. If he is as terrible as many feel, then he will be gone in 4 years with a Democrat to be elected in 2020. In the mean time, move on. There will likely be plenty of specific stuff to protest once he takes actions as president. Thanks for reading my diatribe – for anyone so brave as to do so.

    Who else feels as I do?

    Comment by ideaworth -

  100. I now get how someone can take someone seriously and not take them literally. Before this moment I thought that the only way to take anyone seriously is to take them at their literal word, which is how I viewed Trump’s seriousness.
    But this is not so. In today’s world you can only take someone seriously if that seriousness is within your own context (bubble) and not Trump’s.
    Trump supporter take his comments within the context of the environment they exist in, which is, apparently, only made up of zeros and ones: black or white, blue or red, Liberal or Conservative and devoid of a context delivering process, such as a MSM that is fact based.
    This (the machine like ability to take things within only one context) is the exact same way we can determine if something is a machine operating within a single environment (their own) or human operating within a complex environment needing context.
    Machines operate within a single database environment, in which data does not offer context only an environment of zeros and ones (off or on).
    So it seems to me like the human race isn’t becoming zombies, as many of the End Timers in the world believe is predicted. The human race is becoming machine-like.
    So the threat of machines taking over the world is not a serious threat, only literal, because the machines will have flesh and blood, and the DNA of humans.

    Comment by larrydunbar -

  101. And if we follow the logic of the argument, Trump’s goal to take down MSM was to lose and blame the system, especially MSM. Then he would offer his media as the only true news. If that logic follows, MSM hounding him and his family, especially his family allows him to blame MSM and a rigged system for his resignation. It is not his fault and he builds his media empire internationally.

    Comment by Henry Davis (@henrydavis) -

  102. Everyone should appreciate your willingness to a) learn from the experience; b) admit you were wrong or at least missed something (we all do, and the sweet dessert of wisdom requires eating a lot of crow); and c) recenter and find a way forward.

    There are many thoughtful responses and valid points in the comments so far which speaks to the respect your readers have for you, Mark.

    You are genuine and you are willing to take a stand (which had more business ramifications than any of us would face), so agree or not, we see that you care, and appreciate the time you took to participate in the process.

    Approximately 2 weeks before the election, “W” Bush publicly (at the global Urban Land Institute conference in Dallas attended by thousands), that he was not voting for president. And, NON-voters were the deciding factor in this very close race! The numbers show clearly that.

    Why? Consider that Bush was POTUS, and you can bet that many a day contained making a choice of a “least worst” option, sometimes with life or death outcomes. It’s ironic that Bush, who in his own words was “the decision maker” and wrote a book titled “Decision Points”, chose not to make a decision. But he did not see that not doing so repudiated the entire election process! This behavior (and I really don’t mean to be down on one guy, this non-voting segment was “yuge”) was not lost on our international ally, enemy and ambivolent global neighbors, who lost respect for our Democracy when the cherished right to vote -that we spilled blood to create here and abroad- was tossed aside because one had to face the least worst option. Where was the RESPONSIBILITY of having the right to vote? Freedom is having the right, but Democracy is doing it!

    Prominent non-voters like our former president, not only made it OK to relinquish this responsibility, but effectively threw their weight behind Trump by rejecting the process, not one of the people that were running. If, as is so often stated, “the office of the president is bigger than the person”, then surely the act of voting in a true Democracy is bigger than the candidates running.

    In his book, and at his Museum, President Bush takes us through the steps that led him to his decisions as President. Whether or not we agree with those decisions, we can all respect that he did his job.

    If so many voters were confused, (as some of the comments candidly stated herein) it would have been true leadership to hear what the thinking was of our elder statesmen in coming to their decision…or non-decision…which IS a decision.

    But the action of not voting made it clear. The process was the problem. Therefore, if the process was so flawed that our former president and other prominent people would openly declare they were not voting, it said our Democracy itself was in danger. This signalled to many voters a confirmation that Trump was right, that our Democracy was deficient. So, they wanted to believe that he alone could fix it. After all, a person only recuses themselves from public duty when there is a conflict of interest.

    At that point a vote for Clinton by many undecideds became untenable as she symbolized the establishment in name and in policy. Whether these policies and her experience would have been better for the voter casting their ballot or the country as a whole became irrelevant.

    And, as the real or imagined fear took hold – fear of “others”, of losing jobs to those others, and anything else that got traction – people making decisions under stress will do so from emotion, not rationale. The only choice they felt they could make was for their personal idea of Democracy, which was now so threatened that even a former president could not vote?

    Comment by mollmoss -

  103. Mark, great analysis of why the trumpsters won. I agree that lowering the corporate tax rate is the best thing he can do for job creation. Of course all the tariffs he says he’ll implement will cause an insta-recession with Texas being hit the hardest and job losses for his beloved manufacturing supporters. Econ 101.
    And to those rust belt workers who want their decades old jobs back I’ll quote Sam Kinison: “MOVE TO WHERE THE FOOD IS!!!”
    And yeah yeah yeah, CNN and MSNBC are biased. So change to Fox and watch their right wing bias for a while. Then take the average and you get a pretty good picture of the truth. It’s not that hard. First amendment remember.
    But great analysis. Keep it up. I just hope this pres doesn’t send us all down the tubes.

    Comment by Anders Overton -

  104. The main stream media have been the propagandist of the powers that be for a long time. It has only gotten worse since the consolidation of the news networks.
    The main stream media lied during the Vietnam war (Gulf of Tonkin, we are winning, etc)
    They lied about the second Gulf War (Weapons of Mass Destruction).
    They lied about NAFTA (it will be good for the American Worker).
    They lied about Obamacare (if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor)
    They lied about the mortgage crisis (the banks committed no fraud)
    They lied about the economy (the economy is improving)
    During all of the above, the MSM at least was able to maintain a veneer of fairness and objectivity

    During this election, the mask finally came off. They showed themselves as the propaganda arm of the people in power.
    They lied about Bernie sanders to get Hillary the nomination.
    They colluded with the Clinton campaign to make her look good.
    They lied about the polls to get Hillary elected.
    The corruption of the Clinton foundation was never reported on the MSM.
    Every time Trump farted in an elevator, it was on the MSM. All the dirt that came out about Clinton via the email hacks was never reported on the MSM. You had to go to alternate media to find that info.
    It all came crashing down on them on election night.

    The dumbfounded amazement in there faces was….glorious.

    Comment by Richard Andrysiak -

  105. Mark. You are a blathering loudmouth. Vain and useless. You blathered over and over and we had to suffer your crap on the Clinton News Network and their ilk.

    You made a fool of yourself… actually, just revealed it -‘cuz you were convinced of your own crap. You warned of all kinds of crap if Trump won, and that he’d NEVER win.

    Yer a very rich fool. Please just go away.

    Comment by cuchulaine -

  106. I think that you give Trump’s supporters too much credit for actually reading or following what the general media published/said on any given day.

    While we political junkies watched CNN/MSNBC daily and read or participated in any number of political blogs, the average person caught a few soundbites, a few headlines, a 60 second overview on the local news after the daily murders were covered, which is why in my post below, I felt that Trump’s childish nicknaming of his opponents was so successful. The vat majority of Trump’s supporters, if they read anything at all, it was further reinforcement of the Republican messaging on the large variety of riht-leaning blogs.

    And don’t forget the Comey FBI assist by reopening the email question just 11 days prior to the election (Thanks Anthony [dick] Weiner!) and the Russian/WikiLeaks email dumps.

    Why didn’t we see any email traffic from the Republicans? Was their cyber security that good? I doubt it. Russia put their foot on the scale and WikiLeaks helped them do so. Which should make anyone who supports Trump question if Trump might Putin’s puppet.

    Comment by joea99 -

  107. Mark, Hillary Clinton elected Donald Trump!

    Comment by Sam Garofalo -

  108. The best analysis of the cultural implications of Trump’s election is “One Small Step for Dictatorship” by Onkar Ghate of the Ayn Rand Institute,

    Comment by andrewlayman -

  109. Just so I understand, you actually want people to take the MSM seriously despite the proof of collusion with liberal elites through Wikileaks. The same MSM that has an approval rating as low as Congress. Clearly you still don’t understand what happened on election night and are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Journalism died years ago and until its resurrection the MSM is an illegitimate version of the 1st Amendment and a total waste of our time.

    Comment by Iron Mike -

  110. Good points. But the fact that #3 on your list is #3 highlights the ‘give him a chance’ problem. I want to give him a chance so badly, but he’s already failed there with what he’s said against minorities and who he’s hired.

    While a lot of people can wait and see that he will give them a better job, etc – a lot of people are terrified that they will wait and see how they will be discriminated legally. We shouldn’t have to wait and see if our way of everyday life is going to be threatened – it already is with the rise of hate crimes and racist incidents.

    This needs to be addressed now. He needs to unite all of us now. He needs, even in a tweet, to say he’s sorry, and he doesn’t intend to strip any rights from any individuals, and he needs to mean it. His silence is the equivalent of holding our breaths. We can’t breathe. But if we wait, it will be ok, right?

    Comment by Debra Trevino -

  111. Mark – I hope you read the comment to your posts as I’d like to share with you work that I’ve done that could have a substantial impact on state & local government paperwork. I’ve been pushing for consolidated state and local business licensing, permitting, and registration systems as a way to dramatically cut costs for businesses and governments.

    Look at what the Nevada Secretary of State’s office has done with the Silver Flume system. Washington State and Oregon also are aggressively moving to have centralized systems that all businesses to get their business licensing, permitting, registration and in some cases tax filings handled all from one central site. More than half the Oregon cities now are on the central permitting system (operated by the state) or at least that was the figure I saw when I checked last.

    To read more about my ideas, see

    Comment by Sharon Lawrence -

  112. Did you just admit to voting for him? “And when the MSM makes our President look bad, they make all of us that voted for him look bad”…If President Obama found time to play over 300 rounds of golf I’m sure President Trump will find time to tweet.

    Comment by Alberto (@TJrunr) -

  113. Thanks Marc, great post. I wonder what is the solution for MSM? I don’t know the answer yet. But you made me think of the ending of 8 Mile, if the MSM is Eminem.

    (Side note, your mweb site for this blog doesn’t allow social login and requires a user to create a full wordpress site in order to leave a comment.)

    Comment by Michael Librizzi (@MichaelLibrizzi) -

  114. Mark, MSM sure did get played at a time when 18 months of sales pitches wore down half of the voter eligible public (if you think about it, there are several ‘halves’ of public acting on their frustration of our political system).

    My political position is more ‘LibPubOcrat’ than Libertarian, and HRC was the only resolve I could make (and a very flawed candidate) after judging how the majority of global nations would take HRC + her record, over DT and his insider circle.

    I’m also with you on most points you make, and while pt. #2 is what many of us strive for at the Thanksgiving table this week, I’m thinking it’ll be sometime in the Summer of 2017 before family member split vote (passions) can call a truce and go enjoy a nice Summer movie together!

    Mr. Trump goes to Washington, and he indeed is my president to now support. There’s a ton of gridlock to fix!

    God bless everyone this Holiday season. I invite all to work together to respect our differences, speak up for ourselves, and keep our country continuing forward no matter the setbacks and challenges.

    Comment by Keith C Kennedy -

  115. Mr. Cuban… what you said in your post is absolutely correct .. in the election process, i read many of your blogs .. many of which i thought you drank too much of the MSM koolaid and Democrats rhetoric .. but i probably drank too much of the anti MSM and repiblican rhetoric and fear mongering.. lol!

    We all love a good story .. thanks for making the election process a little more interesting with your opinions and challenges to President elect Trump ..

    I enjoyed the show .. now back to work!

    Comment by 2014royalcrestdrmansfieldtx -

  116. Megyn Kelley said the pollsters all kept going to the same groups of people except for a paper In San Diego. The San Diego paper had it right all along.
    I agree that the media actually helped Trump. I could not vote for either Trump or Hilary, voted for Gary Johnson to salve my conscience. The media crucified Johnson when the 1st question asked of him was how would he deal with the happenings in …. ( now I can’t even recall the name of the city! Arroya?) Made him seem uninformed. Had they said the name of the country, he would have easily been able to respond.
    Keep up your blogging, like it and you.

    Comment by Betty Norris -

  117. very thoughtful insight. the missing part is how trump deliberately bullied/goaded the msm into moving further left and focusing on only his negatives. i remember how one cnn host laughed at a trump supporter saying that trump was going to lose because ALL the polls showed him behind. the reality was that the IBD and USC polls had him up the whole time. they are making the same mistake now by highlighting only the “hate” crimes by white supremacists (many of which are hoaxes) and trying to blame trump. Meanwhile they mostly ignore the violence by left wing radical protesters on trump supporters. If they and Trump continue on this path the 4th estate will be rendered completely irrelevant, which is a loss for everyone.

    Comment by ihavearashmadani (@ihavearashmadan) -

  118. Trump is not a great business man, Trump is just great at saying he is. If Trump were really the billionaire he claims to be, he would have divulged his financials-it’s Trump, he would have offered them long before he was asked. He has four chapter 11 filings and very few real assets, he has a long history of hiring illegals to avoid paying unions, overtime, or healthcare and hiring small businesses and independent contracts then refusing to pay them, tactics that have put out of work or bankrupted the very people who turned around and voted for him. He has few real assets, and atrocious acumen based upon his actual history. He didn’t want this job, he needed it.

    If people wanted to know what he’s thinking, they just need to read Breitbart, or some of the other more prominent alt-right, white supremacist pubs-rather than speculating about what they think, just go to the source. Steve Bannon has been there since the beginning, there is no mystery, he OUTLINED voter suppression strategies and plan to manipulate the MSM two years ago. Literally two years ago. If you want to know how the other side operates, just go listen to them-this is the ultimate fail of democrats and liberals….there was never anything to figure out. They used the GOP the way a virus uses a host. What we are seeing is exactly what he has been, what he has promised to be, what he is going to be; a spiteful, vindictive, bully. Trump voters are Scientologists, Trump is Top Cruise, Bannon is David Miscavige, and anyone else is a suppressive person.

    I predict that after he has raped every element of the constitution and American culture and society, history will reveal that his net worth was vastly overstated going into this presidency. Every decision will be made to maximize his earning potential. He will cut deals with big oil and the financial industry, Russia and Isreal and possibly France is Le Pen is elected. He will get hundreds and possibly thousands of American soldiers killed in military operations marketed on islamophobic hysteria that create diversions while he and his spawn profit from war contracts. The rust belt will get a little rustier, two-headed babies will be SOP in Flint and it will be the immigrants fault that no one has medical care. His climate agenda (ie-jackpot) will jeopardize foreign relations and human existence but Mike Pompeo and his oilfield equipment company will do okay. A bunch of women are going to get harrassed and raped and a bunch of minorities are going to get the shit kicked out of them. The parade of outliers and pariahs gettting jobs now are the ones who had nothing to lose at the beginning when they attached themselves to this turd and now the gamble has paid off.

    Comment by JaneSays (@JaneSays10) -

  119. Had not thought but am sure you are correct about any criticism of DJT’s agenda inflaming his supporters. We would be better served to divorce ourselves from cheer leading for a cause that has already been won and look at his moves with detached focus.
    The electorate has decided in a Hail Mary pass to turn our fate over to this experiment. I am not going to be cheering for the other team – I hope we can score.

    Comment by JJ ❄️ (@WhimsyTX) -

  120. Thanks for this post. There’s a lot to unwind. I’m in the ‘see what Trump does’ camp, trying not to read too much into each step he takes in transition. But I’d be reassured if each step he takes wasn’t looking like a terrible one for our country. He does seem to be taking loyalty to Trump as a higher prerequisite than loyalty to all Americans or a record of stability, which seems to be a divisive, volatile and unstable mix. But we’ll see.

    As to how the MSM reports, well, as has been said, reality has a well-known liberal bias. And the ‘MSM’ (whatever that is) clearly took the bait and made Clinton issues front-page stories for weeks when Trump would get a pass for not being able to complete a sentence, much less offer a consistent, rational POV. I think Trump did win fans by being whatever they wanted him to be at some times, and they’d ignore conflicting statements. Reporters and the press has a tough road ahead, because how do you help create an informed populous when facts are seen as partisan? It’s going to be a real mess for a while. Along with supporting civil rights organizations, we need to support the press who will be the target of this angry, vengeful mob for doing their job as best they can. I hope the years ahead are not as dark as I fear they will be, but one way or the other, America will be defined by who we reveal ourselves to be, for better or worse.

    Comment by jhaygood (@jhaygood) -

  121. Mark you are right on and you are the first to recognize and post this phenomenon and to calm you fears if you have any I suggest to you that one who repeated his agenda at every rally he is bound to do what he say and not what he things.

    Comment by Koutrougiannios (@greekinventor) -

  122. This is so perfect Mark thank you! I’ve really enjoyed your approach in the last few weeks as you’ve seemed to reframe your understanding of the situation. Can you talk to Sacca about that?

    Being from AZ but living in SF and DC for the past 5 years, I have been witness to both extremes of this spectrum. In Arizona I meet people with long-standing distrust of the media. They see MSM, which includes news, music, movies, TV, etc) as a cooperative. In SF and DC, I’ve been amazed at the degree of assumed shared likeness and frank hate for non-like. Here everyone assumes everyone else is on the same page and they are extremely quick to use very hateful speech about those opposed to them. What scares me is how far apart the two side are. To me that is the urgent issue to address.

    It’s like divorced parents who can’t stand to be in the room together but once a year they try to play nice for the kids at Christmas. One parent makes snooty side comments about how terrible the other is. The other doesn’t do that, but brought the weird person they started dating a few months ago. The kids hate this Christmas. However they do have to choose which parent to live with despite this parade of weakness they call the holidays. Ultimately the kids choose the one who does’t make snooty comments because “If you say this about your ex, you might say them about me and I don’t want to be part of that.” They are willing to tolerate this weird outsider because A. clearly this is temporary, they always are and B. even if this person is weird they don’t mistreat me.

    I actually heard the following logic from a very well-educated liberal last week: “Trump won because of racism. It has to be because any other reason to vote for him isn’t valid. Can’t be economy is fine and there are a ton of jobs. Can’t be immigration isn’t an issue because we’ve always had immigration, we are all immigrants, and Obama deported more immigrants than anyone ever before. Those causes don’t make sense so it must be racism. Maybe it’s ISIS but their fear of ISIS is racism too. Trump supporters are racist.”

    This is the divide. The literal MSM people own pop culture. They are the shows on TV, the newspaper, the movies, the music on the radio. This saturation of like ideas alienates other ideas. What’s worse is that the culture in the literal MSM group is not in any way self-evaluative. They don’t engage in debate and discussion. They don’t build relationships with the people on the other side. If anything they call them names- “racist” “sexist” “stupid” “morons” “deplorables”.

    What everyone seems to be missing is that you can’t change someone’s mind without building a relationship with them. What we are faced with right now are the cool kids always picking the same kid last for kickball but then wanting that kid to help them carry their books home from school. It doesn’t work that way. Instead now all the un-cool kids are uniting. They are relishing their status as resistance fighters. Any revolt is the result of a silent minority finding their voice and rallying around a flag bearer. The revolt work, the not-like-me’s were overthrown.

    It’s kind of ironic that in our current state of maximum connectedness ever achieved in human history, we can still be so far apart. Maybe we are still learning how to use our new power. Every superhero movie has a period where the newly minted hero struggles to master his skills. This usually involves a destroyed laboratory or garage. If people want to make sure that 2020 has a more unifying result there is only one prescription:

    Use technology to create a personal connection with people who aren’t like you. Use that connection to understand who they are as people. Set a goal of earning permission to offer your different idea. Find language to communicate your idea that cannot be taken as an attack.

    Note: these happen to also be the basic tenets of psychotherapy. There is a reason for that.

    Comment by koryst -

  123. Excellent sensible points. Bottom line; the MSM thinks we’re all stupid and that’s what’s totally obvious. What’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong….If anyone disagrees with the MSM, they’re labeled a racist or bigot. I had been a loyal watcher of NBC Nightly News for years. When Lester got the job, I was really happy because I always thought of him as an honest man and sincere reporter. Then when Trump started his campaign, Lester and his crew went from critical, to weirdly critical, to ugly and then down-right dark. To your point, Mark…They’re still doing it and haven’t learned that “WE” don’t want that. We want straight news, not commentary. We want to be informed and make our own decisions and assessments. I’m done with MSM and Cable News (Fox is great, but is still sooo caught up in righting all the wrongs instead of telling me the news). I am now reading my news and going the route of HULU and Netflix for entertainment. Thanks for writing this article. You’re a good guy Mark and I love your humbleness. We can all learn from a little change of heart. Excited about our new President and more excited to see good changes and protection of liberties we all depend on from our founders.

    Comment by Mark Jacoby -

  124. I still think you should be President, and I’m not saying that lightly. What most people seem to miss, is that the biggest problem is with the DNC itself. The way they lied, cheated, and out right stole the primary from Bernie Sanders, infuriated millions of us, and lead to severe mistrust and disillusion. I think that is the single biggest reason Hillary lost. And they discounted those of us who are not Millennials. For the first time in my life, I didn’t vote. MSM was telling us that it was all but impossible for Trump to get the Electoral votes.

    Comment by KT Banks (@faybuck) -

  125. Mr. Cuban, I agree!! But i’m also curious about your Libertarianism? As an entrepreneur, I figure you’d embrace the concept of free-market capitalism to its fullest power; that you’d trust the invisible hand more than the ever-increasing hand of big government; that you want less regulation? Btw Gary Johnson was the most contradicting representative of the Libertarian party to make it this far! I’m talking about “real” Libertarians like Ron Paul and Harry Browne!

    Comment by Kevin Canaber (@KevCanaber) -

  126. I’m am so frustrated! All the good Obama has done was not recognized by the people he governed. My Republican friends had no idea the reason their college age children were able to stay on their insurance was because of Obamacare. They actually argued with me about this. Also, the fiscal cliff we were falling over when Obama took office – he saved us. Democrats just do the job and don’t brag about it – start bragging! Put up billboards across the country written simply and to the point. If people are stuck in traffic, they may actually become informed. The Infrastructure Bill introduced by Democrats was shot down by a Republican Congress. They didn’t care that people were out of work and hurting. Thus, no infrastructure jobs. Now, the Republicans will pass this bill and get the credit. Democrats will not sacrifice our country for political motives as did the Republicans in the 2015 Infrastructure Bill. So, they will approve the Bill. Sigh! . . . when will reality reign?

    Comment by Patty123 (@Patty123) -

  127. I think his supporters will give Trump a very long leash, but i wonder what will happen if he decides to tear up NAFTA and people start losing more jobs, especially here in Texas. And I wonder what will happen if he gets us into a war and has to reinstitute the draft, forcing those supporters to put their lives on the line for him.

    Comment by Sanford Gray Thatcher -

  128. I would ask Travis Pavlik whether he thinks the women who came foreard to accuse Trump of groping them were lying, whether he thinks all the women who accused Bill Cosby of assaluting them were lying, whether he thuinks Trump’s good friend Roger Ailes did not abuse any women on his staff (including Megan Kelly), etc. Trump’s behavior went beyond “locker room talk.” Let’s see if Trump follows through with his threat to sue them. He will have to prove actual malice as well as falsity. My guess is he was just bluffing and won’t want to go to court, risking further embarrassment (though one wonders whether Trump is capable of being embarrassed).

    Comment by Sanford Gray Thatcher -

  129. Nice job! This article is spot on. MSM absolutely deserves not to be trusted and this election really taught me that what I considered a reliable source, CNN, is not to be trusted. Two specific examples- since the election, any hate crimes of whites have received incessant front page coverage on The video of 5 blacks kicking the shit out of a white guy that voted for trump was relegated to a buried link in an article and received no coverage at all. During the primaries there was a front page article on CNN “Teen sexually molested at Trump rally.” Video’s on twtr quickly showed this is not what happened and she deserved to be maced. Even via her own admission caught on video she uttered the words ” I deserved that”. At worst there was an accidental bump ( I didn’t even see that in the video) in a crowded rally and she was a paid agitator. I found this disgusting and lost all respect for CNN based on their in-accurate coverage. For the record, I did not vote for Trump. I am just glad TWTR now serves a key role in holding MSM accountable and my eyes were truly opened during this election. I had no idea how corrupt and biased MSM really is. Mark, you really need to run in 2020. If you really want to leave your mark, no pun intended, treat the libertarian party as a start up, put it on the map, end the nonsense of the 2 party system and partisan politics, and be the first libertarian president. In my view the libertarian platform really is the middle and represents the views of most americans, socially inclusive and fiscally responsible with gov’t getting involved only when absolutely necessary. The current libertarian party lacks capital and executive leadership who can execute. You can solve both of those problems and truly be remembered in American history for more then just owning a basketball team.

    Comment by Larry Rosof -

  130. Can someone please explain what “NY values” means?

    Comment by cjcnyc123 -

  131. I would have voted for ANYONE other than Crooked Hillary over Trump. With that said I voted for DJT with the hope that he can bring about some much needed change. After 8 years of Obama this country is in terrible shape and needs a new direction. The MSM was so biased that even the uninterested took notice.

    The DNC should have realized that they had a problem with Hillary when it took here pulling shenanigans to win the primary over Sanders. They have nobody but themselves to blame for election results. It’s also horrific that Obama isn’t speaking out against all the liberals rioting in the streets most of which chose not to even vote.

    Comment by NY Sports Guru (@EricPluguez) -

  132. Good thoughts overall Mark, although I question the naïveté regarding the cause of people’s mistrust of MSM. I think Wikileaks played a big part as well as people’s BS meters going off when 99% of coverage of one candidate (outside of Fox News) is over the top negative.

    As far as minorities facing uncertainty, I think this is a good read.

    There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about Trump, him being a “white nationalist” isn’t one of them.

    Still MFFL

    Comment by Brad (@Bdimmitt79) -

  133. The MSM was over the top biased in this election cycle and most Americans are sick of it. It was actually disgusting and disgraceful the way the MSM reported on Trump while not mentioning Hillary’s illegal activities or the fact that she has zero accomplishments in her long career.

    Comment by NY Sports Guru (@EricPluguez) -

  134. “I do understand the fear the uncertainty is causing minorities. They are rightfully terrified.” People of faith were rightly terrified of Hillary and Obama’s willingness to trample on their rights. But we didn’t break windshields and block traffic when Obama was elected. It’s because we have some degree of prayer life which opens the eyes of the soul and brings peace. Why do you think so many people face torture and death with joy and peace, for the faith? And BTW, many minorities are also people of faith. God isn’t partial, and neither are the Godly. So this is why only the minorities who are consuming streaming raw MSM are terrified. And of course they should not be terrified.

    Your second point, so Hillary was going to reduce the $50 fee for an LLC to what? LOL Mark. Trump is going to try to push through tax cuts that will make a major impact on the bottom line of small business owners. If those opposed to tax cuts, like you are opposed I guess, don’t find a way to stop him.

    Do you think I’m hating on you? You definitely need to toughen up Mark 🙂

    Comment by Tim Norton (@timnorton) -

  135. Buyers (voters) buy on emotion and justify with (selective) facts. When Trump said he could shoot someone in broad daylight and wouldn’t lose supporters, he understood this sales truism well. He never was speaking literally, but he was selling. Maybe Trump isn’t racist but the KKK and Nazis love him because he speaks (emotionally) to their inner feelings (white nationalism). He may not be sexist but he speaks to middle-aged men who are afraid of losing their power. Trump spoke to hate and fear masterfully (while Hillary thought selling on issues was enough). Fear of terrorism, hate of rising medical insurance costs, factories closing down, etc., where emotional issues for voters. People already leaning toward Trump heard “men will be men” and “this guy is cocky” (good) when he bragged about being able to grab pussy because he was a celebrity. Voters not really loving Trump yet took his comments literally because they hadn’t bought what Trump was selling emotionally yet. To them, this was disgusting, and they scratched their heads when the parade of women accusers came out of the woodwork wondering why none of it stuck. Trump was very good at selling the emotion on Hillary as being “crooked” and “weak” just as he’d been successful at selling “lying Ted.” The unwitting media played Hillary almost passing out on the way to her car millions of times. The FBI simply discussing an investigation (whether she was guilty or not) was enough to play into the theme of “crooked” Hillary. Notice how the Trump fraud case barely saw the light of day in comparison. Had friends who posted made up stories supporting Trump or against Clinton (like the false Pope endorsement of Trump) without questioning the source or accuracy. Why? Because they were already on board with Trump emotionally and the “facts” (even though not really true) that supported Trump just justified their position. You could point that out (and I did) and Trump voters wouldn’t listen. Turns out Trump WAS right…he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose his voters.

    Comment by TJ Oliver (@TimOliver13) -

  136. The trust for MSM is gone because they are driven by money without showing any accountability or responsibility in what they report. If it gets eyeballs it goes up. Look at CNNs tweets in the last 3 days to see how they’ve become more like tosh.o than a news source.

    An uninformed and unattended population is one with many paths to failure.

    People want a source that they can trust – that’s verified – and that keeps them informed without trying to sway them… that is coming.

    People want their voice to be heard and have influence and that is coming… in a responsible way.

    Comment by David Calabrese (@davidfcalabrese) -

  137. Glad to see you’re using common sense again Mark. I’m surprised you ever campaigned for a candidate as terrible as Hillary, and I’m surprised you were okay with the status quo in this country, which is what you voted for. Your judgment has taken a hit in credibility, but you can always rebuild it, slowly lol.

    Comment by Ryan Moran -

  138. I really appreciate this Mark. I look up to you in ways, even tho i am a little older than you. i was disappointed in your vitriol of Trump. It seemed personal. This letter from you shows the side of the guy I look up to – lost this one, but is open to learning and giving Trump his due. Flexible within reason. A good loser and winner.

    I want to be more like that too.

    Thanks again.

    Comment by John Burrows -

  139. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren’t just manipulating people for your own benefit. I suspect you were a Hillary supporter for your own gain from the swamp, and Trump frightens you because he’s a threat to your own power. But let’s say you genuinely just don’t get it.

    First, you need to unplug from the MSM and seriously examine things. Trump has never said anything racist. Ever. Everything is twisted by Hillary and the DNC and the MSM. Verify this for yourself, but verify it honestly and evaluate things on their own terms.The fact that you say minorities should be worried tells me you’ve bought into that lie. Yet, you ignore his “New Deal for Black America”. You ignore that he wrapped himself the LGBTQ flag on stage. You ignore his speech at the RNC pledging to protect LGBTQ. You ignore has numerous passionate speeches for fixing the inner cities. Why?

    And yes, Trump is not a politician, so he doesn’t watch every word. He speaks in big terms. He speaks in salesmanship. He reaches for the moon so he can sell you orbit. As one example: “I’m going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” Now everyone argues about Mexico paying for it… which requires accepting the premise of having the wall.

    Lastly, you clearly haven’t researched the Podesta emails and the absolutely horrendous corruption of Hillary. Also watch the Veritas videos that prove they generated violence at Trump rallies (and ignore the bullshit that Veritas isn’t reliable — more propaganda. Note they NEVER give specific examples of where O’Keefe manipulated video). Hillary got debate questions in advance, for God’s sake. In any other year, *just that* would be enough to a candidate drop out in shame. But Hillary is so much worse than that.

    That you think Hillary should have been President under any circumstances means you need to get out of your echo chamber and start engaging with reality. Hillary is quite possibly the most corrupt and incompetent candidate ever. I’m not some RNC shill — I HATE most of the Republican party. You have to stop being tribal for any candidate or any party and really look at things. We all should be praying that Trump means what he says when he wants to destroy the establishment. The country was in big, big trouble if we’d allowed Hillary’s corruption in the White House. We now have a chance to change direction.

    Comment by nairebis (@nairebis) -

  140. You and many are over-thinking the election results. DT only rec’d 25% of eligible voters, votes. Which means 50% stayed home. He also lost the popular vote (PV) by +1M. Stay with me. In 5 states with 92 EC votes, he only won by 700K PV. Simply shifting voters addresses and HC has 92 more EC votes and 700K more popular votes? Hardly a mandate.

    This is not normal.

    DT tapped into a strain of folks who believed the BS and lies he spewed daily:
    America is a disaster
    Your lives are a mess
    EVERYTHING bad that happens is Obama’s fault
    ISIS is coming into your homes
    You are being passed over for other people who do not look like you or share your religous beliefs
    I alone can save you.

    Simple psychology. The dumbing down of America? Maybe that too. Our brains filter information to support our bias. ( Dr. Richard Carrollison Phd…Principles of Seperate Realities). Thats why no matter how awful his comments or behaviors were, it was not going to change their minds.

    I do take exception to giving DT a free pass. I am very concerned his horrific comments and actions are now being legitimized by GOP leaders who previously denounced them… just because he won the election. This is NOT NORMAL. Many of DTs comments and behaviors are NOT NORMAL. We cannot allow others to normalize his narcissitic BS. He was just bascically found guilty of FRAUD. Yes, FRAUD…and HC is the crook??? Everyday for a year he preached to America that she was crooked.

    This is NOT NORMAL. His words and comments should be taking literally and never normalized.

    I call the 25% of eligible voters that favored him The 25% Dissolution. The 50% that stayed home are now the 50% Solution. They need to wake up…its on them.

    Comment by Bob Gutowski -

  141. I think the MSM’s biggest crime was normalizing him and then setting the bar so low he couldn’t help but get over it. They gave him tons of free airtime (showing rallies in their entirety) because he was good for ratings and hardly ever challenged him on the multitude of lies and hate he spewed. Then they focused all their Clinton attention on emails (3 to 1 over policy) where there ended up being no issue. They managed to turn Trump into someone normal and Hillary into a criminal. I think that is the story of how he won. People who never would have voted for him got comfortable with him because the MSM made him normal and Hillary unacceptable.

    Comment by Xaroc (@XarocRF) -

  142. Think you completely miss how wikileaks and james O keefe showed that the media is biased, they gave Hillary questions before the debate, that Dem political operative who visit the white house and meet Obama hire homeless people to vote and start fights at trump rallies, that wikileaks emails showed Hillary coordinating her SoS position with her bribe-taking foundation. By the way I hop trump taxes all foundations, endowments and non-profits.

    Comment by bitsandatomsblog -

  143. I have the unique perspective of being a Mark Cuban fan and Trump supporter. I too agree with your characterization of MSM. With each passing day they run the risk of irrelevance. The final straw for them will be when ratings/ readership finally decline to the point change will be necessary for survival. You wrote a story some time ago about the first time you met Trump at his Florida club and the comments he made regarding how you hadn’t “made” it yet until you reached Penthouse or top floor status. You took it as a bit of a insult, and reading it I did as well. However over time I have come to a different feeling- he is so motivated for success that he saw it as motivating you in the same way. The thing about Trump is the very same taste for the best and desire for success is the type of mindset that has been lacking in leadership for a long time- and his own fear of failure will cause him to work tirelessly to succeed what he said he would accomplish. Last point- I’m an educator and over the last ten years, our focus has been to bring the bottom up, with some success but at the expense of the top. In some ways I see the government in the same boat. I personally find that more growth for the masses took place when the fast runners were allowed to fly, bringing the bottom along for the ride. I’d like to see that in government as well, let’s get the best of the best moving and striving for excellence, and surely the masses will be brought along for the ride.

    Comment by AsktheGodfather (@AsktheGodfather) -

  144. First, let me get this out of the way; I truly admire your success and business acumen. You truly are an “American success story”, so kudos to you. Having said that, our politics differ but that’s the beauty of this country; people with opposing viewpoints having the same long-range goals. I appreciate the tone of your recent post, however I still think you’re giving MSM too much credit, and I can only surmise it’s because they leaned into your understanding. However, it’s not lost on me, at least, that the same group of people you quickly give a pass to, if memory serves me, took a similar dislike to you much as they did President-elect Trump. So I’m left to believe that your memory is short when it supports your current ideology. What needs to be discussed now is how does MSM rebound from its current state? To say they were being “literal” is definitely overlooking the true adjective of “bias”. I ask you this; was FoxNews literal in their reporting as well? For most of us, we are left with no choice but to take a little bit of information from say Fox or Brebiert, a little from CNN or NYTimes and try to find the “truth” for ourselves. As a matter of fact, I believe this particular election was the first time we did just that and it shocked those on the Left who never believed we would put that much effort into choosing our next CIC. Again I appreciate your take and good luck this season for the “Mavs”!

    Comment by ricnoland -

  145. The MSM provably colluded with the DNC and peddled falsehoods to further an agenda. Even today they continue to feed the fog of hysteria that I presume they hope to leverage.

    People who seek alternative news sources most frequently pay close attention to source citations, and are much better at curating that you give them credit for.

    You’re still not there yet, Mr. Cuban.

    Comment by Lauderdale Vet (@lauderdalevet) -

  146. I work at US Dept of State and everybody here takes their responsibility to protect Classified Materials extremely important. We were all trained on the rules … and we were all told that violations are felonies punishable in Federal Court and we would be arrested on the spot and would serve time in a Federal prison in Leavenworth, KS.
    Mark, you didn’t mention one word about how deeply flawed Hillary was as a candidate. Don’t you realize that a large percentage of people who voted for Trump were actually voting AGAINST Hillary?? I sure did. Your analysis skipped over a significant aspect of this election. C’mon Mark … you are a Bottom Line Guy …so here it is. Even the most devoted HRC supporters (even the inner circle folks) would have to agree that she has been focused on getting elected President since she began running for the office back in 2006 (for the 2008 election), so she has had 10 Years to establish a connection with the American people. She failed to get people to ignore all her scandals and to trust her. She failed miserably.

    Comment by usap1 -

  147. Mark, a few years ago I introduced you to Newslines, a new kind of crowdsourced news site that aims to collect and summarize all the world’s news, giving readers just the facts, stripped of bias. Now more than ever people need a refuge to find unbiased news. We are growing fast and will get 3 million page views this month. If you are in any way interested in changing the MSM for the better, get in touch (Twitter @sparkzilla). I’ll even forgive your support for Clinton 😉

    Comment by crisscross2015 -

  148. First, I have some immediate concerns (in my own situations) how Internet issues like net neutrality (in some aspects) and network neutrality could play out.

    The one good thing is, if Trump is really serious about national security, is to invest in infrastructure. But addressing climate change properly really is a national security issue. But more immediate is protecting our civilization by paying attention to our three major power grids — from solar storms and possibly major terror attacks (cyber and flux/EMP, as in Ted Koppel’s book). There is a lot that can be done, and Peter Thiel actually has a handle on some ideas (with inventor Taylor Wilson). Decentralizing power supply is actually a security issue. I hope Trump pays attention to this. But he hasn’t said anything (Gingrich has a few times). This is no longer a right-wing sci-fi fantasy. I’ve blogged a lot about this — maybe you could do a post on BlogMaverick?

    Comment by jboushka -

  149. Marky, I bet you did get a lot of hate mail for supporting a criminal for president. You seem desperate to inject yourself into the big show. Looks like a lot of Drama Queenery to me. What is it about power and wealth that makes people like you and the Clintons willing to do and say anything to further your seat at the table of the ruling class elite? But it was entertaining to read your groveling and admission of stupidity, but I’m not buying it pal. You’re a sell out whooore that doesn’t really give a rats a$$ about what’s in America’s best interest. I was a fan right up to your support of one of the biggest criminals in world history. But you did get one thing right, it’s people like you that are what’s wrong with America. Lastly, please know this… Those “Silent Majority” Voters that spoke this election view you as exactly what you are… A Power & Money Grubbing, Lying A$$ Drama Queen! ….lol

    Comment by fromthemindofgblog -

  150. “Taking things literally” you didnt, you havent, nor did the MSM. What you all did instead was to spin things to push a particular agenda, framing things and attempting to twist reality to control perception – while at the same time ignoring anything bad from the Hillary campaign or the candidate itself, also twisting and framing to attempt to control the public perception. You’ve been all working on advertising as propaganda pushers. Now go get a real job selling stuff on tv.

    Comment by YOHAMI -

  151. Never figured you as MSM
    Wild, Wild…. Worldwide Branding Opportunity
    Super Mega potential return
    Team USA Powerboat Race Around the World

    Comment by unsinkable300 -

  152. Mark as a Hillary Clinton supporter I applaud you for keeping it real. I believe it keeps getting worse with the subsequent protests. I love how Obama continues to lecture us on The Bill of Rights and the right to free soeech blah blah! I know the Constitution I don’t need The POTUS to educate me about America. I truly believe if Hillary Clinton was elected this country would be in serious trouble. Not that I think Trump is the savior in fact far from it. At least he has a mind of his own. I didn’t hear 1 original policy position from Hillary. All she did was reiterate to us how perfect the country is. She didn’t say that literally but figuration that is what Americans interpreted from her many empty messages.

    Comment by Dan Ruggiero -

  153. It’s much more than the MSM taking Trump comments literally. They distort a comment and make it into a truth that fits their narrative. If Trump comments about a beautiful blue sky, the MSM will say “Trump only likes azure blue skies” or “Trump hates cloudy days”. They crafted a hate campaign against the man and it backfired. Now THAT is social justice.

    Comment by Mark Dana (@VR_Drones_Mark) -

  154. Mark, what you say do have some merit, it is not the whole story, CBS president said to hell with country, Trump was making them money, so it did not matter what he did or said, he was getting covered.Wall to wall coverage for Trump, over 2 Billion dollars worth of free press, Bernie, Hillary and even other GOP candidates were ignored. CNN had Corey Lewandski a paid Trump staffer , Jeffery Lord on a daily basis , never saying anything bad about Trump. Kellyanne would get on TV Gish Gallop crooked Hillary with never a single push back from the media. Russia is bragging about the role they played in Wikileaks Hillary emails and DNC. Never once did the MSM asked why was the RNC not hacked.
    Trump/ Bannon used the White Supremacist groups to keep the media in check, with threats, and ugliness
    on Social Media. The huge influx of Fake News was a big factor. This Bannon pushed Propaganda, is the same Putin funded White Supremacist executed Propaganda pushed in Europe. Our media enabled Trump and we know through Megan Kelly many were bribed to give Trump good coverage. Trump is in this to make money. Bannon and his gang, advised by Cheney and the Kochs are going to run the show. Trump played on the darkest side of humanity and I will never give him a chance, or respect him. Trump has settled the Trump University case, where is the MSM!

    Karl Rove started the Groundswell group, take over social media, their paid trolls have been at it since Obama came into office. Samantha Bee went to Moscow and interviewed Russian Trolls, our media never talked about these paid trolls.

    Comey’s letter and actions were the final nail. That was literal!

    Comment by Linda Neufeld -

  155. Good read and interesting comments.

    Trump’s twitter war and Faux news won this man the election. Now couple that with former disgruntled Obama voters who didn’t vote. That’s Hillary’s autopsy.

    Beware Mark – with guys like Giuliani who famously said “Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.” – it’s the 1930’s in Germany.

    Comment by regulatedmilitia -

  156. Hey Mark. I am not a Trump guy but voted for him because I wanted change and really hate the Clintons and their penchant for corruption. I really do not think you are being fair with Point 3. I have seen no evidence that Trump is against minorities and believe you are pandering to the lowest common denominator of the “hate conservatives and paint them as racists” movement. It is a page out of the left wing playbook. Building a wall, deporting criminal illegals, cutting entitlements are NOT racist policies — they are fair and reasonable and 20 years ago would have been considered mainstream and Democratic Party policies. Don’t join the group of haters who paint anyone with different ideas as racist unless they really do espouse hate and racially unfair policies. So far, Trump has not endorsed any. If he does, I will call him out on it. There is no place for racism in our country, but there is less of a place for yelling about something that has not occurred. I am sick and tired of people labelling other people that disagree a racist. If you use the word that easily for times it doesn’t apply you cheapen it and it ceases to be an effective term.

    Comment by Robert Skovholt -

  157. Return to cuba, mark cuban.

    Comment by Alt Right Spain 🇪🇸 (@AltRight_es) -

  158. As a suspicious Trump supporter, and someone who ‘unfriended’ you during the election season, MSM (less Fox News) was a source for me to reinforce/pull my support the President Elect. I mean I’ve never watched as much MSNBC during a 6 week period than I probably will for the rest of my life. I was never able to learn what HRC stood for other than Never Trump. You’re right, the MSM is what brought her down and propelled him because they never articulated how electing her would benefit anyone other than the blue States on the coasts. One of the many lessons for the MSM from this is ABC–Always Be Closing. They were never closing, only badmouthing the competition. Hopefully we can be friends again now that politics is in the rearview–Go Mavs.

    Comment by Drink Juice (@DrinkJuice) -

  159. Well, when you’ve defined “baggage” as an off-handed comment, made behind the camera, from one testostone-filled guy to another, 10 years ago, then everyone has baggage. There will be no “baggage-free” people to appoint to positions of authority. Everyone — EVERYONE — has said or done something someone else doesn’t like by the time they’re old enough to be considered to play at this level.

    Comment by dkdunkirk -

  160. Trump may have funded his entire presidential campaign with income tax evasion money. US vs IRBY means the IRS statute has not run out on his highly questionable deductions. The FCC did not do its job when it allowed Trump to perpetually lie by calling Hillary Clinton a criminal when she had never been indicted or charged with a crime. The FBI played favorites by only investigating Hillary Clinton. The News Reporters at the Comey Press conferences never bothered to ask if Trump was being investigated by the FBI. ReAudit Trump.

    Comment by dailypuma -

  161. You’re still discounting him. It’s fine to criticize him, and obviously correct in so many ways. But to do so in that hyperbolic manner is what turns people off the message. You say it’s literal reporting, but an analysis is included and invariably it’s incredibly hyperbolic. For example, he’s “amazed” by how much he’ll have to do as President, after Obama told him all about it. I’m supposed to read that as literal reporting?

    Your 1st guess is also based on the idea that he’s a super-villain playing a game. I assume he’s very serious about his strategy, so why would he hire someone that isn’t loyal to him and especially the Republican cause?

    And what’s a risky tweet?

    Comment by Auðunn Axel Ólafsson (@pyrotic) -

  162. I supported neither of the candidates, and it’s mainly due to the MSM and their lack of attention to the issues that face this country. Regardless of what channel, paper, news outlets listened to over the past 18-months, this election was nothing more than a celebrity contest. “She looks tired” – “He looks mad” is all we were feed by the general MSM.

    I disagree with your 2nd paragraph. It is not up to the MSM to determine what is literal or serious. Reporting, is reporting. We don’t need MSM opinion on what they think is serious. If she was late for a rally, we don’t need to know why this so-called reporter believes she was late. Just report facts, not opinions. What was said, not how it was said.

    Your summary of how the Trump campaign played the media is pretty good. I think it also goes beyond that. They used the media to get free advertising. When the books have been analyzed on this one, i won’t be surprised is Clinton outspent Trump 5:1.

    Comment by Mike Kole -

  163. IMHO here is the deal – when people went to Trump rallies they thought it was a job interview – he would get them jobs. So let’s see how long the first paycheck takes to cash. Then when there is no paycheck that is when the problems will start. “Well you don’t have a paycheck because that group of people took your job!” Now feeling empowered and justified those rally-ers will go after their paycheck and that’s when the pudding will hit the blender. So there isn’t nor will there ever be rational discussion. That time has passed.
    People do not admit they are wrong they look to blame others and when they are out of choices they will resort to their most primitive.

    Comment by Patrick Aievoli -

  164. Scott Adams, who writes Dilbert, was one of the few who thought Trump had a chance. What he says in his blog posts is similar in some ways to what you posted. Trump is a very good persuader who knows what he’s doing. Many of his statements were, and are made to appeal to people’s emotions, not just to get the media riled up. Once people make an emotional commitment to him, they don’t care if he doesn’t follow through or if he changes his mind on some things, as long as he can keep them believing that he is on their side.
    Like you, I’m hoping things work out well, but not convinced they will. It seems like he believes just about anything he reads. One way the office may change Mr. Trump is the new information coming to him every day in his morning briefing. That’s bound to change his decision making – somehow.

    Comment by brucemcl -

  165. You lost. Peter Thiel is smarter than you and you better believe his people are about to get installed in the new administration. Slink away in shame, Chabinsky. You are totally discredited. Stop wearing T-Shirts and invest in index funds.

    Comment by NimbleRichMan (@NimbleRichMan) -

  166. Sure, folks that live in the FauxNews-Limbaugh bubble have been programmed for YEARS that all other “news” sources are suspect. That’s a segment of Trump supporters. You have the (hopefully) smaller slice of racists, misogynists, xenophobes, etc. that feel they have found their champion BECAUSE of the “scandals” that we found heinous. Another segment of Trump supporters. It would seem that these truths prompted the expected and deserved response from the Clinton camp — ALMOST to the exclusion of everything else. But we should not forget, she DID still win the popular vote. It doesn’t fix the problems posed by a Trump presidency, but it should not be dismissed. Frankly, I just don’t think Trump has the brains for the type of MSM “reverse conspiracy” (?) you describe. I do think there is much of middle America that felt over-looked in her staunch defense of other demographic groups. I also think that America loves an “under dog”. There are many that feel Trump has a better than 50% chance of breaking the law (willingly or unwittingly) before he’s inaugurated or (more likely) within the first year of his term. Kind of an obvious call, really. So, how else would a Mike Pence get to the White House? How else would a Mike Pence become President? Mike Pence is the poster boy for the tea party and alt-righters. By himself, he would not win a national election. Why would a man as religiously devout as he, reportedly, is attach himself to a man like Trump? There are a LOT of questions surrounding this election that I don’t think will play out for a while yet. I’m trying to NOT hold my breath until the actual inauguration — to see if Trump IS the sworn-in president. There are a LOT of undercurrents — I’m horrified and terrified and curious to see if Trump just ends up being someone’s patsy.

    Comment by N W Thomas (@PoliticAlterEgo) -

  167. You have a very interesting perspective. Something that breaks my heart reading this is that I have been seeing the same behavior from people in Pakistan. Any time there is an atrocity committed by a Muslim or a Pakistani, they’d accuse media of spreading falsehoods; they still do that. I saw you arguing with Trump supporters on Twitter and I always thought this will result in nothing but disappointment. I have argued with several Pakistanis over why they need to tackle extremism because it is growing in our own community. Why we should call a spade a spade. But the response was always US supported Taliban, US is orchestrating the demise of Muslims etc etc. I am not sure if this makes any sense, but every time I see a trump supporter say something stupid and tries to prove how much worse Clinton is (which she isn’t), it ALWAYS reminds me of the Pakistanis I have seen online and argued with. Sadly, I don’t have a solution to the mental disease of denialism (yes, I made that up), but I really wish I did. All I can say is that it’s self-destructive. And it is going to cause long-term, hard-to-repair damage to U.S. It already has to this generation of Pakistan.

    Comment by Rumasa (@Rumasaaa) -

  168. Excellent article Mark – sums up the whole sorry debacle. Trump succeeded in much the same way that Berlusconi did – sound-bites, whopping lies and anti-media demagoguery. And pandering to everything that’s shoddy and slushy and third-rate in human nature – their politics an opiate to stop people thinking, to reference John Buchan. Italy kept re-electing Berlusconi for years despite proof of his very dodgy character and corrupt practices and his failure to follow through on his electoral promises. Tax fraud (!) eventually holed him but not before Italy was left in financial chaos and his own pockets well-lined. At least Trump can only do two terms and with your mid-terms in two years perhaps the Senate balance will become healthier and his right-wing cabal can be contained. I live in the UK where a strong movement is building to counter the harsh effects of Brexit and to perhaps stop it altogether (not so easy). Trump’s election has generally caused dismay here apart from Farage (whose UKIP party is presently mired in a scandal for misusing not much short of £500,000 EU money to illegally pay for their fact-challenged BREXIT campaign). It’s hard to believe that a man who owned a university that was decried yesterday by New York’s Attorney General as “a swindle” is deemed acceptable as the next POTUS. And that’s ignoring all his other flawed actions during his less than salubrious career. Clinton’s campaign misstepped when it failed to nail what she would do for those left behind in the rust-belt and other areas. But I remain sceptical about what Trump offers them.
    We’re in dark times and we need a few heroes – in the UK and the USA. How are you fixed?

    Comment by Kate Quested -

  169. I don’t believe in this entity people call the “main stream media”. Media has never been a more fractured industry. Media is heavily decentralized from traditional newspapers to motherJones to breitbart. NPR and CNN aren’t meeting to conspire on what to run. They don’t hand notes to your local newspaper.

    compare this to 20 years ago when everyone got their news from either their local paper or the 6:00 news. The message was narrower and we all basically watched one “main stream” source of news. Today I read half a dozen outlets all with their own obvious slants.

    Some central conspiracy to control the news, promote one message, dole out propaganda could never survive the thousands of people that would have to be involved to make that work.

    It’s much more likely folks gravitate to news that confirms their views. Because of this media outlets tend to become a bit slanted towards a specific viewpoint to drive clicks and loyalty.

    Media in fact is incentivized to *not* be main stream and find their niche audience.

    Comment by softwaredoug -

  170. Thanks for a good thoughtful piece. Thanks for not being hysterical; it’s just not helpful and places way to much confidence that HRC was going to lead us to the promised land. As much as I like the Peter Thiel’s “seriously” vs. “literally” comment an earlier response really resonated with me and that was that the MSM was so often willing to be fictional. The MSM basically communicated, “all of you don’t live in New York or California are too dumb to understand that when DJT says he want’s to temporarily ban Muslim immigration that is code for racism.” And yes, some us didn’t take him seriously because we knew he could never pull that off.

    What I really have not heard anyone on the religious left explain to me is, (A) why HRC was the moral high road and (B) what it was about was her grand vision that should have mobilized us. I keep looking for virtue that would cause me to say, “yep we can trust her.” And I kept listening to hear a cause that could be transformational. It seems that many people thought we would appease the gods if we would elect a woman, completely abandon the concept of legal immigration and repent of believing American prosperity was necessary for us to continue being a blessing to the global poor.

    My greatest concern with DJT is the same as yours and that is that his temperament and his insistence on always counter punching is going to produce something more dangerous than gridlock. My greatest hope is also that the weight of this responsibility and the massive amount of decisions he will face will temper him to be a man of peace instead of vengeance.

    Comment by Phil McCutchen (@PastorPhilBCC) -

  171. Mark…thank you for sharing your thoughts. For me, it was the confusion. Nobody, and I mean nobody had a clear convincing conversation about why Trump would not make a good President.

    Listen, when I read this I pucked. I was pissed on so many levels I still haven’t come to grips with it. And Agiles is his advisor…what a f’ing dickhead.

    So, you have CNN on one side feeding information to Clinton and Fox constructing/orchestrating the national talking points and Google News feeds slanting the news feeds along with FB.

    Then there’s Warren Buffet coming out in favor of Clinton and Romney saying those things about Trump which absolutely rocked my world. Romney, a Mormon, come out and saying those things said to me they had to be true. Mormons (generally speaking) are some of the most upright folks around.

    You come out against Trump. The entire world it seems came out against Trump, yet nobody offered ‘real’ evidence to the shit they piled on. It’s was all based on opinion.

    Then you look what Trump has built and the outcome of his life. The dude does first class and gets shit done.

    Again, I pucked when I read that article on Fox and even called Trump and Ann Coulter out about crazy MF Agiles. What a piece of shit that guy is and Trump f’ing hires him.

    In my mind the Clinton’s are the Lebron James of politics. President Clinton is Michael Jordon of politics. If he was in any other endeavor (curling) he would be the best of the best ever. I don’t think I’ve seen a more skilled politician in my life, ever. Yet, I didn’t vote for either. Why?


    On one hand, Trump is a d’head and what he said on the bus with Bush was over the top. I’m a guy and have locker room talk, but NEVER on that level. That is a line I don’t think most (is not all) guys don’t cross, yet he did/does. Then, he hires scum Agiles.

    On the other hand, Clinton and on a bigger scale Washington and the corruption and our country. We are messed up.

    Then we have you…

    You know, people listen to your voice. You are respected because we believe you have access to information. Of all the people who should know what’s “really” going on its you, Buffet, Romney, Google folks, FB folks, etc

    Yet, everyone is giving their opinions.

    If Mitt Romney got on a national platform and said to the world Mark Cuban sucks at business and is a crock, liar, cheat, etc, what would the world think? Well, being Romney, it would cause someone to take a moment of pause and think, “is Mark Cuban a crock, liar, cheat and maybe even hate you?”

    Well, I could take Mitt’s word for it and jump on the band wagon and protest against Mark Cuban, or I could look at your outcomes, what you have produced in your life and how your run your life.

    So, I’m confused and still am. I hope and pray that what ever Trump does in the next four years (and why does everyone keep saying 8 years, it’s 4) will have similar outcomes for America in the way he “seemingly” lives, conducts his life and what he produces.

    Yes, I voted for Trump and cringed doing so because for one reason. Agiles is a scum and to associate with him means Trump is a scum. Yet, are the Clinton’s any different? I was torn between two scum.

    Is what is the worse of Trump any greater than what’s worse of Clinton(s)?

    So I hedged my vote on the expected outcomes. Will Trump make America Great Again? Well, America is already F’ing great times 10. However, we have some serious issues that need someone to slap the living shit out of some folks and make some business decisions that are in the best interest of the people of America.

    I’m praying Trump is able to deliver.

    Please know you are appreciated.

    Comment by Terry Middleton -

  172. Mark, as everyone conducts their own autopsies, this story should have noted the candidate Trump defeated got around 2 million more votes nationally than he did, and perhaps a nod to the work is doing to get states individually to pledge their electoral votes to the national popular vote winner. They are at 165 and need to get to 270 before the 11 states so far that have passed have their plan go into law. Of course in 2004, Kerry lost by 3 million votes with Bush having the incumbent’s advantage, but could have done a similar win with less votes maneuver had he flipped 51% to 49% Ohio… but whether it advantages or disadvantages, I don’t want to see another election where the person with fewer votes wins, it is an anti-democratic disgrace, as is the 2 per state, no matter the population Senate.

    Comment by offthelows -

  173. Some good points Mark. I consider myself a moderate conservative, so it was hard for me to fully support either candidate. My hope is that PE Trump will soften some as the office does change people. I also have been hoping for a cabinet that can both work within the government in their roles AND help to push forward in some initiatives to not allow politics to become an occupation. I am heartened to hear about the 5 year lobbying block he’s supposedly making people agree to.

    To your points on MSM…I do agree that that take things far to literally, but they do twist the literal to their advantage. I’m one who during large news events, like the election as well as others, will flip back and forth between Fox and CNN. I like to hear what is coming from either side. The problem with MSM is it has become more commentary than journalism. There are a few (and I do mean few) who still report based on classic journalistic “laws,” but journalism doesn’t sell…commentary does. I even heard Van Jones at one point admit that the MSM was on the Dems side. PE Trump was able to make the MSM part of the establishment in Washington and use it to his advantage. I think you would find that a polling (if you can trust a poll these days) of the popularity of the MSM would be right on par with the popularity of congress.

    Thanks for your insights as always and for being actively involved!

    Comment by Luke Lemons (@noconaboy) -

  174. There’s a lot of similarities between Berlusconi of Italy and Trump. If you want to beat Trump, especially in a toss up election, policies have to be the main focus rather than a battle of who is the worst person. If Clinton would have painted Trump as an uncaring plutocrat who scammed his employees and everyday citizens and as someone who wants to gut social security and medicare while only providing huge tax relief for the wealthy, then I think they would have won. They should have used the blueprint Obama used to beat Romney. Also, deciding to not campaign and spend a lot in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan was a huge tactical error. It seems like they played for a blowout rather than ensuring a win.

    I think Clinton lost it a lot more than Trump won it. I’ll be curious if the next Democrat nominee learns a lesson.

    Comment by Brian Ready (@BriReady) -

  175. I think the general premiss that the MSM cares about telling the truth or the news literally is a complete joke. Cuban, you are smarter than that. What they care about right now is making money so they will exist a year from now, and they will print or say anything that will get more clicks, views, reads, or viewers.

    Also, there is a big difference to the truth and whatever spin you put on the truth. Here is a startup idea for you, why not start fact checking CNN and Fox News nightly on a website. That would get some views, and maybe infuse some real truth into the storytelling that passes for news today.

    Comment by Matt Blythe (@mattybly) -

  176. This is what I outright don’t believe: “I don’t know how or why they developed this distrust of the MSM.”
    Really? You don’t know? There are plenty of examples in recent history where the MSM were used as a propaganda machine for the powers that be. I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand exactly how the MSM manipulates public opinion, who owns major MSM outlets, what their agenda is etc. Otherwise, don’t be naive: the worst thing you could do is think that because you’re an expert in business, you’re an expert in understanding the complex and deceitful, psychopathic power structure that uses and deceives the public. Here too it takes a hard look at what is true, the facts, and intellectual honesty.

    Comment by Jeb Jeb -

  177. Hi Mark,

    We live in dangerous times where misinformation spreads based on MSM. It is up to the user to decide and this unfortunately is the problem. Reading hearing or tweeting drives responses which end up being debated commented on, liked, and commonplace. For example, the word “mysoginist” was used repeatedly by MSM and then became used frequently in conversation. The misinformation spread by bots, “news” sources, and trends were another source of content that dominated timelines, newsfeeds, and peoples screens. There is too much to comment on and Wikileaks played a large part of spreading valid information obtained without permission. The election showed that leadership is needed more than ever in this country on all sides.

    Comment by Michael Gaffney -

  178. Quite frankly I just do not understand it. I don’t blame the media or the candidates , I actually blame the people that elected him. It seems that everyone has lost their mind. It is immoral to even begin to justify what is blatantly obvious. Normalizing and rationalizing the atrocities seems like the new norm. There are alarming signs everywhere, violations a dime a dozen yet he seems to march on. It is simply a joke. Hoping for the best but expecting the worse

    Comment by ltroche -

  179. Nice write up Mark. I did vote Trump, and it was my first time voting in like 30 + years. I’m 51. I just could not stomach another round of Clintons and their escapades. Too many investigations going on would have bogged her down. Trumps stand on business I liked, and his term limit ideas (this needs to happen) no one deserves a lifetime job where they are not held accoutable, and can vote their own pay, benefits etc. 12 yrs for a senator and 8 years for congressman are perfect ideas. I am glad you will keep an open mind, too bad a lot of others are taking an opposite Trump mindset of anger, resentment and divisive behavior.
    Good Luck to you Mark…..
    Success Always,

    Kevin Empting

    Comment by Karli Pan -

  180. First, thank you for the principled stand you took in this campaign. The Trump tribe will try to humble well-known non-supporters and extract revenge. When he tries to victimize you, know that there are millions of us who will have your back.

    I have no hope that the change Mr. Trump will undergo is one that will make him a better person, or that he will rise to the challenges that face him. I expect he will burn out quickly and let others run the government while he performs the ceremonial duties. He will continue to take credit for things he did not do and that perhaps didn’t even happen, but people like Bannon and Kushner (if he is allowed into the government) will be the actual decision makers and activators.

    This has been a debilitating 10 days for all of us, but especially for people who stood up under the hot lights of the press. Good luck to you.

    Comment by Sandearl (@sandearl) -

  181. Would have really liked to see you support Johnson, who I’m guessing you agree with the most. I know it seems like a binary choice, but we ain’t going anywhere this duopoly. Got to start involving third parties (even if I don’t agree with them, frankly). Although, things have really shaken up in the past 12 months and we may already be on course to do that.

    Comment by Cody Slaasted -

  182. The complaint from Trump supporters or “Media Truthers” is not that the media is taking Trump literally. It’s that the media completely lies and fabricates things. We all know the quote from Trump about “Mexican rapists.” The media chose to take him out of context and misrepresent his views. Trump was making a case for why we should care about ILLEGAL immigration. Not a case for why all Mexicans are rapists.
    Another example is the comment, (paraphrasing) “They will let you do anything when you are rich and famous…they will let you touch their P*ssy”….the media said this was Trump admitting that he rapes women. Everyone understood it wasn’t a great comment, but there was implied consent (“they let you”) and it was just braggadocious, guy-talk, behind closed doors. At the end of that conversation Billy Bush didn’t feel scared of Trump the predator. He felt he’s just one of the guys bragging, like most men do.
    There is no excuse for this in the Fourth Estate. There is no “Us vs. They,” it’s truth vs lies. The media today is truly Orwellian. Everyone with an IQ, some skepticism and the time to research one or two stories thoroughly during a news cycle should come to the same conclusion; that legacy media today lies and they do it all the time and on purpose.
    It serves no purpose to hear from the people that got it so wrong now. I don’t think they will ever get it. It’s ok. We are going to Make America Great Again, with or without the dying, legacy media and the Never Trump camp.

    Comment by Travis Pavlik (@tpavlik) -

  183. You’re dead-on about the MSM – TRUMP strategy is brilliant and for sure the behind-the-scenes work of Breitbart’s fat Tyler Durdan. And that dude will ride this strategy out till the wheels fall off but CNN will probably go out of biz before that anyway Good for DT he’s using the system he also knows how to win at the sport of business you gotta admit, MITTS turn to kiss the ring mañana.

    Comment by Darien Kade (@DarienKade) -

  184. I think it will be some time before Trump supporters experience buyer’s regret, if that ever does happen. In the meantime I don’t think it will matter much whether the reporting of the mainstream media reinforces their mistrust of that institution or not. Fake news worked because it reinforced what people already felt. It just made it worse and exacerbated the negative sentiment, so it moved from “I don’t want to vote for her,” to “There’s no way I am voting for her.”

    Comment by Admin -

  185. I like point number 2 and hope that it becomes true. However overall, it doesn’t really affect my business that much. If anything, he will cut taxes. I am a minority.

    Comment by Rich Wan -

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